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Growing Your Business Online CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION R D S, D U B L I N - W E D N E S DAY 2 5 T H M AY 2 0 1 6

How Buyers and Sellers Interact at Both a Consumer and Business Level

Bringing Together Key Stakeholders Involved in Developing and Growing a Successful Online Business

An Unparalleled Opportunity to Learn from Industry Leaders in a Highly Interactive Atmosphere

Showcasing Industry Leaders from a Variety of Leading Irish and Local Companies


RDS, DUBLIN 25th May, 2016

Growing Your Business Online CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION R D S, D U B L I N - W E D N E S DAY 2 5 T H M AY 2 0 1 6

Dear Delegate, Firstly may I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to attend the inaugural Sales & Marketing Summit The timing of the event could not be more opportune with a new Government now in place, concerns over Brexit and the implications for Ireland and a rapidly changing political landscape globally including one of our key trading allies the United States of America. This engaging, full day conference and exhibition is a unique conference that focuses on the fundamental changes occurring between how buyers and sellers interact at both a consumer & business level. This game-changing shift in the marketplace requires a new approach, blending the strengths of senior executives, sales, marketing & PR like never before! Due to the huge importance of growing your business revenue online the National Sales and Marketing Summit will be collocated with an event dedicated to developing online business called the Grow your Business Online Conference and Exhibition which will be located in the same venue. Delegates are free to move between both events and the events will share an exhibition area. So no matter where your interest lies in growing your business and sales, there will be something of interest for you. The conference will consist of speakers offering content that will engage business owners, senior executives and key leaders from sales and marketing verticals. The event will showcase industry leaders from a variety of leading Irish and local companies from sectors such as Manufacturing, Internet and ICT, Retail, Hospitality and tourism, Utilities and energy, banking and Finance, Aviation, Fashion, healthcare , Real estate, Consumer goods, FMCG, insurance, consultancy services etc. Through case studies, hot topic presentation, technical presentations and workshops, these leading speakers can help equip you with the knowledge to improve your business and sales and marketing performance.

I hope you have an enjoyable and informative day at the RDS. This event will continue to be held on an annual basis and is completely reliant on the generosity of time of the key speakers, the support of  exhibitors and our corporate sponsors. If you wish to contribute or participate at next year’s event in any way please do not hesitate to contact me. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the supporting associations and government agencies who have made this day possible. Regards Colin Murphy, Managing Director Sales and Marketing / GYBO Summit

Key Topics Include: • Recruitment • Development & training • Employee retention and compensation • Scaling a business • Emerging customer trends • Emerging technology • Data, Analytics & Metrics • Branding & brand management • PR & Communications • Leadership culture & strategy • Growing your business online • Mobile Sales Technology • Market Research • Customer retention & Service • Territory Management • Up-selling • Developing new revenue streams • CRM and SFA • IT infrastructure •  Outsourcing • Sales productivity • Lead generation • Setting & meeting Sales targets • Sales & marketing strategies for B2B, B2C,face to face, online and telesales • Appointment setting • Sales process improvement • Key account management

• Effective presentations • Understanding Marketing ROI • Sales performance analysis • Developing sales steams • Selling & marketing abroad • Infrastructure support • Advertising • Content marketing, guerrilla marketing • Marketing & sales on a budget • Digital transformation • Content engagement strategies • SEO • Social media, email marketing • Big data • Building trust & consumer loyalty • Location based marketing • converting online • Advocate marketing • Cyber security, fraud prevention • Website optimisation • Selling to millennials • Customer engagement strategies, engaging customers online • Online media • Nurturing the creative process, • Storytelling • and much more...

Main Stage Main Stage Speaker Timetable Times



8.55 - 9.05

Chairmans Opening Remarks

9.05 - 9.25

Hugh Kelly - CEO, Associated Marketing

Perfect Marriages in Exporting

9.25 - 9.45

Matthias Wenk - Marketing Operations Director, Ryanair


Gavin Ross - Digital Strategy Manager, Three Ireland

Map, Manage & Develop your Digital Ecosystem

Adam Murphy - Marketing Director, Ornua Co-Operative Ltd.

Growing Your FMCG Brand Abroad via Distributors

9.45 - 10.05 10.05 - 10.25

Coffee Break & Networking

10.25 - 11.00 11.00 - 11.20

Phil Cottier - MD, EMEA Epsilon

The Power of Prediction

11.20 - 11.40

Marshall Kingston - Brand Manager, Kepak

The Relevance of Branding in a Digital Age

11.40 - 12.00

Richard George - Director of Digital, Eir

Living Life on Digital - Rebrands, Capability & Culture

12.00 - 12.20

Elaine Lavery - Co-Founder, Improper Food Limited

Innovating in Irish butter

Lunch & Networking

12.20 - 1.25 1.25 - 1.45

Mike Farnan - Chief Executive, RedStrike

Expert Speaks on International Sports Marketing

1.45 - 2.05

Maurice Coyle - Co-founder / CEO, HeyStaks Intent Analytics


2.05 - 2.10

Main Stage Closing Remarks

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar Area A

RDS, DUBLIN 25th May, 2016

Legal/Tax/Regulatory - Seminar Area: A Moderator: Fred Logue




9.50 - 10.05 Niall Rooney – Partner with FP Logue Solicitors 10.05 - 10.20

Barry Connolly – Solicitor and Trade Mark Attorney, Flynn O Driscoll Business Lawyers

6 things every CTO needs to know about technology law

11.00 - 11.15 Fred Logue – Solicitor, FP Logue Oisin Tobin – Senior Associate- Mason, Hayes and Curran

11.30 - 11.45 Gavin Bluett – Solicitor, Lemann Solicitors 11.45 - 12.00

intellectual property (IP)

Coffee Break & Networking

10.30 - 11.00

11.15 - 11.30

IP & brand protection – What marketers need to know

Arran Dowling Hussey – Editor Construction, Engineering & Energy Law Journal of Ireland

Online Privacy: What’s Next? TBC Current Legal Issues In Sales & Marketing

Lunch & Networking

12.25 - 1.25

Market & Business Intelligence/Competitiveness - Seminar Area: A Times


1.25 - 1.40 Pauline Kwasniak – Founder, Hotel4Meetings


How I built a business network in a foreign country

1.40 - 1.55

Dr. Nicholas Ingle – CEO & Founder SMARTT Partners

How to deliver M&A integration success.

1.55 - 2.10

Dermot O Neill – Project & Network Manager, ICBE

Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) — the challenges of staying competitive in Ireland.

2.10 - 2.25

Jill Robb – Digital Marketing Director, Origin Digital

Take Vanity Out of Strategy

2.25 - 2.40 Mary Cronin – CEO,

Competing at Business Model Level

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar Area B Online Marketing & Sales/ Digital Transformation - Seminar Area: B Times



Overview of ADAPT Centre For Digital Content Technology : Engaging Content ; Engaging People.

9.20 - 9.35 Liam Cronin – Adapt Centre 9.35 - 9.50 9.50 - 10.05

Morgan Nolan – Key Account Director, Data Ireland

Leveraging the Physical for the Virtual

Cathal Melinn – Digital Media Manager, Digital Marketing Institute

Conversions & Attribution Modelling

10.05 - 10.20 TBC

TBC Coffee Break & Networking

10.30 - 11.00

11.00 - 11.30 Tal Shmueli – Account Manager at LinkedIn

From Brand Awareness to Lead Generation on LinkedIn

11.30 - 12.00 Conor Shaw – Managing Director, EMEA

Aligning Sales and Marketing for the Digital age

12.00 - 12.15 Greg Fry – Owners, Careers Coach

Digital Marketing Lunch & Networking

12.25 - 1.25 1.25 - 1.40

Lisa Gibbons – Digital Marketing Manager,

Digital Collaborations: Reaching your international audience.

