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The Valiant Leader in the Field of Pollution Control Dr S. Saibabu

Chairman and Managing Director

Editor’s Note

E Right Endeavour for Safeguarding the Environment

nvironmental Pollution is a major hazard that the world is facing right now and citizens are more aware now that a clean environment is necessary for the survival and smooth functioning of humankind. Major health issues posed by the current pandemic has already threatened the entire healthcare system. There is no further scope for a tolerance of any more health hazards. Recently, when the entire country was passing with a critical period of lockdown, you might have noticed that people of the waste management industry were in service for all time. It came under essential services that can never be stopped. Few brands have emerged to succeed in fighting against environmental pollution in a big way by providing integrated solid waste management solutions. Also, electronic waste management, involving the collection and recycling is equally important. India’s leading waste management companies with their designer and engineering solutions have pledged to safeguard the environment with their robust equipment. Their ultimate aim is to reduce the adverse impact on the environment. The main goal of the waste management system is to offer simple, straightforward, transparent, and sustainable methods to recycle and manage E-waste and electronic assets. The process includes collecting all types of IT, electronics, electrical, media, and communications equipment. The other processes are making advanced use of IT, electronics, electrical, media, and communications equipment. Great thanks to waste management companies utilizing advanced, indigenous technologies with their capable and dedicate workforce are working with a neverending commitment for safeguarding the environment. It is really necessary to create great awareness among society for the need to recycle- E-waste is a very eco-friendly way and quick adoption of sustainable technology disposal policies for a greener and safer planet to offer for the coming generation. This edition is about an emerging brand in the field of “Pollution control”. It is the onestop solution for pollution at all levels. The company is working with its efficient team of employees passionately with Environmental Compliance and fulfilling the client requirements to the satisfactory level. In the end, I would like to thanks all team members of Prime Insights to show their endeavor to maintain consistency in the work and inspiring the whole team to stay blessed during this threatening period of the pandemic. All the best for the rest of the year.

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Pollucare Engineers India Pvt.Ltd: The Valiant Leader in the Field of Pollution Control

S t o r y

Dr S. Saibabu

Chairman and Managing Director


Toshiba-Exceptional Success Story of a Brand in the World of Electronics

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Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Fluid Controls

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Cover Story

Dr S. Saibabu

Chairman and Managing Director Pollucare Engineers India Pvt. Ltd


Pollucare Engineers India Pvt.Ltd: The Valiant Leader in the Field of Pollution Control


he most globally accepted brand in the field of Environmental Pollution Control Measures is Pollucare Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. The Economic Times has bestowed it with the title “Emerging brand of the year 2020”. It is the ONE STOP SOLUTION for pollutions at all levels. The industrial and infrastructure development projects work as an end-to-end solution provider in India and Bangladesh by collaborating with various organizations. A team of employees with relentless skills and with an International exposure, Pollucare passionately works out with Environmental Compliance by maintaining the clients’ requirements and associating itself to all statutory and legal compliances. It makes detailed Engineering Designs, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts and offers its customers with unparalleled pollution mitigation strategies.


The Pre-eminent Pillar of Pollucare

Dr S. Saibabu, the Managing Director and Chairman of Pollucare Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. is a man with wide experience in the ground of Environmental Engineering and international exposure in Project Management. He is not only the mastermind behind Pollucare but also an eminent leader, entrepreneur and environmentalist, who is responsible for the overall functioning of the company. He has been constantly channelling his own created organization with a resourceful team of skilled personnel. Pollucare has an extensive client base and is generating evident results in the field of Environment, Sustainable and Social Development under the leadership of Saibabu. Saibabu was born and brought up in rural areas in India. Having faced a lot of challenges in his early life and after completing his engineering degree, he landed in the metropolitan city of Chennai in desperation to survive. With a lot of confidence and commitment, Saibabu started to ascend the steps of the corporate field. His keen interest in developing a self-business had landed him into this field. From day 1, he has been very successful and eventually reached the position of Director Level in a Multinational Company. After deciding to come out from his comfort zone, Saibabu gained 15 years of experience in business development, engineering, product development and services. It at age 40, Saibabu had established his own venture and turned into a First Generation Entrepreneur. His strong interpersonal skills, remarkable leadership skills and strong mental attitude gave him a vast exposure in the field of Environmental Engineering. Saibabu has been able to provide Consulting Liaison and Solutions for Environment Pollution Control at reasonable rates. He is also known to be involved in nation-building activities through Recycling & Reuse of Waste Water that has always been an ongoing concern for India and Bangladesh.

Dr S. Saibabu

Chairman and Managing- Director

How is Pollucare an Integrated Pollution Management System?

Pollucare aims to fulfil customer satisfaction by improvising customer relations and committing ontime service delivery. It works with QCDR (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Response) that has created a cogent approach in the improvement of this effective management system. The organization imparts legal training for each of its employees and encourages them to communicate with the quality policy internally. This has been further implemented through a feedback mechanism and the integration of this management system has been in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. It creates and exhibits trust in the hearts of its customers through QCDR, which makes Pollucare unique worldwide. Pollucare is basically a Customer-Centric Organization.

It was Not an Easy Road to Success

The road to making Pollucare as successful as it is today was not an easy one. Getting skilled people to work for the firm, acquiring the accreditation for running the Environmental Consultancy, positioning the brand and starting the Environmental Laboratory, were matters of vast concern faced by Saibabu. Another big challenging concern was the investment. Laying down


operation and maintenance of ETP, STP, WTP, RO, ZLD and Evaporator Plants. The manpower working under pollucare are both versatile and talented to meet every concerning need of the industry. Additionally, they supply water treatment chemicals like antiscalant and all spares for STP, ETP, WTP, RO, ZLD and Evaporator. The O&M Services have been provided by Pollucare in India and Bangladesh

the foundations of the lab and the office infrastructure required a lot of capital and manpower. Also, there were emerging competitions that forced Saibabu to emerge strongly within a short time span.

Range of Services Offered with Supremacy

( Consultancy and Liaison Services The Consent to Establishment (CTE) and the Consent to Operation (CTO) along with Renewal of Consent and Hazardous Waste Authorization (HWA) from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) and other State Pollution Control Boards (SPCB) are their prime consultancy services. Pollucare has also secured Environmental Clearance (EC) from State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) and MOEF, the government of India New Delhi. Pollucare is accredited by NABET under Quality Council of India. Pollucare has an expertise in doing Ground Water Clearance and Single Window Clearance from the government along with Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Clearance from CZMA (Coastal Zone Management Authorities). With several government agencies, Pollucare has accommodated Liaison under the verdict of both the Central and State governments.

( Environmental Research Centre



Apart from other dynamic services and notable contributions providing solutions for waste management, Pollucare has a state of the art accredited laboratory for monitoring and analysing the Ambient Air Quality, Stack Monitoring, Weather, Water Testing and Analysis, Wastewater (sewage and trade effluent), Soil and Sediment Analysis, Solid and Hazardous Waste Analysis, Noise and Vibration Analysis. They target a wide range of critical issues regarding water management at their Research Centre. They have successfully made remarkable research contributions coupled with practical and viable solutions to a number of water management factors in our country. The laboratory is NABL accredited.

( Turnkey projects Regarding water, wastewater and air pollution control measures, Pollucare plays a chief role in providing Turnkey Project solutions. In accordance with the CPCB and SPCB, all their designs, systems and their executions are top rated. It has also established a Technological Understanding with Hi Clear Products of Bangkok which has channelled its technology from Hitachi, Japan to provide sustainable solutions for safeguarding our water resources. Pollucare is expert in offering Zero Liquid Discharge Systems(ZLDS) to various industries for treating their effluent(waste water) to reuse, recycle and recover. Pollucare is also leading player in Sewage treatment Plant with different technologies and they manufacture Organic Waste Convertor for bio degradable solid waste generated from various sources. Pollucare is prominently known to be the supplier of Wet Scrubber, Dry Scrubber and Dust collector.

