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A to Z of Getting Wed The Biggest Wedding Magazine in Lincolnshire & Rutland

Plan Your Wedding Properly

A Personal Keepsake of Your Wedding Planning



The Area’s Best Suppliers A Beautiful, Colour Guide to Help Plan Your Lincolnshire or Rutland Wedding


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Wedding Flowers & Bespoke Jewellery Whether you’re looking for fresh or everlasting replica flowers or bespoke jewellery, we can tell your wedding story... and why not immortalise a petal or leaf into a sterling silver piece?

DECORATIVE EVENTS Bespoke Wedding & Event Decoration

01406 701912 • 07484 225360 www.decorativeevents.org


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The Wedding of




Ceremony Held At: .....................................................................................................................

Reception Held At: .....................................................................................................................

Date: ........................................................................................................................................


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The venue you’ve been looking for...

Are you dreaming of the perfect, rural farm wedding venue? Somewhere unique and special, hidden away from it all at the heart of nature? A magical place where you and your guests can enjoy an unforgettable day that’s perfectly managed by true event professionals? A venue designed to fill your life with perfect memories of a perfect day? Choose from our stunning wedding venues in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire – carefully handpicked and tucked away in some of the region’s most idyllic and serene rural settings. Elderflower Events has wedding expertise, gorgeous venues, beautiful surroundings and a range of options to ensure you have a day you’ll remember forever.

We take all the pressure away from you so that you can fully enjoy the experience. From the venue, to suppliers to the day itself, we will guide you each step of the way so that you can create the most incredible memories. Our venues are different compared to a traditional setting completely immersed into Mother Nature, but they are filled with magic. Look at it this way; what happens when you are given a blank canvas? That’s easy to answer. The sky is the limit, all you have to do is let your imagination take you there. Now we know that trying to create a space fit for a wedding reception can be a bit daunting. But not to worry, that’s why we are there. We can help stimulate your creativity and make your vision come alive.

01507 311160 | enquiries@elderflowerevents.com | www.elderflowerevents.com 10% DISCOUNT ON BOOKINGS WHEN YOU MENTION BRIDE & GROOM MAGAZINE Offer valid on bookings until 31st December 2021

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et’s get married,’ sang The Proclaimers back in the 90s. ‘I love you and I want to stay with you; have kids, grow old and grey with you.’ ‘Yeah, it’s just a piece of paper but it says ‘I love you.’ ‘I take you,’ say the words that are used in a Church service, ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,’ for all that from this point now on we now face together, as the new partnership we have just become. At the heart of all wedding celebrations is the biggest promise we ever make to another human being in all of our lives, that promise to simply be there for them. It’s a promise made in front of the family and friends you have invited, and in the case of a Church wedding in the presence of God.

So my hope is that when your wedding day finally arrives, it will be a great day with all that you have hoped for. I hope you will find in this magazine lots of ideas and resources to shape the day in the way which is right for you.

But I hope too you might take time to reflect on the promises you are about to make the person you love. That promise of total commitment for whatever you may face together from that point on, because that in the end is what will give you not just the kind of wedding, but the kind of marriage, all those who will be celebrating with you on your day will be hoping and praying for you.

My best wishes for a wonderful day and for your new life together!

+ Bishop d Davi

The Rt Revd Dr David Court Acting Bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln


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MARRYING IN CHURCH Traditions and advice from the Church of England. DREAM WEDDING WINNER

Celebrating the winner of our £25,000 dream wedding.

PARK LANE CHIC Wedding planner

E J Wright creates a lush white and green theme for a smart wedding in the county.


Our A-Z guide to the sweetest, silliest and most sincere wedding traditions.




WEDDING STYLE 20 29 32 36


Your Lincolnshire wedding venue.



Suggestions for marrying in England’s smallest county, or historic Stamford.




The essential questions to ask when you visit a potential wedding venue.


Looking to find the dress of a lifetime? We’ve pages of inspiration and local suppliers too.


The right questions to ask your wedding dress artist when choosing your perfect gown.

BRIDESMAIDS’ DRESSES Making sure your attendants are a beautiful reflection of your colour scheme.

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE Stylish outfits for one of the most important people at your wedding. WEDDING ACCESSORIES

Shoes, bags, tiaras and jewellery to complete your look.



Gold and botanical wedding schemes. Suited and booted grooms at the aisle.

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An ‘at a glance’ guide to weddings.


Ten great tips for brides to be.


YOUR WEDDING BUDGET Keep on track with this handy checklist.




96 99

CAPTURING YOUR DAY Wedding photography and videography.

crumb, advice for your wedding cake.

FLORAL STYLE Make your wedding especially beautiful with flowers.

STATIONERY Brand your wedding with beautiful invites and table plans.


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Ten great tips for your groom.

Bride & Groom Magazine, Pride Magazines Ltd., Elm Grange Studios, East Heckington, PE20 3QF

ways to get to the church on time!

www.pridemagazines.co.uk | enquiries@pridemagazines.co.uk

108 WEDDING TRANSPORT Eye-catching


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Tel: 01529 469977 Fax: 01529 469978


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Our VIP Wedding Guests


Best Man:..............................................................................

Chief Bridesmaid:..............................................................

Bridesmaid: ..........................................................................

Bridesmaid: ..........................................................................

Bridesmaid: ..........................................................................

Bridesmaid: ..........................................................................

VIP: ........................................................................................

VIP: ........................................................................................

VIP: ........................................................................................

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The Top Table:

This is the traditional layout for a top table at your wedding breakfast...








Bride’s Father: ......................................................................

Bride’s Mother: ....................................................................

Usher: ......................................................................................

Groom’s Father: ..................................................................

Groom’s Mother: ................................................................

Usher: ......................................................................................

VIP: ........................................................................................

VIP: ........................................................................................

VIP: ........................................................................................

NB: If both sets of parents have divorced and remarried, there’s a revised order of; groom’s stepmother, bride’s stepfather, chief bridesmaid, groom’s father, bride’s mother, groom, bride, bride’s father, groom’s mother, best man, bride’s stepmother, groom’s stepfather.


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We are the Number One wedding website in the UK -

Over 846,000 members and 190,000 Facebook Fans Win a £25,000 dream wedding Browse through 20,000 wedding dresses Free wedding planning tools like our table planner Claim a free engagement photoshoot Win monthly wedding related prizes Talk to like-minded brides in your area for support

To advertise your wedding business to 43% of brides-to-be in your area, call us on 0800 112 3 112.


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The Wedding


Your ‘at-a-glance’ guide to what to plan, and when to plan each element...

12 - 18 Months Before... SET THE BUDGET


9 - 12 Months Before... PUT TOGETHER THE GUEST LIST


6-9 Months Before... BOOK A CAKEMAKER





Tick when completed

q q q q q



q q q






q q q q

q q q q q q

q q








The Week Before...















Tick when completed


q q


q q q q q

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Marrying in a church provides a beautiful backdrop for your special day as you say your vows before family, friends and before God. Here, we explore why and how to marry in church... Words: Carissa Smith. Main: Georgi Mabee. Opposite: Vicki Head Photography.

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“To have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer” Church of England Wedding Vows

‘To have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer’, these timeless vows will make any bride’s heart skip a beat. However, the number of church weddings are decreasing and only 27% of couples choose to get married in a church or religious building. There are many reasons for this; many people are raised without religion or they’re choosing to marry somewhere other than their traditional parish, whilst some may view churches only as places for those who are keenly religious. Other couples may simply like the idea of having their ceremony and reception all in one place. The church is trying to counter these reasons and marrying in a church is now easier and more relaxed than it has ever been. The uniqueness and splendour of a church wedding is something that other venues cannot live up to. The history of a church wedding and knowing that millions of other couples over the centuries have made their commitment to each other in that same place is a wonderful feeling and makes you part of something special which other venues cannot offer. Church buildings are places of outstanding beauty and can be described as having a ‘peaceful’ or ‘serene’ atmosphere. For some couples, religious or not, the church simply seems the ‘proper’ place to get married.

In October 2008 The Church of England changed their marriage rules and as long as certain conditions are met, you can now marry in any parish where you have a connection. These connections include being baptised or confirmed in the parish, if either the couple or the parents of the couple have lived in the parish for a period of at least six months, if either the couple or the parents of the couple have regularly attended normal church services in the parish for at least six months or of the couples parents or grandparents were married in the parish.

With these relaxed rules it is possible for couples to get married in any church of their choice and with the Church of England having approximately 16,000 churches across the UK there is a huge choice. The Revd., Sandra Millar, Head of Church of England Life Events says “Wherever possible, churches want to say ‘yes’ to the couples who want to get married in a church. It’s such a privilege to be part of this special moment in each couple’s life, and every wedding will be different.”

Once the couple have chosen the church, they will need to call the vicar to let them know the good news and arrange a time to discuss what happens next. This is the time when some couples worry and they think the vicar is going to interrogate them on reasons why

they want to get married in a church, but this is not the case at all. The vicar will put the bride and groom at ease and the meeting will give the couple a chance to get to know the vicar and answer any questions and suggest readings and hymns. At this time the couple can also book the organist, bell ringers and in some churches, there will be the option to have the church choir. Three months before the wedding, the banns will be read. These are an ancient tradition and are the first announcement in church of your intention to marry and a chance for members of the congregation to put forward any reasons why the marriage may not lawfully take place. After the banns are read the congregation may also pray for the bride and groom and their marriage which can be a special and moving experience.

Many couples like to be in church when their banns are being read. The marriage banns must be read out in church for three Sundays during the three months before the wedding and then again on the wedding service. During the wedding ceremony the congregation will be asked to come forward if they know of any reason why the marriage may not lawfully take place, there is then a dramatic pause and the dreaded EastEnders moment... but for 99% of couples this bit in the service will pass by without a glitch!

Usually Church of England wedding services last about 30 to 45 minutes. The marriage vows are at the heart of the ceremony and spoken before God and in front of the couple’s family and friends. The marriage vows used are unique to church weddings, the words cannot be re-written or changed in any way for legal reason and they are the words of commitment which define the marriage. >> 17

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Aaron Collett Photography.

The completion of the marriage ceremony is the giving of the rings which is the symbol of unending love. After this the couple will sign the register creating a legal record of the marriage.

The uniqueness and beauty of a church wedding is undeniable. Marrying in a church is personal, meaningful and the timeless atmosphere adds a spiritual dimension to the wedding, even if couple do not have defined ‘religious’ beliefs.

