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Tufty-Time, seat system designed by Patricia Urquiola. www.bebitalia.comÂ

215 Kramer Road, Kramerville, 2090 Sandton Tel. 0106002100



215 Kramer Road, Kramerville, 2090 Sandton Tel. 0106002100


Design your own future. The new Audi A7 Sportback. Anticipate. The A7 Sportback is the epitome of reinvention – maintaining the perfect balance of classic quattro features and new generation design. With its distinctive HD Matrix light signature and unmistakable coupé-like silhouette, it is an ambassador of a new kind of luxury. The optional panoramic glass sunroof, ambient lighting and HD touch displays allow a revolutionary interior experience of space and light. The Audi A7 Sportback is what you’ve been waiting for. Visit or contact your nearest Audi Dealer to find out more.


28 16 ED’S LETTER Thoughts from the editor 20 LUXURY INVESTMENT NEWS The objects that enrich our lives can also offer financial security if you know what to choose


23 SILVER BULLETS IN MEDICINE How blue-sky thinking finds innovative solutions to perplexing problems in medical logistics and implant technology 28 LUXURY UNWRAPPED Cars, jewels, spirits, sound, scents, and more – we present nine wonders of the material world that will delight all of those who may receive them

38 WATCHES NEWS Timepieces that command attention 40 TALKING POINT Pilot, diver, racer and now urban explorer. There’s something to suit every personality in watchmaking 42 THE COLLECTOR Meet the watch aficionado who simply collects what he likes 46 MICRO-MOVES IN WATCHMAKING Everything has a purpose in horology, even if it’s not apparent to the untrained eye 48 STYLE NEWS From statement pieces to must-have accessories for the party season

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48 50 ‘AN OBSESSION FOR PHYSICAL EFFORT’ Model, engineer and sportsman Pietro Boselli knows a thing or two about sportswear design


18K King Gold and ceramic case. Chronograph movement.


86 53 SCENTS OF TRAVEL Luxury scents that evoke all the magic of some of the world’s most exquisite destinations

80 42

60 DÉCOR NEWS Décor and design to spark direction and creativity 62 OCEAN’S EDGE Explore a seaside villa whose daring architecture, cocooning interiors and bespoke furnishings challenge the norm 70 ACCELERATE NEWS The latest on modern classics and super performers 72 IT’S BETTER TO TRAVEL IN CARS Richard Webb discovers the 11th Duke of Richmond to be a worthy commentator on travel and style

74 A MESSAGE ABOUT CONSERVATION BEFORE IT BECAME A ‘THING’ Born Free inspired an entire generation of conservationists. We travel to Elsa’s Kopje in Kenya to see the impact of the lioness’s story 80 TRAVEL NEWS Your guide to far-flung spaces and exotic spaces 82 THE REBIRTH OF STYLE Signature accommodation options, each with a triumphant story to tell 86 A SLOW-PACED SAFARI IN TANZANIA A place to observe the wonders of the African 90 TASTINGS NEWS Foods and wine trends from around the world

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92 BUT FIRST, WE WAIT... How art, science, artisanal design and patience render the liquid treasure so beloved by cognac connoisseurs



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t’s December. And that means showtime, as the spotlight falls on all things celebratory. To garner your own stage presence, there’s more than a touch of theatre in the expert advice and inspiration that we’ve rounded up from the most luxurious car, watch, jewellery and style maisons. Among numerous exceptional features we delve into innovation and creativity in the medical field right now – blood-carrying drones and implants that become part of the body. We also find out why a watch collector in Johannesburg is inspired by the mechanical works of this artistry. If travel’s on your mind (isn’t it always?), the magical oasis that is Ziwani Lodge in Northern Tanzania, and the boutique hotels and villas that have been reborn in absolute class are the reads for you. On our news pages, we anticipate the best in luxury investments, fast cars, fine food, superlative watches, cutting-edge design and jaw-dropping travel destinations. ‘Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive,’ Ettore Bugatti once quipped, almost a century ago, and it nicely captures the spirit behind our now-annual ‘Luxury Unwrapped’ feature in this year-end issue, and online at and on social media. We have a selection of scene-stealing gifts – some of the most desirable objects out there. We’re showcasing objets so perfect, they’ll delight all those who receive them. Join us in this issue of festive glamour and so much more, and let’s raise a glass as the curtain falls on one decade and the next one begins. May yours be a meaningful one, full of moments that matter, and unburdened by the ones that don’t.


apply to the new panerai pam.guard program to benefit up to 8 years of international limited warranty register your timepiece on


ON TREND, ON THE MARK Two decades ago, top real-estate agents best serviced their clients by being experts in their local markets. These days, however, a thorough understanding of your market is no longer enough; it’s also essential to be au fait with emerging global trends.


he dawn of the digital age and the inception of global tech players like Google, Apple and Amazon have been the key influencers redefining every aspect of our lives, from work and shopping to mobility and leisure, and this evolution continually precipitates significant shifts in real estate. Urbanisation has long been touted as one of the primary trends of the 21st century, with increasing migration to cities, especially among young people, fuelling gentrification and densification, but the predicted urban growth is being tempered by a rather unexpected movement. Identified as one of the major themes of the coming decade in the recently released ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate in 2020’ report by the Urban Land Institute and PwC, ‘hipsturbia’ is already making waves, transforming the very fabric of traditional suburban life. As millennials settle down and start families, they are exchanging their urban

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YAEL GEFFEN (CEO) those who traditionally wanted to escape the home as soon as possible, namely 16-to-21year-olds, a clear indication that cocooning is set to become a firmly established trend. When you consider the fact that real estate is already subject to an expansive number of extraneous influences like interest rates, housing prices and other economic trends, having to factor in a growing number of emerging trends can seem daunting. But, as the great philosopher Socrates said: ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ 




dwellings for family homes in suburbia. However, for many, leaving the city to live a quiet suburban life is not through choice but rather necessity, due to compelling factors like affordability and being near good schools. And because millennials have very different lifestyle requirements to generations before them, conventional suburbs generally fall far short of meeting their needs. Traditional suburbs were developed to optimise house and plot sizes, and families were car dependent, with few amenities being located within walking distance, other than a convenience store or perhaps a park. Millennial suburbanites want a very different landscape. Their preference is for denser, mixed-use neighbourhoods, and globally, well-situated suburbs near major metros are being transformed into vibrant live/work/play districts; hubs with good walkability and enticing retail, dining and recreational options. Another global trend that is catching on in a big way in South Africa is ‘cocooning’ as more and more people opt to stay home rather than go out for their entertainment. This is becoming obvious by the features being included in house designs and the choice of upgrades made to existing homes. A growing number of people are having entertainment systems installed and are converting rooms into communal spaces like home cinemas and games rooms, and we are also seeing many new homes, even compact units, being built with features like pizza ovens, braai rooms and snugs. What is most notable is that it’s not only adults who are adopting the lifestyle but also

French Art de Vivre Photo Michel Gibert, photograph used for reference only. TASCHEN

Nouveaux Classiques Collection

ProďŹ le. Velvet sofa, designed by Roberto Tapinassi & Maurizio Manzoni. Lounge chair, ottoman and cushions upholstered in Jean Paul Gaultier fabric Octet. Cocktail tables, designed by Roberto Tapinassi & Maurizio Manzoni. Manufactured in Europe

MAURITIUS - Circle Square, Forbach. Tel: (+230) 244 3021/22 JOHANNESBURG - 27 Commerce Crescent, Sandton. Tel: (+27) 087 805 7090 CAPE TOWN - 10-12 Kloof Street, Gardens. Tel: (+27) 021 286 0793



This, and more, according to the latest data. The art market is enjoying an all-time high, experiencing growth like never before. What was once a niche community of enthusiasts has evolved into a legitimate global market. As is the case with other investment categories, data can help direct buyers’ attention and identify key opportunities when investing in art. According to Artnet’s proprietary database, total worldwide auction sales in 2018 were $19.4 billion, compared with $3.2 billion in 1989, an increase of more than 500 percent. The total size of the art market today, including gallery and online sales, is estimated to be at least $60 billion. The data also revealed that female artists are still drastically underrepresented in the marketplace. In 2018, only five of the top 100 artists by total sales value were women. The average sales price for a painting by the topselling female artist, Yayoi Kusama, was just under $606 000, while the average price for a painting by the top-selling male artist, Pablo Picasso, was $11.3 million. In terms of total sales, fifth-ranked Andy Warhol generated $23 million more in auction sales than the top two women (Kusama and Joan Mitchell, artwork pictured left) combined. As society at large recalibrates the balance between genders, many art investors view this value gap as a new opportunity.


BILLIONAIRE WEALTH DIPS Trade tensions and political uncertainty have reduced the wealth of the world’s richest people for the first time in a decade. The combined wealth of the world’s billionaires fell by $388 billion to $8.539 trillion last year, according to a report by investment bank UBS and professional financial services network PWC. China, which has the second-highest concentration of billionaires globally, led the slowdown. UBS said that its private clients in the region were hoarding more cash and shying away from investments due to the trade war with the US. The net worth of China’s richest people dropped by 12.8 percent in dollar terms as economic growth in the country slowed to its lowest level in nearly three decades in 2018. The number of billionaires fell worldwide, except in the US, where the wealth of tech entrepreneurs continues to grow. Over the past five years the number of women billionaires has grown by 46 percent. There are now 233 women billionaires, up from 160 in 2013.

PATEK PHILIPPE SET TO BREAK RECORDS By the time you read this, a watch expected to become the most valuable offered at a Christie’s auction may well have realised $7 million. The 1953 Patek Philippe ref.2523 World Time is just one of seven pink-gold examples believed to have been made, and was set to go on auction at the Christie’s Masterpiece Auction taking place in Hong Kong on 23 November. The worldtime or heure universalle complication enables the watch to show the time in 24 cities simultaneously. ‘In horological terms, the 1953 Patek Philippe blue enamel worldtime watch is legendary and as close to perfection as one can come,’ says Alexandre Bigler, Christie’s Head of Watches for the Asia Pacific region. ‘In terms of function and form, it is a thing of sheer beauty.’


FAST-GROWING AFRICAN ART MARKET MEETS INTERNATIONAL ART WORLD From the 14-16 February 2020, the eighth edition of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair (ICTAF) will return to the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Positioned as the leading art fair in Africa, ICTAF 2020 will include the foremost galleries from South Africa, the African continent and abroad. Chief curator of the Norval Foundation Owen Martin, who is also on the selection committee for 2020’s fair, shares the artists he’s particularly taken with right now. ‘Inevitably, one is always looking at a range of artists that address a number of concerns. It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few. Gabrielle Goliath’s recent video works, including ‘This Song is For…’, are powerful statements on the complex networks of social and political power that persist in South Africa and yet these works are deeply poetic and moving. British artist Haroon Mirza’s sculptures build on, and update, a rich tradition of kinetic art pioneered by Jean Tinguely and others. After a recent studio visit with Bronwyn Katz, I’m excited about her next body of work. She’s delving into a rich interface between linguistics and, seemingly, minimalist sculpture. I saw Jordanian artist Lawrence Abu Hamden’s video installation ‘Walled Unwalled’ in Venice and I found its exploration of listening, and the moral implications therein, deeply interesting.’

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SILVER BULLETS IN MEDICINE With the world in a period of flux – some might argue crisis – solutions-driven thinking is more important than ever. Innovation in healthcare is becoming a major global focus as medical-related organisations face unprecedented challenges to improve quality and access, increase efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce harm and infection, while containing costs. But it takes resolute, lateral thinkers to focus unwaveringly on the problem until a solution is found. Once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovative solution. Health journalist KATHY MALHERBE focuses on two innovations that provide simple, yet brilliant solutions. ILLUSTRATIONS ELOISE TIMMIS

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he network of arteries that carries oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain and body and returns deoxygenated blood via the veins is indeed the tree of life. Any rapid loss of blood is life-threatening. ‘There is a term in emergency medicine, the “golden time”,’ says Dr Jonathan Louw, CEO of the South African National Blood Service (SANBS). It’s a time period lasting a few minutes to several hours, during which prompt medical attention is imperative in order to prevent death. When a patient loses massive amounts of blood, there is only one hour to give them the lifesaving transfusion that will deliver oxygenated blood to the brain. ‘One of the problems that the SANBS has been wrestling with for years,’ says Dr Louw, ‘is getting blood delivered to rural hospitals in South Africa in time.’ The solution, developed by a team of blue-sky thinkers from SANBS and German start-up Quantum Systems, comes in the form of a highly specialised drone, which can be used to transport emergency blood from blood banks to hospitals in remote areas more efficiently and faster than ever before. Dr Louw explains: ‘Our concept is globally unique in that we will provide two-way logistics. O-negative blood is universally

2 4 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46


compatible, ideal for emergencies, but only as a temporary measure. To save the patient’s life, the O-negative blood is dispatched rapidly to the hospital. The drone returns with a blood sample from the patient for a cross-match, and then we safely and rapidly deliver compatible blood back to the patient.’ The cost? A paltry R10 per flight. The team has called the drone ‘Ntinga’ from the Xhosa proverb ‘Ntinga, ntaka, ndini’ which, loosely translated, means ‘Commanding an eagle to fly’. Ntinga takes off and lands vertically and, once in flight, is highly efficient and streamlined. Like a drone, it is controlled remotely.


READY FOR TAKE-OFF Like many innovations, transporting blood is just the beginning. Dr Louw believes the possibilities are endless: snakebite antivenom, vaccines, emergency antibiotics, even organs for transplant, could be transported. Ntinga is a dream come true for SANBS, a real solution for patents in dire need of lifesaving blood transfusions. Its development has also been significant for 29-year-old Lebohang Lebogo, the first drone pilot at SANBS who will be controlling the craft. Lebogo always wanted to be a pilot. ‘My parents could not afford to send me to aviation school. So my mom told me about an opportunity to work as a temp at the blood bank and I joined in 2008,’ she says. The dream to become a pilot never dissipated and she decided to put herself through school to achieve her goals. ‘Right now,’ she says, ‘I have my student licence and I’m working towards getting my private licence.’ Approval by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) is the only thing standing in the way of Ntinga’s lift-off. But Dr Louw is optimistic that the go-ahead will be received in the next few months. Soon, ‘Flight O-negative’ will be cleared for its all-important take-off, touch down gently, release its precious cargo, collect a blood sample and make the flight back to the SANBS base.

For the aerophiles, Ntinga is engineered to meet seven criteria: speed, two-way logistics, physical conditions, safety, payload capacity, distance and cost. Which it does more than adequately. Ntinga is a professional and high-performing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a maximum take-off weight of 13.5kg (up to four units of blood) and can fly at speeds of up to 180km/h. It was designed from the outset as a fully electric transition aircraft, is able to glide to the ground or deploy a parachute in the event of an emergency, and is fully autonomous. There’s something for the petrolheads too. The drone has a miniature 1960s VW air-cooled radiator, created by a 3-D printer – the electrical charge over the plate acts as an air conditioner keeping the blood cool. Blood cargo is fragile, so the integrity of the blood or sample cannot be compromised during the flight. Unlike 007’s martini, it can neither be shaken, nor stirred. Which is why the cargo department in the fuselage is as ‘protective as a womb’ and is designed to ensure the temperature during the flight and G-forces do not jeopardise the blood. Dr Louw believes that this is, ‘a milestone in the history of blood transfusion, not only in South Africa but the entire world’. So how long did it take from concept to prototype? ‘We could have just outsourced the development but instead we wanted to build a competence within the company. We put together a drone task team consisting of senior managers across the working group. The internal campaign to train people included technicians, safety officers, ground-station operators and drone pilots.’ It was led by Dr Louw, who is not only a medical doctor but also a qualified drone pilot. When Ntinga lands at a hospital, what’s to prevent just anyone from taking the blood? Security is tight, says Dr Louw: ‘A unique identification system is being developed to verify who opens the fuselage through fingerprinting or inputting a code received by SMS. On-board cameras record the entire flight and handover. In South Africa, ‘the problem of postpartum haemorrhage is of particular concern,’ says Dr Louw. In the last year for which comparative international statistics are available, 123 mothers per 100 000 live births died soon This is ‘a milestone in the history of blood after delivery. The losses place us 121 out of 138 transfusion, not only in South Africa but for countries. Excessive blood loss is a significant cause of maternal death in the hours following birth. the entire world’

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magine an implant that not only supports a bone while it is healing but is reintegrated into it. Imagine that the implant is made of an element that is the natural base of our bones and is also a biological nutrient. Imagine that after a few years, radiologists studying X-rays can no longer differentiate between the original bone and the implant because it has been seamlessly assimilated into the body’s skeleton. Could that happen? Professor Utz Claassen, CEO of German-based Syntellix AG, did more than just imagine. An indefatigable solutions-driven entrepreneur, management consultant, investor and scientist, he took a problem that researchers had been battling with for more than 100 years, and found a solution by developing a bioabsorbable, biocompatible implant. Magnezix is the first globally approved, resorbable, orthopaedic magnesium implant in the world. It’s a quantum leap in implantology and bears testament to the work of a nebula of bright minds in bioengineering, material sciences and medicine. Magnesium is an essential mineral in our bodies, a kind of wunderkind that activates 300 enzymes crucial for human metabolism, efficient muscle and nerve function, a strong immune system, a healthy heart, and the construction and reinforcement of bones. Professor Claassen says, ‘In 2007, I would have been told I’m crazy.’ Perhaps that’s inevitable, as billionaire Larry Ellison, founder

2 6 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46


of Oracle said: ‘When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts.’ Despite being a brilliant idea, there was the development and extensive clinical trials to get through. Claassen says, ‘It’s been a long road to the final product and years have been spent in meticulous research and development before the right compound material was earmarked and the corresponding advanced production processes were developed.’