( Facility Management Services Electrical Underlying are some equipment listed in the Annual Maintenance contract: » All Transformer and its protection system » Operation of all DG sets » Operation and maintenance of fire hydrant systems like jockey pump, electrical pump and engine » HT panel and its protection systems » All switch gears installed in LT panels, measuring instruments, indications, bus bars, LT cables etc. installed at various locations » Checking of earth pits and taking the needful action for improvement of improper earthing Plumbing Under this service, Pollucare ensures the following: » Repairing of damaged water lines within the industry

( Operation and Maintenance Services Pollucare is highly organized with skilled operators in a professional manner. They are based on providing


» » » » » »

Relocating any existing raw water and RO waterlines Servicing the Sprinkler system around factory premises Cleaning of overhead tanks and underground sumps frequently Recording the meter reading of water on a regular basis inside the facility Check of water lines for leakages periodically and ensuring clearance of the clogs Acquiring new and changing skills to be adopted in the working environment

Civil The range of civil services offered by Pollucare has mainly 3 aspects, namely: Painter, Carpenter and Mason. Painter » Carrying out interior and exterior wall painting, floor marking, stickering and furniture polishing across the factory » Painting the earth bit chambers and identification of numbers » Assisting in the production and maintenance of signboards and warning boards in required places » Painting various kinds of utility lines such as diesel, water, acid lines, compressed air and gas etc. » Painting all kinds of production machines and utility services and equipment, power cable trays, panel boards etc.

Dr S. Saibabu

Chairman and Managing Director

Carpenter » Mending all kinds of false ceilings and servicing of windows, furniture, workstations » Cutting, measuring and shaping of wood, plastic and other materials along with assisting in the packaging of machines using wooden plants Mason » Servicing of motor bed creation, chambers and repairing the roof leakages » Supporting the layout modification team as well as carrying out the finishing works in walls like plastering of damaged walls and floors » Arresting building cracks and landscape area civil renovation like kerbstone, paver pitching works and completing any leftover minor works of renovation.


Housekeeping and gardening » The housekeeping and gardening services of Pollucare encourages the following: » Cleaning of toilets and bathrooms » Cleaning verandas and corridors and any public entrance area on a regular basis » Accumulation of rubbish, garbage and hazardous waste from all areas of the industry and disposing them safely into the garbage yard » Maintenance of housekeeping work is precisely carried out without hampering the existing site infrastructure » Cleaning of doors, windows, electrical fitting and glass panes and ensuring a dust-free environment on a priority basis » Maintaining cutting down of trees that might make the garden around the factory premises a mess as per client’s instruction is also taken into account.

effective marketing programs and initiatives. Periodical technical seminars are conducted to various industries in several parts of India in accordance with reputed educational institutions such as Centre for Environment Studies, Anna University, Guindy Campus, Chennai and Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Deemed to be University), Coimbatore. Karunya work in collaboration with leading universities in Israel for Wastewater Management.

Being a customer-centric organization, Pollucare aims to revolve around them and their requirements. Satisfying customers and fulfilling their needs to the brim is their sole motto. They deliver what they commit and in this process, ensures a strong trust base for each of their customers. Pollucare is also known for its ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy. This, in turn, widens their business through repeated customer references. The most important approach of Pollucare which is QCDR is based on the following positive facets:

Upcoming Plans for Pollucare •

Pollucare has paved its way into the hearts of its customers

» » » »

Optimum design without Quality compromise Competitive Cost On-time Delivery Responsible and prompt Response for efficient completion of a project and services for entire life-cycle of the project Pollucare is connected with CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) in the ground of all environmental programs. The client base coordinates with the brand through certain websites and other notable social media platforms such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook etc. Customers hold a reputed brand image of this organization. In order to promote its initiatives, services and offerings, Pollucare comes up with robust and

Pollucare started to take project management consultancy(PMCs) services in the field of its own expertise. Pollucare has grown to such an extent that around 300 persons are currently employed and another 150 persons are likely to get an employment in one year. Pollucare introduces better staffing services for every department in Industries and Corporates with lot of flexibility. Currently, Pollucare focuses on solid waste management in private & Government sectors. The Operations and Maintenance Services and Facility Management Services departments have been expanded wisely. There have been major advancements in Water and Wastewater treatments in both industrial & municipal areas and Pollucare will focus on these areas. The Industrial Wastewater Treatment has been crucially planned for reuse, recycle and recover.

A lot of skills and focus from a professional point of view have been developed by Pollucare towards team management. There is freedom of performance and feasibility of taking independent decisions. Its dynamic market dominance in respective fields can fetch bountiful productive results in the upcoming years. Professionalism and trust are the key elements that have successfully increased the brand value of Pollucare. There is no doubt that any successful venture requires time to speed up in the field of success and excellence. Pollucare rightfully satisfies its client base and truly believes in achieving the targeted goals. The company is based on both longterm and short-term visions covering various aspects of pollution management around the world for the future ahead. Pollucare aims to multiply its staff and turnover by 5 times in the upcoming years.




Toshiba-Exceptional Success Story of a Brand in the World of Electronics


ife in this digital era would have been vulnerable if we didn’t have access to communication equipment to transfer signals, medical equipment to carry out surgeries, and most importantly, power systems to fuel up the machines. Moreover, amongst the growing advancement in electronic products, Toshiba, a Japanese multinational corporation, has sailed the world through a wave of premiere wide-ranging devices, starting from household appliances to social infrastructure systems. Toshiba has its headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan, with a robust number of subsidiaries. Wisdom and experience always bring something special to the table. Toshiba remained numero uno in

the industry of manufacturing over the decades. The extremely rich heritage of the company dates back to the 19th century when the brand played a major role in the industrialization of Japan. Toshiba is an exceptional success story and a shining example of vision and grit.

Early Days for Toshiba


The historic yet consequential journey of Toshiba began in 1873 when the Ministry of Engineering recognized the need to modernize Japan and provided Hisashige Tanaka with the capital required to produce telegraphic equipment. He established Tanaka Engineering Works (which was later renamed as Shibaura Engineering

Works). The company also produced various electrical devices like switches for communication systems. The company, later, came under the supervision of Tanaka’s adopted son. The foundation started taking off gradually when Ichisuke Fujioka established Hakunetsu-sha Co Ltd in 1890 (which was later known as Tokyo Electric Company Ltd) to produce light bulbs in Japan itself so they won’t have to import them from foreign countries.

Warner helped build a reputation when they developed a path-breaking DVD format. It soon became the new standard of quality in the industry. The company created Japan’s first TAC digital computer followed by transistor television, microwave oven color video phone, MRI system, DVD, and sub-notebook personal computer. These are some of the few inventions, which were instrumental in helping the company pioneer the electronics industry. The company was plagued by a class-action lawsuit concerning alleged faulty floppy disk drives, but the case was settled to prevent further adverse publicity.

Growth Phase

After the death of Tanaka in 1881, General Electric partly acquired Tanaka Seisakusho. This is followed by the acquisition of the company by Mitsui Bank in 1893, renaming it as Shibaura Seisakusho. Shibaura Seisakusho and Hakunetsu-Sha Co Ltd, both were at their best phase when the Great Kanto earthquake hit the city and took away several lives. Several employees of these two companies fall victim to this calamity, and hence, suffered a major loss. During the 1930s, the government banned the production of home appliances and shifted its interest to make war equipment. In the year 1939, Tokyo Denki (previously known as Hakunetsu-Sha) and Shibaura Seisakusho were merged to form Tokyo Shibaura Denki (now Toshiba) with General Electric Company holding 24% share. During the world war, Toshiba mainly supplied radios and generators. However, after the war ended, it had to face many difficulties. In the post-war era, production slowly recovered and sales increased as Toshiba developed a new technology, expanded factories, and built new production units. International sales were also gradually rising.

Success continues

In 2001, to meet the increasing demand in the North American market, Toshiba signed an agreement with Orion Electric to supply TV and video products for the company. In the year 2006, Toshiba made one of the greatest acquisitions in the history of the company by acquiring Westinghouse Electric Company, the world’s largest nuclear power company for $5.4 billion. In 2009, Toshiba bought the Hard Disk Drive business of Fujitsu. In 2011, Toshiba announced the acquisition of Landis+Gyr for $2.3 billion, followed by the acquisition of IBM’s point-of-sale business $850 million. In December 2013, Toshiba established its manufacturing unit in India after acquiring Vijai Electricals Limited Plant, Hyderabad, India. In January 2014, Toshiba acquired OCZ Storage Solutions, and in the same year, Toshiba and United Technologies came in a joint venture and diversified it outside Japan. Since then, Toshiba has acquired many other companies, and even, faced numerous scandals. The company sold Westinghouse as it suffered a wide loss in 2017.

