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The Most Emerging Startups of 2018 Melior Structural Solutions

Sanjeev Sharma


The Most Emerging Startups of 2018 Melior Structural Solutions

Sanjeev Sharma

Most of the world’s valuable companies had great beginnings as startups. In past few years, it was quite difficult to build a large and successful business under the absence of huge capital, like opening a factory or buying a fleet of trading vessels was hard. But today, the scenario has changed, groundbreaking innovations are taking place in a garage, college dorm or a basement. That’s why world is seeing new startups every day. Each of these startups hope to be acquired by a renowned company or make it big in their own right. However, every other wildly fruitful startup, other thousands of startups have fall into obscurity, therefore, startups valued at a billion dollars or more than that are called as “unicorns�, referring to their elusiveness. With the statistics, it’s been recorded that all the top valued startups are mostly based in the China, United States, the Caribbean and Latin America are the liveliest regions for startups. Near about one third of the population of Ecuador is indulged in some sort of business, especially startups. Vietnam, Estonia and Lebanon have felt high levels of entrepreneurial activity. Recent years have filed higher investments in startups, with propelling number of investors are able to recognize the optimized fortune that is achievable by supporting the deserving and potential startup. Although, bringing off successful startup is a team work, however, the credit is bestowed mostly upon the head or founder of a successful startup like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Standard University and Harvard University have largest number of alumni who founded successful unicorn across the world. India has also come forward for encouraging and supporting startups. There are many innovative services and products which are implemented by young entrepreneurs. Therefore, Indian government has launched schemes for promoting startups. Startup India Schemes have facilitated a lot of budding entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams successfully, which in turn, created lot more job opportunities. Startups are potential enough to change the world over the next couple of years and more startups will prosper with creativity and innovation. Entrepreneurship will certainly add value to the economic growth of India. Moreover, a small idea when gets actionable may turn into innovative solution. So, if an individual has an idea that may create a difference, then the Indian government suggests not to stop for taking risks and fear of failure.

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Sanjeev Sharma Founder

Melior Structural Solutions: Carving Buildings with State-of-the-art Precast & Prestressed Concrete Design & Solutions Melior Structural Solutions was founded by Sanjeev and the other director, Monika in late 2012. Key aim behind finding this venture was to offer structural design services facilitating better & modern construction systems for the construction industry. With precast design solutions, the aim was to provide a better alternative to the existing methods of construction in India. Starting with a small set up, Melior has successfully executed 100+ projects in very short duration for approximately 40 different clients spread all over India and outside India. It became private ltd. entity in 2014 and has been growing continuously at an average of 25 to 30% annually. Melior has evolved in a short duration to be rated amongst the few top precast structural consultants in India. Though the company has had their share of challenges and obstacles on the way, the journey so far has been very satisfactory for being part of the change happening in construction industry for the better.

Incredible Products and Services Offered by the Company Melior Structural Solutions provides structural design services using precast construction method and utilizes 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the detailing. It is a niche segment with few service providers and the technology is highly modern, innovative & unconventional. Their services promotes industrialized form of construction rather than conventional site/project based construction and that sets the company apart from other conventional structural designers. The drawings preparation being carried out in 3D environment with the help of advance software rather than conventional 2D environment provides a unique modern experience to the client, architects and other relevant parties as they can better visualize the structure before its construction.

Leaders of Victorious Company Melior Structural Solutions was founded by Sanjeev Sharma, joining hands with other Director, Monika. While Sanjeev manages Business Generation and Operations, Monika handles IT & Finance. He is a university Gold Medalist in BE Civil Engineering and have completed his masters in structural engineering from US. He worked in UAE for around 10 years before moving back to India in 2008 and headed few international companies prior to forming Melior Structural Solutions. The company has employed capable managers and team-leaders who coordinate and assure successful completion of design & detailing projects. During the last twenty-two years of Sanjeev’s career, he has been involved in structural design & detailing of more than 300 small & large scale projects across India, Middle-east, Africa, Iraq etc., using modern construction technologies such as precast and pre-stressed concrete as well as conventional technologies such as cast in situ reinforced concrete, structural steel, etc. Apart from the design projects, he have been promoting precast technology in India via lectures and presentations in several forums organized by institutions / companies such as Hindustan Prefab Limited, Franchise India, Indian Institute of Technology etc.

Accolades of Melior Structural Solutions Melior was awarded among the top10 best start up’s in engineering services by Silicon India in 2018. Currently, Melior is involved in precast structural design of some of the tallest precast commercial and residential buildings in India in addition to providing designs for large mass housing projects. They have partnered with several reputed developers & precast contractors and are assisting them in implementation of this technology for their large scale housing projects whereby completion time can be reduced drastically.

Current Scenario of the Industry and Upcoming Opportunities Construction Industry has traditionally been slow in exploring innovative methods and materials compared to other industries. However, since last ten years lot has happened and it’s accredited to developers and contractors for this paradigm shift where several new building technologies have penetrated India – precast construction method being the most sought after. Credit also goes to new government policies and government institutions such as BMTPC, HPL etc. who off late have invested a lot in promoting newer construction technologies. In addition to that, being an engineering consultancy, the company faced challenges like lack of sufficient codal provisions for precast design in Indian standards posed several challenges in creating the acceptability in the market for precast construction. Researching design methods followed in several developed countries, bringing them to India, getting those vetted in Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT’s) prior to its application helped the company overcome these challenges. Change in existing construction methods is need of the hour. Due to more awareness of end user as regards quality & delivery, shortage of traditional labor, increasing demand for housing etc., there exists large opportunities for those involved with modern construction methods including us.

Meliorism in metaphysical concept is a belief that world can be made better with human effort. Melior imbibes this philosophy in its approach, thus striving continuously for better services & solutions with application of state of the art in Construction Technology.

Challenges Encountered at the time of Inception Like for any other start up, initial years have been tough considering the generation of business and meeting expenses. Being in the niche segment and promoting new technology, the company had to convince hard the clients about the benefits it can bring to projects and to the industry as a whole. Thus, efforts have been on quality service to the clients with focus on their small and big needs getting fulfilled. It helped them retain their clients over long period with repeat orders. Melior Structural’s focus has been more on partnering with clients for a long-term association rather than getting any single project and the company takes pride in completion of 100 plus projects in a short period and are currently offering their services to several major developers/contractors pan India. Another major challenge have been to build and retain a capable team which is well trained and well versed with this new construction technology. Selection of right talent, creating an environment of freedom for learning and performing and regular training/mentoring helped the company overcome this challenge.

