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Our organization changed its name in 2010 but our mission remains the same: to engage Princeton alumni and others in initiatives that serve the public interest. We did this for two decades as Princeton Project 55, starting out as middle-aged college classmates who recruited students and graduates to work for nonprofit organizations. We‟ve also done it for the past decade through The Alumni Network, encouraging and supporting similar projects at Princeton and at other colleges around the country. Many of you joined us in celebrating these pioneering initiatives at a highly successful 20th Anniversary Gala in Princeton last May. Their good work continues. Our original name survives in the Princeton Project 55 Fellowship Program, which this year has 51 recent graduates working with 40 partner organizations in seven U.S. cities. This new class of fellows joins a growing cadre of more than 1,250 alumni of the PP55 program. The Alumni Network also continues to flourish; all told, its affiliates placed more than 550 interns and fellows this year.

William R. Leahy ‟66, Kathleen E. Reilly, and R. Kenly Webster ‟55

Our new name goes hand in hand with a renewed commitment to develop and implement programs that are designed for, and driven by, alumni of all ages. To that end, we launched the Community Volunteers Program, piloting this year in Trenton, NJ, and Washington, DC. This new initiative connects Princeton alumni from the ‟60s, ‟70s, and ‟80s with nonprofit organizations in need of experienced professional help. All of this is possible because of your support and the hard work of our many volunteers, staff, and Board members, who ensure that our programs and impact continue to grow. As we look to the future, we echo the sentiments of Board Member Kathy Miller ‟77, who so aptly said at our 20th Anniversary Gala: “For me, this organization has been an opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from extraordinary alumni of all generations, whose shared effort improves people‟s lives and improves our society through service to others. Our first 20 years have been phenomenal. In the next 20 years, with your help, we will lead Princeton AlumniCorps to be a diverse community of alumni, working together to envision and create change through civic leadership.” Sincerely,

William R. Leahy ‟66 President

R. Kenly Webster ‟55 Chair

Kathleen E. Reilly Executive Director

In 2010-11, Princeton AlumniCorps programs and affiliates are empowering hundreds of alumni to serve their communities in 11 states and the District of Columbia: New Hampshire


Minnesota New York


Illinois California



Connecticut New Jersey

District of Columbia

Since our founding, Princeton AlumniCorps has engaged volunteers from 51 Princeton graduating classes and attracted donors from 58. 2010-11 PP55 Fellows Jessica Gamboa ‟10, Christine Prifti ‟10, Lauren Bierman ‟10 and Agatha Offorjebe „09

A solid majority of PP55 alumni responding to a recent survey continue to be involved in the nonprofit sector: 56% currently work in the public interest. 49% serve nonprofit organizations as board members or volunteers. 72% say that their PP55 experience directly impacted their career path. 90% agree that Princeton AlumniCorps prepares fellows for civic leadership in the nation‟s service. The PP55 program has placed more than 1,250 students and recent graduates in internships and fellowships at nearly 500 partner organizations.

John Fish ‟55, Lindsay Wall ‟02 and Pete Milano ‟55

Our outreach effort, The Alumni Network, has helped college students and alumni around the country organize more than 30 initiatives inspired by the PP55 example.

Dena Koren ’04, former PP55 Fellow at Building Educated Leaders for Life, Boston

The Project 55 Fellowship Program provides opportunities for young alumni to develop a lifelong commitment to public service and prepare for effective civic leadership. Since its inception in 1989, it has placed more than 1,250 Princeton graduates in summer internships and year-long fellowships at more than 500 public interest organizations across the country.

Above 2009-10 Area Committee Chairs Jessica Johnson ‟98, Aiala Levy ‟07, Kate Lewis LaMonica ‟08, Harry Berkowitz ‟55, Rebecca Nemec ‟05, and Carol Rosenfeld „05 Opposite, left to right Meredith Bock ‟10, Alexa Glencer ‟10, Steve McNamara ‟55, and Cameron White ‟09 in San Francisco Fellows at a seminar in Washington, DC, in 2010 Kathy Canning ‟97, Rainah Berlowitz ‟97, Amy Burghardt ‟05, Julie Rubinger ‟09, and Dominique Salerno ‟10 in New York Michelle Saddler ‟85, Chief of Staff to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, addresses guests at our 20th anniversary celebration in Chicago

Fellows gain professional experience in such fields as education, employment, community development, and health through paid fellowships. They join a community of alumni and organizations dedicated to the common good and enjoy access to supportive mentors and unique professional development opportunities. Participating organizations benefit from our work in recruiting, screening, and supporting fellows. Partner organizations gain access to bright, motivated talent for a minimal stipend. These organizations address critical social problems and are asked to provide fellows with significant responsibility plus excellent supervision and mentoring. In 2010-11, 51 Project 55 Fellows are serving the public interest at 40 organizations in Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, New York City, Philadelphia, the Bay Area, and Washington, DC. More than 60 organizations and 130 recent graduates have applied to participate in the 2011-12 program. In February 2010, John Fish ‟55, a founder of the PP55 Program, introduced Maria Orozco ‟04 as the new PP55 Program Leader.