1.40 - 1.55

Randall Glick – Contract Lecturer, Digital Skills Academy

Growth Hacking vs Digital Marketing

1.55 - 2.25 Tal Shmueli – Account Manager at LinkedIn 2.25 - 2.55

From Brand Awareness to Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Coffee Break & Networking

2.55 - 3.10

Richard Coen – Business and Digital Marketing Strategist, Emarkable

Marketing Automation Success Plan

3.10 - 3.25

Daria Egorina-Recker – Daria Recker Business Consulting

Sales transformation from call center to digital sales force with tips for SMEs on how to lead this transformation

3.25 - 3.55

Jamie McCormick – McCormick Advanced Marcomm

Digital Marketing

3.55 - 4.10

Andi Jarvis – Senior Account Manager, The Tomorrow Lab

The 6 questions you need to ask before you start digital marketing

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar Area C

RDS, DUBLIN 25th May, 2016

Branding & Design - Seminar Area: C Times


11.00 - 11.15

Gerard Tannam – Islandbridge Brand Development

11.15 - 11.30

Andrew Bradley – Bradley Brand

11.30 - 11.45

Gavin Gannon – Sales Director, BrandIt

11.45 -12.00

Paul McCann – CDG Brand

12.00 - 12.15

Eugene Burns – Creative Director, Brandlogik

Topic A Face In The Crowd: Gerard Tannam, Islandbridge Brand Development Real innovation is brand led Inspiration on bringing your campaign message to life using Promotional Products Luxury Brands, can we learn from them? Total brand experience - use your brand to grow your business

Lunch & Networking

12.25 - 1.25

Marketing/Sales/Advertising - Seminar Area: C Times



1.25 - 1.40

Gary Stewart – Account Executive – Marketing, Oracle

A case study in how Marketing Automation is driving sales

1.40 - 1.55

Mark Haslam – Managing Director, Loud Mouth Media

PPC Advertising – A New Era Of Innovations

1.55 - 2.10

Mark Mullins – Associate Director,

Online Media buying The Quantum leap

2.10 - 2.25

Louis Grenier – Fighting bad marketing,

5 Things You Didn't Know About People (And How To Use Them To Increase Conversion And Sales Online) Coffee Break & Networking

2.25 - 2.55 2.55 - 3.10

Arno Gaultier – Innovation Consultant, Ireland & EU – fresh perspectives in Pharma

Non-verbal communication at Fairs & Trade Shows: the first step of your sales pitch

3.10 - 3.25

Kaleem Qamar – Sales & Marketing officer Egypt Airlines

Marketing & Innovation

3.25 - 3.40

Diarmuid Mc Sweeney & Sinéad O’Moore – Ogilvy Dublin & eumom

The Great Irish Reset

3.40 - 3.55

Alex Gibson – Head of Department of Tourism

Augmenting the Future: AR and VR as Marketing Tools.

3.55 - 4.10

Tiernan Reilly – Partnerships Executive, UNICEF Ireland

How an investment in children through UNICEF can be an investment in an individual business

4.05 - 4.20

Dervilla Mullan – Chief Product Officer, Brandtone

The next billion – unlocking global growth through mobile

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar Area D Content - Seminar Area: D Times 9.15 - 9.30 9.30 - 9.45 9.50 - 10.00 10.00 - 10.15 10.15 - 10.30 10.30 - 11.00 11.00 - 11.15 11.15 - 11.30 11.30 - 11.45 11.45 -12.00 12.00 - 12.15 12.15 - 12.30

Name Topic Jack Murray – CEO, How to Create Insanely Relevant Content Sharon Tighe – Head of Social Media & Community How to Gain Influence on 70% of all Consumer Spending Strategy, eumom Ian Blake – Co Founder/Managing Director, Squaredot TBC Inbound Marketing Heather Thornton & John Fogarty – Along came a spider So you want to make a viral? Paul O’Byrne – Tinderpoint 7 Key Takeaways To Strengthen Your Content Strategy Coffee Break & Networking Aidan McCullen & Paul Quigley – Head of Innovation partnerships and funding, RTÉ & Founder, NewsWhip Data Driven Content Creation" Newswhip And RTÉ Media, Ltd. Frank O Grady – Director, Bottle Top Media Creating a content marketing strategy for your business Louise McCormack – Digital Account Manager at Avvio. User Generated Content : For the Hotel Industry com Bad Reception: The Role of Data and Digital in Mark Strong – MD, Wandering Eye Entertainment Content. Breaking through the noise with your content and social Colm Hanratty – Founder and CEO, Sixtwo Digital media marketing Liam O Callaghan – Commercial Director @ Global Reviews

The Journey through Customer Experience

Lunch & Networking

12.30 - 1.25

Social Media - Seminar Area: D Times 1.25 - 1.40 1.40 - 1.55 1.55 - 2.10

Name Diarmaid Mac Mathúna – Head of Client Services, Agtel Ciamh McCroy – Social Media, Digital Marketing, Online PR, Keynote Speaker & Communications Director, Insight Consultants John McGarry – Internet Services, Webworks

Topic The Six S's of Social Video - Making the most of online video beyond YouTube. Using Social Media as a Sales Tool” or “Social Media – the virtual sales rep that works 24/7 The Facebook Pixel the key to Facebook marketing success - what is it and why should every web site have it installed

3.10 - 3.25

Kevin Ennis – Digital & Social Media Marketing | Embracing FOMO: Adopting new Social platforms for Business Brand Strategy | Passion for great Design Coffee Break & Networking 'How I used Snapchat to launch Currabinny' - or something along James Kavanagh – Currabinny those lines Jonathan Bird – CEO, How niching social media will drive direct results for your business

3.25 - 3.40

Dermot O Reilly – Solutions Consultancy Ireland

2.10 - 2.25 2.25 - 2.55 2.55 - 3.10

Design Thinking meets Social Media Marketing.

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar Matthias Wenk Marketing Operations Director Ryanair Leading strategic influencer with indepth understanding of business processes and consumer behaviour in retail. Equally experienced in strategic planning / insights, creative concepts / communication as well as structural framework. Setting a culture of excellence for industry and international benchmark performance resulting in being shortlisted as Marketer of the Year 2014.

Niall Rooney Partner FP Logue Solicitors Niall Rooney is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property and brand law, working with clients in sectors including technology, media, food, drink and consumer goods. Niall is a partner with FP Logue Solicitors in Dublin.

Elaine Lavery Co-founder Improper Food Limited Elaine Lavery is co-founder of Improper Butter. Elaine graduated from University College Dublin with a 1.1. in Business & Law (BBLs) in September 2012. During her time at UCD she interned at Deloitte, Dublin (2011) and Goldman Sachs, London (2012). Upon leaving UCD, Elaine turned down an opportunity to work in finance, realising she could not ignore her interest for food. She decided to take a gap year, spending the time working as a chalet chef in the French Alps. She returned to Dublin in summer 2013 with an idea to launch a modern Irish butter brand. Together with her business partner Hannah, she incorporated Improper Food in August 2013. Improper Butter is a new way of branding, packaging and promoting grass-fed Irish butter to a millennial customer. The company currently supplies products to Supervalu Ireland, Tesco Ireland (Dublin) and independents and John Lewis food halls in the UK.

Arran Dowling Hussey Editor – Construction, Engineering & Energy Law Journal of Ireland Arran Dowling Hussey is a practising Barrister, Arbitrator and Mediator. He edits the Construction, Engineering and Energy Law Journal of Ireland. Arran is a former full time member of the School of Law of Dublin City University.

Paul McCann CDG Brand

27 years of working in the brand and graphic design industry, with a Masters in Professional Design Practice and currently researching a PhD in Design Innovation in NUIM Paul Mc Cann embraces the brand design industry with gusto and fervor. He has demonstrated that brand design has come of age and that digital brand design is now part of mainstream business in Ireland with the

RDS, DUBLIN 25th May, 2016

ability to thrive and innovate. With Paul at the helm, CDG has grown to be one of Ireland’s leading full service design agencies with an enviable portfolio of clients across the world including University of Toronto, Canon, Microsoft, Pan Asia Group, Airsynergy, RTE and Vodafone Group. Shortlisted for the Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year and many other design accolades he shows that determination, innovation and persistence brings reward. Paul is a well-respected designer in his own right and has lectured and talked at seminars on branding and entrepreneurship in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia for his company and university. Paul has shown that you can be both a top class designer and a successful business man and survive recessions as well as thrive on opportunities when presented.

