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Stay in style for spring {Page 108}

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Beautiful flower arrangements for your home - we show you how!



Begin a Great New Hobby

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LincolnshirePride March The number one counTy magazine

Welcome to the first of three Spring editions for the county’s number one magazine! This month we try our hand at needlecraft with one of the county’s top groups, and we find out how to create beautiful arrangements with Spring flowers to make your home look beautiful. We attend the county’s best society events, sample the new menus at some of the county’s best restaurants, and enjoy fresh fashions from Betty Barclay.






Enjoy spending time with friends at one of the county’s society events. We were there too, and present a selection of photos from the night.

Colourful, vibrant and delicious spring dining at some of the county’s best restaurants - we enjoy the simple pleasure of seasonal produce.

Take a look around one of the county’s most quirky homes - we look at a converted former school in the middle of Lincoln.

Spring flowers, needlecraft, creating a beautiful home no matter what your pleasure, we’re happy to indulge you!

spring 2013


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Lincolnshire Pride – The Number One Team What will you be giving up for Lent... and is there anything you couldn’ t live without?

Julian Wilkinson

Rob Davis

Ian Bagley

Managing Director

Executive Editor

General Manager

apple-mad Julian says he couldn’t live without his mobile phone!

our editor is a man of few vices, so what could he possibly give up for Lent?

could technology buff ian, live without his gadgets?

“I’ ve been in business for nearly twenty years now and in all that time I’ ve used Apple computers. These days my iPhone, iPad and iMac rarely leave my side, so I couldn’ t possibly be without them. I won’ t be giving anything up... certainly not those!”

“I observed ‘Dry January’ and gave up my weekly glass of red wine which didn’t bother me at all. I don’t have a sweet tooth... in fact I’m a man of few vices! However, this Lent I’ll be giving up watching TV in favour of reading more instead!”

“ I love technology so whilst I could live without a glass of wine or chocolate I think I’ d burst into tears if you asked me to give up technology... the idea of not being able to surf the net, Facebook or Tweet over Lent is a truly terrifying prospect!”

Zoie Wilkinson

Mandy Bray

Emily Brown

Sales Manager

Customer Care Manager

Sales Representative

zoie is a girl of simple pleasures... like chocolate and clarins!

our graphic designer and customer care manager has just one serious addiction!

Fast food emily has decided her Friday treat isn’t something she can do without!

“ I don’ t have many vices but I’ d be horrified by the prospect of giving up chocolate and Clarins for Lent. I think everyone deserves to have something they can enjoy spoiling themselves with... so nice skincare products, makeup and chocolate are my treats!”

“I can happily live without a glass of wine with my meal, but I love dessert and I’ ve a real weakness for a gooey warm chocolate pudding. I gave up chocolate last year for lent... I’ll never do that again!”

“Some of us in the office observe ‘ Fat Friday’ and treat ourselves to fast food after a week of dieting. That’ s definitely not something I’ll be doing though. The odd junk food treat doesn’ t harm anyone, and it’ s something I enjoy too much to give up!”

LincolnshirePride The number one counTy magazine

pride magazines elm grange studios east heckington boston Lincolnshire pe20 3QF

Tel: 01529 469977 Fax: 01529 469978 Why not follow us on Facebook? you can keep up to date with any news we may have for our lovely magazine! Follow us on Twitter so you can read our tweets. We’ll let you know what’s going on and keep you well informed!


enjoy Lincolnshire pride, read it cover to cover. pick it up, put it down and when you have finished with it pass it onto your best friend. When everyone has had a good read, pop it in the recycle bin!

by supplying editorial or adverts to Lincolnshire pride you accept in full the terms and conditions which can be found online at in the event of an advert or editorial being published incorrectly, where pride magazines Ltd admits fault, we will include an advert of equivalent size, or equivalent sized editorial, free of charge to be used in a future edition, at our discretion. This gesture is accepted as full compensation for the error(s) with no refunds available.

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Commanding views over Tattershall Castle this Georgian style property is set within grounds of over six acres including five acres of paddock land and stabling with the main residence having spacious living accommodation comprising of entrance hall, drawing room, dining room, study/library, breakfast kitchen, wet room, utility, five bedrooms, family bathroom, quadruple garaging, formal gardens. The property also benefits from gas central heating and is presented in excellent decorative order throughout.

Fine & Country 24 Silver Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN2 1EW Telephone: (01522) 516590 email:

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LANDLORDS As part of one of the largest specialist letting franchises in the UK who won the title of Best Lettings Franchise 2012, Belvoir! Lettings aim to provide the best possible service to landlords and tenants Are you: • A homeowner looking to rent out your property • A seller who cant sell • A buy to Let investment landlord If so, we have the lettings service that is right for you! Our office can provide: • An un-bias appraisal of your quality property • Full list of open fees with no hidden charges • Expert up to date information on the lettings market • Market leading and cost effective insurance packages for landlords and tenants • East to read agreements for tenants and landlord

Belvoir Lettings 450 High Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN5 8HZ Telephone: (01522) 544999/000 Email: 10

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A Stitch in Time Needlework and patchwork were always popular in an era of make-do-and-mend, but today needlework is even more popular than ever - just ask the county’s keenest ladies...


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ome years ago, needlecraft was regarded as something utilitarian, a means of ‘make do and mend.’ Its creative and recreational potential was only realised by wealthy families from the era of Jane Austen, with a British school for the craft established some 50 years later. Whilst the potential to ensure the longevity of clothes remains, in these days of fast fashion it’s more of a hobby medium. Needlecraft has great scope and nobody is more acutely aware of that than the group we joined in the county recently. With around 50 members, the group, in the Village Hall in North Kyme near Sleaford, was founded in 2007 by Joan Eastham and now has 50 members, meeting twice a month on the first and third Friday of the month from 10am-4pm. “It’s an informal group which is perhaps one of its biggest strengths.” says one member. “You can take along your patchwork, embroidery, crochet, knitting and painting projects and just be around likeminded people enjoying your hobby.” Whilst there is no formal structure to the group, they do occasionally work on collaborative projects, including, for example, charities such as Project Linus (for children in hospices) and the armed forces through Help for Heroes. In addition they regularly organise group trips to exhibitions and shows such as those held at the NEC, Harrogate and Duxford each year.

“I think the real appeal of groups like ours is that they provide a good chance to socialise as part of what would otherwise be a quite solitary hobby.” says new chairman Jackie Dickinson. “Many of us in the group have had careers or brought up children and have only just found the time to pursue a regular hobby. For me, the chance to pick up whatever quilting project I’m working on is a chance to relax and put anything else to the back of my mind. I suppose it’s meditative in a way.”

Stitch in Kyme's group is one of over 20 such groups in the county and has more than 50 members, all producing quilts, bags and toys.

“I was looking for a hobby that can be pursued at home with Radio Four on in the background, but being with the ladies makes it more sociable...” “However, being able to join like-minded crafters and get help with techniques or just pursue your own project and have some company is great.” Getting started in patchwork or quilting is easy - all that’s needed is a needle and thread, and an old shirt to cut up. For those new to patchwork and quilting, patchwork is the technique of sewing pieces of fabric together - piecing to make a block, then the blocks are sewn together to make a quilt top. The blocks can be as simple or as complicated as you wish considering your ability. Once you have created a quilt top, you can then make it into a quilt. 13

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This involves the layering of the backing, the wadding and the quilt top before basting together, allowing you to then quilt the three layers together in a design of your choice. Ideal starter projects include a basic cushion cover using the nine-patch block where you can piece your chosen fabrics together to form a pattern and then quilt the block before finishing into a cushion cover. Other small starter items are simple bags where fabrics are pieced together, quilted and then sewn into a bag. Bags can be finished with zips - for the more confident - or with magnetic fasteners. Just by choosing different fabric combinations the same initial item can look totally different dependant on your choice of fabric. “The beauty of quilting and patchworking is that it’s easily achievable.” says Jackie. “It’s important to learn the basics but once you do you can really develop your skills. A sewing machine helps to speed things up, for instance.” More advanced projects include soft toys, knitted dolls and tapestries of wall art that can be entered into local exhibitions.

It’s easy to get started creating cushion covers, bags and quilts - but the hobby is quickly scalable so you can soon move onto projects like soft toys... Once you have gained your confidence in the smaller items you can then also progress to larger scale items like full-size quilting projects. These do, however, take more time to complete so when learning the craft it’s always advisable when making a quilt to start with basic blocks as this will make the piecing and quilting easier to come together in the long run. What’s more, when you’ve mastered the basic techniques of piecing and quilting you can then take your designs themselves a step farther to incorporate more complicated blocks as you progress... it can become very addictive. Likewise, you can expand your interest through the many ranges of fabrics, threads and other materials at craft retailers. These have a wealth of ideas and usually run both ‘sociable stitching’ days and more tuition led workshops for exchanging ideas and learning new skills. One such tutor is Liz Hands, who has 17 years experience of teaching and experience of submitting award-winning work for international exhibitions. 14

Liz Hands (opposite) hosts classes across the county to teach beginners the basic skills that will enable them to produce a variety of finished projects.

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Her beginners classes are held at Ruskington’s Stitchery and Grantham’s Stitchcraft studios as well as courses in Wragby Town Hall and Stainfield between Horncastle and Lincoln. Her basic lesson classes involve the creation of a block based sampler quilt so ladies can master basic quilting techniques. Liz’s more advanced classes then take in techniques like appliqué for more complex projects with greater depth and variety on textures.

The variety of projects you can work on using the same basic techniques is impressive, from quilts to bags to soft toys like this sunflower. 16

“My husband can’t understand the appeal of cutting up a piece of fabric only to stitch it back together.” says one lady. “But it’s an addictive craft, and before you know it you will be trying to design more complicated and individual pieces of work as well as becoming a hoarder of fabrics even though you don’t necessarily know how you will use them!” With so many local groups and workshops across the county, patchwork and quilting is no longer a craft of ‘make do and mend,’ but rather an addictive, easy to adopt and really rewarding hobby that’s more popular than ever.

IN yOuR aREa

“My husband can’t understand it.” says one lady. “I take something that’s complete, cut it up into squares, then put it back together again.”

Grantham: Weekly classes at Stitchcraft Studio; call for details. Litton House, Londonthorpe Road, Grantham NG31 9SN. Tel: 01476 512790. Web: Grimsby: Haven Quilters, meet every Tuesday, St Mark’s Church Hall, 10am-4pm. Web: Ruskington: Classes held at The Stitchery on the first Saturday as well as the second and fourth Friday of each month. 14 High Street, Ruskington, NG34 9DP Tel: 01526 832131. Web: Scunthorpe: Bottesford Quilters, 01724 334323. Skegness: Tasty Farm quilters, call 01754 880494. Sleaford: Stitch in Kyme, North Kyme Village Hall, first and third Friday each month, 10am-4pm. Tel: 01526 860521. Woodhall Spa: Spa Quilters, call 01526 353129. Wragby: Wragby Town Hall, last Friday of each month.

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The event is designed to allow the rural community to socialise together and raise money for charity.

THE EVENT Horncastle Farmers’ Ball Over 400 farmers battled the elements and made their way through the snow to enjoy The Woodhall Spa Farmers’ Ball recently. The event raises around £4,000 for local charities each year and was first held back in 1906, then known as the Bachelor’s Ball, where farmers would meet eligible country folk! A three course meal with fresh produce supplied by local businesses preceded dancing in the hotel and a casino. Words and photos: John aron

Couples attended from across mid-Lincolnshire.