MENDING BROKEN BONES So what’s wrong with current implants? Quite a lot, in fact. Professor Claassen says polylactide, a natural polymer, and titanium have been the ‘go-to’ materials for implants for at least the last 50 years. The problem is that even though polylactide is resorbable it leaves, ‘hollow’ spaces in the bone – undesirable in terms of future stability. He also says that up to 30% of polylactide implants cause irritations, which is not conducive to healing. Then there’s titanium. Light and strong, it is considered ideal for implants. ‘Not so,’ he says. The rigidity of titanium is not compatible with the natural state of bones. It may be stable and strong but it is inflexible. Unlike bones, which ‘may seem like stone but are connective tissue which is tirelessly, ambitiously alive and more animate than muscle’. And, finally, although titanium is generally considered a safe metal to use for implants, some studies have suggested that it may cause health problems, either at the site overlying the implant or in distant organs, particularly after frictional wear. Titanium implants also cause stress-shielding, a reduction in bone density due to reduced stress loads on bone. Understandably, this could lead to refracture later (up to 27%) and possible infection rates of up to 20%. In many cases a second surgery is needed to remove the metal implant. Professor Claassen says, ‘Magnezix combines the advantages and stability of conventional implants and the degradation of resorbable implants (polymers) – creating an implant that morphs into natural bone through resorption, offering an ideal combination of metallic stability, near-bone elasticity and bio-absorbability. Magnesium not only accelerates healing, but has an antibacterial function and creates an osteoconductive surface that allows bone growth on the surface and down into the pores, channels or pipes.’ Preliminary studies carried out by a leading research group from the University of Shanghai in China showed that the hydrogen given off during the reabsorption process could potentially inhibit future cancers.

EVERYBODY WINS Tens of thousands of Magnezix implants have been used by a growing number of leading orthopaedic surgeons, sports physicians and paediatric surgeons worldwide. There is an exponential benefit to patients, hospitals, the health system, the environment Disruptive technologies and society in general.

FUTURE IMPACT Is Magnezix a true disruptor? Disruptive technologies are born from the need to solve a current and pertinent problem with an out-of-the-box solution. It is welcomed by the end user and feared by competitors. ‘But it is not about the competitors,’ says Professor Claassen. ‘It’s about the patient, the healthcare system and the medical practitioners. No surgeon wants to use his expertise removing implants when there are more beneficial surgeries to be done.’ Plans are in place to develop and expand the range to include use in traumatology and paediatrics, with a promising future to enter additional markets such as neuro and dental surgery. It’s unsurprising that close to 90% of revenue at Syntellix AG is used in R&D. Equally unsurprising is that Professor Claassen has been the recipient of a number of awards including the 2019 German Innovation Award in Gold, the Product of the Year category in the Sustainability Award 2018 program and Innovator of the Year in 2017 (with Syntellix AG). In South Africa, Magnezix is being used in Chris Hani Baragwanath, King Edward, Livingstone, Port Shepstone, Edendale and RK Khan hospitals. There is only one thing stronger than all the armies in the world. That is an idea whose time has come. Magnezix’s time has come. It’s what we informally call a ‘no-brainer.’ 

are born from the need to solve a current and pertinent problem with an out-of-the-box solution

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Luxury unwrapped Nine unique, beautiful objects, each with its own story. We present wonders from around the world that will delight all of those who may receive them.


For over half a century, the name DBS has meant just one thing: the ultimate production Aston Martin. Now, the new DBS Superleggera has arrived. Its beauty leaves no room for doubt and, at the same time, it’s a dark and menacing shadow of brutal, unequivocal strength. The DBS Superleggera CoupÊ and Volante offer the ultimate super-GT experience.



Finding two identical precious diamonds is a rarity for any gemologist or master cutter, but to find matching diamonds with the quality and clarity of The Eternal Twins is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The pair, borne of a singular 269-carat rough stone from a mine in Botswana, are both 50.23 carats and while Graff could certainly have cut them into dozens of brilliant stones, the temptation to create a show-stopping creation was simply too great. The result is this pair of magnificent earrings with two perfectly symmetrical, precision emerald-cut D flawless stones taking centre stage.

2 9 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N 1 0 Y E A R S ISSUE 46



Described as a modern-day treasure chest, Pandora by De Castelli is a series of cylindrical units made from copper, brass or stainless steel, and features either polished, brushed, oxidised or scratched finishes. Different versions, housing from one to six drawers, are available, allowing each to fit perfectly into a desired space for optimal functionality – a bedside pedestal, storage unit or full chest of draws. Much like its mythical namesake, Pandora surprises when the drawers, invisible when closed, are revealed. Introduced at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019, the range accentuates geometry, embodies tonality and emphasises texture.

3 0 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N 1 0 Y E A R S ISSUE 46


From the seed that produces the magnificent oak for its ageing tierçons to the creation of the final blend, Louis XIII Cognac relies on decades of dedicated craftsmanship and slow, steady maturation over 100 years. Time is the raw material. Louis XIII is an exquisite blend of up to 1 200 eaux-de-vie sourced from Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region. This rich gold liquid features exceptional aromas evoking myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, cigar box, leather, figs and passion fruit. Since its origins in 1874, each generation of Louis XIII’s cellar masters selects the oldest and most precious eaux-de-vie from the cellars. Today, cellar master Baptiste Loiseau is setting aside their finest eaux-de-vie, as a legacy to his successors for the coming century. He has to think a century ahead; each decanter is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters.



For more than a century Acqua di Parma has been creating fragrances that epitomise Italian elegance and luxury. Acqua di Parma Ambra continues the tradition – the scent is unmistakably sophisticated; the citrus notes of Colonia blend with the deep sensuality of Ambergris, an ancient essence that is extremely precious. This rare commodity, created naturally by marine mammals, is crafted by the oceanic elements, taking up to 20 years to reach the shore where it presents in a crystal form. It is highly prized for its therapeutic and aphrodisiac qualities, but in perfumery its salty, musky, earth notes are sought out as seductive and intense components of the most exquisite fragrances. The zesty citrus top notes of orange and bergamot evolve into a warm heart with cedar wood, rose and patchouli. Sublimated by the perfect harmony of Ambergris with sandalwood, warmed by the soft accents of vanilla, this new Eau de Cologne ConcentrÊe reveals its unique personality in base notes of inimitable elegance and refinement. Other lines in the Signature Collection are Vaniglia, Oud, Quercia and Sandalo. Available from Skins Cosmetics.


Meet the Beolab 50 by Bang & Olufsen, unadulterated leaders in sound technology and whose designs are both easy on the ear and eye. This wireless loudspeaker is their newest innovation, designed for music and home entertainment scenarios, and thanks to its sculptural design and striking ascending acoustic lens sound projection platform, is sure to pique the imagination of aesthetes and audiophiles alike. Unique innovations include an acoustic lens that reads a room and delivers sound to the best ‘sweet spot’ as well as Active Room Compensation technology that allows you to create custom filters in different spaces and scenarios for an optimal listening experience.

3 3 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N 1 0 Y E A R S ISSUE 46


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are known for their commitment to quality Italian craftmanship, always with a whimsical touch that brims with ‘don’t care’ personality and a nod to both their Italian heritage and modern mores. The new Devotion Bag also epitomises the D&G philosphy of minimalist maximilism, from the perfectly proportioned body of the bag to the flawless quilting that radiates from the central copper and brass sacred heart clasp, and, of course, the metal chains. Clad in pearls and using traditional jewellery techniques, the intricate clasp is the central focus, and rightfully so – it is an adornment worthy of unadulterated adoration.



Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms dive watch has been around for 66 years and is regarded as the most trusted dive watch there is. Developed by Blancpain founder and keen recreational diver Jean-Jacques Fiechter, it soon became essential equipment for the French Combat Swimmers corps and navy professionals around the world. The new limited-edition Nageur de Combat is a celebration of the classic good looks of the original (think matte-black face and luminescent hands) and the convenience of modern technology (1315 calibre self-winding mechanism with a five-day power reserve). With only 300 in production, it promises to be a much-coveted collectable.

3 5 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N 1 0 Y E A R S ISSUE 46



The Marvol Gallery at Hazendal Wine Estate in the Cape Winelands is an exciting space to explore the visual arts. It showcases Russian art and icons from owner, Dr Mark Voloshin’s personal collection, but also contemporary artists from around the world. With a changing carousel of exhibitions, one never knows what surprise is on offer or memorable art piece is to be purchased for your own private collection, or for someone dear to you. Featured here is the Russian icon, ‘St. Prince Daniil of Moscow’, and the oil-on-canvas painting, ‘Sleeping Birches’ by M.D. Shevchenko. Find out more at; 3 6 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46



ARTISAN OF EMOTIONS Chopard’s sporty chic Alpine Eagle is a new interpretation of the bestselling St Moritz, first created in 1980 by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, now co-president of Chopard. Driven by his passion for the Alps and the eagle that reigns supreme there, the Maison is committed to protecting the Alpine environment through the launch of the Eagle Wings Foundation, of which Scheufele is a founding member. Everything about the watch is inspired by that eagle, from the shape of the hands to the decoration of the dial. Crafted from an exclusive, ultra-resistant and light-reflecting metal called Lucent Steel A223, the piece relies on a Chopard chronometer-certified movement to keep time.

3 8 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46


Choosing a watch relevant to the occasion is all-important if you want to make the right impression. We’ve compiled a few significant ideas for inspiration.


SLEEK DESIGN, MECHANICAL FINESSE A. Lange & Söhne’s presentation of the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds with black dial and white-gold case at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2019 in Geneva recalls Bauhaus design concepts. The scientific-technical design with red accents is a look you don’t forget in a hurry. That and the contrasting white markings on black background add a new aesthetic to the regulator architecture of the watch. The regulator dial, with the large seconds circle at the top, draws attention to the smallest of the three units of time. The smaller hour and minute circles are arranged underneath. The display in the lower zone, where the hour and minute indications intersect, is particularly eye-catching. Ten hours before it needs to be wound again, it switches from white to red as a gentle reminder.;


LEADER OF THE PACK You can go as bling as you like as long as you’re wearing the right size for your wrist… This sparkling Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona by Rolex in 18ct yellow gold will surely get the attention of those who love the speedway. In this version, the emblematic tachymetric scale is replaced with 36 trapeze-cut diamonds. The champagne-coloured chronograph counters are encircled by black lacquer and diamonds, which concentrate focus on the paved black lacquer dial, a welcome resting point for the eyes. The hour markers take the form of eight diamonds in 18ct yellow-gold settings, while Arabic numerals 15, 30 and 45, in the same metal are visible at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock respectively. The new Cosmograph Daytona carries the Superlative Chronometer certification typical for all Rolex watches to ensure excellent performance on the wrist.;

Vacheron Constantin is reissuing a steel version of its ‘Cornes de vache’ model, the Maison’s first water-resistant chronograph launched in 1955, as part of its Historiques collection. It is sought after by collectors due to its original limited production, and distinguishable by the lugs reminiscent of cow horns that secure it to the strap. It was released in platinum in 2015 and 18K 4N pink gold in 2016 but the steel version, in a more contemporary size (38.5mm), highlights its vintage inspiration. Expect the unconventional design of this double-pusher chronograph, with its 30-minute and small seconds counters on the dial, to be a talking point! The piece houses the manualwinding chronograph Calibre 1142, which beats at 21 600 vibrations per hour, and a 48-hour power reserve. vacheronconstantin. com


TALKING POINT Pilot, diver, racer and now urban explorer. There’s something to suit every personality in watchmaking. WORDS DEBBIE HATHWAY


skeleton movement would fit into it,’ says Ravat. ‘But this watch has a completely new look. From the start, the movement was made for the casing and vice versa.’

COMEBACK TRAIL Having had the privilege of visiting the Franck Muller manufacture in Geneva, I was curious to catch up on the latest news around this brand. Launched in the early 2000s, Franck Muller made waves with its distinctive tonneau shape to such an extent that it fell prey to overdistribution and sales plunged. Meanwhile Richard Mille was gaining popularity using the same shape but at a much higher price point. Franck Muller regrouped and came back with their launch of the Vanguard collection, featuring a mix of materials, colours and complications, which has proven to be a top seller for Bellagio. ‘The watches come in and go out. People like the brand; they just didn’t like what happened to it,’ says Ravat. By all accounts business appears to be brisk but Ravat is not complacent. ‘Business is challenging, but what a wonderful experience it is actually. We’ve been forced to rethink and reset. People do have money, and they do want to spend, but the rules of the game have changed. You really have to find your client. Store location is only part of it. You’ve got to take the experience and the products to them.’ 

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hen there’s a potential new client in the house, what does Mohammed Ravat of Bellagio Jewellers use as an icebreaker? The BR01 Laughing Skull by Bell & Ross that’s on his wrist. He’s very conservative, he says, and his family doesn’t believe that he has a sense of humour. ‘I need a way of expressing myself and I do that through the watch,’ he says. ‘At night, this is who I am.’ The limited-edition piece is a talking point, naturally. When you wind it, the skull laughs. We’re at the Bellagio Diamond Privé, an invitationonly event for top clients, in the penthouse suite at the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton. Step outside onto the deck that is open to the stars, literally and figuratively, complete with plunge pool, and you’ll be rewarded with a 360-degree view of Johannesburg and the tallest building in Africa. The impressive 234-metre, 55-storey The Leonardo is a stone’s throw away. The event was conceptualised for the launch of the Bell & Ross BR05. Who knew the piece would be sold out worldwide within weeks? Ravat had saved one piece from his initial allocation, and secured four more just in time for this occasion. Guests could admire the latest novelties by Bell & Ross, Oris and Franck Muller. There was also an area devoted to bespoke jewellery, the most eye-catching of which was an exquisite necklace featuring 18.5 carats of diamonds and retails for an eye-watering R1.6 million. The entire exhibition occupied three floors. The main attraction on the Oris level was a virtualreality exploration of the inside of the new, skeletonised Oris Big Crown ProPilot X. Ingeniously designed to reveal the brilliance of the movement, the piece requires manual winding and has a 10-day power reserve. ‘Most skeleton watches would be an addition to a collection, and the



THE COLLECTOR Watch collectors often focus on a particular niche once they start getting serious. For some, it’s about the key models of a certain maker (like Rolex Daytonas); for others, it may be a specific movement. For Metse Phiyega, it’s about collecting what he likes. WORDS DEBBIE HATHWAY PHOTOGRAPHY JUSTIN DINGWALL

4 2 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46



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y the cigars they smoke, and the composers they love, ye shall know the texture of men’s souls.’ – John Galsworthy. That’s one way into the world of Metse Phiyega – entrepreneur, world traveller, patron of the arts, watch collector. Amazingly, he’s one of the few who actually uses his watch to tell the time. ‘The Panerai is nice on the plane – the Luminor used in the indexes on the dial means you can still read the time in dim light. I just prop it up in the cabin, so I can glance at it from time to time to see how far I’ve got to go,’ he says. The Panerai Luminor Marina with the alternate green strap (Phiyega’s favourite) forms part of his four-part travel collection, which comprises an IWC Portugieser, Omega Seamaster and a Baume et Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra Limited Edition with the striking yellow detail on the dial. ‘It’s a beautiful piece. It comes boxed with a model of the car. As soon as I saw it, I said I’m taking this one.’ Phiyega also likes fast cars. He’s been into F1 since a family friend took him to watch what he later learned was the last F1 race to be held at Kyalami in 1993. It’s been a passion from that momentous occasion. ‘I plan my holidays and business meetings around F1 events.’ Phiyega likes the Omega Seamaster GMT for its ability to track time in other time zones. Of his first watch, he recalls, ‘It was a Casio, the one with a calculator on it. It was fascinating. My mother bought it for me from New World in Pretoria CBD and I wore it every day. I must have been about 10 years old.’ It had a digital display, which made it easy to work out the time. Later, as a young teenager, he was given a Swatch for his birthday and has been hooked ever since. That memory inspired him to buy his daughter one too.


So when it comes to the crunch, how does he decide on the final purchase? He spent an entire morning trialling the new BR05 at the Bellagio Diamond Privé exhibition of bespoke wristwatches and jewellery, and in the end fell in love with a one-of-a-kind Franck Muller Vanguard with green detail on the dial. It’s reminiscent of the Richard Mille style and the brand has partnered with the Haas F1 team since 2016.