Eugene Burns Creative Director Brandlogik I’m the Creative Director of Brandlogik the number one ranked Irish design agency on Google. I’m an experienced international creative director who has delivered successful design and branding projects for blue chip companies like Visa, BT and MTV Europe. I’m the founder of the tech startup that means everyone can build a great brand. See Brangento. com for more. I created the brand identity for Zurich Financial Services, led the team that helped build a travel website into a £10 million company, was head of design for PKF one of the top consulting firms in the City of London.

Pauline Kwasniak Founder Pauline is a founder of Female entrepreneur and social media enthusiast and a passionate event manager. An ex fashion model . A big fan of Guy Kawasaki and a firm believer of “The art of enchantment” in both business and personal life. Pauline is now now working on a bespoke hotel sourcing platform for meetings and events for companies and corporates.

Kevin Ennis Digital & Social Media Marketing | Brand Strategy | Passion for great Design Since graduating from an Msc in Marketing almost ten years ago, I have discovered a passion for Social Media and Digital marketing. I have developed digital and social content and campaigns for a number of large multinationals, and I am currently responsible for Trinity College Dublin’s industry-facing marketing activity, incorporating an integrated digital and social strategy.

Dermot O Reilly Solutions Consultancy Ireland

Dermot has a background in marketing. He has a very diverse career, working in areas as polar as the supply of engineering products for the petro-chemical industry to the arts. He is an advocate of design thinking and innovation in his approach. In 2014, he became one of

the founder members of Solutions Consultancy Ireland, a consultancy which specialises in bringing this approach to organisations, no matter what their size or function. He is a graduate of Kingston University, Waterford Institute of Technology and University College Dublin.

Gerard Tannam Islandbridge Brand Development

Gerard, a serial entrepreneur, brand-builder and Kickstart Your Business expert on Newstalk, has a soft spot for the all-important but often ignored customer. Gerard has built brands with Topaz Energy, Maldron Hotels, Marathon Sports Travel, The Louis Fitzgerald Group, AIB Private Banking and Age & Opportunity.

Randall Glick Contract Lecturer Ireland Digital Skills Academy Randall Glick is the lecturer for Digital Marketing and mentors the Industry Partner Major Projects for the Digital Skills Academy. Randall has been working in online and digital in Ireland since 1999 and has worked with start-ups, SMEs, international and multinational organisations dealing with their digital strategy, online optimisation, eCommerce, web analytics and digital marketing.

Andrew Bradley Director Bradley Brand & Design Andrew Bradley has been at the forefront of brand and design thinking in Ireland for over 20 years, proud to have created some household names. He is at his creative best when working with SMEs who want to disrupt or differentiate themselves. Not afraid to ask awkward questions, or roll his sleeves up, Andrew’s objective is always to do what is best for the brand, in order for it to realise its potential.

Frank O Grady Systems Engineer, Analyst Founder of Bottletop Media Founder of Bottletop Media, leading provider of content solutions to companies including Carphone Warehouse, Irish Examiner and Harvey Norman.

Ciamh McCrory – Social Media, Digital Marketing, Online PR, Keynote Speaker & Communications Director, Insight Consultants Ciamh was listed as one of the “Top 50 Irish People to Watch in 2015” by Lovin Trends and is a regular contributor to Irish press on digital matters. Former Director of Digital Education and lecturer in Social Media and Digital Marketing at the European Institute of Communications, Ciamh has extensive knowledge in training and education on all things digital. Providing in-house online media training, Ciamh has previously worked with a variety of organisations. In her previous roles as founding director of Genie Mc

Speakers Communications, Ciamh worked with a plateau of clients across all industry spectrums and built a vast understanding of digital best practices.

10+ years in IT sales (B2B, B2C, OEM, direct, channel, BDM, customer acquisition, customer retention, HW, SW, Services) and Entrepreneurship.

He recently launched Bootstrapping Works, a community where self-funded entrepreneurs can start and grow their business.

Ciamh is a regular key note speaker and presenter at industry events, seminars and conferences, including Local Enterprise Office seminars and the recent “Smart Business Show” and the Sunday Business Post’s “Swipe Summit”.

Inside knowledge through working experience of companies in SMB to multinational corporations. Knowledge of multiple verticals with concentration of IT sector.

He’s been fascinated by the power of Internet since a very young age and believes that the Internet is the missing link between our Brain and the Universe.

Hugh Kelly CEO Associated Marketing Hugh Kelly is a recognised expert in the field of international business and export market development. He is a former President of the Irish Exporters Association and Chairman of the IEA’s Asia Trade Forum. He is CEO of Associated Marketing Ltd., an Export Management Company (EMC) that assists companies to enter and accelerate their sales in export markets. His market experience spans the Middle East, Far East, Australasia and Southern Africa while his sectoral experience covers both B2B and B2C.

Ian Blake Co Founder/Managing Director Squaredot Inbound Marketing Ian has led B2B sales and marketing functions in mobile telecom companies Three and Vodafone for the past 14 years. Whilst running B2B marketing for Three Ian implemented Inbound Marketing there where he experienced first hand the dramatic benefits and results it delivers. It wasn’t long before Ian realised how Inbound Marketing could transform the sales and marketing function in other B2B organisations and so decided to set up Squaredot, a specialist Inbound Marketing Agency. Ian is typically involved in understanding his clients business, their goals, market and customers. He plays a central role in developing clients inbound marketing strategy, plan development and implementation. He is responsible for leading the vision, strategy, thinking and implementation of Squaredot’s marketing, business development and driving inbound results for their clients.

Marshall Kingston Retail Brand Manager Kepak Convenience Foods Creator, Storyteller and Passionate Marketer. For the past 5 years Marshall has worked with some of Irelands most recognisable FMCG brands, delivering award winning campaigns and innovation in a continually challenging environment. Whilst delivering large scale projects, Marshall has also worked with small Irish designers and digital start-ups to develop new marketing strategies and powerful brand stories.

Daria Recker Daria Recker Business Consulting

Multiple startup experience in different business fields. Mentor for Irish start-ups: partners/im-looking-mentor/ Owner at:,,,,, managing Partner at, Member of the board and owner at, Member of the board and General Representative in Ireland

Colm Hanratty Founder and CEO Sixtwo Digital Colm Hanratty is Founder and CEO of Sixtwo Digital, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses get more from their social media and content marketing… by being social. Colm worked at for almost 11 and during his time there he won awards for social media and video production in Ireland, the UK and America, most notably Ireland’s only Webby Award in 2009. Since setting up Sixtwo Digital in November 2013 they have worked with clients across a wide range of industries including ding* (formerly known as ezetop), Digicel Bermuda,, Tourism Ireland, The Irish Sun, East Coast Bakehouse, Trekksoft and Druids Glen Resort. He also lectures on social media with the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

Cathal Melinn Digital Media Manager Digital Marketing Institute Cathal Melinn is responsible for all digital marketing and strategy for the Digital Marketing Institute. He is a highly experienced digital advertising professional with over 11 years in the industry, working in companies such as ICAN, Strategem iLabs and Yahoo! and with top brands including HSBC, Amazon, Apple, SPANX, Bus Éireann, Red Bull, Vodafone and Expedia.

Louis Grenier Fighting bad marketing Louis Grenier is fighting for businesses to practice good marketing. Good marketing is about understanding people to provide them with what they need. It’s authentic, honest and relevant. He started Slices Consulting to fight bad marketing online. Their team of consultants help businesses to boost their online sales by making the most out of their website visitors (whether they want generate more sales or more leads).

John McGarry Internet Services Webworks Internet Services, Webworks.

Conor Shaw Managing Director EMEA Conor Shaw is a highly experienced international business leader. As Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Conor leads Marketo’s expanding presence within EMEA and is responsible for overall business operations across the region. Conor has a wealth of experience leading highperforming sales organisations. He joined Marketo from SAP where he previously held a number of key leadership positions, most recently as Vice President Mid-Market and Partners at SAP UK and Ireland. With more than 20 years of sales and marketing expertise, Conor has also held senior executive positions in Field, Inside Sales and Services at SAP, Oracle and Philips Semiconductors and set up and ran his own sales and marketing consultancy. Conor holds a Diploma in Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), a degree in Engineering from Trinity College Dublin and an MBA from the UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School. He is also a Business Advisor on the Enterprise Ireland/DIT International Selling Programme, a member of the DIT MBA Council and a Member of the Practice Advisory board for the Cranfield University MSc in Strategic Marketing.

