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The inaugural MILKLAB Roaster Royale Finals, where mastery meets innovation in presenting the perfect blend that pairs well with plant milks. Featuring IACA as Green Bean Partner.

Latte Art Workshops


Each day, we’re bringing on latte art champions and experts to showcase their signature pours in a live workshop. We then invite all baristas to take them on. The closest latte art design to the expert will win $500!

$500 up for grabs each day!

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Australian Latte Art Champion.
mice 2024

The start of a new era

Excitement is in the air. Can you feel it? Just like the pandemonium of Taylor Swift bringing her Eras tour to Australia, the revved-up engines at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, and the buzz before the ‘official’ round one centre bounce at the Australian Football League, the 11th installment of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) is here.

To the coffee industry, this magical time, which takes place just one a year, is an annual family catchup, and a fabulous way to do business and support the wider industry as it navigates challenges and looks ahead at growth opportunities and how to best plan for the future.

If you’re new to the world of MICE, welcome. If you’re a veteran MICE attendee or reader of this Coffee Lover’s Guidebook, welcome back. No matter what stage of the MICE journey you’re on, know this is a special event that cements why Australia has a renowned coffee culture, high-quality coffee, world-celebrated baristas, and is considered an influencing country for beverage trends and equipment innovation.

All these elements are bundled into one when you visit MICE2024, from 12 to 14 May. There really is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to enter the café world with your first venue, need inspiration on how to take your fifth shop to your sixth, or contemplating interstate or international expansion, a visit to MICE will leave you inspired and reinvigorated to make the best decisions for your business.

Everyone is invited. Bring your business partner, work friends, café colleagues, barista buddies, obsessed home coffee enthusiasts, and your coffee-loving mum of course (hello, Mother’s Day gift sorted).

This year’s show embraces traditional exhibitors including roasters, producers, traders, machine suppliers and ancillary equipment. It will also see the return of the

Product Innovation Awards, and Australia’s Richest Barista competition with the nation’s best and up-and-coming talent going head-to-head on the centre stage for the ultimate $40,000 prize pool.

There are also a lot of firsts to acknowledge. This includes new direction under the leadership of Siobhan Rocks, General Manager of Events at Prime Creative Media, owners of MICE; the launch of Australia’s Favourite Coffee Award (where you determine the winner); a diversified food service audience in recognition of coffee being the centrepiece of all hospitality businesses; and for the first time, education platforms designed to add more value than ever to attending café operators, baristas, and roasters.

The Café Series will embrace three daily sessions of panelists, talking about the key topics and barriers to café business operators, and practical advice and solutions.

A Global Coffee Report Symposium breakfast will target discussion on global influencing factors across the supply chain, and their potential to impact Australian roasting businesses. Tickets are available online and at the show door.

To prepare for your visit to MICE2024, ensure you clear your day. Consider your best method of transport to arrive at the Melbourne Conventional and Exhibition Centre, meet up with your regular coffee-catchup friends or colleagues, and skip that first morning coffee. Instead, have it at MICE, and let the magic of MICE take over.

Share your best coffee moments at MICE:



For more information, visit internationalcoffeeexpo.com




How can Australian café owners navigate the challenging landscape created by rising costs, cashstrapped customers, and staff shortages? 22


MICE is working with

Reground and Huskee to make the coffee industry greener, one cup at a time 26


Coffee industry visionaries and innovators share what can we expect from Australian cafés in the next decade, and beyond


MICE embarks on a new era, promising a strong brand identity, more diverse audience, and educational value to build the event


MICE’s inaugural Café Owners Education Series adds more value for visitors than ever before


Meet the Association Partners of this year’s Expo: the ACTA, NZSCA, IWCA and ICCC


This new competition is counting on you. Vote for your favourite brew of the Expo 46 PREPARE TO BATTLE

Australia’s Richest Barista returns, with head-to-head battles and one giant cheque up for grabs in this year’s most creative coffee competition


Do you have what it takes to replicate an expert barista’s signature pour? Milklab is putting novel skills to the test 52 A NEW CLASSIC

Sanremo is shaking up the café scene with its new singleboiler coffee machine, which will be making its Australian debut at MICE2024 56 COFFEE WITH CONSCIENCE


Some of the best products and gadgets on display at MICE


Discover the industry’s most innovative products. Find out how to cast your vote



The official schedule of events and exhibitor activities, including where you can participate in cuppings, on-stand events, and competitions

Exhibitor listings


Roasters are invited to unite and discuss the big global topics impacting Australian businesses

CafeSmart’s annual campaign brings together cafés and roasters across Australia to raise funds to support those experiencing homelessness



Discover which brands are going to be at the hottest coffee expo in town this May


Make the most of your time in Melbourne with a list of key events and tourist attractions to visit


You be the judge with Melbourne’s hit-list of CBD coffee shops to explore


Where everyone is located at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


Find exhibitors, fast!

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Australia deserves
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The 2024 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) is here.

As Australia’s only dedicated expo serving the coffee industry, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 11th edition of the event, which promises to have an even more diverse audience as the target demographic moves to embrace coffee in all its facets, from café owners and baristas to hotel operators and restaurateurs.

When MICE began in 2012, it was a place for the industry to come together each year, connect, and do business. That vision remains, but it must also expand. Over the years, the needs of the coffee industry have evolved – and so must MICE.

One of the key goals this year was to add value to those attending. We know that time away from a business is valuable, so we want to ensure this year’s MICE not only leaves you caffeinated, but with more industry connections than when you walked through the show doors, as well as ideas, knowledge, and motivation to make changes to your business that can help it prosper for years to come.

MICE is serving up more education than ever before. It will host a dedicated program for café owners looking to take

their business to the next level. It will be a great platform to learn about effective marketing, menu development, staff recruitment, and retention strategies to grow a café’s profits and maybe take it to the level of expansion.

Global Coffee Report is presenting a Leaders Symposium breakfast series to highlight several important global issues that are impacting the Australian market, and how we can stay ahead of the curve.

MICE is also taking steps to become even more sustainable, with reusable HuskeeCups offered across the show for attendees to use for the first time. Spent coffee grinds will also be collected from exhibitors by Reground, in addition to remaining milk and food items by OzHarvest to ensure they don’t end up as waste.

As always, MICE remains committed to serving up great coffee and showcasing the best in new equipment and technology. We will continue our pursuit to be the best coffee-dedicated show in the Southern Hemisphere, and I can’t wait to watch you explore and enjoy the show.

MICE2024 Show Director Lauren Chartres

New beginnings

Coffee is the heart of the hospitality industry, and visitors are the heart of MICE. I may be a new addition to the events team this year, but this I know for certain.

I’ve worked for more than a decade in the exhibition industry, and during that time I visited MICE many times as a fan, and for inspiration of a non-corporate, non-food-focused event. Each time, I marvelled at one thing in particular: its soul. MICE is alive, and it is honestly one of the coolest shows on the events calendar. There is an innate pulse of energy that is unmatched by any other hospitality expo I’ve been involved with. This beating heart is something you can’t manufacturer.

In the short time I’ve worked for MICE, under the ownership of Prime Creative Media, I’ve quickly come to appreciate how amazing the coffee industry and wider hospitality sector is. It’s about product, but more importantly, it’s about the people behind it.

I can already see that coffee is a technical industry with many layers underneath. But as I peel back each one, I’m witnessing how passionate, talented, and knowledgeable people are for the products they present and the services they provide, in a way I could never have imagined. It’s inspiring to see, and infectious to be around. In the context of the wider food industry, coffee is such a small slice of the overall offering, but it’s become one of the most important and impactful slices.

It’s for this reason I’m so excited to have joined an events team that is dedicated to putting on Australia’s best dedicated coffee tradeshow. I’ve been amazed by their talent and the energy that goes into

building this show from scratch; crafting competitions and an education program, to coordinating the bump-in of equipment and catering to all exhibitor needs, no matter how small or large. I can honestly say the team behind the running of MICE genuinely care about the event, and I hope you can see this passion and commitment reflected at this year’s Expo.

Coffee is the lifeblood of many businesses in Australia, and MICE is the place to learn about it. In time, I’m confident it can become the highlight of the foodservice sector, and shine bright on the international stage for the world to see.

MICE is a business platform, a place to make new connections with great suppliers, and gain the tools and knowledge you need to apply to your business. But alongside that, MICE is fun. We want you to have a great time, and celebrate all that’s good about this unique industry, and the community within it.

You’ll see baristas applying the best of their craft, smell the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee, taste delicious products, touch new equipment, and hear the roar of the crowd cheering for Australia’s Richest Barista competitors.

We want you to walk away from this year’s event with a smile on your face, a hint of inspiration, and energy to embrace coffee into your business and lifestyle – beyond the high percentage of guaranteed caffeine intake.

Welcome to MICE2024, and the start of a new chapter.

General Manager of Events Siobhan Rocks
16 MICE2024

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Rise to the challenge

A perfect storm of rising costs, cash-strapped customers, and staff shortages has created a challenging landscape for Australian café owners to navigate. Are clear skies on the horizon, and how are those in the industry going to weather the storm?

When money is tight, one of the first things people cut down on is everyday luxuries such as picking up a barista-made coffee. Saving a few dollars each day might not seem like a lot for consumers, but for café owners, those dollars can add up.

As Australia tightens its purse strings in response to the cost-of-living crisis, hospitality venues across the country are feeling the squeeze. Café owners are

reporting a double whammy of a downturn in customers and a shift in spending patterns.

Daniel Moreno, Operations Manager of Ona Coffee, says that over the past 12 months he’s seen a considerable drop in turnover at the roaster’s five cafés across Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra.

“Fewer customers are visiting the cafés, and when they do they’re spending less. People are definitely watching their wallets,” says Daniel.


It’s a trend many café owners are experiencing, and an issue that’s amplified by the rising costs of running a café. Inflation has seen the price of essentials such as staff, coffee, rent, and energy continue to rise, meaning it’s becoming increasingly challenging for café owners to break even.

“Managing costs while also dealing with a lower turnover is extremely challenging,” says Daniel. “We’re constantly having to review our price structure, the suppliers we work with, and what we offer at the cafés.”

According to some industry professionals, the core business model of running a café has shifted. Owners can raise the price of a cup of coffee to try and counter their cost increases, but margins in the industry are so slim it’s not bridging the gap.

“I’ve seen the volume of customers drop by about 10 to 15 per cent,” says Simon Gautherin, Coffee Excellence Manager at

Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters in Sydney.

“Traditionally, cafés are structured to have high volume and low margins, but that just doesn’t work in this climate. Even if prices go up by 20 per cent, that won’t solve the problem. If things don’t change, I think we’ll see a lot of venues going bankrupt in the next 12 months.”

Balancing the books isn’t the only obstacle facing those in the industry right now either. Staff shortages continue to challenge café owners who strive to maintain high quality and consistency.

Wayne Kang, owner of Cheol’s Café in Perth, says he’s still experiencing the consequences of COVID-19 and its impact on staffing.

“We’re still finding it difficult to find and retain skilled baristas,” says Wayne.

“In hospitality, we rely heavily on international staff. During COVID-19, we lost a lot of great people who weren’t supported by the Australian government as non-permanent residents. They’ve returned home and not come back.”

The struggle to find skilled staff is shared by Yuri Angele of iconic Melbourne business Brunetti Oro.

20 MICE2024

“There’s a shortage of staff globally,” says Yuri. “To resolve this issue and ensure the quality of our products remains consistent, I’ve had to adjust our company structure, which has added an extra cost to the business, but it has been essential in this current climate.”

While these are issues facing businesses across Australia, some areas and demographics appear to be more greatly affected than others. Daniel reports that Ona’s venues in Canberra haven’t seen as great a reduction in custom compared to its Sydney and Melbourne venues.

“Our Canberra cafés are more stable in the week because of the public service sector in the capital. Our venues in more suburban areas are busier at the weekends, but quieter in the week,” says Daniel.

Many owners have reported this shift in customer spending patterns. Consumers are watching what they spend in the week, and then treating themselves at the weekend.

It’s something Fernando Dimasi has noticed at Twice Shy, his café in Melbourne’s Fitzroy neighbourhood, and which has inspired him to pivot his business.

“Customers are spending less in the day and saving it for Friday and Saturday evenings when they want to socialise or spend time with family,” says Fernando.

“Our plan is to adapt the café’s opening hours, and experiment with an afternoon and early evening service. If that goes well, we’ll apply to the council to extend our hours even further. We’ve just got an alcohol licence and will introduce a casual food menu of tapas and pizzas.”

Just as businesses had to pivot during COVID-19, it seems adaptation might be the route to survival for those navigating the cost-of-living crisis. While he’s faced challenges at his café, Wayne is optimistic about how new technology can help.

“Survival requires innovation and dynamism,” says Wayne. “We’ve trialled a few new things that have worked well, such as mobile ordering apps and pointof-sale technology which has streamlined our workflow.”

Zest’s Simon also highlights how technology can assist the café owner to manage their costs and staff.

“There are new apps that utilise machine learning and AI to predict volumes, which can help owners asses staff levels and operate their business more tightly,” says Simon.

However, Daniel believes some new innovations aren’t suited for all businesses.

“We trialled ordering via QR codes on tables in some of our venues to try and reduce staff hours. It worked quite well in Canberra as it’s a workforce demographic who favour speed and ease, but it’s not something we’d implement in our Sydney café where the focus is on highlevel service and the coffee experience,” says Daniel.

“Yet, I do see technology being one of

the answers to this issue. Over the next few years, I think we’ll see automation take over and that will, if anything, improve quality and consistency. The downside, however, is that it will mean less jobs in the industry.”

Despite the issues facing cafés right now, new venues continue to open across the country. Yuri reports that business at his shops across Melbourne continues to be strong, and he plans to launch two new venues in the city this year. So, what advice do these seasoned café owners have for those entering the industry in these challenging times?

Assessing your demographic is paramount, according to Fernando.

“You need to look at the area in which you’re planning to open and consider the amount of passing consumer traffic. Somewhere near apartment blocks with a younger audience who have more disposable income to spare presents the most opportunities for customers,” he says. Daniel stresses that considering the size of the venue is also vital.

“Keep the café small,” he says. “A smaller venue can run with less staff and costs are generally lower. It also gives you more control so you can create a great experience, which usually means better a chance of not just surviving but thriving.”

Keen to learn more about navigating the challenges of running a café?

Don’t miss the Café Owners Education Series taking place at MICE2024 from 13 to 14 May. The Series aims to equip café owners with the knowledge and tools to ensure future business success, with an expert panel of industry professionals sharing their valuable insights. Find more information about the Café Owners Education Series on page 40.



in action

As part of its commitment to championing sustainability, each year MICE partners with companies that are inspiring and implementing change. In 2024, MICE is working with Reground and Huskee to make the coffee industry greener, one cup at a time.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of business. When it comes to deciding where to spend their money, many consumers consider the environmental impact of a product, including its cost and convenience. As a result, a rising number of café owners are making their setups more sustainable – with the help of innovative businesses offering game-changing products and initiatives.

One business owner who has banged the sustainable drum since she entered the coffee industry is Jo Gibbons, owner of Taste the Yorke in South Australia’s Copper Coast. In 2016, Jo established the café with an eco ethos at its core, priding the business on being regional, seasonal, and local.

“We’re a small café in a small agricultural town, so supporting the community and the local environment has always been an essential part of the plan,” says Jo.

“When I first moved to South Australia, I couldn’t believe there was no green waste collection in my area. I was so frustrated that food waste was going into landfill, so I started thinking about what I could do and my interest in sustainability snowballed from there.”

Over the years, Jo has worked with the local council to establish multiple new green initiatives in the Copper Coast. From introducing a Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) waste service that offers compostablepackaging disposal, to securing a financial support program for businesses that want to implement a cupswap scheme, she not only strives to make her own café more sustainable but also the wider community.

“All of these elements work towards our sustainability pledge, which aims to support our local environment and create a sustainable future,” Jo says.

Alongside the multiple sustainable practices Jo has adopted at Taste the Yorke – which include donating used coffee grounds to farmers, feeding food scraps to local chooks, and adopting a milk keg system – one of her most successful initiatives has been introducing the HuskeeSwap exchange system.

According to reusable coffee cup company Huskee, 90 per cent of disposable cups aren’t recyclable, leading to 60,000 kilograms of additional landfill waste in Australia each year. HuskeeSwap aims to eliminate single-use cups

22 MICE2024
According to Huskee, 90 per cent of disposable cups aren’t recyclable. Image: Huskee

by pairing with cafés to offer a cup-exchange system.

“We love it,” says Jo. “Our customers have been hugely receptive: we have truckies and farmers pulling up in their utes with HuskeeCups. It saves money too. Not buying single-use cups saves us around $600 each week.”

Another café owner that’s embraced the HuskeeSwap scheme is Lenka Kriz of Cat & Cow Café in Randwick, New South Wales. When she launched the zero-waste café in 2019 with her husband Jacob, their aim was to show people how they could limit their own daily waste.

“We started out with a strictly no single-use cups policy, which encouraged customers to bring their own or borrow from the cup library, but COVID-19 meant we had to introduce compostable takeaway cups,” says Lenka.

“However, it’s so hard to compost compostable cups properly. The local council stopped accepting them as part of its compost service last year as the takeaway cups were outnumbering the food waste.”

Since the pandemic, Lenka has tried to encourage her customers to adopt the HuskeeSwap scheme.

“I actually ordered HuskeeCups before we even found a site for the café. We use them for both takeaway drinks and in-house orders,” she says.

“We were one of the first cafés in Australia to adopt the scheme and it has

worked brilliantly with online orders. There’s still some work to go, but I’d say around 20 per cent of our takeaway customers use the HuskeeSwap scheme.”

Despite the challenges it faced during COVID-19, Cat & Cow Café still strives to create as little waste as possible. The team are trained on how they can reduce rubbish, and Lenka chooses to work with local, sustainable suppliers to keep the café’s carbon footprint as small as possible.