FALLING FOR IT ‘For me, when I see a piece, I love it. I know when I hold it in my hand or put it on my wrist that it’s the watch that I want. It doesn’t matter if it’s got a leather strap or a bracelet, if it’s expensive or not. And it’s not just about the movement. It’s the casing and the product marketing that make it what it is. Look at the Baume et Mercier – that presentation was enough to make me buy it.’ And then there’s the U-Boat Capsoil, one of his latest acquisitions. It features an oily liquid that surrounds the dial, transforming it into absolute black, which gives it depth and a 3-D effect. It’s absolutely mesmerising because it offers an amplified view of the hands, which seem to float free. Phiyega put it on his wrist and promptly bought it. For him, the process of buying a watch is the same as investing in an artwork. ‘The designers are artists ultimately, and I see them the same way.’ In the meantime, he’s got his eye on a skeleton – a design feature that will allow him to admire his mechanical watch movement through a cut-out on the front or back of the piece. As for keeping track of time, Phiyega winds his watches when he wears them. It’s about seeing magic happen, a ritual that gets his mind in gear for the day ahead. A habit borne from fascination. 

Phiyega has bought all his watches himself, bar one that was a thank-you gift from a friend. Some are investment pieces, which he sells and lives to regret. ‘I sold a Rolex with a black dial. I regretted that. When you see it again, and someone else is wearing it, you think to yourself, “I shouldn’t have sold that.”’ He favours a leather strap for its classic look. He’ll opt for a clean white or black face, such as the design style synonymous with the IWC Portuguieser or the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. He also loves the IWC Big Pilot, with its eight-day power reserve, and Spitfire detail on the hand. He’ll choose a Rolex or the Cartier Roadster for smarter occasions, the Vacheron Constantin with the black dial being his first choice for a formal affair as it suits his wardrobe. ‘The bracelets look very classy, especially when I’m going out in the evenings. I also like the sporty look, the chronographs with the big faces, big bezels and rubber straps. They make nice business and holiday watches.’

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MICROMOVES IN WATCHMAKING Everything has a purpose in horology, even if it’s not apparent to the untrained eye.


ecoming a watchmaker isn’t something to be taken lightly. It involves serious study, hands-on training and 3 000 hours of classroom benchwork. Theory covers micromechanics, advanced mechanical and electronic watch theory, manufacturing, maintenance, horology history... It also involves a curious mind. So IWC is lucky to have the curious and skilled Kornelius Kurzenberger as one of their watchmakers. When Kurzenberger was growing up, his father had a mechanical watch, and he was fascinated by the fact that it didn’t have a battery, like his Game Boy. How could it work? How could it keep time? So Kurzenberger undertook the study of finding the answers. He now spends his days making and repairing watches with the highest principles of fine engineering and meticulous craftsmanship at IWC Schaffhausen in Northern Switzerland.

But for a few days in October, when Kurzenberger swapped the snow for the sun, to take a few IWC, Charles Greig Jewellers and architecture and design firm SAOTA clients through a watchmaking masterclass in Camps Bay, Cape Town, and I joined in. In watchmaking, everything has a purpose, we discovered, even when it’s not apparent to the untrained eye. It requires the ability to see the whole, then break it down into parts, only to reassemble everything flawlessly. Every move – and we’re working with micro-parts here (a total of 167 made up the watch) – has to be based on precision, as a mere fraction-of-an-inch misalignment could cause a valuable watch to fail or lose time. Over to you, Kurzenberger, and IWC. Find out more at

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You wouldn’t expect to associate the word comfort with formalwear. But the slim-fit tuxedo in virgin wool by Boss Menswear combines built-in stretch with glamorous details for the best of both worlds. Engineered to move as you do, the coordinating jacket and trousers feature silk peak lapels and trims, and a tonal ribbon trim and silk waistband respectively. Team with a crisp white shirt for a festive-season photo finish.

4 8 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46


The lastest from Boss Menswear pairs form with function. Beautfully.




As the quintessential African diamond atelier, it’s fitting that De Beers’ striking new range is named after one of the continent’s most beloved quadrupeds. The Chapman’s Zebra collection symbolises the balance between community and individuality through its design – zebras each have their own unique pattern – and demonstrates the notion that contrasts can complement one another. Made up of approximately 600 diamonds – princess-cut white alternating with round brilliant-cut stones – closely set to move as one (not unlike a herd in unison), the necklace culminates in iridescent grey mother-of-pearl, whose fluidity offers a counterpoint to the graphic crispness of the diamonds.

A fifth-generation family business, Charles Greig built its reputation on elegant timepieces and timeless jewels. Over decades the brand grew to include artworks, sculpture and ceramics, but throughout each arm of the company, the values of quality workmanship and a sense of lasting style have tied the various facets together. Its jewel division presents an opportunity for self-expression via intricate and ornate pieces designed to last forever as well as immortalise a moment. These exquisite 18ct white-gold and diamond chandelier drop earrings are set with a combination of round brilliant, pear and marquise-cut stones and celebrate the evergreen beauty of nature with flowercluster and leaf motifs.

VENUS RISING Elie Saab is synonymous with red-carpet X-factor, and his ability to inject an abundance of fantasy into his runway shows is legendary, and means they’re always anticipated for their escapist flights of fancy. For his Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the designer dreamt up a procession of otherworldly garments that transported the onlooker into a dreamscape celebrating the divine feminine. The combination of mercurial mermaid-like sequins and sinuous falls of fabric had an element of the magical about it, while the purity of asymmetrical Grecian silhouettes and flowing lines called to mind ancient myths. Further into the collection liquid metallics were queenly, and a profusion of silk flowers, leaves and crystals offered a nod to a forest fairytale.

FANCY FOOTWORK The Edgar evening loafer is the Tom Ford brand in a nutshell – sleek, modern, glamorous. Simple and streamlined, this svelte slip-on, crafted in Italy from patent leather, and finished with grosgrain trim is the ultimate low-key, high-style shoe to take to the dance floor. Paired with a tux for maximum impact, it’ll ensure you see the year out in appropriately sharp fashion.

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‘AN OBSESSION FOR PHYSICAL EFFORT’ I’ve witnessed and internalised the whole creative process of fashion.’ Ditto exercise. ‘Throughout my life, I’ve had a passion for working out. Whether it was running, cycling, swimming or strength training, I’ve always had an obsession for physical effort. I’ve also dedicated a huge portion of my life to science and engineering, which has shaped my way of thinking when it comes to design.’ The result is performance-driven garments for sports people looking for high-functioning fitness attire. There have been some clever design enhancements, especially in cycling, says Mike Finch, editor-in-chief of Bicycling magazine, South Africa. And, considering the fervour with which South Africans practise disciplines like mountain biking, accompanying garments need to be carefully chosen. ‘You pay for what you get in cycling,’ explains Finch, who adds that a purchase should never be made for aesthetics. ‘Don’t buy for style; you’ll regret style,’ he says. So, what won’t you regret as you pedal up a particularly technical section of mountainside? Clothing that requires zero attention. ‘Just like good architecture, good sportswear design should combine function and form in a harmonious way,’ says Boselli. And he explains, starting at the drawing board, like this: ‘It is an iterative process sometimes, but it begins with an idea of the overall aesthetics, shifting to anatomical consideration and textile research.’ As for the latter, Boselli has been particularly attentive to us in the southern hemisphere. And with South Africa’s perpetually sunny climate ranking us at number two in the UV-concentration stakes (Australia


t’s easy to write-off a man who strides the catwalk for a living. But Italy’s Pietro Boselli’s brain power is just as becoming as his brawn. And boy, does he have a lot going on upstairs. Aside from his PhD in mechanical engineering, Boselli also taught maths at University College London. During this rigorous academic schedule, he also found time to stay incredibly fit (he started trail running at the age of 14, has always kept up with endurance sport and now hits the gym for intense strength training). It seems natural then that performance sportswear is a subject Boselli knows quite well. ‘Petra Design is a fusion of three aspects of my life: fashion, fitness and engineering,’ says Boselli of his collection. ‘Since the age of seven, I’ve been in fashion as a model, and being very curious and analytical,

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The antithesis to Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander – although he is ridiculously good looking – engineering doctorate and model, Pietro Boselli tells HELEN CLEMSON why today’s high-tech sportswear is a hotbed for innovation.


is number one), we need all the help we can get. He elaborates, ‘All our fabrics have UV protection, and we have a selection of garments such as leggings, raw-cut tees and fitted mid-layers that are ideal for mountain biking.’ Variety as they say… As for further innovation, which Finch is seeing in all aspects of cycling design – and to suit all body shapes (‘clever design equals a more relaxed fit’) – Boselli’s collection, like the man himself, reveals a thing or two about the excellence of his heritage. The fabrics (Italian, of course) translate to sportswear through ‘a detailed study of the anatomy of the body and its movement. We add properties such as compression, abrasion resistance, lightness and sweatwicking precisely where needed.’ Why this approach? ‘Sportwear for athletes has always focused on performance, but the increased size of this market now has pushed innovation even further, especially when it comes to textiles.’ Ready to sweat? Enjoy the ride, we say. 

i n fo @qu o inro | + 27 2 1 8 8 8 4 7 4 0 K n o r h o ek Ro a d, Stellenbo sch , S ou t h A frica



E SCENTS OF TRAVEL A fragrance redolent of pure holiday might just be the antidote for those too time-poor to take in the sights of, say, pleasurable Positano. Luxury scents evoking all the magic of some of the world’s most exquisite destinations mean heavenly olfactory time travel. WORDS HELEN CLEMSON

5 3 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46

verything worth having – cars, couture, lovers – seems to be ‘Made in Italy’. Not least, idyllic holiday villas sheltered in hidden bays in a country known for its incomparable beauty. ‘Italy is a neverending romantic love story,’ says Italian travel expert, Lara Casasola, owner and founder of Lara Travel. An Italian-South African, Casasola holidays annually on the Amalfi Coast with a view to retiring there one day. To her, the area signifies unadulterated natural splendour. ‘The uniqueness of the Amalfi Coast and adjacent areas is well-rooted in the beautiful, fertile volcanic lands and climate.’ And thanks to the region’s diversity of botanicals with their heady aromatic profiles, says Casasola, beguiling fragrances have been skilfully created by locals for hundreds of years. Today, scents conjuring up the enchantment of the fruits of this coastal paradise are more popular than ever. But as fragrance experts and journalists Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez will tell you, not all


It’s a blend of fruity yet bittersweet top notes with jasmine and geranium forming the heart of the scent together with refreshing notes of cardamom and rosemary. Completing the journey are musk and patchouli, described as ‘reminiscent of an early morning stroll along the rocky coastline of western Liguria’. Now doesn’t that sound miles away and far better than a 10 o’clock with the acquisitions team?

scents are created equal, especially those trying to capture a place far removed from your topfloor office in the city.

A FRAGRANT ESCAPE Legend has it that Italian perfume house Carthusia’s Aria di Capri is part of a collection of scents reportedly based on centuries-old monastery recipes. In Perfumes, The Guide that she co-authored with Turin, Sanchez writes of this particular fragrance: ‘It reminds me of a delicious drink of Italian bitters called lavorato, which I had over ice with a view of the Duomo in Milan; each astringent sip shot through me with that invigorating sensation of increased clarity that only bitter food and drink will give. Original and well done.’ What Sanchez is so accurately imparting about the art of fragrance, is its ability to transport the wearer back to an exact moment and add another layer of fondness to that memory. And while perfumes and holidays mix so well, there are times when you just can’t have both. For those days, there is Acqua di Parma Chinotto di Liguria.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel knew a thing or two about great vacation spots. And while hers were very much rooted in her French heritage, she did have a soft spot for one specific Italian destination: Venice. Chanel’s Les Eaux De Chanel collection is inspired by four of her all-time favourite getaways: Deauville, Biarritz, the Riviera and Venice (or ‘Venise’ as Coco called it). Perfumer Olivier Polge explains his vision for Eau de Chanel Paris-Venise as drawing ‘inspiration as much from the long journey on the Orient Express from the French capital to the Italian city, as from the destination itself’. While still citrus-laden, gourmand notes and aromatics play a commanding role – think a vanilla note and oriental scents that warm the skin. This is a perfect example of how a fragrance doesn’t have to be Italian – and riper than an orange from Nonna’s garden – to imbue that holiday feeling. Enter Atelier Cologne’s Clementine California. While you may feel the name gives the game away, this sparkling fruity unisex cologne is a hedonistic concoction of delicious ingredients from all over the world: juniper berries from Turkey and vetiver from Haiti. It’s goal? Basically an exotic summer in a flacon – whether you’re able to enjoy some actual sun rays or not. 

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Hyde Park Guest House is set in the peaceful, leafy upmarket suburb of Hyde Park in Johannesburg. Within close proximity to both the Sandton and Rosebank business and shopping centres, our location makes it the ideal venue for the discerning business traveller or leisure-seeker. This 5-star guest house offers luxurious accommodation with personalised attention to the important details. For bed and breakfast accommodation, Hyde Park Guest House is your home away from home.

28B 3rd Road, Hyde Park, Johannesburg, South Africa Tel | +27 (0) 11 788 9702 Res | +27 (0) 83 494 1457 Email |




hen it comes to memorable wedding venues, the Cape Winelands has to be among the most spectacular of settings. Hazendal in Stellenbosch is a perfect example. The historic and illustrious wine estate, just a short distance from Cape Town, combines Russian and South African traditions to create a unique Winelands experience. Add to this the generous views of the surrounding Bottelary Hills. Hazendal offers couples an extraordinary setting that blends 300 years of heritage with natural winelands beauty and contemporary design. The combination of Cape Dutch and modern architecture provides the perfect canvas on which discerning lovers can add their personalised touch.

The estate offers a range of exceptional wedding venues. Exchange vows in Hazendal’s architecturally designed Pavilion that floats gracefully in the centre of a pond, offering picture-perfect views of the gardens, the manor house and the distant Simonsberg. A more informal setting suited to al fresco-style entertaining can be enjoyed in Hazendal’s heritage Kraal. For couples wanting a glamorous and luxurious celebration, options include the fine-dining Avant-Garde Restaurant, headed up by chef Michélle Theron, or the Grand Hall at the Conference Centre. An events team is on hand to tailor a wedding package that can cater for both intimate ceremonies and large celebrations, ensuring that your wedding day is a truly memorable start to your new journey.

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With a reputation for doing things a little differently, Hazendal offers an unforgettable wedding experience.

From the bespoke and intimate to the grand and all-encompassing, Hazendal provides the perfect setting for a celebration. Fine cuisine from the estate’s AvantGarde Restaurant, awardwinning wines, exquisite indoor and outdoor venues, and state-of-theart facilities will ensure your experience is a memorable one.

REDEFINING THE TRADITIONAL CONFERENCE EVENT Hazendal offers numerous options for corporate events, ranging from conference venues with state-of-the-art facilities and delectable menu choices to teambuilding activities and branded corporate gifts and bespoke merchandise. The main conference venue can accommodate up to 250 delegates with a flexible wall system that divides up the space into more intimate areas. It is climate-controlled, has WiFi and stateof-the-art audio-visual equipment. Perfect for inspiring creativity, collaboration and forward-thinking The events team will collaborate with you to plan a conference that stands out, including creating a refreshing and unique teambuilding experience – a mountain-biking challenge for charity, a drumming and fire-cooking experience, archery… the list goes on.  Find out more:;

Hermanus. Architects: Wynand Wilsenach. Oggie FSC European Oak, Classico, Greymist Rustic with WOCA Denmark UV Oil - 15/4 x 260 x 2200

...wide plank oak floors handcrafted to your specific design needs. Cape Town: 021 510 2846 | Paarden Eiland Johannesburg: 011 262 3117 | Sandton Durban: 031 000 1000 | Umhlanga enquir



Each detail complements the next, and Beyond Villa is no exception.


With architecture by SAOTA and interior design by ARRCC, the six-storey Beyond Villa offers a superlative Atlantic Seaboard experience and its lofty vantage point in Clifton affords sensational views. A setting this spectacular needed finishes to match, and the masterful application of Oggie’s ‘Greymist’ surfaces provided the perfect touch.

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SENSE OF PLACE Artist and rug designer Julia Swanepoel Pepler’s latest collection for Gonsenhausers is an abstract exploration of scenes from aerial photography. ‘(re)stitched landscape’ is the third installment from Pepler for the renowned rug company and the collection combines her signature abstract art practice with her fascination for maps and overhead landscapes. In dismantling, deconstructing and recombining elements from different geographical locations, she creates designs that are completely divorced from any single place, and which artfully imagine a whole new fictional landscape.

FINE CHINA From crockery and cutlery to table linens and décor, an immaculately set table is the promise of a tasteful dining experience. Bernardaud’s Feuille d’or design brings together the gravitas of an ancient technique and the appeal of contemporary lines. With a graphic design that recaptures the lightly crumpled texture of gilding, the pieces are simple but striking and allow for endless styling possibilities – mix and match this timelessly elegant ensemble to your heart’s content.

