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AWB TWIN VIEW SUGAR 26F & AWB TWIN VIEW KODIAK 61J NATIONAL CHAMPION FEMALE Kodiak sells with a maternal and paternal brother



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CANADIAN GELBVIEH ASSOCIATION 5160 Skyline Way N.E., Calgary, Alberta T2E 6V1 Phone: (403) 250-8640 Fax: (403) 291-5624 Email:

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Provincial Association Representatives to the CGA Board of Directors Gelbvieh Association of Alberta/BC


per formance production profit


President - Darrell Hickman RR#1 Sundre, AB T0M 1X0 780-581-4510

Secretary: Olivia Koziak RR 1, Starr, AB T0B 4E0 780-835-0264


James Jasper Box 24 Hartney, MB R0M 0X0 Phone: 431-740-5443 Vice President

Bev Milne

Man-Sask Gelbvieh Association Representative - Cynthia Wirgau Box 25 Narcisse, MB R0C 2H0 204.278.3255

President - Ian Thackeray Box 1002 Weyburn, SK S4H 2L0 306-861-7687

Box 1573 Fairview, AB Phone: 780-835-2645

Cody Girling 515 - 6 Avenue Dunmore, AB T1B 0J9 403-928-1923

Don Okell Box 627 Duchess, AB T0J 0Z0 Phone: 403-378-4898 Fax: 403-378-4894

Eddie Marsman 25032 Twp. Rd. 274, Red Deer County, AB T0M 0V0 403-588-1400 eddie@

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Canadian Gelbvieh Association 5160 Skyline Way NE T2E 6V1 Ph: (403) 250-8640 Fax: (403) 291-5624

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James Jasper


ell, 2021 was quite a year. Dry conditions weighed on many in our industry, leaving them to outsource feed and at times water. Cattle producers had to make tough culling decisions to reduce numbers. With these negatives, I would like to focus on the positive. Many received moisture now and that should leave us optimistic for spring. I think the feeder market stayed strong considering the down pressure of the drought and retail beef is at an all time high. I believe that we have an opportunity we have not seen in a few years. With the reduction in the size of the cow herd, feeder prices should remain strong for the next few years. There is also a great opportunity, as a maternal breed, to supply the genetics to build the cow herd back up. The CGA will be looking to make an added push to grab market share through focused advertising, and I hope that the provincial associations will look to do the same. Please feel free to reach out if you have any ideas regarding advertising at the national level. It was great to get back to a sense of normalcy with this year’s show season. Congratulations to those that were able to receive a banner standing in among, what I believe to be, some of the greatest cattle in the world. Thank you to everyone that exhibit cattle at livestock events and show the world what the Gelbvieh breed has to offer.

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I am personally looking forward to visiting with members as bull sale season approaches and wish all of you success in marketing your seedstock. There is one more positive I need to mention - the 50th year of Gelbvieh in Canada. This is an important milestone for the breed and while many breeds have been imported to Canada, there are only a select few that have continued to stay relevant in the industry. My hope for this breed is not only to stay relevant, but to become dominant over the next 50 years. This will happen through strong membership and a strong board, pushing hard to let the industry know what we already know - Gelbvieh females make the best mother cows and crossing Gelbvieh with any breed improves it! Watch for upcoming 50th anniversary events throughout 2022. If you wish to volunteer to help, please contact the office, and thanks to those that already are.


Sarah Van Schothorst



appy 50th Anniversary to the Canadian Gelbvieh Association!

We have an exciting year ahead of us with celebrations being planned and the history book being published. Thank you very much to all of those who are helping to plan these events and who have contributed to our herd history book! Included in this issue is an order form for purchasing the history book. If you pre-order by March 1st, the cost per book is $75+shipping. If you purchase your history book after March 1st, the cost per book is $90+shipping. The final deadline to have any information or histories submitted for the herd history book is January 31st. We have also included a schedule of events and activities for the summer celebration and junior show in Stettler, AB in July. Included in this issue is an order form for promotional items to commemorate the 50th anniversary. Thank you to Aaron Birch and Ryan Sommerfeld for their time and commitment on the CGA board. We welcomed Cody Girling and Kirk Hurlburt to the board at the AGM in November 2021. An interim financial statement was reviewed at the AGM and the final year end report for 2021 will be distributed to all members by March 31st, 2022. If you would like a hard copy mailed to you one can be requested from the office. Herd Assessments are due February 28th. The second half will be due in July for those members with herds over 30 head. The CGA once again organized a co-op ad in the February issue of the Canadian Cattlemen. Website banner ads renewed in January. If you are interested in promoting your program through the website, banners are available for $250/year and can be changed or modified as many times as you like for no additional charge.

The heifer performance project has been cancelled for 2022. Cost increases due to drought and feed shortages have put this project on hold. FEMALE FOUNDATION PROJECT The CGA is working with the University of Calgary and Neogen Canada to collect high density genomic profiles and docility data on females in the Gelbvieh herdbook. The CGA will start enrolling herds in May 2022 for the project. The University of Calgary is waiting on a couple of funding applications to be reviewed to cover the cost of the students coming on farm to collect the docility scores. Started in June we will also have access to a trained summer student with the UofC. We will try to collect data on herds by area so that we are collecting data as efficiently as possible and limiting trips for the student, especially for those locations further away. Females participating in this project will be eligible for the DNA incentive for the 100K. At the AGM, November 2021, it was voted that the CGA would financially support the DNA testing for every female enrolled up to $20,000 or 2,000 animals. The fee schedule per 100K is as follows: $10 / test – covered by CGA $10 / test – covered by Neogen Canada $20/ test – paid by member Additional tests can still be ordered with the 100K with the costs the responsibility of the member. This project is expected to run for 3-4 years. We will be selecting a sub-set of herds close to Calgary where docility data will be collected annually for the 3-4 years. Even though the docility data will be collected at one time on a whole herd basis, the participating member can spread out the DNA testing and associated costs over the 3 to 4 years.

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Association News

By Darrel Hickman, President


s we reflect upon 2021, I would like to begin with a tremendous THANK YOU to our outgoing board members who have tirelessly given! They, along with many of you, have selflessly created many successful events that will continue to help push our dial forward. Our current fiscal scenario, calendar success, record setting donation heifer from Jenty, Farmfair and Wish List numbers and representation amidst one of the hardest years, and increased level of breeder engagement are all testament to the incredible people we have in this breed. On behalf of all of us, I would also like to thank Wanda and Eddie Marsman of Hillsdown Gelbvieh, with the generous gift of $100,000 towards the newly formed Foundation to support young women furthering their education, and no doubt making a difference in their lives! What a tremendous legacy to establish! As we prepare to celebrate all things Gelbvieh in 2022, I encourage you to make sure and attend several of the events being planned throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. The ability to

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Network, enjoy the company of your people while celebrating great cattle will no doubt recharge your batteries! The details are still being finalized; however, the schedule looks like: July 22-23rd - GAA/BC celebration event and Canadian Gelbvieh Junior Show in Stettler November 9-12th - Farmfair International November 18-19th – Wish List in Stettler There will be incredible hospitality and memories to be made, enjoy the privilege to induct breeders into the Hall of Fame, and support the future generations in their efforts. I would also like to encourage you to get out this year and support our fellow breeders by attending their bull or female sales. As we continue to grow in breeders and industry awareness, I would like to encourage each of you to keep up the great work that will help to carry the wagon forward another 50 years! The success of so many things are always about the people CONGRATULATIONS to the breeders who have supported this breed through thick and thin. I wish you all happy calving, and fruitful bull sales!

GAA/BC Purebred Breeder of the Year Hillsdown Gelbvieh Wanda & Eddie Marsman


he 2021 GAA/BC 'Purebred Breeder of the Year' is Hillsdown Gelbvieh, Eddie and Wanda Marsman from Red Deer County, Alberta. Eddie and Wanda got started in the Gelbvieh breed in 2004 with a cow calf pair that Wanda’s dad purchased from Keriness Cattle Company and a bull they purchased from Rolling Ridge Gelbvieh. The following year they purchased 5 cows at the Twin Star dispersal sale and from that point on those six cows were the foundation of their herd. The next 10 years were spent building their herd. In 2012 they decided to sell four yearling bulls by private treaty out of the yard and by 2020 their number of bulls they were selling was up to 22. In 2014 they went to watch Farmfair in Edmonton, and they were impressed with the Gelbvieh show they decided to start showing as well. They did so well the at their first show, from then on you couldn’t keep Eddie down, he just loved it. Everyone in the Gelbvieh barn loved the large bar that he built, even though it took a crew to haul it in and out. They were truly sociable ambassadors of the breed.

