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Volume 13 Number 2 — February 2014

Superintendent’s Message

Social Media: The Pros And Cons Dear Oregon and Jerusalem Township Residents,

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A Christmas Carol

Miss Stanton's language arts class. After reading the novel, A Christmas Carol, 6th grade students in Miss Stanton’s language arts classes attended a live performance based on the original story by Charles Dickens. Students visited the beautiful Valentine Theatre to see Scrooge, Marley, Tiny Tim, and a cast of nearly onehundred take the stage, with wonderful music, beautiful costumes, and a must-see performance! After the show, the next stop was PizzaPapalis, where lunch was enjoyed by all. Miss Stanton and her students were very grateful for all of the chaperones who were able to join us!

Message From The Treasurer's Office Jane Fruth, CPA Great news: Oregon City School taxpayers will pay less in school taxes during 2014! Last week, we received the effective millage updates from the Lucas County Auditors’ office for 2014 tax collections, showing that Oregon and Jerusalem township residents will pay 1.47% less in taxes ($26/1,000 of home value) than they paid in 2013. This reduction in taxes is the direct result of the refinancing of the bond debt. Estimates show that this refinancing will create additional reductions in coming years. The Oregon City School District continues to work toward outstanding academic achievement with efficient use of taxpayer resources.

As technology continues to develop, we often find ourselves struggling with issues that we may not have not anticipated. As school districts move into the world of instant information and social networking, we’re experiencing both the benefits and burdens of online communication. The vast majority of us use various technologies and applications on a daily basis. Many now carry smart phones and tablet devices to stay connected to email, text, Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet. Twitter and Facebook have become the mechanisms that many people rely on to get information and stay in touch. As a result, it only takes a few moments to send and receive information. Much of the information shared is positive and helpful. However, because of the perceived anonymity of those who post to these sites, people are now saying things that they may not otherwise say

to someone in person or even on the phone. Once an individual presses the send button, the comments that are written are now out there for the world to see. Quite often when negative comments are posted, Dr. Lonny J. Rivera others may feel Superintendent compelled to add to the discussion, which may take the situation to a whole new level. This is a problem that many school districts face, and, quite honestly, is very difficult to combat. So to that end, I am asking our community, parents, students, and staff to make a concerted effort to keep our posts accurate, positive, and courteous. Parents, please be sure to monitor what your child posts on these sites. Not only can

negative posts be detrimental to those being targeted, but they can be just as damaging to those who make the post. As a point of clarification, I am not trying to discourage those in our community from discussing problems; rather, I am asking that, if a problem does arise, please go directly to the source to get the issue resolved, and to please avoid using social media as the venue. As your superintendent, I am committed to do whatever it takes to make this district great. I am a person who is easily contacted and will readily meet to help resolve issues that may arise. With so much negativity taking place in our world, it is my desire to help create a safe haven for our kids, and for those who live in our wonderful community. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at 419-693-0661 or by email lrivera@ Sincerely, Dr. Lonny J. Rivera Superintendent

Oregon City Schools Is A Straight A District On December 10, 2013, Oregon City Schools received word it had been awarded a $200,431 grant as part of the new Straight A Fund to spur innovation and cost savings in Ohio’s schools. The proposal was one of 24 programs serving more than 150 local districts and partners that the Straight A Governing Board nominated after a rigorous screening process. The recommendations went to the Ohio Controlling Board for final approval on Dec. 16. “There was tremendous competition to receive a Straight A grant,” Dr. Richard A. Ross, superintendent of public instruction, said. “All of Ohio will look to the winning proposals for ideas to reduce costs and transform learning in our state.” The $250 million Straight A Fund was created in the new state budget signed this summer by Gov. John R. Kasich. The Straight A Governing Board approved $88 million in grants. A second application period will be held in the spring. The grant enables Oregon City Schools’ teachers to collaborate with Bowling Green State University faculty to develop high quality assessments that

evaluate student growth with a high degree of reliability and validity. After receiving training from BGSU’s Center of Evaluation and Assessment Services (CAES) in test design, teachers in grades 3-11 will create and pilot assessments using Ohio’s new computer-based Instructional Improvement System (IIS). The CAES will then analyze the test and give teachers feedback on possible refinements. The tests will then be edited and made available to all teachers throughout the state, free of charge. The Straight A Fund is the largest, statewide, competitive innovation fund in the history of American education. The grants serve as startup funds for the most creative and forward-thinking ideas

coming from educators and their partners in the public and private sectors. Successful projects had to demonstrate that they would improve achievement, reduce spending, and target more resources to the classroom. Ohio’s school leaders enthusiastically responded to the fund, with 420 organizations submitting 570 applications. The first round of independent peer reviews determined if each grant application was fiscally sustainable. Applications were then rated by three more independent programmatic peer reviewers to determine if the proposal was innovative, had substantial value, and would make a lasting impact. The Department of Administrative Services selected both sets of scorers. After this programmatic review, approximately 30 grant advisors – professional educators and community and corporate leaders approved by the Governing Board – reviewed the scores. They issued a recommendation of the highest quality applications to the Governing Board who made the final recommendations to the Controlling Board.

Oregon City Schools Race To The Top Update Oregon City Schools began its Race to the Top (RttT) work during the 20102011 school year after being awarded the grant through a competitive grant process. Since then, the district has been focused on work in several key areas. Led by a district Transformation Team comprised of both teachers and administrators, the district has been addressing four focus areas required by the grant. The activities surrounding this work would not be possible without the more than $269,000 the grant provides. Internal and external communications continue to be a focus of our RttT Scope of Work. A universal system that individuals and groups can use to communicate with one another is essential to everyone’s awareness and understanding of work being done. The district now utilizes an “action agenda” format at meetings and has revised its nine “Norms of Collaboration” that guide discussion and task completion. Oracle articles communicate our work to the community, and monthly updates are reported during Oregon Board of Education meetings.

Teacher-based teams continue to align instruction and materials to Ohio’s New Learning Standards. Student-friendly learning targets are now displayed in classrooms, and formative assessment strategies are being incorporated into everyday instruction. Common assessments and student learning objectives are being designed across the district to help students and teachers gauge progress for individual students, grade levels, special subject areas, buildings, and the district as a whole. Last March, Oregon City Schools was chosen to be a pilot for Ohio’s RttT project, the Instructional Improvement System or IIS. We were one of the first districts in the state to begin program implementation. This new tool provides web-based access to resources such as lesson plans, video and web page links, assessment creation and administration processes, data analysis based on learning standard mastery, and connections to vital student information. Our Race to the Top initiative has allowed Oregon City Schools to continue

its implementation of the Resident Educator Program to support new teachers through their first four years of teaching. A lead teacher is available to provide instructional mentoring to every teacher in the district. An academic achievement coach at the high school and curriculum coach at the intermediate school are also providing support to areas that have been determined by the District Leadership Team that need extra support from teacher leaders. In this final year, we’re also focusing on the first year implementation of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, which supports continual student growth and reflects legislative mandates. From August until the end of November, professional development and technical support were provided to two-thirds of the entire teaching staff to facilitate their use of student learning objectives, or SLOs, for measuring student growth. If you would like additional information about our RttT work, please feel free to call our district office at 419.693.0661.

Don't miss the Honor Rolls on pages 6 and 7.


The Buddy Bench

Who Is Your Favorite Author?

