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The Most Important Titles of the Fall 2019 Season. Hand-Selected for Librarians.

Staff Favorites

This transporting debut novel about two American secretaries tasked with smuggling Doctor Zhivago out of the USSR can be described as Mad Men meets Hidden Figures . . . with a twist of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Elizabeth Strout’s newest novel marks the return of her iconic protagonist, Olive Kitteridge. A powerful and unforgettable novel for all readers. (see more on page 10)

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With empathy and piercing social commentary, this debut novel explores the stickiness of transactional relationships, what it means to make someone “family,” the complicated reality of being a grown up, and the consequences of doing the right thing for the wrong reason. (see more on page 4)

The Giver of Stars is a gripping slice of little-known Americana and provides a rare story of heroism with a larger-than-life group of women facing unbelievable odds. Like Me Before You, it brings her writing to a whole new level of depth and sophistication, and is destined to become a classic. (see more on page 10)

There’s only room for one mother in this family. A mother’s worst nightmare, a chance at redemption, and a deadly secret that haunts a family across the generations.

How did networks of agitators shape America’s national consciousness? This panoramic narrative captures the immersive stories of nineteenth-century activists, including Frances Wright, William Lloyd Garrison, and Martin Delany.

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Christy Lefteri



A brilliant but socially inept robotics engineer builds her own wedding date —and learns more about love than she ever expected—in this hilarious and heartwarming debut novel.

This unforgettable novel puts human faces on the Syrian war with the immigrant story of a beekeeper, his wife, and the triumph of spirit when the world becomes unrecognizable.

978-0-525-53917-9 | $16.00/$22.00C | 75,000 Putnam | TR | July e 978-0-525-53918-6 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8786-3

978-1-9848-2121-8 | $27.00/$36.00C | 50,000 Ballantine Books | HC | August e 978-0-593-12816-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14765-8


Social: T: @SarahAMoulton RA: For readers of Taylor Jenkins Reid, Jane Green, and Gail Honeyman RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY

Bruce Holsinger


Social: T: @Christy_Lefteri; Facebook.com/Christy.Lefteri; TheBeekeeperOfAleppo.com RA: For fans of All the Light We Cannot See, The Kite Runner, Little Bee, and Exit West RI: Author lives in London, UK


Zach Powers

A Novel


Smart and juicy, a compulsively readable novel about a previously happy group of friends and parents that is nearly destroyed by their own competitiveness when an exclusive school for gifted children opens in the community.

A stunningly imaginative novel about the Cold War, the Russian space program, and the amazing fraud that pulled the wool over the eyes of the world. 978-0-525-53927-8 | $26.00/$35.00C | 50,000 Putnam | HC | August e 978-0-525-53928-5 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8771-9

978-1-9848-7849-6 | $26.00/$35.00C | 50,000 Riverhead | HC | July e 978-0-525-53498-3 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8851-8 LP: 978-0-593-10437-8



Social: BruceHolsinger.com RA: For readers of Ghosted and The Perfect Mother RI: Author lives in Charlottesville, VA

Social: Facebook.com/ZachPowersAuthor; ZachPowers.com RA: For readers of Karen Russell, Kelly Link, Victor LaValle, and Helen Oyeyemi RI: Author lives in Arlington, VA

Rosie Price

Lara Williams



An incisive and mesmerizing novel about power, privilege, and modern love from a brilliant new literary voice.

A sharply intelligent and intimate debut novel about a secret society of hungry young women who meet after dark and feast to reclaim their appetites—and their physical spaces—that posits the question: If you feed a starving woman, what will she grow into? 978-0-525-53958-2 | $26.00 | 50,000 Putnam | HC | July e 978-0-525-53960-5 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8765-8

978-1-9848-2441-7 | $26.00/$24.95C | 75,000 Hogarth | HC | August e 978-1-9848-2443-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14790-0 WOMEN’S FICTION / LITERARY FICTION

RA: For fans of Sally Rooney, Donna Tartt, and Tessa Hadley RI: Author lives in London, UK

Ta-Nehisi Coates



Social: T: @Lara_A_Williams; LaraWilliamsWriter.com RA: For readers of Sweetbitter and Fates and Furies RI: Author lives in Manchester, UK

Elizabeth Ames

THE OTHER’S GOLD: A Novel An insightful and sparkling novel that opens on a college campus and follows the friendship of four women across life-defining turning points.

A boldly imagined work and a bracingly original vision of the world of slavery, written with the narrative force of a great adventure—from the National Book Award-winning author of Between the World and Me. 978-0-399-59059-7 | $28.00/$37.00C | 150,000 One World | HC | September e 978-0-399-59060-3 | ] AD: 978-0-525-49487-4 ] CD: 978-0-525-49484-3

978-1-9848-7849-6 | $27.00/$36.00C | 60,000 Viking | HC | August e 978-1-9848-7859-5 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14866-2 LP: 978-0-593-15231-7


Social: Ta-NehisiCoates.com RA: For fans of Toni Morrison, Colson Whitehead, Octavia Butler, and James Baldwin RI: Author lives in New York, NY


Social: IG: @_ElizabethAmes; ElizabethAmes.com RA: For readers J. Courtney Sullivan and Meg Wolitzer RI: Author lives in Cambridge, MA




Clay McLeod Chapman


THE REMAKING: A Novel Inspired by a true story, this supernatural thriller for fans of horror and true crime follows a tale as it evolves every twenty years—with terrifying results.

A tender and terrifying literary horror novel that tells the story of a family (creators of a haunted house attraction called the Wandering Dark) and the hereditary monsters—both metaphorical and all-too-real—that haunt them.

978-1-68369-153-2 l $19.99/$25.99C l 75,000 Quirk Books l HC l October e 978-1-68369-154-9 HORROR

978-1-5247-4767-1 | $26.95/$35.95C | 40,000 Pantheon | HC | September e 978-1-5247-4768-8 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14848-8

Social: T: @ClayMcleod; ClayMcleodChapman.com RA: The Ring meets Scream RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY


Social: Facebook.com/ShaunHamill; T: @ShaunHamill; IG: @ShaunHamill RA: For fans of Stranger Things, House of Leaves, Joe Hill, classic Stephen King, and sharp, new takes on Lovecraftian horror RI: Author lives in Springville, AL

Christine Coulson

A. R. Moxon

From a writer who worked at the Metropolitan Museum for more than twenty-five years, an enchanting novel that shows us the Met that the public doesn’t see.

THE REVISIONARIES A postmodern epic of a modern day street preacher who risks everything to help a prophet flee a figure who may be God. The Revisionaries is a maximalist work of fiction, where the social novel meets comic book antics. At its heart is the leader of a ragtag parish located in a gangland corner of a city that may or may not be Knoxville, TN.


978-1-59051-058-2 l $23.00/$30.00C l 40,000 Other Press l HC l October e 978-1-59051-063-6 SHORT STORIES / CITY LIFE

RA: For fans of New York stories RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal


978-1-61219-798-2 l $27.99/$35.99C l 50,000 Melville House l HC l September e 978-1-61219-799-9

From the creators of Good Mythical Morning and authors of the #1 New York Times bestseller Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality, a thrilling and darkly funny novel about two best friends fighting the darkness at the heart of their Southern town.


Social: T: @JuliusGoat RA: For readers of The Mirror Thief and Area X RI: Author lives in Grand Rapids, MI

Lara Prescott


A thrilling tale of secretaries turned spies, of love and duty, and of sacrifice— inspired by the true story of the CIA plot to infiltrate the hearts and minds of Soviet Russia, not with propaganda, but with the greatest love story of the twentieth century: Doctor Zhivago. 978-0-525-65615-9 | $26.95 | 200,000 | Knopf | HC September 978-0-385-69326-4 | $29.95C | Bond Street Books e 978-0-525-65616-6 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8593-7 LITERARY FICTION / HISTORICAL FICTION

Social: T: @LaraPrescott; IG: @LaraPrescott; LaraPrescott.com RA: For readers of All the Light We Cannot See, Lilac Girls, A Gentleman in Moscow, and for fans of Hidden Figures and Mad Men RI: Author lives in Austin, TX

Holly Watt

TO THE LIONS: A Novel An international thriller featuring a female journalist who stumbles upon a dark conspiracy, and her determination to follow the clues, no matter how far that takes her.

978-1-9848-2213-0 | $25.00/$34.00C 150,000 | Crown | HC | October e 978-1-9848-2215-4 HUMOROUS FICTION / ACTION & ADVENTURE

Social: Mythical.com RA: For fans of Stranger Things and The Goonies RI: Authors live in Los Angeles, CA

Temple Drake

NVK: A Novel Set in the otherworldly megalopolis that is today’s Shanghai, Temple Drake’s suspenseful first novel blends the gothic, the erotic, and the supernatural as it charts an intense and dangerous affair. Written in spare, high-octane prose, NVK is the first in a series of dark, hypnotic novels that explore the roots of desire and the cruel costs of immortality. 978-1-59051-935-6 l $15.99/$21.99C l 75,000 Other Press l TR l November e 978-1-59051-936-3 THRILLER / SUPERNATURAL

RA: For readers of Slade House and those who love anti-hero main characters RI: Author lives in London, UK

978-1-5247-4545-5 | $27.00/$36.00C | 30,000 Dutton | HC | September e 978-0-593-14645-3 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14645-3 THRILLER / SUSPENSE

Social: T: @Holly_Watt; HollyWatt.co.uk RA: For readers of Chris Pavone and Jason Matthews RI: Author lives in London, UK Visit us at our website: PenguinRandomHouseLibrary.com


FIRST FICTION Shannon Pufahl

Amy K. Green



A lonely newlywed and her wayward brother-in-law follow divergent and dangerous paths through the postwar American West.

A devastating tale of psychological suspense: a teen pageant queen is found murdered in a small New England town, and her sister’s search for answers unearths more than she bargained for.

978-0-525-53811-0 | $27.00/$36.00C | 50,000 Riverhead | HC | November e 978-0-525-53813-4 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14703-0

978-1-5247-4510-3 | $26.00/$35.00C | 50,000 Dutton | HC | January e 978-1-5247-4511-0 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14641-5


RA: For readers of Annie Proulx, Marilynne Robinson, Cormac McCarthy, and C. E. Morgan RI: Author lives in San Francisco, CA

Rachel Winters


Social: T: @AmyKGreen; IG: @AmyKGreen1 RA: For readers of Jessica Knoll and Megan Miranda RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA

Tanen Jones



In this charming, feel-good debut, a cynical assistant at a screenwriting agency must reenact the meet-cute scenes from classic romantic comedy movies in order to help her #1 client get his scriptwriting mojo back—but can a real-life meet-cute be in store for someone who doesn’t believe in happily ever after?

When a woman covers up her sister’s death to claim their joint inheritance, the deception exposes a dark web of dangerous secrets in this fresh, addictive debut for fans of Megan Abbott, Ruth Ware, and Paula Hawkins. 978-1-9848-2122-5 | $27.00/$36.00C | 15,000 Ballantine Books | HC | January e 978-1-9848-2124-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14767-2

978-0-525-54231-5 | $16.00/$22.00C | 100,000 Putnam | TR | December e 978-0-525-54232-2


Social: T: @Tanen Jones; IG: @TanenJones RA: For fans of Give Me Your Hand, The Lying Game, Gone Girl, and Big Little Lies RI: Author lives in New York, NY


Chana Porter

Social: T: @FrostyCheeks RA: For readers of The Wedding Date and The Kiss Quotient RI: Author lives London, UK

THE SEEP The Seep follows Trina Oneka, a trans woman whose life is irreversibly altered in the wake of a gentle—but nonetheless world-changing—invasion by an alien entity calling itself The Seep.

Debra Landwehr Engle

TWENTY “Along with naming me Marguerite after her favorite daisy, Mama gave me three things: Red hair that hasn’t faded. A love of nature. And a belief that somewhere between heaven and earth there is magic.”

978-1-64129-086-9 l $25.00/$30.00C l 40,000 Soho Press l HC l January e 978-1-64129-087-6 ABSURDIST FICTION / LGBT

978-1-4967-2357-4 l $15.95/$21.95C l 25,000 Kensington l TR l January e 978-1-4967-2358-1

Social: ChanaPorter.com RA: For readers of Jeff VanderMeer and lovers of queer fantastical books like Her Body and Other Parties RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY


Kiley Reid

Social: Blog: “Everyday Miracles” patheos.com/blogs/debraengleeverydaymiracles/ RA: For readers of Every Note Played and All We Ever Wanted RI: Author lives in Winterset, IA

Raymond Fleischmann

HOW QUICKLY SHE DISAPPEARS The Dry meets The Silence of the Lambs in this intoxicating tale of literary suspense, set in the relentless Alaskan landscape, about madness and obsession, loneliness and grief, and the ferocious bonds of family.

