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Nine H.Dubric Managerial Works are already in the Central City Library of La Paz – Bolivia

The writer’s collection New Executive H. Dubric is already available to the Bolivians in the premises of the Central City Library of Paz. So they can see the Fifth Managerial System called the Free Initiative.

If anyone is interested in obtaining H. Dubric collection can approach the 17th International Book Fair in La Paz 2012, “Cultural Heritage of La Paz”, which will be held from August 1st to August 12th, at the premises of the Circle of Officers of the Army (COE). It is under the theme “Arts in Motion”.

Need to Seek Ethical and Moral. “Ethics and Moral Executive” This Book was born in a seminar dictated in year 2007 by H. Dubric. He drew back the veil in simple form the depth of the Ethics and the Moral who everyone should seek in every moment and within them.

Inbreeding dialectic. The words of this seminar dictated in year 2007, titled “Ethics and Moral Executive” which were transcribed in the book bearing the same name, continually invites us to reflection.

“It is clear that the worshipers of intellect and subjective reasoning, give their five senses to their major value, and unable to verify with these poor informants, refuse to accept all which is within the ontological, creating doubt utopia, the disqualification of that which is beyond the emotions and mind, and it has been formed by a controversy over what some call ‘abstract thinking’, relying heavily on the “Language Philosophy” ‘where we find to a “constellation” of writers: Martin Heidegger, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the American Josef John Dewey, John Langshaw Austin, John Rogers Searle, Pierce, Rortry, Rawls, ending with the French postmodern Lyotard, Derrida, through the German discourse ethics Apel and Jurgen Habermas and the hermeneutics of Hans G. Gadamer, without forgetting clearly is (not to leave anyone out) to: Thomas Gobbes, Jean J. Rousseau, Georg Hegel, Karl Marx, Maximilian Weber and Michel Foucault, among others. “

“It is forming an increasing inbreeding dialectic, disseminated in all professional levels, closing spaces, significantly obstructing the real ethical and we see the consequences in these societies, there is no respect for anything or anyone. Each coined concepts of ethics for criminal and appear honest. “

Might we dig ethics, looking into old chronic past? Or While existing concept? IT IS NOT. That’s impossible. “

H. Dubric affirms: “It is the reason why I have asserted, while the scholars of this decadent age, continue giving Ethics affiliation relates with subjective reasoning, they will not be able to find it and a lot less to keep it in the vicinity” …

VIRTUE AND BUSINESS. The first edition of this book was conducted in 2004, and shows us for the FIFTH ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGERIAL SYSTEM CALLED FREE INITIATIVE, delivered by H. Dubric in his first book (written in 1990) is the most effective method to focus the BUSINESS Managerial Processes.

In writing order; this is his second work and he gives us the basis of the pyramid which supports this FIFTH MANAGERIAL SYSTEM OF MANAGE AND ADDRESS delivered by him: a) To deepen the eternal principles and Universal b) Need of a change, from the point of view of the annihilation of the ego, and c) Free Willingness Respect.

In other words this FIFTH SYSTEM is a new style, based on the conscience of every human being; is the answer to the existing and future challenges. It gets a tendency to resort to old patterns, processes and practices of the past to find SUCCESS.

No one can make a difference of view if they do not take into account the fifth system revealed by this Venezuelan.

Virtud y Negocios (Virtue and Business); is an educational book that closes gaps and bridges between uncertainty places called “future� and the present results. Open the door to come and how to cope. We speak of the dominoes effect and the fall of the three tabs that supported the game of life and all its stages.

Virtud y Negocios (Virtue and Business) as well as Nacimiento de un Nuevo Ejecutivo (Birth of a New Executive); are books written for a new way of thinking and meet the challenges of business, achieving a substantial change, able to generate in practice, the more wisdom to bring solutions to critical situations and display more accurate selection of priorities. In these books show us in a didactic tools for curbing corruption, felony, bribes, and WIN, WIN, ending with such complaint and unmotivated.

These books invited to confront and overcome by yourself, with comprehensive tools to achieve true success. We demonstrated in this book where the market is going and where will stay the global financial issues, and how will be the life of large corporations if they do not consider their advice. Antonio Moreno. H.Dubric Press International. Venezuela. ESCRITO ORIGINALMENTE POR PRENSA H. DUBRIC

Nine H.Dubric Managerial Works are already in the Central City Library of La Paz – Bolivia  

The writer’s collection New Executive H. Dubric is already available to the Bolivians in the premises of the Central City Library of Paz. So...

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