L-R: Jessica Pearson, Lorna Okell presenting the award to Wanda and Eddie Marsman That same year Eddie and Wanda’s life changed when they produced a bull calf named Hillsdown Finnegan 4F, sired by Jen-Ty Dynamite and his dam HDG Avery 13D. This mating really worked. They decided to sell semen on Finnegan and were getting requests from all over Canada, the US and Australia. When the decision was made to disperse their herd in 2021, they knew there was interest in Finnegan but never dreamed he would sell for $70,000 to Kittles Farms in the US, and be the highest Gelbvieh bull to sell to date. Even though their lives have changed drastically, they made their mark on the Gelbvieh breed around the world. They can take great pride in what they have accomplished. Their herd will keep working on in other programs for years to come. Congratulations Wanda and Eddie.

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GAA/BC Commercial Breeder of the Year JML Farms - Jake & Malory Loren


ake and Malory Loren were first introduced to the Gelbvieh breed in 2015. After a couple of years of driving past a neighbor's place and always commenting to each other how nice their cows were, curiosity got the best of them and they were determined to source out the great females they had been driving by. They eventually found out they were Gelbvieh/Simmental crosses and had everything they were looking for in a mother cow. The Lorens' run 100 cows which are heavily Simmental influenced. They purchased their first Gelbvieh bulls in 2018, sight unseen, from Twisted T Gelbvieh in Saskatchewan. The steers have the pounds in the fall and the replacement heifers have done nothing but impress. Since then Jake and Malory have purchased nine purebred Gelbvieh bulls from Hilltop Gelbvieh, AKS Gelbvieh and MacDonnell Farms. Jake and Malory purchased their first purebred females in the fall of 2020 and will have their first purebred calves in 2022. They are excited to see where the Gelbvieh breed will take them and appreciate the relationships they have made with other Gelbvieh breeders.

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L-R: Jessica Pearson, Lorna Okell, Jake Loren, Malory Loren

Association News

By Cynthia Wirgau


ow! Where did 2021 go? With another trying year, fighting with mother nature and Covid restrictions it was great to end the year with a fantastic show and sale at the 50th Canadian Western Agribition. We would like to thank everyone that made the shows and sales possible over the past year. The Man-Sask Association AGM was held in Moose Jaw on Dec 11. 2021. We would like to thank Shayla Jasper and Courtney Bentz for their time and effort while on the board. We would like to welcome Ryan Zalinko and Maureen Tubman to the board this year. Please feel free to get in touch with any director if you have any concerns, or want to be involved with a committee. Thank you to everyone that supported the fun auction! Agribition saw 49 entries from 14 Exhibitors coming from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Washington. We had three new exhibitors this year. Thank you to Blair Bentz for being our barn boss. A pizza party after the show, was once again hosted by the Man/Sask Gelbvieh Association was well attended and much appreciated.

The Association would like to thank RPS Gelbvieh for graciously donating a heifer this year. Tickets sales brought in $7810. The winner of the heifer was Tim Unger. Junior Activities were held at Agribition. There were 18 young Gelbvieh enthusiasts participating in Photography, Showmanship, Team Grooming, Marketing and Junior Beef Extreme. Junior Aggregate winner was Cam Davidson and Senior Aggregate was Dawson Fladeland. Congratulations to all Juniors and Thank you to Davidson Gelbvieh and Fir River Livestock for your donation. Davidson Gelbvieh has already donated $1000 to next year’s events at Agribition. Mark your calendar for August 13, 2022 when Overby Stock Farm at Ste.Rose du Lac, Manitoba will be hosting the Man/Sask Gelbvieh Field Day. We look forward to celebrating 50 years of Gelbvieh in Canada. The National Show and Sale will be held at Agribition. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date. Wishing you all the best in the New Year! Good luck with calving and your upcoming bull sales.

Back: L-R: Braylen Blake, Vice President; Ian Thackeray, President; Dean Hurlburt, Ryan Zalinko. Front: L-R: Maureen Tubman, Cynthia Wirgau, Secretary-Treasurer; Eileen Davidson. Missing: Brett Spray

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Man-Sask Gelbvieh Association Purebred Breeder of the Year Twin View Livestock - Aaron Birch & Joe Barnett


win View Livestock was selected as the 2021 Man/Sk Gelbvieh Purebred Breeder of the Year.

Twin View Livestock is owned and operated by Aaron Birch and Joe Barnett at Parkbeg, SK. They sell their bulls at a bull sale each March with Fladeland Livestock in Moose Jaw. They also created and host the Function and Finesse Gelbvieh Female Sale in October. Aaron and Joe have had some exceptional success in the show ring in recent years. Despite the difficulties of 2020 with no cattle shows, they continued to promote their program and the breed in online formats. They were awarded the 2020 ORB Champion of the World in both the bulls and female categories. In addition to their success in the show ring and with sales, Aaron and Joe have both given countless hours to promote the breed serving on provincial and national boards. Aaron has recently completed his term as President of the Canadian Gelbvieh Association and Joe is the Past President of the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Gelbvieh Association. Aaron and Joe also support numerous junior events. From judging to mentoring they always find time to help the next generation of cattle producers. Congratulations, Aaron and Joe, Twin View Livestock.

Man-Sask Gelbvieh Association Commercial Breeder of the Year Mann Ranch - Evan & Alicia Mann


he commercial breeder of the year Evan and Alicia Mann and family operate Mann Ranch at Semans, Sk. They have been buying Gelbvieh bulls for several years for their commercial operation. Their son Parker has been buying several purebred females the past two years to start his own purebred herd.

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umerous articles have been written over the years on how and when to intervene at calving, how to recognize malpresentations and what to do about them. The tell tale signs of impending problems. Producers commercial and purebred now see fewer and fewer calving related problems as our breeding has improved and we select for easy calving heifers with larger pelvises and moderate birth weights. Insuring cattle have adequate exercise with good nutrition including access to balanced minerals also insure cows have adequate strength for uterine contractions and calves are vigorous when they are born. I have always stated at calving time the goal is to get a lively vigorous calf from every cow not just an “alive” calf. Over pulling or pulling too fast not in unison with the cow’s contractions is not an option. I would suggest since we all don’t need to pull or assist calvings very often we still need to revisit our equipment and review calving guidelines and protocols every calving season just to be prepared. Even though we no longer need to assist many calvings, timely intervention and more importantly recognizing your limits are critical as time ticks along. With each calving an internal clock starts ticking as the cervix of the cow opens up and the delivery process starts. It is imperative in my eyes to watch and record time of initiation of calving. This makes it very easy to decide when to intervene. Usually in one hour for cows and one and a half hours for heifer’s progress should be made. If continual straining happens, blood appears first or the cow appears hunched over and nothing is being presented it may be wise to check her out. Since we don’t need to assist many cows anymore there is sometimes a reluctance to intervene. In working with many experienced producers over the years usually their intuition guides them. If they feel something isn’t quite right intervening at that time and checking the cow or heifer out earlier rather than later has usually avoided a wreck. Whether it is a full breech birth (both back legs pointed forward), head back or torsion a farmer’s intuition is usually correct. Something is not right and intervention is necessary. Knowing when to call for help is also at times a difficult decision to make. With any mal-presentation, improperly dilated cervix or situation which requires fetal manipulation and extraction bear in mind progress should be being made every 15 minutes or call for assistance. In my mind veterinarians should be called for most full breech births. It takes careful manipula-

tion in full breech births to avoid tearing the uterus and this is where mistakes can happen leading to death of the cow in some cases. Torsions are a very rare thing indeed so recognizing them is the first step in getting help with the correction. Torsions present similar to a full breech birth with the cow or heifer going through what appears to be the first initial signs of labor but then there is no progression. There is no water bag presented or fluid discharge yet the cow/heifer appears uneasy. When examining the cow vaginally their feels like bands of tissue running every which way and it does not feel normal. You may be able to wiggle your hand and reach the calf but it feels like you are going down a loose corkscrew and your hand may be upside down by the time you reach the calf. This is a sure sign it is a torsion and immediate veterinarian intervention is required. Your veterinarian may be able to correct the torsion. Some do it by manipulation, or casting the cow and having helpers roll the cow while holding onto the calf per vagina. Others use a detorsion rod but in probably half the cases either the twist is too tight or there is no room to detorse and a caesarian section is required. Torsions are just a fluke there is no hereditary component and I have never seen a cow develop a torsion again and if it did the odds would be very very low. I have never seen an incidence reported but it would be one every thousand to several thousand births for sure. Veterinarians would be called to examine most torsions. One time a producer with only 120 cows had two torsions a week apart and was very quick to recognize the second one. Most torsions are 180 degrees but some can be 360 degrees or better. The real important part with torsions is recognizing them and whenever I get one I have everyone examine the cow vaginally so they are better able to recognize it next time. Call for help and hopefully a successful outcome is the result. With all the calving abnormalities including improper cervical dilation, to twins coming totally mixed up to placenta presented first or a vaginal prolapse in the way try yourself for the fifteen minutes and if no progress call for help or be prepared to take your animal into the veterinary clinic for examination. These are not very common abnormalities any more so a veterinary bill to get a successful outcome and potentially save the cow and calf is what we all strive for. Everyone have a great and hopefully uneventful calving season this year Gelbvieh guide • Spring 2022 • Page 17


ale feeding is common across Canada for all classes of cattle especially during winter months. There are many different management strategies to deliver bales as feed. To help you determine the best option for you and your cattle, see below for pros and cons of three common bale feeding strategies: • Rolling out bales/using a bale processor and feeding on pasture • Bale grazing • Round feeder When thinking about each strategy for your operation, consider the following: What are the nutritional requirements of your cattle? What is the nutritional quality of your forage? What equipment do you currently have? What equipment do you need? How much time do you have to dedicate to feed management? Page 18 • Spring 2022 • Gelbvieh guide