One local couple who recently married in one of the county’s parishes said “After visiting this church we knew this was the place we wanted to get married. It was such a beautiful building and with the tranquil atmosphere, no other venue could compare. Our Vicar, Chris was helpful, friendly and very funny. He took the time to get to know us as a couple and his sermon was personal to us.”

Revd. Sandra Millar also says, “A wedding day is so very special. It should be happy, it should be joyful and above all it should reflect the love that is at the heart of every marriage.”

“Couples can just ask a church about their hopes and dreams for their wedding day. They may be surprised at the choices open to them and discover that the spiritual depth of a church wedding can be part of their story too.” n 18


Words: Carissa Smith.

If you choose to marry in a church, it will be a beautiful and personal ceremony, but it doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. The legal fee for marrying in your home parish is £496 or £540* if you marry outside your local parish. The fee includes the cost of the vicar, the church, reading and the certificate of banns, marriage certificate and lighting. There are, however, some ‘optional extras:’

n Adding heating in the church. The older the church, the colder the building. Your vicar will be able to give you a price if applicable. n Church organ and organist, approximately £70.

n Bell Ringers, this can differ from church to church but usually between £120-£160.

n If the church has a choir, they may be available on your wedding day. This can be between £50-£100 depending on the number of people in the choir. n The support of a verger who will ensure the church is warm, tidy and can help with handing out Orders of Service and hymn books etc. This can vary from parish to parish but is approximately £50.

n Extra copies of the marriage certificate are £4 each on the day and £11 each afterwards. It may be worth getting a second copy of the marriage certificate as you will need to send your marriage certificate away to have your name changed on driving licences and passports. n Some churches can also print Orders of Service.

*According to the Church of England, June 2019

>> The couple can add something additional at this time if there is something they want to say to each other in this setting or they can choose an additional reading from a poem or book which describes their feelings to each other.

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An outstanding marriage begins with an outstanding venue... Friendly Team and Luxury Accomodation

Lady Leila and Sir Jamie Benton Jones lead the

Lady Leila and Sir Jamie Benton Jones lead the

Weddings at Irnham Hall and are always on hand to Weddings at Irnham Hall and are always on hand to help withhelp anywith questions and inand the in case rain any questions theof case ofto rain to

direct operations to ensure smooth running of theofday. direct operations to ensure smooth running the day.

Stately Home and Fabulous Walled Garden

The recommended caterers are Black Peppermint and The recommended caterers are Black Peppermint and

Jeeves Catering who deliver wonderful food and service Jeeves Catering who deliver wonderful food and service

tailored toto your youcan candiscuss discuss specially tailored yourneeds. needs.Alternatively Alternatively you specially designed chefatatthe the Griffin designedmenus menusby byMichael Michael Prescott, Prescott, chef Griffin Inn.Inn.

Church and Civil Licensed Venue

The team will recommend suppliers such as photographers

The team will recommend suppliers such as photographers

and florists and DJ's should you wish. Luxury Cottages,

and florists and DJ's should you wish. Luxury Cottages,

updated Pub Rooms at owned Estate owned the Griffin Inn, updated Pub Rooms at Estate the Griffin Inn, the Brides Cottage sleep to 45 guests. plus plus the Brides Cottage to sleeptoup to 45up guests.

Irnham Hall, Irnham, Near Grantham NG33 4JD

Contact Leila Benton-Jones on 01476 552027

or email leilabentonjones@gmail.com for brochures. Venue hire from £4,200-£6,000 inc VAT Food and Drink Packages from £65/ head, contact us for viewings and packages.

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Effortless Elegance


n Eddy K Collections are effortlessly beautiful. This stunning sheer satin mermaid gown has off the shoulder sleeves giving a bardot effect but spaghetti straps as well to support the

weight of the dress. It hugs the figure beautifully and the slight touch of detail on the sleeves is so elegant. This gown is EK1262. www.eddyk.com

n Jim Hjelm is part of the JLM Couture Group and Hayley Paige Bridal. www.jlmcouture.com


Silhouette is Romantica’s plus size collection. The A-line dress with satin finish and silver belt above is called Bonita. www.romanticaofdevon.co.uk 20

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Maggie Sottero, ‘Colbie’ www.maggiesottero.com


This British brand has been around since 2007 and it isn’t going away anytime soon! They designed the multiwrap bridesmaid dress. www.elizaandethan.com

Lihi Hod is an Israeli designer who has worked alongside John Galliano for Dior in her fashion history. This style is so elegant and classy. www.lihihod.com

Jenny Yoo

The Valentina dress by Jenny Yoo is pictured left and Theo by Hayley Paige is to the right. Both are absolutely stunning! www.jlm couture.com

Jenny Yoo, www.jennyyoo.com


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Helping you find your dream dress...

DONCASTER BRANCH LINCOLN BRANCH 3 Thorne Road, Shop 1, The Lawn, Doncaster DN1 2HJ Union Rd, Lincoln LN1 3BU 01302 365601 01522 244082 enquiries@jaynesbridallincoln@jaynesbridalwear.co.uk wear.co.uk



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Ladybird Plus Size

n Martina Liana is a designer who specialises in offering a wide variety of styles. Often it’s clear to see what kind of style a designer prefers but with Martina Liana, she has tried to

n Sofia Bianca designed this dress with a slightly pink hue, capped sleeves and a translucent fabric that really accentuates the detail of the gown. ronaldjoyce.com 24

cater for all variety of brides. This stunning boho bride style has flared sleeves, plenty of lace, a sweetheart neckline and a subtle blush hue. www.essensedesigns.com


Opulence Bridal is part of the Romantica group, featuring a huge variety of really gorgeous gowns like ‘Batiste.’ www.romanticaofdevon.co.uk

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Paolo Sebastian has opted for Hollywood glamour in the latest collection with a Marilyn Monroe and Art Deco style mix. We love it! www.paolosebastian.com

Rebecca Ingram’s latest style is very classy and modern. The sweetheart neckline, exposed corset look and fishtail on this dress is very on-trend for 2020. www.maggiesottero.com/rebecca-ingram

Mori Lee

Mori Lee’s dress to the left is gorgeous with a subtle hint of blush. Right is Lazaro’s ‘Hanna’ gown with a unique neckline. www.jlm couture.com

Mori Lee, www.morilee.co.uk

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Romantica ‘Auralia.’

B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:00 Page 27

Blackburn Bridal Couture

Sottero and Midgley

Timeless Chic

Julietta, Mori Lee


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Questions to Ask





Usually you’ll have an initial fitting, then a further one after the changes have been done. The average amount of fittings is two to three. Because of the amount of fittings, it’s worth looking for dresses well in advance of the wedding day. You want to feel confident when you try on dresses. Some bridal shops will have strapless bras, heels and jewellery for you to try on with your dress but some may not. Make sure to bring an open mind too! You may surprise yourself with the dress you finally decide on. CAN I BRING MY MUM AND FRIENDS?




It’s always worth asking this question. Of course you want your friends and family there with you on the day, but some bridal shops may not have the space for you to do this. If you have a busy lifestyle, it might also be worth asking if they do late evening fittings. It’s less busy at this time so you’ll be able to bring friends.





When you buy a wedding dress, you try on the sizes they have in store. They then order that dress closest to your size and alter it to fit. Make sure you find out how much the alteration will cost; some bridal shops include alterations in the price but watch out for these additional costs. A lot of bridal shops surprisingly don’t allow this, but it’s important you ask so you can look over the pictures later and compare them to other styles you liked in different stores. If they don’t allow you to bring a camera or take photos, take a note of the name of the designer and the dress name or number so you can look the style up later online and save them that way. n

If the store is in the Retail Bridal Association, it means the business has been running for more than five years and its standards are checked annually. Check if the seamstress is qualified. Make sure you’re visiting a store with good credentials.


n The number one rule when it comes to buying

wedding dresses is DO NOT try on a wedding dress that’s over your budget. You either blow your budget or break your own heart! n As a rule of thumb, the more intricate the design, the more it will cost so opt for simpler styles. n Wear your mother’s wedding dress. It puts a personal touch on the day and you save around £1,000. You could equally buy from a pre-owned site. They’ve only worn it once! n Shop at the right time. Like the fashion industry, there are busy times and not so busy times, so get the late summer and winter sales and visit wedding shows for show deals.


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Checklist The Bride’s

Make sure you’ve checked all of these things off your list! 1. Sleep You have to get a good night’s sleep before the wedding so try to relax, forget about everything, and get some beauty sleep! 4. Final Touches Reapply lipstick, double check your hair and have one last look before walking down the aisle.

5. Wine and Dine People will want to talk to you constantly throughout the day, so make sure you have time to wine and dine and enjoy yourself with your new husband. 7. Thank You’s The chances are, your friends and family helped out with the wedding planning. Make sure you know who helped, and send out thank you cards after the ceremony and honeymoon.

9. Comfy Shoes Put some comfy shoes under your table at your wedding breakfast - you’ll thank us later!

2. Breakfast You’ve got hours before the ceremony, and you don’t want your vows to be interrupted by a grumbling tummy!

3. Have Fun! Remember to have fun! This is the best day of your life, it will do you no good to be worrying about little details that aren’t going to plan. 6. Tears Arm yourself with tissues. There’s no such thing as a dry-eyed bride and you don’t want mascara tears!

8. Give Yourself Time It’s a woman’s prerogative to spend hours getting ready, especially on their wedding day! Make sure you’ve given yourself and your bridal party plenty of time to get ready in the morning. 10. Essentials Finally, never forget a little bag of essentials - perhaps a bag a bridesmaid can look after - with essentials to look fabulous all day.

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Always the Bridesmaid ‘ALWAYS THE BRIDESMAID, NEVER THE BRIDE.’ IT’S OFTEN SEEN AS A NEGATIVE, BUT WITH THE LATEST 2020 COLLECTIONS FROM THE TOP BRANDS, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAID... Bridesmaid dresses usually feature class, simplicity - so as to not upstage the bride and uniformity. While the former are still true, the latter seems to have been entirely forgotten about, and we love it!

Providing bridesmaids with individuality, and giving them a choice in the style or colour of dress they wish to wear, allows them to be more involved in wedding planning and allows them to be much more comfortable on your wedding day. Right: Multiwrap baby blue dresses by Eliza and Ethan. Below: Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses in colours ‘Fig’ and ‘Whipped Apricot.’ We love the variety of styles; it’s become increasingly popular to mix and match bridesmaid dresses.