“Our values have not changed, but we’ve accepted we can’t do everything,” says Lenka. “A lot of business owners fear going green is going to be more work, but in fact it’s really rewarding and can be a great marketing tool.”

One of the biggest waste products in the average café is ground coffee. Busy cafés can be left with hundreds of kilograms of spent coffee each week, over 95 percent of which ends up in landfill in Australia. In landfill,

Cat & Cow Café in Randwick encourages its customers to embrace the HuskeeSwap scheme. HuskeeSwap aims to eliminate single-use cups. Image: Cat & Cow Café Image: Huskee

Image: Reground

organic waste like coffee produces huge amounts of methane (a greenhouse gas that’s more than 28 times more harmful as CO₂) as it breaks down.

However, a circular recycling initiative from Reground is diverting used coffee to communities across Victoria. The social enterprise donates the grounds to gardeners, schools, and community gardens across the state for free to be used as compost to help replenish soil and grow healthy food for local neighbourhoods.

Loafer Bread in Melbourne’s Fitzroy North was one of the first venues to adopt the scheme when it was launched. Former employee Ninna Larsen left her role as a barista at the bakery to setup Reground in 2014, and her parting gift to owner Andrea Brabazon was signing up the business to the scheme.

“Watching Reground grow has been amazing,” says Andrea. “It’s completely streamlined our waste system and has cut our green waste from three collections per week to two.”

The Reground team collect Loafer Bread’s spent ground coffee from a specially designed bin that’s filled directly from the café’s knock box. The social enterprise also collects soft plastics, which Andrea has found particularly helpful.

“Reducing the amount of waste the bakery and café produces has been part of the business since it was established 20 years ago. We focus on using organic ingredients and aim to cut waste wherever we can – from adopting a milk keg system to eschewing single-use cups,” says Andrea.

Another Victorian business

that’s embraced Reground’s circular initiative is Tyler’s Milk Bar in Preston. When founders and sisters Sam and Alli Fisher set up their community café and milk bar in 2021, they knew from day one that they wanted to run a business that was as sustainable as possible.

“We wanted to create something that enhanced our local community,” says Sam. “Our focus is on sharing good coffee and humble food, and creating a fun and playful place for local people to meet and relax.”

Sam and Alli heard about Reground from their roasting partner, and started working with Ninna and the team from their opening day.

“The Reground system is so easy, we almost don’t even notice it,” says Alli. “They collect our soft plastics as well, which takes a little more effort as we have to make sure they’re clean, but we get a really useful contamination report to ensure we’re doing everything we can to make sure they’re getting recycled.”

The program has inspired the Tyler’s Milk Bar team to adopt more a circular system in the café. Excess steamed milk is diverted to the kitchen to be turned into cakes and desserts, while any food waste is composted to use in the café’s garden.

It’s not just cafés that Reground partners with. The company worked closely with roastery Single O to develop a stewardship scheme in which roasters pay for their wholesale café partners’ coffee grounds to be put to good use via Reground.

The joint project was borne out of a carbon report Single O commissioned to assess the sustainability of the business in 2022. From the findings, Mike and team were shocked to discover that 22 per cent of the roaster’s carbon impact was actually related to customer disposal of spent coffee grounds.

“Sustainability is incredibly important to our business,” says Single O CEO Mike Brabant. “We thought the sum would be big, but we were blown away by the figure. We knew we had to do something about it, so working with Reground was a no brainer.”

24 MICE2024
Reground Founder Ninna Larsen diverts spent coffee grounds to gardens across Victoria.

After implementing their own changes, it can be a challenge, resource wise, for café owners to take the next steps to make their operations even more sustainable. Mike says this is something that often comes up in conversation with Single O’s wholesale customers, and the hope is that this new service with Reground will be part of the solution they can offer.

“We spend a lot of time sourcing fairly, so I also think as roasting partners we should spend time supporting our customers to dispose of products fairly,” he says.

“As part of our wholesale offering, any café in Victoria that partners with Single O automatically has its grounds picked up by Reground. I think we’re the first roaster in the state to offer that service and it’s working really well.”

To date, through the initiative Single O has diverted 19,445 kilograms of ground coffee from landfill –avoiding 36,827 kilograms of methane emissions.

Single O will join Reground at MICE2024 to launch the new Circular Coffee scheme. For more information, visit the Reground stand at D23 and reground.com.au/. To learn about the HuskeeSwap scheme, visit huskee.co/swap/.

www.coffeetools.supply @coffeetoolsdist support@coffeetools.supply With a commitment to excellence and a passion for all things coffee, Coffee Tools Distributing has been suppling coffee roasteries, cafes, and coffee enthusiasts Australia wide with premium coffee equipment and tools for over 15 years. Visit us at Booth no. H22
Single O has saved 19,445 kilograms of ground coffee from landfill. Image: Reground

cafÉ of THE future


Each year, MICE gathers the coffee industry’s visionaries and innovators to share the latest advances in technology, roasting, and sustainability. But what do these look like in action, and what can we expect from Australian cafés in the next decade?

The year is 2034. You walk into your usual coffee shop to pick up a flat white on the way to work. As you pass through the door, a scan of your retina instantly sends your order to the automatic coffee machine which weighs, grinds, and extracts an experimental Australian-grown espresso to exacting standards. The same machine then perfectly steams lab-grown dairy milk, finishing your flat white with a faultless swan in delicate latte art. In under a minute, a coffee is delivered to your hands via hoverboard without a single human interaction.

Forecasting the future has never been straightforward, and it’s all too easy to fall into Back to the Future-style predictions that more often than not miss the mark. What is possible, however, is talking to forward thinkers who are already laying the foundations for Australian cafés to come.


Automation is the coffee industry’s hot topic right now, and the latest advances in automatic technology are already shaking up the café landscape. While automated machines have been used widely in convenience and hospitality settings for years, recent product launches that focus on quality and consistency aim to revolutionise the specialty market.

As the industry continues to struggle with rising costs and staff shortages, some

industry insiders see automation as the answer to many café owners’ problems.

“Automation is clearly the way ahead; smart equipment streamlines coffee preparation, sees labour efficiencies, and increases quality,” says Matthew Lewin, 2019 Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Australian Barista Champion and Director of Sales at Ona Coffee.

“Much of the new automatic equipment today is as good as a high-level barista: they produce consistently great coffee quickly and efficiently. Automation will do a lot of the heavy lifting so baristas can focus on hospitality service for the customer.”

Jade Jennings, a Barista Trainer at the Melbourne Coffee Academy, also believes automation will become more popular in cafés across Australia and be a beneficial addition to the café setup as owners adapt their business plans.

“As we start to see cafés charging more for coffee, customers are going to expect an improvement in experience and quality,” she says.

“This is where the right mix of automation and customer service could be a positive for cafés trying to balance staffing levels and speed of service with creating connections with their customers.”

The word ‘balance’ is key here. For decades, people have associated the rise of robotics with the loss of human jobs, thus leading to resistance to such technological advancements. Both Matthew and Jade are keen to stress the harmony between barista and machine.

“If you have passionate hospitality professionals behind the machine to interact with customers, the technology will free up staff to go the extra mile. With this additional time, baristas could give customers tips on how to brew the coffee

Will baristas be replaced by robots in the future?
Image: Es sarawuth/Shutterstock.com

at home, talk them through which single origin they’d recommend buying, or explain why they are paying more for that Panama Geisha,” says Jade.

This focus on service is echoed by Matthew, who thinks baristas in high-end coffee shops will eventually become more like sommeliers.

“Through automation, they’ll be able to focus more on guided service, walking customers through an experience that’s considered, appropriately detailed, and paced to meet each guest where they’re at on their own coffee journey,” says Matthew.

Almost every manufacturer in the industry is implementing automation in its products, with coffee machines, grinders, and milk steamers getting smarter each year. Automation is already here, but how will customers respond to the change? It’s all down to location, according to Joe Chalhoub, Marketing General Manager of Barista Group.

“In CBDs and busy city locations, the majority of customers are not fussed how the coffee is made, they just want to be served quickly and efficiently. However, in the suburbs there’s more of a focus on the social experience,” says Joe.

“In specialty shops, I think you’ll see more automated machinery hidden beneath the bar to bridge this gap.

Some people don’t want to see big bulky automatic machine on the bench.

“We have a new modular coffee machine coming to market next year where the automated technology will be completely hidden from the customer. It will be able to extract the coffee and steam the milk at the touch of a button.”


Many who champion automation highlight its ability to improve quality, consistency, and flavour in the specialty setting, something industry professionals are also predicting to be an essential component of Australian cafés in the future.

“We will see more small cafés improving the cup quality and focusing on delivering a good experience,” says Gabrel Tan, 2024 ASCA Australian Barista Champion runner up and Veneziano Brand Ambassador.

“With rising cost of living and economic pressures, we’ll see cafés focus on a tighter offering. Extensive menus will be reduced and there will be a return to an emphasis on quality and service.”

ASCA Australian Brewers Cup Championship Judge Karl Lee believes this concentration on quality will extend to flavour.

“More than ever, Australians are looking for flavour from their coffee,” he says.

“This interest in quality will continue to

grow and cafés will opt for house blends that go beyond the classic chocolate, nut, and caramel notes. Instead, they’ll favour more fruity flavours such as blueberry and citrus.”

“Customers will increasingly approach coffee like wine and will be willing to spend more on 90+ coffees from specialist roasters.”

Over the past few years, cafés across Australia have turned to the freezer to capture these high-scoring coffees, in order to share particularly rare and interesting beans with their customers for years to come. Both Gabrel and Matthew see this trend sticking around.

“Having a frozen reserve menu is like having a fancy wine list in a restaurant,” says Matthew. “Much of the coffee industry around the world is freezing coffee now, and I think it will continue to be popular – even the macro commercial sector will see value.”

Gabrel says it’s also a great way to introduce customers to competition coffees.

“We’ve introduced frozen coffee menus at our Veneziano cafés as it’s a great way to have rare coffees on demand,” he says.


As the pursuit for quality continues, so does the search for new origins. In the next few decades, the world’s changing climate will challenge established coffee-growing regions to facilitate demand. However, there are some emerging origins we can expect to see on coffee menus of the future.

“Asia is really emerging from farm to cup,” says Matthew. “China and Malaysia are now producing seriously solid coffees such as Geisha and new species like Liberica. In particular, from multiple trips in the past five years I’ve seen China’s coffee farms evolve a lot.”

Matthew even predicts that we might start seeing more Australian coffee in specialty coffee shops in the next decade.

“Traditionally, the quality of Australian coffee has been a work in progress, but we’ve seen great improvements recently. If it continues in this direction, I think there’ll be great interest in serving Australian-grown coffee in Australian cafés,” he says.

So, how will we be drinking coffee in 2034? Ordering by retina might be a bit

28 MICE2024
Former Australian Barista Champion Matthew Lewin predicts the popularity of frozen coffee menus will continue to rise. Image: World Coffee Events

far-fetched, but competition-coffee at the touch of a button is already becoming a reality. Yet, there’ll always be a special kind of nostalgia towards venues that embrace traditional café culture and oldschool hospitality.

According to Matthew, that’s not about to end: “The classic café at its core has remained relatively the same in its staple offer the past 20 years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Want to find out more about the future of the Australian café scene?

Don’t miss MICE’s Café Owners Education Series, taking place on 13 to 14 May. The series will continue the conversation from industry experts on what to expect, trends and challenges ahead, and how to prepare.

For more information, visit page 40.


Experience the heat of The Bean Cartel!

Born out of an undeniable pull towards shaking up the coffee scene. Our driver is to create a coffee supplier and coffee roasting company in Melbourne that doesn’t accept second best… and doesn’t give it either. Not only do we offer specialty coffee, but we're also pushing boundaries with new additions like our specialty drinking cocoa, chai, and our new Iced oat lattes and Cold brew tonics.

Committed to growth and evolution, join us at MICE2024 as we collaborate with Australia's finest roasters, collectively shaping the coffee landscape.

Jade Jennings believes automation if the future of the Australian coffee industry.
@thebeancartel Unit 5/39-43 Duerdin St, Notting Hill VIC 3168 1800 232 622 · thebeancartel.com.au
Image: Jade Jennings


MICE embarks on a new era, promising a strong brand identity, more diverse audience, and educational value to build the event Australia deserves.

30 MICE2024
MICE is a place to do business and showcase the talent of the barista community. Image: James Thomas

Like all good events, evolution is key to future success and market longevity.

In the case of MICE, it’s about maintaining a commitment to creating the best show possible: having the most engaged audience, embracing the best exhibitors, and generating valuable leads as one of Australasia’s superior coffee tradeshows.

It’s for this reason that MICE is entering a new decade with a focus on positioning the much-loved event as one of the largest and most relevant coffee-dedicated in the Southern Hemisphere.

“MICE has long been a place to do business between buyers and sellers under one roof, and that will always remain, but this year we want to put the focus back on our audience – baristas and café owners – and support them beyond offering free coffee. We want our audience to come to MICE for an educational experience and leave with valuable insights and knowledge to support their businesses,” says MICE Show Director Lauren Chartres.

As such, this year’s MICE will include a Café Owners Education Series to engage café owners on key topics and issues impacting the local market, and their ability to thrive and survive moving forward (see page 40).

MICE will also host a Global Coffee Report breakfast to add educational value for attending roasters. It will target global issues and their potential impact on the Australian coffee industry (see page 39).


Come to MICE2024 to learn, have fun, and take the next steps in your coffee career journey.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“We may be an island destination, but Australia’s coffee industry is not immune to global challenges. There is an immediate flow-on effect and quite often consequences that filter down to roasters, café operators, and even consumers. It’s important to address the current status of topics that are fuelling industry change, and learn more about if, what, and how they will shape the Australian market,” says Sarah Baker, Global Coffee Report Managing Editor and Symposium Moderator.

From 2025, MICE will make a permanent move to March, in order to cement itself in a fixed position on the global events calendar, and be recognised as the country’s annual go-to event. Show Director Lauren says, like all renowned international shows, consistency in scheduling is key to local and overseas participation.

“MICE was initially positioned early in the year until events such as COVID-19, hosting the World Barista Championship, and consequent scheduling backlog postpandemic pushed the Expo further in the year,” she says.

“We know this is not sustainable for exhibitors, therefore MICE will return to its designated position after World of Coffee Dubai in January, and before the Specialty Coffee Expo in the United States in April. MICE will become synonymous with March

once again, and we’re excited for how this will positively impact international visitors wanting to travel Down Under and make the most of business opportunities in the Asia Pacific.”

Over the years, questions of holding the event interstate and biannually have been discussed and genuinely considered, but beyond flexible exhibitor requirements, Lauren says it’s important to refocus on audience needs.

“We know it’s a challenging economic market for exhibitors, which is why we’re grateful for their ongoing support and that they see the value and purpose of MICE. But it’s also important to reflect and refocus on consumer needs and what they want, which is what drives this event to exist,” Lauren says.

“Can your customers afford to wait two years to see the latest in innovation and product development? Many can’t wait to do business biannually, or make a purchasing decision on the best roaster or most suitable coffee machine for their business. They need to know there’s an annual event that gathers the most important industry players and businesses to network and unite under the one roof. This is direct feedback from the audience, and feedback we need to have at the forefront of our decision-making.”


In addition, Lauren says MICE is designed to make business decisions easier. Rather than having sales reps on the road for three months seeking out new business, exhibiting at MICE and connecting with key customers is more time efficient, and ensures leads and decisions are made quickly.

“MICE is the one annual gathering where business is done. Exhibitors have a unique platform to convey their message, product, and service to their audience. At the other end of the chain, business owners can make all their purchasing decisions and necessary connections in the one place,” Lauren says. “It’s about making smart choices, and taking the time to be at MICE is one of those.”

Going forward, MICE exhibitors will appreciate a reframed audience that will broaden opportunities and industry connections across the foodservice sector.

“For so long, MICE has been positioned as an event that’s relevant to the café industry, and more directly, café owners. While this audience will always remain, we want to target and expand the clientele to embrace a broader foodservice audience. We want to invite key decision makers from across all hospitality sectors to make a complete demographic,” says MICE General Manager Siobhan Rocks.

“Coffee is at the heart of hospitality, and in today’s market, is an important consideration to venues that go

34 MICE2024
Image:James Thomas MICE will expand its clientele to embrace a broader foodservice audience and connect more exhibitors with businesses looking to embrace quality coffee.

beyond the suburban coffee shop. Think hotels, high-end restaurants, architecture firms, petrol stations, and quick-service restaurants. These new avenues of connection are in the business for coffee solutions, and in a country that values its high standards of coffee output, it is an evolving demographic we need to pay attention too.”

Siobhan adds that a well-made coffee has the potential to increase revenue for any business, with a repeat customer easily turning into a loyal one.

For many restaurants and hotels, it’s also about ensuring the overall offering is complemented by coffee service, so that the last impression customers have is as good as their first.

To help drive this vision, MICE will look to connect with governments, chambers of commerce, and agencies such as Austrade, to give exhibitors more exposure than ever before.

“MICE is more than Melbourne. It encompasses all of Australia and should therefore be respected as a national event with international recognition,” Siobhan says.

Event owner Prime Creative Media has committed to bringing in expertise from leading events to drive the future vision of MICE. As such, Siobhan joined MICE in 2024 to lead its redevelopment. She is an experienced events executive, having spent many years in senior roles at Diversified Communications. She has experience managing Fine Food Australia, Foodpro, Naturally Good, and FoodTech.

One aspect Siobhan has admired from the outside looking in is the sense of community and camaraderie within the coffee industry, and the renowned reputation the industry has as innovators and influences on the national and international stage.

“MICE is unique. It has its own DNA, character, and identity in the market, which it has retained for the past 12 years, along with the show’s relocation from its former site at the Melbourne Showgrounds to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre,” Siobhan says.

“It’s important this DNA is never forgotten, but only enhanced as the show makes its mark as a superior and established coffee

expo in Australia, and on the international stage. The world’s eyes are watching closely, and we want to ensure our reputation remains as the country’s resident coffee show and an international hub for the global coffee industry.”