James Kavanagh Currabinny

James Kavanagh has been hurtled into the public eye over the past six months due to his over-active, humorous Snapchat account (JamesKava). The 26 year-old keeps his viewers entertained with consistent scare Snaps of his boyfriend William, cooking demos, appearances from his alter-ego Veronica Sachs and the general trials and tribulations of his whirlwind life. While his audience comes for the humour, they also stick around for the other, less trivial stories James likes to tell. Recently, he has been raising awareness around mental health and often shares his feminist and anti-bullying views. James reaches and influences an audience of over 20,000 people daily. He has also made the leap into the food world with the launch of his new food business Currabinny. He’ll be selling food, alongside William, over markets over the next year or so all with the goal of one day owning a cafe.

Speakers Sharon Tighe Head of Social & Community Strategy Eumom As community manager with Eumom, Sharon Tighe coordinates the online journey of over 300,000 Irish moms registered with eumom. Ireland’s largest parenting community, eumom have an active online presence in forums, expert-led articles, email marketing and social media, as well as numerous offline touch points. Currently optimising eumom’s social strategy, Sharon is also instrumental in campaign planning on the site for well-known brands such as Allianz, Johnson & Johnson & Bord Gáis Energy.

Mark Haslam Managing Director Loud Mouth Media Operating as Managing Director of Loud Mouth Media, Mark has a wealth of online advertising knowledge and experience having managed Pay Per Click Advertising accounts for market leading clients including Almac Group, Liberty Insurance and Invest Northern Ireland. As well as speaking at industry events and lecturing for the Digital Marketing Institute, Mark has built and developed Loud Mouth Media from a one-man-band in 2011 to currently one of the top SEM Agencies in the UK.

Greg Fry Owner Careers Coach Owner, Careers Coach.

Adam Murphy Marketing Director Kerrygold Irish Cream at Ornua Marketing Director, Kerrygold Irish Cream at Ornua.

Mark Strong Managing Director Wandering Eye Pictures Mark Strong is managing director of Wandering Eye Pictures, a media group involved in TV & film production, publishing, digital content and a community of lifestyle blogs. He has worked with a range of clients who look to redefine their content in the digital world. He has worked with m4e, Framestore, Moonscoop Entertainment, MTV, The Cartoon Network, Foote Cone Belding, J. Walter Thompson, WGBH, Artists Entertainment and All3Media. In addition, he has provided media consultation for venture capital and incubators such as the Digtal Hub, Enterprise Ireland, IDSA, and Ariadne Capital. Previously Mark was General Manager for Austereo, managing the digital aspect of 10 radio stations and launching 6 online stations; Head of Digital for Network Ten in Australia, launching the online versions of Australian Idol and Big Brother; and General Manager, Interactive for FOXTEL, during its 2005 relaunch as a total digital subscription TV provider. Mark holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Architecture from Harvard University and an

RDS, DUBLIN 25th May, 2016

MBA from Trinity College. His current interest is in the changing landscape of long format production and the role of analytics both from an audience and a creators perspective.

Richard George Director of Digital eir Group Richard George was appointed to the role of Director of Digital for eir Group (previously eircom) in October 2014. He is responsible for eir’s digital vision, strategy and change programmes, as well as managing all of the digital touch points across eir and Meteor sales and service. During his tenure, eir has delivered the multiaward winning “my eir” app, a new eCommerce website, as well as Ireland’s largest digital rebrand in 20 years. eir was recently recognised in the 2016 DMA awards, winning “Best Digital Strategy”. Prior to his appointment, Richard was Head of Online Sales for O2 Telefónica in the UK, and was integral to the team that delivered a new website for O2, which went on to win 2014’s Before that he worked as part of O2 Telefónica’s digital transformation programme, owning the development of self service capability online and within retail.

Liam O’ Callaghan Commercial Director Global Reviews Liam is Commercial Director at leading customer insights company Global Reviews . He has over 12 years’ experience in digital customer experience and digital marketing. Through his roles with Global Reviews and Newsweaver Liam has worked closely with a blue chip client base including global leaders in banking, insurance, resources and sport.

Lisa Gibbons Digital Marketing Manager Lisa is Digital Marketing Manager for a number of successful online travel brands, including, CaminoWays. com. The number one tour operator for the Camino de Santiago routes in France, Spain and Portugal in the world. Over 260,000 people received their pilgrim certificate in 2015. She manages the online partnership strategy, content design and international brand awareness for, and Lisa has worked in the digital space for over 9 years with a broad experience in third level education, events and travel.

Aidan McCullen Head of Innovation partnerships and funding – RTÉ Aidan McCullen is an Irish International Rugby Player and spent 10 years as a professional rugby player playing for Leinster, Toulouse and London Irish. In his final years he researched the Irish advertising market and spotted an opportunity in digital advertising. At 31, he started an internship with Communicorp and one year

later set up Communicorp Digital. Aidan is recognised in the Irish media industry as the pioneer of innovative cross platform selling and digital media innovation. After countless awards and successful campaigns Communicorp Digital merged with the sales teams of Newstalk, Today FM and TXFM to create Communicorp One, where Aidan was Director of Digital and Innovation for the Group, focusing on strategy, future revenue lines and product advancements. Aidan recently joined RTÉ as Head of Innovation partnerships and funding in an exciting time for Ireland’s state broadcaster.

Alex Gibson Head of Department of Tourism Dublin Institute of Technology Alex Gibson is a leading commentator and consultant in the application of augmented and virtual reality technologies in travel and tourism. The founder of the ARVR Innovate Conference and Expo, which is fast becoming the leading conference for practical business applications of AR and VR, he has recently worked on augmented reality projects for museums and hotel companies. A Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Dublin Institute of Technology, he is a former President of HSMAI (Ireland) and has served on that organisation’s Europe Board. Alex is Industry Editor of the newly launched International Journal of Applied Augmented and Virtual Reality. Each week Alex presents The Persuaders Radio Show on Dublin City FM, where he shares marketing insights with local and international marketing experts.

Diarmaid Mac Mathúna Head of Client Services Agtel Head of Client Services, Agtel.

Dervilla Mullan Chief Product Officer Brandtone Dervilla Mullan is Chief Product Officer with Brandtone, an international mobile marketing company headquartered in Dublin. The company helps brands build one-to-one relationships with customers at scale via mobile in 12 of the world’s fastest developing markets. Dervilla is responsible for the product and platform strategy and delivery. Prior to Brandtone, Dervilla was Director of Online & TV in eircom, accountable for developing their IP TV service and leading eircom and Meteor’s digital strategies from customer acquisition & retention through to online billing and self-service. Dervilla built a digital operating model spanning advertising, social, mobile, user experience, analytics and development. Dervilla previously held digital roles in Telecom New Zealand, Indigo and Enterprise Ireland where she led several digital transformation programmes spanning the customer experience and value proposition.

Speakers Heather Thornton Co-Founder Along Came A Spider

organisational cultures. • Skilled presenter, facilitator, mentor, communicator and trainer to top performing executives

Heather Thornton is one of two the founders of Along Came A Spider.

• Awarded Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), from Edinburgh Business School in 2014

The agency mixes their extensive experience in both advertising and entertainment to specialize in premium video content for brands.

• Developed a practical model for acquisition planning and integration in conjunction with 4 leading organisations

Thornton cut her teeth in advertising at Google Dublin before moving to London to work in the more traditional houses. Starting in M&C Saatchi and encompassing many of London’s leading ad agencies including RKCR, Wieden+Kennedy and Anomaly, she worked on a wide variety of accounts from Budweiser to Vodafone to ITV.

Arno Gaultier – Innovation Consultant, Ireland & EU – fresh perspectives in Pharma, Agri/ Agro, Food, Wine, Event & Legal sector Promoting integrity in Businesses & Public Bodies. Industrial Property Portfolio: 2 Trademarks, 1 design, 5 web domain names. Developed 5 businesses over the last 12 years: 2002 Loire Cellar: retail of wine 2005 Loire Valley Limited: wholesale of wine 2007 A Inno Info: Consulting in Innovation 2008 Zee Authentic: French Bakery, Food retail 2009 The French & Continental Market of Ireland: Event organiser, incorporated in 2014 From my business experiences, I have encountered many challenging times and situations which have strengthened my abilities: to solve problems (the bigger… the better!); to get overall picture of systems, large or small, for their improvement; to pay attention to relevant details; to manage limited resources and to work under massive pressure.

