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For those with a vision. FWJK’s new 37 storey mixed-use development, The Vogue will be located in the heart of The Mother City and is set to be their most iconic Co-development to date. Simply put, this disruptive Co-development methodology enables property investors the opportunity to invest alongside FWJK and receive real estate at cost with no profit added. This project is limited to only 35 investors who will be required to take multiple apartments on a wholesale basis. This gives investors an expected annualised return on investment of 35%. To learn more about the unique Co-Development model please visit


44 14 ED’S LETTER Thoughts from the editor 18 LUXURY INVESTMENT NEWS The objects that enrich our lives can also offer financial security if you know what to choose


20 AN (OFFSHORE) THING International diversification is key to mitigating risk and taking advantage of global opportunities


24 A REAL-LIFE STAR TREK MEDICAL SCANNER Take a giant leap into the future and meet the medical tricorder

28 MAKING SENSE OF TIME Digital technology continues to change the face – and pace – of life as we know it

26 WATCHES NEWS Notes on the most innovative timepieces on the planet

30 THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE Demand for JaegerLeCoultre’s Art Decoinspired Reverso watches is unabated despite the vagaries of fashion.


22 AMBASSADOR TO THE STARS Professor David Block has devoted more than 35 years to sharing the wonders of the cosmos

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32 JEWELLERY NEWS Classic beauties, audacious moderns and singular spoils 34 SECOND TIME AROUND Does marriage number two mean diamonds are still a girl’s best friend?


68 48 BAUHAUS THEN AND NOW It’s been a century since the Bauhaus movement first broke the mould

40 FASHION NEWS From statement pieces to must-have accessories

50 HAUTE CUISINE Kitchen trends that inform the tone of your culinary set-up also pave the way for more sociable spaces

42 FAIR TRADE Luxury fashion designers are paving the runway with progressive production methods and textile inventions 44 DÉCOR NEWS Décor and design to spark direction and creativity

56 THE STATE OF THE ART Delaire Graff’s new Owner’s Villa is an exclusive sanctuary that takes curated luxury living up a few notches

62 ACCELERATE NEWS The latest on modern classics and super performers

80 TASTINGS NEWS Fine foods and wine trends from around the globe

66 THE SCRAMBLE FOR CLASSIC CARS Richard Webb discovers a natural epicentre for heritage cars

82 UNEARTHING BLACK GOLD Debbie Hathway indulges in her favourite kind of activity – making new discoveries with dogs close at hand

68 THE 113-YEAR-OLD STARTUP Richard Webb discovers the future of automotive brand Lagonda, the 1906 company with a fascinating back story 74 TRAVEL NEWS Your guide to far-flung spaces and exotic spaces


77 LOUNGE LUXE The perks of flying first class begin long before you reach the aircraft

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84 BEYOND BORSCHT: HAZENDAL’S TASTE OF RUSSIA Hazendal Wine Estate serves up something entirely unique 86 THE VERY BEST... DESIGN Cathy O’Clery, expert in contemporary African design, ventured to Mali to discover the creative genius of Cheick Diallo


36 BE BOLD Voluminous shapes and striking architectural pieces up the style ante and command attention


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elcome. This issue includes a bigger-than-usual décor and design section. From collectable furniture pieces and luxury fashion brands’ décor lines to future-forward kitchens and interior-design fairs, we hope to inspire and stimulate you to surround yourself with the genius of top designers, artists and craftspeople. Key items, colours, fabrics, prints and silhouettes cluster as themes as we distil the best of design locally and abroad. Our profile piece on inspirational astronomer Professor David Block and the medical breakthrough feature highlighting the development of DxtER, the Star Trek-like medical tricorder, will be well worth the reads and make for some fascinating dinner-party conversation. Our travel and food writers have made notes for you on places to stay, and where to eat and shop locally, as well as in such exotic destinations as Italy, India and Morocco when next you find yourself there. As for the business of travel, discover the enormous investment being poured into luxury airport lounges by global airlines – when you book your next first-class flight, you’ll see the journey starts well before take-off. There are some bold moves afoot across all our editorial pillars: among them the 113-year-old car start-up with a bright future, vintage watch craft that’s embracing blockchain technology, and fine jewellery daring to go big. Intrigued? Good. Start turning the pages of the country’s most desirable luxury magazine.




STRENGTH IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY A wise man once said that with each new day in Africa a gazelle wakes up knowing he must outrun the fastest lion or perish, while at the same time, a lion stirs and stretches, knowing he must outrun the fastest gazelle or starve.


his is a succinct analogy of life in our amazing country which has overcome so many adversities, but especially in the current ecopolitical climate where positive and negative regularly perform a fine balancing act. After three tough years that saw even the most resilient property markets decline significantly, optimism in the industry has been buoyed by the renewed spark of investor interest we began seeing post-election. Cautious optimism was further strengthened in July when the South African Reserve Bank cut the prime lending rate for the first time since March 2018 by 25 basis points, which led to banks cutting their prime lending rates from 10.25% to 10%. However, the positive has yet again been tempered by the negative with the president’s announcement just a week later that South Africans must brace themselves for further job losses at a time when unemployment is at an all-time high. We are still reeling from last year’s VAT increase and hikes in numerous other levies

1 6 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45

YAEL GEFFEN (CEO) from it if we choose to. And those who choose to will undoubtedly gain strength by overcoming obstacles – and strength is always the best defence against adversity. To do so effectively, however, it’s essential to remember that one can’t be in two places at the same time and if we have chosen to stay in South Africa it’s pointless thinking about living in another country, or getting stuck in the negativity around us. If we stay, then we must stay and be present in paving the way forward regardless of government, corruption or policy decisions. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: ‘Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.’ 




and taxes, including at municipal level, and with the GDP having contracted by a further 3.2% in the first quarter, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for South Africans to maintain the optimism. That said, we need to remember that as a nation we are nothing if not resilient. And we need to remind ourselves that even in the best circumstances there will always be hard times and that we should embrace rather than fear adversity; use it to fuel our fires and motivate ourselves. Unfortunately, it’s become abundantly clear that we cannot rely on government to the extent we should be able to and that we have to largely create our own prosperity. And although the barrage of bad news we now face daily can be overwhelming, when one looks closely enough, there are almost always silver linings to be found. Not least of which is that once you have reached rock bottom, the only way left to go is up. A cut in the repo rate is still very good news indeed for consumers as it presents us with an excellent opportunity to reduce our debt sooner by leaving monthly repayments unchanged, which will free up funds for better use like investment or saving. While the rising rate of unemployment and simultaneously shrinking GDP are serious cause for concern, it is also an opportunity for us to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit. The role of entrepreneurship in job creation and unemployment reduction as well as in economic and social development is well established. Each person who creates their own business will not only have created employment for themselves, freeing up jobs in the private sector that they may otherwise have occupied, there is also a strong possibility that they will create jobs for others as their businesses grow. When we regard adversity as being part of life, then we can grow and progress

Hyde Park. Oggie European Oak Herringbone with WOCA Denmark Chocolate Brown Diamond Oil - 15/4 x 122 x 610

...oak herringbone floors handcrafted to your specific design needs. Cape Town: 021 510 2846 | Paarden Eiland Johannesburg: 011 262 3117 | Sandton Durban: 031 000 1000 | Umhlanga enquir


Car collectors will be rallying for a chance to bid for a truly untouched celluloid classic. After spending 50 years so well hidden that most believed it had been destroyed, the hero car from the Warner Bros. action thriller Bullitt reemerged in January 2018 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Now it’s destined for the Mecum Auctions block at the world’s largest collector car auction in January 2010 in Kissimmee, Florida. Known simply as ‘Bullitt’ after its namesake motion picture, the original Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT was driven by the ‘King of Cool’ Steve McQueen at dangerously high speeds through the busy streets of San Francisco as the hero car in one of his most memorable motion pictures. And now it’s on the fast track to joining the ranks of the most valuable American-made collector cars ever sold at auction. The car will be heading to the auction block in its original condition, with many of the unique modifications made for the movie intact, as well as the patina that time has etched on its body.

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THE APPRAISAL OF MODERN BRITISH ART Director of Christie’s Modern British and Irish Art Department Pippa Jacomb explains that condition is key when it comes to appraising an artwork. ‘If the painting is on canvas, I check to see if it has been lined – meaning that a secondary canvas has been attached to the original to provide support and stability. If it has, I want to know why.’ In Jacomb’s specialist field of 20th-century British art, lining is fairly unusual because the paintings are, relatively speaking, quite new. ‘If they are lined, it could be to support restored paint and repaired cracks, or to strengthen the canvas if it’s been torn,’ she says. Then, the next step is to inspect the work under ultraviolet light. ‘More recently-applied pigments will fluoresce, glowing purple, highlighting areas of restoration and retouching not visible to the naked eye or under natural light. When we appraised L.S. Lowry’s ‘A Northern Race Meeting’ [pictured below] in 2018, we couldn’t believe what beautiful condition it was in, especially considering it’s over 60 years old and an impressive 30x40 inches in size. The original, untouched condition is just what collectors look for and undoubtedly steered the price at auction to £5 296 250.’

FIRST ORIGINAL TINTIN COVER ARTWORK SOLD FOR $1.2MILLION In June this year, the original artwork for the 1930 cover of Hergé’s The Adventures of Tintin Vol. 1: Tintin in the Land of the Soviets sold for an impressive $1.2 million at Heritage Auctions. The remarkable original surfaced in Europe and is one of the few known privately-owned cover illustrations signed by Hergé (the pen name used by Belgian cartoonist Georges Prosper Remi), and also the oldest. The artwork is the first cover image featuring both Tintin, arguably the most popular comic character worldwide, and his faithful canine companion Snowy. The original cover art incorporates Hergé’s unique artistic style and his reflection on the political climate of the time. The title character is shown carving a makeshift propeller for his plane from a tree trunk, under the watchful eye of a bandaged, but still attentive, Snowy. Most of Hergé’s existing original cover art featuring Tintin is the property of the Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve, near Brussels.

INVESTMENT WHEELS As emergent automotive technology renders ‘old-school’ driving even more deliciously analogue, Private Edition motoring writer, Richard Webb offers his tips for five cars likely to grow in value. Alfa Spider Launched in 1966, these are still really usable cars, offering an addictive mix of sharpbut-subtle Italian style. They are still undervalued. Porsche 924 This 1975 car has shrugged off early unpopularity and is finally being recognised. Prices are climbing steadily, especially for the Turbo or S model Jaguar XJ-S Initially muted reviews have been swept aside. Built between 1975 and 1996, values are climbing. Buy one now and hope prices go the way of the E-type. Mercedes SL The R129 is a potential nest-egg for the next few decades: values are higher than five years ago, so snap up a good one now. BMW 5 Series The E39 should be a rock-solid investment and the M5 is becoming highly collectible.

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f you’re a high-networth individual living in South Africa, you may well be asking yourself (now more than ever) how much of your portfolio should be invested offshore. There’s no exact answer, but a useful place to start is to hold at least 30% offshore to ensure diversification and exposure to global investment opportunities and markets. Each of us has different requirements, but it’s critical that you have enough assets in your home currency to live comfortably in retirement and cover your expenses. Beyond that, it always pays to see your assets as global.

As a rule, the more funds you have to invest, the higher the proportion that should be invested offshore. You may, for example, choose to place a higher portion of your investable asset base offshore, since you will still have enough assets to cover all you local requirements. Globalisation has enabled people to hold up to 50% of their wealth offshore. The JSE has close to 400 listed companies, as opposed to the almost 50 000 listings falling under the World Federation of Exchanges. So, it makes sense to broaden your investment horizons beyond the JSE. Some sectors are either under-represented or not represented at all on the JSE, and going offshore is one of the only ways to access the full potential of the world’s leading technology firms. Building your offshore portfolio should be part of a coherent longterm strategy. The goal of your investment manager should be to create a well-balanced, well-managed, long-term portfolio with a global perspective. It’s also critical for offshore investors to understand the tax consequences of their investments, as tax regulations vary across jurisdictions. And poor estate planning can have severe implications for South Africans investing directly in US or UK stocks. South African deceased estates are subject to SA’s estate duty tax which is applicable to worldwide assets. However, UK inheritance

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tax and US estate tax are also levied on assets that are classified as UK or US situs assets. ‘Situs’ is Latin for ‘position’ or ‘site’. The situs of an asset is generally treated as the place where it is located for legal purposes. While diversification is vital, it is possible to overdiversify or ‘di-worse-ify’ a portfolio. Spreading a portfolio across myriad assets without a clear strategy won’t necessarily strengthen the portfolio or mitigate the risk. Diversification should happen at country and assetclass level, across currencies, sectors and asset managers (where a multi-manager approach is chosen), and always tailored to the particular risk appetite of the client. Since today’s world is driven thematically and sectorally, rather than geographically, it makes sense to invest in a way that makes the most of these thematic opportunities. This means eliminating traditional geographical borders from your investment thinking. This requires an open mind-set. It’s about matching your risk appetite with the decision to reach for opportunities beyond what is familiar to you, in order to reap maximum rewards. 


For people in emerging economies, international diversification is key to mitigating risk and taking advantage of global opportunities, says MARC ROMBERG, joint head of Investec Wealth Management South Africa.


AMBASSADOR TO THE STARS Professor David Block is an astronomer, one of South Africa’s best, in fact. But despite myriad academic accolades, he’s really about making sure we all see the bigger picture.


rofessor David Block showed me images that had the capacity to make me feel insignificant and empowered in equal measure: from startling close-ups of stellar maternity wards (literally, where stars are born), to the serene majesty of the aurora borealis (pictured right). The images were taken by the professor – the first through a telescope at the European Southern Observatory in Chile, and the second during one of his many trips to the Arctic. Professor Block’s CV is nearly as impressive as the night sky. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of London at the age of 19, and a year later they published his first research paper on relativistic astrophysics. He holds a PhD specialising in the morphology of spiral galaxies, and serves as a professor at the School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He has also been a guest at numerous international universities and observatories, including Harvard. In 2013 Professor Block received the National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) BHP Billiton Award recognising him as one of South Africa’s greatest communicators in science to the public, and he has authored and co-authored several books, including Shrouds of the Night and God and Galileo. But academic glories aside, one of his proudest moments, he says, was when he accompanied the world’s most famous scientist of recent times, the late Stephen Hawking, to meet former President Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg. ‘Stephen Hawking was undoubtedly one

of the greatest minds of all time. His intellectual genius was legendary.’ Professor Block’s collection of celestial photographs allowed me to peer into mysterious black holes, nebulae and faraway galaxies, including some of the most distant objects discerned in the universe. They teased out thoughts not only about our role on this earth, but also what’s out there and how beautiful it is. With every image, my knee-jerk, and fairly unoriginal, response was ‘Wow!’ But it’s that response that gives Professor Block the greatest joy, and the reason why, when he’s not lecturing or writing, he leads small groups of people to Northern Norway to share in the awe of the cosmos. How wonderful to be taken to see the aurora borealis by a world-renowned astronomer, who knows where to go and when, and who can wax lyrical about the immensity and complexity of the universe. Unlike other tour operators and their guides (and there are many that offer this excursion), the charismatic professor can break down these complicated subjects, and explore the evidence for design in the astrophysical world with you. ‘I’ve devoted more than 35 years to sharing the wonders of the cosmos, as well as encouraging audiences around the globe to always look up, but one of the most satisfying experiences is telling guests on my Arctic tours to look up at the Northern Lights in all their glory. The thrill on their faces – and these are surgeons, academics, business leaders – tells me we as humans need to stay in touch with the universe.’  For more about Professor Block’s arctic trips, visit

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Everything is going digital, including healthcare. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are trending just as much in the medical field as anywhere else – from the ubiquitous wearable health monitors to the more extraordinary robotic surgery. Now, take a giant leap into the future and meet the medical tricorder. WORDS KATHY MALHERBE


Everything is going digital, including healthcare. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are trending just as much in the medical field as anywhere else – from the ubiquitous wearable health monitors to the more extraordinary robotic surgery. Now, take a giant leap into the future and meet the medical tricorder. WORDS KATHY MALHERBE



he futuristic medical tricorder, the DxtER, is the result of extensive work done by some uber-smart engineers and doctors. The tricorder is based on the sci-fi device used by Dr McCoy in Star Trek to scan patients within the ship and beyond. The DxtER, however, is the real ‘McCoy’. It has the multifunctionality of a Swiss Army knife, but is AI with a hyperdrive. No blood tests, X-rays, genetic sequencing or CAT scans required; the doctor can determine instantly if you have a common cold or even the Ebola virus. The medical tricorder has been referred to as the ‘democratisation’ of medicine. Globally, access to proper healthcare is a problem, and service, efficiency and quality are out of reach of many of the people for whom the system is intended. A working tricorder could bring about a new era in medicine, especially in underdeveloped countries. When it comes to diseases like TB, malaria, and AIDS the application of smart technology is imperative. In fact, this year a cough-analysis app is being tested in Mozambique and could become the standard screening tool for TB across Africa and other developing countries. Scientific breakthroughs like the medical tricorder don’t happen overnight, however, and groups of scientists and engineers have been working for years to perfect it. Its development arose from a competition run by the non-profit Qualcomm XPRISE Foundation, which organises global contests to spark leaps in innovation. The final product was required to diagnose 13 medical conditions and monitor five vital signs. Final Frontier Medical Devices, a team led by the founders of Basil Leaf Technologies, brothers Dr Basil Harris, an ER physician, and George Harris, a network engineer, were the overall winners. Their prototype, which earned them U$2.6 million from a total pot of

U$10 million (the remainder will fund further research), can presently detect 34 conditions. However, Harris believes it will need to detect more than 100 conditions to be really useful. So what can DxtER do? It currently detects conditions such as stroke, anaemia, diabetes, tuberculosis and hepatitis A. And, if your vital signs reach dangerous levels, you will be warned if a stroke or heart attack is imminent. If you’re the kind of person who keels over at the sight of blood or needles, the good news is that your glucose, haemoglobin and white blood cell count can be measured without drawing any blood. It’s cheaper, more efficient and the results are instant. The device’s sensors are attached to your fingertips, and shine infrared light into your fingers to detect blood flow, white blood cell count and heart rate. The ECG function is through a sensor strapped to your side, with the data sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Future plans include condensing the tricorder into a smart watch. With the years of research, the advanced technology, and the expense involved, one would expect such a watch to have the price tag of a Patek Philippe or Paul Newman Rolex, but Harris is targeting it at around $200. As the great minds of the world collaborate to develop the closest thing to Star Trek’s tricorder, they do all agree on one thing: It will never replace a doctor. But imagine being able to tell your patient, ‘I have compared your bloodwork, checked your kidney, liver and heart functions and there is no sign of any cancer cells.’ And do so instantly. It’s efficient, accurate and productive. And, aside from managing consultants’ workloads better, tricorders could potentially make a much more significant contribution to medicine. Imagine an area – in rural Europe or Africa, for example – where population density is lower and medical care is less accessible, a tricorder at the local clinic could be used to quickly diagnose a condition and refer a patient. The quartet of objectives for any successful innovative and disruptive medical innovation is that it has to work better for doctors, be easy for patients to use, produce better health outcomes and cost less than the current standard of care. The tricorder of the future ticks all four boxes. 