The event was held at Woodhall Spa’s Petwood Hotel.

Feature your event in our magazine 18

call 01529 469977 and speak to our events Desk...

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The event was first held in 1906.

Over 400 farmers braved snow and ice to socialise with one another!

Andy Godbold, Claire Godbold, Becky O'Brian and Anthony Lawton.

Horncastle Farmers’ Ball

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Debra Littleworth, Sue Ellis, Simon Ellis and George Littleworth.

The Ball was held in a marquee at the side of the Edwardian hotel.

A spectacular three course meal utilised locally farmed produce.


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Horncastle Farmers’ Ball

Guests braved snow and ice - as temperatures fell to around around -2°c!

Money raised from the ball will be presented to local charities in April.

Especially for big spenders, the event included a casino!


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THE QUEEN S HEAD Legbourne, near Louth Words & photos: Rob Davis

smaLL buT perFecTLy FormeD - We’re enThusiasTic abouT This monTh’s resTauranT: JusT six monThs oLD anD WiTh JusT 18 covers! yeT, a pLace in michaeL buLLamore’s Dining room aT The Queen’s heaD near LouTh WiLL soon be one oF LincoLnshire’s mosT coveTeD experiences

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The Queens Head at Legbourne has just one dining room and just 18 covers - which explains how chef patron Michael Bullamore can lavish so much time and attention on each diner’ s food...


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Michael Bullamore met Gaydre Egan who became the restaurant’s front of house manager.

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The Queens Head offers fine dining food at keen prices, with suppliers providing both local food, and local drinks too!

L Michael freshly bakes his own bread in mini-loaf tins and even churns his own butter.

egbourne’s Queens Head is absolutely adorable, and we’re really keen to recommend it to readers this month. Why? Because at less than six months old and with a modest 18 covers, it’s still one of the county’s best kept secrets, and as such, we feel really lucky to have uncovered it! The building has been a village pub for most of the previous century, and was created from two farm labourers’ cottages built in the 1600s. A run-down pub, it closed in January last year. When Michael Bullamore took over the lease in May, he transformed the building, re-opening it as a small but perfectly formed restaurant last August. Its appearance is mostly traditional, with open fires and red pantile floors. However, the odd modern concession has been made, such as modern leather and oak dining suites, designer cutlery & crockery and a trendy feature wall of modern wallpaper. Originally from Hull, with five years experience as a head chef working for other people in award winning restaurants, Michael is just 26 and so The Queens Head is his first premises. That means he’s very

1 - LINCS Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:31 Page 26

A few examples of food: Lemon Curd Peanut Brittle and Chocolate Fondant with Cherries. Below: A spring starter in the form of Ham and Egg with Peas & Pea Shoots.

keen to make a good impression on Lincolnshire diners and quickly gain a good reputation in the county. Michael’s menu is conclusive proof that less is more: the fewer dishes there are on a restaurant’s menu it’s more likely the ingredients will be fresh and more practised a chef will be cooking each dish. Remarkably, Michael’s à la carte menu comprises just two starters, two main courses and two desserts, which change regularly, showcasing the best of seasonal produce. He’s confident that despite such a limited menu, every diner will love at least one of his

THE QUEENS HEAD Legbourne, near Louth


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“Front of house manager Gaydre is absolutely lovely, and provides attentive, friendly service to all of her diners...�

1 - LINCS Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:31 Page 28

Sample M enu Two courses £24 Three courses £30 £ STarTErS Duck & Peas Duck egg, garden peas & our own duck ham. Loch Duart Salmon home cured salmon, pickled vegetables, trompettes & cream cheese.

£ MaINS Hare hare loin, north somercotes carrots, pearl barley & compressed apple. Skate skate wing, alford potato puree, brown shrimp, capers, local beetroot & lemon butter.

£ PuddING Chocolate Fondant bitter chocolate fondant, cherry sorbet, dehydrated cherries & cherry caramel. Baked apple baked local apple, sultanas, cranberries, skidbrooke apple granite & rum syrup. Optional Course selection of british cheese with local bias; Lincolnshire poacher, cote hill and home-made oat biscuits, celery and home-made chutney. also served with michael’s mum’s fruit cake!

Tasting M enu Surprise tasting menu, minimum 7 courses Whole table participation only.



1 - LINCS Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:31 Page 29


offerings. The other menu on offer takes the form of a £45 per head surprise tasting menu with a minimum of seven courses. In each instance Michael makes the restaurant’s bread, ice creams, sorbets and even churns his own butter. After dinner coffee is served with home made petit fours whilst cheeses are served with chutneys and biscuits made in the kitchen by Michael. “We’re really lucky to have so many excellent ingredients around the place.” says Michael. “That was one of the reasons I chose this venue. Louth is a town that really respects food and its local producers, so to cater for and source ingredients from kindred spirits is lovely.” The restaurant is served by its Grimsbyfish merchant, an award-wining local butcher, and sources local veg from Shaws of Alvingham, game from local shoots

and cheese from Cote Hill, Goatwood dairy and Lincolnshire Poacher. The couple have just completed the preparatory work for a herb garden and hope to be able to grow herbs, veg and soft fruit this summer - it’s to be Michael and Gaydre’s pet project, in addition to Gaydre’s provision of first class service at the front of house. It’s immediately obvious that the couple are so young and talented, determined to go the extra mile to quickly gain The Queens Head a good reputation. With every element of a dish prepared in house and great service, The Queens Head is one of the county’s newest, most promising restaurants. Just six months old, it already deserves our sincere recommendation; run by a couple determined to ensure their first venue is one that shows off both Michael’s talent and their ability to provide an excellent experience too.

Opposite: Hare Loin. Below: Gaydre looks after customers at the front of house.

THE QUEEN S HEAD Legbourne, near Louth

The Queens Head Station Road, Legbourne, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8LL

From Louth – Take the A158 signposted to Burgh le Marsh and enter the village of Legbourne, the pub is situated on the left hand side. From Boston or Grimsby – Follow the A16 towards Louth, leave the A16 on the Louth Bypass signposted A158 Kenwick Top. From Lincoln – Take the A158 to Wragby and join the A16 signposted Louth. Turn right and leave the A16 on the Louth Bypass signposted A158 Kenwick Top.

To book a meal call

01507 604803


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À La Carte Dining | 17th Century Coaching Inn | Seven En Suite Rooms

Come try our Set Menu... Enjoy Spring dining at one of Lincolnshire’s most popular traditional pub restaurants... Starters



Homemade soup of the day

Chicken and mushroom pie, butter mash, parsley peas

Lemon posset, crème chantilly, sable biscuits

Crispy whitebait, citrus and garlic aioli, dressed leafs

Fillet of smoked haddock, leek mash, soft poached hen’s egg

Dark chocolate parfait, blackcurrant compote

Ham hock rillettes with capers and pineapple, soft boiled hen’s egg, mustard vinaigrette

Country pork sausages, bubble and squeak, spinach, caramelised onion gravy

Traditional bread and butter pudding, crème anglaise

Butternut squash and rocket risotto, Manchego cheese

Lightly spiced brambly apple crumble, house vanilla ice cream

Baked goats cheese and red onion tart, basil pesto Traditional devilled lambs kidneys on garlic toast

Slow cooked shoulder of lamb, herb crumb, crushed root vegetables, spinach, rosemary jus

2 Courses £16.95

Plate of cheeses, biscuits, marrow chutney

3 Courses £21.95

e Brownlow Arms Hough On The Hill, Grantham Road near Grantham, Lincolnshire NG32 2AZ Booking advisable, please call 01400 250 234.

Menus online now at


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Butcher Gary Simpson provides a masterclass in meat to create a roast with the most or a steak to di-ane for...


Best British Beef

Recent food scandals have highlighted the importance of ensuring you eat good quality locally reared meat with traceability and provenance. Seeking out a master butcher will help you to get more from your meat... just ask Gary Simpson

Words and photos: Rob Davis

1 - LINCS Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:31 Page 33


eef is as British an institution as a roaring fire and a Sunday Roast. If recent food scandals regarding horse meat have highlighted anything, it’s that we should all know exactly what we’re eating, and buying from your local butcher will ensure you enjoy locally reared meat with traceability and a guarantee of quality. There’s more to enjoying better beef than ‘meats’ the eye - so this month we seek the advice of a master butcher to find out how to get the most from your roast.


“There’s a significant difference in the way supermarket meat is produced.” he says. “When produced in the quantities that the multinationals work to, there’s no time to hang meat the period that’s necessary to improve its flavour.”

Gary Simpson is a master butcher who has been working in the industry since leaving school. The butcher opened his first shop on Heckington’s Cameron Street in 2001, and his second shop at Four Seasons Garden Centre in 2009 as part of the centre’s large, well-stocked farm shop. His dedication to quality food has even won him a place in the final at the national Best Butcher’s Shop competition.

“During this process, the beef fibres are broken down by enzymes, dissolving the tissue - that sounds unpalatable, but it really does tenderise the meat and results in a much better flavour.”

Selling beef, pork and lamb, as well as poultry, the butcher also produces his own range of manufactured products from award-winning pork pies, to haslets and cooked meats. Gary butchers around four heads of beef each week and hangs all of his meat for at least 18 days. As such, there’s little he doesn’t know about helping customers to enjoy the best cut of beef for a Sunday roast, or the best steak for your grill.

“Lots of restaurants and butchers will claim that their meat has been hung, but few consumers really understand what this means. Meat that is butchered and sold immediately doesn’t develop its flavours as well as meat that has been hung - for as long as 28 days.”

Supermarkets don’t hang their beef for as long as family butchers - that’s why a local independent butcher provides a more flavoursome roast and juicier steak.

Traditional butchers have the additional advantage of being able to use a smaller, native breed of cattle - in Limousin or pedigree Longhorn for example. These have thicker fat than supermarket-bred breeds and can be hung for longer to enhance their flavour. “The best way to get the best from your steak or your Sunday roast is to get to know your local butcher.” he says. “We’re used to being asked about different cuts, cooking times, or alternatives to popular cuts. Just like everything, certain cuts are popular at different times - for example, 33

1 - LINCS Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:31 Page 34

A traditional butcher will recommend the perfect cut for your tastes from tender cuts with little fat to more flavoursome cuts with a good marbling of fat.


1 - LINCS Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:31 Page 35

THE EXPERT Beef It’s preferable to use a conventional oven rather than an Aga to retain as much control as possible over oven temperature. Pre-heat your oven at gas mark nine (240°c/475°f) and roast for 30 minutes before turning your oven down to around gas mark three (160°c/325°f) to roast for around 30 minutes per kilo of meat for a medium joint (20 minutes for rare beef, 40 minutes if you prefer your roast well-done). Always rest your beef in foil for at least 20 minutes and for carving purposes, invest in a money-no-object, top of the range carving set. Simple to cook but difficult - and subjective - to master, the perfect steak can be achieved by using a rib-eye cut for a cheap flavoursome option, or fillet steak is texture is more important than flavour.

Choose your cut; bones, for instance, serve as good conductors of heat and will result in a much more flavoursome roast.

rib-eye steak was virtually unknown ten years ago, but has come back into fashion as being a slightly fattier but really flavoursome cut.” “Traditional wisdom states that there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cuts of beef, but in fact there’s no such thing as an arbitrarily good cut - different cuts will suit different cooking methods and different tastes accordingly.” Certain cuts, for instance fore-rib roasting joints and rib-eye steaks, favour flavour over tenderness, whilst cuts like sirloin roasting joints and fillet steaks are more lightly flavoured with less marbling of fat but are more tender. “It’s always a good idea to ask your butcher for a good roasting joint, or steak, for example. Tell us what you look for in a roast and allow us to guide you and provide tips that can benefit even experienced and confident cooks.”