SUCH A FUN AGE A page-turning and big-hearted debut about race and privilege, set around a young black babysitter, her wellintentioned employer, and a surprising connection that threatens to undo them both. 978-0-525-54190-5 | $26.00/$35.00C | 150,000 Putnam | HC | January e 978-0-525-54192-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-10707-2 LP: 978-0-593-15237-9 WOMEN’S FICTION

Social: T: @KileyReid; IG: @KileyReid; KileyReid.com RA: For readers of Celeste Ng, Meg Wolitzer, and Zadie Smith RI: Author lives in Iowa City, IA

978-1-9848-0517-1 | $26.00/$35.00C | 50,000 Berkley | HC | January e 978-1-9848-0519-5 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15112-9 THRILLER / SUSPENSE

Social: @R_Fleischmann; RaymondFleischmann.com RA: For readers of The Life We Bury and Under the Harrow RI: Author lives in Bloomington, IN



BOOK CLUB Fiona Davis

Marie NDiaye


THE CHEFFE: A Cook’s Novel

From the bestselling author of The Dollhouse and The Address, the bright lights of the theater district, the glamour and danger of 1950s New York, and the wild scene at the iconic Chelsea Hotel come together in a dazzling new novel.

From the Booker Prize-nominated author of Three Strong Women: an elegant, hypnotic new novel about a legendary French female chef—the facts of her life, the nearly ineffable qualities of her cooking, and the obsessive, sometimes destructive desire for purity of taste and experience that shaped her life.

78-1-524-74458-8 | $27.00/$36.00C | 75,000 9 Dutton | HC | July e 978-1-524-74459-5 | ] AD: 978-1-984-88806-8 LP: 978-0-593-10424-8 HISTORICAL FICTION

Social: T: @FionaJDavis; IG: @FionaJDavis; Facebook.com/FionaDavisAuthor RA: For readers of Amor Towles, Martha Hall Kelly, and Melanie Benjamin RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Carolina De Robertis

CANTORAS: A Novel From the award-winning author of The Gods of Tango, a new novel about five wildly different women who, in the midst of the Uruguayan dictatorship, find one another as lovers, friends, and ultimately, family. A genre-defining novel, Cantoras is a breathtaking portrait of queer love, community, forgotten history, and the strength of the human spirit. 978-0-525-52169-3 | $26.95/$35.95C | 25,000 | Knopf | HC | September e 978-0-525-52170 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14900-3 LITERARY FICTION / LGBT

Social: T: @CaroDeRobertis; Facebook.com/CarolinaDeRobertis; CarolinaDeRobertis.com RA: For readers of The Great Believers and A Little Life RI: Author lives in Oakland, CA


78-0-525-52047-4 | $26.95/$35.95C | 20,000 9 Knopf | HC | October 978-0-525-52048-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14884-6


RA: For readers of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Elena Ferrante, Fernanda Eberstadt, and food writers like Kate Christensen and M. F. K. Fisher RI: Author lives in Berlin, Germany

Elizabeth Berg


In a captivating novel from the bestselling author of The Story of Arthur Truluv, a group of women in Mason, Missouri discovers that best friends are made by sharing secrets. 978-1-9848-5517-6 | $26.00/$35.00C | 75,000 Random House | HC | November e 978-1-9848-5518-3 LITERARY FICTION / WOMEN’S FICTION

Social: Facebook.com/BergBooks; Elizabeth-Berg.net RA: For fans of Debbie Macomber’s Cottage by the Sea and Rachel Joyce’s The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry RI: Author lives in Chicago, IL

Zeruya Shalev

PAIN: A Novel

Susan Holloway Scott


A powerful, astute novel that exposes how old passions can return, testing our capacity to make choices about what is most essential in life.

Inspired by a woman and events forgotten by history, bestselling author Susan Holloway Scott weaves together carefully researched fact and fiction to tell the story of Mary Emmons, and the place she held in the life—and the heart—of the notorious Aaron Burr. 978-1-4967-1918-8 l $16.95/$22.95C l 35,000 Kensington l TR l September

e 978-1-4967-1919-5


Social: T: @2NerdyHistGirls; SusanHollowayScott.com RA: For readers of I, Eliza Hamilton and America’s First Daughter RI: Author lives in Philadelphia, PA

Jasmine Guillory

ROYAL HOLIDAY The New York Times bestselling author makes her hardcover debut with a heartwarming Christmas romance. Vivian Forest is excited to spend the holidays taking in the magnificent British sights, but what she doesn’t expect is to become instantly attracted to a certain Private Secretary.

978-1-59051-092-6 l $17.99/$23.99C l 30,000 Other Press l TR l November e 978-1-59051-078-0 FICTION / FAMILY LIFE

RA: For readers of The Summer Without Men and The Attack RI: Author lives in Jerusalem, Israel

Ann Napolitano

DEAR EDWARD: A Novel After losing everything, a young boy discovers there are still reasons for hope in this luminous, life-affirming novel perfect for fans of Celeste Ng, Ann Patchett, and Chloe Benjamin. 978-1-9848-5478-0 | $27.00/$36.00C | 150,000 The Dial Press | HC | January e 978-1-9848-5479-7 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15098-6 LITERARY FICTION / COMING OF AGE

Social: T: @NapolitanoAnn; AnnNapolitano.com RA: For fans of Little Fires Everywhere, The Immortalists, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Age of Miracles RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY

978-198-480221-7 | $20.00/$27.00C | 100,000 Berkley | HC | October e 978-1-984-80222-4 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15161-7 ROMANCE

Social: T: @TheBestJasmine; IG: @JasminePics RA: For readers of diverse, contemporary romance, and fans of Helen Hoang and Sally Thorne RI: Author lives in Oakland, CA Visit us at our website: PenguinRandomHouseLibrary.com


ADULT BOOKS FOR TEENS Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

MasterChef Junior



My Ultimate Guide to Gaming

Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Bakers

© Tyler Blevins

From the YouTube star and #1 Fortnite gamer, this is Ninja’s ultimate guide to gaming with tips and tricks on how to play and win at just about any video game. 978-1-9848-2675-6 | $18.99/$24.99C | 175,000 Clarkson Potter | HC | August e 978-1-9848-2676-3 VIDEO & ELECTRONIC GAMES

Social: T: @TeamNinja; IG: @Ninja; TeamNinja.com RA: For young adult and middle grade gamers RI: Author lives in Chicago, IL

Seth Grahame-Smith


For home bakers of all levels, a cookbook of 100 playful baking recipes inspired by MasterChef Junior’s young chef contestants, plus plenty of tips, techniques, and step-by-step photographs. 978-1-9848-2249-9 | $19.99/$25.99C | 60,000 | Clarkson Potter | TR | October e 978-1-9848-2250-5 COOKING

Social: T: @MasterChefJuniorFox; IG: @MasterChefJunior; Fox.com/MasterChef-Junior RA: For viewers of MasterChef Junior and fans of MasterChef Junior Cookbook RI: Authors live in Los Angeles, CA

Catherynne M. Valente

All the Skills to Dodge the Kills


Written by bestselling author, screenwriter, and producer Seth GrahameSmith (The Lego Batman Movie; Stephen King’s It), with an introduction by horror icon Wes Craven, this is a hilarious mustread for any horror movie fan . . . and it just might save your life.

Following Minecraft: The Island, Minecraft: The Crash, and Minecraft: The Lost Journal, comes the fourth official Minecraft novel from Mojang and Del Rey. 978-0-399-18072-9 | $17.99/$23.99C | 100,000 Del Rey | HC | October e 978-0-399-18073-6 | ] AD: 978-0-525-58804-7

978-1-68369-146-4 l $14.99/$19.99C l 25,000 l Quirk Books l TR l September e 978-1-59474-568-3 PERFORMING ARTS / FILM / HORROR

Social: T: @Sethgs; IG: @InstaGrahameSmith RA: For readers of The Zombie Survival Guide


RA: For the over 154 million Minecraft video game players RI: Author lives in Peaks Island, ME

Larissa Zageris and Kitty Curran

Rachel Ignotofsky



Illustrated profiles of 50 pioneering female artists—from the 11th century to today—from the author of the New York Times bestseller Women in Science.

An illustrated collection of humorous essays and fun extras celebrating the high and low of Keanu Reeves, from Bill and Ted to bona fide movie star.

50 Fearless Creatives Who Inspired the World

978-0-399-58043-7 | $16.99/$22.99C 100,000 | Ten Speed Press | HC | September e 978-0-399-58044-4 BIOGRAPHY / WOMEN’S HISTORY

Social: T: @Ignotofsky; IG: @RachelIgnotofsky; RachelIgnotofskyDesign.com RA: For parents of girls and young women interested in the arts RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA

978-1-68369-151-8 l $14.99/$19.99C l 50,000 Quirk Books l TR l November e 978-1-68369-152-5 HUMOR / ESSAYS / BIOGRAPHY

Social: T: @Larissa_Z; @KittyCurran; LarissaZageris.com; KittyCurran.com RA: For fans of The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray, David Bowie: The Last Interview, and Feminist Ryan Gosling RI: Authors live in Chicago, IL

Jason Fry and Matt Cox


Chris Ware


Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic

A major graphic novel event more than 16 years in progress: part one of the ongoing bifurcated masterwork from the brilliant and beloved author of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth and Building Stories. 978-0-375-42432-8 | $35.00/$47.00C | 75,000 | Pantheon | HC | September GRAPHIC NOVEL

RA: For readers of Nick Drnaso’s Sabrina, Daniel Clowes’s Patience, and Richard McGuire’s Here RI: Author lives in Oak Park, IL

A story for anyone who has never been destined to save the world―the official behind-the scenes companion to the play The New York Times proclaimed “a fast-paced romp [that] exudes a jovial, winking fondness for all things Harry.” Puffs is not authorized, sanctioned, licensed, or endorsed by J. K. Rowling, Warner Bros. or any person or company associated with the Harry Potter books, films or play. 978-0-593-12986-9 | $35.00/$47.00C | 30,000 | Del Rey | HC | January e 978-0-593-12987-6 FANTASY / HUMOR

RA: For the Puffs loyal fan base of theatergoers and Harry Potter fans RI: Authors live in Brooklyn, NY 6


FICTION Cristina Alger

J. Ryan Stradal



From the celebrated and bestselling author of The Banker’s Wife, worlds collide when an FBI agent investigates a string of grisly murders on Long Island that raises the impossible question: What happens when the primary suspect is your father? 978-0-525-53580-5 | $26.00/$35.00C | 75,000 Putnam | HC | July e 978-0-525-53581-2 | ] AD: 978-1-984-88772-6 THRILLER

A novel of family, Midwestern values, hard work, fate, and the secrets of making a world-class beer, from the bestselling author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest. 978-0-399-56305-8 | $26.00/$35.00C | 75,000 Pamela Dorman Books | HC | July e 978-0-399-56307-2 | ] AD: 978-1-524-77768-5 ] CD: 978-1-524-77767-8 LP: 978-1-524-77842-2 WOMEN’S FICTION

Social: CristinaAlger.com RA: For readers of Lisa Gardner, Liane Moriarty, and Mary Kubica RI: Author lives in Southampton, NY and Palm Beach, FL

Social: T: @JRyanStradal; IG: @JRyanStradal RA: The Nest meets Elizabeth Strout; for readers of Chloe Benjamin and J. Courtney Sullivan RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA

Shari Lapena

Haylen Beck



Maybe you don’t know your neighbors as well as you thought you did . . . In a quiet, leafy suburb in upstate New York, a teenager has been sneaking into houses—and into the owners’ computers as well—learning their secrets, and maybe sharing some of them, too. You never really know what people are capable of.

A provocative, psychological suspense about two women locked in a desperate fight over a child each believes is rightfully hers.

978-0-525-55765-4 | $27.00 | 150,000 Pamela Dorman Books | HC | July e 978-0-525-55766-1 | ] AD: 978-0-525-53228-6 | ] CD: 978-0-525-53227-9 LP: 978-0-593-15223-2

Social: T: @HaylenBeck; HaylenBeck.com RA: For readers of Gillian Flynn and Stuart Neville RI: Author lives in Ireland

978-1-5247-5958-2 | $26.00/$35.00C | 50,000 Crown | HC | August e 978-1-5247-5960-5 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8691-0 SUSPENSE / THRILLER

Melissa de la Cruz



Social: ShariLapena.com RA: For readers of Ruth Ware and Paula Hawkins RI: Author lives in Upstate New York

A Novel

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Alex & Eliza comes a return to adult fiction, centered around a mysterious woman’s birthday celebration—and what it reveals about her past.

Richard Russo

CHANCES ARE . . . : A Novel From the Pulitzer Prize-winning Richard Russo—in his first stand-alone novel in a decade—comes a new revelation: a gripping story about the abiding yet complex power of friendship. 978-1-101-94774-6 | $26.95/$35.95C | 200,000 Knopf | HC | July e 978-1-101-94775-3 | ] AD: 978-0-451-48651-6 ] CD: 978-0-451-48648-6 LP: 978-0-593-15366-6 LITERARY FICTION

978-1-524-74377-2 | $27.00/$36.00C | 75,000 Dutton | HC | August e 978-1-524-74379-6 | ] AD: 978-1-984-88808-2 LP: 978-0-593-10438-5 WOMEN’S FICTION / PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER

Social: Melissa-delaCruz.com RA: For readers of Liane Moriarty, Jessica Knoll, and Catherine Steadman RI: Author lives in Palm Springs, CA

JP Delaney

RA: For readers of Richard Ford, John Irving, Barbara Kingsolver, Elizabeth Strout, Donna Tartt, and Anne Tyler RI: Author lives in Portland, ME

Riley Sager

LOCK EVERY DOOR: A Novel The next heart-pounding thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Final Girls and The Last Time I Lied follows a young woman whose new job apartment sitting in one of New York’s oldest and most glamorous buildings may cost more than it pays.

