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Welcome to Since the day Karan Sharma turned 18, he read an abundance of real estate investment books as he had a great aspiration to be a millionaire. After reading a steady stream of success stories, he decided to wander down the path of property to achieve his dream. In 2008, Karan purchased his first property in Australia and has been actively buying and selling since. “Real estate is, in my opinion, a safe investment as everyone works to earn food and shelter,” he says. “Therefore, investing in property was an ideal way for me to achieve both cash flow and capital growth.” Karan’s current portfolio is roughly worth $4m ($4.8m including overseas) and, if he was to go and sell tomorrow, his bank loans would be $2.7m. However, at present, the net cash flow a year is positive at $6,000 ($11,000 including overseas). Raised in a middle class family, and with a father who worked as a banker, Karan was always told about the real estate opportunities his father had missed out on. With his father’s regrets in mind, Karan went on to do well in school and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business, majoring in accounting and finance, from the University of Western Sydney. “To learn more about the real estate market, I studied for the full real estate licence,” he says. “My childhood was really basic, and this always motivated me to be rich so my kids can enjoy a lavish lifestyle when they grow up. While I don’t have any children yet, I am confident in my strategy of setting up a successful portfolio before settling down and getting married.” Looking abroad Living in Australia, Karan decided to kick-start his portfolio in a market close to home, but once he began to accumulate decent equity in India he decided to invest in Australia and India both and take advantage of the rapid growth both the markets were experiencing. “I believe in the numbers game – the more you buy, the more growth you can make per investment,” he says. “These opportunities came up via a network of Indian investors I knew here in Sydney so I decided to give it a crack. Networking has definitely been a positive influence on my decisions.” With experience in both markets, Karan has deemed Australia as the much safer country to invest in due to the highly regulated legal system. “Builders, developers and real estate agents are monitored constantly, so I definitely feel safer buying in Australia,” he says. “But that doesn’t stop me from investing small and short-term in overseas markets. The builders in India often take longer than promised to finish a project, but in my case it worked as a blessing in disguise, as it gave me 2 more time to pay off the property without borrowing from the banks.”

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What we do: Pro-Active Investment Group can help you with a complete solution for Accounting Work required in Real Estate Investments. At v, we offer a wide range of services including professional, property and real estate to simpler services such as a standard tax return which makes your job easier. What we offer: PAIG offers a one stop shop for all your accounting needs. We offer a diverse range of solution catering specifically to your needs, listed below for you: •Company Set Up •Standard Tax Return •Standard Tax Return for 1 or 2 Investment Properties •Business Tax Return for company •BAS per quarter •Super Fund Set Up + Company set up as trustee •Moving the Super Fund + Set Up + Set Up of Bare Trust •Depreciation Schedule for Each Investment Property Why choose us? At PAIG, we offer a diverse range of expert advice from every industry to provide for your every need. Our team put together has over 5 years of industry experience ensuring peace of mind when turning to us for your accounting services.We personalise our services specifically to meet the needs of every customer ensuring a responsive, hands-on and tailored approach for you.

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What we do: PAIG Building Services is a complete hassle free journey into building your new home. We offer the best building services around and cater to many different walks of life and our delivery service is extremely unique to new home buyers The PAIG Building Services website will be soon selling building materials online to builders using a group buying system and importing materials directly from China. What we offer: •Research •Acquisition and purchase •Market Analytics •Supervision •Consultancy •Management •PAIG Hub •PAIG Building Services App Why choose us? PAIG offers a competitive Fixed Price Guarantee and ensures that the price will not change. Our panel of builders as well as our business to business partners are all certified members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) or the Masters Builders Association (MBA) so you can rest assured that you will receive a home that is built to the highest standard as well as a home warranty guarantee.


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Willowdale Land Release

We have brand new lots available, perfect for the first home buyer.

Join an award-winning masterplanned community. With a great range of affordable blocks available in this distinctive landscape, it’s a beautiful place to call home.

Starting from $348,000 , it's the perfect opportunity for you to start building your dream home.

Willowdale at a glance Retail centre with Coles and 12 speciality shops Relax and enjoy the sunshine at one of five established parks Easy access to Leppington train station and the M5 and M7 motorways Kilometres of walking and cycling path

All plans, diagrams, photographs, illustrations, statements and information in this brochure, including without limitation the location and size of any lots, are for illustrative purposes only and are based on information available to and the intention of Stockland at the time of creation (November 2019) and are subject to change without notice. No diagram, photograph, illustration, statement or information amounts to a legally binding obligation on or warranty by Stockland and Stockland accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person who relies on them either wholly or in part.