How it Works Princeton AlumniCorps staff and alumni volunteers screen fellowship applicants, match them with partner organizations, and provide mentoring and professional development. Nonprofit organizations take on energetic and talented Princeton graduates to work for a year as PP55 fellows on modest salaries. Fellows gain professional experience that deepens their understanding of and commitment to addressing pressing social issues — and may set them on a lifetime career path. Why It Matters According to a survey of 2009-10 fellows: 100% agreed that their fellowship was a worthy way to spend the year, and would recommend the program to other Princeton students and alumni. 90% indicated that their knowledge of and engagement with the nonprofit sector increased. 93% felt that they benefitted from the support of alumni volunteers and mentors. 39% continue to work in the nonprofit sector, and 42% are attending graduate school.

Kathryn Bailey ‟10 Blessing Agunwamba ‟10 Idil Kore ‟10 Jayme Ranalli ‟08

Adam Kaufmann, Assistant District Attorney, New York County District Attorney’s Office Julianne Grasso ‟10

Steve Pearson ‟09

Bartholt Clagett ‟10

Lauren Bierman ‟08 Agatha Offorjebe ‟09

Halcyon Person ‟10

Erica Greil ‟10

Jacob Kosior ‟10

Mark Buettner ‟09

Jayne Choi ‟10

Alejandro Perez ‟10

Jessica Gamboa ‟10 Farrell Harding ‟10 Leif Johnson ‟10 Cameron Lloyd ‟09

Sarah Kabourek ‟10 Whitney Williams ‟09 Adrienne Dominguez ‟10

Emily Silk ‟10

Elizabeth Pillion ‟05

Katherine Fallon ‟09 Marguerite Colson ‟10 Julie Flynn ‟10 Bret Rubin ‟09 Jennie Sirignano ‟10

Samuel Page ‟10

Carey Batschi ‟10

Michelle Arader ‟10 Dominique Salerno ‟10

Colleen Poynton ‟09

Alison Laporte-Oshiro ‟09 Elizabeth Rosen ‟10

Reilly Kiernan ‟10 Allison Wood ‟10

Andrew Kinaci ‟10

Christina Jones ‟10

Aditi Vasan ‟10 Christine Prifti ‟10

Cameron White ‟09

Jessica Jardine ‟10 Anupama Pattabiraman ‟10

Esther Breger ‟10

Paul Nehring ‟10

Peale Iglehart ‟10

Meredith Bock ‟10 Jeffrey Campbell ‟10 Alexa Glencer ‟10

Kef Kasdin ’85, Program Leader, Community Volunteers

In May 2010, the Board of Directors approved the launch of Community Volunteers, a new initiative to connect alumni from the classes of the ‟60s, ‟70s and ‟80s with innovative volunteer opportunities in the nonprofit sector. Community Volunteers launched in September and is piloting this year in Trenton, NJ, and Washington, DC. Too often, nonprofits can‟t fully leverage their potential for positive impact in their communities because they lack internal capacity. Yet in these same communities there are many skilled professionals who are interested in volunteering their skills but haven‟t found meaningful opportunities to do so. The goal of the Community Volunteers Program is to connect the talents, experience and passion of Princeton alumni to local nonprofits in need of skilled volunteer support.

Dick Walker ‟73 leads an activity at a board networking night in Washington, DC, in November 2010

During this pilot year in Trenton, Community Volunteers is organizing pro bono working groups of alumni to assist nonprofit organizations with substantive short-term projects. Initial project opportunities have been identified and will be undertaken in coming months. In the Washington area, Community Volunteers is working to equip Princeton alumni for effective service on nonprofit boards. Since September, we have held a panel on board service and a board networking night to connect alumni with nonprofit organizations, and board training sessions are planned for the spring of 2011. To learn more and stay up to date on the latest news, visit

Bill Leahy ’66, President

Although Project 55 was initially focused on Princetonians, before long it was sharing its growing expertise not only with other Princeton organizations, but also with other institutionsâ€&#x; alumni who wanted to start similar projects of their own. Beautiful Minds Project, Princeton Club of Southern California Stanford Public Interest Network

University of Colorado Public Interest Internship Experience Colorado College Public Interest Fellowship Program