Factors that Consolidated the Cornerstone of Company The company’s success is contributed to the expertise they carry in the field, the benefits precast technology brings into the industry, company’s sincerity and efforts towards their work, their persistent focus & investment on innovation & technology had helped them survive the competition and provided regular business from their esteemed clients with whom the company enjoy tremendous goodwill and sense of reliability.

Motivating Creativity and Innovation in the Workspace The company encourage exploration and experimentation in the workplace. They also focus on mentoring, cross questioning, skill enhancing and persistently reward the performers.

Providing Genuine Expertise Builds Long-term Customer Relationship Melior Structural explore the global technologies and is excited to invest in state-of-the-art software such as TEKLA, REVIT etc. for their drawings and detailing deliverables. The company is also excited to help implementing state-of-the-art production systems such as carousel systems, battery mould system, hollowcore/double Tee/half slab systems etc. and state-of-the-art precast accessories such as wire loops, splice sleeves etc. that are going to be the game changers in construction industry in near future. The company’s tactics are fairly simple. Build modern and niche expertise and serve the client sincerely. A genuine expertise is always going to create value. A value once created is always going to bond the company with the client towards a long-term relationship.

Insight to the Future Plans “Melior” is a latin word for “Better”. So in essence company’s prime focus is to keep enhancing and making better their skills and services. This involves research and implementation of newer systems that can benefit the construction industry. Easy and cost effective precast element connections, low seismic damage systems and automation in construction are some of the areas that Melior is working on in collaboration with their clients. The company is further working hard on implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology in their methods of work that is a shift to 3D environment than the current 2D environment of making drawings. They also intend to expand more into Global Market in next three to four years.

Achievements Achieved so Far Some of the ongoing crucial projects of Melior Structural Solutions includes the tallest residential and commercial buildings in India using precast construction method. They are designing 480 villas in Noida and four high rise towers in Gurgaon. They are also designing the precast stadium in Qatar that shall host the 2022 FIFA world cup. The company has just completed B+G+14 storey residential Project in Brigade orchards, Devanhali, Bangalore. This has helped the developer achieve excellent quality and faster construction with an in-house construction team, thus reaping high financial rewards. Another project worth mentioning is the mass housing project in Raipur, Chattisgarh being constructed for the Chattissgarh Housing board under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna where 6000 apartments for low income groups are to be constructed in record time using precast construction technology.

Increasing Investments in Startup with Potential Fortune Many of the world’s most valuable companies had humble beginnings as startups. In the olden days it was extremely difficult to create a large and successful business without a tremendous amount of capital to open a factory or buy a fleet of trading vessels, for instance. But today, groundbreaking innovations can occur in a basement, a garage, or a college dorm. As a result, new startups pop up every day all around the world, each of them hoping to get acquired by a larger company or make it big in their own right. However, for every wildly successful startup, there are thousands which fall into obscurity, which is why startups valued at a billion dollars or more are facetiously referred to as “unicorns”, a reference to their elusiveness. Due to the growing importance of startups, we have selected the key companies with outstanding services in the issue of “The 10 Most Emerging Startups of 2018”. We have chosen Asvin Life technologies which uses innovative technology in the field of molecular diagnostics for countering some of society’s most challenging healthcare issues in India. They provide breakthrough technology for healthcare and find new ways to deliver them to as many people as possible. BrandOnWheelz is India’s Most Trusted Car branding company. All products of Haloocom are Hybrid Source, enabling the company to make premium features affordable for business & contact centers that are loaded with cutting-edge features. Pensieve Technologies offers services related to search, information extraction, summarization, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, recommendation system, natural languange inference, bayesian inference, linguistics. RNR AD-FREAKZ work in Broadcasting of your Ads, Smart Card Advertising, Train Wrapping Advertisements, In-Station Advertising, In-Rail Advertising, Pillar Branding. Tardid specializes in safeguarding your critical assets from unplanned downtime while reducing risk and increasing safety. It built Brainbox, as an industry specific augmented intelligence platform for Shipping, Aviation, Railways, Wind Farms, Oil & Gas (upstream, midstream), original equipment manufacturers and government. We have Melior Structural Solutions as our Cover Story. It is a recently established firm, offers Structural Engineering Services & Solutions. It specializes in state-of-the-art precast & prestressed concrete design & related solutions for the building industry. Melior is involved in applied research in developing precast building solutions for the construction industry. Melior Structural Solutions was founded by Sanjeev Sharma, joining hands with other Director, Monika. He believes that, “The company’s success is contributed to the expertise they carry in the field, the benefits precast technology brings into the industry, company’s sincerity and efforts towards their work, their persistent focus & investment on innovation & technology had helped them survive the competition and provided regular business from their esteemed clients with whom the company enjoy tremendous goodwill and sense of reliability.” Yatin Hans has shed some light on Bigsmall Gifts. Divyesh Patel has shared his thought in Turing Analytics. Hope you are ready to start off!


The 10 Most Emerging Startups of 2018

Company Name


AMB Industries

Aditya Bhatt

( Founder & CEO )

Description The company has world-class team of scientist, engineers, thought leaders and communicators are committed to tackling the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges with game-changing technology.

Sagar Marwaha ( Director ) Samrat Marwaha ( Director )

The company use innovative technology in the field of molecular diagnostics for countering some of society's most challenging healthcare issues in India. They provide breakthrough technology for healthcare and find new ways to deliver them to as many people as possible.

Bitfair Technologies

Rajdeep Singh

( CEO )

Coindelta is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, XRP, NEO, QTUM and many more. We also offer secure wallets for you to store your cryptocurrencies at the lowest withdrawal fee. We have an advanced market page for pro traders who want to trade large volumes in minimum time. Most of the funds are stored in cold storage making them immune to security breaches.

