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Exquisite penthouse suite, two massive en-suite king bedrooms, kitchen living and dining with a wine chiller. Two powder rooms, laundry, large walk-in pantry and storage rooms. Sweeping panoramic ocean, city and mountain views from balcony.


Luxurious three and four bedroom villas, each with plunge pool. Outdoor living at its best. French doors to spacious veranda, pool and courtyard sundeck with ocean and golf course views for hours of partying and fun or just serene sunset relaxation. Cordon Bleu kitchen, laundry, flat screen TVs, all set on a 750 acre beachfront and Golfing Resort with tennis courts, restaurants, jogging tracks, bird watching trails, spa and 18 hole golf course. Beaches, shopping, nightlife, sailing, water-sports, fishing and rain forest tours all nearby.


A private compound of four newly luxuriously finished and opulently furnished townhouses with swimming pool and pool deck. Gated compound next to Movietowne, Gulf City Mall Lowlands. Ideal for companies, embassies, governmental, international organisations, professionals, businessmen working or doing business in Tobago.


fi: Dominion Day Resorts Limited :


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Joanna Aldred was born in Trinidad in 1957 to parents John and Helen Humphrey. Her father being an architect and her mother a designer, she grew up with strong artistic influences. She has been painting for as long as she can remember and has worked in a range of media including watercolour, ceramics, mosaics and oils. She is well known for her renderings of lush rainforests, dramatic coastlines, colonial buildings, and the rich culture of her beloved home, which continues to be an inspiration. In 2004, Joanna migrated to the United Kingdom. The changing seasons, and the breath-taking contrast between city and countryside have been a major influence on her style. However, she is now even more inspired by Trinidad and Tobago and embedded in her memory are the vibrant Caribbean tones and light. Although she has trained at art schools including Laguna Beach, Joanna considers herself mostly self-taught; her technique has evolved over the years with her style becoming more impressionistic. She has had several solo exhibitions as well as private commissions. Collectors have acquired her paintings and installations, one of which hangs in the Vatican. Joanna’s 2018 exhibition titled “Nostalgia” is an accumulation of her passion for her work and a manifestation of her undying love for T&T. She lives in Oxford with her six children and husband David, a drama teacher.

Born in Venezuela Gaby Beston Edwards’ family migrated to Trinidad soon after her birth. She attended Holy Name Convent Secondary School before enrolling in the Maple Leaf International School. At 16 she continued her tertiary education in England at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth, then went on to St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, to pursue a BA, completing the final two years in New Orleans, graduating with a Major in Psychology and a minor in Visual Arts. On returning to Trinidad, she focussed on her art and also began teaching yoga. She is currently one of the owners of a prominent yoga studio on the island, Akasha Studio Trinidad. Her painting process begins with photographing the subject, before sketching the composition on canvas in colored pencils. She then uses oils and/or chalk pastels. Her work has been featured in Caribbean publications, and she’s taken part in several solo and group exhibitions including, Women in Art, at the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago in 2011. Her works are also part of select private and corporate collections.

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60 Sensational Sights 70 Life's a Beach 74 Waterfalls

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122 Festivals 124 Heritage Festival 126 Tobago Festivals

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In just one country, you can experience the wealth of multiple nations, descendants of Africans, Chinese, Indians, Europeans and Middle Easterners living together.


Trinidad and Tobago By Anna Walcott-Hardy

There’s a fish called the Cascadou, and the legend goes that once you eat this fish, your heart and soul belongs to Trinidad and Tobago. Well, many have returned again and again, because one visit to these islands will make you feel more alive than ever. Fancy Sailor - Bernice Nero Photo: Maria Nunes

The country’s been likened to a new world Athens by poets and has become a choice destination for artists from Nina Simone to Paul Simon. The Republic is the birthplace of world renowned intellectuals including, activist and novelist CLR James, Nobel Prize winning author Sir Vidia Naipaul, Tony-award winning singer/actor Heather Headley, Grammy award-winning singer Nicki Minaj, X-Factor finalist Olatunji Yearwood and renowned actor, Winston Duke. In just one country, you can experience the wealth of multiple nations, descendants of Africans, Chinese, Indians, Europeans and Middle Easterners living together. It’s of little consequence that in a neighbourhood you may find a Mosque located almost next to a Roman Catholic Church or Hindu Temple, and the annual festivals are communal events celebrated in fields, streets, schools and workplaces. Although in the fight for independence and parity, there have been historic clashes among ethnic, socio-political and civil groups over the years;

ultimately, this is a place where divide and conquer has been abandoned for unite and prosper. Because of its geographic location, amenable climate and rich resources of oil and gas, T&T has become a destination sought after by many. The islands have an intriguing history, whether as a safe-haven for refugees fleeing Nazi Germany or war-torn Syria, or a space sought after as a place of inspiration for artists; a colony exploited by empires, a plantation-economy for enslaved and indentured labourers that transformed into an independent nation of opportunity for future generations. And what happens when this crucible of cultures merge, well then there’s a fusion that’s almost atomic, nothing is untouched - the food, music, art, film, literature and architecture. There’s a lot to see and do, but if you really want to understand the country you need to “lime” with the people. Basically this means hang-out, whether at the beach, fête, festival or at a bar. Enjoy a beer, listen to some music and just go with the flow.


Here’s a Top Ten T&T Bucket List

1 Visit a Pan Yard

Photo: Christopher Anderson

No recording can match the pure adrenalin of hearing the instrument that was designed and perfected in Trinidad, the steel pan. The pan yard is the place where magic happens as the composers work alongside musicians to perfect the music for the annual Panorama competition. For months the cello, bass and guitar players practise for hours in the evening, sometimes until 1 or 2 am, for the chance to compete for the coveted title.

2 Play Mas’ You can be a sinner or saint, a Queen, Raja or Devil, the choice is yours. Start with J'Ouvert where you’re covered in mud, paint or chocolate and dance ‘behind the truck’ until sunrise on Carnival Monday. Then, go home and get ready to play ‘pretty mas’ with one of the all- inclusive bands where drinks, lunch and DJ music are waiting. Dance until your feet hurt, don’t worry you’ve got an ocean to soak them in on Ash Wednesday.

Photo: RAPSO Imaging

3 Take a Beach Break & Cool Off at the Falls

Photo: Stephen Broadbridge

Visit one of the more than 30 pristine beaches in Trinidad and Tobago where you can soak in the sea, or for the more adventurous enjoy surfing, snorkeling, kitesurfing or sailing. If you don’t mind a hike, the journey to one of the cascades in this land of rivers, from Blue Basin to Argyle, the steps of Turure to the emerald green waters of Three Pools, is well-worth the trip. There are many guided tours available.

4 Get Creative: Visit an Art Gallery

On Location Art Galleries


Trinidad and Tobago has a prolific history of art, many internationally recognised painters and sculptors call these islands home. Visit one of the museums, art galleries or studios and get a chance to see iconic works by: Sybil Atteck, James Isaiah Boodhoo, Eddie Bowen, Michel-Jean Cazabon, Carlisle Chang, Peter Doig, Embah, Jackie Hinkson, Boscoe Holder, Peter Minshall, Lisa O'Connor, Sarah Beckett and Roberta Stoddart, to name just a few. Select galleries also offer art classes and engaging talks.

Photo: Stephen Broadbridge

Photo: Andrea de Silva

5 Go Scuba Diving in Tobago

8 Sail DDI

Tobago is an incredible destination, with over 60 established dive sites throughout the island. The emerald waters cater for those with little or lots of experience, with shallow dives for beginners to the more technical drift, wreck and deep diving for veterans.

Going "Down De Islands" or DDI is a weekend ritual for many Trinidadians. The islands off of the North Coast of Trinidad are incredibly beautiful and you can charter a yacht or enjoy the party on a boat cruise. A short boat ride and you can travel back into the nineteenth century on Nelson Island, an historic disembarkation point and quarantine station for indentured labourers that now houses a museum. A few miles away you can tour the Gasparee limestone caves, located 100 feet below ground, complete with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the salt waters of a crystal-clear pool. If you want a longer stay then rent one of the elegant island homes on Monos and spend a few days of quiet island bliss.

6 Eat Your Heart-Out In T&T we cook from the heart and with more than a touch of flavour. Whether it’s a delicious Chicken Pelau at Panorama, a Shark and Bake at Maracas Beach or a Curry-Duck River-Lime, the meal is always unforgettable. There’s a wide range of dining restaurants in Port of Spain and Scarborough, as well as Street Vendors in St James or at the Beach in Crown Point, and the offerings are incredibly varied and delectable : try Doubles, Roti, Lamb Gyros, Empanadas, Arepas, Curried Crab and Dumplin’, Shark and Bake, Pholourie, Corn Soup and Callaloo. After the meal enjoy our local chocolates: dark or milk, or flavoured with cashew, coffee, rum, chocolate nibs, caramel, mango or peppers – the combinations are endless.

7 Go Turtle Watching We’re fortunate that Trinidad is the second largest Leatherback sea turtle nesting site in the world. Sometimes called the lute turtle, this is a protected species with a peak nesting season that runs from March 1st to August 31st, when these monumental turtles visit the very beaches where they were born to lay hundreds of eggs. Two months later tiny hatchlings emerge from the loamy sand and make their way to the sea. It’s an incredible sight recommended for the entire family.

9 Seek out the Scarlet Ibis The Caroni Swamp and Bird Sanctuary is home to the migratory Scarlet Ibis that return to roost on an island in the swamp every day, just before sunset. The 12,000 acre mangrove wetland is just a 15 minute-drive from Port of Spain and well-worth the trip. Learn more about the over 100 species of birds, as well as crabs, caiman and swamp boas from guides during the motorised boat tour.

10 Soak in the Nylon Pool It’s like a dream, a never-ending aquamarine pool without borders in the middle of the sea. Tobago’s Nylon Pool is an offshore sandbar located just off of Pigeon Point and close to the Buccoo Reef that was aptly named by Princess Margaret during a royal visit in 1962.


David Rudder under the trees at the Normandie Hotel Photo: Maria Nunes

A Year in Our Life January Public Holiday 1

New Year's Day

Carnival Fête Start D Carnival, TUCO Annual Cooler Fête, Courtyard, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 4:00 p.m. until, 6 Courtyard Cooler Fête, Zéle Events, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 20 Soka In Moka XX Allinclusive Fête, Trinity Courts, Moka, Maraval, 755-1637info@, 1

Theatre 19-20 Isabella, Gospel Play by Champion Dynamics International Ministries, Queen’s Hall, POS, 6241284,

February Business 4-6

T&T Energy Conference & Tradeshow, Hyatt Regency, POS, 6-ENERGY x 21/29, ttenergyconference. org

Carnival Fête Bishop Anstey AllInclusive Fête, Old Hilarians Committee, POS 4:00 p.m. bishopsfête@, 683-3333 2 Finesse Ultra-Premium All-Inclusive Fête, La Vega Estate, Gran Couva, 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 681-7873, 3 U.W.I. Fête, Principal’s Grounds, U.W.I St Augustine Grounds, 12 noon to 8:00 p.m., uwifê, 653-8923 9 Fête with the Saints, All Inclusive Fête, St Mary’s College (CIC) Grounds, St Clair, 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. 624-8468, 10 PREStige – The Festival, Presentation College Grounds, San Fernando, 12:00 a.m., info@presmen. org 15-17 Tobago Loves Soca Weekend, Canoe Bay Beach Resort, Lowlands, Tobago, 774-5555 16 Fête Royal, QRC’s AllInclusive, Queen’s Royal College, St Clair, 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., 622-1671, fêteroyaltickets@gmail. com, 2

10 CALENDAR 2019

Army Fête, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. 22 Cooler Park Carnival, Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., 681-7873, 24 Oneness, The Party, St Ann’s R.C. Church, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, queenshalltt. com 24 Addiction SW Limited All Inclusive Breakfast Party, 1A Darceuil Lane, Mausica Street, Arima, 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., 735-0901, nswlimited@gmail. com 27 Hyatt Lime 2019, All inclusive, Hyatt Regency Trinidad, POS, 821-6443-6, 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. 28 A.M. BEACH, Breakfast Party, 235-ARMY, 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., marketing@, facebook. com/caesarsarmy 22

Carnival Show 2 4

Chutney Soca Monarch, Semi-Final, 8:00 p.m., 653-8923, National Calypso Queen Competition, National Women’s Action Committee, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284,

Vintage Fuh So!, Holy Name Convent Past Pupils Association, Queen’s Hall, POS, 623-8168, hncpastpupils@gmail. com 14-17 Calypso Spektakula thru the Years, 6288700, spelpromotions@, facebook. com/spekevents 15-17 Tobago Loves Soca Weekend, Canoe Bay Beach Resort, Lowlands, Tobago, 774-5555 16 Chutney Soca Monarch Final, 8:00 p.m., 653-8923, 17 Bacchanal Road 2019, Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Gasparillo, 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., 235-ARMY, marketing@caesararmy. com, caesarsarmy 17 National Panorama Semi-Finals, Medium & Large Bands, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 1:00 p.m. pantrinbago. 18 National Extempo Preliminary, 623-9660, 8

CALENDAR 2019 11

Traditional Carnival Characters Parade, Memorial Park, Victoria Square & Woodford Square, POS, 12 noon, 2 National Panarama, Medium & Large Bands Final, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 7:00 p.m. 2 Republic Bank Junior Parade of the Bands, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 7:00 a.m., 3 Dimanche Gras - Calypso Monarch, TUCO National Calypso Monarch Final, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 7:00 p.m., 627-7876, 4 J'Ouvert Celebrations, 4:00 a.m. South Quay, POS, Chaguanas, Arima, San Fernando, Trinidad. Scarborough, Tobago Sport 4 Carnival Monday 16-17 Wahoo Blowout (Observance), Parade of Tournament the Bands, Nationwide, 11:00 a.m.,, 4 Etienne & Friends Public Holiday Carnival Monday Brass 30 Spiritual Baptist Mass, https://www. Liberation Day /tour-dates Carnival Fête 5 Carnival Tuesday 2 Bishop Anstey All(Observance), Parade of Inclusive Fête, Old Hilarians the Bands, Nationwide, Committee, POS 4:00 p.m. 7:00 a.m.,, bishopsfê, 683-3333 5 Pan on the Road, Mas 2 A.M. BUSH, 235-ARMY, & Las Lap, All Regions, marketing@caesararmy. 627-7876,, com, caesarsarmy 8-10 Alternative International 3 Pumped Carnival, Comedy Festival, Randy 681-7873, Glasgow Productions, various locations, 3 Bacchanal Blocko, 628-9158, 235-ARMY, www.randyglasgow 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., marketing@caesararmy. 9 Champs of Steel Plus, com, Queen’s Park Savannah, caesarsarmy POS, 8:00 p.m., 627-7876, Carnival Show, 1 Re-enactment of the ‘Canboulay Riots’, Cultural Show Duke Street, 4:00 a.m. 23 Chutney Brass, Randy 1 The International Soca Glasgow Productions, Monarch, ‘Fantastic various locations, Friday’, Hasley Crawford 628-9158, www. Stadium, Woodbrook, randyglasgow 9:00 p.m. till, 298-2003, 286-0192, 1

The Fancy Sailor Plays Pegasus, designed by Peter Minshall and portrayed by Earl Thompson from the band “The Eyes of God” presented by Exodus Photo: Maria Nunes



22 23

23 24 24



Kaiso Fuh So, Trinidad All Stars Pan Yard, Duke Street, POS, 627-2127,, Senior Kings & Queens Preliminaries, Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 7:00 p.m., 628-3143, National Stick fighting Preliminaries Calypso Fiesta, TUCO National Calypso Monarch Semi-Final, Skinner Park, San Fernando, 12 noon, 627-7876, Red Cross Kiddies Carnival, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 2:00 p.m. 628-3143, Arima Panorama, Princess Royal Basketball Court, Arima, 7:00 p.m. 623-4486, Junior Kings & Queens of the Bands Preliminaries, 628-3143, National Junior Panorama Finals, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 9:00 a.m., 623-4486, National Junior Calypso Monarch Final, Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 10:00 a.m., 627-7876,

Machel Monday, Hasely Crawford Stadium, POS, 6:00 p.m. till www.machelmontano. com 26 Rapso Explosion, TUCO 21st Edition, NALIS Amphitheatre, POS, 5:30 p.m., 627-7876, 26 Tuesday on the Rocks 6, Kes in Concert, O2 Park, Chaguaramas, 622-5616, 6:00 p.m. till 27 National Stickfighting Finals, 27 Traditional Individual, Mas, Adam Smith Square, POS, 7:00 p.m. 628-3143, 28 National Panorama Finals, Small conventional Bands, Skinner Park, San Fernando, 7:00 p.m., 623-4486, 28 Terrific Thursday – Kaisorama, TUCO Extempo & various categories final, NAPA, POS, 7:00 p.m., 627-7876 25

Cultural 5

12 CALENDAR 2019

Chinese New Year, the year of the Pig (Observance)


CALENDAR 2019 13

Noble Douglas Dance Company Photo: Maria Nunes

TBA Chutneyland, Randy Glasgow Productions, various locations, 628-9158, www.randyglasgow

Event 30

The Shelter's Wine & Cheese Experience (& Silent Art Auction), The Residence of the Australian High Commissioner Moka, Maraval, 628-0861

Religious 6

Ash Wednesday (Observance), Lenten period begins 21 Phagwa (Holi) celebrations, (Observance), Aranguez, Tunapuna, Carlsen Field & other venues Sport 16 Sport Awards 2019, First Citizens Sports Foundation, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 22-24 Pan-American Dragon Boat Federation Club Crew Championship, Pigeon Point, Tobago,, http://

Theatre 8-10 Talk Tent 2019, Keensdee Productions, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 8-10 Alternative International Comedy Festival, Randy Glasgow Productions, various locations, 628-9158, www.randyglasgow 17 UWI Classic Concert, University of the West Indies, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 21-28 Children’s Play, Carvalho Productions, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 30- 31 Puss In Boots, DC Shell Theatre, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, Turtle Watching 1

Leather Back Turtle Watching, season begins in T&T. Ends 31st August

April Public Holiday 19 21 22

14 CALENDAR 2019

Good Friday Easter Sunday, end of Lenten period Easter Monday

Art & Literature

Cultural Festival

4-28 Ti Jean & His Brothers, paintings & storyboards by Derek Walcott. An Exhibition of works by Derek Walcott, Medulla Art Gallery, POS, 680-1041, Facebook: Derek Alton Walcott 6 Panel Discussion on the Art , Plays & Poetry of Derek Walcott featuring: Ishion Hutchinson, Kate Snodgrass, Jackie Hinkson and Wendell Manwarren, moderated by Sean Hinkson, Medulla Art Galllery


Music Jazz Artists On The Greens, the Greens at Farm Road, St Joseph, 5:00 p.m.,, 620-6920, marketing@ Sport 12-14 Rally Trinidad, Hasely Crawford Stadium, POS, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m., 735-7908, www. TBA Schools Dragon Boat Festival,, TTDBF 6

Tobago Easter Crab & Goat Races, the Integrated Facility, Buccoo, Tobago, 709-9084

Fashion TBA San Fernando Fashion Week 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., 372-8119, 722-6059, www. sanfernando fashionweek.

Theatre 20-22 Aladdin, Cindon Productions, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 26-28 National Theatre Arts Company, Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284,

Religious 14 18

Palm Sunday (Observance), Holy Week Holy Thursday (Observance)

May Public Holiday 30

Indian Arrival Day

Event Decibel Entertainment Festival, 622-5616, info@, 5-7

Emancipation Events Fashion Show – Qurux Africa, Annual Emancipation Fashion Show, 628-5008, www., info. 28 Grand opening of the ‘Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village’, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, opens daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 628-5008, www., info. 29 YOUTH Steel Explosion Jazz at Sunset, Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 628-5008,, info.emancipation@esctt. org 30 Youth Day, Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village, Queen’s Park Savannah, POS, 628-5008,, info.emancipation@esctt. org 31 Business Symposium, Hilton Hotel, POS, 628-5008, www., info. 7

Emancipation Day Parade Photo: Maria Nunes

Conference & Career Fair



Dream Big Conference, Expo & Career Fair, 622-5616,, 3-5 Decibel Entertainment Conference, Question Mark Entertainment, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284,

17-19 2019 Dance Production, Lilliput Children’s Theatre, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 25 Guitar Concert, Stefan Roach, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 31- Salsa Fiesta 2019, Salsa Fiesta TnT Ltd 1 Jun. Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, TBA 39th Annual Marlin Madness Game Fishing Tournament,

13-14 Mansion Festival, Central Bank Auditorium, POS, 221-2161,


Cultural Event Launch of Emancipation & Commemoration of African Liberation Day, 5B Bergerac Road, Maraval,628-5008,, info.emancipation@esctt. org 25

Literary Event First Citizens National Poetry Slam Finals, NAPA, POS, 5:00 p.m., 289-1595, nationalpoetryslamtt@ 1-5 The NGC Bocas Lit Fest, Old Fire Station & NALIS Library, Amphitheatre, POS, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 222-7099,, 5

Music 24-25 North Coast Jazz, Sir Solomon Hochoy Park, Fishing Village, Blanchisseuse, 628-5835, 683-9066

Religious 6

Start of Ramadan (Observance)

June Public Holiday 5 19 20

Eid-ul-Fitr, end of Ramadan (date to be confirmed) Labour Day Corpus Christi

Cultural Event Yoruba Drum Festival, Yoruba Village, East POS, 628-5008,, info.emancipation@esctt. org 15

Lecture Series Launch of the Kwame Ture Memorial Lecture Series, Central Bank Auditorium, POS, 628-5008,, info.emancipation 23

16 CALENDAR 2019

Religious 9

Pentecost Sunday (Observance)

Sport Gymnastics Showcase, Rhythmika School of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, TBA Tobago Dragon Boat Festival, Pigeon Point, Tobago, ttdbf1@gmail. com, http://facebook. com/TTDBF Annual Kingfish Tournament, 8-9

Theatre 21-23 2019 Gospel Concert, Renaissance Productions, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, 30 Q.E.D.T.T. Concert, Quite Exquisitely Done, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284,


Sport 6

August Public Holiday 1

Business 4-7

Trade & Investment Convention (TIC), Centre of Excellence, Macoya, 10:00 a.m., 675-8862,

21st Annual Junior Angler Tournament, www.ttgfa. com


Emancipation Day, Emancipation Support Committee of T&T, 628-5008, www. Independence Day, Independence Day Military Parade, Fireworks

Festival of The Bands Band Launch ABOVE: Machel Montano with Tribe's 2019 presentation of Tribe XV The Empire BELOW: The Bliss 2019 presentation Muse Photo: Devi Nath Photography

So extra...


There’s a buzz about the place; people milling about seeking a prime spot near the catwalk. Except that this is no ordinary fashion show, patrons don’t “wine” to every song, like at other unveilings, nor do they view their future purchases a full six months ahead of time, after all, seasons have to be considered. But the Carnival season trumps all others and the plethora of Band Launches that take place from August of the preceding year is (almost) the unofficial start of next year’s Mas’. Models dressed in masterpieces from various designers are part of the band’s theme, making it a difficult choice for those “hittin’ the road” come 2019. The Launch has evolved into a high-end party: popular DJs, live performances, cocktail bars and dining halls - all of the hype and glamour to promote the ultimate pre-Lenten, street party. It’s a perfect mix of fashion show, social event and fête. Soca stars belt- out this year’s hits as the various costumes continue to stream forward in a cascade of colours, feathers and wings that will set the trend for the next year.

CALENDAR 2019 17

Fatima Food Fest, Fatima Old Boys’ Association, Fatima Grounds, St. James, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.,, 628-4735 Pan & Parang, Carib Woodbrook Playboyz Pan Yard, Woodbrook Parang and Steel, Silver Stars Pan Yard, Tragarete Road, Woodbrook Tobago Blue Food Festival, Bloody Bay Recreational Grounds, Tobago 639-5016, Sport 9 The Beacon T&T Cycling Festival 8, 21 O’Connor Street & Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. www. TBA Chinese Bicentennial Dragon Boat Regatta, Chaguaramas Board Walk 10th Anniversary of the Annual Maritime Ortoire River Race, Races start at 9:00 am from the Ortoire River bridge, Trinidad Kayak Club, 685-7294, trinidadkayakclub

The Annual Maritime Ortoire River Race

Photo courtesy the Trinidad Kayak Club

Emancipation Events Drum Call, Trinidad All Stars Pan Yard, Duke Street, POS, 4:00 a.m., 628-5008, www., info. KAMBULE, Street parade through POS to Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village, 9:00 a.m., 628-5008, Emancipation Cultural Programme, 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m., Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village, 9:00 a.m., 628-5008 Flambeau Parade, Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village to All Stars Pan Yard, POS, 8:00 p.m., 628-5008





Sport The Trinidad and Tobago Great Race Parade & Boat Roadshow, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 10-11 Tarpon Thunder Tournament, 17 The Trinidad and Tobago Great Race, race begins at 6:00 a.m. off the Foreshore , finishes in Store Bay, Tobago, 31 Independence Cup, Horse racing, Santa Rosa, 646-2450/1, TBA San Fernando City Corporation, Dragon Boat Regatta, ttdbf1@, http:// 10

Event 12-26 The Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA XIV),,

Pan 24

Pan on d’Avenue VIII, Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook, 689-6518, allima.garcia@

Film Festival TBA trinidad+tobago film festival 2019, 223-2278,,

September Public Holiday 24

Republic Day, National Awards Ceremony

ART & ENTERTAINMENT 26-30 Ti Jean & His Brothers A play by Derek Walcott, 629-1284, Queen's Hall, POS, Facebook: Derek Alton Walcott NGC SANFEST 2019, Sept - Nov, San Fernando Arts Council, Creative Arts Centre, 97C Circular Road, San Fernando, 222-4612, 657-7665,

Event Republic Day Invaders J'Ouvert Jump Up, Steelband and J'Ouvert celebrations around the Oval, starts at Roxy Roundabout at 4:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., 345-3442 TBA San Fernando Fashion Week, 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., 372-8119 or 7226059, sandofashionweek@, www. sanfernandofashionweek. 24

18 CALENDAR 2019

Sept – Nov – NGC SANFEST 2019, Arts & Entertainment, San Fernando Arts Council, Creative Arts Centre, 97C Circular Road, San Fernando, 222-4612, 657-7665,

Sport TBA San Fernando City Corporation, Dragon Boat Regatta, ttdbf1@, http://

October Public Holiday 27

Divali/Diwali (date to be confirmed)

Business Southex International Expo, Gulf City Mall, La Romaine, 653-8923, 2

Cultural Event Start of Ramleela (Observance) 13 First People’s Day (Observance) 18-26 Divali Nagar – NCIC NAGAR, Chaguanas, 653-8923, TBA Santa Rosa First People Heritage Week, Arima, 664–1897 8

Event 26-27 Tobago Street Fair, Milford Road, Crown Point, Tobago, 798-9901 31 New Year's Eve/Old Year’s (Observance) TBA Calypso History Month,

November Event 9 TBA

QRC’s Annual Dinner & Reunion, QRC College Grounds, St Clair, 6:30 p.m., 622-1671, Classic Jewels XII, Trinidad All Stars Pan Yard, Duke Street, POS, 627-2127,,

Religious 1 2

All Saints (Observance) All Souls (Observance)

December Public Holiday 25 26

Christmas Day Boxing Day

Religious 1 24

First Sunday of Advent (Observance) Christmas Eve (Observance)

Parang Group 'Paramininos'

Photo: Maria Nunes

CALENDAR 2019 19



Rhapsody in Blue Devil - Mark Felicien Photo: Maria Nunes


By Sheldon Waithe


“This is not a fête in here this is madness!” – David Rudder

The Carnival season is the tune-up, rebalancing and release that should be mandatory for all human beings. You can try to stand on the sidelines to witness ‘the greatest show on earth’ but you won’t last long; being a spectator is probably the initial intent but it’s all madly infectious. ‘Entertainment’ is the facilitator of this journey that officially ends on Carnival Tuesday, but leaves its mark forever. Adrenalin is your friend, every time you hear one of several Soca songs that qualify as “My Tune!” It means that variety is the spice of the fêtes: informal Cooler Fêtes where everyone becomes a long-lost friend in a matter of hours, or grandiose all-inclusive raves with accompanying lights, lasers and fireworks. There may be Breakfast Parties with 4:00 am start times – the dread of waking-up at that hour to party quickly discarded as you welcome the sunrise in the midst of thousands of revellers - or Wet Fêtes, with the drenching of water cannons that take you back to childhood.

The Eyes of God designed by Peter Minshall, presented by Exodus Photo: Maria Nunes TOP RIGHT:

Exodus Steel Orchestra Photo: Maria Nunes BOTTOM RIGHT:

Machel Montano Photo: Richard Lyder


Fancy Sailor - Keith Simpson Photo: Maria Nunes

Just when the pace seems impossible to maintain, the macabre makes its appearance to tentatively quell the situation. Well, 20-foot tall Moko Jumbies, Diable Molassies and Blue Devils can give even the most-seasoned Carnival campaigner a slight shudder. Then there’s J'Ouvert, dawn - the opening of the day and the Mas’, the sunrise, steelpan, mud, paint, cocoa and clay that makes us all party as one. The departure from the unadorned, earthy mud-mas of J'Ouvert to the glitzy costumes of the Carnival Bands is a massive one. Now, with inhibitions stripped away, it is time to shed the troubles of the past year and rise anew on the streets, as sweet Mas' completes the resurrection. FROM THE TOP:

Fancy Devil - Steffano Marcano Photo: Maria Nunes

Carnival Band ‘Bliss’ Photo: Damian Luk Pat

Panyards / Panorama

Judging night for entry to the Panorama semi-finals is the prime opportunity to hear the steelbands at their best as they seek the top prize in the Finals held on Carnival Saturday in the Queen’s Park Savannah. Nightly sessions are frequented by pan lovers to see the composers at work and hear the practice, before the full rehearsals that make you an aficionado. Your senses await!