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SHEER PERFECTION Elegance, colour and natural stones transform Piaget’s new Altiplano timepieces into exquisite accessories. The 36mm Altiplano High Jewellery encompasses all these elements, and for the first time features baguette diamonds set on the bezel and dial. The diamonds frame the watch and mark out the dial quarters, accentuating the deep blue of the sunraybrushed dial that reflects differently depending on the light. It is limited to 88 pieces. The 41mm white-gold Altiplano Tourbillon, limited to 28 pieces, is distinguished by a blue meteorite dial encircled by diamonds, while the pink-gold 40mm Altiplano with grey meteorite dial is limited to 300 pieces.

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Blue is the colour of wisdom, truth and integrity. It inspires clarity and creativity, and is a perennial favourite in timepiece design.


IN PERFECT CHIME One of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s latest masterpieces, the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel, includes a miniaturised multi-axis gyrotourbillon. When activated, four sets of hammers and patented crystal gongs play the Westminster carillon (the familiar chime of Big Ben in London). A one-minute constantforce mechanism acts as a secondary power source, providing consistent energy to the tourbillon to further enhance the accuracy of both the jumping minute hand and the minute repeater.

ON THE WATER When you’re sailing the high seas, you need more than physical skills and knowledge of wind and water conditions to enjoy the experience. Multipurpose timepieces such as the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Rolesium can make all the difference. This model enables the wearer to make readings to determine their exact position, calculate elapsed sailing time between navigation marks, set reminders for shift changes, and record the time it takes to perform certain tasks in order to anticipate manoeuvres.

NEXT-LEVEL AESTHETICS This year Cartier’s Tonneau (which means ‘barrel’) is back in the spotlight with the launch of a limited-edition Skeleton Dual Time Zone model. The dual time zone runs on one single skeletonised movement, the 9919 MC calibre, which had to be shaped to fit the curved case. All the wheels of the geartrain are aligned between 12 and 6 o’clock. You can read the time on the skeleton bridges, and set the second time zone by pressing on the crown at 4 o’clock in one-hour jumps.

DEDICATED TO TRAVELLERS Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas collection includes two new designs for its Ultra-Thin Perpetual Calendar with tool-free interchangeable straps. Opt for the blue dial framed by a pink-gold case with blue straps for a more relaxed look or the silver-toned dial with pink-gold bracelet for a more sophisticated occasion. A six-sided bezel evokes Vacheron Constantin’s Maltese Cross emblem. As its name implies, the watch houses an ultra-thin mechanical self-winding movement – the iconic Vacheron Constantin 1120 QP calibre – complete with perpetual calendar and moon-phase functions. Its 276 tiny components fit into a space barely 4.05mm thick.

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hen it comes to developments in digital technology, the world’s oldest watch manufacture in continuous production is not content to simply keep up. Genevabased Vacheron Constantin is leaping ahead of the rest by turning to blockchain technology platform Arianee to offer customers an unparalleled certification and traceability service. It’s really about applying a level of authenticity that takes origin beyond dispute, which makes the maison’s prized timepieces easier to insure, trace if lost or stolen, and validate in terms of ownership. The technology has been applied to the maison’s Les Collectionneurs collection since May 2019. The way it works is that each watch registered on the Arianee protocol is given a traditional paper certificate as well as a digital passport, which contains innovative features such as the ability to facilitate easy transferral of ownership and the creation of an anonymous link between the owner and Vacheron Constantin. The maison is also exploring the possibility of establishing a standard protocol for luxury stakeholders in partnership with Arianee. ‘This certification creates bridges and interactions between customers, their watches and our maison. By securing via blockchain, we can now track our products throughout their life cycle and communicate with their owners without asking them to compromise their anonymity,’ says Vacheron Constantin’s chief digital officer Angela Au-Yeung. According to, the first mention of blockchain dates back to a document published in 2008 by the alleged founder or founders of Bitcoin, known as Satoshi Nakamoto. And now Franck Muller has revealed the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch through its limited-edition Vanguard Encrypto. Launched in partnership with cryptocurrency trading platform Regal Assets, the watch bears a Bitcoin logo and a QR code of Bitcoin’s genesis block. The dial incorporates a laser-etched QR code for a public wallet address should you wish to deposit Bitcoins and check the account balance. This feat is achieved

by using a private key gleaned from a sealed USB stick included with the watch. The latest research from Counterpoint’s Global Smartwatch Tracker shows a 48% year-on-year growth in global smartwatch shipments in Q1 2019. Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and Huawei are the main drivers, according to, but because I’m more fascinated by the craftsmanship synonymous with haute horlogerie, I’m going to highlight the latest smartwatch releases from two Swiss brands. Montblanc released an improved version of its signature smartwatch late last year in a more compact, unisex 42mm case. The Summit 2 is the first luxury smartwatch to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, which delivers enhanced performance, improved battery life and a weeklong time-only mode. ‘Built for travel, fitness or exploration, Summit 2 is a versatile companion created for urban explorers, business travellers and performance seekers looking to push boundaries in everything they do,’ explains Montblanc CEO Nicolas Baretzki. ‘These highachieving individuals want to be connected at all times with easy access to functional features and apps that allow them to be productive on the go, while still enjoying the experience of wearing a fine timepiece.’ Among other features, the Google Assistant will help organise your life; the Timeshifter® app and watch face will provide personalised advice on minimising jet lag based on your sleep pattern, chronotype and flight plan; and the Running Coach app will give you an integrated live coach to help you reach your fitness goals. On the other hand, the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch is designed for men who look for more than timekeeping from their wristwatch. This model offers dynamic coaching, sleep monitoring, a Worldtimer function, activity tracking, get-active alerts, and an always-on time-and-date function from a range of features that can be individually adjusted. 

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Digital technology continues to change the face – and pace – of life as we know it, says DEBBIE HATHWAY.


Demand for Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Art Deco-inspired Reverso watches is unabated despite the vagaries of fashion. WORDS DEBBIE HATHWAY


first met Stéphane Belmont, Heritage and Rare Pieces Director at Jaeger-LeCoultre, at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in 2017. He was wearing the Reverso Tribute, one of the new launches that year. The classic style of the range perfectly suits his tall, slim debonair self so it was no surprise to discover that for this year’s interview, he’d opted to wear the new Reverso Duoface with the sunray-brushed blue dial. The idea for the Reverso developed as a practical solution to a polo player’s desire to protect his watch during play. That was 1931, and the model’s simple, refined lines, rectangular, reversible case and typical gadroons are sought-after still. To demonstrate its versatility, Belmont showed how easy it was to slide the case to the side and flip it over to reveal the second time zone and 24-hour day/night indicator on the back. ‘I like the classic pieces,’ he says. ‘I like the blue colour. I like a watch with a strong character and not too many

complications. That is key. When you have a Reverso, you can have it in different colours, with different dial designs, but it remains a Reverso – with very strong character on the wrist.’ The maison’s design territory is all about process and precision, high complications hidden in innovative movements, the achievement of inner and outer beauty – right down to the screws and the decorations. The watchmakers and artisans are tasked with making every step in the watchmaking process classically beautiful. Incidentally, the straps are made by Casa Fagliano from the same leather the maison uses to handcraft leather polo boots in their Buenos Aires workshop. ‘Models should always reflect the culture of the company and the philosophy of the product line,’ says Belmont. Rather than designing a watch to cater for a particular market, he says, ‘When people come to us, they want a Swiss watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss company, with a certain style and philosophy. We stick to what we’re good at.’ What would he recommend as an entry-level purchase? As far as he’s concerned, there’s only one watch you should wear – the Reverso One Duetto. ‘First you have an iconic design, then you have a unique mechanical movement and a versatile watch. You can have two sides and change the look without changing the watch. There’s nothing else in this price segment (approximately €10 000) available in the market that is so interesting.’ 

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The maison’s design territory is all about process and precision, high complications hidden in innovative movements, the achievement of inner and outer beauty



This necklace epitomises Bulgari’s rulebreaking approach to jewellery-making.


Since the 1950s, Bulgari has crafted joy and fun using colours, and unexpectedly coupling precious gems with coloured stones and choosing bold, unconventional cuts over classical shapes. The Dolce Vita Colours necklace, with emeralds, spinels, sapphires and diamonds, hints at the the glamourous spirit of Rome, the Eternal City.

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The new Greater Flamingo Necklace from De Beers Jewellers is ruffling fine jewellery aficionados’ feathers with its distinct shapeliness, coral and pink colour palette and its sheer presence. Named for the intriguing flame-coloured birds, at its heart is a three carat pinktinged, pear-shaped diamond which is flanked by a chorus of pretty blush-coloured diamonds radiating out on either side. Marquiseshaped diamonds, placed to resemble feathers, complete the spectacular showpiece which will no doubt have collectors clamouring for a viewing.

Motivated by some of Europe’s most infamous medieval heroines, the Riders of the Knights Collection is the newest offering from Louis Vuitton. The haute joaillerie collection consists of fifty intricate diamond and coloured gemstone pieces that take their cue from medieval embellishments, accessories and heraldic traditions. From diamond and gem studded chokers derivative of ancient armour to impressive cocktail rings inspired by sovereigns and bracelets derived from romantic tokens of the time, it’s a strong and striking celebration of feminine power.



The Infinity Fluet Ring by Shimansky from the brand’s new Infinity Collection, is a modern interpretation of the timelessness of precious stones and metals. This treble-band piece features white, yellow and rose gold, and thanks to the fluidity of the design it’s a definitive classic – able to hold its own in both black-tie situations and casual soireés alike.

At nearly 50 carats, there’s no possible way to miss these new red carpet-worthy beauties from Graff. An astonishing 26.64 carats worth of rare yellow diamonds and a glittering waterfall design ensure these Yellow & White Diamond Earrings will make spectacular and shimmering waves wherever they go.


SKY FULL OF STARS The house of Chaumet has long had a reputation for elevating jewellery collections into complex artistic reveries and the Les Ciels de Chaumet collection is no exception. The collection explores the many moods of the ‘ciel’ or sky in four parts, reflected in an astonishing kaleidoscope of coloured gems, diamonds and precious metals. Rich in symbolism, the planets, sun, birds and storm clouds feature in the complex array of jewellery and adornments, including this Golden Cloud Brooch, a delight of diamonds and yellow and white gold.

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hen Rupert Murdoch slipped a 20-carat diamond engagement ring (reported to have cost him a cool £2.4 million) onto Jerry Hall’s finger, no one overheard her say, ‘Baby, isn’t it a bit much at our age?’ Also, considering Jerry was married before, albeit a common-law partnership, to Mick Jagger, any diamond given to her by him certainly never signalled ‘forever’. As for Rupert, the marriage was to be his fourth, so he might have been forgiven (although perhaps not by Jerry) for being a little less enamoured by the concept of shelling out a few million for a ring. But Rupert’s love was generous and Jerry’s marquisecut piece – a diamond known for its rarity – is still firmly in place three years after they tied the knot. The engagement ring in question is also an example of how second-time brides aren’t shying away from statement rings just because their first marriages might not have been all hearts and roses. When asked about key buying trends in this particular category, Christopher Greig, CEO of Charles Greig Jewellers, reports that what is popular is ‘typically a “New York look” with a larger (than the first time around) emerald-cut feature diamond, invariably Art Deco inspired, set solitaire or flanked by two baguette-cut diamonds’. And the ring is crafted in platinum, Greig adds. No simple wedding bands for these brides, then. But what about a diamond encrusted one? The eternity band is a beautiful choice, especially if you wish to wear it as both an engagement and wedding ring. ‘This is certainly a desirable alternative, by virtue of its simplicity and the ease with which it can be worn,’ explains Greig.

Kim Nel, senior designer for Shimansky, agrees: ‘I think there are definitely those who prefer to wear only one ring,’ she says. While those south of 40 seem to like playing with colour (like emeralds and rubies), the mature crowd still favour traditional diamonds for engagement rings. As was the case with these couples (you’re unlikely to come across two more diverse pairs): Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, and Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. Camilla’s engagement ring reflects the trend Greig speaks about. The ring features a five-carat emerald-cut diamond in the centre, flanked by three diamond baguettes on each side. Katy Perry’s, in comparison (both she and fiancé Orlando have been hitched before), could be described as a dress ring rather than something a future bride would choose – even if that bride is Katy Perry. Sure, it’s a classic floral halo design in yellow gold, but in place of a diamond, the centre stone appears to be an oval-shaped ruby accented by the natural white diamonds surrounding it. Perhaps Orlando realised that to put too much pressure on forever was futile, and so he thought he’d go with the passion a red ruby signifies instead. Wherever his head was at, he was happy to buck the trend. ‘Whilst I have always been a huge fan of coloured stones, when it comes to an engagement ring, tradition prevails and a diamond wins hands down,’ says Greig. However, if you are looking for something that is a slight departure from the established engagement-ring look, Nel reports a definite shift to more modern pieces with simpler, more contemporary designs. Perhaps that will be your perfect match? 

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For brides of a certain age, does marriage number two mean diamonds are still a girl’s best friend? Oh yes, says HELEN CLEMSON.