Yale Class of 1957 Music Endowment Program Yale Project 55

Alumni for Public Schools University of Chicago Public Interest Program Northwestern University Public Interest Program

Snowden/Princeton and Friends Mentoring Program

In 1999 we established The Alumni Network (TAN), then a ninemember consortium of alumni-driven public interest organizations at Princeton and in other cities. Since then, alumni, students, and administrators at more than 100 colleges and universities have contacted TAN about starting their own initiatives. Today, TAN affiliates include more than 30 public interest programs at colleges and universities across the country, including some working abroad. Many affiliates place fellows and interns at innovative organizations working toward systemic change, while others run mentorship or community outreach programs. Taken together, TAN affiliates have placed more than 7,000 interns and fellows since the Networkâ€&#x;s inception. In 2010-11, 557 undergraduates and recent graduates were placed at public interest organizations in the U.S. and around the world. In many cities, TAN affiliates host joint seminars and social gatherings to connect young alumni with an extensive nonprofit community. This year the Adelphi Community Fellows Program joined The Alumni Network and placed 18 undergraduates in internships.

Center for Public Interest Careers at Harvard College Active Citizenship Summers: Alumni Network, Tufts University

Carleton Project 60: Developing Civic Leaders

Northwestern University Public Interest Program coordinators at a TAN Conference

Dartmouth Partners in Community Service

Princeton Class of 1969 Community Service Fund Princeton in Africa Princeton in Asia Princeton in Chicago Schools Princeton in Latin America Princeton Prize in Race Relations Princeton ReachOut 56-81

Bucknell Public Interest Program

Public Interest Program at McIntire, University of Virginia The John and Mimi Elrod Fellowship, Washington and Lee University

Adelphi Community Fellows Program Syracuse University Mentor/Mentee Alliance

Appleseed Foundation

In 2010 Princeton Project 55 changed its name to Princeton AlumniCorps and marked its 20th anniversary. Alumni and friends gathered in Boston, Chicago, and New York, with celebrations culminating in a gala attended by over 350 guests in Princeton. The gala raised more than $116,000 to make up for decreases in funding from other sources suffered in 2009-10. Many thanks to our many active volunteers and supporters for making our 20th anniversary events a success!

Chicago Area Committee members and volunteers

Brad Stevens ‟09, Navin Bhatia ‟09, and Julie Rubinger ‟09

Bill Lawlor ‟56 and Aiala Levy ‟07

Dominic Michel ‟70 and Kathy Miller ‟77

John Fish ‟55, Kristen Ekdahl Hull ‟99, and Rebecca Deaton ‟91

Dana Malman Warren ‟03, Jessica Johnson ‟98, and Joy Radice ‟97

Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ, in his Keynote Speech at our 20th Anniversary Gala

Above Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ, Keynote Speaker Katie Gingrass w‟55, Ralph Nader ‟55, and Anne Stahel w‟55 Jim Gregoire ‟69 Below

Frank Crews ‟55 and Barbara Crews s‟55 Alejandro Perez ‟10, Marsha Rosenthal ‟76, and Cathy Haught ‟05 Justin Reed ‟05, Scott Welfel ‟06, and Hasina Outtz ‟04

Above Olympia Moy ‟05, Clara Botstein ‟07, and Bethany Aquilina ‟01 Fay Todd and George Hackl ‟55 William Mills, Jr. ‟55, Pete Milano ‟55, and Chris Milano s‟55 Below

Ann Hawryluk s‟55, Pete Hawryluk ‟55, and Kenly Webster ‟55 Carol Amick s‟55, Bob Amick ‟55, and Sally Webster s‟55 Kristen Smith ‟03 and Andrew Protain ‟08

July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010

Despite the tough economic climate, Princeton AlumniCorps had a successful financial year in 2009-10, thanks to generous support from more than 550 individuals, foundations, and corporations — a record for the organization (see following pages). Operating expenses totaled $511,436. Income from all sources came to $654,002— including in-kind services from volunteers and a one-time-only infusion of $116,872 from our 20th anniversary gala. Providing for the Future Looking forward, Princeton AlumniCorps has been making a strategic effort to increase support from alumni and individuals of all generations. Since our founding 21 years ago by members of the Class of 1955, we have engaged donors from 58 different Princeton classes. More than 130 donors made a first-time gift to the organization in 2009-10. Princeton AlumniCorps has also established an endowment to ensure the sustainability of the organization. As of June 30, 2010, total endowment funds came to just over $821,000, the earnings of which are being reinvested in their entirety to build for future financial needs.