RIGHT DIRECTION Channelling the world’s collective love for anything artisanal, 8 Degrees South celebrates natural materials via intricate handmade creations fashioned in Indonesia. From statement chairs to striking pendant lightshades, each piece is unique and made with the environment in mind.

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT For four generations, the Cannata family has supplied, manufactured and installed high-quality stone and porcelain products. Spearheaded by the younger generation, its new venture takes them into a more conceptual space. Brainchild of Claudia King and Italo Cannata Jr (the great-grandchildren of founder Liborio Cannata), in collaboration with Aimee Wolfaardt of Haardt Design Studio, The Dialogue Room is an exploratory space for the cross-pollination of ideas, where designers, architects, creatives and their clients can create, and will serve as a showcase for local talent.

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With daring architecture, cocooning interiors and furnishings that shatter coastal-home style conventions, this West Coast villa elevates the seaside-escape experience. TEXT AND STYLING MARTIN JACOBS PHOTOGRAPHY KARL ROGERS

6 2 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46

6 3 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46

With uninterrupted ocean views and seamless indoor-outdoor flow, this hero living space is homeowner Karin’s favourite.


o listen to tree expert Dag Willems recount the story of what it took to plant the olive tree that gives The Olive Tree Villa its name, is to marvel at the multiple hurdles successfully overcome that led to that moment. The limited manoeuvrability of the five-ton tree and the restricted mobility of the mobile crane necessary to airlift it into its heroic courtyard position are just a few of the challenges faced. And yet there was never any question as to the olive tree’s necessity. The owners of the villa, Karin König and Fred de Beer, insisted that, like the zinc-clad bridge that straddles the home’s central courtyard and joins its two pavilions, the olive tree be present for all that it represents – peace, harmony and, on a personal level, Karin and Fred’s union.

This page: As dusk settles, the dark-coloured building, with its mix of raw materials, appears increasingly rooted within the landscape’s rugged brush. Opposite: A welcome place of repose is to be found beside the pool under the shade of the olive tree in the courtyard.

6 5 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46

From the outset, the couple were specific as to the architectural approach of the villa, which was to house both their quarters as well as luxury accommodation of a quality not previously experienced in the sleepy seaside village of Yzerfontein, an hour’s drive from Cape Town. Inspired by their shared appreciation of the indooroutdoor architecture of favourite holiday spot Ko Samui in Thailand, it immediately became a non-negotiable requirement that the building invite the outdoors in. Of equal importance was that efforts be taken to camouflage the property within the coastline’s rugged terrain. The couple enlisted architect Gavin Maddock. Gavin, who has a practice in both South Africa and Australia, regularly designs from the inside out, keeping the home’s interior spaces and finishes central to his conceptualisation

Above: Architect Gavin Maddock designed the bed to ‘float’ above the floor and integrate with the bedside pedestals in the penthouse bedroom. Above right: Slatted timber screens lend privacy to an upstairs bedroom and its terrace. The repeat patterning created is echoed by the graphic black and white rug, lending symmetry and style to the space.

before moving outwards. ‘In defining The Olive Tree Villa’s aesthetic, I presented the architecture and interiors holistically, with the external spaces part of that solution,’ says Gavin. For him the courtyard – positioned behind and raised higher than the sea-facing interiors so as to maximise its use during the windy season, and ensure uninterrupted ocean views – was to be the heart of the home. To connect it with every last corner of the villa, as well as the surrounding grey-green scrub, a bespoke charcoal colour in Cemcrete was agreed upon for use on all the walls and floors, both inside and out. Its application varied, depending on the surface, but the overall effect is one of seamlessness, giving the structure a monolithic appearance. Such a dark colour has an immediate cocooning effect. Its richness and dense complexity, paired with a décor palette of burnt mineral and deep marine tones, dark bedroom linens and mottled velvets, are enveloping, encouraging guests to bunker down. Sinking into the texturally rich, oversized armchairs and sofas, handpicked by Sumari Krige of La Grange Interiors, whom Karin had previously worked with on another project, exemplifies the indulgence and serenity the owners encourage guests to enjoy. ‘I want couples to experience comfort and luxury as if in a hotel suite, to take a bubble bath overlooking the ocean, or to walk the few steps down to the unspoilt beach,’ says Karin. ‘It was my desire to create

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an environment in which one can recharge, take a moment, and just be.’ To this end, Sumari’s input was invaluable. Her extensive experience decorating local and international boutique accommodation meant she was perfectly positioned not only to create a luxurious, layered décor scheme, but also to guide Karin when choosing specialists to custom-design many of the finer luxuries, like the villa’s bespoke crockery created by ceramicist Mervyn Gers. Gavin’s pairing of immaculately finished timber joinery with marble, most prevalent in the kitchen cabinetry and around the wood-burning fireplaces, is an example on a larger scale of this same attention to detail. In the bedroom and bathroom of the ‘penthouse’ suite, the sophistication of such materials serves to

Above right: Bespoke crockery by local ceramicist Mervyn Gers and Elizabeth dining chairs from La Grange Interiors add a strong design component to the ground-floor dining area. Marble and timber cabinetry pair with off-shutter concrete to complete the industrial look. Right: A combination of burnt mineral tones, graphic patterning and rich texture anchor the downstairs entertainment area.

6 7 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 46

soften the impact of a coarse offshutter concrete wall, seemingly suspended above the floor, thanks to architectural ingenuity. In the accompanying living space, almost double volume in height, floor-to-ceiling glass walls slide open in varying configurations to allow for uninterrupted ocean views and to welcome the terrace in. Its private plunge pool, elevated to allow for views of the beach and the occasional passing ostrich, hugs the upper

Above: Afternoon sun, filtered by timber screens, floods the terrace that offers a quiet place from which to contemplate the ocean vistas.

west corner of the building, afforded privacy by a timber screen. Where timber is used for privacy and filtering the sunlight in both upstairs suites, zinc cladding, on the exterior of the bridge connecting the pavilions, is used for much the same purposes. In constrast to the welcome volumes of sunshine that stream into the penthouse living space and warm its palette of aquatic greens and greys, the natural light that illuminates the walkway is more controlled. As Gavin explains: ‘Slithers of glass are arranged in a manner that adds a dynamic to the space, allowing shards of light to play against the floor and opposite wall.’ What results is an everchanging dance of sunlight, not unlike that created by light streaming through the wild camphor trees lining the peripheral wall of the courtyard below. And like the textured and desaturated colours of the wild camphor’s’ foliage, so too will the zinc cladding merge with its environment as it ages and acquires patina. Harmony and a shared desire to ensure luxury of a level new in the village unite all aspects of this villa. From Sumari’s choice of graphic patterns and furnishings that mirror the moods of the sea beyond to Gavin’s inherent understanding of how to invite the outdoors in by pairing tone and texture with crafted interior finishes, what’s immediately obvious at The Olive Tree Villa is the mutual respect and admiration across all disciplines. This same respect characterises Karin and Fred’s decision-making. Design, décor, interiors and architecture surround a tree that epitomises everything their seamless pairings represent. 

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A SPIRITED NEWCOMER A proper Porsche at heart, the Taycan 4S follows the trail blazed by its two predecessors, and it’s really fun to drive as an everyday car. 250 km/h. Porsche says the synchronous machine on its rear axle is ‘permanently excited’ and who are we to disagree? ‘Two permanently excited synchronous machines on both axles make the model all-wheel drive, and it also has a twospeed transmission on the rear axle,’ says Porsche. So, there we have it. Put simply, Porsche is adamant that its EV still prioritises the driving experience. Based on my own recent Porsche forays, I think the Taycan may well be more fun to drive than any other current four-door Porsche. Most drivers would not even get close to its limits on the road – including the Tesla Model S and other rivals – which strengthens the marque’s image as a sports-car giant.


Electric cars are going to be part our lives whether we like it or not. And Tesla no longer has the monopoly, as we see Porsche pushing performance, range and handling balance to another level. Available with two battery sizes and a range of up to 463km, this silent Stuttgart stormer is the third version of Porsche’s sports saloons and comes with a punch of up to 420kW with the Performance Battery Plus. The standard single-deck Performance Battery has a capacity of 79.2 kWh, and the two-deck Performance Battery Plus from the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo is an option that gifts you a total capacity of 93.4kWh. All that means you can do the standing start dash to 100 km/h in 4 seconds, with a top speed of

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HYBRID BULL Sant ’Agata has gone bonkers again. Its firstever production hybrid car, the Sian, marks the beginning of a new electrified era. But before purists come over all bleak, there’s still a howling V12 engine lurking within. All of Lamborghini’s models have names that reflect a deeper meaning and Sian means ‘flash of lightning’, which is pretty apt. Lamborghini boss Stefano Domenicali reckons hybridisation has become more desirable, essential even, as it ‘augments our potential as a super sports-car brand for decades to come’. Total power output of 577 kW makes this the most powerful Raging Bull ever made; 0-100km/h happens in under 2.8 seconds; and the Sian can hit 349km/h. Just 63 are being made – and you guessed it, they’re all sold.

BULLETPROOF BMW X5 This armoured version of the X5 is designed to offer protection against kidnappings, firearms and assorted misdemeanours. This Protection VR6 is named after its certified protection rating. Almost indistinguishable from the standard X5, it is made from steel armour plating. An aluminium splinter shield protects the floor and powertrain from hand grenades. The windows are made from polycarbonate-reinforced glass and are 33mm thick. Fun pub fact: BMW reckons the X5 can protect occupants from an AK-47, as well as explosive blasts of up to 15kg from a distance of four metres.

EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEYS Bentley’s EXP 100 GT is a radical new concept car and, according to the marque, is ‘inspired by the elements of travel: light above you, air around you and earth beneath you’. The interior takes craftsmanship in a new direction, seamlessly fusing technology with sustainable materials, and incorporating the use of light to create a wellness-enriching environment. Adaptable biometric seating enhances this feeling of wellbeing. I saw this truly dramatic creature at the Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance at Blenheim Palace, its two-metre wide upward-opening doors offering a real sense of arrival. The luxury car firm collaborated with a range of likeminded businesses to develop sustainable practices. ‘From reclaimed river wood to lighter batteries, the results point the way to a future that reduces our impact on the natural world,’ Bentley informed me.

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’m in the departure lounge at Milano Malpensa, awaiting my flight to London. Next to me is His Grace Charles Gordon-Lennox, 11th Duke of Richmond, 11th Duke of Lennox, 11th Duke of Aubigny and 6th Duke of Gordon DL (yes, that’s a single title). This man has always been just a little different. He couldn’t wait to get out of Eton College – he left at 17 – and cars were seemingly destined to be in his blood. He also happens to be the driving force behind the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival. The subject gripping our conversation is not so much travel, but rather how we arrive. Of course, it’s all about cars. ‘My grandfather launched the Goodwood Motor Circuit in 1948, and I’ve grown up in or around

cars my whole life,’ he tells me in his measured, mellifluous tone. The Duke dreamed up the Festival of Speed at Goodwood in 1993, partly to help with the monumental upkeep costs of the 4 856-hectare estate in the verdant Sussex hills. ‘Goodwood is steeped in motor-racing history, so I was keen to bring motorsport back here again,’ he tells me. For a man who has access to the most exotic and rare vehicles in the world, the conversation didn’t take long to gravitate towards those exact things. ‘One of the most beautiful coupés ever made is my mid-’50s Lancia Aurelia, which was incredibly advanced for the era. It’s a classic piece of modernist design, but sadly, I rarely get to drive it. There are just too many great cars and not enough time.’

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Ownership of exotic cars and a colourful history behind the wheel make the 11th Duke of Richmond a worthy commentator on travel and style. RICHARD WEBB meets him in Italy.


From far left: The Ferrari 246 F1 was built for the Formula 1 World Championship of 1958; His Grace Charles Gordon-Lennox; the 1962 Ferrari GTO is one of the most valuable classic cars in the world; the collector’s 1929 Ford Model A

Given Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has been based on the Goodwood Estate since 2003, the subject of modern versus classic cars came up. ‘Naturally there’s a Rolls-Royce Ghost in the automotive stable, but my favourite Rolls is a oneoff Phantom coupé that was built especially for the Festival of Speed as a course car. It’s orange inside and has an orange coachwork line. It sounds terrible, but it’s ice cool.’ After his ‘dream car’ – the Porsche 911 GT2 RS – was officially launched at the Festival two years ago, he promptly went and bought one. It now sits in his garage along with an Audi RS6 and several Land Rovers, one of which is the Defender Works V8 70th Edition – the most powerful production Defender ever built.

There is no doubt that technological breakthroughs have made modern cars better to drive in many respects, but those classic designs of yesteryear were drawn by hand to create so many unique body shapes. ‘Today’s cars are technology-rich and economical, but classic cars emphasised design purity and an analogue driving experience.’ Think of the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, which was built by hand and was noted for its beauty and sheer driving exhilaration, versus the Ferrari 812 Superfast – which is blisteringly fast and integrated for the increasingly connected lives we all lead. So, are the best cars modern and exotic or rare and beautiful? The Duke’s answer is perhaps surprising. ‘A while back, I tried some high-speed driving at Bonneville Salt Flats, in the US, and I fell in love with the hot rods.’ Of the 1929 Ford Model A he shipped back to England, he says, ‘If the devil was a car, this would be it – because it looks as if it’s been dredged up from the bottom of a lake. Since then, I have gone off the idea of owning very expensive cars but have rather warmed to the idea of curating my own unique vehicle.’ 

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A MESSAGE ABOUT CONSERVATION BEFORE IT BECAME A ‘THING’ Born Free, the story of a lioness in Kenya and the couple who hand-reared her, inspired an entire generation of conservationists. RICHARD WEBB travels back to Elsa’s Kopje to witness the impact of the lioness’s story.



f Joy and George Adamson are not familiar names, then Born Free and Elsa may strike a chord. The original story – captured in the book Born Free – tells the moving account of how the Adamsons reared a wild lion cub to maturity, preparing her to live freely in the wilds of Kenya. This story became the catalyst for the documentary-style film, Born Free. There is a poignant moment in the film, when Elsa the lioness walks across the savannah towards the couple. She had spent a week in the wild trying to fend for herself but as she approaches them, they see that she is thin and injured. Joy and George were attempting to return the lioness they loved to the wild, but her injuries proved to George that she was unable to survive in her natural habitat. ‘What’s wrong with a zoo anyway?’ George asks Joy. ‘Is freedom so important?’ ‘Yes!’ cries Joy with passion. ‘She was born free and she has the right to live free!’ They continued Elsa’s rehabilitation, which eventually paid off. After returning to the wild, Elsa produced three cubs of her own, which she subsequently showed them.

For the stars of the film, Virginia McKenna and her late husband Bill Travers, making the movie was a lifechanging experience. They were so concerned by the growing human population and resulting conflicts with wildlife that they created the Born Free Foundation – together with their son Will Travers – to help keep wildlife in the wild, to help wild animals live free. Even now, Virginia, a spritely 88-year-old, continues to be a resilient and motivating force, encouraging all of us to make a sustainable difference in the safeguarding of our environment. I accompanied her and Will on an anti-poaching patrol into Meru National Park in Northern Kenya to experience first hand the spiritual home of the Born Free Foundation. While driving Virginia and Will through the vast Tana River Basin in a Land Rover Defender, we encountered a rugged, wild and oft inhospitable 870km² mix of ochre savannahs, doum palm trees and thorny acacias, all sustained by the sparkling rivers in this key conservation area. This is the kingdom of the lion, a kind of ‘Pride Rock’ of Africa, and the very place where the Adamson family famously raised and released Elsa the lioness back to

There were 200 000 lions in the wild in Africa when Born Free was made in 1966; there are just 20 000 today

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Virginia McKenna and her son Will, established the Born Free Foundation. One of its tenets is to find compassionate conservation solutions in order for people and wildlife to co-exist.

the wild. ‘We are on the front line of conservation and wild-animal welfare, and to get us into and out of some truly challenging locations we rely heavily on Land Rovers to successfully complete our missions,’ says Will. Will is a notable thought leader on conservation but is practical and realistic. ‘We can’t solve these complex issues alone; we have to solve them together,’ he says. ‘In particular, we are absolutely opposed to the cruel practice of canned hunting. More than 8 000 captive-bred lions and other predators languish in 260 breeding facilities [across South Africa], where they’re exploited for profit at every stage of their lives. Many of the animals will be end up killed by trophy hunters. The volumes are terrifying.’ The Born Free Foundation is making a real difference in the rescue, care and protection of big cats and other endangered species and in spreading awareness on how to adapt attitudes and habits towards a more sustainable future. Lions need that right now: there were 200 000 lions in the wild in Africa when Born Free was made in 1966; there are just 20 000 today. The foundation advocates that people see the world as a whole, with humans being a part of the broader animal kingdom. ‘It is only in this way that we can prevent the complete destruction of our environment and perhaps, ultimately, of ourselves,’ says Virginia. 