To ensure MICE continues to serve the industry, Prime Creative Media has established an advisory board to give its most valued customers a voice in the future of the Expo.

“This is the beginning of MICE’s evolution,” Siobhan says. “I am committed to seeing this event flourish into the event Australia’s coffee community deserves. MICE should be the centrepiece of your exhibition strategy for 2025, and beyond. We are committed to preserving MICE’s past and embracing MICE’s present activation, and invite you to be part of its future. Let’s ignite MICE magic together, and make this expo an event you truly can’t do business without.”

For more information, visit internationalcoffeeexpo.com

MICE Show Director Lauren Chartres (fifth from left) formally welcomed the Authority for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion of Panama at MICE2023. MICE celebrates product innovation, such as the Paragon Pour Over Stand, distributed by Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies Image: James Thomas Image: James Thomas


36 MICE2024

Flexible packaging in both pre-made bag & rewind format

For more information, please contact us: Harry Kontogiannis P: 02 8399 4999 / hkontogiannis@jet-ap.com Office locations in Sydney (HQ), Melbourne, and Brisbane. www.jet-ap.com SCAN TO BOOK APPOINTMENT Innovate & Streamline Your Co ee Packaging Operations VIEWABLE AT OUR STAND @ MICE 12-14 MAY 2024 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Stand F02 Degassing
Valve Applicator Rewind
Dosing accuracy of 2.0g in 1kg wholebean format that minimises co ee giveaway. Capable of packing 20 x 1kg co ee bags per minute in whole bean co ee format, with other models capable of reaching speeds up to 80 bags per minute. Block bottom bag style capability (optional). Fast changeovers and ability to work with newer sustainable laminates. Gas flushing, in-line valve insertion and batch coding as standard. G21 KEY FEATURES

GCR Symposium Breakfast Series

It’s time for roasters to unite and discuss the big global topics that have the potential to impact Australian businesses and their decision making.

Australia is renowned for being an influencing coffee country for its consumer trends, high-end coffee execution, menu development, and barista skill.

When it comes to price changes, sustainability movement, and supply chain challenges, our island country is widely influenced by the broader world around us.

To ensure the Australian coffee market is across key international trends and challenges, MICE will host a two-day Breakfast Series, sponsored by Global Coffee Report and hosted by Managing Editor Sarah Baker.

“The Australian coffee market may be

Location Café Corner

Key topics

separated by distance to various markets making bold market decisions, but we’re certainly not exempt from it,” says Sarah.

“At MICE, we will dive into two key themes on the two trade days of the Expo, digging deep into the topics that matter to the Australian coffee industry, and listening to key market leaders about their experiences and knowledge that can benefit those in attendance.”

The panels will discuss the growth of Asia, the impact of the European Union’s deforestation regulations, whether overseas recyclable packaging laws will soon become mandated in Australia, and pricing trends and outlooks.

Roasters are invited to book their ticket to reserve their spot at the Breakfast Series, which will then permit early entry into the MICE show floor.

• Business in Asia: regional expansion across Asia and the information you need to know.

Monday 13 May

Session 1

Session 2

Tuesday 14 May

Session 1

Session 2

• Coffee pricing analysis: the current outlook, economic and global influences on the market, and what lies ahead.

• Why traceability matters: the EU regulations on deforestation and how they will affect the coffee supply chain.

• Packaging regulations and how to recycle critical raw materials.

Times and presentation topics are subject to change. Download the app for the full program and list of presenters.


Thrive & survive

Introducing MICE’s Café Owners Education Series, adding more value and education to the café community than ever before.

Café owners are at the heart of Australia’s café landscape. Pre-COVID-19, it was a landscape saturated with little pop-up venues, hole-in-thewall espresso outlets, and boutique offerings with no two venues alike. Australia’s independent cafés reigned supreme, with design and architecture a key component to crafting the ultimate experience, along with high-quality coffee and customer service thanks to educated baristas.

Post-COVID, the landscape shifted. CBD venues were left disserted while regional areas have flourished. Retail coffee spiked and broke the stigma surrounding specialty coffee in supermarket spaces. Home baristas became self-appointed coffee experts with specialty coffee more accessible than ever, and investments in home coffee machines gave customers the licence to control their coffee intake at the volume and price of their choice. Drive-thru coffee chains made their mark with consistent and convenient offerings, and a wellpublicised marketing campaign from McCafé suggested its coffee was “fit for an Aussie”. The code was unlocked. By achieving such consistency and at the quality mark Australia’s discerning customers expected, Australiato retain their clientele and maintain return customers. It hasn’t been easy, with labour shortages, inflation, and the rising price of beans, café owners have been

forced to make tough decision about the equipment they use, the volume of staff they have, and the way they operate. They are no longer competing with the saturated coffee shop market but are competing with every other avenue offering café-quality coffee.

The good news is that cafés will also be sought out by customers wanting a specific coffee experience. They offer service, ambiance, knowledge, and consistency, but in order to keep being profitable and having doors open long into the future, MICE sees an opportunity and a level of responsibility to ensure support and education is available to café owners.

It’s for this reason that MICE2024 is launching its dedicated Café Owners Education Series, covering topics that will help businesses thrive and survive in the competitive landscape.

“We want to make this year’s MICE a destination that can help café owners and baristas justify valuable time away from their business. We know it’s a tough climate for the café industry. We want to create an event that adds value. Someone’s time at MICE could be the difference to learning key information that can keep their business afloat, versus shutting their doors in a few months’ time,” says MICE Show Director Lauren Chartres. “This industry is nothing without coffee, but it’s also nothing without our coffee shops, which are the backbone and identity of the Australian coffee landscape.”

Café Owners are invited to attend the sessions that are most relevant to their business.

40 MICE2024

Image: Wendy Hargreaves

MICE Café Owners Education Series facilitator: Wendy Hargreaves

Wendy is a journalist, radio presenter, and filmmaker who runs a content agency specialising in food, drink, and destinations.

In a media career spanning three decades, Wendy has reported on people and places in Australia and abroad for some of the nation’s biggest media companies, including The Age, Herald Sun, Gourmet Traveller, and Delicious. She has also appeared on BBC News, ABC News, The Project, A Current Affair, and Today Tonight.

Taking her journalism skills to the big screen, Wendy told the stories of women in the hospitality industry and won three short film awards at the Action on Film Festival in the United States. She also presented her own streaming TV show during Melbourne’s pandemic lockdowns, interviewing hospitality leaders on ways to survive and thrive against the odds.

Wendy now presents a regular hour of radio on 3AW called “On the Road Again”, telling the stories of small towns with big hearts.

“Like most Melburnians, my love affair with coffee runs deep. And like any great affair, a touch of mystery is the secret ingredient. I have no idea how my favourite barista pulls a perfect magic every time. It really is magic, and that’s exactly how I like it. Making coffee at home is just not the same, even with the shiny espresso machine,” Wendy says.

See Wendy facilitate the MICE Café Series daily at the Café Corner from 12 to 14 May at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

MICE Café Owners Education Series


Sunday 12 May (Public Open Day)

11am – 12pm, and 1pm – 2pm 2.30pm – 3pm

Monday 13 May 11am – 12pm 12.30pm – 1.30pm 2pm – 3pm 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Tuesday 14 May 11am – 12pm 12.30pm – 1.30pm 2pm – 3pm 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Location Café Corner

Key topics

• Level up your barista skills: the setup you need, and how to make a great coffee at home.

• Screening of The Real Cost of Coffee.

• How to achieve efficient café workflow.

• How to attract customers and market your business.

• Tips to achieve high-volume output at minimal effort.

• Staff recruitment and retention, how to attract and retain great people

• How to start your own café: the key things to know, the right equipment you need.

• C afés of the future – the vision and reality.

• How to manage café waste, especially milk, coffee grinds and milk cartons.

• How to clean and maintain coffee equipment.

• Profitability tips, accounting for a café.

• C afé study ownership – what you wish someone had told you about business.

• Does food matter? Top chef tips on designing your café menu.

Times and presentation topics are subject to change. Download the app for the full program and list of presenters.

Wendy Hargreaves will facilitate the MICE Café Series daily from 11am.

Mates of MICE

Celebrating MICE2024 Association Partners

Australian Coffee Traders Association

This is the second year the Australian Coffee Traders Association (ACTA) will have a stand at MICE. ACTA represents the Australian coffee industry by assisting and improving the standards, promoting the image of coffee, and providing a platform for networking and furthering education. ACTA liaises with the media and regulative bodies on all aspects of the industry.

“Over the years, ACTA members have always made a point of attending or exhibiting at MICE, encouraged by its status as the leading coffee exhibition for the Southern Hemisphere. We feel it simply proves its value as a great place to meet with established clients as well as prospective clients from emerging coffee producing countries around the world,” says Joe Taweel, ACTA Chairperson.

International Women’s Coffee Alliance – Australia

The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) unites a global network of chapters and supports the work and growth of women in the international coffee community. The Australian Chapter, IWCA Australia, is a safe, inclusive coffee community fuelled by its diverse membership roles in the coffee value chain.

“IWCA Australia is excited to partner with MICE for another year. This collaboration has provided a platform for women within the global network to connect and share experiences and knowledge. It has been a significant opportunity for our Australian Chapter to educate the coffee community on the multiple challenges women face and to advocate the global mission of IWCA, empowering and recognising the amazing work of women in all aspects of the coffee industry,” says Veronica Ponce, IWCA President.

New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association

The New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) is the national industry body for specialty coffee stakeholders in New Zealand. Through the support of its memberships, the Association aims to provide a forum for communication, professional development, and coffee excellence.

“The partnership with MICE is fantastic for NZSCA and its members. With MICE’s expertise and resources, NZSCA can better support its members to attend the top industry expo by breaking down barriers to attendance and opening up new opportunities. If you’re in the New Zealand coffee industry, this event is a must. We’re proud to support our Australian coffee family and encourage Kiwi coffee enthusiasts to join them at the best of Australasia, all in one place,” says Megan Wyper, NZSCA President.

Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI)

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) is a not-for-profit organisation supporting and promoting “Made in Italy” and bilateral trade between Italy and Australia through proactive consultancy and skilled project management. ICCI continuously strives to add value to its members and partners by understanding, assisting, and interpreting their business needs, via solution-based outcomes.

ICCI Melbourne is a member of Assocamerestero, the worldwide association of Italian bi-national chambers. With chambers in 58 countries, 20,000 global members, and over 300,000 businesses connected, ICCI Melbourne has the world at its fingertips. Between Italy and Australia, and using the Italian Chambers of Commerce global network, ICCI Melbourne provides comprehensive and dedicated business services to assist businesses in making the most of each possibility.

42 MICE2024
Melbourne International Coffee Expo PLATINUM SPONSORS www.internationalcoffeeexpo.com Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre The World’s Destination for Coffee Save the date as the world returns to MICE in 2025 13-15 March 2025 ENQUIRE NOW

Time to crown Australia’s Favourite Coffee

The awarding of event competitions is often in the hands of industry experts. Established palates get to critique the talent for Australia’s Richest Barista competition, and advisors vote on the most beneficial new releases in the annual MICE Product Innovation Awards. But this year, a new competition winner will be in the hands of the people.

For the first time, MICE2024 will host Australia’s Favourite Coffee competition. During the three-day Expo, visitors will be invited to channel their inner coffee judge and vote for their favourite in order to crown the country’s best coffee.

“This is an award for the people, judged by the people of MICE,” says MICE Show Director Lauren Chartres. “We know how discerning Australia’s coffee customers can be. They’re the toughest critics and the real test of what it takes to cut through to the market.”

The competition will be open to all roaster exhibitors, with any category of coffee eligible to enter. Visitors will vote for their favourite coffee via the MICE app, or through QR codes at the roasters’ stands, throughout the event from 12 to 14 May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The roaster with the highest number of public votes will win the inaugural title.

“The roaster named Australia’s Favourite Coffee 2024 can market the title on their packaging and branding going forward. Blends, single origins, cold brews, or

ready-to-drink beverages are all eligible for submission in the competition,” says Lauren.

“We want participating roasters to have the chance to win ultimate bragging rights in what will be a hotly contested competition. And on the other side, we know Australia has a really engaged coffee market, so we’re looking forward to giving them something new to critique this year.”

The Australia’s Favourite Coffee competition will run in addition to the annual MICE Product Innovation Awards, which features a People’s Choice category for attendees to have their say on the product worthy of this annual honour (see page 62).

“MICE matters, but so do our attendees. As an expo entering into its 11th edition, we want to make every effort to know that your visit will deliver more than just free coffee,” Lauren says.

One roaster in the running to win the award is New South Wales’ 29 Coffee Roasters. Operations Manager John Ou says MICE is the ideal stomping ground to achieve its mission of bringing people together to enjoy coffee.

“Our company ethos is ‘behind every successful person is a lot of coffee’ and that’s why we’re participating in MICE2024. It’s not about our products, it’s about each individual who visits the show. Everyone comes together to discover what’s new in the industry,” says John.

“We’re looking forward to seeing coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and

corporate entities come together, and share their inspirations. MICE2024 is definitely the place to be to align with the competitive market.

“Whether you’re from wholesale, retail, or hospitality, you’ll meet lots of industry experts and enthusiasts who are working very hard in the background to make better products and services. You will definitely discover something fresh, such as a new type of coffee you have never experienced.”

John says 29 Coffee Roasters will display its Inspire Blend, a light to medium roast, at the Expo. It will also run a raffle at its booth, giving people the chance to win a one-year coffee subscription and a sample roasting machine. The draw will take place on the last day of the show.

“MICE is the place to be inspired, so we hope to inspire with this blend and raffle, too,” he says.

“Winning the award would mean a lot to the team. It would justify the quality

44 MICE2024

and taste of our beans and add value to consumers. It would encourage us to continue to work with the best people around the world to create special blends for coffee lovers.”

Another roaster exhibiting at MICE2024 is The Bean Cartel in Victoria. National Sales Manager Melissa Glentis says participating in MICE allows the brand to showcase its latest products and exceptional coffees, while also highlighting its individuality and dedication.

“We’re creating an engaging stand and will host live demonstrations to captivate attendees. Besides networking opportunities, we’re also leveraging social media to maximise our reach. Our goal is to make a lasting impact, nurture leads, and forge valuable partnerships from this exciting event,” she says.

Melissa says MICE serves as a powerful connector, uniting the roaster with others who share The Bean Cartel’s passion for

coffee and innovation.

“We’re super excited about our participation in MICE because it’s more than just an industry event – it’s a vibrant social gathering. Connecting with fellow professionals and engaging with the broader public is always a highlight for us.

Each year, we have the pleasure of meeting individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, truly embracing the event’s global reach,” she says.

She adds that attending the Expo is a must for anyone passionate about the coffee industry.

“It’s an unparalleled opportunity to witness the latest trends and innovations shaping the field. Moreover, it’s a fantastic occasion to indulge in some of the most remarkable coffee varieties available.

From specialty blends to unique brewing methods, the Expo offers a sensory journey that coffee enthusiasts won’t want to miss,” says Melissa.

The Bean Cartel will showcase nine different single origin coffees at its exhibitor stand for attendees to vote on, featuring beans such as a Colombia Guava Banana and Ethiopia Uraga GR1 Natural.

“On the first day of MICE, which is Mother’s Day, we will be highlighting and doing a cupping session on our stand with female-only producers,” says Melissa.

“By the last day we hope to be crowned Australia’s Favourite Coffee. This would be an incredible honour and give us bragging rights for the year to come.”

Visitors can vote for their favourite coffee via the MICE app or through QR codes at roasters’ stands.

Image: James Thomas MICE visitors can vote for their favourite coffee to crown the country’s best brew.

Prepare to

Australia’s Richest Barista competition is returning for its second edition at MICE2024, as Head Judge Jeremy Regan details how each competitor can rise above the pack.

Adeafening roar from the crowd could be heard as Rawirat Techasitthanet, known online as Jibbi Little, was deemed Australia’s Richest Barista for 2023 after a thrilling finish to the cup tasting round.

The competition captivated attendees as some of the country’s top baristas gathered in a knockout-style tournament as they fought for their share of $40,000 worth of prize money.

Australia’s Richest Barista is returning to MICE in 2024 for its second edition, alongside Head Judge Jeremy Regan.

“The competition is all the judges looking for the all-round package of a coffee professional,” Jeremy says.

“We’re looking for someone who can obviously make a good coffee but can also be creative in their designs and who can taste and detect coffee types quickly and efficiently,” he says.

The first round of the competition has baristas producing six coffees in under 10 minutes: two espressos, two milk-based drinks, and two signature beverages that must incorporate a flavour option from competition sponsor Naked Syrups.

For Jeremy and the judging panel, taste and consistency is the key to success. Each pair of drinks must be identical to ensure the judges can assess the flavour properly.

“There will be two sensory judges for this round, and we don’t want them to have different experiences with each sample,” Jeremy says.

While taste is the dominant factor for the espresso samples, Jeremy says the consistency of the foam is vital for the milkbased drinks.

Jeremy adds the judges are usually in agreement regarding the taste quality of the espresso and milk-based drinks, however it’s the signature beverages that produce the unique results.

While Jeremy is excited to see what creations each competitor concocts, he says the judges still need to taste the coffee element of the drink without any overbearing sweetness.

“We’re looking for something unique,

46 MICE2024 b a


The moment Jibbi Little became Australia’s inaugural Richest Barista winner in 2023. Image: James Thomas

but not necessarily out of the coffee realm,” he says.

In this stage, competitors verbally explain their actions to the audience and the judges as they put together their creations. Jeremy says the presentation aspect of the first round is a factor for the judges beyond the final product.

“We love to see a bit of showmanship, which is why we felt it belonged in the scoresheet,” he says.

The second round, latte art, will have the same format as last year. Like the first round, competitors must make six creations in the span of 10 minutes: two traditional patterns, two free pour patterns, and two designer patterns.