$81,219 16%

$285,199 56%

$145,018 28%

Programs ■ Programs Management & Fundraising ■ Management & General General □ Fundraising


The Keystone Society, whose members have included Princeton AlumniCorps in their estate plans, is critical to assuring our continuing legacy. If you are interested in learning more or joining the Keystone Society, please contact Jim Gregoire ‟69 at

7% $99,015 16%

$192,123 30%

$72,000 11% $133,042 18%

Chet Safian ’55, Former Board Member

$116,872 18%

■ Individuals ■ 20th Anniversary Gala (Net Income) ■ In-kind Services from Volunteers ■ Foundations ■ Investment Income □ Other Income

Steve Pearson ’10, PP55 Fellow at Advance Illinois, Chicago

Princeton AlumniCorps is grateful for the support received from the following individuals and organizations from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010

Burt J. Abrams '55 Win R. Adkins '55 Christopher B. Aguilar, II '06 Thomas D. Allison, Jr. '66 Ari G. Altman '97 William Ames '55 Robert M. '55 & Carol R. J. Amick Vincent P. Anderson '65 Janna Z. Andrews '96 Chika Anekwe '06 Anonymous Nicholas Apostolakis '55 Margaret Arbuthnot '07 Jacob P. Arechiga '05 William '70 & Gail Atwater Robert Axelrod '69 Holly Bamford '93 Kathleen Banfield Christina Barba '02 Sarah Barbrow '05 Lew Barker '55 Morey Barnes Yost '00 Lauren W. Barnett '92 Heather B. Barrow '89 Walter R. Barry, Jr. '55 Scott Bartlett '55 George W. Bashore '55 Peter V. Baugher '70 Lisa Bennett '05 Ann D. Berkowitz in honor of Harry Berkowitz '55 Harry W. Berkowitz '55 Arnold M. Berlin '46 Rainah A. Berlowitz '97 Sloan Bermann '02 Becky Betts Maria E. Beylin '07 Ashok M. Bhavnani '55 Stephanie '97 & Timothy '95 Freeth Amanda E. Blaine '03 Kirsten J. Blair '84 David Blair '67 in honor of Bill "Roller" Leahy '66 William Blinder '98 Linda Boachie-Ansah '02 Nicole Boardman Matthew T. Bodie '91 in honor of John Fish '55 Joseph '52 and Sarah Bolster Art Bond '55 Donald L. Boothman '55 Justin S. Borntraeger '02 in honor of John Fish '55 Richard Bott

Thomas D. Boyatt '55 Stephen M. Boyd '55 Jim Bradford '55 Brian Brady Courtney E. Brein '08 F. D. Brigham, Jr. '55 Illa S. Brown '76 Carol Brown '75 Katrina C. Browne '89 Jessica Ginter Brubaker '98 Sandra Bruno '04 Carl Buchman '55 Neil Bullock Traci Burch '02 Judith and William Burks Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation Hillary Burns '97 Brendan T. Byrne '76 George L. Caldwell '55 Katherine S. Canning '97 Andrew G. Carey, Jr. '55 Douglas M. Carpenter '55 Jennifer L. Carpenter '96 Kevin Carty Cindy Casazza '04 John W. Castle '55 Albert K. Chan '91 Steb Chandor '55 Nisan Chavkin Robert M. Chilstrom '67 Emily Chiswick-Patterson '05 Edwin M. Clayton '55 Robert C. Cochran '55 Charles W. Coker, Jr. '55 Laura Collins '99 Meghan Colonna Susan Conger-Austin '83 Frank T. Crews, Jr. '55 Margaret M. Crotty '94 John W. Cruikshank, III '55 Edward G. Crum, Jr. '55 William D. Cummiskey '05 Deborah B. Dalton Peter D. Danforth '55 Jennifer Daniels '93 Martha C. Davidson Owen Davis '99 Donna J. Dean Rebecca E. Deaton '91 & Jadran Lee Milton J. '55 & Sara H. Deitch Samantha DeKoven '94 Meredith Desautels '04 Michelle Dette Gannon '97 Tamatha DeVito Psenka '92

