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“When your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme.” -Jiminy Cricket P GS Ne wsl e t t er @prettygirlssew CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jenell Gilyard The Brwn Fox PHOTOGRAPHERS Tabitha Sewer Cheap but Chic DIY Blog COPY EDITOR

TUTORIAL Honey Bees + Backless Tees by Nell


Words to Sew by with Tess Porter


Miesha Mosby Semi-Southern FASHION TREND EXPERT Marsha Badger

Inspiration with Adrienne


TUTORIAL TrueBlu Bib with Tabitha



Laura Lane’s Red Satchel DIY


Marshbar’s Closet BUSINESS & AD MANAGEMENT Tess Porter Im Just Tess FEATURE BLOGGER Erica Bunker WRITERS Yetunde Sarumi Sew Urbane -Tess Porter Im Just Tess

Tailor made with Erica Bunker


A word from the Editor.

Hi Everyone! We are super excited to share with you our very first newsletter; where you’ll find amazing DIYs, Tips & Tricks, Fashion Forecasts, and Haute interviews with one of our favorite bloggers. Our goal for this newsletter is to promote creativity and encourage our readers to explore their passion. We hope this newsletter inspires and motivates you to try something new, and also create something that’s outside your comfort zone. We are honored to share this newsletter and the work of our wonderful contributors. Please check out our sponsors’ websites to see the amazing things they have to offer. We really appreciate your support, and are very happy to have you as a reader of the Pretty Girls Sew newsletter. Yours in Style, - Yetunde


honey bees +

backless tees Supplies: 1 yard of Jewelry Chain of your choice 1 Honey Bee Charm, or charm of your choice for the front of the necklace 1 coordinating jump ring for that charm Lobster Clasp 2 jump rings Another charm or bundle of feathers for the back charm Creativity + Confidence (You will also need jewelry making tools such as pliers and cutters)

accentuate Tis the season for flowers, honey bees + backless tees! And right on time comes this simple and easy statement piece, created with some fun trinkets from Ornamentea (located in Raleigh), but you can always order online.

Directions: Grab your yard of chain and measure it around your neck, depending on how low you would like it to hang. Hold where you measured, grab your cutters and split the chain. Using your pliers, open a jump ring and slide your honey bee or charm of your choice on the jump ring and close. Insert the chain into the jump ring. Next, grab one jump ring (open with your pliers) and slide it onto one end of the chain + close. (This will be what your lobster clasp grabs onto) Next, open another ring and slide, not only your lobster clasp, but the remaining, left-over chain, which will hand down your back, onto the open jump ring, close jump ring with your pliers. Finally, grabbing your bunch of feathers or final charm, open one more jump ring and slide the feathers/charm onto it, and then slide the jump ring through the end of the back chain, and close snugly with your pliers! POW! You have a simple and unique summer time piece for any ensemble!


BUT if you are applying this to your life because you genuinely want to live by this principle you will be truly blessed. There will always be someone, somewhere who will treat you the same way and do it with a pure heart. Here are four ways to keep push through feeling like you aren’t being treated the same: 1. Pray- I truly pray about everything. I believe that prayer can do things that no one else can.

HOW TO KEEP PUSHING WHEN OTHERS DON’T TREAT YOU LIKE YOU TREAT THEM. Sometimes as women, we love for others to treat us the way that we treat them. What I’ve learned is that this doesn’t always happen. It’s VERY rare that you will have someone that will celebrate with you, encourage you, lift you up and support you the SAME way that you do those things for them. Matthew 7:12 (NET) says In everything, treat others as you would want them to treat you... I always try to apply this to my life. Sometimes I succeed in that and other times I fail miserably. I think that is a part of life. The key to being successful with this practice is to do it from your heart. If the ONLY reason you are treating people like you want to be treated is so you will be treated the same way you will be disappointed.

2. Learn to celebrate yourself: This was a hard one for me. I always celebrated others. I mean I truly felt like (and still feel like) I’m a part of what they are doing. I get excited like it’s ME lol. I felt like when it was my turn I wanted to be celebrated the same way. Everyone doesn’t do things the way I do. I learned to pat MYSELF on the back. Do something special for MYSELF. Probably one of the best things I’ve learned to do. 3. Don’t focus on it. This may be easier said than done but learn not to focus on it. Do something else. Quit expecting that phone call or text message. You will be disappointed and hurt. It’s not worth it. Focus on the fact that YOU just did something awesome and that’s it. Use that to carry you to the next great accomplishment. 4. Read the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book literally changed my life and the way I view things.


