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Virtual Author Events Happening This Week

Dr. Kari Nadeau FARE, a Nonprofit Organization Facebook Live, 5/15 at 3pm ET

Susan Messner In Conversation with Lewes Public Library Zoom, 5/16 at 5pm ET

Maria Reva Next Chapter Booksellers Zoom, 5/15 at 7pm ET

Sarah Urist Green Politics & Prose Live Crowdcast, 5/15 at 7pm ET

Kimmery Martin In Conversation with Liz &Lisa Zoom, 5/18 at 7pm ET

Emma Straub In Conversation with Judy Blume Crowdcast, 5/18 at 8pm ET

Discover Even More PRH Virtual Author Events at

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HC, eBook

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TR, eBook

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From Page to Screen e

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HC, TR, eBook, AD, LP HC, eBook, AD, CD, LP

HC, TR, eBook, AD, CD, LP

Sensational Summer Reads e

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HC, eBook, AD

HC, eBook

HC, eBook

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Celebrity Book Clubs

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HC, eBook, AD, LP

HC, eBook, AD, LP

Book Club Picks e

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