The horse meat scandal has only served to prove that mass-production of food leads to problems. Buy local, eat local, insist on values of quality & traceability, and you’ll never be disappointed... For a successful Sunday roast, we recommend sirloin joints on the bone for special occasions; rib joints otherwise. As bones are good conductors of heat, you’ll find a roast on the bone gives extra flavour, despite being trickier to carve. “Layers of fat on the beef provide better basting juices and will keep your joint moist. Basting your roast at least three times during cooking, placing it on top of two halves of a small onion to elevate it slightly out of the pan juices.” “Roast in a large, heavy duty roasting pan with thick walls that will retain the heat as long as possible.”

Before you start, always use a good quality thick-bottomed pan or a griddle. Non-stick pans may are cleaner, but prevent a good crust from forming. A thicker pan will also help to distribute heat evenly, which is especially important since getting the temperature of your pan right before you begin cooking is essential. “Remove your steak from the fridge and allow to rise to room temperature for about ten minutes. Then hold your hand over the pan. If it feels warm, increate the heat, if it’s too hot to hold your hand over, it’s too hot for your steak.” “Pat with kitchen paper and rub over with a little olive oil. Season to taste and gently fry - a satisfying sizzle should be heard. As a rough guide, a sirloin steak will necessitate one and a half, two and a half or three minutes on each side, and for the best results, cook one at a time, leaving each to rest for about three minutes before serving.” “To test how well-done your steak is, pinch your thumb and index finger together, then do the same to your steak they should feel identical for a rare steak. The same applies for your ring-finger and medium steaks, and your little finger for a well-done steak.” However you enjoy your beef, your independent butcher will always be able to educate even the most accomplished cook. There’s no substitute for a butcher who knows each cut, and how to get the best from them. Good food starts with good ingredients, and for a successful roast, that means there’s never been a more opportune time to get to know your local butcher.

GaRy SIMPSON Cameron Street, Heckington NG34 9RW Tel: 01529 460403 Four Seasons Garden Centre, London Road, Silk Willoughby NG34 8Ny Tel: 01529 414505

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Sample Dishes


SPRING FISH Good Friday will prove even better when fresh fish is on the menu. This month we ask the county’s chefs to create a selection of starters and main courses utilising the freshest fruit de la mers... photos: Rob Davis

Poached Fillet of Cod on Saffron Mash with Spinach, Chorizo and Mussel Broth. Sebastopol Inn, Minting - 01507 578577.

<< Pan-fried fillet of tilapia, sat on Sofrito Potatoes with a Lime, Chilli and Pineapple salsa. The Red Lion, Caythorpe 01400 272632. >> Pan Fried Scallops with Beetroot Salad. Stallingborough Grange Hotel, Grimsby - 01469 561302.


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<< Pan fried Cod Fillet with Celariac and Lemon. The Bentley Hotel, North Hykeham 01522 878000.

<< Skewered King Prawns. The White Hart, Boston 01205 311900.

Charred fillet of Mackerel with Beetroot, Apple and Horseradish. The Chequers, Gedney Dyke - 01406 366700


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High quality wines are more accessible than ever, but what’s life without a little indulgence, asks Steep Hill Wines’s Ben Straw? This month we profile luxury wine just perfect for the occasional treat...

domaine Bertheau Bonnes-Mare Grand Cru 2004 - £105.95 The 6.5 hectares of this domaine are scattered over 53 different parcels. François produces some of the purest wines in Chambolle-Musigny. The wine is elegant and feminine with amazing complexity, depth and clarity. Shows soft red fruit flavours and a very faint hint of oak.

domaine des lambrays Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru les Folatieres 2004 - £63.95 Thierry Brouin’s near perfectly sited estate produces wines that are lush, long and elegant. This example has a lovely nose, showing minerals and white peaches. The fruit is also readily present on the palate. Citrusy with firm acidity and intense.

Tokay Classic Winery Tokaji aszu 5 puttonyos, hungary - £31.99 (50cl) Blending the local varietals Furmint, Hárslevelü and Muskotály (a Muscat clone) this dessert wine justly deserves it’s reputation. Rich, smooth and beautifully rounded in the mouth. Fresh apricot and citrus flavours are all present in an enveloping and long lasting mouthful.

hamilton russell Chardonnay, South africa - £19.95 Working only with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties, the Hamilton Russell family has found the perfect cool climate site in South Africa and are creating wines of exceptional complexity and finesse. Focused by bright natural acidity and a long, dry minerality.

Featured wines are available at Steep Hill Wines, Lincoln. Call 01522 544737 or see

domaine du vieux Télégraphe Châteauneufdu-Pape 2005 £49 Incredibly difficult to source outside of London, if you get the opportunity to try this wine don’t turn it down! The Brunier brothers run this magnificent estate and produce one of the best Châteauneuf-du-Papes in existence. Powerful and well-structured, with vibrant brambly fruit.


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WeLcome home

Inner City Style at


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Spring Hill School was shut in 1910 and was converted into six properties in 2003.

T h e r o p e r y, L i n co L n


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or anyone who wants to enjoy living Their eyes met across a crowded departure lounge, in Lincoln, finding a property that’s they struck up a conversation and the rest is history. close to the pubs and restaurants of However, with a move back to the US beckoning, the Bailgate and Steep Hill is tricky. couple are seeking new custodians for their des res with It’s trickier still to find a period its period exterior and contradictorily modern interior. property, not least one that’s as The Ropery is unique in the sense that it features a spacious and well-appointed as The Ropery. modern first floor apartment style living space. It’s the home of Jonathan and Stacey Fisher, who However, its located in a period building meaning it’s moved into the house just after it was converted from less sterile than modern developments, and features a derelict school into a development of six properties lots of character and architectural detail. in 2003. It also features four bedrooms situated on the ground Stacey is from the US, and moved to the county from Chicago. When the The house’s open plan layout appealed to Stacey who is couple were looking to live closer to software developer used to properties in the uS. It’s a sociable layout and Jonathan’s work, writing logistics programmes for has great ‘flow,’ with living areas on the first floor and large retail groups, they chose four bedrooms on the ground floor... Lincoln. That was because of its convenient transport links and good schools for their floor and a good deal more space than modern three daughters, Natashka, Naomi and Anja, each of apartments. That also allows The Ropey to take whom have since left home. advantage of the enviable views over the historic buildings around the former school and the Cathedral, The house suited the couple too - having spent a good which is beautifully illuminated and can be seen deal of time in the States both were used to apartment through the huge semi-circular dining room window. living and homes with sociable, open plan layouts. The way the property’s first floor is laid out facilitates Jonathan and Stacey met when he was on a business great flow and creates one large space for entertaining trip to the States and their planes were delayed at with two reception areas separated by the kitchen. Chicago airport.

The property has four bedrooms, an en-suite and two reception areas, and lots of quirky features like the spiral staircase to the living area on the first floor. 44

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Jonathan and Stacey reach the open plan kitchen, living room and dining room by way of a contemporary beech and ironwork spiral staircase.

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Open plan living at its most functional: the beech kitchen allows you to cook whilst still spending time with those in the dining room and living room.

T h e r o p e r y, L i n co L n 47

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This allows guests and cooks to stay together during dinner parties and keeps the family together back when the girls did their homework in the lounge and Stacey prepared meals food whilst Jonathan was working from the dining room table. The kitchen is finished in beech and frosted glass with glass bricks allowing light in from the entrance vestibule. Premium German appliances from names like AEG and Bosch include an integrated dishwasher, US fridge freezer and waste disposal unit. Four good-sized bedrooms and an en-suite on the ground floor provide good family-sized accommodation that extends to a pretty terraced garden outside. “The garden is a sort of triangle shape and when we started to renovate it we discovered that Spring Hill intersects a Roman villa. We had to obtain retrospective planning permission because the site was of such historic significance.” With two terraces, one adjacent to the kitchen and a larger decked area with feature lighting to the ground floor, The Ropery has a lovely sun-trap flanked by brand new beds with easy-to-manage planting. “We had 24 people staying with us for thanksgiving last year. It was great.” says Jonathan. “It’s a sociable house for entertaining and it’s really light and airy. We’ll miss the place a great deal, but we’re sure it’ll appeal to a family seeking a unique but practical family home with such a great location.”

The Ropery, Lincoln owners: Jonathan and Stacey Fisher. style: Former school converted in 2003 as part of a development of six properties. receptions: Two currently arranged as dining area and living area in the open plan first floor.

The large semi-circular windows feature brilliant views of the Cathedral and the other historic buildings in the quarter.

bedrooms: Four, with one en-suite. other features: Spiral staircase, first floor dining terrace and larger triangular terrace on the site of a former Roman villa with feature lighting and decking. Price: £420,000. estate agency: EMoov online estate agency. Telephone: 0843 634 4762. Website:


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With 4,000sq ft of Showroom Space and 25 full kitchens on display, you’ll find the kitchen of your dreams at Kitchen World... When you need a kitchen, you need choice, quality and expert advice. That’s why Kitchen World (Mansfield) Ltd, Nottinghamshire’s award winning kitchen retailer of contemporary and traditional kitchens, offers the range you need, with expert guidance and the reassurance of full project management. Kitchen World offers 4,000sq ft of showroom space, displaying over 25 complete kitchen installations. We also have our own 8,000 sq ft manufacturing department where your cabinets are made here on site to the specification of your choice. With made-to-measure cabinetry available and a ten year installation guarantee as standard, you’re assured of quality, and we even have fresh tea/coffee and a seating area to make choosing your next kitchen a comfortable, stress-free undertaking. We’ve over 60 years of experience and typically work with budgets from £10,000 to £70,000 so we’ve the expertise, the choice and the design talent to create the kitchen of your dreams...

Hallam Way, Old Mill Lane Ind Est, Mansfield, Woodhouse NG19 9BG 01623 651 435 Opening hours: Mon, Wed 9-5.30pm, Tues & Thurs 9-8pm, Sat 10-4pm. 49

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Unsurpassed Quality, Affordable Craftsmanship Bespoke Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms - full project management and free quotations

Peter Jackson Cabinet Makers Ltd Devereux Way, Horncastle LN9 6AU

Tel: 01507 527113 Web: Email:



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JB Engineering â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 30 years experience in gates and railings...

Security, Convenience and Peace of Mind... Keeping pets in and people out; powered gates and railings AV intercoms, security grilles and bespoke ironmongery... Call John Beeson for a free, no obligation design consultation

07931 510621 Corner Farm, Tattershall Road, Boston PE21 9NL. Email


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MODERN COLOuRS do you have traditional home, but want a modern kitchen that won’t date? No problem! Paul Trevor suggests using lilac and a light blue to reconcile the age of the property with a modern family... Over 53 years in business has ensured Colin Luesby Interiors has great expertise and a long list of satisfied customers, all with beautifully designed kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. His style trends for this season include this lilac kitchen by Marpatt with glossy silver-flecked Silestone-esque engineered stone worktops. “The client who chose this had an older home and wanted a modern kitchen, but wanted to ensure it wouldn’t date. The cabinetry can be repainted at a later date in line with changing fashions but for now this is a really different, stylish colour that reconciles the traditional sash windows and cornices with the modern furniture.” Offering full project management and in-house design and installation, the company’s Paul Trevor says; “The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s the place where families spend most of their time so it’s important that it’s a room that looks great and works practically too. Helping customers to find their dream kitchen really is what we do best!”

more information: Colin luesby Interiors, Market Place, Swineshead, lincolnshire PE20 3lJ. Tel: 01205 820215.


