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17.07.10 Your Official Pride Glasgow Magazine

2010 Celebrating 15 years of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Trans Pride In Scotland


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Welcome to Pride Glasgow Official Guide for 2010. This year event is set to be bigger and better than previous year events and we have had a number of changes this year some good some bad but we’ve got through it all and are all looking forward to seeing the event come alive on July 17th. This year celebrates 15 years of Pride in Scotland . You will find a timeline of events that have affected the LGBT Community in Glasgow or Scotland contained with this guide.

We hope you enjoy the main event on the 17th of July 2010 and the run up events that have been or will be held including Pride Idol and our Women’s Only Event. Keep up to date with Pride Glasgow and information about our events at or follow us on twitter at or find us on facebook at Pride Glasgow Team

A Message from Crosslynx CROSSLYNX and it’s members wish everybody who comes along to Pride Glasgow to enjoy the festivities and join in the celebrations. We feel obliged to inform people that there will be people dressed in all sorts of costumes and that there will be men dressed in female clothing and women dressed in male clothing. This should not be taken as being an expression of anyone being transgender. Just to clarify, what you are observing is people in costume, or drag. A transgender person is a transvestite, transsexual or a number of other conditions which come under the term of Transgender Umbrella, and this is defined by people who have a gender Identity Disorder. If you wish to know any more about this subject, please visit our website . Please enjoy the day, have fun and be safe.


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Whats On PARADE AND RALLY This year we have a new route for the parade The parade will start from 11.45am at Kelvinway at Kelvingrove Park and follow the following route, out of Kelvinway into Argyle Street then into St Vincent Street followed by Pitt Street then onto West George Street, then past Nelson Mandela Place onto George Street and arrive at George Square. See Map on page 25 Once the parade arrives on George Square we will have a Rally.

PRIDE HOSTS Pride on George Square will be hosted by Cheri Treiffel and Scott Agnew from 1pm Cheri is a Cabaret Artist who has worked Nationally & Internationally since 1989 and have graced the stages of everywhere from the Festival hall to Transport caffs on the M6 Scott is one of Scotland’s top comperes and has proved himself as a master story teller with his regular appearances at top comedy clubs around Scotland. The comic mixes tales of nightlife, gay life and tramp life to charm his audiences and transport them into his world which is far from run of the mill by anyone’s standard.

your DJ for the Day DJ Marc has entertained Glasgow’s gay scene for 5 years, DJ’ing in Delmonicas, Moda, The Polo Lounge and for various sexual health launches until recently moving to work with Bennets and Revolver. Marc has also worked with various record shops and a record label briefly in 2009 so in other words he knows his stuff Catch him dancing about by his DJ box and playing you’re favourite pop and camp anthems from throughout the decades here at Pride Glasgow!

Live on stage This year’s stage line up sees an eclectic mixture of acts and performers take to the stage including Five, Horse McDonald who has toured with Tina Turner and secured several record chart hits in Europe, X-Factor’s Laura White along with Bandito who fuses a dance beat with pop melodies, Ryan Jagger and Alexander Price. This year will also see Glasgow Glee Act take to the stage performing a range of songs from Hit TV Show Glee and tribute performances from Take That, Girls Aloud, Elton John, George Michael and Kylie Also this year on stage will be the winners from each of the Pride Idol heats and the winner will be chosen. Check out our exclusive up, close and personal Interview with Ryan Jagger on pages 8.

STREET PERFORMERS Out and about amoungst the crowd will be our live street performers keeping the crowd entertained.

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Whats On MARKETPLACE In the Pride Marketplace you will find a range of stalls from commercial, public sector and voluntary organisations including Equality Network, Stonewall, Palm, Luke and Jack, Rainbow Trade, Unison, The West of Scotland LGBT Forum and many more.

FOOD AND DRINK This year bar will be provided by G1 group who will also be providing food vans out with the bar area serving food and soft drinks. No under 18s will be allowed in the bar area, if your planning to attend the bar at the event please ensure your have a valid form of ID with you. Also note that bylaws in the Glasgow prohibit drinking in public areas so no alcohol can be consumed outwith the licensed bar area.

