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Changes Coming to HEALTH

COVERAGE in 2014

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Seeking a Healthy Weight?


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Intergenerational Bonds

In Loving Memory of Vernon Dale Houck November 19, 1933 - April 30, 2013

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A Place Where Life Is Lived Caring for an aging loved one can be difficult, especially if your loved one is showing the early signs of Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss.

preferences and interests, and they have the opportunity dine out, shop and worship just as they would at home – because they are home.

But there is an alternative.

Courtside Cottages is a warm, welcoming At The Bridge at Courtside Cottages, we focus and active Northern California community on the specialized needs of seniors who remain exclusively dedicated to caring for residents with memory loss. self-sufficient enough to live in an assisted-living environment while offering them additional At The Bridge, residents make friends, stay encouragement, care and supervision. Designed active and enjoy independence while cared for around the innovative “cottages” concept, The and safe. You have peace of mind, and together, Bridge cottage provides our fifteen residents with we create a place where life is lived. the comforts of home and the care they require. Discover more about our unique community today. Call (707) 449-1350 or visit

Here, your loved one chooses how to spend time. Activities are based around residents’

Courtside Cottages of Vacaville 431 Nut Tree Road | Vacaville, CA 95687

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Napa/Solano Edition

Prime Time Living Magazine




Neptune Society of Northern California


e Mudvan-

ll Adging,

Cindy Lewis, Regional Sales Manager Crystal Scott, Designer

FD 1603

Providing 50+ seniors a resource for social interaction while providing support and information through social services, nutrition, recreation and travel opportunities.

Contributing Writers: Melanie Richardson Dr. Trevor Del Pape Kristen Einberger Sally Livingston, RD, MA Mary Ogbert Rochelle Sherlock, Coordinator, SCSC Wendy Jackson, RN Dr. Kathy Amacher, DO Stephanie Wolf Cynthia Taylor-Peffers, BC-HIS Bob Nations Sutter Health Professionals Frank Samson Carl D'Agostini, AAMS Kevin Quinn Prime Time Living Magazine is published bi-monthly. Manuscripts, photographs and any other submission are sent at owner's risk. Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any editorial or advertising matter. Publisher reserves the right to condense or rewrite submitted copy, while maintaining the intended content of the article. We want to hear from you! If you have any comments or questions to any of the authors of the articles youʼve read please send your letters to the editor to:

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elcome to the June and July issue. We’re glad you picked us up and we hope we can motivate you to keep reading. Speaking of motivations, recently I spent time with all three of our grandchildren. As many of you can attest to, there really is a difference between being a grandparent and a parent. Sure, some things are obvious. Yet, there are other subtle things that I enjoy now as a grandparent. Maybe I didn’t have time to spend on some things when I was a parent. Maybe those things were important but I just didn’t get to them. I’m not sure.





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Changes Coming to Health Coverage in 2014 Seeking a Healthy Weight? Eat Right and Exercise! Local Teens and Seniors Form Intergenerational Bonds Hearing Aids Alone May Not Always Guarantee Improvement


I do know this is a special time in my life. And, I see our kids interact with their kids… and that’s special, too. My dad used to tell me that grandchildren were a special treat. He would say that parents need to worry about day to day issues and grandparents would take care of the rest. Now, I know exactly what he was talking about.


Bryan-Braker Receives "Best Business Award" in Dixon Top Tips for Avoiding Injury and Strain While Gardening

I’m motivated to spend more time with them as they grow, help them plan for their future, and teach them how to swim. How about you?

Your Wine: What is the Temperature? Nutritious Food a Friend to Cancer Survivors

Wendy VanHatten

{34} 3

Napa/Solano Edition

Changes coming to health coverage in 2014 FACT SHEET New improvements in health insurance The Patient Protection and Affordable

The historic law will change the way health

Care Act is the federal law passed in 2010

insurance companies provide coverage as well as the way consumers purchase coverage.

to provide affordable health insurance to more Americans.

This Fact Sheet highlights a few of the major changes happening in health insurance.

Important changes and protection for consumers Increased Access to Health Insurance.

have a pre‑existing health

The Affordable Care Act establishes

condition such as

state marketplaces, where individuals

diabetes or asthma.

and small businesses can shop for

Your insurance

health insurance online, in person or

cannot be dropped if

by phone. These marketplaces will help

you get sick. You also

make health insurance much more

cannot be denied

affordable and easier to get. California’s

coverage if you make

marketplace, Covered California™, will

an honest mistake

provide millions of Californians with

during the application

access to a range of health insurance


plans available for purchase.

Expanded Coverage. The Affordable

By 2016, the penalty will be 2.5 percent

Affordable Coverage and Financial

Care Act strengthens Medicare, Medicaid

of income or $695, whichever is greater.

Support. Covered California will help

(Medi‑Cal in California) and other vital

individuals and families with low to

programs for millions. In addition, those

moderate incomes determine if they

who have not yet turned 26 and whose

qualify for federal financial assistance

parents have health insurance can now

that will reduce the cost of health

be covered under their parents’ plan.

insurance or if they qualify for Medi‑Cal.

Business Requirement. Employers with 50 or more full‑time equivalent employees that do not offer affordable insurance or offer coverage that does not meet minimum standards will be

Penalties for No Coverage. Starting

subject to penalties starting in 2014.

in January 2014, most people over

Businesses with 50 or fewer full‑time

age 18 will be required to have public

equivalent employees that do not

or private health insurance or pay a

provide health coverage do not face a

financial penalty. The penalty will be

penalty but are encouraged to consider

Consumer Protections. All health

phased in over three years and becomes

affordable employee coverage options

insurance plans (except most sold

increasingly more costly. In 2014, the

offered through Covered California.

before March 10, 2010) now must

penalty will be 1 percent of annual

cover you and your family even if you

income or $95, whichever is greater.

Many small businesses also will be able to provide employee health insurance using federal tax credits to reduce premium costs.

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Version: March 2013


Napa/Solano Edition

These changes to health insurance are designed These changes to health insurance are designed to encourage accountability, transparency and — to encourage accountability, transparency and — above all else — make sure consumers get the care above all else — make sure consumers get the care they need. Covered California can answer your they need. Covered California can answer your questions about these new rules. questions about these new rules.