For more information see

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Purple reigns Colin Luesby’s kitchen uses a lilac colour, but for a stronger accent colour here are our suggestions to prove that purple reigns...

Le Creuset cookware in Cassis; £85 (16cm) - £105 (£20cm);

Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer, in berry from Oldrids; £429,

with Colin Luesby

Aga Total Control electric cooker, £9,895;

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PuRE WHITE Gleaming white clean lines are a feature of this kitchen, suggested by Inhaus design’s Paul Pheby, ideal for a modern home where lots of light and style are on the client’s wish list... Take a look at the spectacular kitchens supplied by Lincoln based Inhaus Design and you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the firm is prohibitively expensive. But with sleek looking kitchens supplied from just £5,000, the firm can work with practically any budget, and have both the expertise and flair for designing your dream kitchen. “We specialise in contemporary German kitchens with sleek looks and excellent engineering, but we also sell British-made kitchens for traditional homes too.” says Paul. “We recommend Silestone work surfaces like those used here and install Blanco sinks and taps because they really are of exceptionally high quality.” The company is also a NEFF MasterPartner and so install the highest quality German appliances. Inhaus also provides a free design and consultation service with a range of Rak ceramics and porcelain tiles. With 20 years experience and as a family owned business, they’ve both the stylish ranges and the customer service to ensure their reputation is nothing short of perfect. more information: 173 Burton road, lincoln, lincolnshire lN13lW. Tel: 01522 845008.


For more information see

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Coffee Break Enjoy a luxury coffee break with all you need to create a strong, creamy cappuccino without Organic, fairtrade Costa Rica coffee beans, leaving your kitchen... £11.48/500g,

with Inhaus Design

Villeroy & Boch New Wave coffee cup RRP £15.95, outlet shopping price £11.15 from dedicated store at Springfields, Spalding.

Miele Barista bean to cup coffee machine tested to 20yrs use; £1,395,


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METaLLIC COLOuR With well in excess of 5,000 kitchen and bedroom door styles and colours to choose from, Kitchen World is possibly one of the East Midland’s largest kitchen showrooms boasting the largest choice of products to choose from. But scale and style meet customer service as david Bower presents this stunning metallic blue kitchen... With a metallic blue sheen and sparkling white surfaces this a really cheerful popular look; “It’s so modern and clean, however, it also incorporates some very practical values, like low maintenance, due to the products included.” says David Bower of Kitchen World. “Our job is to offer advice and customer service to complement our great choice of products.” The ultimate kitchen retailer, with over 500 different colours, Kitchen World has around 30 full sized kitchens on display in over 4,000sq ft of showroom space in Mansfield Woodhouse. With probably the largest choice of kitchens, appliances, sinks, taps, and work surfaces in the entire East Midlands, the company creates and manufactures all of its kitchen cabinetry in house, offering completely bespoke cabinetry at no additional cost and ensuring ultimate precision and quality every time. From supply-only kitchens to fully installed projects using one of its own ‘in-house’ installation teams, the company can cater for every customer need, including minor building works, plastering, electrical installations, gas installations and all types of wall and floor tiling. Kitchen World can offer the best prices for the highest quality products, regularly working with budgets from £10,000 to £70,000. more information: Old Mill lane Industrial Estate, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield, Notts NG19 9BG. Tel: 01623 651435.


For more information see

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Tap Trio designer style for your sink - but this trio of taps are smarter than your average examples with boiling or filtered water on demand...

with Kitchen World

No more limescale; Brita tap with in-built filter system; RRP £279

Kill the kettle; on-demand boiling water tap by Quooker RRP £850;

Franke chef’s tap with pull-out nozzle RRP £300 available from


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Left; Ariege monastery table with optional eight chairs. Below; Chichester bedroom suite in bespoke finish. Tempur pillow and mattress for the ultimate night’s sleep. Bottom; Duresta Lansdown grand sofa in grey marl with raspberry stripe.




Buy a Future Heirloom: Quality is a theme that runs through every product stocked by Lees of Grimsby. Ariege is a refectory table in solid walnut, with space for eight chairs. Built to last a lifetime, it’s a future heirloom; 240cm-330cm, £call.


Create Comfort: Warm gray and soft tones create the most restful bedrooms. Chichester is a beautifully made suite that’s pretty enough for a princess, grand enough for a lord and can be handpainted in a range of colours; £1,195/super king.


Sleep Well: Once you’ve experienced Tempur you’ll never go back - look after your back with a range of pillows from £85 and double mattress from £1,275.


Create your Own Sofa: Duresta’s gorgeous Lansdowne is available in grand, three or two seater sofas, reading chairs, statement chairs and both run-up stools and ottomans. Choose from seven wood or three metal finishes, four fillings and a range of fabrics and hides; £2,369/three seater. 60

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Business Feature

Lees of Grimsby


Buy The Best: Every so often, a product is sold that is peerless in quality. Stressless’s Arion is one such example. Choose from medium or large recliners and low or high sofas, as well as corner sofas and configurable corner groups, and enjoy the comfort and luxury of the firm’s Glide system providing unsurpassed support for your neck and back when you recline, adjusting automatically to your weight. Smooth swivel action, sleep function, lumbar support and adjustable footstools all create a blissful range of living room furniture that is, simply, the best. Choose from fabric or leather; £1,369/high back recliner and buy with confidence, knowing Lees is one of the county’s best Stressless specialists with a huge range in-store.

Our Spring trends are presented by Lees of Grimsby - they may have over a century of experience as furnishers of distinction, but their products are right up to date. Visit their large Grimsby showroom; Victoria Street, Grimsby, DN31 1BJ or call 01472 353 251. Alternatively, see 61

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CREATING BEAuTIFuL HoMES SPECIALISING IN HERITAGE ANd ARCHITECTuRAL JoINERy ANd IN THE CREATIoN oF GARdEN RooMS ANd LuxuRIouS BESPoKE KITCHENS, THERE’S LITTLE THAT CRAFTSMEN CHRISTIAN dALES ANd RoB WRIGHT doN’T KNoW ABouT THEIR TRAdE... For MG dales’s MD Christian Dales and Manager Rob Wright, the mission statement is simple - create beautiful joinery items that are impeccably crafted, with service to match to ensure the business’s reputation continues to thrive throughout Lincolnshire and surrounding counties.

rooms, and has a multitude of experience working to create the interiors of day spas & shop fronts as well as kitchens covering any budget and complex curved staircases, doors, windows and garden rooms to compliment existing period properties or new builds.

No two days are the same for the architectural joiners, who work on domestic & commercial commissions, from single pieces to complete homes, with budgets from just a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.

Working in timbers including mahogany, walnut, oak, cherry and wenge, and providing a full project management service including building works, plumbing & electrical works, MG Dales still makes every effort to ensure it provides customer satisfaction, as well as stunning joinery.

Christian leads an 11-strong team of experts from a purposebuilt 10,000sq ft workshop with the latest equipment, and personally oversees the architectural design and drawing of each project to ensure customers are happy. Says Christian; “What’s important to us is that our staff are really well trained and take pride in their work. Each piece is hand-finished and our joinery items are customdesigned to ensure our customers are delighted with everything we do for them.” The team has over 200 years of combined experience and offers a full fitting service. MG Dales can also undertake renovation work on existing buildings or


“Heritage work is really important to us, we are genuinely interested in preserving the areas architecture” says manager Rob Wright. “We have completed projects on Grade I listed churches, stately homes, listed properties and modern homes. Everything we make is truly bespoke and we are passionate about quality and insist every job we install maintains our reputation” says Christian. Over 40 years after its creation, the company’s reputation is impeccable, its joinery is beautiful and its ethos remains firmly intact, making MG Dales the county’s trusted family firm for beautiful, well-made joinery items.

£ MG dalES To find out more call 01205 760 275 or see

£ MEET ThE TEaM Above/Right: Manager Rob Wright and owner Christian Dales show the hand-finished quality of MG Dales’s bespoke joinery. Above: Local authority award winning garden room.

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Business Feature: MG



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THE EVENT Wainfleet Young Farmers Dinner Dance Over 150 of the county’s Young Farmers were out in force recently as the Wainfleet group met as Skegness’s Southview Park Hotel held their annual Dinner Dance. The event included a three course meal, dancing and the usual Young Farmers revelry. The group meets on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm at Wainfleet Village Hall, with new members welcome.

Words and photos: Dave Ibbotson, Class Images

The event was held at Skegness’s Southview Park Hotel.

Feature your event in our magazine. 64

call 01529 469977 and speak to our events Desk...

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The farmers meet weekly at Wainfleet Village Hall.

view all the photographs from this event online. visit


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Protecting History If you think your home is in need of a spring clean, spare a thought for the conservators and history buffs at The National Trust. Stately homes across our county may not have as many visitors in the winter months, but their list of ‘behind the scenes’ jobs is considerable...


1 - LINCS Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:33 Page 67

THE ESTaTE Putting

When historic houses are ‘put to bed’ an army of conservators and volunteers set to work covering up soft furnishings to prevent damage from elements like light and moisture.


reserving the county’s historic properties may seem like a matter of putting up velvet ropes to prevent the errant visiting public from bouncing on the beds. Unfortunately, even when one compensates for the inadvertent or recklessly ruinous nature of the public, dust, light and moisture still threaten the contents of our most precious properties. Leading the fight to prolong the life of our heritage is the National Trust, and its army of conservators ably assisted by volunteers - waging war against the damaging elements that are slowly causing the destruction of the county’s historic properties. Every year, thousands of visitors enjoy a trip to privately owned stately homes like Burghley House, Belvoir Castle, and National Trust’s properties such as Belton House.

Before spring, the county’s historic houses have set to work embarking on the preservation, repair and inspection of each of the house’s precious contents to ensure the generations that follow can enjoy them Usually these close over winter, not just to save money on staffing costs, but to ensure curators can complete vital conservation work. Light is the first enemy; and whilst it comes as little surprise that light is the natural enemy of oil paintings and watercolours, both artificial light and sunlight can be just as harmful to materials like timber and ebony. The damage - caused by both ultraviolet and infrared radiation - is both irreversible and cumulative. It can, however, be mitigated by a film that historic houses put over their windows to filter it out of the spectrum.

the House to Bed

The amount of light allowed to enter the property is always carefully judged, it’s measured in intensity (‘lux’) and duration, whilst out of hours, blackout blinds are employed, particularly when the house is ‘put to bed.’ Another enemy of the conservator is humidity, with organic materials susceptible to dessication, especially with materials such as wood and parchment, which can shrink, crack of become embrittled. Property managers tend to use ‘conservation heating’ even in summer months to ensure the relative humidity of a room never falls below 40%, or less than 5°c warmer than the outside temperature. That’s why stately homes and visitor attractions put the heating on during the summer months and leave the property feeling too chilly for comfort during the winter months. With heat, humidity and decades, sometime centuries, of display taking their toll on oil paintings, a full professional restoration of a priceless piece of artwork involves a delicate surface clean to remove damage from oily fingerprints, dust and even the damage caused by an insect walking across it. This is usually accomplished by dusting each piece of art with a pony-hair brush directing dust towards a covered vacuum cleaner nozzle. A deeper clean involves removing the existing layer of varnish and, in extreme cases, repainting the piece using conservation ‘filler’ and new pigments before revarnishing it. When a property is put to bed, works such as rewiring and other larger works are completed, and with these necessitating natural light, objects are covered up with acid-free paper both to shield them from light and dust, and to enable properties to rotate their collections. In the case of rugs and carpets, tissue paper prevent the carpet from squashing up against itself and also helps to prevent damage from pests. These can include shredders like the clothes moth, borers like woodworm and carpetworm, and insects

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Only eight tapestries have been restored in the last decade at a cost of up to two million pounds each... Every item is meticulously dusted as dust that has been left to settle requires more aggressive cleaning. Pony hair brushes sweet dust into a low-suction vacuum cleaner.