FAMILY AREA This year will see a family area on George Square which will provide a quieter space for those with families and also activities for children including face painting. Note this will not be a creche and children should be supervised at all times. A full programme of events for the family area will be published nearer the time

YOUTH SPACE This year LGBT Youth will be running their safe space for LGBT young people from 13-26 providing juggling workshops, fire thrower performance, Junk fashion show, info stall and C-Card provision, LGBT Youth’s Got Talent Contest plus much more. This will be a no alcohol zone.

Up Close and Personal with Ryan Jagger

“Homophobia sucks quote me on that”

Can you give us a bit of an intro to who you are and what your music is like? I’m Ryan Jagger. I’m 22 years old & I’m a gay pop singer. I create euphoric dance music that hits you from the first beat, making you wanna dance, throw your hands in the air and have the best time of your life. I wanna make you feel like you can fly. My songs won’t change the world – I’m not Michael Jackson – but if they make people dance together, my job’s done. I think my melodies work on a political level - we can learn a lot about how individuals from all walks of life can join together to create a positive atmosphere. When I see crowds of thousands of people jumping together to one of my tracks, it’s a special feeling... like I’ve united them & given them an opportunity and the power to express themselves in unity. You’re playing a range of pride events this year, how important is pride to you and do you think there is still a need for Pride Events in 2010? Gay crowds are my favourite, because everyone is there to have a good time and there’s a humbling sense of equality, of understanding… of everyone being the same. Pride gives the gay community a day to celebrate their sexuality, diversity, and their love while pushing for their rights in society. I absolutely believe that Pride is relevant in 2010. We’ve come along way, but people are still fired from their jobs, become the brunt of cruel jokes & even beaten in the streets for being gay – all for their sexuality.

We have to send out a positive message of fairness, of acceptance and of love.Homophobia sucks – quote me on that. When did you come out and what one piece of advice would you give to those who are wanting to come out? Doing what I do I’m used to dealing with nerves. You feel a crowd of thousands of people chanting your name while you’re in the wings, waiting to hit the stage. I do it often, but it’s nothing next to the nervousness of coming out to friends and family. I did it when I was 17 & it was the biggest thing in my life. It’s huge. I’d always known I liked boys since I was born. I used to make my Action Men make out with each other when I was about five years old. Ironically, my parents wouldn’t buy me a Barbie doll to kiss the hunky heroes because they were “for girls”! Kinda weird! The only piece of advice I have is to be open about your sexuality when you’re ready. Don’t be pressured, don’t rush it – tell close friends before family if it helps, find support – just be true to yourself and be comfortable with who you’re becoming. What can our audience expect once you’re on stage? I see so many performers who think they’re the star, like the audience owe them a favour just for being on stage. Not me, I believe the real energy in my show comes from the crowd – they give me love & I mirror it straight back. They’re loud, I’m louder. They’re the super stars, I just provide the soundtrack to their good times! I interact with in a crowd of over 10,000! Pass the microphone over if someone

wants to give one of my records a go – we have fun! We’re together, we’re a circus, and we’re family. Without the crowd, I wouldn’t do what I do. Who have been your biggest influences in life and in music? Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be the ultimate pop star. To be the best I can be, I had to take influence from the greatest. Michael Jackson. He’s my inspiration, the reason I wrote my first song & worked hard to be the performer I am today. Michael also has a strong relevance to Gay Pride having used his celebrity to raise HIV awareness in the late 1980s, a time when the public were mainly uneducated, and very ignorant, on the subject. What would you say are your most played tracks on your iPod right now? I couldn’t live without my iPod! Right now I’m training really hard in the gym getting ready for my summer show, especially Glasgow! I want to look good, so I’m listening to lots of uptempo tunes. You can’t beat club classics... back to the 90s! Where can people get a hold of your music? I’m on iTunes, so anyone with internet can download my music on there. I’m also a bit retro & keep my MySpace (www. up to date with music, photos, tour dates & everything else I’m getting up to.