Ole Mas'

Also held on Carnival Friday in Port of Spain, this is the nod to the pre-Lenten tradition of Carnival, with Devils, Jumbies, Fire Eaters, Stilt Walkers, all performing before large crowds. The folklore of the nation is on display too with La Diablesse, Papa Bois and many others.

Soca Monarch Fêtes

Beginning on 1st January, the season of fêtes takes all shapes and sizes with several on every subsequent weekend and ramping-up to daily parties in the final two weeks of the Carnival. From casual Cooler Fêtes to highend glamour All-Inclusives (drink, food and live entertainment), the one staple is the amazing time to be found at all. Get the full listing on pages 10–12 and details via www.trinidad

The crowning of the Soca Monarch is the reason the final weekend begins with Fantastic Friday! All the finalists perform their best songs. The Grammy’s don’t have this tempo and stamina. Held at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, be prepared to finish just before sunrise, but by now you’re accustomed to those hours.


Blue Devil Photo: Richard Lyder

Dame Lorraines - Fou Fou Yeh led by June Sankar Photo: Maria Nunes

Kiddies Carnival

Tomorrow’s masqueraders are already claiming the streets, with their inspired designs–evidence of the love and work that goes into each costume. Once the music begins so does the abandon that can only emanate from a child, but which will be copied by the grown-ups in a couple of days. Weekend events begin mid-season across the country with Carnival Saturday as the main Kiddies affair in the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Dimanche Gras

Carnival Sunday evening sees the crowning of the Calypso Monarch at the hub that is the Queen’s Park Savannah, together with the King and Queen titles bestowed upon leaders from each Carnival band. trinidad/carnival/

Canboulay Riots

Early on Carnival Friday the re-enactment of the riots begins with the drumming and tamboo bamboo in the heart of Port of Spain. This pageantry is the bedrock of the entire festival.

J'Ouvert / Parade of Bands

The final two days of ultimate celebration: choose your J'Ouvert band, slap on the mud and revel in the abandonment on the nation’s pre-dawn streets. Then it’s onto the big one. ‘Pretty Mas’ is the beaded, sequined, feathered festival that raves on for two days, culminating with ‘Las Lap’ on Carnival Tuesday evening. Enjoy!


Kiddies Carnival Photo: Andrea de Silva

J’ouvert Photo: Devi Nath Photography

meet a Trini

Bringing Soca to the World Nailah Blackman

Photo courtesy Lorraine O’Connor

By Anna Walcott-Hardy

For anyone who's been lucky enough to see the 20-year old Soca star, Nailah Blackman on stage, it's undeniable that she's heading for greater heights. The Trinidadian singer, songwriter and musician has had a phenomenal couple of years, with a string of hits including: "Sokah", "Baila Mami" and "Workout" a collaboration with Kes, that became a massive hit and propelled her into the finals of the 2017 International Soca Monarch competition. Tireless in her innovation and experimentation with the art form, she came out strong in 2018 with "O' Lawd Oye" and "Badishh", featuring the Jamaican dancehall singer, Shenseea, making her a crowd favourite on the Carnival fête circuit. Then came the BET International nomination for Viewer's Choice Best New Artist Award. "The BET nomination came out of nowhere for me. I didn’t see it coming and I was most honoured because I had battled and I am still battling with the direction of my music, but my career is so much bigger than me. It’s Grand Shorty I’s legacy that he has unknowingly placed in my hands." Nailah comes from a line of renowned musicians, songwriters, entertainers, starting with her grandfather, Garfield Blackman, also known as Ras Shorty I, who has been credited with developing the Soca and Chutney Soca genre. She praises her mother, Calypsonian Abbi Blackman for being a "mentor and spiritual mother", a crucial guide in a tough industry who taught her about "performance, work ethic, perseverance, commitment


and sincerity". Classically trained in voice, Nailah enjoys composing music and writing lyrics, she also plays the guitar and keyboards. But it's not always been an easy road for the new artist. "Some of the challenges of growing up in the music industry as a member of the Blackman family would have to be people's expectations of me," she explained during a break from touring. "They expect me to be exactly like my family members...Some of the advantages would have to be the immediate status I received coming out as a new artist, the support and opportunities that were opened for me with the combination of my name and hard work." With over 25 million combined views on You Tube, she has become one of the top five most viewed artists in Trinidad and Tobago and has gained several awards throughout the Caribbean over the past year. With her signature voice and style, Nailah's also been offered several sponsorship opportunities. Recently she's been brought on board as a 'White Oak' ambassador. "It’s a contrasting experience to how I usually am. I get to express a lot more of my youthful side, carefree and fun. Whereas, I’m usually a lot more serious and in work mode. So I love to have that outlet to just be 20! It’s dope, LOL." Don't miss Nailah live on stage this Carnival, or visit:



By Roslyn Carrington


Life in Trinidad and Tobago is not so much a clash of cultures as a melding of them. With the arrival of each new ethnicity, the cultural canvas becomes more complex, painting an indelible portrait. And it is in our festivals, more than anything else, that these images come to life.

Oshun Festival, Salybia Photo: Maria Nunes TOP RIGHT:

Emancipation Day Parade Photo: Maria Nunes BOTTOM RIGHT:

Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Palm Sunday Photo: Edison Boodoosingh

HINDU FESTIVALS Phagwa or Holi Each year around Easter, this spring festival is celebrated in fields and savannahs across the country. The festival of purification and fertility marks the downfall of the evil king, Hiranyakashipu, and his sister, Holika. It’s all-out war as friends and family spray each other with “abeer”, a dye that is traditionally pink but comes in other brilliant colours. Roving groups of singers perform “chowtals” to the rhythm of bells and gongs. Non-Hindus are welcome, photography encouraged, but wear old clothes, because if you’re on the field, you’re fair game for a soaking.

Ganga Dashahara This solemn and colourful tradition has spread from the banks of the holy Ganges to rivers throughout the world. Here, devotees make the pilgrimage each year to the Marianne River in Blanchisseuse, dressed in saffron yellow and white as a symbol of purity. They perform prayers or “pujas”, sing sacred songs, offer tributes such as flowers, fruit and milk, and receive blessings from officiating pundits. As prayers are offered up, a statue or Ganga “murti” is submerged in the waters.


Divali Divali is celebrated in October or November. It honours Mother Lakshmi, and symbolises the purging of evil, light driving out darkness. For several weeks prior, Hindus fast, abstain from animal products, and clean, paint and renew their homes. The Festival of Lights begins at sunset with “pujas”, during which small, oil-filled clay lamps called “deyas” are lit and arranged in elaborate patterns throughout the home. All are welcome as a vegetarian feast is served, followed by the sharing of delightfully packaged sweets with friends and neighbours.

Ramleela The epic story of Ramleela is played out over the course of ten days across the country. Dozens of amateur actors don full regalia and impressive makeup to re-enact the adventures of Shree Ram during his incarnation on earth. There’s love, betrayal, intrigue and war, culminating in the triumphant burning of the effigy of the evil king, Rawan. The popularity is so great, that the performances have spread from fields and village streets to major theatres and stages. Ramleela usually takes place in tandem with the celebration of Divali.

MUSLIM FESTIVALS Eid-Ul-Adha Eid-Ul-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, marks the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim (Father Abraham to Christians) to sacrifice his beloved son, Ismaeel, in obedience to the will of God. At the last moment, he was instructed to substitute a ram, and his son was spared. In commemoration of God’s mercy, animals such as sheep, goats and cows are sacrificed, and the meat is shared with family, friends, and the less fortunate.

Ramadhan and Eid-Ul-Fitr Ramadhan takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar cycle. It is a period of fasting and abstention in which charitable and devotional acts are performed. The final day, Eid-Ul-Fitr, is determined according to the sighting of the moon. Once the sighting is confirmed, the festivities begin. Friends and family are invited to partake, and the poor are not forgotten.

CHRISTIAN There are a wide range of Christian denominations in Trinidad, including Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists and Seventh-Day Adventists. Combined, they make up the largest religious community. There are several events on the Christian calendar, such as Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, and Corpus Christi. Many of these which are observed in churches and cathedrals, are also celebrated with traditional, ceremonial street parades. From Santa Cruz to Paramin, Lopinot and Petit Valley, Parang is a staple at any Christmas event. It is sung in Spanish patois by Paranderos accompanied by “chac-chacs” or maracas; four-stringed “quatros”; tambourines; “toc-tocs” (pieces of wood knocked together); and the single-stringed Box Bass.


Midnight Mass is popular service on Christmas Eve, and families attend church dressed in their finest. Christmas Day is usually reserved for family and food, with the opening of presents. For the Christmas feast, ham, garlic pork and turkey are a must, with pastelles (meat-stuffed corn pockets) on the side, followed by rum-soaked black fruit cake, topped off with a glass of ponche-a-crème, ginger beer, sorrel or the grog of your choice. Boxing Day is also a holiday, and a time for relaxation for some or a time to party at weddings, house parties and fêtes for others.

St Peter’s Day On the Feast of St Peter, patron saint of fishermen, worshippers from the Carenage RC Church are joined by members of the community as they make their way to the sea, with steel pan and singing along the way. Fishermen moor their boats in anticipation of blessings by the priest. The feast is also upheld in seaside villages throughout the islands, with cultural presentations, good food, and lots of fun.

MULTI-CULTURAL Emancipation Day Out of a violent and bloody past, civilizations in the Caribbean grew, with thriving plantations of coffee, cocoa, coconuts and sugar—all through the labour of millions of African slaves. This dark and painful part of our past, a period spanning three hundred years, came to an end in the courts on 1 August 1834, with the passing of the Emancipation Bill in Parliament. A hundred and fifty-one years later, on 1 August 1985, Trinidad and Tobago became the first country to declare a public holiday in memory of this triumph, and to honour hundreds of thousands of human beings who for centuries were abducted, enslaved and tortured. Exhibitions, lectures, workshops, concerts and shows, most of them concentrated around the Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village in the Queen’s Park Savannah; begin days before the official holiday. Hand-crafted items such as leatherwork and jewellery, art and sculpture, and delicious treats are also showcased. On Emancipation Day, thousands gather for the Canboulay procession through the streets of Port of Spain. Dressed in traditional African wear, they are accompanied by Moko Jumbies, dancers and drummers.


Hindu Festivals Phagwa Photo: Lisa Fernandez/Lifepyx

Divali Celebrations - Prema Shakti Dancers Photo: Edison Boodoosingh

Divali in Felicity Photo: Maria Nunes


La Divina Pastora / Sopari Mai In a little old Roman Catholic church in Siparia, there sits an artistic and theological wonder: the statue of the Black Madonna. The small figurine is revered by devotees from a cross-section of religious groups. To Christians, she is a representation of the Virgin Mary; to Hindus, she is Sopari Mai (Mother of Siparia), Mother Lakshmi or Durga. She is special to members of the Orisha faith and First Nations People as well. During the festival of La Divina Pastora, (the third Sunday after Easter) Catholics dress the statue—this “miracle mother”—in white, drape her in flowers, and embark on a procession through the streets. Hindus conduct their rituals on Holy Thursday. They perform acts of devotion before the “Madonna Murti”, offering oil, money, flowers, rice and jewellery. Those in need line the streets seeking alms, the sick come for healing, and many claim to have experienced miracles.

Odun Egungun During the period of African enslavement, traditional beliefs and religions, such as the Orisha faith, were forcibly and brutally suppressed. Yet despite the enormous risk, many continued to practise their faith in secret, ensuring that it survived this dark period. The Orisha faith is now celebrated openly, bolstered by free sharing of ideas from Western Africa, the land of its origin, and the Diaspora. The Odun Egungun festival is organised primarily by an organisation called the Ile Ijosin Otura Meji Awon Osun. During a private ceremony, sacred rituals are performed, including the offering of food and drink to the ancestors. Praise songs called "Oriki" are sung in English and Yoruba. A street procession follows, led by the Egungun, robed and masked performers who are believed to be infused by the spirits of the ancestors. They are escorted by dancers, drummers and singers, bringing blessings.

First Peoples Heritage Celebrations Although European occupation devastated the First Peoples population, those who remain continue to celebrate their legacy. Each year in October, the nation joins them in celebrating First Peoples Day, an event that is both solemn and joyous. It is the highlight of a week of cultural and educational activities. Representatives from indigenous tribes throughout the Caribbean also participate. In Arima—an Amerindian stronghold—a shaman performs a smoke ceremony at the base of the statue of Hyarima, a venerated chieftain, as they honour the ancestors and the Earth through prayers and song. Amerindian royalty, in full regalia, lead a procession through the streets, and feasting and celebration follow.

Egungun in Heritage Masquerade Festival, Santa Cruz Old Road Photo: Maria Nunes

Hosay Over the course of three nights, following days of prayer and fasting, the epic drama of Hosay is enacted in the streets of St James, and, to a lesser extent, Cedros. The festival commemorates the martyrdom of the grandsons of the Prophet Mohammed, Hassan and Hosein (Hussein), in rituals that symbolise death, mourning, and brotherly love. Hosay is a moveable feast, set by the Islamic lunar calendar. (Check http:// for dates.) You’re welcome to join the parade and take photos, but remember that this is a religious event, so be respectful. Alcohol is not allowed. Community groups spend weeks preparing, with skilled craftsmen building and decorating large, ornate handmade mausoleums called tadjahs. On each of the three nights, celebrants take to the streets to the heart-

Photos: Richard Lyder

thumping boom of enormous drums called "tassa", which are heated over small fires at the roadside to maintain their tone. The first night, Flag Night, features a sombre parade of colourful flags. This is followed by Small Tadjah Night, during which miniature versions of the tadjahs are accompanied by thousands of followers. Big Tadjah Night is the grand finale, when the masterpieces are on display. You can also witness an unforgettable dance of two large moons, borne on the shoulders of men, as they twirl and spin down the Western Main Road until they meet in the middle and briefly “kiss”. The next day, the tadjahs and flags are escorted to the sea at Carenage, where they are set afloat to funereal tassa drumming.

life's little luxuries

Photo: Gary Jordan

favourite MY SHOPPING SPOTS By Roslyn Carrington

Trinidadian shoppers are sophisticated, so you can be sure than when you visit our finest stores you’ll find treasures that meet your standards and satisfy your desires. Most stores accept major credit and debit cards. However, it’s a good idea to walk with a small amount of T&T cash, especially when shopping in smaller stores or at roadside vendors. No worries if you run out: in major shopping areas, you’re never more than a few hundred metres from an ATM. So take reasonable precautions, shop smart, and enjoy the experience.


FASHION Enjoy boutique mall shopping. Express yourself with classic jewellery and designer frames, then treat yourself a fine meal. Movietowne Excellent Stores Krystal Fenson Pandora at Dreamstones Look Opticians Limited

VINTAGE WINES Sip and savour award-winning rums and beer, select local teas, and exquisite imported wines. Twigs Natural Vintage Imports Carib Shandy Angostura for White Oak Cazabon Wine & Cocktail Bar

FOOD Indulge your appetite for sweet treats and gourmet ingredients… maybe even cook up your own version of a Caribbean dish. Creamery Novelties Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop

HOME DÉCOR Choose fine, well-crafted furniture and ship them home as a daily reminder of your adventures. Signature Selection Mi Casa Fine Home Furnishings

Conduct your financial business with discretion, efficiency and security at banks with reputable global partners. RBC • Republic Bank • First Citizens





No matter where you are, a first-class shopping experience is always a short drive away. All malls offer exclusive boutiques, international namebrand buys, and local creations. Grab a quick bite at the food court or indulge in a fine meal in an upscale restaurant. Many malls are home to popular supermarkets, gyms, cineplexes and entertainment hotspots.

MALLSHOPPING By Roslyn Carrington


Browse through over 100 stores at The Falls at West Mall. Shop, dine, and see a movie at MovieTowne, enjoy live entertainment at their Fiesta Plaza, or take the kids for a dizzying spin on an amusement park ride. Go wild shopping for everything from cosmetics to gourmet chocolates at Starlite in Diego Martin or Long Circular Mall in St James. Nearby Ellerslie Plaza is a breezy open-air affair. Shoppes of Maraval and Maraval Plaza are both worth a visit— especially if you’re hungry.

Port of Spain

The capital city is criss-crossed with small malls, a goldmine for souvenir shopping and tasty food. One of the most expansive is Excellent City Centre.


The popular Gulf City Mall has been joined by the glossy new C3 Centre, and South Park, a breezy, popular spot that sits at the very entrance to the city.

in Trinidad


Trincity Mall is one of the largest in the Caribbean, but there are several smaller centres to enjoy, including Valpark, Shops at Trincity, Piarco Plaza and Shops of Arima—pop in on your way to the airport for last-minute buys. The sprawling City of Grand Bazaar stands where the Solomon-Hochoy and ChurchillRoosevelt highways meet.


MovieTowne Chaguanas throbs with life at almost any hour. It’s south of Heartland Plaza and Xtra Plaza (home to kid's paradise, FunStation), and just a hop across the highway from Mid-Centre and Centre Pointe Malls. So if shopping is what you desire, you’ll be spoiled for choice.



& Dreamy

ICE-CREAM By Joel Henry


If you grew up in a Caribbean household and you’re past a certain age, you remember the ice-cream maker. Back in the day it was a standard household appliance, a small wooden barrel with a hand-held turner. Those were the days when ice-cream was a treat and making it, a ritual - custard and condensed milk, coconut or soursop, and ice, lots of ice. You could spend a good hour churning, but it was worth the labour. Homemade ice-cream made birthdays, the close of school terms, and even the average Sunday, better. Today, the ice-cream maker isn’t as common, but icecream is more popular than ever. It’s available in restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and from street vendors. And though T&T offers an array of popular, foreign brands, the many flavours and distinct taste of Trini ice-cream is still massively popular and affordable. “We have so many unique flavours - soursop, coconut, barbadine and tamarind,” Sharon Shelly Davis-Woodley, a chef, culinary arts educator and master icecream maker explained. “And we are very inventive with coming-up with new ones.” Then there’s the street. Ice-cream carts with colourful parasols and signs that are a fixture in places like St. James, Port of Spain, Chaguanas and San Fernando in Trinidad, as well as Scarborough, Tobago. Here you’ll get homemade icecream in an abundance of flavours. “We make our ice-cream from scratch. From inception we try to use natural ingredients and ingredients natural to Trinidad,” says Noel Long, manager of B&M Home Made Ice-Cream, one of the most recognised and beloved brands. Other popular brands include the Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream Company with their signature local flavours including Barbadine, as well as Strawberry Alarm’s delicious homemade coconut ice-cream. Recently, one of the most exciting entries into the local ice-cream craft is Creamery Novelties. Launched in 2018, Creamery Novelties is a new venture by businessman Paul Gabriel and HADCO Group; the distributors of top foreign brands such as Ben and Jerry’s, Breyers and Haagen-Dazs. Now, they have added local ice-cream to the mix, investing millions in a modern factory and producing rich, creamy, delicious ice-cream and novelty items at an affordable price. In addition to chocolate, coconut, vanilla and strawberry, Creamery Novelties will soon launch several local favourites such as rum & raisin, peanut and soursop just to name a few. Having successfully penetrated the local market, the company hopes to start exporting soon and will engage markets throughout CARICOM and Latin America.


Republic Bank

Cardless Cash

Smile if this has ever happened to you: You’re getting ready to leave your house. It’s a mad rush but you double check to ensure you have not left anything important behind. Everything’s done, you leave, ready to face the day and all its challenges...only to realise later that you’ve forgotten your wallet and your bank cards at home and you really need cash. Ok, so you may not feel like smiling. Few things are more inconvenient than needing cash and not being able to get it right away because you forgot your cards at home. As bothersome as that is, the truth remains that you are more likely to forget your wallet than your phone at home. It happens to us all at one time or another, and for many, being so cut off from our money can be a complete nightmare more than a nuisance. Fortunately, thanks to Republic Bank, this nightmare can now be a thing of the past thanks to their latest online and mobile service, Cardless Cash. The first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, Cardless Cash is an innovative feature available to RepublicMobile App and RepublicOnline registered users that provides even greater connectivity and flexibility in instantly accessing funds by allowing customers to send or withdraw up to TT$ 500 cash, daily, at any of the over 120 Republic Bank Blue Machines located across the country. And all without a debit or credit card. In this day and age when time is money, having this access to one’s electronic funds is paramount in saving both.

Simple to sign up for and use, Cardless Cash affords registered users, at home and abroad, the ability to safely manage their funds in dispensing cash multiple times during the day, just as they would with their debit or credit cards. What’s more, they can also closely monitor the secure movement of their money at every step of the way as the bank immediately provides both the sender and the receiver, in the case of a transfer, with a cash code and transaction ID, via text message and email, along with a confirmation message to track the funds and ensure that they were disbursed as intended. With so many Republic Bank ABMs across the country, it is completely up to the receiver to decide which location is the most convenient to them. Also, because life is sometimes full of little mistakes, customers are free to cancel transactions within 48 hours of making the request. Simply put (because modern life is complicated enough), Cardless Cash, second only to actually having your cash or cards with you, is the easiest way to access your funds – whether that be withdrawing them or sending them to someone. Easy to use, convenient, and most of all, secure, Cardless Cash represents the latest digital banking solution to what has become a modern day problem for so many on the go; best of all, it is backed by the trusted service for which Republic Bank is known. In this era of the Internet of Things, connectivity is the name of the game. Thanks to Republic Bank, Cardless Cash is here and ready to keep customers even more connected to, and more in control of, their money. For most of us, life happens pretty fast. It can be daunting managing the daily grind, staying in control of all the things that life throws our way, and still finding the time to stay in control of our finances. With Republic Bank’s Cardless Cash, that just got a little easier. So hopefully the next time you forget your wallet at home, you can smile a little more knowing that Republic Bank has your back and you have one less thing to worry about.


In Living Colour

meet a Trini

​By Anna Walcott-Hardy

Ché Lovelace grew up in Matura, a pristine village on the east coast of Trinidad. He studied fine art at l’Ecole Regionale des Beaux Arts de la Martinique, and currently lectures at The University of the West Indies (UWI) Department of Creative Arts in St Augustine. He’s been painting for several years at his studio in Chaguaramas and more recently exhibiting large-scale, mostly figurative works, at home and abroad. A recent review in Le Figaro of a 2017 solo exhibition at Galerie Hussenot in Paris stated that, “Lovelace brings a fresh air to contemporary painting with a palette that is joyful, intense and bright as well as a brushstroke that is lively, alert but firm.” Indeed, Ché's amplified palette, undeniably deft brushstrokes and Expressionist style has gained much attention over the years. He has been inspired by artists like Sybil Atteck, who studied under the German Expressionist painter Max Beckman and founded the Society of Independents, the beginning of today’s Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, of which Ché is a Board Member. In his latest exhibition at The LOFTT Gallery in July 2018, the heightened hues seemed almost too bright, mismatched, unprecedented, to the ochres, vermillion and Bismark Blues that are preferred in the work of influential master artists from Carlisle Chang and Isaiah James Boodhoo to Paul Kain, Sarah Mc Knight and Embah. But perhaps this is the intent, to absolutely turn the norms upside down, create a new narrative, an altered state with figures either at rest or on the edge of acrobatics. He takes images of palm fronds blasted by a sea breeze or a portrait of a young girl, her hair in corn rows, and dissects them into prisms of colour and light. The New


Yorker review of Ché's solo exhibition in the city in 2017 seemed to touch on this transition from posturing to kinesis. “Poised on the border between Cubism and Realism, Lovelace doesn’t really belong to any school, part of the beauty of his work lies in watching the artist establish his own vocabulary. He’s not afraid of pleasure and knows how much the soul craves colour – a refuge during these dark days…” As a boy, Ché explained that he was a dreamer with a vivid imagination and knew from a young age that he wanted to “pursue a creative life”, although he says that he was not "really an artistically inclined child”. However, this all changed at Queen’s Royal College (QRC). "With my then art teacher, Jackie Hinkson, is when I felt a strong pull towards art. I thought maybe this could be something I can work at, even as I had a feeling that it would be a long road to get anywhere with it...and this has been so true.” Born in San Fernando, an avid surfer, he grew-up in a family of creative non-traditionalists in Matura, with his father, Earl Lovelace being the famed writer of acclaimed novels, 'Salt' and 'The Dragon Can’t Dance'. “Matura still holds a special and magical place in my memory. The richness of the imagery…the encounter with nature… and the interaction with the village folk, as well as the heady atmosphere created by the various writers and artists that visited my family during that period. In some ways I am still unravelling that experience through my painting, especially now that for the first time in my adult work I am making paintings that reference nature.”

IN STUDIO: CHÉ LOVELACE "Lovelace brings a fresh air to contemporary painting with a palette that is joyful."

Photo: Shaun Rambaran

Pacifique-Art Studio Pacifique-Art Studio offers collectors, visitors, teachers and students a wealth of unusual paintings, rock art, T-shirts, cards and a book, “The Carnival Suite”, which gives the artist’s illustrations and a brief history and description of some of our traditional carnival characters, challenging the mind and stimulating a love for country through art. Tel (868) 667-0539 / 376-4065

Address Near Emmaus Retreat Centre in Torrecilla Central, off Bye Pass Road, Arima. Email


The LOFTT Gallery The LOFTT is a commercial gallery and event space located in Woodbrook. The gallery’s services include commercial art exhibits and sales; Art exhibition space rental and event space rental. The LOFTT, as the name suggests, resides upstairs of the popular Dr!nk Lounge & Bistro. It is also walking distance from several other art galleries and places of interest. Plan your visit now! Artists, collectors and anyone with interest may contact us.

Tel (868) 223-7243, WhatsApp (868) 380-3684 Address #63 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook Email

Trinidad Art Galleries

101 Art Gallery

84 Woodford Street, Newtown Phone: (868) 628-4081

Art 4U2 Studio & Gallery

34 Rose Drive, Elizabeth Gardens, St. Joseph Phone: (868) 719-0827

CHI Studio & Creative Space 30A Gatacre Street, Woodbrook Phone: (868) 788-8712

Fine Art Limited

Cor. Rosalino & Warren Streets, Woodbrook Phone: (868) 628-4669; 638-2083

Grundlos Kollektiv

11 Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain


Cor. Carlos Street and Roberts Street, Woodbrook Phone (868) 628-7508 The-Frame-Shop-A-SPACE-INNA-SPACE -763788020343447

The LOFTT Gallery

Junction Rosalino, Roberts & Warren Streets Woodbrook Phone: (868) 380-3684 The-LOFTT-Gallery-410372429442274

The National Trust of Trinidad & Tobago

Sterling Building, 68–70 Sackville Street Port of Spain Phone: (868) 225-4750; 330-0630

Horizons Art Gallery

The Savanna Gallery

Medulla Art Gallery

Y Art & Framing Gallery 37 Mucurapo Road, St James Phone: (868) 628-8048; 628-9769

37 Fitt Street, Woodbrook Phone: (868) 680-1041 Medulla-Art-Gallery

15 Long Circular Road, St James Phone (868) 678-9113 The-Savanna-Gallery-483030768374664

26 Taylor Street, Woodbrook Phone: (868) 628-4165

National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago

Frederick Street, Port of Spain Phone: (868) 623-5941, 623-0339 nationalmuseumandartgallerytt

On Location Art Galleries Ltd

Unit 205, Upper Level, The Falls at West Mall, Westmoorings Phone: (868) 633-3404

Pacifique Art Studio

#29 Torecilla Central, Torrecilla Gardens, Arima Phone: (868) 667 0539; 460 8770

The Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago (ASTT)

Corner Jamaica Blvd. and St. Vincent Avenue Federation Park, Port of Spain Phone: (868) 622-9827

On Location Art Galleries • Custom Framing • Original Art • Prints • Art Consultations • Printing Services • Valuations • Exhibitions We harness over 30 years of experience in Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada and Trinidad to provide premium picture framing, local artworks and prints to Trinidad and Tobago. We have a wide variety of artwork by both established and top emerging artists. Give us a call or come in today! Tel (868) 633-3404 Address Unit #205, The Falls at West Mall Email Facebook



Artisan Markets Good Food, Great Company, and Fabulous Bargains

If you’re looking for a great place to shop, eat and meet artisans and farmers, the local markets should be at the top of your list. Learn more about the style, technique and materials, and get expert advice about the craft. Fill your shopping bag with gifts for those at home or just indulge yourself. The Santa Cruz Green Market is a meld of style and social conscience, with a range of organic fruits, vegetables and dishes; there is an emphasis on natural materials and recycling. Sit in the fragrant garden and share a mix-and-match menu as hummingbirds flit around. Hopefully, your visit will coincide with one of their many demonstrations, lectures, and special events, like World Chocolate Day, the Mango or Avocado Festival. At both UpMarket and the South Market you can look around for hand-made jewellery and Caribbean couture, as well as stylish hand-crafted pieces in wood, leather, copper or semi-precious stones. The air is always filled with the fragrance from handmade soaps, candles and beauty products. The NAMDEVCO markets are reminiscent of a more traditional fair, with welcoming vendors offering samples above the din of excited chatter. Fill your basket with fresh fruit and vegetables, or enjoy hot garlic pork washed down with coconut water. Whichever market you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the "lime", because for Trinis, going to the market is not just about browsing the stalls, it’s about enjoying the atmosphere and the wonderful vibe.