Key changes for health plans Key changes for health plans The Affordable Care Act requires that Those individuals and small businesses who The Affordable Care Act requires that Those individuals and small businesses who health plans or insurers change some will be using Covered California to purchase health plans or insurers change some of their practices. At the same time, it will be using Covered California to purchase of their practices. At the same time, it health insurance will benefit from the additional preserves the consumers’ rights to keep health insurance will benefit from the additional preserves the consumers’ rights to keep the coverage they already had before requirements of all newly sold health plans. the coverage they already had before requirements of all newly sold health plans. the law was passed. the law was passed. • Essential Health Benefits. Newly sold There will be four basic levels of Under the Affordable Care Act, all • Essential Health Benefits. Newly sold There will be four basic levels of Under the Affordable Care Act, all health plans must cover services that coverage: platinum, gold, silver and newly sold health plans must meet health plans must cover services that coverage: platinum, gold, silver and newly sold health plans must meet fall into these 10 categories of Essential bronze. As the coverage goes up, so certain standards. fall into these 10 categories of Essential bronze. As the coverage goes up, so certain standards. Health Benefits: does the monthly premium payment but Health Benefits: does the monthly premium payment but • Rate Increase Rules. The insurers your cost when you receive medical care • Rate Increase Rules. The insurers your cost when you receive medical care o Ambulatory patient care must justify premium increases. o Ambulatory patient care is usually lower. You can choose to pay must justify premium increases. is usually lower. You can choose to pay o Emergency service Insurance companies are required o Emergency service a higher monthly cost so that when you Insurance companies are required a higher monthly cost so that when you o Hospitalization to spend 80 percent of premium o Hospitalization need medical care, you pay less. Or you to spend 80 percent of premium need medical care, you pay less. Or you o Maternity and newborn care dollars on quality health care, not o Maternity and newborn care can choose to pay a lower monthly cost dollars on quality health care, not can choose to pay a lower monthly cost o Mental health and substance abuse administrative costs like salaries o Mental health and substance abuse so that when you need medical care, you administrative costs like salaries so that when you need medical care, you disorder treatment and marketing. disorder treatment pay more. You have the choice. and marketing. pay more. You have the choice. o Prescription drugs o Prescription drugs • No Lifetime Limits. Insurers are are o Rehabilitation and and habilitation These changes to health insurance areare • No Lifetime Limits. Insurers o Rehabilitation habilitation These changes to health insurance not allowed to set a maximum dollar services and and devices designed to give consumers protections not allowed to set a maximum dollar services devices designed to give consumers protections amount they will pay for key health o Lab andand help them stay healthy. amount they will pay for key health o services Lab services help them stay healthy. benefits during your your lifetime. o Preventive and and wellness services andand benefits during lifetime. o Preventive wellness services chronic disease support chronic disease support • Preventive Care.Care. All new health • Preventive All new health o Pediatric services, including dental o Pediatric services, including dental plansplans mustmust covercover preventive care care and and preventive and and vision care vision care medical screenings like mammograms medical screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies, as well women’s and colonoscopies, as as well as women’s• New Tools to Choose. Covered • New Tools to Choose. Covered services such such as breast‑feeding services as breast‑feeding

California insurance plans will will be be California insurance plans

support, contraception and domestic support, contraception and domestic

grouped by cost and and value, using grouped by cost value, using

violence screening. Insurers cannot violence screening. Insurers cannot

standardized information so you cancan standardized information so you

charge copayments, coinsurance or or charge copayments, coinsurance

make apples‑to‑apples comparisons make apples‑to‑apples comparisons

deductibles for such services. deductibles for such services.

among plans, see see youryour expected costs among plans, expected costs more easily get the coverage more easily and and get the coverage you need. you need. Covered California is the online Covered California is the newnew online “marketplace” make it simple “marketplace” thatthat will will make it simple affordable to purchase high‑quality and and affordable to purchase high‑quality health insurance financial health insurance andand get get financial assistance to help for insurance. assistance to help pay pay for insurance.

Prime Page Time 2Page 2 Living 6

Version: March 2013 Version: March 2013

Covered California’s 2014 Sliding Scale Plans – Single Person *Eligible for Federal Subsidy Annual Income

$11,490 - $17,235

$17,235 - $22,980

$22,980 - $28,725

$28,725 - $45,960

Consumer Portion of Monthly Premium For Silver Plans (Balance paid by Federal subsidy)

$19 - $57

$57 - $121

$121 - $193

$193 - $364



Deductible (if Any)

No Deductible


$1500 Medical Deductible

$2000 Medical Deductible

Preventive Care Copay

No Cost

No Cost

No Cost

No Cost

Primary Care Visit Copay





Specialty Care Visit Copay





Urgent Care Visit Copay





Lab Testing Copay





X-Ray Copay





Generic Medication





Emergency Room Copay





High cost and infrequent services like Hospital Care, Outpatient Surgery, and Imaging (MRI, CT, Pet Scans)



20% of Your Plan’s Negotiated Rate

20% of Your Plan’s Negotiated Rate

Brand Medications May be subject to Annual Drug Deductible before the Copay

No Deductible on Brand Drugs

$50 Brand Drug Deductible then you pay the Copay amount

$250 Brand Drug Deductible then you pay the Copay amount

$250 Brand Drug Deductible then you pay the Copay amount

Preferred Brand Copay After Drug Deductible















Covered California’s 2014 Sliding Scale Plans – Couple *Eligible for Federal Subsidy Annual Income

$15,510 - $23,265

$23,265 - $31,020

$31,020 - $38,775

$38,775 - $62,040

Consumer Portion of Monthly Premium For Silver Plans

$26 - $78

$78 - $163

$163 - $260

$260 - $491

(Balance paid by Federal subsidy)



Deductible (if Any)

No Deductible


$1500 Medical Deductible

$2000 Medical Deductible

Preventive Care Copay

No Cost

No Cost

No Cost

No Cost

Primary Care Visit Copay





Specialty Care Visit Copay





Urgent Care Visit Copay





Lab Testing Copay




$45 $65

X-Ray Copay




Generic Medication





Emergency Room Copay





High cost and infrequent services like Hospital Care, Outpatient Surgery, and Imaging (MRI, CT, Pet Scans)



20% of Your Plan’s Negotiated Rate

20% of Your Plan’s Negotiated Rate

Brand Medications May be subject to Annual Drug Deductible before the Copay

No Deductible on Brand Drugs

$50 Brand Drug Deductible then you pay the Copay amount

$250 Brand Drug Deductible then you pay the Copay amount

$250 Brand Drug Deductible then you pay the Copay amount

Preferred Brand Copay After Drug Deductible
















Napa/Solano Edition

e s o o Ch

CREEKSIDE HEARING AID SERVICE People Are Everything When It Comes To Service




Voted Best Hearing Aid Specialist


(707) 455-7993 *Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Cynthia Peffers, BC-HIS, ACA CA.LIC. #HA1816

600 Nut Tree Rd. • Suite 250 • Vacaville • CA 95687 Gift Certificates Available


Call for available discounts and appt. today

(707) 448-7487

Your Travel Ombudsman Tired of spending hours making phone calls and surfing the net trying to plan the perfect vacation? Your time is valuable!

Make just one call to me. Let me work for you!