Our interview with Ryan continues over the page

It’s great to see an artist bring pop to such a huge audience

If you could duet with anyone who would it be?

Are you a Lady Gaga Fan?

Anastacia. Where has she gone?! I love her voice and she is incredible live – one of my favourite artists ever. She’d sing me under the table, but I’d love to give it a go! Hey, maybe she’s reading!

I know bigger fans! It’s great to see an artist bring pop to such a huge audience – it’s like the Smash Hits era all over again. I like to see people passionate about music and she is the leading lady right now. We need more people like her.

How old where you and where did you first perform?

How important are your fans to you?

You know, I’m revealing all for you guys! I started singing in my local church at 6, that’s where it all started for me. I appeared on ‘Songs of Praise’ & even sang for the Queen! I sing for many queens these days, and I’m not so innocent on stage.

My fans mean everything to me – and they know who they are. I have a group who’ve followed me to every gig I’ve done across the U.K since 2007! They’ve seen me grow as an artist and as a person, but I love meeting new people who enjoy my music and I have a genuine love for every one of them. Music connects, it’s

like we’re in it together, but it’s never too late to join the party! I’m always making new sounds and new friends… so if you’ve never heard of me before, jump on board now! Describe your dream date. Hey, let’s have a good time! I’m thinking a few cheeky cocktails (I’m on beer), followed by a cheesy movie at the flicks, preceding more drinks and lots of dancing. If the Dj plays one of my records, we’ll know the dance moves! Whatever happens, we’ll have a good time. Ryan Jagger guarantees that. Are You single? I’m in a serious relationship, and he’s just perfect! It’s love!


Two-thirds of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people at school today have suffered homophobic bullying - not just name calling, but physical assaults and death threats too.* Charity no. 1101255.

Stonewall Scotland’s Education for All gives tools, confidence and guidance to young people, their parents and their teachers. Please give £5 a month. Become a Friend of Stonewall Scotland at, or call us on 0131 557 3679.

*Stonewall’s The School Report.

Code: S6.

FRUITY 3 Smoothie Recipes - one for the morning before Pride, one for the morning of Pride and one for the morning (or afternoon) after

Friday 16 July Chillax Smoothie Ingredients 1 organic apple 3 large strawberries 1 handfull of grapes (red or green) 1/2 medium cup of organic apple juice

Method Peel and chop apple into four pieces, add to blender. Next and the grapes, strawberries and apple juice and blend for approximately 40 seconds. Serve, relax and enjoy.

Saturday 17 July ENERGY Boost Smoothie


Ingredients 2 fresh, peeled and chopped Kiwis 2 ripe Bananas 1 Pear, peeled and chopped. 2 Kiwi flavored, or plain flavored yogurts Method Take all of the ingredients above, and throw them into the blender then enjoy!

Ingredients 1 cup of frozen strawberries (unsweetened, cut into smaller pieces) 2-3 cups of fresh watermelon depending on taste (seeded, diced) 1 teaspoons of fresh lime juice Method Put all the ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth,

GUIDE TO Glasgow’s LGBT SCENE VENUES AND CLUB NIGHTS BENNETS 80-90 Glassford Street Tel: 0141-552 5761 CASTRO 84 Bell Street. Tel: 0141-237 4401 COURT BAR 69 Hutcheson Street Tel: 0141-552 2463 DELMONICA’S BAR* 68 Virginia Street Tel: 0141-552 4803 FHQ 10 John Street. Tel: 0141-553 5851. THE LANE 60 Robertson Lane Tel: 07789 906851. LUKE & JACK 45 Virginia Street Tel: 0141-552 5699 MERCHANT PRIDE 20 Candleriggs Tel: 0141-564 1285 MODA 58 Virginia Street Tel: 0141-553 2553. O’CURIOUS is the newest gay night around brought to you by people who think differently and think insanely, Sunday 18th July at O’Couture, Sauchiehall Street and then every first Sunday thereafter