By Roslyn Carrington

UPMARKET — Once a month (more often closer to Christmas) at the Woodbrook Youth Facility. Tel: 703-2169 Email: • Facebook: UpMarketTT THE SAN ANTONIO GREEN MARKET — Every Saturday (select Sundays), Saddle Road, Santa Cruz. Tel: 221-9116 Facebook: GreenMarketSantaCruz NAMDEVCO FARMERS’ MARKETS — Every Friday at Point Fortin; alternating Fridays at San Fernando and Rio Claro; every Saturday at Queen’s Park Savannah, Chaguanas and Diego Martin; every Sunday at Debe and Macoya; every other Sunday at Couva. Tel: 679-8412 • Email: Facebook: NAMDEVCO UPICK TT (THE FARMACY) – Chaguaramas. Tuesday to Sunday. You can pick fresh fruit and vegetables, but remember to get the right approvals if you want to take plants abroad. Tel: 271-2681 • Facebook: upicktt THE SOUTH MARKET — Monthly at Naparima College in San Fernando. Tel: 733-3772 or 720-3004 Email: Facebook: southmarket BITS AND PIECES FOR CHRISTMAS — An annual event, first Saturday in November. Tel: 681-8418 • Email: Facebook: bitsandpiecestt TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO MANGO FESTIVAL — A celebration of all things mango! Annually every July. Tel: 683-4251 • Email: or president@ Facebook: Network-of-Rural-WomenProducers-Trinidad-Tobago

Caribbean CULTURAL DOLLS By Anna Walcott-Hardy “I see this as a way of helping to keep this vital part of Trinidad Carnival alive!” As early as 1962, Judy Boldon-Bain an occupational therapist, had a dream of documenting Caribbean culture by creating Christmas ornaments. Instead of the snow globes and reindeer why not offer other options? So, in 1985, inspired by the Quadrille dancers she saw on stage while living in the Virgin Islands, she launched Caribbean Cultural Dolls (CCD). Superbly woven, these hand-dyed wicker miniatures were an immediate hit and have become collector’s items. Boldon-Bain has now returned home to Trinidad and expanded the cast from the initial dancers, Bele, Orisha and Quadrille, to 12 unique characters, including the stilt-walking Moko Jumbie, original Sailor Mas’, the Long-Nose Sailor, and the Dame Lorraine with umbrella. Another engaging piece,Queen Mary, Freedom Fighter of the Virgin Islands, became the first and only historical figure. In 1995, invited to teach weaving in the Turks and Caicos Islands, to enhance the country’s tourism product, the Reef Fish were created. As this dream transformed into a successful business, Boldon-Bain copyrighted the dolls under a registered company and added information cards. Central to the design are the rattan reeds, a vining palm sourced from rainforests in South East Asia. The fragile strands are carefully uncoiled and submerged in hot water dyes to get the signature tropical colours. “As time passes, this project continues to evolve. Because the dolls are handwoven, each one is an original...” Born in St. James, Port of Spain, Boldon-Bain grew up in Belmont and attended Tranquility Government School where she was first introduced to basket weaving. She received a Government Scholarship to study Occupational Therapy at Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada. In 1965, she returned home and began working at the Caura Chest Hospital. “My interest in basket weaving was reignited when as an Occupational therapist it was used as a therapeutic tool...(At Caura) I worked collaboratively with the Social Work Department, run by Margaret Walcott, my friend and mentor. When I left Trinidad to live in St. Croix, where the birthing of the dolls occurred, it was Margaret, who encouraged and co-ordinated the production and marketing between Trinidad and St. Croix.” For five years, the weavers in the three villages, Moruga, Cumana and Grande Riviere, taught by Boldon, produced respective designs for export. Today, Boldon-Bain, a mother of three and grandmother of eight, has settled into her home in Cumana Village, Toco, with her husband Cedric, whom she describes as her biggest critic and supporter. “I have been able to find some of my weavers, but not many are able to weave due to changes in their lives… I am constantly looking for persons to teach and incorporate into the project.It took me thirty years to finally make it back home and the journey continues.”


A veritable Garden of Eden with flourishing plants from the coastlines to the rainforests and savannahs, Trinidad and Tobago’s tropical climate, combined with its fertile soil, geographical location and trade winds guarantees a bountiful selection of fruits available throughout the year. While some such as the banana, lime, watermelon and pineapple are available year-round, others like the glorious mango including Julie, Calabash and Graham, are more selective. Delectable fruits in all their colours, shapes and sizes can be found practically everywhere - in groceries, local markets and even on busy streets and highways. It’s also not uncommon to find households with one or more fruit-laden trees in the garden. Others which are considered exotic tropical fruits like Balata/ ausubo, and those with Antillean names: Mamey Apple/Tropical Apricot (Mammea Americana), Fat Pork/Coco Plum (Chrysobalanus icaco), ceries/series (Psidium), the leguminous Padoo/Pois Doux, Pennypiece (Pouteria multiflora) and Dong/Crabapple, are more likely to be found in the countryside and coastal communities. In the tropics, fruits can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: coconut, passion fruit, guava and soursop can be cut open and the delicious pulp scoopedout and enjoyed on the spot or made into delectable ice-creams, juices and smoothies. Others like the Governor Plum, mango, Five Fingers (Averrhoa carambola) and pineapple, are often combined with salt, some fresh seasonings like Chadon Beni, garlic and hot peppers to create a “Chow” - a local, spicy snack. Pommecythere, tambran, portugal or tangerine (an easy-peel type of mandarin orange) as well as limes, lemons and oranges make refreshing juices or tropical cocktails. The next time you visit these islands, why not make it a point to sample as many of the local seasonal fruits as possible?


In Season

By Kimberly Wallace


Orange, grapefruit, portugal/ tangerine, bananas, paw-paw/ papaya and sorrel


Watermelon, bananas, pineapple, orange, portugal/tangerine, grapefruit.

A delicious mango chow can bring delectable flavours of peppers and Chadon beni to the fore

Nothing beats the sweet, fresh fruit available at stalls and markets countrywide

ChowAddicts Photos: Damian Luk Pat


Lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange, ceries/series, Dong, Balata.


Bananas, paw-paw/papaya, watermelon, pineapple, lime, lemon, Mammy Sapote (Pouteria sapota).


Sapodilla, caimite, watermelon, Mammy Sapote, pineapple, bananas, paw-paw/papaya, Five Fingers.


Mango, Governor Plum, paw-paw (papaya), pommerac, bananas,


Mango, chennette, local plum, pommecythere, pommerac.


Pommerac, West Indian cherries, Five Fingers, passion fruit, bananas, paw-paw/papaya.

Fresh papaya or paw-paw are available across the island at fruit stands and groceries

Pineapple and plums flavoured with salt, pepper and spices are a delicious treat.


Barbadine, soursop, bananas guava, chennette, pomegranate, pommecythere.

Enjoy a fresh smoothy with local fruit and yoghurt.


Barbadine, soursop, pomegranate, Peewah (a palm fruit), ceries/series, Fat Pork, guava, passion fruit.


Passion fruit, guava, shaddock, bananas, watermelon, sugar apple.


Sorrel, sugar apple, passion fruit, oranges portugal/tangerine.


Stop. Inhale. Relax. By Roslyn Carrington

In Trinidad there are so many ways to slow down, turn your gaze inward, and embrace the stillness you seek. Yoga, a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India, has become quite popular. You’ll find small studios everywhere, or you can take a walk-in class at most gyms. Personal instructors will even come to you. Push back your limits with an aerial Yoga class, or submit to the gentle hands of a masseur. Find a quiet space and bring balance to your life energy with Quijong, an ancient Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control that grows more popular in the West as it proves effective not just for general wellness, but also for pain management, improved balance and co-ordination. For your mind, body, and spiritual enlightenment, discover—or rediscover—Tai Chi. There are several centres throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The Centre for Human Development in Cascade, Port of Spain, offers workshops, or you can join them for Quijong Walking in the Botanical Gardens, an activity that teaches you to coordinate walking and breathing for greater wellbeing. (Find them at And remember, these activities are recommended for a wide range of practitioners— because the spirit is ageless, and always eager to blossom in peace and understanding. So breathe, deeply and slowly. Feel better?


Island life North Coast Photo: Christopher Anderson


Trinidad and Tobago is often called a land of contrasts - not only one of the more industrialised Caribbean countries, rich in natural resources, but also renowned for its beaches, waterfalls and the biodiversity of its Rain Forests.


Central Sights Just off the Uriah Butler Highway is the Caroni swamp an area of approx. 40 square miles which includes the Caroni Bird Sanctuary. Tours are conducted on wooden pirogues, the boats take visitors through narrow canals and into vast lakes to observe the swamp's main attraction, the national bird of T&T, the Scarlet Ibis. Difficult to miss in Carapichaima, Central Trinidad is the 85-foot Hanuman Murti, which is believed to be the largest of its kind outside of India and was built according to the Dravidian style of South India. The next stop is the nearby Indian Caribbean

Museum of Trinidad and Tobago in Waterloo which houses artefacts, documents and photographs over a century old. For more information about this 45-minute informative tour call: (868) 673-7007 or visit Also, in Central Trinidad is the breathtaking Temple In the Sea, which is a testament to the endurance and persistence of Siewdass Sadhu who it is said, rebuilt the temple by hand after it was destroyed. Today, the new temple is one of the most photographed sites on the island. There is so much waiting to be discovered in Central Trinidad including the Our Lady of Montserrat Roman Catholic Church, designed by a French priest and named by Spaniards after the hill on which it stands. The church’s original structure has been retained since it was built in 1878. The church administration can be contacted at (868) 650-0082 or 636-0769 Central Trinidad not only offers insights into Trinidad's religious history, it is where cocoa once reigned as “king”, an incredibly profitable crop. Gran Couva is the home of several cocoa estates including the verdant La Vega Estate which has been transformed into a park and gardening centre with panoramic views and lakes. Visitors can contact for more information


Howler Monkey

Photo: Christopher Anderson

Hindu Temple in Waterloo Photo: Jason Sookermany

Caroni Swamp

Photo: Jason Sookermany

East Coast

Photo: Cheri-ann Pascall

La Vega Estate

Photo: Stephen Jay Photography

Temple in the Sea Photo: Ziad Joseph

Our Lady of Montserrat RC Church, Tortuga


Photo: Ziad Joseph


East Coast Sights

Port of Spain

Immediately inland from the magnificent Manzanilla Bay on the east coast of central Trinidad is the extraordinary forested wetland of the Nariva Swamp. Designated a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention, the swamp covers over 60 square kilometres, it is extremely biodiverse. A popular choice with eco tour companies you have a chance to spot West Indian manatee, caimans, anacondas, boa constrictors, red Howler monkeys, white-fronted Capuchin monkeys, numerous species of parrots, including both the blue-and-gold macaw and red-bellied macaws, as well as many wetland and savanna birds.

Trinidad’s capital has something for everyone - culture, food, entertainment and waterfront views. You know you’ve arrived in the city when you see its iconic twin towers overlooking the Gulf of Paria. Port of Spain is rich in history, over the centuries it has hosted protests and celebrations. The city is best experienced on foot, there are many group tours of national heritage sights, museums and even chocolate foodie trips, as well as those during the Carnival Season, when there is so much to see and do. A visit to the National Museum and Art Gallery, also known as the Royal Victoria Institute, with its seven galleries exhibiting fine art, social history, economics, petroleum and geology featuring over 10,000 artefacts and pieces of historical art, is a must. The National Museum also provides a history lesson in the Steelpan which originated in Trinidad and there is a smaller gallery dedicated to exhibiting the art of Michel-Jean Cazabon (1813-1888) and his engaging landscape and portrait paintings of Trinidad in the Nineteenth century. Open Tuesday to Saturday • 10 am to 6 pm. • Tel: (868) 623-5941

Northern Sights Hidden beneath the Northern Range's deep green canopy is a diverse ecosystem of animals, insects and plants that have attracted and charmed world-renowned scientists the likes of William Beebe and Don Eckleberry. Nestled in the Arima valley is the famous Asa Wright Nature Centre, a well-loved retreat for renowned botanists, bird watchers and researchers. The guest house has also welcomed The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, and years later his son Prince Charles. If you're an historian at heart, then a trip to east Trinidad would not be complete without a visit to the Amerindian Museum at Cleaver Woods which was founded in 1976.



Ortinola Estate

Trinity Cathedral

Photo: Christopher Anderson

Photo: Ziad Joseph

Angostura Museum

Stollmeyer’s Castle

Photo: Andrea de Silva

Queen’s Park Savannah Photo: Ziad Joseph

Photo: RAPSO Imaging

National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) Photo: RAPSO Imaging

In the 1900’s the Queen’s Park Savannah was a favoured park by many throughout the society, on weekends the women dressed in their 'Sunday best' and men in their suits and top hats, came to enjoy the horse and carriage races. Today, it has become a stomping ground for joggers and sport enthusiasts. It’s also best known as a “liming” spot for many who just want to enjoy a cold coconut water or snow-cone. The Savannah is flanked by the 'Magnificent Seven' elegant historical buildings which include Queen's Royal College, Roomor House, Hayes Court, Mille Fleurs, the Archbishop's Place, White Hall and Stollmeyer's Castle. Also bordering the QPS is Queen’s Hall and the National Academy of Performing Arts, as well as one of the city's main attractions - the Emperor Valley Zoo. The city is always buzzing at night, visit Ariapita Avenue and the city of St James to enjoy fine dining restaurants or local ‘street food’ - T&T is truly a culinary haven. If you want some sea, sun and sand, there are numerous options, from the famed Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas and Tyrico Bay on the north coast to the small islands off the north-west peninsula of Trinidad - Chacachacare, Huevos, Centipede island, Monos and Gaspar Grande. Visitors can explore the Gasparee Caves or get a history lesson about the importance of Nelson Island. Monos and Chacachacare also provide options for fishing and snorkeling. Tours are available at www.

Chaguaramas is the gateway to the five islands off of the north-west coast and is the yachting capital of T&T. The Military and Aerospace Museum in Chaguaramas offers visitors over 500 years of war history. Not to miss is Macqueripe Beach - an ideal location for bathers and sportsmen alike. Visitors can also enjoy zip-lining and hiking tours in the forests of Chaguaramas, as well as adventure and theme parks. No trip to Trinidad is complete without a visit to the northeast tip to experience the nesting of Leatherback turtles on the breathtaking, expansive beaches of Matura and Grande Riviere. If this is high on your agenda, make sure to plan your trip between the months March -August. A permit to view the leatherback turtles is required from one of the Forestry Division offices at San Fernando (868) 657-9450, Sangre Grande (868) 668-2518 and Port of Spain (868) 622-3217. Best known for its world-famous aromatic bitters and selection of rums, the Angostura Rum and Bitters Museum and Barcant Butterfly Collection are located at the House of Angostura in Laventille. Visitors can tour the Angostura Rum Distillery, as well as the Bitters’ Manufacturing Room before viewing the stunning 8,000 specimen of around 700 species of local butterflies on display. Advanced booking is required for the two-hour tour. Call (868) 623-1841 or visit www. for more details


Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust Photo: Christopher Anderson

Southern Sites If you're looking for entertainment, shopping opportunities and places of interest for the kids, then a trip to the south of the island is a priority. First on your agenda should be a tour of The Pointea-Pierre Wildfowl Trust which offers trails where visitors can enjoy seeing the Osprey, Masked Cardinal, Yellow-headed Caracara and Wattled Jacana among many other unique birds. After the tour, relax and have a picnic on the park's grounds. Bookings must be made two days in advance. To do so call: (868) 6584200 ext. 2512 or visit The iconic San Fernando Hill offers a panoramic view of the city with its many historical buildings and is worth the trip. It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The San Fernando Office of the Forestry Division can also be contacted at: (868) 653-9563 Shopping in the city is also diverse and fun for the family in the many malls and shopping centres, some also include cinemas and gaming halls.


One of the country's main tourist attractions, the La Brea Pitch Lake is the largest natural asphalt lake in the world. The seemingly bottomless pit is actually estimated to be 250 feet deep covering an area of over 100 acres, the asphalt derived from the pitch lake is exported internationally. Several visitors to the southwest have been known to take a dip in the neighbouring sulphur lakes which are reputed to have healing properties. When visiting the site, please be careful to use official guides who can be identified by their red jerseys with the La Brea logo and 'Official Tour Guide' on the back. For more information call: (868) 651-1232 Families may also enjoy a visit to The Devil's Woodyard which is less intimidating than its name suggests. The site is the location of several mud volcanoes. There are also picnic and sporting grounds nearby. Whether you are adventurous or prefer a more relaxed vacation, the places, sites and sounds that await you will guarantee that you ‘come to life in T&T’.

Our Corporate Short-Term Rental Programme

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This type of option is especially attractive to those international visitors who are looking for something professional and safe whilst they travel to work or are even here for an extended holiday break. The many benefits of a short-term lease include:

Party shuttle, airport shuttle, guided tours to some of the major hotspots in Trinidad and Tobago, you name it! We deliver safe, affordable transport to you and your family. Our warm welcoming and courteous staff have years of experience and professional training in the executive transport industry. Call us today to ensure a safe and totally awesome experience while enjoying the best of our beautiful country. Party Hard – Party Safe – Party Responsibly!

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T&T Tourist Transport Service Association The Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Transport Service Association has been providing reliable and efficient transport services for over 20 years. We offer a 24/7 service for all popular sites and attractions in Trinidad, as well as airport transfers, special functions, weddings, funerals, meetings and conferences, schools, turtle watching (by request) and more. We have a membership of approximately 225 drivers/guides who are trained in basic tour guiding skills, defensive driving and First Aid with CPR. We have public liability insurance coverage. Tel (868) 623-4419 After 3:00 p.m. (868) 683-7934; Fax (868) 624-5016 Email |

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Birdwatching in Trinidad By Jason Radix

Ringed Kingfisher

INSET: Female Barred Antshrike Photos: Stephen Jay Photography

The island of Trinidad is a haven of wildlife biodiversity, rich in native animals and plants; none more vivid than its birdlife. Birds are the largest group of vertebrate with over 400 species documented (over 480 species combined between Trinidad and Tobago), the highest density of any country in the world for its size. This is a widely known fact among both local and international bird watchers (birders), who enjoy exploring the island’s many sites to see new, exotic and elusive species. The island’s rainforests, swamps, natural savannahs, caves and coastlines are among the range of habitats inhabited by the many varied species. The national bird of Trinidad, the Scarlet Ibis, which was recently designated an “Environmentally Sensitive Species”, is the highlight of the Caroni Swamp. While the Trinidad Piping Guan (or Pawi) and the Trinidad Mot Mot, are the island’s only two endemic birds. Another is the Oilbird, an impressive


cave-dweller and the only nocturnal fruit-eating bird in the world. These are just some of the many target birds sought by birders. Among the popular bird-watching sites and facilities are the world famous Asa Wright Nature Centre, the Caroni Swamp Bird Sanctuary, the Nariva Swamp, the Point-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust and Yerette Home of the Hummingbird. Each of these sites provides guided tours with emphasis on bird- watching, conservation and environmental education. This density and diversity of birds make Trinidad one of the most popular destinations in the hemisphere for bird watching and eco-holidays. Annually, thousands of Ecotourists travel to Trinidad to photograph, research, document and enjoy its birdlife. It's a growing niche supported by a fraternity of qualified bird watching/ nature guides, researchers and several environmental groups. Happy birding!

La Vega Estate

Asa Wright Nature Centre

A unique combination of garden centre, plant nursery, nature park and pool facility. Our garden centre stocks an extensive collection of plants grown in our own plant nursery from both local sources and around the world. Enjoy time outdoors! Acres of green, scenic spaces make our Nature & Recreation Park the perfect place for fishing, picnicking, birding, and relaxing. A tranquil oasis awaits you with our two pools in a peaceful and beautiful setting surrounded by nature. Plan your visit to paradise today.

Located in Arima, 1,200 feet above sea level, the Asa Wright Nature Centre is a not-for-profit Trust. A plantation house in the midst of a rainforest in excess of 1,300 acres. It has celebrated 50 years as a self-sustained Eco-lodge and Nature Centre. Full of rich history, it pursues its mission of conservation and protection of habitat and watersheds in the Arima valley. Its research station hosts graduate studies and the Centre carries out community outreach via their education programs. A birder’s paradise that is family oriented. Reservations are required, so call for details of accommodation, daily tours, lunches, conferences and small events.

Tel (868) 679-9522 | (868) 728-5006 Address 726 Gran Couva Main Road, La Vega Village, Gran Couva Facebook @La Vega Estate | Instagram @lavega_estate Website

Tel (868) 667-4655 | Facebook /AsaWrightNatureCentre Email |

Angostura® Museum The House of Angostura®, Trinidad and Tobago’s manufacturer of world renowned products that include the famous Angostura® aromatic bitters and award-winning rums, offers tours to our facilities that gives the visitor the history of the company from inception in 1824. As a bonus, visitors will be able to view the world famous Barcant Butterfly Collection, started in 1921 by Malcolm Barcant and which boasts an impressive array of over 700 butterflies. Tel (868) 623-1841 ext 255 Address Cor. Eastern Main Rd. and Trinity Avenue, Laventille, Trinidad, W.I. Email (Ronda) | We’re on Facebook


Located on the North West Peninsula of Trinidad, the coastal town of Chaguaramas is steeped in history. First settled by Amerindians, the population was decimated when the Spanish colonials arrived, and for many years pirates lurked in the Bocas awaiting traders sailing to Venezuela. In the mid to late eighteenth century Chaguaramas had a thriving whaling trade with names such as Point Baleine and Copper Hole reflecting this history. In fact, the entire peninsula was once leased by the British Government as a Naval base to the United States during World War II. Fast forward to the present-day, Chaguaramas, a treasured public park, is the yachting capital of T&T and is best known for water sports, recreational activities, restaurants and of course its pristine beauty.


Explore Chaguaramas By Kimberly Wallace

Beachfront Boardwalk


The first thing to greet you upon entering Chaguaramas is the boardwalk, ideal for taking a relaxing stroll. The waterfront offers spectacular sunset views and is especially romantic at night.

If your idea of adventure includes zip-lining, you can find a course and canopy walk in Chaguaramas. There is a play area for kids and tours are available for those who want to combine adventure with relaxation.

Sea bathing and Snorkelling One of the most scenic beaches is found in Chaguaramas. Macqueripe is where the tropical forests stretch out to kiss the blue-green waters. Unlike Maracas Bay, Macqueripe is not for sunbathers but is frequented by swimmers and snorkellers alike, who appreciate its clear waters, abundant marine bio-diversity and scenic surroundings.

Museums If you're interested in delving deeper into Chaguaramas' military past then the Chaguaramas Military History and Aerospace Museum which contains uniforms, weapons and other artefacts is worth a visit.



CrewsInn Hotel and Yachting Centre Photo: Ziad Joseph

Gasparee Caves

Photo: Stephen Broadbridge


Photo: Christopher Anderson

Bamboo Cathedral Photo: Christopher Anderson

Chaguaramas Boardwalk Photo: Richard Lyder

INSET: Safari Eco Park Photo: Jason Sookermany

Watersports Chaguaramas is the hub for water sports including windsurfing, dragon boat racing, paddle boarding, pedal-boating and kayaking. Day sails and sunset cruises are also available for those wanting to explore the five island archipelago and the Gasparee caves, located off of the Western peninsula. There are a range of marinas which offer yacht maintenance, dry-docking, restaurants and bars. Tour operators offer group tours and excursions ‘Down d Islands’ or to the caves.

Golfing and Eco-tourism Your idea of enjoying this lush park may involve spending an entire day out on the water or on land at the Chaguaramas Golf course, a nine-hole course that happens to be the only public golf course in Trinidad. It’s also believed to be the oldest. Not far away from the zip-lining course is Tucker Valley - the site of the 'Bamboo Cathedral' which gained its title because of the arches created by the tall bamboo stalks forming a leafdomed spire. It’s popular among joggers and is one of the most scouted locations for wedding photography.

Hiking An easy going 30-minute hike will take you to the magnificent Edith Falls, a three-level 250 ft fall which is best visited at the height of the rainy season if you want to experience why it’s considered magnificent. On your walk, you may even spot the agile Capuchin or Howler monkeys. Book your tours today, visit the Chaguaramas Development Authority’s website


As with all Islands in the Caribbean, Trinidad is surrounded by extensive coastline and a range of beaches. Many of these are popular visitor attractions for swimming and other marine activities, with most having commercial restroom, dinning, shopping and recreational facilities.

Life's a

BEACH By Jason Radix


Chagville Upon entering along the north-west peninsular of Chaguaramas is the Chagville beach. A very popular evening and weekend site for locals who are also seen lined along the boardwalk fishing. Jet-skiing, kayaking, boating and swimming are available. The surrounding marinas, dining, entertainment and recreational facilities provide additional attractions for visitors.

Blanchisseuse Along the north coast lies the small fishing village of Blanchisseuse. The French name for “Washer Woman”, this village is made up of a cluster of small coves, namely “Jean Baptiste”, “Champong” “Deport” and “Marianne”. Each bay adds to the rustic and timeless character of the scenic village.

Macqueripe A quiet cove located in the lush Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas, this popular beach has a fringe reef teaming with fish. Enjoy the hiking trails, zip-lining and golfing facilities are also available nearby.

Manzanilla One of two popular beaches on the Atlantic coast (the other is Mayaro), this dramatic, windswept coconut-lined beach is a top destination for locals, especially during the vacation and public holidays. It is also a nesting beach for the Leatherback Turtle between March & August.

Vessigny Located directly south of the world famous La Brea Pitch (Asphalt) Lake is Vessigny Beach in Siparia. Widely visited by excursion buses on the weekend, facilities include a bar, picnic and changing areas. The waters are calm and the perennial Vessigny River enters the sea on the northern end.


Las Cuevas Toco Lighthouse Photos: Christopher Anderson FROM TOP:

Maracas Beach Columbus Bay Photos: Christopher Anderson


Blanchisseuse Photo: Marcus Gomez BELOW:

Mayaro Photo: Christopher Anderson Inset Photo: Roxanne De Freitas

Maracas The most popular beach on the island is located along the scenic north coast road and 30 minutes away from the capital, Port of Spain. Bordered by impressive headlands, the beach has three rivers and a small fishing village. Best be careful swimming as there are rip currents and plunging breakers. Enjoy the signature dish of “Shark & Bake� which is widely available, and a must-have during any visit.

Las Cuevas Farther along the north coast (past Maracas Bay), is another favorite local retreat. This beach boasts small caves, a meandering Cuaraguate River, almond trees and sand runners. Well maintained parking, restroom and lifeguard facilities are available onsite.


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One of the most desirable natural terrestrial landscapes anywhere are waterfalls, which always generates awe and intrigue. Trinidad boasts of over one hundred waterfalls scattered around the island. These are especially concentrated within the northern range where many main river watercourses begin. Most of the remote and picturesque waterfalls are popular visitor attractions which draw thousands annually. Several of these require experienced guides who are knowledgeable about location, physical fitness required, ideal conditions and the time of the year ideal for visiting, (safest during the dry season).

Avocat Falls

Blue Basin Surely one of the most accessible waterfalls which can be reached via a short 30-minute drive from the capital Port of Spain through to River Estate, Diego Martin. A guided hike or mountain bike trip to this scenic swimming hole is worth the effort.

Edith Falls

Easily one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Trinidad. It is located off the Blanchisseuse main road, 15 miles from Arima. Well worth the journey, it will require you getting wet as you follow the river upstream to this natural attraction.

Nestled within the north-west Peninsula of Chaguaramas, off the golf course and through an abandoned cocoa estate lies this three-tiered waterfall. The entire area is regulated by the Chaguaramas Development Authority which safeguards the area’s rich historical and natural attractions of which the falls belong.

Paria Falls

Maracas Falls

This is quite possibly the most famous of all of Trinidad’s waterfalls as it attracts local & international visitors almost every weekend. It can be accessed by boat through Paria Bay, hiking from Paria Village or along the coast from Blanchisseuse.

Chorro waterfalls, Rincon, Las Cuevas. Guides are recommended. Photo: Brendan Delzin

Recognised as Trinidad’s highest waterfall of 300 feet, this popular falls is located off the Maracas Royal Road, Maracas valley. With a well-marked route, its gradual accent leads you to a sunlit opening through the forest where the waterfall is located. Swimming is not possible.

living in style

Hyatt Regency Trinidad Situated in the heart of downtown Port of Spain on the waterfront, the recently renovated Hyatt Regency Trinidad sets the standard for a new level of comfort, service and convenience among Trinidad hotels. The upgraded facilities offer a 423-room hotel with 15 suites and 43,000 square feet of meeting and event space, catering to business, convention and leisure travellers. The re-designed rooms, lobby, lounge, bar, sushi bar and Waterfront Restaurant with smart furnishings including an additional sofa bed and a 65” TV, provides the perfect environment for you to relax and unwind away from home. Re-energise in our newly enhanced Spa Esencia and rooftop infinity pool with beautiful panoramic views of the Gulf. Wi-Fi is complimentary to all our guests.