Expansion Phase

Toshiba entered an expansion phase when, around 1973, they decided that they need to grow further. With a sole aim to develop advanced technology, they invested heavily in the R&D department. After a few years, the company introduced the first one-megabyte DRAM memory chip. They also began producing laptops or personal computers. The continued sojourn of determination was not without a due share of setbacks. It was a disaster for the company in 1987 when the US Senate banned the import of Toshiba products. The US discoveredthat a half-owned Toshiba subsidiary was selling submarine sound-deadening equipment to the Soviet Union. Toshiba seized the opportunity and instead of wallowing in self-pity, they expanded to other global markets. During the 1990s, the company started further new firms, including Toshiba Music Industries, Toshiba International Corporation, Toshiba Electrical Equipment, Toshiba Chemical, and many more. It was also responsible for developing some of Japan’s first electronics. In 1995, Toshiba’s partnership with Time

At present, Toshiba produces one of the finest electronic products and services in the entire world and is getting stronger day by day. Around 140,000 employees as per the statistics of 2019 work in the company. It believes in creating products that are more efficient in the future and thrives for excellence.


Top 10 companies in the corporate world

The Walt Disney Company

Toyota Motors

The Walt Disney Studios better known as Disney is one of the largest multinational mass media entertainment organization, headquartered in California. Its brand value is $32.6 billion and with around 200,000 employees, it has become the biggest film production company in the world. Its success and victory is also based due to certain films like “The Lion King”, “Avengers End Game”, “Toy Story 4” etc. that have tremendously hit the box office over time.

Toyota Moto Corp, better known as Toyota Motor is a $14.2 billion brand value, Japanese multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Aichi, Japan. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of automotive in the world and encourages the manufacturing and selling of hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles around the earth. It operates from 27 countries and has itself opened around 69 manufacturing companies across the globe. It has a strength of 3, 40,000 talented employees working in it.

Coca Cola


A multinational manufacturer, retailer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverages, Coca Cola is incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia. With a brand value of $84 billion, it houses around 62.000 employees in 5 growing countries around the world. It has also established its base in other countries like Australia and Canada. Its chief brand value product is Coca Cola which is a very popular drink across countries.

It is one of the business giants in the food and restaurant industry, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It has its restaurants spread around 37,200 locations all over the world. With a brand value of $129.3 billion, McDonald’s serves more than 68 million people in 119 countries per day. The company has a market capital of $149 billion and has currently over 200,000 employees employed by it. 20



With a brand value of $89 billion, Facebook is a social networking site connecting people all over the world. The organization has its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. It is probably the most trusted social networking site with over 1 billion registered accounts and 2.4 billion active users. The other products of the company include Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus. The company is home to 52,534 talented employees working in 85 offices including data centres in 35 countries around the globe.

Seoul’s Samsung, a South Korean multinational tech giant engages in the production and retailing of electronics and computer peripherals across the globe. It is headquartered in Samsung Town. It is one of the biggest sellers in technological advancement including chemicals, automotive, electronic components, consumer electronics and apparels. It has a current strength of 308,745 employees in the US, APAC and Europe. Samsung has a brand value of $59.89 billion and the company has grabbed the third position amongst other top 100 digital companies in the world.



Google Inc. is an American Technology Firm emphasizing on all kinds of internet-related services in the world. The company is headquartered in California, USA and is one of the most popular global search engine the world uses today. It comes as a search engine named Google Chrome for other devices working on Android platforms such as tablets, mobiles, notebooks etc. For daily users, it is a feasible search engine. The company has a talented workforce of over 114,000 and operates in more than 70 offices across 50 countries.

Microsoft Corporation, better known to us as Microsoft is a $326.5 billion multinational tech giant that primarily engages itself in manufacturing, supporting, licensing and selling all kinds of computer peripherals and related service. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, the company has secured a market capital of $946.5 billion. Microsoft operates from several countries and houses more than 130,000 employees. The company has made its revolution after inventing the GUI influenced operating system software. Microsoft Windows is one of the most commercially used OS in the world.



Apple Inc. is the father of all business organizations over the world. With a brand value of $205.5 billion, Apple is the mass business giant in the field of technology. Apple contains a manpower strength of 132,000, working in mainly 4 countries namely UK, France, USA and Germany. It has its headquarters in Cupertino, California and is involved primarily in manufacturing, designing and marketing of mobile communication, PCs, portable digital music players and media devices. It is the top-ranked company according to the Forbes amongst other 100 digital companies in the world.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington and with a brand value of $220.8 billion, Amazon is currently the biggest e-procurement company on the planet. Its service chain primarily includes sellers, consumers, content creators and enterprises. Having a staff strength of 647,500 in more than 30 countries, Amazon is a leading marketplace that has shown itself as a benchmark of online shopping. The company publishes around 3 billion products around the globe.


Dr. Tansen Chaudhari’s Invaluable Participation in Success of Fluid Controls Private Limited


luid Controls Private Limited was established in 1974 by Dr. Y.E. Moochhala, a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, the US with a vision to deliver high quality & high-performance products which delight customers. With more than 45 years of experience in engineering connections, the company offers customers across industries end-to-end “Make in India” solutions for various applications – from design & engineering services to supply of high-performance products. Fluid Controls® offers clients a complete range of instrumentation erection hardware, ranging from instrumentation fittings, valves, manifolds and air headers to DIN pipe clamps, SAE flanges and condensate pots. Fluid Controls® is a premier supplier to onshore and offshore oil & gas installations, process and power plants, the defence industry, critical applications for nuclear plants, and brake piping applications for rail and metro. Fluid Controls® is approved by all major Indian OEM’s such as ONGC, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, NTPC, BHEL, NPCIL and railway OEM’s. Their international customers are located in North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Fluid Controls

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari, who is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Fluid Controls Private Limited since 2011, shares his of Technology (SIT). insights about the company and its plans Under his guidance, Fluid Controls® has received several for the future. technical and innovation awards, including the CII Dr. Tansen Chaudhari has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay. He has over 20 years of rich experience in Research & Development as well as Enterprise Sales and General Management. His experience speaks volumes about his professional expertise. He had a stint in the US at the GE (General Electric) Global Research and management roles with GE Business. He also has 5 US patents to his credit which have been published in ten international journals. Besides, he is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and DFSS Black Belt. Dr. Chaudhari is also a Board-of-Studies member at various Engineering Colleges and Business Schools and is a visiting faculty at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM), and Symbiosis Institute

Industrial Innovation Award for Medium Scale Manufacturing Organization and recognition as one of the top 25 Innovative companies.

Dr. Chaudhari has been the leader of Fluid Controls’ CSR initiatives and has been associated with various NGOs supporting their work towards community welfare.

Inspiration behind Association with Fluid Controls


Dr. Tansen Chaudhari shared his opinions regarding his inspiration to join Fluid Controls Private Limited. He told that since Fluid Controls® was founded in 1974, it was

involved in original R&D with the philosophy of creating high-quality products which are native replacements of imported goods. Dr. Y E Moochhala, the founder of Fluid Controls® left his career in the US and returned India for founding the Fluid Controls®. He was of opinion for making India self-reliant. He was strongly committed to creating high-quality, high-performance products that meet all local climatic and performance expectations. For Dr. Chaudhari, the beliefs of Dr. Moochhala easily resonated with his attitude and background of doing original research. This inspired him to join Fluid Controls® in the year 2011 since then they have developed more than 25 new products. Product design and development with performance testing acts as an inspiration to any business which was also with Fluid Controls® as well.