Call John Parks at Fairfield Travel Center For an appointment at our office or your home

707-422-9330 or 800-422-9331 Over 40 years experience to serve you ~ Member AARP

No Service Fees for Seniors

Prime Time Living 8

In Loving Memory

most "In Loving Memory of one of the Thank you AMAZING men I've ever known! ay we have Papa for teaching me that everyd e love and the choice to be happy and to giv at makes us friendship freely because it's wh wing me better people. Thank you for sho r mind to it anything is possible if you put you YOU!" and that age is relative. I LOVE

— Tracee


Napa/Solano Edition


ccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 68.8 percent of American adults are either overweight or obese. The CDC also notes that obesity contributes to five of the top 10 causes of death—heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease—and a Cornell University study found it can also have economic consequences, as obese employees are less likely to be promoted than their thinner peers (11 percent less for women).

Prime Time Living 10

It’s easy to see that many Americans could benefit by actively working toward achieving a healthy weight. What might surprise you is that weight alone isn’t the biggest concern; body fat percentage and waist size are better indicators of fitness. Surely you’ve heard muscle weighs more than fat… and it does (in a way). Muscle is denser and takes up less space than fat; it’s also more metabolically active (burns more calories). Think of body fat like cotton and muscle like rocks. Which takes up more

Seeking a Healthy Weight?

Eat Right and Exercise! By Patti Pinkerton, RD, CDE


of American adults are either overweight or obese. Obesity contributes to

Five of the top 10 causes of death

—heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. space? Cotton! For that reason, two people who weigh the same can look very different.

Watch what you drink. You might be surprised to learn how many calories you ingest in liquid form. So-called healthy drinks—like vitamin water and some diet products—can have the same amount of sugar as a soda.

What can you do to lose your excess pounds? Here are a few things I tell my patients (and they worked for me; I used to weigh an unhealthy 200-plus pounds):

Know your waist size. If your waist is greater than 40 inches (men) or 35 inches (women), you’re at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses.

Be honest about what you’re eating. Keep a food diary to document everything you eat; many people underestimate their food intake by 20-40 percent.


Napa/Solano Edition

Know your body fat percentage. “Average” numbers should be 25-31 percent (women) and 18-24 percent (men), but I suggest aiming a bit lower for optimal health. To receive an accurate body fat percentage, I recommend seeing a professional trainer rather than using a home “body fat analysis” scale.

Eat at least three balanced meals a day.

Eat at least three balanced meals a day. If you skip meals, you may binge when you do eat—and your body goes into “storage” mode when it isn’t getting a steady dose of nutrients. Use the plate method to plan meals; about half your plate should be filled with green leafy/non-starchy vegetables, and the other half divided between three to four ounces of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates (preferably high fiber). Try to get as many colors on your plate as you can. Exercise for 30 minutes a day. Find something you like to do and make it a habit (which takes three weeks). I find having a fitness buddy is invaluable. I suggest setting a measurable goal for yourself versus just “lose weight.” You can aim to exercise

for 30 minutes a day, four times a week; eat three meals a day (if you’re only eating one or two); or enjoy a small, non-fat, sugar-free latte instead of a large vanilla latte, saving more than 200 calories! Remember, every step you take is valuable on your journey to a healthier weight—and eating right is about 80 percent of the “equation.” One more thing: be extremely wary of all the “get thin fast” products on the market. Many of them can actually be quite unhealthy, and if they really worked, why isn’t everyone skinny? Patti Pinkerton is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator at Sutter Solano Medical Center. For more information, please visit

Prime Time Living 12


Napa/Solano Edition

The Windsor Experience The Right Choice Rehabilitation Services * Physical Therapy * Occupational Therapy * Speech Therapy * IV Therapy * Wound Care * Infection Control * Complex Post-Surgical Needs * Pain Management * Stroke, Cardiac, Diabetic Care * Respite and Short-Term Care * Enteral Feeding * Incontinence Program * Ultrasound Therapy * Short-Wave Diathermy * Behavior Management

Windsor's Personal Touch * Recreational Therapy * Pet Therapy * Daily Activities - Community Outings * Nintendo Wii Fit Program * Holiday Parties and Bar-B-Qs * In-House Movies * Beauty and Barber Shop * Business and Banking Services * Religious and Spiritual Services * Volunteer Programs * Resident Council * Wanderguard™ Security System

w w w.wi nd sorcares. com

Prime Time Living 14

WINDSOR VALLEJO CARE CENTER At Windsor, our mission is to achieve the highest quality person-centered care, which is delivered with dignity, respect, compassion and integrity, thus enabling us to enrich and enhance every life we touch.

Windsor Vallejo Care Center 2200 Tuolumne Vallejo, CA 94589 Phone (707) 644-7401 Fax (707) 644-1625

Local Teens and Seniors Form Intergenerational Bonds Local students and Paradise Valley Estates’ residents laugh during a recent intergenerational community event.


here was something new in the air as the first tender spring greens unfurled this March. An idea had taken root at Paradise Valley Estates, a Fairfield continuing care retirement community. It started with a single phone call.

ground,” said Flowerday. “The students were gentle and attentive, and our residents were so excited. It just had to happen.” A formal ball held in May, the week following the high school’s prom, quickly followed. “There was so much excitement surrounding the ball,” said Flowerday.

“A Fairfield High School teacher called about students fulfilling community service hours with us,” said Denise Flowerday, Life Enrichment Manager at Paradise Valley Estates. That call led to a car, scooter and walker wash, an event that sparked the creation of an intergenerational program linking high school students and community senior citizens in fun, enriching, ongoing events and programs.

“We had to make it larger than we’d planned.” The wash also led to a memorable field trip for more than 100 Paradise Valley Estates residents. “The high school was about to start dismantling their spring drama production sets and one student suggested they invite our residents over for a show. It was a short timeline, so I wasn’t sure if anyone

“After I saw the response to the scooter and walker wash, I made it my goal to get this program off the


Napa/Solano Edition

would be able to go. When I brought it up at the town hall, the residents were thrilled,” laughs Flowerday. “We ended up having 110 excited and willing people, so we filled buses, cars anything we could find!”

difference the teens and seniors have a good deal in common. “They’re all going through a phase of self discovery,” she said. “Our residents are doing it for a second time and youth are experiencing it for the first time. Our seniors have been successful in life and they can provide advice, share experiences or simply just listen. It’s a new perspective.”

The community program also has spawned a Memorial Day essay contest, and future plans include a mentoring program pairing retired military officers “We ended up having 110 with school ROTC members, excited and willing people, a Character Counts one-onone mentoring program and so we filled buses, cars a work-study program within anything we could find!” Paradise Valley Estates.

The program’s quick success delights Flowerday, but she believed it would be successful after watching one interaction at the March event.

“It was a really small moment,” she explained. “A student took his hat off his head and placed it on a resident’s head. It was so touching, such a personal interaction. But that small moment meant everything to our resident. He was so happy. I will never forget it.”

“This program is a win-win,” said Flowerday. “Our residents value public service and want to stay active. Many kids in this community are from lowincome backgrounds so parents are forced to work multiple jobs to care for their family. Our residents are a positive new interaction in their lives.”