Pictured is Mrs. Wojciechowski's 2nd grade class on the Buddy Bench. Inspired by an idea from a fellow school counselor and after similar stories making national news, Jerusalem Elementary decided to jump on the band wagon…or should I say jump on the bench! We have implemented a new way to foster friendships and combat loneliness at recess with the creation of the “Buddy Bench,” where students who may not have a friend to play with at recess, or just wants to make new friends can go and find friends. All students are encouraged to periodically look at the bench during recess to check and see if there are any students who are in need of a playmate. Reminding our students of our positive behavior initiative to be a “Bucket Filler,” they exemplify bucket filling behavior by including others in play each and every day. A huge thank you to Karen Staudinger and her husband for taking their time over winter break to create our buddy bench sign, which hangs over the bench, a continuous reminder to students that they always have a place to go to make new friends.

A Veteran's Tribute The fourth grade students at Coy Elementary once again honored veterans at their annual Veterans’ Day Tribute. Families, guests and veterans were invited to share in the moving celebration. Members of the Christ-Dunberger American Legion posted and retrieved the colors for the ceremony. The meaning of the United States flag was explained by the school counselor, Mrs. Findsen, and the students spoke about the Pledge of Allegiance and its meaning. One of the most wonderful parts of this yearly event is that students are asked to invite a veteran they know to attend the tribute. Each veteran is then introduced by their host student, who gives a short history of their veteran’s background and years of service. In addition, Mr. Jeff Ziviski, OCS board member and veteran, shared “From a Veteran’s Perspective.” Many patriotic songs were sung by the students, lead by music teacher, Mrs. Hall. The event ended with a small reception for the veterans. The tribute was a wonderful opportunity for us all to remember that our freedom is because of the sacrifice of our many service people.

Left: Eighth grader Breanna Batch received the first package of mail in December, when Mary Higgins Clark sent her an autographed book. Middle: Eighth grader Teytem Rew's author responded right away to her request for a picture via e-mail and said that he would send her a couple of books instead since the holidays were nearing. Chris Crutcher autographed two books, including his newest release. Right: Seventh grader Lucas Roach received the book, Plunked, autographed by Michael Northrop. This is the book that Luke picked up off of the classroom library shelf one day to search for an author to study. The Fassett Junior High School gifted and talented students are completing a year-long author study in their language arts classes. During the first quarter, students completed extensive research of authors and books to decide which three authors they would most enjoy in the coming months. Students then submitted persuasive proposals of those three authors. They had to find two books for each author that they would like to read, information about the authors, and about their genres. Once the students found out which author was accepted, they could begin reading their books. This task was com-

Branden Nyers defeated 146 classmates and a few instructors to win Mr. Dunbar’s stock contest. Branden led most of the way, turning a $10,000 starting amount into $17,763.75 in 4 months. It was a couple of penny stocks that tripled, and by October, Branden cashed out, and challengers could not catch him. With the market so bullish, over 100 student made money with their $10,000. Branden plans to meet with Warren Buffett soon to discuss a merger.

fifty percent of the students got responses, with an occasional autographed book or photo. Once, a student received a lengthy personal letter with a box full of autographed copies of the author’s novel. This year, we’ve already had four packages delivered with books inside! The responses are trickling in, and the students are so delighted when they have mail. The next step is the expository essay about the authors, and presentations with displays. The most fun for some of the students is the author fair which will happen during fourth quarter. Watch for the invitation in the next Oracle.

What Makes Learning Exciting To You?

Look Out Warren Buffett

Branden Nyers is this year's contest winner.

pleted during the previous quarter. In addition, if a student was studying an author who is deceased, the student participated in a public, academic social media site to blog about their literary analysis of the books they selected, interacting with other students about the same books. Students whose authors are living wrote a letter to the author, telling him or her about their projects, and their opinions of the books they are reading. In addition, they asked the authors questions and requested responses that included something they could use in their displays for the author fair. In past years of this project, about

Top Left: Pictured are 6th grade students: Carter Fouty, Sierra Bronowski, Theo Miller, and Grace Amonette. Top Right: Pictured are 6th grade students: Lizzie Spitler, Maddie Dykema, Ellie McVicker, Cali Jo Quigg, Madison Fournier, Grace Smith, Gary Batch, Hudson Wolfe, Brigid Collins, Logan Shannon, Tyler Strasbourg, and Ben Richmond, Bottom Left: Pictured are 5th grade students: Jaiden Karrick, Grant Bruns, Logan Heintschel, Tom Staudinger, Mia MacDonald, Ethan Spears, Ella Peace, Ava Ackerman, and Mallory Nelson. The Ohio Department of Education, Office of Race to the Top, asked students to write and record a video under 55 seconds providing a response to ONE of the following questions: What makes learning exciting to you? 1. How does a good teacher help you to be successful?

2. Why do you think it’s important to have a good teacher? 3. Have you ever had a teacher who helped you to overcome an obstacle? 4. How has a teacher helped you understand the connection between what you are learning in school and the job you want to have when you grow up? Congratulations to the students in

Miss Stanton’s 5th and 6th grade gifted language arts classes! All students submitted a response, but these students had their videos chosen. Winning video submissions were showcased to more than 2,500 education leaders during Ohio’s Annual Statewide Education Conference and the final video can be viewed at this link: Way to go!

Words Are Delicious!


Spell "Boisterous"

Principal, Mrs. Bihn, poses with the top three spellers at Fassett.

Top Left: Miss Marciniak whips up a batch of fresh "synonym" buns. Top Right: A bulletin board of freshly baked "synonym" buns. Bottom Left: Miss Marciniak's apprentice chefs. Bottom Right: Creating "synonym" buns requires skill. As children trot off to school each day, have you ever wondered how they learn the many things they learn? Did you ever consider the vast amount of information children absorb? Do you think to yourself, “How do their teachers get their attention long enough to deliver the lesson?” We have many talented and creative teachers in Oregon Schools. Coy Elementary School’s Miss. Marciniak is just one of them, and in November, she had her

first graders “Baking up some Synonym Buns” in their classroom. Playing on the words “cinnamon” and “synonym,” Miss. Marciniak provided each of her first grade bakers with their own bona fide chef’s hat to help them get in the spirit. Her hallway bulletin board was adorned with a huge oven and big paper cinnamon buns. Miss. Marciniak, herself, was decked out in her best apron as head baker. She helped her students prepare synonym buns to display around

the oven. When it comes to remembering, we retain memories that are both vivid and exciting. These first graders learned in a memorable way that synonyms are words that have nearly the same meaning. They expanded their vocabularies by writing synonyms on their cinnamon buns. Kudos to Miss M. for engaging her students in such a fun and tasty way!

Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds And Bats? Question: Do wind turbines kill birds or bats? Answer: Very few. according to studies at Clay High School, 1 megawatt turbine.

The wind turbine located at Clay High School.

We are very concerned about wildlife impact. That’s why we spent over 140 hours of independent research efforts to answer this question. Since Lake Erie is at a bird migration sensitive area, and since we also are located at a very windy geographical location, this question is worthy of extended studies. Using Ohio Department of Natural Resources protocol, a University of Toledo intern, Bryce Schide, has collected extensive data, including during the heaviest bird migration months. Here are the findings: One red bat was found at the Eisenhower turbines. One hoary bat was found at the Clay High wind turbine. One Horned Lark (ground flying bird) was found at the Clay High wind turbine

(by a CHS student, Michael Ummel, during football practice). Three other birds were found, but they were outside the study radius of the impact zone. This tells us that birds die of natural causes independent of turbines. The bird and two bat fatalities if, indeed, were from the turbine, these fatalities are very close to the national average of one bird per 1 megawatt, since we produced over 2,000,000 kilowatt hours of electrical production with our three turbine blades. Of course, more studies over longer periods of time are needed to be absolutely sure of this value. For now, we have verified that these wind turbines are not a significant threat to wildlife. A far greater concern is the threat of increasing global temperatures accelerated by greenhouse gas. This climate change is already disrupting ecological balances. Wind energy is a “powerful” step in the direction of a safe and sustainable future.