Brandon wheelz

Mohammed Asghar

( CEO )

Haloocom Technologies Pvt Ltd

Levis Wilson

Asvin Life Technologies

Innovius Software Solutions

Melior Structural Solutions

( CEO )

Dr. Shailesh Thaker ( CEO )

Sanjeev Sharma Monika ( Director )

( Founder )


Gaurav Shrivastava

( Founder & CEO )

RNR AD-freakz

TARDID Technologies

Naveen Kannekanti ( Director ) Rahul Kumar Bachhu ( Director ) Rakesh Reddy Kayathi ( Director )

Niladri Dutta Aastha Verma

( CEO ) ( COO )

India’s Most Trusted Car branding company

All products of Haloocom are Hybrid Source, enabling the company to make premium features affordable for business & contact centers that are loaded with cutting-edge features The company specialize in Mobile Application Development (Hybrid, Web apps and Native), Enterprise Application Development and Software Application Development (Desktop and Web). Innovius Software is providing an effective and efficient Development solution, helping many MSME and SME businesses to increase their profitability and ROI in today's competitive economic environment. Melior Structural Solutions is a recently established firm, offers Structural Engineering Services & Solutions. It specializes in state-of-the-art precast & prestressed concrete design & related solutions for the building industry. Melior is involved in applied research in developing precast building solutions for the construction industry. Pensieve offers services related to search, information extraction, summarization, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, recommendation system, natural languange inference, bayesian inference, linguistics. RNR AD-FREAKZ work in Broadcasting of your Ads, Smart Card Advertising, Train Wrapping Advertisements, In-Station Advertising, In-Rail Advertising, Pillar Branding. Tardid specializes in safeguarding your critical assets from unplanned downtime while reducing risk and increasing safety. It built Brainbox, as an industry specific augmented intelligence platform for Shipping, Aviation, Railways, Wind Farms, Oil & Gas (upstream, midstream), original equipment manufacturers and government.


ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES Offers World-class Solution in Molecular Diagnostics and Life Sciences Asvins Lifetechnologies was incorporated in the year 2016 with a vision to enable molecular diagnostics and life sciences solutions on a centralized basis in India. The company is a part of the prestigious 60 year old NSP group having diversified interests in Life sciences, Healthcare diagnostics and Blood Banking solutions.

World-class Products and Services


Asvins has collaborated with one of the leading Molecular Dx company named Biocartis, NV, based in Belgium to get their fastest fully automated Molecular Diagnostics platform named Idylla to the Indian market and accessible to the physicians for early diagnosis less than 3 hours .Idylla, fully automated, real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based molecular diagnostics system, is designed to offer physicians fast access to highly reliable clinical molecular diagnostic information, anywhere and anytime. Idylla™ detects and quantifies multiple DNA or RNA-based biomarkers in a wide variety of patient sample types. Asvins targeted audience would be Corporate/Private Cancer Hospitals, Super Speciality Hospitals, Government/Semi-Government Medical institutions focussing on cancer care, Corporate/Private Diagnostic service providers, Pharma companies who are providing various drugs for cancer treatment. Some of the incredible achievements of Asvins Lifetechnologies is, it has been listed by Silicone India magazine as TOP 10 Lifesciences Startup in India and awarded for best Customer Relationship by Biocartis N.V.

Current Scenario of Cancer Disease in India The most critical issue India is facing is the rate of mortality due to cancer. The value touched an alarming limit of 806000 cases in the last century. Cancer is the second most common disease in India responsible for maximum mortality with about 0.3 million deaths per year. Besides, attempts have been made to describe the main causes of cancer along with their preventive measures. In addition to this, efforts have also been made to predict the effect of increasing number of cancer patients on the Indian economy. In low and middle-income countries, limited access to affordable and quality cancer diagnosis and treatment has contributed to mortality-to-incidence ratios approximately 20% higher than those of industrialized countries.

Company’s Motive is to Overcome the Issues Related to Higher Cost and Turn-around Time The spending on healthcare is invariably growing faster than the GDP. The rate of growth of healthcare expenditure has exceeded that of GDP. Macroeconomic factors like aging population or insufficient public funding are challenging to both receivers and providers of healthcare. These advanced, automated and integrated technologies widen the application scope of molecular diagnostics, they also lead to high test costs, which are unaffordable to huge sections of patients in India. Besides, lack of healthcare insurance and reimbursement schemes for diagnostics, which usually are not considered as important as drugs, further limits adoption in the region. 18

Company’s Success is Contributed to Seeking Cancer at Early Stages The USP of Asvin is to provide fastest solution to the problem related to the field of Cancer diagnosis. With this, the company is able to guide the patient for early treatment of cancer which could save their lives from this deadly disease which is unfortunately at its peak today. Asvin’s motto says it all. Molecular Diagnostics enables understanding of diseases at much early stage, which is not possible using the traditional methods. The company aims to provide direct access to personalized medicine for patients in India by promoting fully integrated and broadly applicable molecular diagnostics. Their platforms can be used in a wide variety of healthcare settings to enable rapid and high-quality care close

We pledge consumer happiness and health. Providing highly automated instruments in combination with novel and broadly applicable molecular diagnostic assays, ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES enables molecular testing in a wide variety of medical fields. Integrated Factors that Catalyze Creativity and Innovation at the workspace Employee Happiness and Positive Work environment is very crucial for success of any Company in the modern world. The company believe in Give positive reinforcement, Show gratitude, Spread happiness, Motivate others, Celebrate wins, Encourage positive thinking, Change the way you respond, Get moving, Encourage fun, Share your gratitude and Engage in random acts of kindness. Combination of all these factors consolidate the foundation of company.

Strategies Followed by Company to have Long-term Customer Relationship In this competitive world customer relationship and satisfaction is most important factor. So to have an extra advantage over the competitors, the company follows the strategies like engage your customers through website, email messaging, and social media posts and make sure you’re engaging the customers and increasing their personal connection. Find opportunities to meet your customers in person, using experiential marketing techniques to announce, invite, and follow up afterward. Explore their social media influence. The company tries to offer brand experience to its customers and make connections that add value to the customers’ lives, which will in turn make them want to keep buying from you. Make customers feel special. Responding to every concern a customer faces.