While some brides are opting to keep the colours the same with variations in style, other brides are changing everything about the bridesmaids’ gowns.

Of course, uniform bridesmaid dresses are still popular, and it seems that neutral pastel tones are still the favoured theme, but it’s nice to see that this area of weddings is being shaken up. Often, High Street fashion trends are being incorporated into bridesmaid fashion like pleated skirts, shorter dresses and velvet or alternative textures. Multiwrap dresses are still very much in fashion for 2020 too.

B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:00 Page 33

Top/Left: Hayley Paige bridesmaids in navy blue. Top: Dorothy Perkins blush bridesmaid dresses. Left: Jenny Yoo’s Valentina collection including the Valentina wedding dress too.


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B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:00 Page 35

B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:00 Page 36


Something Royal Add a touch of blue to your mother of the bride outfit. A slightly navy hue is a timeless and elegant shade that can be used as the bride’s ‘Something Blue...’ Above: This dress is part of designer Linea Raffaelli’s Tenerife collection. It’s a beautiful colour and length and we especially love the flare on the sleeves. Top/Right: This style is from Condici. If you want to go for a patterned dress as opposed to one block colour, this is a really flattering look. The panel style also flatters the figure. Top/Far Right: For a more unique look, this Veromia dress is quite different, less formal and fun! This is a dress you would certainly be able to wear again on holidays or at events. Far Right: Veni Infantino is an absolutely fantastic designer with a large collection of really individual garments. We love every bit of formality about this style pictured, especially the unique neckline. Right: This gown is called Midnight by Veromia. It fits


tightly to the body in all the right places and the lines and panels of the dress give a very flattering figure. This is a simple and classy design that can be worn again after being mother of the bride at a wedding ceremony. Left: This is another style from Veni Infantino. This designer really specialises in creating figure-hugging dresses that look unique and very bridal in their patterning and decoration. This looks like the top half of a beautiful wedding dress dyed a gorgeous royal blue. The neckline is particularly unique on this style. Veni Infantino is a collection by well known wedding dress designer Ronald Joyce. n For more information on any of the brands and designers featured here, visit the website linearaffaelli.be, condici.com, veromia.co.uk or ronaldjoyce.com to discover local stockists and to view all the styles in each mother of the bride range.

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B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:00 Page 38

B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:00 Page 39


16. 17.












1. Malone Souliers, Booboo Rose Satin Pumps, £495. 2. Bottega Veneta, Clutch Bag, £1,575. 3. Djula, Alliance Ring, £950 4. Annoushka, Eclipse Hoop Earrings, £695. 5. Valentino, Garavani Leather Rockstud Pumps, £650. 6. Liberty in Love, Hair Clip, £95. 7. Tiffany and Co, Butterfly Sunglasses, £360. 8. Meadow Misty Road, made to order shoes, £695. 9. Liberty in Love, Rose Gold Hair Comb, £50. 10. Atelier Swarovski, Pink Topaz Ring, £995. 11. Sophia Webster, Chiara Winged Sandals, £595. 12. Tiffany & Co, Lynn Earrings, £2,825. 13. Manolo Blahnik, Nadira Shoe, £795. 14. Suzanne Kalan, Fireworks Bangle, £4,665. 15. Jimmy Choo, Crystal Bow Clutch Bag, £1,950. 16. Liberty in Love, Rose Gold Tiara, £295. 17. Links of London, Three Row Rose Gold Bracelet, £110.








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B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:00 Page 41


A Winner’s Wedding

Bride & Groom Magazine’s sister company, UKbride.co.uk, gives away a dream wedding worth £25,000 to one lucky couple each year. Last year’s winner were Nikki and Kieran who enjoyed a day to remember on their eighth anniversary... Images: Rutland Photographic, 07912 966369, www.rutlandphotographic.uk.

It’s a dream come true for any bride-to-be. A wonderful dream wedding without the cost! Each year, Pride Magazines’ sister company ukbride.co.uk gives away an entire wedding to the value of up to £25,000, with the wedding planning website’s annual prize announced on Valentine’s Day. Recent winners Nikki and Kieran were married on the eighth year anniversary of their first date! Nikki and Kieran’s adventure began with a call from our UKbride’s, Emily Brown to deliver the news that Nikki had won.

“I truly cannot believe it!” said Nikki after the call. “It means the world to us and this has come at such a good time! It’s Valentine’s Day, my daughter’s birthday and my partner and I have booked a week off work to spend some family time together.” Nikki works to support domestic violence victims and her new husband, Kieran Rose, works for the government. The couple are childhood sweethearts, having met at the age of 16 at college, before making things official with an engagement at the age of 21. In September 2017, Nikki and Kieran went to a restaurant which was the location of their first date before Kieran took Nikki to a quiet corner in a local bar and popped the question! Nikki and Kieran had their special day on their eighth-year anniversary.

“I was very calm most of the time, says Nikki. “Only occasionally did I have moments, of what I can only describe as overwhelming happiness, but I somehow managed to control the tears.”

“Our photographer Andy from Rutland Photographic arrived as I was getting my makeup and hair done. Andy was so relaxed

OUR PRIZE PARTNERS Honeymoon: Kuoni www.kuoni.co.uk.

Wedding Dress: Cutting Edge Brides, 01322 521000, cuttingedgebrides.com. Grooms Outfits: Formally Yours, 0116 2897888, formallyyours.co.uk.

Bridal Accessories: Handmade Days, 07534 910 870, handmadedays.co.uk. Lingerie & Shoes: Bridal Pieces, 01270 667175, bridalpieces.co.uk.

Video: Ultimate Wedding Video, 0151 3240464, ultimateweddingvideo.co.uk.

Photobooth: Inflatable Photo Booth, 0203 3758617, inflatablephotobooth.co.uk. Photo Album: Heritage, 0845 6387171 www.heritagephotoalbums.co.uk. Wedding Stationery: Handcrafted by Jo, 07734 310586.

Venue Decoration: Decorative Events, 07484 225360 / 01406 701912, decorativeevents.org. Lighting & Event Hire: That Event, 01844215857, www.that-event.com.

Wedding Fireworks: Temple Fireworks, 07753 496087, templefireworks.co.uk. Wedding Sparklers: Sparklers UK, 020 8798 9299, www.sparklers.co.uk. Natural Confetti: Shropshire Petals, 01952 691553, shropshirepetals.com.

Wedding Cake: Sophisticake, 01526 351777, www.sophisticake.co.uk. Wedding Sweets: Sweet Shop Van, 01325 260208, sweetcampers.com.

Stag & Hen Events: Red7, 01273872200, redsevenleisure.co.uk. Spa Break: Champneys, 0843 5611 938, www.champneys.com. Name Change: 01628 522 223, www.nameswitch.co.uk. n

and lovely; he really was the perfect photographer - easy to talk to but never in the way and extremely professional.”

“The wonderful Sam from Decorative Events delivered our absolutely beautiful flowers and before I knew it the groom and groomsmen arrived, in their very dapper suits, courtesy of the amazing Formally Yours who were beyond fantastic - especially with all my changes - and I highly recommend them.”

“Just before I stepped into the ceremony room, I heard the guitarist playing ‘Everlong’ and I had to take a second, as I felt a little nervous. However, as I turned the corner and walked into the room, I saw Kieran’s face and all my nerves disappeared. I couldn’t stop smiling, I was just so happy to be in that moment with him. When I reached Kieran, he had tears in his eyes and he just said ‘Wow.’ I know I’ll never forget that moment!”

“Our day was truly amazing, better than I could ever have imagined. I know every bride imagines their wedding day to be perfect but our day surpassed all of my expectations in every way. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much in my life.” “I want to give a special mention to Graham and Rachael from Sweet Campers who provided beautiful sweet jars as another of our wedding favours. Graham was wonderful to all of our guests especially the children and everyone thought it was fantastic. Another special mention to Dawn from Sophisticake. There are no words to describe this wonderful lady and her talents. The cake again surpassed all my wildest dreams, it was fantastic and tasted like absolute heaven.” “I cannot fail to mention all the suppliers who really helped make our day because everyone one of them made it in some


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“My favourite moment of the day was seeing Kieran’s face at the end of the aisle. We couldn’t stop grinning!” way or another. Shropshire Petals for the beautiful confetti and wreaths, Fabelle for the most elegant and beautiful flip flops I have ever seen.”

Zeecee boutiques provided our lovely apothecary jar favours, and Maria at Bridal Pieces my fantastic jewellery especially my stunning Tiara. Cheesy Smiles provided out the magic mirror, Goldsmiths our amazing wedding rings and Cutting Edge Bridal provided my beautiful short evening dress which everyone thought was stunning.” “All of our guests had such an amazing time and all of them commented on how fantastic the day was and how much thought had been put into it all.”

“My favourite moment of the day was seeing Kieran’s face at the end of the aisle, holding Kieran’s hand saying our vows and just not being able to stop grinning. Our first dance together with our daughter was so magical. We have so many wonderful memories.” “Everyone told us to capture the special moments and take time to ourselves every now and again, which we did often. This advice was given to us and this is the advice I would pass on to all brides. Take those ‘just us two’ moments they’re so special.”

Nikki and Kieran are going to Mauritius for their honeymoon courtesy of Virgin Holidays.

“I’d like to thank UKbride and all of their prize partners for the amazing prizes and of course all of our amazing family and friends for making our day perfect in every way. We will never forget it!” n 42

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£17,400 43

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e backdrop to a beautiful local wedding is a stunning wedding reception venue. Here, we’re profiling a few of the most beautiful and versatile wedding venues across the county which will allow you to create your perfect wedding... Words: Rob Davis.

Main: Woodhall Spa’s Petwood Hotel’s gardens have been beautifully restored to reinstate the original Edwardian planting scheme... both the gardens and the hotel itself will provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding day; call 01526 352411 or see www.petwood.co.uk.

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A WEDDING AT GRANTHAM’S BELVOIR CASTLE... GRANTHAM’S BELVOIR CASTLE provides probably the most dramatic backdrop for your wedding the Vale of Belvoir has to offer. Its beauty and practicality go beyond its crenellated spires though, with a family chapel for up to 80 guests, and the Duke’s private Chaplain on hand to help you plan your ceremony. Your wedding reception can take place in the Guardroom - where 100 guests can admire the dazzling array of swords and muskets - or in the Ballroom with its floor to ceiling stained glass windows and gothic archways modelled on Lincoln Cathedral, whilst the State Dining Room is ideal for your wedding breakfast. n 01476 871001, www.belvoircastle.com.