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Address 1 Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. Reservations Facebook Twitter @HyattTrinidad Instagram Hyatttrinidad

Tradewinds Hotel Situated in the breezy residential area of St. Joseph Village, San Fernando, Tradewinds Hotel has been owned and operated by the Laing family since 1990. The 41–room “Home Away From Home” boasts friendly, helpful and courteous staff and an efficient management team. Rooms are spacious and fully equipped with minibar, cable TV, air-conditioning, safes and complimentary Wi-Fi. Other facilities include the newly opened Offside Restaurant & Sports Bar and Bottles & Bites Sushi & Tapas Restaurant, conferencing, mini-mart, gym with state-of-the-art equipment and instructors on site and swimming pool. Only 800 metres away from Caribbean Cinemas 10/ South Park Shopping Plaza. Tel (868) 652-9463 Address 36-38 London Street, St. Joseph Village, San Fernando, Trinidad Email

Courtyard By Marriott Refresh your travel experience at the Courtyard by Marriott, Port of Spain. This contemporary hotel features a re-designed lobby, restaurant, library and business centre. Our newly upgraded guest rooms and suites offer plush beds, large work desks with ergonomic task chairs, and free Internet access. The hotel is conveniently located 40 minutes from the international airport, just 10 minutes away from the city centre, and within walking distance of the MovieTowne Entertainment Complex and the Hasley Crawford National Stadium. Host a memorable meeting or business event in any of our versatile conference rooms; the perfect setting for a small business dinner or social gathering. Tel (868) 627-5555 Fax (868) 627-6317 Address Invader’s Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway Port of Spain, Trinidad


Royal Hotel Royal Hotel has the charm of a bygone era, with the conveniences of the modern world. We are known for our warm southern charm, an oasis conveniently located within the city of San Fernando. We invite you to relax in any of our 62 spacious rooms, equipped with cable TV, air-conditioning, safes, free Wi-Fi along with a complimentary continental breakfast. Visit our Landmark Bar or Pavilion Restaurant for a taste of an eclectic mix of local and international cuisine. Our conference and meeting rooms are ideal for hosting business events, cocktail parties and wedding receptions. Hoping to see you soon!

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CARA SUITES HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTRE Situated just a mere 20 minutes away from the city of San Fernando and Chaguanas and 15 minutes away from Point Lisas and Couva, we position you closest to some of the newest entertainment and sporting facilities such as South Park and Cinemas 8, C3 and MovieTowne, the Aquatic Centre and the Brian Lara Cricket Academy. Meticulously appointed hotel rooms with modern amenities, spacious conference and banqueting rooms ideal for almost any occasion, a fine dining restaurant, sunken lobby bar, outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre are available to you during your stay, whether you are travelling for business or leisure. Allow yourself to experience…a Caribbean tradition in the making! Tel (868) 659-2271 | Fax (868) 659-2202 Address Pointe-a-Pierre, Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay, Trinidad Email

The Normandie Hotel The Normandie Hotel is a boutique hotel designed by one of Trinidad’s most acclaimed architects, John Newel Lewis, known as a platform for culture, art and music. The spirit of its local warmth is nothing but charming. Within its façade it houses a conference centre, restaurant, 83 rooms (40 of them poolside) carrying modern amenities, and a market place offering fashion, skin care, and bespoke local products. Strategically situated in the heart of St. Ann’s, minutes away from the Queen’s Park Savannah and Port of Spain. Capture charisma, revisit the values of history. Stay at The Normandie Hotel! Tel (868) 624-1181/4 (868) 387-1244 Address 10 Nook Avenue, St Ann’s, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies Email



The Cannons of Trinidad & Tobago The Cannons of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. is a proud member of The Murrell Group of Companies. We present an alternative take on accommodations by providing concierge services to our guest. The Cannons places special emphasis on our guests experiencing the vibrant culture, cuisine, heritage and adventure of the twin-island republic. Strategically located in Arima, St. James, Belmont and Mayaro; our accommodations are within minutes of the major city, town centers and shopping districts. Supermarkets, banks, restaurants, local entertainment scene and other conveniences are located a short stroll away. Come and experience the simple home-grown hospitality of our staff and our personally tailored tours. Your Home, Away From Home! Office/Mobile +1 (868) 682-8126 Tel/Fax (868) 667-0739 Address Lot #5 20B, Tumpuna Road, Arima, Trinidad Email

Acajou Hotel ACAJOU is a small, eco-friendly, family-operated hotel situated on the beautiful and dramatic northern coast of Trinidad in a small fishing village called Grande Rivière. The hotel is built as a group of traditional cottages nestled between the beach, a crystal clear river and lush rainforest-covered mountains. What makes Grande Rivière unique is the hundreds of endangered leatherback turtles that nest here every year, from March until August. Please visit for unbiased reviews about ACAJOU Hotel. Tel (868) 670-3771 Fax (868) 670-4566 Address Grande Rivière, Trinidad Email

Inna Citi Place Bed & Breakfast At Inna Citi Place Bed & Breakfast, we offer a warm and friendly experience in a secure and comfortable environment. Rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, flat screen cable TVs, wireless Internet, ceiling fans, small refrigerators and en-suite bathroom. Comfort, service and great value characterize our offerings. We are located just minutes away from some of the best-known entertainment centres of Port of Spain, One Woodbrook Place, St James, Ariapita Avenue and MovieTowne. We are a mere six minutes’ drive from the historic Queen’s Park Savannah and within walking distance of the Queen’s Park Oval, banks, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, churches and panyards (Phase Two, Starlift, Invaders).

Tel (868) 622-0415, WhatsApp (868) 683-6132

Address 15 Gaston Johnson Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain Email


Kapok Hotel Ideally located, minutes away from Port of Spain, banks, embassies, medical institutions, malls, the Queen’s Park Savannah and Oval. Our boutique hotel features a range of rooms, including balcony suites with separate living areas and cosy studio rooms with kitchenettes. Amenities include room service, complimentary Wi-Fi, laundry services, gym, pool and two full-service restaurants. Visit KAVA, located lobby level, and enjoy an eclectic menu featuring artisan brick oven pizzas and classic cocktails, or experience an evening of fine dining at our Asian restaurant, Tiki Village, on the 8th floor, and witness one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the capital city. Book online at with code INS&OUTS for the best rate guaranteed. Tel (868) 622-KPOK (5765) Address 16–18 Cotton Hill, St. Clair, Trinidad Email | Facebook kapokhoteltrinidad | Instagram @kapokhotel |

Le Grand Almandier Located 88 km from Piarco International Airport, Le Grand Almandier lies nestled between the almond trees and the beach. Here, the forested headlands border the magnificent coastline to the north and the majestic Grande Rivière River, from which the village gets its name, to the north-east. The perfect retreat to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer: the birds, the wildlife, the nesting leatherback turtles, fishing, boat tours and waterfall tours. The ten tastefully decorated rooms and suites sleep two to six persons. The ideal choice for anyone in search of peace and serenity in completely natural surroundings.

Tel (868) 670-1013/2294 Fax (868) 670-2294 Address 2 Hosang Street, Grande Rivière, Trinidad Email


Villa Almaviva

Photo Kay Wilson

Long regarded as a sailors’ paradise, the islands of the Grenadines have recently gained increased popularity as a destination of choice for those discerning travellers who prefer to escape the crowds. Villa Almaviva, with its private hilltop location on Palm Island, provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy a level of peace and tranquility rarely found in the world today.

Villa Almaviva sits majestically on a hilltop

The concept for Villa Almaviva was developed by its owners who were already familiar with the positives and negatives of living on a small island like Palm, and they specifically chose an architect who could make the most of the wonderful location and maximise the benefits of tropical indoor-outdoor living. The end result is a beautifully designed property that can provide all the necessary ingredients for enjoying a relaxing and comfortable Caribbean lifestyle. Occupying approximately 1.5 acres of land and 10,000 sq. ft. of floorspace, Villa Almaviva comprises a spacious master-bedroom, four well-appointed guest apartments and a nursery/office, all of which are air-conditioned with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets. Expansive covered terraces surround the main living/ dining/sleeping areas, thus providing extra shade for the rooms and a variety of optional, cool and breezy, ‘al fresco’ sitting areas, including next to a freshwater swimming pool. For practical selfsufficiency, the house has been built with its own generator to provide electricity and a desalination plant for fresh water. Thanks to its dramatic location, perched on a hilltop at the south-western end of the island, Villa Almaviva benefits from magnificent panoramic vistas in every direction. On clear days it is possible to see as far as St. Vincent to the north and Grenada to the south, with all the islands in between, while


each evening can provide a spectacular view of the sun setting behind the rugged profile of Union. Being situated on one of the highest points of the island also gives Villa Almaviva complete privacy. To help residents negotiate the hill, the house is equipped with a Club-Car and a Kawasaki (Mule), which can also be used for transporting goods, luggage and handicapped guests. The house also has its own boat, MV Almaviva II, a Bertram 31 with two Detroit Diesel engines, which is useful for shopping and day trips to neighbouring islands. Villa Almaviva Sales Package In addition to the main house, the Sales Package includes: (i) Rum Corner, which is a 1,750 sq. ft., 3-bedroom house on the beach directly below Villa Almaviva, with a large terrace looking out to sea. (ii) A small house that is currently used as staff quarters, but could be converted to guest accommodation. (iii) A 1-acre lot of undeveloped beachfront land on the nearby island of Mayreau, which offers great potential for future development. All in all, the combined Villa Almaviva Sales Package at US$4,500,000 represents a rare opportunity for an astute investor.

Villa Almaviva, Palm Island

Sale Price US$4,500,000

Noble Douglas Dance Company Photo: Maria Nunes



Queen’s Hall at Sixty By Tevin R. Gall

Lilliput Children’s Theatre Photo: Maria Nunes

First opened in 1959, Queen’s Hall was the brainchild of the Trinidad Musical Association (TMA) President and founder of the local Music Festival, Helen May Johnstone. The motive: the lack of a suitable concert hall to host, not only the biennial festival, but the burgeoning talent of a young nation defining its identity in the journey towards Independence. Almost a decade of assiduous fundraising on Johnstone’s part saw architect Colin Laird’s concept materialise, giving the local arts community a home. “In the years that lie ahead,” according to then-Education Minister Patrick Solomon at the Hall’s inaugural performance, “Queen’s Hall would justify the prolonged labour which gave it birth.” Solomon’s words couldn’t have rung truer, as the Hall continues to stand as a bastion of local performing arts. From housing local pan giants such as the Massy Trinidad All Stars to the performers of the Caribbean School of Dancing, the Noble Douglas Dance Company and legacy choirs such as the Marionettes Chorale and the Lydians, artists have trod the boards of the historic theatre.

Coco Dance Festival Photo: Maria Nunes


Over the years, this flagship Caribbean arts performing venue has hosted the likes of late jazz legend, Al Jarreau, featured singers from the Royal Opera and international dancers through the annual CoCo Dance Festival. Almost half a century since its opening, it was found that the Hall needed an upgrade. In an interview with Colvin Chen, a former member of the Board of Queen’s Hall and the principal architect for the project, he spoke about the initiative. “The acoustics were unsatisfactory,” Chen explained, citing “extraneous sounds” and “limited stage space [due to the] small proscenium.” He recalled that the process began in 1996 with Margaret Walcott, then Chairman of the Board, who worked closely with the team and requested government funding for the project. It wasn’t until 2000 that the extensive renovations took off under Gillespie and Partners, with Chen at the helm and Arup -- an acoustics firm whose credits include the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Opera House -- serving as a consultant. Referring to the job as a “challenge,” Chen affirmed that the Queen’s Hall conversion was one of the most difficult jobs he had undertaken, due mainly to a single stipulation: that the structure’s now-iconic dome-shaped roof be retained. This made for an unusual job, with the construction team working in a gradual lateral movement under the existing roof and

going below to achieve the depth needed to fulfil the needs of the new building. Talking with Dr Helmer Hilwig, Chairman of the Board since 2011, he spoke of the venue’s history and his pride at having been appointed. “It’s been an enormous pleasure to serve... in the footsteps of predecessors Helen May Johnstone and Margaret Walcott,” the Dutch director beamed. Hilwig spoke of the Hall being the most modern in the country where audio and lighting equipment are concerned, adding that the establishment is also a frontrunner in terms of functionality and accessibility, with wheelchair access to both the stage and the dressing rooms. Hilwig also mentioned the Board’s efforts to take reservations and sales to the frontier of social media by establishing an electronic ticketing facility. Dr Hilwig emphasized the Board’s commitment, not only to showcasing excellence in theatre, but to nurturing it. “This means that we have a charitable responsibility to give chances to newcomers,” he explained. Queen’s Hall remains invaluable to the performing arts in Trinidad and Tobago and continues to expand not only its presence as a performance space and conference centre, but its role in the development and innovation of the local industry. In celebrating this 60th birthday, we salute our grande dame of the performing arts.

TRINIDAD THEATRES Alice Yard 80 Roberts Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain Call (868) 681-2334

Big Black Box 33 Murray Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain Phone: (868) 622-1001

CLR James Auditorium Cipriani Labour College Churchill Roosevelt Highway Valsayn, St. Joseph

Central Bank Auditorium Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Corner of lower St Vincent Street & Wrightson Road, Port of Spain Box Office at (868) 612-6345 Website:

Learning Resource Centre The University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus Phone: (868) 662-2002 ext 82340 Email:

The Little Carib Theatre Corner of White and Roberts Streets Woodbrook, Port of Spain Phone: (868) 622-4644

Naparima Bowl 19 Paradise Pasture, San Fernando Phone: (868) 652-4704

National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) 119 Frederick Street, Port of Spain Phone: (868) 623-2375 ext 3003 Email:

Queen’s Hall 1-3 St. Ann’s Road, St. Ann’s, Port of Spain Phone: (868) 624-1284/621-2911

Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA)

Noble Douglas Dance Company Photo: Maria Nunes

Todd Street, San Fernando Phone: (868) 657-4380 Email:


Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne When the sun sets, the Caribbean nightlife heats up at Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne. Brimming with activity and excitement, the ambience is clearly reminiscent of Bourbon Street in New Orleans; filled with the eclectic mix of cuisine and entertainment that makes this venue one of the most talked-about spots in T&T. A diverse mix of dining choices await to satisfy any palate, and for anyone feeling lucky, why not try your hand at the casino. Guests can also sway to the beats and pulsating rhythms of local talent with live shows taking place twice per week; every Wednesday and Saturday from 8:30 p.m.–9:30 p.m. You can always find a great lime and a lively crowd at the No. 1 entertainment destination in Trinidad and Tobago.

Tel (868) 627-8277 Email | Address MovieTowne, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain

VIP Platinum Cinema and Lounge, MovieTowne The VIP Platinum Cinema and Lounge is an ultra-modern, state-of-theart venue that takes cinema going to the next level. Indulge in the full VIP experience by dining in the lounge, while satisfying your penchant for a blockbuster movie in the private setting of the 64-seat theatre. The lounge is open to all; no movie ticket necessary. It offers a sophisticated restaurant and bar atmosphere where dining, cocktails and meetings are welcomed. You can also reserve your cinema seat ahead of time, while savouring the intimate setting of luxury seating and cosy blankets. The venue is also available for rent for any type of event and occasion. Located inside the lobby of MovieTowne Port of Spain, this is the latest entertainment offering to movie lovers with discerning tastes nationwide.

Tel (868) 627-8277 Email | Address MovieTowne, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain

Five Islands Amusement Park Come experience the thrills of the largest themed amusement park in Trinidad and Tobago. Located along the coast of the beautiful Chaguaramas peninsula, you can enjoy the adventure of exhilarating attractions like the Caiman Go Karts, the Dragon Fly Air Racer, the Surf Rider, a trampoline park, a roller skating rink, an obstacle ropes course, and a coconut climb, or have your little ones bounce around in Rainbow Land. The fun continues indoors with a massive arcade with lots of prizes to be won! There’s something for everyone at Five Islands Amusement Park! Stay tuned for the opening of our second park in 2019; Five Islands Water Park.

Tel (868) 612-PARK (7275) Address Western Main Road, Chaguaramas, Trinidad W.I. Email Website


By Anna Walcott-Hardy

Inspired by the extraordinary life and times of Ulric Cross Frances-Anne Solomon

The late Desmond Allum shared his wish to showcase the life of Ulric Cross and his impact on the Pan African movement with his friend, Anne-Marie Stewart. Over a decade later, the wish became a reality when Stewart alongside her daughter, Trinidadian/Canadian film director and producer, Frances-Anne Solomon, premiered the film ‘Hero’ at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival’s opening night in 2018. While Cross’ stellar achievements in the RAF in 1941 were well known, his global fight alongside Trinidadian intellectuals and activists like CLR James and George Padmore, African leaders Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba, against colonialism and his involvement, like many other West Indians, in the Pan African movement, have almost been lost to this new generation, until now. This overarching biography pays tribute to the courage of an empathetic, highly-intelligent Belmont-boy born into a welleducated, middle income family in the then British colony of Trinidad. He experiences almost insurmountable challenges: the death of his mother, betrayal by friends, profound prejudice in Britain even after his acts of courage in the World War, poverty, espionage and attempts on his life. This story is brought to the screen by the talented cast of Nickolai Salcedo as Ulric Cross, Peter Williams as James “Pony’

Lisa Wickham

Macfarlane, Joseph Marcel as CLR James and Pippa Nixon as Ann Cross. ‘Hero’ is elegantly and exactingly directed by Solomon, with textured cinematography alongside an unforgiving attention to detail and an evocative score by John Welsman. The screenplay reflects the detailed research that went into the project detailing the life of the highly decorated serviceman. At times it feels like a series of historic events are being listed rather than creatively linked, the narrative mostly linear, yet the film remains incredibly engaging. Writing our stories, recognising our champions, is challenging in countries with a history of disenfranchisement. However, films like these signal a change. During the premiere, Solomon spoke of her “intrepid team” and thanked the cast and crew, sponsors Republic Bank, as well as Telefilm Canada, Caribbean Tales Worldwide Distribution and Imagine Media International. In fact, all profits from the film will go to the Cotton Tree Foundation which was founded by attorney and activist, Allum along with his friend, Ulric Cross, to meet the needs of disenfranchised youth in St Ann’s and Belmont. The achievement of making this production is an act of heroism in itself, congrats to all supporters including Republic Bank, as well as creator and executive producers Ann-Marie Stewart and Lisa Wickham; and to the TT Film Festival – well done!


s e b i V l a e R

By By Joel Henry

The First Citizens National Poetry Slam “It’s a vibes, you know. It’s real vibes.” Not only has Deneka Thomas been a spoken word poet for over five years, in 2018 she became the champion of spoken word poets. Last year, the 26 year-old artist won the First Citizen’s National Poetry Slam, one of the most vibrant, large scale literary events on the island. “Slam”, as the poets calls it, is part of another event, the NGC Bocas Lit Fest, the Caribbean’s premier literary festival. Held in April, Bocas brings together writers, poets and even filmmakers from the region and beyond. The Slam finals take place on the last day of the festival. “The First Citizen’s National Poetry Slam is the culmination of Lit Fest,” says Derron Sandy, creative director of Slam. Started in 2012 as a small competition by Jean Claude Cournand, founder of the 2 Cents Movement (an arts activism and youth development group), Slam grew rapidly, mirroring the growth of spoken word poetry in T&T. In its first year the grand prize was $1,000, collected from the entrance fee at the door. In 2018, Deneka Thomas won $50,000 with her three-minute performance of “Chronicles of a Ranting Closet” before a packed audience at the National Academy for the Performing Arts. This growth has come in part from the First Citizen’s Group, which has made Slam one of its community engagement sponsorships; as well as its connection to the Bocas Lit Fest. “As First Citizens, the essence of our business and of who we are is about transforming lives and facilitating the achievement of the full potential of our people, wherever we serve,” Sterling Frost, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Operations and Administration at First Citizens explained recently. “The First Citizens National Poetry Slam is one such expression, by which we help young people hone their innate skills and promote the oral traditions of our heritage, through the spoken word. We have been doing this now successfully for the last seven years, and are fully committed to growing the Festival and exposing even more of our youth to this amazing experience.” But the competition is also very much the effort of spoken word event organisers and artists, who have worked for years to spread the art form. “From 2012 things really started to accelerate,” says Sandy, pointing to the work of the 2 Cents Movement, such as school visits and the “2 Cents for Change” spoken word video series, which helped to move spoken word into the mainstream. But even before that there were pioneering artists such as Gary Acosta and Muhammad Muwakil. And even before that “there was always a kind of underground thing happening in little bars and forested areas,” he says. So what can you expect at Slam? “The ambiance changes,” says Thomas. “You have a lot of different types of poetry, and poets have different personalities. From one minute it could be like Soca Monarch and then another it could feel really touching and intimate.” But one thing is consistent. Slam, and spoken word in general, represents Trinbago art at its most youthful, dynamic and passionate. And you can find it on the national stage, university campuses, art galleries, parks and spaces across T&T.

Deneka Thomas Photo: Curtis Henry

! e m i t Show

By Tevin R. Gall

Sun, sea, sand, carnival and...concerts? Trinidad and Tobago has always had a tradition of growing great entertainers, singers and songwriters, from veteran calypsonians such as the Mighty Sparrow, Lord Kitchener, Shadow, Roaring Lion, to Kes, Machel Montano, David Rudder, Nicki Minaj, Jillionaire and more recently Olatunji, who blasted his way on to the X-Factor. Internationally renowned musicians, from Paul Simon, to Bob Marley and Michael Jackson have travelled to the twin-islands, known for its musical innovation.

A developing economy with a thriving metropolis, a bustling party scene and dynamic music industry, Trinidad and Tobago is often positioned as a regional hub for commerce and entertainment, and has indeed found itself welcoming a slew of international recording artists over the years. In 2011, rock fans were treated to metal band, Evanescence at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, which also welcomed Maroon 5 the previous year. The Queen’s Park Oval served as the stage for R&B crooner Keyshia Cole and rapper T-Pain, for their joint concert in 2008. And who can forget pop diva Beyonce at her 2010 appearance at the Queen’s Park Savannah, a balladeering vision in white one minute and palancin’ in a shimmering gold number the next. More recently, Grammy-nominated reggae artist Chronixx sent crowds into a frenzy at Skinner Park in San Fernando in 2017.

While several contemporary stages have been constructed at the open-air venues, the country can also boast of spaces such as Queen’s Hall, which featured jazz legend Al Jarreau in 2008, and theatres as well as hotels in both North and South Trinidad. Tenille Clarke, Managing Director of Chambers Media Solutions was the public relations officer for the Chronixx event. She explained that this was a marker of potential revenue earning for domains other than the music industry. “The benefits for all of us...bring limitless possibilities,” Clarke declared. “It is imperative that we continue the upward trend of qualityassured experiences of [our] concerts...the calibre of these contributions help to establish meaningful partnerships in both the private and public sectors” Make sure you take the time to catch one of these incredible performances during your visit.

Chronixx Concert Photo: Richard Lyder

One of a Kind

Special Events in Trinidad & Tobago By Roslyn Carrington

You know the old adage: the three secrets to success are location, location, location. When planning the ultimate event, it’s not just what you do, it’s where you do it. Trinidad is the perfect place for your destination conference, family reunion, retreat or wedding. The infrastructure and amenities are all you can desire and more. From the start, you’re presented with a choice of venues, from the small and intimate to the elaborate and sophisticated. Most venues will supply all your necessities, from furnishings to sound systems to catering, or you can hire an event planner. A Trinidad destination wedding can be especially delightful. A cadre of highly trained and seasoned professionals are waiting to transform your treasured vision into a reality that will linger in your memory for a lifetime. Whatever the event, whatever your objective, Trinidad is the place.




ATHLETES By Sheldon Waithe

Medals, medals and oh yes, more medals were the order of the year for T&T’s sportsmen and women in 2018. There were clear indications that the pairing of outstanding natural talent with increased investment in developmental and elite programmes, is starting to bear fruit.


Team TTO, at the Gold Coast 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games at Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast, Australia. Photo: Allan V. Crane/CA-images

Team TTO's Michelle-Lee Ahye won the Gold Medal in the Women's 100m Sprint Finals, during the Gold Coast 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games at Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast, Australia. Photo: Allan V. Crane/CA-images

Trinbago Knight Riders winners of the 2018 Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Photo: Nicholas Bhajan

Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018 delegation, share the stage with Aborigines from Australia, at the Athlete's Village, South Port, Queen's Land, Australia. Photo: Allan V. Crane/CA-images

Keshorn Walcott during the NGC/NAAA Open Championship at the Hasley Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain. Photo: Allan V. Crane/CA-images

At the Commonwealth Games in Australia, sprinters Jereem Richards and Michelle Lee Ahye took gold in the 200M and 100M respectively, with Ahye fulfilling the promise shown on the international circuit over the past five years. Swimmer Dylan Carter also secured silver in the 50M Butterfly, hinting at more to come later in the year. The gold mining really took off in Colombia for the Central American and Caribbean Games in July, with nine golds, including nineteen year-old Nicholas Paul’s three-in-track cycling to match Dylan Carter’s in the pool, Teneil Campbell in the women’s road race, the everreliable Cleopatra Borel in the Shot Put and 2012 Olympic Champion javelin thrower Keshorn Walcott. Paul also glowed at the Pan Am Cycling in Championships where he won gold in the Team Sprint before missing the Flying 200M World Record by 0.031 in Mexico’s altitude.


Queen’s Park Cricket Club was usurped from their accustomed position at the top of local cricket, with Alescon Comets seizing their first Premiership title and Central Sports taking the National T20 trophy. As ever, the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) lit up the summer with not one, but two venues used in T&T, the Queen’s Park Oval and the Brian Lara Academy. There is good reason that the ‘Biggest Party In Sport’ has signed up for three consecutive finals to be held in Trinidad: one look at the ultra festive CPL evenings and the manic following in the country, is enough to convince any promoter that this is the place to host the matches. North East Stars secured their second Pro League title with a clear seven point lead over W Connection, who in turn won the knockout Digicel Cup. Internationally, the Soca Warriors rebuilt from the 2017 disappointment of not qualifying for the World Cup with an unbeaten run in 2018, the last of which was a 2-0 victory against the UAE. The many fairways of Trinidad remained as busy as ever, with Canadian Dustin Risdon claiming the biggest local tournament of them all, the T&T Open. Among the ladies youngster Yeji Lee took the Svelty Ladies Open. Christopher Richards Jnr outplayed his older counterparts with a blitzing 69 to claim the Chaguaramas Championship. In athletics, apart from the two major Games in 2018, the traditional strength of the nation’s athletes were showcased in the global Diamond League series with Lee Ahye and Richards again securing podium places. At home, the Sagicor National Championships saw a repeat of the same names taking the titles, Keston Bledman and Lee Ahye in the 100 metre races, Deon Lendore in the 400M, Walcott in the javelin, but Kyle Graux upset the applecart by taking the 200M. 2012 Olympic champion Walcott may have the national title and CAC gold to add to his growing collection, but his 2018 was hampered by inconsistency due to injury. But first there is 2019, and the continued excellence by our sports people. Small islands, big competitors! FROM THE TOP:

Professional Division 1st place winner, Dustin Risdon during the T&T Golf Open 2018 at St. Andrew's Club, Moka. Former First Lady, Mrs. Reema Carmona, during Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Queen's Baton Relay Tour of Port of Spain. She ran the first leg of the relay. T&T's Silver medalist Dylan Carter at the Gold Coast 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games at The Optus Aquatics Centre, Gold Coast, Australia Photo: Allan V. Crane/CA-images



Best of Both Worlds By Keith Lewis

The villages of the east coast of Trinidad, from Balandra through Toco and west to Matelot, were alive with gratitude this October. Local surfer Chris Dennis, and his team of do-gooders, toured the area distributing over 200 free surfboards to the young people in the community. As though it was not enough to have already “lost count” of national surfing championship titles, quantified at over 15 in the junior, open men’s, masters and longboard divisions, Chris has also won international surfing events in California and Puerto Rico. Once ranked 144th in the world on the World Surfing League Qualifying Series, the highest of any Trinbagonian Surfer in history, Chris was the subject of a documentary that catalogued his mission to get there called “Between Worlds” produced in 2015. An avid fisherman, free diver and all-round talented athlete, Chris grew up in the quiet coastal town of Rampanalgas, a stone’s throw from the turbulent seas of Trinidad’s east coast. His incredible work ethic, and appreciation for everything he has achieved, he attributes to the strong foundation his parents provided. It was always, work first, surf later. Chris made a commitment to passing on his positive attitude toward hard work and commitment to education to the youths of the rural communities. He developed a programme in his village called “Fools don’t Surf” where kids

Once ranked 144th in the world on the World Surfing League Qualifying Series, the highest of any Trinbagonian Surfer in History, Chris was the subject of a documentary that catalogued his mission to get there called “Between Worlds” produced in 2015. were required to attend school, and reading lessons after school, to be allowed to participate in the surfing activities thereafter. Kids in the programme were also taught trades such as surfboard repairs and fibreglass techniques. Chris’ most recent endeavour, part of global initiative developed by Vans Surf Brand and choreographed by the Positive Vibe Warriors non-profit organisation, both hailing from California, has been perhaps his most rewarding accomplishment to date. Surfboards numbering more than 200 were donated by surfers across the United States, packaged and shipped to Trinidad and Tobago. After months of planning, the boards were distributed by Chris and the team of both local and international surfers, who also gave surf clinics in each coastal village, much to the appreciation of all.

meet a Trini

Photo: Richard Lyder



T &T Cycling Success By Sheldon Waithe

Photo: Richard Lyder

T&T is drawing upon its rich legacy in cycling, expanding and slowly claiming its place as a global player. A strong infrastructure, private and public sector investment, together with solid grassroots programmes, have led to a coming together of all these factors resulting in medals on the regional and hemispheric stage, at both junior and senior levels. T&T cycling is no longer on the cusp of something big, it is now ready to take that great leap on the biggest arena of them all, the Olympics. Central to this metamorphosis is the continued investment of Beacon Insurance into the sport. The marriage of Beacon owner (and cycling enthusiast extraordinaire) Gerald Hadeed and ex-national cyclist turned promoter Michael Phillips, at the turn of the 21st century, created the blueprint of success with cycling events. These events also provided the opportunity for local cyclists to compete against international riders, all the while keeping the sport at the forefront. Thus, when the push for sports tourism was undertaken by T&T, cycling was well placed in terms of popularity, for government investment. The Beacon events took a sport that had a great history in the nation and helped it grow beyond elite competitors, in line with the global trend of riding on or off-road for fitness, exploration and fun. As Phillips noted recently, “When I started promoting the events you never saw bike racks on cars in T&T, now you can’t drive anywhere without seeing several".


