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WE’RE PROUD TO SUPPORT THE LGBT COMMUNITY An independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. U10079, 6/16

It’s a celebration And everyone’s included

Employees of Bank of America are bringing the message of equality to people everywhere. Join us as we work to overcome every obstacle and celebrate every success.

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WELCOME! On behalf of Charlotte Pride, we would like to welcome you to the Queen City and the sixteenth annual Charlotte Pride Festival and fourth annual Charlotte Pride Parade. Last year, Charlotte Pride was pleased to welcome more than 120,000 visitors over the course of our weekend event — a wide diversity of LGBTQ and straight ally people who came together just weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized nationwide marriage equality for same-gender couples. In the year since, our community has faced both challenge and triumph, both here at home and across our state and nation. In Charlotte, our community came together to support local non-discrimination protections passed by our city leaders. Afterward, we’ve continued to band together as HB2, statewide legislation passed this spring, directly targeted our community and other minorities, especially transgender people. This summer, we’ve mourned the loss of 49 beautiful souls — many of them Latino/a LGBTQ people — in the June 12, 2016, tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. And as late as July, we sat in pain as men of color again became fatal victims of police-involved shootings. The same week, officers in Dallas, Texas, were targeted by a sniper. These recent events prove to us that our LGBTQ movement for liberation, which has inspired millions across the globe, still has so much further to travel before our journey toward liberation is complete. None of us are equal until we are all equal. As you visit with us for this year’s event, we encourage you to learn more about how you can get involved and continue to support ways to empower and strengthen our community. The festival is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our area’s community service organizations, advocacy groups and community supporters who will gather together for an exciting weekend. As you visit with us this year, we send you a hearty welcome and invite you to join us at the fourth annual Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade, visit with our vendors at the PNC Bank Festival Zone, grab a sip and a bite to eat in the Charlotte Pride VIP Lounge and enjoy the sights and sounds of our two-day entertainment line up on the Wells Fargo Stage. Welcome to Uptown Charlotte! With Pride, The Board, Staff, and Volunteers of Charlotte Pride


Charlotte Pride, Inc. PO Box 32362, Charlotte, NC 28232 Charlotte Pride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

BOARD/STAFF/VOLUNTEERS Charlotte Pride Board of Directors Craig Hopkins Daniel Valdez Abdul Green Richard Grimstad Marc Alexander Nan Bangs Matt Comer Kacey Grantham Gwen Pearson Jeff Sampson Kimberly Melton

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Director Director Director Director Director Director Executive Director

Charlotte Pride Program Committees Charlotte Latin Pride • Sebastian Abraham, Donell Beaty, Pablo Cordero, Jaime Crespo, Eric Ocampo, Brandon Perciaval Charlotte Pride Pageantry • Macy Alexander, London Dior, Buff Faye, Tommy Feldman, Kassandra Hylton, Felicia Monet, Cierra Nichole, Valarie Rockwell, Sierra Santana, Sylar Tsar, Michael Woods Cox Charlotte Trans Pride • Lara Americo, The Rev. Dawn Flynn, Mel Hartsell, Dee Jackson, Liam Johns, Sam Poler, Erik Rosengarten, Parker Crow, Ashley Williams, Isley Whitfield Charlotte Youth Pride • Gabby Hubert GayCharlotte Film Festival • Teresa Davis, Victoria Eves, Heather Hudson, Frank Kalian, Jim Kimbler, Michelle Trent Charlotte Pride Volunteers Board of Advisors • Steve Bentley, R. Lee Robertson, Jr., Tracy Russ Community Events • Jamie Hildreth, Ryan Kingston, Douglas Lowe, Lisa Raymaker Entertainment • Ruben Arguello, Lana Cane, Natisha Griffin, Matthew Lowery, Lola Lovelace, Allen Moore, Billy Reasor Finance • Chase Montgomery Media & Marketing • Ryan Bueapré, Ryan Freeze, Bradley Richardson, Isley Whitfield, Chelsea Zipperer Operations • Riley Murray Parade • Dave Webb 2016 Charlotte Pride Guide. © 2016 Charlotte Pride, Inc. All rights reserved. For reprint requests or if you’d like copies to distribute at your business or non-profit, email Content compiled by Matt Comer. Design and production by Ryan Freeze ( Festival attractions icons provided by and


Dear Charlotte Pride Visitors and Guests, On behalf of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) and the Charlotte community, we are incredibly proud to welcome the Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade back to the city again. With a destination brand of ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’, Pride is a perfect example of the major events that contribute to the ‘a lot’ our city has to offer visitors and residents alike. We are a community that embraces individuality, diversity and equality and proud to celebrate all who visit, live, learn, work and play here. It’s in this inclusive spirit that we send the warmest welcome to the thousands of attendees, organizers and guests who will be joining us Aug. 20 - 21. Even as our city continues to expand and grow, our genuine and open to all attitude will always be a part of what makes Charlotte so special. We also hold events like Charlotte Pride in high esteem. Last year’s celebration infused nearly $12 million in economic impact into the local economy from outof-town visitors and drew almost 75,000 unique attendees locally, regionally and nationally. The hard work and preparations that go into this event have made it one of the largest Pride celebrations in the Southeast. We look forward to showing you the southern hospitality we’ve become so well known for and hope you enjoy your time experiencing this vibrant event in the Queen City. Wishing you many happy returns,

