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Prince Henry Ajene

Career History July 2013 – August 2013 Creative City Lab, Chelmsford Longstaff Associates & PlaterClaiborne Architects Part 1 Graduate Intern. Duties: • Carrying out site surveys & enaging in site visits. • Assisting in feasibility studies of small-scale projects. • Preparing conceptual drawings & graphics for client’s approval. • Preparing drawings for pre planning & planning application. November 2011 – June 2013 Anglia Ruskin University Student Ambassador Duties: § Assisting with activities at Open Days. § Guiding and enlightening prospective students and visitors on architecture and related courses. § Promoting the university in a positive manner exhibiting excellent public relationship. September 2009 – June 2010

Chinex Nigerian LTD, Kaduna Sales supervisor

Duties: § Provided exemplary customer service. § Worked as part of a team towards a shared goals and targets. § Presented team talks to my colleagues and superiors demonstrating confident communication skills and the ability to adapt my style to suit different audiences. § Controlled sales activities of limestone and ceramics based floor materials. § Designed layout and combination patterns for clients sanitary and tile fittings.

Education and Qualifications

Mobile: 07583523726, 07901039402 E-mail:

Sept. 2010 – June 2013

Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford BSc (Hons) Architecture – Second Class

Sept. 2007 – June 2009

Pace Setters’ College, Abuja

Sept. 2003 – June 2007

Christ the King college, Abuja

Key Skills and Achievements Languages • English (Advanced) • Igbo language (Intermediate) IT Skills • Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Excellent • SketchUp Pro; SU podium, podium walker Excellent • AutoCAD V. Good • Vector works Good • Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) Good Knowledge of • RIBA designs procedures • Feasibility studies • Urban analysis, planning & design • Conditional surveys • Project management

References Andrew Claiborne Dipl Arch (Hons) MaPS FFB RIBA Principal Lecturer in Architecture Course Group Leader – Architecture & Planning Anglia Ruskin University Department of the Built Environment Marconi Building, Bishop Hall Lane, Chelmsford CM1 1SQ Telephone +44 (0) 493131 ext. 3966 Direct Dial +44 (0) 845 196 3966 University Email

Positions of Responsibility

Richard Longstaff - BSc (Hons) Arch BSc (Hons) M.C.I.A.T LONGSTAFF DESIGN ASSOCIATES Chartered Architectural Technologists Studio-42 Leigham Court Drive Leigh-on-Sea Essex, SS9 1PU

September 2008 – June 2009 Schoolhouse Prefect Pace Setters’ College

Mobile 07740 291951 Website

Duties: · Head of house activities; coordinating students for various academic and sports activities

Interests Team sports (football, basketball), Tennis, keeping fit, photography and travel.


A.R.U. Trauma centre 01

Dissertation Project

Duration: 12 weeks

Floor area: 3000m2


The brief of this project was to design a trauma centre that would serve as a live teaching unit enhancing the ever growing Anglia Ruskin University medical department


The design bases itself around wider design healing techniques such as materials, space & light. A central roof courtyard provides a space that patients could relate to, a breathe of nature and something to look up to and this space is shielded by translucent optical glass allowing light of the sun,moon and skies through and at the same time limit views to the car park. The use of copper around the building is both symbolic and functional mostly for its antimicrobial properties, killing bacteria on contact.

1. Main entrance and waiting area 2. Secondary entrance - serving only emergencies. 2a. Secondary entrance - Staff & Student access 3. Reception 4. Lower courtyard 5. Accessible toilets 6. Consultation room 7. ultrasound suite 8. Computerised tomography room 9. 4 bed resuscitation room 10. anasthetics room 11. Scrub up 12. Major theatre with viewing above 13. 2 bed recovery 14. Preparation room 15. Minor theatre 16. Sluice store 17. Dirty utility 18. Disposal hold 19. Staff room 20. X-ray suites

21. Audio visual/ control room 22. Minor assessment room 23. Major assessment room 24. Utility (ground floor) 25. Cafe 25a. Roof garden 26. 2 bed intensive therapy unit 27. Medical and surgical ward (male) 28. Medical and surgical ward (female) 29. Consultation room 30. Isolation room with ante room 31. Lounge / Learning space 32. Store 33. Labour theatre 34. Midwife room 35. 3 bed labour ward 36. 2 bed recovery 37. 4 bed paediatric ward 38. 3 bed paediatric intensive are unit 39. 4 bed ward 40. Milk kitchen 41. 2 cots neonatal intensive care unit 42. Administrative office

ROOF TO FLOOR DETAIL 1.Reinforced concrete slab with water proofing membrane, sand screed cement finish.

DETAIL A 1. Copper parapet coping. 2. Optical glass blocks. 3. Suspended bolts. 4. Steel mullion.

2. Brick and block wall with empty cavity. 3. Reinforced concrete staircase. 4. Double glazing unit. 5. Mineral wool insulation with water proofing layerand structural timber studs and timber rebate cladding. 6. Reinforced concrete slab with insulation, water proofing layer and single layer polymeric sheet roofing covering.

DETAIL B 1. Timber Cupboard. 2. Tongue and groove timber floor finish. 3. Sand and cement screed. 4. Insulation Layer. 5. Waterproofing membrane. 6. Reinforced concrete slab. 7. Concrete block wall. 8. Insulation layer. 9. Waterproofing membrane. 10. Sand cement screed. 11. Growth medium. 12. Drainage layer. 13. Root barrier membrane.

DETAIL C 1. Tongue and groove floor finish. 2. Sand cement screed. 3. Insulation layer. 4. Waterproofing membrane. 5. Reinforced concrete slab. 6. Plaster board. 7. Block wall with insulation. 8. Copper cladding.