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Then, as it is now, outstanding capacity and an all-terrain capability were needed to access wildlife in these most remote locations. Sensibly, Land Rover was the vehicle of choice in the Born Free documentary. Alas, the Defender is dead, so, long live the Defender. Enter Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who plans to keep the spirit alive by building the Grenadier, a new rugged ‘Defender-style’ 4x4. ‘I’ve been a lifelong admirer of the original Land Rover, and when it was announced in 2016 the Defender was ceasing production, it left a gap that I believe we can fill.’ Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover are finalising plans for their own replacement of the much-loved Defender (pictured here), due in 2020.

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Far-flung luxury is simply a click away. For travellers who yearn for off-thebeaten-track accommodation that doesn’t skimp on luxury, look no further than The Thinking Traveller. Each and every villa on their books is carefully vetted and chosen because of its unique take on style, comfort, extraordinary location and endless amenities. Kolokithi Bay on the east coast of Alonisso near Skiathos is a case in point. This luxe villa boasts incredible views of the blue bay, has accommodation for up to 14, an onsite chef, a housekeeping service and direct access to the beach. In a word – heaven!

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SENSATIONAL SIRAI You’ll find this exceptional private home-for-rent on the cliffs of Kilifi, just north of Mombasa, Kenya. This Moorish-style space is blessed with uninterrupted Indian Ocean views and boasts six suites with the master bedroom occupying the entire first floor. Here, it’s all about immersing yourself in Kenyan time - the on-site chef serves locally caught seafood, lazy days are spent beside the 25-metre pool, in the private spa, enjoying the beautifully manicured gardens or getting your adrenalin pumping out at sea. It’s how holidays are meant to be – exotic and reenergising.

WELL, AHOY THERE! For a seaside vacation with a difference, Maltese Falcon is in a class of her own. The 88-metre yacht combines the adventure of cruising under sail with the glamour of a motor yacht. Cruising the Mediterranean in the summer months and the Caribbean in the winter, Maltese Falcon is a pleasure seeker’s dream come true. Refurbished in 2016, this magnificent example of seagoing sophistication boasts ultra-luxurious accommodation for up to 12 guests, and with 19 crew members, those lucky enough to live onboard need not lift a finger. Art, worthy of a gallery, gorgeous contemporary décor and a menu of water toys including dinghies and jet skies ensure a five-star, and fun, ocean sailing experience.


URBAN AND EDGY After years of travelling, I have become sensitised to tiny details as regards service, particularly when it comes to luxury accommodation and fine dining. If I connect to the people, I connect to the place. Very few hosts get the balance right. The Peech Hotel in Melrose North, Johannesburg, does. It makes a difference if the owners are hands on, and James and Vicky Peech certainly are. But they’ve got an amazing staff throughout the hotel and at the restaurant, Basalt, which recently opened to an appreciative public. I’m still salivating after the 10-veg risotto concocted by head chef Frederico Dias, aka Freddie, formerly of Cape Town’s Pot Luck Club. Serendipitously, I stayed longer at The Peech than planned, which meant precious hours spent absorbing the atmosphere in a pretty, peaceful garden full of birdlife, engaging with the team members and admiring the décor. The design of the new wing features incredible wood detail on the façade and bright-yellow accents in the furnishings. The rooms are uncluttered without being stark, spacious without being voluminous. Nothing is placed without purpose, and the bed make-up promotes much-needed rest. I can’t recommend it highly enough. and




Each of these signature accommodation options has a unique – and triumphant – story to tell. Private Edition‘s travel writers suggest adding them to your radar.



STEENBERG HOTEL, CAPE TOWN: MODERN ELEGANCE MEETS A CHERISHED HISTORY The story of Catharina Ras is so fabulous – talk about feminism before it became fashionable! Catharina, a young window, left Germany for Cape Town in 1662, just 10 years after Jan van Riebeeck landed there. Her first husband, Jan Ras, was almost fatally stabbed on their wedding day. But he lived to tell the tale, until, that is, he was killed by a lion some years later. Legend has it that Catharina grabbed a gun, leapt on her horse and gave chase, hunting down and shooting the offending lion the very same day. Fate had a good deal more in store for the girl from Lübeck, however. Her next husband was murdered, and his successor trampled by an elephant. Catharina then married her fifth husband, Matthys Michelse. In 1682 Catharina Michelse, known as Tryn to her nearest and dearest, asked Cape Colony governor Simon van der Stel for a parcel of land at the foot of Ou Kaapse Weg and he agreed to lease her 25 morgen. After he became the owner of Groot Constantia in 1685, she asked him for a legal title deed, and a mandate was granted to her in 1688 to ‘cultivate, to plough and to sow and also to possess the farm below the stone mountain’. This is how what is now known as Steenberg in Constantia, Cape Town, came into the possession of its famed founder. This, like any treasured history, is potentially at risk of being lost when hotels upgrade and modernise in order to revitalise guest experiences in line with global hospitality trends. Not so with Steenberg. The management team has guided its most recent redesign mindful of the rich history and profound sense of place this 17th-century gem possesses. In fact, they’ve protected the heritage fiercely. The original werf, a Western Cape provincial heritage site, is still the heart of the hotel today, with manor house and barn rooms stylishly updated within their thick-walled original buildings and high, wide timber ceilings. These generous proportions are echoed in the more contemporary vineyard and mountain-facing rooms. In addition to creating striking two- and three-bedroom suites, all the premier rooms have been completely overhauled with redesigned bathrooms and extended patios, and they are gorgeous. Magical views from every vantage point, be it of the original werf, the outstretched vineyards or the mountain, all complement the tactile luxury of the interior spaces. With its balance of history and modernity, sophistication and warmth, Steenberg Hotel relives the glory days of the farm but

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with contemporary interiors that embody the hallmark of warm hospitality, and intuitive and attentive personalised service. This exclusive hotel in Cape Town also offers world-class cuisine, an award-winning winery, an 18-hole championship golf course and a plush spa, in addition to its colourful history.

TINTSWALO ATLANTIC, CAPE TOWN: A SECLUDED PARADISE BORN FROM THE ASHES If you do like to be beside the seaside, and I do mean right beside the sea, Tintswalo Atlantic boutique beach lodge is almost aquatic, it’s that close to the ocean. Burrowed into the base of sea-facing Table Mountain (at the foot of Chapman’s Peak) and perched on a pebble beach, the rooms and their private decks face dramatic Sentinel Peak, Hout Bay Harbour, and the breathtaking stretch of the Atlantic Ocean beyond. If you’re thinking Tintswalo Atlantic isn’t exactly new, you’d

be right. It’s been on the hidden-gems list of lodges for a number of years but was hit, not once, but twice, by fire. Lisa Goosen, CEO of Tintswalo Lodges says, ‘Witnessing a fire at our beloved lodge for the second time in four years came as a terrible shock, but every tragedy brings the opportunity for renewal, and we are steadfast in our mission to rebuild Tintswalo Atlantic into something even more beautiful than before.’ And beautiful it is. A maximum of 24 guests are accommodated at Tintswalo Atlantic in 10 Islands Suites and a two-bedroom villa. Suites are individually designed and decorated, with lounge, dining room and bar areas featuring signature blue and turquoise shades chosen by the owners, mother-and-daughter team Gaye Corbett and Lisa Goosen. Each suite has a lounge area with a wood-burning fireplace, spacious en-suite bathrooms with Victorian bathtubs, and a private deck overlooking the ocean and the pebbled beach below. Visiting Tintswalo Atlantic means experiencing ocean views,crashing waves, beautifully presented and delicious cuisine and sunsets bar none, while enjoying warm South African hospitality and personal service.

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HILLSIDE SUITE AT SINGITA’S SASAKWA LODGE, SERENGETI: UNPARALLELED EXCLUSIVITY AND JAW-DROPPING VIEWS Singita is renowned for its offering of signature safari experiences. From the nostalgic romance of Sabora Tented Camp, to the organic appeal of Faru Faru Lodge and the stately grandeur of Sasakwa Lodge, there’s a particular brand of escapism for every type of traveller. The company has recently added something quite special to its impressive portfolio, the Hillside Suite at Sasakwa, which offers privacy, panoramic views and plenty of space. A private standalone two-storey ‘suite’ – although it’s closer in size to a small house, Hillside has a living room, kitchen and dining deck upstairs, and bedroom, bathroom and pool deck below. Once a yoga studio, its designers Cecile & Boyd have included little nods to the space’s original purpose in the form of zeninspired décor and a meditation zone overlooking the bush. With all the bells and whistles of a luxury hotel, and a once-in-a-lifetime setting, it’s the superlative grown-up safari experience. In addition to all the essential Serengeti box-tickers – game drives, sundowners and sweeping views – Hillside adds an

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unquestionable X-factor to the equation in the form of serious luxury and comfort within a self-contained space. The suite comes with a butler service, private game vehicle and field guide. Here, you’re free to dine on the deck, enjoy a spa treatment, or simply shower with the doors wide open – at Hillside you’re in your own private paradise. 

The architecturally novel ‘fort-styled’ lodge offers sophisticated accommodation in nine cottages, all of which have rooftop terraces overlooking Lake Eyasi in the Rift Valley.





A SLOW-PACED SAFARI IN TANZANIA Tanzania is one of Africa’s most iconic safari destinations, and a haven for those looking to immerse themselves in the wonders of the African bush. WORDS KATHY MALHERBE


t is October and Tanzania is parched. The rains that should have dressed the plains in short, sweet, grass, and swell the ubiquitous baobabs until they decorate themselves with dangling superfruits are overdue, and it’s dry and dusty. So, arriving at Ziwani Lodge, overlooking Lake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania, is a welcome reprieve. It’s a true oasis on the edge of the Rift Valley. The stone fort is spacious and cool and the gentle through-breeze functions as a natural air conditioner. A dip in the rim pool, with its panoramic view over Lake Eyasi, completes the revitalisation for travellers. The property is a fully-fledged eco lodge; running solely off solar and wind power. It is fitting that is provides the base from which you set out to meet



and interact with the Hadzabe and Datoga, two selfsustaining communities that have had and continue to have minimal impact on the environment. The Hadzabe are East Africa’s last remaining true nomadic hunter-gatherers, and it is a privilege to be privy to their life, deep in the bush. The men deftly fashion arrows out of metal, before attaching feathers and anointing the tips with deadly desert-rose poison. They are silently focussed on their tasks. Our guide, Issa, spent six months living with the Hadzabe, accompanied by a Japanese anthropologist who studied their way of life. The men hunt and the women collect an astounding variety of fruit and berries. A hunting experience with the younger men proves unforgettable. They set off at a cracking pace, three skinny dogs yipping at their heels. Suddenly, one of the hunters stops, and in one fluid movement, pulls his arrow back and flattens his body; leopard-like he slinks closer to the target. They’re hunting birds and need to gather enough to feed everyone. They are so animated after a successful kill that you do not need to understand the language of consonant clicks – it is an energetic game of charades. Two hours later, they still have a spring in their steps while the observers are exhausted and thirsty. You need a fairly strong stomach to observe the hunting, but it is done in the fairest way possible – with simple handfashioned weapons, skill and stealth. The dozen or so birds are placed on the fire, the feathers singed off and then the entire bird eaten – nothing is wasted. We leave to visit the Datoga, a pastoral people, who are also skilled metal workers. They live near the Hadzabe and supply them with iron tips, knives and spears in exchange for animal skins, honey and fruit. Their workshop is a boma, protected by acacia trees,

and adjacent are huts built of branches, mud and cow dung. Ventilation and light are invited in through carefully carved apertures in the wall as the sun arcs across the sky. Six women sit inside and the chat is managed through an interpreter. The Datoga are also skilful recyclers. They collect metal and create the most beautiful jewellery by smelting the iron and modelling intricate designs. They too are deft and concentrate fiercely on their craft. Even their tools have been refashioned from smelting the iron from leaf springs, sumps and engines. After being transported into this sparse and harsh world of survival, there is a stark and welcome contrast in returning to Ziwani Lodge, having a dip in the pool and enjoying an ice-cold beer. The experiences of the day are an integral part of your altered consciousness, a new perspective – two worlds at odds with each other yet integrating seamlessly.

AN APRÉS-SAFARI DESTINATION It’s onto Mandhari Lodge (mandhari is Swahili for ‘landscape or view’) – the newest of the six camps falling under the Nasikia Camps umbrella. The lodge has a large open-plan area where a gentle breeze cools you down as you relax and unwind.

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Left: A Hadzabe hunter. This page: The view from Ziwani is ever-changing, but always spectacular.

Mandhari is a place to rest, relive your memories of the extraordinary Tanzanian bush, the animals and the people. It is also a base from where you can visit the Ngorongoro Crater for a day’s excursion. The grass after the rains is three times as nutritious as at any other time. This is why around 8 000 wildebeest calves are born each day over three weeks in February and March. The wildebeest have not returned from their migration yet, but the crater is still teeming with wildlife. The smallest antelope species, the dik-dik, has noticeably dark eyes, framed by long delicate lashes. They are able to spot a predator from a long distance and can survive for up to three months without water – invaluable survival tools in the dry season. Two packs of hyenas coordinate their own survival by taking down a Grant’s gazelle – and then the battle for the prize begins. As the victor slopes off with the kill, the

other pack tries to steal it. A fight ensues but, eventually, a truce is reached as they settle down to feed. A pride of lions sleep, the individual animals tumbled haphazardly over each other; a bloat of hippos relax in a pool, beadyeyed; and herds of antelope and zebra wander the plains. You return to Mandhari to be pampered in the embrace of the warm, convivial staff. You can also try your hand at Swahili cooking, African drumming and yoga. Mandhari Lodge is situated high on the Manyara Escarpment, which forms part of the Great Rift Valley. The view is dreamy and is the perfect setting for your mind to weave a tapestry of memories of people, animals and the natural order of things. And you know John Hemingway was spot on when he said, ‘If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa’. 

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The tasting menu at La Colombe is the apotheosis of fine dining. Fine dining is back, but thankfully with a warmth and energy uncommon to the hushed tones of a decade ago. The award-winning La Colombe in Silvermist Estate, Constantia, Cape Town is just that, and the deserved winner of the title ‘South Africa’s number one restaurant’ at the 2019 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards. After a welcome and flavourful amusebouche (picked out of a fantastical garden installation) to pop whole into your mouth, a sublime 11-course meal, with a not-the-usualsuspect wine flight, unfolded in front of us. From ingredients to cooking techniques to visual presentation, the globally celebrated menu was rich, varied and engaging. Every single thing was thoroughly thought through and all in harmony. In each dish there was something seasonal, and culturally inspired, thanks to executive chef James Gaag’s travels. La Colombe has a unified vision of food, service and design, and still delivers comfort, theatre and a little whimsy. The restaurant enjoys iconic status (and rightly so), so remember to secure a table well in advance, especially in summer.

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THE GRAND MAKEOVER Almost three decades after opening as a luxury country hotel, and three centuries since the farm was first granted to an ambitious young farmer, Grande Roche Hotel in Paarl has reopened with new owners, a new restaurant and a refreshed look across its luxury suites. The hotel’s restaurant, Viande, is the brainchild of Pete Goffe-Wood. Goffe-Wood and interior designer Francois du Plessis have completely reimagined the interiors, adding a sleek modern feel to the new restaurant while acknowledging the heritage of the building. Viande means ‘meat’ in French – a perfect title for this meat-focused restaurant offering contemporary nose-to-tail dining. Brandy will be the star of the brand-new Viande Bar, a stylish addition to the restaurant space. Here cosy couches and a brass bar counter cry out for predinner cocktails and after-dinner digestifs.

BON VOYAGE! The trend-setting restaurant Coco Safar in Sea Point, Cape Town, recently set out to conceptualise an inspiring new dining experience called the DBE Culinary Voyage. It stands for dessert bar experience, which is taking the world by storm (one such bar has just earned a Michelin Star in Berlin). Coco Safar’s executive chef Carmen Rueda has created her own version of it – it isn’t quite dessert, but it isn’t quite dinner either. The two meet somewhere in the middle with a delightful marriage of savoury and sweet, leaving no room for anything else once the 10 carefully paired courses are complete. With only 12 seats per night, this is intimate food theatre at its best. One-on-one interactions with Rueda mean that diners experience the inspiration behind each mindblowing course. The DBE Culinary Voyage takes globetrotting gourmands on an unforgettable journey.

