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Physical Security

the prime threat of burglary, but don’t cut out any natural light.

On the fence The concept of a perimeter fence is an easy one to grasp – physical barriers which, due to their structure, deter the would-be intruder. In the first instance, fence solutions should not be considered impenetrable. Each will have strengths and weaknesses which determine when and where they may be suitable options for specification. One of the more traditional methods of protecting a boundary is to erect a fence which is constructed from wire mesh, steel bars, etc.. These solutions provide a cost effective deterrent which – if coated with anti-climb paint or topped barbed wire or razor wire – will significantly slow down the progress of the majority of intruders. The most basic fences are suitable at sites where there is little to attract professional or opportunist thieves, yet where vandals might create a problem and cause undue damage. Electrified fences offer an effective deterrent against criminals who may otherwise cut their way through a more conventional fence. These solutions contain a powered cable which is capable of delivering a safe but unpleasant electric shock to anyone who attempts to climb over or cut through the fence. In their most basic

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form, an electric fence can be pre-programmed to activate the shock deterrent feature when the perimeter is considered to be vulnerable, such as outside of working hours. Where this type of solution is being considered, you should seek a system which additionally offers a detector facility. This will allow security personnel to be notified of the fence zone in which an attempted breach has been made. Where fences require additional security, perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS) can be added. These systems offer a diverse range of technologies, and can be fence-mounted or buried, depending upon the needs of the site.

In summary Such physical measures are an end in themselves, but they should always be employed in concert with other security products such as alarms or video surveillance to maximise the overall effectiveness of a site’s security. Such a layered approach has proved effective in scores of applications. It should be remembered that whilst physical security adds to an overall solution, using physical devices alone may not be prudent. If a criminal is prepared to spend the time and effort to defeat a physical measure, then defeat it they will!

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