Tom Murray, CEO Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) 10

Community Giving Charlotte Pride gives back to the community, directly as the result of the generosity of our sponsors, donors, supporters, festival vendors, and event attendees. Here’s a glance at how your support has positively benefited the Charlotte LGBTQ community. Charlotte Pride is committed to creating an enriched, empowered, strengthened and more visible LGBTQ community in Charlotte and the Carolinas. Our work is extended throughout the year through various programs and collaborative community giving totaling more than $51,000 in 2015. Festival & Parade Support Last year, Charlotte Pride was able to give over $34,000 in discounts and complimentary vendor spaces and parade entries benefiting many local non-profits who might not have otherwise been able to attend the festival or parade. Collaborative Funding Charlotte Pride also partnered with several organizations and gave back through collaborative giving last year. Collaborative giving included: Film Festival Sponsorship Souls of Our Students TOY Youth Pride Dance TOY Donation Buckets TOY Interfaith Collection Humane Society Prism InterPride Solidarity Fund InterPride Scholarship Fund POSE Scholarships Trans Pride Matching Grant Latin Pride Total Cash Giving


$1,000 $5,000 $1,000 $1,562 $1,067 $  400 $  401 $  500 $  500 $1,301 $4,500 $  339 $17,570

$51,570 $34,000 $17,570

Total Community Giving, 2015

Festival & Parade Support, 2015

Collaborative Funding, 2015

Learn more about becoming a donor and supporter of our programs, projects and more at


Presenting the Wells Fargo Stage

Presenting the PNC Bank Festival Zone

Presenting the Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade 13

SPONSORS leadership sponsors

visibility sponsors

Equality sponsors


empowerment sponsors

creativity partners

media partners




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CHARLOTTE PRIDE PROGRAMS ‘MORE THAN JUST A FESTIVAL...’ Charlotte Pride presents and collaborates on programs, projects, and activities, including the annual Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade, Trans Pride, Latin Pride, and the GayCharlotte Film Festival, among others. Since its founding in 2000, Charlotte Pride has expanded its year-round programming and partnerships to better connect community members with its mission, vision, and values. It is now one of the largest LGBTQ Pride organizations in the American Southeast. Our Mission Charlotte Pride creates programs and activities to enrich, empower, strengthen, and make visible the unique lives and experiences of LGBTQ people in Charlotte and the Carolinas. Our Values Dynamic: Charlotte Pride knows that the needs of our LGBTQ community are not stagnant; we work to ensure our programs, projects and activities reflect the ever-changing face of our community. Collaborative: Charlotte Pride recognizes that change takes partnership — among and between both LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ people and organizations. The greatest progress for the entire LGBTQ community necessitates a social justice-minded focus on issues which affect the lives of those individuals who live at or beyond the margins.

Inclusive: Charlotte Pride values the contributions of all people and mindfully works to include a wide range of life experiences, perspectives and beliefs in all of our programs and activities. Intentional: Charlotte Pride takes a deliberative and purposeful approach to our programs and activities, seeking to provide a thoughtful, open, and affirming space for community members to engage with our organization and its mission.

Charlotte Trans Pride Charlotte Trans Pride is Charlotte Pride’s transgender community outreach program. Charlotte Trans Pride seeks to provide expanded support for transgender community members, opportunities for social networking, awareness and education events, as well as community and leadership development initiatives to benefit current and upand-coming transgender leaders. Charlotte Latin Pride Charlotte Latin Pride is a collaborative community project designed to build the engagement and capacity of the local Latino/a LGBTQ community and its allies. 18

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Artist Edwin Gil poses with artwork created from the contributions of festival attendees in 2015. Activities include social events as well as educational and outreach initiatives in order to highlight the diversity of the LGBTQ Latino/a community. GayCharlotte Film Festival The GayCharlotte Film Festival aims to entertain, enlighten and build valuable bridges of understanding, support, and acceptance within and between the LGBTQ and ally communities in the Charlotte region. Interfaith Collaborations A wide diversity of LGBTQ and ally people of faith join to celebrate Pride each year helping to kick-off Charlotte Pride Week. In 2015, the Charlotte Pride Interfaith Service raised over $1,000 in funding for Time Out Youth Center. Youth Pride In 2015, Charlotte Pride provided an additional $1,000 to present the annual Charlotte Pride Youth Dance, in collaboration with Time Out Youth Center, We continued this financial support again this year on Aug. 12, 2016. Future programs are planned. Arts & Culture Charlotte Pride partners on several collaborative projects highlighting the artistic and cultural diversity of the LGBTQ community, including visual arts projects with local artist Edwin Gil and art showcases featuring talent from local LGBTQ choral groups, photographers, dancers and others. Over the past two years, Charlotte Pride has committed over $10,000 in funding and in-kind services to support local LGBTQ arts and cultural initiatives. Learn more about Charlotte Pride programs at 19


Charlotte Pride


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AXA is proud to be a sponsor of Charlotte Pride. Advice | Retirement | Insurance

“AXA” is the brand name for the AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC family of companies, including AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (NY, NY), issuer of annuity and life insurance products and AXA Advisors, LLC, which offers securities (member FINRA, SIPC). AXA Advisors Financial Professionals offer annuity and insurance products through AXA Network, LLC (AXA Network Insurance Agency of California, LLC; AXA Network Insurance Agency of Utah, LLC; AXA Network of Puerto Rico, Inc). AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (NY, NY), an AXA Advisors affiliate, has earned a perfect score of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI), recognizing the company as one of the “Best Places to Work for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Equality” for 2016. GE-115466 (6/16) (Exp. 6/17) G38069

my safe space is...