Initial Challenges Undertaken Operating Fluid Controls

Controls® has built comprehensive expertise for manufacturing, by identifying the right materials and ensuring “fit and forget” assembly. His plans rest on three pillars. Firstly, continue to develop new products and services. Secondly, build on their strength in the rail and metro business and tap into the brake piping business for the emerging high-speed train operations and global supplies to Europe, North America, and SE Asia. Thirdly, build a global business, especially in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

Journey as Chief Operating Officer at Fluid Controls®

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari describes his journey at Fluid Controls® engaging and full of learnings. He had joined Fluid Controls® as an employee in the year 2011, and now he is a shareholder in the company as well. This clearly indicates the sign of great professionalism he showed in the company for earning trust of Board of Directors of company. His winning team under the directions of Managing Director Ms. Sophie Moochhala has made Fluid Controls® to grow ten times during last nine years. Having learned many lessons globally in his previous assignments, his role at Fluid Controls® helped him to apply his previous learnings in reality. Indeed, his journey with the Fluid Controls® indicates a message for others that with a commitment, anyone can make a drop into an ocean.


Being Chief Operating Officer at Fluid Controls®, Dr. Tansen Chaudhari was a leading officer of the company. Initially, the primary aim of company was to develop new products along with existing people and other allied resources such as software, testing machines, etc. Soon as the turn-around in products and business happened, Dr. Chaudhari was able to focus on building the capabilities - the right people along with robust processes. He primarily focused on the People-Process-Product cycle for better growth of the company. The other challenge he faced was customer acceptance as they used to offer a local product whereas many companies preferred to purchase imported legacy brands.

Impending Goals in Forthcoming Years

“Personally, I am a contented person. The Blessings of my Parents, Family, Teachers, Mentors, and Friends are sufficient for me. In fact, I believe “low aim is a crime” for professional growth.”, says Dr. Tansen Chaudhari commenting on his beliefs on personal & professional growth. Dr. Chaudhari’s aim is to expand the Fluid Controls footprint globally. Currently, they have a manufacturing tie-up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and would like to have one or two more such tie-ups geographically. He would also like to tie up with one or two Global Universities, and Fund a Research Project for Fluid Controls®.

Key Integral Core Values behind Success

Integrity, Innovation, and Reliability (I2R) are the core values of Fluid Controls Private Limited. These values are instilled in the employees, and hence the company’s products. His team at Fluid Controls® has challenged themselves with every product they develop and offer. He created a unique model of operations along with Research & Development and has kept them ahead of the competition and the State-of-Art manufacturing facility and Test Lab has helped to exceed customer expectations. He believes that the vision of the founder, Dr. Y E Moochhala, the leadership of the Managing Director Sophie Moochhala and the team leaders have played a key role in keeping Fluid Controls® ahead in the business segment and making a mark in the customer’s heart!

Gentle Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs Dr. Chaudhari advises, “What gets measured is done!”. So, one has to be focused. Do keep faith in yourself. Hard work is the mantra to success. Do not opt for short cuts. Effort and luck have to be together to be successful - we do not control luck, so we must control our efforts! Spirituality helps us to remain grounded. Sound Health is necessary for hard work. Keep connected to everyone, networking is the key. Neither under-estimate nor over-estimate yourself. Integrity is everything!

Future Vision for Fluid Controls® in Upcoming Years Dr. Tansen Chaudhari told that over the years, Fluid


Ensure operational efficiency of the workplace with Facility Management describe in detail, the following are the main constituents of facility management 1) Sustainability. 2) Human factors and occupancy. 3) Maintenance and operation. 4) Technology management. 5) Managing risks. 6) Communication. 7) Quality and performance. 8) Strategy. 9) Real estate. 10) Business and finance. 11) Project Management.

Basic Functions of FM

Unlike other professions like sales managers, which are highly specific, facility managers have a huge responsibility, including supporting multiple functions, which are listed below.


he term Facility Management sounds very familiar, but in reality, very few people are adequately aware of its basic definitions and terminology. Currently, nearly every organization has a provision of facility management. In literal terms, facility management is defined as a profession that comprises more than one function to ensure the organization’s efficiency, comfort, and safety. Technology, process, and people are combined to provide exceptional facility management. In all big firms like Accenture, IBM, they have a dedicated facility management team, which keeps all things ready. Now, let us scrutinize this operation in greater detail.

1) People Support.

This is the facility manager’s prime function, which is to create an enabling environment for the staff. It has many goals like attracting and making sure that top people remain, increasing productivity and efficiency, and making a positive workplace culture. For example, the tasks consist of » Arranging desks and chairs. » Employee directory management. » Setting moves and utilizing space. » Making arrangements for emergencies. In official terms, facility management acts as a connecting medium between the employees and the workplace. Whenever there is any difficulty in comfort or safety, the staff should report to the facility manager. The facility manager must give data to the C-suite.


Although it seems mundane, facility management is essential for the organization’s future and well-being. If you are a facility manager, you ought to handle diverse functions like technology, maintenance, social housing and support, heating and safety, training and recruitment, and strengthening people. Tasks like these involve taking care of buildings, property, equipment, and other things, including people, productivity, and other parts of the process. To

2) Process creation and establishment.

The facility manager has to create a process and establish the guidelines for it. This leads to order in the working place. Once you confirm the order, it leads to expectations, which 26

changes how people avail of the active office. The office runs on a magnitude of process, which are namely » » » »

Benefits of Facility Management

As the Chief Financial Officer or the financial accounts person, you must be wondering whether it is worth employing facility managers, in light of all these hassles. The below-mentioned benefits will surely ease all your concerns.

Placing a request for the work order. Space reservation within the facility. Guests and visitors check-in. Planning for emergency action.

Facility managers perform dual functions of seeing governance areas and making the process adaptation. In case of any difficulty, the facility manager must ensure that the problem should not repeat in the future. If you wish to create new processes, then also you should contact facility managers. They are in charge of all the departments, assets, employees, and fixtures.

3) Improvement and facilities upkeep.

Constant improvement and upkeep of the facilities are one of the hallmarks of the facility management. Besides renovating the building, it also involves the following functions. » » » »

1) Tracking assets and management.

It is indeed a cumbersome task of tracking assets and doing budgeting using spreadsheets. Using the help of Integrated Workplace Management Platforms, the following roles are performed.

Vendor contracts discovery and maintenance. Improvement of building, repair, and maintenance. Decor and cleaning workplace. Off-site and on-site management of the property.

» » »

The facilities manager is used to transform the workplace into a fantastic experience.

2) High optimization of space.

In the age of shrinking spaces and skyrocketing office rent, facility management software significantly optimize office space and reduces wastage. The physical workplace is the single overhead cost for a user. It will help substantially if you reduce any extra office space and optimize your budget.

4) Combining technology.

All good facility managers must use technology extensively in their daily practices. Workplace management involves combining data, which leads to very significant decisions as to how to run a particular business and shape the office. The prime duty of facility managers is to identify and execute the right technology. To suggest a convenient example, check out the following » » » »

Checking annual maintenance logs. Invoices and maintenance logs are compared. Purchase orders are reviewed for supplier copies.

3) Recording system.

Since facilities experience wears and tears over time, you must have an excellent record tracking system. Always check the following tracking points.

IoT devices are researched based on the requirements of the collection of data. Combining IoT devices into daily facilities processes. Analyzing the cost, benefits, and Return on Investment of Smart Technologies. Utilizing collected data for understanding the workplace.

» » » » »

Growth in space occupancy. Assigned locations or employee workstations. Life cycles and asset costs. Costs of utility. Costs of capital improvement and building repair.


Facility managers can gather and analyze data from connected technologies to get more knowledge about the workplace. There are various techniques by which technology is combined. Access control systems support safety, and processes are streamlined by automation technology.

In this article, you will get sufficient know-how regarding facility management.




Prime Insights


Work culture which values employee’s presence and inspires to put-in incredible performance About Lemma

Lemma a pioneer in programmatic digital out of home came into being in 2017. Programmatic digital out of home is a novel space with Lemma being the first and the sole player in the APAC region. GulabPatil (CEO and Founder at Lemma) along with the three co-founders namely-SharadGadsing, MayureshPhadke and Aditya Kulkarni,are spearheading the revolution in the OOH realm with Lemma. GulabPatil Founder and CEO Lemma, the brain child behind this revolutionary idea, decided to use his extensive knowledge & expertise in the AdTech space to build a platform that connects digital signage to mainstream digital media ecosystem. With Humble beginnings in India with a team size of 35 people the office has expanded its operations in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, US, Middle East , Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore.