Boldness in fine jewellery is expressed through more than just weighty – and high-value – stones. Voluminous shapes and striking architectural pieces up the style ante and command attention. WORDS HELEN CLEMSON

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Above: The striking contemporary silhouette of these Yellow Diamond Abstract Earrings places the stones as the heroes of the piece. Left: Another bold Graff gem: their Yellow and White Diamond Necklace features a 53.94ct fancy intense yellow emerald-cut diamond.



s much as we enjoy the current trend of layering delicate fine jewellery (the fragility of multiple chains adorned with glistening diamonds worn in arresting tiers), we’re also loving the movement towards sizeable pieces that are anything but costume. The finest of fine jewellers – as well as more avantgarde designers – are using only the best-quality metals and stones to narrate jewellery’s heralded place as a wearable art form. And help those who need to dress in a hurry. After all, a bold pair of earrings and a little black dress really are enough. So, why else should buyers be making the investment into big? ‘We are witnessing a contemporary zeitgeist, with graphic and striking designs that re-imagine traditional high-jewellery design,’ reports Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff. She goes on to explain that these bold pieces will have elaborate patterns of precious stones as well as the added vibrancy of glamorous yellow diamonds. When asked about trends to come, Geffroy reveals, ‘We always aim for a sense of surprise at Graff, creating pieces that have never been seen.’ The designs start with the stones themselves, she explains, and as a fine-jewellery house, Graff is ‘constantly innovating, whether it is experimenting with creating

Bold pieces will have elaborate patterns of precious stones as well as the added vibrancy of glamorous yellow diamonds

multidimensional and layered jewels, crafting voluminous pieces that are beautiful from every angle, or devising intricate custom-cutting techniques that allow us to create intricate swirls of gems’. The gems taking centre stage in bold design are vivacious yellow diamonds, Geffroy reports. ‘It is always such a pleasure to design with them because they bring such joy to the wearer,’ she says. Expect ‘audacious impact. The intensity of opulent yellow stones set within yellow gold is extraordinary.’ Something to covet now are Graff’s Yellow Diamond Abstract Earrings (81.68ct). And Sabine Getty’s Yellow Sapphire Circle Ring, set in 18ct gold. Unlike its sunny diamond counterpart, yellow sapphires aren’t as expensive – making them a smart option if you like the style of a certain piece of jewellery but aren’t sure it’s an item that you’re going to wear for perpetuity. Also consider travel; perhaps you’re less inclined to move around with your diamond cocktail jewellery wardrobe? Then, a few stylishly fun, ready-to-wear, bold accessories mean that potential family heirlooms won’t need to be schlepped around the globe. Something else to consider as a beautiful bestowment for your dearest is a fine-looking – and sizeable – brooch. Not only do they speak to vintage high-society glamour, but they’re making a comeback. ‘I see a great return of the brooches,’ says Lucia Silvestri, high jewellery creative director and jewellery creation and gems buying executive director at Bulgari. Another large eye-catching fine-jewellery item is one that sits a little closer to the face – and has all the power of seduction. ‘Personally, I love chokers; [they] never fail in the collections of high jewellery,’ says Silvestri. She regards them as extremely feminine and creative as they can be worn as part of a casual ensemble but are also perfect for embellishing an evening dress. Bulgari has translated the look in its current Cinemagia High Jewellery collection with the Action! necklace, an 18kt white-gold piece set with zirconium metal elements, one rose-cut diamond (H VS of 1.85ct) and 32 carats of pavé diamonds. An ode to the era of late 19th-century filmmaking, this monochromatic choker honours celluloid film in an exceptionally glittering manner, and with an allure that marries fine jewellery with theatrical accessorising. Perhaps it’s testament to not only the trend for bold but also why it pays to be daring. To the voluminous the spoils! 

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Bulgari’s Action! necklace is an 18kt white-gold piece set with zirconium metal elements, one rose-cut diamond and 32 carats of pavÊ diamonds.

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Ted Baker’s Womenswear Spring Summer 2019 has a touch of mystic charm stitched through the collection. The collection blends Baker’s inspiration from enchanting blooms and entrancing shapes, with a little of his signature magic. He’s also woven geometric prints throughout the season, like this jacket-andshorts suit, in a romantic pale pink with a sporty navy stripe, for a laid-back luxe feel that can take you from day to night effortlessly.

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A BLOOMING STATEMENT Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana live and breathe Italian spirit, reflected in their collections of sleek accessories and Sicilian seductiveness. These Kiera sandals are so wonderfully romantic and feminine, we couldn’t resist featuring them. The mordore nappa high heels with lily embroidery, from the Lily Collection, recreate a climbing flower exactly, and positively sing spring.

BAG OF TRICKS Okapi’s Oya collection of luxury leather handbags, handmade by artisans in Africa from ethical and sustainable locally sourced materials, is named after the magical warrior goddess. The bag is a timeless wardrobe staple designed to become more beautiful with age. It’s made with Okapi’s own hardwearing Blesbok leather which, over time, will develop its own patina. (The Springbok horn is sold separately.)

IF THE SUIT FITS Hugo Boss is the spot-on style master. Their suits exude elegant tailoring, clean lines and the perfect fit: simple, crisp cuts with lots of colour-on-colour dressing. This contemporary jacket by Boss Menswear, tailored for a close fit in washable technical fabric is a perfect example. The two-button jacket is designed with kissing buttons at the cuff, flap pockets and notch lapels for an impeccable appearance. Combine it with slim-cut trousers to create a streamlined ensemble.

STEALTH MODE Built for style and speed, the Aeronautica Militaire sneakers are both simply detailed – flying under the radar with their monochromatic colourway – while offering interest with the embroidered eagle and tricolor cockade. A sporty blend of leather, polyester and rubber strikes the right balance between chic and casual.

CULTURE CLUB Steve McQueen is synonymous with style – inimitable, edgy, nonchalant style, that is aspired to by every would-be cool kid today. And when he arrived on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair in 1968 wearing a pair of Persol 714 sunglasses, it was doubtless with swagger and a sense of rebellion. Now the eponymous Persol model has been given a rev with 24K gold-plated lenses – as bold as the Old Hollywood idol himself.

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ast year I travelled to Finland to attend Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW) for the first time. Even though I have worked in the women’s magazine and fashion industries for more than 12 years, it was not only the fashion that inspired me to attend. I was as interested in the fact that HFW is considered the most sustainable fashion week in the world and encompasses much more than just clothing. The event is run completely on solar power, produces zero waste and places as little impact on the environment as possible. I was surprised (in a good way) by the showcase, camaraderie and overall message, which is why I returned this year. For Evelyn Mora, founder of HFW, creating a platform for likeminded people in the industry was always the goal. HFW only invites designers who produce clothing in a sustainable way – be that using waste or recycled materials, ethically-sourced and organic fabrics, being completely transparent about where their raw materials come from and who made them, or all of the above. This is not about hippies and hemp, though. Hungarian label Kata Szegedi uses vintage materials and customdeveloped fabrics to create well-tailored and sophisticated silhouettes. UK-based Patrick McDowell, whose designs have graced the cover of Elle UK and been included in Vogue and L’Official USA, incorporates waste fabrics from Burberry, LVMH and Kering among others, as well as deadstock crystals from Swarovski, into his collections. And Paris-based Finnish designer Anna Ruohonen only creates her luxe-minimalist

designs on demand (except for a small readyto-wear collection) to avoid surplus stock. HFW also aims to educate and inspire, beyond the fashion realm. Between shows, keynote addresses and interactive sessions are given by experts in various industries. Thomas Rohr, head of materials and processes at the European Space Agency, may seem an unlikely guest for a fashion week, but learning that Velcro was originally created for space travel drove home the message that fashion is linked to many more industries than we think. Michal Wojtkiewicz from Zaha Hadid Architects and Pål Mårtensson from Zero Waste International Alliance spoke about their visions for cities of the future, and what fashion and architecture, two of the biggest polluters in the world, can do better. ‘What I am trying to do is bridge the gap between fashion and the rest of the world,’ says Mora. At just 27 years of age, she’s certainly on the right track. While Helsinki’s numbers cannot rival the traditional fashionweek capitals, it’s more about the event’s message than its size. Publishing heavyweights have picked up on Mora’s mission, and are rooting for it. Partners and investors in HFW 2019 included Finland’s Ministry of Environment and multimillionaire Peter Vesterbacka, co-creator of Angry Birds, and founder of Slush Helsinki, a platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups. And each year, Mora manages to round up an entire team of young volunteers to help her put this showcase together. Before I left Helsinki, I was sad to learn that Mora has sold HFW, but was pleased to hear she will remain on its board of directors. ‘Talk is cheap and I want to go in a different direction and create even more impact in terms of sustainable lifestyles [...] I want to change people’s mind-sets and make a true difference,’ she concludes. 

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There are some luxury fashion designers and entrepreneurs paving the runway with progressive production methods and innovative textile inventions, as fashion writer LYNETTE BOTHA discovered at Helsinki Fashion Week.


True design excellence means a piece can live well in any surrounding. Local purveyors of Italian luxury furniture Illusso have long championed excellent craftmanship, and the indooroutdoor collection of furniture essentials from one of their brands, Expormim, fits the bill perfectly. This is the Falcata rectangular dining table designed by Lievore Altherr Molina – it’s easy on the eye as an indoor option but glorious in an outdoor setting. Classic modern lines ensure its longevity while weatherproof aluminium legs and porcelain top make it a year-round keeper.

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Global bathroom design and style innovators Kohler celebrate ancient craftsmanship and design languages from around the world with their new series of basins and sanitaryware From out-there colour and pattern in their Marrakesh collection to the organic tones of the Shagreen collection (inspired by the tone and texture of shark leather) and the subtle opulence of the Caravan Persia collection, this is where in-the-know interiors experts head for the best bathroom essentials money can buy.

This retro-fabulous statement chair from Portuguese design house Munna is fun and flirty without foregoing on the brand’s design pedigree. We think its extra-wide 94cm seat would make it the perfect perch at a cocktail party. Munna, based in Porto, Portugal, are relative new kids on the block, starting their business in just 2008, but their youth belies an inordinate commitment to time-honoured upholstery traditions and furniture craftsmanship. The Fringes armchair is part of a family of similarly dressed-to-thrill pieces, each as sexy as the next. We like the rather serious blue velvet and utterly frivolous and on-trend adornments.

YOU’VE BEEN SERVED Local design royalty Tonic have done it again with their Rosso sideboard which oozes 21st century cool. A marble top sets the tone for ‘swish’, while the suitably contemporary copper-coloured high-gloss duco carcass and mild steel below complete the symmetrical scene. Now all that’s needed is a serious artisan gin bar or single-malt whisky collection.

CLIFTON 301 It’s no surprise that the award-winning architect firm SAOTA and its interior design arm OKHA were commissioned to design and dress this magnificent twobedroomed apartment on Clifton’s Golden Mile. A series of iconic designer and bespoke pieces and a palette of neutral, natural tones and textures are a perfect partner for the magnificent view, while metallic tones are a clever nod to the glorious sunsets so synonymous with this setting.

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Gaggenau Brand Experience Centre Cape Town: 17 New Church Street, Bree Street Studios 8000 Tel: 021 550 9900 Gaggenau Brand Experience Centre Johannesburg: 30 Archimedes street, Kramerville 2148 Tel: 011 265 7800


“To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind.” – Theophile Gautier Admire the ultimate in appliance excellence. Visit our Johannesburg and Cape Town Gaggenau Brand Experience Centres to immerse yourself in a sensory experience that brings the gastronomic luxury of Gaggenau to life. These interactive centres give you the opportunity to engage with our handcrafted appliances and the opportunity to experience the distinctive Gaggenau difference first-hand. Whether luxuriating in the aromatic blends produced by our coffee machines or a glass of perfectly-chilled bubbly from our range of wine coolers, you will instantly admire how seamlessly Gaggenau will enrich your sophisticated lifestyle. Because our products are so much more than just appliances. They are functional ‘objets d’art’. With a heritage of over 330-years of craftmanship, Gaggenau has built an admirable legacy of distinctive design, unmatched quality and impeccable German precision. Each of our avant-garde appliances are meticulously handcrafted for the most discerning culinary connoisseurs to admire.

We pride ourselves on the high standard we have set for our craft. Only the very best is ever good enough. It is this Gaggenau difference that sets us apart. A promise of absolute culinary perfection when it comes to professional kitchen equipment for the private home. “We do things a certain way, not to impress or differentiate, but because that is what is required to achieve perfection.” - Sven Baacke, Head of Design, Gaggenau. Our craft is grounded in the pursuit of flawless function. We are progressive pioneers of appliance perfection, but we avoid adding extra functions merely for the sake of it. Instead, we identify a need, perfect a solution, meticulously test it and only once we are confident in its absolute excellence, we offer it to our customers to admire. Those in the know, know Gaggenau.




ne hundred years ago Walter Gropius opened the Bauhaus modernist design school in Weimar, Germany. Gropius wanted to straddle the existing divide between artists and craftsmen, to challenge the snobbery of the art world and to elevate the status of the designer and maker. It was groundbreaking for the interwar period, symbolising the growing chasm between conservative and avante-garde thinkers in Europe, the latter being drawn to the bold new minimalist lines and out-there colour schemes that the movement encouraged. Everything from cabinetry and metalwork to painting, mural work and typography were examined and taught at the Bauhaus and in just 14 years of operation, some 1 300 students graduated from the school. A small number, but enough to make significant waves that are still being felt in the world of design today. One of the graduates synonymous with the Bauhaus movement was architect-designer Marcel Breuer, the creator of the iconic Wassily Chair, the prototype of which was completed while he was still an apprentice at the school. Embracing the famous Bauhaus philosophy that ‘form follows function’, the chair certainly celebrated the elevation of a daily item into a beautiful piece of industrial art, using manipulated tubular steel to create a simplistic modernist version of a traditional club chair. Still regarded as one of the classics of the

20th (and now 21st century), the Wassily remains one of the most successful stalwarts of Knoll, the pro-Bauhaus furniture company founded in the United States in 1938. Pre-war Germany proved difficult for Gropius and his protégés and the school was eventually closed by the Nazi regime in 1933. Many Bauhaus alumni, including Gropius, fled to the United States, where the movement gained popularity for its clarity in celebrating the simplification of essential objects and architecture. Post-war America saw the Bauhaus mind-set and subsequent modernist design flourish and its effects can still be seen today. Onetime Bauhaus principal Mies van der Rohe (the famed minimalist who coined the ‘less is more phrase’) headed up an elite band of US-based contemporary designers and architects including Le Corbusier and later, Eero Saarinen, an architect whose lifelong friendship with Knoll founder Hans Knoll’s daughter Florence led to numerous collaborations with the brand, including his iconic Tulip chairs. 2019 marks 100 years since the Bauhaus school and movement made its name and philosophies known, and in light of its enormous contribution to the world of design as we know it, the spotlight is on the companies, countries and institutions that acknowledge the enormous impact the movement has had on the modern world. In Germany alone, there are more than 500 exhibitions under the ‘Rethinking the World’ banner. The country is also taking the ‘Bauhaus Imaginista’ programme to China, Japan, Russia and Brazil in celebration, while ‘The Whole World a Bauhaus’ exhibition spent three months at various international sites earlier this year. The overriding message of each painstakingly researched installation, exhibition and exploration is of the watershed that was the founding of the Bauhaus school and movement and the subsequent development of modern thinking and aesthetics in furniture and building design. Pieces like Joseph Albers’ Nesting Tables, with their characteristic lacquered coloured glass tops exemplifying Bauhaus colour principles and an interconnected design that ensured their functionality, met the focus on form brief perfectly. Likewise the original Knoll MR Collection, which was based on early steel furniture designs by Mies van der Rohe. Together with a special-edition Bauhaus Edition Barcelona Chair (of which there are 365, one for each day of the centenary year), the MR Bauhaus 100th Anniversary Edition has been released this year as a homage to one of the most influential art and architecture movements modern history has ever seen. While the pieces themselves are highly collectable, it is their timelessness and their staying the course over a century, through wars, economic depression and mass consumerism that is indeed priceless. And certainly why we should never forget. 

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It’s been a century since the Bauhaus movement first broke the mould in European design sensibilities, yet its core philosophies remain as relevant as ever, says décor writer VICKI SLEET.


Hyde Park Guest House is set in the peaceful, leafy upmarket suburb of Hyde Park in Johannesburg. Within close proximity to both the Sandton and Rosebank business and shopping centres, our location makes it the ideal venue for the discerning business traveller or leisure-seeker. This 5-star guest house offers luxurious accommodation with personalised attention to the important details. For bed and breakfast accommodation, Hyde Park Guest House is your home away from home.

28B 3rd Road, Hyde Park, Johannesburg, South Africa Tel | +27 (0) 11 788 9702 Res | +27 (0) 83 494 1457 Email |


Kitchen trends that inform the tone of your culinary set-up also pave the way for more sociable and engaging spaces. WORDS JULIA FREEMANTLE

T This kitchen by Leicht, from Inside Living, perfectly blends material and colour, light and transparency.

he kitchen really has become a place for selfexpression, reflection and creativity; a special central space for families and friends to gather; and where culinary masterpieces come to light... And, ‘it’s the room that can sell a property faster and for more money than any other’, says Yael Geffen, Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty CEO. ‘In the luxury market, a spacious kitchen, fully equipped with the latest and very best appliances and gadgets, is always a strong selling point – even for those who rarely cook,’ she adds. Customisation in terms of colour, finishes and layout (as opposed to cookie-cutter culinary solutions) are the norm, rather than the exception. Likewise, an inclusive approach to materials and furniture – where anything really goes – makes it easier than ever to make your space your own. Each season certain themes emerge, and we’ve highlighted a few that are trending now.

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This kitchen by Leicht, from Inside Living, mixes material and colour, light and transparency.

LIGHT AND DARK: CLEVER CONTRASTS Contrasting tones and surfaces, rather than material uniformity, add layers to a space and allow for interest without the need for adornment – essential for a contemporary or open-plan area. In this dramatically lit Monoarc design by Blu_Line (above left), a variety of materials has been used to harmonious effect, thanks to a balance of tone and texture. Similarly, in the kitchen by Zeanne + Goss (above right), contrast achieves depth. Here though, the variety is more extreme – from the light European Oak Cerato Hand-Chiseled Oggie floors in Greymist, to the slate tile backsplash, which lends a crisp effect.

HEAVY METAL: THE NEW HUES Copper tones have been the popular choice for metallic surfaces for a number of seasons now, but a cool alternative is making a comeback in the kitchen in the form of pewter and gunmetal grey hues. This kitchen by Gaggenau (left) offers contemporary-meets-industrial edge, as well as a sense of polish courtesy of a reflective finish.