THE PERFECT WIFE: A Novel A missing woman receives a second chance at life, thanks to her billionaire husband―but the consequences are deadly in this gripping psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Before. 978-1-524-79674-7 | $27.00 | 50,000 Ballantine Books | HC | August 978-0-385-69072-0 | $24.95C | Doubleday Canada | TR e 978-1-524-79675-4 | ] CD: 978-0-525-52292-8 ] AD: 978-0-525-52293-5 | LP: 978-0-593-10283-1 THRILLER / SUSPENSE

978-1-524-74514-1 | $26.00/$35.00C | 75,000 Dutton | HC | July e 978-1-524-74515-8 | ] AD: 978-1-984-89106-8 ] CD: 978-1-984-89105-1

RA: For fans of The Woman in the Window, The Couple Next Door, The Wife Between Us, and The Silent Wife RI: Author lives in Oxford, UK


Social: RileySagerBooks.com RA: For readers of Megan Abbott, Kate Moretti, and Cristina Alger RI: Author lives in New York, NY

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FICTION Bryn Greenwood

Téa Obreht


INLAND: A Novel The New York Times bestselling author of The Tiger’s Wife returns with a stunning tale of perseverance that follows an epic journey across an unforgettable landscape of magic and myth.

A provocative love story between a tough Kansas woman on a crooked path to redemption and the unlikeliest of champions, from the New York Times bestselling author of All the Ugly and Wonderful Things.

] CD: 978-0-593-10694-5

978-0-525-54184-4 | $26.00/$35.00C | 75,000 Putnam | HC | August e 978-0-525-54186-8 | ] AD: 978-0-593-10695-2


Social: BrynGreenwood.com RA: For readers of Jesmyn Ward, Wiley Cash, Delia Owens, and Tawni O’Dell RI: Author lives in Lawrence, KS

978-0-8129-9286-1 | $27.00/$36.00C | 100,000 Random House | HC | August e 978-0-679-64411-8 | ] AD: 978-0-449-80708-8 ] CD: 978-0-449-80705-7 LP: 978-1-9848-9090-0 LITERARY FICTION / HISTORICAL FICTION

Social: IG: @TeaObreht; TeaObreht.com RA: For readers of fiction set in the American West from authors such as Philipp Meyer, Patrick deWitt, Maile Meloy, Louise Erdrich, and Annie Proulx RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Mahesh Rao

Rob Hart



In this modern reimagining of Jane Austen’s Emma, Delhi’s polite society is often anything but polite.

In this darkly satirical near-future thriller, America is wracked by violence, unemployment, and climate change, while a mega-corporation named Cloud brands itself a global savior.

978-0-525-53994-0 | $26.00/$35.00C Putnam | HC | August e 978-0-525-53996-4 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8767-2

978-1-9848-2379-3 | $27.00/$36.00C | 100,000 Crown | HC | August e 978-1-9848-2381-6 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8693-4



Social: T: @RobWHart; RobWHart.com RA: For readers of William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Andy Weir RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Social: T: @MRaozing; Facebook.com/ MaheshRaoAuthor RA: For fans of Jane Austen and Emma; readers of Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligible, Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians, Janice Y. K. Lee’s The Expatriates, and Rumaan Alam’s Rich and Pretty RI: Author lives in Mumbai, India

Lisa Lutz

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse



A teacher at a New England prep school ignites a gender war—with deadly consequences—in this dark and provocative novel by the bestselling author of The Passenger and the Spellman Files series.

The Empty Birdcage

The new novel by NBA All-Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, starring brothers Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. As Sherlock travels the country on the hunt for a murderer, both he and Mycroft will discover that the greed of others is at the root of the evil they are trying to unearth.

978-1-9848-1823-2 | $27.00/$36.00C | 35,000 Ballantine Books | HC | August e 978-1-9848-1824-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14773-3 WOMEN’S FICTION / PSYCHOLOGICAL SUSPENSE

Social: T: @LisaLutz, Facebook.com/LisaLutz.Author; LisaLutz.com RA: For fans of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and Megan Abbott’s The Fever, and fans of campus-set novels like Special Topics in Calamity Physics and The Female Persuasion RI: Author lives in Elizaville, NY


John Marrs

Social: T: @KAJ33 RA: For readers of Encounters of Sherlock Holmes and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Web Weaver RI: Authors live in Los Angeles, CA


Margaret Atwood

You’re riding in your self-driving car when suddenly the doors lock, the route changes and you have lost all control. Then, a mysterious voice tells you, “You are going to die.” From cameras hidden in their cars, their panic is broadcast to millions of people around the world. But the public will show their true colors when they are asked, “Which of these people should we save? And who should we kill first?”

THE TESTAMENTS: A Novel In this brilliant sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, acclaimed author Margaret Atwood answers the questions that have tantalized readers for decades. The sequel picks up the story fifteen years after Offred stepped into the unknown, with the explosive testaments of three female narrators from Gilead.

978-1-984-80697-0 | $26.00/$35.00C | 60,000 | Berkley | HC | August e 978-1-984-80698-7 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15117-4 THRILLER / SUSPENSE

Social: T: @JohnMarrs1; IG: @JohnMarrs.Author RA: For readers of Dark Matter and fans of the show Black Mirror RI: Author lives in the UK


978-1-78565-930-0 l $25.99/$34.99C l 50,000 l Titan Books l HC l September e 978-1-78565-930-0

978-0-385-54378-1 | $28.95 | 500,000 Nan A. Talese | HC | September 978-0-7710-0943-3 | $34.00C | McClelland & Stewart e 978-0-385-54379-8 | ] AD: 978-0-525-59048-4 | ] CD: 978-0-525-59045-3 LP: 978-0-593-14909-6 DYSTOPIAN FICTION

Social: MargaretAtwood.ca RA: For fans of The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu series RI: Author lives in Toronto, ON


FICTION Brian Allen Carr

Salman Rushdie



With amazing directness and insight, Carr explores what it’s like to be a high school kid in in the age of Trump, a time of economic inequality, addiction, confederate flags, and mass shootings. A work of empathy and insight, Opioid, Indiana pierces to the heart of our moment through an unforgettable protagonist.

A dazzling Don Quixote for the modern age—a tour de force that is as much an homage to an immortal work of literature as it is to the quest for love and family, by Booker Prize–winning, internationally bestselling author Salman Rushdie.

978-1-64129-078-4 l $16.00/$20.00C l 50,000 l Soho Press l TR l September e 978-164-1-29079-1 FICTION / SMALL TOWN & RURAL

] CD: 978-0-593-16262-0

978-0-593-13298-2 | $28.00 | 100,000 Random House | HC | September 978-0-735-27931-5 | $34.95C | Knopf Canada | HC e 978-0-593-13299-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-16264-4


Social: VampireConditions.com RA: For readers of Cherry by Nico Walker and Ohio by Stephen Markely RI: Author lives in Indiana and Texas

Social: T: @SalmanRushdie; SalmanRushdie.com RA: For fans of Philip Roth, Tom Wolfe, Jonathan Franzen, Margaret Atwood, and Haruki Murakami RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Tracy Chevalier

Jacqueline Woodson



1932. After the Great War took both her beloved brother and her fiancé, Violet Speedwell has become a “surplus woman,” one of a generation doomed to a life of spinsterhood after the war killed so many young men. With her delicate, beautiful prose, Chevalier creates a range of women working to support and protect each other, even when society dismisses them.

An extraordinary new novel about two families from different social classes joined together by an unexpected pregnancy and the child that it produces, from the New York Times bestselling and National Book Award-winning author of Another Brooklyn and Brown Girl Dreaming. Moving forward and backward in time, with the power of poetry and the emotional richness of a narrative ten times its length.

978-0-525-55824-8 | $27.00/$36.00C | 100,000 | Viking | HC | September e 978-0-525-55825-5 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14917-1 | ] CD: 978-0-593-14916-4

978-0-525-53527-0 | $26.00/$35.00C | 125,000 | Riverhead | HC | September e 978-0-525-53529-4 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14705-5 | ] CD: 978-0-593-14704-7 LP: 978-0-593-15225-6


Social: T: @Tracy_Chevalier; IG: @TracyChevalierWrite RA: For readers of The Summer Before the War, The Women in the Castle, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society RI: Author lives in Winchester, UK


Social: T: @JackieWoodson; IG: @Jacqueline_Woodson RA: For readers of Jesmyn Ward, Tayari Jones, Meg Wolitzer, and Ann Patchett RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY; Ohio; and Oklahoma

Kira Peikoff


Nina Allan

There’s only room for one mother in this family. A mother’s worst nightmare, a chance at redemption, and a deadly secret that haunts a family across the generations.

A love story of two very real, unusual people, and a novel rich with wonders that shines a radically different light on society’s marginal figures.


A Novel of Suspense

978-1-59051-993-6 l $16.99/$22.99C l 30,000 Other Press l TR l October e 978-1-59051-994-3

978-1-64385-040-5 l $26.99/$35.99C l 30,000 Crooked Lane Books l HC l September e 978-1-64385-041-2



RA: For fans of twisty domestic suspense novels, like Aimee Molloy’s The Perfect Mother, where motherhood is examined and challenged RI: Author lives in Scotch Plains, NJ

Social: NinaAllan.co.uk RA: For readers of The Little Stranger, The Night Circus, and This House is Haunted RI: Author lives in England

Jonathan French

Bob Proehl



The sequel to The Grey Bastards—another irresistibly swashbuckling, swaggering, foul-mouthed adventure fantasy.

A Novel

When a group of outcasts with extraordinary abilities comes out of hiding, their clash with a violent society will spark a revolution—or an apocalypse. A timely saga of love and hope in the face of bigotry. 978-1-524-79895-6 | $27.00/$36.00C | 40,000 Del Rey | HC | September e 978-1-524-79896-3 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14874-7

978-0-525-57247-3 | $27.00/$36.00C | 30,000 Crown | HC | October e 978-0-525-57249-7 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-4497-2 FANTASY / ACTION & ADVENTURE

Social: T: @JFrenchAuthor; JonathanFrenchBooks.com RA: For fans of Mark Lawrence, Joe Abercrombie, and Brent Weeks RI: Author lives in Atlanta, GA


Social: T: @BobProehl; BobProehl.com RA: For fans of blockbuster pop culture and Sci-Fi hits like The X-Men, The Passage, and The Magicians RI: Author lives in Ithaca, NY Visit us at our website: PenguinRandomHouseLibrary.com


FICTION Kevin Hearne and Delilah S. Dawson

Elizabeth Strout



Shave the princess? Inconceivable! The hilarious bestselling authors of Kill the Farm Boy and No Country for Old Gnomes are back with a new adventure in the irreverent world of Pell.

#1 New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout continues the life of her beloved Olive Kitteridge, a character who has captured the imaginations of millions of readers.

The Tales of Pell

978-1-524-79780-5 | $27.00/$36.00C | 30,000 Del Rey | HC | October e 978-1-524-79781-2 | ] AD: 978-0-525-59371-3 FANTASY / ACTION & ADVENTURE / HUMOROUS

978-0-8129-9654-8 | $27.00/$36.00C | 200,000 Random House | HC | October e 978-0-8129-9655-5 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14737-5 ] CD: 978-0-593-14734-4 LITERARY FICTION

Social: T: @KevinHearne; KevinHearne.com; T: @DelilahSDawson; WhimsyDark.com RA: For readers of Terry Pratchett, and devotees of The Princess Bride, Monty Python, and other witty, whimsical cinematic adventures RI: Hearne lives in Ontario, Canada; Dawson lives in Lutz, FL

Social: T: @LizStrout; Facebook.com/ElizabethStroutFans; ElizabethStrout.com RA: For Elizabeth Strout’s millions of fans and viewers of the Emmy-winning HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridge RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Josh Malerman

Andie J. Christopher

MALORIE: A Bird Box Novel


In the thrilling sequel to Bird Box, the inspiration for the record-breaking Netflix film that starred Sandra Bullock and “absolutely riveted” Stephen King, New York Times bestselling author Josh Malerman brings unseen horrors to life.

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days gets a millennial makeover in this romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Andie J. Christopher. The first in a new series that takes classic rom-com tropes and flips them for fresh appeal.

978-0-593-15685-8 | $28.00/$37.00C | 100,000 Del Rey | HC | October e 978-0-593-15686-5 | ] AD: 978-0-593-16299-6

978-1-984-80268-2 | $15.00/$20.00C | 75,000 Berkley | TR | November e 978-1-984-80269-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15121-1 ROMANCE / MULTICULTURAL & INTERRACIAL


Social: T: @JoshMalerman; IG: @JoshMalerman; Facebook.com/JoshMalerman; JoshMalerman.com RA: For readers of smart, propulsive, dark fiction like The Shining, The Girl With All the Gifts, Blackbirds, and Heart-Shaped Box RI: Author lives in Royal Oak, MI

Social: AndieJChristopher.com RA: For readers of Jasmine Guillory and Julie James RI: Author lives in Washington, DC

Alan Furst


Jojo Moyes

From the master of espionage and intrigue, this novel about heroic resistance fighters in 1942 occupied Paris is based on true events of Polish prisoners in Nazi Germany, who smuggled valuable intelligence to Paris and the resistance.