Pattern Description: Misses’/Misses’ Petite dress and jumpsuit - Dress or jumpsuit has close-fitting, lined bodice with princess seams, side pockets, stitched hem and back zipper. B: wide-legged, pleated pants. Pattern Sizing: 6-22 Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes. Were the instructions easy to follow? The instructions are very easy to follow. What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I loved the simple style of this jumper.

jump into


Fabric Used: Linen blend. Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I did a blind hand stitch to attach the bodice lining to the armholes. The pattern calls for attaching the lining to the armholes with the machine. I also used an invisible zipper. Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I wouldn’t make another jumper but the pattern is so simple I will make the dress. Conclusion: This pattern is an easy sew and it can easily be dressed up or down depending on the type of fabric used.

vogue 9037 pattern review by Miesha 9

yetunde sarumi Instag ram: @ YetundeSar umi


tailor made

Erica B.

Erica Bunker, Seamstress, Mother + Super Woman Tell me a little bit about yourself? I am a Southern girl, born and bread. I am a native of Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve been married to my husband Michael for 23 years. We have three awesome kids and the cutest three year old granddaughter ever! We’re currently looking forward to becoming empty nesters! How did you first get involved with fashion/sewing blogging? This year will be my 10th year as a blogger. Originally, I began as a crochet blogger. As I searched for crochet patterns and different types of information, I discovered blogging. I then progressed to knitting and then sewing. Sewing seemed to be a natural evolution and it just worked! It’s been the only thing to stick! What has been your strategy for bringing visibility to yourself and your blog? When I first started blogging, the sewing blogosphere was still pretty small. It was nothing like it is today. We were a very close knit group. We congregated in forums and commented on one another’s blogs. Most of us maintained blogrolls in our sidebars and you could just click and become introduced to a new, fabulous seamstress. My blogroll became so lengthy, I decided to just remove it

from view. These days, social media plays a massive role in creating visibility. When I post to my blog, I make sure to do a complete social media blast as well.


How would you describe your blogging style? A lot of the time, I would describe it as inconsistent! Life tends to get in the way as with most people. In the past, I would only blog when I actually made something new. Or I would occasionally do “What I’m Wearing” posts. I like to show how well-made clothing has longevity and can continuously work and be remixed into your wardrobe.

What do you find most difficult about fashion/sewing blogging?

Content and maintaining uniqueness. Ideally, I’d love to blog daily. With my life that’s probably not going to happen. Realistically, I’m going to try and provide blog content a couple times a week. Like I previously mentioned, I’m going to branch out and blog about other things. Primarily more fashion related content. I’m actually a fashion girl that uses sewing as an outlet to enhance my personal style. You have to keep finding How do you come up with contents for your blog? ways to set yourself apart from other sewing bloggers in order to not be a copycat blog. I’m not into creating How do you come up with contents for your blog? tutorials, which seem to be the popular thing now. It’s I like to attend local blogger functions with my favorite being done to death! I’ve always been a fashion sewing bloggerI groups. Someon of one the best advice I’ve received is toabout it. usually focus aspect of my outfit and talk It may be a new jacket I got that I had been blogger. My thing has always been to take inspiration “blog, blog, blog!” I used to want to box myself in as simply stalking, or the perfect jeans that I had been looking for that I finally or to even a dress that’sI see easy from readyfound, to wear emulate styles into magazines; a nichestyle blogger. I wanted to keep the blog solely about and style over again. It’s almost always a short storyas about what I’m end wearing. well as high boutiques and the runway. I like to sewing and fashion. But there is so much more to me and I replicate similar looks in my sewing studio. I’d like to plan to come out of my blogging shell with different types prove that stay-at-home-mothers/wives (and women of posts on things that also interest me.about I’m inspired a What do you find most difficult fashionbyblogging? over 40) don’t have to compromise our fashion sense lot of things. just because we don’t work outside of the home. Every Lately it has been finding the time. My business has really taken off and that’s where most of my time now and then, you have to keep tweaking the essence goes. Finding a balance can be a challenge sometimes depending on the workload. of your blogger mission to make sure that you keep standing out.

Are you a full time blogger? If not, what else do you do when you are not blogging? I wouldn’t say I’m a full-time blogger. I still consider myself a hobby blogger, even though I’ve been doing it forever. As of the last year, I’ve become a fitness junkie. I clock a lot of gym hours and I’m also branching out into a custom sewing business. I have a few clients right now that I’m working with that are keeping me busy. How do you balance life, sewing, and blogging? Sewing is a priority in my life, just like cooking, having to clean my house and having to do laundry. So I always find time to work it in. That is understood in my household. I do something sewing-related everyday. Blogging is always being worked in. I like to have someone, primarily my husband, take my pictures. So things like that have to be scheduled. It’s going to be an ongoing challenge for a while. Tell us about some of the people you’ve met as a fashion/sewing blogger? I’ve met some of my closest friends through blogging. It’s amazing how you can meet people online and have a connection that carries over into real life. I’ve also made some awesome professional connections. There are people right in my own backyard that I don’t know I would’ve actually had the opportunity to meet had we not found one another through blogging. Name some of the bloggers whom you admire and why? I’ve been blogging for a long time so there are way too many to name. I’ve met so many different bloggers that are into sewing, fashion, lifestyle, etc..and I’ve learned so from them. I’ve seen bloggers transform their lives and livelihoods through blogging. Any advice or suggestions you’d like to give someone that’s new to blogging? This is a great question! There are so many new bloggers now, everyone is blogging. The general consensus of most new bloggers is being able to amass a large following in a short period of time. They start blogging and automatically want a hundred comments on the first post. My advice is to blog, blog, blog! Write well written posts and take quality pictures. Read the blogs of people with similar interests and leave comments. Follow the same other bloggers on social media such as Instagram. Post often, follow others and show love with likes and comments. V i s i t E r i c a B u n ke r a t E r i c a B u n ke r. c o m