About Paradise Valley Estates Paradise Valley Estates is a continuing care retirement community nestled in the rolling Northern California countryside. Visit to learn more about living in Paradise Valley Estates or schedule a complimentary lunch and tour by calling 800-326-0419.


Flowerday says once you get beyond the age

See page 43 for puzzle answers.

Prime Time Living 16

Closest to home.

Emeritus Senior Living There is no “right time” to seek another living environment. It is a decision usually based on the individual’s needs and available outside support. If you are observing an alarming decline in the safety, social, or emotional needs of your parent or loved one, it’s time to see how assisted living can help! Choosing assisted living at an Emeritus Senior Living community will actually give your loved one greater independence. You will gain peace of mind knowing that they are nearby in a safe and comfortable senior living community.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.


Call us today to schedule a private tour!

(707) 447-7100

Emeritus at Vacaville 1111 Ulatis Drive Vacaville, CA 95687 Lic. #486803099

(707) 425-3588

Emeritus at Rancho Solano 3350 Cherry Hills Court Fairfield, CA 94534 Lic. # 486801162


Napa/Solano Edition

Hearing Aids Alone May Not Always Guarantee Improvement Provided by Cynthia M. Peffers, BC-HIS, ACA, Creekside Hearing Aid Service


nce your hearing loss has been identified, it is essential that you become informed of all of the options available to help improve your communication. There is a common misconception that hearing aids are the “cure all” for hearing loss. In reality, improving communication involves a long term rehabilitative process in which the hearing aid is only part. As such, you should enter into this rehabilitative process with realistic goals and knowing what to expect from the hearing aid and your hearing health provider. If you are to be successful in improving communication with amplification, you must be committed, motivated and educated about your role in this process. You should be sure that each of the following facets of the rehabilitation process are offered by your hearing health provider before proceeding.


The first step in the rehabilitative process is insuring that you are an informed consumer. All aspects of your hearing loss should be explained to you in detail including type and degree of hearing loss, implications for communication, preventative and rehabilitative recommendations and need for referrals to other professionals including physicians. Being knowledgeable about your hearing loss will assist you in making rehabilitative decisions.

Prime Time Living 18

If amplification is recommended, your hearing health provider should provide you with written information and should give you a step-bystep explanation of the hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation process. Before engaging in this process, you must be knowledgeable of hearing aid options, the adjustment process, and the use of communication repair strategies necessary for success with amplification. You should be made aware of all your amplification options as well as the level of support that you will be provided after being fit with hearing aids. Including family members or significant others in this discussion is highly recommended. It will allow your communications partners to understand better the hearing difficulties you are encountering and the rehabilitative options that are available to you.

Expectations and Goals

Successful use of amplification is predicated on realistic expectations. Everyone’s expectations for amplification are different so it is important that your hearing health provider assess your unique expectations about amplification. There is a fine line between expecting too much out of your hearing aids and having appropriate expectations. For example, expecting that your hearing will return to “normal” is not a realistic expectation for any

Your Health. One Plan.

Do you have Medicare and Medi-Cal?

PartnershipAdvantage (HMO SNP) Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) has a plan just for you. If you have Medicare and Full-Scope Medi-Cal with PHC, you may qualify for a program that combines your benefits in one single plan. It’s called…

PartnershipAdvantage • See Your Doctor and Specialist

ALL in ONE • Fill Your Generic Prescriptions* Easy-to-Use Plan.

You have no premiums, co-pays or deductibles

• Receive Unlimited Hospital Benefits • Get Lab Services and Medical Equipment • Receive Dental and Vision Coverage • Get Rides to Medical Appointments


For hearing and speech impaired:


800-735-2929 *A co-pay of $3.50 or $6.60 may apply for brand prescriptions.

We are available to assist you 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. See reverse side for more information - - - - - - - - - - - ->>

H5782 PHC_4010_DFLY_007 File & Use


Napa/Solano Edition

hearing aids, but expecting to have increased ease of communication with hearing aids is realistic. Unrealistic expectations often lead to frustration, disappointment and often failure. Including your family and/or significant others in your discussion of goals and expectations also will contribute to successful use of amplification and improved communication. Establishing your goals for improving your communication will assist you and the hearing health provider in choosing the best rehabilitative option for you. For example, if telephone communication is problematic, you should be provided information about telecoils and other options to improve your ability to use the telephone effectively. Your occupation, your social life and your pastimes will help in the decision making process regarding hearing aid features. Some hearing health providers will have you complete questionnaires to assist them in determining your needs and expectations. These questionnaires often ask about how the hearing loss

has influenced various aspects of your life and can be helpful in determining rehabilitative options. Be sure your hearing health provider takes the times to assess your individual needs, goals and expectations so that they are achievable given your hearing loss.

Hearing aid Follow-Up

Once you have been fit with hearing aids, the rehabilitation process begins. Because the audiologic rehabilitation process involves more than just purchasing hearing aids, it is imperative that you be provided with post-fitting orientation, counseling and rehabilitation. You should be offered several sessions that include verification of the hearing aid fitting, adjustment counseling and communication training. Verification of the hearing aid fitting can be done in several ways. Your hearing health provider will conduct objective tests to verify that the hearing aids are working optimally while at the same providing you comfortable, effective amplification. In addition to this objective testing, your provider should be assessing your subjective benefit from hearing aids.

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506 Main Street • Vacaville • 446-7014 604 Main Street • Woodland • 530-661-7409 480 Redwood Street • Vallejo • 644-4170 FREE CONSULTATIONS Prime Time Living 20



Napa/Solano Edition

You may be asked to complete questionnaires that assess the level of benefit you receive in various listening environments. Or you might be asked about your level of satisfaction with the hearing aid fitting process. All of this information helps the hearing health provider to make adjustments in the rehabilitative plan to insure that you are successful.

Adjustment Counseling

Adjustment to amplification and learning to hear again can be challenging. People are often surprised when they first hear foot steps, refrigerator noise and distant laughter that they had not heard in years. Because the brain has not received this type of stimulation for the duration of your hearing loss, it may take a while for you to adjust to the new sounds you are hearing. Different listening environments present different challenges. Initially, your new ability to hear may be overwhelming to you. But as your brain relearns to hear, particularly in noisy situations, you will find communication will become increasingly easier. Adjusting to amplification is an individual issue. Some people adjust immediately while others take weeks or months to adjust to their new world of sound. Your hearing health provider should be willing to counsel you through this period in addition to making adjustments to your hearing aids. Communication Strategies Hearing aids are powerful, effective tools for increasing your ability to hear. But hearing aids will not automatically make you a better listener. That takes work! Listening requires attention, concentration and interest. Often times, people with hearing losses develop poor listening skills. This occurs because hearing becomes so difficult that they give up and just “turn off” the speaker. Once you are fit with hearing aids, it is imperative that your listening skills be resharpened. Your hearing health provider should work with you to improve these skills. Just because you get hearing aids does not mean that you no longer need to rely on your vision. Using visual cues while communicating is essential.