Asvin’s Future Plans At present, Asvins Lifetechnologies is offering complete automated Solid and Liquid biopsies for Lung, Colon and skin cancer. In the near future, they would be dealing in MSI (Micro Satellite Instability) for determining lynch syndrome in Colon cancer, Breast Cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA 2) mutation test and Gene fusion panel for testing variety of other mutations e.g. ALK, ROS1 etc. In the next couple of years, the company plans to expand in the field of Immunology, Microbiology (infectious, respiratory diseases) and 19

BRANDONWHEELZ Pioneers in Car Advertising Services BrandonWheelz incredible journey commenced with seeking solution to two major situations- Striving techniques to capitalize the huge fleet of Taxi’s in the city and bringing in a transformation in an unorganized sector and drifting it into more organized sector coupled with lucrative job opportunities. This triggered them off to the launch a Car Advertising (Transit Media Advertising) agency which was anticipated to be a solution for all their issues and queries. George S. Patton once said, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” Similarly, the biggest challenge encountered by them was to bring awareness in the market about the benefits of Car Advertising, as this type of advertising is ten times powerful compared to any other OOH advertising platform. With all their industrious endeavors, BrandonWheelz managed to become the pioneers in this vertical to efficaciously convinced more than 100 Top brands to try out this platform in India. This out-turned to create job opportunities for 100 plus individuals, created additional Income for over 5000 drivers & used technology with a well-defined process to transform an unorganized & ignorant sector to a booming sector that we see today. Today BWZ has become INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED CAB BRANDING COMPANY.


Impeccable Products and Services Offered by BrandonWheelz

BrandonWheelz bull’s eye is solely– Car Advertising. This led the company to have remarkable innovations in the stream of Technology and Process, particularly to cater exemplary customer services to their clients. Being the most trusted and adorable car branding company in India, BWZ use eco-friendly materials for production along with incorporating a transparent process.

A Leader who Brought Major Change to Car Advertising Industry Apart from being an impressive CEO of BWZ, Mr. Mohammed Asghar instinct to help country folks by providing jobs opportunities and bringing in a transformation in the sectors (from unorganized to organized) was the key driving factor to the birth of BrandonWheelz. His expertise on technology and building successful businesses in the past, helped the company to shape up and lead the market share in India. Back in 2016, Transit Media Advertising was a Blue Ocean market. But, at present, the market has a drastic shift to Red Ocean – to an extent that the company motivated even India’s largest taxi service to directly venture into Car Advertising. They are proud of this phenomenal impact that BWZ was able to create in the market.

Achievements and Recognitions from Clients Company’s customers appreciate BWZ and the impact that their brand has created in the market using their platform has not only made them receive shower of positive feedback from all their customers (many of the testimonials mentioned in the website), 42% of their revenue is generated from repetitive customers – which indicates the power of this platform. 20

Current Scenario of Industry According to BrandonWheelz, the current scenario is there is notable shift of market from a blue ocean to red ocean in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Delhi/NCR. However, the major challenge posed in front of market is lack of clarity on Government/RTO approvals as it changes from city to city.

Major Contributing Factors Behind Company’s Success The major cause of company’s success is consistency. As it’s known that the difficulty faced while working in a new/blue ocean market, results can’t be immediate, a lot of ground work needs to be done and the difference the BWZ team brought in – was the Consistency with which the company executed their job that was backed up with a Goal and Plan.

BrandonWheelz uses Technology & Transparent Process to give Real-time Status of campaigns for our Customers. The 3I’s are the pillar of every campaign we do: Innovative, Informative and Inspiring.

Factors that Contributed to Build Long-term Customer Relationship Media is all about visibility and brand recall, consulting the customer and offering them the right strategies is the key to success. Do not impose or force the customers to buy your media, if it is not a fit or fruitful to a particular product. Setting Goals is important to turn invisible into the visible. They say "Your expertise has tremendous value. You are offering your expertise, not asking to be hired."

Bright Upcoming Future BrandonWheelz plans to expand their business and scale into other cities in India and also kick start their maiden international journey in 2019. The future of car branding is turning it into a powerful digital tool.



Yatin Hans Author


“Some gifts are big. Others are small. But ones that come from the heart, are the best of all,” as a famous proverb goes. However, it seems as if we’ve almost forgotten what a gift stands for and what it is meant to convey. This comes as an all the bigger surprise in a country such as India, a country whose very identity lies in its immense ranging diversity - India celebrates festivals of all kinds of cultures, ethnicities, and religions. This creates all the more occasions for gifting from Diwali to Eid, from Christmas to Raksha Bandhan, to innumerable other festivals, as well as birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones. In recent years, Indians have also been warming up to international festivals such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving which has made occasions for gifting ubiquitous, almost all year round. With a continuous demand for gifts throughout the calendar, perhaps, somewhat ironically it is a consequence of that that the art of gifting is somehow getting lost in uncreativity and monotony. While on one hand, the number of different occasions should enhance the scope of gifting gifts can tailor-made for that very occasion, bringing in more joy of the festive spirit. But what actually does happen in practice, is that people tend to become lazy, perhaps because of sheer gifting fatigue and resort to generic gifts for all occasions, relationships and personalities such as chocolates and cards which are just about acceptable for all situations, but perhaps not quite the most appropriate.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s hectic lifestyles, thus, gifting is losing its very purpose. What is the meaning of gifts, after all? A gift is supposed to evoke reactions of joy. It is supposed to inspire awe, by being a means of how a person can show another person how much they care about them, and just how well they know them. It should make them smile ear-to-ear at just the act of opening it. The perfect gift should befit the occasion, the recipient’s personality, hobbies and interests generic gifts like chocolates and cards may be okay, but they can seldom create such a wide range of emotions amongst the recipient, which is what the ideal gifts are supposed to do. It’s high time we make an effort to reinject some life into the art of gifting, which is losing its way rapidly. 23