BRIGHT SIDES: COLOURED CABINETRY Colourful art-inspired patterns and surfaces (on floors and walls) inject life into what has traditionally been a clinical space. Valcucine’s Vitrum Arte range (from Casarredo) allows you to individualise your kitchen surfaces with bespoke inlay designs. And while anything goes, tones of green and blue are particularly in vogue.

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OPEN SESAME: STORAGE ON DISPLAY For years the sole aim in kitchen design was to hide every wire, appliance and machine, but now there’s room in kitchen design to show things off a little more. While there will always be a place for concealing the messy bits, designers are starting to cater to home owners who want their favourite pieces on display, or the essentials within easy reach. This sleek design by Bulthaup combines the best of both hidden and revealed storage, offering the opportunity to display and conceal as needed.

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It’s one of the easiest ways to add an earthy and grounding effect and has universal appeal. Timber can be used in myriad ways, from polished and modern, to rustic and countryinspired. The contrasting tones here give an altogether stylish yet relaxed effect via rectified porcelain tiled floors, wooden wall cladding and oak countertops from Oggie, offset by matte charcoal wall paint.


LIVING SPACES: INTEGRATED KITCHENS Living-style kitchens that make lounging and socialising effortless are a logical progression of the open-plan trend – this way of living has evolved to the point where spaces are multifunctional rather than just free of divisions. In this Leicht space (above), warm lighting, rugs and decorative displays make the space welcoming as well as practical. Flexform’s seating (left) also offers a smart-casual way to create zones in the kitchen and is something to consider when next choosing your furniture.

INTEGRATED APPLIANCES Integrated appliances that don’t stand out and function smoothly are de rigueur in contemporary kitchens. Blu_Line is a past master at creating entirely cohesive and coherent schemes where everything is considered from the start, and the tech is part of the furniture so to speak. Yael Geffen comments: ‘In a recent YouGov Affluent Perspective Global Survey conducted among the top 10% of consumers across the world, over 80% of the respondents consider their selection of luxury kitchen appliances as being “rational” purchases rather than “guilty pleasures”.’

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Delaire Graff’s new Owner’s Villa became a personal project for Laurence Graff, so it’s not surprising this exclusive sanctuary takes curated luxury living up a few notches. WORDS JULIA FREEMANTLE PHOTOGRAPHY CHARLES RUSSELL



Original artworks by some of Africa’s most celebrated modern and contemporary artists adorn the walls and were curated by Laurence Graff from his private collection.



Design and décor inspiration has been drawn from native palettes and patterns, with contrast provided by European touches.


owhere is context more conducive to a superlative experience than the Cape Winelands. Situated here, in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, Delaire Graff has always paid tribute to its surroundings through design, honouring what are arguably some of the best views to be found anywhere in hospitality. The estate has just unveiled a brand-new Owner’s Villa – a palatial addition to the portfolio that covers 660m² over two floors and sleeps up to eight guests. Designed by prestigious architectural practice dhk and with interiors by UK-based David Collins Studio, it brings together everything the property is known for in one incredibly impressive space – unparalleled vistas, world-class service and noteworthy art. The four-bedroom ‘home’ was conceived by dhk Architects, who were also behind the existing winery, restaurant and tasting room, and who approached the project with the goal of setting a new standard for luxury living. Renske Haller, managing director at dhk and lead architect on the project, says, ‘It is rare to work on a project that exudes this level of grandeur.’ The result is

a seamless expression of contemporary Cape architecture that simultaneously showcases lavish interiors while integrating with the showstopping surroundings.’

REFLECTING THE LAND This is done in various interlinking ways, with the result that, while brand new, the villa feels like a natural part of the landscape. By treating both space and materials with the site in mind, dhk has allowed the villa to echo the terrain. The scale is vast and a sense of grandeur has been achieved through the generously proportioned rooms and impressive sense of solidity, a characteristic reflected in the materials too, which are earthy and situate you once again in the mountains. Extensive landscaping and water features have been incorporated and large sliding doors spill out onto the terrace, which includes a 14-metre rimflow pool, spa pool and outdoor shower. Various natural and raw materials – exposed solid French oak trusses, stone-clad walls, thatched roofs and extended timber terraces – provide a grounding effect. From the moment of entering the villa, the guest remains connected to the landscape – dramatic large-scale

5 9 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45


picture windows offer an immediate sense of the setting. Linked by a modern staircase, the top floor of the property celebrates the expanse of sky and light, while the lower floor provides a more intimate experience for the guest. David Collins Studio also took its cue from the rich source of inspiration around the villa, and reminders of where you are, and why, are never far away, with spaces designed and curated in such a way as to relax and engage with the surroundings. The firm, recognising the villa’s profile as the property’s crown jewel, sought to establish a sense of place by interpreting the natural beauty through proportion, form, light and texture. Details like the double-sided bronze-clad fireplace echo the scale and elemental nature of the architecture, while the connection to the outdoors remains strong with structures like individual balcony terraces for each suite that provide views extending from the Stellenbosch Valley to Table Mountain.

HERITAGE AND ART The studio, while taking into account the calibre of international traveller the property attracts, also paid homage to the location’s African-ness, with the colour

palette, textures and pattern play taking their cue from the continent. ‘The interiors capture the spirit of Africa – her warmth and light – and celebrate local craftsmanship and heritage, while being married with an eclectic mix of carefully considered European pieces,’ says Roslyn Keet, associate director at David Collins Studio. ‘It was important that the spaces were both engaging and captivating, but also luxurious and approachable, and as a result, colours and finishes were carefully curated and layered, interwoven with African motifs and subtle pattern,’ she adds. The other great consideration in designing the space was the art. Laurence Graff’s reputation as a collector and appreciator rivals his status even as a businessman, and the collection in the Owner’s Villa reflects this aptitude. Keet comments on the process of factoring this element into the interiors: ‘The collection is rich and contrasting, engaging and evocative and features varied African talent alongside well-known international artists. The interiors highlight these pieces through stunning double-height, gallery-like spaces – perfect for large-scale paintings, which are juxtaposed with photography, bronze sculpture and ceramics throughout every room.’ 

The spaces in the villa incorporate bespoke materials and elegant soft furnishings, carefully selected to work with the estate aesthetic and to sit harmoniously within the landscape.

6 0 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45



ACCELERATE MOBILITY THROUGH A REDUCTIONIST FILTER Since Land Rover rolled out its incredible Series I in 1947, the brand has remained the last word in off-road capability.

into a future context was the main goal [as well as] combining it with the approach and philosophy of modern minimalists and the efficiency of tiny-house lifestyles,’ Senger explains. Land Rover’s DNA is evident, and the modular build of the car allows owners to customise it with camping must-haves, like a loo, solar panels and cooking equipment, which are installed and swapped out as required. Inspired by the need to reduce our carbon footprint, this minimalist vehicle features a retractable tent canopy, perfect for immersive experiences out in in the wild.


While we wait for the 2020 launch of Land Rover’s new Defender, German designer Edwin Senger has had a go at imagining the future of transportation with the BackPacker concept – a vehicle that doubles as shelter out in the bush. Targeting the need for more sustainable and flexible experiences, this concept, rather than being designed for the individual, aims to be integrated into an on-demand carsharing service. The BackPacker was inspired by the global adventures of the first Land Rover Series 1. ‘To reinterpret this spirit and to bring it

6 2 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45


THE COUPÉ OF THE SKY Alauda Aeronautics has dreamt up an entirely new racing league for the 21st century. The firm believes that the future of transport is flight, so they created the 500kW battery-powered Airspeeder. In a union of esports and motorsport, these multicopters are powered by an interchangeable Tesla Model S car battery coupled to four vertical propellers. It’s said to offer the same power-to-weight ratio as a fighter jet for around 15 minutes per charge. The Airspeeder is purpose-built to race. The manned ‘flying machine’ (it’s not a drone) levitates at four metres above the ground and can reach speeds of up to 250km/h. Founder Matt Pearson believes these races will facilitate a new wave of innovation to promote high-performance electric mobility.

STILL MAKING CARS THE WAY THEY USED TO Just when you thought digital technology had stripped out the real analogue character of modern cars, Alvis, the aristocratic British carmakers, have suavely come to the rescue. They’re minting new examples of their 4.3-litre classic cars like the Vanden Plas Tourer, the Bertelli Coupe and the Lancefield Concealed Hood. Each of these new old cars takes a Dickensian 5 000 hours to build, but thankfully, you can order the required air-conditioning, servo-assisted brakes and high-end audio systems, and they’re emission compliant. Engines now feature modern management tech, but otherwise, they are pretty much faithful to the originals, using original chassis and engine tooling that have remained unused since production stopped in 1968.

A CLASSY SEND OFF Rolls-Royce is saying goodbye to the Ghost – the most successful Rolls ever built. But not without a grand goodbye. The British automaker will bid adieu to the best-selling Ghost with the Zenith Collection. Limited to just 50 examples, the run seeks to end the nameplates’s decade-long tenure in style, capturing the car at its most luxurious with more bespoke touches and flourishes than any previous iteration. The next-generation version of the vehicle will debut in 2020. But this Ghost is a Ghost-with-the-most, and more besides, including a piece from the concept car that begat it, the 2009 200EX, set into the centre consol.

6 3 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45

It’s a dream come true. Pre-owned premier luxury vehicles, now direct to you at trade prices.

Shop 1&2, One on Whiteley, Whiteley Road, Melrose Arch. Contact Devin King on 083 800 3137 / 011 301 7000 or email:



Official importers and retailers of Aston Martin, McLaren, Pagani and Rolls-Royce.

Daytona Direct now offers premier luxury pre-owned vehicles, direct to you at trade prices. Our aim is to cut out the middle man, which means you are guaranteed a purchase that is priced right. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that each vehicle carries the balance of the factory motor plan and warranty, and that our Daytona internationally trained technicians have carried out an extensive quality check on each and every vehicle sold through Daytona Direct. Choose from a wide range of stock available or allow us to source your dream car. All luxury and premium brand trade-ins welcome. Finance available.


THE SCRAMBLE FOR CLASSIC CARS RICHARD WEBB discovers a natural epicentre for heritage cars, a place and community that are driving the ‘future of the past’.


parked in museums. A superfluity of specialist suppliers are on hand to make, mend or restore virtually any classic car or part. ‘Bicester serves as a [place] for owners and enthusiasts to meet, like our “Sunday Scrambles”. The perimeter road offers the chance to drive classic cars in a track environment suitable for speed testing,’ says Geoghegan. The thrice yearly Scramble (named after the Battle of Britain fighter pilots’ call to action) sees some 7 000 classic-car lovers feast their eyes on a vast collection of supercars and vintage vehicles. Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and many more iconic motoring marques assemble in a non-commercialised, period setting to provide a real glimpse into the past, beyond just classic cars. 


thriving social scene is gaining momentum among collectors, owners and enthusiasts who get together at purpose-designed venues to experience classic and exotic cars, and make the most of a community that’s known for overcoming barriers of colour, status, gender and creed. Few people keep a classic purely for transport these days. The cars represent a lifestyle, and they’re there for fun and to be used, but not everyone has the luxury of time to be able to spend a full week at a rally or an entire weekend on a race circuit. Plenty of people, though, love the idea of being able to look out the window on a Sunday morning, see that the sun is shining and take their classic for a spontaneous spin. This has given rise to a number of specialist venues for classic-car fans. My current favourite is Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire. The brainchild of venture capitalist and classic-car fan Dan Geoghegan, it has revitalised and restored a previously derelict RAF Bomber Command base. The World War II Spitfires and Bristol Blenheim bombers have made way for their earth-bound cousins, as classics tour its three kilometres of perimeter road and occupy many of the 50 historic buildings on site. Bicester Heritage represents an increased demand, particularly noticeable at the top end of the market, for turnkey, outsourced ownership arrangements. It is now known as a global centre of excellence, where skills are preserved to ensure that old cars are being driven and not

6 6 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45

Open up new avenues.

Wheels Club, based in Sandton, is South Africa’s premier luxury vehicle sales and storage facility that cares for and protects your beloved vehicles. Confidential, safe and secure. Shelley Alves: +27 (0) 82 334 8683 | Justin Godfrey: +27 (0) 64 664 4422 |

THE 113-YEAR-OLD START-UP Marek Reichman is a man accustomed to following his inner voice. RICHARD WEBB met him to discover the future of automotive brand Lagonda, the 1906 company with a fascinating back story, and more daring future.


arek Reichman, the chief creative officer of Aston Martin and Lagonda has just flown in from Auto Shanghai to meet me at his design offices in Gaydon, England. While packed with inspiring artefacts from his travels, it’s an unassuming place to be – a clear sign of Reichman’s pure genius for making the complex, simple. Lagonda may have a long history of a more traditional approach to car design and engineering, but it is about to make a volte-face from the superlative front-engine grand tourer to radical electric vehicle redolent of this digital age. New technologies – from efficient electrification to autonomous driving – have provided a unique opportunity for the revitalised brand to transform the way people perceive luxury transport. Ever since the start of the 20th century, the legacy of petrol and its victory over steam and electricity has been the one constant in the evolution of the car. But now, a world of technological opportunities has opened up, a world where imagination and courage have a clean canvas on which to realise new luxury-mobility ambitions. ‘The vision is to set out a language that represents electrification and the advantages of not having to package an internal combustion engine, exhaust systems and a fuel tank,’ says Reichman as he sets out his stall. ‘The idea is to show how luxury and technology should combine. By pushing the boundaries of the vehicle’s

proportion and shape, all that freed-up space goes back to the occupants,’ he tells me, his hands expansive as if measuring the extra occupant space made available. He believes that Rolls-Royce, with its moniker of being ‘the most luxurious car in the world’ is basically the same as it’s always been – and an imperfect solution for modern luxury. Reichman worked on the original Phantom, where his brief was to create ‘Buckingham Palace on wheels’. But the world has changed. Heck, even the royals have changed. ‘Luxury is still very traditional, and technology has not quite filtered completely into that space. No one has combined luxury and technology to be a leader – yet.’ Are we on the cusp of resolving the conflict between performance and zero emissions, technological sophistication and pure luxury? Can we experience guilt-free luxury? ‘Electrification has big benefits for the layout of cars. There’s a freedom to put the powerplant where we want it,’ Reichman says. ‘Lagonda has an illustrious heritage of going head-to-head with Bentley and Rolls-Royce but has always been a bit of a maverick in terms of shape and form.’ Having seen the Lagonda Vision Concept in the metal recently, it struck me as distinctive and luxurious without being grandiose. The disruptive restlessness of Reichman’s design has brought a certain recherché to the wonder of transport and travel and will be equally coveted by those who are anything but happy with the status quo.

[...] a world of technological opportunities has opened up, a world where imagination and courage have a clean canvas on which to realise new luxury-mobility ambitions

7 0 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45



7 1 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45




Focused purely on road travel, this radical limousine has room for four tall adults to stretch out in luxurious comfort. With some of its design inspiration provided by Concorde, Lagonda’s Vision Concept is more sculptural and challenging than convention has taught us. Inside, modern carbon fibre and ceramics combine with some of the oldest and finest, like cashmere, silk, marquetry and leather. Savile Row tailor Henry Poole has lavished sartorial elegance on handwoven wool and detailed finishing. The result is a cabin that surprises, shocks and fascinates. Functional reptilian ceramic tiles open and close to alter the ventilation and adjust the volume of the music. The car’s structural strength allows for far bigger apertures than in conventional cars – the rear-hinged back doors open outwards and the roof sections open upwards, so 0ccupants can stand up inside the car before stepping out. Front seats are more like armchairs and rest on cantilevered arms extending from the floor outside the seat frame providing a completely uncluttered floor area. With level-four autonomous driving, the car can drive itself on all recognisable roads. In this mode, the steering wheel can retract, allowing front-seat occupants to rotate through 180 degrees to engage in direct conversation with those in the back seat. Powerful solid-state electric batteries will give you up to 640 real-world kilometres between charges – that’s Johannesburg to Durban without any range anxiety. A rapid wireless charge will refresh the battery pack in 15 minutes. Each axle has its own electric motor and intelligent all-wheel drive, capable of delivering anything from 100 to zero percent of available torque to any given wheel according to demand.


THE LAGONDA ALL-TERRAIN CONCEPT Designed to appeal to a pioneering spirit, this SUV will rival the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The surfacing of this concept is madly futuristic, with shapes and forms that appear to have been created by interplanetary forces. There’s also a darker, more noir treatment to the colour and trim choices, intended to create a seamless transition between the vehicle and the sanctuary of the owner’s home. Technology is a subtle part of the interior. Vents, grilles and speakers are hidden, and the ignition key floats on an electromagnetic force-field when placed in position, levitating between the two front seats. During autonomous operation, the driver and front passenger can swivel their seats around to face those in the rear bucket seats. ‘It’s not about wood and leather; we tried to design the interior to feel very calm and quiet with soft, natural materials like cashmere,’ Reichman commented. ‘We imagined that the owner would be a sort of pioneering yet environmentally conscious person. They may well own a luxury villa in a remote spot that acts as a sanctuary. As a 113-year-old startup, the Lagonda brand is unconstrained by the traditional values of current luxury products.’ The rear shelf slides out from the floor as a platform for epicurean picnics, and the clamshell rear hatch reveals rear-hinged back doors and sections of roof that open upwards – which would make for a memorable red-carpet moment at the Klein Karoo Klassique as the interior and its occupants are revealed. 