Dr. Nicholas Ingle CEO & Founder SMARTT Partners • Over 22 years of management experience • Expert in identifying, analysing, developing and implementing optimal strategies for diverse organisational challenges • Facilitated, developed & implemented Corporate, Divisional and Functional level strategies for multiple organisations • Utilises industry and academic best practice in strategy development and implementation • Proficient in numerous strategic management • Delivered organisational change programmes via SMARTT objectives & best practice project management applications • Excellent leadership ability. Belbin trained team building practitioner with strong awareness of

Fred Logue Solicitor FP Logue Fred Logue is a lawyer qualified to practice as a solicitor in Ireland and England & Wales. Fred specialises in Intellectual Property Law, Information Law and Commercial Law. He advises clients on a range of topics including software licensing, technology transfer, competition law, access to information and data protection law. Recent matters he has acted in include • Acting for a multinational software company in the telecommunications sector where he advised on patenting strategy and commercial contracts. • Advising a multinational software company in the travel sector on a contract to supply software to one of the world’s largest airlines. • Advising an Irish advocacy group seeking access to its members’ personal data. • Advising an Irish SME licensing designs to a Danish consumer products company. • NAMA –v-Commissioner for Environmental Information where the Irish Supreme Court declared that NAMA, Ireland’s bad bank, must provide public access to environmental information. • Minch –v- Commissioner for Environmental Information where the Irish High Court was asked to determine if information relating to broadband infrastructure can be considered to be environmental information. • The Trichet Letters where he acted for the complainant to the European Ombudsman leading to the successful release of correspondence from the ECB to Ireland’s finance ministry concerning the bailout of the Irish economy. • Radio Telefís Eireann, Ireland’s national broadcaster on access to information on the expenses claims of parliamentarians. • The Law Society of Ireland to deliver training on intellectual property and information law topics to a range of lawyers and non-lawyers. Phone: +353 1 531 3508 Email:

Gavin Ross Digital Strategy Manager Three Ireland Gavin has 16 years-experience in the Digital space having led sales, operations and implementation teams across Europe, the US, Asia and Africa. With a First Class MBS in eBusiness from Smurfit Business School, Gavin built online into the largest sales channel during his time at Halifax Bank before moving into the vibrant

Telecommunications sector where he led the Digital team at O2. He oversaw the digital re-brand to Three and is now responsible for the organisations Digital Strategy Gavin is a member of the Syllabus Advisory Council of the DMI and is a guest lecturer in Digital at the UCD Smurfit Business School. Follow him on Twitter @GavinRoss

Jonathan Bird CEO Jonathan Bird is a digital entrepreneur who simply can’t get enough social media. Literally it’s like air to this guy. Running 3 international businesses has meant a steep learning curve focusing on what works and what doesn’t. A frequent speaker at digital events and a UK business spokesperson, Jonathan believes that shared knowledge is key to increasing profit. Visit for free downloadable marketing guides that rock.

Richard Coen Business and Digital Marketing Strategist Emarkable Over 13 years experience in Digital Marketing, 23 years in sales and 20 years business development and education allows Richard to assist marketers develop key growth strategies for their business, on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.

Phil Cottier MD EMEA Epsilon Phil has over 25 years of global advertising experience and he has worked for some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies. As European MD of Omnicom/ Publicis, he developed global brands as well as negotiating numerous mergers and acquisitions. His client list includes Amex, Coca Cola, Gallagher’s SAB Miller, 3M and the UK Government. He joined Acorn in 2010 as the CEO and currently negotiates all the European and global business for the agency, including Dell and Google.

Mark Mullins Associate Director A4G Mark is an Associate Director with A4G. A4G IS one of the largest advertising networks globally. With access to over 4 Billion page impressions and 420 Million unique users on a monthly basis. While primarily dealing with the gaming industry A4G has many clients across different verticals helping them with both user acquisition and user retention. Mark has extensive experience in both online and business development. Having previously worked with RTE and Sky Media he has amassed in-depth industry knowledge. Main passions include creating and growing successful sales teams and creating a professional and accountable sales culture.

Speakers Steve Strickland Wright CTO of Cake Invest Cake Solutions A generally enthusiastic beagle-owning, cook and cricket-fanatic…combining my role at Cake with my passion for innovation, differentiation and disruption means I get to work with exciting people on exciting projects. Cake Invest collaborates with promising individuals and companies to provide cutting edge tech whilst keeping startup costs low and focussing on long-term success. For a combination of cash and equity the team will bring the full breadth of Cake Solutions’ software development services to the project and follow lean start practices to understand your business, build an MVP and get your business growing.

Gary Stewart Account Executive, Marketing Oracle Gary was an early adapter to Marketing automation and designed his own Cloud based Marketing application. Gary has helped numerous customers implement Marketing Automation for Marketo and now Oracle.

Kaleem Nawaz Sales & Marketing officer Egypt Airlines Sales & Marketing officer Egypt Airlines

Diarmuid Mc Sweeney Ogilvy Dublin

Diarmuid has 8 years’ experience working as a Strategic Planner in Ireland & Australia. Working on brand positioning projects at TBWA, his clients included AIG Insurance, Heineken, McDonald’s, Audi & Etihad. He spent the last number of years in Melbourne Australia with AJF Partnership & BWM Dentsu. These roles required significant digital knowledge, which involved conducting UX and consumer journey research projects as well as developing content strategies. Clients here included General Motors Holden, Kmart & Medibank IPO (the 4th largest IPO in the world in 2014). He joined Ogilvy in December of last year as a Senior Strategic Planner.

Tiernan Reilly Partnerships Executive UNICEF Ireland Extensive political and humanitarian organizing, management and fundraising experience with political parties, grassroots movements and NGO’s in the United States and the Republic of Ireland. Ability to work exceptionally well with others on an individual or team basis. Strong track record of excellent management skills in fast paced work environments. Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, while ensuring every task is completed to the highest standard. Perhaps most importantly, an exceptionally strong work ethic and passionate attitude with the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations.

RDS, DUBLIN 25th May, 2016

Sinéad O’Moore Head of Content & Brand Strategy eumom With a degree in Business Management & Marketing, a Post-Grad in Digital Marketing and 10 years’ experience in Client Services with award winning Design & creative Advertising Agencies; Sinéad joined the eumom team as Brand Manager in 2015. In her new role as Head of Content & Brand Strategy, Sinéad is now using everything we know about Ireland’s largest community of moms to deliver purposeful, relevant and engaging content across web & mobile.

Barry Connolly Solicitor and Trade Mark Attorney Flynn O Driscoll Business Lawyers Barry Connolly is a Solicitor and Trade Mark Attorney with Flynn O’Driscoll Business Lawyers, specialising in intellectual property, information technology and data protection law. He advises clients, from SMEs to multi-nationals, on a wide range of issues from software development contracts to protecting and enforcing intellectual property assets. As a Certified Data Protection Professional, Barry also advises companies on their compliance with data protection and privacy laws under Irish and European legislation. As a member of the Startup@FOD and TradeSecrets@ FOD teams, Barry also provides start-up and early stage companies with advice in relation to business structure and formation, corporate governance, intellectual property and shareholder matters. Email:

Oisín Tobin Senior Associate Mason, Hayes and Curran Senior Associate - Mason, Hayes and Curran

Dermot O Neill Project & Network Manager ICBE MSc Business Administration, Trinity College: Project & Network Manager with the Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) since 2003, responsible for the successful delivery of its core processes to the network of leading Irish & Multinational companies. During the period of 2006 to 2012 successfully managed the Business Excellence Skillnet and the Innovation & Lean Sigma Skillnet, responsible for the management of all aspects of training, providing value for money & time and ensuring a high standard of training provision through formal and informal channels. During 2008 was an integral part of the foundation of the Innovation and Lean Sigma Federation offering advice and guidance to over 200 multinational organisations in their Lean Transformation Journeys. Prior to his appointment to ICBE, Dermot worked mainly in senior operational and engineering roles. With 20 years managerial experience in delivering results in excess of targets. Experienced practitioner of Lean and Six Sigma transformation programmes with various organisations.