Our company, recognized this gap in the gifting industry which was fast becoming monotonous, as gifts started deviating from their intended meaning. We believe that every gift should be unique in itself it should capture the importance of one’s relationship with the recipient. It should remind them of the person at the mere act of looking at it. As a famous quote goes, "Those gifts are ever more precious, which the giver has made precious”. The perfect gift’s pure sentimental value always transcends its material value it should be something the recipient treasures forever, regardless of its actual value. The item should have a surprise element to it too a predictable gift is never an enjoyable one. It should also have some sort of functional utility. The ideal gift sounds well and good in theory but now that you think about it, how would you go about constantly knocking the socks off of different people with different personalities, with whom you share different relationships, on different occasions? At times, it’s the thought that there aren’t enough unique gifts out there that makes us resort to the boring old gifts. In others, it’s the perceived lack of availability which makes you go for cop-out gifts. Fortunately, in the information technology era, unique, quirky and personalized gifts are only a click away, from cosy comforts of your home. E-commerce websites such ours, now cater to this niche market, serving all the personalized gifting needs for people with a variety of interests, likes, differing occasions, and relationships. Know a travel enthusiast? A travel essential to make their next journey more comfortable and memorable could be a thoughtful gift. Is your best friend a sports enthusiast? Then perhaps a unique piece of sporting merchandise or a sport themed goodie could be ideal for their collection. A party animal? Gift them something which will make their next party much better than the previous ones. Superhero maniac? Superhero collectibles are never out of vogue. It’s about providing personalization through the gift itself but also through the whole experience of gifting itself. Providing features such as customizable handmade notes, which add an extra dash of personalization such small tidbits can go a long way in changing a person’s day upside down through a gift after all, the manner of giving is just as important to the art of gifting. The human race prides itself in being the most evolved life form on the Earth a species that is constantly evolving every day, every minute, and every second. We constantly aspire to better our previous selves and advance our race as a whole. Yet, gifting, an extremely vital form of social interaction between humans, is becoming a forgotten art-de-evolving, so to say. “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift”. It’s time we give it our best bring gifting back with eclectic creativity and show just why we consider ourselves the most superior race on the planet. Author Yatin Hans is the founder of the online creative gifting portal A 27-year-old with a marketing background, his objective is to revolutionize the gifting industry in India with innovative and personalized gifts. His other interests include playing soccer and traveling.


HALOOCOM TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD Offering Pioneer Services and Products in Telecom Industry It’s been a roller coaster ride with the 2nd half of 2018 giving Haloocom 4X overall growth. All Products of Haloocom were carefully designed by keeping in mind that the Future of Enterprise Telecom is going to be MOBILITY. This led to series of innovations, Product developments & Beta roll outs since Jan 2017 and the company has received impeccable response from the market.

Game-Changing Services and Products Today, Haloocom has four main products: Haloo Xchange – Enterprise Communication system, Next Gen IP PBX Haloo Biz – Enterprise Communication Mobile app (Android & iOS) – Video Calling & IM Haloo Connect – Contact Center Application Go Live (Powered by Bluejeans) – Video Conference for the modern workplace The main objective behind designing all these 3 products was to full fill the 3 core objectives for any organization:


1. Increase Productivity 2. Increase Operational Efficiency 3. Cost Optimization

Chief Executive Officer

Since MOBILITY is company’s key differentiator, they build all their products to allow an user to access their business communication (Voice, Video & Data) from wherever they are. The Haloo Biz Mobile App acts like a private WhatsApp for business, where the Data Storage, Security & Data-Flow is controlled by the business within their network. Go Live Video Conferencing system, which is powered by Blue Jeans offers Interoperability with an existing Video Conference setup like a Cisco or Polycom, giving wings to an existing traditional VC room to Go Live from anywhere, any device The company has built AI Powered Optimizer tool for Haloo Xchange & Connect series of products that can proactively asses any threat in the system, diagnose & troubleshoot them real-time

Presenting the Immensely Talented CEO Of Haloocom Mr. Levis Wilson (Ex. Chief Business Officer, Safetrax & Ex. Chief Operating Officer *astTECS), decided to bring in his & teams 2 decade of Telecom expertise, implementing over 5000 global Telecom projects through Haloocom to the Indian Market. He is also the Founder & Group CEO for Estontec with Successful track record of building Brands, Products, creating jobs for 100s of underprivileged Indian families, managing challenging commercial situations, including company turnaround or restructuring. Strategic investor in start-ups and fast growing early-stage businesses. 26

Stepping a Next Level with Launch of 2.0 version of All Products Haloocom has received impeccable response & customer feedback from the market and the company is already on the verge of releasing version 2.0 of all their products in March 2019. Haloocom today is the pan India Telecom partners for 3 Large Indian brands. Haloocom Contact Center application alone manages 12L+ calls every single day.

Telecom Industry is at its Peak in Terms of Revenue Generation Unified Communication market is projected at a $96 billion & Video Conference at $40.84 billion by 2023 globally. This opens up a huge opportunity to Enterprise Telecom products & services company.

Haloocom team specializes in bringing products services that can save your company tons of money, with Superior & latest features. The Major Challenge Faced: Gaining Local Support from Cities Gaining the local support at every important city around the world has been a major challenge, which the company has been striving hard to overcome by appointing series of Preferred Partners & Distributors locally.

The Major Factors that have Propelled the Company's Growth Continuous Progress across Product development, Support & Supply Chain. The company has been proactive most of the times, for instance – the company’s R&D center has already kick started the development of 3.0 Version of products that is meant to be released by March 2020. The company wants their customers to feel the power of Haloocom Innovation & Enhanced features every single year.

Creativity comes out when you Love your Job “The Only way to do great work is Love what you do” - Haloocoom has taken the words of Steve Jobs very seriously & the company mean every bit of it. This naturally keeps the entire team highly efficient & motivated. The company also come up with regular programs & exercise to ensure that the team is always moved out of their comfort zone, to give everyone a breath of fresh ideas & positive energies

Strategies to win Long-term Customer Relationships The company tries to ensure that they keep offering their customers updated version of all their products every single year and offer flexibility to customize the applications that suits the customers workflow will help Haloocom to continue win hearts in the long run. 27

PENSIEVE TECHNOLOGIES Bringing Intelligence Like Never Before Pensieve Technologies is an AI Driven Text Analytics & Linguistics firm, at the core they have always aspired to be and remained as a Core technology firm. Two Years ago, the company set out with a vision to develop algorithms that can understand text in the context it is used like human beings and today it has satisfactorily accomplished the task. The company has deployed those algorithms on Legal Documents (Judgements) & Contracts and built two products Mitra (AI driven Legal Research Platform) and Smriti (AI Driven Contract Life Cycle Management Platform)

Streamlining Technology by Innovatively Incorporating AI


The company has thrivingly developed two products that includes: Mitra: It is an AI driven Legal Research system. It equips several features to serve the end-to-end needs for legal research. It has natural language search query system, Machine learning based recommendation algorithm and it gives deep analytics to each of the cases. Several other user interface features such as inbuilt doc editing tools, research notepad, project management capabilities (which lets users complete the legal research without going outside of platform environment) makes it wholesome.