Doubletree by Hilton, Brayford Wharf...

CONTEMPORARY, STYLISH, LUXURIOUS, Lincoln’s Doubletree by Hilton can accommodate up to 400 guests in its fifth floor Cathedral Ballroom. In addition, the hotel’s Aspen Suite provides room for 120 guests, and there are large bar areas for guests’ arrival. A complimentary fourth floor bridal suite, the hotel’s cocktail bar and its panoramic views over Lincoln create a spectacular wedding venue that’s modern and luxurious. n 01522 565180, www.doubletree3.hilton.com.

Quick Tips Wedding Receptions

Howell Manor... SITUATED NEAR SLEAFORD, Howell Manor is a working farm which has been in the Sarderson family for generations. Surrounded by 550 acres of beautiful countryside, St Oswalds Church is an idyllic Saxon building for your ceremony, whilst the estate can host your wedding reception in one of its marquees or tipis. Not only can you design a bespoke wedding reception to suit the size and

Your wedding reception should be the first element of your wedding that you book, as doing so will give you the firm date you need to book all of your other elements.

style of your day, Howell Manor can help with all of the licenses, catering, drinks suppliers and entertainment providers, ensuring a wedding with rustic style and plenty of character, plus one that’s adaptable to your needs and tastes. n 01529 460267, howell-manor-events.co.uk.

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Doddington Hall, Lincoln

Granary Barn Exclusively Yours

An 18th Century Grade II Listed wedding barn. The Granary at Elms Farm, Hubberts Bridge is a unique venue for a relaxed country wedding. Relax and celebrate with family and friends over a weekend. Enjoy a bespoke wedding in Granary Barn with a honeymoon suite and award winning cottage accommodation for your guests all set around a pretty courtyard and beautiful gardens of Elms Farm.

DODDINGTON HALL NEAR LINCOLN is renowned for being the perfect setting for a quintessentially English country wedding. Built in 1595, the stunning privately owned Elizabethan Hall is surrounded by romantic gardens. More recently the old Coach House, sitting just yards from the Hall, was completely refurbished to create a versatile wedding venue. With its own pretty and private walled garden, the Coach House is the perfect blend of old and new. Showcasing exceptional, seasonal produce from the estate alongside the

best local suppliers, Doddington’s menus are just a starting point in creating your perfect day. With onsite accommodation you and your guests can celebrate over the whole weekend, so it’s not just a wedding day but a wedding weekend! The award-winning team know that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and they take great pride in their personal attention and professional approach to this very special occasion. 01522 812501, www.doddingtonhall.com.

New at Elms Farm, a marquee and Tipi site set in over 18 acre of grassland with two lakes. n 01205 290840, www.weddingbarnvenue.co.uk.


WOODHALL SPA’S DOWER HOUSE provides a number of options for couples seeking to plan the perfect wedding. From The Seasons restaurant to The Orchard Suite to the Oak Room and Morning Room, the hotel can accommodate weddings for up to 200 guests with a dedicated wedding coordinator and beautiful grounds. n 01526 35258, dowerhousehotel.co.uk.

Louise Anna Photography


EXCLUSIVE, AIRY & MAGICAL, the country estate of Irnham Hall, located near Grantham and on the border of Rutland, the property’s beautifully restored Summer House with its expansive areas of glass is light and airy, able to comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests, with exclusive use available of the whole venue with its adjacent walled garden and grounds. Adjacent to the estate is the award-winning Griffin Inn with its letting rooms, whilst catering companies working alongside Irnham Hall are available to provide bespoke menus and champagne & canapé receptions. n 01476 552 027, www.irnhamhall.co.uk.

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SLEAFORD’S CARRE ARMS Hotel and Restaurant is a traditional and beautiful, hotel dating back to the Victorian era, built by the owner of the Bass Maltings to accommodate his business associates whilst visiting the town. Today, it is the perfect wedding venue for you and your guests. Three rooms are available for your ceremony or wedding breakfast. The award-winning function room, ‘The Courtyard Suite’, created from the hotel’s stables, hay lofts and cart houses have kept most of their original features including its own glass-covered roof. ‘The Mareham


QUINTESSENTIALLY ENGLISH, Oaklands Hall Hotel was built in 1877 with 46 beautifully appointed bedrooms and five acres of landscaped grounds. Its Churchill Suite, Garden Suite and Longs Lounge are all available to create a gorgeous backdrop to your wedding with Victorian style and exceptional service. n 01472 872248, oaklandshallhotel.co.uk

Room’, a smaller room for more intimate weddings. And lastly, ‘The Victorian Conservatory’, it is lush, light and spacious, and provides the feel of an outdoor wedding venue, but one that the rain cannot spoil. 13 ensuite, individually appointed bedrooms Wedding Receptions also await you in this family owned and run business of nearly Ask your wedding venue if they 30 years. n have a dedicated wedding planner who will act as your 01529 303156 single point of contact www.carre throughout your wedding armshotel.co.uk.

Quick Tips

Branston Hall Hotel... planning, minimising hassle.

LINCOLN’S BRANSTON HALL HOTEL is a picturesque backdrop for your Lincolnshire wedding, providing a versatile licensed wedding venue for up to 180 guests. Set in 88 acres of historic parkland, Branston Hall provides 50 classically designed bedrooms, some with lake views and four poster beds, whilst a choice of three function

rooms, and an external gazebo ensures that anything up to 180 guests can enjoy a luxurious and beautiful wedding. An adjacent spa provides a place for pre-wedding pampering, whilst in-house wedding coordinators can ensure your day runs smoothly. n 01522 793305 or see www.bespokehotels.com. 51

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Set in 88 acres of breathtakingly beautiful parkland, the award-winning Branston Hall provides a truly magical setting for your wedding day and incredible photo opportunities to capture those special moments. The hotel offers unparalleled service and a luxury ambience with bespoke wedding packages to suit all budgets. WEDDINGS • CONFERENCES • EVENTS • ROMANTIC BREAKS • FAMILY GATHERINGS

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Sitting within beautiful landscaped gardens in the Lincolnshire countryside, Hemswell Court is one of the counties’ hidden treasures. It’s the perfect venue for couples looking to celebrate their wedding day in style... At Hemswell Court we offer couples a bespoke wedding experience, working with you to turn your dreams into reality. The venue is exclusively yours from arrival on your wedding day until you depart the next day, be it for a small intimate occasion or a large lavish celebration for up to 150 guests for your Wedding Breakfast.

Contact Hemswell Court on 01427 668508 to request our wedding brochure and book a personal viewing.



01427 668508

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The Poachers Inn GREEN WELLY INNS is a trio of country inns near Boston comprising Hotel Supreme at Bicker, The Red Lion pub restaurant, and The Poachers Country Hotel. The latter is especially popular as a wedding venue, with 14 beautiful bedrooms, a garden house marquee and secluded gardens for photographs, and wedding breakfasts for up to 110 guests.

THE BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED Grade II listed Granary and Molecey Mill at Deeping are an adaptable and beautiful setting for weddings. Set in 20 acres of mature, established gardens and with rivers and streams everywhere, this is an idyllic setting for any event. Whether you’re looking for a riverside picnic and an outdoor ceremony, or a wedding in a marquee or tipi, The Granary’s Glenn & Graham have the creative flair, expertise and contacts to help you plan your perfect day. When it’s all over, the one bedroomed selfcontained riverside retreat the Duck House is a beautiful place to wake up on your first day as husband and wife! n 07855 242356, www.thegranarydeeping.com

Quick Tips Wedding Receptions

Make sure you have ‘goody bags’ for children at your wedding, keeping them entertained whilst the grown-ups socialise, and enjoy a leisurely wedding breakfast and speeches.

With exclusive hire, a personal wedding planner and bespoke wedding packages, it’s the ideal venue to design and create your country wedding, with everything from bespoke menus to a resident DJ. n 01205 290310 www.poachershotel.co.uk.


BOSTON’S HISTORIC Grade I listed Guildhall was built in the 1390s and can now host weddings for couples seeking to hold their wedding ceremony in the heritage-laden Banqueting Hall at Boston Guildhall which offers an historic backdrop which cannot be matched. n 01205 365954, www.bostonguildhall.co.uk. 56

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The White Hart, Lincoln... LOCATED ON BAILGATE, the luxurious and contemporary White Hart Hotel’s position within the city’s Cathedral Quarter puts it in close proximity of the Cathedral and St Mary Magdalene Church. Photographically, there could scarcely be a better location, but the hotel is also ideal for weddings with the 110 capacity air conditioned King Richard Suite, the 60 seater Eastgate Suite and the Bailgate Suite for 50 people. Also available are the Tank Room and Wellington Rooms

for intimate weddings of up to 12 guests, meaning The White Hart can accommodate any size of weddings, offering a dedicated wedding coordinator and bespoke menus as standard. The hotel was created in the 14th century, and carries a Grade II listing, meaning as well as being spacious enough to accommodate any wedding or civil ceremony, it’s also stylish enough to create an enviable space in which to design and celebrate your wedding. n

01522 526222, www.whitehart-lincoln.co.uk.


The Pyewipe Inn has been a coaching inn since 1788, situated in an idyllic location alongside the Fossedyke, just ten minutes from the centre of Lincoln. With 21 en suite rooms, a four poster bridal suite plus the availability of tipis adjacent to the pub restaurant, the Pyewipe Inn can accommodate wedding breakfasts with catering for up to 150 guests. Hog roasts and discos courtesy of our resident DJ are also available, plus, to really make an entrance, you can arrive at your wedding Thissovenue has aboard a boat if you desire. na range of wedding 01522 528708, www.pyewipe.co.uk.


packages, and all

include three tipis, a

SAN PIETRO, chill-out tipi, tables and seating, flooring, bar, SCUNTHORPE firepit, fairy lights,

MEDITERRANEANdisco style and and stunning outdoor dining at Scunthorpe’s Restaurant with Rooms. 14 boutique-style bedrooms, two AA rosettes for its quality dining and the quirky setting of a former windmill for photos! 01724 277774, sanpietro.uk.com

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Hemswell Court...



KING’S HALL is a quality function venue in a prime location on Cleethorpes seafront. Available for weddings and other functions, everything in between. n Call 01472 692908.