7 3 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45


Step into the magical space that is L’Hôtel Marrakech, an oasis in every sense. Within the walled medina of Morocco’s energetic ‘red city’, guests will find solace at L’Hôtel Marrakech. Local craftsmen have restored the historic 19th-century riad under the watchful eye of British fashion designer and the hotel’s owner, Jasper Conran. The accommodation comprises five spacious suites surrounding a beautiful open courtyard and pool. The aroma of orange blossom, jasmine and rose linger in the air of the roofed terrace that offers glorious views of the city’s skyline and the Atlas Mountains. Here, 1930’s glamour is complemented by modern amenities, superb service and an impeccable design aesthetic.





RURAL RAJASTHAN Nestled at the base of the Aravalli Hills in northwest India, you will find Amanbagh. Once a compound base for Mughal princes, it is now famed for its personalised Ayurvedic wellness immersions and the magnificent natural beauty that surroundeds it. The palatial property houses 37 suites and pavilions, each with its own private courtyard or terrace and a deep bathtub carved from green Udaipur marble. It’s a place to come to truly switch off (and a mere 90-minute drive from Jaipur International Airport). resorts/amanbagh

MEET ME IN AMALFI With vaulted ceilings, original frescoes, majestic mountain and sea views perfectly framed by archways, and possibly the most striking infinity pool you’ve ever seen, The Belmond Hotel Caruso promises an unforgettable experience. This 11th-century hotel, located high above the Amalfi Coast, offers age-old Italian hospitality and charm. Its history is almost as impressive as its location. The medieval palace – lovingly restored in 2000, returning the 50 rooms and suites to their Neapolitan glory – has been home to a Roman aristocrat, accommodated stars such as Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart and Jackie Kennedy, and even inspired writer Virginia Woolf. The authentic food, faultless service, modern-day amenties and tailor-made experiences are all second to none. Book immediately.

EXPLORING UNTAMED AFRICA Offering African safaris and Indian Ocean explorations that go beyond the norm, Lederle Safaris has become a leader in its sector. With multi-award-winning private guide Greg Lederle at the helm, it’s no surprise really. An expert on all things Africa, and a passionate and knowledgeable wildlife enthusiast, Greg and his wife Riana, created Lederle Safaris to provide their clients with their perfect African experience. Each itinerary is custom-made and every experience is different, whether it’s embarking on a walking safari in the Okavango Delta or tracking Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.

7 5 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 4575








Zion National Park, Utah: Travel Director Cyndi Cramblett delights guests with a flourish of Navajo flatbread.

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Enchanting Canyonlands

Best of California

Classic Mid Atlantic

7 days Cities visited: Scottsdale, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Zion National Park & Las Vegas

9 days Cities visited: San Francisco, Sonoma, Yosemite National Park, Monterey, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles

10 days Cities visited: Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, Lancaster, Philadelphia & New York

SELECT DEPARTURE DATES BETWEEN JAN – OCT 2020 For more information on these trips or to book go to call us on 011 280 8435 or speak to your travel agent.


Pay a R3,000 deposit within 7 days of booking with full payment due 45 days prior to departure. The trip price does not include the costs of international flights (to/from the start or end the trip). All cancellation policies apply as per Insight Vacations USA & Canada 2020 brochure. Trip Itineraries are subject to change. Visit for more information.

LOUNGE LUXE The perks of flying in the premium cabins begin long before you reach the aircraft, as global airlines pour enormous investment into luxury lounges on terra firma. WORDS RICHARD HOLMES


sk any global airline where the real money is to be made, and they’ll give you the same answer: up at the sharp end of the plane. Premium-class airline travel is in rude health, with passengers willing to dig deep into their pockets – or Black AmEx card, perhaps – for the pleasures of flying in Business and First Class. But passengers paying a premium expect an unforgettable experience, from spacious seats to refined in-flight service. And, increasingly, those high expectations begin from the moment they hit the airport. Aside from dedicated premium wings and expedited security checks, luxury airport lounges are ‘a very important selling point. It completes the package,’ explains Wouter Vermeulen, Air France/KLM general manager for Southern Africa. ‘The majority of our Premium customers travel for business purposes, so it is essential to be able to offer a private space where they can

either relax, continue with their work day, or stay whilst waiting for a connecting flight.’ That approach is being materialised in the bricks-andmortar developments at the group’s two European hubs. At Amsterdam’s Schiphol, KLM will open the remarkable new long-haul Crown Lounge later in 2019 to mark the airline’s centenary. Air France has also unveiled a groundbreaking new lounge concept at Paris-Charles De Gaulle. At the lounge’s innovative Le Balcon, the head bartender from Paris’ acclaimed Hotel Lancaster curates the cocktails, while designer Mathieu Lehanneur has used mirrors and LED technology to create a sense of flight on the ground. And, at the brasserie-style Gourmet Table, travellers can watch chefs whipping up their dinner in stylish show kitchens. Wave goodbye to those stale crisps and limp sandwiches. British Airways has also upped the culinary ante at its new First Lounge in Terminal 7 at New York’s JFK

7 7 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45

while United’s impressive new Polaris Lounge is rolling out its mix of restaurant-style dining and serene daybeds across the USA. One of the more interesting lounge developments is in direct response to the flight it serves. Last year Qantas inaugurated the world’s first direct flight between Europe and Australia, a 17-hour marathon connecting London and Perth. In Perth, Qantas designed its new Business Class Transit Lounge in conjunction with experts from the University of Sydney’s wellness-focused Charles Perkins Centre. While there’s an outdoor barbecue section and menus by Sydney’s acclaimed Rockpool Bar & Grill – this is Australia after all – the lounge also offers private shower

7 8 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45


International. Their new space includes a revamped dining-room approach, with menus by executive chefs Gavin Mackenzie and Waylon Walker. There are wines to match in the new ‘Wine Room’, where Enomatic dispensers deliver tasters of landmark wines from global vineyards, alongside monthly cultivarthemed wine flights. ‘We fly thousands of customers between London and New York every week so we’re absolutely dedicated to making the experience as relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable as possible,’ explains Carolina Martinoli, director of Brand and Customer Experience at British Airways. ‘We are investing £52-million into our home at JFK this year as part of the £4.5 billion investment we’re making in our customer experience globally.’ That includes a recent revamp of BA’s flagship Concorde Room at Heathrow Terminal 5, as well as rolling out their new lounge concept globally. Rome and Aberdeen have already been completed, with Geneva, San Francisco and Johannesburg next in line. While American carriers have long lagged behind Europe and Asia in leveraging the pulling power of luxury lounges, American and United arlines are fast catching up. In the past year American Airlines has opened new lounges in New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles,


Far left: British Airways’ First Lounge at New York’s JFK offers dining-room style comfort. Top left: The mirrors and LED lighting create a sense of flight on the ground at Air France’s Le Balcon at Paris-Charles De Gaulle. Left: KLM’s new Crown Lounge offers privacy and space. Above: Qantas has installed Bodhi J Wellness Spas for long-haul flight-weary travellers. Right: (top to bottom) Cathay Pacific’s The Pier, Business offers relaxation by way of subtle design, a viewing deck and culinary treats.

suites bathed in light therapy to mitigate the effects of jetlag, nudging circadian rhythms into sync with the destination. There’s also a wellbeing studio in partnership with Bodhi J Wellness Spa Retreats. ‘We’ve brought together some of Australia’s best culinary, design and scientific minds to create a lounge experience that will help set our customers up to feel better throughout their journey,’ said Philip Capps, head of Product Strategy and Development at Qantas. Wellness has certainly become one of the dominant travel trends for 2019, and airlines have been quick to tap into growing demand. In-lounge spa services – often complimentary – are offered by the likes of Air France/ KLM and British Airways. Cathay Pacific has also upped its offering in the wellness space, this year unveiling The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga at The Pier, Business, one of seven premium spaces at Hong Kong International Airport. Divided into

separate zones for yoga and meditation, it’s squarely aimed at making long-haul travel less stressful for mind and body. ‘A long journey can be exhausting and affect one’s physical and mental health,’ explains Mark Sutch, Cathay Pacific’s regional general manager for South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. ‘The Sanctuary provides the required environment, equipment and facilities for Cathay Pacific travellers to indulge in a relaxing experience combined with health benefits, just before or in between their flights.’ But Sutch might be wrong. With such an enviable selection of luxury spaces to indulge in, long-haul travel might not be so exhausting after all. 

7 9 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45



A new season is upon us and Gåte, with head chef Nicole Loubser at the helm, has unveiled its spring menu. The Gaiduk family, who bought Quoin Rock in 2012, clearly saw as much potential in the 25-year-old as Jan Hendrik did when she worked with him at his restaurant JAN in Nice. Loubser has developed an exquisite menu, filled with suprise textures and some truly worldclass flavours. Each dish is a masterpiece in presentation, while the flavours transport you through a multitude of exotic culinary landscapes. Ten estate wines, including two bubblies, are available for pairings. Winemaker Jacques Maree explains, ‘Our wine has the ability to pair fantastically with any food. We’ve got grapes from Elim and Stellenbosch, which give two different fruit profiles. The Simonsberg is your classical Bordeaux area, so the result is more new world, bigger structures and fruit forward.’

8 0 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45


2019 saw a slew of honours for Gåte from the World Luxury Restaurant Awards, including Best Head Chef and Global Restaurant of the Year.


BUT FIRST, CHAMPAGNE! Earlier this year Harrods unveiled its Perrier-Jouët Champagne Terrace, just in time for the northern summer. Situated on the iconic store’s fourth floor, the space is perfectly suited for sipping Champagne while enjoying a charcuterie, shellfish or cheese platter. Tantalising mains include heritage-breed beef carpaccio with caper berries and 24-month aged Parmesan, roasted king tiger prawns with confit garlic, olive oil and lemon, and Cinco Jotas Ibérico ham with fried sourdough and marinated tomatoes. For dessert, the market-fresh strawberries, served with crunchy meringue and a medley of dips, accompanied by a glass of crisp Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut, will simply delight. The space, with its large windows, grand mirrors and warm wood finishings, is the perfect urban oasis, especially after a day of luxury shopping.

BEST-KEPT SECRET A tutored tasting, conducted in the very cellar where a wine was made, is always a special moment. If the winemaker is the one doing the pouring, so much the better. And when the owner of the estate stops by to ensure you’re enjoying yourself, well, you’re in luck that day. But the annual Upper Blaauwklippen Vintners’ tasting takes luck right out of the equation, with a unique opportunity to discover the boutique cellars of Kleinood, Keermont and De Trafford that are the focus of this exclusive event. Through the day, guests can taste their way through each farm’s entire range of current releases (a complimentary shuttle service is offered). Vertical tastings, limited releases, single vineyard bottlings and experimental barrels are all hauled out for the handful of guests to discover and enjoy. While the winemakers of the valley certainly seem adept at almost everything they turn their hand to, the star of the valley is surely Syrah, and it’s a revelation to taste the impact of terroir at estates just a few minutes’ drive apart. As wine festivals go, the Upper Blaauwklippen Vintners’ tasting ticks all the right boxes for exclusivity, unique access and unrivalled wines. While this annual event typically takes place in winter, there are rumours of a summertime reboot. Stay in touch with Private Edition on social media and we’ll keep you in the loop.

FULL CIRCLE After three years in Europe, Kevin Grobler returns to Delaire Graff Restaurant as head chef. It’s an exciting move for Grobler whose fervour for sustainability and ethically sourced ingredients is matched only by his overflowing passion for each perfectly assembled, delicious plate that leaves his kitchen. ‘It’s about allowing the purity of flavour, local provenance and sheer beauty of the ingredients to shine,’ he says. We suggest you go see for yourself!

8 1 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45



DEBBIE HATHWAY indulges in her favourite kind of activity – making new discoveries with dogs close at hand.

8 2 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45



’m not sure who has the most fun hunting for truffles – the Lagotto Romagnolo dogs (initially bred in Italy for water retrieval), their owners, or the invited guests hoping for a trophy large and ripe enough to make it onto the menu. It’s as exciting to see the hounds track the scent of the rare delicacies that have taken almost 10 years to surface at Anthonij Rupert Wyne’s Altima Estate in the Elandskloof Valley near Villiersdorp as it is to watch trufelau (truffle hunter) Hanene van Dyk delight in their discovery. The only tricky part is getting to the delectable fungi fast enough to prevent the dogs from digging them up or damaging them. They haven’t developed a taste for them so there’s no danger they’ll be devoured, but uproot the black truffles too early and you can wave goodbye to several hundred rands worth of potential culinary triumph. Measured and monetised by the gram, you can imagine how that affects the French imports! Good news for local gastronomes is that Anthonij Rupert Wyne is the first wine estate in South Africa to both cultivate and produce black Perigord truffles, which are used to make truffle butter and truffle salt on the estate for as long as stock is available. The yield is not yet enough to sell direct to the public but this year was the first that warranted sharing the bounty at a specially prepared tasting menu during the winter harvest. It’s the ultimate reward for a project kick-started in September 2010, when oak tree roots were inoculated with truffle spores that were then planted at Altima. Here the cool conditions and exceptional terroir are just as good for the grapes cultivated under the watchful eye of Van Dyk’s husband,

Coenie. Look out for the product of his pride and joy in the exceptional range of wines released under the Cape of Good Hope label.

ON THE SCENT Meanwhile, back at the plot, the hounds’ heightened sense of smell means they can detect the fungi underground long before humans can. Van Dyk’s job is to find exactly where they are (even if she can’t yet smell them) and mark the spot with a plastic marker pushed into the ground, much like you would use in a vegetable patch, bearing the name of the dog that made the discovery. How long do they take to ripen? ‘It’s hard to tell. You just have to work with nature,’ says Van Dyk. The ripe ones have a very distinct, mouthwatering aroma while the unripe ones have what she calls a ‘sharp, synthetic smell, like campfire smoke on your clothes’. The only way to tell is to get down on all fours and sniff around with your nose close to the ground, much like the four-legged heroes of the day. If you’re ever invited on such an excursion, make sure you’re suitably dressed – stilettos won’t cut it. ‘The dogs are never wrong,’ says Van Dyk, drawing our attention back to the task at hand, alternately encouraging and praising the dogs in Italian and Afrikaans. They have different ways of showing her the black gold. Dick, the pack leader, will lie down next to it, while daughter Zara will stand over it, nose to ground, tail wagging furiously, until Van Dyk catches up. She usually works one dog at a time but because Zara needed the practice she cracked the nod that day, leaving her siblings to wait their turns. Their reward for their precious finds? A tasty treat. Naturally. 

Uproot the black truffles too early and you can wave goodbye to several hundred rands worth of potential culinary triumph

8 3 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45




he creative powerhouse behind Hazendal’s culinary innovation is executive chef Michélle Theron, who headed up the kitchen at Pierneef restaurant in the Franschhoek Valley, before taking over the reins of the kitchens here in early 2018. At the time, the estate was in the midst of a major revamp. When the gates reopened later that year, visitors were introduced to an estate that celebrated both the rich history of this iconic Cape farm, as well as the Russian heritage of its owner, Dr Mark Voloshin. And perhaps nowhere are these more easily discovered, admired and enjoyed than in the culinary

8 4 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45


The fine-dining landscape of the Cape Winelands offers a globetrotting menu of flavours and influences, but Hazendal Wine Estate serves up something entirely unique, with its remarkable melding of Russian inspiration, South African heritage and local produce.


journeys on offer at the Pivnushka Beer Garden and Babushka Deli, and in the fine-dining experience of the Avant-Garde Restaurant, where a compact menu of creative plates begins not with complex amuse-bouche or deconstructed aperitifs, but with a humble sip of tea. ‘Tea, and a sense of generosity, are incredibly important elements of Russian culture,’ says Theron. ‘I want people to walk in and be impressed by the décor and the setting of the restaurant, but also to feel welcome and at home at the same time. It sets the tone for the whole dining experience.’ The décor is impressive to be sure. Towering glass walls offer a glimpse into the busy wine cellar, while chandeliers hang from a ceiling decorated with frescoes reminiscent of a Russian palace. Look closely, and you’ll see they depict Hazendal’s 300-year-old history. Theron’s menu is compact, but focused, with a carefully curated selection of dishes that reflect both Russia and the Winelands. Pampushki (savoury buns) consisting of smoked fish are accompanied by curried sweet potato and parsley cream. Pelmeni dumplings stuffed with wild boar and springbok are served in an umami-rich kombu broth. And the wine list draws fine vintages both from the estate, and the surrounding Bottelary Hills.

biscuits adorning the samovar tea urns to the delicate crockery of Dulevo Porcelain Works, one of Russia’s oldest porcelain producers. A bespoke tea blend was even imported from Russia for the estate. And, as at Avant-Garde, the set menu here celebrates Russia’s culinary traditions, with the likes of blinchik crêpes and piroshok pastries. And, of course, there’s authentic Beluga caviar too, served on traditional blini as an optional extra. 