What Problem are we solving?

We are a team of programmatic experts building solutions that are changing the way in which the OOH industry functions. Every team member is an active contributor, making Lemma the ultimate solution that brings in transparency, automation, digital connect , measurement and data-driven ad serving in out of home, a missing link in the current times.

Gulab Patil Founder and CEO

The work culture at Lemma

A small and well-coordinated team best describes us. Every team member is equally invested in the growth of the company & their actions prove the eagerness to make Lemma a global name. As a company we celebrate all achievements big or small, as we ensure that the entire team is made aware of the contribution made by individuals in closing deals, winning awards, on boarding new screen owners, leading new partnerships or simply resolving problems in record time. Additionally the management is very encouraging when it comes to participating in awards for individual recognition for the work done. Recently itself we had two of our employees nominated for 40 under 40 and superwoman 2020. We provide all support needed to ensure that our teams work in recognized both within and outside the organization. Our team works remotely from various parts and we ensure

we meet at the start of every quarter at our head office in Pune. A two day interactive session is conducted ensuring team members get to know each other and build relations. In the current times however, this has come to a halt so in this scenario we make use of video calling as an alternative to stay in touch. Team lunch, casual catch ups, celebrations are all a part of how we function at Lemma. Nothing out of the ordinary, except an extraordinary team.

How the team tackles the challenges?


Lemma encourages individuals to have discussions across teams to come up with solutions through individuals experiences in different aspects. Depending on the task at hand the brainstorming sessions are organized and the each individual member can suggest possible solution to effectively tackle the challenge at hand.

These conversations aren’t limited to mere team leaders What Makes Lemma the best places to work? but we have an inclusive discussion where member at all The welcoming and inclusive nature at all levels and the levels are comfortable providing ideas to overcome tough fact that the team is made of individuals from various situations. backgrounds with vast experiences makes it one of the best work culture experiences there is. Every opinion, every employee is a crucial part of our organizational structure Big Wins of Lemma Lemma has won several accolades in the last year and a half. and we value their presence & constant dedication towards Some of the prominent wins include Codestudio winner for work. Best Technology provider for Programmatic advertising Quotes from Lemma’s employees witnesses its great work services followed by our win at Techtors under the Media culture and friendly environment tech category. A very recent win was at Foxgloves awards for the Asian Paints campaign wherein team Lemma bagged in Quoting the employees at Lemma • “Lemma is an organization that is so unique that it a bronze. enhances our knowledge and experience with it’s one of Our CEO has won several individual recognitions as well kind product offering. The people and the management the most recent being 40 under 40 at NEONS 2020 and Most here are exceptionally supportive making the work fun influential individual in the OOH ad space. and enjoyable while also setting new benchmarks both in the digital and the out of home industry.”

The Future Goals

Lemma as an organization believes that as the company • progresses the benefits of the progress should be shared by all and not limited to a few. In this respect the company has something planned for everyemployee associated with us. As we grow across countries we intent to build in-market teams as well to strengthen our local presence. We’ve begun this in Philippines and soon would brand out in other regions well

Words that describe our team

Dynamic , Young, vibrant , experimental trailer blazers ,


“As my first job this organization is a great boost to my work experience. Even with minimum experience I am included in many of the discussions & given an opportunity to even share and suggest my thoughts. The comfort level created and the openness to accepting newer thoughts and suggestion is what sets this apart. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time work experience.” A Similar sentiment shared by every team member. Key Officials



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RISEOO’s Incredible Journey of dominance over Affiliate Marketing Platform

Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha CEO & Founder

Dr. Kshitu Adhlakha COO & Founder 34


sources of income rather than befoul. The most crucial factor that works in the network marketing business is trust. RISEOO is quite good at the trust-building process by offerings wonderful opportunities for its partners. The best thing about RISEOO is that its founders promote the brand themselves on their name that creates the difference between this affiliate marketing brand and others. They promote and market the brand by coming at the forefront and discuss the business opportunities using their golden experience and former associations. While in other companies, people even don’t know the name of the operating officers. There are four pillars that define the GOAL of RISEOO, namely team, Genuine, One team, Affiliate-partners first and Longevity. Transparency is another important feature of the company that inspires its associates to have complete trust over it. RISEOO covers countries like Asia, Europe, the US, and more than sixty countries. Hence, associated partners get diverse business opportunities around the globe and attain financial self-dependency.

ffiliate marketing is a big hit of the year 2020 with an investment of around $6.8 billion dollars. This new effective model of affiliate marketing has proved successful with pay per performance system where brands earn simply after investing money. Its budget and ROI friendly model drags several brands to use this marketing channel for generating high sales and creating brand awareness.

Emergence as New-Age Affiliate Marketing Company

RISEOO has emerged as an effective affiliate marketing company that keeps itself updated with the changing marketing trends and is well-versed of right marketing strategy to be used for any brand. Taking care of all mandatory marketing concerns, RISEOO has come up as a next-generation affiliate marketing company. This company is rapidly spreading its wings around various countries of the globe with its headquarters located at Noida. More than 1 million people trust this brand for its authentic products and solutions. Being a new-age affiliate marketing company, it has created the highest-earning prospects for the associated people. This trusted and unique business structure allows a consistent and assured income. One of the most exclusive offerings of RISEOO for its associated partners is allowing the sustainable and enduring source of income from Eazme which is a one-stop global marketplace. Various kinds of income that can be generated with this company are selling RISEOO products, memberships of Eazme, and other gifts for the customers.

Brand Promotion Using Effective Marketing Initiatives

Being a people-driven brand, a huge number of events are performed each year for promoting the brand and products of RISEOO. Such events are used for building new connections and exploring more business opportunities around the globe. The brand has also initiated digital marketing efforts for connecting its partners on social media platforms. Also, it performs influencers or gets opinions from the industry leaders regarding RISEOO within the public domain. Such marketing tactics help an affiliate marketing business to attain sustainable growth in the industry.

Intuitive Role of Founders behind its Giant Success

RISEOO was blessed to have its founders as two wellestablished and experienced industry professionals who have already proven themselves in the field of entrepreneurship. Both the founders, CEO Dr. Vaibhav Adhalakha and COO Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha have their dominant presence in the market for a decade. With their long ride of entrepreneurship in cybersecurity and their rich work experience to assist companies like Vodafone and Comviva with the data security needs, they have simplified the initial challenges of RISEOO to great extent. Their entrepreneurship expertise and endeavor has proven as a great privilege for RISEOO. Their connections with great industry experts have aided in the promotion of the brand around the landforms with a very short period.

Great Rewards and offerings for Associated Partners

At RISEOO, the associated partners receive numerous benefits along with steady and assured income. Some common source of earnings is selling RISEOO products, Eazme memberships, and other various aids to the customers. They get a wonderful opportunity to enrich their lives and upgrade their living standards by fulfilling their life’s dream that was hard to achieve without the partnership with RISEOO. Additionally, they get lifestyle rewards and travel opportunities as a sign of acknowledgment.

Plans and Prospects to Thrive at Affiliate Marketing Field

Journey since foundation till the accomplishment of Goals

RISEOO has spread its associations in more than sixty countries in the world with bright future prospects. An overflowing number of great industry professionals as associations is a big plus for this brand to flourish. There is a scope for impending partners at an international level willing to join the RISEOO team. Thus, one can expect a promising future in the upcoming years for this brand.