HEMSWELL COURT offer couples a bespoke wedding experience. Choose between two elegant licensed rooms or an outdoor wedding in the venue’s bandstand. The venue is exclusively yours with 25 luxury 5*AA en-suite bedrooms including an elegant bridal suite.

The venue’s chefs have created a variety of menus which can be adapted for any special dietary requirement.” 01427 668508 or see hemswell court.com.

Quick Tips Wedding Receptions

Wedding toasts are all about quality over quantity, so ask anyone who’s speaking to make sure their toasts are no more than two minutes in length.

Castle Cave Hotel... CAVE CASTLE is the perfect venue for fairy tale weddings in Hull, East Yorkshire with its beautiful lawns and lake providing the perfect backdrop for those memorable photographs. “A choice of suites, menus and packages are available and our dedicated professional team will be delighted to meet with you to discuss


your requirements and show you why we are one of the leading wedding venues in Hull.” “We are licensed to perform Civil Ceremonies or Partnerships so your whole day can be carefully planned to ensure that you enjoy the most special day of your life.” n 01430 422245 or see www.cavecastlehotel.com

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At San Pietro we are a fine dining 2 AA rosette restaurant featuring a beautiful Grade II listed windmill with 14 boutique style bedrooms. With 4 gold stars for our guest accommodation, not to mention being named the AA’s Funkiest B&B in Great Britain 2015/2016, alongside our elegant function room we are an ideal venue for your entire day. With our bespoke approach to wedding planning our dedicated and experienced team will work with you to ensure that your wedding is personal and truly reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple. A wedding at San Pietro can also offer you total exclusivity, from the ceremony to the evening reception, you are not confined to a single room. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our events team.


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e backdrop to a beautiful local wedding is a stunning wedding reception venue. Here, we’re profiling a few of the most beautiful and versatile wedding venues across the area which will allow you to create your perfect wedding... Words: Rob Davis.

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BARTON HALL, located in the picturesque county of Northamptonshire, is the ideal setting for smart countryside weddings for up to 180 guests. A Grade II listed idyllic wedding venue, Barton Hall is available with exclusive use for couples seeking to take advantage of the 16th Century Grade II listed Manor House, the Charles function suite and its Grade I listed Orangery. Dedicated wedding planners ensure your wedding is handled with the utmost care and attention, whilst bespoke wedding packages and menu packages enable to create exactly the day you’re dreaming of in mature and beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. n 01536 515505, www.bartonhall.com.

The Bull & Swan, St Martins, Stamford... PART OF THE HILLBROOKE HOTEL GROUP and the sister pub to Stamford’s William Cecil, The Bull & Swan offers great food and ale, with the venue’s Cavendish Room available for weddings and functions. The courtyard has a herb garden and pizza oven for quirky, informal celebrations. n 01522 565180, www.hillbrookehotels.co.uk.

Quick Tips Wedding Receptions

Stapleford Park SET IN A 500 ACRE COUNTRY ESTATE Stapleford Park is an inspiring Grade I listed former stately home, now a luxurious hotel available to couples planning their wedding. The hotel and grounds now offer marquee weddings in the Capability Brown landscaped estate, whilst weddings for up to 160 guests can also be held in the Grand Hall and Orangery.

A thoughtful addition to your wedding reception is a basket of flip flops so ladies in heels can avoid the agony of sore feet when they should be dancing!

For more intimate weddings, the Harborough Room accommodates up to 24 guests surrounded by scarlet covered silk wallpaper, whilst The Old Kitchen retains a sense of rustic minimalism. Stapleford Park even has its own church; the 18th century Church of St Mary Magdalene. n 01572 787017, staplefordpark.com.

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call 01780 740250 Main Street, Ufford Stamford PE9 3BH lisa@whitehartufford.co.u www.whitehartufford.co.uk @WhiteHartUfford The White Hart, Ufford 66

Weddings at The White Hart, Ufford We would be delighted to look after you on your special day. Each wedding is unique and as such we take pride in spending time with you to ensure that all your requirements are met.

We have two areas that are licensed for civil ceremony marriages. Our Orangery can hold upto 50 guests and the Pantry can be hold up to 40 guests. Our venue is ideal for a less formal, intimate and relaxed wedding. We can cater for up to 150 guests for an evening reception. An ample car park ensures that guests do not have to worry about parking. Please contact us at The White Hart so that we can arrange a showround and meet to understand your requirements.

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Oakham Castle...

The Wisteria Hotel, Oakham...

THE GREAT HALL of Oakham Castle is an impressive backdrop to your Rutland wedding, accommodating up to 120 guests for a ceremony or 90 people for a sit-down meal. It was built between 1180 and 1190 and today, The Great Hall is famed for its for its unique collection

of over 230 ornate ceremonial horseshoes donated by Peers of the Realm (Royalty and nobility such as Dukes, Marquis’, Earls, Viscounts, Barons and Bishops). Refurbished in 2016, the hall is a great option for those planning their Rutland wedding. n 01572 757578, oakhamcastle.org.

In the heart of Oakham, Wisteria Hotel is a great place for those planning their wedding, with The Barn Suite for up to 100 evening guests, plus the Georgian Suite for 40 guests and the 17th century Hunters Bar and The Kitchen for 20 guests. n 01572 722844, wisteriahotel.co.uk.


SITUATED ON RUTLAND WATER, and accommodating up to 180 guests, Rutland Water Golf Course has a marquee lined barn with adjacent courtyard, first floor function room and eight luxurious bedrooms, plus enviable views over the reservoir, making it the ideal venue for your Rutland wedding. A dedicated wedding planner and bespoke menus, makes planning your day a cinch. n 01572 737149, www.rutlandwatergolfcourse.co.uk. 68


HILLBROOKE HOTEL’S sister venue to The Bull & Swan is a country hotel in the heart of Stamford. The hotel’s entire wedding service is totally focused around you, and the venue is licensed for ceremonies either indoors or outdoors in the stunning Garden Pavilion. 27 individually decorated rooms plus the availability of marquee weddings provide all of the space and versatility you need to ensure a great looking day and comfort for your guests. For those with guests travelling from afar, the hotel is conveniently located just off the A1, and dating back to the 17th Century, there’s plenty of style and character throughout the hotel. n 01780 750070, www.hillbrookehotels.co.uk.

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The White Hart, Ufford


UFFORD’S WHITE HART is a beautiful country pub restaurant with two areas licensed for civil ceremonies; the Orangery for 50 guests and The Pantry for 40 guests. The pub restaurant has been a village inn since the 17th Century, and benefits from 12 beautifully appointed bedrooms including those in the adjacent barn, allowing those


LOCATED ON THE HAMBLETON PENINSULA, The Finches Arms has made its main restaurant and private dining rooms available for local weddings. There’s also an option to create a larger wedding in a marquee in the grounds of the hotel overlooking the reservoir. Bespoke packages and a wedding coordinator make the organisation of your day easy, too. n 01572 756575, www.finchsarms.co.uk.

seeking a pretty village pub as the backdrop to a family wedding. Flagstone flooring, open fireplaces with log burners, a spacious Wedding Receptions terrace and elevated garden ensure the White Hart is a truly photogenic A great - and cost effective wedding venue. way of adding real ‘wow factor’ to your wedding reception is 01780 740250 to use lighting thoughtfully. whitehartufford.co.uk. Candles and outdoor

Quick Tips

lanterns look wonderful.

Barnsdale Lodge Hotel... BARNSDALE LODGE is the perfect place to host your special day. The hotel has a choice of private function rooms, enabling it to accommodate a wedding from 20 to 180. The hotel has several well-proportioned rooms that are licensed for civil ceremonies, as well as the stunning Fort Henry and Exton Park, just a couple of miles from the hotel, and at both, a personal events

organiser will offer advice and a wealth of experience; discuss your ideas and work with you to create your perfect day. The hotel’s team of chefs can provide catering to suit, from an informal finger buffet to a five-course dinner and provide outside catering if required. The team are friendly and efficient and will work hard to ensure your day is memorable. n 01572 724678, barnsdalelodge.co.uk 69

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The Bull Hotel... THE FOUR STAR Bull Hotel, located in the heart of Peterborough, provides a Grade II listed 17th Century wedding venue, with 118 bedrooms, some with four poster beds, and the availability of the 65 guest capacity Lincoln Suite with its soft lighting, chandeliers and mirrored panels, as well as the Broadway Suite for 130 guests with its stage area and traditional paintings, the ideal venue for your

Quick Tips Wedding Receptions

THE BEAUTIFUL Kilworth House is set within 38 acres of mature parkland, a Grade II listed Victorian country house hotel, converted from a private home into a hotel with 44 bedrooms. With its large, light, beautifully appointed Orangery, Kilworth House can accommodate weddings for up to 130, but also offers The Wordsworth and The Shakespeare rooms for 40 and 20 guest respectively. Meanwhile there’s The Cellar Bar with its capacity for 130 reception guests and The Staging Post, a traditional log cabin adjacent to Kilworth House’s open air theatre. Naturally Kilworth House also has dedicated wedding coordinators and a team of chefs delivering bespoke menus. n 01858 880058, www.kilworthhouse.co.uk

If the weather is looking tricky leading up to your big day, there are companies available online which specialise in personal wedding umbrellas.

wedding reception. The Penthouse Suite, meanwhile, is suitable for larger weddings with up to 200 guests. Bespoke menus and a dedicated wedding coordinator mean you can design the wedding of your dreams. n 01733 561364, peelhotels.co.uk.

Toft House Country Hotel & Golf Club

NO TWO WEDDINGS are the same, which is why Toft House ensure every bride and groom can create a day that reflects their own tastes and ideas. Enjoy your wedding in the 40-capacity George Suite, 36-seater Dining Room or for larger events, in our marquee, which is suitable for up to 350 guests. Bespoke wedding packages from £67.50/person will ensure you can create the perfect day, just the way you envisage. n 01778 590614, www.tofthotelgolf.co.uk/weddings


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Deene Park, near Corby... DEENE PARK is a beautiful country estate in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside surrounded by stunning gardens, rolling parkland and lake views, we are the perfect venue for marquee receptions. We have our own 30m x 9m marquee including star cloth, silk linings, dance floor, toilets and furnishings, all set in the privacy of the Walled Garden.