Helping with the expansion are the variety of events that have mushroomed from the original Beacon Series. First, set-up on the velodromes on Trinidad, the initial concept was ‘West Indies vs The Rest of the World’ which proved hugely popular with fans and soon incorporated a road race around the Queen’s Park Savannah. The infusion of Carnival culture into the event brought non-cycling specific followers and converted them. The foreign cyclists loved it; where else in the world would they race to pumping Soca, "limbo" between events and have Blue Devils and fire-breathers cheering them on? Beacon cycling was cemented onto the local sporting landscape. The immensely popular Beacon ‘Cycling on D Avenue’ began seven years ago and this October will expand with a night time Duathalon. A generation is now continuing along the path laid for them by the likes of multiple Pan Am, Worlds, CAC and Commonwealth medallists Roger Gibbon, Gene Samuel, Ian Atherly, Maxwell Cheeseman, Leslie Rawlins, Christopher Sellier, Emile Abraham... the list, like the medals, goes on and on. This small Caribbean nation, continually goes out-front, time after time. Now the facilities are in place, as is an equally world class coaching programme, resulting in Nicholas Paul, Njisane Phillip, Kwesi Browne spearheading a crop of riders that are dominating the western hemisphere, while Teneil Campbell takes the women’s side of the sport into unchartered territory. The Beacon cycling template has been a major part of the ride.

Photo: Richard Lyder





Texas de Brazil Sample Menu Seasonal Salad Area Aged French cheeses, smoked salmon, marinated portobello, lobster bisque, Brazilian pasta salad, sushi, Brazilian black beans with pork, sweet & sour fish. Various Cuts of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Brazilian Sausage Brazilian picanha, rack of lamb, chicken wrapped in bacon, fillet mignon, Parmesancrusted pork, hearty flank steak, fillet mignon wrapped in bacon. Brazilian Cocktail: Caipirniha Our signature cocktail with fresh fruit and sugar muddled and served shaken.

Texas De Brazil is an authentic BrazilianAmerican churrascaria (steak house) offering you an interactive dining experience unlike anything else in Trinidad and Tobago! Treat yourself to our 50 to 60 seasonal salad area and traditional side items. When you are ready for meat, turn your card to green and prepare to be swarmed by a troop of carvers generously serving various cuts of meat until you can say, “No más!” An extensive wine list, freshly made signature cocktails, and many decadent desserts are available to complete your dining experience. Hours of Operation: Sunday Brunch: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Dinner nightly: 5:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Tel (868) 623-0022 Address Level 2 Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne Invader’s Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain Fixed pricing (All you can eat) $$$ Available for functions


Ristorante Italiano Sample Menu Antipasti – Fuoco Gamberetti Arrosto Fire-roasted shrimp tossed with fresh herbs, island peppers and spicy garlic butter. Pizzas – Pear, Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Fresh pears, caramelised onions, prosciutto and thyme bring out the rich flavours in this sauceless pizza, topped with mozzarella cheese and crumbled fresh gorgonzola. Pastas – Cannelloni Di Pesce Our seafood medley of shrimp, lump crab, baby clams and a blend of cheeses rolled in pasta and baked with mozzarella and parmesan cream sauce. Chicken, Meats & Seafood – Risotto alla Pescatora Shrimp, calamari, clams and mussels simmered with creamy Arborio rice. Desserts Alternating layers of hazelnut cream and chocolate cream, topped with praline hazelnuts

Waterfront Restaurant Sample Menu Lunch Caribbean Burger Jerk seasoned; Island coleslaw; tomato; grilled pineapple; chado beni aioli Seafood Linguine Shrimps; mussels; clams; parsley; garlic; olive oil Dinner Roasted Portobello Red quinoa; basmati rice; roasted corn; baby spinach; spicy tomato sauce Lobster and Crab Risotto Caribbean Lump crab; Arborio rice; herbs; Parmesan Herbs Lamb Chop Chargrilled lamb; caramelised pearl onions; truffle potato; tomato confit Desserts Vegan Crème Brulée Coconut & passion fruit brulée; Gluten-free crumble; mango sorbet Peaches and Cream Cream cheese flan; caramelised peaches; vanilla chantilly; ginger-spiced crumble

Our inspiration for Rizzoni’s came from generations of secret recipes and techniques from the southern coast of Naples, to northern Italy in honor of the Rizzo/Pisoni families. Welcome to our home. Welcome to Rizzoni’s! Undoubtedly the best Italian cuisine. Lunch served daily: 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Dinner: Sun to Thur: 5:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. and Fri & Sat: 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Download the Rizzoni’s To Go app. Available for functions.

Waterfront Restaurant invites you to enjoy local and international cuisine with a contemporary flair. We promise to take you on an amazing culinary excursion. Savour authentic flavours, magnificent presentations as you dine indoors or outdoors, with amazing views of the Gulf of Paria.

Tel (868) 627-RIZZ (7499), 657-RIZZ (7499) Address MovieTowne, Level 1, Fiesta Plaza, Port of Spain. MovieTowne, C3 Plaza/Complex San Fernando $$ Available for functions

Tel (868) 821-6550 Address Hyatt Regency Trinidad 1 Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. Facebook HyattRegencyTrinidad Twitter @HyattTrinidad Instagram Hyatttrinidad $$$



Soong’s Great Wall


Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant & Caterer

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Phoenix Basket A combination of assorted seafood, meats and mixed vegetables presented in an edible basket. Sizzling Tenderloin Beef Beef tenderloin slices stir-fried in black bean sauce and served on a sizzling hot platter. Sesame Shrimp – Golden battered shrimp smothered in a delectable cream sauce and sprinkled with lightly toasted sesame seeds. Lobster Cantonese – Chunks of the finest lobster, delicately cooked with a cream and butter sauce. Dasheen Pork – Slices of pork & dasheen, layered and steamed in a special sauce.

Appetiser Pepper Salt Calamari Succulent morsels of calamari fried to perfection and tossed with garlic, ginger, onions, scallions and fresh Calcutta chillies. Main Course Konjee Crispy Chicken Moist slices of chicken breast, crispy fried, heated with our special Calcutta red chili paste and tossed with onions and scallions in a sweet and spicy Konjee sauce. Red Curry Shrimp (Thai, Spicy) Tender pieces of shrimp and select vegetables cooked in a rich, flavourful Thai red curry, made to perfection, with coconut milk, fragrant Thai herbs and our red curry paste.

Breakfast Fried Bake or Sada with: Smoke herring, saltfish, liver and gizzard, fish, stewed chicken or all vegetables.

The Great Wall of China is the world’s longest wall built entirely by hand, making it a remarkable engineering feat. Today, Soong’s Great Wall prides itself on that same personal attention that builds long-lasting relationships, making us a world-class restaurant. Relax and be pampered by our highly trained staff, personally instructed in the art of making you feel welcome. Our famous Wednesday Night Buffet offers succulent lobster, among many other delectable dishes. Don’t miss our Sunday Lunch Buffet. Reservations (868) 652-Wall (9255) / 657-5050 / 652-2583 Fax (868) 653-3834 Address 97 Circular Rd., San Fernando Email Private upper level for special $$ functions & seminars

Hakka cuisine is an elegant fusion of Chinese recipes with distinct Indian spices and flavours. Over 100 years ago, the original recipes traveled from Mei Zhou, China to India with the Hakka Chinese people, who eventually settled in Calcutta. Over several generations, the marriage of oriental techniques and Indian ingredients evolved into a gastronomic explosion for the taste buds. Our chefs have travelled from the top Hakka restaurants in Calcutta to meticulously prepare dishes that define the sights, tastes and aromas of the HAKKA experience. Dining or Takeaway 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Mon. – Thur. 11:00 a.m. – 12 midnight Fri. and Sat. 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Sunday Tel (868) 33-HAKKA (42552) Address 4 Taylor Street, Woodbrook, POS Email Facebook Hakka-Restaurant-Bar Lunch, Dinner, Parking Available $-$$



Roti Buss-up-shut or dhalpuri, mini or large roti. Lunch Specials Mon.: Pelau Tue.: Curry fish Wed.: Callaloo/corn, coo-coo Thurs.: Karhee.

Everyday Specials Soups (every day) Crab & dumpling (Fri. to Sat.) Bake and shark (every day) Pies and pholourie (every day)

Flameboyant Restaurant and Caterer was created by Mr. Ronald Rampersad, an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Flameboyant produces a variety of exhilarating locally flavoured dishes. We specialise in delicious curries, stews, paratha and dhalpuri, along with an array of creole dishes. Our friendly ambience at Flameboyant allows our customers to feel like family whilst enjoying an exquisite twist of flavourful dishes. Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Catering available! Tel (868) 223-5200 E-mail Address 168 Munroe Road, Cunupia



The Centro Restaurant Sample Menu Buffalo shrimp Shrimp tossed in a tangy buffalo sauce. Mexican Chicken Salad Lettuce, tomatoes, corn, black beans, cucumber served with Centro’s BBQ ranch dressing and crispy nachos. Grilled Vegetable Flatbread Tomato, onions, black olives with marinara and mozzarella.


Tiki Village

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

KAVA Pizza – Our own signature pizza! Tomato sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, caramelized onions, with toasted walnuts or capers.

Our Special Polynesian Delight A combination of five delectable hors d’oeuvres. Mongolian Beef – Tender beef, sautéed in a hot, spicy hoisin sauce, served over a thin layer of crispy vermicelli.

Prosciutto Salad – Prosciutto with mixed greens, olives, goat cheese, balsamic dressing and pepperoncini salsa.

Jing Shek Ban – Steamed boneless fillet of fish with ginger and chive in a soya sauce.

KAVA’s Bushwhacker – Vodka, Baileys, Kahlua, coconut rum, coconut cream, Amaretto, Grand Marnier and vanilla ice cream.

Caribbean Jam-Jam Shrimp, chicken, sausage tossed in spices and rice. Ray’s Favorite Pasta Penne tossed with broccoli, oven dried tomatoes, sweet peppers, Kalamata olives and garlic served with your choice of Alfredo, marinara or olive oil.

The Centro Restaurant at the Courtyard by Marriott offers a fast casual dining experience serving a blend of local and international cuisines. Our team of culinary experts will ensure that your dining experience with us is memorable. We’re open daily from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. for breakfast and from 12:00 noon until 11:00 p.m. for lunch and dinner. Reservations are required.

Tel (868) 627-5555 E-mail Courtyard by Marriott, Invaders Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain $$$

A Tiki favourite — Perfect for sharing!

Atlantic Salmon – Teriyaki and mango-glazed Atlantic salmon, pan-seared with parsley potatoes and julienne vegetables.

Walnut Shrimp – Shrimp deep fried and tossed with toasted walnuts in an exotic sauce. Tiki Pork – Tender slices of seasoned pork sautéed with onions, sweet peppers, in a spicy hoisin sauce.

KAVA’s eclectic menu features artisan brick oven pizzas, salads, gourmet burgers, pastas, steaks and more. It displays a wide selection of wines, and offers a variety of internationally renowned beers. Its convenient location, along with the crisp and inviting décor, makes it an excellent meeting spot! Enjoy your choice of indoor café styled seating or relax on our outdoor terrace, both providing the perfect setting for casual dining. Whether it’s for a quick bite for lunch, graband-go or a leisurely espresso with tempting desserts, KAVA is the obvious choice.

Tiki Village is a unique Asian-Polynesian Restaurant offering a stunning view of the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, and the Gulf of Paria. Explore our famous dim sum menu on Sundays and taste our delicately hand-crafted Asian delights. Or join us for our sumptuous a-la-carte lunches and dinners. Honey-toned wooden pillars and copper masks, locally crafted by our artisans, create a warm ambiance and an elegant background. Perfect for a romantic evening, business meeting or a family outing.

Reservations (868) 622-KAVA (5282) Address Kapok Hotel, Lobby Level 16–18 Cotton Hill, St. Clair, Trinidad Email Facebook Lunch, Dinner, Takeaway $$ Available for functions

Reservations (868) 622-KPOK (5765) Address Kapok Hotel, 8th Floor 16–18 Cotton Hill, St. Clair, Maraval Email Facebook Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Takeaway, $$$ Available for functions


Island Beer

Sushi Bar & Steakhouse

More Vino / More Sushi

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Appetisers Beef top striploin, micro greens, red onion, soy dressing. Zuke Tuna Tataki: Flambéed marinated tuna, garlic chips, sesame, ponzu sauce. Sushi Shogun Roll: Shrimp, tuna, salmon, hamachi, snapper, chive. Okita Roll: Soft-shell crab, orange masago, lettuce, tomato, spicy mayo, teriyaki. Entrée Ishiyaki Beef Steak: 8 oz Angus beef rib eye, potato wedge, bean sprout, Japanese BBQ sauce. Dessert Samurai Ice Cream Tempura: One scoop of flavoured ice cream, gently wrapped with vanilla pound cake and deep fried to perfection.

Appetisers Shrimp tempura, edamame, calamari, golden dumplings, sriracha wings, chicken bombs, seaweed salad. Hot Kitchen Chicken Alfredo, Pad Thai, Thai curries, dim sum. Sushi Bar Sriracha lobster, double crunchy, angry crab, iron chef, volcano, tempura crunchy ninja, scorpion pepper, nigiri, sashimi.

Appetisers Chicken Quesadilla - A classic Mexican tortilla, filled with salsa and chicken served with melted cheddar cheese, guacamole, lettuce and sour cream. Hearty Sandwich Brisket Cheese - Sliced, slow-smoked brisket with cheddar cheese, lettuce and BBQ sauce on a 6-inch hoagie. Pasta Fettuccine Alfredo - Our creamy, full-of-flavour homemade Alfredo sauce is mixed with our pasta how Mummy used to make it. Smoked Meats: Baby Back Ribs - Our tender and succulent pork ribs are smoked for a minimum of 8 hours and glazed with our signature BBQ sauce, then grilled to perfection, served with your choice of side.


Enjoy the Japanese experience at Samurai Restaurant Sushi Bar and Steakhouse, where Japanese-born Executive Chef, Kenji Miura creates an authentic culinary experience enhanced with exotic Caribbean flavours. We’re open every day with weekly specials starting from 5:00 p.m. Wednesdays: Social Sushi; Thursdays: Japanese Steak and Seafood Night; Fridays: Cocktails & Sushi and Saturdays we offer over 130 wines by the glass. Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 midnight. Tel (868) 235-3283 E-mail Address Unit 26 B&C, One Woodbrook Place, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. Lunch, Dinner, Dine-in, Takeaway $$-$$$

Chill & Grill

More Vino is one of the most popular restaurants best known for their sushi. They combine traditional and Caribbean flavours for an undeniable explosion of taste and excitement. Also offered is an extensive selection from the hot kitchen/cooked menu. You’ll feel at home, whether you choose to sit inside or under the grape vines on the terrace. Opening Hours: Sun: 5:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Mon–Thurs: 11:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Fri–Sat: 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. Tel (868) 622-VINO (8466), 652-8466 Fax (868) 622-2710 Port of Spain – 23 O’ Connor St., Woodbrook Tel (868) 652-VINO (8466) San Fernando – 33 Scott St., San Fernando Email Facebook Instagram @morevinotrinidad Lunch, Dinner, Takeaway, Catering, $$$ Event space rental and Delivery

Ever tried Warsteiner Pilsner right off the tap? At Island Beer Chill and Grill you can try over 120 different beers from around the globe, such as lagers, ales, stouts as well as ciders. Come and treat yourself to our slow smoked meats, wings and even pasta to complement any palate. We feature all major sporting events on our big screens coupled with drink specials weekly. Opening Hours: One Woodbrook Place: Sun–Thurs 3:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m. • Fri & Sat 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. South Park: 11:00 a.m. daily. Tel (868) 235-BEER (2337) Address Shop 41, One Woodbook Place, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I. Tel (868) 220-IBCG (2442) Address South Park, San Fernando. Facebook and Instagram /Island Beer Chill and Grill Lunch, Dinner, Dine-in, Takeaway $-$$


Salt n’ Pepper

El Pecos Grill

Classical Indian Cuisine

Sample Menu Meats Chicken – Rotisserie, BBQ, jerk, fried, stewed, curried, geera. Beef – Stewed, pastelles, 100% burger . Pork – BBQ ribs, jerk, BBQ, BBQ pigtail, stewed, ham. Fish – Grilled, stewed, fried, salt fish and provision. Lamb – Stewed. Sides Rice – Festive, white, bhagi, pelau. Provisions – Steamed provision, plantain, buttered cassava, parsley potato, steak fries, seasoned fries. Vegetables – Chunky vegetables, corn, melongene ratatouille, callaloo, corn pie. Salads – Green, coleslaw, green fig, macaroni, potato. Other – Macaroni pie, peas/beans, dumplings, coo coo. Saturday Specials Oxtail & beef soup, pig foot souse.

El Pecos offers you the best in fast casual dining, with a solid reputation for consistently good food and value for money. Indulge yourself in our selection of fire-grilled or slowcooked meats, served with a variety of superb sides. Simply serve yourself, weigh, and pay for your food by the pound. Tel (868) 285-9171 Fax (868) 632-3892 Email Address Diego Martin Main Road. – 84a Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook. – Lower 6th Avenue, Barataria. – Park Street, Port-of-Spain. – Fernandes Industrial Centre, Eastern Main Road. Dining 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. TT$ 43.00 per lb. $

House of Sakura Sample Menu

Sample Menu Main Chicken: Tikka masala; butter chicken masala; vindaloo; korma; chilli; curried. Lamb: Del se masala gosht; rogan josh; vindaloo; In spinach; korma. Seafood: Goan fish or shrimp curry; fish or shrimp vindaloo; shrimp korma; Shrimp chilli bhuna. Tandoori Specials: Chicken 1/4; chicken wings; chicken, fish or paneer tikka. Naan: plain; garlic; butter. Paratha: Aloo; paneer; chicken or lamb keema. Vegetarian: Mutter mushrooms; bhindi do pyaza; channa masala; aloo gobi; palak paneer; shahi paneer; paneer dolma. Rice: basmati; vegetable pulao; vegetable, chicken, lamb or shrimp biryani.

You will find the best of subcontinental Indian cuisine at Salt N’ Pepper at a fraction of the cost paid at any fine dining restaurant. Our food is much more than just roti and curry – as anyone who has tasted our naan or tandoori might testify. The food of India varies with – and as much as – India’s landscape and soil type. After 15 years of living in Trinidad, chef Ajesh Jose spent 11 years as head chef at Apsara Restaurant. Open: Tue – Sat: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Sun: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Tel (868) 622-3938 / 339-4949 Shoppes of Maraval, Saddle Road, Maraval, Trinidad



Godzilla Roll Tempura shrimp, crab salad, Godzilla sauce, cucumber, salmon, topped with tempura flakes and tobiko. Salmon Yuzu Zesty crab salad, avocado, cumcumbers and wasabi lemon mayo. Topped with salmon and avocado slices. Volcano Rice wrapped with tuna, topped with spicy mayo, sushi sauce and salmon skin. Red Dragon Tempura shrimp and spicy garlic sauce, topped with tuna.

House of Sakura features a wide variety of high-quality Asian/Japanese style cuisine. We are the home of quality service, amazing sushi and affordable prices. We provide an interactive experience with our talented chefs, who assist in customising your order. Visit us today to try something from our extensive menu: we are known for our sushmi flowers. Our opening hours are from 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Sakura Arts Ltd., our sister company supplies fresh sushi every day to our corporate clients. If you are unable to make it to our sushi bar at House of Sakura you can drop in at any of our clients' convenient locations and quickly pick up your favourite rolls. We can cater for your big and small events and can be reached at all the following contacts. Tel (868) 235-4136 / (868) 271-8644 Address # 22 Mucurapo Road, St. James, Port of Spain Email $$

Five The Eatery

Smokey Joe’s

Irie Bites

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Chicken Jerk, BBQ, baked, stewed, Chinese style, sweet and sour, tandoori.

Meats Chicken – Jerk / BBQ / stewed Pork – Jerk / BBQ / BBQ ribs / BBQ pigtail Fish – Jerk / grilled; Lamb – Jerk / BBQ Side Bites Steak fries, Jamaican rice and peas, mixed vegetables, stewed lentils, stir-fried noodles, bhagi rice, sauteed cassava / plantain, callaloo, macaroni pie, potato balls, cassava fries, Jamaican festival Salads Macaroni, potato, green, green fig, coleslaw and our LATEST chicken jerk/BBQ salads Daily Lunch Specials Mon: Stewed fried fish and two sides Tues: Stewed chicken pelau, coleslaw and green salad. Wed: Jamaican-style curry goat, white rice, green fig and green salad Thurs: Stewed oxtail, red beans, white rice, green salad Fri: Stewed pork, callaloo, provisions Sat: Ackee, saltfish and provisions / beef soup

Avocado Toast (Seasonal) Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich Green and Nutty Salad Chilli Panko Plantain Tacos Chorizo Mac N Cheese

Pork Jerk, BBQ, baked, char-siu, honey-glazed ham, ribs, stewed, sweet and sour, BBQ pigtail. Beef Stewed with pineapple and dumplings, Stir fry teriyaki, oxtail. Fish Fried, jerk, grilled, stewed. Lamb Baked, BBQ, stewed.

Five The Eatery is a beautifully designed casual eatery located in the brand new Maraval Plaza. Five offers a carefully curated menu that showcases a variety of what is has been described as “gourmet comfort food”. In addition to creative breakfast and lunch choices, Five offers a slew of grab-andgo options so that Five customers can enjoy great food at the office, at home or on the road. Vegans will delight in the ability to enjoy specialty items, created with them in mind and those seeking Gluten Free choices will also be well satisfied. Five also offers a range of gourmet condiments that will make you look like an accomplished chef at home! The work of several local artisans is also showcased in the space, so you can enjoy a selection of items that compliment your lifestyle! See you at 5! Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Tel (868) 230-5950 Address Maraval Plaza, Saddle Road, Maraval Email Facebook Five The Eatery Instagram @Fivetheeatery


Sides Fried rice, macaroni pie, callaloo, peas, pasta Alfredo, lasagna, corn pie, spaghetti, cassava.

At Smokey Joe’s, it’s all about taste! We aim to provide our customers with top-notch local and international homestyled cuisine at an affordable price, combined with excellent customer service. Our catering menu is the same as our daily menu, and pricing is worked to suit individual events. We cater for all occasions, such as corporate functions, workshops, seminars, weddings, special occasions and more. We promise that our food will fire-up your taste buds and have you coming back for more! Tel (868) 627-1280 91 Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain, Trinidad ​ Tel (868) 346 0012 96 Frederick Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad Tel (868) 221-1224 26 Maraval Road, Newtown, Trinidad Email $

For a truly authentic Jamaican jerk experience, we combine the unique taste and flavours of old Kingston with the excitement of Trini cuisine. Come try our signature mouth-watering jerk and smoked BBQ meats, with traditional Caribbean recipes straight from Grannie’s cookbook. We also serve a different lunch special each day! It’s the perfect place to sit and relax outdoors while taking in the sights and sounds of Ariapita Avenue. Or, if you’re in a hurry or busy at the office, simply call or go online, place your order and come collect. Fast, easy, and quality service. Look out for our sign and our red, yellow green and black restaurant colors, and come visit us for a true Trini taste of Jamaica. Irie Bites – Got Jerk? Go Irie! Opening Hours: Mon.–Thurs. 10:00 a.m.

– 8:45 p.m.; Fri 10:00 a.m. – 9:15 p.m.; Sat. 10:00 a.m. – 8:45 p.m.; Sun. 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Tel/Fax (868) 622-7364 Address 71A Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook $


The Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream Company


Adam’s Bagels

Sample Menu

& Specialty Breads

Sample Menu

Specialty cakes Cupcakes French macaroons Cake pops Brownies French desserts Tea plates Snack boxes Savoury menu

Sample Menu

Old Fashioned Flavour Listing Very Strawberry – Creamy strawberry ice cream bursting with strawberry flavour. Peanut – Peanut ice cream made with creamy peanut butter. Popular Flavour Listing Coffee Street – Double churned ice cream made with Nescafé gold blend. Dreamy Creamy Signature Flavour Listing Chunky Fuh So – Chocolate-based ice cream with Oreo cookies, chocolate chips, m&ms and chocolate syrup. Soursop – The best soursop ice cream on the planet. Manzanilla Madness – Coconut ice cream with chopped peanuts and Hershey’s chocolate pieces.

The Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream Company opened its first store on Coffee Street, San Fernando in February 2010, selling a locally produced premium ice cream product. Although not categorising ourselves as homemade, we use the finest ingredients we can find to give customers a product experience that is often compared to leading international brands. We still, however, take pride in staying as local as we can by using fruits, produce and the freshest cow’s milk from our local dairy farmers. Tel (868) 223-8664 Address Coffee Street, San Fernando. • SS Erin Road, Debe. • Gasparillo Mall, Gasparillo. • Maraval Plaza Saddle Rd, Maraval. Email $ Over 30 Flavours

Morsels is Trinidad’s #1 online bakery, focused on catering, through online & telecommunication ordering processes, promoting less instore hassle, easy downpayment options via account number, drop off or collection, fresh made when ordered items, with the option to be collected or delivered to your door. Every attention to detail and great service is met through our exclusive orderbased operation. Let us take you through your life’s sweetest, most savoury and elegant moments, deliciously and hassle free. With an active Wi-Fi connection and Internet banking you can place an order and have it delivered without ever leaving the kids, home or office. Morsels had the opportunity to compete on the Food Network, Cake Wars. Tel (868) 322-1743 Address Bay View, La Romaine, San Fernando Email Corporate and Private Catering, Weddings, Birthdays, Parties, Special Occasions, Events


Breakfast Friday Special Tomato, melongene, pumpkin and bhagi chokas with whole wheat sada roti. Saturday Special Fried bake and black pudding or buljol, Saltfish accra with tamarind sauce. Lunch Different soups every day, salads and sandwiches. Tea Select hot coffees and teas. Tempting in-house pastries, pies and cakes.

Adam’s is a family-owned and operated bakery, restaurant, and gourmet shop located in the heart of Maraval. Believing in fresh ingredients, quality products and friendly personalised customer service, Adam has developed strong relationships with his customers over the past 23 years. Adam’s earned the title: “Best Bakery & Coffee Shop 2013” by T&T Table Talk Awards. Visit us the next time you are in the area and experience the charm and hospitality that is ADAM’S.

Tel (868) 622-2435 Address 15A Saddle Rd., Maraval, Port of Spain Email Breakfast, Lunch, Tea


Burger King



Little Caesars®

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Breakfast Croissan’wich with ham or bacon; pancakes; French toast eggs; bacon; hash browns. Lunch Whopper; Crispy Chicken; Fish and Veggie Sandwiches; Original Chicken Sandwich; Tendergrill and Tendercrisp Sandwiches; salads and desserts.

Lunch & Dinner Chicken (Mild/ Spicy) Chicken Tenders Cajun Fish Popcorn Shrimp Sandwiches Salads Signature Sides

Lunch & Dinner Classic Pepperoni Pizza Cheese Pizza Hula Hawaiian Pizza Three Meat Treat Pizza Veggie Pizza Ultimate Supreme Pizza Caesar Wings Crazy Bread Crazy Sauce

The original HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, our commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences continues to define our brand. Enjoy the diversity of our menu, with flamegrilled beef options, fish, crispy fried chicken, salads and desserts. We are conveniently located at St. James, MovieTowne Invaders Bay, Maraval, West Mall, Grand Bazaar, Curepe, Tacarigua, Trincity Mall, Price Plaza, Gulf City, High Street, Marabella, Princes Town, Gasparillo and C3 Centre.

Tel (868) 285-9031 Address Restaurant Holdings Limited Restaurant Support Centre 14 Frederick Settlement, Caroni Email Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner



Discover Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen built around the traditional Southern American home style cooking. At Popeyes, food is our passion and we are renowned for our chicken and seafood. Our chicken is marinated for twelve hours to give you an unforgettable culinary experience. You will ‘Love that chicken!’ Try our signature side items to complete your meal at any of our three Trinidad locations: Movie Towne, Trincity Mall and Grand Bazaar.

