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ACTIVE IR BEAMS TAKEX Inrared Beams offer the ultimate in trouble-free perimeter detection up to 200m outdoor / 400m indoor

EXTERNAL PIR High performance mirror optics external PIR. 30m Wide angle or 50m x 3m long range narrow angle

PET-TOLERANT PIR Up to 12m external range at 90º or 180º detection area hardwired or wireless versions available

SPEAKER SENSORS Record any voice or sound message for warning/security, health and safety, advisory or greeting applications

MINI BEAMS Miniature beams for discreet detection across doorways, windows, for prestige or covert applications

REFLECTOR BEAMS A convenient way to monitor entrances/ driveways etc. where cabling to both ends is impractical

Reliable Perimeter Intrusion

Detection (PIDs)) is an art, and we consider ourselves masters TA Series Beam Towers • TAS (single-sided), TAD (double-sided) and TAW (wall mount) versions available • available in 1m, 1.5m, 2m or 3m heights • anodised aluminium column for high resistance to oxidation on • tamper protected to prevent unauthorised interference • vandal resistant polycarbonate covers conceals number and position of beams from would-be intruders

KH Series Quad Beams • PB-50HF-KH (50m), PB-100HF-KH (100m) and PB-200HF-KH (200m) models available • 4 x synchronised high power double modulated beams • selectable 4-channel beam frequencies allows stacking without crosstalk • double coated electronics for demanding environments • environmental monitoring circuit

From Active Infra-Red Beams and Beam Tower systems capable of monitoring the smallest of areas to the largest of commercial and industrial sites, via hardwired or wireless external pet-tolerant PIRs and Speech Warning devices for security, health and safety or advisory messages, TAKEX equipment is used by professional security installers worldwide. TAKEX are pleased to offer assistance with product selection and system design.

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Benchmark April 2013  

Benchmark April 2013

Benchmark April 2013  

Benchmark April 2013