KEY 1. Alan Cherry Drive - Main access route leading to the Centre 2. Main Entrance 3. Secondary Entrance - serving only emergencies as an ambulane drop off 4. Helipad 5. Eastern Entrance - The entrance connects the universities medical buildings to the centre allow students and staffs to flow through 6. Service Access 7. Ambulance Bay 8. Plant Room 9. Car Park 10. Disabled Parking

chelmsford art gallery 02

Year 3

Duration: 6 weeks

Floor Area: 1500m2

Brief: The project brief is for an art gallery within the chelmer waterside. Which will take advantage of a redundant waterside and give it a better sense of place and purpose. All in relation to landscape, society and place. The buildings value is not simply as a container for artifacts but as a representation or aspirational symbol of its host site.

Design: The concept is drawn from the confluence, flooding and Industrial past of the site. The building rejuvenates the chelmsford waterside which was an old trade route of the new city. The imported italian travetine stone block ties the city to its past as an old roman market town.

‘Chelmsfords Market heritage illustrated with an imported roman stone through its old trade route’

GROUND FLOOR PLAN 5. Riverside Cafe 7. Reception/Main Entrance 8. Shop 9. Sculpture Court 10. Workshop 11. Office 12. Temporal painting/photo exhibit space

1ST FLOOR PLAN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Storage Riverside Cafe Plant Room

john ruskin exhibition centre


Year 3

Duration: 6 weeks

Floor area: 500m2

Brief: The brief of this project is to design an exhibition center to display end of the year works of students as well as works of the Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford campus, reflecting the spirit and heritage of the university.

Design: The design aims to capture & inspire students as well as the general public with its views and space incorporating the views of John Ruskin’s passion for the relationship between human beings, society, nature, architecture, craftsmanship and ideas. The design upholds the sweeping arcs approach to the general master plan in response to the River Chelmer by Wilkinson Eyre & Ruskin’s idea of the invention of beauty by adapting natural form.


Duration: 12 weeks

Floor area: 2000m2

Brief: The town Leigh-on-sea is well-known for its sea food and processing sheds. Its current collection of buildings and car parking that had become the subject of much debate regarding the future use of its existing old structures. A new design that would uphold the cultural value and history that Leigh holds, reflecting the strong sense of citizenship and community in the town.

Design: A new masterplan for the site was proposed and the Apartment block/ retail on the ground level was proposed. the design was based on its context. The pitched roof 1 and materiality lets the building blend seemlessly with its surroundings and the use of timber batons 2 arround the balconies protect the veiws of the occupants. high windows 3 along the corridors allow only light protecting views into adjorning residential gardens. Rather than generic flats each flat has been designed individually making them more of homes than apartments


History wall

1. restaurant/cafĂŠ space 2. Shops 3. Laundrette 4. Grocery store 5. 4 bedroom 2 level apartment 6. 2 bedroom apartment 7. Storage/service rooms


Duration: 12 weeks

Brief: The south woodham ferrers girls guide is part of the largest girl only voluntary society in the U.K. The girls guide set to empower young girls is in needed to rebuild their guiding hut. Which is located near the Clements creek in south woodham ferrers. A rich piece of land enclosed by hedges and trees its provides an environment be-fitting the adventurous activities of the girls guides.

Design: The materiality of this design is based on sustainability and performance. The use of concrete & timber for the walls improve the thermal mass and timber especially for its carbon storage and relationship to context. Gabions serve as protection to entrances. Hall 1 and hall 2 have been designed to be integrated as one when needed and floor level is 700mm above ground level to protect against flooding




Duration: 12 weeks

No. of Members: 4 New Life For A New Beginning: For hundreds of years, the town of Chelmsford developed organically until the railway and car system imposed a new framework that interrupted ancient routes. The project looks to revive a part of Chelmsford that has been overlooked for a long time. Located in the centre of the city, hidden way behind the line of stores on High Street, the site is lacking not only character but life entirely. Currently used as an improvised car park, overlooking the River Chelmer and the back of all the shops on High Street, this location has the potential to give Chelmsford the breath of fresh air that it thrives. We shape our cities now and thereafter they shape us – Churchill

Gates for a bright future By creating an opening onto High Street it is considered that the scheme will enhance its permeability with its numerous routes, channeling the flow of people from the train station towards the center of the city. The image is that of a journey which takes you as a visitor or local from the train station, along some of Chelmsford’s prestigious places such as the Shire Hall and Chelmsford Cathedral, through the new development that incorporates a mixture of commercial, residential and office buildings and finishing at a reference point marked by the new marcket place.

The Business of Place Shaping The core design objective is that of creating an urban area that will push Chelmsford into the future and be respectful of its growth. By creating a covered avenue, similar to what already exists in Milan or London, the project looks to attract people from the High Street into a realm of new experiences offered by the mixture of shops, restaurants and a high end retail giant which will be the main financial driver of the city. What was also clear from analysing the city is its lack of a large hotel. The river bank offered the perfect solution to the problem. Even though Chelmsford has received the status of a city, it still needs to distinguish itself as a national city, rather than a regional centre. The city needs to reverse the decline in the manufacturing industry and invite innovative business ideas which will boost its economy in the future. The newly developed centre will encourage 24 hour economy, enterprise exchange and spaces to facilitate a large work force.

The end is also the beginning, referring back to the origins of the city, a market that is strategically located on the river banks which will be developed as an attraction point for anyone that enjoys the calm of nature.

Sketches & Photographs 07

Locations: England, Italy & France

Locations: England, Italy & France

Locations: Nigeria, England, Italy & France

Locations: Nigeria, England, Italy & France

Prince Henry Ajene

Mobile: 07583523726 E-mail:

Undergraduate Portfolio  

A compilation of some of my works during my undergrad years of Architecture

Undergraduate Portfolio  

A compilation of some of my works during my undergrad years of Architecture