[_________] Safe. Welcomed. Included.

We all yearn for a space where each of us can feel fully ourselves, fully at home, fully loved and accepted. These kinds of spaces take on different forms. For some, it is our home and family. For many others — and especially so for many LGBTQ people — we’ve found our safe spaces in chosen families, nightclubs, churches, social groups and support organizations. Our search for safe space is an indelible part of our larger LGBTQ culture and history. In August 1966, transgender people in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District fought for their slice of safe space at Compton’s Cafeteria. In June 1969, trans people, people of color, homeless youth and others fought to retain their safe space at the Stonewall Inn. In the 1970s, our LGBTQ Liberation Movement campaigned for safe spaces across our society. We struggled for safe space in the 1980s for people facing the AIDS Crisis and in schools in the 1990s and 2000s as more and more LGBTQ people came out at younger and younger ages. Sometimes, our safe spaces — the places where we expect to feel the most at home — are violated in tragic and fearful ways. Such was the case on June 12, 2016, when a safe space for largely LGBTQ Latino/a people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., was attacked. In the aftermath, our community has united to once again reclaim our safe spaces.

From Compton’s to Stonewall to the halls of our schools and churches and to Pulse — we all yearn and will continue fighting for the spaces where each of us can call home. 22

transcend charlotte OUR SAFE SPACE IS...

Our Safe Space is Transcend Charlotte, a non-profit organization that provides services for all trans and gender non-conforming people and their loved ones. It’s special because we strive to create space where everyone can have a voice, feel valued and experience connection. Our support group has had 100 unique visitors this year, and over 30 came out to each of our last two meetings. We also provide free clothing to allow individuals to explore gender expression and to ultimately live authentically. We are focused on being positive and collaborating with everyone in the community towards a common goal of social justice for all. (Pictured left to right: Cole Monroe, Noah Beller, Che Busiek, Jessica Shaw, Rachel Summers, Trey Greene, Cassandra Jones, Stephanie Staniforth.)


charlotte roller girls OUR SAFE SPACE IS...

Our Safe Space is The Charlotte Roller Girls, everything you wish the world was beyond a safe place they are open, welcoming and truly loving for every puzzle piece that rolls onto the track. It’s a place and a team that for every walk of life, someone has been in your skates and can be there for you however you need. They are a celebration of life with all of its adventures!



charlotte black gay pride

My Safe Space is Charlotte Black Gay Pride. For the past 11 Years, Charlotte Black Gay Pride has served as a safe space for myself and many others in the Carolinas. I’ve been fortunate enough to serve on the Board of Directors, as Operations and Pageantry Coordinator for the last three years. Some Say CBGP causes division in the Community, but I disagree. CBGP has done a great job in making LGBT People of Color feel safe and welcomed, as well as educating many on the Black LGBT Experience. The organization is much needed in Charlotte and I appreciate a space where I can use my voice and talents, as a Black Gay Man. (Submitted by Quan Rutledge-Wade. Pictured: CBGP board members Quan Rutledge-Wade, Matt Amabile, Chelby Nettles, Shann Fulton, Leslie Oliver, and William Singleton, and Mr. Charlotte Black Gay Pride 2016 Aijiuan Dickerson and Miss Charlotte Black Pride 2016 D’Asia Cassedine.)



caldwell presybyterian church

My Safe Space is Caldwell Presbyterian Church. The space allows everyone to be themselves, regardless of race, gender or sexuality. The space is very supportive of LGBT issues, and my fellow church members have been there for me in my toughest times. I’ve spent the majority of my life in church, but I’ve never found a space as loving, welcoming and diverse as Caldwell Presbyterian Church. (Submitted by Quan Rutledge-Wade. Pictured: Lisa Raymaker, Peg Robarchek, Jay McManus, Brent Clevenger, Ann Alford, Linda Ellen Horton, Eddy Capote, Johnny Johnson.) 26

Our Safe Space is Campus Pride. Campus Pride is a Charlotte-based national nonprofit organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create a safer college environment for LGBTQ students. The organization is a volunteer-driven network “for” and “by” student leaders. We’ve cultivated a safe and inspiring environment where LGBTQ students can feel comfortable and inspired. Lisa, Howie, Spencer, and Rebby (pictured from left to right) have found a safe space in Campus Pride. Working in an office environment with fellow queer people makes even the most mundane activities like checking email validating and supportive. 27


time out youth

Our Safe Space is Time Out Youth Center, a place where you can experience a sense of belonging and community. Whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, a straight ally – or just don’t want to be labeled, you will be welcomed here. Some of our youth are out, some are partially out, and some are not out at all. Time Out Youth Center offers a safe space for all and fully respects the journey of each individual. While at Time Out Youth, you are not expected to be anyone or anything except who you are. (Pictured left to right: James Rice III, Parker Smith, Rodney Tucker, Candice Hudson, Gwen Pearson, O’Neale Atkinson, Todd Rosendahl, Shakira Clarke.)



sanctuary outreach ministries My Safe Space is Sanctuary Outreach Ministries. Sanctuary Outreach Ministries was established in October 2015 as an outreach ministry that affirms and serves the homeless citizens of Charlotte. It also ministers to the souls of those across the city who feel spiritually broken and lost. The ministry provides a safe and inclusive space for all people, and seeks to build a bridge of love that reaches those impacted by poverty, prejudice and religious discrimination. The ministry holds services every third Tuesday at Caldwell Presbyterian Church under its “Missions” program. Pastor Leslie “Isai” Oliver is a Psalmist, author and community advocate who has served the Charlotte faith community for the past twelve years.