SOUTH AFRICA MEETS ST PETERSBURG ‘The Voloshin family has been fantastic, bringing me books to read and traditional food to eat,’ enthuses Theron, for whom this has been an enlightening journey of discoveries. ‘Once I began learning more about Russian culinary traditions I could see so many similarities to our own Cape Winelands cuisine.’ An excellent example is the Karoo lamb, slow-braised until meltingly tender and served with an updated version of traditional Russian barley porridge. There’s a sense of playfulness here too, notably in the dessert menu. You’ll find ‘Anna Pavlova’, a creative meringue dish that pays tribute to the famed Russian ballerina, and Fabergé-inspired chocolate-filled eggs. (For the non-culinary variety, visit the on-site Marvol Gallery where Dr Voloshin’s Fabergé collection is often exhibited.) A few steps from Avant-Garde is The Russian Tea Garden that offers a unique opportunity to experience a centuries-old tradition. Russia’s love affair with tea dates back to 1638, when Tsar Michael Feodorovich received four chests of tea as a diplomatic gift, and it wasn’t long before demand saw caravans of tea stretching from China to Moscow. Today Hazendal celebrates all the elements of a Russian tea ceremony, from the butter-rich baranki

8 5 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45




t had been bucketing down on our first day in Bamako but I didn’t care – I was about to encounter designs that I had been admiring from afar for years. Photographer Adriaan Louw and I were shooting the work of one of my design heroes, Cheick Diallo. Our morning attempts in the Tuareg market, where Cheick has his leather tooled, hadn’t gone well. ‘This place is not visited by Europeans anymore,’ he told us as we entered the wet warren of alleyways and

workshops; a grim reminder that Mali is still hit by sporadic terrorist attacks. Initially alarmed, we found, not militants, but accomplished artisans desperately clinging on to fast-disappearing business. Cheick and I knew each other through the Design Network Africa programme. As an ex-editor, and expert in African design, my role was part mentor, part storyteller, and my task was to help put top African designers on the global map through strong visual narratives. Trained in my early career under the unerring eye of editor Min Hogg at World of Interiors, I knew that one great picture tells a thousand words. I needed an image that would capture the unique qualities of Cheick’s remarkable designs in a relevant context where people would understand the mastery of his work. Unlike westerners, whose designs are manufactured in distant factories, many creative Africans are designer-makers, working in hot dusty yards or the chaos of a bustling market – neither of which makes for a winning shot. Cheick is a master designer and his work is lauded all over the world: an exarchitect his pieces are structured and sculptural. His refined, often complex frames are made in Bamako’s famous recycled metal market. He then layers either a tight complicated weave of plastic twine or tie-dyed skins that are stretched thinly over the metal by skilled Tuaregs. Deflated by our unsuccessful morning, Cheick suggested we go to his home for lunch, a family homestead he recently reclaimed on returning after 30 years in France. And as it turned out, a graceful Afro-modernist house designed by his own equally talented father! The two naturally spoke to each other and we got a perfect image – great contemporary African design in a background of its own patrimony. It would go on to feature in magazines and appear on covers across the world. 

8 6 P R I VAT E E D I T I O N ISSUE 45


CATHY O’CLERY is the creative director of Platform Creative Agency and a leading expert in contemporary African design. She ventured to Mali to discover the creative genius of Cheick Diallo.



THE SAXONY, SANDTON A new development from the developer of Zimbali 244 Apartments ranging from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom en-suite units including a limited number of penthouses. Situated on the highest point in Sandton and commanding an unrivalled view of Johannesburg, this jewel like triangular shaped building oers all the amenities. Priced from R1.45m – R5.95million. Penthouses POA. Contact Di Kuhlenthal 082 960 5353; Debbie Parkinson 083 326 7739 Web ref: ND94

MORNINGSIDE, SANDTON Price on application. The Geometry of design & the interplay between glass, concrete & steel create a dazzling experience here. A double dose of sheer, unadulterated luxury set high up in a guarded double-gated panhandle this incredible property hosts a plethora of amenities & is all expertly placed on 4963m² in the finest of positions. The moment you enter through the antique doors the visual feast begins. A feature courtyard beckons entry & holds 2 of the 3 patios & one of two pools. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the massive over-sized glass swivel door framing views of the linear water-feature & rolling lawns.Bespoke to the last detail. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3596429

SANDHURST, SANDTON Asking R19.5 million Sophistication, opulence and style comes with this 4 bedroom cluster. Haven of tranquillity with lavish finishes throughout. Reception areas consist of both formal and informal rooms with majestic spaces. Captivating kitchen, entertainer’s patio, pool and beautifully manicured gardens. 3 garages and secluded flatlet. Excellent security in a 24 hour guarded complex in the heart of Sandhurst. Kym Quincey 082 928 3721 Web ref: 2939463

Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchen Reception Rooms Studies Garages Staff Pool

5 5 1 5 3 2 1 Yes

Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchen Reception Rooms Studies Garages Staff Pool

4 5 1 4 1 3 1 Yes

Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchen Reception Rooms Studies Garages Staff Pool

4 4 1 4 1 3 1 Yes


Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchen Reception Rooms Studies Garages Staff Pool

7 8 1 4 1 4 1 Yes


Asking R9.9 million Architectural masterpiece set on ±812m², within a 24 hr guarded community, combining functionality & design. It demands that you utilise each & every space to its full potential and you will delight in its entertainment and living facilities. Double volumes, high ceilings & disappearing stacking doors play with natural light and invite your eye out to the beautiful pool, pergola with built-in gas braai, wet bar & immaculate gardens. Open, yet defined living areas include designer kitchen, feature cocktail bar with fireplace, 4 bedroom suites, gym or 5th bedroom & pyjama lounge with coffee station. Garaging, guest parking and staff acc. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3655966

Asking R31 million Exquisite traditional home set in an exclusive 24 hour boomed enclave in Hyde Park. The epitome of refined elegance with charm like no other. Spacious inter-leading reception rooms all lead out onto the expansive patio, overlooking the most pristine gardens, pool and tennis court. 7 bedrooms, brand new kitchen, wine cellar, generator, borehole and excellent staff quarters. This home has it all. Kym Quincey 082 928 3721 Web ref: 2939353

BRYANSTON SANDTON Asking R8.395 million Cluster. East. Minimalist in design. Ultra modern. Newly built and versatile in terms of function. A dynamic glamorous home with walls of glass and light and skylights. 5 Bedroom suites (guest suite downstairs) – all open plan living areas to stunningly fitted kitchen. Secluded garden with pool. Best security and quality throughout plus much more (75% off the grid). A must view. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref. 2556518

BRYANSTON SANDTON Asking R11 million Highveld contemporary farmhouse in superb guarded enclave & sought after avenue. Offers from R10 million. Simple lines and a warm muted palette defines a casual elegance. This beautiful home features stunning accommodation including 4 en-suite bedrooms, open plan kitchen to family room and superb covered terrace, large play room/games room – all receptions with fireplaces. Guest suite downstairs. Staff acc. The superb romantic garden is landscaped with pool. Top, top security. This is a haven of peace and tranquility. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119

BRYANSTON EAST SANDTON Asking 13.9 million In sought-after gated avenue – Brand new, bold, electrifying! Dramatic angles and ultra-modern. A glorious family home with top fittings boasting 5 luxurious bedroom suites and guest room downstairs. Open-plan reception rooms, stunning modern kitchen, open-plan – home movie theatre – all to landscaped treed garden and organic vegetable garden. Luxury staff acc /teenage pad. Top security. An impeccable home for the top executive. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3641073

BRYANSTON EAST SANDTON Asking R34 million Stupendous panoramic views from all angles! Stunning, ultra-modern home on 4 floors in most prestigious avenue, enhanced by skylights, atriums, chandeliers & designed to transport you to an escapist fantasy world! Open-plan chef’s kitchen to reception rooms flowing to covered patio with cocktail area, landscaped garden, pool, jacuzzi & tennis court. Gentleman’s study, fitted cellar, 5 bedroom suites, main with private lounge & upstairs family lounge, games room with fitted cocktail area plus potential home movie theatre. 4 Garages, staff acc, top security. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3655067

BRYANSTON SANDTON Asking R9.95 million A classic Georgian home under slate located in prestigious residential estate. Well-appointed interiors offering 4 luxurious bedroom suites plus upstairs family lounge, study, gracious reception rooms with cocktail bar – all flowing out to incredibly spacious terrace onto formal treed, manicured garden and secluded pool. A chef’s dream kitchen fitted with the best. Sash windows. Staff suite, 3 garages and many more features. Cluster-style living par excellence. Designed for the discerning business executive requiring elegant living. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 361 15245

BRYANSTON EAST SANDTON Asking R16 million Contemporary luxury home in gated avenue. Architecturally innovative double storey with stunning open plan living areas flowing to covered terraces and pool with jacuzzi. Open plan superbly fitted gourmet kitchen, Swarovski chandeliers, marble floors. Luxurious double bedroom suites plus a New York-style apartment. Cellar, billiard room with cocktail area, home movie theatre, library / study, double staff acc, 4 garages. An exceptional home. Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119 Web ref: 3054980

CRAIGHALL SANDTON Asking R3.895 million Secure complex of 8 units in exclusive enclave. Each room is filled with character and charm enhanced by tasteful furnishings and artwork. Patio overlooks gardens and pool. Guest cottage / staff suite. Borehole in complex. Entrance, lounge has doors onto covered patio, kitchen with breakfast nook, guest cloaks, wine cellar, double garage with direct access. Upstairs - main bedroom and dressing area and full bathroom, fitted study and TV room, 2nd enormous bedroom / studio and 2nd bathroom. Kass Bunkell 082 565 8658 Office 011 886 8070 Web ref: 3344232

CRAIGHALL SANDTON Asking R5.5 million Imposing architect designed red brick double story, set high with skyline views & executive vibes. Striking white doors & windows, double volumes, interesting galleys & mezzanine walkways, streaming sunlight from feature skylights. The interesting interior is accentuated with industrial & period touches. Level flat gardens, covered patio onto pool, garaging for 4 cars & ample off street parking. Entrance, formal lounge, dining, family, study, children’s homework area, 4 beds, 2 baths (mes), 2 guest loos, staff suite. Wine cellar, garaging for 4 cars. Kass Bunkell 082 565 8658 Web ref: 3656712

PARKVIEW JOHANNESBURG Mid R3 millions 3/4 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (main en-suite), large kitchen, lounge and dining room. Entrance hall, kitchen with breakfast area and pantry. Sizeable lock-up storeroom. Kitchen opens to sunny and bright dining room, spacious lounge flowing out to patio and pool. Old out-buildings. 3 Carports and plenty of off street parking. South entry and North facing. Theodora Brickhill 082 553 8525 Web ref: 3245335.

HURLINGHAM SANDTON Asking R15 million Casual sophistication meets 5 star luxury lodge. Set on 2100m² of lush landscaped gardens. Cool chic interiors are balanced out by rustic natural textures, warm tones and light-filled open spaces. Country style eat-in kitchen, separate scullery. Exciting vibrant and rustic living and dining rooms effortlessly combine indoor & outdoor living. Covered patio, decked pool surrounded by verdant lawns & established trees. 3 Beds joined by a pyjama lounge. 4th Bedroom suite with private entrance. Kass Bunkell 082 565 8658 Web ref: 3585645

HURLINGHAM SANDTON Asking R8.5 million. One of 6 units in a small established complex with easy access to Sandton CBD. The home comprises of large entrance to formal lounge, dining room & family room with doors leading to patio and garden. Large eat in kitchen with separate scullery. Fitted study. Guest cloakroom. 4 Bedrooms all ensuite, the master bedroom has its own private balcony overlooking the garden, with a large walk in dressing room. There are also useful storage rooms. Staff acc, triple garaging and workshop with direct access into home. Kass Bunkell 082 565 8658 Web ref: 3520932

PARKVIEW JOHANNESBURG Asking R5.7 million 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 en-suite), 1 bedroom cottage and an excellent au-pair suite. A home designed for a relaxed entertainment lifestyle. The entrance hall encompasses the lounge, family room, dining room to 2 North patios to lawned garden and pool. 2nd Unit of 1 bedroom en-suite open plan kitchen and lounge, utility room and garage. Set on ±1020m² stand. 3 Garages with car court. Walls with electric fencing. Easy access to the Ridge, St Katherines, German School and Auckland Park Preparatory School. Theodora Brickhill 082 553 8525 Web ref: 3549053

morningside sandton asking r16.499 million reflecting a masterful blend of inspiration and architecture, this magical cluster is designed for entertaining and built for modern-day luxury living. Crafted with uncompromising quality and meticulous attention to detail, the exquisitely curated house features five spacious en-suite bedrooms, a magnificent kitchen and multiple open-plan spaces that seamlessly integrate outdoorindoor living. Contemporary by nature and impeccably decorated, this bespoke home exudes luxury and sophisticated elegance, opening the doors to an incomparable lifestyle. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3682210

morningside sandton offers from r7.95 million this is a home for all seasons evident in the interplay between the interior and exterior with sliding doors luring you out to the patio, feature pool area with wet bar, built-in seating and braai area, all enveloped by magnificent gardens and a forest. all reception rooms open onto various areas of interest, including a Zen atrium with soothing water feature connecting the designer kitchen to the rest of the house. 3 recreation rooms, study and library, 4 en-suite bedrooms, all-weather patio, garaging staff and more. asking r8.25 million Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3645452

morningside manor sandton offers from r4.9 million a rare offering in this prestigious suburb. a haven of tranquility. indoor / outdoor entertainment with spacious light and bright open plan reception rooms and fireplace to patio, pool and indigenous garden with secure river frontage. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (mes), exceptional main suite, 4th bedroom / study / gym en-suite, all with sliders to outside garden. Fully fitted eat-in open plan granite kitchen. 3 auto garages. excellent security in boomed and patrolled area. asking r5.75 million neg. alan Bak 082 490 0940 Web ref: 3386234

morningside sandton asking r12.9 million admired, desired & now available to be acquired. ideal for those tired of the mundane. as you enter you are greeted by indoor gardens & twin staircases leading to the upper floor, whilst you are coaxed through to the recreation rooms, patio & designer pool. emphasis is on the “wow factor” highlighted by a chandelier & over-sized fireplace in the formal lounge with massive windowscapes. downstairs 3 recreation rooms, eat-in kitchen with breakfast room & self-contained guest suite. Upstairs 4 beds (2 en-suite). garaging for 3 cars, staff acc. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3565410

morningside sandton asking r16.5 million engaging an open, yet defined flow, entertainment is a requirement of this magnificent home! Built on an incredible floor plan that demands all recreation rooms be utilised, there’s space for everyone. From the gourmet kitchen with breakfast room & fireplace, pantry & cold room to the all-weather patio with seamless stacking doors, pool & beyond. set on ±2200m² & enveloped by lush gardens in the quietest of positions behind a guarded boom. 4 Full bedroom suites, 4 recreation rooms, games room, office & study. garaging for 4 cars, superior staff acc. Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Web ref: 3579541

morningside manor sandton offers from r5.5 million one of the areas finest. totally tastefully renovated. the epitome of classic traditional elegance with stylish charm. spacious reception areas flow onto magnificent patio, manicured garden, pool & tennis court, gourmet kitchen with it’s own play/tV room, wood burning fireplace. 4 Beds, 3 baths with exceptional main suite, light, bright & north facing. separate guest suite & study. staff suite. double garage. Fibre, underfloor heating, auto irrigation, authentic wooden floors, etc. state of the art security, boomed & patrolled suburb. asking r5.95 million. alan Bak 082 490 0940 Web ref:3387906

HOUGHTON ESTATE JOHANNESBURG Asking R8.9 million. Breathtaking cluster style architectural masterpiece. Superb living at its best. Executive lifestyle in an exceptional home. Triple Volume entrance welcomes you into open plan magnificence. Exceptional in every way. Beautiful study/library area, featured wine cellar, morso fireplace, family room, 3 exquisite bedrooms en suite, outside guest suite, manicured and pristine garden, outdoor entertainment area, sparkling pool, staff accommodation, excellent security. Sabina Seeber 083 254 6981 Web ref: 3670868

EDENBURG SANDTON Bidding starts at R6.2 million One price - 2 stunning homes, 4000m², and a keen seller. Be smart - subdivide & sell the 2nd, 3 bed (own entrance), or rent it out. Glamorously gracious, sunny & spacious! This multi-level main residence features 4 bed suites, 3 receptions, study, old English pub opening to patio and dream kitchen. Patios, gas and anthracite heaters, French doors inviting access to rolling lawns, aged trees and pristine pool. SQ, 4 garages and 2 carports, 5000l plus borehole, Fort Knox security in gated community. Close to all amenities. Asking R6.75 million. Berenice 076 750 5170 Clive 084 400 0001

