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Genetec – Synergis Master Controller So what’s Synergis?

What is it? Whilst the benefits of moving to a unified networked platform for complete security systems are not in doubt, the migration process can be somewhat fraught for many sites. Few will be in the enviable position of starting afresh with a clean sheet of paper! For the majority, legacy systems will need to be considered, and it is the rare site that can afford to remove all existing devices and start again! The reality is that many higher end systems still work very well; they do however lack the full interoperability and seamless flexibility offered by open platform networked solutions. Trying to upgrade legacy solutions to enjoy such flexibility is often not easy. The video market has taken the lead with the revitalisation of legacy systems, and the use of codecs and convertors makes good sense where existing devices still deliver the required degree of functionality. The Synergis Master Controller fills such a gap for those seeking to migrate access control to the network environment. The intelligent IP door controller allows for non-proprietary access control solutions, which leverage networking infrastructure plus existing equipment and wiring.

Is it totally open? That would be nice, but much as any ‘open’ solution is only open to those manufacturers who are partnered with the solution, the Synergis Master Controller isn’t totally open. Currently the limitation is for interoperation with HID and Mercury hardware. Genetec claims that the interface can speed up deployment time, reduce costs and ensure that the security investment is protected. Supported interface modules include the VertX V100, V200 and V300 from HID, and the MR52, MR50, MR16IN and MR16OUT from Mercury. The Synergis Master


Synergis is the IP-based access control module, which forms part of the overall Security Center platform from the company. When the Synergis element is deployed, it enables real-time monitoring of access events and alarms, as well as cardholder management. When used within Security Center it delivers a unified approach that brings together video surveillance, access control, automatic number-plate recognition and intrusion monitoring. Communications between the master controller and the Synergis software are authenticated and encrypted. Users can respond to changing conditions and alter the behaviour of the security system accordingly, restricting or overriding entry controls to an area, building or site.

Controller supports 32 modules, connecting to up to 64 readers, and can monitor hundreds of zones and alarm points. Both Mercury and HID modules can be supported on the same Synergis Master Controller. The unit is available with a variety of enclosures and power supplies, as well as several pre-wired enclosures with the controller, power supply and HID or Mercury modules. These pre-wired kits reduce deployment time. DHCP support and a controller discovery tool automate the enrolment process.

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Benchmark April 2013

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