For the traditional patterns, each competitor will spin a wheel to determine which design they must do, including a tulip, swan, heart, and rosetta, among others. The spin will take place prior to the 10-minute timer starting, so competitors have a chance to plan ahead.

For the free pour and designer patterns, competitors can choose any design they want. The key difference between these two patterns is the use of additional tools. The designer patterns can incorporate any colouring or etching the barista wants, while the free pour must

strictly stick to pouring milk from a jug only.

The key in this round, according to Jeremy, is to make sure each pair of designs is perfectly identical, right down to the placement of the handle to the right of the judges.

“We look at everything,” Jeremy says. “We don’t want to see any blurring in the patterns, and we need to see a clear definition between colours.”

Jeremy understands that each competitor is skilled in latte art, which is why each one needs to set themselves apart from the pack.

“It’s great for us to see something new and original in this round,” he says. “We’re looking for really memorable patterns.”

To create a fine work of latte art, a barista needs to have calm and steady hands to effortlessly guide each movement. This can be difficult to do with $25,000 on the line, which is why Jeremy believes this should factor in to each competitor’s preparation.

“Get some of your colleagues and friends to pretend to be judges,” he says. “This will get you to work under a fair bit of pressure as they look over you, but this is a useful way to practise for when there’s lights and cameras all around you on the stage.”

Australia’s Richest Barista emcee Tristan Creswick (right) with 2023 commpetitor Corey Williams of Odyssey Coffee Roasters. Image: James Thomas

The third and final round, the cup tasting, provides the competition’s climactic finish. Each finalist is presented with five sets of three coffee samples. The task is to taste each sample and pick the odd one out of the set, and to place it forward.

Once each competitor finishes, the cup reveals begin. One by one, they will lift the cup they have chosen to be the outlier, revealing if they have picked correctly based on whether there is a marking on the bottom of the cup. The finalist that guesses the most correct samples in the shortest time span will become Australia’s Richest Barista.

Jeremy recalls last year’s competition as one of the more thrilling reveals he has seen in his time as a judge. Visitors watched with bated breath as Jibbi and second-place finisher Pirada Tungbenjaphol each guessed their first four samples correctly, leaving the final cups as the determining factor for victory. The crowd gasped as Pirada revealed a correct fifth cup, and the attention turned to Jibbi, who finished in a faster time. When she revealed a correct final cup, the crowd erupted in applause, and Jibbi walked away $25,000 richer.

“It doesn’t matter how well you did in the first two rounds compared to the other finalists, as long as you are able to produce in the final round,” says Jeremy.

He says this guessing game has no luck involved, but rather hours of training for a high-pressure moment like this. Like the latte art, Jeremy says performing under pressure is the key. He suggests each competitor should practise with a timer at hand.

“The only way you can get better at cup tasting is by practising over and over,” he says.

Jeremy, who works as the Head of Coffee at JamaicaBlue, has been in the coffee industry for almost 30 years. He has been a judge of specialty coffee competitions since 2007.

“I was networking in the United Kingdom with the Specialty Coffee Association, and they said that they needed an extra judge for a competition, and that us Australians know plenty about coffee,” he says. “From there, I went to a coffee trade show in Switzerland and undertook an accreditation to become an official judge of specialty coffee.”

Jeremy says Australia’s Richest Barista stands out as one of the more unique competitions he has been a part of.

“It’s got more of a relaxed, Australian vibe, which I feel suits the competitors and the audience,” he says. “I was fortunate enough to taste some amazing coffees last year, and so I’m excited to be returning for 2024.”

Jeremy believes visitors of the 2024 edition can expect another thrilling finish to the cup tasting.

“There’s truly nothing like it, when the suspense builds as each cup is lifted,” says Jeremy. “The best part is seeing just how quickly some people are able to finish the whole set, while also remembering that there’s still the reveals to come.

“I hope we get another close finish like that this year, because it really helps build a great atmosphere.”

In the latte art round, judges are looking for symmetry, contrast and an identical pairing of patterns. Australia’s Richest Barista Head Judge Jeremy Regan (right) says barista showmanship and memorable latte are key judging criteria. Jae Kim of St Ali pours his way into the second round of Australia’s Richest Barista. Image: Prime Creative Media Image: James Thomas Image: James Thomas

may the best pour win

Do you have what it takes to replicate an expert barista’s signature pour?

Now is your chance to find out.

Premium barista milk brand Milklab is hosting daily Latte Art Workshops at its MICE stand this year, encouraging baristas to put their latte art skills to the test without the pressure of participating in a serious latte art competition.

Each morning of the Expo from 11am, Milklab will host an expert barista who will share key latte art tips and tricks, as well as a tutorial on how to replicate their signature latte art pattern.

“We’re building on last year’s success and have created some exciting events to celebrate baristas in all their glory. We can’t wait to host these exciting daily Latte Art Workshops led by some of the most talented latte artists in the industry,” says Milklab Brand Manager Melanie Ung.

“Once the workshop is complete, we will invite baristas to try and replicate the expert’s signature latte art themselves for the chance to win $500 each day based on the most accurate representation of the pattern.”

50 MICE2024
Images: Milklab Milklab is offering a $500 prize each day at MICE from 12 to 14 May.

Victor Vu, the 2024 Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) National Latte Art Champion, Junnie Phyu of Junnie Coffee Workshop, and Ming Wan, 2024 ASCA National Latte Art Championship runner up, will each host a Latte Art Workshop.

Victor will use Milklab Oat milk to create his design, which is his favourite milk due to its taste and consistency.

“Milklab Oat is easy to use and pairs perfectly with coffee. I love using the brand’s milks and have a really good relationship with the team. They have always supported me,” he says.

“I look forward to watching baristas improve their latte art skills, learning, and making coffee together.”

Junnie is eager to help novel baristas learn how to replicate challenging patterns that require a lot of focus.

“With Milklab’s products you will have no trouble getting a smooth and creamy consistency to create any pattern,” she says.

“I’m very grateful to Milklab for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for latte art with others.”

Those looking to really push their skills will want to visit Ming’s workshop at MICE.

“I’m happy to demonstrate a latte art pattern that will help baristas improve their skills,” he says. “I want to help people view latte art as approachable and make sure they have fun doing it.”

Ming says he is proud to work with a brand that is also passionate about helping others.

“Workshops like these are so important as it’s how new baristas grow their talent. I love helping aspiring latte artists because it reminds me of when I started out. A little bit of help goes a long way, and sharing your knowledge with other baristas is as good as it gets in the coffee industry,” he says.

Milklab’s Melanie believes it’s important for the brand to highlight its partnerships with baristas so it can continue to grow with the industry.

“We love seeing the interaction among the barista community, and not just between us and the baristas. We want to offer something different and fun. It’s really rewarding to be able to cultivate a friendly competition and give baristas a space to learn from and challenge each other,” she says.

For more information, visit the Milklab stand at E06 each day of the Expo at 11am to discover the expert barista’s signature latte art designs. Or, visit milklabco.com.

Victor Vu will host one of Milklab’s Latte Art Workshops.

a new

The Sanremo team are excited to launch the new D8 and D8 PRO at MICE. Images: Sanremo

Sanremo is shaking up the café scene with its new single-boiler coffee machine, which will be making its Australian debut at MICE2024.

Italian manufacturer Sanremo is known for its high-performance products that often look more like Formula 1 engines than coffee machines, and its latest release is no different. However, those who peek under the hood of the D8’s slick exterior might be surprised to find only a single boiler.

The multi-boiler machine has become the pinnacle of producing consistently high-quality espresso, yet the advanced machinery usually comes with an premium price tag. The team at Sanremo gave themselves the challenge of creating a product that could deliver the performance of a multi-boiler machine at an affordable price – their solution was to create a ‘hybrid’.

“We did a lot of research following COVID-19 and saw a gap in the market for



a competitively priced machine that had the functionality of a high-end model,” says Sanremo Engineer Andrea Zamprogno.

Inspiration for the engineering team came from their flagship Café Racer machine, which they sought to streamline while still retaining its innovative technology and iconic design.

“We’ve put the DNA of our Café Racer into the D8, however, we’re also aware many baristas need simplicity over complexity. The Australian café industry is still navigating the impacts of COVID-19 and the cost-of-living crisis, so we’re confident it’s the right time to introduce a premium entry-level machine,” says Alessandro Calabrisello, General Manager of Sanremo Australia.

“For 15 years, we’ve been laser-focused on creating a strong community that wants to push the coffee experience to the next level. To make this happen, the high-end segment has always been our aim, but we are now excited to bring these innovations to a wider market of users.”

While the team describe the machine as “premium entry level”, they believe the D8 more than delivers in functionality. Its headline features include the ability to control individual group temperatures from

just one boiler, which enables users to dial in different coffees side by side.

“The brew groups operate between 90°C and 98°C while the pressure of the steam boiler can be set between 120°C and 126°C without changing the mechanical components,” says Andrea.

“When compared to a traditional heat-exchange machine, the thermal stability of the D8 is greatly improved. Its hybrid functionalities mean baristas can simultaneously have a lower brew temperature and a high steam boiler temperature for maximum milk-steaming performance, all while perfecting the flavour of the coffee,” he says.

The new boiler is made from stainless steel (AISI 316L), the same material Sanremo uses for its Café Racer and F18 multiboiler machines.

“Stainless steel has multiple benefits,” says Andrea. “It has exceptional corrosion resistance which ensures long-lasting performance, brilliant thermal performance which improves energy efficiency, and the ability to maintain water pH which guarantees maximum flavour in the cup. Ultimately, espresso coffee is 94 per cent water, so this is an important factor.”

Andrea says all these qualities result in a reduced need for maintenance and thus a better return on investment for customers. In fact, he says the D8 was engineered with the technician in mind: “we designed it to be easy for technicians to get inside and perform preventative maintenance tasks”.

A feature of the D8 the team think café owners will particularly benefit from is the Sanremo Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This new technology means all the machine’s parameters can be set via an app.

“The platform will allow users to control the machine remotely. This means they can set the recipe and then review data from the machine over the day to see how it is performing. If the machine tells them the recipe isn’t within its range, they can use the information to decipher whether a certain barista needs training or if the machine requires maintenance,’ says Andrea.

Rather than having a specific target customer in mind, the Sanremo team believe the D8 is the ideal machine for a wide spectrum of setups – from first-time café owners to roasters supplying venues across the country.

“We’ve created a machine that works for all levels of café,” says Alessandro. “For new entrants to the scene, the D8 has all the tools needed to create a successful venue. It’s designed for the cafés Australia is famous for: those that prioritise quality in the cup.”

The machine build is customisable so café owners and roasters can tailor the kit to fit their venue.

“The modular design means the D8 can be built from the ground up. Magnetic side panels and light-emitting diode (LED) lights offer opportunities for customisation, while all panels are removable if the user wants to add custom colours,” says Andrea.

Customer interaction was a key consideration for the design team who, mirroring the Café Racer, opted for a low machine height to ensure the barista could see and chat with customers as they prepared drinks.

“We didn’t want the barista to be hidden behind a wall of steel,” says Andrea.

Available in two models, the D8 and the D8 PRO, the machine will be available in black and white. The D8 PRO has the same features as the D8, but with additional liquid crystal display screen functionalities (including a scheduler, easy navigation, and additional information via display), pro Eco Mode, pro detailing, and LED work lights.

“The D8 Pro is economically scalable to include the features a specialty café demands in order to be competitive. It also enables the user to customise their recipe to achieve perfect shots,” adds Alessandro.

Alessandro and Andrea are excited to launch the new machine at MICE from 12 to 14 May.

“The thing that excites me most about the D8 is the lower barrier of entry for cafés to join the Sanremo ecosystem in Australia,” says Alessandro.

“The design is bold and we think baristas are going to be blown away by its aesthetic and performance. We’ve got some exciting surprises and announcements planned for the launch, so watch this space.”

The D8 and D8 PRO are available to order now. See them in action at MICE on stand I08. For more information, visit sanremomachines.com.au

54 MICE2024
The D8 was inspired by the flagship Café Racer. The D8 delivers the performance of a multi-boiler machine at an affordable price.

coffee with conscience

Just as MICE gathers the international coffee community under one roof each year, CafeSmart’s annual campaign brings together cafés and roasters across Australia to raise funds to support those experiencing homelessness.

Cafés are the beating heart of a community: where neighbours catch up in line for takeaway coffee, regulars discuss their day with baristas as they craft espresso, and friends gather on the weekend for long catch ups over brunch. This notion that coffee shops bring people together is what inspired Adam Robinson to launch CafeSmart in 2011 as a sister project to StreetSmart’s first hospitality initiative, DineSmart.

The concept is simple: over one week, café partners don yellow clothing, donate $1 for every coffee sold on the Friday, and provide a platform for people to discuss homelessness. Customers are also encouraged to leave a donation in store or online, to help top up the venue’s fundraising efforts and scale their local impact.

Now in its 14th year, CafeSmart has raised more than $2 million, which has been distributed to local community projects that fund services for people experiencing or at risk of homeless. Despite the 2023 campaign raising just shy of $150,000, CafeSmart’s new Campaign and Events Coordinator Liz Bayrak is determined to smash that amount in her first year in the role.

“Raising $147,000 was amazing. I really want to make this year’s event even bigger and brighter, on boarding more participating cafés and empowering more communities to rally behind the cause,” says Liz.

“In the past 12 months, the cost-of-living crisis has affected so many people and our community charity partners have seen huge increases in demand for their services. The more money we can raise, the more we can support these projects.”

Building on the campaign’s tried-and-tested format and previous success, Liz is excited to shake things up and introduce new components to ensure the team beat last year’s figure. One of the biggest changes for 2024 will be kicking off CafeSmart on Saturday 10 August.

“Traditionally, we’ve run the fundraising week from Monday to Sunday, but we’re mixing things up so we can launch the campaign with the help of the weekend crowds,” she says.

“We’ve listened to feedback from our café partners and we’re confident this will start the campaign with a bang. It also means we’ll be able to host some amazing launch events on the first weekend, so we’ll have some exciting things going on with our loyal café and roaster partners.”

While CafeSmart is rooted in a serious issue, from day one the team have been keen to make the fundraising week as fun and upbeat as possible. Café and roaster partners are encouraged to wear sunshine-yellow clothes, something that Liz plans to make the most of this year.

56 MICE2024
Image: Shelby Clayton Venues across Australia take part in CafeSmart to raise funds for those experiencing homelessness


are encouraged

baristas to don yellow clothing during their fundraising efforts. Images: Ben Bugeja

“We’re collaborating with a few Australian artists to release a line of merchandise for the general public, which café and roaster partners can also buy (at a reduced price) and wear while fundraising,” says Liz. Venues across Australia – from Darwin to Adelaide, Hobart to Brisbane – have already signed up to take part from August 10 to 16, but there is still time for more cafés to join.

“We had 700 partner cafés last year, but we’d love to beat that for 2024. A lot of our partners have supported us for years, but we’re also getting a lot of new venues coming on board as they want to show their customers that they really care about their wider social impact,” says Liz.

It’s not just coffee shops that support the project: roasters play a crucial role in the event, encouraging their café clients to sign up. Many also provide their café partners with complementary beans to support their fundraising efforts or fundraise through their online sales.

“We are incredibly lucky to have some amazing roasters on board every year, such as ONA, Five Senses, Locale, Veneziano, and Market Lane, which help us connect to their wholesale networks’ says Liz. ‘We’d love to encourage roasters of all sizes, across all regions, to get involved. Every café they recruit helps us make the event even more impactful.’

The CafeSmart team run an annual competition between their roaster partners to see which business can recruit the most cafés. In 2023, Single O Australia took the top spot, enlisting a whopping 89 venues. There’s also a race to the top for café owners, who are challenged each year to raise the most money.

“Our top fundraiser last year was Yahava Kwik Koffee Bellevue in Western Australia. Across its drive-thru coffee venues, the team found creative ways to fundraise such as dressing staff up as yellow birds to raise money on foot with donations buckets,” says Liz.

This year, CafeSmart will be focusing the money raised on individuals who are sleeping rough. Its community partners across Australia have reported an increased

demand for drop-in centres, food programs, and safe shelter, so donations in each area of the country will be funnelled to local projects that provide these vital services.

“We work with a huge range of charity partners which offer different types of assistance,” says Liz.

“Last year, CafeSmart grants supported organisations like Orange Sky in Darwin which provides hygiene, laundry, and social connection programs; Dismantle in Perth which offers mentorship to at-risk young people; and Youturn in Noosaville, which helps those sleeping rough stay as safe as possible with material aid and support.”

Coffee lovers are encouraged to visit the CafeSmart website before the event kicks off, where they can find an interactive map showing all the participating cafés that will be pouring coffees for the cause.

As the long-term official charity partner of MICE, CafeSmart will again be present throughout the three-day Expo to raise awareness and encourage cafés and roasters to support the project.

For more information and to sign up, see stand I22 at MICE or visit streetsmartaustralia.org/cafesmart.

Liz Bayrak is CafeSmart’s new Campaign and Events Coordinator.


It’s time to try before you buy and use MICE as the perfect platform to discover the hottest new products.

Barista’s Choice by Vitasoy range

Barista’s Choice by Vitasoy is Aussie-grown, Aussie-made, and planetfriendly. The new range is made with almond kernel, oat grain, and soybean sourced from local Australian farms. Every Barista’s Choice carton is made from more than 85 per cent renewable materials which, together with Vitasoy’s new plant-based caps, reduce its carbon emissions by 17 per cent. It’s what makes Barista’s Choice by Vitasoy the conscious choice.

For more information, visit soy.com.au or stand I22


The xBloom is a fully automatic pour-over system. From bean grinding to solid state pouring, the xBloom has been engineered to deliver a specialty cup of coffee in just a few steps. It adjusts the temperature, grind, ratio, and pouring patterns to ensure every cup tastes exactly as the roaster intended, using the Radio Frequency Identification tag at the bottom of the consciously designed xPod. Alternatively, the user can enjoy beans from their favourite roaster and brew them in the same way via the reusable dripper and xBloom app.