It was never easy for RISEOO to enter into the customer’s heart along the number of affiliate marketing companies already working in this section. Only few of them offer assured results and great earnings. Customers prefer to come back those companies offering a stable and lifelong 35

Have a Look over Ten Richest Personalities of India India, for centuries, has been famous for generating wealth using enterprise. Right from the ancient schedule, there have been countless wealth in India. In the 16th century, India and China-controlled about 40 percent of world trade. The Nizam of Hyderabad was supposed to be the wealthiest monarch in the world. One of the most priceless treasures globally, the Kohinoor diamond, was taken away by the Persian invader, Nadir Shah when he attacked India in the 18th century. The diamond was a part of the famous Peacock Throne, taken to Iran and then, later on, was transported to Great Britain. With time, wealth permeated to different sections of society due to industry and commerce’s advancement, instead of the nobility. In present times, there are lots of billionaires in India. Now, let us encounter the top ten wealthiest people in India.

Mukesh Ambani Whenever one thinks of billionaires in India, the first name that comes to the mind is Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh Ambani, the petrochemical giant Reliance Industries chairman, is worth 75.7 billion USD and is fifth on the global richest list. The company has steadily diversified into other areas, away from its core areas like petrochemicals and newer areas like telecom and retail. Reliance Jio is one of the pinnacle telecom networks in the country today, worth 20 billion USD.

Shiv Nadar The founder and head of the IT conglomerate HCL Technologies, Shiv Nadar is 2nd on the list, with 16.5 billion USD. The company is a 23 billion USD firm and has a presence in more than forty-five countries worldwide. HCL Technologies is into both software and hardware.

Radhakishan Damani Radhakishan Damani, the quintessential man with simple habits, is worth a staggering 15.1 billion USD. He has a rank of 110 on the list of wealthiest people globally. He is a stock market investor and is the founder of the giant supermarket store Dmart, which became public in 2017. Due to its fantastic business model, it has grown on to become one of the world’s most valuable supermarket chains. Its parent firm Avenue Supermarkets is much more profitable than its competitors, as per reports.

Gautam Adani The poster boy of Indian entrepreneurship and one of the most successful rags to riches story. Gautam Adani started his journey as a diamond trader in Mumbai in 1978 and then found the Adani Exports Limited, which was later renamed as the Adani group in 1988. Today, he is worth an unbelievable 12.7 billion USD and is fourth on India’s wealthiest people. He has a rank of 139, on the most affluent people globally. He owns the largest port in India, the Mundra port, and has activities in various other businesses such as renewable energy power generation, commodities, and transmission, etc.


Cyrus Poonawala Cyrus Poonawala is one of the pioneers of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. He has a wealth of 11.8 billion USD. The Serum Institute of India was founded in 1966, and currently, it is the largest producer of influenza, polio, and measles vaccines. Now, the firm is also making two vaccines for COVID-19 and is leading the research in this field. He has a ranking of 150th in the list of wealthiest people globally.

Uday Kotak Uday Kotak is another big rags to riches story. He is an MBA by profession and initiated Kotak Capital Management Finance Ltd. The initial investment was approx 80000 USD. The company has grown to a massive financial services giant, having a net worth of 19 billion USD as of 2014. Kotak Mahindra Bank has grown to be the second-largest bank in India with over 1250 branches. Uday Kotak has total assets of 11.5 billion USD and is at the rank of 155th on the global richest list.

Sunil Mittal Who can forget Bharti Airtel? The brand is synonymous with the telecom revolution in India. It is often said that had liberalization not happened in the 1990s, a company like Bharti Airtel would not have emerged. Sunil Mittal, the founder of this telecom giant, has assets of 11 billion USD. Bharti Airtel is one of the largest and the second-largest telecom company in the country. It operates in over eighteen countries, across Africa and Asia, and has almost 399 million customers. In 2016, Bharti Airtel had a revenue of 14.75 billion USD.

Lakshmi Mittal

The steel king, was once, one of the richest men in Britain, even eclipsing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. He holds the designation of Chairman and CEO of Arcelor Mittal and has an unbelievable worth of 9.4 billion USD. He is renowned for turning sick steel, making firms into very profitable companies. Just recently, he purchased the bankrupt Essar Steel, which was owned by the Ruia brothers. Today, he has a rank of 192 on the global rich list.

Kumar Birla The poster boy of one of the oldest business groups in India, Kumar Birla is the head of the Aditya Birla Group and has enviable assets worth 8.5 billion USD. He is the ninth richest person in India. The Aditya Birla Group is making cement, aluminum, and retail, financial services, and telecom.

Dilip Sanghvi Dilip Sanghvi is another classic example of rags to riches story, worth a massive 8 billion USD. He is the creator of Sun Pharma, which is the largest maker of generic drugs. Besides, he has also put a lot of money in oil and energy ventures. He holds a rank of 240th position on the global rich list.

Conclusion In this article, readers will get detailed information about the top ten wealthiest people in India.


Top 10 Automotive Companies in 2020 O

ver the years, the automobile sector has escalated into a well-transformed industry. The manufacturing and innovation of the vehicles have bloomed this industry into a lucrative market and have contributed to the development of the world’s economy. It has also created new job opportunities. Significantly, the automotive sector earns a lot of revenues and undergoes big foreign exchange. Billions of dollars are generated on an annual basis through the automobile industry around the globe. Let us look at a list of top 10 automobile companies in the world this year.

1.Toyota Motors: Toyota Motor Corporation with a market brand value of $199 billion invests $1 million each hour for the research and development of new vehicles within the company. Headquartered in Aichi, Japan, the company ranks 5th in terms of revenue and operates through more than 50 overseas manufacturing plants spread over 30 countries across the world. These countries include all the broad regions of the world such as Europe, Africa, North-America, and Latin America and so on.

2.Volkswagen: Volkswagen (VW) has a market capitalization of $95 billion. Founded in 1937, this company has sold over 10 million vehicles by 2017. The Volkswagen group has earned its reputation for manufacturing big cars like Volkswagen passenger car, Audi, Skoda, Seat etc. The automotive division of Volkswagen also comprises of heavy commercial vehicles in the power engineering business areas. The vision of Volkswagen passenger car is “Moving people and driving them forward with ease”.

3.Daimler AG: This Company has earned a brand value of $68.50 billion. It has established its strong presence throughout the world through Mercedes Benz passenger vehicles, Daimler trucks, vans, busses and Financial Services. In multiple domains, the company has earned its name. Daimler AG’s Mercedes Benz is a specialist in all-terrain four-wheel drive brands. It has exceedingly performed in the electric car segment by manufacturing over 1, 36,000 electric smart models, sold throughout the world.

4.General Motors: Founded in the year 1908, its present market value is around $52.68 billion. It was established by the owner of Buick Automobile Manufacture, Williams Buick. Headquartered in Detroit, USA, General Motors operates on 5 continents and has over 12,000 dealers in around 125 countries. It is probably known to be the first manufacturing company in North America that has built a test facility to examine rollovers of the cars. The company is known for its well-known brands like Chevrolet, Cadillac etc.


5.Honda Motors Company: It is a Japanese multinational automotive and motorcycle manufacturing company with a brand value of $57.48 billion. They sell motor vehicles as well as automotive solutions. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Honda Motor was incorporated in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. Most of the Honda cars are produced in the United States after the company shifted to the US in 1959. In the year 2017, they sold over 5 million cars with some famous models including Honda Accord, Honda Pilot, Honda CR-V and Honda Odyssey.

6.BMW Group: The BMW Group of Companies (BayerischeMotorenWerke AG) was

founded in 1916 in Munich, Germany. It has a brand value of $53.9 billion and has been manufacturing their units in over 14 countries across the world. This company is also the provider of premium financial and mobility services. Since 1916, BMW has transformed itself as a remarkable global company with over 30 production and assembly facilities in the network of global sales services. The BMW Group owns some famous models like BMW I, BMW X, Mini Cooper and so on.

7.Tesla Inc.: This Company was founded by a group of engineers- Martin Eberhard and

Marc Tarpenning and Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla. It is maintaining its position with the help of its engineer and tech entrepreneur CEO,Elon Musk, through his brilliant and bold moves in marketing strategy. Model 3 by Tesla has become the world’s best-selling allelectric vehicle model.