Andres D. Diamond-Ortiz '05 Kimberly '95 & David Digilio Robert Donahue Shannon Donnelly Simmons '03 Kelly J. Dougherty '99 Gordon Douglas '55 & Sheila Mahoney Elizabeth A. Duffy '88 & John Gutman '83 George Dunea & Sally A. Metzler Roy & Joan Ebbel in honor of Erin Ebbel ‟06 John A. Edie '66 Justin N. Elga '00 Idette Elizondo '96 Phyllis M. Ellin '83 Bruce '75 & Debra Elmegreen Glen & Chris Etow in honor of Alexis Etow Alexis Etow '07 Richard Evans '55 Alfred J. Fasulo '55 Meghan Fehlig Mitman '02 Rodney J. Ferris '55 Nataki Finch Richards '93 Emily S. Finkelstein '96 Kathryn Fiorella '06 John H. '55 & Sally W. Fish B. Beck Fisher, Jr. '55 Earl E. & Julianne V. Fitz in honor of Dylan Fitz '05 Dylan B. Fitz '05 James A. Floyd '69 Peter Freeman '66 David & Lydia Fuller David H. Fulmer '55 Julie E. Furlan '01 Jeffrey T. Gaffney '01 Brian J. Gant '97 Andrew Garland '01 & Anne Gordon '01 Rebecca Garr Whitaker '06 Georgia Garthwaite '02 Jessica Garton Szymanski '05 Paul Gazzerro, III '92 Christian Geannette '02 Maura George '01 Austin H. George '55 Charles D. Gerlinger '55 Jeremy M. '94 & Lisa B. '93 Getson Leslie S. Gewin '97 Roger Gilbert, Jr. '55 Ann Glotzbach '05 Andrew Goldstein '06 Byron Goldstein & Deborah Dolnick in honor of Andrew Goldstein ‟06 Jessica Gonzalez

Lawrence Cross, Executive Director, Norwalk Community Health Center, Connecticut

Juan Gonzalez '06 A. R. Gordon '55 Celine Gounder '97 James A. '69 & Jane K. Gregoire Dunrie A. Greiling '92 James Q. '55 & Barbara M. Griffin William M. Grigsby '55 Jacquelyne D. Grimshaw Lewis B. Gustafson '55 Jaime Guzman George C. S. '55 & Ann W. Hackl Gilmor S. Hamill, IV '55 John D. Hamilton, Jr. '55 Oscar P. Hampton, III '55 C. R. "Bud" Harper '55 Elizabeth Harvey '06 John R. Hastings '55 Catrinel Haught *05 Clark C. Havighurst '55 Peter P. Hawryluk '55 Beth Heaton Lauren Hedinger Claire Henderson Kimberly M. Hendler Sarah E. Hendricks '00 Richard L. Herbruck '55 in honor of PP55's 20th Anniversary Ronald J. Hess '55 Meghan K. Hickey '96 Bob Hiden '55 in memory of Charlie Bray '55 Robert L. Hill '55 Ariel K. Hill '97 Albert P. Hinckley, Jr. '55 Mai Hinton '08 in memory of Ruby Mae Alexander Michael E. Hochman '01 John E. Hoffman, Jr. '55 Andrew Hoffman '89 Jeannine E. Hogg '91 Loel Holloway in honor of Sara Holloway ‟06 Sara A. Holloway '06 Kirk Hoopingarner Wilson M. Hopkins, Jr. '55 John Horan Peter D. Horne '55 Steve D. Houck '69 Mary Houghton Alison Hovancik '96 John R. Howell '55 Richard Hueber '55 Kirsten O. Hull '99

Anna Humphreys Finn '02 Jennifer A. Hwang '97 Addison E. '55 & Deborah Igleheart in honor of PP55's 20th Anniversary Chioma A. Ihunnah '06 in honor of John Fish '55 Richard Ishkanian Michael T. Ivers Rishi Jaitly '04 Peter Jefferys '55 in memory of Charlie Bray '55 James C. Jehle '55 Susan & Michael Jennings in honor of Roger V. Moseley '55 Janet Jenq Elizabeth Johnson Allen S. Johnson '55 Jennifer Z. Johnson '97 Jessica D. Johnson '98 Mark C. Jones '94 Graham E. Jones '55 Rebecca E. Jones '02 Landon Y., Jr. '66 & Sarah B. Jones Erica Jones '06 Thomas S. Jordan '55 William A. Jordan, Jr. '95 Melanie Kahl Richard Kaplan Claire Kaplan '92 Emile Karafiol '55 Stanley N. Katz h'21 Daniel S. Kaufman '92 Herbert J. Kaufmann '55 Benet J. Kearney '05 Dennis Keller '63 Alexander Kelso '71 Leslie P. Kernisan '97 Yungbin Vincent Kim '95 David '72 & Maureen Kimball Henry King '55 Richard Kitto '69 Chapman Knott '05 Katie E. Ko '09 in honor of Chet Safian '55 & Vanessa Jackson '04 Dena R. Koren '04 Lawrence Kotewa George Kovatch '55 Seva & Peter Kramer John P. Kretzmann '66 Ian M. Kronish '96 Greg ‟55 & Joan Kuhns William '91 & Gretchen Kurtz