For more information, visit coffeetools.supply/xbloom or stand H22

The Bean Cartel

The Bean Cartel was borne from an unrelenting desire to shake up the coffee scene. The Melbourne-based coffee roaster doesn’t accept second best, and doesn’t give it either. Not only does The Bean Cartel offer specialty coffee, but it also pushes the boundaries with new additions like specialty drinking cocoa, chai, and its new iced oat lattes and cold brew tonics. Committed to growth and evolution, join The Bean Cartel team at MICE2024 as they collaborate with Australia’s finest roasters to collectively shape the coffee landscape.

For more information, visit thebeancartel.com.au or stand E18



Barista Attitude Pilot

The new Pilot is the first single-boiler machine in the Barista Attitude range.

This single boiler allows for consistent coffee brewing and milk texturing, with its dry steam system, ergonomic steam activation, pressure stabilisation system, and more. The Pilot shares the best features with its siblings Tempesta and Storm, including touchscreen display above each group head to easily control and set features of the machine for best in-cup quality. Baristas can simply adjust the quantity of water and time of preinfusion before the brewing process begins.

For more information, visit Australian distributor Coffee Works Express at www.cwe.com.au or stand G01

Jet Technologies

Jet Technologies offers flexible packaging in rewind and pre-made bag formats, degassing valves, and filling machinery. At this year’s Expo, it is proud to be launching ShieldCycle, its latest sustainable rewind option designed for coffee that meets the Soft Plastics Guidelines.

Also on display will be the Goglio G21 machine, ideal for coffee roasters requiring an output speed of 20 to 22 bags per minute in onekilogram whole bean format. Jet Technologies’ portfolio also feature much higher output machines, including a variety of finishing options.

For more information, visit jet-ap.com or stand F02

Milklab Oat

Made in Australia with 100 per cent Australian oats, Milklab Oat is a smoother, creamier alternative to dairy. It has a mild oat flavour and no added sugar, delivering a natural subtle sweetness which complements the flavour of espresso. In true Milklab style, it was designed in collaboration with baristas to texture, stretch, and pour with high performance. Ask your barista for Milklab Oat.

For more information, visit milklabco.com or stand E06


Riverina Fresh milk

Great coffee requires great milk, and Riverina Fresh milk delivers precise quality and unrivalled taste. It is smooth and full bodied in flavour. To ensure Riverina Fresh produces consistently excellent milk, it has on-site technical staff who test the quality of its milk for functional performance every day. Riverina Fresh Gold has been crafted to deliver a rich, creamy mouthfeel that complements strong coffee blends, yet allows light, subtle flavours to shine. Its Full Cream, Light, and Skim milks are tailored to complement quality coffee, while Riverina Fresh’s Lactose Free milk is available for lactose intolerant customers. Its milks are available in two-litre and 10-litre formats.

To get a free trial for your café, register at riverinafresh.com.au or on 1800 993 081

Ubermilk Plus

Ubermilk Plus can foam and dispense up to six different hot, or cold liquids. The Ubermilk Plus is totally modular and expandable based on specific needs. Each module functions independently, thus simplifying service and maintenance work. Users can start with one module and upgrade according to their needs. Physically separated lines from inlet to outlet ensure optimum food safety and hygiene. Enjoy the pure taste and never worry about unwanted cross-contamination.

For more information, visit baristagroup.com.au or stand D26

HuskeeRenew by Huskee

HuskeeRenew is a reusable coffee cup that’s been crafted to give you the best drinking experience, while also being super tough to handle whatever life throws at it. This is achieved using Tritan Renew 50, a high-performance material made using 50 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic. Reground chose this material for its durability, stain resistance and clarity, which is not affected by washing. Available in both Smoke and Amber colourways, you’ll see the 3oz Smoke cup in use at MICE2024.

HuskeeRenew comes with a Stopper Lid, which is the ultimate solution for preventing coffee spills when you’re on the move. Its flexible silicone plug seals the lid and can be easily rotated or removed to allow coffee to flow. The Stopper Lid can be easily dissembled for cleaning.

For more information, visit huskee.co/huskeerenew

MICE2024 62

Veneziano Cold Brew

The new and improved Veneziano Cold Brew range consists of four refreshing, dairy-free coffee-in-a-can drinks. The line-up includes existing favourites Straight Up and Oat Latte, and newcomers Chai Latte and Neapolitan. Straight Up is a Colombian and Brazilian blend which is brewed slowly over 24-hours to create a velvety, refreshing coffee. Oat Latte is a creamy, slightly sweet latte featuring Veneziano Coffee Roasters’ Elevate blend. Chai Latte is spicy, subtly sweet, and low caffeine, taken from the roaster’s artisanal chai brew blend. Neapolitan is inspired by the childhood classic, Neapolitan ice-cream, and is a balanced combination of strawberry and chocolate notes mixed with oat latte.

For more information, visit venezianocoffee.com.au

MONIN Liquid Frappe

MONIN, the leader in premium flavour solutions, proudly presents its latest innovation: MONIN Liquid Frappe. Crafted with precision and passion, this concentrated blend promises to revolutionise the frappe experience, delivering unparalleled taste and texture. Made with the finest ingredients, this mix maintains MONIN standards as halal, kosher, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. Add this bottle to your arsenal to make your beverage creating experience a convenient dream.

Flavour combinations are limited to your creativity. Pair with any flavour in the MONIN range to unlock your next menu and level up your repertoire of signature serves. Team MONIN love Macadamia + Mango, Coffee + Lavender, or even Falernum + Coconut. Try your own today.

For more information, visit stuartalexander.com.au/ pages/monin or stand C22

So Good Barista Oat Milk

Introducing So Good Barista Oat Milk, the ultimate dairy-free companion to your daily hot beverage. So Good has worked with baristas to develop a formulation to satisfy all discerning latte enthusiasts. This velvety oat milk offers more than just a smooth and creamy texture – it’s a nutritional powerhouse too. Rich in essential nutrients calcium and vitamins B2 and B12, So Good Barista Oat Milk is cholesterol-free, providing a wholesome milk alternative. Made with Australian oats, each sip delivers a satisfying dose of goodness without compromising on taste. Elevate your latte experience with this nutritious oat milk that will leave you asking: “how good?”

For more information, visit sogood.com.au


Pushing the boundaries

The MICE Product Innovation Awards return, recognising the best innovations from exhibitors in 2024.

American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson once said: “with great risk comes great reward”. Even when applied to the inventors and innovators of the global coffee market, each has stretched the boundaries of what currently exists on the market and created products that address a need, solve a problem, or provide an upgrade or updated service to the industry.

To be eligible for the awards, products must have been introduced to market since 2023, and are on sale before or from May 2024.

An independent panel of industry leaders will award the Judge’s Choice categories, in addition to MICE attendees who are invited to help award the People’s Choice category.

The People’s Choice Award will be decided by votes from attendees, using the official MICE App.

Winners will be announced on the MICE Mainstage on 14 May. This year’s MICE Product Innovation Award finalists include:


Madame Tiger has made what it describes as “the world’s first tiger nut milk barista blend”. Tiger nuts only need rainwater to grow and Madame Tiger Barista Tiger Nut Milk has a seriously low climate footprint (0.32 kilograms of CO₂e per litre). Madame Tiger sources its tiger nuts from a femaleled farming collective in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and makes the milk in Melbourne. This Tiger Nut milk uses Australian olive oil, organic tiger nuts, organic demerara sugar, faba beans, vitamins, and minerals, with no seed oils, gums, or emulsifiers. It stretches to perfection, and is neutral tasting in coffee. Madame Tiger has put its heart and soul into creating this product which it is super proud of. Madame Tiger says creating something that is nutritious, sustainable, and tastes great in coffee were the measures of success, and the customer and industry feedback indicates it has achieved all three.

For more information, visit stand C10 or madametiger.com

64 MICE2024
Image: Madame Tiger


Alchemy Cordial Company has been making liquid chai concentrates since 1998. When reviewing the category recently, it saw chai has been relatively static, and is often a gritty, powder base that has to be mixed into a solution.

In pursuit of better beverages for the global café industry and its sustainability drive, Alchemy Cordial Company made Mumbai Chai, a certified-organic product which is both dairy and gluten free. The product is a liquid concentrate, made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, and is offered to consumers in 100 per cent recycled Australian PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

Alchemy Cordial Company acknowledges that, on average, busy cafés spend one minute or more making a powder-based chai latte. With this Mumbai Chai product, café operators can reduce that down to 15 seconds, allowing more beverages to be served in the same time. None of these things mean much if the product does not taste fantastic, however. Thankfully, Alchemy Cordial Company believes, and is told by customers, that its certified-organic Mumbai chai makes “quite simply the world’s most delicious chai latte”.

For more information, visit stand H20 or visit alchemycordial.com.au


Proudly Australian made, Scentible offers an extensive collection of consumable, alcohol free, vegan, allergen free, and sustainable aroma sprays, carefully curated to represent the diverse range of aromas found in coffee.

Scentible’s aim is to provide a structured approach to identifying and communicating the full spectrum of complex flavours found in coffee. Available through Barista Supplies, this range works as a sensory kit, and is suitable for educational institutions, coffee palate training, coffee cupping, flavour identification, coffee shops, and home users looking to identify flavours, aromas, and defects.

Scentible describes itself as “the world’s first aroma spray” that’s consumable, alcohol free, vegan, allergen free, and sustainable. It eliminates food wastage during coffee palate training, and bottles can be refilled and reused. It also solves current problems in coffee palate training, including the ability to taste hints of strawberry in coffee thanks to its strawberry aroma spray, and access to fruits any time of year, regardless of harvest season or location of the user.

For more information, visit D28  or baristasupplies.com.au


Mazzer Philos is a premium, light commercial single dose flat burr grinder designed to help baristas get the most out of their coffee. The Mazzer Philos features an elegant design and superior materials to make it the ideal choice for demanding baristas looking for quality in small spaces. It is suitable for all extraction methods, from espresso to batch brew. Philos allows users to switch seamlessly from one origin or brewing method to another, without wasting coffee or time. The grinder is designed and tested to avoid retention and contaminations of coffees in the grinding chamber.

The handy dose-finisher collects any ground coffee residue while cleaning the chute. When not in use, it can be stored in its dedicated slot behind the front plate.

For more information, visit Mazzer Australian distributor Coffee Works Express at G01 or cwe.com.au

Image: Alchemy Cordial Image: Barista Supplies Image: Mazzer Philos


The V60 Dripper SUIREN is an assemblystyle coffee dripper that embodies Hario’s iconic ‘spiral ribs’ of the V60 Coffee Dripper. Featuring 12 removable ribs, the V60 Dripper SUIREN offers a customisable experience. Every part of the dripper can be effortlessly separated and personalised, with a vibrant array of six colours to choose from to suit the user’s style and personality. The distinctive spiral ribs are designed to enhance the extraction process, ensuring a flavourful cup of coffee. The dripper’s modular design makes it easy to disassemble for cleaning and customisation.

According to Hario, what sets the SUIREN apart is its seamless integration of the V60’s high-quality functionality with an eyecatching and distinctive design. Inspired by the elegance of both the V60 and Japanese water lilies, known as Suiren, the SUIREN V60 Dripper showcases a unique and captivating shape.

The SUIREN V60 Dripper is set to launch in April 2024.

For more information, visit I14  or harioaustralia.com.au


The D8 is Sanremo’s latest machine platform. It’s the first hybrid coffee machine from Sanremo, which aims to introduce a wider market of baristas into the Sanremo specialty coffee ecosystem.

The D8 is a premium entry-level machine that has the features and functionality of a multi-boiler coffee machine in the price bracket of single-boiler model. This was achieved through the introduction of the new hybrid hydraulic circuit for coffee brewing.

The D8 and D8 Pro is a response from Sanremo to support the specialty coffee industry in a time of rapid price increases and tightening costs. However, Sanremo has created the D8 without compromising on quality, functionality, and improving aesthetics. It is modular, with smart sourcing of materials and thoughtful construction that’s cost-effective and easy to disassemble for customisation. The D8 is the first commercial model from Sanremo to include its new Internet of Things platform, with access to telemetry data and service information. This allows users to manage the machine in a café, or a roaster’s fleet of machines.

For more information, visi I08 or sanremomachines.com.au


For that classic cup feel, made by Fressko’s award-winning, world-renowned coffee cup is now available with premium ceramic interior coating for a lustrous look and feel. Say no to excessive waste and yes to sipping more sustainably today, tomorrow, and forever.

made by Fressko has elevated its Ceramic Lined reusable cup with a lining that serves the needs of the coffee connoisseur. Shatterproof and luxurious, the colourmatched inner coating turns the original Fressko into an elevated coffee experience.

For more information, visit E21  or madebyfressko.com

66 MICE2024
Image: HARIO Australia Image: Sanremo Image: made by Fressko


Aroma volatile compounds play a key role in our perception of flavour. Typically, they evaporate, filling the air with the scent of coffee we know and love. To keep more flavour in the cup, Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies has partnered with Zurich University to create the Paragon Espresso, a tool that dramatically increases retention rates and maximises the potential of the brewing process.

Paragon Espresso is said to be the first tool designed to optimise the scientifically backed phenomenon of ‘extract chilling’ for preparing espresso. Traditional espresso extraction causes flavour compounds to evaporate, meaning we don’t taste all the coffee’s potential. By using the Paragon Espresso and extract chilling, users can increase flavour retention in the cup by capturing aroma volatile compounds, allowing more flavour without needing to use more coffee. It also retains flavours that are otherwise below the perceivable taste threshold, and helps reveal the true identity of each coffee.

For more information, visit D06 or bomborasupplies.com.au


Introducing BioPak’s upgraded plant fibre hot cup lids, now with an improved clip fit for effortless application and secure closure. With a sleeker profile and improved pulp strength, the lids are tougher against hot liquids, keeping drinks steamy without turning soggy. Made from plastic-free plant fibre, and certified home compostable (AS5810), users can elevate their hot beverage experience with lids that redefine convenience and sustainability.

With single-use plastic bans sweeping the nation and plastic coffee cup lids banned entirely from use in Western Australia, BioPak’s plant fibre pulp lids address a real need in the market for quality, odourless, certified home compostable coffee cup lids.

For more information, visit H14 or biopak.com.au


Take your coffee flavour to new heights and lock in more than 800 unique aromatics with Roastar’s BeanShield® Vent. At only 0.026 grams compared to the traditional button valve weighing in at 1.06 grams, this innovative label vent will save up to 98.5 per cent plastic, or up to one tonne of plastic for every one million coffee bags.

It can customise the vent to the CO₂ release, taking into account unique roast profile, flavours, bag volume, and headspace.

The BeanShield® Vent locks out oxygen and locks in the volatile compounds that create unique flavour profiles. Traditional mechanical valves pulse, making them susceptible to oxygen ingress, compromising both quality and taste as oxidation causes spoilage, leaving patrons disappointed.

Roastar says this is the first degassing vent that can be pre-applied to rolls, and is ideal for VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal), eliminating the need for in-line valving. It can be applied to any coffee bag material, and is entirely external – removing the risk of plastic contamination or machinery damage.

With no moving parts, oil or filter, this vent promises to revolutionise coffee packaging in the same way the screw cap did for wine. What have you got to lose? Except flavour.

For more information, visit D25 or roastar.au

Image: Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies Image:BioPak Image: Roastar Coffee Packaging

MICE schedule Promotions,


prizes & events

Time What's On Location

10:00am - 4:00pmAustralia's Richest Barista: Round One

Main Stage

11:00am - 12:00pm Level Up your Barista Skills Café Corner


Latte Art Workshops – Each day MILKLAB is welcoming a latte art champ or expert to showcase their signature pours in a live workshop. It invites anyone and everyone to take them on, with the best pour each day winning a $500 cash prize! The experts are Victor Vu, Junnie, and Ming Wan.

1:00pm - 2:00pm Level Up your Barista Skills

2:00pm Barista Battle Finals – Witness the ultimate latte art smackdown, with the state winners from across the country competing in the Aussie finals. The winner of the MILKLAB Barista Battle will have the opportunity to become a MILKLAB Master Barista and win a $5,000 cash prize!

2:00 - 3:00pm Free cupping session

2:30pm - 3:00pmScreening: The real cost of coffee

4:00pm Sample giveaways



Café Corner


29 Coffee Roasters B14

Café Corner

29 Coffee Roasters B14

Time What's On Location

8:00am - 10:00am Global Coffee Report Leaders Symposium Ticketed event: get tickets online or at the door Café Corner

10:00am - 4:00pmAustralia's Richest Barista: Round One Main Stage

11:00am - 12:00pm Café Owners Education session Café Corner


Latte Art Workshops – Each day MILKLAB is welcoming a latte art champ or expert to showcase their signature pours in a live workshop. It invites anyone and everyone to take them on, with the best pour each day winning a $500 cash prize! The experts are Victor Vu, Junnie, and Ming Wan.


12:30pm - 1:30pmCafé Owners Education session Café Corner

2:00pm Roaster Royale Finals – Experience the top five blends of the first-ever MILKLAB Roaster Royale. These blends were specifically developed to pair with MILKLAB Oat and will go head to head to compete for gold at MICE!

2:00pm - 3:00pm Café Owners Education session

2:00 - 3:00pm Free cupping session

3:30pm - 4:30pmCafé Owners Education session

4:00pm Sample giveaways


Café Corner

29 Coffee Roasters B14

Café Corner

29 Coffee Roasters B14

68 MICE2024


Time What’s On Location

8:00am - 10:00am

Global Coffee Report Leaders Symposium

Ticketed event: get tickets online or at the door Café Corner

10:00am - 2:00pm Australia's Richest Barista: Round Two

Main Stage

11:00am - 12:00pm Café Owners Education session Café Corner


Latte Art Workshops – Each day MILKLAB is welcoming a latte art champ or expert to showcase their signature pours in a live workshop. It invites anyone and everyone to take them on, with the best pour each day winning a $500 cash prize! The experts are Victor Vu, Junnie, and Ming Wan.