The Art, Design & Fashion Event of the Year!

October 14 - 16 Park Expo Center 800 Briar Creek Rd

Tickets and info: www.cha 30

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A Show & Sale Featuring Over 100 of the Nation’s Top Contemporary Artists!


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Charlotte Pride Week Friday, AUGUST 12

Monday, August 15

Time Out Youth Charlotte Pride Dance Kick off the Charlotte Pride celebrations with an evening of dance and fun. Open to youth 13-20. Cost: $5 donation for the LGBTQ Center of Orlando. 6:30-8:30pm, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Tickets:

HB2: A Transgender Perspective Charlotte Trans Pride Keynote & Social A free evening social mixer and keynote featuring special guests and community panelists discussing the effect of HB2. 6:30pm, Levine Museum of New South More info:

Saturday, AUGUST 13

Tuesday, August 16

Charlotte Latin Pride Community Expo A community expo highlighting organizations and resources for the LGBTQ Latino/a community, speakers and entertainment. Noon-6pm, Midwood International Center More info: Buff Faye’s Pride Drag Brunch 1pm, Pure Pizza Central Ave.

Trans 101 What is gender identity? Charlotte Pride, Time Out Youth, PFLAG and MeckMin are sponsoring an event to dispel the fear around talking about the transgender community. 7pm, Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte More info:

Sunday, AUGUST 14

Trivia w/ Lana Cane & Ilean Dover 8:30pm, CJ's Sheraton Uptown

Annual Charlotte Pride Interfaith Service Charlotte Pride’s annual Interfaith service celebrating the dignity, value and worth of all people. With clergy from a diversity of faith traditions. Refreshments following the service. 4pm, First United Methodist Church

Wednesday, August 17 Latin Pride Night Mixer Second annual social mixer hosted by Charlotte Latin Pride. $10 ($15, 18-21). 6-11pm, Midwood International Center More info: Annual Mass of Celebration for the LGBT Community 7pm, St. Peter Catholic Church


Official events denoted in red.

August 12-21, 2016

Thursday, AUGUST 18

Saturday, August 20

SHIPROCKED! 10pm, Snug Harbor

Stonewall Sports Bootcamp Powered by Flex5 11am, Romare Bearden Park

Friday, AUGUST 19 Charlotte Pride Kickoff Cookout Kick off the weekend right. Grab a burger, play a game of beer pong, flip cup or giant Jenga and grab a drink on the deck! 5:30pm, Bar at 316 Takeover Friday Returning to Le MĂŠridien Charlotte for the kickoff to Charlotte Pride weekend. Free and everyone is welcome to attend, with DJ Little Betty spinning the tunes. 7-11pm, Le MĂŠridien Rocky Horror: Gender Bender Night That Type presents its iconic Rocky Horror Picture Show performance with a gender bending twist. $8.50 admission. 17+ (16+ with guardian over 21). 10:30pm, AMC Concord Mills 24

Charlotte Pride Festival PNC Bank Festival Zone

Nearly 200 vendors, sponsors, community non-profits and activities. Noon-10 pm, S. Tryon St. After Party with Jujubee 11pm, Chasers Charlotte NoDa

Sunday, August 21 Charlotte Pride Yoga & Meditation Led by Charlotte Yoga and Breath Refuge. All levels class. Please bring your own mat. 9-10:30am, Wells Fargo Stage

Charlotte Pride Festival PNC Bank Festival Zone

Nearly 200 vendors, sponsors, community non-profits and activities. Noon-6 pm, S. Tryon St.

Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade

See more detailed listings and more events online at:

Over 100 marching contingents and floats make their way down Tryon St. 1-3 pm, N. Tryon St. Red Light Drag Show 11pm, Cathode Azure 37

The Freedom Center for Social Justice has partnered with Charlotte Pride to ensure event patrons have safe and equal access to restroom facilities. Information can be conveniently located on the Freedom Center's website at or look for businesses, churches and organizations that proudly display the Yes, You Can Go decal.

There’s more online! Event details, live updates & more!


Festival & Parade Map

The Freedom Center for Social Justice has partnered with Charlotte Pride to ensure event patrons have safe and equal access to restroom facilities. Information can be conveniently located on the Freedom Center's website at or look for businesses, churches and organizations that proudly display the Yes, You Can Go decal.





PNC Bank Festival Zone Attractions Flourish: A Celebration of LGBTQ Arts + Culture Bechtler Museum of Modern Art A “festival within a festival” highlighting Charlotte’s rich LGBTQ arts and cultural scene and showcasing LGBTQ artists, writers, dancers, musicians, poets, lecturers and more. August 20, Noon. More info: Campus Pride LGBT-Friendly College Fair Levine Avenue of the Arts Learn more about LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities across the region and nation. Saturday, 1-4pm. Learn more at Know Your Status & Learn More Tryon St., between MLK & Levine Various HIV/AIDS service organizations and educational groups will be present for HIV awareness, prevention and treatment. Free HIV testing by Carolinas Care Partnership. Food Court Tryon St., between 3rd & 4th Sts. Charlotte Pride brings back its expanded and more friendly food court this year, with abundant seating and more food options. Bud Light Karaoke Lounge Trade & Tryon Sts. Grab a drink and party to the sounds of karaoke, or grab the mic and be a star! Hours: August 20, 1-7pm; August 21, 3-6pm