Michael D. Laidlaw '94 Anne G. LaLonde '90 in honor of John Fish '55 Jeremiah D. Lambert '55 in honor of Clare Lambert '08 and Hilary Lambert '10 Cherice Landers '06 William F. Landrigan '76 Carl & Jurate Landwehr William Lawlor '56 David N. Lawrence & Victoria L. Brooks Kristopher Lazzaretti '06 William R. Leahy, Jr. '66 Elliott D. Lee '74 Myron S. Lee '55 Carol Lee '03 Lila Leff Aiala Levy '07 Brett M. Levy '00 Stuart & Gwen Lichtman Edward W. Lincoln, Jr. '55 Camille Logan Weekes '95 Frank Lomax '95 Robert B. Loveman '69 Meg Lowman & Michael Brown in honor of Edward Burgess '07 Peter Ludwig '99

These donors have made a commitment to the future success of Princeton AlumniCorps by including the organization in their estate plans.

Thomas D. Boyatt ‟55 Stephen M. Boyd ‟55 Charles W. Bray ‟55 Milton J. Deitch ‟55 Sara H. Deitch s‟55 John H. Fish ‟55 James A. Gregoire ‟69 George C. Hackl ‟55 John D. Hamilton ‟55 Richard L. Herbruck ‟55 Peter Jefferys ‟55 Oral O. Miller ‟55 A. Chester Safian ‟55 John C. Tucker ‟55 Nelson H. Wild ‟55 Alan M. Willemsen ‟55

Kathy Miller ’77, Board Member

Jocelyn A. Luongo '01 James D. Lynn '55 Eric Macey Daniel Mach '92 Edgar J. Mack, III '55 Donald P. Madden '55 Cathleen Magill '97 H. David Malecek in honor of Michael Malecek '09 Michael D. Malecek '09 Kendall Mallette Dana Malman Warren '03 Anne-Marie Maman '84 Charles F. ‟55 & Doris K. Mapes Thomas Markham '55 Maria Victoria Martinez '01 Luis Martinez Ed Mason '55 Richard H. May '55 Melissa F. Mazin '91 Dana S. Mazo '01 Mark & Carol Mazur Stacy B. McAuliffe '98 Thomas McAuliffe Brent McCallister Gamse '98 John W. McCarter '60 Adele McCarthy-Beauvais '03 Robert C. McClanahan, Jr. '55 Kathleen McCleery '75 Gene McCoy '55 John McDonough '66 Clay McEldowney '69 Wendy L. McGoodwin '93 James C. McGough '55 Ann E. McGowan '92 Arthur '90 & Nancy E. McKee Stephen M. McNamara '55 J. W. McRoberts '55 Scott McVay '55 George G. Meier '55 Ricardo A. Mestres, Jr. '55 Dominic F. Michel '70 Dolores Michelotti in honor of Lindsay Wall ‟02 Robert & Susan Michelotti in honor of Lindsay Wall ‟02 Lori Mihalich-Levin '01 Peter T. Milano '55 Oral O. Miller '55 in memory of Neil Bartley '55 Lauren E. Miller '03 Kathryn A. Miller '77 in honor of Lew and Jean Miller

William W. Mills, Jr. '55 Willis Mills '55 in honor of George Hackl '55 Alma E. Moedano '08 Ki Hyun Moon '01 Frances Morrison Roger V. Moseley '55 Tannwen E. Mount '98 Frank F. Mountcastle, Jr. '55 K. Tracy Munn '81 Mary P. Murley '76 Patrick M. Murphy '93 Jenne Myers Ralph Nader '55 Gary B. Nash '55 Ruth Nass & Theodore Gross in honor of Nora Gross '08 Mary Nelson Rebecca L. Nemec '05 Lee P. Neuwirth '55 Samuel P. Newbold '02 Anh-Thu Ngo '06 Amalia M. NietoGomez '99 Michael Noveck '08 Carol A. Obertubbesing '73 Asha Y. Okorie '00 Charlene H. Olson '88 Muhammad Oodally Maria O. Orozco '03 Anna Maria Ortiz '95 J. Rollin Otto, Jr. '55 Lisa N. Outar '95 Su Yon Pak in honor of Jocelyn Drummond '09 Jennifer Park '05 Amanda M. Peluse '02 Rebecca L. Perlman '08 Kerry Perretta Elizabeth Perriello Rice '90 Conrad Person '75 & Nicole FabricandPerson '76 *01 in honor of Hannibal Person '08 Dani Petrie '90 Helena Phillibert '03 Howard Piggee, III '96 Michael Pink Al Piranian '69 Lori Piranian '06 Alan A. Platt '65 Charles J. Plohn Jr. '66 Joe Podlasek Alexander Polikoff William D. Pollak '03