12:30pm - 1:30pmCafé Owners Education session Café Corner

2:00pm - 3:00pm Café Owners Education session

2:00 - 3:00pm Free cupping session

2:30pm - 3:00pm

Product Innovation Award winners announced

Café Corner

29 Coffee Roasters B14

Main Stage

3:00pm - 4:00pmAustralia's Richest Barista: Final Round Main Stage

3:30pm - 4:30pmCafé Owners Education session

4:00pm Sample giveaways

4:00pm Australia's Richest Barista: winner presentation


What's On

Café Corner

29 Coffee Roasters B14

Main Stage


Cast your vote for Australia's Favourite Coffee Participating stands

Vote for your favourite new product in the Product Innovation Awards

Presentations by international guests

Giveaways: shirts, cupping bowls, and samples

Product Innovation Awards D02

Condesa G12

Condesa G12

Enjoy premium coffess and nitro teas on tap in the morning, all day sodas and rickeys, and then boozy spritzes from 1:00pm MONIN C22

Brew bar Hario I14

Jack Simpson, Austalian Barista Champ 2024, will be brewing on the stand

Merchandise giveaways and coffee sampling

Himalayan Arabica Nepal Specialty Coffee sampling

Free consultation on all flexible packaging options for your products

Coffee Works Express G01

Indonesian Pavilion G13

Nepal Coffee Producers Association (Nepal Coffee) H25

RongCheng Packaging Pte Ltd I04


Exhibit Listi ng

70 MICE2024

or s


29 Coffee Roasters

An award-winning coffee roaster specialising in blends and retail supply, 29 Coffee Roasters offers low minimum order quantity in customising own blends for both the retail and hospitality industry. Starting from humble beginnings in 2022, 29 Coffee Roasters now sells its special blends across Australia and exports to Taiwan. 29coffeeroasters.com.au

ADM Packaging Technology Pty Ltd

The ADM-DP31 Coffee Pouch Filler is manufactured in Australia, and is one of the leading pouch packers on the market. The packed bag comes off the line with high-quality presentation and a perfect seal finish before making its way to cafés across Australia. The ADM Pouch Filler is built to pack a large range of products including, but not limited to, coffee beans, ground coffee, cocoa powder, chocolate powder, chai latte powder, protein powder, cookies, fine chocolates, hot chocolate powder, and much more.


Appliance Maintenance Co Pty Ltd

AMC Roastery Supply has served the Australian and New Zealand specialty coffee markets for more than 50 years, supplying high quality commercial coffee roasting, packing, grinding, and brewing equipment. Over the decades, it has built up an enviable stable of brands, and backs them all with local spare parts, expert product knowledge, and technical training and support.

AMC Roastery Supply’s premium brands include: Diedrich roasters, ActionPac packaging scales, and Mahlkönig, Ditting, HeyCafé, and Anfim coffee grinders. It is also proud to be the exclusive AU/ NZ importer of Fetco Coffee Brewers, Luxus Coffee Servers, and Brew-Rite Coffee Filters. amcrs.com.au


Alchemy is Australia’s leading manufacturer and marketer of natural beverage concentrates for cafés. Alchemy produces coffee syrups, chai concentrates, superfood elixirs (turmeric, matcha, and beetroot), iced tea concentrates, dairy-free sauces, smoothie bases, frappe syrups, and more.

Everything is plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free. Alchemy also conducts contract manufacturing for other brands, so if this is of interest, visit stand H20. Alchemy look forward to seeing you at the show.


Australian Coffee Traders Association (ACTA)

The Australian Coffee Traders Association Inc (ACTA) represents the Australian coffee industry as a single voice by assisting and improving standards, promoting the image of coffee, and providing a platform for networking events around the country that further education. ACTA liaises with the media and regulative bodies on all aspects of concern or interest to the industry. ACTA’s membership encompasses not just coffee traders and roasters, but also espresso machine importers, packaging and milk producers, and companies active in the sustainability and traceability sectors, as well as specialist logistics companies involved in green coffee.



BeanScene is a comprehensive conversation on all things coffee, a perfect blend of business and lifestyle – inviting the industry, enthusiasts and consumers to sit together and share the richest experiences that coffee has afforded them. BeanScene is committed to promoting, enhancing and growing the coffee industry in Australia, and indeed throughout the world. It captures the attention of coffee roasters, bean and machine importers, café owners, café chain owners and executives, and many of the auxiliary products and services that support the coffee industry in Australia, and around the globe. Through its partnerships with key coffee houses, cafés and coffee chains, BeanScene is read by thousands as they enjoy their daily cup.


MICE2024 72
B14 D32 H20 G08 A11 C02

Barista Group Co

Barista Group, the workflow specialist, is home to the coffee industry’s most innovative and outstanding coffee systems and resources. Its main objective is to make innovative tools and devices available to the Australian coffee industry. Barista Group’s focus is on providing tools that are engineered with precision to improve workflow, and ultimately save time, and money. Examples include automated milk dispenser Übermilk, the Markibar coffee grinder and Tone Swiss brewer. baristagroup.com.au

Barista Supplies

Barista Supplies is a leading provider of highquality coffee and barista gear, offering a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable supplies for professionals and enthusiasts. With a curated selection of coffee tools, water filters, brewing gear, coffee cups, and more, it provides the tools you need to create the perfect cup of coffee. Its commitment to quality and exceptional customer service sets the company apart. Visit D28 to explore the range, speak with the knowledgeable team, and discover how your coffee experience can be elevated. baristasupplies.com.au

BioPak Pty Ltd

BioPak creates sustainable foodservice packaging from rapidly renewable, plant-based materials. Since it began in 2006, it has become a globally recognised brand committed to disrupting the current take, make, and waste model and leading the way towards a truly circular economy.

In 2018, BioPak launched Compost Connect, a not-for-profit initiative that connects businesses to compost pick-up services. It is committed to diverting food waste and compostable packaging from landfill by making compost facilities more accessible across Australia and New Zealand. biopak.com.au

Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies

Bombora Supplies is a leading distributor of barista tools and accessories, coffee machine cleaning products, specialty brewing gear, machine parts, and water filtration to Australia’s diverse and ever-evolving specialty coffee industry. Established in 2003, Bombora Supplies’ head office is located in Newcastle, New South Wales, where its highly experienced team services an internationally established customer base. bomborasupplies.com.au

D26 D28
H14 D06

Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA)

Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) is a non-profit association that brings together people and companies in the internal and external specialty coffee markets. It seeks to disseminate and stimulate technological improvement in the production, commercialisation, and industrialisation of specialty coffee, in addition to promoting environmental preservation and the environmentally sustainable development of coffee areas through programs, projects, and partnerships with public or private, domestic or foreign, entities.


BWT Australia

Inventor of sensory-oriented water optimisation for the coffee industry, BWT offers the world’s largest portfolio of filter solutions and optimisation systems, with which users can optimally prepare any local drinking water for coffee preparation — both in terms of maximum machine protection and the best possible extraction of flavours. Its solutions and tools also help to achieve a consistently good taste quality in different outlets in different regions, which is important for owners of several cafés and/or coffee shops, restaurants, and hotel chains as well as for operators of coffee vending machines. BWT is extremely proud to be the official water filtration sponsor of the World Barista Championship and the Australian Coffee Championships. It is the next step in BWT’s long-term support for the international coffee community and its strong partnership with the SCA and ASCA. BWT changes the world, sip by sip.


CafeSmart is StreetSmart’s annual coffee-led campaign that unites roasters, cafés, and coffee enthusiasts around the country to fight homelessness and support those at risk in their local area. Thanks to CafeSmart, countless hot brews have been enjoyed for a good cause, showcasing the community-driven efforts of the Australian coffee industry, and offering everyone a simple way to give back through their shared love of coffee.


Chai Spice

In 2024, Chai Spice Beverages will attend MICE for its eighth consecutive year. As a Melbourne-based boutique manufacturer specialising in authentic chai tea, chocolate, superfood latte blends, and syrups, its team loves seeing the smiles on their customers’ faces. Its brands include Chai Spice, Firehorse, Hushblend, Vedic, Good Syrup Co, and Chaily.

Chai Spice Beverages enjoys bringing its customers all natural, gratifying, and delicious tasting products, in which only the greatest ingredients are used to create authentic recipe blends. Lovingly made in Melbourne for locals to enjoy.


MICE2024 74
I22 C14 C06 F08

Coffee Tools Distributing

Coffee Tools Distributing is a leading supplier in the Australian coffee industry, specialising in the wholesale distribution of high-quality coffee tools and equipment. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for all things coffee, Coffee Tools Distributing has established itself as a trusted partner for roasters, cafés, and coffee enthusiasts Australia-wide. It carefully curates its product selection, offering a wide range of brands known for their superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. The portfolio includes renowned brands such as Wacaco, GROSCHE, Subminimal, Barista Hustle, and Able Brewing, among others.

As a wholesale distributor, Coffee Tools Distributing caters to the unique needs of coffee businesses, providing them with the best gear for retail. Whether it’s alternative brewing equipment, hand grinders, scales, or filters and accessories, its extensive range ensures clients have access to the best tools available. Coffee Tools Distributing is extremely proud to be a 1% for the Planet company. coffeetools.supply

DaVinci Gourmet

With the vision to delight the senses and inspire new experiences, DaVinci Gourmet combines craft, science, and art to provide an amazing palette of flavours to empower beverage artists to create their own masterpieces. A complete beverage brand that not only offers a diverse range of syrups, sauces, and powder mixes crafted specially for cafés and food service businesses, Davinci Gourmet goes beyond these high-quality products into holistic services and consumer expertise delivered to its partners. apmea.davincigourmet.com

Coffee Works Express

Coffee Works Express (CWE) is an independent importer and distributor of premium coffee systems, supplying equipment solutions and technical service to the hospitality industry, coffee roasters, and corporate and domestic markets.

The CWE range includes traditional coffee machines, coffee grinders, and fully automatic coffee machines.


Esko Australia Pty Ltd

ESKO Australia is an innovative complete coffee processing, roasting, and end-of-line packing solution provider. With its partners IMA Petroncini and other European equipment suppliers, it handles green bean receiving, cleaning, roasting, and processing of coffee into capsules, sachets, pods, pouches, jars, and endof-line packaging requirements.

With more than 100 years’ experience and 4700 roasting plants throughout the world, IMA Petroncini is a leading supplier to the coffee roasting industry. The TT Roaster series with indirect hot airflow technology and precise conduction/convection heat control allows perfect roasting control and flavour development. With options for catalytic converter, air recirculation system, and thermal insulation, IMA Petroncini roasters are energy efficient.

ESKO’s innovative packaging solutions cover coffee capsules, pods, jars, pouches, stickpacks, sachets, into retail cartons, and shippers onto pallets. Its automatic solutions are efficient, compact, and customisable. ESKO Australia is your turnkey solutions provider. eskoaust.com


Condesa Co.Lab is a green coffee importer and an extension of ECOM’s global network of origin-integrated companies.

It exists to champion the honest work of producers while moving towards a sustainable future for generations to come. It thrives on fostering meaningful connections and enhancing producerroaster relationships by uplifting those who lack a voice through diverse market access, pre-crop financing, agronomy training, and more. The Condesa Co.Lab team’s passion extends beyond coffee as a commodity, believing it is a doorway to understanding global history, culture, and tradition. Embracing diversity and being empathetic, the team utilise their collective strengths to bring “fresh pots” and fresh perspectives to everyone. condesacolab.com.au

Euroview Trade Consultancy

Euroview Trade Consultancy is a fast-growing Indian company engaged in the business of coffee and tea. It is the authorised distributor of Coffee Day Beverages and Lavazza coffee vending machines in southern India, and also supplies tea and coffee products to various restaurant chains in the region. Trading and exporting is the main business of Euroview Trade Consultancy, with its export section dealing with various products such as coffee, tea, vegetables, and more. euroviewtradeconsultancy. godaddysites.com

H16 H06 H22 G01 I06 G12

EVOCA Australia Pty Ltd

EVOCA Group is a leading multinational company in the out-of-home coffee machine sector, providing a comprehensive range of coffee machines and payment solutions for the vending, HoReCa, and the office coffee services markets. The company is also a world leader in the production of automatic snack and beverage vending equipment. EVOCA group is the proud manufacturer of Gaggia, Necta, Saeco, Cafection, Wittenborg, Futurmat, Visacrem, and Newis brands. evocagroup.com/en


Producers and exporters of Dominican specialty green coffee. fincadulcikafe.com

Gorilla Coffee Trading

Gorilla Coffee is a renowned coffee company based in Ethiopia, known for its commitment to delivering high-quality coffee products to global markets. With a rich heritage in coffee cultivation and an unwavering dedication to excellence, it has established itself as a trusted name in the coffee industry.

Gorilla Coffee Export takes pride in its Ethiopian roots, where the art of coffee production is deeply ingrained in the culture. With a focus on sustainable practices, quality control, and innovation, it strives to bring the finest Ethiopian coffee beans to coffee enthusiasts around the world.



Born in 2013, JETINNO is an intelligent equipment company focused on building commercial coffee machines and solutions. It produces coffee machines for vending, HoReCa, and OCS deployments.

JETINNO is committed to becoming a leading technology-oriented and trustworthy coffee equipment manufacturer. It has two production centres, four research labs, and one R&D centre. With more than 60 professional engineers and 100,000 pcs machine annual production output, JETINNO has the ability to enhance its global business presence.

JETINNO is dedicated to technology innovation of coffee equipment, so far it has over 80 patents in registration. Its coffee machines have been installed in more than 60 regions and countries, such Italy, Denmark, and Spain. It has 15 overseas major customers including LaCimbali, Nescafé, Luckin Coffee, and Lamanti.

With the vision of becoming a great coffee equipment maker, JETINNO believes innovative coffee machine technologies can inspire life better. jetinno.com

Happy Happy Foods

Happy Happy Foods is on a mission to make plant-based food and beverages tastier, fun, more mainstream, and better for the environment than the products of the generation before. eatdrinkhappyhappy.com

Hario Australia

Hario was established in 1921 and has produced high-quality heatproof glass products for 103 years. Since the 1950s, it has contributed to the growth of the specialty coffee industry with sophisticated coffee brewing accessories such as coffee syphons and V60 drippers. Hario prides itself on manufacturing high-quality heatproof glass products using 100 per cent natural materials. At MICE2024, Hario will be introducing the rebranding of its V60 coffee products, as well as the Master Brand product range, to showcase the versatility of its coffee products and to let more coffee lovers fall in love with the joy of brewing. harioaustralia.com.au

MICE2024 76
H02 J23 I18 B10 I16 I14

Hazel Origin Coffee

Hazel Origin Coffee is a family-owned and operated business specialising in green coffee production, distribution, and roasting. It prides itself on its sustainable farming practices and close relationships with local growers throughout Central and South America. hazelorigincoffee.com

IMF Srl/Roastquip

Roastquip Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australasian agent for IMF Roasters manufactured in Occhiobello, Italy. IMF Roaster’s are state-of-the-art coffee roasting machines which incorporate the afterburner, loader, and destoner in one compact roasting plant. IMF uses its exclusive Vortex and Equalizer technologies to roast the coffee consistently to one degree accuracy, regardless of whether it’s the first or last batch of the day. The machines’ pioneering recirculating heat technology saves up to 47 per cent in gas consumption. The roaster arrives fully assembled, minimising installation time and cost. IMF also manufactures six-kilogram and 15-kilogram shop roasters, which use the same technology as the industrial roasters. Integrated silos, blenders, and packaging machines are also available. Roastquip provides expert consultation, sales, installation, training, maintenance, and aftersales support for all IMF roasting equipment. roastquip.com.au


The Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre Sydney, in partnership with Bank Indonesia and the Trade Attache in Canberra, is dedicated to promoting Indonesian products globally. It specialises in premium coffee varieties such as Arabica (Sumatra Sidikalang, Gayo, Kintamani Bangle Bali, Melaya, Bukit Sama, Labah Rimbo, Solok, Wanoja, Malabar and Gunung Raja) and Robusta (Semendo dan Jawa) presented by its co-exhibitors: Opal Coffee Pty Ltd, PT. Expindo Sinar Jaya, and Aslan Coffee Roasters.

The company strives to showcase the rich diversity and quality of Indonesian coffee to the Australian market. Additionally, it offers a range of other products, including sustainable cups from PT Ijo Inovasi Indonesia. With a commitment to fostering trade relationships and highlighting the unique offerings of Indonesian craftsmanship and culture, it aims to create mutually beneficial opportunities for producers and consumers alike. itpcsydney.com

International Women’s Coffee Alliance Australia (IWCAA)

The International Women’s Coffee Alliance Australia (IWCAA) is part of a global network of self-driven and self-governing chapters, all united with the shared mission “to empower women in the international community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to encourage and recognise the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry.”

In Australia, IWCAA is a safe, inclusive coffee community fuelled by its diverse membership roles in the coffee value chain. The commitment and self-determination of its membership drives opportunities for engagement, advancement, and inclusion of women and marginalised folk in the coffee industry.


Indonesia Pavilion

The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Melbourne is the representative of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia accredited to the State of Victoria and Tasmania. One of the missions of the Indonesian Consulate General is to promote stronger and closer relations between Indonesia and Victoria as well as Tasmania in the field of economy and social culture. The Consulate General is also responsible for the consular services for Indonesian citizens in Victoria and Tasmania.

Tanamera Coffee Indonesia has won 51 international coffee awards since 2015 and prides itself on producing exclusive world-class coffee from the most renowned coffee growing regions in Indonesia.

Ariga Coffee started its journey in Australia in 2021. It partners with local co-operatives in Takengon, Central Aceh, to introduce Indonesia’s complex coffee tradition.