Visit us today. Willowdale Sales & Information Centre Willowdale Drive, Denham Court NSW 2565 P: 13 52 63

Call 13 52 63


What we do: As buyers agents, PAIG helps investors search, evaluate and negotiate the purchasing of a property on behalf of a buyer. We work as licensed professionals who work with the buyer exclusively to help them make smarter decisions in term of their real estate. What we offer: At PAIG, we offer the following levels of service: •The full search service - this is where PAIG considers the needs of the client and then actively searches the markets and shortlists properties that meets those needs furthermore evaluating and negotiating the recommended property for the investor •The negotiation only service - this occurs when the client finds the property and engages us to evaluate and negotiate a private treaty. Why choose us? At PAIG we have a wide range of properties via the network we have developed with our contacts. By using us, you are able to leverage your time by using our professional negotiating skills so we can obtain the lowest possible price for you without the hassle. We eliminate the frustration and stress of being shown the wrong properties by only showing you the right type of property in locations with good prospects for capital growth. We can help you grow your investment portfolio faster. At PAIG, we have a diverse range of business to business partners that can cater to your needs in the event our in-house services are unable to assist you.

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What we do: At PAIG, our development services cater to a wide range of services catering to adding value to your land. When you decide to join PAIG for your development services We offer a complete, end-to-end solution for all of your development needs, from architects to engineers and we offer a wide-range of tailored services done by our expert representatives What we Offer: •Structural engineering •Geotechnical engineering •Environmental engineering •Bushfire threat assessment •Civil engineering •Landscape architects/designers •Hydraulic services Why choose us? PAIG offers a wide range of services to cater towards specifically helping our clients in their pursuits with their property. Our team offers personalised service tailoring our experience to meeting the needs of our clients. We have a wide range of business to business partners that are able to assist you in your needs in the event our in-house team is unable to.

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Lachlan Classic Facade




Lot 5052 Purssey Street, Wirraway Thornton, NSW


Issue date: 18/11/2019




Est. Rent






per week

All site costs and building approvals Steel frame and trusses All bedrooms come with built in wardrobes Designer kitchens with stainless steel appliances and stone bench tops Free standing bathtub and wall hung vanities Turf, garden bed and boundary fence Letter boxes and clotheslines Separated entrances Separated backyards with dividing fence and many more high quality inclusions

1300 293 318

Brookfield Homes reserves the right to change build prices without notice. Land price is based on price information provided by the land developer and subject to change without notice. Facade images and floor plan are to be used as a guide only and some aspects may not be representative of the intended final product


What we do: PAIG offers the complete solution for your financial planning work that is required in real estate investments. Here at Pro-Active Investment Group, we recognise that achieving financial goals is complex and we can help simplify the process to try and provide you with the knowledge of being able to protect yourself from the We recognise that achieving your financial goals can be complex, as is the knowledge to be able to protect yourself against potential unknowns that may arise. What we offer: •Specialised Financial Planning Advice •SMSF specific advice •Personal Risk Insurance •Business Risk Insurance •Holistic Financial Planning Advice •Superannuation and SMSF •Wealth Creation and Investment •Retirement Planning •Estate Planning •Social Security •Personal Risk Insurance Why Choose us? The Pro-Active Investment Group specialists always uphold the interests of our clients when we deliver advice on financial planning engagements. Our specialists cater to your needs to the highest standard to ensure trust and professionalism with you. We tailor our services so that we are able to provide a comprehensive service including personalised advice and strategies that service to build wealth and manage risk, while holding ourselves to the highest professional standards throughout the process.