At the heart of the estate is the country house itself with its impressive stone façade and crenelated roofline, the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

Our professional staff are supported by a brigade of suppliers all offering excellent quality, service and value for money, we are now taking bookings for 2020 and beyond, we even have selected dates available during 2019. n

For information please visit, www.deenepark.com, info@deenepark.com or contact 07561 820828

GRANGE FARM LEISURE, WANSFORD Grange Farm Leisure’s permanent marquee provides a versatile and spacious place to create your perfect wedding reception for up to 160 guests. An array of catering suppliers and other suppliers plus a choice of decoration will help you to achieve just the look you’d like to create on your special day. n 01780 782459, www.grange-farm.co.uk.

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Greetham Valley...


“WITH STUNNING FACILITIES, fabulous views and superb service, Greetham Valley is the ideal venue for celebrating a special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a wedding venue or other occasion, Greetham Valley do all we can to make your day incredibly special.” With a unique, contemporary style, newly refurbished function rooms, beautiful views, fine dining and a bespoke and exemplary service, Greetham Valley is the ideal Rutland wedding, party or

BARNSDALE HALL HOTEL, RUTLAND WATER... BARNSDALE HALL HOTEL is set in conservation parkland, overlooking the magnificent views of Rutland Water, making it the ideal venue for your wedding. This unique setting provides the perfect backdrop to your perfect day. “We have a selection of wedding packages to choose from, these are priced as an all-inclusive package helping you in your planning of the day.” n 01572 725181, www.barnsdalehotel.co.uk.

special occasions venue. The Rutland Suite and The Lakeview Suite at Greetham Valley are both licensed venues for civil wedding ceremonies, as an alternative to a church or registry office. Both our function rooms and accommoWedding Receptions dation have been fully refurbished and can accommodate up to 200 guests. n 01780 460444 www.greetham

Quick Tips

Send out slips of paper with your invitations inviting your guests to choose a song for your DJ to play... if your guests create the playlist they’re bound to dance!

Orton Hall Hotel & Spa... PETERBOROUGH’S Orton Hall Hotel & Spa is the former home of the Marquess of Huntly. Dating back to 1086, the former manor house is set in 20 acres of mature parkland and is in close proximity to the city of Peterborough. The hotel has 70 bedrooms, an on-site spa, swimming pool and leisure facilities. Add to this 10 individually decorated function rooms, a beautiful stained glass conservatory and you have the perfect setting for your event.


From autumn this year the hotel is offering outdoor weddings in the newly built gazebo within the hotel grounds. Guests can enjoy fine dining in the Huntly Restaurant or a more relaxed dining experience in the on-site pub, the Ramblewood Inn. The hotels secluded location ensures a relaxed atmosphere in picturesque surroundings. 01733 391111, www.ortonhall.co.uk.

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B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:05 Page 76


B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:05 Page 77

B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:05 Page 78

B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:05 Page 79


Questions to Ask







You need to find out how many people your venue can accommodate. The venue will be one of the first things you organise, and wedding plans change constantly, so even if you know you’re having a small number of guests, ask this question. It might only accommodate for 20 and you want 80.

Unfortunately, many venues have hidden costs that you really need to be aware of. Ask about the rental fee, cancellation policy, the payment plan, overtime fee and everything else you feel they might charge you for. This avoids any nasty surprises and gets all the awkward questions out of the way.

You may have already arranged for a wedding caterer, but it’s still worth checking if the venue supply one. It may be a lot cheaper or better quality. It’s good to keep your options open. Remember to ask about hidden fees here too! Some venues have a ‘corkage’ fee if you bring your own alcohol. If you hire your own caterers, ask if there are kitchen facilities available - if caterers have to bring in their own refrigerators and ovens, they might charge extra.

MONEY SAVING TIPS n Don’t get married on a Saturday. This is the easiest

way to save money on your wedding. Not only does it cut the costs down on the venue, but all of your suppliers. Have it on a Friday!

n Have your ceremony and reception in the same

place, maybe in the same room. It makes the venue cheaper and you only need one load of flowers.

n Get married in a register office. If you’re not too worried about a big ceremony, this is a good way to save money.

n Book well in advance. If you take your time

and have a really long engagement, the monthly payments are easier to manage and you can do loads more research and comparison.







If you have your heart set on a particular date and your venue is available on that day, still ask this question. You might discover they’re available on a bank holiday weekend or the price is considerably better on a different day. Weigh up all your options. Sometimes venues will have a list of ‘preferred’ or ‘recommended’ suppliers. It’s important for your suppliers to work well together so it might be worth referring to this as much as possible. Also, if your venue recommends them, they are probably good suppliers to use.

This is a question your suppliers may ask you. Find out when you first book with your venue, and plan your day logically in your head. Ask them about how the whole process works. n


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WEDDING Combine the luxury of iridescent gold with the warmth and femininity of blush pink. Create your theme with our hints...

Warm up your white wedding with the twin hues of soft gold and blush pink. The two shades go hand-in hand and are easy to work with. Warm up the appearance of your bridesmaids with Essence of Australia’s glittery gold bridesmaids’ gowns and add a sparkle to their outfit or your own with sparkly shoes from brands like Paradox or Jimmy Choo.

Invitations are another ideal way to incorporate gold in your wedding theme. Don’t try to DIY your own invitations as your domestic printer won’t be able to recreate a gold colour faithfully. Instead, opt for a commercial supplier and use gold stock of paper or foil embossing to create a realistic looking gold.

Gold leafed cakes and gold candles will look good against your wedding breakfast tables, as will pearl and gold accessories around your crockery, especially if your caterer is just using white china. It’s tricky to utilise gold in your flowers without combining with another colour. Especially for spring and summer weddings, combine with light pink ad incorporate that shade as well. n


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WEDDING Perfect for a summer wedding in a rural county such as ours... taking botanical inspiration for your wedding with a palette of fresh mint and sage greens will help you create a wedding thats naturally beautiful...! Some sage advice for those planning a wedding... incorporate some mint, sea or sage greens into your big day. They work extremely well as part of a botanical or woodland theme, perfect for the area’s rustic weddings.

Combine them with rough-sawn timber signs and blackboards directing guests to your wedding, hay bales and hessian table plans for rustic looking weddings with big bushy bouquets of eucalyptus or gypsophila for rustic looking summer weddings.

Alternatively, you can glam up green with watercolour botanical invites backed by simple cream, and tables that have shiny slivers of copper hues to them. In the case of the later, you could even use a stronger green shade and create a dark sophisticated look with bright white Old English roses in your bouquet and straight-sided white cakes with simple elegant sage ribbons. Alan Hannah provides our white A-line wedding dress, and is also the designer of our sage bridesmaids’ dresses. n

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Venue: Rushton Hall, www.rushtonhall.com. EJ Wright for Insposa, www.insposa.co.uk.

CHIC Park Lane Images: www.dottiephotography.co.uk.


B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:06 Page 86

A classically-styled wedding with Park Lane panache will yield a memorable wedding day, especially at the area’s most impressive venues like Rushton Hall. This month we’ve asked Insposa’s Creative Director EJ Wright to show us how to achieve the look...


B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:06 Page 87

A wedding with Park Lane chic. That was the look creative director EJ Wright was looking for when pulling together this month’s featured styled wedding shoot.

“From the soft velvet of a chair to the smallest, but prettiest of bouquets and breath-taking floral arrangements which can fill a room with a heavenly fragrance.”

“What more beautiful backdrop could we have had, than Rushton Hall? My mood board started with embracing the features of the room and letting them influence our choices. Beauty is created from the simplest of things. Crisp white linen and polished silver, the whisper of silver and gold catching the light from the chandelier, glasses sparkling within a classic white and green floral palette.”

“Whatever dream you have for your wedding, it is important to choose a venue that provides the perfect backdrop, and to work with a creative team who are on point with your style and imagination. Working together with this incredible wedding venue and a team of true wedding professionals, the image I had in my mind’s eye has been beautifully transformed into stunning reality!” n

“Our aim, in addition to creating something beautiful, is to show you how to work with the key features and tones of your wedding venue by allowing those elements to guide you.”

“By bringing the outside in to the stunning Orangery at Rushton Hall, we created a fresh, elegant look that is timeless and unforgettable. A look that sits comfortably amidst the features of the room.”

Our Local Suppliers Location: Rushton Hall Hotel & Spa, Kettering, 01536 713001, www.rushtonhall.com. Concept & Creative Direction: EJ Wright for Insposa, 0116 236 4849, www.insposa.co.uk. Photography: Dottie Photography, 01945 773368, www.dottiephotography.co.uk. Model: Miss Betsy Rose, missbetsyrose.com. Make-Up: Liza Smith 07788 421 401, www.lizasmithmakeup.co.uk. Hair: Leanne Eldridge, 07818 060885. Bridal Designers: Suzanne Neville & Jesus Peiro at Courtyard Bridal Boutique www.courtyardbridalboutique.co.uk. Wedding Accessories: viviembellish.com. Styling & Décor: Nerissa Eve Weddings, 01858 419544, www.nerissaeveweddings.com. Flowers: 07999 351514, floraeforay.co.uk. Cakes: Abigail Bloom Cake Co., 020 72780835, www.theabigailbloomcakecompany.com. Stationery & Signage: Millie Stone, 07891 088980, www.millie-stone.co.uk and Jenna Claire Stationery, www.jennaclairestationery.co.uk. Macarons: www.maisondesmacarons.com. Trees: More, www.moreproduction.co.uk. n


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Capturing Your Day

Once the cake is reduced to crumbs and the flowers look tired, your wedding photographs are the record of the day you planned and enjoyed. It’s imperative, then, that a professional has captured every element of your day...

Photography is about freezing a moment in time. And never is that a more necessary skill than on your wedding day, a day which, we’re afraid to say, will fly by all too quickly. Traditionally, wedding photography was about simply achieving formally posed images of your close family and attendants, but now it’s about much more; recording for posterity close-up shots of table decorations, the flowers and cake... documenting all of the elements of your wedding you’ve painstakingly curated. Trust Me, I’m a Professional...

The necessity of preserving your day makes it all the more necessary to entrust your big day to a professional. Ironically, having just pointed out the necessity of hiring a good photographer, it also falls upon us to warn of the potential pitfalls that the democratisation of photography has also caused. A few years ago, some brides thought that disposable cameras on guests’ tables would yield plenty of photos and eliminate the need to hire a professional. Alas, that’s not the case!

Today’s digital cameras are so commonplace that many enthusiastic amateurs - usually relatives - make well-meaning offers to save brides cash and take on the task of their wedding photography. Technical Skills, Soft Skills...