THE GIVER OF STARS: A Novel Set in Depression-era America, a breathtaking story of five extraordinary women and their unforgettable journey as they become known as the Horseback Librarians of Kentucky, from the bestselling author of Me Before You and The Peacock Emporium.

] CD: 978-0-525-53019-0 |

978-0-399-56248-8 | $27.00/$36.00C | 350,000 Pamela Dorman Books | HC | October e 978-0-399-56250-1 | ] AD: 978-0-525-53020-6 LP: 978-0-593-15226-3



Social: Facebook.com/AlanFurstBooks; AlanFurst.net RA: For readers of historical espionage, adventure, and intrigue, such as Daniel Silva and John le Carré RI: Author lives in Long Island, NY

Social: JojoMoyes.com RA: For readers of Kristin Hannah, Lisa Wingate, and Liane Moriarty RI: Author lives in Essex, UK

Robert Harris

Zadie Smith

1468. A young priest, Christopher Fairfax, arrives in a remote Exmoor village to conduct the funeral of his predecessor. Over the course of the next six days, everything he believes—about himself, his faith, and the history of his world—will be tested to destruction.

GRAND UNION: Stories A dazzling collection of short fiction, more than half of which have never been published before, from the multi-awardwinning author of White Teeth and Swing Time.


978-0-525-65669-2 | $26.95 | 75,000 Knopf | HC | November 978-0-7352-7513-3 | $24.95C | TR e 978-0-525-65670-8 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15495-3 | ] CD: 978-0-593-15493-9

978-0-525-55899-6 | $27.00 | 150,000 Penguin Press | HC | October e 978-0-525-55900-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-10758-4 LP: 978-0-593-15220-1



Social: Facebook.com/ZadieSmithAuthor; ZadieSmith.com RA: For readers of Haruki Murakami and Lauren Groff RI: Author lives in New York, NY and London, UK


978-0-399-59230-0 | $27.00/$36.00C | 60,000 Random House | HC | November e 978-0-399-59232-4 | LP: 978-1-9848-8695-8

Social: T: @Robert_Harris RI: Author lives in Great Britain


FICTION Erin Morgenstern


Vintage Español

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Night Circus, a timeless love story set in a secret underground world—a place of pirates, painters, lovers, liars, and ships that sail upon a starless sea.

] CD: 978-0-7352-0787-5 |

Must-have titles for the Spanish-Language readers at your library.

978-0-385-54121-3 | $28.95 | 500,000 | Doubleday HC | November 978-0-385-68622-8 | $32.95C | Doubleday Canada e 978-0-385-54122-0 | ] AD: 978-0-7352-0790-5 LP: 978-0-593-10648-8


Social: T: @ErinMorgenstern; IG: @ErinMorgenstern; ErinMorgenstern.com RA: For readers of Lev Grossman, Deborah Harkness, Neil Gaiman, and Alice Hoffman RI: Author lives in West Stockbridge, MA

Jeff Lindsay

JUST WATCH ME: A Novel From the author of the wildly successful Dexter series, comes a new series featuring a mesmerizing bad guy we can root for: Riley Wolfe is a master thief, expert at disguise, and violent when he needs to be. It’s no accident, though, that Riley targets only the .1% and is willing to kill when necessary: He despises the degenerate and immoral possessors of the objects that he steals. 978-1-524-74394-9 | $26.00/$35.00C | 75,000 | Dutton | HC | December e 978-1-524-74396-3 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14634-7 THRILLER /SUSPENSE

Social: T: @Dexter.Jeff; Dexter-Books.com RA: For readers of the Dexter series, Lee Child, and Stephen King RI: Author lives in Miami, FL

Eliza Nellums

ALL THAT’S BRIGHT AND GONE: A Novel I know my brother is dead. But sometimes Mama gets confused. Fans of Jodi Picoult and Fredrik Backman will fall for this tenderhearted debut mystery following a young girl on a quest to save her family. 978-1-64385-237-9 l $26.99/$35.99C l 20,000 Crooked Lane Books l HC l December e 978-1-64385-238-6 MYSTERY & DETECTIVE

RA: For readers of Only Child and Sister of Mine RI: Author lives in Hyattsville, MD

Damien Angelica Walters



Social: T: @DamienAWalters RA: For readers of My Best Friend’s Exorcism and The Last Time I Lied RI: Author lives in Edgewater, MA


978-1-9848-9853-1 | $17.00/$23.00C 20,000 | Vintage Español | TR Available Now e 978-1-9848-9854-8

978-0-525-56716-5 | $8.99/$11.99C 10,000 | Vintage Español | TR | July e 978-0-525-56717-2 ] AD: 978-0-593-10409-5

E L James

Josep Lluis Berdonces

MISTER (En español)


Isabel Allende © Justin Ashlye

978-1-64385-163-1 l $26.99/$35.99C l 30,000 Crooked Lane Books l HC l December

Celia C. Pérez


978-1-9848-9918-7 | $16.95/$22.50C 17,500 | Vintage Español | TR Available Now e 978-1-9848-9919-4 ] AD: 978-0-593-16514-0

A Novel

A supernatural thriller in the vein of A Head Full of Ghosts about two young girls, a scary story that becomes far too real, and the tragic—and terrifying— consequences that follow one of them into adulthood.

Eva Garcia Sáenz de Urturi

LARGO PÉTALO DE MAR 978-1-9848-9916-3 | $28.95/$36.95C 35,000 | Vintage Español | HC | June

Oscar Cásares

DE DONDE VENIMOS 978-0-525-56493-5 | $17.00/$23.00C 5,000 | Vintage Español | TR | June e 978-0-525-56494-2

978-1-9848-9829-6 | $16.95/$22.95C 5,000 | Vintage Español | TR | August e 978-1-9848-9830-2

John Grisham

LA GRAN ESTAFA 978-1-9848-9826-5 | $17.00/$23.00C 15,000 | Vintage Español | TR | August

Stephen King

IT (ESO) 978-0-525-56626-7 | $19.95/$25.95C 10,000 | Vintage Español | TR | August e 978-0-525-56627-4


FICTION Isabel Allende

Liz Moore



A Novel

Set against the opioid crisis in Philadelphia and a string of mysterious murders, this gripping suspense novel is also an unflinching, moving story of sisters, addiction, and the formidable ties between place, history, family, and fate.

From the New York Times bestselling author of The House of the Spirits comes an epic novel spanning decades and crossing continents, following two young people as they flee the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War in search of a new place to call home. 978-1-9848-2015-0 | $28.00/$37.00C | 150,000 Ballantine Books | HC | January e 978-1-9848-2016-7 | Spanish: 978-1-9848-9916-3 LITERARY FICTION / HISTORICAL FICTION

Social: T: @Isabel Allende; IG: @AllendeIsabel RI: Author lives in California

Robert Jackson Bennett


Social: LizMoore.net RA: For readers of Tana French, Richard Price, Dennis Lehane, and Celeste Ng RI: Author lives in Philadelphia, PA

Catherine Steadman



As a magical revolution remakes a city, an ancient evil is awakened in a brilliant new novel from the Hugo-nominated author of Foundryside and the Divine Cities trilogy.

A psychiatrist treating a man with no identity or memory discovers that her patient knows far more about her past than his own in a gripping psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Something in the Water.

978-1-524-76038-0 | $28.00/$37.00C | 50,000 Del Rey | HC | January e 978-1-524-76039-7 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14806-8 EPIC FANTASY / URBAN FANTASY

Social: T: @RobertJBennett; RobertJacksonBennett.com RA: For fans of like Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, Naomi Novik, and V. E. Schwab RI: Author lives in Austin, TX

Jonas Karlsson

THE CIRCUS: A Novel A real-life vanishing act leaves one man looking for his missing friend in this clever, Kavkaesque novel of psychological suspense from the acclaimed author of The Room and The Invoice.

© Appendix Fotografi

978-0-525-54067-0 | $26.00/$35.00C | 75,000 Riverhead | HC | January e 978-0-525-54069-4 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14689-7 ] CD: 978-0-593-14688-0 LP: 978-0-593-15224-9

978-1-524-79768-3 | $27.00/$36.00C | 150,000 Ballantine Books | HC | January e 978-1-524-79769-0 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-9025-2 ] CD: 978-1-9848-9022-1 LP: 978-1-9848-9064-1 THRILLER / PSYCHOLOGICAL SUSPENSE

Social: T: @CatSteadman; IG: @CatSteadman RA: For readers of The Couple Next Door, The Woman in Cabin 10, The Girl Before, and The Silent Patient RI: Author lives in London, UK

C. J. Tudor

THE OTHER PEOPLE: A Novel A gripping new thriller about a man’s quest for the daughter no one else believes is still alive, from the acclaimed author of The Chalk Man and The Hiding Place.

978-1-101-90517-3 | $22.00/$29.00C | 20,000 Hogarth | HC | January e 978-1-101-90518-0 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15031-3 LITERARY FICTION

Social: AuthorJonasKarlsson.com RA: For fans of George Saunders, Gary Shteyngart, and Joshua Ferris RI: Author lives in Sweden

Louisa Luna

THE JANES: An Alice Vega Novel

] CD: 978-0-593-14809-9 |

The electric follow-up to Louisa Luna’s acclaimed thriller Two Girls Down. On the outskirts of San Diego, the bodies of two young women are discovered. They have no names, no IDs, and no family looking for them. Fearing the possibility of a human trafficking ring, the police and FBI reach out to Alice Vega, a private investigator known for finding the missing, for help in finding out who the Janes were—and finding the others who are missing. 978-0-385-54551-8 | $26.95/$35.95C | 50,000 | Doubleday | HC | January e 978-0-385-54552-5 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15272-0 MYSTERY

Social: LouisaLuna.com; Facebook.com/LouisaLunaAuthor RA: For readers of Robert Crais, Dennis Lehane, Jessica Knoll, and B. A. Paris RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY

978-1-9848-2499-8 | $27.00 | 25,000 Ballantine Books | HC | January 978-0-385-69418-6 | $24.95C Doubleday Canada | TR e 978-1-9848-2500-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14812-9 LP: 978-0-593-15343-7


Social: T: @CJTudor; Facebook.com/CJTudorOfficial RA: For readers of Tana French, Ruth Ware, Stephen King, and Jo Nesbø RI: Author lives in England

Charles Yu


From the infinitely inventive author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe comes a deeply personal novel about race, pop culture, immigration, assimilation, and escaping the roles we are forced to play. 978-0-307-90719-6 | $25.95/$34.95C | 50,000 Pantheon | HC | January e 978-0-307-90720-2 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14872-3 LITERARY FICTION

Social: T: @Charles_Yu; Facebook.com/AuthorCharlesYu31 RA: For readers of Tommy Orange and Amy Tan RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA




Sady Doyle



Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last have helped millions of readers see the hidden rules that govern our behavior. Now The Infinite Game challenges us to rethink our perspective with a deceptively simple question: How do you stay ahead in a game with no end?

Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power

Funny, smart, and encyclopedic addressing everyone from the biblical Lilith, to the movie Carrie, this book explores the female dark side, as represented in female monsters throughout pop culture.

978-0-7352-1350-0 | $28.00/$37.00C | 400,000 Portfolio | HC | June e 978-0-7352-1352-4 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-2853-8 ] CD: 978-1-9848-2852-1 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

978-1-61219-792-0 l $16.99/$21.99C l 50,000 Melville House l TR l August e 978-1-61219-793-7 SOCIAL SCIENCE / FEMINIST THEORY

Social: T: @SimonSinek; Facebook.com/SimonSinek; StartWithWhy.com RA: For readers of Dan Pink, Adam Grant, and Charles Duhigg RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Social: T: @SadyDoyle; SadyDoyle.com RA: For readers of Not That Bad by Roxanne Gay and Alice Bolin’s Dead Girls RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY

Ben Folds

Olivia Gatwood



Music and Cheap Lessons

Reflections on art, life, and music from the genre-defying icon, in a memoir that is as nuanced, witty, and relatable as his cult-classic songs. 978-1-9848-1727-3 | $28.00/$37.00C | 50,000 Ballantine Books | HC | July e 978-1-9848-1728-0 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14840-2

A dazzling debut collection of raw and explosive poems about growing up in a sexist, sensationalized world, from a thrilling new feminist voice. 978-1-9848-0190-6 | $17.00/$23.00C | 30,000 Dial Press Trade Paperback | TR | August e 978-1-9848-0191-3 ] AD: 978-0-593-15090-0 POETRY / LGBT


Social: T: @BenFolds; IG: MurkanPianist; Facebook.com/BenFolds RA: For fans of David Byrne’s Bicycle Diaries and Jeff Tweedy’s Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back), John Hodgman’s Vacationland, and David Sedaris’s Calypso RI: Author lives in Santa Monica, CA

Social: T: @OliviaGatwood; IG: @OliviaGatwood; Facebook.com/OliviaGatwoodPoetry; OliviaGatwood.com RA: For fans of contemporary poets like Yrsa Daley-Ward and Warsan Shire, and smart, funny feminist writers like Samantha Irby and Melissa Broder RI: Author lives in Santa Cruz, CA

James Glaisher


John C. McManus

Travels in the Air


The Aeronauts is the true story behind the forthcoming Major Motion Picture of the death-defying adventures of pioneering Victorian balloonist and scientist James Glaisher.