IN LDR’S KITCHEN The idea of mentorship has been in award winning chef, Luke Dale Roberts’ thoughts for a while, watching his protégés achieve acclaim and success and seeing the both gratifying and humbling upshot of the mentor/mentee relationship. It led Dale Roberts to reminisce about himself as a young chef, and those who taught him the lessons that brought him to this moment: his culinary mentors, Graham Garrett and Kevin Hopgood. Mentioning it to his wife, Sandalene, she suggested Dale Roberts fly them out to South Africa, from London and New Zealand respectively, to cook, to reconnect and inspire each other one more time. So the LDR Origins - The Mentors’ Event originated. On 3 and 4 January 2020, The Test Kitchen will play host to the LDR Origins The Mentors, A trip around the British Isles. A 9-course lunch and 12-course dinner will be served with exclusive wine pairings, prepared by these three celebrated chefs brought together. Book via

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xceptional artistry and craft tend to be rooted in age-old practices – from the painstaking work required to sculpt an artwork to the immersive patience and skill involved in assembling extraordinary watch movements. It’s those timehonoured techniques combined with pioneering technology that inform the most intriguing and phenomenal products. When Louis XIII cellar master Baptiste Loiseau invited a select few from around the world to Cognac, France, to remind us why the spirit is something to savour or retain as an investment or keepsake, he showed us just how intriguing a decanter of Louis XIII really is. The story of cognac begins with a wish for longevity. When Dutch and English traders brought wine back to their homelands, they dosed it with brandy as a preservative. Cognac as a distilled wine thus became the immortal deity to wine’s mere mortal state. While some wines may age well for a few decades, eaux-de-vie (the distillates blended to become a cognac) can remain viable long past the century mark. Many of the most refined cognacs are finessed by master blenders, such as Loiseau, using as many as 1 200 eaux-de-vie. But the Louis XIII story, or journey should we say, starts with the seed of the rare and special Limousin oak. It takes between 150 to 180 years of slow, steady growth before these trees reach the ideal shape and size for felling. After the logs have been split, wood masters select the perfect pieces. They are stacked and left to dry in the open air for three years to acquire their full aromatic potential. Only then can they be transformed into staves and moulded to form tierçons.



Like the alchemists and craftsmen of old, Louis XIII cellar master Baptiste Loiseau and his team mingle art, science, artisanal design and, most importantly, patience, to render the liquid treasure so beloved by cognac connoisseurs and kings. WORDS CATHERINE DAVIS

Next comes the heating process; then the truly unique oaken identity of a Louis XIII tierçon is revealed. On completion, each new tierçon is filled with the young, finest and richest Grande Champagne eaux-devie and left to mature. Over time, the full scope of its aromas and woody notes are revealed. When the tierçon gets older, as of 50 years, it will be filled with the cognac house’s older, finest and richest Grande Champagne eauxde-vie, which will reach the perfect ageing development and become part of the Louis XIII blend in the future. But the centennial tierçons, originally used to transport their cognac, arranged three-by-three on horse-drawn carriages (hence the name), are showing signs of their age. Completely handmade in the French oak forests, they play a critical role in the aromatic development of Louis XIII cognac. Their fine staves allow the delicate exchange between the eaux-de-vie, the wood and the cool air in the cellars. An aged tierçon is irreplaceable. As the years go by, they have to be carefully restored using the old staves of another tierçon, a sacrifice that led

Loiseau to go back to the archives, and find out how to recreate them. Literally thinking a century ahead, Loiseau is remaking the rare oak ageing tierçon for the first time, to protect the heritage of his predecessors and guarantee the future of generations to come. The repairing of old tierçons and the making of new ones by coopers is hard, physical work, and often the craftsmen are secondand third-generation artisans. There are surprisingly few machines in the cooperage. On our last night at dinner at Domaine du Grollet in Saint-Même-les-Carrières in Grande Champagne (the property dates back to 1569), we feasted on a four-course menu and toasted with Louis XIII. We discovered the remarkable notes of dried roses, honey, myrrh, cigar box, plum, honeysuckle, leather, figs and passion fruit, which gradually give way to the scent of wet chalk and woody undergrowth and leave nothing but smooth elegance in their wake. There is no rushing time or that unique experimental genius when it comes to creating what makes this spirit. It’s this which gives it a lasting substance that results in a meaning greater than the sum of its parts. 

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Secure Lifestyle Village in Franschhoek. Architecturally Designed Full Title Homes Starting From: R4 500 000 • Sustainability & Green Living • In-Home Healthcare Services • Community & Leisure Centre

BEV MALAN 082 901 6966 021 876 8480

MOIRA BARHAM 082 896 3597

BRYANSTON EAST, SANDTON Asking R29 million A home of great elegance set in stunning mature treed garden with borehole. This outstanding home is designed to transport you to an escapist fantasy world. Perfection was sought & achieved. Boasting stupendous accommodation - 4 delightful bedroom suites plus guest suite and garden guest cottage, 3 elegant reception rooms with glorious proportions flowing onto superb terraces. Flood-lit tennis court, swimming pool, jacuzzi & gourmet kitchen. Many more features too numerous to mention. Unique – viewing is essential. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3765114

CRAIGHALL, SANDTON Asking mid R9 millions A striking structure in concrete and steel, this one of a kind home, situated on a quiet secluded pan-handle in Craighall, ensuring ultimate privacy, is an architectural sculpture in glass and stone! Facing North with vast expanses retracting to create living spaces which merge with patios & gardens. Created by the present owner with care & pride, attention to detail & no expense spared. Mezzanine levels house sleeping areas linked by double volumes. Natural materials, shuttered concrete, hard woods, exposed brick walls, galvanised steel, industrial sized glass panes combine into a sophisticated dwelling. Kass Bunkell 082 565 8658 Web ref: 3687771

Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchen Reception Rooms Studies Garages Staff Pool

5 5 2 6 1 4 2 2

Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchen Reception Rooms Studies Garages Staff Pool

2 2½ 1 3 1 3 1 Yes

Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchen Reception Rooms Studies Garages Staff Pool

5 6 1 4 1 3 1 Yes

Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchen Reception Rooms Studies Garages Staff Pool

4 4 1 4 1 3 1 Yes

HYDE PARK, SANDTON Asking R19 million This indescribable luxurious masterpiece will take your breath away. The elaborate entrance hall to the property draws you towards the expansive open plan living areas, all with a seamless flow, opening up onto the most exquisite entertainers area of an outdoor lounge, bar, boma, sun deck & wrap around pool. There are 3 receptions downstairs, state of the art kitchen & sep scullery. Upstairs: 5 bedroom suites. Pyjama lounge + spacious office area. Main has a walk in dressing room, TV lounge, gorgeous bathroom, fireplace & air-con. Triple volume windowscapes. Luxury fittings throughout. In a boomed off enclosure, 24hr guarding. Kym Quincey 082 928 3721 Web ref: 3712090

MORNINGSIDE, SANDTON Asking R11.5 million Custom designed by award-winning architect Stefan Antoni, this modern home bids entry via a double volume entrance hall with an abundant use of glass allowing natural light in, combined with unusual and exciting textures. The integration of house, manicured gardens, patio & 25 metre pool is expertly designed and allows for daily living as well as large scale entertaining. A gourmet kitchen connects all the recreation rooms. Downstairs guest suite & gentleman’s study whilst upstairs features a pyjama lounge, glamorous master-suite & 2 further bedroom suites. Garaging for 3 cars, private guard house, staff acc. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3679047

BRYANSTON EAST SANDTON Asking R13.9 million No Transfer Duty. Brand new. Unique & distinctive architectural splendour – the epitome of modern living in gated enclosure. All open-plan design that reflects energy, luxury and vibrancy. Chef’s modern kitchen with best fittings, breakfast area, a chic guest suite downstairs and a further 3 suites with dream bathrooms. Upstairs family room. Glamorous open-plan reception rooms to covered patio, swimming pool and all to superb landscaped gardens. Staff accommodation, 3 garages 2 Homes available. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3800965

BRYANSTON EAST SANDTON Asking R8.7 million Bryanston’s most fashionable address. A masterpiece of European design and craftsmanship in sought-after complex in millionaire’s row. A chic and immaculate home boasting spacious and elegant reception rooms all flowing to entertainer’s terraces, pool and landscaped garden. Innovative open-plan chef’s kitchen, luxurious bedroom suites, upstairs playroom, study, excellent staff accommodation. Indeed a luxury home for the top executive – all market related offers will be submitted. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 2307195

BRYANSTON EAST SANDTON Asking R12.9 million In sought-after gated avenue – Brand new, bold, electrifying! Dramatic angles and ultra-modern. A glorious family home with top fittings boasting 5 luxurious bedroom suites and guest room downstairs. Open-plan reception rooms, stunning modern kitchen, open-plan – home movie theatre – all to landscaped treed garden and organic vegetable garden. Luxury staff acc /teenage pad. Top security. An impeccable home for the top executive. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3641073

BRYANSTON EAST SANDTON Asking R29.95 million A true masterpiece flawlessly integrating today’s most modern living standards on 4 levels – all with stunning unobstructed views! From the main entrance with its marble floors to many luxurious open plan reception rooms spilling to covered patio & magical landscaped garden, pool & floodlit tennis court. 6 luxurious bedroom suites, glamorous bathrooms, study, state of the art dinein kitchen and enormous cellar. Other amenities include rooftop entertainment floor with bar, cinema, jacuzzi, views forever & full home automation. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3437097

BRYANSTON EAST SANDTON Offers from R27.5 million Little England in millionaire’s row (on 10 600m²). From the guarded gate you are transported to a world of grace & elegance. This tri-level sumptuous residence offers extensive accommodation including a charming double - storey guest house with 3 bedrooms, gracious formal and informal reception rooms, a high quality chef’s kitchen – games’ room, enormous cellar, gym, cocktail areas, 5 bedroom suites, wrap around verandahs and covered patio to heated pool, boma, tennis court and enchanting treed garden with borehole. Asking R29.95 million. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3759250

BRYANSTON SANDTON Offers from R9.75 million Highveld contemporary farmhouse in superb guarded enclave & sought after avenue. Simple lines and a warm muted palette defines a casual elegance. This beautiful home features stunning accommodation including 4 en-suite bedrooms, open plan kitchen to family room and superb covered terrace, large play room / games room – all receptions with fireplaces. Staff acc. The superb romantic garden is landscaped with pool. Top, top security. This is a haven of peace and tranquility. Asking R11 million. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3630340

SANDHURST SANDTON Asking R32 million Splendour. Grand and gracious, with the utmost of class. Set in one of the most beautifully landscaped gardens in Sandhurst, this home is a once-in-alifetime statement for the privileged few. 5 Bedrooms, exquisite kitchen, 3 reception rooms, library, bar, gym, wine cellar and pool. This palazzo is ideal for grand entertaining in a sumptuous environment of luxury, ease and comfort. Situated in one of the most desirable roads in Sandton, this home has it all. Kym Quincey 082 928 3721 Web ref: 3743862

HYDE PARK SANDTON Asking R23 million Modern contemporary masterpiece home situated in an enclosed road. Unparalleled luxury showcasing the best in quality and design. 5 En-suite bedroom home set in the most exclusive road in Hyde Park. Impressive double volume entrance hall, spacious open plan reception rooms, ultimate entertainer's undercover patio that overlooks the beautiful garden and heated pool. High ceilings & expansive windows give this home an abundance of natural daylight from every angle. Study, cinema, lift, 5 garages & excellent staff acc. Kym Quincey 082 928 3721 Web ref: 3692326

MORNINGSIDE SANDTON Asking R5.85 million Set up a panhandle on millionaires row, acrosss the road from Redhill School, this is a cheerful, welcoming and happy place. Filled with natural light and employing a family friendly floor plan, this is the perfect environment for indoor / outdoor living. Enveloped by 2000m² gardens with pool and indigenous forest, it has great amenities and offers 4/5 bedrooms, while recreation rooms downstairs flow out to the allweather undercover patio & pool. An added bonus of a loft study, plus, stunning eat-in kitchen, staff rooms, 3 garages and more. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3785861

HYDE PARK SANDTON Asking R36 million A rare offering of one of the area’s finest. Nestled in Hyde Park’s most exclusive roads, behind 2 security booms, this enchanting home can be described as the very best of the best. “Flair, brilliance & an eye for proportions”, perfectly depicts this Sir Edwin Luyten’s inspired home. 3 Reception rooms, study, exquisite covered patio overlooking the garden, pool & pool house. Elaborate entertaining is made easy in any space of this home. 4 En-suite beds with 2 private guest suites. Music room, wine cellar, home theatre, state of the art kitchen, luxury staff, 6 garages. Kym Quincey 082 928 3721 Web ref: 3767339

MORNINGSIDE SANDTON Asking R6.9 million If quality, functionality and an urban lifestyle are what you’re after, look no further. This beautiful home has it all! Inspired by European design and tailored to our climate, the floor plan allows all the recepts (Incl. wet bar) to flow out the expansive under-cover patio, built-in braai area & circular pool. The entrance hall sets the tone for the spacious living areas whilst a feature staircase leads upstairs to the 4 en-suite bedrooms and balconies overlooking the garden. Garaging for 2 cars, staff rooms and more. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3780359

RIVER CLUB SANDTON Offers from R6.3 million Beautifully renovated family home in secure Riverclub Estate. High vaulted ceilings and fireplaces create an elegant farmhouse home. The open plan design allows for an indoor / outdoor flow overlooking the gorgeous garden, pool, pizza oven, braai and outdoor fireplace. Accommodation is lavish here, with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 reception rooms and a spacious 2 bedroom cottage. Modern finishes throughout. Asking R6.75 million. Sue Hall 083 378 1101 Web ref: 3753432

morningside sandton asking r17.9 million Built to exacting standards, this is arguably one of sandton’s finest homes! a magnificent habitat, sequestered on ±2000m² in morningside’s best position. thick sash windows frame views of the park-like garden. tranquility, privacy and security at its absolute best! Built with a flowing floor-plan, with massive reception rooms (including a fabulous wine cellar) it will take your breath away! 4 recreation rooms, huge patio with built-in braai, farm-style eat-in kitchen, 2 studies, 4 bedroom suites, pyjama lounge,guest flatlet, pool, 4 garages and so much more. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462

morningside sandton asking r7.25 million Unrivalled finishes & fixtures, including top of the range wallcoverings & marble floors - luxurious down to the smallest detail. Located in an extremely well run complex with extra security & through a secure boomed road & 24hr security. Large entertainment entrance, open plan modern kitchen, dining room & lounge, separate family tV room. magnificent patio, landscaped garden, 3 beautiful bedrooms with 3 bathrooms & hand-crafted fitted study. glorious main suite with walk in dressing room & luxurious bathroom. stan rosenberg 082 558 9258 marc Wachenheimer 082 854 7272 Web ref: 3721869

morningside sandton offers from early r6 millions Whispers of the mediterranean with a south african flair. this villa will delight your senses and your pocket. set within the exclusive Veldtuin Place housing estate which enjoys tight security and a zero crime rate, close to redhill school (direct access from estate). entrance hall, high ceilings, spacious rooms. Flowing recreation rooms, patio with stacking doors leading to the out and pool, 2/3 bedrooms, garaging, staff acc & much more! set on ±1082m² asking r6.9 million. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3659233

BRYANstON EAst sANDtON Asking R16.95 million Cluster. Regal, stately – the epitome of elegance! For the executive who deserves the finest in millionaires row. many gracious reception rooms openplan to secluded pool area, landscaped garden, gazebo, boma and jacuzzi. Gourmet kitchen fitted with the best, a sweeping staircase or lift takes you to glamorous bedroom suites, family lounge, gym, study, chandeliers and many more features; Luxury staff accommodation; 3 garages. All this set in prestigious residential estate. manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3494865

mORNINGsIDE sANDtON Bidding from R6.5 million Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Are your teenagers driving you mad? Perhaps this home is the answer! Ideal for the family who entertains, this unusual modern home has a space for everyone with a games room, a cinema room, pyjama lounge, cocktail bar, stunning kitchen, fabulous patio and more. It holds 5 bedroom suites, flowing recreation rooms to the private garden - all set on ±1800m² in a gated community, this is it! Asking R6.75 million. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3617683

EDENBURG / RIVONIA sANDtON Asking R4.8 million 5 Bed contempo-traditional home with a European ambiance and the echo of an African lifestyle … sun, sunsets and free-flowing space! With interiors defined by high trussed ceilings, light capturing dormer windows, a fluid flow of rooms, fireplaces, feature pub & vaulted cellar, this is probably one of the finest homes in this gated area. Comprising study, eat-in kitchen, 3 receptions, 5th bed / guest suite, heated pool and tennis court. strategic location (prime schools including French school), sQ, double garage, Fort Knox security. Berenice 076 750 5170 Clive 084 400 0001 Web ref: 3681608

PARKVIEW JOHANNESBURG Asking R6.89 million Beautifully appointed double storey home with views. Private courtyard to lavish open plan kitchen and dining room, to a secluded patio. 2 Receptions open to patio overlooking garden and pool. 4 Bedrooms, all well appointed. Main bedroom with en-suite bath, 2nd en-suite bedroom and 2 further bedrooms share a shower. Cottage of bed, lounge, kitchenette bath. Set on ±1011m² stand with double garage and off street parking. Theodora Brickhill 082 553 8525 Web ref: 3753661

PARKVIEW JOHANNESBURG Asking R15 million Convenience and practicality of living compliments the comfortable lifestyle of this lavish and very 2020 multifamily home on ±3750m² stand with approximately ±1000m² under roof. 7 Bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 6 reception rooms, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. Please refer to our website for a detailed description of this home. Theodora Brickhill 082 553 8525 Web ref: 3749643