IRM Coffee Roasting Machines

IP Cad Constructions was founded in Thessaloniki in 1998. After exploring all stages in the coffee industry and rebuilding of coffee roast machines and milling machines, it began to exclusively deal with the design and manufacture of machinery for coffee industries.

With the help of 3D design software, its highly experienced research and development team find solutions and address all needs, both in small and large industries.

The assembly of IRM’s products is carried out with precision and consistency and thus ensures high quality and durability over time. All materials used are certified and come with a Certificate of Conformity (CE). The IRM team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results for its clients, as well as ensuring the agency is a fun, inclusive, challenging place to work and develop a rewarding career. irm.coffee

A13 A22 G13 F16 B28 F24

Jet Technologies

Jet Technologies provides the highest level of expertise, knowledge, quality, and support in flexible packaging and machinery for coffee roasters. As a leader in the coffee packaging space in Australia, Jet Technologies is an industry expert with over 40 years of experience, boasting extensive product knowledge and a global network of strong partnerships with partners who are also leaders in the coffee industry. This includes long-standing partnerships with suppliers who are completely focused on the coffee market and specialise in highly reliable machinery.

Jet Technologies also offers the full suite of coffee packaging options currently available, including traditional and recycle-ready. It also has a team of experts who can assist with advice and supply of these coffee packaging options. jet-ap.com


Kalerm was born from a passion for highquality espresso. Its focus is on providing coffee enjoyment that inspires emotion. At home, at work and on the go, join Kalerm to enjoy coffee and beautiful life.

Kalerm’s primary aim is to develop and produce top-quality bean-to-cup coffee machines. It is working hard to be the number one supplier of fully automatic coffee machines and other coffee makers. It has experienced R&D teams and European consultants with expanding production lines to ensure credible and reliable service to all its customers. Working with mature local distributors is Kalerm’s present marketing strategy.


Loring Smart Roa st

Loring designs and manufactures innovative, clean, and efficient commercial coffee roasters. Its patented single-burner design roasts coffee beans while also incinerating smoke, eliminating the need for an afterburner. The result is consistent roasts, lower emissions, and the lowest operating costs compared to conventional roasters.

Brands include: S7 Nighthawk 7 kilogram coffee roaster, S15 Falcon 15 kilogram coffee roaster, S35 Kestrel 35 kilogram coffee roaster, S70 Peregrine 70 kilogram coffee roaster, C35 and C70 green bean carts, and D35 and D70 destoner.



MILKLAB is bringing MILKLAB Lane back at MICE, inspired by Melbourne’s urban coffee culture. The new-look stand incorporates hole-in-the-wall style cafes and funky coffee carts that encourage guests to explore the ‘laneways of MILKLAB’, where they can enjoy a unique coffee experience that showcases perfect pairings and highlights tasting notes of the MILKLAB range.

The MILKLAB Lane logo represents a network of coffee lovers. The colourful line is a combination of all the milks within the MILKLAB range and communicates the notion of different people coming together to enjoy one common love: coffee.

The new look anchors the overarching theme of the stand with vibrant laneways, innovative signs, and a live DJ. The stand has been made using sustainable materials including SaveBoard (low carbon building materials made from upcycled tetra packaging), and is finished off with custom street signs, faux-shop fronts, and festoon lighting to be vibrant and inviting. milklabco.com

MICE2024 78
F02 C12 A07 E06

Madame Tiger Pty Ltd

Madame Tiger has made the world’s first tiger-nut milk barista blend. Tiger nuts only need rainwater to grow, and Madame Tiger Barista Tiger Nut Milk has a seriously low climate footprint (0.32 kilograms of CO₂e per litre). Madame Tiger sources its tiger nuts from a female-led farming collective in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and makes the milk in Melbourne. Using Australian extra virgin olive oil, and no seed oils, gums, or emulsifiers, this milk has a seriously impressive ingredients list.

The sustainability credentials and top quality ingredients coupled with its ability to stretch to purrfection makes a tiger latte a fiercely delicious choice.


Made By Fressko

Made by Fressko believes it’s the little things we do better together that keep us moving forward forever.

It invites you to innovate, collaborate, and go confidently into a future where every small yet stylish gesture contributes to a larger shared goal of continual improvement. At Made by Fressko, the team are all about helping to make simple, stylish, and sustainable choices not just a practice but part of its identity.

It achieves this by blending inventive craftsmanship with a spirit of adventure and a touch of sleek design, crafting eco-luxe products of portability that help each person to go forth and create, explore, and savour life’s moments.

Quality, portability, style, confidence, and freedom: these are the cornerstones of the Fressko brand. Forward. Forever.


Minas Hill Coffee

Minas Hill was founded in 2012 as a green bean coffee showroom and reseller based in Australia. It focuses on sourcing high-quality specialty coffees which are unique, ethical, and sustainable. Its mission is to provide quality coffee and cocoa with social and environmental responsibility. The team connect farmer and roaster to produce a sustainable and fair environment. For Minas Hill, coffee and cocoa are all about accountability, people, and passion.



Discover the essence of flavour with MONIN at MICE2024.

For over a century, MONIN has led the industry with premium syrups and purees crafted from the finest natural ingredients. With over 120 flavours, from classic to exotic, MONIN offers endless possibilities for creating signature drinks. From trending coffee serves to dynamic sundowners, MONIN’s versatility elevates all beverages across a café’s menu.

Beyond quality products, MONIN is a partner in craft, anticipating trends and inspiring new creations. Visit the MONIN stand to create your own dynamic serve and experience the full breadth of MONIN today. MONIN aims to showcase a full range of what cafes can do, from an opening shift to sundowners and beyond. At the stand, enjoy premium coffee and nitro teas on tap in the morning, all day sodas, and boozy spritzes from 1pm.


C10 E21 G02 C22

Moccamaster Australia Pty Ltd

Moccamaster has 60 years of unparalleled excellence. To this day, Moccamasters are handmade in Amerongen, in the heart of the Netherlands. CEO Ina ten Donkelaar regularly walks the factory floor as was done by founder and designer Gerard Clement Smit. With more than 100 employees, Ina ensures a tight ship.

The factory was extended in 2023, the same year the new KM5 Moccamaster grinder made its way into the world. Moccamaster has earned the respect of both the most hardened coffee professionals and the everyday home user: it’s how people explore the wide range of coffees available to brew through their Moccamaster. The Moccamaster team are pleased to be displaying the new grinder and the limited edition Diamond Jubilee model celebrating 60 years. They will also display some new colours in the Select range. Come and say hi, they look forward to seeing you.


Nepal Coffee Producers Association (Nepal Coffee)

The Nepal Coffee Producers Association is a gateway to the vibrant and rich world of coffee cultivation in the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal. It is passionate about promoting and developing the coffee industry in the breathtaking Himalayan nation, and its mission is to create a sustainable and thriving coffee ecosystem that benefits coffee farmers, businesses, and coffee enthusiasts alike. It consists of a dedicated and passionate group of coffee enthusiasts, farmers, and industry professionals who have come together to promote and support the growth of Nepal’s coffee industry.

At the heart of the Nepal Coffee Producers Association’s mission is the belief that Nepali coffee has the potential to become a worldrenowned specialty coffee. Its mission is to foster a sustainable and inclusive coffee community in Nepal, and to empower coffee growers, improve coffee quality, and create economic opportunities for coffee producers across the nation. coffeenepal.org.np

Naked Syrups

Naked Syrups is not afraid to get bear naked. What you see is what you get.

A complete beverage brand with a big personality that only uses natural flavours and colours, Naked Syrups supplies beverage powders, flavourings, and much more.

The Naked Syrups beverage range has been designed for shakes, baking, sodas, frappes, coffee, or as far as your imagination stretches across your menu throughout the year. Its products are made in Australia, gluten free and vegan friendly.


Nasa Corporation

Nasa Co. (AKA FUSO Int’l) will be providing answers to your needs for single-serve coffee and tea packing machines and materials as the industry’s pioneer with more than 30 years of experience worldwide.

Its new pour over style coffee bag will be on display, as well as the classic ones and tagged coffee bags. Sustainable filters are available in different sizes, materials, designs, and quantities. Various packaging formats focused on coffee and/ or tea products are also available. fuso-int.com


OPEM specialises in packaging machines offering different formats, including vacuum bags, valve bags, filling cans, pods, capsules, and bag-in-bag for coffee and other dry food products. It offers high speed, high performance, and customised machines for special packaging projects. opem.it/eng

Origin Tea

Origin Tea is Australia’s fastest growing tea company. With a mission to “make tea cool again”, it offers tea directly to consumers, supply wholesale, and retail tea products to over 3000 cafes.

With a desire for exceptional quality, Origin Tea has single-origin blends crafted over a period of 35 years. Tea leaves are handpicked by 16,500 employees and sourced from Origin Tea’s own 16,000 hectare plantations in Sri Lanka. This process ensures the finest, purest, and freshest tea in every single cup while maintaining full traceability. origintea.com

MICE2024 80
E20 H25 B06 I02 I26 C16


Everpure is one of the most recognised brands among foodservice operators and facilities managers, trusted by those who serve the foodservice industry, including consultants, dealers, service providers, and original water-using equipment manufacturers.

See the latest in water purification technology and try out Everpure’s purified water using its custommade water dispenser. Test your skills to see if you can pick the flavour change in coffee with different water quality.

pentair.com/en-us/ commercial-filtration

Procal Dairies

Procal Dairies is a 100 per cent Australian-owned family business manufacturing dairy products sourced from the finest local dairy farms. Procal’s award-winning products are fresh and permeatefree, ensuring the highest quality results every time. All Procal’s products are manufactured in its purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne.


Purezza Premium Water

Purezza Premium Water provides high-quality, sustainable water dispensing solutions and reusable bottles that help hospitality venues replace expensive, single-use water bottles and eliminate transport and delivery costs. Dispense unlimited sparkling and still water on-site with a choice of system sizes that suit any space and output requirement.



Reground is a social enterprise born out of Melbourne’s specialty coffee industry that has become one of Australia’s most progressive and dynamic waste organisations. Reground’s hyperlocal resource recycling model is miles away from traditional waste practices, and unique in how it centres connection, community, and the circular economy.

To date, Reground has diverted more than 1.5 million kilograms of coffee (and 50,000 kilograms of chaff) from landfill, supporting hundreds of local businesses to reduce and avoid waste while investing in the health and resilience of their communities. The recipient of the 2022 Melbourne Award for Sustainability, the Reground team are passionately shaping the growth of the circular economy through their waste education, advocacy, and resource recovery projects. reground.com.au

Riverina Fresh Pty Ltd

Riverina Fresh is an independent, 100 per cent Australian-owned dairy manufacturer and foodservice distribution business based in Wagga Wagga, the heart of the Riverina region of New South Wales.

Its milks are highly regarded by leading roasters and baristas for their taste, functional performance, and consistency. Many of Australia’s leading baristas use Riverina’s milk at both National and World Barista Championships.

Riverina Fresh has built a reputation as the milk of choice for specialty coffee by understanding the key role milk composition plays, the importance of on-farm practices, and the many other factors that influence the functionality of fresh milk with coffee. Visit the team on stand G18 at MICE, or contact them for a free trial or to learn more about their wide range of café specific dairy, non-dairy, and other food-service products.


Rixos Trading Plc

RIXOS is one of the leading coffee exporter and processing companies in Ethiopia. Established in 2010, it was founded on the principle of “from producer to the world”, bringing Ethiopian coffee to private importers, international markets, and clients in all geographic regions.

RIXOS has strong procurement networks across the country. It currently supplies coffees from washing stations located in Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, and Djimmah, as well as from its reliable suppliers in other coffee growing areas of Ethiopia.

The company has excellent credentials and is well known for quality coffee and prompt shipments. By virtue of its direct access to the sourcing markets coupled with efficient and organised procurement chain, RIXOS is capable of successfully executing export enquiries for any type of coffee. It firmly believes in building long-term relationships with its clients, which is what differentiates it from its competitors.”


G16 I30 H12 G18 G20 C26

Roastar Coffee Packaging

Good for the beans, good for the planet. Roastar Coffee Packaging offers locally made and sustainable solutions for everything coffee, without compromise. With a coffee-focused strategy, Roastar will deliver value, innovation, and specific technical advice tailored to customer needs.

A subsidiary brand of Australian-owned MPM Marketing Services, Roastar has entered the Australasian coffee market to challenge the status quo and disrupt the industry, sustainably.

Roastar products are customisable and manufactured locally, supporting jobs and the economy. The company’s local and blended logistics model reduces risk, improves speed to market, and boosts customer cashflow.

Roastar is eager to showcase its BeanShield vent at MICE2024. This vent will do for coffee industry what the screw cap did for the wine industry. At only 0.026 grams, this tiny vent locks in more than 800 unique aromatics to take your coffee flavour to new heights. roastar.au

Rubbermaid Commercial

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) has a portfolio of leading brands known for superior performance, design, and innovation. It strives to provide innovative, high-quality, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible products.

RCP’s ‘Work Smarter’ philosophy is incorporated into all its products. It consistently develops solutions that are best-in-class in for durability, ergonomics, and sustainability.” rubbermaidcommercial.com.au


ROEST is an innovative sample roaster with the most efficient workflow, designed for coffee professionals. ROEST’s mission is to constantly seek innovations and technical solutions to increase the quality of roasted coffee and make roasting accessible and time-efficient. roestcoffee.com

RongCheng Packaging Pte Ltd

RongCheng Packaging was established in 2014 as a comprehensive and innovative flexible packaging company. It possesses multiple fully automatic production lines that meet all organisations’ demands. RongCheng’s products span pouches of coffee, tea, snacks, frozen food, spout pouches, and rewind films.


Sanremo Coffee Machines Australia

Sanremo Coffee Machines Australia is a team of dedicated professionals passionate about quality equipment and good coffee. They pride themselves on setting high standards for espresso equipment, specifically in terms of innovation and design. Sanremo’s fleet of machines is assembled by hand in northern Italy, ranging from singleboiler to multi-boiler to cater to users at all levels of the market. The Sanremo brand has become synonymous with producing high-quality and consistency in every cup. sanremomachines.com.au

Saputo Dairy Australia

Saputo Dairy Australia is a leading dairy processor in Australia and part of Saputo Inc., one of the top 10 dairy processors in the world.

For Saputo, high-quality dairy products begin with high-quality milk from happy, healthy, and well-cared-for cows. Its milk is sourced from farms nestled in the southeastern corner of Australia, considered to be the heartland of Australian dairy.

Saputo’s portfolio of milks includes premium café brand Sungold, which delivers a complete range of fresh milks: from standard Whole Milk featuring stretch and texture performance to ultra-premium, multi award-winning Jersey Milk from purebred herds in the pristine western Victorian farmlands offering ultimate flavour and creaminess. The portfolio is rounded off with Devondale Fresh Milk, which is sourced from free-grazing cows in the lush eastern Victoria and Gippsland catchments, and Liddells UHT Milk, formulated to provide the delicious goodness of real dairy, without the lactose. saputodairyaustralia.com.au/en

MICE2024 82
D25 G11 B26 I08 I04 C25


SereniTEA is an Australian owned company that sells a premium selection of organic- and Fairtrade-certified teas. Created in 2009 by a mother and son, SereniTEA grew from an idea to establish a brand that would promote peace and health, in both the way it was sold and in the product itself.

With the knowledge and experience the company has gained over the years, it now views what it does as a work of art; sourcing and blending through the team’s commitment to excellence. SereniTEA operates in the boutique tea segment and exudes quality and luxury. Its core values are focused on sustainability, consistency in product, and supply reliability. Stocking a range of tea and accessories to suit retailers, foodservice venues, and the hospitality industry, it doesn’t simply strive to create the world’s best tea blends but lives for what it inspires beyond the cup.



Stelang has manufactured coffee machines for more than 20 years. It is experienced in making coffee machines that pass ISO9001 quality and management system certificates. It has eight production lines, 60 sets of advanced injection mould machines, 450 employees, 50,000 square meters of floor area, and 100,000 pieces of output monthly.


Service Sphere

Service Sphere has grown to become an industry leader in the national supply of coffee equipment, preventative service, genuine spare parts, and technical training in Australia. Service Sphere represents some of the world’s leading equipment brands, including LaCimbali and Casadio espresso machines, Eversys super automatics, Eureka grinders, and Rheavendors coffee vending machines. These brands, coupled with industry leading infrastructure, and the implementation of the latest technology, offer a true national solution to the coffee industry.

Service Sphere specialises in the supply and service of national coffee roasters and franchise groups, offering customised preventative maintenance solutions. Tailored preventative maintenance schedules are implemented with a 24/7 reactive service program through a comprehensive national network of factory-trained technicians, and range from planning and consultancy to equipment procurement, inventory and asset management, preventative maintenance, parts, and ad hoc services. servicesphere.com.au

Teck Sang Pte Ltd

Having sourced the finest and purest ingredients from around the world for 50 years under its parent company Teck Sang, TS Food Solutions was established to bring new culinary experiences to its customers through food and beverage solutions. It is excited to introduce an exciting range of nutbased dairy alternative products, which can be paired with coffee and tea or enjoyed on their own.


Southland Merchants

Southland Merchants, a specialist in specialty Brazilian coffee, is dedicated to empowering coffee farmers and forging transparent relationships with farmers and roasters. By championing dedicated farmers, Southland Merchants offers a unique connection to Brazil’s vibrant coffee market and culture.

With a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, Southland Merchants is poised to create a significant impact on the coffee industry in Australia and beyond.

As a sustainable bridge between growers and coffee lovers, Southland Merchants seeks to share the stories behind each cup of coffee. The company aims to create a deeper appreciation for the journey of coffee from the farm to the customer’s cup.

Southland Merchants works closely with local growers in Brazil, ensuring fair compensation and promotion of sustainable farming practices that protect both the environment and the livelihood of the farmers.


The Alternative Dairy Co

Join The Alternative morning crew and experience those special moments your customers love, with the support of The Alternative Dairy Co’s highquality plant-based barista milk partner.