THE PIPEWORKS 5-10 Metropole Lane Tel: 0141-552 5502 PLAY LOVES G-A-Y Glasgow’s Newest Biggest Midweek Gay Night, Every Wednesday 7 Renfield Street POLO LOUNGE 84 Wilson Street Tel: 0141-553 1221 Q! GALLERY 87-91 Saltmarket Tel/Fax: 0141-552 7575 RELAX CENTRAL 3rd Floor, 27 Union Street Tel: 0141-221 0415 RUBYFRUIT Flying Duck, 142 Renfield Street. Tel: 0141-564 1450. Sunday 18th July 9pm - 3am REVOLVER BAR 6a John Street Tel: 0141-553 2456 SCENE 17 John Street. 0141 552 2237 SCENE @ TATTOO 46 Queen Street. Mon-Tue 11.30pm-3am. New gay club nights. SPEAKEASY 10 John Street Tel: 0141-553 585 TRON THEATRE CAFÉ BAR Chisholm Street Tel: 0141-552 8587.

THE WATERLOO 306 Argyle Street Tel: 0141-248 7216. SUPPORT SERVICES AND ORGANISATIONS BREATHING SPACE Mon-Thu 6pm-2am, Fri 6pm - Mon 6am (24 hours at weekends). FreePhone: 0800 838587. WWW: CROSSLYNX NATIONAL TV/TS/TG HELPLINE Mon 7.30-9.30pm. Phone: 0141-847 0787. GAY MEN’S HEALTH 48 Albion Street Tel: 0141 552 0112 HATE CRIME REPORTING LINE Nightly 7-10pm. Phone: 0141-847 0647 LGBT YOUTH SCOTLAND GLASGOW - YOUTH GROUPS Tue Night 13- 18 year olds Wed Night 18-25 year olds Web: STRATHCLYDE LESBIAN AND GAY SWITCHBOARD Nightly 7-10pm. Phone: 0141-847 0447. THT DIRECT Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat-Sun Noon-6pm. Phone: 0845 1221200.

Scotland’s rail network has a dedicated police force.

Very dedicated, in fact.

British Transport Police is the national police force the railways. We are working to keep the railways safe, free from disruption and the fear of crime. Freephone 0800 40 50 40

STAYING SAFE AT PRIDE Your safety is paramount to the success of the event and here a few tips on staying safe at Pride 2010

Do not overdo the alcohol and make sure you drink plenty of fluids and have something to eat through the day to help pace yourself.

General Safety

Also make sure you keep an eye on your drink and do not leave it unattended or with anyone you cannot trust.

Strathclyde Police are well trained in dealing with homophobic incidents and will have a presence on the day of pride should any issues arise please report these to either a Pride Glasgow Steward or the Police directly so that the matter can be dealt with Should there be any major incidents that occur that require the evacuation of George Square a message will be broadcast asking for your attention, please follow all instructions from the Police or Stewards Clothing Glasgow’s Weather is always unpredictable so don’t forget your sun cream as despite the rumours, Scotland’s sun can burn. on the other hand Scotland can experience all 4 season in one day so make sure you bring a waterproof jacket with you just in case! Alcohol Pride is open to all age groups and please ensure that you bring ID if you are lucky enough to look under the age of 21 should you wish to be served at the bar. Please do not bring your own alcohol to the event as bottles may be confiscated by security or the police due to Glasgow City Council strict bylaws on drinking in non licensed areas including the street.

Drugs Pride takes a zero tolerance approach to drugs, the police will be called should any drugs be found. Legal highs are also not permitted at any Pride event and anyone found to be in possession of these will be asked to leave the event. Sexual Health Some of the stalls this year will be providing condoms and dental dams, use this chance to stock up and keep yourself safe and should you meet someone you decide to go home with always let someone know where your going. Lost Children Pride is a family friendly event and should any children get lost we will immediately put into action our lost child procedure we ask that you report any lost children to a Pride Glasgow steward immediately and we will then arrange for an announcement to go out. You should arrange a safe spot for your child to go to should they get separated from you prior to attending the event.