Tel (868) 285-9031 Address Restaurant Holdings Limited Restaurant Support Centre 14 Frederick Settlement, Caroni Email Facebook | Instagram @PopeyesTT Lunch, Dinner


Throughout its history, Little Caesars has provided quality pizza at a great price, resulting in outstanding value for customers. Quality and value are core values at Little Caesars, but the brand also represents passion, fun, commitment and a focus on family. Little Caesars has the well known phrase Pizza!Pizza!®. Little Caesars broke the status quo by making pizzas ready when customers walk in, with no need to call ahead or wait in line, with the launch of its HOT-NREADY pizza offer. Visit any of our locations in Trinidad: Gulf City Mall, C3 Centre, Valsayn Branch Rd. – Valsayn, Tissue Dr. – Tacarigua and Maraval Plaza.

Tel (868) 285-9031 Address Restaurant Holdings Limited Restaurant Support Centre 14 Frederick Settlement, Caroni Email Facebook | Instagram @LittleCaesarsTT Lunch, Dinner, Takeout No Calling • No Waiting • It’s Ready Now $


Al-Haaq Sample Menu Main Course We specialise in the best tasting grilled food: chicken, fish, lamb, shrimp. Sides Macaroni salad, potato salad, noodles, fried rice, fries and wedge fries, sumptuous beef and chicken burgers. All meats HALAL AL-HAAQ, THE HOME OF BAR-B-QUE and the famous Hotter than Hot Al-Haaq pepper sauce.

Al-Haaq, which means “the truth�, had its humble beginnings on a half-barrel. It has a well-earned reputation for authentic BBQ dishes, having grown to be one of the most popular grill shops in Chaguanas. Also known for its popular Hotter Than Hot pepper sauce, Al-Haaq is 100% local, and offers only the best grilled food, prepared from the best, freshest seasoning and finest ingredients in T&T. Truth be told, AL-HAAQ IS THE HOME OF BAR B QUE.

Tel (868) 672-2903 Address Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas Tel (868) 271-3579 Piarco International Airport Outdoor Food Court, Trinidad Facebook Al Haaq Bar B Que Caribbean Ltd. $ Eat In or Takeaway

The Rise Grill & Bar Restaurant


Sample Menu

Burgers Beef burger; Black & Blue Beef Burger chicken; lamb; lentil burger Chicken strips & fries; steak strips & fries Sandwiches Chicken breast; Trini cheese steak Sloppy Joe (chilli) Sides Cassava fries; onion rings; chilli fries

Sample Menu

Appetiser Chicken Wings Style (Jerk, BBQ, Buffalo, Hong Kong and pepper wings). Geera pork , Rise signature pepper lamb, Pepper beef. Shrimp (Hong Kong, pepper shrimp, batter fried, grilled sharable platters, seafood platter, Vegetarian platter, tomato bruschetta. Lunch & Dinner Special Rise signature pesto burger, Classic smokey BBQ ribs, bone-in ribeye, Fillet mignon, Parmesan chicken, lobster, catch of the day. Sides Baked potato, sweet potato fries, garlic smashed potato, vegetable rice, grilled corn on the cob, plantains.

The Rise Grill & Bar Restaurant invites you to a wonderful dining experience. An appetising international menu to choose from while you enjoy live entertainment. Great food and drinks served by warm, friendly customer service representatives. Lunch specials starting from TT$35.00. Safe and secure parking available. Tel (868) 665-5627 Mobile (868) 685-1723 LP 62, Rodney Road, Endeavor Rd., Lange Park, Chaguanas, Trinidad, W.I. Email



Burger Joint is a unique establishment where all our burgers, sauces and various toppings are produced in-house and that is what gives our burgers their unique taste. Our beef burgers are made with authentic Angus beef, along with other choices of chicken, lamb, salt fish and lentil burgers. At our Chaguanas branch we are pleased to offer Halal meats. Come in or call in your order and try our famous signature Black and Blue Burger with cassava fries and taste for yourself why Burger Joint is arguably the best burger around. Tel (868) 361-1331 Address Cor. Rosalino Street and Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook Tel (868) 270-6454 Address Brentwood Service Station, Edinburgh, Chaguanas $ Email


Thai Cuisine Sample Menu Appetisers Chicken Satay Served with peanut sauce. Thai Salad Your choice of meat or seafood (shrimp, mussels and squid), topped with cashew nuts. Mixed meat salad with chicken, beef and pork.

Main Panang Curry Made with coconut milk and a choice of meat. Brown garlic served with your choice of meat. Goong Cuab Grilled shrimp done kebab-style, served with Thai pepper sauce. Sides Steamed jasmine rice, jasmine fried rice or noodles.

Fruit carvings Sombat’s Thai Cuisine welcomes you to explore authentic Thai cuisine, with a menu selection of the freshest ingredients. Offering meals from Thailand, with rich and spicy dishes for every customer. Feel free to visit our casualstyle restaurant and enjoy the colourful and tropical Kingdom of Thailand, bringing the most out of Thai cuisine to you. Open Hours: Monday – Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday – Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Tel (868) 496-3035 or (868) 238-2703 Corner of Phillip Street & Southern Main Road, Curepe, Trinidad Facebook Sombats-Thai-Cuisine Takeaway and Catering


NICHOSSA Restaurant

Golden Palace

Sample Menu

Appetizers Crab Back Mini Spring Roll Spicy Fried Calamari

Sample Menu

Breakfast – Mexican omelette, Belgian waffle, croissant. Special Café Meals – Stuffed chicken breast, roast beef and gravy, blackened shrimp. Italian – Vegetable lasagna, chicken & shrimp fettuccine Alfredo. Salads – Sesame chicken salad, Tex Mex steak salad. Paninis – Grilled chicken & bacon, Portobello mushroom. Wraps – Maracas shark, tandoori chicken. Burgers – Beef, turkey, salmon or vegetarian. Sweet Things – Opera cake, French macaroons, date squares. Savoury Bites – Beef pies, cheese puffs, chicken quiche.

Nominated in three categories at the “Table Talk” awards in 2016 and now celebrating 16 years, we are proud to invite you to our caféstyled restaurant and specialty bakery, which offer diners a comfortable yet classy dining experience of American-styled breakfasts with unique teas and coffees, followed by a wide selection of light to full meals for lunch and dinner. We produce a large variety of sweet and savoury items, ranging from local classics such as coconut drops and beef pies to truly decadent treats like the chocolate mousse cake and the red velvet cheesecake. Open Monday – Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Tel (868) 652-8912 Address Rainbow Plaza, Gulf View Link Road, Gulf View, San Fernando Email Specialty bakery, Breakfast, Lunch, $ Dinner, catering for functions

Main Course General Tao Chicken Roast Duck in Thai Curry Sauce Fish in Sichuan Spicy Sauce Beef Sautée in Maggi Sauce

For over 25 years, Golden Palace has been a Marabella landmark. We provide top-quality food and an unmatched level of service. Enjoy our newly renovated, more comfortable environment and expanded dining choices, or simply lounge in the bar area and have a few drinks. Our chefs, trained in China, cook authentic Cantonese dishes, bringing unmatched authenticity to the culinary experience. Downstairs, the Golden Palace Food & Grill Canteen offers dining or takeaway, with a varied local breakfast. For lunch, enjoy a wide choice of local, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Opening hours Restaurant: Mon.–Sun. 10:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. Canteen: Mon.–Sat 6:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. Happy Hour: 1/2 price on selected drinks Mon.–Fri. 4:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m. Saturday 12:00 midday–4:00 p.m. Reservations (868) 658-6557 / 1660 Address 212 Southern Main Road, Marabella Email Facebook Golden Palace Restaurant and Lounge We cater for Functions, Weddings $-$$ and all occasions


Dolce Desserts

The Arts Café

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

BREAKFAST Smoked salmon and spinach eggs Benedict

Breakfast Open-faced omelette with cheese and sauteed spinach, served on top our house waffle. Soft scrambled eggs – served with Chef’s speciality smokey breakfast beans, topped with mushroom bacon (vegan), waffles stuffed with breakfast favourites, and pancake stacks served with house-made sauces, glazed grilled pineapple, strawberry compote and cream cheese or cinnamon butter bananas. The Art of Beverage Our farm-to-table fresh fruit juices and smoothies use a blend local fruits and housemade yogurt. These include our Green Goddess smoothie and coconut strawberry colada.

Crab and cream cheese omelette – 3 eggs, Real crab meat, cream cheese, onions

Breakfast Skillets LUNCH Kale & quinoa salad Smoked salmon pasta Burgers

Flavours Restaurant Sample Menu Appetisers Build a Soup Bowl A rich aromatic vegetable stock paired with ramen noodles and a variety of meats. Calamari on the Greens Squid tossed with lettuce. Lemon vinaigrette with breadcrumbs and garlic sauce tops this salad. Mains Jerk Lamb Five thinly cut slices of lamb shoulder marinated in a spicy jerk rub slowly grilled to your liking. New York Grilled Steak A simple traditional steak marinated & grilled. Flavours Signature Veggie Burger Vegetable burger patty made from minced brown rice and vegetables, seared to golden perfection and topped with okra sauce. Dessert Coconut Pavlova A crisp crust and rich creamy coconut filling, topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Nestled in the heart of San Fernando, this authentic and exquisitely designed European Café is conveniently located with ample parking. Our chefs enjoy preparing creamy and delicious cakes daily, from our gelatin-free, rich chocolate cake mousses to our light and fresh strawberry cream cakes. We specialise in wedding cakes as well as dessert tables. Dolce Desserts specialises in artisan stone-baked sourdough breads daily, containing no artificial yeast or preservatives. Opening Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Sunday 8:00 a.m. – midday, closed Mondays. Tel (868) 221-4545 20–22 Cipero Road, Cross Crossing, San Fernando, Trinidad, W.I.


The Arts Café, located in the beautiful city of San Fernando, serves fresh, craveable, island-inspired food and beverages, offered in an attractive and welcoming environment. Café meals are prepared with fresh local farm produce including our signature chicken panini with melted mozerella cheese and house-made basil pesto, roasted vegetable and mozzarella panini, jasmine rice with pan seared coconut shrimp, gourmet mac and cheese, our roasted signature chicken, Chef inspired squash/ pumpkin soup, and the Art of Fries: cassava and potato. Our café artists are on hand to deliver a customer service experience of the highest international standards. Opening hours:- Tuesday to Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00p.m. and Sunday breakfast 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tel (868) 678-5814 Address #1 A Twin Walls Compound, San Fernando Email


Flavours Restaurant • Modern design • Exceptional signature food • Impeccable service • Our menus are of a unique flair influenced from cultures around the world • Dining hours 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The Rocks Bar & Lounge • Extensive selection of cocktails, local and international liquors • VIP Lounge • Outdoor open air decks Tel (868) 669-7000 / 669-(STAR) 7827 Regent Star Hotel 118–119 BWIA Boulevard, Piarco, Trinidad $-$$$




Lime Inn Sample Menu Starters Creamy crab soup Gazpacho with parmesan cheese and “gambas marrakech”. Cucumber soup with chilli-glazed scallops Acajou chicken salad. Tuna fish salad with walnuts, gorgonzola and roasted beetroot. Mains Pesto linguine & grilled eggplant topped with parmesan cheese. Caribbean rub chicken with pineapple and papaya salsa. Grilled red snapper with lemongrass, grapefruit salsa, pack choi & basmati rice. Duck breast with anjomole, pumpkin creme and roast root vegetables. BBQ pork loin with roast vegetables, long beans & cauliflower creme. Desserts Nut and chocolate tart with grapefruit sorbet grilled pineapple with rum sabayon and coconut ice cream.

Reflecting our mix of Sweden and Trinidad, our menu is a lovingly created marriage between local and continental influences. Come and relax in a setting that will completely take your breath away. Tel (868) 670-3771 Fax (868) 670-4566 Address Acajou Hotel, Grande Rivière, Trinidad Email Available for Functions, Lunch, Dinner

6 Corn on the cob (cut into 1 inch pieces) ½ lb Split Peas 2 lbs. Pumpkin ½ cup Green Seasoning (chopped - fresh Chadon Beni, Celery, Chive & Thyme) 6-8 Pimentos (finely chopped) 4 Garlic Cloves 1 lb Onion (finely chopped) 1 lb Carrots (diced) 1 pk Vegetable Soup 2 tins Cream-Style Corn 1 pk Coconut Milk (optional) 1 Scotch Bonnet Pepper (left whole) Salt Pepper Dumplings



In a large pot, boil Split Peas & Pumpkin until soft. Add Green Seasoning, Cream-Style Corn, Corn, Carrots, Vegetable Soup, Salt, Pepper & Dumplings. Bring to a boil and cook for 30 minutes until corn is cooked and the dumplings float to the surface. If soup is too thick at any time, add water.



1 15-20 ½ lb 2 5 1 1 1 3 1 4 2 Tbsp 2½

Bunch Callaloo Bush (Dasheen Leaves) Okras Pumpkin Chive Stems (chopped coarsely) Chadon Beni Leaves Onion (medium, sliced) Sprig Thyme (stem and leaves) Bunch Celery (chopped roughly) Garlic Cloves (crushed) Whole Hot Pepper Pimentos (chopped) Golden Ray (vegetable cooking butter) Cups Coconut Milk (freshly squeezed, coconut milk powder or frozen can be used)


¼ lb Salted Pork Tail (Boil for 30 mins in water until tender and cut into 1 inch pieces) 1 Pack of Maggi 'Chicken Flavor the Pot' or All Purpose Seasoning Powder


Separate leaves from stems. Thoroughly wash leaves and strip the stems. Tear leaves apart into smaller pieces. Chop stems into about 1-2 inches in length. Add all ingredients into a medium pot over medium heat. Bring to a boil and then allow to simmer for 20 minutes or until the okra seeds turn pink. Taste and season with cooking butter and/or salt & black pepper if necessary. When the Callaloo is done the leaves and Okras should be tender and there should be enough liquid to blend the ingredients. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes. Remove the pork tails before blending. Using a hand blender or swizzle stick, blend the Callaloo until all the ingredients are puréed. Return pork tails to pot and serve.




Tobago Heritage Festival Photo: Tobago Media Concepts

Tobago Heritage Festival By Roslyn Carrington

Photo: Andrea de Silva

The Tobago Heritage Festival celebrates the island's diverse, rich traditions with a series of events in towns and villages for two weeks, ending with Emancipation Day celebrations on August 1st. Activities include dramatic displays, concerts, open-air feasts, and parties.

Photo: Tobago Media Concepts

Photo: Tobago Media Concepts


One of the best-known events is the Moriah Old Time Wedding, an elaborate display of music and drama, in which villagers take to the streets dressed in their finery, complete with top hat and coat-tails for the men, and satin, lace, bonnets, bouquets and gloves for the ladies. As the bride and groom sally forth—dressed to the nines, of course—the “wedding party” escorts them amidst a flurry of twirling parasols. They joyfully perform traditional dances such as the “Brushback” or the “Reel and Jig”, to the sound of live music on Tambrin drums, fiddles and flutes. In stunning Charlotteville, on National Treasures Day, experience the sound of the Tamboo Bamboo, hollowed-out stalks pounded on the ground in rhythm. The length and thickness of the stalks determine the pitch, evoking the soulful sound of African drums. This invention was an act of defiance against 19th century European bans against drums made of wood or animal skin.

You can also witness “dancing the cocoa”, a ritual in which villagers remove the skins of cocoa seeds—preparing them for processing—by stomping on them. Watch clothes being beaten clean on river rocks or corrugated wooden “jooking boards”; witness the sombre “washing of the dead-bed”; or, on a lighter note, see just how low you can "Limbo". Taste bread baked in clay ovens, roasted corn or breadfruit, or cane juice freshly squeezed on a “Batty Mill”. Some villages, such as Les Coteaux and Pembroke, hold live concerts, where costumed performers dance the “Bélé”, sing folk songs, or perform. Revisit your youth as you participate in old-time games, such as spinning tops, rolling hoops, or running egg and spoon races. The greasy pole is a popular draw for young men, who test their agility as they vie for the prize up top. At Black Rock, villagers gather to “pull seine”, as the community works together to haul laden fishing nets from the sea. Those who pitch in might just get a share! Missed the national Carnival? No problem. The Plymouth OldTime Carnival and J'Ouvert is just as muddy, just as loud, just as much fun. Tobagonians have every reason to be proud of their history; come celebrate in the pageantry of the Tobago Heritage Festival. Find out more at Email: or call 639-4441 / 5016

Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Transportation, Councillor Nadine StewartPhillips ‘Dancing the Cocoa’ in Charlotteville Photo: Tobago Media Concepts

Photo: Tobago Media Concepts

Tobago FESTIVALS By Alva Viarruel


On any given weekend there is a place to “lime” or hangout on the island as some one of the 35 villages have what is known as “harvest”. In an orderly sequence, villages rotate the welcoming of guests, friends and family to free food, drink and a good old fashioned party. It’s a genuine open door policy embedded in the culture of the island in which households cater to the uninvited in a form of thanksgiving that is unique to Tobago.

FEBRUARY PRE-CARNIVAL SHOWS On the sister isle, the steelband competition known as Panorama is carded to be held in the car park of the Dwight Yorke stadium, while the King and Queen of Carnival and Individual Masquerader competitions are staged on Gardenside Street in the capital, Scarborough.

MARCH CARNIVAL The two-day street parade in Scarborough held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, start with the pre-dawn J'Ouvert-a parade of traditional costumes and mud bands. The celebrations are held at three locations, Crown Point, Scarborough and Roxborough on the east end of the island. The Children's mas' parade is held on Carnival Saturday in Scarborough and on Sunday in Roxborough.

APRIL BUCCOO GOAT AND CRAB RACES The almost 100-year old event in which “jockeys” run behind their charges, follows the Easter Monday sporting extravaganza at neighbouring Mt Pleasant village which also stages goat races on its sporting card. Buccoo, hosts a unique crab race that attracts many foreigners trying to coax a crab tied to a string acrosss the finish line about five metres away. It's all in a day of fun.

TOBAGO JAZZ EXPERIENCE Photos: Andrea de Silva


The Tobago Jazz Experience (TJE) 2019 promises to deliver a new level of entertainment excellence with prominent international R&B and Reggae artists among the line up.

Photo: Ronald Daniel

Photo: Andrea de Silva

MAY ANR TOBAGO REGATTA This sailing regatta held off Tobago’s south east and west coastline, has grown in popularity among enthusiasts with an influx of international competitors. Seven sailing races are held over four days during the event with competition in four classes - racing, cruising, charter and live-aboard.

JULY GREAT FÊTE WEEKEND Originally held as a series of parties to coincide with the staging of the Trinidad and Tobago Great Race, the annual Great Fête Weekend attracts thousands of university and secondary school students to Tobago’s beautiful Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

TOBAGO HERITAGE FESTIVAL A showcase of village talent and traditions is held every year in the last two weeks of July as Tobagonians proudly display their culture and re-enact moments of history. It’s a festival filled with a variety of food including dirt-oven baked bread and pastry; drama; folk songs, African drumming and dances including the unique Congo Bélé.

AUGUST TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO GREAT RACE The annual Trinidad and Tobago Great Race, a powerboat regatta from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad to Store Bay, Tobago, celebrates its 51st running this year and the local Powerboats Association expects to have more international competitors facing the starter for the historic event.

OCTOBER BLUE FOOD FESTIVAL Held over two days for the first time in 2018, the Blue Food festival at Bloody Bay on Tobago’s west coast, is a celebration of all things Dasheen, the ground provision that is a staple in the diet of many a Tobagonian.

TOBAGO INTERNATIONAL CYCLING CLASSIC Scores of riders from around the globe converge on the island every year for the five-day race event which ends with a gruelling “tour” of the island. Several locations around the island which challenge the skill of competitors, are used during the races including a circuit in the capital, Scarborough.

Photo: Edison Boodoosingh

Games WE PLAYED By Anna Walcott Hardy Back in the day on weekends and August holidays, before YouTube, Instagram or Netflix, children waited until Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT) signed-off at noon, boarded their bikes and went in search of friends to play "outside", until the street lights came on. In those days, few houses had walls and so backyards as well as school playgrounds and parks were perfect spaces to play. Pitching Marbles was all about the circle drawn in the sand, and seeing who could hit the opponents tiny glass ball past the border and win the game. There were Cat's Eyes, Milkies, Clearies and Bloodstones - all gorgeous perfect spheres of coloured glass. Of course Skipping Rope, or playing Elastics (with bands borrowed from Mum's sewing kit) or Hopscotch were favourites with the girls, while the boys preferred Cricket, Rounders and Football. During the breezy Easter holidays, making Cheeky Chong kites was a true talent . Our cells were Can Phones : two tin cans connected by string; and if you've got a big group then a game of Catch, Tug-O-War or Red Rover was pure adrenalin. Whatever the game, it was always fun, and you couldn’t wait to make it happen all over again the next day.

Photo: Andrea de Silva

island Patience Falls Photo: Christopher Anderson


Doing It All

in Tobago

By Sheldon Waithe

Seemingly impossible, that’s the way to describe the varied and numerous offerings that exist within and around the relatively small 116 square kilometres of Tobago. Pristine and rugged, serene and exciting, natural and extraordinary; easy like Sunday morning and challenging the senses. It’s a land where every attraction falls into line with the overall ethos: Unspoilt.

The Nylon Pool is a crystal clear lagoon in the middle of the sea. The edges drop off into deep ocean, while the sandy bottom of the pool belies its location off Buccoo Reef. The more excitable game fishing takes pride of place from October to June, with any number of boatmen ready to take you to your bounty in Tobago’s abundant waters. ($350US half day $500 full day). Should you choose to take the alternative route to the local marine population, some of the world’s best scuba diving sites exist. Undersea Tobago is a world of its own, supported by accredited guides to ensure the experience is not only superb, but also safe. From the sea to the air: the island is renowned for its amazing bird life. Enthusiasts fly in (no pun) specifically to head to the rainforest sanctuaries and catch a glimpse of some of the hundreds of species. Joining them is easy, with all the sites accessible by car followed by a short hike. Wheels play a big part in Tobago and not just in transporting you around to the varied attractions. It would be remiss of the nation not to provide ample mountain biking tracks, given the topography of the ridges that abound, with hidden trails to waterfalls and beaches. Road riding is hugely popular; avid cyclists can retrace the coastal route used by the internationals in October’s world ranked Tobago Classic (be warned though, it’s a tough route!). Skateboarding is also available in the Pigeon Point Heritage Park with a couple of quarter-pipes to hone your form while visiting the island. With all this activity, the hunger builds; luckily there are some of the best culinary delights on offer. From daily caught lobster to the Blue Food staple, it’s all yours in Tobago. Fish of course, tops the list, caught the same day and blended with local spices to create a unique flavour, whether grilled, barbequed or fried. Curried Crab & Callaloo is a must. The dish is widely available with the likes of a line of Misses: Miss Jean, Miss Trim, Miss provide the perfect crab delicacy together with other delights such as Coo Coo, Coconut Bake and dumplings. Eat well, drink well, play well, chill well; it’s a Tobago prerequisite.


Pigeon Point

Photo: Jason Sookermany

Speyside Waterwheel Roast Corn Photo: Jason Sookermany


Store Bay

Photo: Richard Lyder


Life's a

BEACH By Jason Radix

The island of Tobago is best known for its beaches. The island boasts some of the most picturesque coastlines and tranquil waters. Beaches are the main natural attraction for local and international visitors to the island.

Buccoo Photo: Jason Sookermany

Store Bay

Pigeon Point

Mt. Irvine

This is the most popular beach in Tobago with a diverse range of local cuisine, craft and dive shops, entertainment, accommodation as well as tours. It is within walking distance of the Airport with free parking, lifeguard, picnic and Wi-Fi amenities.

With its trademark thatched jetty, turquoise waters and pink sands, this scenic beach has grown in popularity for destination weddings. The waters are ideal for a range of water sports and the amenities at the Heritage Park are extensive, including parking, changing rooms, restaurants and bars.

This shady, expansive beach offers the best of both worlds, crystalclear waters and fringe reefs that are great for swimming and snorkelling, making it a popular retreat for families. Surfers also enjoy the seasonal swells from December to March.

Parlatuvier Bay Photo: Christopher Anderson

No Man’s Land Photo: Ziad Joseph

Castara Bay The home of the annual Fisherman’s Festival, the seaside village of Castara is perfect for a day trip or weekend vacation. Enjoy a fish-fry from one of the nearby restaurants or family-run eco-resort. The emerald waters are visited by sting rays and you can often see the village fishermen “pulling seine” , fishing nets filled with the daily catch; and there’s nothing like a beach bonfire at sunset to bring another day in paradise to an end.

Englishman’s Bay This stunningly beautiful beach on the leeward coast, lies between Parlatuvier and Castara. Bounded by forested headlands, you can enjoy delicious seafood lunches in the beach restaurant or shop for handcrafted souvenirs in the gift shop. Photo: Richard Lyder

Pirate’s Bay On the remote north-eastern end of the island, near to the picturesque Charlotteville fishing village, is Pirate’s Bay. Accessible by land along a lush but narrow path or by sea, the pristine beach is ideal for adventure-seekers.

Fort King George Built in 1777, this site above Scarborough holds the record for the most traded landfall in the Caribbean, changing hands 31 times. It’s easy to understand why it was so greatly coveted. A lighthouse, officer’s mess and converted art gallery add to the panoramic views, of which sunsets are an absolute must. T: (868) 639-3970

Betsey’s Hope Near Roxborough, the fort is named after the wife of the estate owner and her resistance to slavery. Beautiful views of the Windward side of Tobago brings a serenity cognisant with Betsey’s wishes of abolition.

Cambelton Battery The amazing views associated with Charlotteville, this small but beautifully landscaped site (it is not considered a fort in some circles) provides sight of three bays. Get the camera ready.....

Fort Bennet Overlooking Grafton Beach, Bennet dates back to 1628 and given its strategic position at Black Rock, it probably saw the most battles of all the Tobago forts. The serenity of the gazebo and grounds belies its turbulent history. T: (868) 391-0020

Fort Milford Across from Crown Point airport sits this minute oasis of calm, with lush vegetation between the old fort walls. It’s difficult to tell where the sea meets the sky, with the views from the cliff.

Fort James One of the larger forts, the manicured lawn lends itself to picnicking on the greens, that date back to 1770, with views of Plymouth and Great Courland Bay. The original limestone rock building is testament to the quality of its construction.

Fort Granby Jutting out from its location at Pinfold Bay, this small fort is picture perfect with its gazebo and white picket fence overlooking the endless ocean. Another site popular with picnickers, its myriad of trees provides a natural playground for children and adults.


Fort Campleton Photos: Jason Sookermany


Tobago’s colourful military history - where the French, Dutch, Swedish and British fought for the right to own the island - is reflected in its seven forts. Their strategic positions afford some of the best views, while the restored sites provide the sentiment of the battles of yesteryear.

Danny’s Inflatable Water Park

Sherman’s Auto Rentals

Zoe Snorkelling Charters

Founded in 2017, Danny’s Inflatable Water Park is the first inflatable water park attraction in Trinidad and Tobago. We offer guests of all ages the chance to enjoy entertainment services in a safe and fun-filled environment. Customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate priority, and our goal is to make sure that you have the best time. Stop by today and see what we have to offer. Our park opens for holiday periods only!

This vibrant, service-oriented company boasts over 20 years in the automobile industry and is operated by a staff that is dedicated to tourism in Tobago. Our clients are offered car rental services and a choice of quality vehicles, including cars, buses and SUVs. Meeting on arrival at the airport or at your holiday accommodation.

Enjoy the beauty of Tobago’s coastline from the comfort of the only jet boat on the island, while we visit locations like the Coral Garden, Nylon Pool, Arnos Vale, and many more. Our captain will personally snorkel with you, showing off all of the reef’s natural beauty. See why TripAdvisor rates us as one of the best boat tours on the island.

Tel (868) 639-2292 Fax (868) 639-3084 U.S. direct line: 1 (469) 532-2544 U.K. direct line: 1 (011) 44 (865) 594706 Address Lambeau Village, Tobago, W.I. Email |

Tel (868) 681-4741 Address 54 Samaan Grove, Golden Grove Road, Canaan, Tobago Email

Tel (868) 781-3310 Address Buccoo Beach, Tobago Email


Tobago DAY TOUR By Sheldon Waithe

Cocoa & Cascades Heaven above and Paradise below. The twisty, undulating turns of Windward Road fill your senses with wonder on the journey along the Tobago coastline. The scenery switches with great regularity from rugged rock rising through the surf, to serene patches of beach that make you want to get out, plant a flag and claim it. A turn inland and you'll enjoy a drive uphill to a yellow house perched upon the hilltop, with stunning wrap-around views of dense green hills and valleys. But it’s not just the view; it’s the cocoa that’s calling. Fear not, you’re soon given a thorough history of the island’s cocoa at Tobago Cocoa Estate, as well as the refining process that makes it some of the most sought after in the world. This isn’t a job for your guides, it’s a passion, as they take you from planting to harvest and the drying of the beans. All the while there are opportunities to taste the various cocoa seeds and then sample the rich, dark chocolate that is the end product. After this, a quick drive takes you into the wide open space of the Roxborough Fire Station and the entrance to Argyle Waterfalls. An idyllic setting, there are hammocks under the trees, so kick-back and relax before you decide to begin the magical hike. Guides are available, but with it being a one way journey in and out, some visitors decide to take it at their own pace. Wide, flat, open trails make this hike accessible to most. The cocoa legacy is evident with the rusting, sturdy relics along the way, with trees equally aged, their shady branches both beautiful and haunting. Past the interspersed rock stairs and bamboo arches, comes the first sounds of water, around every corner it seems so near yet hidden. Small pools are crossed over with ease, but still no falls in sight, then around a sweeping right-hander it appears. The real kick is that as you walk nearer the thunderous cascade, more falls appear higher and higher up the mountainside. There are further pools above the seemingly-bottomless main one, which is 17metres deep, accessible by a rope climb for the more agile, refreshingly cool – although you soon warm up – the waters of the largest, lowest pool are more than enough for most. You’ll want to stay forever. But once you pull yourself away, you’ll return with, according to Whitman, only “melodious thoughts”.