How long have you been sewing? I’ve been sewing since eighth grade home economics class. Then off and on throughout adulthood until I became a blogger and it completely took over my life! What's next for you, when it comes to sewing/blogging? Later this year, I plan to launch a website dedicated to my sewing business and all of the social media outlets to go along with it. That should be fun! What/Who is you biggest inspiration? I don’t have a single person. But I’m always inspired by women that go after their dreams. What do you enjoy most about sewing and blogging? I love seeing an original idea meet fabric and pattern and birth a garment. There is something so magical about seeing it happen. Sometimes blogging is simply just a journal of what I’ve made. I love looking back over the years and seeing how I’ve grown as a person; how my style has changed as I age and most of all, how I’ve evolved as a seamstress. What's the best advise you've ever received? Keep pushing forward and to not give up! What have been your key to success? Longevity. Mastering my craft. And sometimes, simply being in the right place at the right time. www.tjsewer. com Visit today! 17

happy birthday tess + nell love, ye, miesha & tq

words to sew by Be an Encourager

A few days ago I attended the Thrive Bloggers conference here in Houston, and I left feeling refreshed and empowered to take blogging to the next level! *Holds pose while cape flaps in the wind* Seriously, I met so many genuine and encouraging bloggers, it was like when you ride by the Krispy Kreme shop and the “Hot” sign is lit up! (I relate to food, don’t judge me... Lol) Throughout the day there were multiple speakers and they all had a few common threads: -Empowering others with information, so that we too can flourish and gain the ability or should I say the tools to successfully achieve our full potential. -Be Authentic, because people can sense when things just aren’t natural. It doesn’t come of well, just awkward. -Don’t compete with others, it’s not a competition. The above points are the best advice someone can ever give another person in general. I know, you’ve probably heard/read it before, well read it again. Because as crafters, seamstress’ and frugal mama’s we have to build a community where we are all encouraging one another to push harder and higher than we ourselves believe we can. That’s one of the reasons why Pretty Girls Sew was created, to encourage women who have a love for sewing and DIY projects. To provide a platform for women to unite, swap tips, make sew buddies and show off fashionable garments that tells a story. I personally am always blown away by the craftsmanship of the submissions we receive, literally in awe. You guys are so amazing! Don’t be afraid to tell someone else how fabulous they are. You never know how much they might need to hear a good word from someone. You just might be the spark they need to take that next leap. Be an Encourager, most of all encourage yourself. Lovebeams & Jellybeans, TP Sidebar: Shout out to the best cheerleader I know, my Aries twin Nell. It doesn’t matter what you bring to her, she always has an encouraging word, even if it’s telling you that it’s a hot mess lol But, she’ll help you fix it!


Supplies: Foam Visor Felt Tulle Satin Fabric Ribbon Hot Glue Gun Scissors Sewing Machine



Be a trendsetter this Summer! Whether you are wearing a simple tank and shorts or a super maxi, this tutorial is for you! Try different fabric combinations for a really unique look. -Tabitha Step 1: Trace the shape of the visor onto the felt. Cut shape out. Step 2: Cut out two 20 in. pieces of your satin ribbon. Stitch one end of each ribbon to the corners of your felt. Optional- Use a liquid fray prevention to stop the ends of the ribbon from fraying. You can find it at JoAnns. Step 3: Cut out several circles from your tulle and satin fabric. Remember, the circles do not have to be perfect. Step 4: Take one circle, whether satin or tulle and fold on half. Step 5: Then, fold in half again. Place hot glue onto tip of your folded fabric and place onto the felt. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with both satin and tulle circles. Be sure to spread out both fabrics evenly for a more full and floral-like texture. Also, work fast. Each piece of fabric needs another to stand up on it’s point.


Hi, my name’s Laura Jane! I’m a budding fashion designer and DIY Fanatic. I love all things crafty and colorful. I believe I was created by an awesome God hence my slogan - psalms 139:14 fearfully & wonderfully made this alone is what I base my creative journey on. This tutorial is back to basics, simple yet modern and easy to adapt. Hope you love it as much as I do!


this bag can work for men, women and kids! Your choice of fabric can make this a versatile piece for anyone going to school, work or a play date! Download the tutorial today by clicking the Laura Jane LOGO..



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