Anyone Up For A Mini-Cheer?

Forty-two students competed in the Fassett Junior High School Spelling Bee in December in front of their peers and families. To qualify for the bee, students completed a written spelling bee qualifying test in their language arts classes. The top twenty-five spellers in each grade then qualified to compete in the school bee. Marc Halley, eighth grade, is the champion speller for FJHS, and Nicolas McNeal, seventh grade, earned second place. Kaden Havener, seventh grade, won third place. Marc, Nick and Kaden will represent Fassett Junior High School in the 2014 Lucas County Area Spelling Bee at the Maumee Indoor Theater on Tuesday, February 4, at 7:00. The top winners of that bee will compete in The Blade Championship Bee in March. The top student from that bee will compete at the Scripps National Bee in Washington, DC.

Toy & Canned Food Drive The Volunteer Focus Group and Integrated Machining classes would like to thank the entire Clay Family -including students, parents and staff, for their generosity and kindness with the toy drive and canned food drive. With their generosity, we were able to help provide meals for needy families in Oregon and Jerusalem Township, as well as to help make Christmas special for many youngsters with toys and other presents. Mrs. Soncrant, Mrs. Walendzak, and Mr. Spallino, the advisors of Volunteer Focus, and Integrated Machining teacher, are proud of the efforts, generosity, and kindness of everyone involved. The experience of assisting those in need is heartwarming. We are very lucky to be a part of this great group of students.

Helping Those In Need With the help of our students, parents, and staff, Fassett Jr. High met its lofty goal of 3,000 canned good items for our contribution toward the Oregon Christmas Basket Program. It looked like the back of the pick-up truck was full! In addition, $750.00 was donated, money raised from the Student Council dance, and Ugly Sweater contest. We hope that these contributions made some local families days a little merrier, and brighter. Students, parents, and staff were generous. Fassett thanks them for their support

Don't miss the CHS Annual Garage Sale ad on page 4 Participants of the Mini-Cheer Clinic. The Mini-Eagle Cheer Clinic was hosted by the Clay Cheerleaders on January 4. Girls from grades K-6 participated and performed their newly learned skills during the half time of the varsity game.


Volunteer Focus Trick Or Treat Event

Left: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made an appearance to help hand out treats. Right: Kids went Trick-or-Treating in various rooms at CHS. For the second year in a row, Volunteer Focus members offered a trick or treat event for the youngsters during the CHS Student Government’s Haunted Hallways. While some students braved

the “scare floors,” their younger siblings were able to enjoy some festivities, too, as they made their way around the room trick or treating with friendly ghosts, goblins, witches, mummies, and skeletons.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles even made an appearance this year! After trick or treating, youngsters were able to make crafts sponsored by CHS Student Government. Thanks to the students, parents,

and board members who donated candy and volunteered their time to make this event a huge success!

"OWL Always Be Your Friend!" Students at Starr School learned about friendship during “OWL Always Be Your Friend! Week” in November. Each day, students wore a specific color that related to a friendship quality they were studying, such as thoughtfulness, caring, listening, loyalty, and acceptance. Students also used oil pastels to make “Friendship Owls” to remind them of the special week!

Far Right: Students used oil pastels to make "Friendship Owls." Near Right: Each day, students wore a specific color that related to a friendship quality.

The Family House



Fourth grade GT students with some of the items they collected for Family House. As part of the fourth grade GT Christmas activities, students and their families donated a wide assortment of personal hygiene/care items and snacks to be given to the residents of The Family House in Toledo. Items included toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip balm, hand sanitizer, lotion, granola bars, peanut butter/cheese crackers and many more! Family House is the

only homeless shelter in the Toledo area that provides temporary housing for the entire family. During the classroom Christmas party, students packaged the items into gallon sized plastic bags - over two dozen packages were assembled and delivered to the Family House. The staff at Family House was appreciative, as these items are in great demand this time of year.

Please start saving unwanted clothing, household items and any other treasures to donate to this sale. You may drop off your items on Friday, March 7th from 4:00 p.m. till 8:00 p.m. at the Clay Cafeteria. Items will not be accepted at any other time. Plan on coming back to shop on Saturday.

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Zoo Guest Speaker Visits Jerusalem

Dr. Rivera Delights


Top: Students looking at a snake skin. Middle: Students learn about one of the zoo's turtles. Bottom: Mrs. Karen Farrell, Toledo Zoological Gardens Program Assistant, displays an opossum.

Top: Students worked on follow-up activities after Dr. Rivera's reading. Middle: Students enjoyed Gingerbread cookies they made themselves. Bottom: Dr. Rivera shared the book The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray.

As part of the fourth graders’ science class, Mrs. Karen Farrell, Toledo Zoological Gardens Program Assistant, visited the Jerusalem classes, where she shared information with the students about Ohio’s ecosystems. She discussed native and invasive plants and animals, as well as habitats and how to care for nature. Students saw turkey feathers, a snake skin, animal skulls, and even a live pet turtle and an opossum. The students enjoyed learning about Ohio’s ecology with this hands-on demonstration.

The first graders at Jerusalem were delighted to have Dr. Rivera read to them on Friday, December 13. Dr. Rivera shared the book The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School, by Laura Murray. The classes then did follow-up activities, including text-to-self tasks, and even made gingerbread men. Thanks for sharing your time, Dr. Rivera!

Band Takes On NYC

Civil War Volunteers

The band performed aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid. One-hundred-thirty members of the Clay High School Fighting Eagle Marching Band performed this past November in New York City. The band performed on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Intrepid, visited the Statue of Liberty, and toured the 911Memorial in

lower Manhattan. Students were able to tour NBC Studios, Times Square, Macy’s Department Store, to attend the Rockets’ Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, as well as to view the New York skyline from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.

Pictured Front Row: Alexis Shrewsberry, Alyssa Lambrect, and Cooper Isbell. Back Row: James LaPlante, Andrew Sterling, teacher Mr. Klosterman, Theodore Shinaver, and Russel Zieroff. Seven Clay students volunteered to present their Civil War projects at the Greater Toledo Civil War Roundtable’s December meeting, which was held at the East Toledo Senior Center in December 12. The students and their projects were: Alexis Shrewsberry (Lincoln’s Children),

Alyssa Lambrect (amputations), Cooper Isbell (female soldiers), James LaPlante (Civil War engineering), Andrew Sterling (the Gatling gun), Theodore Shinaver (rap song of Antietam), and Russel Zieroff (Samuel Colt).