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esearch has shown that fertility is a significant driver of profitability in the cow/calf industry. Work by Melton (1995) shows that in a traditional type of system fertility is 5 times as important as growth and 10 times more important than carcass merit to cow/calf industry profit. Even in more integrated systems such as retained ownership, fertility will double growth and carcass merit as a driver of profit. Working in the genetic field we often run into the issue of low heritability regarding fertility traits, and people may consider this to mean that we can’t make progress on fertility through genetic selection. This is worth diving into, as fertility is such an important piece of the profit puzzle. Firstly, it is important to recognize that the traits we can and do make progress on are often progressive or linear, and that as we apply increased management, we see increased performance and spreads between cattle. Let’s look at a growth example. If we examine cattle for differences in growth and limit the diet, we

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will still see spreads across the performance spectrum. As we improve ration quality and increase overall rate of gain, we will actually see a wider spread expressed in a lot of groups and the expression of genetics enhanced. In oversimplified terms, a calf with genetics to gain 6 pounds per day, will not be able to do that on a diet of 15 pounds of slough hay. We generally manage for expression of the trait. Fertility is a bit of a different bag of tricks. Many of the ways we measure fertility are “all or nothing” traits. A cow is either bred or open but can’t be halfpregnant. She either weans a calf or she doesn’t. There are some traits that are a bit more linear, such as days to calving or age at puberty, but generally speaking a cow either makes it or she doesn’t. This naturally means that figuring out the genetic component is harder, but it also leads to the second part of the problem. When we manage for growth, or carcass, improved management generally increases the expression of the trait and thus

the variation that we can measure. With more variation expressed it is easier to pick the animals that fit the direction we want to go. With fertility it is the other way around. Improved management tends to decrease variation. Again, let’s look at an oversimplified example to make our point: If we had a cow herd of 100 cows and gave them no preferential treatment, no mineral, no health program, etc. it is possible that we would have a 60% conception rate. There is a lot of variation to measure here, as 40% of the cows are open. Pressuring the cows in this environment quickly sorts the wheat from the chaff. Conversely, most operations in their right mind won’t do this as the economics of this scenario would be devastating. To maintain an acceptable conception/calving rate a manager may feed mineral, manage body condition and implement a vaccination protocol. Maybe we do everything “right” and now have a conception rate in excess of 95%. We have successfully improved our fertility, but have removed variation,

Fertility is such an important piece of the profit puzzle

Gelbvieh guide • Spring 2022 • Page 21

as we now only have 5 or fewer cows in our 100 cow herd to inform us of infertility. This is a major reason why fertility traits have a lower heritability than performance traits. By managing for pregnancy, we have limited variation in fertility. If we accept the fact as seedstock breeders that we are in the business of genetic improvement, this creates a conundrum, so how do we overcome it and create real genetic improvement in fertility that is so important to commercial profitability. While there are a long list of answers, there are a couple of basics that are really important and relatively easy to do. COMPLETE HERD REPORTING Reporting on the success/failure of each cow to conceive, calve and wean a calf is paramount to genetic improvement of fertility. The reality of a farm or ranch is that a calf may die before weaning, or that it may “slip” through the chute when it is time to weigh. It is still important to report breeding data on every cow, conception on every cow and the fate of the calf for every cow. This is available through the CGA’s performance program and is a core, fundamental of how we objectively assess fertility. DNA TESTING I really appreciate that DNA testing of sale bulls and elite genetics is a great marketing investment, however high density (100K ) DNA testing of the cow herd is a great GENETIC in-

Page 22 • Spring 2022 • Gelbvieh guide

vestment. New DNA technologies allow us to assess the genetic merit of a female with much greater accuracy at an early age. This can be a key driver to determining genetic differences in fertility. POOLING DATA/GENETIC EVALUATION Because of the way we manage cows for pregnancy, we require more records in order to have a meaningful assessment of the genetic contribution to daughters that calve repeatedly over time. One of the ways we increase records is to participate in a multi-breed, multi-breed association genetic evaluation with International Genetic Solutions (IGS). Not only does partnering help to increase the number of records available, but sharing the load also helps us to invest in enhanced science to better determine the genetic factors involved in cow herd fertility. IGS currently provides an evaluation for Stayability (probability of cows staying in the herd) is working on other fertility evaluations such as heifer pregnancy. Fertility is an essential driver of profitability for the beef industry and deserves attention at the genetic level. Because of our good management it is important that we provide data on as many cows as possible and work with others to provide an accurate assessment of genetic differences in these traits that really matter.


ome ranchers are utilizing modern technology to help monitor cows during calving, with cameras in barns and calving pens. This saves time and labor, and they don’t have to go outdoors as often in severely cold weather to check cows. Carmen and Gerry Ogilvie have a commercial cow-calf operation near Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, with 200 cows. They start calving mid-February, and weather can be quite cold. “It’s just the two of us, but we have a grown son with 20 head of his own cattle here and he helps during calving,” says Carmen. They got their first camera 8 years ago. “We started with one outdoor camera with a hand-held zoom that we control from inside the house with a joy stick. The camera has infrared imaging which helps at night. We had to light up our pens a little better, however, adding spotlight-type yard-lights that shine out farther. This provides more light than the typical yard-light at the end of the barn.” This enables them to see well for about 120 yards at night, to the far end of the pen. “We do a night feeding program which helps; more of the cows calve during the day than at night. During the day they are locked in the bedding pile pen where they have bedding and water. At 6 p.m. we open a gate into the feed pen where there is room for all of them to eat. Both pens are well lighted,” she says. “The outdoor camera helps us see any cow that might surprise us; we are less apt to lose a calf in cold weather. A person might have checked two hours earlier and she wasn’t calving, and maybe she was really quick or hiding, or not showing signs when we looked at her. That’s the main reason we got the outdoor camera,” Carmen says. The next year, they added a camera in the barn. The outdoor camera has a 25-power zoom and they have a smaller one inside the barn, with a 10-power zoom. “If we have a cow into the barn that hasn’t calved yet, we can watch her from the house. The outdoor camera is great and now we’d never want to be without it, but the barn camera has saved us a lot of time. Also, we’re not going out there so often and opening the door and disrupting the calving cows. Every time you open the door the cows are alert and look around to see

what’s going on, and may get up and delay calving. It’s better to not disturb them,” she explains. “About 2 years later we added another camera, for our second barn, so now we have a camera in each barn and the one outside. These save a lot of time and effort. My husband just turned 60 and I am 58 so we don’t have as much energy and endurance as when we were younger. The cameras make life easier. If he goes out to check on something, I can watch from here. The TV is set up in the kitchen-dining area and I can see what he’s doing. If I see him bringing a cow or having trouble getting her in, I can go out and help him. He doesn’t have to take time to call me on his cell phone. There’s also the safety aspect; if he’s having any kind of trouble, I’d know, or if I’m out checking the cows at night he could find me out there if I need help,” Carmen says. “The cameras are great, but don’t completely replace going out and checking, especially when weather is really cold. At the start of calving, when all the cows are in those pens and it’s crowded, a calving cow can hide behind other cows and you can’t see her. The camera can’t look over top like a drone would!” The outdoor camera is fairly high and gives a good view, however--mounted at the highest peak of the nearby barn. “We can see over most of the cows, most of the time. Some