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Just 6 mins to the brand new hospital! Located in Meridan Plains on the Sunshine Coast! Stage 1 sold out - Stage 2 under construction Population - 9,000 people moving to the Sunshine Coast this year Infrastructure - $10 Billion committed and under construction Employment - 11,500 new jobs created last year

For more info contact: Peter Latham - 0417 841 999


What we do: The Pro-Active Investment Group offers a team of finance professionals who are passionate about seeing you achieve your financial goals sooner. We provide personalised guidance to both corporates and personal individuals. We offer all types of loans from car to personal to bad credit loans. What we offer: PAIG offers a free consultation on a home loan directly with the bank of your choice, under our panel and then the banks provide you with the following: •Borrowing capacity •Repayments •Featured Lowest Interest Rates •Recently Sold Properties Furthermore, if you have been declined for a loan, we’ll take a look at your situation and a copy of your credit report to find out why. We are then able to provide you with various options that could help you get your loan approved which may include removing black marks from your credit report. Why Choose us? PAIG has links with the majority of the lenders in Australia including the big banks. We use our relationship with these lenders process your application and get your loans approved. Some of the lenders we use are listed below: 1.Commonwealth Bank 2.Suncorp Bank 3.NAB 4.Bankwest 5.ANZ Commercial 6.Bendigo Bank 7.IMB Bank 8.Liberty Finance 9.NWC Finance 10.Chifley Securities Our professionals are knowledgeable, reliable and responsible, taking the time to understand the needs of the client and their goals to ensure that strategy they choose will maximise their financial potential and help them take the most appropriate strategy for their stage of life and their financial objectives. One of our representatives will take the time to educate the client

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What we do: PAIG Immigration services offers advice and application services to our clients. PAIG Immigration services is the right destination for all your immigration needs. We will provide custom advice as per your needs and further provide professional guidance at every step of your application process. What we offer: PAIG offers immigration in all types of visas services including: •Skilled Migration •State Sponsorship •Skill Assessment •Work Visas •Student Visas •Spouse Visa •Parent Visas •Visitor Visas Why choose us? Here at PAIG, we know we will be able to help with all your immigration needs due to our expertise and experience. We ensure all client information will be handled with care by our professional staff. All information about your case will be kept confidential. We will respond to your immigration needs with speed and accuracy as is needed.


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•Walking distance to both Hallam & Narre Warren train stations •35 mins from CBD •5 minute drive to Westfield! •Get to the beach within 20 minutes! •1km away from Kilberry Valley Primary School


What we do: PAIG understands the need for protection, peace of mind and security and that is why PAIG Insurance Services is dedicated to ensuring that everything that is important to you is secure, whether that be your home, car, travel and even life insurance. PAIG Insurance Services partner with our clients to inform and educate with the ultimate goal of saving you money on insurance whilst providing you with an adequate level of cover. We personalise our approach to your needs so you can be sure that we understand what is right for you. We know that cost is a consideration so we have secured deals with insurance providers all across Australia and PAIG now has set eyes on reducing insurance premiums for our members. What we offer: •Commercial Insurance •Personal Insurance •Liability Insurance •Construction •Engineering •Marine Cargo Why choose us? Unlike any other insurance provider, we canvas the market to find you the lowest premiums without compromising your level of cover. We do this by partnering with industry experts to provide our group with an affordable level of cover.When it comes to claims, we handle all aspect of the claim for the group, and ensure a straightforward experience when putting through with a claim

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What we do: PAIG offers a full range of legal services designed to make your journey into property easier. PAIG has a team of qualified lawyers who are experienced in providing expert legal advice and high quality service. Our team is able to guide you through the process of purchasing and selling the ownership of a property, including all types of residential and commercial properties, including off the plan apartments and house and land packages. What we offer: •Existing vacant land/house •Existing unit •Unregistered land •House and land package •Off the plan unit Why choose us? With PAIG, we have high levels of service and can give you the best quality customer service. We are confident in our ability to make sure this process is stress-free for you and we will help you all the way till settlement. Our job is made easier and faster thanks to our software platform that is completely unique to us known as PAIG Hub. This innovative platform enables us to coordinate all the parties involved in the property including solicitors, agents and brokers which will allow a smoother and more streamlined process.

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What we do: The team at PAIG are able to combine the personal service with many years of experience to help you be able to manage your property without any stress or anxiety.

What we offer: The Pro-Active Investment Group handles all types of property management including: •Collecting Rent •Maintenance including property renovation and refurbishment •Repair issues •Payment of your property expenses •Responding to tenant complaints •Evictions

Why choose us? The team at PAIG are able to manage every part of your property from rentals to evictions making the process stress and hassle free. This saves you time and worry as your property is handled by one of our reliable team members to ensure that you get a service that is specific to your property. There will be a dedicated property manager that handles your property and conducts regular inspections to ensure that everything in your property is as it should be. This guarantees no legal issues and minimises the risk by letting managers handle the property. We also offer lower fees than any other company, 5% property management fees (including GST) with no hidden costs.