PARKVIEW JOHANNESBURG Asking R4.2 million Yesteryear living with modern touches creating a blend of old and new. A love affair from the moment you enter the sun filled garden, up the stairs to the stoep into a dining room and lounge with wood burner onto a secluded patio through white wooden doors. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 1 en-suite. A cute country kitchen. The out buildings are excellent (office with loft room and cottage). Carport parking with ample space for extra cars. Set on ±1020m² with pool & lawns for children to play. Theodora Brickhill 082 553 8525 Web ref: 3692454

HOUGHTON ESTATE JOHANNESBURG Asking R7.9 million Breathtaking cluster style architectural masterpiece. Superb living at its best. Executive lifestyle in an exceptional home. Triple Volume entrance welcomes you into open plan magnificence. Exceptional in every way. Beautiful study/library area, featured wine cellar, morso fireplace, family room, 3 exquisite bedrooms en suite, outside guest suite, manicured and pristine garden, outdoor entertainment area, sparkling pool, staff accommodation, excellent security. Sabina Seeber 083 254 6981 Web ref: 3670868

BRYANSTON SANDTON Asking R16.3 million Ultra-modern, brand new North facing family home in sought after avenue. Open plan to dining room, lounge with Morso fireplace, entertainment room, kitchen with gas, Caesarstone countertops and breakfast area. Pyjama lounge, 4 upstairs bedrooms (mes). 5 Auto garages, staff accommodation with kitchen. Flatlet with kitchen and private garden. Alarm and beams, irrigation and borehole. Close proximity to St Stithians and the Bryanston Country Club. Seller invites your input for the finishing touches to your new home. Colleen Siebert 083 604 0988 Web ref: 3659332

BRYANSTON SANDTON Asking R14 million A classic mansion, in the heart of Bryanston. One of a kind! Dining room, family lounge with braai and cocktail bar. 5 Bedrooms en-suite - master suite with dressing room and fireplace, guest room with lounge and private patio. Engineered wooden floors, American shutters, 3 auto garages, borehole and irrigation system, swimming pool, tennis court, double staff accommodation. All reasonable offers will be submitted. Colleen Siebert 083 604 0988 Web ref: 3764084

FOREST TOWN JOHANNESBURG Offers from R5.75 million Architect designed retreat in the City ±18 years old. Seller reg. as a vat vendor. Save on transfer duty. A bespoke family home. Low maintenance, contemporary living for lovers of natural wood, high ceilings, solid wood doors and floors, brass, glass sliders to private patios with braai, pizza oven, pool & tall trees, endearing lush walkways & fountains. Fire places, wine storage, pool, 4 receptions, studio/offices with separate entrance, spacious main ensuite, 2 double bedrooms, 1 en-suite, family bath. Brilliant access to amenities. Asking R6.9 million. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref: 3132594

WESTCLIFF JOHANNESBURG Offers from R15 million Staircase to a good buy in sought after boomed Wexford Avenue. Security of the highest order. Stylishly refurbished by innovative LVM Architects. Natural light infiltrates from all angles. Contemporary open plan. Minimalist design. Secluded, landscaped lush garden on ±3577m² with pool and court. Al fresco dining under magnificent tall trees and birdsong. 5 Receptions, study, guest cloakroom, entertainers patio, dine-in kitchen, 4 double bedrooms (mes), 5 bathrooms / showers, 4 garages, staff acc, borehole. Asking R18.75 million. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref. 3117073

WESTCLIFF JOHANNESBURG Offers from R27 million No picture can do this home justice! One of the suburbs most prestigious properties. Fastidious owner says “Plug and Play”. This triple volume unique 3 storey home will seduce & take your breath away. 4 Receptions, dine-in, live-in kitchen, pyjama lounge, 5 beds, including guest suite, 3 baths (mes), guest cloak. Upstairs library off main bedroom. Open, bright & breezy to huge verandahs with day beds overlooking lush verdant valley. Generator, borehole, triple staff, guard house, 5 garages. State of the art security. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref: 2342559

WESTCLIFF JOHANNESBURG Asking R17.95 million Respected and loved architect, Joe van Rooyen has created the perfect warm, erudite family home. Secure. Solid. Stylish and very smart. Owners and artisans have collaborated - sheer art and functionality - the main objective. High end... Mature trees, lush verdant professionally landscaped garden with glimpses of views acrosss the valley, frame this genius work. State of the art security, borehole, Egoli gas. 5 Receps, 4 bedrooms, 3 en-suite, 4 baths, triple staff. 2nd Dwelling - luxurious guest suite with supreme entertaining to pool & exquisite wine cellar. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref: 3779127

FOREST TOWN JOHANNESBURG Offers from R5.15 million Superbly restored to absolute perfection by fastidious owners. Borehole, Egoli gas, security of the highest order complete with suburb security initiative. 4 receptions with open plan kitchen complete with bespoke cabinets and stove. 2 Suites inside the main house. Completely self contained cottage to garden. Covered entertaining patio with high wood lofty beams to lush verdant garden and pool. High ceilings, wood, French white doors, chandeliers European tiles, fireplaces. Wonderful flow throughout! Staff acc garaging off road parking. Brilliant access. Asking R6.2 million. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010

WESTCLIFF JOHANNESBURG Offers from R15 million A “peace” of your own forest retreat. Eurocentric-style home. Reception areas flow to covered patio & pool. Fireplaces, bamboo floors, marble tiles & carpets. The piece de resistance is the newly appointed SMEG fully fitted kitchen. The owner has meticulously landscaped & manicured the garden Ready for you to just maintain - All you need do is "Pray for rain". Open study with views to the garden. Private study with wine storage. 4 Dbl beds all en-suite, main dressing room, gym with steam room. Security of the highest order. Asking R18 million. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref. 3124491

CRAIGHALL sANdtoN Asking R7.6 million set in a prime 24hr boomed location this exceptional rebuild & renovation has raised a quiet suburban home to new levels. Borehole with filtration unit services both garden & home. Ideally situated for top schools & business hubs. Aluminium doors & windows merge with character wooden finishes, architraves & some period wooden doors. Glamorous new bathrooms & designer kitchen, open plan receptions flow to large covered patio, landscaped garden with brand new pool, fire-pit, staff cottage & garaging for 4. Upstairs cottage / WFH. Extensive storage & outbuildings. Kass 082 565 8658 Web ref: 3735260

HURLINGHAM sANdtoN offers from R5.9 million situated in the sought after Lovat enclosure. 24hr security. set on ±3000m², ±700m² under roof is an entertainer’s haven. Huge covered patio has exceptional skyline sunset views, overlooking an indigenous garden with rolling lawns, pool, surround decking and feature crafted stone wall. Baronial kitchen includes breakfast area, sep scullery & laundry. Reception with bar area, plus wine cellar. 4 En-suite beds, main suite with walk in dressing room and sumptuous bathroom. Library. 50Kva Generator. 4 Car garage & staff suite. Asking R6.5 million. Kass Bunkell 082 565 8658 Web ref: 3665125

HURLINGHAM sANdtoN Asking R9.8 million A sanctuary for the busy executive set on secure panhandle. A stone’s throw from sandton CBd and Rosebank. Good access to Private schools! double volume entrance with sweeping staircase. open plan receptions flow to patio, gardens, pool & tennis court. open plan gourmet kitchen with breakfast area & family tV room, wine room, guest cloaks, children’s study area/5th bed, 2nd study. 4 Upstairs bedrooms, pyjama lounge & verandahs. Excellent staff suite, triple garage, ample off street parking. Borehole, generator & solar panels. Kass Bunkell 082 565 8658 Web ref: 3743731

SeNderwood bedfordview Asking r7.9 million A Nico van der Meulen work of art! boasting free flowing double volume receptions with light & airy open spaces leading out onto huge patios & a fully walled manicured garden. open-plan lounge / dining & Tv room that closes off, downstairs study / guest suite, state of the art kitchen with separate pantry & sculler. Upstairs has open main en-suite with bath & dressing room, 2nd/3rd bed en-suite. Great security with double gated driveway. Top of the range finishes. Close to all private schools. Charlene 082 448 0440 robby 083 717 2365 web ref: 3789581

bedfordview Asking r6.5 million Nestled in a lovely, highly desirable street, with exceptional 24/7 security! This immaculate home is offset by a beautiful manicured garden and pool, complete with north facing patio & Zen water feature. boasting an expansive double volume entrance hall, reception rooms open via glass sliding doors onto outdoor entertainment, fitted downstairs study plus guest suite, 5 bedrooms (mes), 3.5 bathrooms. Staff acc, 3 garages with direct access into home, carport and extra parking for guests. double, coded security entrance gate and exterior perimeter beams. ingrid Hoaten 082 490 6246 web ref: 3684051

SeNderwood bedfordview Asking r8.7 million This magnificent cluster was designed by an architect for an architect! boasting double volume entrance hall with staircase, layers of lights with a blend of wood and genuine stone, flowing open plan spaces. dining and family room, formal lounge with gas fireplace, study and en-suite guest room, gourmet kitchen with scullery & walk-in fridge, 5 bedrooms (mes), 5 bathrooms, games room / en-suite cottage. Large patio, timber deck to pool with water feature, borehole & reservoir, staff suite, 4 garages. Charlene 082 448 0440, robby 083 717 2365 web ref: 2525883



Offers from R4.35 million | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 garages

Offers from R5.99 million | 4 bedrooms | 2½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Simplistic elegance. Zen inspired front courtyard. the kitchen, dining area and lounge are effortlessly integrated with stacked doors leading out onto the outdoor area. three spacious bedrooms with main en suite. 3rd bedroom currently serves as study. the stunning outdoor area features a well appointed splash pool, an intimate well-manicured garden plus enough entertainment space. the outbuilding consists of a well maintained cottage. Asking R4.65 million. Willem Prinsloo 082 442 1497, Cornel Ridgard O82 468 8247 Web ref: 3715012

tucked away on quiet pan-handle with tennis court and pool. this appealing family home with a tranquil ambience, has been upgraded over time. Parklike gardens with borehole. Good flow onto outdoor living spaces and covered patio. Lounge, dining room, kitchen with breakfast area and scullery, study, 4 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms, main bedroom with his and hers dressing rooms. Double staff cottage, store room, dbl garage and double carport, guest parking. Good security with CCtV. Asking mid R6 millions. Kass Bunkell 082 565 8658 Web ref: 3743359



Asking R3.799 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 4 garages

Asking R4.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 4½ bathrooms | 5 covered parking bays

Enchanting and whimsical reminiscent of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles and set on a double stand in prime position. Charming entrance to a beautiful villa styled 3 bedroom home with spacious receptions and enclosed patio overlooking sparkling pool and Jacuzzi. Separate cottage with sauna and jacuzzi. Relax and sip sundowners in the charming gazebo overlooking the lush garden with feature ornamental pond. Carol 084 404 4416 Office: 011 886 8070 Web ref: 3787113

Resort style living - Architect designed interior with every detail thought of and no expense spared.. 2 light, bright and generous bedrooms with Juliet balcony overlooking magnificent rolling lawns and lush trees. Chef’s kitchen with granite tops. Separate downstairs 1 bedroom apartment with stunning kitchen opening onto manicured garden. 5 Allocated covered parkings. Laundry room and store room. Small elevator (dumb waiter) to transport groceries. Excellent security. Beautifully maintained complex. Outstanding accommodation for extended family. Carol 084 404 4416 Office: 011 886 8070 Web ref: 3776089



asking R7.45 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 2 garages

asking R4.2 million | 4 bedrooms | 3½ bathrooms | 3 garages

Once in a lifetime you will find an extraordinary architectural designed residence which leaves you breathless! built on top of a hill, within arathorn Estate within Olympus, uninterrupted views are enjoyed from each reception room as well as three of the bedrooms. Designer elements are visible from entering into this masterpiece complimented with wide open flowing spaces. building on the extraordinary… this home reflects your style. arathorn Estate is situated on top of the hill in Olympus, close to shopping centres and malls as well as private hospitals and schools. Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 Office 012 460 9261 Web ref: 3301917

Inspirational family residence offering a welcoming entrance through double doors leading into a double volume entrance hall. Seamless elegance surrounds one throughout the different reception areas including lounge, cinema room with fireplace, large family/TV lounge and open plan to dining room. Large covered patio with gas braai & views of the magnificent pool in the garden. The guest suite downstairs makes for a private setting, ideal for visiting family or friends. Gym, shower & guest toilet downstairs. an impressive staircase leads one to the pyjama lounge & 3 double size bedrooms. Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 Ofice 012 460 9261 Web ref: 3236222



asking R9 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 3 garages

asking R4.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 4½ bathrooms | 3 garages

The welcoming residence enjoys various reception areas, including a formal lounge, family room, dining room and covered patio which accommodates both a lounge and dining set. Quality workmanship is evident and top luxury finishes compliments this residence throughout. a lifestyle of nature on your doorstep, enjoying walkways, parks, green belts, a gorgeous dam attracting many birdlife species. The Ridge Estate is situated in Hazeldean, Tijger Valley, Pretoria East close to Curro Schools, main routes, shopping centers and gyms. Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 Office 012 460 9261 Web ref: 3168304

Extraordinary character is timeless. The property is perfectly positioned in The Wilds Estate, offering a secure, family lifestyle. a French inspired architectural designed home offers a welcoming entrance hall which flows to the reception areas and large study. an entertainer's delight offers an elegant wine bar and covered patio with braai overlooking the private, walled garden with gazebo and pool. The master bedroom enjoys a spacious setting with balcony access where one can enjoy sunset views. an inviting residence which is sophisticated, yet harmoniously presented as a family home. Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 Office 012 460 9261 Web ref: 3516307



Asking R11.3 million | 5 bedrooms | 8 bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking R4.45 million | 3 bedrooms | 3½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Stunning sunrise in Southdowns Estate! You should know me by now, I love to talk about the beauty of the surroundings of a home. To me what makes a home beautiful is not only how the home was built, but how natures embellishes a home. I am amazed on how nature adorns this home. I am here to promote the unforgettable shows in the sky at the beginning of each day…a sunrise. A sunrise is not just beautiful and a spectacle of colors, but it is also fleeting…can I say, like life too? Watch Mother nature put on her morning display from the back yard of this home. Samir Jhina 079 812 9007 Office 012 492 5635 Web ref: 3541363

A collision of country and urban vistas adorned in glass, light and tranquillity. This immaculate and modern home boasts the perfect fusion of light, flow and design nestled in this sought after estate. The gourmet social kitchen with central island and top appliances with a separate scullery and laundry opens to spacious reception rooms with feature fireplace that spill onto the generous covered patio boasting magnificent vistas. Upstairs comprise of three generous bedroom suites. Refined and utterly elegant finishes complete this home built with uncompromising craftsmanship. Michelle Vergottini 072 174 6310 Office 012 492 5635 Web ref: 3812089



From R2.985 million | 3 bedrooms | 2½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking R6.5 million | 3 bedrooms | 3½ bathrooms | 2 garages

In the secure and tranquil Southdowns Estate lays a new development with tree-lined streets and magical walkways where you can meander through the parklands. The Paddocks is one of Southdowns Estates finest developments. Luxurious modern townhouses designed to complement the traditional farm style architecture with a contemporary interpretation. The beautifully designed kitchen overlooks the elegant living and dining room. Upstairs comprises of 2 luxury bedrooms and a breath-taking master suite with spectacular views allowing you to embrace the charming tranquillity of your new home. Samir Jhina 079 812 9007 Office 012 492 5635 Web ref: 3436004

Stylish, elegant and timeless perfection within the popular Quarry Estate! If position and security is important to you then you will love living in this impressive, contemporary residence with stunning finishes. Generous living areas spill onto spacious outdoor pool terrace. This sophisticated and stylish home offers 3 large en suite bedrooms, study and office, grand entrance hall, open plan kitchen, lounge, dining room leading to outdoor living, pyjama lounge, entertainment pub and wine cellar, luxurious finishes throughout. This is a lifestyle choice - upmarket gated estate offering comfort, security and privacy! Ann Nel 083 445 1163 Office 043 726 0111 Web ref: 3823156



Asking R13.995 million | 5 bedrooms | 6 bathrooms | 4 garages

Asking R7.495 million | 3 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 3 garages

Enter into the amazing double volume entrance hall flowing to lounge and separate dining room with fireplace interlinking both rooms. The family room/TV lounge opens out onto the enormous enclosed patio. Separate games room with built in bar opens onto pool. The open plan living spaces are well designed and seamlessly flow “bringing the outside-in”. State-ofthe-art kitchen, 5 bedroom suites all en suite (main with lounge area). Pyjama lounge plus 3 station study or office - Deluxe staff suite & 4 garages and golf cart garage, lots of extras. Pat Wallace 082 443 8801 & Debby Woodward 082 889 7903 Office: 011 476 8303 Web ref: 3785194

This unique custom-built home set over 3 levels, has clean, modern lines with bold architectural angles which have been designed to modern perfection. The open-plan living spaces flow effortlessly onto the magnificent entertainment areas and Eva-tech decking. Views from the raised tranquil pool area showcase the beautifully landscaped garden which lies adjacent to a spectacular green belt, housing an indigenous water-wise garden of succulents and aloes. Feature industrial designed wine cellar. 3 Spacious bedrooms, 3 luxurious en-suite bathrooms plus guest bathroom. Tania Fourie 082 331 6948, Francois du Toit 082 801 9559 Web ref: 3560849