Images: Chris Lacey, Ian Shaw, Megan Taylor. With thanks to 68

like silverfish which can also graze on the paper used. In addition to specialists such as art restorers, stately homes also have a number of other specialisms to call upon, including clock conservators and textile repair specialists who repair soft furnishings and tapestries using techniques including passing a water and detergent solution through the tapestry as many as four times to release soiling. Tapestries needing repair are hand-stitched, with the addition of new linen backings and missing areas of silk and wool weft using matching thread types. It’s an expensive business, with English Heritage helping to restore eight tapestries over the past decade at a cost of up to £1.7m each. Finally, with the property’s precious furnishings taken care of, it’s time for a thorough vacuum of the property in time for visitors in the spring. Special conservation vacuums have much less suction and are

usually portable, taking the form of either shoulder mounted or belt mounted design. Nozzles are covered and pony hair brushes are used to direct dust towards the nozzle. For furnishings that are vacuumed directly, a layer of gauze is placed to prevent friction from the nozzle damaging delicate fibres. Every carpet, all soft furnishings and every piece of woodwork is vacuumed to prevent a build-up of dust. This can cause physical damage and chemical alteration - and left in place for a long time, binds strongly to a surface necessitating even more complex cleaning. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and a real labour of love. Whilst most of us resent the ritual of a spring clean, for the county’s conservators, it’s the most important time of the year. Putting an historic house to bed for the winter is a chance to lavish a little TLC on a historic property to ensure many more can enjoy its treasures for years to come.

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THE ESTaTE Putting

the House to Bed

£ BElTON hOuSE House; £10.45 adult, £6.81 child, Winter grounds open from £3.40/adults in March. built in the late 17th century and set amidst 1300 acres of gardens and parkland, belton house was designed to impress. For centuries it was the scene of lavish hospitality with the brownlow family enjoying many royal connections.

£ BElvOIr CaSTlE Castle and Grounds open from Easter; 11am-5pm, £15/adults, £12 concessions. belvoir castle, standing high on a hill overlooking 2,500 acres of woodland, is at the centre of a vibrant community which continues to thrive and celebrate traditional values. Well-renowned shooting venue and parkland with events throughout spring and summer.

£ BurGhlEy hOuSE Gardens of Surprise open until 15th March. House and grounds open 16th March; £12.50/adults, £11.20/concessions, £6.30 children. burghley, one of the largest and grandest houses of the first elizabethan age. built and mostly designed by William cecil, Lord high Treasurer to Queen elizabeth i, between 1555 and 1587.

£ GrIMSThOrPE CaSTlE Grounds and Castle open from March; castle park and gardens £10.50/adults, £9.50/concessions. grimsthorpe has been the home of the de eresby family since 1516, when it was granted by henry viii to the 11th baron Willoughby de eresby. vanbrugh north front and 3,000 acres of parkland.


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THE EVENT Washingborough Hall Wedding Fair Boutique hotel Washingborough Hall recently held a wedding fair organised by the venue’s Lucy Herring to promote itself alongside local businesses to brides-to-be in the county. The event was a chance for couples to meet each supplier informally, taste a little wedding cake and view some of the beautiful dresses available to them. images: aperture

Doves For Love.

Kiss A Frog Cake Toppers.

Feature your event in our magazine. 70

call 01529 469977 and speak to our events Desk...

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Washingborough Hall Wedding Fair

Christine and Carol of Travel Counsellors.

Belle & Bouquet’s Maggie Blackband.

Watson’s Face Place.

view all the photographs from this event online. visit


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, What s On in March £ dISCOvEr lINCOlNShIrE many of Lincoln’s attractions will be open free of charge during Discover Lincolnshire Weekend from 16th to 17th march, as part of english Tourism Week. as well as enjoying the shopping and food available throughout Lincoln, visitors and residents alike can also explore some of Lincolnshire’s most fascinating attractions absolutely free of charge! Lincoln Cathedral has a rich and varied history that can best be experienced by exploring it first-hand. visit Lincoln Castle to discover one of the city’s true historic gems, offering nearly 1,000 years of jaw-dropping history ranging from epic battles to the hangings of criminals and ghostly tales. meanwhile, Lincoln’s Guildhall is the

official home of the city’s mayor and houses Lincoln’s fine collection of insignia. Finally, visit the Museum of Lincolnshire Life to explore large and significant collections and exhibits covering all aspects of Lincoln’s social history. 01522 545458

£ BOOTlEG BEaTlES saturday 16th march, grimsby auditorium, tickets from £27. re-live the sights and sounds of the sixties as the world's premier beatles band returns with their spectacular two hour multi-media stage production featuring all the classic beatles hits. using film footage of the period and 'with a little help from' their regular brass and string ensemble, the show traces the history of the Fab Four from Liverpool's cavern club through sgt pepper to The apple rooftop in what has now become one of the ‘not to miss’ annual traditions of the season’s calendar. it's not the beatles but you simply won't believe it! 01472 311300

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£ dISCOvEr lINCOlN: This spectacular image was taken by Dick makin, commissioned by ruddocks, who supplied the 80ft image to cover scaffolding outside Lincoln cathedral during its two year restoration.

£ hOrSE TrIalS

£ a TOuCh OF GlaSS

£ ThE haIry BIkErS

The Lincolnshire horse Trials returns, with spectators able to enjoy watching both local and internationally acclaimed eventing competitors.

enjoy the spectacular work of Luke Jerram at sleaford’s national centre for craft and Design throughout march.

The hairy bikers are coming to scunthorpe! simon King and fellow biker Dave myers will be bringing their tour to The baths hall this month.

Witness the pageantry of dressage, excitement of showjumping and page of cross-country competition at pre-novice, novice and intermediate levels, on the county’s showground. Last year saw Laura collett take the top accolade whilst William Fox-pitt on oslo and piggy French on Jakata took third and 15th respectively. also on the weekend - 15th-17th march there is the Joules big sale, held in the exhibition hall of the epic centre. entry to both events is £5/car. For more information contact 0845 606 6871.

The artist is revealing The invisible recreating viruses, bacteria and 3D computer data in the medium of glass a spectacular blend of science and art. 01529 308710

“it’s now been over two years since we did our last stage tour, and we can’t wait to do it all over again. We’re not just giving you a show, we’re giving you a real night out!” “ There will be some cooking, a sprinkling of special guests you all know and love, and a chance for some of our lucky audience members to enjoy a slap up meal on stage! We also promise a bit of dancing, a bit of flirting, a bit of singing, and some downright hilarious stand-up comedy!” Wednesday, 13th march, 7.30pm, tickets £25; call 0844 854 2776.

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The ULTIMATE Combat Gaming Experience Airsoft is a military simulation game similar to paintball. It costs a lot less to play, it hurts less and uses realistic looking replica weapons.

Two unique sites and different styles of gaming. Fight in and around buildings or in the woods and undergrowth. The games run with two teams, each are given objectives which they have to try and achieve. Competitive Prices Private, corporate and open days catered for.

01733 247171 Designed by email: Airsoft Shop


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£ buDDLeia

£ supporT peonies This monTh



£ spring LaWns Make sure your lawn springs back into life this month by giving your turf a little TLC. Hopefully you had your mower serviced before you ‘put it to bed’ - if not, seek out a reputable specialist; if you look after your mower, it’ll last for years to come. Lawnmowers are designed to last year after year, unlike most domestic appliances. When you come to make the first cut, set the lawnmower a bit higher than normal and only mow if the grass is completely dry. Remove the cuttings for the first cut as it’ll make great compost. Thereafter, you can collect your clippings or mulch them into your lawn to feed your lawn as you cut. Avoid using mulching blades if your lawn is plagued by moss or weeds - you’ll shred them deep into the lawn and help them to germinate. Alternatively, if your lawn isn’t up to scratch, this is an excellent month to use three in one weed-killer, grass seed and moss prevention products, or to sow a new lawn. 76

To do so, choose the right seed blend for your needs (seeds designed for shaded areas, for example, or with ryegrass for a harder-wearing lawn if you’ve children or pets). Budget around 75g or seed per square metre and sow onto weed-free fine tilth. Keep well watered as seedlings are susceptible to drought and cover with netting to discourage birds.

£ march pruning This is the month to make the most of your pruning shears and loppers, especially on shrubs like buddleia. It’s fair to say you can decimate a buddleia right up to the summer months and still be rewarded with rapid growth and a colourful display of purple flowers. Invest in decent quality sharp secateurs & loppers that won’t snag and will make a clean cut. Telescopic loppers are particularly good for providing good leverage and more power for use on thicker branches. Bypass secateurs are more suitable for lighter pruning and delicate stems whilst anvil secateurs are designed for woodier stems like those on buddleia. you can prune your shrub roses and climbing roses now, and this is also the perfect time to prune heathers and mahonias. Prune shrub roses down to between ten and fifteen centimetres above the ground, and dispose of the pruned branches.

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£ pLanTing onions

£ hanging basKeTs Pansies and primroses are perfect for hanging baskets - use one colour or mix and match.

Onions, shallots and garlic can all be planted outside this month.

£ pLanT perenniaLs

£ KiTchen garDen

£ a greaT gaDgeT

Plant and protect perennials in March to ensure you have a great display in the summer months.

Once the weather starts to get a little warmer, it’s time to get planting in the kitchen garden. A number of vegetable crops can be grown this month, from beans and peas to carrots, salad crops and onions, including shallots and garlic.

Bosch’s Isio is a fantastic shaping and edging tool that’s rechargeable, light and easy to use. With two blades and an optional long-handled extension, it can be used to trim around walls and shrubs, edge lawns, and tidy up hedges.

Cut down perennials that remain from winter, lifting and dividing clumps and splitting polyanthus once they’ve finished flowering. For those plants that need extra support, install canes for poppies, peonies and delphiniums. This will give them extra support to grow independently of support in the summer months. you can also plant summer flowering bulbs now, using multi-purpose compost and a scattering of bonemeal, and now is the perfect time to create great-looking hanging baskets with pansies, viola and primroses, densely packed and well-watered. depending on whether you’re seeking formal English borders or a look that’s more influenced by wild flower meadows, you can also sow calendula, cornflowers and poppies.

Early season potatoes can also be planted outside at the end of the month so if you haven’t done so already, these should be chitted by storing in a cool light place with the heavily chitted ends facing upwards once they start to sprout.

It’s so handy and light and because it remains on charge until it’s needed, it’s the kind of gadget you’ll use often it’s so convenient and quick. RRP; £45,

Those with a glasshouse should also get ahead in time for summer by planting tomatoes, peppers and other salads but check each manufacturers’ recommended temperatures and wait until warmer weather if necessary. Prune fruit trees (being diligent with regard to making sure these are well-supported) and plant pot-grown fruit trees as well as strawberries and rhubarb, adding moist organic mulch and watering well. 77

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Five Garden Ideas If you’d like to give your garden a quick, easy lift, gardening expert Nicola Woods has some great ideas that are easy to implement but will make a big difference to your garden...