Oregon City School Honor Roll

Clay High 12th Grade

Al Sorghali, Hanna Armstrong, Vincent Baron, Garion Bartley, Amanda Beair, Isaiah Bee, Jessica Belkofer, Jennifer Berg, Dylan Bomyea, David Booth, Patricc Briones, Jordan Broka, Chase Broughton, Kelsey Burgess, Jesecca Carpenter, Aaron Chung, Michael Chung, Robert Coughlin, Cassidy Cufr, Payton Curran, Kimberly Daniel, Taylor Dansack, Matthew Dart, Shyann Davies, Logan Davis, Jared Degg, Ashley Degg, Lindsey DeMeo, Jody Dewey, Anthony Dunbar, Tyler Duncan, Craig Durkovic, Nathaniel Dusza, Dylan Eaton, Kacy Fernandes, Sydney Flores, Anyssia Floyd, Amtheyst Frederick, Stephanie Fredritz, Jenna Fussell, Alyssa Gallaher, Brooke Gargac, Sierra Gill, Taylor Goeckerman, Megan Graham, Troy Gray, Austin Gray, Cassidy Greenblat, Corey Grindle, Samantha Gyurke, Erin Ham, Lucas Hartford, Brandy Hassall, Eric Heilman, Blake Heintschel, Alyssa Heinze, Samantha Heninger, John Herrera, Katelin Hornyak, Chelsea Huffman, Zachery Hughes, Leilani Isbell, Cooper Isbell, Harleigh Jacob, Jared Jaquillard, Samantha Kapfhammer, Alexis Kegerize, Daniel Kellar, Joshua Keller, Jillian Keller, Jordan Kesling, Hannah Killen, Tyler Klostermeier, Alexis Kovacs, Morgan Kristof, Molly Kubicki, Haley Lafountaine, Anna LaRue, Jacob Lazur, Kurtis Lee, Aaron Lodzinski, Madeline Lorenzen, Danielle Lozano, Antoniette Lucas, Jennifer Lutz, Jared Maher, Hayley Martinez, Maisy Maynhart, Megan Maze, Samantha McCloud, Chrystian McDougle, Mariah McGath, Sydney McKibbin, Tyler Miller, Chelsea Mominee, Lily Mondragon, Jacqueline Mottmiller, Mia Myers, Mackenzie Myrice, Klaudia Nagy, Jay Nelson, Gavin

Nelson, Rachel Nicholson, Shae Ogburn, Drake Osenbaugh, Joshua Pennington, Joshua Perlaky, Spencer Phillips, Madison Powell, Jeanette Quinlan, Courtney Rahm, Cora Rayner, Riley Reich, Bethany Reindel, Haley Riley, Bridget Riley, Kellie Rodriguez, Shane Roman, Emilie Row, Kyle Rowland, Kaddie Saenz, Luis Salazar, Javier Sanders, Nyla Saull, Chase Nicholas Schaefer, Kayla Schinharl, Mackenzie Scott, David Selee, Ashley Sellgren, Crysta Sharlow, Eric Sheahan, Kaitlyn Shields, Hailey Sibbersen, Emily Smith, Ashley Smith, Jay Staudinger, Joseph Stelter, Rachel Stencel, Nicholas Susor, Allison Susor, Honnah Szegedi, Macie Tolliver, Ashley Trowbridge, Evan Trumbull, Julie Ueberroth, Anthony Urias, Breanna Vartorella, Austin White, Matthew Wieas, Chelsea Woodrum, Jacob Yoder, Emily Zalar, Edward Zunnoor, Syedah

11th Grade

Anderson, Brant Anderson, Bryce Anderson, Jonathan Arnold, Ryan Arrowood, Michael Avad, Juan Baker, Jacob Barnes, Kimberly Barney, Shannon Barney, Shelby Barrett, Sydney Barron, Jimmie Bassiouni, Omar Batch, Allison Beckman, Nathan Bee, Mary Berger, Jeremiah Berning, Chad Billiard, Brianna Black, Desiree Bocook, Baleigh Boersch, Madeline Bohland, Jessalyn Bonilla, Izaac Burns, Brooke Campbell, Madison Cannon, Alaina Carpenter, Collen Carter, Julianne Chancey, Logan Chizmar, Tabatha Chudey, Jennifer Cluckey, Emily Connor, Morgan Contreras, Briana Cordle, Dylan Coughlin, Bailey Cousino, Madalynn Culver, Sarah Czop, Abaegail Davies, Marissa Dean, Brandyn Dolt, Emily Dudley, Dalton Dunn, Rachel Durkovic, Nickolas Duwve, Madeline

Edwards, Ceara Enck, Samantha Ferencz, Hailey Fernandes, Elijah Fournier, Ryan Gabella, Devin Gajdostik, Regan Gargac, Alexander Giannetti, Rebecca Gibbons, Matthew Gladieux, Cole Glesser, Rebecca Gonzales, Morgan Gould-Dusseau, Alicia Grimes, Maddison Gwin, Austyn Gyori, Brandon Gyori, Brooke Hagdohl, Emily Halka, Logan Harshman, Angela Hartkopf, Samantha Heck, Alyssa Herbster, Bryan Holman, Kerstin Hommel, Carly Hook, Emily Hornyak, Megan Horvath, Joseph Jankowski, Sabrina Kaczmarek, Rebecca Keilholz, Benjamin Kelly, Krista Kidd, Jenna King, Andrea King, Breanna Kuecher, Rachael Lavallee, Hannah Laws, Clay Lee Moreno, Jacquelyn Lefevre, Benjamin Lewinski, Vincent Lewis, Lauren Lindsay, Ashley Martinez, Arica Mason, Emily Menchaca, Kaylah Merritt, Kelsey Mildenberger, Tyler Miller, Jamie Miller, Jared Miller, Kayleigh Mills, Marisa Mosiniak, Morgan Murphy, Nicolette Murray, Kaitlin Murray, Lynley Musselman, Alexa Newton, Kara Novak, Hannah Orr, Haley Marie Phanthalasy, Vassana Pieters, Alison Pollauf, Zacary Pringle, Wyatt Reder, Anastasia Rettig, Kirsten Rigg, Carly Robinson, Justin Rodriguez, Peter Rollins, Markus Ruiz, Katherine Rumans, Andrew Ryan, Austen Schiavone, Hayley Schloegl, Andrew Schuller, Kristina Schuller, Stephanie Schwind, Sophia Screptock, Richard Seimet, Kailie Seymour, Aaron Shaffer, Monica Sheetz, Coral Shelton, Chloe Sherer, Jacob Shinaver, Allyson Shinaver, Danielle Shrewsberry, Alexis Siegler, Devin Simon, Kara Snyder, Tristin Sobecki, Erica Spaulding, Ondrea Stewart, Shelby Swisher, Kyle TenEyck, Lindsey Thomas, Kimberly Torres, Alyssia Trouten, Rachel Twining, Justin Ulrich, Megan

Ummel, Michael Upham, Megan VanNest, Austin Veler, Kaylee Vermett, Katelynn Vriezelaar, Alec Wagner, Autumn Walden, Charity Ward, Lexis Wells, Mackenzie West, Austin Wilbarger, Tyler Wilson, Brooke Wilson, Courtney Winckowski, Grace Witt, Kevin