Dermot’s hobbies include golf, tennis, reading and the odd game of soccer.

Morgan Nolan Key Account Director Data Ireland Morgan is an experienced Data Strategist and Business Development professional. With Data Ireland he develops solutions that enhance the value of an organisation’s data assets. He devises, implements and manages data programmes including data quality management, customer analysis, segmentation, geo-intelligence, database marketing, CRM, customer acquisition and customer retention. With over 20 years’ experience Morgan has worked with many businesses to help them convert data from a latent asset into real strategic value.

Tal Shmueli Account Manager LinkedIn Tal Shmueli is an Account Manager in LinkedIn’s Marketing solutions team, operating out of the company’s EMEA HQ in Dublin. With background in advertising and work experience from his time in Israel’s startup scene, today he looks after the marketing activities of Irish and Israeli companies, advertisers and agencies.

Andi Jarvis Senior Account Manager The Tomorrow Lab Andi is the Senior Account Manager at The Tomorrow Lab, a Belfast-based digital marketing agency. Andi started his career working in professional sport, as Marketing Manager for Durham County Cricket Club marketing domestic and international sports events alongside concerts for major artists like Elton John and UB40. Moving to Belfast in 2009, Andi worked in media with UTV, helping to raise the profile on the channel and launching new programmes. After moving to work in agencies in 2011, Andi has worked heavily in marketing of the drinks industry, working with Budweiser, Beck’s, Tennent’s, Blossom Hill, Yellow Tail and Corona. Andi holds a MSc in Marketing and at The Tomorrow Lab is involved with digital strategy development for a range of clients, including Expedia, Tantastic and a number of professional services. Andi is also a barbeque fanatic, creator of the fledgling blog about sports business, Eximo Sports Project, and contributor to Irish Tech News. You can find him on Twitter @andijarvis and LinkedIn.

Jack Murray CEO Jack Murray is a graduate of the University of Limerick. He is a media innovator with over 20 years experience at the most senior level in the Irish communications Industry. He has worked in marketing, journalism, and media relations. He is a former political spokesperson

Speakers and government advisor. In 2006 Murray purchased the Irish Media Contacts Directory. Over the last nine years he, and his team, have transformed the business from a traditional book publisher to a dynamic online business, which specialises in online media intelligence, specialised media training and connecting experts with the media. In January 2008, Murray led his team to create Mediahq. com, which has become the definitive online platform for sending press releases to the Irish Media and is used by high profile organisations like the European Commission, Bank of Ireland, Paddy Power, the Oireachtas, Oxfam, Trocaire and the OPW – to mention just a few.

John Fogarty Business Director Dare Accomplished marketing communications professional with top agency & client side experience. Progressive strategic and creative thinker with refined leadership skills, and a track record of delivering effective 360 solutions to business problems.

Paul O’Byrne Head of Digital Strategy TinderPoint Paul is Head of Strategy at TinderPoint, a Dublin based Digital Marketing Agency. He’s responsible for creating and building-out campaigns for clients across a multitude of verticals and geographic locations.

Gavin Bluett Solicitor Leman Solicitors Gavin is a solicitor in Leman Solicitors’ Corporate and Commercial Department and is qualified to practice in Ireland, England and Wales. Gavin’s areas of practice include corporate governance, corporate structuring, corporate transactions, commercial contracts and advising Sports Governing Bodies on governance issues. Head of Digital Strategy, TinderPoint.

Jill Robb Digital Marketing Director Origin Digital Ltd Jill is well known in the digital arena as an online marketing expert and internet strategist. With a vast array of experience in ecommerce, social media and internet marketing, Jill’s approach is both refreshingly energetic and commercially astute. Over the past 12 years Jill has worked with Tier One retailers such as Levis Europe and Toys R Us as well as household names such as Johnson & Johnson and financial institutions such as Danske Bank, who have all experienced first-hand Jill’s ability to grow online sales through online marketing strategies. Jill is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Ulster on their Post Grad Digital Marketing & Communications course, and has worked with Rutgers University Fortune 500 Management Program providing Ecommerce Workshops to the Directors and managers of Fortune 500 Companies.

A regular speaker on topics such as ecommerce and digital marketing strategies, Jill is Digital Marketing Director of Origin Digital – a creative Full Service Agency. Jill is also the Ecommerce Expert Commentator on Smart, the well-known UK industry blog & Consultancy.

Mary Cronin CEO CEO,

Tom Ryan Contracts Manager National Transport Authority Procurement professional with a Masters in Strategic Procurement – A creative dynamic team player who thinks in a cost efficient manner. Specialist vendor management experience with a proven track record of building effective relationships with stakeholders. Gained advanced commercial knowledge of expert procurement tools and knows the advantages of eProcurement and vendor collaboration to deliver long term innovative cost saving results. Category Account Manager with industry procurement experience in a multi-national environment, with a breadth of experience across a range of client industries. Specialties: Procurement Project Management, Print Project Management, Marketing Communications, Supply Chain Management, Integrated Procurement Solutions

Gavin Gannon Director Brandit Gavin is a seasoned sales, marketing, and campaign specialist. A career spanning over 17 years leading excellent customer engagement at every level academically, corporate or in the retail environment. Gavin has tuned his talents along the way with Industry leaders in sales, customer service, award winning inspirational brand marketing, seasonal advertising and campaign professionals. At Brandit he is working with brave business partners and colleagues with real experience in operations, purchasing, production and sales. Being part of a winning team has always been crucial to Gavin’s success, and in Brandit with innovation, new thinking and a customer comes first every time approach the whole package comes together.

Liam Cronin – Associate Director Commercialisation ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin Experienced professional with over 24 years of achievement across Microsoft product development, Internationalisation and sales & marketing, as individual contributor and team leader. Excellent interpersonal skills, with an approachable work style and a passion for customers care. Strategic thinker and innovator, with background in program management and team

development (international and local). Experienced and comfortable, performing in large multi-functional teams or small high-impact teams in time-pressured environments. Lectured part-time @ Dublin Institute Technology teaching a commercialisation module to M.SC students covering innovation, customer driven development, lean thinking, and internationalisation. Completed Graduate Diploma (2012) and Masters in Product Management (2013) part-time at Dublin Institute of Technology, securing 1st class honours and the Gold medal award both years, skills developed included team management, project management, operations management, partner management, customer driven development, business model canvas generation, competitive analysis and market opportunity assessment.

Dermot O Reilly Solutions Consultancy Ireland

Dermot has a background in marketing. He has a very diverse career, working in areas as polar as the supply of engineering products for the petro-chemical industry to the arts. He is an advocate of design thinking and innovation in his approach. In 2014, he became one of the founder members of Solutions Consultancy Ireland, a consultancy which specialises in bringing this approach to organisations, no matter what their size or function. He is a graduate of Kingston University, Waterford Institute of Technology and University College Dublin.

Louis Grenier Fighting bad marketing Louis Grenier is fighting for businesses to practice good marketing. Good marketing is about understanding people to provide them with what they need. It’s authentic, honest and relevant. He started Slices Consulting to fight bad marketing online. Their team of consultants help businesses to boost their online sales by making the most out of their website visitors (whether they want generate more sales or more leads). He recently launched Bootstrapping Works, a community where self-funded entrepreneurs can start and grow their business. He’s been fascinated by the power of Internet since a very young age and believes that the Internet is the missing link between our Brain and the Universe.

Paul Quigley Founder NewsWhip Media, Ltd. Aidan and Paul will cover the difference between behavioural and declared analytics. They will briefly show how you can use a series of tools to create content that resonates with your audience and explain in common language the science behind it. This is ideal for anyone who wants to create content for editorial or marketing purposes.


RDS, DUBLIN 25th May, 2016

Stand 48

Athena College gives you the flexibility to fit education into your busy lifestyle from any location. We offer several types of live online courses and virtual hybrid courses. We accommodate our student’s need to be flexible by providing an online classroom experience unlike any other college.

service and we take every care to ensure that your experience with us is second to none. Our dedicated team will work with you from quotation to delivery to ensure that you are fully satisfied with both your promotional items and service. We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of promotional products and look forward to hearing from you.