‘Water-n’ easy project: Gardman’s self-contained features retail from around £250 - available with solar panel; no plumbing or power supply required! 80

1 - LINCS Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:34 Page 81


Five Simple Projects to Improve Your Garden

“Just one afternoon can transform your garden.” says Four Season Garden Centre’s Nicola Woods. “The great thing about an independent garden centre like ours is the ability to offer advice on how to make your garden look great with as little effort as possible.” “We’ve the knowledge and the ranges, and here, we’ve five simple projects anyone can complete in just one afternoon that will make a big difference to your garden.” Look After Your Lawn Repairing your lawn is easy with products such as Evergreen Complete (£8.99/80sq m) which is a 4 in 1, or the feed and seed Patch Magic (£9.99/750g). We also supply applicators to make the job easy no matter what the size of your lawn. Expect results in just three weeks! Water Feature Gardman’s range of water features are easy to install self-contained models are solar-powered and recycle their water. Made in weatherproof resin, they range from £250.

Feed the Birds Gardman’s range of next boxes (from £8.99) and feeders will encourage birds into you garden. They’ll help to control pests like slugs and snails too! Make Your Pruning Easier Pruning will neaten up your garden and encourage new growth. Invest in bypass shears for light duty pruning and anvil shears for thicker branches. Quality brands like Wilkinson Sword start from £12.99.

£Our ideas are from Nicola Woods of Four Seasons Garden Centre on London Road, Sleaford, near Quarrington. For expert advice and great products call 01529 304970. £Visit your local independent garden centre for a wealth of free advice and ideas for garden projects. They’ve the knowledge and the equipment, so don’t feel embarrassed to ask their advice!

Get Your Growing Going Four Seasons has a range of seeds for getting your growing going - a propagator from Gardman’s Grow It range will provide light flexible storage from young plants and will enable you to get crops like seed potatoes off to a healthy start, broadening the range of what you plant. For more information see 81

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Paul Babcock is a farmer with Riverford Organic Farms - potato crops generally are poor, though this is keeping prices higher. The company delivers 40,000 veg boxes each week and has farms across the UK. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s veg boxes start from ÂŁ10.45 including delivery and include potatoes, onions and carrots as well as seasonal veg. See for details. 82

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ON THE FARM: BARRY POSTON Farmers across the region are counting the cost of poor weather and low yields. Fields are sodden and many still have standing water. Those in the arable sector will be hoping for kinder weather this season...


n March most of the county’s farmers minds will be concentrated on the improvement of their soil structures following the excess rain during the winter. Fields that were growing sugar beet and potatoes were seriously damaged during the harvest of these crops. Very careful cultivation will be required and the soil must be left to dry out before putting heavy machines on these damaged areas. I believe shallow busting and ploughing will be the best treatment. It has been an ideal time to inspect and clear any tunnel ends and drain pipe outlets during the wet winter conditions. Many drainage pipes have been found to be running out of pipes put in 40 or 50 years ago. As mentioned in previous editions, many thanks are due to the efforts of farmers and drainage boards in low-lying areas who keep our dykes and drains running. There’s a further consequence to soggy ground; waterlogged soil has a very low oxygen levels, and as oxygen is vital to ensure healthy growth, there’s no doubt that many winter wheat and rape crops will have been unable to sustain their health as well over the winter and early spring. We expect their final yields will suffer accordingly. With below average acreages sown and poor growing conditions, it would appear that 2013 yields will be relatively

low across the arable sector, although spring sown wheat and rape never yield as well as winter crops. Those farmers growing potatoes will be very pleased to see prices much higher, unfortunately this has only occurred because of below average yields and greater damage when lifting the later fields in bad conditions. One wonders how high prices will go before the public refuses to buy and change to imported produce. My mind goes back to 1976 when prices reached a similar level to those existing today... although, with inflation factored in, current prices are still not as great as then. Sugar beet has turned out to be an average crop in yield and prices. However with adverse weather conditions, most growers have struggled to lift their later acreage with the consequent damage to the soil and the impossibility of sowing a winter wheat crop on these soils. All arable farmers will be looking forward to ‘kind’ weather throughout spring to sow and establish their crops in tricky soil conditions. Although it would appear that we will be unlikely to see ‘record’ crops in 2013. It is to be hoped that prices will be maintained and possibly increased to help farmers to cover their ever-increasing costs.

Words: Barry Poston


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Spring Flowers

Flow er s W

Make the most of your Spring blooms with ďŹ ve top ideas for creating easy, dramatic and beautiful arrangements for your home...

ith local florists, farm shops, markets and even supermarkets providing fresh flowers thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no excuse for not keeping a cheerful arrangement of blooms in your entrance hall or on your table. With a few tips from florist Helen Jane, however, you can create professional looking arrangements that are technically easy but rich in style... here are our suggestions! >> >> Styling and Text: Helen Jane.


2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:21 Page 86

Even a simple bunch of tulips can look effective tied using raffia with some twigs from the garden. The bunch was cut at different lengths and tied to give the arrangement some shape.

2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:21 Page 87

Spring Flowers

Pink and Lilac Hand Tied Posy The arrangement on our opening spread is a special spring bouquet for a special person, which smells beautiful too! Mixing colours that are close together on the colour wheel always works well, and this range of pink and lilac flowers is very soothing. Pale pink hyacinths have been mixed with deeper pink roses and ranunculus and branches of lilac to form a hand tied design.


lowers are available in such abundance nowadays that there’s really no excuse for not having some in your home throughout the whole of spring. Whilst we’d always advocate a trip to your local florist or farm shop, the designs we’ve featured here use blooms that you’re likely to find in the supermarket or, perhaps a little later in spring, ones from your own garden. These are combined with filler foliage like the cherry branches pictured opposite and accessorised with material like raffia. Hand Tied Bouquet of Yellow Tulips If you ever needed proof that less is more, our vase of tulips, pictured opposite, is just that. Bright spring flowers

The secret to flower arranging for beginners, she says, is to use seasonal blooms and ensure the designs are light on technique but heavy on colour and style look fantastic in a simple hand tied bunch. Spiral the stems, adding in a few branches of buds, then bind with raffia – this will help the flowers to fan out. Tulips, like other springflowering bulbs, continue to grow when cut so you might need to trim them every few days. With cut flowers it’s important to use floristry scissors and to cut at angles to enable the flowers to draw in as much water as possible. Helen recommends cut flower food to more than double the life of your cut flowers.

Teapot Arrangement with Freesias Just about anything can be filled with flowers! Over the page, a decorative teapot has been filled with floral foam (Oasis) and the outline of the design formed by adding foliage, before arranging the flowers in place. This design uses white and yellow ranunculus, which is a lovely spring flower with masses of petals, together with lilac-blue freesias. After soaking the foam, start from the top and work across the top and then downwards, working at opposites to separate and divide colour evenly; the finished design should be fairly tightly packed. “Again, it’s a technique that’s easy to master but allows you to exercise the kind of creativity, that makes arranging flowers a really rewarding pastime.” says Helen. Cream Jug with Mixed Flower Posy For a pretty country-style arrangement, take a handful of flowers in different shapes and sizes and hand tie them. Use spires of creamy stocks, masses of tiny blue lilac flowers and the round golden yellow blooms of ranunculus all working together to give a variety of texture and form – the trick is to spread the different flowers through the design. When stocks come in season in the next couple of months they represent a great low-cost filler flower, which provides the opportunity to introduce a slightly more expensive ‘feature’ flower like ranunculus or freesia. This design is also really strongly and sweetly scented, making it great for reception rooms. Blue Jug with Muscari and Ranunculus Blue and white make a lovely, fresh colour combination. Try mixing blue muscari with pretty white ranunculus, using the same spiral technique to create a small hand tied bunch. Keep the colour scheme simple by using a jug to pick up the colour of the muscari. 87

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Spring Flowers

Our florist, Helen Jane, gave up a career in financial services and now runs her own company creating floral designs for weddings and corporate events. She also runs workshops for one to six attendees with all materials included.

2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:21 Page 89

Our floral advice comes from Helen Jane.

helen has created five arrangements for your home that are really easily recreated - moreover they feature seasonal flowers, many of which can be grown in your garden... Also known as grape hyacinth, Muscari grows in abundance in English gardens, making this a great arrangement for anyone seeking to grow and use their own flowers in their arrangements. The hardy flowers grow best in full sun and well-drained soil, great for beginners and - as they spread quickly - they’re ideal for growing in pots. “Especially if you’ve no experience of floristry, it’s important to create designs that are light on technique, easy to produce but give scope for some degree of creativity.” says Helen. “Your pot or container is as much a part of your arrangement as the flowers themselves, and our blue jug is a perfect example of how both take equal precedence, with your choice of flowers being influenced by their new home.” “I was working as an accountant and latterly in the banking sector when I discovered that working in

the garden could be a really good antidote to the daily commute and life stuck in an office.” “The fact that I could then pick and arrange flower from the garden and have fresh flowers in my home was a real bonus.” Helen gave up her career to pursue a City & Guilds course, and was soon asked to produce wedding flowers for family and friends. Completing a third level C&G, and demonstrating at Chelsea in 2011, she now produces floral arrangements for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. Summer 2012 saw her creating a number of evening and half-day courses for up to six beginners who want to gain a few tips for using flowers in their home. This month, she’ll be hosting a series of events themed around Mother’s Day and Easter expanding upon the techniques and ideas we’ve used here.

£ FlowerS For MoTher’S DAy Saturday 9th March: Learn the hand tied technique by making a small posy of spring flowers and a gift wrapped bouquet suitable to be given as a gift. 9.30am - 12.30, cost £60.

£ eASTer BouqueT AnD TABle cenTre Wednesday 27th March: Saturday 30th March: Make floral table arrangements and bouquets for Easter using gorgeous spring flowers. Evening workshop: 6.30pm - 8.30pm, cost £40. Saturday workshop; 9.30am - 12.30, cost £60. To book a place on one of Helen’s workshops, call: 07852 100982, or see


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Atlas Mountain Rose gift set RRP £46, outlet price £29.90 from The Body Shop Outlet.

Heathcote & Ivory gift set from Festival Garden Centre, RRP £9, outlet price £4.50.

World’s Best Mum heart RRP £8 outlet price £4, frame with motif RRP £16 outlet price £8 from The Gift Company.

Florentyna cream bath 475ml RRP £9.50 now £6.50 from M&S Outlet.

Mugs from The Gift Company RRP £8 (red) £6 (cream), outlet price £4, £3 – that’s half price!

THE WISH LIST I Love Mum wooden stand cut-out, RRP £12, outlet price £7 from The Gift Company.

2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:21 Page 91

Sterling silver jewellery set with embedded rose. Pendant with 18 in silver chain RRP £45, outlet price £22.50. Matching earrings RRP £35, outlet price £19.99. Bangle RRP £49.99, outlet price £34.99 from Event Jewellery.


Springfields Outlet Shopping Doris Scotty Dog doorstop, RRP £22.50, now £14 from M&S Outlet.

Thorntons Milk Collection (back) RRP £10, outlet price £5. Love Milk (foreground) RRP £6, outlet price £3. Mum’s Lovely collection (right) RRP £15, outlet price £10 from Thorntons.

Floral cupcake tin and recipe book RRP £12.00, now £8.50 from M&S Outlet.