10th Grade

Alore, Adrienne Andrus, Benjamin Arman, Paige Auger, Victoria Badenhop, Noah Baumer, Hayley Beamer, Tyler Belinske, Brock Bleau, Landon Boros, Stephanie Brown, Zachary Buchan, Nicholas Burns, Adam Campbell, Kyle Canada, Shawnee Canterbury, Ayla Case, Austin Clark, Dylan Clark, Hannah Cluckey, Logan Cousino, Amber Cummings, Mason Davis, Jeremiah Davis, Maria Deluna, Annalisa Dickerson, Kayla Dominique, Haley Durczynski, Noah Dusseau, Dylan Edler, Allison Faneuff, Aaron Filka, Abby Fouke, Jeffery Garner, Michael Giles, Ashlynn Giovanoli, Donte Giovanoli, Gino Goralske, Brittney Goucher, Miranda Graham, Noah Groll, Erynn Handy Jr, Michael Harrison, Joshua Hassan, Miranda Hauter, Kelsi Heck, Justin Hess, Haley Hess, Hannah Jacobs, Anthony Jacobs, Aubrey Jadlocki, Alyson Johnson, Jade Jones, Megan Jones, Melanie Keller, Benjamin Kochanski, Austin Kovacs, Eric Kuhlman, Hannah Lajti, Kaitlyn Lambrecht, Alyssa LaPlante, James Larue, Nicholas Latta, Anthony Leichty, Zachary Levally, Lorenzo Lopez, Thomas Lozier, Austin Malczewski, Benjamin Mantyla, Jenna Martinez, Sara Martinez, Sontino Matuszynski, Gregory McNeal, Marlena Menter, Katherine Morris, Amanda Neverauskas, Audras Palmer, Carley Pioterek, Katie Reichert, Allison Resendez, Estrella Robarge, Kaylee Robinson, Austin Ruiz, Simon

Sanchez, Jose Sattler, Kennedy Sauerwein, Sydney Schroeder, Max Shope Mohney, Monica Slovak, Madison Smith, Gavin Smith, Toni Sneed, Madeline Snyder, Callie St Julian, Alexa Sullivan, Jarrett Susor, Brooks Takacs, Jessica Thompson, Alec Toth, Katherine Vriezelaar, Jake Walls, Emily Walter, Christopher Winslow, LeAnn Wolfe, Harrison Zeiler, Monica Zunk, Alexis

9th Grade

Allred, Vanessa Anderson, Vanessa Baker, Mason Barney, Marcus Batch, Abigail Blazey, Faith Bollman, Alysa Breeden, Maranda Bricker, Carl Broka, Paige Bryant, Dylan Bundy, Hannah Bush, Nathaniel Callihan, Britenee Camarillo Garcia, Hugo Ceja Villasenor, Kimberly Clark, Keshawn Clere, Karleigh Coates, Diego Dickens, Reece Dokurno, Maegan Douglass, John Edwards, Robert Emch, Nicholas Evers, Gabrielle Fiedler, Calvin Finger, Luke Fuller, Tyler Furniss, Connor Gajdostik, Grant Garcia, Elena Garcia, Mateo Gargac, Keaton Gaskins, Adam Gears, Halie Gechter, Crystal Gerrard, Hanna Gibbons, Elizabeth Goulet, Ethan Grimes, Mallory Halka, Levi Halter, Starra Ham, Jessica Heintschel, Samantha Henneman, Nickalas Hernandez Goderich, Hess, Sydney Hinojosa, William Holzemer, Autumn Hommel, Ally Horvath, Jenna Howard, Lauren Huffman, Brianna Iler, Dustin Jankowski, Kate Jehany, Hannah Joven, Ailene Juarez, Xavier Juhasz, Drew Kigar, Ian Kiss, Joshua Klatt, Donni Knipp, Samantha Kolinski, Hannah Kolodziejski, Lexie Kozlaker, Connor Kuecher, Caitlyn Kulwicki, Jenna Kusian, Paula Ladd, Mallory Lambrecht, Trace Lammers, Jacob Lapeep, Madona

Lee, Andrea Lipper, Brittany Lipper, Ciera Lohrer, Erica Madison, Samantha Mahler, Jenna Mallett, Mackenzie Martin, Alaynah Martinez, Lisa McGee, Hailey Meier, Lillian Mies, Jacob Miller, Jorden Miller, Madison Mills, Christopher Miner, Ashley Mullins, Cameron Murphy, Kerrigan Myrice, Kyle Nagy, William Nagypaul, Kyrsten Nino, Jenna O Shea, Caitlin Orr, Christian Ou, Wenxin Owens, Chelsea Pacheco, Emillio Parker, Joshua Peace, Curtis Peart, Keagen Perlaky, Logan Phillips, Bailey Powell, Bayleigh Quinlan, Jonathon Reder, Alexandra Reynolds, Calee Riley, Timothy Rodriguez, Alayna Rossler, Madeline Russo, Jessica Saenz, Patricia Saunders, Grant Schacht, Zachary Schweizer, Jacob Serres, Christianna Shanks, Brenden Shipley, Skyler Siefke, Caleb Sloyer, Branden Snow, Pete Jason Spraggins, Alexandra Stach, Lilli Steingraber, Jacob Strohscher, Brooke Takacs, Ashlyn Thiel, Lydia Tilton, Chase Tilton, Drew Timmons, Carisa Tresso, William Truman, Alexandria Ulrich, Alyssa Vartorella, Alexandra Velliquette, Alyssa Verb, Joci Vislay, Marisa Wamer, Jaycee Ward, Alizabeth Webb, Austin Webb, Leona Weirich, Lucas Wiseman, Michael Yenrick, Bekah Zachel, Breann

Fassett Middle 8th Grade

Aiton, Dustin Anderson, Garret Andrews, Haylie Andrews, Kayla Andrus, Aaron Ankney, Zachary Asbury, John Badenhop, Austyn Bassiouni, Dalia Batch, Breanna Beamer, Trevor Belegrin, Lauren Berg, Sara Berl, Normandie Bliss, Walker Bolander, Alexandria Bonnice, Ruth Cahill, Mirisa Calkins, Dakota Carr, David Carter, Denise Case, Joshua Cavaliere, Nicholas Chancey, Rylee

Church, Alexandria Church, Phoebe Clark, Reagan Clere, Hailey Cluckey, Thomas Combs, Myranda Connor, Charles Copeland, Alanna Coughlin, Shannon Cousino, Christopher Cousino, Kirsten Cutcher, Edward Czop, Lillian Daly II, Nicholas Daly, Morgan Daniel, Justin Davies, Selena Delgado, Ignacio Denmark, Nicholas Dickens, Alyssa Dickerson, Hayden Dippman, Haley Duwve, Andrew Eischen, Bradley Emch, Jake Essing, Victoria Estep, Angela Evers, Aubrey Fernandes, Jude Fernandes, Philomena Fisher, Adrienne Flanagan, Colin Fravor, Ezekial Fredritz, Jacob Fry, Jaclyn Gardiner, Brianna Garza, Christopher Gechter, Robert Groll, Zachery Hadzovic, Alma Halley, Marc Hansen, Erek Harrison, Kendra Heck, Caleb Heck, Jason Hendricks, Madison Henney, Taylor Horman, Brandon Huffman, Alyssa Hymore, Hanna Hymore, Olivia Jacobs, Kendall Jones, Makenzi Keel, Mariah Keilholz, Jacob King, Megan Kowalski, Jenna Krieger, Caitlin Krieger, Jessica Lee, Madelyn Lunsford, Devin Madison, Danielle Malloy, Madison Markus, Morgan Martinez, Marissa McClain, Haley McCreary, Breanna McGath, Logan Meinke, Joshua Meldrum, Kelsey Migliori, Marissa Miller, Delanie Mohr, Matthew Nagel, Kimberly Naugle, Alyson O'Neal, Morgan Pappas, Simon Paquin, Savannah Peery, Tatum Petitpas, Cheyenne Pringle, Dalton Pulter, Stephen Pusey, Adrian Quinlan, Natalie Rasheed, Amirah Rayburn, Miranda Reardon, Rooster Reed, Matthew Reichow, Grace Rew, Taytem Rice, Madison Rice, Natalie Rickman, Hannah Rodgers, Kevin Rodriguez, Alexia Rodriguez, Lily Serratos, Savannah Shrewsberry, Eric Smith, Megan Smith, Tylor Soto, Christian Stager, Regan Staudinger, Jacquelyn