Prime Time Living 22

People often will say, “I can’t lipread” but, in truth, we all lipread to some degree. The eyes are powerful in taking in visual speech information. The brain then masterfully combines the visual speech cues with the hearing cues so that your understanding of the speaker increases dramatically. While very few hearing health providers will offer lipreading lessons per se, they should be able to provide you tips on how to improve your use of visual cues in communication in combination with your hearing aids.

Communication also can be improved with the use of communication strategies such as environmental manipulation and repair strategies. Learning where to position in different listening situations (i.e. at a party, in a restaurant, in a place of worship) can enhance your ability to benefit from your hearing aids. Learning how to keep the conversation alive in a noisy environment by using communication strategies is another rehabilitative strategy. Your hearing health professional can provide you with a wealth of information on how to incorporate

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Napa/Solano Edition

these strategies into your everyday communication patterns. The Role of Your Family As mentioned previously, including family members and/or significant others throughout the rehabilitation process is strongly advised. In addition to learning about your hearing problems and how they can be remediated, family members can learn how to improve their communication skills to facilitate easier communication. It is important that family members understand their roles in communication breakdowns and how they help avoid and/or repair these breakdowns. One example of a rehabilitative strategy taught to family members is the use of Clear Speech. With this method, family members are taught to use an appropriate rate (speed) and volume of speech to improve communication with people with hearing loss. Clear Speech is easily taught and quite effective. Family members also can be taught how to use communication repair strategies to facilitate smoother conversations without constantly hearing “huh?�. Family members can be taught

good communication practices such as limiting background noise when conversing, getting the attention of the listener and not communicating from room to room.


When choosing a hearing health provider, be sure to determine if he/she will be able to offer you the variety of services discussed above. Simply purchasing hearing aids will not insure improved communication. It is important to remember: hearing aids are not a quick-fix purchase. They are simply the tools that provide the amplification you need to become a better listener and communicator. If you are motivated to improve your communication by obtaining amplification, relearning to listen and engaging in an active rehabilitation process, then your chances for improved communication are excellent. For more information and a FREE consultation, contact Creekside Hearing Aid Service 455-7993.

Prime Time Living 24

Adult Day Center NorthBay Adult Day Center is dedicated to meeting the needs of people with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia and their caregivers. Participants enjoy group activities in a safe and structured environment. Our goal is to help each participant maintain his or her highest degree of independence and wellbeing for as long as possible. • Arts & Crafts • Baking • Exercise

• Gardening • Music

Monday - Friday • 7 am - 7 pm 1020 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville

(707) 624-7970 Compassionate Care • Advanced Medicine • Close to Home

NorthBay Alzheimer’s Resource Center is provided to meet the needs of patients and caregivers within our community who face Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Staffed by specially trained NorthBay Guild volunteers, we offer information and resources, including referrals to community agencies and professional services. Monday - Friday • 10 am - 2 pm 1000 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville

(707) 624-7971


Napa/Solano Edition

Bryan-Braker Receives "Best Business Award" in Dixon Kevin Quinn Wine Educator Author Musician Wine Events 707.334.0421 Prime Time Living 26

Generosity. Passion. Commitment.


hose were words used to describe BryanBraker’s approach to the Dixon community by the Chamber of Commerce there. The chamber honored the company recently with their prestigious Business of the Year award for 2012. “There was simply no question that BryanBraker deserved this recognition,” said chamber president, Cher Besneatte. “They are a vital part of our heartbeat. They take part in every one of our events from our annual parade, to Chillin’ and Grillin’, the May Fair and every other fundraiser in our town.” The chamber cited Bryan-Braker, which is headquartered in Fairfield, with passion toward volunteerism. They praised the staff’s organization of a vintage funeral ceremony, complete with an antique hearse and a rider

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Plans



Of course you want to live life to the fullest, and our Medicare health plans help you do just that. With Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage (HMO), you may get more benefits and services than Original Medicare alone, which can help you stay healthy, active, and independent. And we can support you every step of the way. At Kaiser Permanente, your well-being is our passion. So give me a call for more information—I look forward to talking with you soon.

Kalil T. Macklin Kaiser Permanente Sales Representative 1-888-905-0555 TTY 1-888-758-6054 for the hearing/speech impaired For Customer Service, call 1-866-949-7162 TTY 1-888-758-6054 for the hearing/speech impaired Seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Kaiser Permanente is a health plan with a Medicare contract. Eligible Medicare beneficiaries enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Health Plan may do so only during specific times of the year. For more information, please contact Kaiser Permanente. You must reside in the Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage service area in which you enroll.

Y0043_N004440_FINALKPSA02 CMS Approved (01/24/2011) SKU 60051807 CA


Napa/Solano Edition

less horse to honor an officer who died in the line of duty in 1918. That officer did not have a formal ceremony when he was put to rest so many decades ago.

when they die and the lives of the loved ones who survive them. We are privileged with the trust we feel when we serve those lives here in Dixon. And we are grateful to be acknowledged in this wonderful way.”

In addition, Bryan-Braker has sponsored domestic violence We are about life. About events and provided its those who lived lives that miniature train to raise are honored when they die money for such causes as the Dixon Teen Center. and the lives of the loved “Our local churches have ones who survive them. We also been the beneficiaries of the company’s passion are privileged with the trust to serve,” Besneatte said.

Bryan-Braker Funeral Home has offices Fairfield, Vacaville and Dixon areas which include burials, cremation and aboveground interment. The company specializes in traditional, contemporary and veterans’ services.

we feel when we serve those in Dixon. ❞ Bryan-Braker

“I think people have a prelives here conception about funeral homes,” explained Craig Bryan, owner of the company. “They think of us as working in a ‘gloom and doom’ setting and focusing only on the dead. We are about life. About those who lived lives that are honored


AD HERE Prime Time Living


(707) 628-9805

Prime Time Living 28

Funeral Home 131 So. First Street, Dixon, CA 95620, Phone: (707) 693-0292, Website:

OCD House Cleaning Michele Casaucau Owner

707-771-0113 Business License #023899 Bonded/Insured

Avon Consultant

Mr. K's Mobile Photos | (707) 580-4897 Retirement Parties, Generation & Family, Portraits

Wickens Construction & MHS Patio Covers & Rooms • Sunrooms • Arbors/Pergolas • Room Additions Cement Work • Kitchen & Bath Remodels • House Painting New Synthetic Stucco • Custom Vinyl, Redwood, and Composite Decking

Vinyl Siding


Vinyl Windows

Fast, Professional Installation Affordable Construction 100% Financing Available O.A.C.