But no matter how good the camera, there’s no substitute for a professional photographer; one who’s absolutely au fait with their equipment and with the technicalities of photography, but also in possession of the soft skills that wedding photographers need. 88

CHOOSE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER WHAT TO CONSIDER Do you have backup equipment? Backup camera bodies, cards, flash guns etc., to guard against failure.

Have you shot a wedding at our venue before? It’s better for a photographer to be familiar with the location. Do you shoot alone? A photographer with a second shooter, or a husband and wife team, can capture more images or take shots simultaneously. Are you insured? e.g.: Against equipment theft, injury etc?

How will I get my images on a USB, DVD, or in an album... and will I own the copyright?

How much post-production will you put into our wedding and approximately how many images will I receive? How quickly will I receive my images after the day?

Can I provide you with a list of my ‘must have’ shots e.g: to make sure everyone is included in the formal shots?

A professional will have the experience and skill to work around bright sunshine and shadows or overcast days. They’ll have a wet weather plan and they’ll be able to use flash properly and capture tricky shots like the confetti toss.

Many of these skills can evade a photographer, but the real difference is a professional’s ability to deal with the wedding party and wedding guests diplomatically and professionally on the day.

How to Choose a Photographer...

Over the page we’ve photographers from around the county, and you’ll find others on wedding planning websites like UKbride. Decent photographers will invite you along for a consultation and may even offer an engagement shoot. They’ll discuss your budget, the style of photography and options for supplying digital files and albums. It’s imperative you feel comfortable with your photographer, and that you ‘click’ with them - no pun intended. Husband and wife photographers usually get good results following the groom and bride on the morning of your wedding to capture the build-up. Make sure you view the photographer’s portfolio and understand whether their coverage is traditional, or reportage - candid and unobtrusive.

Budgets range from £500-£2,000 for photographers and depend on the duration of coverage on the day and how they supply images. Be wary, though, of photographers who offer ‘same day’ images - doing so sounds like a selling point, but the reality is that if you obtain your images on the day, they won’t have had the post-production editing which creates great images from ones that are merely good! n

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Wedding photography and videography are not interchangeable disciplines. Wedding photography can be more posed, more deliberate, whilst videography can capture things on the day you may have missed; as well as the sounds and the laughter. If your budget will stretch to it, we’ll ALWAYS recommend a videographer and a photographer working side by side on your wedding day. Look for one affiliated with institutions like the Institute of Videographers, and ensure you’re clear about the duration of the finished video, that your professional will obtain the necessary copyright for any backing tracks, and that they’re fully insured. When you’re watching your wedding video years after, you’ll be glad you made the investment, which will typically be in the region of £1,000. n


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Are you a wedding business? Increase your wedding bookings in 2021. Advertise in Bride & Groom Magazine:

n n n

Handed out by the Church of England We deliver by royal mail to brides-to-be using www.ukbride.co.uk, the number one wedding website Handed out by advertisers and at local wedding fairs

Call now on 01529 469977

or visit www.pridemagazines.co.uk/brideandgroom


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Arguably the most exciting part about planning a wedding. There are many different options for your wedding cake to suit a variety of budgets, styles, themes and of course, tastes...

A couple’s budget for a wedding cake varies drastically. You may feel like the cake is a very temporary wedding item, used for photos, eaten then gone. However, you may feel the wedding cake plays an important part in your wedding day celebrations.

If you’re more a fan of savoury foods, make your very own cheese cake! This is super easy to construct yourselves, doesn’t cost too much and tastes great with crackers!

Another alternative for a more affordable cake is a naked cake decorated with fruits. As there is no icing and therefore no timeconsuming detail work, most cake makers charge considerably less for them.

n For more information and wedding ideas please visit the website www.ukbride.co.uk.

However you feel about the cake, you can make it look stunning on any budget. If you want a smaller cake and you have a small budget for this part of the wedding, go for just one tier. It is becoming increasingly popular to have just one long tier. Make sure you introduce your florist to your cake maker too! They can make your cake look bigger and more beautiful through the power of flowers.

On the other hand, if you’re going for grand and making your wedding cake your centrepiece, we have inspiration over this page to show your cake maker whatever luxe style you’re opting for.

If you really are going all out, have a sweet table too. Make your cake the centrepiece and add biscuits, cookies, cake pops and macarons to the table for people to help themselves too. This way you can cater for all tastes. Making a sweet table helps for a smaller budget too. If you’ve friends or family who are a whizz in the kitchen and can cook up a cake or two, get them to contribute two or three little cakes of varying flavours and a few sweet things for the table. It will look impressive and it’s much more affordable than one grand cake. 92

Some cake makers can go into serious detail like Rosalind Miller (lollipop cake to the right, flower cake and royal cake far right). This obviously costs more but can make a lasting impression on your guests. Top right is Fiona Cairns’s naked cake. Another great way to make a naked cake look special is with your florist adding her own touch to it.

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B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:07 Page 94


Questions to Ask





The first indication to tell you if someone is an experienced baker is how long they’ve been in business. This question is your background check. It also indicates whether they’re just good at baking or whether they know how to construct and transport cake. If the cake maker is making multiple cakes for a weekend, they chill or freeze the layers before assembling closer to the wedding. Make sure they’re not baking the cake too far in advance; if a cake is frozen for too long, it can dry the layers out. IS TASTING INCLUDED IN OUR FEE?


Some cake makers will charge for cake tasting sessions. This will be included in your final cost so make sure you’re aware of this hidden cost before choosing them. It’s also worth asking if they offer a consultation tasting session or just a tasting session; a consultation allows you to discuss your design ideas with them. CAN YOU WORK WITH OUR FLORIST?


Double check if the cake maker is happy to work with your florist. The cake maker will bring an undecorated cake to the venue and your florist will then dress it.

MONEY SAVING TIPS n The easiest way to save money on your cake is

having a smaller cake. The smaller the cake, the smaller the cost. n Forget the fondant. Go for buttercream. This will save you loads of money as it’s less labour intensive for the cake maker and less expensive for them. n DIY your cake toppers. Instead of asking for an intricate design, buy cake toppers or try to make one yourself. This will personalise your cake too. n This may seem a strange idea, but you can use fake foam tiers. Your cake maker will work with you to produce a beautifully iced cake with half to slice and half as presentation.








Most bakers will charge you per serving (how many slices your cake will make), but some will charge on the amount of detail, number of tiers or the amount of time it will take. You may get a completely bespoke price depending on your order. It’s worth knowing just in case you need to cut costs. This is surprisingly one of the most important parts of a cake maker’s job. You need to know what will happen if the cake is damaged in transit, how they’re taking the cake to you, when, and you need to make sure your cake table is ready for it! Some bakers will only work from a set selection of designs with few variations. If you want a really personal or unique cake, it’s worth asking before you get into the design process having already signed the contract.

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FLOWERS Celebrate The Power of

Your wedding flowers are a really great tool for conveying your chosen colour scheme and they transform a room or a venue, into a wedding venue. Start thinking about them right from the moment you begin to look for your dress and choose your wedding venue to ensure you create a consistent look for your whole wedding. Perhaps the most traditional style of all wedding bouquets, the shower bouquet is the epitome 96

Create your colour scheme and carry through the look and theme of your wedding by taking advantage of independent florists. Choosing your wedding flowers is an exciting experience as part of your planning! Find your floral designer on www.ukbride.co.uk

of elegance and sophistication and is designed to gracefully flow out of the bride’s hands, with a natural look in many of the bouquets we’re seeing in the wedding world currently.

This cascading style was made popular by Princess Diana in the 1980’s and has enjoyed something of a revival in recent years. Almost any type of flower can be included in the typical style of this arrangement,

which is often enhanced with trailing ivy and fresh foliage. Typically round in shape, the posy bouquet is a popular choice for modern brides as it is easy to handle and often small enough to be carried in one hand.

Alternatively, a great alternative to the traditional bouquet is a beautiful corsage worn on the wrist - a wonderful way to accessorise your wedding dress.

B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:07 Page 97

Collate as many images as possible of your preferred floral style and consider looser styles for rustic weddings, incorporating raffia ties, or tighter styles incorporating Swarovski crystals and pearls for more formal styles.

To style your venue, consider flowers for your tables, with taller arrangements to prevent guests having to ‘look round’ your centrepieces, and don’t forget buttonholes for the groomsmen to tie in with the rest of your floral scheme.

Depending on how much you’re looking to invest in your wedding flowers, we recommend setting aside a large chunk of your budget if you want to make your wedding stand out. In all cases, look for a local florist and take advantage of their flair and expertise. n





Floral Ideas... 1. It doesn’t just have to be flowers; add pinecones and succulents to create texture and contrast. Arrangement by Great British Flowers for Dan & Liz.


2. The all natural look has taken the wedding world by storm in the past year. To create this look, use a variety of different green tones and a loosely-fitted, ‘overflowing’ style as pictured. 3. These bouquets follow a loose-fitted style and create a vintage look by using dahlias and hydrangeas. Photo: The Garden Gate Flower Company. 4. Roses are timeless and are always in trend. 5. Looking for something different? Use bright colours that match your bridesmaids. Ideal for summer. Photo: Great British Flowers. 6. Work closely with your florist to see how you can incorporate your wedding flowers into your day in different ways. Visit www.ukbride.co.uk for florists.


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Bespoke, beautiful & handcrafted for you...

Call 07734

- Over 846,000 members and 190,000 Facebook Fans - Win a £25,000 dream wedding - Browse through 20,000 wedding dresses - Free wedding planning tools like our table planner - Claim a free engagement photoshoot - Win monthly wedding related prizes - Talk to like-minded brides in your area for support

Join now for free at www.ukbride.co.uk

To advertise your wedding business to 43% of brides-to-be in your area, call us on 0800 112 3 112.


310586 or find us on Facebook

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Prints Charming



1. Bespoke Wedding Stationery is available from Spiegl Press, including foil blocking and die cut designs; your imagination is the only limit! 01780 762550, www.spieglpress.com.

2. Bespoke Gift Bags and Chocolate Boxes from Vanilla Reindeer. Great for gifts and favours. 0843 561 9450, www.vanillareindeer.com.

3. Save the Date Cards, from Handcrafted by Jo, bespoke stationers, based locally. Ask your guests to ‘pencil you in’ with a pencil attached to the notelet. 07734 310586, facebook.com/handcraftedbyjo 4. Sage and White Gold Foil, beautifully bespoke gold foil stationery by Spiegl Press. 01780 762550, www.spieglpress.com. 5. Gift Bags with your own photo, names, dates and messages - ideal thank you gifts for attendants. 0843 561 9450, www.vanillareindeer.com.