The Alternative Dairy Co has been a pioneer in the plant-based world for 100 years. It all started when it opened its first café on Pitt Street in Sydney in 1902. The company isn’t new to this, but that doesn’t mean it settles for the status quo. With the Aussie ingenuity that runs in its DNA, The Alternative Dairy Co keeps challenging the norm to bring you the best brew possible. It’s working hand in hand with cafes and baristas across the country to create a unique plant-based barista milk, exclusive to cafés, which gives your craft the attention it deserves.


B22 K12 G17 A15 F12 H26

The Bean Cartel

Based in Melbourne’s inner South East, The Bean Cartel started from humble beginnings. The journey commenced with office coffee supply in 2008, then moved to contract roasting in its state-of-the-art roastery in Notting Hill. Having worked in cafés and alongside many café owners and baristas, Stacy and Alison are committed to their growing, talented team and making a positive impact on the growth of coffee businesses across Australia. This is their passion. thebeancartel.com.au

The Cookie Dough Co

Founded in 2019, The Cookie Dough Co started with a passion for creating delicious loaded cookies, just like ones in New York. These cookies were shared with friends, who shared them with their friends, who told other friends, and suddenly requests for cookies were being received from strangers. Who would have guessed that within a few short months the company would have perfected its signature dough and created a selection of cookies with unbelievably desirable flavours that you can’t buy anywhere else in Australia?

The Cookie Dough Co founders quickly turned their cookies into a full-time gig and added cakes and slabs to the menu. It now delivers Australia-wide and is expanding rapidly with new flavours and pop-ups. Its cookie dough is seriously good and doesn’t include any artificial colours or flavours. The team use only 100 per cent Australian butter and eggs to ensure a delicious cookie every time. thecookiedoughco.com.au


TradEthiopia serves as the primary B2B liaison for Ethiopian coffee and agricultural exporters seeking global buyers. Specialising in sourcing premium products directly from local farmers and producers, it prioritises sustainability and Fairtrade practices. Its comprehensive services include logistics, quality control, and market analysis, ensuring seamless transactions. Committed to showcasing Ethiopia’s agricultural excellence worldwide, TradEthiopia fosters enduring partnerships while driving economic growth. tradethiopia.com

VortX KleanAir Systems Inc.

Hundreds of roasters on six continents are roasting green and clean with EcoFilter™ by VortX. EcoFilter is the industry’s leading alternative to an afterburner, and enables roasters to reduce smoke and odour from any roaster while decreasing their carbon footprint by up to 90 per cent.

Visit VortX to see how you can have happy neighbours and happy clean air authorities, while also reducing your operating costs and helping the planet too.


Toddy Cafe

Since 1964, the Toddy® Cold Brew System has relied on a unique immersion brewing process to produce rich, vibrant coffee and tea. Today, the woman-owned company supplies home users and cafés around the world with solutions for delivering exceptional cold brewed coffee and tea. From its production headquarters in Loveland, Colorado, Toddy supplies everything from ground-breaking cold brew sensory analysis tools to popular commercial brewing systems and cold brew solutions for the dedicated and passionate cold brew DIY crowd.



WPM strives to empower baristas worldwide with innovative and quality products, enabling them to create the perfect cup of coffee. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and advancements, it aims to elevate your craft, expand your artistic horizons, and inspire you to push the boundaries of latte art.

WPM is dedicated to providing exceptional support to baristas, ensuring they have the tools to create the perfect cup of coffee – from grinding and brewing to perfecting latte art. With a focus on innovation and unwavering commitment to quality, it offers a comprehensive range of equipment, including grinders, coffee machines, and specialty milk pitchers. Trusted by competition champions, its industry-leading milk pitchers are designed for seamless control to create the most complex patterns. WPM is here to empower you on your coffee journey: elevate your craft, unleash your creativity, and master the art of coffee. Your ultimate barista support partner. wpmcoffee.com.au

MICE2024 84
E18 K24 I05 B08 D10 K28

The Barista’s Choice range of plant-based milks is made for coffee that feels as good as it tastes. Proudly using only 100 per cent Australiangrown almonds, oats, and soybeans, you can be sure that every time you pour with Vitasoy you’re actively supporting Aussie farmers in growing regions across the country. Vitasoy is produced in Wodonga, backed by more than 80 years of expertise in the development of plantbased milks, and packaged in cartons made from over 85 per cent renewable materials. It’s Aussie-grown, Aussie-made, and planetfriendly – inside and out.


Xtracted Espresso Solutions

Xtracted Espresso Solutions is the proud Australian partner of the award-winning Latte Art Factory milk dispensing unit from Germany. Latte Art Factory is a revolutionary machine with the ability to volumetrically dispense, heat, and texturise milk at the touch of a button, including alternative milks.

Xtracted is a family owned and operated business, with over 20 years’ experience importing coffee equipment in Australia. It specialises in workflow solutions to help you achieve a more streamlined and consistent coffee service. Its equipment ranges from entry level to high end. So, whether you are opening a wine bar or a specialty coffee shop, the Xtracted team can find the perfect solution for your budget and coffee making needs.


Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters

Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters’ love for coffee is woven into every aspect of the business. Renowned for its wide selection of spectacular seasonal micro-lots and singles, as well as four crowdpleasing blends, it’s dedicated to making specialty coffee accessible to all with a focus on flavour, innovation, and community. From forging meaningful relationships with producers to sourcing exceptional beans, the Zest team strive to elevate coffee appreciation for the good of all coffeekind.

Driven by its fascination with flavour, Zest embarks on a perpetual quest to unlock coffee’s hidden depths. Its commitment to sustainability ensures every cup tells a story of exploration and discovery, enriching communities along the way. Partnering with like-minded cafés, the team share their passion for exceptional coffee experiences.

With a clean, modern brand reflecting its approachability and commitment to excellence, Zest leads with integrity and expertise.


Want to showcase your business to over 11,000 coffee professionals?

Exhibit at MICE2025 to get your brand in front of industry decision makers. internationalcoffeeexpo.com event.organiser@primecreative.com.au +61 3 9690 8766 APPLY NOW

I22 G09 F20 your brand here

What’s on in Melbourne

86 MICE2024


Hosier Lane

This iconic laneway is one of the city’s most popular selfie spots. Located in the CBD between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane, Hosier Lane’s street art officially opened as a gallery in 1998, and has since come to represent the best of Melbourne’s artistic expression. Tourists are welcome to walk through and take a pic, or enjoy one of its multiple cocktail lounges.

visitmelbourne.com/regions/melbourne/see-and-do/art-and-culture/ public-art/vv-hosier-lane

Luna Park

Overlooking the famous Port Phillip Bay, historic Luna Park has been a destination for families for more than a century. Its most famous attraction is the Great Scenic Railway, the oldest continually operating wooden roller coaster in the world, and the only one of its kind with a standing brakeman in control aboard its moving carriages.


Melbourne Skydeck

At 297 metres tall, the Eureka Tower offers a visual panorama of Melbourne’s bustling neighbourhoods, world-class hospitality venues, and dazzling urban sprawl. The Melbourne Skydeck on its 88th floor is home to the Edge, a glass cube that projects from the main building and suspends thrill-seekers almost 300 metres above the city.


Monopoly Dreams

Monopoly Dreams Melbourne is a fully immersive and interactive Monopoly experience, featuring games, challenges, and the chance to win Monopoly Money. Try your hand at cracking Mr. Monopoly’s vault, explore the Water Works and Electric Company, make a grab for cash at the Bank, and take a chance at interactive games. Just try your best to avoid Jail. Walk through the fabled streets of Monopoly City and visit all the board game classics brought to life.


Raclette Igloo Experience

Indulge in the ultimate melted cheese dining experience with a breathtaking view of the Melbourne skyline. The combination of rich and savoury melted cheese with the stunning beauty of the cityscape creates an unforgettable experience that’s hard to beat.



Art, History, Food, and Wine Tour

Experience the story of Melbourne, told through the culinary and artistic wonders that define it. Guests can explore some of the city’s most iconic wine bars and sample Portuguese-style tapas. The tour includes stories of Melbourne’s history told through hotspots around the city.

whatson.melbourne.vic.gov.au/ things-to-do/art-history-food-andwine-tour

Image: Sue/stock.adobe.com

Melbourne Coffee Lovers Walking Tour

Available on Mondays and Thursdays, this tour takes you through four handpicked coffee houses hidden away in some of Melbourne’s famous laneways. Each location provides a unique coffee experience, with a guide sharing nuggets of local coffee history. Coffee enthusiasts in town for MICE are encouraged to explore the very best of the Melbourne café scene.


Image: Soldo76/stock.adobe.com

Image: rweisswald/shutterstock.com

Image: boyloso/stock.adobe.com

Melbourne Spirits and Ales Haunted Pub Tour

Taking place every Thursday evening, this tour journeys through Melbourne’s dark past with stories told at the locations in which they unfolded. Take the opportunity to learn more about some of the city’s oldest venues and their tales from centuries past. Stops include a haunted former police station which has transformed into a bar.


Melbourne’s Earliest Buildings Tour

This walking tour showcases nine buildings around the city built before the population boom that followed the gold rush of the 1850s. Churches, pubs, businesses, and homes are all explored with a local guide detailing each stop’s architectural background, starting with the iconic St James’ Old Cathedral.



AFL footy

No trip to Melbourne is complete without watching a footy game at the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Experience the most popular domestic sporting competition in Australia on Saturday 11 May as round nine of the AFL season includes two back-to-back games in the city. First, Essendon will take on Greater Western Sydney Giants at Marvel Stadium at 4.35pm, before Richmond and Western Bulldogs clash at the MCG from 7.30pm.


Chicago the Musical

Broadway’s longest running musical has made its way to Melbourne. Throughout its historic run, Chicago has been awarded six Tony awards and a Grammy. This edition will feature Anthony Warlow as Billy Flynn and Zoë Ventoura as Velma Kelly, and will be shown at Her Majesty’s Theatre until 26 May.


Cirque du Soleil: Luzia

Cirque du Soleil celebrates 25 years in Australia with its production of Luzia. This extraordinary aerobic display is inspired by the people, places, and stories of Mexico, from its folklore beginnings to modern today. The show runs at Flemington Racecourse until 26 May.


Leonardo Da Vinci at The Lume

This exhibit is dedicated to examining the life of one of history’s great artists and visionaries. Leonardo Da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius will immerse visitors through an intimate encounter with his greatest works in an experience not possible in traditional museums. Look out for Da Vinci’s machine inventions on loan from Rome.


NGV Architecture Commission: (This is) Air

Developed by Nic Brunsdon, this large-scale outdoor installation draws attention to one of the most prevalent features of life on earth: breathing air. (This is) Air is a large spherical structure located in the NGV garden, shifting and changing throughout the day while releasing air in a natural rhythm. While you’re there, take the time to explore the NGV’s extensive local and international collection of art from Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.


Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Vic Market provides an authentic shopping experience in the heart of the city. Home to hundreds of small businesses, it’s the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere. As well as a large range of fresh produce, you can shop for specialty cheeses in the Dairy Hall, enjoy a meal at one of the many cafés, or grab a coffee and croissant to go.

The huge range of speciality shopping opens from 9am on Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday and includes locally made art, clothing, homewares, jewellery, skincare, plants, books, pet supplies and flowers.


88 MICE2024

Wicked the Musical

This Broadway sensation tells the Land of Oz tale from a different perspective, as the audience learns the true story of the Wicked Witch of the West. Catch the show at the Regent Theatre before its film adaptation is released in November.


Image: FiledIMAGE/stock.adobe.com

Café crawl

90 MICE2024
Don’t just come for MICE, discover the best coffee in Melbourne!
Image: Au79


30 Sackville St, Collingwood, 3066


27/29 Nicholson St, Abbotsford, 3067


240 Church St, Richmond, 3121

Auction Rooms

103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne, 3051

Aunty Peg’s

200 Wellington St, Collingwood, 3066

Axil Coffee Flinders Lane

76 Flinders Ln, 3000

Axil Coffee Roasters

Café & Roastery HQ

322 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, 3122


Bench Coffee Co

321 Little Collins St, 3000

Brother Baba Budan

359 Little Bourke St, 3000

Brick Lane Melbourne

33 Guildford Ln, 3000

Brunetti Oro Flinders Lane

250 Flinders Ln, 3000


Café Piccolina

52 Morrah St, Parkville, 3052

Calēre Coffee

Shop 1/166 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, 3065

Campos Coffee South Yarra

572 Chapel St, South Yarra, 3141

Clement Coffee Roasters

South Melbourne Market, 89/116 Cecil St, South Melbourne, 3000

Code Black Coffee

15-17 Weston St, Brunswick, 3056

Coffee Supreme

28-36 Grosvenor St, Abbotsford, 3067

Cottle Coffee

300 Coventry St, South Melbourne, 3205

Core Roasters

14 Barkly St, Brunswick East, 3057

Disciple Roasters

16 Black St, Brunswick, 3065

Dukes Coffee Roasters

247 Flinders Ln, 3000

Everyday Coffee

36-38 Sackville St, Collingwood, 3066

Everyday Midtown

213 Little Collins St, 3000

Coffee Supreme was first launched as a roaster in New Zealand. Image: Coffee Supreme

H Higher Ground

650 Little Bourke St, 3000

Industry Beans Fitzroy

70-76 Westgarth St, Fitzroy, 3065

Industry Beans Lt. Collins

345 Little Collins St, 3000

Leaps and Bounds Albert Park

84 Bridport St, Albert Park, 3206


Ground Level, 161 Collins St, 3000

Little Nooky Café

62 A’Beckett St, 3000

Little Rogue

12 Drewery Ln, 3000 M

Manchester Press

8 Rankins Ln, 3000

Market Lane Coffee

8 Collins St, 3000

Maker Coffee

47 North St, Richmond, 3121

Monk Bodhi Dharma

Rear, 202 Carlisle St, Balaclava, 3183 O

Ona Coffee Melbourne

22 Ovens St, Brunswick, 3056

Padre Coffee Brunswick East

438-440 Lygon St, Brunswick East, 3057

Padre Coffee South Melbourne

Stall 33, South Melbourne Market, South Melbourne, 3205

Patricia Coffee Brewers

493-495 Little Bourke St, 3000

Peregrine Social Club

45 Valley Lake Blvd, Keilor East, 3033

92 MICE2024
Campos Coffee’s flagship Melbourne café opened in January 2023. Image: Campos Coffee

Piccolo Panini Bar

636 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, 3122

Proud Mary Coffee

172 Oxford St, Collingwood, 3066

Quiet Time

656 Smith St, Clifton Hill, 3068

Rumble Coffee Roasters

8 Thompson St, Kensington, 3031

Sensory Lab

310 Bourke St, 3000

Seven Seeds Coffee

114 Berkeley St, Carlton, 3053

St Ali

12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne, 3205

St. Ali Canteen

30 Collins St, 3000

Standing Room Coffee

187 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North, 3068

Stagger Lee’s

276 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 3065

The Kettle Black

50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne, 3205

The League of Honest Coffee

8 Exploration Ln, 3000

The Hardware Société

10 Katherine Place &, 123 Hardware St, 3000

Top Paddock

658 Church St, Richmond, 3121


2/14 Crossley St, 3000

Vertue Coffee Roasters

8 Raffa Pl, Carlton, 3053

Veneziano Coffee Roasters

16 River St, Richmond, 3121

Wide Open Road

247 Barkly St, Brunswick, 3056

Workshop Brothers

4/190 Queen St, 3000

Terror Twilight

11-13 Johnston St, Collingwood, 3066

1 Exhibition St, 3000

Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters

67 North Street, Richmond, 3121

Veneziano Coffee Roasters is located in Richmond. Image: Veneziano Coffee Roasters


94 MICE2024


29 Coffee Roasters B14 ADM Packaging Technology D32 Alchemy Cordial H20 Appliance Maintenance Co G08 Australian Coffee Traders Association (ACTA) A11 Barista Group Co D26 Barista Supplies D28 BeanScene C02 BioPak Pty H14 Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies D06 BSCA - Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association C14 BWT Australia C06 CafeSmart I22 Chai Spice Beverages F08 Coffee Tools Distributing H22 Coffee Works Express G01 Condesa G12 DaVinci Gourmet H06 Esko Australia H16 Euroview Trade Consultancy I06 EVOCA Australia H02 Finca Dulcikafe J23 Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Co B10 Happy Happy Foods I16 Hario Australia I14 Hazel Origin Coffee A13 IMF Srl/Roastquip A22 Indonesia Pavilion G13 Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre F16 International Women's Coffee Alliance Australia - IWCA Australia B28 iRM Coffee Roasting Machines F24 Jet Technologies F02 Kalerm C12 Loring Smart Roast A07 Madame Tiger C10 Made By Fressko E21 MICE Sales A23 MILKLAB E06 Minas Hill Coffee G02 Moccamaster Australia E20 MONIN C22 Naked Syrups B06 Nasa Corporation I26 Nepal Coffee Producers Association (Nepal Coffee) H25 OPEM Spa I02 Origin Tea C16 Pentair G16 Peugeot D20 Procal Dairies H12 Product Innovation Awards D02 Purezza Premium Water G20 Reground I30 Riverina Fresh G18 Rixos Trading C26 Roastar Coffee Packaging D25 ROEST B26 RongCheng Packaging I04 Rubbermaid Commercial G11 Sanremo Coffee Machines I08 Saputo Dairy Australia C25 SereniTEA B22 Service Sphere G17 Southland Merchants F12 Stelang K12 Teck Sang A15 The Alternative Dairy Co H26 The Bean Cartel E18 The Cookie Dough Co I05 Toddy Cafe D10 TradEthiopia K24 Vitasoy I22 VortX KleanAir Systems Inc. B08 White Owl Coffee Merchants RM1 WPM K28 Xtracted Espresso Solutions G09 Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters F20 ORGANISATION STAND ORGANISATION STAND 95

Grown from small town roots. The conscious choice.

Find out more at Stand I22

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