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Panasonic announces development of double sensitivity colour sensors Panasonic has announced the development of micro colour splitters, which separate the light that falls on image sensors by exploiting light’s wavelike properties. Applying the splitters to image sensors allows bright colour images to be achieved, even in low-light conditions. This development makes colour filters unnecessary as the micro colour splitters control the diffraction of light at a microscopic level. Tests have achieved approximately double the colour sensitivity in comparison with conventional sensors that use colour filters. Conventional colour image sensors use a Bayer array, in which a red, green, or blue light-transmitting filter is placed above each sensor. These filters block 50-70 per cent of the incoming light before it reaches the sensor. The splitters use colour alignment, which uses light more efficiently than colour filters. The splitters simply replace the colour filters in conventional image sensors, and are not dependent on the type of image sensor (CCD or CMOS can be used). Also, the splitters can be fabricated using inorganic materials, with existing semiconductor fabrication processes. Advances in the technology include a method of analysis and design based on wave optics, optimisation technologies to control the phase of the light passing through a transparent and highlyrefractive plate-like structure, and algorithms that allow highly sensitive and precise colour reproduction by combining the light that falls on detectors separated by the splitters and processing the detected signals. Panasonic holds 21 Japanese patents and 16 overseas patents, including pending applications, for this development.

Meyertech and Comnet form partnership Meyertech and Comnet have announced the formation of a new partnership, designed to allow the implementation of a complete video surveillance control room infrastructure and video management solution. Following a comprehensive programme of product compatibility testing, the technology partnership will offer systems integrators and end users a proven design solution. Further added benefits include joined-up services for pre-sales, during installation and commissioning, and after sales support contracts. Special discounts are also available for combined installed solutions. David Wood, Sales Executive at Meyertech, stated, ‘Relying on third party installed networks is often fraught with potential issues for integrators and end users alike. Firewalls and support issues could mean the performance of products may well be let down by the network, resulting in a system which is not very resilient. By ensuring the network is designed and configured correctly, we can deliver the optimum solution to the client and, if we do have any issues, we have the complete comfort of knowing we have crosspartnership support between our two organisations which is a significant benefit to both integrators and end clients.’ Tom Exley, Technical Manager at Coment, added, ‘Designing a quality video network can be challenging when you don’t always know what equipment and systems are going to be connected to it. By joining forces with Meyertech we are able to define the optimum design and configuration to deliver to the client every time.’

AMG transmission available via Pro-Vision AMG Systems has appointed Pro-Vision as an approved distributor of its entire range of video transmission solutions. AMG’s product range includes devices for both singlemode and multimode fibre, with full bandwidth Ethernet connectivity, as well as alarms and audio channels. The product portfolio also includes UTP devices, wireless video and complete Ethernet solutions. Pro-Vision operates with a high level of stock turnaround, whilst keeping reasonable levels of spares, designed to allow low delivery times.


Benchmark April 2013  

Benchmark April 2013