Youth, Family & More... Family Zone Hosted by PFLAG Charlotte 4th & Tryon Sts. This family-friendly zone will include games, crafts, dress up and a place for families to be together and have fun. It is intended for children under 11 who are accompanied by an adult. Hours: August 20, Noon-6pm; August 21, 1:30-6pm Youth Zone Presented by Charlotte Pride 4th & Tryon Sts. Located next to the Time Out Youth booth. This area is a safe space for LGBTQ youth 13-20 and their allies to hang out, rest & refresh. Youth Entertainment Wells Fargo Stage Stonewall & S. Tryon Sts. Come down to the Wells Fargo Stage on Saturday afternoon for a special selection of our young entertainers and artists. See page 58 for stage schedule. Charlotte Pride Art Exhibit McColl Center for Art + Innovation 721 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202 Provoked by recent attacks on LGBTQ rights by our state government (HB2), Charlotte area artists and advocates began a conversation about reclaiming the narrative of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in this provocative art installation. The McColl Center will be open extended hours for the weekend events. Aug. 19, 12-5pm; Aug. 20, 12-8pm; Aug. 21, 11am-5pm


Celebrating 69 years

of professional family theatre | 2016/17 Tickets are now on sale for all 14 shows! Experience the wonder and joy with your family with these and many more shows, classes and camps.

Tickets start at just $12. Order tickets online at or call 704-973-2828

harlotte Pride Ad v2.indd 1

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte Uptown at ImaginOn 300 E. Seventh St. Charlotte, NC 28202

6/14/2016 4:22:11


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PrEP Program Case Management Youth Services ACA Enrollment HIV Education & Outreach Latino Services 48

704-372-7246 -

LOVE WINS 704.537.2336 // 7800 Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC

Happy Pride, Charlotte from all of us at Larabar

We’re proud to be a part of this community and to be a sponsor of Charlotte Pride.

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Can you imagine finding a church of people who will welcome and embrace you? We welcome you to come and experience the worship of God who is ever leading us to healing grace and new light. We invite you to explore more about who we are and to discern whether God’s spirit is calling you to become part of us.

SundayS, September - may 9:45am Faith Formation classes 10:15am Chancel Choir Warmup 11:00am Worship 12:05pm Coffee Fellowship 5:00pm Youth Activities

SundayS, June - auguSt 8:30am Summer Breakfast 9:00am Summer Choir Warmup 10:00am Worship 11:00am Sermon TalkBack (No Faith Formation classes; childcare is available.)

Bank of AMericA Charlotte Pride Parade Sunday, Aug. 21, 1-3pm N. Tryon St. The Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade will kick off at 1pm from 9th and N. Tryon Sts. Thousands of marchers will continue down Uptown’s main street to Trade St., where marching contingents and floats will be welcomed into Independence Square at Trade & Tryon Sts. by our panel of parade emcees and judges. Parade line-up and staging areas are from 9th to 11th Sts.

emcees & Judges:

Delighted Tobehere Hailing from the Carolinas, Delighted Tobehere has been named one of the funniest drag queens in America. She's making waves in her new home of New York City and returns again to host the Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade this year!

Belén Gómez-Jordana Award-winning journalist Belén Gómez-Jordana moved to the U.S. in 2009 from Spain and started working for Univision in Arkansas in 2010. Since May 2015, she has been a video journalist for Univision 40 with two nominations for the Emmy Awards.

Matt Harris Matt Harris is the co-host of the Matt and Ramona Radio Show on 107.9 The Link and appears on WCCB News Edge. Matt also supports RAIN, Susan G. Komen, the Colon Cancer Coalition, A Child’s Place, and Charlotte Stands for Heroes.

Read more about our emcees, grand marshal and other special parade guests at 52

Grand Marshal: Mayor Jennifer Roberts Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts is honored this year as the Grand Marshal of the 2016 Bank of America Charlotte Pride Parade and the recipient of this year's Champions of Pride Outstanding Ally Award. Mayor Roberts has a deep commitment to the local LGBTQ community. Her tireless efforts helped to ensure equality during the city’s debate on local non-discrimination protections and in the aftermath of HB2. Her support of a safe and welcoming Charlotte for all who call our city home has been an inspiration to many. Jennifer Roberts was raised in Charlotte and now she and her husband, Manley, are raising their two children here as well. Roberts graduated as valedictorian from East Mecklenburg High School, attended UNC-Chapel Hill on a Morehead Scholarship—where she was captain of the Tarheel women’s volleyball team her senior year—and has Masters degrees from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and the University of Toronto. She has worked as a diplomat for the State Department, as an international business woman and as a high school math teacher. She served four terms as an At-Large Mecklenburg County Commissioner, including five years as Chairman. She is only the second woman elected Mayor of Charlotte and is the first person to serve as both Chairman of the County Commission and as Mayor.  Roberts is a proud recipient of the Maya Angelou Women Who Lead Award and has served as a volunteer on numerous local boards and commissions including the Charlotte Chamber, Charlotte Regional Partnership, Arts and Science Council, Girls Scouts Hornets Nest Council, International House, and the Women’s Commission. She has been a tireless advocate for improving public schools and was instrumental in creating a public/private partnership to build a new shelter for survivors of domestic violence.  Roberts is an outdoor enthusiast, having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and enjoys hiking North Carolina trails with her family and riding her bike on the greenway.