15 years of pride in scotland but 17 years of sheboom Women are attracted to SheBoom for many reasons. Some of us are attracted to the idea of drumming. The drum is one of the oldest instruments and has often been forbidden to women - we weren’t supposed to play them and they made a lot of noise.

While Pride celebrates 15 years of Pride in Scotland the band that everyone knows of and loves who has led Pride Parades in Glasgow in a number of a years celebrates being 17 years old so this article explains a bit more about Sheboom and their history Lit by flaming torches, the magical sound of 50 women drummers gave birth to the sensational phenomenon known as SheBoom. The year was 1993 The month was october The Reason was Samhain: celtic halloween As popular folklore goes, the artist Jane Sutherland and the musician Erin Claire Scrutton began planning for a multimedia event for Glasgay! in 1993. Funded by Glasgow City Council, it was to be a special festival celebrating diversity. The big idea was for a gigantic drumming spectacle on a bridge over the River Clyde. Hours of sweat, tears and finally ... It happened. The magic began. SheBoomers are ordinary women who come from all walks of life - artists, actors, musicians, teachers, home-makers, lecturers, doctors, clowns, students, massage therapists, scientists, care workers and social workers. What binds us is our love of making music with drums, loudly.

Others of us were not so much attracted to just the drumming as to the creative and wonderful energies which comes from making music with other women. Over the years, hundreds of women have been members of SheBoom. Membership figures have fluctuated between 40 to a staggering 107 in 1994. Current membership is around 40. Hundreds of hours are put into composing, practising and rehearsing for gigs. The band meets every Friday evening from 6.30 to 9pm. SheBoom also keeps an important communitybased profile by running beginner drumming workshops. New band members are recruited from these workshops. A waiting list is kept for women interested in coming to these workshops. No music experience necessary. Deeply rooted in Scottish socialist traditions, the band operates as a self-funded nonprofit collective. All sums earned are spent on drumming tuition, hire of rehearsal rooms, purchase and maintenance of instruments, carnival costumes, administration and publicity costs. We have no salaried staff and band members do not derive an income from band earnings. SheBoom earns its own way but donations and sponsorships are always welcome! Sponsorships from percussion related companies will be favourably considered. In seeking to foster a spirit of solidarity instead of rivalry, SheBoom maintains strong links with its daughter/sister bands. Our occasional combined drumming sessions have been delightfully awesome and can be heard from miles around!

More information on sheboom at

Lesbians on the Shelf

Did you know that the UK's National Lesbian Archive is based here in Glasgow? It was set up in London in 1984 and contains the UK’s largest and most significant collection of materials about lesbian lives, history, activism and achievements. As well as books and magazines there are badges, T-shirts, banners, letters and oral histories; each item donated by someone passionate about preserving lesbian history. The Archive relocated to Glasgow Women’s Library in 1995. Glasgow Women’s Library (with the Lesbian Archives!) will be relocating to Glasgow’s prestigious

Flyer Side 1 Women.pdf



Mitchell Library in the summer. The collection, which is currently being catalogued by a newly appointed Archivist, will eventually be fully accessible in a dedicated archive so that it will be there for generations to come. First, in order that the building work can start in a phased development, GWL needs to raise in excess of £1 million for this refurbishment so that the collection is preserved and developed. You can help to make this happen by joining the ‘Lesbians on the Shelf’ fund raising campaign. For just £10 you can sponsor a book from the collection, for £100 you can sponsor a whole shelf and dedicate it to the woman of your choice as a lovely and lasting tribute, and for £1,000 you can sponsor an entire section. Visit for details and be proud to be a Lesbian on the Shelf.