Asking R3.85 million | 3 bedrooms | 2½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking R3.7 million | 5 bedrooms | 4.5 bathrooms | 2 garages

If security is your first priority then this one is for you! If lovely sea views is a priority then this one is for you! If spacious, modern and sought- after is a priority, then this one is for you! Conveniently situated in the prime The Gardens Estate, just a stone throw away from the La Lucia mall and a short distance from the beach. The open plan living areas flows out onto a lovely decked entertainment area with beautiful sea and tropical views. The automated double lock up garage further offers direct access into the house and a side "store room" inside the garage. Sole mandate. Nicky mc Lennan 084 551 9371 Office: 031 648 0049 Web ref: CLL002

Outstanding, never ending sunsets, abundant bird-life, and a real place you will want to call home. A rare privacy with a unique view, centrally positioned to all amenities. This Tuscan style villa welcomes you in with an entrance hall, executive lounge, TV lounge, dining room with a large undercover patio onto deck and private pool. North West facing allows outside living at its best. Exclusive mandate. Sabrina Errico Office 082 414 8955 Office: 032 946 1818 Web ref: H940

soMerset west, western cape

De ZalZe Golf estate, western cape

asking r24 million | 4 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 3 garages

asking r11.5 million | 3 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 2 garages

this magnificent home offers an enviable lifestyle, a home designed with sophistication, state of the art functionality, a symphony of clean lines, glass and designed authenticity. each room offers panoramic views of a park style garden, lots of birdlife and views of the beautiful helderberg mountain that makes this home one of a kind in the heart of somerset west. chantal botes 083 702 5460 021 851 4450 web ref: 3707923

this airy home offers secure living within a popular golf estate. large open plan living areas with double volume ceilings flow out to a solar heated pool and outdoor built in braai. the seamless stacking doors allows you to enjoy complete indoor and outdoor entertainment at the same time, whether you prefer to braai inside or around the pool. the spacious study downstairs opens up onto the pool area and can be utilised as a fourth bedroom or separate tV room. Upstairs offers three bedrooms, all with built in cupboards, en suite bathrooms and aircon, and there is a security gate upstairs. letitia botha 082 377 0111 office 021 809 2760 web ref: 3760888

boschenMeer Golf estate, western cape

stellenbosch, western cape

asking r8.4 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 4 garages

asking r5.38 million | 4 bedrooms | 3½ bathrooms | 2 garages

a landmark property, an extraordinary position and a residence which exudes grace and style. this formidable property is situated in the award winning boschenmeer Golf estate which is surrounded by opulent panoramic scenery. Marinda de Jongh 082 573 2204 Marilize breytenbach 083 241 1580 office 021 863 0266 web ref: 3785780

this exquisite, well designed family home in Die boord is situated in a popular leafy street adjacent to the new stellenbosch orthopedic centre and walking distance to schools and shopping centre. It is ideal for the family who needs living space but still be close to all amenities. with peaceful surroundings kids can play in the well-kept parks or ride their bicycles on well maintained ramps. the suburb is surrounded by stellenbosch wine farms and mountains and is situated near De Zalze and stellenbosch Golf clubs. leonie nell 082 773 0655 office 021 809 2760 web ref: 3220600

stellenBosch, western cape

Val De Vie estate, paarl

asking r8.95 million | 4 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 garages

asking r7.8 million | 5 bedrooms | 6 bathrooms | 2 garages

casual yet elegant home with timeless architecture in a private and secure setting. this immaculate owner-built home is well-planned, offering two spacious living areas with effortless indoor/outdoor flow starting from the informal open plan kitchen leading onto the covered patios and pool. the downstairs master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom has access to the garden and pool area. Marelise Visagie 072 776 2645 office 021 809 2760 web ref: 3651814

exquisite prime north facing dream home in a quiet cul de sac circle with views to greenbelt, mountains, vineyards and oak trees. Designer steel security doors open covered porch leading to double French doors. step into this bright and spacious double volume open plan reception and lounge dining room area with chandeliers, wood fireplace and superior detailed finishes. Marli scheppel 083 988 5691 ane wessels 063 682 2538 office 021 770 0230 web ref: 2784117

BoschenMeer golF estate, western cape

wellington, western cape

asking r11.3 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 3 garages

asking r4.67 million | 6 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 3 garages

exquisite detail and high-end finishes throughout the property makes this 4 bedroom house a cut above the rest. with a stylish modern, open plan design, your formal lounge and dining room ensure entertaining at its best. Marinda de Jongh 082 573 2204 Marilize Breytenbach 083 241 1580 office 021 863 0266 web ref: 3686181

one-of-a-kind family home ideally situated in ou Uitsig close to a high school, primary school and upmarket shopping centre, welgelee plein. a nostalgic feeling will be experienced when approaching and entering this home. a formal lounge with fireplace and wooden floors adds to the lovely ambience of this special home. Besides from being the perfect house for any size family, this property also offers some promising options for investors. Jackie sollberger 083 227 1879 Mariette rossouw 082 578 3000 office 021 873 0260 web ref: 3731377

stellenbosch, WesteRn cape

Val de Vie estate, paaRl

asking R12 million | 3 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 3 garages

asking R14.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 2 garages

set in a tranquil and secure estate this immaculately presented home with exceptional views will take your breath away. spacious entertainment areas with a neutral palette of good quality finishes, large glass doors, shutters, balconies, extended under cover patios and a centrally located well equipped kitchen, ensures easy entertaining with an inviting relaxed atmosphere. two of the four spacious bedrooms lead onto a patio and swimming pool area. the property further offers three garages, storeroom or wine cellar, work room, study and large dining room. marelise Visagie 072 776 2645 office 021 809 2760 Web ref: 3797539

the home's architectural symmetry, its expansive front porch and perfectly manicured gardens heighten your expectations! You will discover that each room tells a cohesive story of elegance and gracious living. the finest finishes, appointments, special french oak joinery throughout the house and caesar stone kitchen tops, complement this beautiful home. marli scheppel 083 988 5691 ane Wessels 063 682 2538 office 021 770 0230 Web ref: 3722570

peaRl ValleY at Val de Vie, WesteRn cape

stellenbosch smallholding, stellenbosch

asking R11.995 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 3 garages

asking R9.95 million | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 garages

north facing overlooking the 18th green and lake of the pearl Valley golf course. one can’t improve on overlooking the 18th green on the Jack nicklaus signature golf course. this is a uniquely designed home offering on the ground floor, garaging, staff accommodation and two large separate apartments with direct access to the landscape garden, each with a private covered patio, and directly to the interior via a central staircase. Karlien van der Walt 079 891 1317 bronwyn boyd 083 420 1747 office: 021 867 0161 Web ref: 3031747

located just 6 km away from the centre of stellenbosch this 1ha property offers lifestyle in a country style environment. the solid house has got charming sunflooded living and dining areas, a vintage office, a spacious open plan kitchen and a cosy terrace which flows onto a large swimming pool. a shady patio gives you another space to relax. Upstairs there are three ample bedrooms and another lovely terrace with magnificent views. detlef struck 079 597 1727 office 021 809 2760 Web ref: 3438446

nooRDhoek, caPe town

zwaanswyk, constantia valley, caPe town

asking R14.7 million | 9 bedrooms | 7 bathrooms | 2 garages

asking R25.95 million | 6 bedrooms | 6 bathrooms | 6 parking bays

Belvedere is one of noordhoek, cape towns' crown jewels tucked away under chapmans Peak mountain with a wild surfing beach, incredible views and a great village vibe. this home is all that you can see in these photos and more. the owner is Barry Doel, the Belvedere architect and his home is his treasured creation. noordhoek is an equestrian and animal loving spot. it boasts a top French chef. there are 2 weekly markets. it is also an exceptionally safe village to live in and only 30 minutes from cape town city and 45 minutes from the airport. lilian Bron 082 377 3725 office: 021 783 8260 web ref: 3760331

achitecturally designed and exquisitely appointed, this brand new, ultra modern masterpiece provides a star-studded lifestyle. 3 Reception rooms, assirelli kitchen, 2 entertainment serving / bar areas, heated rimflow pool. Gymnasium with steam room and bathroom, high tech control room, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms en-suite, 6 parking bays. sectionalised portion of land available with shared driveway access priced at R6 950 000. Dawn Bloch 072 496 9458 office 021 701 2446

GlenwooD, GaRDen Route

kRaaiBosch countRy estate, GaRDen Route

asking R8.95 million | 5 bedrooms | 5½ bathrooms | 4 garages

asking R3.295 million | 3 bedrooms | 2½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Built by a world-renowned surgeon, of bygone days, this property enjoys the most glorious views, with a sweeping driveway leading to the porte cochére. all the rooms enjoy grand proportions with the sitting room, library and interleading dining room, opening out to the terrace, pool and gardens. the kitchen is fitted to gourmet standards, with double doors leading to a private courtyard and braai patio. all bedroom suites are exceptionally spacious and a self-contained, garage complex could double-up as a guest cottage. the double garage has direct access. top security. Ronél thiart 083 627 6806 office 044 873 2519 web ref: 3678284

the functional floor plan, with three spacious, open-plan living areas flow out to the private pool terrace and garden. the well-equipped kitchen, boasts a gas stove, electric oven, generous fitted units and a separate scullery. the main en-suite bedroom enjoys its privacy, with the other two bedrooms and a bathroom in a separate wing. the double garage provides direct access and features a loft area with extra storage space. the easily maintainable garden is fully walled – ideal for children and pets to play. Marthie everson 082 490 5036 Marlene swart 082 498 3096 office 044 873 2519 web ref: 3763082

constantia UPPER, caPE toWn

constantia RURaL, caPE toWn

Price on application | 8 bedrooms | 10 bathrooms | 4 garages

asking R9.75 million | 5 bedrooms | 4½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Masterful design and modern luxury are uniquely embodied in this spacious mansion with uninterrupted views of the mountain. a one-of-a-kind home, designed with luxury in mind, has everything you could ever need. Highlights include a cinema room, floodlit artificial grass tennis court, sound system and home automation. an en-suite guest bedroom with a living area, kitchenette & patio, separate large entertainment room with wine cellar, wooden deck, 2 guest loo’s & a large rooftop deck. outdoor braai area/fireplace & covered patio off the kitchen & dining area. Rouvaun McKirby 071 671 0821 Jacques Fourie 072 304 7957, Jo thomas 084 404 4120 Web ref: 3569153

commanding majestic mountain views. this fully remodelled arthur Quinton designed 5 bedroom home embodies a true sense of style and sophistication throughout. the design and flow is effortless from the streamlined gourmet kitchen to the 4 generous interleading living areas, entertainers patio and a solar heated pool. this home has the added value of a separate one bedroom self-contained flatlet. all you have to do is unpack, relax and enjoy the lifestyle that this beautiful home has to offer. Eileen o’ sullivan 082 410 7204 office: 021 701 2446 Web ref: 3785241

stonEHURst MoUntain EstatE, caPE toWn

RondEboscH, caPE toWn

asking R12.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 6 garages

asking R14.95 million | 6 bedrooms | 4½ bathrooms | 4 garages

From it’s sunny elevated position on the northern slopes of the steenberg section of the national Park this newly built home offers uninterrupted views across the constantia Valley towards table Mountain. Enjoy stylish open plan living in this well managed eco estate offering top level security, as well as a lifestyle centre complete with top class gym, heated lap pool and bar/bistro. an added bonus is a separate one bedroomed garden cottage. six car garaging complete with a home office. borehole water supply. dave burger 083 458 3333, steve thomas 084 471 4722 brenda Pretorius 083 442 1318 office 021 701 2446 Web ref: 3764653

a rare find in sought after Golden Mile, a stone’s throw from prestigious schools. this unique family home’s design is contemporary, whilst maintaining its original character and charm. Every detail and space has been carefully thought through with an eye for detail and aesthetics. 6 bedrooms. 4 bathrooms (3 en suite), 6 reception rooms, study, staff accommodation, designer eat-in kitchen, quadruple garage & parking for 5 cars. the garden is well established with a sparkling pool, covered outdoor entertainment area and glorious mountain views. Lee Gautschi 083 708 3058, andrew dallas 083 629 0527 office 021 673 1240 Web ref: 3702034

newlands, CaPe TOwn

newlands, CaPe TOwn

asking R8.95 million | 4 bedrooms | 3½ bathrooms | 2 garages

asking R15.95 million | 4 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 2 garages

discover a secure yet serene lifestyle. not a thing to be done to this modern home, beautiful hardwood flooring throughout and an easy to maintain garden. Open plan lounge/dining room, stacking doors to sunny patio with mountain views. Modern kitchen equipped with top finishes. separate scullery. Pyjama lounge, guest cloak room. spacious Main bedroom, walk-in closet, balcony and full en-suite. additional en-suite double bedroom. Two further bedrooms with shared family bathroom and separate toilet. Fitted study area. double garage with off street parking, fully secure. nina smith 082 774 4596, Jo Fourie 071 286 5383 Office 021 673 1240 web ref: 3699129

This glorious family home positioned in a prestigious security estate offers you safety, tranquility and the serenity of nature all around you. lovely proportions with double volume spaces allow for generous family living. deep covered verandah for summer barbeques & entertaining friends. Open plan living with floor to ceiling glass. separate formal lounge and family room with feature fireplaces. Beautifully styled kitchen open plan to dining area. 4 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and study. staff acc, manageable garden. double garage, pool with a shared borehole within the estate. nina smith 082 774 4596, Jo Fourie 071 286 5383 Office 021 673 1240 web ref:3696027

ClaReMOnT uPPeR, CaPe TOwn

KenIlwORTH uPPeR, CaPe TOwn

asking R8.9 million | 3 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 garages

asking R14.75 million | 6 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms

This gorgeous double storey home is situated in a very sought after pocket of upper Claremont. Quiet and peaceful with spectacular mountain views. north facing, light and bright. Modern, well fitted kitchen and laundry room, open plan living area spilling onto spacious covered entertainment area, manageable garden & pool. upstairs: luxurious master bedroom with beautiful en-suite bathroom and dressing room, spacious separate patio with amazing views. 2 Further en-suite bedrooms, spacious and bright. Pyjama lounge with built-in study. double garage & excellent security. Ruth leach 082 323 7550, anne Goddard 082 323 7550 Office 021 673 1240 web ref: 3706398

One of a kind Heritage home in prime location (Grade 3 listing). Built circa 1860, and with sections dating back to lord Charles somerset, this beautiful home is looking for new and loving owners. Its versatile accommodation comprises five gorgeous bedrooms, each with its own unique character, lofty reception rooms with original fireplaces which create a cosy winter ambience, perfect work from home spaces and beautiful outdoor areas for leisurely entertaining. Barbara Manning 083 407 3656 Office 021 673 1240 web ref: 3719741



Asking R19.95 million | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking R9.8 million | 5 bedrooms | 5½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Hen’s teeth property and honestly a rare opportunity to be in the front row above Look Out Beach! Perfectly north-facing home in sought after Formosa street. Stupendous views towards the bay, the lagoon and the mountains. This older home offers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a separate 1 bedroom 1 bathroom flat. Double garage, garden and security. It is an easy walk to Plettenberg Bay’s incredible beaches as well as to the town centre. Elbie Pama 082 569 2588 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 3776573

Newly built north-facing home in a top estate. Offers fantastic flow, space and light throughout. No expense has been spared, with top of the range finishes and fine attention to detail. 3 En-suite bedrooms, open-plan lounge and kitchen with separate laundry/scullery, open trusses in the living area, 2 flatlets (one completely separate), large double garage, gas fireplaces, private garden courtyard, fire pit and pool. Large glass doors capture the beauty of the valley. The estate offers wonderful nature & bike trails, excellent security – 24 gate guards, personal security patrols & electrified perimeter fence. Sue Harvey 083 306 7499 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 3745953



Asking R9.5 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 2 garages

From R2.995 million | 7 bedrooms | 7 bathrooms | 1 garage

A 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom gem on Beachy Head Drive offering all-round generous spaces, open-plan kitchen, dining and lounge area, leading out onto private garden, second under-cover north-facing dining area, sparkling pool, upstairs generous TV / entertainment room, spacious patio with a glimpse of the ocean, large scullery / laundry, staff quarters, double garage and alarm system. To top it all off, the home is but 100 meters away from Robberg 5 beach, a Blue flag beach. Hein Pretorius 083 701 3159 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 3773681

Large immaculate family home with huge potential, designed to enjoy all living areas, making it a haven of privacy and peace. Accommodate a large family and guests or generate additional income. Spacious 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom main house with living room, TV room, separate laundry and study. Two well-appointed, self-contained 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom flats, one with outside access and separate outdoor area, making it an ideal holiday rental. Ample parking, garage and tandem carport. Bea Armstrong 082 940 6616 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 3742229


©Photograph: Laurent Ballesta/Gombessa Project

Fifty Fathoms



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