7 Suto Jr, Daniel Sutter, Skyler Swan, Emily Talton, Joseph Tate, Sarah Tilton, Olivia Titsworth, Paige True, Cole Twining, Ryan Upham, Mackenzie VanCamp, Leah Venia, Max Vidra, Connor Vincent, Elizabeth Vincent, Samuel Walter, Nicholas Warrington, Jonathan Wells, Kendall Wiedmann, Alayna Wisniewski, Meradith Young, Emily Zak, Elizabeth Zak, Jacquelin

7th Grade

Ackerman, Ariana Aiton, Cameron Ali, Ahmed Allan, Heylea Angel, Joseph Arman, Emily Arnold, Kaylie Barnes, Katelynn Belinske, Brodi Bliss, Mason Bomyea, Monica Boros, Alex Briones, Daniel Brittian, Cameron Brown, Andrew Canterbury, Courtney Carlen, Sidney Cascadden, Skylar Cathers, Jaylon Ceja, Joely Chanthakham, Alannah Collins, Magdalena Connors, Lillie Cook, Camry Corder, Taylen Cordle, Alexis Coughlin, Dempsey Coughlin, Kennedy Cousino, Taylor Cowan, Isabella Curavo, Madison Curtin, Charlotte Cutshall, Haley Daly, Jasmin Danko, Kelsey DeWitt, Maisy Duncan, Katlynn Durkovic, Noah Dutton, Haylee Faneuff, Gregory Fields, Crimzen Finch, Nolan Finger, Sarah Fisher, Emilie Flores, Jasmine Fonseca, Hallah Fournier, Rylie Gadus, Taylor Gaertner, Kelsey Gallaher, Victoria Garcia, Alina Gargac, Delaney Giller, Anna Gladieux, Jacob Gladieux, Karis Gorajewski, Heather Graver, Bailey Grimes, Macie Guerricagoitia, Raven Gyurke, Todd Hagdohl, Zachary Hart, Lynsey Hartford, Hanna Hauter, Zachary Havener, Kaden Henninger, Madison Henry, Jaron Henry, Maeghan Hornyak, Blake Hornyak, Madison Jacobs, Alexis Jeffries, Lillian Johnson, Alexia Johnson, Katherine Jomaa, Malec Joyce, Christopher Juhasz, Ryan Kapfhammer, Shelby Kendrioski, Dominic Klatt, Gracie

Kolinski, Abigail Korek, Kayla Krieger, Cassidy Krieger, Lindsey Lammers, Alexander LaRue, Mason Leichty, Brody Lesniewicz, Alaina Levally, Michael Lott, Haley Luda, Marissa Maag, Alexander Madrid, Kaylee Mawhorter, Megan Maxon, Kaitlyn McDonald, Madison McDougle, Samantha McGee, Michael McLeod, Victoria McNeal, Nikolas McQueen, Mason Meinke, Caleb Menchaca, Cameron Mies, Jena Miller, Chancellor Moser, Madison Mosiniak, Jacob Musselman, Jayla Nagy, Joshua Nagypaul, Neverauskas, Lidija Nichols, Dominic Notheis, Delanie Novak, Jacob Olvera, Vicente Peace, Jordan Prater, Jaelyn Prottengeier, Grace Rajner, Xavier Rast, Brianna Redick, Matthew Revenaugh, Kelli Rew, Anna Rice, Scarlet Richardson, Jenna Rigsby, Kaitlyn Rivera, Jared Roach, Lucas Roberts, Lindsay Rokicki Counterman, Claire Rossler, Morgan Row, Zachary Russell, Wyatt Santana, Emmanuel Sattler, Regan Saxon, Amber Schweizer, Faith Shreve, Danielle Grace Siefke, Samantha Sigler, Hannah Silva, Samantha Smith, Hannah Smith, Olivia Soto, Christopher Spears, Grant St Julian, Andrew Stahl, Alivia Szigeti, Alexander Thompson, Madison Thompson, Wyatt Titgemeyer, Andrew Todoroff, Macenzie Tuttle, Brianna Ummel, Adam Urbanski, Kyle Utter, Jason Van Hersett, Jarod Varner, Amber Vartorella, Ashley Vriezelaar, Madelyn Wallace, Madeliene Wamer, Reese Wells, Lana West, Jennah Wilbarger, Audrey Young, Addison

Eisenhower Middle 6th Grade Abbott, Katelyn Akins, Kaylee Amonette, Grace Andrus, Isaac Armstrong, Lily Auger, Jay Ault, Savannah Baranoski, Justin Barnhizer, Adolfo Batch, Gary Baugher, Grace Baumgartner, Hope Baxter, Chase Berry, Chase Blade, Michael

Blausey, Hannah Bohland, Garrett Bohland, Samantha Bohland, Sawyer Boisselle II, Charles Bolander, Derek Bonnough, Brianna Booth, Dawson Brown, Haley Burgess, Charlee Burling, Lon Campbell, Colton Carroll, Lucas Caryer, Sawyer Case, Haley Cash, Jayden Chandler, Trenton Church, Kaylee Cindle, Kayla Clark, Megan Clark, Rylee Collins, Brigid Cooper, Tyler Cortez, Alexander Cote, Evan Csengeri, Larissa Cufr, Daniel D Amore, Hannah Dalton, Audrey Daly, Amber Deal, Derek DeBlaere, Anastasia Deweese, Cameron DeWitt, Brandon Dickens, Aaron Dickens, Emily Dokurno, Tyler Durkovic, Natalie Dykema, Madison Ellis, Sarah Engle, John Engle, Maria Erdmann, Jeremy Fletcher, Robert Fournier, Madison Fouty, Carter Freeman, Claudia Garza, Katelyn Gears, Kayla George, Christa Gladieux, Madisen Goetz, Baylee Haas, Gregory Hansen, Emma Hauter, Morgan Hendricks, Kaylynn Henry, Mackenzie Hill, Joshua Hoskins, Lucy Hudson, Aaron Hughes, Andrew Huss, Madison Jones, Rachel Jones, Raecie Kapfhammer, Elizabeth Kapfhammer, Paige Keel, Emily Keller, Carrie Kellerbauer, Henry Kelly, Madison Knipp, Krystina Koepf, Nicole Korb, Megan Kramer, Kody Kurek, Angelina Kusian, Delaney Lajiness, Sierra Lambrecht, Nathan Luce, Delana Lutes, Carter Madison, Ally Manthey, Alexandria Matthews, Bryce Mays, Skylar McVicker, Ellie Mead, Andrew Measel, Samuel Meinke, Sydnie Miller, Kameron Miller, Theodore Mitchell, Karmen Mitchell, William Mohon, Bailee Murphy, Austin Neyrinck, Adam Nowak, Cassidy Oatley, Anthony Olinger, Jaylin Olson, Dalton Osborne, Braden Owens, Mckenna Peery, Grace Pendergraff, Tony Perry, Jacob Pirooz, Melissa Popkin, Jamieson Prottengeier, Hannah