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What we do: If you are in serious financial trouble and need to sell your home, PAIG offers our property rescue services that allows us to take the stress off your back. We are able to assess your situation and discuss the options that are available to you. What we offer: •Find you investors who are approved with finances to buy your property •Organise short term funding •Rescue your deposits from builders and developers

over the beauty he everyday.

Why choose us? PAIG ensures that we will help you find the right solution for your property. We do not worry about your financial situation or the reason for your selling your home but we, however, treat you with the personalised service that you deserve in the time of stress and anxiety. We engage you in every part of the process, ensuring a customised experience that gives you peace of mind.

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Appliances Miele Built-In Microwave Miele Built-In Electric Oven Miele Warming Drawer Miele Extract Range Hood Miele 900mm Gas Cooktop Miele Fully Integrated Dishwasher


Integrated Fridge Freezer Miele Built-In Microwave Miele Built-In Electric Oven Miele Warming Drawer A

Miele Extract Range Hood


Miele 900mm Gas Cooktop


MieleFeatures Fully Integrated Dishwasher Generous islandFridge benchFreezer Integrated Large cooking-zone bench space Feature pendant lights A

Double bowl sink


Features Generous island bench Large cooking-zone bench space

Finishes Feature pendant lights Reconstituted stone benchtops Double bowl sinkwith option for a granite or marble upgrade Full-height timber joinery, with combination of polyurethane and timber veneer doors 3 colour choices available

Finishes Reconstituted stone benchtops with option for a granite or marble upgrade Full-height timber joinery, with combination of polyurethane and timber veneer doors 3 colour choices available

Artist’s impression, classic contemporary scheme

1 2 1 2

Artist’s impression, classic contemporary scheme

1800 952 954


What we do: PAIG valuation services offers a valuation service that provides a valuation on all your property types. What we offer: •Investment Valuations •Development Valuations •Asset, plant and machinery valuations •Corporate real estate valuations •Mortgage valuations •Government Valuations •Insurance Valuations •Occupancy Valuations •Sustainability Valuations •Research Valuations Why choose us? Our team has the necessary experience from being in the field to be able to accurately value your property. The Pro-Active Investment Group can order a valuation of Residential Properties for only $75 as a fee for our Investors within our Group using the Banks Approved Valuers.

100 Harris St, NSW2009



What we do: PAIG Academy is part of the Pro-Active Investment Group that serves to educate, teach and inform students and anyone willing to learn how to enter and invest in the property market. We pride ourselves by providing potential students with the complete PAIG experience so that they are able to enjoy themselves and learn something new in the process. What we offer: •PAIG Careers •PAIG Deals •PAIG Education •PAIG Events •PAIG Seminars Why choose us? When you decide to join PAIG Academy, you will receive the benefit of being taught by our staff with many years of experience put together. PAIG Academy offers an entertaining, interactive experience while also aiming to educate and teach potential investors and students how to enter the market as well as how to select the right property for you. Enjoy many deals courtesy of PAIG Academy as well as many events run by the company completely catered for you to have fun and learn at the same time. 32

LOT 73 MacMillan Loop, Davidsons at Belivah, QLD FULL TURN-KEY 3+2




“Sunee 3&2” Dual Living Design


470.00 SQM

Unit 1 size:

117.83 SQM

Unit 2 size:

80.29 SQM

Land Price


Construction price:


Total Package Price:


FULL TURN-KEY INCLUSIONS *Dual Living 3 & 2 design *Brick veneer construction *6 star energy efficiency *Turf & 10 SQM landscape gardens *Fully fenced *Concreted driveways, paths & patios *Split to both units with remote controls *Lever door handles throughout *Fully painted with Taubman’s quality paints *Stainless Steel Euromaid appliances *Clothesline, TV antenna & letterbox *Carpet & Tile throughout *Vertical blinds to all windows *Safety screens & window locks *Security screen to external doors *Fan light to bedrooms *Garage remote controls *12mths Maintenance period *6yr Structural Guarantee

Draco17 Design Orion 13 Facade Keycon Homes Melton South,VIC, 3338


We create IT SOLUTIONS that SPEAKS LOUDER than others as well as IT SOUNDS bigger

Web Designing | Development & Internet Marketing Solution 34

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The Meadows at Bardia is the perfect home for today’s family. When you are surrounded by everything you need, life is good. Boasting one of the most accessible locations in Sydney, The Meadows is well situated at the junction of the M5 and M7 motorways and is only a short 3 minute drive to the Edmondson Park train station and future town centre. Combined with an enjoyable community environment, peaceful green spaces and established landscaping and gardens, The Meadows is the perfect place for you and your family to live and grow. This community will comprise more than 200 new 3 and 4 bedroom homes complete with landscaping and a range of recreational and community facilities. Don’t miss the opportunity to live in this master planned community - register your interest in the first release now!