Over 55 retail outlets and a wealth of branded products make Springfields near Spalding one of the region’s best shopping destinations. Here we’ve collected some of the centre’s best offers from various retailers for Mother’s Day gifts ideas. The centre has been open since 2004 and now boasts outlet shopping with savings of up to 75%, every single day, as well as 25 acres of beautiful gardens and numerous places to enjoy a bite to eat. From The Kitchen (a new concept featuring a bakery, restaurant and bar) to Springfields Garden Centre Restaurant and Costa Coffee, there are plenty of opportunities for a brief respite from shopping. As well as the Play Barn with their new Jurassic Golf attraction to keep the children amused. This season represents the perfect time to discover Springfields for yourself, with great gift ideas plus the best fashions for spring and summer. Open until 6pm (5pm Sunday) and offering late night shopping on Thursday until 8pm.

Yankee Candle Reed diffuser; RRP £10.99, outlet price £5.49 each or 3 for £12.99 from Hallmark.

Tel: 01775 760 909. Find us on Facebook & Twitter

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} Weddings }


Casarine Paget and David Hills When you’re planning a wedding, time is of the essence and organisation is crucial. But what if you have just four weeks to plan the happiest day of your life? Simple, just take a few tips from this month’s featured bride! Seven years to propose, four weeks to plan the day, and a newborn baby to take care of? “No problem!” says Casarine Hills, nee Paget! Photos: Contact:

Ali Lovegrove Photography 07735 974 799,

2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:22 Page 94

pe ar ls so “C as arin e w as alrea dy a fan of hen pi ck in g th ey w ere th e ob vi ous ch oi ce wellery ... ” th e statement w edding je w

flo w er b lue n r o c e s o h c e W lou r fo r sa a h ig h lig h t dc oc up c akes .. . ou r flo w er s an

2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:22 Page 95


The wedding took place at a boutique hotel after Casarine found herself underwhelmed by the local registration office.

We planned our wedding in a month!


ave and I were introduced by my mother nine years ago. Dave was working as a fitness instructor at our local gym where I was employed as a receptionist. We became firm friends and our friendship grew. He waited well over seven years before he plucked up the courage to pop the question, on a relaxing weekend break to Palma where we revelled in the excitement at having just found out we were going to become parents too.

Washingborough Hall, our guest list consisting of 17 of our absolute closest friends and family. Still carrying some baby weight meant I was a bit restricted with the shape of dress I could have. Even then, I was restricted by time. After two weeks, I found a gorgeous boutique which had several dresses I liked and chose a stunning A-line, lace dress with little capped sleeves and a beautiful keyhole back.

We plan on having a wedding party later on in the year to Just days after our son was born, Dave found out he was to be made redundant. The job hunt ended in gainful employment... Dave waited over seven years to propose, but because but in Abu Dhabi! To move there as a family, we needed to be married, and fast.

of the move to Abu Dhabi, we had just four weeks to plan our wedding, which made things interesting!

That gave us four weeks to plan the day! Once the date was set, we started with the venue, guest list, menu and then the practical things such as the registrar and giving notice.

Dave and I would have loved to plan the day together but he was busy preparing for the move. I organised our ‘little big day’ with the intention of it being a simple paperwork exercise. However, I felt the registration office lacked charm and convinced Dave that we should get married at

celebrate in style with a larger group of friends and family. We’ll have the opportunity to do all the things we didn't have time to plan the first time around. We'll have a proper cake, a first dance, bridesmaids and groomsmen and a honeymoon. Although, for our honeymoon, I think we’ll go against the grain... perhaps a trip to see the northern lights whilst staying in an ice hotel or a castle in the Scottish Highlands!

Images: Ali Lovegrove Photography; 07735 974 799. www.alilovegrove


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2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:22 Page 98

Lyndsey and Jason Griffiths On Lyndsey and Jason’s wedding day, the bride wore a crystal-embellished ‘A’ line wedding dress, whilst the groom’s morning suit featured a teal highlight colour. Morris Winn Photography Tel: 01205 351833

Emma Bristow and Robert Barber Emma and Robert married in a grey morning suit with cobalt blue highlight colour. The bride wore a strapless ‘A’ line ruched wedding gown. John Denton Wedding Photography - Tel: 07971 147804

Kirstie and Kevin Kirstie and Kevin enjoyed a winter wedding just before Christmas and will take their honeymoon somewhere nice and hot this spring! Dean’s Street Photography Studio – Tel: 01572 757643

2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:22 Page 99

Gemma and Michael Gemma and Michael paid a flying visit to the UK to get married with family and friends before flying back home to Australia! Dean’s Street Photography Studio – Tel: 01572 757643

Kate M an ning an d Kar l Ward On Kate and Karl’s wedding day the rain poured down all day long... it didn’t stop once! We made the best of it with huge purple umbrella and had great fun with the group... the groom smen were really great. Ali Lovegrove Photography - Tel: 07735 974799 www.alilovegrovephotogra

} Weddings } Katie and Edward Peck Katie and Edward married in the county but enjoyed a honeymoon in Dubai and Mauritius. Gavin Read Tel: 07947 211285

Con gra tul ati ons ... all couples marrying in the county this month . To have your wedding featured here email – or ask your photographer to contact us directly on 01529 469977 Planning a wedding? You can have free wedding planning tools, a free engagement photoshoot, you could win a £25,000 wedding and you can plan your wedding properly with...

Visit to see why we have over 300,000 members and over 25,000 Facebook Fans!

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For a Lifetime of Special Memories

All Inclusive Packages available from ÂŁ2000 Catering upto 150 guests Beautiful Landscaped Gardens Bridal Suite Taking bookings for 2013/14


Riby Road, Grimsby N/E Lincolnshire DN41 8BU.

Tel: 01469 561302

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A Helping Hand Wedding planners pop up in many films and TV shows, often playing out with an overbearing stereotype. The reality, however, is a helping hand to plan your wedding and save you money. This month we meet Amy Thorne to find out how useful a real wedding planner can be...


2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:22 Page 103



t’s unlikely you’ll find a role so misrepresented as that of a wedding planner. Often portrayed as overbearing in movies and on TV, the reality is, thankfully, quite different. Amy Thorne left a career as a senior PA to set up her wedding planning business in 2012 and works with brides to create their wedding, working with budgets between £10,000 and £40,000... best of all she guarantees to be able to save brides the total cost of her consultation fee with canny negotiation and money saving tips. How does hiring a Wedding Planner work? My services range from a simple venue search or supplier search to Final Countdown - that’s when brides have planned most of their day but are struggling with the finishing touches or find themselves panicking that their wedding is getting closer and there’s still a lot to do. This even includes a half-day spa experience for two. Planning a wedding can quickly become overwhelming, and it can be really stressful, spoiling the run up to the big day. Brides suffering from what I refer to as ‘wedding planning fatigue’ usually consult me for this service six to eight weeks before the wedding. Another popular package is The Big Day which involves venue styling - especially for marquee weddings - and

Amy works with brides whose wedding budgets range from £10,000 to £40,000. A typical budget is £17,000 and Amy says she can usually save a bride at least her £2,500 wedding planning fee support on the day itself, creating and managing an itinerary for the day and helping with anything from dressing the bridal party to creating contingency plans should anything go awry.

Wedding planners can potentially save a great deal of money - and stress working with a bride to help her to organise her day.

Do you make decisions for the bride? No! I work with the bride and help her to match her expectations and what she has in mind to suppliers and venues I know. My full package is called Total Support. This involves creating an itinerary, managing budgets and suppliers, choosing a dress, arranging their honeymoon everything.

The Wedding Planner

It usually involves more than 250 hours work, and I charge from £2,500 for this service, promising brides that on an average budget - around £17,000 - I can save them at least this amount of money with skilful negotiation, planning and money saving ideas. The service also includes wedding day management, venue dressing and a few other treats along the way! What areas of their wedding planning do brides need most help with? It’s fun making creative decisions but knowing which services to book, when to book them and how to manage a budget can be tricky. As a PA I was always super-organised so it comes naturally to me. It also helps to have a sort of objective voice to bounce ideas off, and I do become a sort of surrogate counsellor - someone objective, but honest, who won’t tire of hearing about weddings! What are the key skills for a successful wedding planner? Lots of patience, an unflappable personality - especially on the morning of the wedding - and excellent organisational skills as well as the ability to negotiate with suppliers. I also think a wedding planner should be naturally creative and have an eye for detail, as well as a flair for colours & themes. I also have a Diploma in Interior Design, and you’ll be surprised how often the skills prove transferable! Do you ever feel annoyed with the way wedding planners are portrayed when they appear on TV and in film? They’re always far-fetched characters. It is a little unfair, so I only hope people realise we’re not in the least bit like our TV alter-egos. Above all, a wedding planner should be an objective voice of reason, someone calm that you can trust to help you out. At no point should a wedding planner ever become over-bearing; we’re there to help and our job is to work for the bride, with the bride. It’s a great job. I’ve never been happier and my brides all tell me they couldn’t have planned their day without me... it’s a real compliment, and makes all the hard work worthwhile! Amy helps brides across the county to plan their wedding and can offer as much or as little help as bride needs; for more information call 07971 384473 or see Read our blog 103

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The event has already raised £8,000 for local charities.

THE EVENT Sparkledust Valentines Ball The annual Sparkledust Valentine’s Ball is always a highlight of the area’s social calendar. Attracting over 200 guests, the ball raises funds for local charities, with Sparkledust already having raised about £8,000 over the years for local charities including When you Wish Upon A Star, SANDS, Alzheimer’s, and local dementia charities. This year’s event raised money for breast cancer care in the area and the Butterfly Hospice. Rachael Brogden and Micky Nuttell.

Images: Darren Garwood

Mandy Bray and Dave Limb

Feature your event in our magazine. 104

Call 01529 469977 and speak to our Events Desk...

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THE EVENT Sparkledust

Sabrina and Scott Mackay.

The organisers’ party; Sam Lakin, Heidi Shooter, Leanne Belton and friends.


Alan and Val Cropley.

Around 200 guests attended the event.

Lisa Chapman and Jonathan Smith.

This year’s event’s beneficiaries included the Butterfly Hospice.

View all the photographs from this event online. Visit


2 - Pride MAR 128_Layout 2 15/02/2013 14:22 Page 106

THE EVENT Sparkledust


Shaun and Anne Taylor.

Guests were photographed by Darren Garwood. 106

Dawn Cawston.

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>> £ MAin iMAge Tropical print shift dress.

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lear, optimistic and versatile – these are the key themes in the spring season fashion collection by Betty Barclay. Style elements from the active-wear sector reference a retro look from the 1950s, with added ethnic inspirations, tribal influences and chunky prints all providing ideas for the latest styles this season. A popular focus is on a wide choice of blazers and new indoor jackets such as collarless zipped jackets, feminine little blouse jackets, high-fashion blousons plus long jackets and coat jackets. One of the special highlights is the printed singlebutton blazer, perfectly complemented by a clean-cut, white blouse and denim drainpipes creating a casual yet feminine summer look. In trousers, the focus is on the narrow silhouette – close-fitting, cool stretch drainpipes or narrow cut-off pants. Skirts stay simple, with added vitality from the materials and patterns. A short skirt with a scarf print or eye-catching trousers with a tie print are worn with a casual suede blouson. Loose blouses, tops and tunics come in a variety of styles with new details and necklines. In tops, patchworks of woven fabrics and positioned prints create new fashion looks. Pullovers are in the spotlight too, with fancy yarns, coatings or matt shine effects. Colour remains an important element. However, it’s used more sparingly, and always combined with neutral shades. Strong colour contrasts support clarity and a natural feeling in combinations. New pastel shades add freshness and femininity to the colour palette, combined with neutral shades to reduce their sweetness.