The US Army in the Pacific War, 1941-1943

An engrossing, epic history of the US Army in the Pacific War, from the acclaimed author of The Dead and Those About to Die. 978-0-451-47504-6 | $34.00/$45.00C | 75,000 Dutton Caliber | HC | July e 978-0-698-19276-8 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8838-9 MILITARY HISTORY

978-1-61219-796-8 l $14.99/$19.99C l 35,000 Melville House l TR l August e 978-1-61219-797-5 HISTORY / EXPEDITIONS & DISCOVERIES

RA: For readers of The Invention of Nature and Endurance

Social: JohnCMcmanus.com RA: For readers of Rick Atkinson, Antony Beevor, and Max Hastings RI: Author lives in St. Louis, MO

Joe Horrigan

Mat Best, Ross Patterson, and Nils Parker

The One-Hundred-Year Rise of America’s Greatest Sports League

THANK YOU FOR MY SERVICE The unapologetic, laugh-your-ass-off military memoir both vets and civilians have been waiting for, from a five-tour Army Ranger turned YouTube phenomenon and zealous advocate for veterans. 978-1-524-79649-5 | $28.00/$37.00C | 50,000 Bantam | HC | August e 978-1-524-79650-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-16441-9


From the executive director of the NFL Hall of Fame comes a sweeping and lively history of the NFL, timed to coincide with the NFL’s 100th anniversary season. 978-1-63565-359-5 | $28.00/$37.00C | 75,000 Crown | HC | August e 978-1-63565-360-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15033-7 SPORTS / HISTORY

Social: T: @JoeHHOF RA: Fans of NFL and readers of sports history RI: Author lives in Canton, OH


Social: T: @MatBest11x; IG: @Mat_Best_Official; T: @StJamesStJames; Article15Clothing.com; Range15.com RA: For readers of military memoirs such as American Sniper and Lone Survivor, and readers of humorous memoirs such as I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell RI: Author lives in San Antonio, TX

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Bill Sullivan



Genes, Germs, and the Curious Forces That Make Us Who We Are

From the National Book Award-winning author of Stamped from the Beginning comes a bracingly original approach to understanding and uprooting racism and inequality in our society―and in ourselves.

The foods we enjoy, the people we love, the emotions we feel, and the beliefs we hold can all be traced back to our DNA, germs, and environment. This witty, colloquial book is popular science at its best, describing in everyday language how genetics, epigenetics, microbiology, and psychology work together to influence our personality and actions.

978-0-525-50928-8 | $27.00/$36.00C | 50,000 One World | HC | August e 978-0-525-50929-5 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-3222-1 POLITICAL SCIENCE / DISCRIMINATION & RACE RELATIONS

Social: T: @DrIbram; Facebook.com/Ibram.Rogers; IbramXKendi.com RA: For readers of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Michelle Alexander RI: Author lives in Washington, DC

978-1-4262-2055-5 l $26.00/$35.00C l 50,000 l National Geographic l HC l August e 978-1-4262-2056-2 SCIENCE / LIFE SCIENCES

Charles King


Social: Medicine.iu.edu/faculty/13502/Sullivan-William RA: For readers of I Contain Multitudes and Who We Are and How We Got Here RI: Author lives in Indianapolis, IN

How a Circle of Renegade Anthropologists Reinvented Race, Sex, and Gender in the Twentieth Century

Ian Urbina


A dazzling group portrait of Franz Boas, the founder of cultural anthropology, and his circle of women scientists, who upended American notions of race, gender, and sexuality in the 1920s and 1930s—a sweeping chronicle of how our society began to question the basic ways we understand other cultures and ourselves.

Journeys Across the Last Untamed Frontier

978-0-385-54219-7 | $30.00/$40.00C | 75,000 | Doubleday | HC | August e 978-0-385-54220-3 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14673-6 SOCIAL SCIENCE

Social: T: @CharlesKingDC; Charles-King.net RA: For readers of Simon Winchester and Robert D. Kaplan RI: Author lives in Washington, DC

Both a gripping adventure story and a stunning exposé, this unique work of reportage brings fully into view for the first time the disturbing reality of a floating world that connects us all, a place where anyone can do anything because no one is watching. 978-0-451-49294-4 | $30.00/$40.00C | 60,000 Knopf | HC | August e 978-0-451-49295-1 | ] AD: 978-0-7352-0861-2 | ] CD: 978-0-7352-0858-2 TRAVEL / ADVENTURE

Social: T: @Ian_Urbina; IanUrbina.com RA: For fans of adventure writers such as Sebastian Junger and David Grann RI: Author lives in Washington, DC

Sister Helen Prejean


My Spiritual Journey

Timothy C. Winegard

In this revelatory, intimate memoir from the author of Dead Man Walking, the nation’s foremost leader in efforts to abolish the death penalty shares the story of her growth as a spiritual leader, speaks out about the challenges of the Catholic Church, and shows that joy and religion are not mutually exclusive. 978-1-4000-6730-5 | $27.00/$36.00C | 40,000 Random House | HC | August e 978-1-9848-5541-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-10757-7 MEMOIR / INSPIRATIONAL

Social: T: @HelenPrejean; SisterHelen.org RA: For readers of Dead Man Walking and The Death of Innocents, and fans of spiritual, inspirational memoirs RI: Author lives in New Orleans, LA

Allan H. Ropper and Brian Burrell

History of Our Deadliest Predator

A pioneering and groundbreaking work of narrative nonfiction that offers a dramatic new perspective on the history of mankind, showing how through the millennia, the mosquito has been the single most powerful force in determining humanity’s fate. 978-1-5247-4341-3 | $28.00 | 75,000 Dutton | HC | August e 978-1-5247-4343-7 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8825-9 HISTORY

Social: T: @TCWinegard; Facebook.com/TCWinegard RA: For readers of Mark Kurlansky, Mary Roach, and Sam Kean RI: Author lives in Grand Junction, CO

Kelly Brogan


OWN YOUR SELF The New York Times bestselling author presents a radical alternative to psychotropic meds: discerning the meaning in your symptoms and your struggle as a way to reclaim your health and yourself.

the Riddle of Mental Illness

The remarkable, intertwined histories of neurology, psychiatry, neurosyphilis, and hysteria, and the derailing of a coordinated approach to mental illness.

978-1-4019-5682-0 l $26.99/$35.99C l 35,000 Hay House Inc. l HC l September e 978-1-4019-5683-7

978-0-7352-1455-2 | $27.00/$36.00C | 75,000 Avery | HC | August e 978-0-7352-1457-6 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-8893-8



RA: For readers of The Great Mortality by John Kelley and The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson RI: Author lives Boston, MA 14


Social: KellyBroganmd.Com/AMindOfYourOwn RA: For readers of How to Change Your Mind and Tears to Triumph RI: Author lives in Miami, FL



David Fajgenbaum



What if the people seized the means of climate production? Rejecting the idea that geoengineering is some kind of easy work-around, Holly Buck outlines the kind of social transformation that would be necessary to enact a program of geoengineering in the first place.

The powerful memoir of a young doctor and former college athlete diagnosed with a rare disease who spearheaded the search for a cure—and became a champion for a new approach to medical research.

Climate Tragedy, Repair, and Restoration

978-1-78873-036-5 l $24.95/$33.00C l 30,000 l Verso l HC l September e 978-1-78873-038-9 GLOBAL WARMING / CLIMATE CHANGE

RA: For readers of How Did We Get Into This Mess? and The Unnatural World RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA

Sean Carroll

SOMETHING DEEPLY HIDDEN: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime

Caltech physicist and New York Times bestselling author Sean Carroll shows that there are multiple copies of you. And everyone else. Really. 978-1-5247-4301-7 | $29.00/$39.00C | 75,000 Dutton | HC | September e 978-1-5247-4302-4 | ] AD: 978-0-525-59248-8 SCIENCE

Social: T: @SeanMcarroll RA: For readers of Stephen Hawking and Neil DeGrasse Tyson RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA

Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns


A Doctor’s Race to Turn Hope into Action; A Memoir

978-1-524-79961-8 | $27.00/$36.00C | 30,000 Ballantine Books | HC | September e 978-1-524-79962-5 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-9015-3 MEMOIR / MIND & BODY

Social: T: @DavidFajgenbaum; IG: @DFajgenbaum RA: For readers of When Breath Becomes Air, Being Mortal, Enjoy Every Sandwich, and The Last Lecture RI: Author lives in Philadelphia, PA

Neil Gorsuch with Jane Nitze and David Feder

A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT A rich collection of reflections from the youngest Supreme Court justice, offering insight into his journey, judicial philosophy, and belief in the vital responsibility of each American to keep our republic strong. 978-0-525-57678-5 | $30.00/$40.00C | 100,000 Crown Forum | HC | September e 978-0-525-57679-2 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15003-0 MEMOIR / POLITICAL SCIENCE

Social: T: @GorsuchFacts RA: For readers of books by political and thought leaders RI: Author lives in Washington, DC

An Illustrated History

D. J. Herda

The rich and colorful story of America’s most popular music and the singers and songwriters who captivated, entertained, and consoled listeners throughout the twentieth century— based on the upcoming eight-part film series to air on PBS in September 2019.


978-0-525-52054-2 | $55.00/$73.00C | 300,000 | Knopf | HC | September e 978-0-525-52055-9 | ] AD: 978-0-525-58887-0 | ] CD: 978-0-525-58884-9 HISTORY / MUSIC

Social: T: @KenBurns; Facebook.com/KenBurnsPBS RI: Authors live in Walpole, NH

Mona Eltahawy


A Life of Truth and Justice

With access to surviving Warren family members, courtesy of Earl Warren’s grandson, Judge James Warren, the author has crafted the definitive biography of one of history’s greatest Supreme Court justices. 978-1-63388-580-6 l $25.00/$26.50C l 35,000 Prometheus l HC l September

e 978-1-63388-581-3


Social: DJHerda.org RA: For readers of Eisenhower vs. Warren and Uncertain Justice: The Roberts Court and the Constitution RI: Author lives in St. George, UT

Robert Iger and Joel Lovell


Seizing upon the energy of the #MeToo movement, a feminist activist advocates a muscular, out-loud approach to teaching women and girls to harness their power through what she calls the “seven necessary sins” that women and girls are not supposed to commit: to be angry, ambitious, profane, violent, attentionseeking, lustful, and powerful. 978-0-8070-1381-6 l $24.95/$33.95C l 35,000 l Beacon Press l HC l September e 978-0-80701-382-3 | ] AD: 978-0-8070-8169-3

Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company

A grand vision defined: The CEO of The Walt Disney Company shares the ideas and values he has used to reinvent one of the most beloved companies in the world, and inspire the people who bring the magic to life. 978-0-399-59209-6 | $28.00/$37.00C | 200,000 Random House | HC | September e 978-0-399-59210-2 | ] AD: 978-0-525-49935-0 ] CD: 978-0-525-49932-9 | LP: 978-0-593-17098-4 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / LEADERSHIP


Social: T: @MonaEltahawy RA: For readers of Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman and Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger RI: Author lives in Montreal, QC and New York, NY

Social: T: @RobertIger RA: For readers of Creativity Inc., Shoe Dog, Steve Jobs, and Straight From the Gut, and fans of Adam Grant, Malcolm Gladwell, Charles Duhigg, Jack Welch, Lee Iacocca, and Phil Knight RI: Author lives in New York, NY

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NONFICTION Randall Munroe

The Arbinger Institute

HOW TO: Absurd Scientific Advice


for Common Real-World Problems

The Outward Mindset enables individuals and organizations to make the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.

The world’s most entertaining and useless self-help guide, from the brilliant mind behind the wildly popular webcomic xkcd and the #1 New York Times bestsellers What If? and Thing Explainer.

978-1-5230-8730-3 l $17.95/$23.95C l 50,000 Berrett-Koehler l TR l September

978-0-525-53709-0 | $28.00/$37.00C | 250,000 Riverhead | HC | September e 978-0-525-53710-6 | ] AD: 978-0-525-63569-7


Social: Facebook.com/ArbingerInstitute; Arbinger.com RA: For readers of Leaders Eat Last RI: Author lives in Provo, UT


Social: xkcd.com RA: For readers of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and Astrophysics for People in a Hurry RI: Author lives in Cambridge, MA

Nico Tortorella

Imani Perry

Explorations of Love, Sex, and Fluidity


BREATHE: A Letter to My Sons

Actor and LGTBQIA+ advocate Nico Tortorella’s narrative investigation of love, sex, gender, addiction, family, fame, and fluidity through the lens of their nonbinary identity.

Breathe explores the terror, grace, and beauty of coming of age as a Black person in contemporary America and what it means to parent our children in a persistently unjust world.

978-0-525-57673-0 | $28.00/$37.00C | 60,000 Crown | HC | September e 978-0-525-57675-4 | ] AD: 978-0-525-63973-2

978-0-8070-7655-2 l $18.00/$24.00C l 30,000 Beacon Press l HC l September e 978-080707-656-9 | ] AD: 978-0-8070-8155-6



Social: T: @NicoTortorella; NiconiconicoTortorella.com RA: For readers of Jennifer Finney Boylan, Dan Savage, and Alison Bechdel RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Social: T: @ImaniPerry RA: For readers of Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions and Between the World and Me RI: Author lives in Glenside, PA

Bari Weiss

Patti Smith



978-0-525-65768-2 | $24.95 | 150,000 | Knopf | HC | September 978-0-7352-7928-5 | $27.95C | Knopf Canada e 978-0-525-65769-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15575-2 BIOGRAPHY / MUSIC

The prescient New York Times writer delivers an urgent wake-up call to all Americans exposing the alarming rise of anti-semitism in this country—and explains what we can do to defeat it.