Argyle Waterfalls.

Photo: Richard Lyder



Photo: Jason Sookermany

Photo: Christopher Anderson

Photo: Jason Sookermany

A Day in Castara Mid-way along the North Coast Road of Tobago is located the rural community of Castara. A coastal village which personifies the essence of the Caribbean with its tranquil atmosphere, verdant green hills and turquoise waters. This sparsely populated community has changed very little over the years and continues to be a popular site for visitors wishing to see and experience some of Tobago’s culture. Visitors are often witness to the “pulling seine” (fishing with seine nets from the shore), “dirt-oven” baking of bread, bonfires on the beach or the famous fisherman festival. Residents have for a long time recognised the qualities

By Jason Radix

of their community and are proud to celebrate and share it with the world. This is evident as so many have embraced community tourism as a niche with most providing a range of accommodation offerings, restaurants, cafes, bars, craft shops, rentals, transfers, boat and/ or island tour services. Visitors get a chance to be part of timeless traditions. They can participate in customs which are no longer as widespread around the island, while still being able to enjoy many modern comforts. Every visitor should include a trip to Castara as a “must-do” during their holiday. Go see or stay in one of the most beautiful parts of the island of Tobago.

Tobago SHOPPING By Roslyn Carrington

With all that sunbathing, beach-combing, hiking and exploring, we’re sure your Tobago itinerary is quite packed… but you’ve got to come out of the water sometime! And when you do, head to the many malls, boutiques, artisan’s galleries and gift shops on the island and give your spirit an extra-special pickme-up. In Tobago, the shopping’s good. Naturally, you’ll want to take home a little something—or several little somethings—either as cherished mementos, or as gifts for loved ones and friends.

FANCY FOOTWEAR Find something cool and comfy for tramping through the rainforest, sport new poolside sandals, or step out in strappy evening wear when you hit the hotspots.

FASHION “Island-ify” your wardrobe (yes, you’re on vacation so you can make up your own words) with stylish resort wear by local designers.


FOOD Pick up fresh ingredients at a supermarket or gourmet store, and stay in tonight for a “cook-up” as we call it here. Don’t forget the wine!

HOME DÉCOR Seek out that special item that will make you smile. There’s something for every room in your home.

A visit to the Shaw Park Cultural Complex in Scarborough for the annual ‘Expo Art Tobago’, is well worth the trip. Launched in November, 2018, the event showcased the work of a wide range of local artists. Seminars, workshops, art demonstrations and creative competitions for primary and secondary school students were also featured at the four-day event. An exhibition of the collection of works by the renowned nineteenth century artist, Michel-Jean Cazabon was also on display. Born in 1813, the son of creole French landowners, Cazabon’s paintings are historical treasures, which are permanently housed at The National Museum and Art Gallery in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The project, which was coordinated by artist and curator, Martin Superville, was heralded as “a signature event that can become a fixture on the tourism calendar. One that will make Tobago synonymous as an Art Destination in the Caribbean”.

The VENUS DOGGESS OF LOVE Movement In Tobago, a ‘movement’ of welfare, awareness and love in action for animals is making its name and gaining fans. The initiative, founded and run by Trinidadian Kundalini Yoga teacher/ journalist/filmmaker, Elspeth Duncan, and her rescued Tobago Terrier (aka ‘pothound’), Venus, is known as 'Venus Doggess Of Love'. After adopting Venus from the Tobago SPCA (2014), Duncan started the'Venus Doggess Of Love' (VDL) Facebook page, prompted by friends who adored the daily images and stories Duncan posted of her charmingly white pup. The page swiftly became a hub for heartwarming animal stories, photos and videos as Duncan documented the animals she and Venus rescued and fostered at home. Cats, bats, pelicans, gulls, doves, mot mots and (mostly) dogs, have been recipients of Duncan’s devotion and Venus’s maternal love. Wild animals were successfully rehabilitated and freed, while


dogs to date are adopted to loving homes—most internationally (USA, UK, Europe), some in Trinidad, a few in Tobago. Readers of the VDL page fall in love with the animals Duncan features as she brings their unique personalities to life and to heart through emotive documentation. Case-specific funding from ‘Venus fans’ covers food and vet costs (from vaccines to operations to help with travel expenses and more) for rescues. Duncan raises extra funds through creative efforts—selling artwork or, most recently, creating paid events around her short film, Venus & Magnet. The ten minute black and white feature which examines the unique friendship between Venus and Magnet the chicken (their first ever rescue), was awarded the juried prize for Best TT Short Film (September 2018, Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival). Whether it’s a rescued yard fowl with a broken leg who Duncan flies to Trindad for x-rays in a private chartered small plane (Tobago has no x-ray machine for animals) . . . or a grieving stray canine who ends up as a beloved therapy dog for children in Massachusetts,'Venus Doggess Of Love' stays true to its motto and purpose: Love Changes Lives.


Winston Bailey “For I believe in the stars in the dark night, I believe in sun in the daylight, I believe in the little children, I believe in life and its problems” (From ‘My Belief’, The Mighty Shadow) Trinidad and Tobago mourned the loss of one of its most prolific calypsonians, Winston Bailey, who died on 23rd October, 2018, just a few days before The University of the West Indies, St Augustine, was scheduled to bestow an honorary Doctorate on the beloved icon. But to many, the ‘Bass Man’ lives on. His distinctive music is indeed immortal. Born in Belmont, Trinidad on October 2nd 1941, The Mighty Shadow, spent his childhood in Les Coteaux, Tobago; a village that inspired many of his songs including the classic, ‘Pay The Devil’. With his skeletal body suit, unique hop-on-one-spot dance, a nod to the macabre, Shadow took the music world by storm in 1974. His musical versatility, lyrics and melodies were unmatched. His social commentary was delivered with humour (“Yuh Looking for Horn”) and more than a touch of irony (“Poverty is Hell”). He remained a staunch defender of artists, at times attacking bootleggers (“Pirates”)and bureaucracy (“Tension”). But even the most satirical songs held an underlying message of love and unity (“My Belief” and “One Love”). His trademark vocal tremble and irresistibly infectious musical arrangements gained him respect among the creative community and diehard fans. He won the Carnival Road March titles in 1974 and 2001, with “Bassman” and “Stranger”, respectively; as well as the Calypso Monarch title in 2000. He was awarded the T&T Hummingbird Silver Medal in 2003 by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Few artists have made such a profound impact on the genre, with songs that were all titans. Quite simply, the Shadow had it all.

Photo: Andrea de Silva

a True Trinbagonian

By Sheldon Waithe

limin' tobago style

Surfing at Mt. Irvine Beach

Photo: Richard Lyder

z z a J

all that

By Alva Viarruel

Jazz festivals in Tobago have been something of a hit and miss in recent times, but the 2018 Tobago Jazz Experience managed for the first time by the Tobago Festivals Commission, can be summed up in one simple phrase: short and sweet. The newly appointed Commission took some time in announcing the artists contracted to appear at the shows and when they did, they also declared the concerts were scaled-back from one week to a single weekend. But, what a weekend. Jamaican-American reggae artist Tarrus Riley drew the crowd by the thousands to fill the scenic Speyside recreation grounds for the Caribbean show on the Saturday night. Riley and his band did not disappoint as their performance was packed with hits. Fans screamed in delight as the multiple music awards singer performed hit after hit from his 2014 album, ‘Love Situation’ , as well as his signature 2006 blockbuster, “She’s Royal”, which put him on the top 100 charts. His 2017 offering "Simple Blessings" was well-received by a captivated audience, as veteran guitarist Glen Browne carried the band through the set with his skilled riffs. Riley was preceded by the experienced Jamaican reggae singer, Tanya Stephens, whose raspy vocals wooed the crowd and won her many admirers for her straight talk during the set. She sang her hit “It’s a Pity” and gave the ladies advice in “ Tek Him Back” , then was unapologetic in her advice to the men with, “Yuh Nuh Ready for Dis Yet” as she dove into her treasure chest of songs. Local acts Gardah Knight, Kabasi and Stephanie Joseph did well to represent, as did the opening act, Black Rock’s Katzenjammers Steel Orchestra, who set the tempo for the many quality performances. The same can be said of East Port-of-Spain’s BP Renegades, with ace arranger Duvon Stuart on the frontline, who put on a really good show, fireworks and all. They were well-received by the sizeable audience at Pigeon Point at the Sunday night show.


Both former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino and Shaffer Chimere Smith, A.K.A Ne-Yo, put on an entertaining show. Fantasia was really hyped coming on stage and got the fans going as she gave them permission to enter the media photographers’ area to get closer to the stage. She eventually came off stage and into the audience. Her set was a mix of emotions, including a tearful rendition of “I Made It” which she ended dramatically with her kneeling on the stage as she gave testimony of her challenges throughout her life and devotion to God. In contrast, Ne-Yo’s ’s smooth choreographed dance moves, his swag and overall lyrical content was well received by fans. They clung to the rails stage-side, sang word for word along with the R&B singer as he executed Michael Jacksonesque moves while performing his many hit songs including “Sexy Love”, “Another Love Song”, “Go on Girl” and “Good Man”. To his credit, singer/song writer Anthony Hamilton, who came on after the two main acts because of flight delays, held-up the rear-guard with professionalism. The R&B singer who has toured with Fantasia as her opening act, performed old school classics. As his band moved to synchronised steps, his soulful numbers included “Charlene” from his debut album, ‘Coming From Where I’m Coming From’, and others from his Billboard topping album, ‘What I’m Feeling’. The “ tabanca” songs, “Dear Life”, “I Cry” and “Never Love Again”, were also featured as couples danced along. Tobago Jazz was a truly entertaining festival with talented musicians who did not hold back, but ensured that fans enjoyed each and every performance.

Photos: Andrea de Silva

fashion coda By Alva Viarruel

European designs inspired by Caribbean patterns and colours flowed along the catwalk as Fashion Coda 6 took place at the Magdalena Grand beach and golf resort on Tobago’s East coast. The highlight of the show was clearly Dutch designer Liselore Frowjin’s presentation inspired by the motto of the Tobago Coat of Arms - “she becomes more beautiful”. Motion designer Sekani Solomon also put in a cameo appearance modelling the resort collection by designer Andrew Ramroop (Saville Row). The Tobagonian whose work featured in Marvel’s Black

Photos: Andrea de Silva

Panther movie, was joined by several prominent local models to showcase the work of Frowjin, Ecliffe Elie, Tobago-born US based designer Elizabeth Arthur and fashion pas-de-deux, the combined work of Austrian designer Andrea Jack Voigt and established Tobagonian designer, Dayle Abeje Angus. Frowjin’s line boasted a vivid, colorful palette and included some intriguing designs, many of which were well received. It was at her insistence the catwalk was designed/remodelled to include the backdrop of the Atlantic coastline of Tobago at sunset. Angus’s collaboration with Voigt was an adventurous combination of European and Caribbean styles, many in black and white. Arthur’s Kimimi swimwear line was a huge talking point with guests including Miss Universe 1998, Wendy Fitzwilliam. The show’s executive producer Don Grant, said he was satisfied the show achieved its theme “Smile” as guests and all participants shared their delight. He noted the 2019 Fashion Coda 7 theme will be “Tobago Sun” and forecasts more collaborative work among local and foreign designers.



“I do” in Tobago...

...and live happily ever after By Roslyn Carrington

The island of Tobago is perhaps one of the most sublime, romantic places in the world. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you can take that next step in your journey together barefoot on the beach, in a chapel, a boutique hotel, or a grassy lawn strewn with tropical blossoms. The Pigeon Point Heritage Park even has a designated wedding venue. Plan it yourself, consult any one of our experienced wedding planners, or leave it in the reliable hands of your hotel staff while you shop, explore, and enjoy your vacation. Many venues offer packages that include catering, décor, sound system, transport, accommodation and bar, to take the guesswork out of things. And why not add that local touch, with artisan keepsakes for your guests? But whatever you do, get started early, for your own peace of mind and for smooth running on your big day. Remember to address all legal issues such as permissions and certificates. So where will you be when you say your vows before those who love you? Tobago, of course!

For more information, please contact the Registrar General’s Division of the Ministry of Legal Affairs Tel: (868) 639-1330


Photo: Patricia Lewis

Winston Duke

meet a Tobagonian

By Anna Walcott-Hardy

Just when we thought Winston Duke’s popularity was at its peak after his appearance as M’Baku in the Hollywood blockbuster Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, he took to the stage at the United Nations headquarters in New York in September 2018, in support of gender parity and won a slew of new admirers. Joining Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan and actress Anne Hathaway, Duke spoke eloquently in support of Women’s Rights. But before his lectures at the UN and onscreen debut as Marvel hero and leader of one of the five tribes of Wakanda, Duke was running and imagining heroic roles on the sun-bleached beaches of Tobago. With the turquoise Caribbean Sea as a back-drop, he recalled in a recent interview that as a young boy, practising his beach “obstacle course”, Hollywood felt distant, a far-off dream. He holds true to childhood memories of being part of a large, close-knit family, founded in a strong community that cooked and laughed together. He told Caroline Taylor in an interview for Caribbean Beat, that one of his favourite memories is of the village’s annual Harvest. “…My entire village cooking and opening their homes to others – including complete strangers – to freely eat, drink, dance and converse.” Born in Argyle, Tobago, the 32 year-old actor, migrated to Brooklyn, New York when he was just ten years old with his mother and sister. Leaving his homeland and extended family was a profound challenge, but he ultimately adjusted and often praises his mother for his success. He excelled academically, gaining a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Buffalo and an MFA from Yale University. “To be able to meet and work alongside Angela Bassett, Forest Whittaker, Morgan Freeman and Chadwick Boseman, to name a few of the incredible ensemble… was something I had only ever dreamed of before…” Winston says that Tobago keeps him “grounded” and looks forward to returning home at least once a year.


Beach Art on the

The Art on the Beach initiative by the Tobago Visual Arts Association is a project geared towards raising the awareness of visual arts in Tobago.

The objectives of this project include conducting visual art tutorials in a variety of locations across Tobago; increasing the awareness and membership of Tobago Visual Arts Association (TVAA) and generally the visual arts on the island; engaging in the understanding of arts as a bridging solution to entrepreneurship and academics for primary and secondary students, and creating tangible and memorable art as an economic activity. The project is geared towards both professional and amateur artists coming together for a series of art tutorials and artistic displays across various locations on the island. Since the project began in 2017, there have been nine art on the beach initiatives at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park and Store Bay Beach Facilities. Initially the project was geared towards capturing the beaches and the natural surroundings; however, the locations are not limited to include beaches and there is a move to other tourists, attractions on the island, including forts and waterfalls. It is anticipated that this project will increase the visibility of visual art to locals and tourists and as the initiative continues to grow, a variety of artforms such as dance, drumming, steelpan, singing and live music, food, art and stick walking will be included. The Tobago Visual Arts Association continues to work within the landscape of Tobago to develop a greater appreciation for the Arts. Visit Facebook at Tobago Visual Arts Association Email:

ART 151

Massy Rainbow Cup Photos: Richard Lyder


Photo: Jason Sookermany

Sport Isle

Limitless Possibilities, Lifelong Passion ​​​​​By Sheldon Waithe

It has now become one of the worst kept secrets, that there’s an unspoilt island in the Southern Caribbean that is perfect for most sports. Tobago’s push in putting the necessary infrastructure and expertise in place, together with the proven capacity to host international events across a myriad of sports, means thousands of enthusiasts now make the annual jaunt to practise in perfect conditions. A sports promoter’s dream destination, many events have a fixed place on the ever-growing calendar. Naturally, the surrounding waters play a major part in providing bounty for fishing competitions, winds for kite boarders, waves for surfers, challenges for Dragon Boat rowers and a finish line for power boats. February’s ‘Festival of Wind’ takes advantage of seasonal breezes that take kite and wind surfers up a few knots and a few feet into the air, as they vie for the judges eye in this annual

event across the bay from Pigeon Point. The beach setting offers an ideal vantage point to join the "lime" afterwards. The same venue hosts the ever-popular human powered Dragon Boat racing in the second weekend in June, with Excellent Stores Titans and Hillview College among the 2018 winners of the gruelling exercise that epitomises teamwork. But the big news from Tobago’s sports tourism is that it will

Photo: Nicholas Bhajan Inset photo: Richard Lyder


Photo: Richard Lyder

be hosting the ‘Pan American Club Crew Championships’ on March 21-24th 2019; those regional visitors are in for a major treat. The ‘Budget Marine Wahoo Blowout’ in February and April’s ‘Marlin Madness’ - celebrating its 39th year in 2019 along with May’s ‘Grander’, represent the best of Caribbean fishing. 2018’s edition was met with unseasonably rough seas that only raised the determination of the participants who no doubt wanted to add adverse conditions to their diary of fishermen’s tales. Magic Lady topped the standings in the 2018 ‘Madness’ repeating the 2011 success. All Sailfish and Marlins are released back into the waters, highlighting the conservationist focus of the tournament. Fifty-five minutes. That’s how long it took Motul Monster to race to Tobago from Trinidad and seal the win in the 2019 ‘Great Race’. A new record over the arduous course that pits man and machine against nature and an event that ignites Tobago with an explosion of celebrations over the second weekend in August. Can it be done even quicker in 2019? Stay tuned. August brings the headliners of the regional juniors to the impressive Shaw Park facility or the ‘bMobile ITF Tennis Championship’. In 2018, the event was preceded by July’s RBC Championships, creating a hot bed of ultra competitive tennis for the summer and setting the tone for some scorching serves this year. February’s ‘Scarborough Cup’ kick starts the golfing year for the island, famous for its courses including Magdalena Grand and Mount Irvine. William Shaw and Sol Joanni took the early- year honours for 2018 with their Scarborough victory, with June’s Chief Secretary Tournament and


the ‘Tobago Open’ in November, the other highlights of a challenging set of annual competitions. If 26 miles are not enough for you, then how about 26 undulating miles through the Bloody Bay rainforest, past Roxborough, Scarborough and finishing at Rockley? By then you would have linked the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, taking the most scenic route, but be prepared for a long soak after the Sea To Sea Marathon. Venezuelan Pedro Mora took the 2018 race in 2hrs 39mins 3secs. The Atlantic side also hosts the immensely popular ‘Massy Rainbow Cup Triathlon’ in June. One look at the Turtle Beach Heritage Park venue explains part of the appeal but it’s the vibe that really resonates with the competitors: before, during and after at the much needed cool down party. Jason Wilson of Barbados retained his crown for 2018, with Genesis Ruiz taking the equivalent in the female Olympic distance. The mass participation aspect of the Cup, celebrating 15 years in 2019, is the true winner, with starter events like ‘Try-a-Tri’to youth and relay competitions. Cycling’s ‘Tour of Tobago’ set the standard for hosting world class events on the island many years ago and it continues to expand, with mountain biking joining the road events and a grand race for riders of all abilities to enjoy the uniqueness of Tobago’s terrain (just ask the elite racers who gawk at the severity of some of the climbs). It’s a weeklong festival of racing that culminates with the globally ranked ‘Tobago International Classic’ on the final Sunday. 2019 sees sporting action all year round and outside of organised events, the island is ripe for your own run, ride, hike, swim, kite...the list, like the opportunities, goes on and on.

Looking to pair snorkeling with a new discovery all in one day ? Well, then Tobago is the perfect place.

Diving Duos By Duane Kenny

Store Bay Snorkel and dine. Our first stop is for the foodies, so snorkel first, then eat after. Store Bay has great snorkeling on the side of the bay, near to the rock cliffs. You can also go along the other side of the beach and swim along Coco Reef’s breakwater to discover a plethora of fish.

Buccoo Reef Snorkel and soak. Your next spot is the Coral Garden which you can access by Glass Bottom Boat. The Garden is expansive, so explore a bit to find the best spot. Also remember that the less wind and the lower the tide, the better the spot for snorkeling. Afterwards it’s back in the boat for a quick ride to the calm, aquamarine waters of the Nylon Pool for a relaxing soak.

Castara Snorkel and refresh at the waterfalls. Castara is a quiet fishing village, with turquoise waters and you can often spot the southern grey sting rays swimming in the bay; the coral life gets more diverse as you swim towards the point. If you are feeling adventurous, swim around the point into Emerald Bay for a spectacular reef, but be careful and make sure you go with a swim buddy.

Charlotteville Snorkel and cruise. Charter a boat from Charlotteville to the nearby Pirate’s Bay and Lover’s Bay for the day. Pirate’s Bay has great snorkeling on both corners of the beach, plus it is one of the most picturesque bays in the Caribbean. A little further down the coast lies the pink sands and deep blue waters of Lover’s Bay, another great place for snorkeling. Just remember to bring a picnic basket and trash bags so that these beautiful beaches remain as pristine as ever.

Speyside Snorkel and birdwatch. Book a Glass Bottom boat cruise from the parking lot of Blue Waters Inn. Your first stop is Angel Reef, where you can enjoy a drift snorkel over the amazing coral. The boat will then take you to Little Tobago where after a short hike on the small island you’ll have a chance to see the dueling Tropic and Frigate birds.


Flamingo tongue snail (Cyphoma gibbosum) feeds on coral, Little Tobago, Speyside Photo: Duane Kenny

Living in Style

Blue Waters Inn Blue Waters Inn is the best kept secret in Tobago. We are surrounded by 46 acres of lush greenery, nestled in a private bay, and every room faces the turquoise waters of Batteaux Bay. This beachfront boutique resort has everything you need for your true escape. Our luxurious rooms are literally steps from sea and sand, and our stunning infinity pool and hot tub look out onto Little Tobago island. We are minutes from some of the most exciting dive sites in the Caribbean, including our newly sunk dive wreck, The Trinity, which sits in our bay. We have our own state-of-theart PADI 5-Star dive facility on site. Experience waterfront dining and a mouthwatering menu at AQUA at Blue Waters Inn, which is also a fully functioning conference centre and event space, catering to weddings and other special functions. We are a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence winner, for five consecutive years. Stay, Explore, Indulge! Tel (868) 660-4341, (868) 660-2583 Address Batteaux Bay, Speyside, Tobago, West Indies Email |

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort The Magdalena Grand in Tobago has everything you want. This new ocean-front resort gives you a choice of swimming pools, patios, beach, spa, tennis, 5-star PADI dive centre, and championship golf. There are six different choices of bars and restaurants, and the dining experience couldn’t be better. The resort’s 178 rooms, including 22 suites, have incredible views, and families love our kids’ club and playground, which entertain our youngest guests. Enjoy all the wonderful amenities of Magdalena Grand and escape from the everyday. Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort has it all. Discover the “True Caribbean”. Tel (868) 660-8500 | Fax (868) 660-8503 Address Tobago Plantations Estate, Lowlands, Tobago Email

Crown Point Beach Hotel Set on seven acres of beautifully landscaped grounds overlooking Store Bay, one of Tobago’s finest beaches. Within walking distance of the airport and the well-known Pigeon Point beach. Accommodation comprises studios, cabanas and one-bedroom apartments. All rooms have an ocean view, kitchenette, bathroom, hair dryer, cable television and telephone. The poolside restaurant and bar caters for all your food and beverage requirements. Recreational facilities include swimming pool, tennis courts, table tennis and shuffleboard, and there are free Internet facilities for our guests. From our grounds you can walk down steps that lead to Store Bay beach. Tel (868) 639-8781/3 | Fax (868) 639-8731 Address Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point, Tobago. Email


Mount Irvine Bay Resort Mount Irvine Bay Resort combines all the amenities of world-class accommodation with the unique charm of the Caribbean. Sit back and relax in the splendour of fully air-conditioned luxury rooms or elegant suites, complete with private bathrooms, balconies, and complimentary Wi-Fi. If you prefer even more room to breathe, the spacious garden cottages are exactly the place.

Tel (868) 639-8871 Address 78–86 Grafton Rd, Mt Irvine Scarborough 901124, Tobago, West Indies Email Facebook Mount Irvine Bay Resort Twitter @mtrivineresort | Instagram @mtirvineresort

Miller’s Guest House Overlooking unspoilt Buccoo Bay, Miller’s Guest House has fullyairconditioned, budget-friendly, self-catering apartments, dorm beds, single, double and triple rooms with free WiFi to accommodate single travellers, couples, groups and families of all sizes. We offer an informal setting, breakfast-inclusive packages and tour booking service for various activities. Everything from island tours, reef tours, fishing, golfing, mountain biking, diving, snorkelling, horseback riding to yoga or even massage therapies. Our onsite Luvinia’s Seafood & Steak Restaurant offers scenic, waterfront dining and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner plus a full cocktail list in the evening. Tel (868) 660-8371, 631-0492, 772-5609 (Guest House) Tel (868) 631-1349, 767-9574 (Restaurant) Address 14 Miller Street, Buccoo Point, Tobago, West Indies. |

Johnston Apartments The Johnston Apartments in Tobago are magnificently located on Store Bay Beach, moments away from Crown Point International airport, nightclubs, shopping and the island’s best food. This vacation destination is ideal in every way. You can relax and unwind in our spacious one-bedroom apartments overlooking the sea. Each room is fully air-conditioned and self-contained, complete with a modern kitchen. Cleaning services are provided daily. Whilst staying at Johnston Apartments, you have the use of Crown Point Beach Hotel’s pool, restaurant, tennis court and conference facilities. The natural and manmade wonders will make your stay unforgettable. Tel (868) 639-8915, 631-5160/2 (TOBAGO) Tel (868) 627-1927 (POS) | Fax (868) 631-5112 Address Store Bay, Tobago Email


Plantation Beach Villas Located on Tobago’s Caribbean coast, the six well-appointed threebedroom villas, fashioned in classical turn-of-the-century colonial architecture, are nestled in a grove of tropical trees, on a gently sloping hillside overlooking the palm-fringed Grafton Beach. The emphasis is on elegant comfort amidst the serenity of nature. Each villa is fitted with all the modern amenities, and your own villa attendant. The Resort is ideal for a family holiday, reunion or an intimate wedding. Our ‘family’ of friendly staff and the ambiance and warmth we provide assures a taste of paradise.

Tel (868) 639-9377 Address Stonehaven Bay Rd., Black Rock, Tobago Email

Surf Side Hotel Why more people settle for Surf Side: the nearby beaches – Store Bay and Pigeon Point; the surrounding restaurants and groceries; comfortable rooms, spacious kitchens, private baths, pools, cable TV, lavish porches; homey atmosphere; security; best location in Crown Point. Poolside villas. Similar accommodation at our associate company, PAR-MAY-LA’S INN, 53 Picton St., Newtown, Port of Spain. Tel (868) 628-2008 Fax (868) 628-4707.

Tel Weekdays: (868) 639-9702 Tel/Fax Weekends: (868) 639-0614 (8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.) Email

Sunspree Resort Ltd. Sunspree Resort delights guests with luxurious accommodation, gourmet dining, and close proximity to some of Tobago’s exotic beaches. The resort is five minutes’ walk from The ANR Robinson International Airport. This Caribbean getaway boasts 19 rooms, each offering a view of either our garden or our swimming pool. Different room and suite categories accommodate families of all sizes. We offer free Wi-Fi. Sunspree Resort is suitable for those who crave action and adventure, those interested in relaxation, or even those who are looking for romance. We even provide an idyllic paradise where all your wedding and honeymoon dreams can come true. Sunspree Resort has won a Certificate of Excellence 2013 from Trip Advisor. Tel (868) 631-5195 / 631-5196 | Fax (868) 631-5195 Address #40 Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point, Tobago Email



TECU CORAL REEF TECU Coral Reef is a full-service guesthouse located in Lowlands, Tobago. The facility, which offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, comprises 27 guest rooms and a meeting/conference room. Our amenities include: Free Wi-Fi, hot and cold water, cable television, air conditioning, a swimming pool and a community BBQ pit. Additional services such as catered breakfast, laundry and taxi services are available on request. Whether you choose to stay with us for a romantic getaway, family vacation, business travel or group retreat, we are delighted to welcome you to our beautiful facility!

Tel (868) 639-2536 / 730-4283 Address All Fields Trace South, Lowlands, Tobago Email Facebook @TECUCORALREEF

Sugar Mill Suites Sugar Mill Suites, (Paradise Rentals Limited) located at Tobago Plantations Beach & Golf Resort, offers luxury vacation rentals in a beautiful manicured tropical resort. One can choose between our comfortable luxurious modern ‘homes’, our elegant old-fashioned condo-style units and our cozy bungalows. These types of accommodation offer you the convenience and excellent service one can expect from a top-class resort. Find out more about Sugar Mill Suites, condos, bungalows and villas to better accommodate you. Life is always sweeter at Sugar Mill Suites!