Quigg, Cali Jo Reese, Tyler Rew, Alivia Richmond, Benjamin Rigg, Payton Ross, Madelin Rowe, Zachary Rugg, Averi Russo, Julia Saldivar, Lynda Schivelbein, Nathan Schloegl, Owen Schroeder, Andrew Schwartz, Amanda Scott, Alexis Segura, Mariah Shannon, Logan Siefke, Cora Sigler, Kyle Silva, Luke Sims, Kaitlyn Skitowski, Alex Slovak, Kennedy Smith, Grace Snoderly, Katherine Snow, Mia Snow, Zachary Sondergeld, Connor Spitler, Elizabeth Sprague, Caitlyn Sprague, Mason Strasbourg, Tyler Stringham, Jasmine Szymczak, Ty Tawil, Ali Taylor, Alex Taylor, Madison Thatcher, Olivia Thiel, Spencer Thomas, Parker Thompson, Austin Tilton, Luke Timofeev, Austin Torres, Dominic Truman, Taylor Ulch, Marina VanCamp, Kate VanSickle, Katherine Vartorella, Deion Vislay, Jenna Wamer, Ruger Weirich, Ashlyn Weirich, Caitlyn West, Lilian Westerman, Briana Wilson, Grace Wolfe, Hudson Wurm, Kylie Yancey, Anthony Yanez, Madison Zunk, Carson

5th Grade

Abdoney, Danya Ackerman, Ava Alexander, Gavin Ali, Mushtaq Amborski, Alexander Anderson, Westley Arey, Samantha Ashley, Emily Ashley, Samantha Baden, Grace Barney, Carlie Beat, Levi Beavers, Kaylee Blausey, Jordan Bleau, Jadyn Bonnice, Mariann Boyd, Cheyenne Brammer, Gary Bricker, Sierra Brown, Emily Bruns, Grant Bundy, Caleb Burgess, Macy Burkey, Dominic Byers, Alaina Calkins, Keeghan Campbell, Madison Cassoni, Ethan Cathers, Mariah Chen, Vicky Church, Erin Clark, Gregory Clark, Lauren Collins, Lucas Cook, Cameron Cook, Madison Cousino, Jacob Crisp, Eric Deal, Carlee Depinet, Kelsey Doggett, Lucius Dupler, Clinton Fann II, Dwight Faris, Grayden

Fayling, Jenice Finch, Alyssa Flanagan, Chase Flanagan, Johnathan Franke, Riley Gajdostik, Harrison Glass, Gage Gomez, Nicholas Hagdohl, Noah Hamilton, Destiny Heintschel, Eric Henneman, Roger Hentges, Danielle Horman, Brady Jenkins, Elizabeth Jones, Olivia Joseph, Jessica Jurski, Trevor Kapfhammer, Chloe Karrick, Jaiden Katschke, Mikaeli Kegley, Savannah Kellison, Emily Kennedy, Isabella Kessler, Andrew Kigar, Cecilia Kovach, Tatiana Krontz, Nevaeh Kulwicki, Caitlyn Kyer, Alanna Lajti, Thomas Langschied, Leo Lants, Nora Lapeep, Tomas LaPlante, Gracyn Latta, Alexander Latta, Ashtin Leichty, Jacob Lepeak, Megan Lewis, Kalie Lowe, Sofie Luginbuhl, Allen Lutheran, Matthew Mabry, Isabella MacDonald, Mia Mahaney, Nathan Mahler, Lauren Maix, Madison Maletich, Dominic Malin, Lillian Mann, Makayla Martin, Elizabeth Mason Jr, Kristofor Mawhorter, Andrew McDonald, Zachary McGath, Becca McGee, Matthew Miller, Kadyn Miller, Quinton Minkowski, Karlee Mohon, Laney Moore, Trenton Morris, Emily Morris, Jakob Mullins, Mya Murphy, Sonia Myler, Zoie Naugle, Andrew Nelson, Mallory Nichols, Sydney Nonekowski, Julia Patrick, Natalie Kristine Peace, Ella Potter, Ashia Powers, Michael Pusey, Aubrey Ramey, Selena Resendez, Carmen Rigsby, Kelsey Rivera, Alec Rivera, Dominique Roach, Zachary Roberts, Isabella Roberts, Logan Rogers, Esperanza Root, Ayden Rutkowski, Breanna Rye Barailloux, Courtney Sanchez, Jelena Schultz, Carly Seimet, Kendall Sheetz, Cara Shope, Erica Short, Raymond Smith, Abigail Smith, Amber Snyder, Easton Spears, Ethan Staudinger, Thomas Takacs, Katelynn Thompson, Owen Tolles, Justin Tuttle, Katlyn Ulinski, Katie Villegas, Serena Wallace, Zoe

Watson, Trinity Wehbi, Adam Wehbi, Mohammed Wilson, Skylar Wolfe, Hannah Woodbury, Kaidon Woollard, Scott Woollard, Zachary Yeager, Dylan Young, Aaron Zsigrai, Jeffery

Coy Elementary 4th Grade

Alore, Braden Barnes, Courtney Baumgartner, Paige Breeden, Maycie Buenrostro, Olivia Camarillo, Nickolas Carr, Maura Carroll, Kaden Chasteen, Veronica Chen, Zi Lin Coger, McKenzie Cox, Kenady Curns, David Day, Ashton Eischen, Brooke Gierke, Maxwell Giles, Alexia Gschwind, Morgan Hernandez, Gabriel Hierholzer, Kayli Iler, Alexis Jomaa, Naseem Jones, Mackenzie Jurski, Joslyn Jurski, Ricky Karrick, Blake Karrick, Maci Kennedy, Layla Kish, Brennan Koehler, Tyler Lants, Elliott LaPlante, Alyssabeth Lindsay, Tiffany Major, Sarah Mann, Danielle Marsico, Jonathan Martin, Colin Materni, Ava Matthews, Hayden Merren, James Millhouse, Olivia Orra, Raiyan Overton, Juleon Payeff, Jessica Pence, Aubrey Racz, Dezarae Ruswinkle, Dominic Samu, Savanna Scarberry, Caleb Sherer, Karliana Smith II, Edward Spears, Elizabeth Sprague, Hannah Stewart, Lawrence Sturm, Hayley Varner, Avery Vaughn, Dominic Villegas, Andrus Wagner, Katelyn Wamer, Dakota Wang, Winnie Watson, Cole Whaley Jr, James Wiedmann, Emily Wiedmann, Ian Wolf, Kennedi

Jerusalem Elementary 4th Grade

Abbott, Nicholas Alm, Maxwell Batch, Geremiah Belli, Maxwell Bench, Caleb Bisaillon, Andrew Booth, Brendan Bourdo, Emily Brady, Lydia Cannon, Haley Chanthakham, Chantah Clark, Logan Combs, Dakoda Cooper, Daniel Curtin, Mitchell Cuttaia, Angelo Dalton, Grace DeMaria, Elise Dolt, Nicolas Donaldson, Emberlynn Fortier, Spencer