Photo: Sam Bloom

From the National Book Award-winning author of Just Kids and M Train, a profound, beautifully realized memoir in which dreams and reality are vividly woven into a tapestry of one transformative year. Riveting, elegant, often humorous, illustrated by Smith’s signature Polaroids, Year of the Monkey is a moving and original work, a touchstone for our turbulent times.

978-0-593-13605-8 | $18.00/$24.00C | 100,000 Crown | HC | September e 978-0-593-13606-5 | ] AD: 978-0-593-16297-2 POLITICAL SCIENCE

Social: T: @BariWeiss RA: For readers of On Tyranny and We Should All Be Feminists RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Karen Abbott


Social: IG: @ThisIsPattiSmith; Facebook.com/PattiSmithAuthor; PattiSmith.net RA: For readers with an interest in poetry, music, travel, and the universal experiences of love and loss RI: Author lives in New York, NY

The Bootleg King, the Women Who Pursued Him, and the Murder That Shocked Jazz-Age America

Diane Tavenner

The epic true crime story of bootlegger George Remus and the murder that shocked the nation, from the New York Times bestselling author of Sin in the Second City and Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy.


What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life

The founder of Summit Public Schools offers a blueprint for a better way to educate our children, based on the revolutionary lessons, insights, and methodology she and her faculty developed over 15 years.

978-0-451-49862-5 | $28.00/$37.00C | 75,000 Crown | HC | October e 978-0-451-49864-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14802-0 U.S. HISTORY

978-1-9848-2606-0 | $28.00/$37.00C | 75,000 Currency | HC | September e 978-1-9848-2607-7 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14975-1

Social: KarenAbbott.net RA: For readers of Erik Larson, Candice Millard, and Gary Krist RI: Author lives in New York, NY


Social: SummitLearning.org RA: For parents, teachers, and school administrators RI: Author lives in Redwood, CA




Francesca Cartier Brickell



The Untold Story of the Family Behind the Jewelry Empire

From Judd Apatow, an intimate portrait of his mentor, the legendary stand-up comic and star of The Larry Sanders Show with never-beforeseen journal entries and photos as well as new contributions by fellow comedians and writers. 978-0-525-51084-0 | $40.00/$54.00C | 75,000 Random House | HC | October

e 978-0-525-51085-7 HUMOR / PERFORMING ARTS

Social: T: @JuddApatow RA: For fans of The Larry Sanders Show, and readers of Sick in the Head, George Carlin’s Last Words, and Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA


The fascinating story of the family behind Cartier, and the three brothers who turned their grandfather’s humble Parisian jewelry store into a global luxury icon―as told by a descendant with exclusive access to long-lost family archives. 978-0-525-62161-4 | $30.00/$40.00C | 30,000 Ballantine Books | HC | October e 978-0-525-62162-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14781-8 BIOGRAPHY / JEWELRY

Social: T: @CescaCartier; IG: @CreatingCartier; CreatingCartier.com RA: For readers of Empty Mansions, The Hare with Amber Eyes, and Chanel RI: Author lives in London, UK and the South of France

Jung Chang


BIG SISTER, LITTLE SISTER, RED SISTER: Three Women at the Heart of Twentieth-Century China

In a stunning, full-color celebration of the runaway hit Netflix series Stranger Things, 200 artists present their own unique visions of Hawkins, Indiana. 978-1-9848-2112-6 | $35.00/$47.00C | 75,000 Del Rey | HC | October e 978-1-9848-2113-3 ART / POPULAR CULTURE

RA: For Stranger Things fans, 80s movie buffs, and behind-the-scenes fanatics

Marc Benioff and Monica Langley


A brilliantly researched and evocative account of the lives of three other daughters of China: the Soong sisters, whose connections to Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek kept them at the very center of Chinese history over the course of a singularly tumultuous hundred years. 978-0-451-49350-7 | $30.00 | 60,000 Knopf | HC | October e 978-0-451-49351-4 | ] AD: 978-0-593-15492-2 HISTORY

RI: Author lives in London, UK

Leading in an Era of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change

Pema Chödrön


The founder and CEO of Salesforce reveals the secrets to building a world-class culture and offers a model for leadership that will define successful companies.

Living in a Brokenhearted World

In her first new book of spiritual teachings in over seven years, Chödrön offers a combination of heartfelt advice, wise teachings, and the signature mix of humor and insight that have made her a beloved figure to turn to.

978-1-9848-2519-3 | $28.00/$37.00C | 75,000 Currency | HC | October e 978-1-9848-2520-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14977-5 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

Social: T: @Benioff RA: For readers of Zero to One, Lean Startup, and Measure What Matters RI: Author lives in San Francisco, CA

Bill Bryson

THE BODY: A Guide for Occupants Bill Bryson, bestselling author of A Short History of Nearly Everything, takes us on a head-to-toe tour of the marvel that is the human body. As compulsively readable as it is comprehensive, this is Bryson at his very best, a must-read owner’s manual for everybody. 978-0-385-53930-2 | $30.00 | 250,000 Doubleday | HC | October 978-0-385-68574-0 | $34.95C | Doubleday Canada e 978-0-385-53931-9 | ] AD: 978-0-14-752694-6 | ] CD: 978-0-14-752691-5 LP: 978-0-593-10629-7 SCIENCE

Social: Facebook.com/BillBrysonAuthor RA: For readers of Stephen Hawking, Mark Kurlansky, Malcolm Gladwell, and Steven Pinker RI: Author lives in Hampshire, UK

978-1-61180-565-9 l $22.95/$29.95C l 40,000 Shambhala l HC l October RELIGION / BUDDHISM

Social: PemaChodronFoundation.org; Facebook.com/PemaChodron ; IG: @AniPemaChodron RA: For readers of On the Brink of Everything and Braving the Wilderness RI: Author lives Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Deepak Chopra, M.D.


Unleashing Your Infinite Potential

The New York Times bestselling author of You Are the Universe helps us unlock peak human potential, which can positively affect health, and spirituality. 978-0-307-33833-4 | $27.00/$36.00C | 100,000 Harmony | HC | October e 978-1-5247-6298-8 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-4666-2 ] CD: 978-1-9848-4667-9 SELF-HELP

Social: T: @DeepakChopra; IG: @DeepakChopra; DeepakChopra.com RA: For self-help readers RI: Author lives in Carlsbad, CA

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Dan Jones


CRUSADERS: The Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands

to Rome in Search of a Faith

A major new history of the Crusades with an unprecedented wide scope, told in a tableau of portraits of people on all sides of the wars, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Templars.

Following an ancient pilgrimage route a thousand miles from Canterbury to Rome, the bestselling and award-winning writer weaves history and culture into an exploration of why Christianity is struggling in the world it created. 978-0-7352-2523-7 | $28.00/$36.00C | 125,000 Viking | HC | October e 978-0-7352-2524-4 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14888-4 HISTORY / RELIGION

Social: T: @NYTEgan; TimothyEganBooks.com RA: For readers of Candace Millard, Hampton Sides, Bill Bryson, and Bruce Feiler

978-0-525-42831-2 | $30.00 | 125,000 Viking | HC | October e 978-0-698-18644-6 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14926-3 HISTORY

Social: T: @DGJones; IG: @d_a_n_jones; Facebook.com/DanJonesHistorian RA: For readers of Mary Beard, Simon Sebag Montefiore, and Dan Brown RI: Author is from London, UK

Gare Joyce


Amaryllis Fox

Crosby Became the Best Player in Hockey’s Greatest Era and Changed the Game Forever

LIFE UNDERCOVER: Coming of Age in the CIA

Amaryllis Fox’s riveting memoir tells the story of her ten years in the most elite clandestine ops unit of the CIA, hunting the world’s most dangerous terrorists in sixteen countries while marrying and giving birth to a daughter. Exhilarating, intimate, fiercely intelligent—an impossible to put down record of an extraordinary life.

This hockey generation’s brightest talent has been plagued by concussions. Now, the very style of play that has brought Crosby such success may be heralding the end of his career. 978-0-7352-3792-6 l $26.00/$32.95C l 25,000 Viking Canada l HC l October e 978-0-7352-3793-3

978-0-525-65497-1 | $27.95 | 200,000 | Knopf | HC | October 978-0-385-69241-0 | $32.95C | Doubleday Canada e 978-0-525-65498-8 | ] AD: 978-0-525-63946-6 | ] CD: 978-0-525-63943-5


RA: For fans of Searching for Bobby Orr and 99: Stories of the Game RI: Author lives in Toronto, ON


Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey

Social: T & IG: @AmaryllisFox; Facebook.com/AmaryllisFoxPublic RA: For readers of Wild, I Am Malala, No Easy Day, and Into the Wild RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA

SHE SAID: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement

Paul Hendrickson

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters who broke the news of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and abuse comes the untold the story of their investigation and its consequences for the #MeToo movement.

PLAGUED BY FIRE: The Dreams and Furies of Frank Lloyd Wright

From the award-winning and nationally bestselling author of Hemingway’s Boat and Sons of Mississippi—an illuminating, pathbreaking biography that will change the way we understand the life, mind, and work of the premier American architect. 978-0-385-35365-6 | $35.00/$42.00C | 60,000 Knopf | HC | October e 978-0-385-35366-3 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14904-1 BIOGRAPHY

RA: For those interested in Frank Lloyd Wright and architecture RI: Author lives in Havertown, PA

Holly Jackson


How Nineteenth-Century Protest Shaped the Nation

A dynamic history about the nineteenth-century reformers—from Fanny Wright to John Brown—who demanded that the United States live up to its revolutionary ideals. 978-0-525-57309-8 | $28.00/$37.00C | 50,000 Crown | HC | October e 978-0-525-57311-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14798-6 U.S. HISTORY

Social: T: @ProfHollyJ RA: For fans of Jill Lepore and Eric Foner RI: Author lives in Cambridge, MA 18

978-0-525-56034-0 | $28.00/$37.00C | 250,000 Penguin Press | HC | October e 978-0-525-56035-7 | ] AD: 978-0-593-10745-4 | ] CD: 978-0-593-10742-3 LP: 978-0-593-15232-4 SOCIAL SCIENCE

Social: T: @JodiKantor; JodiKantor.net; T: @Mega2e RA: For readers of John Carreyrou and Gloria Steinem RI: Author lives New York, NY

Hoda Kotb

I REALLY NEEDED THIS TODAY: Words to Live By From New York Times bestselling author and beloved Today show anchor Hoda Kotb comes an inspiring collection of quotes—drawn from her own personal favorites—that offer wisdom, courage, and hope. 978-0-7352-1741-6 | $22.00/$29.00C | 200,000 Putnam | HC | October e 978-0-7352-1742-3 | ] AD: 978-0-525-63625-0 ] CD: 978-0-525-63623-6 SELF-HELP

Social: T: @HodaKotb; IG: @HodaKotb; Facebook.com/HodaKotb; klgandhoda.com RA: For readers of Katie Couric, Maria Shriver, and Kathie Lee Gifford RI: Author lives in New York, NY PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE LIBRARY MARKETING

NONFICTION Christopher McDougall




The Donkey with the Heart of a Hero

From Prince himself comes the brilliant coming-of-age-and-into-superstardom story of one of the greatest artists of all time—featuring never-before-seen photos, original scrapbooks and lyric sheets, and the exquisite memoir he began writing before his tragic death.

A heartwarming story about training a rescue donkey to run one of the most challenging races in America. 978-1-5247-3236-3 | $26.95/$35.95C | 100,000 Knopf | HC | October e 978-1-5247-3237-0 | ] AD: 978-1-5247-7879-8 ] CD: 978-1-5247-7876-7

978-0-399-58965-2 | $30.00/$40.00C | 200,000 Spiegel & Grau | HC | October e 978-0-399-58966-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-16865-3


Social: T: @ChrisMcDougall; ChrisMcdougall.com RA: For fans of Marley and Me and the Unlikely Friendships franchise, as well as fans of Born to Run RI: Author lives in Peach Bottom, PA

Edmund Morris


Social: T: @Prince; IG: @Prince

Andrew Ridgeley

EDISON From Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edmund Morris comes a revelatory new biography of Thomas Alva Edison, the most prolific genius in American history. 978-0-8129-9311-0 | $38.00/$51.00C | 250,000 Random House | HC | October e 978-0-679-64465-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14747-4 ] CD: 978-0-593-15367-3 BIOGRAPHY / SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

RA: For readers of David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers, Robert Caro’s The Years of Lydon Johnson, and Judith Thurman’s Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Collette; Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo da Vinci, and James Glieck’s Isaac Newton RI: Author lives in Kent, CT

David Owen


WHAM!, GEORGE MICHAEL, AND ME: A Memoir For the first time, Andrew Ridgeley—one half of one of the most famous bands in the world—tells the inside story of Wham!, his lifelong friendship with George Michael, and the formation of a band that changed the shape of the music scene in the early eighties. 978-1-5247-4531-8 | $28.00/$36.00C | 100,000 Dutton | HC | October e 978-1-5247-4533-2 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14653-8 BIOGRAPHY / MUSIC

RA: For readers of Robbie Robertson, John Taylor, and Phil Collins RI: Author lives in the UK

Hearing in a Deafening World

Eve Rodsky

The surprising science of hearing and the remarkable technologies that can help us hear better.