Oren T. Pollock *51 Paige A. Ponder '96 Anthony Poole Benjamin J. Porter '98 & Lea Weems „99 Paul H. Potter '55 Stephanie Poulos '98 Colleen Poynton '09 Andrea Praeger '74 Leon D. Prockop '55 Lionel & Valeria Protain in honor of Andrew Protain ‟08 William E. Pugh '96 Thomas Pyle '76 Anthony C. E. Quainton '55 Joe Quarles '55 Claudia Quezada Paul Raeder h‟55 Stephanie L. Ramos '00 Stuart Raynor '55 Jennifer Rea '06 Jessica Reardon '05 Justin Reed '05 Gail S. Rees Scott E. Regenbogen '97 Kevin Reich '00 Thomas R. Reid, III '66 in honor of Bill Leahy '66 Maurice T. & Kimberly J. Reidy '97 Kathleen E. Reilly Eileen Reilly Rich Rein '69 Carla Reyes William R. Richardson Jr. '73 Cristina Ritchie Cooper '96 Ricshawn A. Roane '96 Michael D. Robbins '55 Joi L. Roberts '94 Joseph L., II & Natasha M. Robinson '04 Genita Robinson Eric Rogers John W. Rogers '80 Kelly Rolf Jessica Rosenbaum '92 Carol Rosenfeld '05 Marsha Rosenthal '76 & Michael Buchman Peter Rossiter '70 & Kay Rossiter Elizabeth Rossiter '06 Michael Rosskamm '02 Robert J. Ruben '55 Stan N. Rubin '55 Adrienne A. Rubin '88 Julie Rubinger '09 in honor of Chet Safian '55

Warner Slack ’55, Board Member

William D. Ruckelshaus '55 Mrs. Ernest H. Ruehl w‟55 Megan Ryan '07 Chet Safian '55 Marco A. Salazar '03 William J. Salman '55 Juanita Salvador-Burris Martha A. Sandweiss Lonette O. Sandy '99 Barry Savits '55 Ferdinand P. Schoettle '55 Marc D. '55 & Anne B. Schwartz Antoinette Seaberry '05 James M. Seabrook '55 Lynne Seacord '75 William C. Shafer '55 Linda Shapiro Jeffrey S. Sharp '80 Arti Sheth '08 Jennifer Shimp Robert M. Shoemaker '55 Ed Shurna Jim Sidford '55 John C. Sienkiewicz '55 Sasha Silver '95 Robert B. Silverman '55 Misha B. Simmonds '97 Paul Singer '58 Jennie Sirignano '10 Warner V. Slack '55 Marion Sleet '69 Katherine M. Smith '02 in honor of John Fish '55 Kristofer L. Smith '98 R. Justin Smith '90 Roberta Smith Otto L. Spaeth, Jr. '55 Whitney Spalding '07 Courtney Spalding-Mayer Diana Spencer Anne W. Stahel w55 in memory of Edward P. Stahel, II '55 Harrison I. Steans '57 Sue Anne Steffey Morrow Sarah Stein '97 & Michael Cohn Anne Straus Richard P. Strickler '55 David J. Strozzi '99 Eiko Sugano '98 Susan Suh Patrick A. Sullivan '02 Caitlin Sullivan '07 Sam Suratt '55

Alex & Edna Sussman in honor of Matthew Sussman '09 Matthew Sussman '09 Barbara H. Sutphen w55 in honor of Terry Sutphen's 55th Reunion Anne C. Sutula '04 Scott F. Taylor '75 Kenneth Terrell '93 Stephen B. Thacker '69 Kathy Tholin Richard E. Thompson '55 Donna Thompson Alan E. Thong '04 Robert S. Towers, Jr. '55 John C. Tucker '55 & Jayne Barnard A. R. Turner '55 Andrea Turpin '01 Stephanie Ullman Modesto Valle Dana D. Verner '99 in honor of Gordon Douglas '55 Robin Steans Mary Visconti Jonathan Viventi Carrie & John Vomacka '02 Henry Von Kohorn '66 Nancy Wackstein Sally Wagoner Richard O., III '73 & Deborah Walker Lindsay M. & Jeremy Wall '02 Gerald & Linda Wall Jason Wang '07 Lindsay L. Warner '01 Michael Watkins '77 R. Kenly Webster '55 Charlotte Weiskittel '06 Henry Wendt '55 John R. West '55 Logan West '07 David G. White '55 Robert H. Wier '55 Nelson H. Wild '55 Farayi C. Wiley '99 Alan M. Willemsen '55 Adriana Willsie '07 John S. Wilson '55 Richard W. Wilson '55 Julie R. Wingerter '92 Eugene H. Winkler Robert Wolfe '69 Rogers Woolston '55 Maia Wright '00 & Kate Jarboe Melissa H. Wu '99