6. Die Cut lace effect wedding stationery with smart royal blue and white scheme. 07734 310586, facebook.com/handcraftedbyjo.



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The A-Z of

Wedding Traditions

B&G 2020 old quark.qxp 21/01/2020 10:07 Page 101


A is for Aisle

The tradition of a father walking the bride down the aisle dates back to the time of arranged marriages where a father would literally ‘give away’ his daughter for land, livestock or similar, marking the exchange.

B is for Bridesmaids

Bridemaids were, in Roman times, dressed like the bride to confuse evil spirits or vengeful suitors who might try to disrupt the wedding or harm the bride-to-be. Today a bridesmaid’s role is to support the bride and plan her hen do.

D is for Canon in D

C is for Confetti

Confetti at weddings originated in Italy about 1850 reaching the UK in 1895. Throwing rice or grain was a way to ensure fertility and wealth. In the early C20th, small pieces of paper became more popular than grain.

E is for Engagement

The most popular piece of music for a bride to walk down the aisle to in the UK is Pachabel’s Canon in D. It was composed for Bach’s wedding in 1694 which the composer attended. He gifted it to the couple as a wedding present.

Engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because Romans believed that in this finger was a vein (vena amoris) which led directly to the heart. Diamond rings were introduced by the Venetians in the 15th century.

ere are so many fascinating, quirky and sometimes shocking facts and traditions surrounding weddings... we’re exploring a few here in an A-Z of wedding traditions! F is for Flowers

G is for Garter

In the Medieval era bridal bouquets used to have herbs instead of flowers, or garlic, which was thought to ward evil away. A bride would throw her bouquet to stop guests grabbing scraps of her dress for good luck.

H is for Honeymoon The tradition of enjoying a honeymoon dates back to the middle ages, when a newly married couple would spend time alone and drink mead which is honey wine - during the first moon cycle of their marriage, promoting fertility.

The bride’s garter was thrown for the same reason as she would toss her bouquet... to prevent men from grabbing her dress to take a scrap for luck. If a man caught a garter it was said to give him luck for finding his own wife.

I is for Interstellar

The first space wedding has already taken place! In 2003, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko married his fiancée Yekaterina. The bride spoke her vows from Houston, Texas to the International Space Station.

J is for Juno (June!)

Weddings in June aren’t just popular because of the warmer climate. The Roman goddess Juno - after whom the month is named - was the protector of women, so marrying and having children in ‘her’ month was favoured. 101

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L is for Long Veil

K is for Knot

Veils were traditionally a symbol of a bride’s virginity, with the lifting of a veil a symbolic consummation of the marriage. The world’s longest veil was worn in 2016 by Vivian Shun-Wen Cheng of Taiwan. It was 3.77 miles long!

Tying the knot is a colloquialism for marriage today, but its more likely origin is disputed. It’s either a reference to the traditional Celtic hand-tying ceremony or the Roman act of tying the bride’s girdle into a knot.

M is for Money

Some estimates put the average cost of a wedding in the UK at over £27,000, but this figure is skewed by multi-day Indian weddings and those based in London. In fact, the average cost of a wedding is about £12,000.

N is for Name Change Brides changing their name to their groom’s surname is tradition, but not a legal requirement. Around 75% of brides do it; 20% choose not to, whilst 5% of brides choose to double barrel their name instead.

Queen Victoria was responsible for popularising the white wedding dress, which was about symbolising wealth, rather than virginity. She also had a wedding cake that weighed over 300 lbs and was over three metres wide!

The most popular date for proposals is Christmas Eve, on which 24% of all proposals take place. New Year’s Eve is the next most popular date, followed by brides’ birthdays. Most couples take two years to plan their weddings.

Though dual-ring ceremonies were common in the Greek Orthodox church from the 1300s, the custom of both bride and groom exchanging rings is a relatively new one here, dating from early 20th century to the post-war era.

U is for UK

In the UK, around 301,000 weddings take place each year, most (54%) on a Saturday. The UK wedding industry is worth £3.6bn, and most brides are 31 when they marry, two years younger on average than their groom. 102

We all know about the ‘old, new, borrowed, blue’ rhyme. Its origin is in promoting fertility. In the 1800s a bride would wear the (used!) undergarments of her most fertile friend to boost her own childbearing prospects!

Q is for Queen Vic

P is for Proposals

R is for Ring

O is for Old, New...

S is for Speeches

The tradition of speeches at weddings dates back to 600BC when a Greek host would pour wine from a common pitcher and drop burnt bread (‘toast’) into it. The host - usually the bride’s father - would eat it to prove it hadn’t been poisoned.

T is for Thinking...

...Out Loud, by Ed Sheeran! In recent years the song has become the most popular first dance, usurping the previous most popular first dance song which was At Last by US jazz singer Etta James.

V is for Las Vegas

Over 7% of UK couples decide to marry abroad each year. Las Vegas is the most popular international destination for weddings, hosting 100,000 each year. Hawaii is the next most popular place, hosting 25,000 weddings a year!

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W is for White

The most popular colour theme for couples remains white, accounting for 74% of all colour schemes. Blue & pink, equally, are the next most popular colours. The most popular wedding theme is ‘rustic.’

X is for Expensive!

The most expensive wedding was that of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s son to Princess Salama in Dubai. The 1981 event cost a cool £34m. The most expensive wedding dress ever cost £8.2m and had 150ct of diamonds!

Y is for Yellow

Yellow wedding dresses are considered unlucky... as is marrying in May! Spiders and hungry cats at your wedding, and the Tudor custom of guests throwing shoes at the bride and groom are all considered lucky!

Z is for Zzzz...

Whilst couples traditionally consummated their marriage on their wedding night, 40% of UK couples just fall asleep instead. They cite not being ‘in the mood,’ having too much drink or just being too exhausted! n 103

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1. Cavani Carly three piece suit £169/adult, £79.99/child, www.cavani.co.uk. 2. Blue three-piece suits from Slater, contrasted for the Groom and accessorised with grey tweed, hire, www.slaters.co.uk.

A range of tailoring for grooms across the region, by order of the peaky groomsmen!

3. The Lincoln Suit from Moss HIre, £102, includes jacket, trousers, shirt, waistcoat, pocket square, cravat or tie, www.mossbroshire.co.uk

Words: Rob Davis.




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3 4. Grafton (grey), Brocton (blue) and Tiverton (green) tweed suits for hire from Andrew Musson Bespoke Tailor £call, 01522 520142, www.andrewjmusson.com.

5. Albert Brown and Ford Blue suits from Cavani, £159/adults; £79.99/children, www.cavani.co.uk. 6. Moss London £99/jacket; £60/trouser; £60/waistcoat www.mossbroshire.co.uk.

4 7. Cavani’s Albert Grey tweed suit £159.99, cavani.co.uk.

8. Bespoke or Made to Measure suit from Andrew Musson Lincoln’s Savile Row tailor with over 25 years experience, call for prices, 01522 520142, www.andrewjmusson.com. 9. Slaters OneSix5ive children’s suit £85/child; £110/adult, 0330 3636071, slaters.co.uk. 10. Cavani Caridi white suit, suit £169/adult, £79.99/child, www.cavani.co.uk. n



Our Top Tips for Grooms-to-Be!

n Health & Beauty treatments are no longer just for the bride. Book yourself in for a trim, hot towel shave and a facial on the morning of your wedding! n Leave an ‘I love you!’ note and a small gift for the chief bridesmaid to give your bride-to-be on the morning of your wedding; keep it a surprise! n Don’t leave the wedding planning to the bride... after all, it’s your day too, so try to get involved! n Write your speech well in advance to give yourself time to rehearse it over and over and over again!


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Checklist The Groom’s

Make sure your groom has checked all of these things off his list! 1. The Rings This has got to be the most important thing to remember. It’s the best man’s responsibility but make sure to keep checking he has them! 4. Go Easy on the Alcohol Don’t have too much to drink before the ceremony. Nothing worse than a groom slurring his ‘I Do.’

2. Breakfast Champagne is not a good idea on an empty stomach and you won’t eat for hours into the day.

9. Special Something Remember to get your bride a special something for the morning of the wedding.

6. Timings Make sure you’re aware of how long everything takes!

5. Schedule Make sure you know the order of the day. This is the most important day of your lives. Show that you’ve paid attention by having a good idea of the plan for the day. 7. Thank Yous The chances are, your friends and family helped out with the wedding planning. Make sure you know who helped, and give them a word of thanks in your speech.

3. Fresh Trim Shave and do it well or get a barber to give you a clean cut shave and a fresh haircut, not too different or short.

8. Best Man’s Speech Whilst it’s important to think about what you’re going to say in your speech, be aware of what your best man might say and mention anything sensitive you really want him to leave out! 10. Stay Hydrated Finally, weddings are thirsty work! You’ll be talking all day so make sure you keep hydrated! 107

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You Shall Go to the Ball

Arriving via horse and carriage will make quite the entrance and make you feel like a princess on her way to the ball of the century! Also a great idea for equine lovers. Photo: Jems Photography. Photo: Dottie Photography.

n If you have a large party of guests to transport and there just so happens to be a lake or reservoir between the two locations, the obvious choice would be to go by boat. You can get some really unique photographs and it’s something

n BUSTED Another way of transporting large amounts of guests is by double decker classic bus!

Photo: Dottie Photography.


your guests will remember; just check beforehand if anyone gets seasick! If you aren’t so lucky to have this nearby but there is a small lake or boat, why not hire a small paddle boat for unique photos with just you and your new husband?

n Forget tradition and go for the amazing wedding photo by arriving on bikes! A fun introduction to a summer wedding.

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Mike and Anna went for a classic Rolls Royce, the epitome of wedding transport. Photo: Sarah Vivienne Photography.

Graeme and Nina went for the colour of love and picked an MG classic car as their mode of transportation complete with bright red balloons to lead the way for the rest of the wedding party. Photo: S6 Photography.

Well there really isn’t a more dramatic way to show up at a wedding than by helicopter. If you’re adrenaline junkies, add a helicopter ride to the day as a surprise to the guests (or a surprise to the bride!). See your reception from the sky this way too! n For more information on wedding transport and to arrive in style on your big day, visit www.ukbride.co.uk. The number one wedding website in the UK also has a wide range of local venues to browse through as well. 109

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Wedding Guests


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Wedding Guests


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Wedding Guests


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