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Under the Skin

Promat –Durasmooth Doorsets What is it? It is always concerning to discover how many people consider the requirement of fire doors as simply having a heavy door! Obviously, where standards are obligatory, this may not be the case, but where such doors are preferred, it can lead to a false sense of safety and security for those who are – or think they are – protected. Promat has recently launched a new range of high performance steel doorsets, which are certificated to provide up to four hours of fire protection when installed with wall materials of a similar rating. The Promat Durasmooth doorsets are available in a wide range of configurations, making them suitable for a diverse number of applications. Sites with a requirement for such levels of protection include industrial and commercial premises, manufacturing and processing facilities, power generation plants, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sites, along with storage facilities and sites which may be subject to hazardous conditions.

Any customised options? Plenty! Promat has designed the doors to deliver a very high degree of flexibility in terms of configuration. Single and double leaf versions are available, with models that can be specified for internal or external use. Where special circumstances might exist, there are a variety of fire, security, acoustic and hygiene performance ratings, ensuring that there will be a solution to suit most applications. Where there isn’t an option, have no fear! The doorsets can be purpose-built to meet individual specifications, ensuring that even the most complex of requirements for specialist sites can be met.

Fit for purpose? The doorsets in the Durasmooth range are all fire-rated to BS EN 1634 and Certifire approved. When the new doorsets were designed, specific focus was given to delivering high strength and reliable performance. Indeed, the manufacturer states that the strength-to-weight ratio is biased towards longevity. The doorsets are resistant to corrosion, rotting and warping, and give the highest levels of fire protection without the need for an intumescent component to be added. Maintenance requirements are low, and the Durasmooth doorsets are supplied with the door leaf pre-hung in the steel frame, ready for ironmongery and other accessories to be fitted on site. Despite this focus on strength and protection, aesthetics haven’t been forgotten. The leaves are smooth-faced, hence the name! They can be supplied as an integral part of a comprehensive passive fire protection system, or as an individual item suitable for fixing into timber or steel stud partitions and brick or blockwork apertures. The range can be specified and supplied with standard ironmongery, and options include side panels, vision panels. latchless operation, single or double action and a wide range of durable polyester finish colours.


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Benchmark April 2013  

Benchmark April 2013