Stand 47

B2BSell are a team of experienced business and technology trained sales professionals who deliver the following services to Technology & Professional Service Organisations; • Opportunity Research – We evaluate if an opportunity exists in the market for your product or service • Lead Generation • Appointment Setting – Setting sales appointments with qualified opportunities • Sales Outsourcing – The complete sales process from Lead Generation to closing new business • Sales Training • Outsourced Sales Management Offering our services across Ireland, UK, US and all English speaking EMEA regions Our Pledge: Integrity, Commitment and ‘good old fashioned hard work’ T: +353 1 554 E: Dublin D12 VE06

Stand 40

A trusted partner for corporate merchandise and printing programmes with a clear goal for quality, creativity, service and value. • In-house production • Bespoke campaigns • Express service • Budget focused • Global sourcing We operate a very streamlined model, utilising top line software and machinery for pricing, printing, project management and quality control. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer

At Bottletop Media we specialise in content marketing and social management. We provide our clients with a bespoke publishing platform built with SEO best practice along with degree qualified journalists to produce content. We also can look after social integration, reporting and management. We position our clients as experts and influencers in their field and drive customer engagement, loyalty and sales at the same time. We power content for the leading UK mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse – http://lowdown. as well as clients in other B2C and B2B sectors including Irish Independent, Sony Mobile, Irish Examiner, PowerNI, Microsoft, Huawei and more. One of our clients recently won ‘Best Irish retail Website’ at the Retail Excellence Awards CeADAR WWW.CEADAR.IE BRANDIT WWW.BRANDIT.IE


Stand 30

CeADAR (Centre for Applied Data Analytics) is an industry-led technology centre for innovation and applied research that accelerates the development, deployment and adoption of Data Analytics technology. The primary outputs of CeADAR are industry prototypes and demonstrators along with state of the art reviews of data analytics technology, tools, best practice methodologies and processes. The Centre has an extensive catalogue of technology demonstrators, IP and big data analytics technology reviews, which are all immediately available for evaluation by members. The Centre is also the focal point of a thriving data analytics ecosystem delivering seminars, conferences, and members’ networking events throughout the year.


Stand 39

Data Ireland is your indispensable data services partner We maintain Ireland’s most accurate business and consumer databases and offer data profiling, hygieneand capture together with address validation and correction. We will apply our expertise, advanced technology and experience to raw data and change it into meaningful information to give your business the edge it needs in an extremely competitive environment. If you need your sales and marketing activity to be more accurate, work harder and provide a better return on investment, talk to us today. Stand DIGITAL SKILLS ACADEMY 27A WWW.DIGITALSKILLSACADEMY.COM

Founded in 2008 by educator and entrepreneur Paul Dunne, Digital Skills Academy is an established, innovative leader of digital industry-linked higher education & training programmes. The Academy’s headquarters is located in a historic district of Dublin, Ireland, beside the famous Guinness brewery and surrounded by like-minded organisations pioneering the digital revolution in the Digital Hub. The area has a world renowned reputation for fuelling the tech economy with exciting start-ups, digital entrepreneurs and thought leaders. It is amongst this digital inspiration and innovation that the Academy produces it’s ground-breaking online BSc Degrees, which are now available online and accessible from anywhere in the world. EASY DISPLAY WWW.EASYDISPLAY.IE

Stand 37

The best creative advertising and marketing systems are created in Easydisplay! With fresh ideas and quality products, we are mixing up the stagnant marketing display market. We provide cutting edge and innovative print, display and exhibition products. We provide off the shelf and bespoke Exhibition display products to suit your needs. Talk to us today about your print, display and branding needs. You don’t get second chances on first impressions. Let us help you, look great.

Exhibitors Rollup Banners – Popup displays – Brochure Holders –Outdoor Advertising – Poster Frames – Light boxes – Fabric Display – Retail Graphics – Point of Sale – Bespoke Print Solutions

Starting with only 24 shops, Parcel Connect now has over 1000 stores across the Republic of Ireland where you can send, collect, divert and return parcels at a time that suits you EPSILON WWW.EPSILON.COM

Stand 36

Epsilon is a global leader in creating connections between people and brands. An all-encompassing global marketing company, we harness the power of rich data, groundbreaking technologies, engaging creative and transformative ideas to get the results our clients require. Recognised by Ad Age as the #1 World’s Largest CRM/Direct Marketing Network, Epsilon employs over 7,000 associates in 70 offices worldwide, including 85 in our Dublin hub. Epsilon is an Alliance Data company.


Stand 35

FRS Recruitment is Ireland’s only Co-Operative Recruitment Consultancy, providing generalist recruitment services to all sectors. FRS Network is in business since 1980, we have 10 Recruitment offices nationwide, 43 experienced Recruitment Consultants and over 150,000 candidates on our CRM system. We provide Permanent, Contract and Temporary staff, Executive/ Specialist Search and Managed/ Outsourced Services.


Stand 24

GoCar offers Ireland’s first car sharing service where members can rent both cars and vans by the hour. The service reduces the need for members to own a vehicle as they have access to 140 cars and vans across Dublin and Cork. GoCar’s aim is to become part of the smarter travel network so it’s members can use all aspects of public transport along with GoCar for when they need a vehicle. Cars can be rented by the hour and day from as little as €2.49/hr plus a kilometer fee. GROW SALES WWW.GROWSALES.NET


31, 38

Businesses have two choices:

Our clients are both SME and high profile multinationals, we are highly networked, hardworking, ethical and work tirelessly to source the best talent on the market.

Grow offers a family of sales-specific assessment tools and consultancy services to grow your business. We evaluate your sales team, strategy and processes to pinpoint your challenges – and to identify your opportunities. With these insights, we can develop your existing sales team to make them measurably more effective and successful. We can also help you identify provably effective salespeople when recruiting. Working together, this trio of services can deliver sales results that are both extraordinary and sustainable.

Be Visible or Be Invisible. EMARKABLE WWW.EMARKABLE.IE

Stand 34

We Develop, Implement, Manage and Measure Digital Marketing Strategies That Work.

Our Team of Recruitment experts provide Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Office/Secretarial, Accounting/Finance, Legal, IT, Healtchare, Manufacturing/Engineering, & Construction staff nationwide

Emarkable Digital Marketing Strategies are tailored to each business’ audience, making them more engaging and visible online. Our unique process, a combination of content development, marketing automation, email marketing and social media marketing, has resulted in emarkable becoming a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland A&G COURIERS LTD T/A FASTWAY COURIERS IRELAND WWW.FASTWAY.IE


Stand 03

Formed in 2002, Flo Web Design Ltd is one of Ireland longest established design studios offering web design and web development services, branding, graphic design, print and online marketing. Over the years we have won many awards and built ourselves an excellent reputation across Ireland.

Stand 29

Fastway Couriers is a franchised courier organization operating nationwide across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Voted Ireland’s Courier Company of the Year 2016 at the Irish Logistics & Transport Awards Fastway Couriers consistently delivers Best Rates, Best Service and Best Standards. Parcel Connect is a subsidiary of Fastway Couriers Ireland. The launch of Parcel Connect has been one of their greatest achievements enabling flexible delivery and returns options.

We work for a wide range of customers from sole traders to multi nationals, providing them with quality, fully customised bespoke designs. We take the time to understand our clients’ requirements in order to deliver solutions adapted to their needs. All design and development are carried out in house by a full team of professionals.


All our unique range of products are printed or laser marked and packed at our factory in South Dublin and comply to all EU quality & safety standards. We welcome you to browse our site’s, view products and pricing, copy and paste any image in seconds and forward to your client. Please call us to request any samples or contact our sales department at for any samples / visuals. Remember we have a wealth of experience in promotional products going back over 30 years so please don’t hesitate to contact us about any item or printing requirement.

We are skilled, flexible and caring and our passion for creative designs transpires into our work.