PRIDE GLASGOW Women Only Event C




Pride Fundraiser Event Saturday 10 July 2010 Thistle Hotel, Glasgow 8pm to Late





Music from: Horse, Electric Lady Garden, Scragfight, Dinny, plus DJ’s Entertainment From: Diane Torr Compare from: Cheryl Scott Entry into Raffle with Each Ticket – Fabulous prizes to be won!! Tickets cost £12* available at *subject to 50p booking fee tickets are not refundable or transferable

Equality Act: small change, big difference The Equality Act was passed by Parliament in April 2010 and most of it comes into force from October 2010 It brings all of the various pieces of equality legislation into one single Act and extends protection from discrimination to more people. So what does it mean for you? The new Act will give more employees and users of services protection from discrimination and it will make it easier for employers and companies to understand their responsibilities. It will also set new standards for public bodies, making sure that they stop discrimination before it happens and that they promote equality and fairness in all they do. Although we have come a long way in the fight for equality, with many rights created such as civil partnerships, gay adoption and legal recognition of changing gender, we need the Equality Act to strengthen the law and bring forward new measures to fight discrimination. For example, a new Equality Duty will be introduced which will mean public bodies, such as hospitals or education authorities will need to think about the needs of LGB people when designing and delivering services. This could mean a health centre running a promotional campaign to encourage more lesbians to attend clinics for cervical smear tests, or a school working with parents to tackle homophobia in their school. This new duty will also require public bodies to advance equality of opportunity for transsexual people. This could mean a local authority noticing that there are no support groups for people undergoing gender reassignment in their area, and deciding to fund a charity to help reach out to the transsexual community. The Act will also provide more protection for trans people. It improves the definition of ‘gender reassignment’ to make it clear that

a trans person does not have to be under medical supervision to be protected from discrimination and harassment it protects people who face discrimination because of their association with transsexual people, for example, as their partner, and; it extends protection against gender reassignment discrimination to cover what happens in schools. This ensures that schools will have to be even more sensitive to the needs of children who have gender identity issues. The Equality Act might seem like a small change but will make a big difference. If you want to know more about the Act then the Equality and Human Rights Commission is here to help you. The Commission in Scotland operates a dedicated helpline which enables us to provide information and advice about your rights. If you think you have been discriminated against because of your sexuality or even if you want to hear more about your rights then this is the number for you. The Scotland Helpline can be contacted by: Telephone 0845 604 5510 Textphone 0845 604 5520 Email Or go to our website at The Commission wants to create a Scotland built on dignity and respect but we’ll never do that unless LGBT people are able to live their lives as equal citizens. The Commission looks forward to working with you to achieve that and we wish you a happy and successful Pride.

This year will see Pride on the Big Screen with our big screen being placed on George Square carrying videos, advertisements and your messages about the day.

GETTING YOUR MESSAGE ON SCREEN TWEET US USING THE HASH TAG #pg2010 Email US ON Text US on 07786 202240 Start YOUR MESSAGE WITH PRIDE We Cannot guarantee that all messages will be shown.

GETTING TO PRIDE Getting to Glasgow

Getting to the Parade Start Point


This year we have a new parade route and new start point, getting to the new start point is quite easy

Glasgow Central Station is a key hub in the national rail network and provides excellent onward travel to the many beauty Bus - First Services 9, 16, 18/A, 42/A and spots and places of interest within Greater 62 all stop directly outside Kelvingrove Glasgow and the Clyde Valley. Museum which is a few minutes walk from the start point All services leave from Hope Glasgow Queen Street Station is the second Street at Central Station, with the exception main line station situated in the city centre. of the 42, which leaves from Bath Street. As well as providing excellent links to areas in and around Greater Glasgow. Its Subway - Five minutes’ walk from Kelvinhall Express service to Edinburgh takes under Underground Station. Ten minutes’ walk 50 minutes and runs every 15 mins. from Kelvinbridge Underground Station. Subway trains run to Kelvin Hall station, Car near Kelvingrove, at intervals of four to eight minutes. Operating hours are 6.30am The main M74 north/south motorway to 11.30pm allows quick, easy access to the entire region. Train - Approx fifteen minutes’ walk from Partick Rail Station. Ten minutes’ walk from Bus Charing Cross Rail Station. Many bus operaters run to Glasgow’s Buchanan Bus station for more information on buses from your area contact traveline scotland on 0871 200 22 33 or by visting

You can also walk to the start point which is an approx 30 minutes walk from the city centre