FOREST TOWN JOHANNESBURG Offers from R3.75 million Genuine seller. Make an offer. Superb suburb security. Single storey North facing home with patio to pool and garden. Fully self-contained cottage easily linked to main house. Brilliant access to Donald Gordon, Milpark, Rhodean, St Johns and Jan Celliers. 4 Receptions, galley granite kitchen, 2 double bedrooms (mes with BIC’s). Guest cloak with shower. Library with shelves, wooden floors, windows and doors. Staff acc, garaging and off road parking. Asking R4.8 million neg. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref: 3399402

RIVER CLUB SANDTON Asking R11.95 million A classic French farm-style homestead, built with the utmost attention to detail. Situated in a 24-hour ultra-secure complex, this unique home boasts only state of the art finishes. French granite cobblestone entrance courtyard. Featuring large open plan living, French kitchen and reception rooms open to the garden and patio with ample entertaining space with feature log fireplace. 3 triple bedrooms, all ensuite, study or 4th bedroom. Upstairs lounge. Double garage, executive staff. A luxury home in an upmarket estate. Sue Hall 083 378 1101

RIVER CLUB / MOODIE HILL SANDTON Asking R16.95 million A contemporary style masterpiece created by Charles van Breda. Spectacular entrance leads to a home of simplicity and harmony. Courtyards allow natural light and give each room its own private outdoor space. The interior features generous double height spaces, combined with floor to ceiling windows. Imported chic kitchen. 4 En-suite bedrooms. Impressive builtin study. Separate office. 4 Auto garages, heated pool & staff. Tucked away in a gated cul-de-sac with 24hr guard. Sue Hall 083 378 1101 Web ref. 2190918

SAXONWOLD JOHANNESBURG Asking R7.3 million. Fresh on the market. Little big house with a prairie garden. Calling lovers of Art Deco, lead light, wood floors, high presses steel ceilings, solid wood doors, red windowsills et al! Bespoke light fittings. The piece de resistance is the Myra Kampstra design studio, double volume, screed floors, Eastern doors - A space to marvel in! Set on ±2000m² with 3 receptions, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Complete with your style & you will have a winner with excellent access to schools & CBD. Garaging storage. Street guard security initiative. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref: 3602056

FOREST TOWN JOHANNESBURG Offers from R5.75 million. Architect designed retreat in the City ±18 years old. Seller reg. as a vat vendor. Save on transfer duty. A bespoke family home. Low maintenance, contemporary living for lovers of natural wood, high ceilings, solid wood doors and floors, brass, glass sliders to private patios with braai, pizza oven, pool & tall trees, endearing lush walkways & fountains. Fire places, wine storage, pool, 4 receptions, studio/offices with separate entrance, spacious main ensuite, 2 double bedrooms, 1 en-suite, family bath. Brilliant access to all amenities. Asking R6.9million. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref: 3132594

WESTCLIFF / PARKTOWN JOHANNESBURG Offers from R13 million Genuine seller. Secure boomed Road. Family home set on ±4047m² of rolling lawns, glimpses of views and Ridge walkways. Your private park! Borehole. Character home, with all the mod cons. Contemporary designed for open plan family living. Look out verandah, 3 receptions, wood beams and fireplace, study, guest cloak, 4 bedrooms downstairs (1 en-suite), family bathroom, upstairs 5th bedroom en-suite, adjoining stylish apartment. Staff acc, garaging. Asking R16.75 million. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010

WESTCLIFF JOHANNESBURG Offers from R28 million No picture can do this home justice! One of the suburbs most prestigious properties. Fastidious owner says “Plug and Play”. This triple volume unique 3 storey home will seduce & take your breath away. 4 Receptions, dine-in, live-in kitchen, pyjama lounge, 5 beds, including guest suite, 3 baths (mes), guest cloak. Upstairs library off main bedroom. Open, bright & breezy to huge verandahs with day beds overlooking lush verdant valley. Generator, borehole, triple staff, guard house, 5 garages. State of the art security. Asking R35 million. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref: 2342559

WESTCLIFF JOHANNESBURG Asking R19.75 million Respected and loved architect, Joe van Rooyen has created the perfect warm, erudite family home. Secure. Solid. Stylish and very smart. Owners and artisans have collaborated - sheer art and functionality - the main objective. High end... Mature trees, lush verdant professionally landscaped garden with glimpses of views acrosss the valley, frame this genius work. State of the art security, borehole, Egoli gas. 5 Receps, 4 bedrooms, 3 en-suite, 4 baths, triple staff. 2nd Dwelling - luxurious guest suite with supreme entertaining to pool plus exquisite dine-in wine cellar. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010

FOREST TOWN JOHANNESBURG Asking R6.2 million Superbly restored to absolute perfection by fastidious owners. Borehole, egoli gas, security of the highest order complete with suburb security initiative. 4 receptions with open plan kitchen complete with bespoke cabinets and stove. 2 Suites inside the main house. Completely self contained cottage to garden. Covered entertaining patio with high wood lofty beams to lush verdant garden and pool. High ceilings, wood, French white doors, chandeliers European tiles, fireplaces. Wonderful flow throughout! Staff acc garaging off road parking. Brilliant access. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010

WESTCLIFF JOHANNESBURG Offers from R16.75 million. Staircase to a good buy in sought after boomed Wexford Avenue. Security of the highest order. Stylishly refurbished by innovative LVM Architects. Natural light infiltrates from all angles. Contemporary open plan. Minimalist design. Secluded, landscaped lush garden on ±3577m² with pool and court. Al fresco dining under magnificent tall trees and birdsong. 5 Receptions, study, guest cloakroom, entertainers patio, dine-in kitchen, 4 double bedrooms (mes), 5 bathrooms / showers, 4 garages, staff acc, borehole. Asking R18.75 million. Beverley Gurwicz 082 412 0010 Web ref. 3117073

morningside sAndton Asking r4.7 million wonderful cluster home in this lovely treed complex plus the bonus of lots of parkland to play in. modern / classic finishes, open plan living spaces with the emphasis on easy entertainment and hassle free living. this cluster offers 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, 3 lovely reception rooms, open plan kitchen, lap pool and low maintenance garden. stan rosenberg 082 558 9258 marc wachenheimer 082 854 7272 web ref: 3408366

morningside sAndton Asking r4.5 million A piece of the italian countryside in the heart of morningside. immaculate, warm and sunny with a relaxed lifestyle pervades this very special cluster. enjoy the spacious open plan living with a wonderful flow onto the patio and landscaped garden. entrance, lounge, family room, chefs kitchen, 3 generous bedrooms and much more. stan rosenberg 082 558 9258 marc wachenheimer 082 854 7272 web ref: 3585911

linksfield north bedfordview Asking r9.9 million newly refurbished home by top interior designer, boasting glass, brick, granite & river stone - an electric mix of earthy tones! American shutters, wallpaper for atmosphere & beautiful chandeliers completes the ambiance of this stunning home. open-plan kitchen with views of pool deck & garden, breakfast area & scullery. lounge with fireplace & brick cladding, tv room. downstairs guest suite . 4 Upstairs beds, 5 baths (3 ensuite). Covered patio with pool deck, staff suite, 3 garages & 1 carport. secure complex, 24/7 guard & gated suburb. Charlene 082 448 0440 robby 083 717-2365 web ref: 3643676

LinKsfieLd norTH bedfordview Asking r10.5 million A well built, designer home under tiles with 3 separate wings and central core! Pivotal entrance hall, lounge, sep. cigar lounge/bar, dining and Tv room, all opening out onto spectacular patio with uninterrupted view of the golf course. downstairs kitchen onto atrium, self-contained bedroom wing with lounge, Tv room, bathroom & own entrance. Upstairs branches off to 2nd wing with huge lounge, 1 bed & loungette or 2 beds, bath & dressing room, main en-suite wing with lounge, bedroom & dressing room plus views! staff cottage & 4 garages. Charlene 082 448 0440 web ref: 2113421

bedfordview Asking r9.9 million. entertainer’s mansion on ±1840m², with sweeping views and hydraulic glass elevator. boasting 5 reception areas, including a “man-cave”, with a wine cellar. exquisite finishes throughout, 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, including a glamourous master suite. Gourmet kitchen to satisfy the most exacting cook. Private patios overlook a sun splashed terrace and heated pool, with views at every turn. Ample garaging and parking for 7 cars, staff suite. Generator and excellent security. ingrid Hoaten 082 490 6246 web ref: 3117955

senderwood bedfordview Asking r14.9 million This magnificent home was designed by an architect for an architect! boasting double volume entrance hall with staircase, layers of lights with a blend of wood and genuine stone, flowing open plan spaces. dining and family room, formal lounge (gas fireplace), study and en-suite guest room, gourmet kitchen (scullery & walk-in fridge), 5 bedrooms (mes), 5 bathrooms, games room/ en-suite cottage. Large patio (braai area), timber deck to pool with water feature, borehole & reservoir, staff suite, 4 garages. Charlene 082 448 0440, robby 083 717 2365 web ref: 2525883



Offers from R4.35 million | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 2 Garages

Asking R2.55 million | 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 2 Carports

Pretty irresistible! Inspiring good times with friends and family. Geared for lavish entertainment with unbeatable indoor/outdoor flow. North-facing lounge with cosy fireplace. Dining open plan onto de-luxe kitchen with utility room/ back-up kitchen onto family room. Luxuriously appointed master bedroom wing with well fitted dressing room and designer en-suite bathroom. Two further large bedroom suites both leading to outdoors. Asking R4.65 million. Willem Prinsloo 082 442 1497, Cornel Ridgard O82 468 8247 Web ref: 3632474

Exquisitely remodelled vintage gem. Home with fabulous wrap around veranda and generous entertainment area. State of the art kitchen with a well fitted scullery/ laundry area with intimate dining area. Three extremely well crafted bedrooms and two crisply renovated bathrooms. A separate fully self-contained cottage. Full staff room and bathroom. A spacious double carport with provision for ample off street parking. Cornel Ridgard O82 468 8247 Willem Prinsloo 082 442 1497 Web ref: 3573895



Asking R3.6 million | 2½ Bathroom | 2 Garages

Asking R10.5 million | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 3 basement parkings

A safe haven nestled in the most sought-after hills of Emmarentia. Fall in love with tranquillity, safeness with peace of mind! A must view for the discerning family. Boasting with 4 bedrooms with main en suite, all north facing, great flowing of spacious receptions leading to outdoor patio, borehole, heated pool and extra parking space. Just the right sanctuary. Personal touches will the only changes to be made. Charné du Plessis 082 454 1872 web ref: 3146833

Shakespeare in Love inspired penthouse, buy your very own “tree tops in the city” apartment with an entertainment roof garden, that has to be seen to be believed, and solar heated swimming pool/jacuzzi. Steven Falcke has dramatically decorated this unique space. 3 reception rooms, study, 3 bedrooms en-suite, storeroom, laundry and 3 basement parking bays. Ideally situated close to Hyde Park and Dunkeld West shopping centres. Di Kuhlenthal 082 960 5353; Debbie Parkinson 083 326 7739 Web ref: 3422538



Asking R5.42 million | 3 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking R5.6 million | 4 bedrooms | 3½ bathrooms | 3 garages

Sensational architecture in millionaire's row with the finest properties in fashionable Sterrewag. A home built for glamorous sophistication for the entertainer offers; 3 double suites plus upstairs study room and guest toilet, stunning chef's kitchen flowing into open-plan living areas and a covered patio with a sparkling pool. A separate entry flat-let / work-from-home building with bathroom, kitchenette and spacious living area. Double garage, storage room, staff quarters and for the wine lover, a quaint wine cellar! This architect-designed home will delight the most discerning perfectionist. Denise Ferreira 083 6601 486 Office 012 460 9261 Web ref: 3477498

Sotheby's International Realty Pretoria estate Living Team brings to you an elegant residence complimented by Italian architectural features. On arrival, a water fountain and porte cochere welcomes you into a residence of heartfelt warmth and open flowing reception areas. A practical flow leads through scatter folding doors onto an open patio next to the swimming pool and spacious, private garden. Working from home is a pleasure with a large study enjoying easy access from the main entrance. This gorgeous, well-maintained home is on offer at a fair market price. Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 Ofice 012 460 9261 Web ref: 3513637



Asking R7.5 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 4 garages

Asking R6.5 million | 5 bedrooms | 5½ bathrooms | 3 garages

A breathtaking farm style home enjoying the vistas of wide open spaces and views allowing you to dream of tomorrows. The moment that you enter the property, it feels like you've left Pretoria and suddenly arrived in Clarens in the Freestate. Quality building materials, includes sandstone bricks which was cut to perfection to ensure the required detail of the architectural design came to life. The large stand boasts 5 600m² complimented with beautiful landscaping and healthy green lawn for kids to play and enjoy! Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 Office 012 460 9261 Web ref: 3442078

This elegant property welcomes you through stately architecture into a warm friendly home which is well designed with easy flow from the formal lounge, open flowing reception areas which includes a family room, dining room open plan to a designer kitchen and braai entertainment room with braai overlooking the swimming pool. This truly unique home is ideal for the connoisseur of life. The Wilds offers a well-established family lifestyle estate, complimented with a clubhouse and swimming pool as well as walkways and beautiful gardens. An ideal location to enjoy for a lifetime. Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 Office 012 460 9261 Web ref: 3532666



Price on application | 4 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 6 garages

Asking R10.3 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 4 garages

This palatial classic whispers of sophisticated elegance in its timeless and free flowing design. An exquisite English manor offering luxurious proportions and superior finishing’s. Set in a prestigious haven of tranquillity and privacy with panoramic views, epitomizes the perfect marriage of architectural magnificence and opulence. Majestic reception rooms fitted with Masport gas fireplaces boast beautiful stacking doors which open onto a sumptuous covered veranda with vistas of the magnificent, manicure garden accentuated by the tranquil water features and cityscapes beyond. Large natural dam / lake with around 60 Koi fish. Michelle Vergottini 072 174 6310 Web ref: 3641031

This home’s climate is perfectly suited to an alfresco living. The perfect marriage of indoor-outdoor living. With large stackable glass doors, you can bring the outdoor in and vice versa. These doors create an endless flow from inside to outside. The beautifully designed kitchen that overlooks the open plan family and dining area is the central masterpiece of this living space. More and more people prefer the convenience of working from home. The well-organized office in this home includes dedicated work areas, ample storage, desktop space, and shelves for books. Samir Jhina 079 812 9007 Office 012 492 5635 Web ref: 3548672



Asking R11.3 million | 5 bedrooms | 8 bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking R16.5 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 2 garages

Stunning sunrise in Southdowns Estate! You should know me by now, I love to talk about the beauty of the surroundings of a home. To me what makes a home beautiful is not only how the home was built, but how natures embellishes a home. I am amazed on how nature adorns this home. I am here to promote the unforgettable shows in the sky at the beginning of each day…a sunrise. A sunrise is not just beautiful and a spectacle of colors, but it is also fleeting…can I say, like life too? Watch Mother nature put on her morning display from the back yard of this home. Samir Jhina 079 812 9007 Office 012 492 5635 Web ref: 3541363

This unique and exclusive riverside residence is set in a park like garden setting measuring 6764m² offering extensive accommodation, 2 lounges, library / study, cocktail bar, expansive patio, pool entertainment lounge with pub, thatched gazebo and much more, namely a large office block, flatlet, staff quarters, storerooms and carports located behind the residence. The property has 45 meters of river frontage, a private slipway to launch a boat and offers the developer a unique proposition to subdivide and create a unique complex along the banks of the Nahoon River. Ann Nel 083 445 1163 Office 043 726 0111 Web ref: 2075815



Asking R5.85 million | 4 bedrooms | 3½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking R16.5 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 3 garages

This extraordinary 525m² high-tech mansion on Victory Park border built 5 years ago dazzles with high volume entrance foyer with dramatic crystal chandelier leads to study, open plan living areas & entertainment room /patio with built in braai all opening to outdoors. Upstairs: pajama lounge with breath-taking views, 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms (2 en-suite). Plus: 2bedroom flat (staff suite), salt chlorinated heated pool, 2 storerooms, clean water tanks, 3-phase prepaid electricity with UPS inverter backup, irrigation system & top security (high walls, electric fences, cameras, sensors, beams). Melinda Odendaal 083 399 4113 Maria Minik 083 380 2939 Web ref: 3397164

Attention to detail went into the design and building of this 100% authentic Japanese home. Materials were imported and fine workmanship is evident. The site is one of the best view sites in Johannesburg. Extraordinary features like central heating, bamboo and other imported materials to create a true Japanese home. Finely designed Zen gardens with Koi ponds complete the setting. Off-the-grid features like consumable borehole water and solar power. Not everyone will appreciate what went into creating this masterpiece. Will you? Gert Bekker 082 570 0222 Office 011 476 8303 Web ref: LEJ82D (



Price on application | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking R14.8 million | 4 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 4 garages