Paul M. Wythes '55 in honor of Pete Milano '55 Hannah F. Xu '08 Alice Yeh '07 Mona Yeh David Young ‟55 in honor of Harry Berkowitz '55 Carl R. Yudell '75 Sandra Zaeh '07 Leonard S. Zegans '55 Sean Zielenbach '90

Character Education Partnership Dalio Family Foundation Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Harris Finch Foundation Horizon Cash Management Jockers Family Foundation METROsquash Michael J. Liccar & Co. CPA Edward S. Moore Family Foundation Moskowitz Foundation North Lawndale Employment Network PNC Bank Princeton Club of Chicago Public Health Solutions (formerly MHRA) Irving and Sara Selis Foundation Smith + Manning, LLC The Bank of Princeton WithumSmith+Brown

Ariel Investments AETN American Express Bank of America Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Google Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Gregoire Capital, LLC Harris N.A. JP Morgan Chase Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. MorganStanley SmithBarney The Rockefeller Foundation UBS Matching Gift Program We apologize if we have inadvertently omitted or misspelled any name. Please advise us of any errors so that we may correct our records.

R. Kenly Webster ‟55, Chair

Anthony C. E. Quainton ‟55

Attorney-at-Law, Washington, DC

Distinguished Diplomat in Residence, Professor of U.S. Foreign Policy, American University, Washington, DC

William R. Leahy, Jr., ‟66, President Partner, Neurological Medicine, P.A., Greenbelt, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution

Michael D. Robbins ‟55 Retired Chairman, Robbins & Henderson LLC, New York, NY

Jessica Johnson ‟98, Secretary

Margarita Rosa, ‟74

English Teacher, Amistad-Elm City High School, New Haven, CT

Executive Director, Grand Street Settlement, New York, NY

Charles F. Mapes, Jr. ‟55, Treasurer

Marsha Rosenthal ‟76 *

Former Owner, Mapes and Ross, Princeton, NJ

Assistant Research Professor, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Thomas D. Allison ‟66 President, Allison, Slutsky & Kennedy, P.C, Chicago IL

Warner V. Slack ‟55

Illa S. Brown ‟76

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Consultant, Washington, DC Former Director of Interagency Communication White House Office of Homeland Security

Margaret M. Crotty ‟94 New York, NY

Andrew Goldstein ‟06 MD / MPH Candidate, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY/ Harvard School of Public Health, Cambridge, MA

James A. Gregoire ‟69 * Managing Member, Gregoire Capital LLC, Watchung, NJ

John D. Hamilton, Jr. ‟55 * Retired Partner, WilmerHale, Boston, MA

Stanley N. Katz h‟21 Lecturer with Rank of Professor, Woodrow Wilson School Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Samuel T. Suratt ‟55 Retired, CBS News, New York, NY

Scott F. Taylor ‟75 Retired Partner, Mansion Partners LP, New York, NY

Richard E. Thompson ‟55 * Retired Deputy Administrator, NYC Department of Social Services, Skillman, NJ

Richard O. Walker ‟73 Managing Director, Orr Associates, Inc. (OAI), Washington, DC

Lindsay M. Wall ‟02 Program Committee Chair, Chicago, IL

* Ex officio members of the board, with full voting rights.

Katie E. Ko ‟09 * New York County District Attorney's Office, Manhattan, New York, NY

James D. Lynn ‟55 Retired Senior Editorial Writer, Newsday, Melville, NY

Melissa F. Mazin ‟91 Former Administrator, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

Kathleen McCleery ‟75 * Deputy Executive Producer, The NewsHour, Arlington, VA

Arthur McKee ‟90 Managing Director, Teacher Education Studies National Council on Teacher Quality, Washington, DC

Dominic F. Michel ‟70 Associate Executive Director, Prep for Prep, New York, NY

Kathryn A. Miller ‟77 Vice President for Clinical and Community Health Programs Public Health Solutions, New York, NY

Kathleen E. Reilly Executive Director

Carrie Diaz-Littauer Office Administrator

Sara Gordon

Paula J. Morency ‟77 *

Program Manager, Project 55 Fellowship Program

Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP, Chicago, IL

Arti Sheth ‟08

Ralph Nader ‟55

Development Officer

Consumer Advocate, Lawyer, Author, Washington, DC

John Shriver Program Director, Community Volunteers

Princeton AlumniCorps 2010 Annual Report  
Princeton AlumniCorps 2010 Annual Report  

2010 Annual Report of Princeton AlumniCorps