Getting to George Square George Square is located outside Queen Street Station and approx 10 minutes walk from both Buchanan Bus Station and Glasgow Central Station


1995 - 2010 1995


Glasgow Gay and Lesbian Centre Opens at Dixon Street

Trans People gain legal protection in employment

First Pride Event Held in Edinburgh


1996 First Pride Event held in Glasgow

Age of Consent equalised in the UK Clause 28 repealed in Scotland 2001

1997 Equality Network is formed to campaign for equality for LGBT people in Scotland. 1998

The Convention Rights (Compliance)(Scotland) Act complies with the European Convention on Human Rights and repeals the law that had criminalised gay sex where more than two people are present.

Death of Matthew Shepherd Not directly Scottish or Glasgow related but people were 2002 affected by his death Our Story Scotland Established

Timeline of Events 2003


ILGA Europe Conference held in Glasgow

Scottish Transgender Alliance is formed

First Lesbian MSP And First Bi-Sexual MSP elected

Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007 allows joint adoption by same-sex couples.

2004 Civil Partnership Act Passes through UK Parliament 2005

2009 Glasgow Museum of Modern Art hosts an LGBT exhibition called S[out]

LGBT History Month declared in 2010 Scotland and the UK As February Hate Crime Laws for protection 2007 against homophobic attacks come into force Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations ban discrimination on the grounds of sexual For an interactive timeline of orientation in provision of pride events in scotland visit goods, facilities, and services in the UK

THANK YOU Organising Pride 2010 has been a year of ups and downs and a lot of stress but we couldn’t do it on our own so now we would like to the opportunity to thank a range of people who has helped make the event what it is. Funders and Sponsorships We would like to thank all those who sponsored the event through advertising or stall space or sponsorship opportunities that were available. Along with the Big Lottery Awards for all for Grant funding towards the event and the West of Scotland LGBT Forum for their contribution to Pride Glasgow 2010. Strathclyde Police and Glasgow City Council We would like to thank Glasgow City Council land Strathclyde Police for their help in assisting with various matters to do with the event Special Thanks has to go to Constable Stephanie Rose and Louise McKenzie of Glasgow City Council for providing advice on a variety of matters. Gay Men’s Health Thanks to Gay Men’s Health in Glasgow for providing Pride with a meeting space and address for which greatly appreciate . Thistle Hotel Thanks to the thistle hotel for all the help and support in putting on the Pride Women Event and to all the acts who performed at this event. Performers Thanks to those who have or will be performing at Pride 2010 and our Women’s Only Event on July 10th Venues Thanks to all the venues that have supported pride in different ways .

You For attending the event and contributing to the success of the event. Our Printing Partner Special thanks goes to the team at Blinky Media who have provided us with a range of printing and promotional materials at good quality and excellent value for money. Sheboom The wonderful drumming band which is Sheboom for leading the march once again we are very thankful for this. Volunteers Thank you to all those who took part in helping create the event and stewarding during it. if you want to be involved in future Pride events contact us via www.

Final Word The team behind Pride Glasgow have worked very hard this year to put on an event which we can be proud of and we hope that this has happened once again this year. This year seen us attempt new ideas and new activities with Pride Idol and Pride’s Women event both of which are on track to be successful events we have been asked why a women’s only event and the reason is the need for this was highlighted by our pre pride survey back in Jan/Feb of 2010. We will also be interested in your feedback after the event and would ask that you keep an eye on the Pride Glasgow Website for information relating to our after pride survey which will go live shortly after July 17th to help give your feedback and shape future Pride Events.

SCOTTISH TRANSGENDER ALLIANCE The Equality Network works for equality and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Scotland.




people withtogether

LGBT people

the LGBTforum developing national



supporting ethnic transgender

voice in government



sharing LGBT rightsand on transitions communities information equalityLGBT building and events a stronger

Tel: 07020 933 952


Visit our stall for information, to join, and for cake!

Pride Glasgow Official Magazine 2010  
Pride Glasgow Official Magazine 2010  

The Official Magazine to Pride Glasgow 2010 on July 17 2010