FAIR PLAY: A Game-Changing

978-0-525-53422-8 | $28.00/$37.00C | 30,000 Riverhead | HC | October e 978-0-525-53424-2 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14701-6

A revolutionary, real-world solution to the problem of unpaid, invisible work that women have shouldered for too long—for a new generation of women.

Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live)


RI: Author lives in Connecticut

978-0-525-54193-6 | $26.00/$35.00C | 200,000 Putnam | HC | October e 978-0-525-54195-0 | ] AD: 978-0-593-10711-9 ] CD: 978-0-593-10708-9 | LP: 978-0-593-15233-1

Social: DavidOwen.net RA: For readers of Gulp, Sapiens, and The Brain that Changes Itself

Liz Phair


HORROR STORIES: A Memoir From the two-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter behind the groundbreaking album Exile in Guyville comes a haunting memoir in stories in the tradition of Patti Smith’s M Train.

Social: T: @Eve_Rodsky; EveRodsky.com RA: For readers of Girl Wash Your Face and Get Your Sh*t Together RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA

Sasha Sagan

FOR SMALL CREATURES SUCH AS WE: Rituals for Finding Meaning in Our Unlikely World

978-0-525-51198-4 | $28.00/$37.00C | 40,000 Random House | HC | October e 978-0-525-51199-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14739-9 MEMOIR / MUSIC

Social: T: @PhizLair; IG: @LizPhairOfficial; LizPhairOfficial.com RA: For fans of Jeff Tweedy’s Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back) and Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist RI: Author lives in Manhattan Beach, CA

A luminous exploration of all Earth’s marvels that require no faith in order to be believed—from the daughter of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. 978-0-7352-1877-2 | $26.00/$35.00C | 75,000 Putnam | HC | October MEMOIR / SCIENCE

Social: @SashaSagan; sashasagan.com RA: For readers of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Anne Lamott, and Maria Shriver RI: Author lives in Boston, MA

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NONFICTION Smithsonian Institution; Edited by Victoria Pope

Ali Wong


Untold Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life

DEAR GIRLS: Intimate Tales,

Strength, Ingenuity, and Vision from the National Collection

Ali Wong’s heartfelt and hilarious letters to her daughters, covering everything they need to know in life, like the unpleasant details of dating, how to be a working mom in a male-dominated profession, and how she trapped their dad.

An inspiring celebration of U.S. women’s history told through Smithsonian artifacts illustrating women’s participation in science, art, music, sports, fashion, business, religion, entertainment, military, politics, activism, and more. 978-1-58834-665-0 l $40.00/$54.00C l 20,000 l Smithsonian Books l HC l October

e 978-1-58834-674-2


RA: For fans of The Feminist Revolution and Smithsonian Civil War RI: Editor lives in Washington, DC

J. J. Sutherland

978-0-525-50883-0 | $27.00/$36.00C | 100,000 Random House | HC | October

e 978-0-525-50884-7 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-4130-8

Karen Armstrong



The Art of Changing the Possible

The Scrum Fieldbook offers a hands-on approach to implementing the innovative, customer-focused practices of the Scrum framework among traditional, non-technology companies.

Rescuing the Sacred Texts

978-0-525-57321-0 | $28.00/$37.00C | 50,000 Currency | HC | October e 978-0-385-34646-7 | ] AD: 978-0-525-57322-7 ] CD: 978-0-525-59039-2 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

Social: T: @jjsutgerland RA: For readers of John Doerr and Jake Knapp RI: Author lives in Washington, D.C.

Gene Weingarten


Today the Quran is used by some to justify war and acts of terrorism, the Torah to deny Palestinians the right to live in the Land of Israel, and the Bible to condemn homosexuality and contraception. The significance of Scripture may not be immediately obvious in our secular world, but its misunderstanding is perhaps the root cause of many of today’s controversies. 978-0-451-49486-3 | $35.00 | 75,000 | Knopf | HC | November 978-0-345-81234-6 | $39.95C | Knopf Canada e 978-0-451-49487-0 | ] AD: 978-1-5247-5081-7 | ] CD: 978-1-5247-5078-7 RELIGION

The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary 24 Hours in America

RA: For readers of Reza Aslan and Bart D. Ehrman RI: Author lives in London, UK

Andrea Barber

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Gene Weingarten explores the events of a random day in U.S. history, offering a diorama of American life that illuminates all that has changed—and all that hasn’t—in the last three decades..

FULL CIRCLE: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back

Andrea Barber opens up about her life as a Full House child star, her decision to leave Hollywood and come back again, the meaningful differences between herself and her character, and what it did for her to walk onto that set again just as her own real-life family was coming apart.

978-0-399-16666-2 | $28.00/$37.00C | 50,000 Blue Rider Press | HC | October e 978-0-698-13559-8 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14675-0 US HISTORY / SOCIAL SCIENCE

Social: @GeneWeingarten @jjsutgerland RA: For readers of Bill Bryson, Tara Westover, and Matthew Desmond RI: Author lives in Washington, D.C.

Lisa Wingate and Judy Christie

978-0-8065-3988-1 l $27.00/$36.00C | 65,000 Citadel l HC l November e 978-0-80653-990-4 MEMOIR / ENTERTAINMENT


RA: For readers of Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY

The Incredible Real-Life Stories of Orphans Who Survived the Tennessee Children’s Home Society

Cameron Douglas

The incredible, poignant stories of some of the victims of a notorious adoption scandal―some of whom learned the truth from Lisa Wingate’s bestselling novel Before We Were Yours, and were reunited with their birth families thanks to the novel’s tremendous popularity.


978-0-593-13014-8 | $25.00/$34.00C | 50,000 | Ballantine Books | HC | October e 978-0-593-13015-5 | ] AD: 978-0-593-16436-5 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / ADOPTION / HISTORY

Social:T: @LisaWingate; IG: @Author_Lisa-Wingate; LisaWingate.com, T: @JudyChristieAuthor; JudyChristie.com RA: For viewers of Three Identical Strangers and readers of All You Can Ever Know and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks RI: Wingate lives in Sherman, TX; Christie lives in Como, CO 20


Social: T: @AliWong; IG: @AliWong; AliWong.com RA: For readers of Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA

From the scion of Hollywood royalty— son of Michael Douglas, grandson of Kirk Douglas—a moving, often shocking, ultimately inspiring memoir detailing his struggle to regain his dignity, humanity, and place in society after many years of drug abuse and seven years in prison. 978-0-525-52083-2 | $27.95/$36.95C | 150,000 Knopf | HC | November

e 978-0-525-52084-9 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14880-8


Social: T: @CameronMDouglas; IG: @CameronMorrellDouglas RA: For fans of The Recovering and How to Murder Your Life RI: Author lives in Los Angeles, CA


NONFICTION Rana Foroohar

Heather Dune Macadam; Forward by Caroline Moorhead

DON’T BE EVIL: How Big Tech

999: The Extraordinary Young

Betrayed Its Founding Principles— and All of US

Women of the First Official Jewish Transport to Auschwitz

From acclaimed Financial Times columnist and CNN analyst, a penetrating indictment of how today’s biggest tech companies are hijacking our data, livelihoods, and minds.

Heather Dune Macadam reveals the poignant stories, drawing on extensive interviews with survivors, and consulting with historians, witnesses, and relatives of those first deportees to create an important addition to Holocaust literature and women’s history.

978-1-9848-2398-4 | $28.00/$37.00C | 75,000 Currency | HC | November e 978-1-9848-2399-1 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14979-9 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

978-0-8065-3936-2 l $28.00/$37.00C l 10,000 l Citadel l HC l December e 978-0-8065-3938-6

Social: T: @RanaForoohar; RanaForoohar.com RA: For readers of Liar’s Poker and Barbarians at the Gate RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY


RA: For readers of Unbroken and The Boys in the Boat RI: Author lives in London, UK and New York, NY

Robert Lacey

THE CROWN: The Official Companion, Volume 2

Adam Davidson

The official companion to the second and third seasons of the Emmy-winning Netflix drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, featuring additional historical background, expert commentary, and beautifully reproduced images.



Social: T: @RobertLacey_com; RobertLacey.com RA: For viewers of The Crown, The Queen, and Downton Abbey RI: Author lives in London, UK

Kurt Vonnegut and Suzanne McConnell

PITY THE READER: On Writing With Style

© Mark Maryanovich

978-0-525-57337-1 | $28.00/$37.00C | 100,000 Crown | HC | November e 978-0-525-57339-5 | ] AD: 978-1-9848-2817-0

The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century

The brilliant creator of NPR’s Planet Money podcast and award-winning New Yorker staff writer explains our current economy: laying out its internal logic and revealing the transformative hope it offers for millions of people to thrive as they never have before. 978-0-385-35352-6 | $26.95/$35.95C | 150,000 | Knopf | HC | January e 978-0-385-35353-3 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14908-9 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

Social: T: @AdamDavidson; AdamDavidson.com RA: For fans of Shark Tank, and listeners of podcasts such as Planet Money, Freakonomics, Smart Passive Income, and more RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY

Marsha M. Linehan

Here is an entirely new side of Kurt Vonnegut, Vonnegut as a teacher of writing. Never before has an entire book been devoted to Kurt Vonnegut the teacher. Here is pretty much everything Vonnegut ever said or wrote having to do with the writing art and craft, altogether a healing, and nourishing expedition.

BUILDING A LIFE WORTH LIVING: A Memoir A memoir of Marsha Linehan’s journey from a suicidal teenager to a worldrenowned psychologist who developed the behavioral therapy DBT, to treat suicidal clients. 978-0-8129-9461-2 | $27.00/$36.00C | 40,000 Random House | HC | January e 978-0-8129-9462-9 | ] AD: 978-0-385-36789-9 ] CD: 978-0-385-36786-8

978-1-60980-962-1 l $32.00/$42.00C l 50,000 l Seven Stories Press l HC l November LITERARY COLLECTIONS / STYLE MANUALS

RA: For fans of Kurt Vonnegut’s previous writing RI: Suzanne McConnell lives in New York, NY and Wellfleet, MA

Caroline De Maigret and Sophie Mas

OLDER, BUT BETTER, BUT OLDER: From the Authors of How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are

What smart, savvy, fabulous French women think, feel and advise as they hit forty on life, love, and everything else. From the privately absurd to the strangely universal, this book captures moments of everyday life that will make the reader nod, cringe, and laugh out loud. 78-0-385-54486-3 | $25.00 | 80,000 | Doubleday | HC | December 9 978-0-525-61056-4 | $30.00C | Appetite by Random House e 978-0-385-54487-0 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14669-9 SELF-HELP

Social: T: @CaroDeMaigret; T: @HowToBeParisian RA: For readers of French Women Don’t Get Fat RI: Author lives in Paris, France


RA: For readers of bestselling memoirs of psychological turbulence by Kay Redfield Jamison and Andrew Solomon, and for therapists and patients RI: Author lives in Seattle, WA

Sara Seager

THE SMALLEST LIGHTS IN THE UNIVERSE: A Memoir The MIT astrophysicist interweaves the story of her search for meaning after losing her first husband to cancer, her unflagging search for an Earth-like exoplanet, and her unexpected discovery of new love. 978-0-525-57625-9 | $27.00/$32.95C | 100,000 Crown | HC | January e 978-0-525-57627-3 | ] AD: 978-0-593-14804-4 SCIENCE / MEMOIR

Social: SaraSeager.com RA: For readers of Helen McDonald, Hope Jahren, and Paul Kalanithi RI: Author lives in Concord, MA

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COOKBOOKS America’s Test Kitchen

Editors of Martha Stewart Living



Your Ultimate Guide to Classic and Modern Pies, Tarts, Galettes, and More

100+ Recipes to Take Your Sweet Treats to the Next Level

The definitive guide to gorgeous pies and tarts. Get the dough rolling and perfect your pie-making skills to bake beautiful, foolproof versions of the corner bakery, modern pies, and tarts ofall kinds. 978-1-945256-91-2 l $35.00/$40.00C l 75,000 l America’s Test Kitchen l HC | September e 978-1-9452-5696-7 COOKING / PIES

Social: T: @TestKitchen RA: For fans of The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book: Uncommon Recipes from the Celebrated Brooklyn Pie Shop and Martha Stewart’s New Pies and Tarts RI: America’s Test Kitchen is located in Boston, MA

Bobby Flay, Stephanie Banyas, and Sally Jackson

Showstopper cookies for a new generation: from Martha Stewart, an authoritative and creative collection to take your cookies to the next level in flavor, technique, and decorative appeal. 978-1-5247-6339-8 | $26.00/$35.00C | 100,000 | Clarkson Potter | HC | October e 978-1-5247-6340-4 COOKING / BAKING

Social: T: @MarthaStewart; MarthaStewart.com RA: For home and holiday bakers RI: Author lives in New York and Connecticut

Tieghan Gerard



Fearless Flavors from My Kitchen

From the author of Half Baked Harvest comes her second cookbook with 125 show-stopping recipes made simple: fewer ingredients, fool-proof meal-prepping, easy entertaining, and everything in between.