Harvey Milk Award

Matt Hirschy

Harvey Milk Award

Mayor Jennifer Roberts

Outstanding Ally Award

Ashley Williams

Young Catalyst Award

Riley Murray

Stonewall Award

Candis Cox is a gender and sexuality educator, lecturer, and advocate for the LGBTQ community in Raleigh. Candis is recognized this year for her tireless work as an educator and her advocacy for the LGBTQ community, especially during the debate over HB2. She is a member of the Equality NC Board of Directors.

Matt Hirschy joined Equality NC in July 2014 and currently serves as Director of Advancement. Matt is recognized this year for his deep commitment to the Charlotte LGBTQ community and his tireless work with members of the business community, city government, other elected officials and diverse stakeholders to advance non-discrimination protections in Charlotte.

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts has a deep commitment to the local LGBTQ community. Her tireless efforts helped to ensure equality during the city’s debate on local non-discrimination protections and in the aftermath of HB2. Her support of a safe and welcoming Charlotte for all who call our city home has been an inspiration to many.

Ashley Williams has been diligently involved in the Movement for Black Lives by centering the experiences of queer and trans people of color and holding police accountable. In March of 2016, Ashley received a Human Rights Advocacy Residency at Trinity College and was recently awarded a Fellowship with Spirit in Action in Asheville. Ashley believes in the power of communities to protect and serve themselves and will continue to work to exist in a world free from capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy.

Presented to Riley Murray for her 10 years of dedicated volunteer service to Charlotte Pride. The Stonewall Award is a special recognition honoring those who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to the spirit of Pride in Charlotte. Charlotte Pride thanks Riley for her many years of service and commitment — and hopes to get at least another year out of her :)


Dr. Rhett Brown

Legacy Award — Inaugural Recipient

Dr. Rhett Brown graduated with a degree in economics from Davidson College and completed his medical degree at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Brown has served the LGBTQ community since the 1990s. He is a past board presdent of Time Out Youth, a former board member for Planned Parenthood and a founding member of the Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group. Through his community work, medical practice at Novant Health Midtown Family Medicine, community education efforts and more, Dr. Brown is an unsung advocate for the equality, health and wellbeing of the LGBTQ community.

Sue Henry

Legacy Award — Inaugural Recipient

Sue Henry moved to Charlotte in 1988 and opened Rising Moon Books and Beyond in September 1991. She was involved in a variety of early LGBTQ community organizations. In 1995, Sue became the first openly LGBTQ person to run for mayor of Charlotte against two anti-LGBTQ opponents, Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Hoyle Martin. Sue’s work has left a defining mark on our local LGTBQ community. The Donaldson Wells King-Sue Henry-Blake Brockington Community Archive at UNC-Charlotte is named partly in her honor.

Blake Brockington

Legacy Award — Inaugural Recipient — In Memoriam: 1996-2015

A 2014 graduate of East Mecklenburg High School, Blake Brockington was active in his school’s band and, in February 2014, was named East Meck’s homecoming king, becoming what is thought to be the first transgender homecoming king in Charlotte. After graduation, Brockington was an outspoken activist for trans visibility and in the Black Lives Matter movement. The Donaldson Wells King-Sue Henry-Blake Brockington Community Archive at UNC-Charlotte is named partly in his honor.

Donaldson Wells king

Legacy Award — Inaugural Recipient — In Memoriam: 1942-2014

Don King was a long-time employee of The Charlotte Observer and, beginning in the mid-1970s, was one of the earliest outspoken voices for LGBTQ equality in the city. He was a co-founder of Queen City Quordinators and the first editor of QNotes. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he advocated against police entrapment and harassment of gay men and others. The Donaldson Wells King-Sue Henry-Blake Brockington Community Archive at UNC-Charlotte is named partly in his honor.

Our 2016 Champions of Pride will be honored on stage on Aug. 21. Read their extended biographies at 55

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Together is beautiful. We celebrate the power and beauty of working together. It’s why Wells Fargo works with national and local organizations that serve the LGBT community to strengthen their impact. And it’s the reason we work with you — to help you realize your potential, and succeed financially.

Wells Fargo Stage schedule Saturday, August 20

12:30 PM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 2:45 PM 3:10 PM 3:45 PM 4:30 PM 5:30 PM 6:30 PM 7:30 PM 9:00 PM

2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM 4:30 PM 4:45 PM 5:15 PM 5:30 PM 5:45 PM

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Opening Ceremony & National Anthem Youth Entertainment Community Entertainment Trey Pearson Lovesucker Dust & Ashes Jujubee and the Chasers Drag Review VASSY Eden xo K. Michelle DJ Little Betty

Sunday, August 21 • • • • • • • •

DJ Bryson Community Drag Showcase Champions of Pride Awards Shangela Adore Delano Miss/Mr. Latin Pride & Miss Charlotte Pride Miss/Mr. Charlotte Black Gay Pride Kassandra Hylton and Buff Faye

Charlotte Pride is accessible!