Magnificent classical colonial home in a land mark setting with commanding views set on 6 784m² of land. Entertainment facilitates are conduit for lavish entertaining, outdoor expansive patios surround the endless gardens. Natural light, gorgeous gardens and spacious recreation rooms all elevate this home to a level of incredible value seldom found today. 5 bedrooms, 5 en-suite, cocktail bar, master chef kitchen plus a fully contained one bedroom flat-let. Another undercover entertainment area with viewing deck and outside toilet facilitates. Double garages, staff accommodation and laundry. Sabrina Errico 082 4148955 Office 032 946 1818 Web ref: H84

An enticing entrance into the residence, allows one to breathe in the harmonious yet majestic presentation into the home. The double volume entrance hall leads one through to various reception areas including a very spacious lounge and enclosed entertainment area with uninterrupted sea views. The design of this home focuses on embracing these views from as many rooms and angles as possible and while doing so, also creates fluid and cohesive living spaces. This immaculate 4 bedroomed home with luxurious finishes in a very desirable position is the epitome of modern elegance. Michelle Larkens 082 775 3998 Office 032 946 1818 Web ref: BW141

DeVOnVALe GOLF AnD wIne estAte, westeRn cAPe

steLLenBOscH, westeRn cAPe

Asking R6 million | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 1 garages

Asking R17.5 million | 5 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 1 garage

A unique opportunity to live overlooking the 1st Fairway of the Devonvale championship Golf course, situated on the northern slopes of the Devon Hills in the sought after cape winelands and enjoying magnificent and uninterrupted views through to table Mountain.this home has it all with expansive open plan living areas leading to sweeping verandas, 3 comfortable bedrooms and a sunny television lounge on the first floor. In addition there is a study on the ground floor and a sun filled artist studio on the first floor, both of which could easily be turned into single bedrooms. Derek cohen 082 776 8282 Brenda cohen 082 569 4632 web ref: 3586285

this extremely private, exclusive property is nestled on approx. 1.5 hectare of gardens graced by stunning views across the Rustenberg Valley national Heritage site overlooking the impressive simonsberg Mountain. the newly renovated stellenbosch home has an elegant and sophisticated flair with spacious rooms and quality finishes. Large picture windows throughout fill the house with light. Detlef struck 079 597 1727 Office 021 809 2760 web ref: 3438728

steLLenBOscH, westeRn cAPe

PAARL, westeRn cAPe

Asking R6.85 million | 5 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 3 garages

Asking R7.995 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 2 garages

Lew Geffen sotheby’s International Realty offers with pride this elegant and innovative home with quality finishes and unique features. the double volume sunny entrance hall and unrestricted views onto the outdoor living area sets the tone. the open plan kitchen-, living- and entertainment rooms flow effortlessly onto an extra ordinary balcony with an elevated rim flow swimming pool. Marelise Visagie 072 776 2645 Office 021 809 2760 web ref: 3641128

Alfresco living comes into its own with the expansive decks and private patios which are enhanced by the park-like grounds and breathtaking natural surroundings. spacious living with open plan kitchen, family room, dining room taking in the great views. Although peaceful and totally serene, the property is in easy proximity to major schools. Miranda coetzee 083 414 7212 Adele de Almeida 082 780 0067 Office 021 870 1011 web ref: 3612848



Asking r22 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking r12.5 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 2 garages

This boutique home with 360-degree views are embraced through the masterful use of varying levels. Exquisite positioning with great privacy, European design and tranquility. An elegantly designed triple level home with expansive glass windows, sliding doors and strategically places balconies creating a natural flow from interior to the exterior. chantal botes 083 702 5460 Office 021 851 4450 web ref: 3602831

The imposing light filled entrance leads to a stylish home of modern simplicity, fluidity and harmony. The ingenious use of space and glass creates a home for effortless living with the natural light punctuating the crisp clean modern lines throughout. The home boasts a free flowing kitchen, dining and lounge area optimized for an effortless entertaining flow to the outdoor patio, braai area & large pool. Office 021 870 1011 web ref: 3524641



Asking r11.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 3 garages

Asking r12.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 garages

This private iconic sanctuary enjoys a tranquil setting with captivating views from an exclusive address. This imposing home, with very modern finishes has earned its status within boschenmeer golf Estate, a premium secure lifestyle estate. The sheer brilliance of the design will inspire and attract a discerning buyer. Marinda de Jongh 082 573 2204, Marilize breytenbach 083 241 1580 Office 021 870 1011 web ref: 3480544

This imposing home is found in a quiet cul de sac in the Val de Vie Estate, overlooking a large expanse of water with the Drakenstein mountains in the distance. A breathtaking, double volume entrance welcomes you to a home that has been thoughtfully and tastefully designed and decorated. The high end finishes, bespoke details and combination of elements makes this house stand out as a true home for the soul. Marli Scheppel 083 988 5691 Ané wessels 063 682 2538 Office 021 770 0230 web ref: 3603573

constantia uPPER, caPE toWn

constantia, caPE toWn

asking R18.5 million | 5 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 2 garages

asking R12.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 3 garages

this contemporary family home is a sophisticated and luxurious retreat that reflects a perfect merging of comfort and the breath taking mountain views. stepping into the double volume entrance hall you get this first glimpse of sophisticated luxury that this home has to offer, with an open space where there are defined areas for casual & formal living, dining & relaxing. there are glass stackback doors that lead to the undercover patio which offers views of the mountain. Leading off is an open plan eat in kitchen with a separate laundry/scullery and a guest suite. Rouvaun McKirby 071 671 0821 Jacques Fourie 072 304 7957, Jo thomas 084 404 4120 Web ref: 3539882

Location, lifestyle and secure estate living. this luxurious home in strawberry Field security Estate boasts a fluid floor plan with a light and airy ambiance. the expansive spaces that characterize the home make large scale entertaining simple. the spacious open-plan living areas with two fireplaces flow perfectly to the large covered patio, pool and established garden. the gourmet kitchen is open plan to an informal dining room and family room. the main home offers 3 generously proportioned en-suite bedrooms and a 4th bedroom or study. a one bed cottage with separate entrance ticks all the boxes. Eileen 082 410 7204, Yvonne 079 300 7784 Web ref: 3666068

niEuWE stEEnBERG, caPE toWn

ZWaansWYK, constantia VaLLEY, caPE toWn

Plot and plan from R9.775 million (incl. Vat) no transfer duty.

asking R18.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 2 garages

Build a luxurious home on this exclusive secure estate beautifully situated amongst the vineyards of steenberg Wine Farm to the north and west. to the east the property borders the world class norval Foundation art gallery and outdoor sculpture garden. Live a peaceful and secure lifestyle in tranquil surroundings. Dave Burger 083 458 3333 Brenda Pretorius 083 442 1318 steve thomas 084 471 4722 office 021 701 2446 Web ref: 3455828

architecturally designed residence embracing the equestrian lifestyle. Magnificent, modern masterpiece featuring an open plan, entertainer's lifestyle impresses with high-end finishes throughout. 4 en-suite bedrooms, cinema, loft games room and more! option exists to purchase main house or stable section separately. Dawn Bloch 072 496 9458 office 021 701 2446 Web ref: 2445V2 (

claremont upper, cape toWn

neWlandS, cape toWn

asking r29 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 2 garages

asking r6 million plus vat | 3 bedrooms | 2½ bathrooms | 2 garages

Style and luxury in Hoogeind estate. Superbly appointed family home on 1075m² in gated estate offering 24 hour on and off site security – fabulous open-plan living areas lead out to enclosed terrace and landscaped garden with entertainment lapa and solar heated pool. this exceptional property is set on two stands and offers numerous additional features – it is 80% off grid, has a borehole providing filtered water for domestic use, excellent staff accommodation and additional secure parking. Barbara manning 083 407 3656 office 021 673 1240 Web ref: 3622733

natural light and neutral top-quality finishes define this brand-new stylish townhouse situated in prime location opposite SacS and within walking distance to trendy dean Street shops and restaurants. Generous open plan living with feature fireplace, leading out to garden and patio. Fitted kitchen with caesar stone tops. air conditioned main bedroom with en-suite bathroom and stacking doors to private balcony capturing the mountain views from this enviable position. 2 further bedrooms with family bathroom and guest cloakroom. double garage with direct access, additional guest parking. nina Smith 082 774 4596, jo Fourie 071 286 5383 Web ref: 3436642

Hout Bay, mount rHodeS, cape toWn

kommetjie, cape toWn

asking r12.995 million | 6 bedrooms | 5½ bathrooms | 3 garages

asking r8.25 million | 5 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 2 garages

Finished to european standards with high technology spec for a luxury lifestyle. the residence features split levels, 480m² with a custom foyer. the spacious master bedroom located on the opposite end features a his & hers en-suite. Study. Balcony with oversized windows & magnificent views. the living/ dining room is served by a modern kitchen, Siemens appliances & travertine flooring. "my place" air-conditioning daikin systems. pool house with kitchenette, toilet and shower. outdoor patio heating, salt chlorinator pool, astroturf with low maintenance garden. terri Steyn 082 777 0748 office 021 701 2446 Web ref: 3191907

Giving rise to a new era of appointed living, glorious home with sensational north facing views across the atlantic ocean. a unique experience with a dual living option or one extraordinary home. this contemporary home offers state of the art finishes and is incredibly well designed with loads of light. modern & functional the open plan kitchens and living areas with fireplaces lead out to covered patios with entertainment facilities, built in braai and solar heated lap pool with glorious sea views. the adjoining home replicates the main house in terms of quality & excellence in design. a courtyard connects the 2 homes. natalie cooper 083 6300 911 Web ref: 2249966

SiMon’S ToWn, CAPe ToWn

noordhoek, CAPe ToWn

Asking r5.175 million | 4 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 garages

Asking r6.77 million | 4 bedrooms | 3½ bathrooms | 2 garages

This contemporary coastal home, elegantly set against the mountainside, has been positioned to capture & frame the spectacular sea views from every area. Custom finishes & fittings throughout, with gleaming solid wood floors add to this homes nautical appeal. Glacial white fully fitted kitchen and open plan dining & lounge area lead out to sea-view entertainment area. A broad stairway leads you to the second level of the home where you will find 4 luxury bedroom suites each with sea-view. double automated garage. Bev Goldhill 082 455 7239 Web ref: 3433023

olea gem - exciting, eclectic, exceptional. Lake Michelle Secure estate noordhoek at its very best. Arriving through a hand-made, solid-wood door, the flair, the quality and attention-to-detail, will take your breath away! This classy, tranquil residence, boasts outstanding finishes with beautiful north-facing views. Flexibly designed around family-living, the home has excellent flow to an established indigenous garden. The very private swimming pool and patio are noticeably wind-protected. Superb value... Seeing is believing. Lilian Bron 082 377 3725 office 021 784 2260 Web ref: 3232419

CAMPherSdriFT, GArden rouTe

krAAiBoSCh CounTry eSTATe, GArden rouTe

Asking r4.25 million | 5 bedrooms | 4½ bathrooms | 4 garages

Asking r8.25 million | 5 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 3 garages

Positioned on the foothills of George’s mountain range, this home enjoys easy biking and hiking access, into the mountains. The living areas flow to a glazed conservatory, opening to the braai patio, pool and terrace, within a walled garden. Space and proportion are key features of this fabulous home, including expansive living areas and a self-contained guest suite. The upper level includes four, sun-filled bedrooms, with sash, dormer windows. Secured parking, controlled access and garaging for three vehicles, a boat and trailer, and drive-through access to the back garden, add to the appeal of this exceptional home. Marsha Brand 083 266 7294 Web ref: 3630680

if you’re an “entertaining” family, this exclusive home cannot be matched. The volumes and flow from the indoors to the outdoors, of almost every room are exceptional. A study, inter-leading living areas, “Top Billing” styled kitchen, indoor braai room and bar, all opening out to elevated terraces and the “L” shaped pool, are simply stunning. offering five bedroom suites and a pyjama lounge on the upper level, and a staff bedroom suite on the ground level. Garaging for several vehicles is provided and fitted storage units are included in the main garage complex. Justin Cawood 083 312 8960 Liezl Joubert 076 910 2723 office 044 873 2519 Web ref: 3645731

simola, KNYsNa, gaRDeN Route

simola, KNYsNa, gaRDeN Route

asking R14 million | 4 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | 2 garages

asking R11.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 4½ bathrooms | 2 garages

among the most sought-after areas on the garden Route, from Wilderness to plettenberg Bay and back to Cape town. Come discover this charming home over two levels in a calm location with panoramic views of simola. exclusive quality, generous volumes, west- facing with amazing sunsets. the home features 4 en-suite bedrooms, 3 spacious lounges that open onto the terrace, open plan kitchen and a private study. for the entertainer, a separate bar on the southern side, overlooking the pool and the gorgeous Knysna River. parking for 8 cars outside and a double garage for 4 cars completes this property. Joey scheffer 082 901 4090 office 044 382 4700 Web ref: 3497127

this exquisite and well-designed home is light and airy with a great flow and spectacular views from every room. a well-appointed kitchen with centre island enhances the spacious open plan living area between the lounge, dining room and bar which open to the outdoor living areas with undercover patio, gorgeous swimming pool, outdoor BBQ and expansive gardens which extend out onto the rolling greens. an additional lounge/entertainment area, unique sunken wine cellar, double garage and parking bays for guests accentuate the joys of a comfortable lifestyle. alexander Vincent 082 556 1326 office 044 382 0600 Web ref: 2697193

theseN islaND, KNYsNa, gaRDeN Route

pezula golf estate, KNYsNa, gaRDeN Route

asking R6.8 million | 3 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 garages

asking R5.5 million | 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 3 garages

ideal, sunny holiday home on the water. Close to the entrance of the Knysna lagoon and the restaurants on thesen island. open plan living with deck and mooring on a wide canal. modern kitchen, lounge dining room and sunroom flowing onto the outside entertainment area. two spacious, en-suite bedrooms in the main house. a double volume complements the living area. a flat on the garage provides excellent income potential. one of a few thesen homes with views of the lagoon. the quiet basin of water is ideal for canoeing and stand up paddle boarding. ample guest parking. Corlia goris 083 441 1079 office: 044 382 4700 Web ref: 3643237

Contemporary sea-facing home offering wonderful family living. spacious open plan living/dining area with gas fireplace lead into a large granite kitchen with gas hob, electric oven and scullery area, joined to the garages with automated doors. the main and second bedroom host full, en-suite bathrooms with under floor heating. a further 2 bedrooms, each with their own full bathrooms, lead off from either side of an amazing family room with fireplace plus generous lock up wine cellar. a courtyard with north facing “boma” and water feature makes for fabulous sheltered entertaining. lorna Crouch 083 409 3035 office: 044 384 0134 Web ref: 3091196



Asking R19.85 million | 5 bedrooms | 6 bathrooms | 6 garages

Asking R6.25 million | 3 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 garages

Exceptionally spacious and luxurious Brackenridge Estate home, accommodating a unique entrance hall with waterfall feature leading to a beautiful, open-plan living area & well-appointed kitchen with pantry, laundry & scullery, a 2nd living room/“sunroom” with glass stack doors, 2nd lounge upstairs, 5 en-suite bedrooms with a 6th bedroom in the self-contained flatlet, a gym with bathroom, study, an entire level dedicated to entertainment (movie theatre, wine cellar, spacious central games room / living area leading to a private, enclosed patio), easy-to-maintain garden, heated pool, 6 car garage. Contact: Hein Pretorius 083 701 3159 Web ref: 3565768

North facing, 3 ensuite bedroom home with everchanging magnificent elevated views of the ocean, mountains and lagoon ,situated in the upmarket gated estate of Montmar in Bowtie. Entering through a private garden courtyard and double volume entrance hall the lounge, dining room and kitchen are all on this level. The lounge which leads out to an undercover entertainment area has a built-in bar perfect for entertaining. The lower level has 2 spacious ensuite bedrooms opening out to a private patio and garden. The top level has an ensuite guest bedroom. Warm, inviting & waiting for you to collect the key. Carrie Maclean 082 566 1881 Web ref: 3652810



Asking R6.4 million | 5 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 garages

From R11,5 million incl vat (no transfer duty)

Picture perfect, well-loved home with an amazing lifestyle in Strandmeer estate on the Keurbooms River. Welcoming entrance with water feature. The heart of the home is the very spacious covered entertainment room which boasts built-in braai, pizza oven, wood-burning fireplace, lounge and pub. The kitchen has granite countertops, pantry and separate scullery / laundry and an outdoor aquaponics herb garden. Double garage. The estate is pet-friendly and has floodlit tennis courts, pool, access-control gate, cameras, private pathway to the beach and boat mooring at the river. Sue Harvey 083 306 7499 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 3622543

Beachfront plots available at Robberg Beach which is a 5km stretch of Plett’s most beautiful coastline. A unique, access-controlled eco estate comprising 14 exclusive erven. Architectural guidelines in place to ensure harmony with design, aesthetics and the natural environment. A number of stands are available and once you’ve visited the site, you will appreciate the value of these stands considering that similar properties along the beachfront are selling for over R30 Million. A unique opportunity. Don’t miss this one. Elbie Pama 082 569 2588, Hein Pretorius 083 701 3159 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 3534993

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