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people have their camera on a pole so it can swivel around for a 360-degree view, but ours has the barn behind it so the view is only 180 degrees. For us, it covers the area we need to see,” she says. The ones in the barns are mounted on a wall. “We try to put them in a central spot, but some cows still tend to lie down in an area that’s hard to see! Once we do get the camera pointed at a certain cow we usually leave it alone, because they can hear it move. Then they look at it and it may distract them!” Cows are alert and extra sensitive when calving. With the night-feeding program there are still some that calve at night. “We check often, anyway; any time we get up

during the night we automatically look at the camera. We can quickly check and if nothing is happening we can just go back to bed. And if a cow is calving and it’s a nice night she can stay out there—but we can monitor to make sure the sac breaks (and doesn’t stay over the calf ’s head) or just watch her calve,” Carmen says. “One time I got up and was doing the camera check and saw a cow calving and just the head was out—with no legs. So we got out there in time to deal with that problem. It helps with things like that, even if the weather is nice; we still have to go out and take care of occasional problems.” Calving in the barn and watching from the house, a person can see if help is needed. “We’ve made many a ‘100-yard dash’ to the barn when a calf is born and the sac doesn’t break. We can get there in time to get it off and save the calf. Not every one of them needs help; sometimes the mom has already gotten up and is licking the sac off by the time we get there, but the camera has saved many calves for us in these situations,” she says. A seedstock breeder near Oshkosh, Nebraska says it is important to monitor calving cows and heifers but it helps if you can do it without disrupting them. “We’ve constructed our calving facilities—where we calve our heifers—to be very low-stress when a heifer is in there calving. We use cameras in the barn and have 5 pens inside. If a heifer is in labor or has a water bag out, we can put her in there and watch her without having to go inside the

The Man-Sask Gelbvieh Association sponsored the 22nd Sweetheart Gelbvieh Classic at the 2021 Show at Canadian Western Agribition 336 memberships were sold for the Sweetheart Heifer with 4 entries, exhibited by Thackeray Land & Cattle, JSJ Livestock, Fladeland Livestock and Braylen Blake Gelbvieh. We had 10 draw down prizes that were graciously donated by the CGA and the Man-Sask Gelbvieh Association, that we randomly given out while pulling names on the way to drawing down to the lucky winner who got their pick of the females to take home. This year’s membership vote winner was TIP MISS JASMIN 65J ET exhibited by Thackeray Land & Cattle who received a payout of $1120. The final name pulled out of the draw was Lonesome Dove Ranch. The heifer they chose was BBG EMRI 3J, exhibited by Braylen Blake Gelbvieh, who received a prize of $8960. The remaining pot of $1120 went to the association.

Thank you to everyone that purchased a membership and to those who entered their females to make the event happen. Page 24 • Spring 2022 • Gelbvieh guide

barn. The cameras are hooked up to the internet so we can look at them with our cell phones wherever we might be, or on our television,” he says. No one has to go into the barn to check on the heifer and disturb her. “The pictures are very clear, even in total darkness. You can see if the calf is coming correctly or if there’s a problem. You are not bothering the heifer and she doesn’t get worried and delay her calving,” he explains. “Most of our heifers calve at night, and we usually leave them in the pens with the cameras. They are hooked up to a DVR, so we can rewind and look at those videos, to make sure the calf actually got up and sucked, before we turn them out,” he says.

Being able to let the heifers calve without stressing them is always helpful. “Our heifers are gentle to begin with but when they have that first calf it’s a totally new experience for them. They don’t know what to think, but mother nature kicks in and usually everything goes smoothly; probably 99% of the time it all goes well, even if you are not there, but we want to make sure we could be there if we’re needed. Often we are watching, on the phone, right outside the barn, just in case the heifer calves and the sac is still over the nose. Then we can slip in and take care of it—and make all the difference.”

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Mark your calendars you’re not going to want to miss this! Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Show 50th Anniversary Edition July 21- 24 Stettler, AB

Thursday- July 21 Move- In & Registration

Friday- July 22 Team Judging, Showmanship, Photography, Marketing & Grooming Competitions Pee Wee “Cow Camp Activities” Evening Tour and Entertainment

Saturday- July 23 Conformation Show Evening Banquet and awards ceremony Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Semen and Embryo Auction

Sunday- July 24 Pasture Tour Camping available on site. Lunches and suppers complimentary for all junior participants. A fun event for all ages and skill levels! Stay tuned for more information!

Show Contact: Darrell Hickman (403) 586- 2477 CJGA Semen and Embryo Auction Contact: Aaron Birch (403) 485- 5518 Gelbvieh guide • Spring 2022 • Page 27

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CGA 50th Anniversary History Book Order Form Pre-order before March 1st: $75 + shipping Purchase after March 1st: $90 + shipping Name: Address: City: Email:


Postal Code: Phone number:

Quantity: Credit Card Number:


Payment can also be made by cheque payable to Canadian Gelbvieh Association or by e-transfer to Please make sure to include the details above with your order or include this order form with your payment.

5160 Skyline Way NE Calgary, AB T2E 6V1


You’re Invested in Gelbvieh Genetics. You’re Purchase tags through the CCIA webstore or by phone. 1-877-909-2333 Ask about our “昀rst-time order” rebate!

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Please enter the quantity above the lines provided


Techno Lite Unlined Vest CE703/CE703W

Niagara Cutlery™

Fabric: 2.3 oz. / 78 gsm 100% polyester pongee. Water-resistant finish. Center front reverse coil zipper with autolock slider and reflec琀ve toggle. Lower concealed pockets with zippers. Adjustable shockcord at hem. Reflec琀ve piping at front shoulders.

6-Piece Steak Knife Set

50th Canadian Gelbvieh Associa琀on logo embroidered logo to le昀 chest, grey/red logo Beyond Golden - embroidered to back bo琀om of vest in grey.

• Set includes six steakhouse knives presented in wooden storage box with a glass presenta琀on window • Each knife is cra昀ed from durable Stainless-Steel • Rosewood handles are secured to a full tang with triple rivets and are contoured for a secure, comfortable grip • Sharp serrated edges on the blade are designed to cut through meat easily • The silver accent chest latch on the box secures knives for transport and storage • Utensils made with FDA compliant materials

Ladies Sizes

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Score Mesh Lined Track Pant P04175/P4175Y 100% polyester outershell. Mesh lined upper, lower leg lined. Wind and water resistant. Elas琀cized waistband with adjustable drawcord. Reflec琀ve trim on back of leg, side seam pockets. Hook and loop tape at hem vent for easy hemming. YKK zippers 50th Canadian Gelbvieh Associa琀on – embroidered logo on le昀 front of leg star琀ng at top of zipper and close to side seam, grey/red logo Beyond Golden – embroidered down the back of le昀 leg star琀ng below reflec琀ve trim and close to side seam, grey thread

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ATCF2500/ATCY2500 13-oz, 50/50 co琀on/polyester fleece. Compacted yarns to minimize shrinkage. Double lined hood with drawstring. An琀-pill. Classic fit 50th Canadian Gelbvieh Associa琀on – logo embroidered logo to le昀 chest, grey/red logo Beyond Golden - embroidered to back bo琀om of hoody in grey.

Adult Unisex Sizes L

Youth Sizes



6606 • Trucker cap with premium mesh panels • Hard buckram. Structured • Matching plas琀c snapback closure Embroidered logo to front center – 50th Anniversary logo grey/red with Beyond Golden below in grey


Everyday Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt


Retro Trucker Cap


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50th Anniversary Limited Edition Buckle Only 40 Buckles available for pre-order. Back of buckels are engraved from 1-50. Number requests are a first come basis and will be confirmed during order processing.

$450.00 Requested Number (1-50)




$58.00 $63.00 S-XL



Email order form to: Sarah Van Schothorst, BSc Canadian Gelbvieh Associa琀on, CEO 403-250-8640 All pricing is subject to applicable taxes and freight charge.

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he 2021 Canadian People's Choice Bull Futurity was a tremendous success! 60 members had the opportunity to vote on 14 outstanding Futurity Entries. The People's Choice Champion was BLB GOODVIEW JACKPOT 117J from Goodview Gelbvieh and received $2,500. The Runner Up was DL JEN-TY DOUBLE BARREL 54J ET from Jan-Ty Gelbvieh who got $500. Through the draw down members had a nearly 1 in 4 chance to win a prize. Jen-Ty Gelbvieh was the last name in the drum and they got to choose the bull they wanted to take home. They decided to take the Futurity Champion, GOODVIEW JACKPOT. Goodview Gelbvieh took home $15,000 for having the selected bull!