Charlotte Pride is proud to be one of the only Uptown festivals to consistently provide accessible opportunities for our entire community over several years. Charlotte Pride strives to provide an accessible experience for all our attendees and participants. Accessible restrooms, VIP Lounge and stage viewing area will be provided. Sign language interpreters will be available at the stage and at the parade emcee stand. Interpreters provided by Fluent Language Solutions. 58

Headliner: K. Michelle

Personal and creative growth intersect on K. Michelle’s third full-length album, More Issues Than Vogue (Atlantic Records). The chart-topping and award-winning R&B singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, television personality, and mogul didn’t just realize her sound, but she also realized herself. K. Michelle has certainly got every reason to be confident. The Memphis, Tenn., native’s second album, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?, bowed at #1 on Billboard’s R&B chart and #6 on the Billboard Top 200, eventually becoming the “best-selling female R&B album of 2014.” Rolling Stone placed it among the “Top 20 R&B Albums of the Year,” while Complex, Washington Post, and more extolled it. Only a year prior, her major label debut Rebellious Soul earned the distinction of becoming the highest Top 200 entry for a female R&B singer’s debut since 2001, also coming in at #1 on Billboard’s R&B chart and #2 on the Billboard Top 200. Alongside those achievements she received a Soul Train Award for “Best New Artist” and an NAACP Image Award for “Outstanding New Artist.” In early 2016, the second season of her VH1 reality show, K. Michelle: My Life, opened to an audience of over 3.2 million viewers up 7.5%, and she made history becoming the “first African American to receive an endorsement deal from Jack Daniels.” 59

Wells Fargo Stage Emcees Delighted Tobehere Delighted Tobehere started her performance career in February 2001 by doing a talent show with The Armorettes — “The Infamous Camp Drag Queens of the South” — in the legendary nightclub Backstreet Atlanta. Delighted Tobehere was named as one of the funniest drag queens in America by the Huffington Post. Hailing from the Carolinas, her southern upbringing lends a charm to her performances that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, even in her new home of New York City! Within her first two months of living in The Big Apple, Delighted won the titles of “New York’s Best In Drag” and a live singing drag queen competition called “Sing, Queen!,” as well as securing weekly residencies at local nightclubs. She has performed over 100 shows in both London and LA and travels extensively across the nation. Most recently, Delighted debuted on NBC’s America’s Got Talent to rave reviews and 4 Yes votes from the judges: “I loved the entire performance” – Howard Stern, and “[Delighted] just became the first country music drag star!” – Howie Mandel.

Big Mamma D Burlesque Matriarch & Award Winning Vocalist Big Mamma D, “The Naked Chanteuse” and the Biggest Showgirl in the South! Deana Pendragon has been performing in some capacity all of her life (although she went to college to be a doctor!!). She is the producer and creatrix of the shows, the school, and personally trains all of the girls. An established costume designer and seamstress, she has worked with The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte and others around the Carolinas. She is the founder of The Great Southern Exposure Burlesque and Variety Pageant. She can also be found in the book “It’s All That Glitters” and the burlesque documentary “Tease in the Tar Heel State”. She’s politically active and has been an annual emcee for Charlotte Pride since 2008. Class, Costuming, and Charisma make her a Quaintrelle Juggernaut covered in rhinestones.

Read more about our emcees and entertainers at 60

Malachi While long having been a staple of the LGBTQ community, Malachi, the QC’s most extraverted entertainer and guilty pleasure, redefines drag by pushing the boundaries of gender-illusion and what one comes to expect in gay performance art. Eschewing the traditional trappings of tall wigs, elaborate makeup, and kitschy lip synch routines, Malachi blends provocative outfits and dance moves with innovative remixes of popular songs — tailoring each of them to resonate emphatically with the crowd. His performances are high-energy and addictively captivating. In fact, it is not uncommon to walk away from such events and subconsciously replace the song’s original lyrics with those of his latest track. Malachi a name you will never forget and you will never be more entertained than when watching Malachi give you life. “Now Throw That A$$ In A Circle."

Joanne Spataro Joanne Spataro is a humorist and essayist. Her work has appeared in The Advocate, The Huffington Post, and The Charlotte Observer. She is a regular panelist on WCCB Edge, where she talks pop culture, politics and news from her irreverent, LGBTQ-centric perspective. She was recently selected as one of the winning entrants in the Wildacres Writing Residency Program.

Lola Olivia Lovelace Lola Olivia Lovelace is from Charlotte, NC and has been performing for 6 years. She is a part of the House of Starr lead by the matriarch Gypsy Starr. She makes her own costumes, hair and does her own makeup. She is your all American Sweetheart that you just can't help but to like.

Lana Cane Lana Cane is the bubbly alter-ego of local Charlottean Davey Greene. In addition to hosting a monthly trivia night at Petra’s Piano Bar in Plaza-Midwood; which won Charlotte Magazine’s 2016 Best of the Best award for best trivia night, and she has also become known as a go-to personality to support local nonprofit and community causes. Lana was honored last year to be one of the 2015 Bank of America Pride Parade Emcees and over the past two years has given Drag HERstory presentations to local companies through their LGBTQ groups.




Broadway Musical

Caroline Nicolian & Luke Halferty of Pittsburgh CLO cast. Photo by Laura Petrilla




What is Out on the Town Blumenthal Performing Ar the Town members enjoy FREE mixers befo

For more

Blumenth 62

704.372.1000 • Blu





Andrea Goss and the 2016 national touring cast of Roundabout Theatre Company’s CABARET. Photo by Joan Marcus


Celtic Thunder Legacy Sept. 13 • Belk Theater

Brian Wilson

Sept. 19 • Belk Theater

Kathleen Madigan

Oct. 6 • McGlohon Theater

Henry Rollins

Oct. 18 • McGlohon Theater

Bonnie Raitt

Oct. 26 • Ovens Auditorium NOV. 8-13 BELK THEATER

Mannheim Steamroller Nov. 25 • Belk Theater

n? An LGBT social group sponsored by rts. No dues! No officers! Just fun! Out on special ticket discount offers as well as ore or after select performances.