Free Estimates



License #845399 • Bonded & Insured 16 Years Experience • References


Napa/Solano Edition

WE’RE HERE FOR YOU From award-winning quality care to the expanding specialty services available, at Sutter Medical Foundation, we are dedicated to providing you with the care you need, right where you need it. It’s one more way we plus you. • • • • • • • • •

Allergy Audiology Oncology Cardiology Dermatology Diagnostic Imaging Endocrinology Gastroenterology OB/GYN

(707) 427-4900 Prime Time Living 30

• • • • • • • •

Neurology (Adult) Outpatient Rehabilitation Ophthalmology Orthopedics Podiatry Rheumatology Surgery Urology

Senior Companions Ride

There is a FREE* Ride…with a paid Senior fare of 75¢ , a Senior Monthly Pass, or a DayPass, a senior companion (62 or older) can ride for free. For shopping, errands, or to catch an appointment– City Coach can get you there.


• Frequent 30-minute service • Clean, comfortable buses • Friendly drivers *Limit one senior companion per paid senior fare, Senior Monthly Pass or DayPass. Good on fixed routes only.

Safe. Convenient. Economical31 I 449.6000 I Napa/Solano Edition

hobby is the potential for strain and injury. To get the most out of your time gardening, consider these tips for avoiding physical discomfort:

1. Start with a few stretches You wouldn’t go for a jog or attend a workout class without warming up, so why would you garden without taking a few moments to stretch first? Before grabbing your tools and heading to your yard, spend five or 10 minutes doing stretches focusing on your arms, legs, back and neck. You’ll be moving and turning a lot, so be sure to stretch and loosen muscles to avoid strain when you’re out tending your garden.

2. Avoid bending and lifting the wrong way

Top tips for avoiding injury and strain while

gardening F

resh packets of seeds, the dirt between your fingers, and the smell of freshly churned earth - gardening season has officially begun. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a newbie to home planting, gardening is a great activity that provides both physical and mental health benefits. Enthusiasm for gardening is high. Nearly half (49 percent)

of American homeowners have gardened in the last 12 months, or 164 million people, as stated in a 2012 report on In addition to burning calories while enjoying the peacefulness of Mother Nature, gardening also rewards you with fresh fruits and vegetables that help cut your grocery bill. But one unwelcome part of taking up gardening as a

Prime Time Living 32

Chronic back pain is an issue for many Americans both young and old. Just because you have back issues doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gardening. Consider installing raised garden beds, which allow you to garden without having to bend over. Additionally, container gardens can be placed on tables or deck railings for easy access. If you don’t suffer from back pain, avoid back injury by bending and lifting the right way. Remember to maintain good posture, minimize quick twisting motions, bend at the hips and knees only, lift items in a slow and controlled manner, and enlist help if necessary.

3. Protect hands and wrists Gardening can be physically demanding, and the repetitive

motions of weeding, hoeing, raking or shoveling can be problematic for the hands and wrists, particularly if you suffer from arthritis. Minimize irritation by wearing a supportive glove, like Imak arthritis gloves, commended by the Arthritis Foundation for Ease-of-Use. These specially designed gloves provide mild compression that helps increase circulation, which ultimately reduces pain and promotes healing. Washable and made from breathable cotton, the gloves are great for the garden enthusiast. Plus the extra protection helps gardeners avoid painful blisters.


Providing Quality Chiropractic & Acupuncture Treatment with Supportive Therapies to include Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage and Physiotherapy for: Headaches • Neck Pain • Whiplash Soft Tissue Injuries Arm & Leg Pain (Including Numbness & Tingling) Upper & Lower Back Pain Muscle Spasms • Sciatica

Wellness Care for Optimum Health & Performance

4. Protect the skin from the sun


One of the best parts of gardening is you get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, but that can mean extended time in the sun so it’s important to protect your skin. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and light cotton clothing that covers exposed skin are good first steps. Always apply a water-resistant, broadspectrum lotion that is SPF 30 or higher at least 15 minutes prior to going outside, as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology.

First Visit $30 Includes consultation, examination and treatment. With this ad. No expiration.


First Visit $20 Includes consultation, examination, treatment and Xrays (if necessary).

These simple tips will help position you for a full season of gardening delights. Without injury or other physical irritations, you’ll be able to savor the fruits of your labor in the beauty of the warm weather.

With this ad. No expiration. If you have worker’s comp, personal injury or group insurance, your insurance will be billed.

In Pain? Call Now! We Are Here to Help!


2801 Waterman Blvd., Suite 260 • Fairfield

Courtesy BPT Content

Most insurances accepted • Special payment plans available


Napa/Solano Edition

Your Wine

June/July 2013

What is the Temperature? By Kevin Quinn

“What is the right temperature for serving wine?” I am often asked this question. I always feel the need to amend the question before answering it. When it comes to wine, I don’t believe in right and wrong, only in things that might help us enjoy it more. My new question would be “How can I decide what temperature to serve a wine?” Then I can start to discuss it. The general rule of thumb is that you serve white wines and rosés chilled and red wines at room temperature. My advice is to do what you enjoy. If you like to simmer your white wine in the bright sun and freeze your red wine into a slushee, then who am I to tell you not to do that. But here are a few things to think about that might help your enjoyment. When I’m looking for refreshment I want something cold to drink. (Note: If I’m thirsty, I drink a glass of water.) On a bright sunshiny day I want refreshment. For that I look to a light, crisp wine Prime Time Living 34

like an Italian pinot grigio or a Sonoma sauvignon blanc. And I want it cold. I’ll serve it fresh out of the refrigerator then slip the bottle into an ice bucket. At the other end of the color spectrum, deep, dark red wines such as Napa cabernet sauvignon or Italian barolo provide a rich sensual experience. I want subtlety and complexity from them. I seek evocative aromas and layers of flavor. I’m looking for a long finish and a slow development of my regard for the wine. So when someone puts ice in their red wine, it doesn’t appeal to me. It may make it more refreshing, but that’s not what I’m looking for. By the same token, I have no interest in a cheeseburger served fresh from the refrigerator. It might be more refreshing that way but that’s not what I want from a cheeseburger. I find a bold red wine, when served at room temperature, reveals its charms in a relaxed and open manner.


as you planned it.

Come to a continuing care retirement community where you can experience life on your terms. You’ll enjoy an amenity-rich neighborhood with equally attractive value options. Call and discover what’s possible for you.



RCF RCFE R CFE # CFE #4 #48 4 48680 6800 0036 368 3 68 L LIIC LIC IC # #11338 #13 338 38 C COA OA O A #17 #1179 # #179 117 7



PVE Savor Life_PTL.indd 1

5/3/13 4:04 PM

Relax your body...Clear your mind... Lift your spirit...

Wednesday is Senior Discount Day 55 and older all hour treatments


Summer Specials Include

90-Minute Hot Stone Massage $80 European Facial $67 60-Minute Massage $60

Solano Day Spa Now Located at 640 East Main Street ~ Vacaville 707.449.0111


Napa/Solano Edition

Then there are the wines that are more towards the center of the color spectrum. Many California chardonnays have a golden color, a creamy texture and a toasty and buttery goodness. These treasures can get locked away if the wine is too cold, but they begin to come out as the chardonnay’s temperature rises.