Stand 32


Stand 49

Marketing has changed. As digital extends into all areas of our lives, every tweet, every status


RDS, DUBLIN 25th May, 2016

update and video has become a potential customer touchpoint. While this gives advertisers some great opportunities, it also means customers expect more. Audiences today want services and content that meet their needs, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. At iProspect, we’re not just specialists in different types of digital marketing – we also know how to bring it together. By putting the customer at the center, we create simple, effective strategies that connect with people across every channel – and grow business in ways they can measure. IRISHJOBS.IE WWW.IRISHJOBS.IE was the first recruitment website to be established by, now a world leader in online recruitment, running 500 websites across 30 countries. Stand 17

A technology recruitment firm serving tech companies in Galway, Cork, Dublin and London. We are a young and ambitious firm taking a uniquely personable approach to matching talent with technology companies. NEW HORIZONS WWW.NHIRELAND.IE

Stand 04

New Horizons Ireland is an IT Training Company based in Dublin. We pride ourselves on being 100% Irish owned and managed company. We have been providing instructor led courses and eLearning training courses to Irish customers across a wide variety of technologies for over 12 years. We deliver a full range of technology and business skills training from basic application and desktop productivity tools to complex and integrated business systems. Some of the courses we provide:

range of industry and sectors. RECREATE WWW.RECREATE.IE

Because we’re local, we understand the needs of business and individuals in our community. Whether you choose to take classes in person or online, you’re always welcome to call or stop by. ORACLE WWW.ORACLE.COM

Stand 9A, Ireland’s No. 1 recruitment website, has been bringing career seekers and recruiters together since 1995. Trusted by over 1000 businesses in Ireland and over 700,000 users each month, is Ireland’s favorite recruitment website.


• Analytics • Business Presentations • Web Design • Adobe training • Microsoft technical courses • Cisco • CompTIA • Microsoft Office • Citrix

Stand 09

With more than 420,000 customers and deployments in more than 145 countries, Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems. Learn more about Oracle and who we are. PROVIDENT CRM PROVIDENTCRM.COM

Stand 08

Today’s customer experience has never been more critical or complex. Customers are more demanding than ever before and increasingly impatient throughout the typical business cycle. One of the most essential things any business can do is to provide customers with an extraordinary experience that uniquely engages every customer, every time.

Stand 10

ReCreate is a not-for-profit social enterprise set up in October 2013 which is involved in the collection of clean, unused and unwanted materials from businesses. Based on the Creative Reuse concept, ReCreate facilitates businesses to save on their disposal costs and boost their CSR programmes by diverting materials from landfill / recycling for more productive use by schools and groups for creative purposes. The materials collected are then available to ReCreate members for free and in unlimited quantities from their Warehouse of Wonders in Ballymount, Dublin 12 for use in all kinds artistic, educational and creative projects/ settings. Members who use the facility are mainly made up of primary and secondary schools, Early Childhood Centres, Special Needs and Community groups and families. ReCreate looks for all kinds of unusual materials from packaging, fabrics, tubing, tiles, paper, in fact everything can be used by their members for all kinds of inventive and creative practises as long as it is clean and unused. (but not only) cardboard & paper – all types & sizes, fabric & textiles, boxes, pots, bottles, foam & rubber, tubing and piping, bits, bobs, buttons and all manner of weird and wonderful colours. Stand SPEEDAUTHOR 42 SOFTWARE LIMITED WWW.SPEEDAUTHOR.COM

The most forward-thinking companies focus on the customer perspective and work hard to eliminate potential points of friction in an effort to foster long-term loyalty and service excellence. A robust, advanced CRM delivers exceptional efficiencies and offers contextual intelligence to drive more actionable insights for every user.

SpeedAuthor is an Irish based document authoring and content management solution provider. Our solutions are used to create a wide range of bespoke documents such as sales proposals, bids, HR documents, commercial contracts, standard letters and much more. SpeedAuthor is used in the ICT, banking and legal sectors.

We specialise in – Enabling users to easily create consistent and great looking documents.


Stand 16

Revolve Marketing & PR is vibrant Marketing and Public relations consultancy catering to international brands within the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tech and interior Industries. Our strong credentials are reflected in the calibre of our clients and the consistently strong results that we achieve on their behalf. While we are a small agency with large ideas, we strive on being a straight talking creative team who interact with clients and the Irish press, bloggers and influencers across a diverse

Corporate content management with expiry controls, reporting and content structure advice. Professional services including sales / bid proposal training, process design and benchmarking and corporate style-guide. SpeedAuthor allows users to focus on specific customer issues and requirements rather than on document formatting, styles, numbering, TOC etc. Our solution integrates with MS Word and Salesforce / CRM tools allowing documents to be saved directly into Salesforce / CRM. Information can be

Exhibitors automatically extracted to populate documents. We work closely with you to help improve your customer experience and make your team more productive and effective and we pride ourselves on our fantastic support and engagement. With SpeedAuthor you can create documents anywhere, anytime on any device. Payback can be measured in months rather than years. SPIRIT RADIO WWW.SPIRITRADIO.IE

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Spirit Radio is probably Ireland’s fastest growing radio station. Broadcasting in all the main cities and many of the largest towns, the station has a weekly listenership of over half a million. (Amárach Research 2016). Largely music driven, the Spirit sound is upbeat, positive and contemporary. The morning chat show is a lively mix of lifestyle, relationships, current affairs and faith. The listenership demographic is young, urban and affluent. 75% of listeners are in the 18 – 44 age band. Spirit Radio have very attractive advertising rates. Regular big name advertisers include, Virgin Media, Tipperary Water, Calor Gas, Stena Line, Hugh Jordan and Des Kelly Interiors.

Stand 27 is THE biggest and most proactive platform and directory for Irish Businesses. is dedicated and committed to supporting Irish SMEs. They organise Business Seminars, Networking Events, Social Media Workshops on a regular basis. • Over 14 years Online • Over 850.000 pages indexed in • 100% Irish owned • Over 129,000 Businesses Registered • Over 900 categories to choose from. Stand IRISH WHISKEY MUSEUM 11 WWW.IRISHWHISKEYMUSEUM.IE

This fantastic museum offers daily guided tours unveiling the intriguing tale of Irish whiskey. Open 364 days, 7 days a week, it is situated very centrally in Dublin city (opposite Trinity College). The venue covers 3 floors and is available for private hire in the evening, catering for small VIP groups of 10 people to larger groups of 150. Enjoy a whiskey cocktail on arrival, music to entertain and tantalising food options with customer service that is second to none. Private Tours also available during business hours.

exciting results for their clients internationally. Our passion is to design and create compelling memorable experiences that give the wow factor and speak intelligently to your customers. Our passion for great design runs deep and long after the main event is over so you the customer get the after sales support that makes you feel appreciated and never forgotten. Our design and technical skills are underpinned with Ph.D.’s, Masters and Degrees. We aim to build experiences, create loyalty and step beyond the unknown. So what do we do ? We deliver real-time brand design solutions enhanced with cutting-edge technologies to reach your target audiences. Our web solutions are responsive to all digital devices that fit your company environment delivering credibility trust and reliability for you and your clients. So if you have a great idea and a wonderful design with cutting edge technology! What next? Send it out to market, watch and wait? No. CDG doesn’t stop there we collect, monitor and analyse data to continuously improve your customers brand experience. We want to see ROI on your digital branding many years down the line so you can grow your organisation well into the future. If you like to meet over a coffee we would be delighted to discover more about the true potential of your brand. VITALRATE LIMITED WWW.VITALRATE.IE

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Promotional products Ireland is owned and run by Vitalrate Limited an Irish custom merchandise company based in Galway Ireland. The website was formed to be Ireland’s one stop shop for all your custom printed promotional products. We stock a wide range of products that be custom branded to suit all customers. Many of our products are printed in Ireland and are shipped directly to all customers with next day delivery if required. We have a wide diverse customer base ranging from charities, schools, colleges, sports clubs to some of Ireland’s biggest retailers and companies, with products and lead times to suit all clients. We strive to bring our customers the best quality, service and price with each purchase thereby continuing to grow our business and products.



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Webworks will help you and your business stay ahead of the competition. Regardless of whether you are a local, national or international business, our on-line marketing services will deliver more leads , customers and profits for you. We help you build systems that will work for you again and again. Our services include web design, Google Pay Per Click Marketing , Facebook Marketing & LinkedIn Marketing. Our focus is on helping you establish and reach clearly defined and easily measurable goals. Stand CDG BRAND 82A WWW.CDGBRAND.COM

Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy. Established in 1989 CDG Brand continue to deliver

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