8.Ford Motor: Henry Ford, the founder of this company always held a vision of building the best car company in the world. His brand, Ford Motor now stands with a market capitalization of $44.78 billion and has acquired its base through the business of a Michigan Company, known as the Ford Motor Company. Incorporated in the year 1903, Ford produces and sells automobiles designed and engineered by Henry Ford. The company has widened its business through a full line of Ford cars, trucks, electric vehicles etc. Some of its famous models are Ford Fiesta, Ford Transit, Ford Taurus, Ford F-Series Trucks etc.

9.Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: FCA is a UK-based automobile company and one of the best-known brands around the world too. It has a brand value of $33.6 billion and has become one of the most valuable car manufacturing companies by 2018. Most of the US vehicles are Chrysler 200 models. Some of the famous models are Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Dodge Challenger etc.

10.Renault-Nissan Alliance: Nissan Motor Corporation is a Japanese automaker

company with a brand value of $38.92 billion. Established in 1933, and headquartered in Yokohama city in Japan, Nissan has produced almost 275,000 electric vehicles by 2016. The company has its manufacturing facilities in almost 20 countries worldwide. Renault is based in France, Nissan is based in Yokohama, Japan and Mitsubishi Motors based in Tokyo, Japan has altogether formed an alliance named Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance that have sold over 1 in 9 vehicles worldwide. Some of its famous models are Sentra, Versa and Altima.


Be an ace level CEO of your Personal Brand For Boosting your Company


believe in you, and follow your lead. It is you who defines the vision for the business; you make strategic decisions, you are the one who keeps everyone aligned and you are the one who gets everyone moving in the same direction. In a nutshell, your brand and reputation can ultimately have a massive effect on every aspect of your business. As per the statistics revealed through a study conducted by Weber Shandwick (The CEO Reputation Premium), global executives attribute nearly half (45%) of their company’s reputation to the reputation of their CEO. Other significant benefits of positive CEO reputation include: • Appealing to investors (87%) • Gaining positive media attention (83%) • Crisis protection (83%) • Attracting new employees (77%) • One out of every two executives (50%) say that their CEO’s reputation impacted their decision to accept the position, and even more i.e. 58% say it keeps them at their current company

s the CEO of a growing business, having a personal brand matters. It is nothing new but as the competition is becoming aggressive, people and businesses are focusing more on this aspect. People don’t buy from brands. They don’t buy products. They buy the people behind the products. Thus, CEOs must work on personal brand as it will help company’s brand alongside. There are CEOs who may already have a personal brand. Your personal brand as a CEO is your identity, reputation, or distinctiveness as a leader such as Steve Jobs, Jack Welch. In the last couple of years, Personal branding has become a serious trend and CEOs are very much into it. This is because pulling out a brand in them will surely help them do well in future even if they quit from their present company. Even professionals are doing the same, they are building a brand on themselves which brings far more business opportunities than anything. In case you have a LinkedIn profile, then congratulations, your first step to having a professional voice has already been done. However, the real question is, how will you build that personal brand into something huge?

Benefits of a Strong Brand CEO is the face of the company which implies that potential customers, prospects, investors, partners, job candidates, and the media research you online. Hence, building a strong online presence will help you put yourself in the driver’s seat, giving yourself the power to share your story directly to stakeholders and:

Importance of being a Power Brand for Your Company Being a CEO, it is important that you should focus on building your visual personal brand on a regular basis. It is a matter of trust as well since your employees trust you,


• Build awareness – When you are active on personal brands in the world and consider what makes

them memorable. There are many examples which we can see, for instance, Oprah was renowned for her innate ability to empathize. Steve Jobs was a visionary for new technology. The fact remains that they hosted a talk show and co-founded a company. So, what helps you stand out?

social media, you attract prospects and partners who need the solutions your company offers.

• Gain media coverage – With an ample social

presence, editors, reporters, and bloggers can more easily find you, identify you as a quotable resource, and reach you in time to meet a deadline.

• peed funding – Make your traction visible to investors and allow them to see how well connected and respected you are.

• Recruit key players – The best people want to

work for companies that are ahead of the curve. Thus, it is important that you should utilize social media effectively to make visible your vision and leadership skills more.

Start now

Build Strong values

Creating a niche for yourself

Keep it going progressing




Post regularly and keep generating content. Be consistent. Don’t give up, even if you don’t hear from a journalist after writing a comment. You need to keep reaching out and get your name out there. Considering you keep using your industry knowledge and writing coherently, you’ll start to build yourself a strong reputation.

Creating Your Personal Brand Developing a powerful and authentic personal brand doesn’t happen overnight, and if you wait until you need it, it’s too late. Start now with some simple steps:

Develop your passionate streak

If you don’t love what you do, whether, in personal or professional life, it’s pretty evident to those around you. Just imagine how clear it is if you’re in charge. It is perfect time to redeem your passion for your industry, why are you CEO in the first place? Discover the things that make you want to get up every morning and do a fantastic job, and then let that shine across whatever you do.

Initiate the process now as there is no point putting off building your brand as it’s not going to happen overnight. You should get as much of a headstart as possible. Even if you are stuck, you won’t be for long if you start following these points. In today’s competitive market, possessing a personal brand is quite essential for a long and successful career, so don’t delay. Ultimately, your values and the actions you take on the back of those are a huge part of who you are, both personally and professionally. You should contemplate upon for a while as what values you hold most dear; what defines you? What is truly important to you? List them down and prioritize according to which you hold in highest regard. Developing a niche in mind helps your values and your personal brand stick in the minds of your perfect customers. Just think about some of the most familiar


Dr. Vinodkumar Patil’s Dream To Revolutionize India’s Biotechnology Sector

Vinodkumar Patil

Director / Partner at Dyna Biotech

The need for Biotech equipment manufacturing is increasing rapidly in our country. While many manufacturers only care for investments and increasing their brand popularity in the healthcare industry, few are driven by concerns such as the rapidly increasing number of lifestyle related diseases, a need for awareness about certain health issues, etc. Dyna Biotech is one such biotech equipment manufacturing companies that offers predictive as well as personalized equipment such as Mixing Tanks, Filter Press Systems, Inactivation Systems, Formulation Systems, Buffer Vessels,

Hollow Fibre Filtration Systems, etc. Established in 2013, Dyna Biotech is a vision of Dr. Vinodkumar Patil. His sole motive behind starting the company was to bring about an exemplary shift in the Biotechnology and Biopharma sectors of India. The company aims at providing cost effective, innovative design solutions like System Layouts, 2D/3D Layouts, General Assembly Drawings, etc.

Dyna Biotech’s Top-Notch Manufacturing Facilities

With over 7 years of experience in 46

manufacturing Biotechnology and Biopharma equipment, Dyna Biotech has established itself as one of the leading Biotech Equipment manufacturing companies in India. The company specializes in designing, production, integration, commissioning, validation and automation of peripheral systems, bioreactors, and fermenters. Dyna also offers predesigned and customized systems, as per the client’s requirements and needs. All the equipment such as Process Vessels, Cleaning and Sterilization Systems, Filter Housings, Fermenters, Bioreactors, etc.,

are ISO certified and governed by TUVNORD, ASME, and 21 CFR Automation guidelines. The company follows the highest precautionary protocols and recognizes the responsibility that comes with manufacturing biotech equipment.

Technology Driven By Empathy: Dyna Biotech’s Customer-Centric Motto

Dyna Biotech swears by its tagline “Technology for the Clients” and aims to stay as true to it as possible. The company works towards offering a personalized experience to each of its clients, providing top-notch equipment at an affordable cost. The company understands the importance of affordability; the more affordable the equipment, the more is the availability of better healthcare facilities to all.