❝The general rule of thumb is that you serve white wines and rosés chilled and red wines at room temperature. My advice is to do what you enjoy.❞ Then there is pinot noir, a delicate grape, which produces a red wine that is light in color, texture and flavor. It has the ability to combine refreshment with a rich sensory experience. If you serve me a pinot noir on a warm spring day and it is chilled

a few degrees below room temperature, I will be pleasantly surprised. I often take my chardonnay out of the fridge a few minutes before serving it in order to lift its temperature. Then, if I expect to have another glass, I might leave it out on the kitchen table until the next pour. For a pinot noir, I might put the bottle in the fridge for a few minutes just to put a slight chill on it. We can also bring up the temperature of a too-cold wine by cupping the glass in our hands and transmitting some body heat into it. I save the ice for that glass of water.

Kevin Quinn’s book It’s Your Wine, Drink It is now available for Kindle and in paperback. Search Kevin Quinn Wine on or contact him at or (707) 334-0421. YourWineGuyKevin on Facebook.

Sometimes life takes a surprise turn…

We can help you stay on track.


FREE COMMUNITY EDUCATION: • Gatekeeper Training • Mental Health Training & Awareness • Suicide Prevention & other mental health topics • Continuing Education for Professionals For more information call: 707-644-6612


Assistance, Advocacy, Answers on Aging

FREE NAVIGATOR CASE MANAGEMENT FOR SENIORS 50+: • Linkage and assistance with accessing food, transportation, housing and other community resources • Linkage and assistance with mental and physical health resources For more information call: 707-643-1797, ask to speak with a PEAS Navigator Prevention and



w w w. s o l a n o s e n i o r s p e i . o r g Prime Time Living 36



Napa/Solano Edition


CLUES DOWN 1. Word shortening 2. Tore down (var. sp.) 3. 22nd state (abbr.) 4. Tropical constrictor 5. Hostelry 6. Examine and expurgate 7. Small restaurants 8. E. Asian anis liquor 9. Infestation of head louse 10. New Yorker film critic Pauline 11. An orange-red crystalline dye 13. Indicates position 16. Root mean square (abbr.) 17. Electronic counter-countermeasures 19. 12-31 greeting 22. Fastens 23. Himalayan wild goats

CLUES ACROSS 1. Our 10 numerals 7. Horseshoe cleat 11. Ear shell 12. Soprano solo 13. Vestments 14. Heart’s singer Wilson 15. Set of type in one style 16. Withdraw from work 18. Ancient Hebrew coin 20. Megacycle 21. 26th British letter 22. Colonnaded Greek walks 24. Russian sourgrass soup 26. OK Corral’s Wyatt 27. Cheremiss 28. Schenectady County Airport 29. Laptop 31. Actress Farrow

25. One who overacts 32. NYSE for Murphy Oil Corp.

28. Facial gesture

33. Talk noisily

30. Absence of aggression

35. New Testament

34. China

36. Tax collector

38. Older Bridges brother

37. Mediation council

40. Plays

39. Not in use

42. Term denoting psychic abilities

41. Act as master of ceremonies

43. Oral polio vaccine developer

43. Skin lesions

44. Any habitation at a high altitude

44. Stiff bristle

46. Hyperbolic cosecant

45. Equally

47. Russian mountain range

46. Pool dressing room

48. An aromatic salve

49. Eyebath

50. Venezuelan fashion designer initials

51. Thick piece of something 52. Angry 55. 20th Hebrew letter 56. 3rd largest Colombian city 57. Gum arabics 59. A song of praise to God

53. Highest card 54. 5th son of Jacob 58. Music storage device See page 43 for puzzle answers.

60. Dispatcher

Prime Time Living 38

PTS_Sol_OctNov09:Layout 1


8:01 AM

Page 33

We are the other dealership alternative

We work on ALL MAKES AND MODELS DOMESTIC and foreign (Please Call for Domestic car picing)

DON’T WAIT FOR YOUR CAR TO BREAK DOWN! Major Maintenance Dealer recommended every 24 months or 30,000 • 60,000 • 90,000 • 120,000 miles




MOST CARS. Plus tax. Regular $486.00. 6 & 8 cyl. higher. 4X4’s - $324. Exp. 7/31/13.

Intermediate Maintenance Dealer recommended every 12 months or 15,000 • 45,000 • 75,000 • 105,000 miles




MOST CARS. Plus tax. Most 4 cylinders. Reg. $269.00. 4X4’s, vans, 6 cyl. add $34. Domestic cars higher. Exp.7/31/13.

Minor Maintenance

Dealer recommended every 7500 miles for vehicles 2003 & older and every 10,000 miles for vehicles 2004 & newer.




Check Engine Light Initial Inspection


If your warning light comes on, present this coupon for a free inspection. Plus tax. Must present coupon at time of service. With this coupon. Exp. 7/31/13

Comprehensive Brake System Evaluation


Most vehicles. With any brake work completed on the same day. With coupon. Not valid with other offers. Exp. 7/31/13

WiFi Access While You wait!

recommended every 5,000 miles

Most vehicles use 5 qts, 6 cyl and 8 cyl higher Expires 7/31/13.


First Time Customers 10% Discount on Oil Change Expires 7/31/13.


2395 10%off $






Plus tax. Most 4 cyl. cars. Add $10 for 6 & 8 cyl. Exp. 7/31/13.

Oil Change

Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5 every other Sat 9-2

w w w. i m p o r t m a s t e r. n e t

Vacaville Convalescent & Rehab Center

585 Nut Tree Court Vacaville, CA 95687 707-449-8000 Solano County’s best rehab team provided by


Napa/Solano Edition

Nutritious food a friend to cancer survivors M

illions of people across the globe receive a cancer diagnosis each year. While that diagnosis can initially be devastating, it’s important to note that many cancer patients survive the disease and go on to live productive lives. Advocacy is a significant part of many cancer survivor’s lives. Cancer survivors often become strong supporters of cancer research so one day others won’t have to endure the disease. Whether they’re supporting cancer charities that fund cancer research, spreading the word about cancer prevention in their communities or participating in events aimed at raising awareness about cancer, cancer survivors are a source of inspiration to their friends, family members and neighbors. But as much as cancer survivors tend to do for others, they should also take steps to ensure their own health. Diet is a great way to do just that. A healthy meal can provide the nourishment cancer survivors need as they get back in the swing of things and continue their lives going forward. And such meals need not be void of flavor, as the following recipe for “Asian Japonica Rice Salad With Edamame” from Rebecca Katz’ “One Bite At a Time: Nourishing Recipes for Cancer Survivors and Their Friends” (Celestial Arts) can attest. Prime Time Living 40