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ometimes a heifer is confused or indifferent toward her newborn calf. She may ignore, or kick the calf if he tries to suckle. Some heifers attack the calf if he tries to get up. If a heifer is slow to mother the calf, it may wander through the herd, approaching other cows and trying to suckle them. If you have to take a newborn cold calf indoors to warm and dry it before his mother has a chance to lick it, this may also disrupt bonding. Dr. Andy Acton, (Deep South Animal Clinic at Ogema, Saskatchewan), says some heifers may be scared or confused if you suddenly move them and their new calf into the barn, or to a different pen. “This may disrupt the normal bonding process. It’s best if you prepare them ahead of time, and get them used to where they will be,” he says. “If they’ll be calving in a barn, or if you might have to put them in the barn after they calve, take them into the barn a few times before calving; let them be there a little while, then let them back out again,” he suggests. Putting a small group of heifers into the barn and letting them eat hay in there for 20 minutes can put them at ease. If you do this a couple times, they won’t mind going into the barn for calving. Many heifers get nervous and upset being by themselves. If you separate them from their familiar group and they’ve never been by themselves before, they may be so upset that they delay the calving process, and some may be too nervous to mother the calf when they calve. It often helps to have a buddy in the adjacent barn stall or pen, so the heifer doesn’t feel so isolated and frantic. One problem that sometimes occurs when cattle are calving outside in a confined group is when other cattle (curious heifers, or an older cow that wants to claim the calf) interferes with the bonding process. “Quietly get the pair into a pen or barn stall, as long as the heifer is not trying to kill her calf,” says Acton. When cattle are calving at pasture, most cows and heifers go off by themselves to calve. This usually works, unless another cow tries to claim the calf (which can happen if that cow is in early labor or near calving, herself, and she’s interested in any newborn). “The heifer will always lose that claiming battle, with an older cow,” says Acton. “If the heifer is in a smaller area with only a few other heifers, you can quietly put her and the calf in their own pen and then leave them alone. A maternity pen is crucial— where the pair can be by themselves that first day.” If you have to help a heifer calve or do anything else with her, it’s easier if she’s already by herself so you don’t stress her by sorting her out of a group. Being proactive, and giving the pair a chance to bond in a pen by themselves for a day or two, can save a lot of grief later. If a heifer is slow to mother her calf or kicking it, quietly restrain her and help the calf nurse the first time. Usually once that calf starts nursing, the hormones of milk let-down and mothering kick in and the heifer becomes more interested in the calf. “As soon as you hear that little moo, you know the heifer will mother it,” Acton says. The frustrating ones are the heifers that attack the calf. In these cases, you might work with your veterinarian and utilize drugs to calm the aggressive heifer. “I like to use acepromazine right away on those heifers. It’s more of a tranquilizer than a sedative and works as an anti-anxiety drug,” says Acton. This can help ease a heifer through those first hours and enable the calf to nurse—after which she may more readily accept it. “Rather than trying to manhandle a heifer and help her calf suckle, this can make things a lot easier on you and the heifer. It’s less stressful for her,” he says. Sometimes you simply need to give the heifer and newborn calf more time to bond. “You don’t always have to get that calf up and sucking right away. If the heifer is fighting you, just sedate her and let the calf figure out how to suckle, as long as he gets colostrum within the first few hours, giving him a bottle of colostrum if necessary. If the calf won’t suck a bottle, give him the colostrum via tube.” This can buy some time and you can leave the pair alone and give Mother Nature a chance. “Once the calf has had a couple liters or more of colostrum, you can leave them alone for half a day. When the calf gets hungry again and decides to nurse mom, she may be more cooperative,” says Acton. If the calf doesn’t accomplish the next nursing, that’s when you need to intervene and help the calf nurse its mother. If she’s a poor mother and it takes several days or a week or more to convince her to mother the calf, you should probably plan to sell her, since she may be a poor mother again on her next calf. Even if you know you’re going to sell her, you want her to raise that calf, even if you have to hobble her for a few days so she can’t kick it—or keep her separate from the calf except at a supervised nursing time each day, until she decides to mother the calf.

HORMONES HELP BONDING Dr. Joseph Stookey (retired from Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), says the bonding process, as the cow identifies and learns to recognize her new calf, and wants to take care of it and protect it, is a complex blend of hormonal-induced and learned behavior. Hormones initiate and drive most of what we perceive as maternal behavior, as the cow bonds with her newborn calf. “Some cows become ‘motherly’ up to a week before they actually calve, and are interested in any newborn calf. Their hormone pump is already primed. Those hormones are already reaching a level that makes them receptive to any new calf, even if it’s not theirs,” he says. If an older cow starts showing interest in other cows’ calves, you know she will be calving soon. “At the other end of the spectrum are the ones that calve and don’t have proper hormone profile or levels, and they don’t want their calf. We see this most often in first-calf heifers, or in some of the females we have to assist in calving, or those that must be delivered by C-section. If it’s too much of a wild rodeo getting that cow in to the corral for assistance, or if the calving cow undergoes too much trauma, you can expect her to be a little less interested in the newborn calf. There may be other hormones overriding the whole system, due to stress, pain, and perhaps some of the drugs that were used during a C-section,” says Stookey. It may take time and patience (and helping the calf nurse the first time or two) before that cow accepts her calf.

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bulls are available for viewing at t he f ar m anytime




ONLINE Bull Sale

4-5of TH


MARCH 2022


vist our website J A M E S : 4 31 - 74 0 - 5 4 4 3 | S H A Y L A : 2 0 4 - 74 1 - 0 01 8

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On June 19, 2021 Kenzie Hrebeniuk showed the Grand Champion steer at the Hudson Bay 4-H Achievement Day. Congratulations Kenzie

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REPORT Tag Retention in 2022


ag retention is an integral part of the traceability system and has long been a focus of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA). Over the years, CCIA has collaborated on a number of research projects to better understand common issues and find solutions to concerns about lost tags, missing backs and poor overall tag retention. From 2011 to 2015, CCIA embarked on the National Tag Retention Project which involved the formation of a sub-committee to complete a tag retention study in a variety of environments in Canada as a way of better determining the long-term retention rates and operability of the current set of approved CCIA radio frequency identification (RFID) beef cattle tags used in Canada. Industry’s growing concerns regarding the effectiveness and long-term viability of the types of approved tags available, and the fixture mechanisms commonly used to manufacture tags for Canada, and poor tag retention within the value chain affects the accuracy and availability of livestock traceability data, which affects response time in an emergency (e.g., animal disease outbreak, flood, tornado, contaminated feed supplement recall). In 2019, CCIA ran the Automated Trace Sighting Data Collection (Remote Pasture Reader) which studied the use of portable RFID reader stations, to collect sighted movement event data at remote co-mingling sites. These portable, solar charged devices could store and communicate data using cellular modems to deliver data to a CCIA landing server. While this research was not directly related to tag retention, it did offer promising data points for the potential of automated tra-

Page 42 • Spring 2022 • Gelbvieh guide

ceability practices in the future. Recently, CCIA began working directly with manufacturers to improve issues reported from producers. This has resulted in enhancements and modifications to current tags on the market. Conformance testing of approved tags is conducted on a regular basis by CCIA. Annual testing is planned for early 2022. This testing ensures tags continue to meet the high standards of industry and CCIA. Tag retention will be the feature of CCIA’s targeted advertising in the Spring of 2022. Tag retention is improving through direct action, which will help with the growing demand for traceability in our industry. Ultimately, much of the responsibility still falls on the producers, who are relied upon to correctly apply tags and respect the environmental limits of the materials. By working together with both manufacturers and producers, CCIA is helping resolve the fundamental traceability issue of tag retention by addressing concerns through direct feedback from producers through the Approved Indicator Quality Control Form found on under CLTS Forms (

NEWS & NOTES Wanda Shannon Marsman 07-Jan-1970 - 08-Jan-2022 On January 8, 2022, Wanda passed away at Red Deer Hospice after a long and brave battle with breast cancer. Wanda was surrounded by family and friends at the time of her passing. She is predeceased by her father Wilf Zohner, her mother in law Jenny Marsman and brother in law Darren King. Wanda will be lovingly remembered by her husband Eddie Marsman, her mother Dorothy Zohner, her father In law Gerrit Marsman, sister Wende Neufeld (Shane), brother in law Freddy Marsman (Anja), and her nieces and nephews: Megan, Michelle and Matthew King; Bart, Sanne and Lotte Marsman, along with great nieces Rayleigh and Eden Rose King. Wanda was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta, and after graduating highschool, she attended Lethbridge Community College. Other than her family, Wanda’s great love was for animals, and cooking. She was a top notch cattle breeder, selling genetics of the Hillsdown Gelbvieh herd worldwide. Along with the purebred registered Gelbvieh herd, she also loved her dogs, cats, horse and llama. She was also a tremendous bird lover, which is evident in the number of bird feeders and birdhouses all around the yard. The annual arrival of the purple martins was a huge event in her life. Wanda was actively involved in the Delburne 4H beef club for a number of years, and also served on the board of directors for

the Gelbvieh Association of Alberta and B.C., and was an active member of the Cumberland Community Hall, where she installed a horse shoe pit. Wanda loved being involved in events of the cattle breed she loved so much. She was able to attend the Gelbvieh Show at Farmfair International in Edmonton in November, and the Gelbvieh Wishlist sale and Gelbvieh bull Futurity in December, where she and her husband Eddie were awarded Purebred Breeder of the Year, a crowning achievement on many years of breeding cattle. At Wanda’s request, she was cremated privately, without a ceremony at this time. A celebration of life will be held in August at Hillsdown Ranch. Wanda has set up the Hillsdown Foundation for women wanting to further their education in agriculture, preferably involving the Gelbvieh breed. Donations in her honor can be made to this foundation once it is fully set up, at which time we will notify everyone interested in donating. The CGA extends its condolences to the entire Eddie and the family.