978-0-385-34591-0 | $32.50/$42.50C | 100,000 Clarkson Potter | HC | September e 978-0-385-34592-7 COOKING / AMERICAN

Social: T: @BFlay RA: For home cooks looking for go-to, approachable classic recipes RI: Author lives in New York, NY

America’s Test Kitchen


978-0-525-57707-2 | $29.99/$39.99C | 80,000 | Clarkson Potter | HC | October e 978-0-525-57708-9 COOKING / METHODS

Social: T: @HBHarvest; Facebook.com/HBHarvest RA: For fans of cookbooks like Alison Roman’s Dining In and Jeanine Donofrio’s The Love and Lemons Cookbook RI: Author lives in Silverthorne, CO

Cynthia Lair

SOURDOUGH ON THE RISE: How to Confidently

Best-Ever Recipes from the Most Successful Cooking Show on TV

Make Whole Grain Sourdough Breads at Home

A gorgeous book featuring the very best recipes from the America’s Test Kitchen TV show in celebration of its 20th anniversary and its renowned celebrity cast. More than 500 recipes from the show’s 500-plus episodes are included here along with all the recipes from the 20th season. 978-1-945256-88-2 l $40.00/$50.00C l 80,000 l America’s Test Kitchen l HC l October e 978-1-94870-301-7 COOKING

Social: T: @TestKitchen RI: America’s Test Kitchen is located in Boston, MA

978-1-63217-213-6 l $19.95/$19.95C l 30,000 l Sasquatch Books l HC l October e 978-1-6321-7214-3 COOKING / BREAD / METHODS

Social: IG: @DottieSourdough RA: For fans of one course recipe books RI: Author lives in Seattle, WA

Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, Tanya Bastianich Manuali and Fortunato Nicotra

Daniel Leader and Lauren Chattman

FELIDIA: Recipes from My

LIVING BREAD: Tradition and

Flagship Restaurant

Innovation in Artisan Bread Making

Bestselling author and award winning television chef, Lidia Bastianich— together with her longtime Executive Chef Fortunato Nicotra—share 115 of the delicious recipes that have made Felidia a New York City dining destination for almost four decades. 978-1-5247-3308-7 | $30.00 | 50,000 | Knopf | HC | October COOKING / ITALIAN

Social: T: @LidiaBastianich; LidiasItaly.com RI: Author lives in Long Island, NY


Learn how to make delicious whole grain sourdough breads—from Danish rye seed bread and English muffins, to focaccia and flapjacks—with recipes designed to build confidence and skill in home cooks.

The major new cookbook by the pioneer from Bread Alone, who revolutionized American artisan bread baking, with 60 recipes inspired by bakers around the world. 978-0-7352-1383-8 | $40.00/$54.00C | 40,000 Avery | HC | October e 978-0-7352-1384-5 COOKING / BREAD / METHODS

Social: IG: @BreadAloneBakery; IG: @DanMakesBread RA: For readers of Flour Water Salt and Sister Pie RI: Author lives in Woodstock, NY


© Kristen Kilpatrick

Recipes for Instant, Overnight, Meal-Prepped, and Easy Comfort Foods

With 165+ recipes, Bobby Flay shares his bold, approachable style of cooking for family and friends, along with his no-nonsense, essential advice for home cooks.

COOKBOOKS Valya Dudycz Lupescu and Stephen H. Segal

Rocco DiSpirito


FORKING GOOD: An Unofficial

Cookbook for Fans of The Good Place

in 15 Days Eating the Foods You Love

A fun, lively, and fully illustrated cookbook of 30 original and practical recipes inspired by NBC’s hit sitcom The Good Place, filled with the absurd, pundriven food humor and accessible philosophy that makes the show so popular with fans. 978-1-68369-155-6 l $21.99/$28.99C l 50,000 l Quirk Books l HC l October e 978-1-68369-156-3 COOKING / MEDIA TIE-IN

Social: T: @StephenhSegal; @Valya; StephenhSegal.com; VDLupescu.com RA: For fans of The Good Place RI: Author lives in Chicago, IL

Rachael Ray


The New York Times bestselling author, restaurateur, and celebrity chef elevates the widely popular keto diet, showing readers how to lose up to fifteen pounds in fifteen days eating gourmet, keto versions of the comfort foods they love. 978-1-9848-2521-6 | $27.99/$36.99C | 100,000 | Rodale | HC | December e 978-1-9848-2522-3 COOKING / HEALTH & FITNESS

Social: IG: @RoccoDispirito; Facebook.com/RoccoDiSpirito RA: For readers interested in a ketogenic diet RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Michael Symon and Douglas Trattner

Memories and Meals from a Sweet and Savory Life: A Cookbook


More Than 125 Recipes to Address Autoimmune Issues and Inflammation

America’s favorite self-taught cook opens up about the most memorable moments of her life to date in this candid memoir-inspired cookbook featuring 125 all-new recipes.

From celebrity chef Michael Symon, the first-ever cookbook with 125 creative and health-supportive recipes that shows how you don’t need to sacrifice delicious food to eat healthfully and be pain-free.

978-1-9848-1799-0 | $32.00/$42.00C | 75,000 Ballantine Books | HC | October e 978-1-9848-1800-3 COOKING / MEMOIR

Social: T: @RachaelRay; RachaelRayShow.com RA: For fans of Ina Garten, Giada de Laurentiis, Alton Brown, and Bobby Flay RI: Author lives in New York, NY and Lake Luzerne, NY



978-1-9848-2553-7 | $30.00/$40.00C | 100,000 | Clarkson Potter | HC | December e 978-1-9848-2554-4 COOKING / HEALTH & HEALING

Social: IG: @ChefSymon; MichaelSymon.com RA: For people following an anti-inflammation diet RI: Author lives in New York, NY

All of the Flavor, None of the Fuss

Toni Tipton-Martin

In this fourth official cookbook, Tasty compiles 75 options that are designed to be quick, easy, and perfect for everyday meals.

JUBILEE: Recipes from Two Centuries of African-American Cooking

Adapted from historical texts and rare African-American cookbooks, the 125 recipes of Jubilee paint a rich, varied picture of the true history of AfricanAmerican cooking: a cuisine far beyond soul food.

978-0-525-57588-7 | $19.99/$25.99C | 150,000 Clarkson Potter | HC | November e 978-0-525-57589-4 COOKING / METHODS

Social: IG: @BuzzFeedTasty; Facebook.com/ BuzzFeedTasty RA: For fans of Tasty’s cookbooks and Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings


978-1-5247-6173-8 | $35.00/$47.00C | 25,000 Clarkson Potter | HC | January

e 978-1-5247-6174-5



Buzzfeed’s first official cookbook compiles 80-100 recipes that make everyday meals a nourishing, mindful experience.

Social: T: @TheJemimaCode; ToniTiptonMartin.com RA: For history and food history buffs RI: Author lives in Denver, CO

Sam Sifton


978-0-593-13549-5 | $29.99/$39.99C | 90,000 Rodale | HC | December e 978-0-593-13550-1 COOKING / DIET & NUTRITION

Social: Facebook.com/OfficialGoodful; Goodful.com RA: Fans of approachable wellness books like Thug Kitchen and Kristin Cavallari’s True Roots

From the New York Times food editor and former restaurant critic comes a cookbook to help us rediscover the art of Sunday supper and the joy of gathering with friends and family. 978-1-4000-6992-7 | $35.00/$47.00C | 35,000 Random House | HC | February e 978-0-679-60515-7 COOKING / ENTERTAINING

© Jeong Kang

A Cookbook for Family and Friends

Social: T: @SamSifton; IG: @SamSifton RA: For fans of Smitten Kitchen and Melissa Clarke RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY Visit us at our website: PenguinRandomHouseLibrary.com


Headed for the Holds List

David Lagercrantz THE GIRL WHO LIVED TWICE: A Lisbeth Salander novel, continuing Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series 978-0-451-49434-4 | $27.95 | 300,000 Knopf | HC | August 978-0-7352-3301-0 | $34.00C Viking Canada E 978-0-451-49435-1 ] AD: 978-1-5247-0904-4 ] CD: 978-1-5247-0901-3 Danielle Steel THE DARK SIDE: A Novel 978-0-399-17941-9 | $28.99/$39.99C 400,000 | Delacorte Press | HC | August E 978-0-399-17942-6 LP: 978-0-593-16816-5 Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul THE TITANIC SECRET 978-0-7352-1726-3 | $29.00/$39.00C 300,000 | Putnam | HC | September E 978-0-7352-1727-0 ] AD: 978-0-525-52525-7 ] CD: 978-0-525-52522-6 LP: 978-1-9848-8282-0 Joshua Hood ROBERT LUDLUM’S THE TREADSTONE RESURRECTION 978-0-525-54255-1 | $27.00/$36.00C 150,000 | Putnam | HC | September E 978-0-525-54256-8 ] AD: 978-0-593-15041-2 ] CD: 978-0-593-15038-2 Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall A CHRISTMAS HAVEN: An Amish Christmas Romance 978-0-525-65329-5 | $14.99/$19.99C 20,000 | WaterBrook | HC | September E 978-0-525-65330-1

Lee Child BLUE MOON: A Jack Reacher Novel 978-0-399-59354-3 | $28.99/$38.99C 1,000,000 | Delacorte Press | HC | October E 978-0-399-59355-0 ] AD: 978-1-5247-7438-7 ] CD: 978-1-5247-7435-6 LP: 978-0-593-16815-8

Alexander McCall Smith TO THE LAND OF LONG LOST FRIENDS: NO. 1 LADIES’ DETECTIVE AGENCY (20) 978-1-5247-4782-4 | $25.95 | 100,000 Pantheon | HC | October 978-0-7352-7637-6 | $32.00C | Knopf Canada E 978-1-5247-4783-1

John Grisham UNTITLED #26 978-0-385-54418-4 | $29.95/$39.00C 1,500,000 | Doubleday | HC | October E 978-0-385-54419-1 ] AD: 978-0-525-63935-0 ] CD: 978-0-525-63932-9 LP: 978-0-525-63938-1

John Sanford BLOODY GENIUS 978-0-525-53661-1 | $29.00/$39.00C 500,000 | Putnam | HC | October E 978-0-525-53662-8 ] AD: 978-0-593-10717-1 ] CD: 978-0-593-10714-0 LP: 978-1-9848-8285-1

Sophie Kinsella CHRISTMAS SHOPAHOLIC: A Novel 978-0-593-13282-1 | $27.00/$36.00C 100,000 | The Dial Press | HC | October E 978-0-593-13284-5

Danielle Steel CHILD’S PLAY: A Novel 978-0-399-17950-1 | $28.99/$39.99C 400,000 | Delacorte Press | HC | October E 978-0-399-17951-8 LP: 978-0-593-16823-3

John le Carré AGENT RUNNING IN THE FIELD 978-1-9848-7887-8 | $29.00 | 200,000 Viking | HC | October E 978-1-9848-7888-5 ] AD: 978-0-593-15193-8 ] CD: 978-0-593-15190-7 LP: 978-0-593-15218-8

Ace Atkins ROBERT B. PARKER’S ANGEL EYES 978-0-525-53682-6 | $27.00/$36.00C 100,000 | Putnam | HC | November E 978-0-525-53684-0 ] AD: 978-0-525-63708-0 ] CD: 978-0-525-63705-9

Debbie Macomber A MRS. MIRACLE CHRISTMAS: A Novel 978-0-399-18139-9 | $20.00/$27.00C 300,000 | Ballantine Books | HC | October E 978-0-399-18140-5 ] AD: 978-0-525-49160-6 ] CD: 978-0-525-49157-6 LP: 978-0-593-16822-6

Marc Cameron TOM CLANCY CODE OF HONOR 978-0-525-54172-1 | $29.95/$39.95C 600,000 | Putnam | HC | November E 978-0-525-54174-5 ] AD: 978-0-593-10681-5 ] CD: 978-0-593-10678-5 LP: 978-0-593-15241-6

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Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison UNTITLED OREGON FILES #14 978-0-525-54181-3 | $29.00/$39.00C 300,000 | Putnam | HC | November E 978-0-525-54182-0 ] AD: 978-0-593-10689-1 ] CD: 978-0-593-10686-0 LP: 978-0-593-15236-2 Janet Evanovich TWISTED TWENTY-SIX 978-0-399-18019-4 | $28.00/$37.00C 1,000,000 | Putnam | HC | November E 978-0-399-18020-0 ] AD: 978-0-525-50146-6 ] CD: 978-0-525-50143-5 LP: 978-0-593-15221-8 Danielle Steel SPY: A Novel 978-0-399-17944-0 | $28.99/$39.99C 400,000 | Delacorte Press | HC | November E 978-0-399-17945-7 LP: 978-0-593-16818-9 Joseph Finder HOUSE ON FIRE 978-1-101-98584-7 | $28.00/$37.00C 75,000 | Dutton | HC | January E 978-1-101-98585-4 ] AD: 978-1-5247-2374-3 ] CD: 978-1-5247-2371-2 LP: 978-0-593-15219-5 Nick Petrie THE WILD ONE 978-0-525-53544-7 | $26.00/$35.00C 75,000 | Putnam | HC | January E 978-0-525-53545-4 ] AD: 978-0-593-10705-8 Danielle Steel MORAL COMPASS: A Novel 978-0-399-17953-2 | $28.99/$39.99C 400,000 | Delacorte Press | HC | January E 978-0-399-17954-9 LP: 978-0-593-16817-2