Andrew Toynton E: | P: 0418296414 | W:


$734 ,040



Land Register: Registered

YOUR NEW HOME INCLUDES -Upgrade Interior -Fixed Price -2.6m Ceiling -900mm European Style Kitchen Appliance -CaesarStone tops to kitchen -Central Ducted Air Condition -H2 Treating Frames&Trusses -Roof Sarking -Insulation to Walls&Ceiling -Flyscreens to opening windows -Garden turf to front and rear -Tiles to porch, entry, kitchen&living -Antenna -Blinds&Clothing line -Driveway, Path -Remote control garage


Lot 318 Land:301.1m2

Proposed Rd


Land Price: $421,540



House: 149m2

PURCHASING HOUSE AND LAND WITH TREND CONNECTION Thank you for considering Trend Connection Homes as your preferred residential builder to guide you through the journey of designing and building your dream home. To assit you in this, we have outlined the purchase process in 6 simple steps.




CONFIRM YOUR FINANCES • Pre-approval by lender / broker

• Sign the New Home Tender, Building Agreement & Preliminary Agreement within 5 working days of presentation

• Select a conveyancer / solicitor

• Pay the 10% preliminary agreement fee with Trend Connection within 5 working days


• Sign the Land Contract within 14 days of issuing to your legal representative.

SELECT A HOUSE AND LAND PACKAGE • A sales consultant will help you select a block of land that best suits your needs and requirements



Unregistered Land • 14 days from registration of title



• Can be paid in cash/cheque/EFTPOS/EFT • At the time of placing your deposit, photo ID must be provided for all purchasers


• We will prepare a New Home Tender within 7 days of your deposit

• Now that the land has settled, we may begin applying for all relevant documentation to obtain certifier/council approval

• Your house & land package is taken off the market during this 14 day period

• Once approval has been received and we obtain your bank approval, we will commence building your new home

CONDITIONS OF SALE I/We understand that I/we are purchasing a Home and Land package from Trend Connection and as such, cannot build with another build. I/We understand that Trend Connection has introduced me/us to the land and as such, cannot build with another builder. I/We understand should I/we breach the above conditions, leading to a loss of sale for Trend Connection, Trend Connection have the right to charge me/us a penalty fee for said loss of sale. I/We have read and understand the above information and voluntarily agree and accept the conditions set out above. I/We understand the above is a broad overview and more detailed information will be provided as I/We progress through the process.

Purchaser 1 Name

Purchaser 1 Signature


Purchaser 2 Name

Purchaser 2 Signature



Please note: The above process is a broad overview. Detailed requirements and information will be provided to you as we progress through the process. It does not constitute an offer and is subject to the terms of any sale and/or building contract. Penalty fee for loss of sale could be in excess of $30,000. Information accurate as of November 2019.

RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY VALUATION EXPLAINED Residential property valuation can be a complex concept to understand. This guide explains the ins and outs of the process commonly undertaken and the influences on valuations.

Residential property valuation is based on using sales data of properties previously sold of a similar type (lot size, house size, aspect, age, condition) in a comparable location in the previous 6 months. Valuations can vary dramatically for exactly the same property for a number of reasons:

Market Valuation Definitions

1. Type of Buyer – Owner occupier or Investor – the lender apportions increased risk of default to an investor and provides instructions to the Valuer to use certain types of sales evidence or criteria that reduces their valuation. The Property Industry Body has been arguing with the banking regulator about this issue for many years.

Mortgage Security Valuation: The Valuer’s opinion of a value that the property should sell for in the event of a default by the client. In these instances, the bank needs to sell the property in a shorter timeframe to recover their loan, i.e. a Mortgagee in Possession Sale.