Tel (868) 631-1054, 639-8000 Tobago Plantations Beach & Golf Resort, Lowlands, Tobago. Email

Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas Looking to purchase your dream home or land, find a holiday villa getaway or a commercial investment? Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas handles the sale and rental of residential, commercial, agricultural and tourism investment properties. Our experienced sales agents are very knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate in Tobago and are on hand to help and advise both buyers and sellers. Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas thrives as a villa rental and property management company with dedicated villa mangers and a diverse portfolio of lovely holiday villas. Our friendly and professional staff will help you find the perfect property. We offer information on valuations, architectural and construction services and legal services. Sit back, relax, and let our experienced sales and rental agents guide you through buying, selling or renting your own piece of paradise. For beautiful properties throughout Tobago, residential and commercial sales and holiday villa rentals.

Tel (868) 639-LAND / 639-5263 / 639-9663; Fax (868) 639-2258 Address Cor. Milford & Golden Grove Roads, Canaan, Tobago, W.I. Email:;



Good good food

Food good mood




Café Coco


Pizzeria & Restaurant Sample Menu Starters & Salads Served with focaccia – Antipasto di salmon or di Bresaola, Carpaccio di manzo, plate of the house – assorted salami, ham and cheese. “Al Dente” Pastas – Gluten free available Linguine, penne, tagliatelle dishes. Styles of sauces – Italian tomato, pesto, Alfredo homemade gnocchi, ravioli, cannelloni al forno PIZZAS 10”–14” Variation of vegetarian, meats, chicken, seafood, Italian cured meats. Red & white pizzas for health or dietary purposes. Desserts – Homemade Key lime pie, panna cotta, crème caramel, classic, avocado, almond, Nutella cheesecakes tiramisu, affogato, ice cream.

We at Il Portico live by a motto “Mangiare é una necessita, Mangiare intelligentemente é un arte” – to eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently is an art. Tucked behind Milford Road, leading to Pigeon Point, our space is a setting themed by the sport of cycling, decorated with pics of such, with the menu choices named after famous Italian cyclists. In this relaxed setting, one has a choice of indoor a/c or open-air outdoor seating surrounded by sounds of light Italian music. Open from 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. then from 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. WiFi available. Tel (868) 356-4911 Address Lot 1, Milford Road, Pigeon Point, Tobago, W.I. Email $$ Lunch and Dinner

Sample Menu Rack of Baby Back Pork Ribs Served with spicy or regular sweet potato fries and coleslaw. Duo of Grilled Chicken Breast & Leg Served with garlic mash, fresh salad and vegetables and a rosemary-flavoured tomato sauce. Papa John Shrimp Linguini Medley of shrimp & linguini in a garlic sauce Surf & Turf Lobster tail and rib eye steak OR rib eye steak and shrimp, sautéed in garlic and herbs. Served with your choice of sides.

Café Coco is the most spectacular restaurant and bar in the region, with seating for 200. It features waterfalls, fountains, marble bathrooms and hand-painted tiles, all synchronised to create an exotic atmosphere of charm and beauty amidst impeccable landscaping. Our chefs, from their open kitchen, offer a wide range of reasonably priced dishes, carefully selected to excite every palate. We offer a perfect venue for weddings, graduations, birthday parties and other group functions.

Reservations (868) 639-0996 Fax (868) 639-8574 Address First left off Pigeon Point Road, Crown Point, Tobago Email $–$$ Lunch, Dinner


The Seahorse

Restaurant & Bar Sample Menu Crab Cakes, sauce Marie Rose. Spiced Fried Calamari, tomato chutney. Tuna Ceviche, herbed crouton. Chicken Liver Parfait, country toast, cranberry relish. Mixed vegetable antipasti. Rock Lobster, fettuccini alfredo, fresh basil pesto. Crab-Stuffed Grouper Fillet, saffron beurre blanc sauce. Fillet Mignon, seared foie gras, roasted shallots, red wine jus. Rack of Lamb, Port & guava sauce. Slow-Braised Pork Belly, spicy shrimp, Madeira sauce. Breast of Duck, pan roasted, pineapple glaze, herbed potato rosti.

Intimate alfresco beach-side dining under the stars. Award-winning food and service, an exceptional wine list, extensive bar selection, in a romantic tropical setting. Regularly featured in the international media. Regarded as Tobago’s premier dining experience and a “must do” whilst on the island. Make a reservation, go early in your visit as you will want to return. Also great for viewing nesting leatherback turtles between March and September. Open daily for dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Tel (868) 639-0686 Address Grafton Beach Road, Stonehaven Bay, Black Rock, Tobago. Email We cater for Receptions, Weddings & Functions,, both on and off premises. $$$

Kali’na Restaurant

Pembois Restaurant & Terrace

Caribbean Fusion upscale dining

Salaka Grill

Ocean front and pool-side restaurant

All Day Dining Main Restaurant

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Starters Braised Beef Short Ribs Red wine reduction & fried plantain.

Tobago Buffet Friday Night (other themed dinners on other days)

Main Course Cocoa Chilli-Rubbed Pork Chop Sweet potato & grilled vegetable tower cane rum jus.

Crab & Dumplings Roti station Accra Pholourie Baiganee Local stew Provision and more.

Grilled Tobago Lobster with herbed basmati rice, sautéed vegetables, flavourful shadon beni garlic butter sauce.

West Indies Wrap Spiced chicken breast | tomato crispy lettuce | scallions cilantro & mango chutney. Bake and Shark Coconut bake | chadon beni sauce. Chicken Roti West Indian curry sauce | “aloo” wrapped in dhalpurie pumpkin chutney. Guava Barbecue Chicken Breast Kebab Roasted peppers | onion | pineapple.

Magdalena Crab & Dumpling Let us surprise you with our chef’s creation of this traditional dish, served with curry sauce, pickled vegetables.

Discover the unique Caribbean Fusion cuisine in an upscale and romantic environment in one of the top restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago. The chef features traditional Caribbean or Creole recipes prepared in a modern European way, as well as dishes from all over the world, refined with exotic Caribbean ingredients.

Each morning we feature an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. The menu changes daily, so you will enjoy different hot items every day or choose eggs made to order. It’s the most popular breakfast on the island. Pembois is also open daily for lunch and dinner.

Salaka offers a delicious selection of pizza, salads, grilled fish, and meat or vegetarian dishes for a relaxing lunch poolside, overlooking the ocean. At night, Salaka Grill turns into a romantic seafood grill with a catch of the day and seafood pasta, along with seafood tapas and antipasto. Try our homemade pizzas.

Tel (868) 660-8500 Fax (868) 660-8503 Address Tobago Plantations Estate, Lowlands, Tobago Email Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Tel (868) 660-8500 Fax (868) 660-8503 Address Tobago Plantations Estate, Lowlands, Tobago Email Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Tel (868) 660-8500 Fax (868) 660-8503 Address Tobago Plantations Estate, Lowlands, Tobago Email Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner






Luvinia’s Seafood & Steak Restaurant

The Pasta Gallery

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Grill Pelican Plaza only: Pork chops; baby back ribs; garlic chicken; BBQ pigtail; fish. Cutters Jerk wings; buffalo wings; Shrimp Creations; chicken fingers; rotisserie chicken; geera pork. Sides Green salad; mixed veggies; Pasta Creations; Potato Creations; wedges. Rotisserie Whole chicken; half chicken. Fried Fried chicken & fish with chips

Starter Shrimp Taragon Cold shrimp served with red onions and drizzled with tarragon vinaigrette.

Starters Tomato bruschetta, garlic bread, Italian meat platter, Caprese salad Main Course Baked meat lasagne Baked lasagne with Bolognese sauce, mozzarella cheese, and béchamel. Chicken/Shrimp/Mixed Seafood/Vegetable Alfredo Chicken, shrimp, mixed seafood, vegetable or any combination served over fettuccine in a cream-based sauce with Parmesan cheese. Linguine al Pesto Basil, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and nuts. Shrimp Marinara Sautéed shrimp served over fettuccine with tomato sauce. Dessert Tiramisu, cheesecake, gelato. Gluten free and whole wheat pastas available.


Roosters Restaurants started with its fried chicken and chips in 2012. Now added is our rotisserie section, which does grilled meat, cutters, various sides and whole chickens. Roosters Shirvan has a section for sushi and pizza. Pelican Plaza opens from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m., ANR Robinson Airport and Shirvan Plaza open from 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Tel (868) 639-8563 Address Pelican Plaza, Milford Road, Crown Point, Tobago, W.I. Tel (868) 639-5000 Address ANR Robinson Airport, Tobago, W.I. Tel (868) 631-1000 Address Shirvan Plaza, Tobago, W.I. Email $ Takeaway

Main Course Luvinia’s Grilled Fish Boneless fish served with a Mediterranean red wine, tomato and olive sauce Miller’s Lamb Grilled lamb chops in a special sauce Lobster ala Espanola Lobster sautéed in a mild saffron, chadon beni and white wine sauce.

Tobago’s No. 1 beachfront restaurant, with excellent food and a fantastic view. Sit back, relax, converse and watch the sun rise and set over Buccoo Bay. Our professional staff will cater for your every need. Try one of our refreshing cocktails on the sun terrace. Sample the delicious fresh seafood in our open-air restaurant, and enjoy the catch of the day from the local fisherman at the jetty in front of the restaurant.

Reservations (868) 631-1349 / 767-9574 Address Miller’s Guesthouse #14 Miller Street, Buccoo Point, Tobago, West Indies Free Wi-Fi access, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bar, Takeaway, $$-$$$ Available for functions.


Superbly located on the way to Pigeon Point, The Pasta Gallery features a unique fusion of restaurant and art gallery. Start with a refreshing salad or crispy bruschetta, then savour homemade sauce simmered to perfection over a hearty serving of pasta. While enjoying the ‘trattoria’ experience, don’t forget to take in the local art that surrounds you. Come and relax in our cool yet cosy atmosphere and relish the simple art of good food. Feel free to call ahead to place your takeaway order. Opening Hours: Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon: from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Closed Tue/Wed. Tel (868) 727-8200 (PASTA-00) Address Pigeon Point Road, Crown Point Facebook ThePastaGallery $ Dine in, Takeaway, Bar


Blue Waters Inn Sample Menu

Batteaux Bay Shrimp Salad Grilled blackened shrimp served over mixed greens with mandarin oranges, strawberries, pecans, sliced apples, blue cheese crumble and apple cinnamon dressing. Tuna Tartar Yellowfin tuna, chopped and mixed with sesame seeds, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. Topped with avocado and wakame seaweed salad. Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon Seared bacon wrapped filet mignon, combined with a creamy gorgonzola sauce offered with oven-roasted fingerling potatoes and chef’s choice of vegetable. Cedar Plank Salmon Fresh Atlantic salmon broiled and served on a cedar plank and topped with roasted corn/ black bean salsa and wasabi aioli.

AQUA is located in the eco-chic resort, Blue Waters Inn, in Speyside, Tobago. AQUA offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with an intimate view of the dazzling turquoise waters of Batteaux Bay. Enjoy an inclusive day with us; take a dip in the Infiniti Pool or stroll our beach with a fresh cocktail in hand, and finish with a mouthwatering lunch on the beachfront deck. In the evening, we transform into an exquisite dining experience, where you can choose to savour our fresh and fabulous menu under the stars, or seated in our elegant indoor space. We cater for weddings & special events. Tel (868) 660-4341 Address Batteaux Bay, Speyside, Tobago


Sugar Mill

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Main Courses Steaks: Ribeye and T-Bone Lobster: Grilled with a creamy garlic sauce Fish & Shrimp: Pacific salmon, local catch of the day, jumbo shrimp Pork: Spare ribs & pork chops Pasta: Spaghetti & meatballs, shrimp Alfredo Curry: Chicken, duck, goat, fish & shrimp. Desserts Ice Cream: Local tropical ice cream – soursop, coconut, passion fruit, arrot cake crème brulée. For the Kids Only Chicken nuggets & fries, kids’ burgers.

Appetisers Soups Seafood Crêpe Callaloo



Honeys Restaurant is rustic: wood, bamboo and carat, in an open-air setting, which is natural and relaxing. We produce some in-house organic herbs for our meals and source local organic produce for our salads. We pride ourselves on being able to provide hearty, great-tasting meals at an affordable price. Enjoy after-work limes from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. with drink and cocktail specials from our well-stocked bar, and great-tasting cutters and finger foods. Honeys is a very kidfriendly restaurant and there is lots of room for kids to run around and play while the adults have dinner. We also cater for vegans with a wide range of tasty no-meat options. See Tripadvisor, Google Maps and Facebook for more information and reviews on Honeys. Tel (868) 313-2917 / 298-5249 Email Address Community Lane, Mt. Pleasant Trinidad & Tobago W.I. $$

Entrée Buccoo curried shrimp Chicken Angostura Tobago geera pork Coconut Creole Catch of The Day Dessert Crème Caramel Tobago bread pudding with vanilla rum sauce

A 15-minute drive and five miles from ANR International Airport. Set amidst an old sugar and coconut plantation overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the Mount Irvine Bay Resort is an elegant, private hideaway. Nestled in the heart of the Resort is the 17thcentury Sugar Mill Restaurant. The Sugar Mill Restaurant is the ideal tropical island restaurant, where guests can dine alongside a 150-year-old sugarcane mill, while enjoying the best in casual Caribbean cuisine including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Local specials are always on offer at each meal period, with a main consideration of “fresh, local and light” for each selection. Casual Caribbean cuisine all day. Hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Tel (868) 639-8871 78–86 Grafton Road, Mount Irvine, Tobago, West Indies


Tobago Hotel & Guest Houses HOTEL





International Access Code (868)








Crown Point








BLUE WATERS INN Speyside 660-4341, 660-2583, 660-4077





Black Rock






Crown Point



Crown Point









Crown Point

639-8521, 639 7060


Bon Accord






Black Rock









Bon Accord



Store Bay



Bon Accord



Signal Hill







Buccoo Point

660-8371, 631-0492,


Mt. Irvine



Black Rock





ROVANEL'S RESORT & CONFERENCE CENTRE Bon Accord 639-9666, 639-0652


Crown Point






Crown Point



Crown Point

639-9702, 639-0614









Crown Point






Crown Point

639-8512, 639-8513


Signal Hill



Arnos Vale



Bon Accord



Bon Accord



Black Rock






Trinidad Hotel & Guest Houses HOTEL






624-8553, 621-1017


667-4655, 667-5162


672-5133, 777-2785

International Access Code (868)


Grande Rivière


St. Ann’s








299-0646 x 321



628-0941, 622-2346



634-4319, 333-8312






634-2040, 634-2244


Port of Spain






St. James

622-8687, 680-7678



622-0484, 628-0316



672-5133, 777-2785








St. Ann’s



Port of Spain









St. Clair



St. Ann’s

621-0618, 621-0063


Grande Rivière

670-2294, 670-1013



628-2351, 628-3334


Port of Spain

628-2008, 628-8357


La Romain

697-2742, 697-1442/3







RADISSON TRINIDAD Port of Spain 625-3361-8 port-of-spain-hotel-tt/ttosptr



669-STAR (7827)


Port of Spain


THE ARIPO COTTAGE & ECO RESORT El Cerro Del Aripo 662-6770, 645-6736 home


St. Ann’s



St. Ann’s



St. Ann’s

624-1181-4, 387-1244


San Fernando



San Fernando






Fast Facts on Trinidad & Tobago Located at the gateway to the Caribbean, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is renowned for its industrialised, energy export-driven economy; vibrant culture, and multiethnic society. T&T is a leading regional economy with a population of 1.3 million. It has an international presence in the oil and gas-based energy industry, and profitable and productive manufacturing and services sectors. T&T is also pursuing a policy of economic diversification and is investing in several other sectors.

Meeting Places and Conference Centres Trinidad and Tobago is one of the top five Caribbean meeting and conference destinations. T&T is host to over 84,000 business travellers annually. Business Hours Offices: Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Government Offices: Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (City Centres): Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm; Saturday – 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Retail (Shopping Centres): Monday to Saturday – 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Hummingbird Photo: Stephen Broadbridge

Geography and Location Trinidad – Once part of the South American mainland, Trinidad is situated 12 km (7 miles) northeast of the coast of Venezuela, and is separated from it by the Gulf of Paria. Trinidad has three mountain ranges: the Northern Range, the Central Range and the Southern Range. The highest point, El Cerro del Aripo, is 940 metres (3,084 ft) above sea level. About 40% of all land is undeveloped forest and woodlands, although the island is experiencing rapid development. Trinidad’s Pitch Lake is the largest natural reservoir of asphalt.

Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time: Minus four hours In US Winter: Eastern Standard Time plus one hour (EST +1) In US Summer: Eastern Standard Time (EST) There is no daylight savings time.

Total Area: 4,828 sq km (1,864 sq miles) 81.25 km long by 57-73 km wide (50 miles by 35-45 miles) Location: Latitude 10.5° N Longitude 61.5° W

Executive power, however, is vested in the Prime Minister and Government following elections every five years. The local government body in Tobago is the Tobago House of Assembly and its seat is in the capital city, Scarborough.

Tobago – Tobago lies 34 km (21 miles) northeast of Trinidad. Of volcanic origin, the island is a single mountain mass, although the southwest is flat or undulating and coralline. The highest peak, the Main Ridge, reaches an elevation of about 576 metres (1,890 ft). The coastline is broken by inlets and sheltered beaches, and there are several uninhabited islets. Total Area: 300 sq km (116 sq miles) Location: Latitude 11.5° N Longitude 60.5° W Climate Trinidad and Tobago has a tropical climate. Daytime temperatures average 31°C (87°F) and are moderated by the northeast trade winds, while nights are a cool 21°C (69°F). The islands have two distinct seasons: dry, from January to May, and wet, from June to December. There is a short dry period around mid-September called Petit Carême. Trinidad and Tobago are just outside the usual path of hurricanes and other tropical storms, but Tobago can experience inclement weather as a result of such weather systems.


Government Trinidad and Tobago’s government is a parliamentary democracy. The head of state is the President, who is elected by an Electoral College of members of the Senate and House of Representatives for a five-year term.

Head of State: President Paula-Mae Weekes, Head of Government: Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley. Leader of the Tobago House of Assembly: Chief Secretary, The Honourable Kelvin Charles.; Banking Number of Commercial Banks: 8 Prime Lending Rate: 9.0% (October 2017 estimate) Bank Hours of Operation: City Centres – Monday to Thursday – 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Friday – 8:00 am to 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm RBC and Scotiabank (not mall branches) 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8 RBC Branches open on Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Bank Hours of Operation: Shopping Centres – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Exchange Rate: TTD 6.74: USD 1 (October 2017)

Telecommunications International Access and Area Code: 1-868 Trinidad and Tobago’s telecommunications sector has shown strong growth. TSTT provides both landline and mobile telephone services, Digicel home phone and mobile telephone services and FLOW landline services. International direct distance dialing is available nationwide. With broad coverage throughout the islands, mobile phones are an easy option. Wireless Internet services are readily available at hotels and cybercafés. Immigration, Work Permits and Visas Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago must possess valid passports and return or ongoing tickets for successful entry. Most Commonwealth countries do not require visas for entry, except Australia, New Zealand, India, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Cameroon, Fiji Islands, Mozambique, Uganda and South Africa. Visitors from several other countries are allowed to enter Trinidad and Tobago for periods of up to three months without a visa. Holders of CARICOM passports, with the exception of Haiti, do not require a visa. Work permits are required for business stays beyond 30 days. Visa extensions can be obtained from the Immigration Office Government Campus Plaza, 3-9 Richmond Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Tel: 225-IMMI (4664) , while work permits can be obtained from the Ministry of National Security, Temple Court 2, 52-60 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain. www.nationalsecurity.,; Transportation Airports – Piarco International Airport is located about 45 minutes from the capital city, Port of Spain. It plays an important role as a vital hub for international air traffic in the Caribbean. There are non-stop daily scheduled flights to and from major international cities. Trinidad and Tobago’s national airline, Caribbean Airlines, serves Toronto, New York, Miami, Jamaica, Saint Maarten, Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Suriname. International and regional airlines that fly to Trinidad and Tobago include American Airlines, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, United Airlines, West Jet, JetBlue, LIAT and several charter flight companies. International flights are also available direct from Tobago’s ANR Robinson International Airport.

Bacolet, Tobago Photo credit: Ziad Joseph

Major Airlines T&T National Carrier: Caribbean Airlines: (868) 625-7200 American Airlines: (868) 821-6000 British Airways: (800) 247-9297 Copa Airlines: (868) 669-5189 LIAT: (800) 669-2982 Surinam Airways: (868) 627-0102 United Airlines: (800) 864-8331 West Jet Airlines: (403) 444-2586 JetBlue: (800) 538-2583 Rutaca: (868) 625-4324 ANR Robinson Airport Virgin Atlantic: (800) 744-7477 Condor and Thomas Cook Group Airlines: (868) 639-5201 British Airways: (800) 247-9297 The following airlines/flights are sometimes scheduled to operate during peak periods. Air Canada Rouge: (868) 623-2721 LASER Airlines: INSEL Air: Conviasa Airlines: 1 (868) 627-8172/6078

Seaports There are two main seaports: the Port of Port of Spain handles dry and general cargo, break bulk, containers and passenger traffic, while the Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Ltd. (PLIPDECO), is mainly a bulk port for industrial commerce. There are ferries travelling the inter-island route daily. Port of Spain Ferry: (868) 625-3055 Tobago Ferry: (868) 639-2417 A water taxi ferry connects Port of Spain and San Fernando. Scheduled sailing times are Monday to Friday. Tickets cost TTD 15 one-way and can be purchased at the Water Taxi Terminal. Free parking is available at both ports. There is a Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) shuttle service. For further information visit: / Tickets_and_Travel_.html or call 624-5137 (POS) or 800-4WTS (San Fernando). Public Utilities Electricity Trinidad and Tobago has a reliable supply of electricity with rates still among the lowest in the Caribbean. The domestic and commercial supply voltage is 110/220 volts, 60 cycles. The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is the agencyresponsible for the country’s electrical supply.

Water The Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (WASA), a state enterprise, is the sole provider of water and wastewater services in Trinidad and Tobago. Post/Courier Services Regular mail, express mail and courier delivery are reliable and available from local provider TTPost at excellent rates. International courier services are efficient and readily available. Emergency Contacts Police/Rapid Response: 999 Fire: 990 Ambulance: 811 Global Medical Response: 653-4343 Coast Guard: 634-4440 The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM): 800-ODPM (6376) - Trinidad: 640-1285/8905, 640-8653; 640-6493 - Tobago: 660-7489 Port of Spain General Hospital: 623-2951 San Fernando General Hospital: 652-3581 Scarborough General Hospital: 660-4SGH (4744) Roxborough Health Centre and Hyperbaric Facility, Tobago: 660-4392


3D Map: Ernest Matthews

Index Acajou Hotel.......................................................................82

HADCO Group..................................................................... 45

Rovanel’s Resort and Conference Centre......... 97 & 165

Adam's Bagels & Speciality Breads..............................114

Hakka Restaurant & Bar.....................................108 & 109

Royal Hotel................................................................ 80 & 81

Airports Authority of

HCL Group of Companies..............................................164

Salaka Grill Ocean Front and Pool Restaurant..........169

Trinidad & Tobago (AATT).................. Inside Back Cover

Healing with Horses Foundation...................................135

Salt N' Pepper Classical Indian Cuisine.......................112

Al Haaq...............................................................................116

House of Sakura...............................................................112

Samurai Sushi Bar & Steakhouse................................135

Angostura............................................................29, 67 & 97

Hyatt Regency Trinidad..............................56, 78, 79, 106

Shandy Carib.......................................................................13

Angostura Museum........................................................... 67

IL Portico Pizzeria & Restaurant...................................168

Sherman's Auto Rentals..................................................135

Aqua Restaurant...............................................................171

Inna Citi Place Bed & Breakfast......................................82

Signature Selection...........................................................40

Asa Wright Nature Centre................................................67

Ins & Outs of Trinidad & Tobago App...........................175

Smokey Joes......................................................................113

Banquet & Conference Centre........................................96

Irie Bites.............................................................................113

Sombat's Thai and Indian Cuisine................................117

Beacon............................................................................... 103

Island Beer Chill & Grill................................................... 111

Soong's Great Wall..............................................108 & 109

Being With Horses............................................................135

Jax HomeGoods............................................................... 139

spa esencia.........................................................................56

Blue Waters Inn.............................................158, 159 & 171

Joanna Aldred...............................Trimidad Cover Artist, 2

Sugar Mill Restaurant......................................................171


Johnston Apartments......................................................160

Sugar Mill Suites..............................................................164

Burger Joint........................................................................116

Kali'na Restaurant...........................................................169

Sunspree Resort.............................................................. 162

Burger King........................................................................115

Kapok Hotel................................................................83, 110

Surf Side Hotel................................................................. 162

Café Coco..........................................................................168


TECU Coral Reef...............................................................164

Cannons of Trinidad & Tobago.......................................82

La Vega Estate.................................................................... 67

Telecommunications Services

Capil's and Co. Ltd............................................................40

Le Grand Almandier..........................................................83

of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT).........................................1

Cara Suites Hotel & Conference Centre.............. 80 & 81

Lime Inn Restaurant.........................................................119

Texas de Brazil..................................................... 106 & 107

Carib Brewery......................................................................13

Little Caesars Pizza..........................................................115

The Art Gallery (TAG)......................................................140

Caribbean Discovery Tours Ltd....................................... 67

LOFTT Gallery......................................................................50

The Arts Café.....................................................................118

Caribbean Estates, Land & Villas.................................164

Look Opticians................................................................... 41

The Banquet & Conference Centre................................96

Cazabon Wine & Cocktail Bar......................................... 19

Luvinia’s Seafood & Steak Restaurant........................ 170

The Cannons of Trinidad & Tobago...............................82

Cazabon Wine and Cocktail Bar..................................... 19

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort........3, 158, 169

The Centro Restaurant.....................................................110

Centro Restaurant.............................................................110

Malabar Meats Gourmet.................................................. 41

The Courtyard by Marriott.....................................78 & 110

Coco Reef Resort and Spa ................................ 163 & 168

Mi Casa Fine Home Furnishings......................................15

The Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream Company...................114

Courtin................................................................................. 57

Miller's Guest House.......................................................160

The Face and Body Clinic Limited.................................. 57

Courtyard by Marriott............................................78 & 110

More Sushi......................................................................... 111

The Fiesta Plaza........................................ 11, 41 , 90 & 96

Creamery Novelties........................................................... 45

More Vino........................................................................... 111

The House of Angostura........................................ 67 & 97

Crown Point Beach Hotel....................................158 & 165


The LOFTT Gallery..............................................................50

Cru Wine Bar.......................................................................97

Mount Irvine Bay Resort.............................160, 161 & 171

The Normandie Hotel.......................................................80

D Ranch.............................................................................109

MovieTowne Mall................................ 11, 41, 90, 96 & 147

The Pasta Gallery............................................................. 170

Dachin Group of Companies............................. 106 & 107

MovieTowne Tobago....................................................... 147

The Regent Star Hotel...............................................83, 118

Danny's Inflatable Water Park........................................135

Nichossa Restaurant........................................................117

The Rise Grill & Bar Restaurant.....................................116

Dolce Desserts..................................................................118

Normandie Hotel...............................................................80

The Seahorse Restaurant & Bar...................................168

Dominion Day Resorts Limited.......... Inside Front Cover

Okazions Card & Gift Store...............................................51

The Sugar Mill Restaurant...............................................171


On Location Art Galleries Ltd...........................................51

Tiki Village..........................................................................110

EconoCar Rentals Ltd........................................................65

Pacifique-Art Studio..........................................................50

Tobago Tourism Agency Limited..................................120

El Pecos Grill......................................................................112


Tomley Roberts..................................................................50

Excellent Stores..................................................................42

Paradise Rentals Limited...............................................164

Tradewinds Hotel &

FarmaVita............................................................................ 57

Pembois Restaurant & Terrace.....................................169

Fiesta Plaza................................................ 11, 41 , 90 & 96

Pigeon Point Heritage Park...........................................149

Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Transport Service


Plantation Beach Villas........................................162 & 163

Association (T&TTTSA)......................................................65

First Citizens........................................................................93


Twigs Naturals....................................................................40

Five Islands Amusement Park.........................................90

Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC)...............64

U Drink - I Drive .................................................................65

Five The Eatery..................................................................113

RBC Royal Bank...................................................................15

Villa Almaviva...........................................................84 & 85

Flameboyant Restaurant & Caterer..............................108

Regent Star Hotel......................................................83, 118

Vintage Imports Wine Merchants...................................40

Flavours Restaurant.........................................................118

Republic Bank Limited (RBL)................................ 46 & 47

VIP Platinum Cinema & Lounge..............................11, 90

Conference Centre.................. 78 & Outside Back Cover

Gaby Beston-Edwards............2,121, Tobago Cover Artist

Residence at Tradewinds..................Outside Back Cover

Waterfront Restaurant....................................................106

Germaine De Capuccini.................................................... 57

Restaurant Holdings........................................................115

White Oak Rum..................................................................29

Glamorgan Events.............................................................97

Rizzoni's Ristorante Italiano.............................. 106 & 107

ZM Executive Transport....................................................65

Golden Palace...................................................................117

Roosters Restaurants...................................................... 170

Zoe Snorkeling Charters..................................................135