Daniel Roy ‘Dan’ Radomske 1956 - 2021

Barry Lawrence 1961 – 2021

Mr. Daniel Roy ‘Dan’ Radomske of Innisfail, Alberta, passed away peacefully at Kneehill Valley, Alberta on Saturday, August 1, 2021 at the age of 65 years. Dan Radomske, also known as ‘Buzz’ was born to John and Elsa Radomske on March 2, 1956. He was the youngest of five children, a little brother for Donna, Merlie, Carol and Doug. Dan graduated from Innisfail High School in 1974, then lived and farmed in the Kneehill Valley area throughout his life. Dan was known for his passion for Gelbvieh cattle operating as Valley Gelbvieh. In more recent years, his trout ponds, Junior Pheasant Program and being an avid hockey follower brought him joy. Dan will be lovingly remembered by his wife, Tatyana Shkolyar, his children, Laurel (Joe) Lange of Clive, Alberta, Mark (Leah) Radomske of Calmar, Alberta, Maryna (Sergei) Mariukhnenko of Poltava, Ukraine and his seven grandchildren. He is also survived by his brother, Doug Radomske, his sister, Carol Severtson and their families, as well as the Calvert and Hawkin’s families. Dan was predeceased by his parents, John and Elsa Radomske and his sisters, Donna Calvert and Merlie Hawkins. The CGA extends it's sympathy to the Radomske family.

Barry Lawrence passed on Tuesday, September 22, 2021 at the age of 60 years. Barry grew up on the family farm near Red Deer, Alberta and later took over the farm after his parents passed. His early childhood was spent exploring the outdoors, playing sports, and working on the farm. He was instrumental in introducing purebred Gelbvieh cattle to the farm, developing and managing the herd pedigrees. Barry was active in the cattle industry, working with other producers and showing cattle. Barry and Marina operated a Stitching Business providing customized clothing to various businesses. He was an active member of the Red Deer Fish and Game Association, co-chairing their Trophy and Awards Committee, and participating in their Black Powder and Archery Clubs. Later in life, Barry focused his interests on hunting, fishing, wood and metal work. He had a natural creative talent for designing and building unique metal and wood items. Barry will be remembered for his hospitality and willingness to help others. He will be lovingly remembered by his sisters, Lorraine, Myrna (Ken), Donna (Ron) and his brother, Ken (Hedda). He will also be sadly missed by his cousins and many friends in the hunting, farming and crafting communities. Barry was predeceased by his wife, Marina and his parents, Condolences from the CGA. Gelbvieh guide • Spring 2022 • Page 43

SHOW RESULTS FARMFAIR INTERNATIONAL GELBVIEH SHOW - EDMONTON, AB NOVEMBER 11, 2021 JUDGES: LANCE AND SHARI LEACHMAN Grand Champion Balancer/Percentage Female STON Miss Paradee 17G, Stone Gate Farm, Sundre, AB Reserve Champion Balancer/Percentage Female JM Gladdis 16G, JT Livestock, Stettler, AB Grand Champion Balancer/Percentage Bull STON Juan Pablo 7J, Stone Gate Farm, Sundre, AB Reserve Champion Balancer/Percentage Bull SLC Peaky Blinders 38G, Severtson Land & Cattle, Red Deer County, AB Champion Junior Heifer Calf Division 1 RWG Goodnight 1437, Royal Western Gelbvieh, Red Deer County, AB

Champion Two-Year-Old Bull – Born 2019 RWG Guilt Trip 9418 ET, Royal Western Gelbvieh, Red Deer County, AB Grand Champion Purebred Bull DVE Davidson Optimist 118H, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK Reserve Champion Purebred Bull RWG Guilt Trip 9418 ET, Royal Western Gelbvieh, Red Deer County, AB Breeder's Herd Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Division 1 RWG Kitty 1438 ET, Royal Western Gelbvieh, Red Deer County, AB Champion Junior Heifer Calf Division 2 Twin View Gracie Gayle 118, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Division 2 SLC Xanadu 18J, Severtson Land & Cattle, Red Deer County, AB Champion Purebred Senior Heifer Calf Division 1 STON Secret Maid 13J ET, Stone Gate Farm,Sundre, AB Reserve Purebred Senior Heifer Calf Division 1 JM Jagerbomb 120J, Jace Cattle Company, Botha, AB Champion Purebred Senior Heifer Calf Division 2 STON Sandy 9J, Stone Gate Farm, Sundre, AB Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf Division 2 HDG Sweet Pea 1J, Dusty Rose Cattle Co., Dapp, AB

Grand Champion Female - AWB Twin View Gracie Gayle 74H, Twin View Livestock & MacDonnell Farms, Parkbeg, SK

Champion Bred Heifer - Born 2020 AWB Twin View Gracie Gayle 74H, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Reserve Champion Bred Heifer - Born 2020 AWB Twin View Baha 1H ET, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Champion Purebred Two-Year-Old with Calf at Foot DVE Davidson Ms Dunnit 136G, calf at side - DVE Davidson Ms Casanova 4J, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK Reserve Champion Two-Year Old with Calf at Foot RWG KITTY’S GEM 9409 ET, Royal Western Gelbvieh Red Deer County, AB Champion Purebred Mature Cow with Calf at foot AWB TWIN VIEW SUGAR 26F ET, calf at side AWB Twin View Kodiak 61J, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK

Reserve Champion Female - AWB Twin View Sugar 26F, Calf: AWB Twin View Kodiak 61J, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK

Grand Champion Purebred Female AWB Twin View Gracie Gayle 74H, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Reserve Champion Purebred Female AWB TWIN VIEW SUGAR 26F ET, Twin View Livestock,Parkbeg, SK Champion Purebred Junior Bull Calf RWG JUST SAYING 1417 ET, Royal Western Gelbvieh, Red Deer County, AB Champion Purebred Senior Bull Calf Division 1 STON Jackson 2J, Stone Gate Farm , Sundre, AB Champion Purebred Senior Bull Calf Divison 2 JNA Gung Ho 623J, Pearson Farms, Calmar, AB Champion Yearling Bull – Born 2020 DVE Davidson Optimist 118H, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK Page 44 • Spring 2022 • Gelbvieh guide

Grand Champion Bull - DVE Optimist 118H, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK


Junior Bull Calf Champion AWB Twin View Vendetta 99J, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Reserve Junior Bull Calf Champion FRL Fir River Huskie 862J, Fir River Livestock, Hudson Bay, SK Senior Bull Calf Champion JLSL Jigsaw 128J, Ledgerwood Gelbvieh, Clarkston, WA Reserve Senior Bull Calf Champion DVE Davidson Krammer 46J, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK Champion Yearling Bull DVE Davidson Optimist 118H, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK Reserve Champion Yearling Bull AWB Twin View Valhalla 45H ET, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Champion Senior Bull Fladeland Gronk 23G, Fladeland Livestock, Gladmar, SK Reserve Champion Senior Bull DRT Lonesome Lucky Shot 324G, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK National Grand Champion Bull Fladeland Gronk 23G, Fladeland Livestock, Gladmar, SK National Reserve Champion Bull DVE Optimist 118H, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK Champion Yearling Heifer AWB Twin View Gracie Gayle 74H, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer DVE Davidson Ms CS 26H, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK Champion Jr. Cow/Calf Pair DVE Davidson Ms Dunnit 136G, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK Calf: DVE Davidson Ms Casanova 4J

Senior Champion Female AWB Twin View Sugar 26F, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Calf: AWB Twin View Kodiak 61J Reserve Senior Champion Female DRT Lonesome Champagne 32F, Lonesome Dove Ranch, Ponteix, SK Calf: DRT Lonesome Tanlines 59J Junior Heifer Calf Champion AWB Twin View Gracie Gayle 118J, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Reserve Junior Heifer Calf Champion Fladeland Jackpot 26J, Fladeland Livestock, Gladmar, SK Senior Heifer Calf Champion AWB Twin View Natalie 25J ET, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Reserve Senior Heifer Calf Champion RPS Miss Pretty Aggy 142J, RPS Gelbvieh, Medstead, SK National Grand Champion Female AWB Twin View Sugar 26F, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Calf: AWB Twin View Kodiak 61J National Reserve Champion Female AWB Twin View Gracie Gayle 74H, Twin View Livestock & MacDonnell Farms, Parkbeg, SK National Grand Champion Balancer or Percentage Female Fladeland Hot Wire 99H, Fladeland Livestock, Gladmar, SK National Reserve Champion Balancer or Percentage Female FRL Fir River Jade 805J, Fir River Livestock, Hudson Bay, SK Premier Breeder & Exhibitor Twin Bridge Livestock, Parkbeg, SK

National Grand Champion Female National Champion Bull AWB Twin View Sugar 26F, Calf: AWB Twin View Fladeland Gronk 23G, Fladeland Kodiak 61J Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK Livestock, Gladmar, SK

National Reserve Champion Female AWB Twin View Gracie Gayle 74H, Twin View Livestock & MacDonnell Farms, Parkbeg, SK

National Reserve Champion Bull DVE Optimist 118H, Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK

Reserve Champion Balancer/Percentage Female - FRL Fir River Jade 805J, Fir River Livestock, Hudson Bay, SK

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg, SK

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Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association Scholarship All eligible juniors are encouraged to apply for the $500 Scholarship. Please complete the Scholarship Application Form and include a one page essay describing your involvement in the Gelbvieh breed. Please submit your application form and essay to the CGA office by email (, fax (403-291-5624), or mail (5160 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 6V1). The deadline to apply is July 15, 2022. To be eligible you must be a current or previous member of the Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association between the ages fifteen (15) and twenty five (25) as of January 1st of the current calendar year. Juniors are eligible to receive the award more than once. Scholarship recipients will be presented with a cheque upon proof of enrollment. Send an official class enrollment form or receipt of tuition payment to the Canadian Gelbvieh Association office no later than October 1, 2021. In the event that a circumstance arises that prevents the recipient from enrolling in the school of choice by the above deadline, the scholarship will be forfeited. To retain scholarship, the recipient must complete at least one semester of full enrollment. If the semester is not completed, money awarded must be refunded to the Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association.