2. Loan to value ratio – Whether the client has an LVR of 80% or more and requires mortgage insurance. 3. The Mortgage Insurers loan exposure to a suburb – Valuation is a subjective opinion and not an exact science. This subjectivity has been tested in court and a variance of up to 15% have been accepted as reasonable, although typically within 10% has been deemed acceptable in residential valuations, this provides a buffer for any negligence that may occur in determining value. There are many instances where two Valuers have completely different opinions of value on the same property. Some examples are highlighted on Page 2. 4. Relevance of data – When the property market is in an upswing mode, Valuers are relying on data that can be 6-12 months old and the market has increased in price since that point in time. 5. The Lender – Each lender has preferred valuers. Some of the Lenders choose more conservative Valuers to reduce their risk profile.

Market Valuation: The Valuers opinion of what the property should sell for based on a reasonable selling period in an arm’s length transaction, without any pressure, i.e. when you sell via a real estate agent.

Sales Evidence: When it comes to new house and land being valued, we regularly see that the Valuers do not necessarily abide by their own industry body regulations. They tend to use sales evidence that reduces that opinion of value. The sales evidence utilised in the valuation report should ideally: • Include a minimum of three settled relevant sales. • Include sales within six months of the date of valuation. • Include sales within 15% (plus or minus) of the assessed market value. • Include sales of a similar type, location, age, condition, size of home. • For new properties that form part of a development incorporating common areas and/or shared facilities (such as strata title, community title, plan of subdivision etc) a minimum of three settled re-sales from within the subject group and/or external to the development are to be provided. • For vacant land and/or new house and land properties situated within a new residential estate; a minimum of three settled re-sales from within the subject subdivision and/or re-sales external to the subject subdivision are to be provided.

38 | 1300 TRIBECA

The difference between Market Valuation and Mortgage Security Valuation is that a Mortgage Security Valuation assumes a forced sale. When the lender arranges a valuation, they do not obtain a market valuation, they instead obtain a mortgage security valuation. NAB also highlight this on their website. View on: understanding-bank-valuations-on-your-property

When a detailed review of the valuation of a new house and land package is undertaken, these are the points that will be commonly seen in the details of the various sales evidence the Valuer has relied on to form their opinion: • Second hand property anywhere from 3-40 years old compared to new.

Valuation Differential Examples The table below shows the discrepancies between different Valuers at different firms valuing the same house and land package with exactly the same evidence available to them. This illustrates that there can be considerable discrepancies in valuations of the same property and the borrower has no recourse. The values below range from at purchase price to a shortfall of $48,000 or 10.2%. Lot 32 - Evergreen Estate, Ormeau VALUER













HIGHER BY $4,980

• Often in inferior locations. • Older estates with inferior street appeal – no render, no feature architecture, poor landscaping. • Smaller homes. • Markedly inferior level of fixtures and fittings – bathrooms and kitchens.

Lot 136 - Silkstone, Ipswich

• Not located in the same estate as the subject property being valued.





Some valuers use sales evidence which is irrelevant and does not compare apples with apples. Furthermore, they are asked to disregard market valuation and consider the forced sale valuation in the event of a default instead.
















This is the reason why bank valuations in many cases can be 5% under the purchase price and in some cases even more. This is one of the major reasons why we see such discrepancy between valuations.

Valuers are personally liable In addition, the Valuers in many cases are contractors and hold their own professional indemnity insurance that makes them personally liable for the advice they provide. Since 2007 several Valuers in QLD have been sued for damages by the banks over valuations that didn’t protect the banks during the GFC property downturn. When this is factored in along with the fact that valuers are personally liable for potential losses that the lender may incur due to a loan and reliance on a valuation, it’s no wonder why many residential Valuers, earning only $150 to complete a valuation within 1 to 2 hours tend to be very conservative.

It is understandable how borrowers are confused at these anomalies and is the reason that we ask you to prepare your clients for a variation in valuation price of up to 5% of contract value.

Disclaimer: The information and processes presented and described in this document are indicative of current industry practices which are subject to change. These are opinions of our senior industry experts however buyers should do their own research to verify facts to make their own decisions. Issue date: December 2018.




100 Harris St, NSW2009

Profile for Karan PAIG

PAIG Academy Magazine November 2019  

PAIG Academy Magazine November 2019

PAIG Academy Magazine November 2019  

PAIG Academy Magazine November 2019