The Ingenious Minds Behind Dyna Biotech

Dyna Biotech is led by Dr. Vinodkumar Patil, the founder and president of Dyna Biotech, along with Mr. Vijay Patil, the Vice President of the company. Dr. Vinodkumar Patil is a microbiologist by qualification and has immense knowledge and experience in the fields of Engineering and Biotechnology. He began his career in the industry in 1993, after completing his Master’s degree in Microbiology from the renowned Govt. Institute of Science in Aurangabad, India. He has worked for reputable firms like Lupin, Shantha Biotech (Sanofi Group Company), Braun Biotech (Germany) and Serum Institute. His expertise lies in steroid biotransformation, vaccine development, validation and optimization, cell culture, and antibiotics production. Dr. Vinodkumar also has experience in working under the regulatory guidelines of WHO, FDA, cGMP, EMEA, etc. He has a record setting up numerous fermentation and cell culture plants, with over 27 years of experience in clean room design, manufacturing, setting up processes for cell culture and microbial products, equipment design, and validation. He has also won several awards like the “Global Asian of the Year Award” by Asia One Magazine in Feb 2020 and the “Adarsha Udyojag” award by Prakruti Care foundation. Mr. Vijay Patil, the co-founder and Vice President of Dyna Biotech and holds a Master’s Degree in Microbiology from

Karad, India. He started his career in the industry in 1991 and has worked for esteemed companies like Lupin, RPG Life Sciences, Scigen Biopharma & amp, Sterling Biotech, etc. He specializes in oncology products, immunosuppressants, vitamins, anti-cholesterol products, antioxidants, production of antibiotics, and so on. Mr. Vijay plays a pivotal role in the development process, optimization, validation, scale up, and product launches of the company.

How Dr.Vinodkumar Aims To Reform India’s Biotech Sector

Dr. Vinodkumar is a multitasker, having experience in the both fields microbiology and engineering. Owing to this diverse work experience, he’s well-versed in biotechnology as well. He was extremely ambitious about setting up his own manufacturing company. After servicing for nearly 3 years and developing the Pentavalent Vaccine for Serum Institute, India, he established Dyna Biotech. Dr. Vinodkumar’s mission was to pave the way for young aspirants and generate employment opportunities for the same. He intends to revolutionize India’s Biotechnology sector and provide it global recognition.

The Driving Force Behind Dyna Biotech

Dyna Biotech’s team has more than 300 employees which includes around 90+ multi-disciplinary engineers and nearly 50+ support staff from Accounts & Finance, Logistics, CSR & Public Relations Team, and HR Administration. The company’s workforce consists of highly talented and knowledgeable employees from renowned institutes. The company has an in-house development team of experts that handles automation. The engineers of the team have an in-depth knowledge and immense experience of developing and operating systems remotely. They are responsible for the automation and testing of equipment efficiency. The team also consists of experts in Operation, Designing PLC, HMI, DCS, SCADA, Telecommunications, Panel Layout and Maintenance, etc. To enhance service efficiency, the company has a separate, autonomous team which operates from the company’s 47

service headquarters in Hyderabad. This team handles the financial, environmental, geographical, and manufacturing constraints of the clients. With more than 40 personnel from the Automation, Electrical, Instrumentation & Other Engineering faculty, the team is responsible for providing assurance and guidance to clients 24 x 7. They ensure that the clients receive quick responses and the availability of contingency mapping & resources at all times. The team is accountable to the central service department located at Dyna Biotech, Pune. A collective effort of all these teams helps in the smooth functioning of the company’s operations.

The Company’s Vision For The Future

Dyna Biotech has loyal clientele base across the globe, in countries like Germany, United States, Thailand, South Korea, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and Turkey. The company’s plan for the future is to expand its network in the international market. For this sole purpose, the company has established an international sales and service office in Bangkok, Thailand, which is led by a team of 8 highly qualified members. Dyna Biotech firmly believes in generating more foreign currency for the development of the nation, which can be achieved by serving the international market. For this reason, the company is relentlessly committed towards the growth and development of the international as well as national society.

Dyna Biotech’s List of Awards and Recognitions

Over the years, Dyna Biotech has garnered several awards for its efficiency and quality of manufactured equipment. Here are a few of the notable ones: In May 2015, the company was awarded for “Recognition for Contribution for Society” by the Rotary Club, Pune; in Feb 2016, it was awarded for “Appreciation Reward for Efforts in Advances in Physical, Chemical & Biosciences” by Annasaheb Magar College, Pune; and in June 2019, the company was awarded for “Business excellence” by WHD, London (UK). Cumulatively, the company has won 15 + awards in the past 5 years itself.

CEO’s mandatory efforts for empowering next generation of start-ups


offering outplacement services, yet with the job market in freefall, we need to offer alternative options for people, one in which they can create their future by building a startup. This process is tried and tested. Nokia was faced with making over 40,000 job cuts a decade ago. It opened centers in Europe, India and the US to help those faced with redundancy to find a new job, either in the company or outside of it. It had also formed an entrepreneurial stream for employees and named it ‘Bridge’. Ever since it has been formed, Bridge has helped over 1000 startups get their beginning. The bridge scheme is credited for fuelling the rise of the Finnish tech ecosystem, which includes success stories like Supercell and Rovio. The current economic climate is not propitious for startup success and this has kept many CEOs worried. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. When you look back across history, you will find several large companies that have started during times of economic downturns and that’s not a coincidence. Look at the recent examples of Uber and Airbnb. These startups are not the only ones – companies like Microsoft, Disney, and IBM were all founded during deep recessions. It is just because times of rapid disruption provide ample opportunities for startups to take advantage. COVID-19 has presented a perfect

ost COVID-19 pandemic, this world needs startup more than ever for their innovative solutions to pervasive problems, both big and small. But to make sure that this generation, and future generations, of new startups, have what it takes to take up major issues, the world also needs CEOs who can enable the next generation of startups. During these times of global crisis, CEOs are focused on two things – cash flow and runway. Due to some catalytic events such as Covid-19, years of activity is condensed into weeks. Hence, the CEOs across the world need to make time-critical decisions that will make the difference between the company thriving or surviving, all under an incredible intense timeline. It has been estimated by International Labour Organization (ILO) that nearly 400 million full-time jobs have been lost in the world in the year’s second quarter (April-June 2020) due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The labor organization has also pointed out that job losses in Africa were much more than its earlier estimates, while many more working hours were lost in Asia than earlier predictions. Many companies are implementing cost-cutting measures, including redundancy, due to the pressures of COVID-19. We can see that world over, companies are looking to ease the transition of departing talent by


opportunity and is reshaping every industry, which lowers barriers to entry and provides huge opportunities for startups to tackle new consumer demands.

• Building Partnership: If you are investing in startups you need to make sure that the program is supported with a partnership that will provide the best experience for your people to maximize success. Purchasing a course of Udemy or having an hour’s discussion with a startup coach from an outplacement firm isn’t going to move the needle. Entrepreneurs wanting to build new startups need access to the right training, coaching, and mentoring to develop the right skillset and mindset as well as being given the right kind of introductions to early-stage VCs and Angel investors. • Communicate: This is a prominent strategy and can be used to attract new talent, build stronger relations with the communities and customers. Therefore, you need to have a communication plan to share the impact of this scheme with key internal and external stakeholders, showing that you believe in your employees when they leave the organization just as much as you did when they joined. • Objective: Remember, this is not about unicorn building, but empowering your people to create their future. In the case of the Nokia program, a third was focused on building high-growth startups but two-thirds used it to launch their freelance career or pivot into a new industry altogether. Many People think that timing is the most important factor in success, and whilst that might feel counterintuitive right now, COVID-19 is providing the perfect timing. Global CEOs have the opportunity to play a leading role in reshaping this future, not only through the people the company retains but also in the people it has to let go.

There are several key factors which can help CEOs to pioneer the alternative options to make this a success: • Collaboration within the company: The best startups are those founded with teams that have complementary skill sets – but in a corporate environment the chances are people who work in tech development don’t know sales colleagues, etc. because they work, for example, in different locations. Thus, you need to create a space where employees can meet, make connections, and potentially form teams around common problems they want to solve. During COVID-19, this can be done virtually. However, the key is just to ensure that people correctly identify their skill set and areas of interest. • Involvement with your staffers: You need to be clear on the degree of your involvement – are you prepared to offer access to unused IP, assets or data, or are you just presenting the opportunity to develop the skills and mindset for ex-staff to create a startup, or are you willing to invest in ideas that could help solve your challenges? In the case of Nokia, the company had allocated a fund, and its program enabled ex-staff to pitch for seed capital of €25,000, with up to four exemployees being able to combine to access a potential pool of €100,000. The company, however, needs to build a system for clear governance and measurement, but it also means that the corporate can reap the reward for startup successes.


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