Asian Japonica Rice Salad With Edamame Serves 8


teaspoons sea salt


cups black Japonica rice, rinsed and drained


cup shelled edamame beans


cup peeled and thinly sliced celery, sliced diagonally


cup peeled and shredded carrots


red bell pepper, diced

1/2 cup thinly sliced scallions, green and white parts, sliced diagonally

Dressing 2

tablespoons brown rice vinegar


tablespoons tamari


tablespoon minced fresh ginger


cloves garlic, minced


teaspoon cayenne


cup sesame oil


teaspoon toasted sesame oil


tablespoons fresh lime juice


teaspoon sea salt


teaspoon maple syrup


cup toasted cashews (see box)


tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro


cup chopped fresh basil


tablespoon lightly toasted sesame seeds (see box)


teaspoons fresh lime juice

In a medium pot, bring 4 cups of water and 1 teaspoon salt to a boil over high heat. Add the rice and return to a boil. Cover, decrease the heat and simmer until tender, 40 to 45 minutes. Pour the rice onto a sheet pan and fluff with a fork to separate the grains and cool. In another medium pot, bring 4 cups of water to a boil over high heat. Add 1 teaspoon salt and blanch the edamame until just tender, about 1 minute. Transfer to a colander, rinse with cold water, and set aside. In a bowl, combine the rice, celery, carrot, red pepper, and scallions. Prepare the dressing by whisking the vinegar, tamari, ginger, garlic, cayenne, sesame oil, toasted sesame oil, lime juice, salt, and maple syrup together. Toss the rice mixture with the dressing. Stir in the beans, cashews (reserve a few for garnish), cilantro, and basil. Top with the sesame seeds and a squeeze of lime juice. Serve in a salad ■ bowl, garnished with cashews

Quality care for your loved one. Peace of mind for you.

Senior Helpers stands ready to serve your

family’s needs with personalized in-home care, and expertly trained, professional caregivers. Peace of mind begins with your free in-home care initial assessment. Call today to learn more. 707-251-1611


Bonded and insured. Senior Helpers locations are independently owned and operated. All rights reserved. ©2012 SH Franchising, LLC.


Napa/Solano Edition

Senior Centers American Canyon Senior Center 2185 Elliott Drive American Canyon 707-647-4369

Napa Senior Activity Center 1500 Jefferson Street Napa 707-255-1800 Florence Douglas 333 Amador St. Vallejo 707-643-1044

Please contact your local Senior Center for Schedule & Event Information

Fairfield 1200 Civic Center Drive 707-428-7421

Dixon 201 South 5th St. 707-678-7022 Suisun City 318 Merganser Dr. 707-421-7203

McBride 91 Town Square Vacaville 707-469-6660 Rio Vista Senior Center 25 Main Street, Rio Vista 707-374-3349

Benicia Senior Center 187 L Street 707-745-1202 Senior Center Without Walls 877-797-7299

NOW IN PRIVATE PRACTICE... Taking New Patients Triple board certified American Board Medical Specialties Internal Medicine Geriatric Medicine Hospice and Palliative Care Retired Air Force physician Patient Advocate Visits at assisted living facilities and nursing homes M/W/F Clinic open Tu/Th 8-6

Kathryn Amacher, DO

Internal Medicine, Geriatrics 707-451-4111

Peaslee DuMont, MD

Integrative Family Practice 707-447-7751

Penelope McAlmond-Ross, PsyD Applied Psychology Systems 707-330-5535

313 Kendall St. Ste. B, Vacaville, 95688 Prime Time Living 42

n of maand


McCune Garden Chapel

FUNERAL DIRECTORS In Your Community Since 1938 • FD-0388

able day ndaairt at


212 Main Street • Vacaville, CA (707) 448-6546

Milton Carpenter Funeral Home In Your Community Since 1859 • FD-0386

569 N First Street • Dixon, CA (707) 678-2189

icaShe at

Traditional Funeral Pre-need Arrangements Cremation Memorial Services Monuments Serving Vacaville, Dixon, Winters, Davis & Surrounding areas.



Tours Daily

Sudoku from page 16 Crossword from page 38

Call for Move-In information

2061 Peabody Road • Vacaville, CA 95687 (707) 455-0300 • Lic# 486803226



Napa/Solano Edition

Hassle Free Printing We Take Printing Seriously…Not Ourselves.

5,000 postcards $149 • 10,000 flyers $349 • 1,000 magazines $995 (16 pages, 60# paper)

Call 210-804-0390 for Special Online Pricing!

Visit us at

CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE YOUR PLANT TOUR 210-804-0390 • Email samplEs@shwEiki for a frEE quotE or call 512-480-0860

Prime Time Living 44

Resource Guide - Important Local Phone Numbers SOLANO COUNTY



AREA AGENCY ON AGING: 800-510-2020

The toll free number will automatically route the caller to the city of residence.

NAPA OMBUDSMAN: 707-258-9348


Administrative Offices: F a i r f i el d: V a ca v i l l e: V a l l ej o:

644-6612 4 2 9 -6 2 3 5 4 6 9 -6 6 7 9 6 4 3 -1 7 9 7





NORTHBAY ALZHEIMER'S DAY CARE CENTER 707-624-7970 Fax: 707-624-7969



FAITH IN ACTION: Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers of Solano County,

Caregiver Respite Program, Ride with Pride & Cancer Patient Navigator Program

South Solano County: North Solano County:


707-425-6164 707-469-6675


Find the glasses and you could WIN!

Find these reading glasses in our magazine and be registered to win a $50 Olive Garden gift card! Simply e-mail the PAGE NUMBER and your NAME and ADDRESS or enter by mail by 7/15/2013. or Prime Time Seniors 209 Glen Eagle Way Vacaville, CA 95688



Public Authority: I n t a k e L i n e:

707-784-8259 7 0 7 -7 8 4 -8 2 5 9

MEALS ON WHEELS of Solano County Home Delivered Meals: 707-425-0638 Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun & Vacaville Home Delivered Meals: 707-644-7444 Benicia & Vallejo Congregate Dining: 707-426-3079 Senior centers in Solano County



24-Hour Hotline: 800-231-4024

ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES 707-784-8259 24-Hour Hotline: 800-850-0012


Retirement Living. With the Emphasis On Fun! Deciding to move to Merrill Gardens is giving yourself the chance to live an independent, healthy lifestyle full of new friends and new opportunities. We Offer: • Anytime Dining


• 24-Hour Staff • Full Activities Schedule • Exciting Outings • Happy Hours and Live Music • Exercise Classes • Friendly Neighbors • Personalized Care Available • And Much, Much More!

A one of a kind retirement community

Call Today for a Complimentary Lunch and Personal Tour! Three Great Locations to Serve You in Solono County

North Bay (707) 552-3336 2261 Tuolumne Vallejo, CA 94589

Vacaville (707) 447-7496 799 Yellowstone Drive Vacaville, CA 95687

Vallejo (707) 553-2698 350 Locust Drive Vallejo, CA 94591 License #486801862

License #486800120

Retirement & Assisted Living

Prime Time Living June July 2013  
Prime Time Living June July 2013  

Serving Active & Mature Adults in Napa & Solano Counties