Perfect for day or night - royal blue tunic top

N avy an d w hite ta ilo re d sli m -fit jeans w ith a flojac ket , w hite ra l t- sh irt 109


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Main: £ jAckeT Black and stone printed blazer with loose-fitting lime shirt and stone trousers.

<< Below, designer glasses frames by Tiffany; £193. £o’BrienS opTiciAnS 01652 653 595, www.obriens


Above: £ jAckeT Lime green lightweight jacket with white t-shirt and retro print trousers.

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Accessorise on-trend monochrome outfits with vibrant citrus shades this Spring...

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Classic Clothing for the Modern Lady...

Smart Casual Wear from every-day brands like Steilmann and Sandwich... gift vouchers available

Swaton, near Sleaford, Lincs NG34 0JP

Tel: 01529 421335

Opening Hours: Monday 11am – 3pm, Tuesday – Sat 10am – 4.30pm


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>> £ Tunic DreSS Black, stone and coral printed tunic top with black three-quarter length jeans and leather biker-style jacket.

£ STockiSTS Cindy’s Sutton Bridge, Spalding; 01406 350961. Coney’s Wide Bargate, Boston; 01205 311355. Eve & Ranshaw Market Place, Louth; 01507 602902. Linnet 24 Catmose Park Road, Oakham; 01572 770000. Oldrids/Downtown Strait Bargate, Boston; 01205 361251. Gonerby Junction, A1, Grantham; 01476 590239.


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SPRING INTO THE SEASON << £ cArDigAn Mint green button-detail cardigan with fruit print shirt and white trousers.

<< £ Tunic Top Pink and mint green ethnic print tunic top with white jeans. 117

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>> £ chAMeleon Navy and biscuit geometric print blazer with pale blue shirt and denim jeans.

£ STockiSTS Oldrids/Downtown Strait Bargate, Boston; 01205 361251. Gonerby Junction, A1, Grantham; 01476 590239. Cindy’s Sutton Bridge, Spalding; 01406 350961. Eve & Ranshaw Market Place, Louth; 01507 602902. Coney’s Wide Bargate, Boston; 01205 311355.

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>> ÂŁ cArDigAn Coral cardigan with butterďŹ&#x201A;y print t-shirt and stone trousers.

Naturally inspired pastel colours like soft shades of coral offset stone and pure brilliant white this season... 120

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h ite trim an d r f w h it w r e z la Re d b rn e d sc a e t t a p h it w s w h ite trouser Lime green t- shi rt and sli m- fit trousers with stripe d jac ket

rint Co ra l den im jac ket with sh oe -p t- sh irt an d flo ra l trousers

a t - top w it h j e an s e w s n e e r g M int t an d w h ite ir h s t t in r p a r rot - p

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£ BeTTy BArclAy Royal Blue tunic top with printed trousers in white, blue and lime green.

£ STockiSTS Cindy’s Sutton Bridge, Spalding; 01406 350961. Coney’s Wide Bargate, Boston; 01205 311355. Eve & Ranshaw Market Place, Louth; 01507 602902. Linnet 24 Catmose Park Road, Oakham; 01572 770000. Oldrids/Downtown Strait Bargate, Boston; 01205 361251. Gonerby Junction, A1, Grantham; 01476 590239.

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Jaguar’ s New F-Type Jaguar’s new two-seater F-Type is billed as the successor to the legendary 1960s E-Type, generally regarded as the most beautiful car ever created. But with its bells, whistles and carbon fibre, can the modern model ever compare to its forebear?


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generating 340ps, and a second 3.0V6 turned to a more powerful 380ps, whilst at the top of the line is a raucous 5.0V8 supercharged model. First impressions are more than promising. It’s a beautiful machine from any angle. Sharp air intakes, LED lights and a very E-type-like rear end create a gorgeous, modern-looking two-seater sports car with electrically operated soft top; a coupé will also follow. In the cabin, there’s a much fresher interior than the current XK whose cabin is little changed from that car’s 2006 model. The quirky rotating air vents and cylindrical gear selector of modern Jags has been ditched in favour of a conventional automatic gearshift, and whilst a leather steering wheel and suedecloth seats are standard on base models, leather seats and a suede steering wheel are optional.

Right hand drive models are available from this month. Cabin is racy but standard Equipment is stingy with climate control, parking sensors, leather and heated seats all languishing on the options list despite the car’s £58,000 asking price


egend has it that when Jaguar revealed its E-Type in 1961, Italian automotive entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari looked at it through gritted teeth and declared begrudgingly that it was ‘the most beautiful car in the world.’

It was true then and it’s still true today. That car was, and remains today, one of the world’s most iconic sports cars, its desirability underwritten by its role as James Bond and George Best’s transport of choice. Quite why Jaguar never wholeheartedly tried to replicate its success after the demise of the MkIII E-Type in 1974, is a mystery. The 1970s and 1980s saw the creation of the XJS coupé and convertible, whilst 1996 saw the launch of the XK, but both of those models were more Grand Tourers; luxurious, rather than raw, thoroughbred track-oriented sports cars.

It’s a beautifully designed car with a tail that’s reminiscent of the 1960s legend that is the E-Type. It’s probably the best looking car on the market! Jaguar F-Type Price: £58,500 Engine: 3.0 Supercharged Performance: 0-60mph 5.1 seconds top speed 161mph Fuel Economy: 31.4mpg combined Equipment: 18” alloys, Bluetooth, sat nav, iPod port, suede seats

This month though, Jaguar launches its F-Type which, as its name suggests, is the successor to its 1960s predecessor. The car will be sold alongside the existing XK (the large coupé which has been holding the firm’s sports car fort) and it will still concentrate on challenging softer, more luxurious models like Aston Martin’s Vantage, Mercedes’s SL and BMW’s 6-Series. That leaves the F-Type to fend off more raw and hotblooded sports cars like Porsche’s 911, Audi’s R8 and Mercedes’s SLS AMG. Three models are offered; the standard model with its 3.0V6 supercharged engine

Whilst all models get sports seats and electric windows, sat nav and Bluetooth, it’s disappointing to see that base models, at £58,500 and even 5.0V8 models, at nearly £80,000, will still see owners delve into the options list to equip their F-Type with heated seats and screen, front parking sensors and auto lights & wipers. Though standard kit is lacking in places, owners can, nonetheless, choose from different seats, several different styles of wheels and a beautiful new palette of exterior colours. Whilst the XK is larger, slightly more practical and certainly better equipped, the F-Type is more of a wholehearted sports car with sharper looks and certainly sharper performance; 3.0 models reach 60mph in a whisper over five seconds; 4.2 seconds for the 5.0V8 version. In our opinion, there’s really little point paying the premium for the larger engine for the sake of shaving a single second off its 0-60 time. Minor niggles about equipment levels and a superfluous 5.0 flagship aside though, the F-Type is undoubtedly the best looking and most desirable sports car on the market. Whether the new model will have the longevity of the E-Type remains to be seen, but for those seeking a bona fide sports car, there’s nothing on the market to match its grace, its pace or the motoring heritage Jaguar has called upon in the course of its creation.

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LincolnshirePride T H E


t New Begin a Grea




Beautiful Spri ng

Restaurant of the Month


the Month Restaurant of


Put a spring in your step with Lincolnshir e Pride

ings The Event - Wedd Local Food ns - Motoring Homes and Garde

The county’s nts best restaura {Page 22}

The area’s best society events {Page 18}

Ge t fit wi th Ro for Sp rin g sem ary ...

Be au tif ul flo we r you r ho me - we arr an gem en ts for sho w you ho w! Fashion

Stay in style for spring {Page 108}

Local Food

Restaurants recommended {Page 26}


The Joy of keeping chicken s {Page 76}

Advertise in the number one county magazine. To discover how we can boost your sales, call our friendly team now.

01529 469977


The Event Local Food


for r arr an gem en tsho w! Be au tif ul flo-wewe sho w you me ho r you

Local Food The Event - Wedd ings Homes and Gardens - Motor ing


A Great New

MAR 20 13

ng Beautiful Spri

28 ISSUE 1





edlecraft Discover Ne

Stay in style for spring {Page 108}







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Country Workshops Independent Landrover Specialists Bespoke Vehicles & Accessories. Restorations and Manufacture. Parts From 1948 to date. Retail Trade Export.

Tel/Fax 01775 750223 Risegate, Nr Spalding, Lincs PE11 4EZ

Simply Nothing To Wear Personal Wardrobe Advice...

www.elmsfarmcott the comfort of your own home. I can help you make the most of the clothes you have and show you how little you need to buy to bring new life to you and your wardrobe.



01205 367287

Nine Award Winning Holiday Cottages, fully equipped and furnished to a high standard, ideal for a relaxing break for two or a place where family and friends can gather for a holiday or special occasion. Sleeps up to 38 - Open all year.

‘The Granary’ Weddings and Conference Venue.

Boston, Lincolnshire. Tel: 01205 290840 M: 07887 652021. Open all year, sleeps 2-38 •

F. E Addlesee & Son


Achurch for Quality Variety and Service Upstairs & Downstairs


Telephone: 01507 523441



Privately Owned and Family Run Funeral Directors Established in 1930 by Frank Addlesee 44 Castle Street, Boston, Lincs

Telephone: 01205 311303



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Crosswords CRYPTIC CROSSWORD Test your lateral thinking skills with Lovatts Cryptic Crosswords. Each puzzle has a set of perplexing clues to unravel, and as every lover of logic knows, the frustration is all part of the fun!

ACROSS 8. Tell her Vi's heard broadcast (8) 9. Names are made up about a mariner (6) 10. Some integrity needed for gumption (4) 11. Ditch The Times! It's rubbish! (5,5) 12. Team gets on dressers (10) 15. Knocks back damaged goods (7) 17. Did embroidery when provoked (7) 18. Rebukes agent with household pests (10) 22. Fear of strangers using one in a phone box conversion (10) 24. Mormon state called you "Tar" (4) 25. Boost ascending elevator (6) 26. Parrot takes kite role perhaps (8)

DOWN 1. Abstained from having a shower between football official and news boss (9) 2. Lie snugly in greenest leaves (6) 3. Half a dozen start scaring owl with revolver (3-7) 4. Closer to one's heart, so worth more (6) 5. Act swiftly and promptly at first (1,1,1,1) 6. Even in bad circumstances, Lance remains poised (8) 7. Reads about ventures (5) 13. Jurassic beasts' snarls rouse stags (10) 14. Assigns job to Des - surround the papal envoy (9) 16. you four rear at the sound of high spirits (8) 19. Pele swallowed bees and rock (6) 20. Charlie's familiar with parts of drill (6) 21. Mounds change shape (5) 23. Smacks of success (4)

No 1530



1. Grumbling 6. Iridescent gem 8. Sixth month 9. Becomes knotted 10. Moist (fruit) 11. Reserve, set ... 13. Repossess 15. Flightless birds 16. Match before final 17. Large grocery shop

1. Queen's ornaments, the ... (5,6) 2. Defensive castle ditch 3. Straighten 4. Lender's receipts (1,1,2) 5. Actor's make-up 7. Locks 8. Fast water scooters (3,4) 12. Depression 13. Steak cut 14. Submissive

No 2513 This article was downloaded from



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Lincolnshire Pride Mar 2013  

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