Founder and CEO

Smriti: It is a powerful tool for contract lifecycle management. It gives head start in contract review & drafting process and makes it super-efficient. It has several ML algorithms for clause prediction/Contract Analysis and suggestions based on historical learnings. It also has inbuilt project management tools to collaborate with your peers and third party persons to make drafting and review process across your firm on one single platform.

Leader with Incredible Vision Gaurav Shrivastava, Founder and CEO of Pensieve Technologies is a true blue entrepreneur. His last company Zimmber was India's Biggest Company in Home Service Space and was acquired by Quikr. He holds bachelor’s degree in Engineering. After that, he pursued his MBA from a renowned institution, named MICA which is India's best College in Strategic Marketing & Communication. Gaurav is leading the company's vision of disrupting the Legal Tech Ecosystem using ML & NLP technology. The company envision to make the Relevant Legal Data easily and efficiently available to stakeholders. Gaurav is leading the Indian Legal Tech Startup Ecosystem by bringing AI Initiative and make hence democratizing the judicial system.

Notable Recognitions Achieved by Pensieve Technologies The company has been striving on new tactics and strategies to build long term customer relationship which includes Understanding Customer need & Product Depth. This resulted in appreciation from giant firms. Pensieve Technologies has graduated leading accelerator programs in India (Axilor, Reliance GenNext and Malaysia (Super Charger). Besides that, the company has been featured as Top 20 most promising AI


companies in 2018 and Top 10 Legal Tech firms in APAC by CIO review. Additionally, it got recognized as Top 5 startups 2018 in Legal Tech by Analytics India.

Two Major Challenges: Data and Behavior A hard-core believer of Kelly Cutrone’s quote ―When you're following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first, Pensieve technologies too encountered various challenges. There are two major challenges. First is Data Challenge. One of the major challenges as a start up in the space of ML and NLP is the access to data to experiment and the cost of acquiring data and improve the algorithms. This has been a hurdle that Pensieve had to traverse to get to where it is today. Another crucial challenges is Behavior Challenge. Legal industry hasn’t been very tech savvy for a long time. But, with the increasing amount of data crunching they have become open to adopting new technologies to increase their productivity

Pensieve acts as the repository of organized human intelligence to give insights for precise data driven decisions. Decisions based on data of diverse sources and nature, and knowledge aqcuired from behavioral and domain insights. The Combined factors that Consolidated the Company’s Strength Team: Pensieve Techonolgy has a very well rounded team with a serial entrepreneur, a PHD from US and a business graduate from US as co-founders and resources from top colleges of India as their employees. Right Industry- The Legal Industry has not been disrupted. In the USA alone it is worth $280billion. Top law firm by revenue Kirkland & Ellis ($3.1bn), Latham & Watkins ($3.0bn), Baker McKenzie ($2.6bn). Largest inhouse team by cost: JP Morgan Chase ($222m), Apple($455m), Citi Group ($174m) Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing: These technologies are becoming the main stream technology and customers are more adapting the product driven by AI faster than ever.

Participating in Novel Research Work keeps Employees Motivation Up As a part of weekly work, Pensieve Technolgies take up some research related work there by allowing people to stay close to new research and thereby drive innovation. Clarity on business problem to everyone in the team and conducting brainstorming sessions on how to solve the problem statements. This offers everyone a feel of, sense of ownership.

Insight to have Global Expansion In the upcoming years, Pensieve plans for global expansion. The company is expanding globally starting with Malaysia and Hongkong and plans further expansion into UK and Ireland. Other key step would be to start Data Crunching from Text based documents taken over by AI.


RNR AD FREAKZ Advertising for Your Business in a Unique Way When the founders of company were travelling in dark, a ray of hope sparkled in the form of RNR AD FREAKZ. The name “RNR” arrived from the initials of- Rahul, Naveen and Rakesh. All of them are graduates from University of South Wales, Cardiff, UK. Back in 2017, when RNR AD FREAKZ started, they faced a lot of obstacles financially and emotionally. They overcame it with their mental strength. The company got numerous ideas instantly, but Implementation of those Ideas was quite a difficult task.

One Stop Shop for All Your Advertising Services Advertising is nothing but making an UNKNOWN to KNOWN viz, when a company releases a new product it’s UNKNOWN to world, By Advertising we make that product KNOWN to the world. The company offer all the services related to Advertising, Branding, Broadcasting and Digital Marketing. The company provide a one stop advertising services to their clients and it’s the only company, who deals with above all in UK Format/Standards in India. This set them apart from their competitors.




The Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Inspiration might come from anywhere. And for RNR AD-FREAKZ, the inspiration comes the unique advertisements in United Kingdom. DIRECTOR DIRECTOR CEO Naveen Kannekanti – Director (Business Development & Broadcasting Media), Rahul Kumar Bachhu - CEO and Rakesh Reddy Kayathi – Director (Sales & Finance) are all graduates from University of South Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom. The way the advertising is done in this country is totally different and with the use of some technical terms it has raised to a new level in advertising space. So, all of them decided to start an advertising agency in Hyderabad, Which is Unique, Innovative and Creative. The Creative thinking, Creative thoughts made them start RNR AD FREAKZ

The Expedition of Company’s Success Begins with Assiduous Employees

The company believe in Client Satisfaction, and that’s their main motto. Employees of the company dive into the work what they love most and are filled with rejoice of satisfaction. As a subsequence, clients step out with satisfaction and admire them with worthy feedbacks which leads to expansion of business. Besides that, client bestow them with mouth publicity which results in recognition leading to bigger achievement and awards. This is a process where overall growth of the company is obtained. The company got recognized and awarded as The Best Promising startup for the year 2018.

Positive Anything is Better Than Negative Nothing

The company is a firm believers of TIME. As per the current scenario, RNR AD-FREAKZ is the best emerging Advertising Agency. As the company is emerging, it has grabbed each and every single opportunity and in the process of finding opportunities the company never gets affected by any failure and negativity. The company had a positive mindset, a negative word might distract the 1000’s of positive thoughts but positive word will always give strength to their thoughts. So, the company always stay positive even in the negative scenario.