Full Name:___________________________________________________________________________ Full Address:__________________________________________________________________________ Birth Date: _______________________________Place of Birth:__________________________________ Sex



Social Insurance Number:_____________________________________

Parent or Guardian Name(s):___________________________________________________________ Parent or Guardian Address:_______________________________________________________ High School Name:____________________________________________________________ High School Address:________________________________________________________ Graduation Date: _____________ Grade Point Average: ___________(example 3.5/4.0) Estimated Percentage of Tuition Paid by Scholarships or grants during you last semester of post secondary education or for the upcoming semester?______________________ List any scholarships you have bee awarded:_________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Career Goal:__________________________________________________________ If you are currently attending a Post Secondary Education facility, please complete the following: Name of Post Secondary Education Facility you have previously or are currently attending: ____________________________________________________________________

Major:_______________________________ Grade Point Average:_______________ If you are a graduating high school senior, please complete the following: Post Secondary education Facility you plan to attend: ____________________________________________________________________ Anticipated Major______________________________________________________ ________________________________ Signature of Applicant Date Page 46 • Spring 2022 • Gelbvieh guide

________________________________ Signature of Parent/ Guardian Date

SALE RESULTS PRAIRIE GELBVIEH ALLIANCE 21ST ANNUAL SALE DECEMBER 11, 2021, MOOSE JAW, SK The 2021 edition of the PGA sale weekend started with the Man-Sask annual general meeting Saturday morning at the Grant Hall. The Gelbvieh females on offer were available for viewing at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds. The sale was well attended and was online with Livestock Media Plus. Lot 6 HL Classy 17H, an SLC Master Plan 144Z daughter bred to ULL Flint 14F consigned by Hurlburt Livestock sold to Foursquare Farms, Carstairs, AB for $6,500. Lot 4 HL Royal Eston Ann 203H, a black Balancer female bred to ULL Flint 14F, consigned by Dean Hurlburt had a lot of friends and sold to Severtson Land and Cattle, Innisfail, AB for $6,500. Lot 9 TIP Miss Holy 36H, a powerful purebred female sired by FRSQ Foursquare Duchene and bred to the great Movado, was consigned by Thackeray Land and Cattle sold to Dean Hurlburt, Saskatoon, SK for $5,000. Lot 11 TIP Miss Hailee 25H was consigned by Thackeray Land and Cattle. Miss Hailee 25H is a TIP Mr Friday 156F daughter bred to TIP HL Macho 215F. This stylish bred female sold to Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK for $5,000. Lot 1 HL Miss Fayet 3J, is a stylish daughter of ULL Flint 1F and consigned by Hurlburt Livestock. She sold to Cowlick Ranch, Olds, AB for $5,000.

Lot 2 HL Miss Bubbles 206J, a SLC Touchdown 291D heifer consigned by Dean Hurlburt, sold to Braylen Blake Gelbvieh, Glentworth, SK for $5,000. Lot 3 HL Miss Jazz 20J is a daughter of the great SLC Swagger 105A, consigned by Hurlburt Livestock selling to Foursquare Farms, Carstairs, AB for $5,000. Lot 7 Flush Lot consigned by Thackeray Land and Cattle. JOE 460D, a DRT Stetson 60D daughter, is one of the deepest body, strongest footed females with a perfect udder. She will make a great donor female for the breed. Unger Land and Livestock, Olds, AB purchased the right to flush her in 2022 for $3,500. Lot 18 & 18A Semen Lots - FRL Fir River Hell Fire 710H ET consigned by Fir River Livestock. This son of FRL Dragon and the prolific donor SLC Reba 112Y, sold to Unger Land and Livestock, Olds, AB for $2,750 and Foursquare Farms, Carstairs, AB for $2,750. A number of Junior members made purchases again this year. Thanks to all the bidders and buyers and all those involved. Prairie Gelbvieh Alliance is looking forward to our 22nd annual sale in 2022.


Bred Females Heifer Calves Embryos

Averaged $6583 $5023 $1325

High selling bred heifers were lot 18 and 15 each for $11,000. Lot 18 AWB TWIN VIEW GRACIE GAYLE 74H is a daughter of National Champions Twin View Gayle 78E ET and Birch's The Boxer 21D. She sold to MacDonell Farms and went on to be Grand Champion Female at Farmfair and Reserve National Champion Female. Lot 15 AWB TWIN VIEW NATALIE 61H sold to Diamond Acre Farm. Her dam is a full sister to Twin View Mayweather and is sired by SLC Touchdown 166W. Selling for $8250 was lot 27 BLB GOODVIEW MAUREEN 35H to MacDonell Farms. She is a daughter of Goodview Eaton and an SLC Outback 142X daughter. Lot 31 sold for $7,500 to Ledgerwood Gelbvieh. This was a pregnant recip was carrying a calf from the soon to be National Champion Female Twin View Sugar 26F. The high selling heifer calves were lot 2 and 14B each for $7,000. Lot 2 JLSL JUNO sold to Jonus cattle. This outcross heifer was a daughter of the lot 1 female, JLSL Addison, and the outcross Revival sire. Braylen Blake was the winning bidder for his choice of the lot 14 Natalie 22Z daughters. He

chose AWB TWIN VIEW NATALIE 25J ET the JLSL Apollo daughter who went on to be Senior Heifer Calf Champion at the National Show. A feature lot was the right to draw semen on KHR GRIZZLY RED 39F. This Twin View herd sire is an ORB Champion of the World and Champion Bull in the 2020 Agribition Evolution Series. Foursquare Farms and Diamond Acre Farm teamed up to purchase this opportunity for $8,000. The high selling embryos were lot 33 purchased by Guymon Livestock. They are a combination of the herd sire maker VV TRUFFLE 66C and the new MCCA GUNNER 947G sire.!


Gelbvieh guide • Spring 2022 • Page 47


Mature Cow Bred Heifers Heifer Calves

Averaged $7,500 $4,929 $3,370

High Selling Cow, JM Gladdis 16G consigned by JT Livestock sold to Smithers Land & Livestock for $7,500. High Selling Bred Heifers, AKS Hertha 50H consigned by AKS Gelbvieh sold to Matthew Vogel for $6,500 and KCC Hell if I Know 45H consigned by Keriness Cattle Co sold to Hilltop Gelbvieh for $6,400.

High Selling Heifer Calves, JT Annie 23J consigned by JT Livestock was purchased by Smithers Land & Livestock for $7,500 and Jen-Ty Miss B Haven 625J consigned by Jen-Ty Gelbvieh sold to Rocking Arrow Gelbvieh for $7,000. CK Jazz 18J consigned by Brittain Farms was picked up by Brayden Fladeland for $6,000. The turn out for Wish List 2021 was tremendous! The stands were packed with Gelbvieh enthusiasts there to take in one of the strongest set of females from top to bottom. Congratulations go out to the consignors and buyers on an awesome sale!

THE GATHERING DECEMBER 5, 2021, OLDS, AB With a great line up of genetics on offer again for 2021, this event created a lot of buzz in industry. With a powerful set of bred heifers, awesome heifer calves and embryo interests, flush opportunities and frozen genetics. High selling heifer calf was RWG Kitty 1438 ET a daughter of RWG Kitty’s Gem 9409 ET and JRI In-Demand 254F839 ET. Selling for $25,000.00 to RJ Genetics of Mississippi. Second high swelling heifer calf was a stand out red Balancer heifer SLC Xanadu 77J, sired by RWG Fudge 8442, backed by SLC Xanadu 17E ET. Creating lots of interest and selling for $17,000.00 to Unger Land and Livestock. A stand out JRI Secretariat 285E78 heifer calf from a RWG Right Combination 5506 dam RWG Goodnight 1437 sold for $9000.00 to Lone Oak Cattle, Iowa Leading off the bred heifers was the RWGK Ernie 7429 daughter DDN 0164H selling for $11,000.00 to Cow Lick Ranch, AB. Her Maternal sister sold for $11,500.00 in last years sale!