re info or to join, please visit


Eden XO “Too Cool To Dance,” the debut Top 40 single from artist Eden xo, is fresh proof that being cool and getting down are not mutually-exclusive concepts. The infectious song fuses musicianship reminiscent of early 80’s pop with a decidedly au courant lyrical edge. With the newfound support of a major label deal courtesy of Virgin Records, and legendary producers such as Ron Fair (Fergie, Christina Aguilera), French house phenom Fred Falke (Daft Punk), K Pop hit-maker Will Simms, No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal and Jesse Shatkin (Sia), Eden has finally found her voice. “Too Cool To Dance” encapsulates her bold new outlook on life. At last able to focus on the beauty of the present and free from the pain of her troubled past, Eden is taking charge of her future—one that includes a new 5- song EP and a debut album on the horizon.

Vassy A certified RIAA Platinum and Gold recording artist of many talents, VASSY knows how to individualize herself against the tide of followers. Originating from Australia with Greek heritage VASSY’s vocal roots lie in an array of different genres. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, her music speaks for itself and her progressive popularity in dance music is massive. Conquering the DJ world with her authentic sound has lead to a #1 Hit with David Guetta & Showtek on their track “BAD,” which is certified seven-times double platinum, as well as winning an IDMA Award for Best Featured Vocalist Performance. “BAD” has had over 600 million views on Youtube, downloaded 2 million times and streamed via Spotify over 200 million times. Her collaboration with Tiesto & KSHMR on their track, “Secrets,” hit over 80 million Spotify plays and 90 million Youtube views. “Secrets” went straight to number #1 in 20 countries and reigned atop the Billboard Club Charts and Beatport charts. August 22 will see the release of her newest single “Nothin To Lose” produced by Tiesto. 64

ADORE DELANO Daniel Anthony "Danny" Noriega, also known by the stage name Adore Delano, is an American drag queen and singer. He first appeared as a contestant on the seventh season of American Idol in 2008; he later finished in the top three on the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Till Death Do Us Party is the debut studio album from American singer-songwriter and drag queen, Adore Delano. The album was released through Sidecar Records in association with Producer Entertainment Group on June 3, 2014. In November 2014, Delano announced that she was working on a follow-up to Till Death Do Us Party. After Party is the second studio album from American singer-songwriter and drag queen, Adore Delano. The album was released on March 11, 2016.

Shangela Shangela is a drag queen, comedian, and reality television personality who competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race Seasons 2 and 3. She was the first contestant eliminated in season two, and returned as a surprise contestant in the series’ third season. She was among the top five contestants before her elimination in the eleventh episode. Since RuPaul’s Drag Race, Shangela has had several television appearances and continues to perform across the United States and Canada. Shangela grew up in Paris, Texas, and was raised primarily by his grandparents because his mother was in the military and relocated often. She began dressing in drag to get A’s in creative projects for English classes in high school. After high school, Shangela attended Southern Methodist University and graduated with honors. She briefly worked in public relations before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 contestant Alyssa Edwards is Shangela’s drag mother. 65

Dust & Ashes Dust & Ashes is an Americana/Folk quartet hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. Their dynamic range combines the intensity of wall-ofsound-barn-burners with the sincere intimacy of heartfelt ballads. This all female group exploded onto the local music scene in 2014 with their fresh take on folk music, a genre which their fans affectionately nicknamed “Swamp Stomp.” Lush vocal harmonies, heavy rhythms, and unique instrumentation (including cajón, musical saw, banjo, flute, viola, and myriad auxiliary percussion) support the traditional acoustic guitar played by Heather Himes, the band’s gender queer lead. Himes’ songwriting is inspired by Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Ryan Bingham, Brandi Carlile, Scott Avett, Dallas Green and James Vincent McMorrow, among others. The band originated in Charlotte, North Carolina and now tours playing shows in large cities and music festivals, including the Wells Fargo Stage at Charlotte Pride.


With their new EP, “The Harlot’s Jubilee,” the duo of Crystal Crosby and Zoltan Von Bury drive home the distinctive sound of their signature blues funk and Southern Gothic that has brought the band a growing number of loyal fans. 66

Trey Pearson

Christian Rock singer Trey Pearson of Everyday Sunday, recently came out starting a national conversation. Trey has scored five #1 U.S. singles and twenty Top 10 hits, including "Wake Up! Wake Up! and "Best Night of Our Lives."


presented by Chasers charlotte noda

Jujubee appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race when he was 25, finishing the season in third place. Jujubee, along with fellow contestants Raven, Pandora Boxx, and Morgan McMichaels served as drag professors on RuPaul's Drag U, a spinoff of Drag Race that premiered on the Logo network in June 2010. He was also nominated for a 2010 NewNowNext Award for "Most Addictive Reality Star." In August 2012, it was announced that Jujubee was one of 12 past Drag Race contestants selected to join the cast of RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race that premiered on the Logo network in October 2012. Paired with contestant Raven to form Team Rujubee the duo managed to make it to the finals which aired that November, where he landed in third/fourth place with fellow contestant Shannel. Jujubee later appeared in the music video "Queen" by Mimi Imfurst's band Xelle, along with other RuPaul's Drag Race contestants.


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Official Charlotte Pride 2016  

The Official Charlotte Pride Guide 2016. Aug. 20-21. Learn more at

Official Charlotte Pride 2016  

The Official Charlotte Pride Guide 2016. Aug. 20-21. Learn more at