Groundwork has Helped RNR AD-FREAKZ Overcome the Challenges When the company was a startup, it faced a lot of challenges to sustain in the market. Their industrious


efforts and hard-work have helped them overcome all those challenges. The company is all set for new upcoming challenges. To sustain in market, they have always kept their patience at high. To achieve sustainability, the company required credibility from client, in order to get credibility they have to provide the good and prompt services. Ground work is the major challenge and they have found the perfect parameters in ground work. At present, their presence is felt in all parts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil nadu (Chennai), Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Success is a Long-term Process Success is not one day play, it is long term process. The major factors for success are Innovation, Commitment and Patience. The company prefer to analyze and troubleshoot their failure first and in next attempt make it successful.

We were born out of a desire to provide brands with the quality creative services they need in order to stay ahead. We believe in creating inspired solutions that are uniquely appropriate for each client we work with. Creativity is a Subsequence of Following Your Heart Truly RNR ad-freakz are hard core believer of, “To be Creative we must follow our heart truly which gives the best creativity to the organization. To motivate Creativity we must give free space to employees to generate the new creative Ideas. We respect our ideas and we nullify the Creative differences initially to make work flexible and reliable.”

Expansion of Business with Artificial Intelligence The best strategy to build a healthy work environment is to be honest with clients. For the future ahead, the company is planning to expand their business to the global audience. The main motive of RNR ad-freakz is to create the Ads with disruptive technologies viz Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing on reaching larger section of audience in lesser in less span of time. We have come up with Digital Advertising this year, where a client can control his Ads through AI. Client can sit in office and can control all his Ads in different countries with just a click. We are planning to start a new Tech Startup in the next couple of months. This will be a Joint Venture with one of our Sister Company.

Thriving on Social Media Platform As a fastest growing independent media and advertising agency, RNR AD FREAKZ delivers an innovative and effective advertising solution. The message that company wants to put across Readers, Clients, Investors and Business Partners and everyone: Social Media has been a part of everyone’s life. So, in order to promote your product / Company / Brand / Even Yourself. Social media plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Therefore, the company persuade their clients that RNR ad-freakz will help them LIFT their presence on Social media. The company follows and works on LIFT strategy that is: L – LinkedIn; I – Instagram; F – Facebook; T – Twitter. Thus, the company has started Digital Marketing, which helps the client’s to reach its targeted audience very soon and quick response on the Product/Brand/Company.

Prodigious List of RNR AD FREAKZ Clientele RNR AD FREAKZ believe in delivering fast and agile services to the clients and the process is accomplished promptly. They have a dedicated team who works on the assignments of the clients business. The company is in discussions to start their IT Journey in the next coming days. The company has worked with vast number of corporate clients which includes Britannia, Manya Group, Bausch & Lomb, Eurokids, BookMyShow, Infosys, Panasonic, MI, Himalaya, Delhi Public World School, UBER, Star Group (Broadcasting), The Times, The Hindu and UBER.


VISUAL SEARCH Visual search in the simplest terms is searching something using its visuals whether done by human beings with their eyes or by a machine i.e. computer vision. Search on the internet has come a long way from text, voice based, image search to finally visual search. In text search, the search is purely based on the keywords which users are inputting. One should narrate the characteristics of the image which one wants to search on the internet. In some cases it is a difficult task to express the characteristics of an image in words. Voice search was introduced to increase the ease by eliminating the boring keyboard typing and allowing users to search the web using spoken voice commands.

Divyesh Patel

Image search by google was introduced on July 12, 2001 due to a demand for pictures of Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress that the regular Google search couldn't handle. For the sake of no confusion let’s define image search and visual search. Image search is the search for an image using text or words as query whereas visual search is finding images using images as input query. The results depend on the searched image, its contents, such as metadata, objects, patterns, distribution of color, shape, etc.


Although visual search has immense number of applications in various sectors, it has a direct relationship with fashion and lifestyle industry where products are difficult to put into words and visual search comes handy. Almost all the big brands in online and offline-to-online retail have realized the potential of visual search and incorporated it in their shopping platform. A few of these retail giants being Macy’s , Ikea, Tommy Hilfiger, JCpenney, Target , Forever 21 , ASOS etc. By 2021, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30% - Gartner. 32

Visual search has come along significant changes on its path of what we see and experience today. A lot of companies have been developing their own visual search engines over the years and hence contributing to the technology as a whole. Let’s experience chronologically the big steps taken by various companies which lead to the current evolution of Visual Search: In 2008, TinEye claimed to be the first company to launch reverse image search engine which used image identification technology rather than keywords, watermarks or metadata. In 2010, Google introduced Google Goggles as a tool for the first time to search particular information of an image with the help of a camera, initially designed for Android smartphones. Unfortunately it did not get very popular among the users due to some technical disabilities and Google eventually decided to shut it down. announced fresh visual search capability in its men’s and women’s shoe stores which customers to search and browse for shoes based on how they look. In 2011, Google introduced Reverse Image Search for the web-based image search. Upload a photograph from desktop to Google Images and it will show related images used on other websites and also different sizes of the same photo almost instantly. Amazon launched their first augmented reality app, Flow, which provided both object and barcode recognition. In 2013, Image searcher Inc. launched Camfind, a visual search and image recognition mobile app. It allows users to identify any item by taking a picture with their smartphone. In 2014, Pinterest allowed its users to highlight specific sections of pins to find visually similar pins to the selected section. In 2015, India’s largest online retailer Flipkart added visual search feature to its mobile app. Within a few months of launch the company removed the functionality from the App due to low customer search numbers. In 2016, Microsoft Bing, introduced highlight-specific-sections functionality to its mobile image search. eBay acquired “Corrigon”, an Israel-based startup, specialist in computer vision and visual search technology to build out its search and discovery technology for customers. India based Turing Analytics, launches its Visual search solution for fashion, furniture and lifestyle retailers. In 2017, Pinterest launches Pinterest Lens, a visual search feature on its platform. H&M’s Image Search first launched in May in UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Finland. Google announced its image recognition mobile app “Lens” at the I/O conference in May, 2017. Tommy Hilfiger launched Visual search on their app in a fashion show where audience could buy products by clicking on model’s photo on the ramp and uploading on app. In 2018, Snapchat added visual product search powered by amazon, to let its users identify products just by capturing them with their phone camera.