Second high selling bred heifer was DDN 077H a powerhouse daughter of the RWGK Ernie 7429 sire selling for $8000.00 to Royal Western Gelbvieh, AB 1/2 embryo interest in RWG Hadie 9421 ET the maternal sister to RWG Exact Combination 7409 sired by SLC Merv 12N sold for $9000.00 to the partnership of Fladeland Livestock, SK & York Cattle Co, CA 1/2 semen interest in RWG Just To Cool 1416 ET sold for $12,000.00 to Nelson Gelbvieh. He’s a son of the deceased HL Masterplan 58C and SLC Parkland 31E ET. In total 27 live lots averaged 6787.04 selling into western Canada and 3 states. Was great to see some new breeders make purchases and new females and a few excited Jr. Gelbvieh members got new show heifers and future foundation females.

NATIONAL GELBVIEH SALE NOVEMBER 25, 2021, REGINA, SK 10 Lots averaged $5350 A return to Agribition was long awaited and very welcome. Lots were consigned and purchased from across Canada and the United States. The high selling lot was a pick of all the 2021 bull calves consigned by Fir River Livestock, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, and sold for $9,000 to Foursquare Farms, Carstairs, Alberta. High selling heifer calf was HL Miss Julie 25J from Hurlburt Livestock, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and was purchased for $6250 by Unger Land and Livestock Olds,Alberta. Lot 105, DVE Davidson Ms Casanova 4J from Davidson Page 48 • Spring 2022 • Gelbvieh guide

Gelbvieh, Ponteix, Saskatchewan, sold for $5250 to Robdot Farms Cobden, Ontario. Lot 110, 20 straws of MCCA Gunner 947G from Prairie Hills Gelbvieh & McCarty Cattle Company, Gladstone, North Dakota, was purchased by Milne Ranch, Fairview, Alberta for $150 per straw.


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Kelly & Coleen Brittain, Gary & Nicole 780-387-6446 RR #1, Falun, AB T0C 1H0

Purebred & Percentage GELBVIEH CATTLE

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Auctioneers / Sales Management Darrell & Leila Hickman RR 1, Sundre, AB T0M 1X0 Ph: 780-581-4510

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United States Breeders

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LC RANCH Purebred Gelbvieh Ray & Anne Davisson Box 764, Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

403.741.4488 • 403.323.0233

NELSON GELBVIEH Duane & Linda Nelson

Box 1144, Glenwood, Alberta T0K 2R0

(403) 626-3279 “Raising Gelbvieh Cattle Since 1972!”

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Don & Lorna Okell Box 627 Duchess, AB T0J 0Z0 403-378-4898 403-793-4549 HAROLD - 780.835.3065 BEV - 780.834.7704


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Bar GR Cattle

Larry, Lynne, Kate & Sarah FECHO


RON & GAIL ANDERSON Phone (780) 523-2116 Fax: (780) 523-3920

RR #2 Millet, AB T0C 1Z0 Phone: (780) 986-9705 Cell: (780) 718-5477

Box 1342 High Prairie, Alberta Canada , T0G 1E0

Chuck & Jennifer Williams

403-854-6270 403-854-0190 Hanna, AB

Saskatchewan This could be your spot! Call the CGA today to book your Business Card Listing!


c/o James Knudson Ph: 306-322-7158



“Breeding for Quality Polled Gelbvieh With the Commercial Man in Mind”


Knudson Farms Gelbvieh

Box 386, Archerwill, SK S0E 0B0

Ontario The Wirgau’s

Box 25, Narcisse, MB R0C 2H0 Neal & Christine Lee & Cynthia (204) 981-5996 (204) 278-3255 World Class Cattle - First Class Service

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COMING EVENTS A Complimentary Service Provided by the Canadian Gelbvieh Association Feb. 12 - Prairie Hills Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Gladstone, ND

Mar. 16 – Twin View Livestock & Fladeland Livestock Bull Sale, Johnstone Auction Mart, Moose Jaw, SK

Feb. 15 – Draft Picks Bull Sale at Royal Western Gelbvieh, Red Deer County, AB and online with Live Auctions TV 2.0

Mar. 25-26 – Nelson Gelbvieh/Pin-to Point Gelbvieh Bull Sale, Online via DLMS Farm Gate Timed Auction

Feb. 19 - Thackeray Land & Cattle Annual Bull Sale, Goodwater Hall, Goodwater, SK

Mar. 25 - Cattle Capital Bull Sale, consignor Overby Stock Farm, McCreary, MB

Feb. 23 – Milne’s Better Beef Opening Day Private Treaty Bull Sale, at the ranch, Fairview, AB

Mar. 27 – Best of the Breeds Bull Sale, consignor Goodview Gelbvieh, Yorkton, SK

Feb. 26 – Foursquare Annual Bull Sale, Olds, AB

April 2 - Lundar Bull Sale, consignor Maple Grove Gelbvieh, Lundar, MB

Mar. 1 – Jen-ty Gelbviehs Annual Bull Sale, Medicine Hat Feeding Company, Medicine Hat, AB Mar. 4-5 – JSJ 6th Annual Online Production Sale, Hartney, MB

May 1 – Deadline for the Summer issue of the Gelbvieh Guide magazine

Mar. 4 – Davidson Gelbvieh & Lonesome Dove Ranch Annual Bull Sale at the ranch, Ponteix, SK

July 15 – Deadline application for the Canadian Junior Association Scholarship

Mar. 5 - Jace Cattle Co. On Farm Bull Sale, Botha, AB

July 21 - 24 –Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Assoc. 50th Anniversary Weekend, Stettler, AB

Mar. 7 – Severtson Land Cattle Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Red Deer County, AB. Mar. 11 - 12 – Gelbvieh Advantage Bull Sale, Brittain Farms, BNH Livestock, DLMS Farm Gate Timed Auctions Mar. 17-18 - Common Ground Gelbvieh Bull Sale, online with Olds Auction Market, Olds, AB

Aug. 13 - Man-Sask Field Day hosted by Overby Stock Farm, Ste. Rose du Lac, MB Sep. 1 – Deadline for the Fall issue of the Gelbvieh Guide magazine

Win a Free Ad! First Prize in Each Category 1/4 page advertisement in Summer 2023 Gelbvieh Guide


W E ! ! N Y R O G E T CA

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3. Bull(s) 4. Herd

1. Send or email unmarked colored print (3 1/2” X 5” or 4” X 6”) or digital file of each photograph entered. 2. All entries must be postmarked or emailed on or before Dec. 1/2022. Judging will take place before Jan. 15/2023. 3. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. 4. Winners will be notified and assistance given in setting up ads.

Please send only your best shots!

Contest and prizes sponsored by the Canadian Gelbvieh Association

The Canadian Gelbvieh Association reserves the right to use all photos entered in the contest

5160 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6V1 or

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Please send your photos to: Canadian Gelbvieh Association

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11,49 51 11, 49 OBC 40 50 51 IBC 26, 51 51 40, 49 49 25, 51 41, 49 . 49 49

JSJ Livestock Jen-Ty Gelbvieh Keriness Cattle Co. Knudson Farms Koziak Land & Cattle LC Ranch Lonesome Dove Ranch Maple Grove Gelbvieh Milne’s Gelbvieh Nelson Gelbvieh Neogen Canada Overby Stock Farm People’s Choice Futurity Pin-To-Point Gelbvieh Prairie Hills Gelbvieh RPS Gelbvieh

Advertising Content The Gelbvieh Guide assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of submitted advertising copy, and has the right to refuse any ad copy or photos. Advertisers shall indemnify and hold harmless the Guide containing pedigrees or statements regarding performance must conform to records kept by the Canadian Gelbvieh Association. Copy deviating from official records may be changed as necessary without advertiser consent. Editorial Policy Opinions expressed are the writer’s and not necessarily those of Gelbvieh Guide or the Canadian Gelbvieh Association. Photographs are welcome, but no responsibility is assumed during transit or while in the office. Publisher’s Statement: All statements, including product claims, are those of the person or organization making the statement or claim. The publisher does not adopt any such statement or claim as its own, and any such statement or claim does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher.

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Rocky Top Gelbvieh 50 Royal Western Gelbvieh 50 Silver Line Cattle Co. 41, 50 Severtson Land & Cattle IFC Smithers Land & Livestock 50 Stone Gate Farm 49 T Bar C Cattle Co 49 Thackeray Land & Cattle 16 Triple S Cattle Co. 51 Twin View Livestock 3, 51 Twisted T Gelbvieh 51 WestGen 49 Winders Golden Gelbvieh 50 Wish List Sale 12

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