Fuller, Logan Gaertner, Cooper Gladieux, Ariana Gonzales-Imbery, Aliciandra Guy, Emmalee Havener, Juliana Henry, William Horsley, Carmen Horvath, William Jones, Benjamin Kennedy, Jackson Kolinski, Luke Krieger, Cory Large, Savanna LaRue, Lauren Lewis, Jaylynn Long, Garret Madrid, Carmen Mauder, Kira Maville, Carleigh McQueary, Bernadine Miller, Charles Millimen, Connor Przybylski, Meah Quigg, Kara Rigg, Nicholas Rivera, Kendal Schenkel, Breeann Sharp, Victoria Shiffert, Xander Shireman, Brilee Skitowski, Joseph Smith, Cole Snyder, Keana Spitler, Cecelia Splichal, Kayleigh Tierney, Daniel Tierney, Drew Tolles, Zachary Wells, Kurt Williams, Camryn Wolfe, Kayley Womas, Riley Wuertz, Conner Zuver, Ethan

Starr Elementary 4th Grade

Anderson, Molly Barney, Mallory Bauer, Kayleigh Bond, Nathaniel Brammer, Molly Ciborowski, Kailyn Coughlin, Delaney Coughlin, Donovan Cousino, Zoey Daniel, Luke Dazley, Steven Deneau, Jake Ewersen, Jenna Garcia, Marissa Gatewood, McKenzie Gibbs, Owen Glass, Erik Haas, Hannah Henry, Keagon Howe, Michael Hughes, Megan Jaros, Jonathan Jehany, Jarod Johnson, Savannah Judy, Jamie Kauffman, Victoria Keller, Cody Kirian, Hailey Klein, Kasey Miller, Camryn Miller, Dalton Moore, Grace Morse, Mason Muchewicz, Makayla Plavcan, Benjamin Plavcan, Zachary Power, Gage Prottengeier, Nathan Robinson, Haley Root, Zoee Rossler, Braiden Row, Eric Rowe, Isabella Snyder, Carson St John, Garrett Stahl, Lindzie Susor, Lauren Tabler, Kylee Tuttle, Brock Wamer, Deighton Wells, Zachary Weseman, Tyler Williams, Jessica Young, Lucas




This newspaper is issued by the Board of Education and staff of the Oregon City School District. Questions raised by this publication or other activities of this school district can be answered by contacting one of the following individuals or places: Information Specialists: Tamara Swartz 693-0665, ext. 2044 Dave Copsey 693-0661 ext. 3308

Left: Members of Volunteer Focus, and Strive joined forces to bake the cookies for the Cookie Walk. Right: Over 30 types of cookies were baked. Thank you to everyone who came to The Second Annual Cookie Walk at Clay High School. You helped to make this a success. The students from Volunteer Focus and STRIVE worked hard in baking

over 30 different kinds of cookies. Participants left with box(es) of assorted, homemade Christmas cookies for the holidays, and never had to dirty their kitchens. Leftovers from the Cookie Walk were do-

nated to Little Sisters of the Poor. We are planning to host the Cookie Walk again next year, and we hope to see you there.

District Office: 5721 Seaman Rd. Oregon, OH 43616 Superintendent, Dr. Lonny Rivera Assistant Superintendent, Hal Gregory Dir. of Teaching and Learning, Dawn Henry Dir. of Student Services, Dee Hepperly Dir. of Business Affairs, Dean Sandwisch Dir. of Technology, Dawn Schiavone Treasurer, Jane Fruth (419) 693-0661 Clay High School: 5665 Seaman Rd. Oregon, OH 43616 Principal, James Jurski Asst. Principal, Nathan Quigg (419) 693-0665


Fassett Junior High School: 3025 Starr Ave. Oregon, OH 43616 Principal, Becci Bihn Asst. Principal, Jeff Straka (419) 698-6008 Eisenhower Intermediate School: 331 N. Curtice Rd. Oregon, OH 43618 Principal, Tim Holcombe (419) 836-7215

Left: Fourth graders partnered with kindergarteners and first graders to enjoy some holiday activities. Right: Students enjoyed making gingerbread. Jerusalem fourth graders partnered with kindergartener, and first graders to enjoy some holiday activities this month.

Some students read Christmas and winter-themed stories together, while others made gingerbread house crafts. All the

classes enjoyed cookie decorating and hot chocolate or juice boxes. What fun it is to work together!

One Thousand Voices Clay will be sending 40 of its top singers to perform at the Huntington Center.

On Sunday, April 6, at 4:00 p.m., the Toledo Symphony Orchestra will celebrate it’s 70th anniversary in a grandscale presentation of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Toledo’s Huntington Center. Choirs from the local area have been invited to participate in this monumental work. Clay will be sending 40 of its top singers to perform. For ticket information, please contact the Toledo Symphony Orchestra website at: Toledosymphony. com.

Are You An Alumni, Teacher, Or Friend Of Clay High School? Clay High Alumni & Friends Association (CHAFA) Wants You! We are dedicated people associated with Clay High School, reflecting on the past, experiencing the present, and creating the future, while having fun and contributing to the academic and personal goals of Clay High School students. We provide the vehicle for carrying on the legacy of Clay High School. CHAFA is committed to providing this forum for people who are alumni and friends of Clay High School. Each year we hold the DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARD presentation and reception, GROOVE IN THE GROVE, multi-age reunion event, award scholarships, as well as provide funds to many organizations within the high school, paving the way for success to each generation. Membership in CHAFA is easy. For $10 per person you will receive two newsletters (known as the SCREAMING EAGLE) per year, as well as a car

window cling-on to show everyone your Clay High School pride. Don’t miss a thing! Join today by sending the form below and your payment to:

CHAFA 5721 Seaman Road Oregon, OH 43616 or go to and join using PayPal

Of course I want to be a member of CHAFA! Name (maiden name if applicable) Address City



Phone E-mail Address Graduation Year

or are you a Friend ___________

Amount Paid $ I am also including a donation with the membership dues to the (circle your choice) Scholarship Fund

Operating Fund

Coy Elementary School: 3604 Pickle Rd. Oregon, OH 43616 Principal, Amy Molnar (419) 698-6010 Jerusalem Elementary School: 535 S. Yondota Rd., Curtice, OH 43412 Principal, Dean Ensey (419) 836-7704 Starr Elementary School: 3230 Starr Ave., Oregon, OH 43616 Principal, Jennifer Conkle (419) 693-0589 Wynn Center: 5224 Bayshore Rd., Oregon, OH 43618 (419) 698-8003 Career and Technology Education 5665 Seaman Rd., Oregon, OH 43616 (419) 693-0668 Director, Steve Bialorucki School Board Members P.J. Kapfhammer, President Carol Molnar, Vice President Mike Csehi Heather Miller Jeff Ziviski The Oregon City Schools Board of Education has regularly scheduled meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the administration building. The public is always welcome to attend, however, the date and location may change so please call 693-0661 to inquire before attending. The Oregon City School District complies with federal laws which prohibit discrimination in programs and activities receiving federal assistance. Title 1 Regulation-Parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s teacher. Contact the Oregon City School administration building for information (419-693-0661) or visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website for teacher certification. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination on the basis of handicap. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. The Age Discrimination Act of 1975 prohibits discrimination of the basis of age. The Oregon City School District also complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 which grants to parents/guardians the rights to examine their children’s offical school records. Inquiries regarding unlawful discrimination may be directed to Hal Gregory, Assistant Superintendent, Oregon City Schools, 5721 Seaman Road, Oregon, OH 43616 or by calling 419-693-0661

Oregon Oracle - February 2014  

Oregon Oracle February 2014

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