Microsoft Bing launched new intelligent Visual Search capabilities that build upon the visual technology already in Bing.` Visual searches per month reach 1 billion mark- eMarketer’s 2018 Visual Search report Visual search has still miles to go in terms of going granular into identifying the most minuscule object/parts of objects in any image amongst other data related challenges. It is a continuous process of data training and improvement and will only get better with time. Turing Analytics is a computer vision company providing Visual Intelligent solutions that enable the top retailers of the world to provide a superior shopping experience to their customers. Visual search is one of their prime offerings. Their complete solution stack includes: Visual Search - Enable shoppers to search items using photos of products they are inspired to buy. Visual Recommendations - Suggest products on E-commerce platforms based on visual similarity. Visual Recognition - Identify and tag objects in Images and Videos. Visual Cart - Faster visual search implemented on device. It enables Queue less checkout (like Amazon Go) for retailers without any infrastructure investment.


TARDID TECHNOLOGIES Expands Analytics Offerings with Power of AI The motive behind forming the company, was to find and deliver the actual benefits of analytics to the end customer as well as comprehend the challenges of the real world, to offer a solution which made a significant difference. The name given to the company “Tardid”, is an acronym for “Time And Relative Dimension In Data”, which in knowing sparks large amounts of interests and opens vast fields for research and discoveries. Knowing which technology to develop beforehand was the stepping stone for the company. The idea to start off a company hit in 2014. But a formal incorporation of Tardid commenced in May 2016, which bootstrapped till Nov 17, post which they were looking for first angel funding. Hitherto, the company has successfully accomplished all the POCs and gradually shifted to projects. The company has thrived with its industrious and innovative team members who were burning the midnight oil to make Tardid, a Technology Product company of India.

Pushing the boundaries of AI As a famous person quoted, “We can’t solve a problem with the same type of thinking used while creating them”. In earlier days, industrial maintenance was confined to repairing and companies used to watch and analyse data until a problem showed up - this wasn’t cheap, as it resulted in Unplanned MR. NILADRI DUTTA Downtime and catastrophic events. CEO But, Tardid took an initiative and started exploring the under explored areas of structural and machine science. The company is using the power of Artificial Intelligence to prescribe and predict Structural & Machine Failures. It has developed a digital twin which combines quantum deep neural network and cognitive computing, to detect and identify the complex aging issues these assets face and help the industry to understand the remaining useful life of these assets and most importantly predict the “Time to Fail”.

Brain behind Tardid Tardid is the brainchild of Mr. Niladri Dutta, fondly addressed as Neel. He is the “Architect” of Brainbox, which is the company’s Artificial Intelligence Platform. A complete technology fanatic, he leads from the front for the entire Technology Development and is involved at every single level possible. His energy rubs on the entire team and keeps the team motivated through every project, decision, venture, success and failures. He along with Ms. Aastha Verma, the co-founder, conceptualized Tardid and they ensure to keep the vision of Tardid razor sharp every single day. In the last 20 years, Neel has worn many different hats, starting as a protocol stack person to becoming the business head leading his past organizations to global successes.

Awards and Achievements Tardid has been fortunate to have received recognition from various different communities. Some of the notable achievements are: Finalist $1 Million Global Startup Challenge at Vizag Fintech Festival 2018 Gold Medalist in OSHAI Innovative Startup Product Award by OSHAI 3rd Annual HSE Excellence & Sustainability Award 2018 Winner Innocity Pitch Contest 2018 by IIMA Finalist Open Innovation Challenge 7.0 by NTT Data


The World of Technology is all About AI The contemporary world is tailor-made for the companies who are pushing the boundaries of technology. The entire world has realized the worth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning but still lack the direction and expertise. The biggest challenge faced by Tardid was to change the mindset of the industry. To make them understand that there is a possibility for a scientific process to understand critical failures proactively, and this in turn became the best opportunity for the company.

Challenges Strengthens the Journey Another challenge was to keep the company bootstrapped for close to 1.5 years. This was intentionally done so that Tardid can develop the technology without getting into the pressure of revenue generation. Other prominent issues were, to find potential technology evangelist customers who appreciate the company’s service and product. Tardid was offering something exceptional and never before seen in the market which made it difficult to convince the customer. But, newer challenges kept the path exciting for the evolution hungry company.

The Mechanical Doctor: ensures sustainability and business continuity against all disruptions and stagnations. Major Factor of Company’s Success is Tardid’s Team While considering the completion of company’s successful years, Neel sincerely expresses his gratitude towards “The Team”. He says, “The team has worked without getting any special benefits and still they have given more than their 100%. We have kept our feet on the ground and just worked really hard and will still continue to do so. We were lucky to have investors who allowed us to focus on product and technology development.” Also, Tardid was conceptualized at presumably the right time, when the world is moving towards the industry 4.0 and availability of the desired resources made it the apt time to work in this area. Furthermore, the aging infrastructure of the heavy industry has created a need for companies like Tardid to provide them with solutions which can help them increase their sustainability.

Motivated Team There is an age old saying, "When you love the work you do, it doesn’t remain work anymore." At Tardid, every individual member has been hand picked for performing the task they enjoy and want to work on. Neel added, “I feel proud to say, that one of our members left his cushy job in Norway to come work with us at a much lower compensation than what he was getting.” Besides that, the company has created such a work-culture where employees are encouraged to bring the difference to a table when opinions mismatch and discuss what fits the best.

Building Long-term Customer Relationships The industries that Tardid works for, thrives on long-term relationships. Moreover, the company builds the business models which offer clients with the flexibility to start small and gradually make it bigger. Tardid believes in long-term relationships with their customers instead of just a retail one-time relationship. They ensure that their customers also appreciate this mutual dependence in order to obtain the best results.

Artificial Intelligence is the Ultimate Future of Technology The industry is evolving, the future ahead is very bright. Someone has correctly said that, “Artificial Intelligence will effect everything, there is nothing it will not touch”, we are just at the beginning of the bell curve of growth. It’s a long journey with global need, increasing every second.



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