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IT Summit Creating a Smarter Food Industry Manufacturing & Supply Chain

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Creating an Efficient and Sustainable Food Industry Through Data Connecting Key Stakeholders Responsible for Creating a Smarter Food and Beverage Industry #SFBM16 ‎@IT_Food_Summit


MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Creating an Efficient & Sustainable Food industry through Data The move towards a smart food business is increasing. More and more data is available throughout the food factory and across the whole food chain. This availability of this data and the means to analyse it and effect improvements is leading to increased efficiencies, reduced waste, lower costs, increasing productivity etc.

Key Event Topics • Logistics & Supply Chain

• Business Intelligence

This event brings together key stakeholders and regulatory bodies from food and beverage manufacturers, food retailers and food service companies, plus key suppliers of software, hardware and consultancy services that are pushing the limits in increasing the efficiencies of the UK food and beverage industry through the collection and intelligent use of data.

• Recipe Formation • Traceability

• Manufacturing Performance

• Quality and Safety

• Industry 4.0

• Energy Reduction

• Big Data

The speaker line up is drawn from senior management throughout the food and drink industry who have delivered improved performance through the intelligent use of data to improve areas such as logistics and supply chain, traceability, quality & safety, production, human capital management, waste reduction, energy management etc.

• Waste Reduction

• Inventory management

• Production Optimisation

• Planning and scheduling

• Warehouse Management

• Data capture

I hope you have an enjoyable and informative day. Regards

Colin Murphy

Colin Murphy, Managing Director IT Summit

• Plant Management Management Systems • Customer Relationship Management

• Industrial Automation

• Process control and automation • Sustainability • It infrastructure

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Main Stage Main Stage Times



9.15 - 9.25

Chairperson – Sarah Knight – Global Education Program Manager, MOM - Institute

Opening Remarks

9.25 - 9.45

Vincent Doumeizel – Vice President Food & Beverage, Lloyd’s Register (LRQA)

The Future of Food Audits in a Digital World

Daniel Baird – Group Head of IT, Grahams the Family Dairy Ltd

Graham Family Dairy's Journey

John Graydon – Business Development Manager, MES/ MOM, Siemens

Supporting Innovation through the Supply Chain – transforming processes with the digital enterprise

9.45 - 10.05 10.05 - 10.25

Coffee Break & Networking

10.25 - 10.55 10.55 - 11.15

Cronan McNamara – Founder & CEO, Crème Global

Data Analytics in the Food industry - A Team Sport

11.15 - 11.35

Joanne Hedger – Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Consultant, Lighthouse

In the Future, All Plants Will be Run this Way

11.35 - 11.55

Tim Wynn Jones – Distributed Energy Sales Manager, British Gas Business

Taking Control of Energy and Delivering Cost Efficiencies

11.55 - 12.15

Rachel Cooke – Manufacturing Development Manager, SABMiller

The New World of Work – How Digitisation and Mobile Fechnology are Changing our Manufacturing Environment

Lunch Break & Networking

12.15 -1.15 1.15 - 1.35

Florian Pouchet – Head of Risk Management and Cybersecurity Practice, Hudson & Worke

Data Privacy: The Major Implications of the General Data Protection Regulation

1.35 - 1.55

Paul Maryan – Managing Consultant, Ricardo Energy & Environment

Energy Management – It’s About to Get a Lot More Exciting.

1.55 - 2.15

Michael Haverty – Senior Agricultural Economist, Andersons

Application of Big Data in Agricultural Supply Chains – Key Trends to Note

2.15 - 2.35

Speaker to be Confirmed – GS1 Ireland

Topic to be Confirmed

2.35 - 3.05

Coffee Break & Networking

3.05 - 3.25

Gary Montague – CPI Professor of Bioprocessing, Teesside University

Systems approaches to enhancing food process control

3.25 - 3.45

Stephen Marshall – Director of the Hyperspectral Imaging Centre, University of Strathclyde

Hyperspectral Imaging in food and drink applications

3.45 - 3.55

Chairperson – Sarah Knight – Global Education Program Manager, MOM - Institute

Closing Remarks

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar 1

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Data, Analytics & IT Times



Nigel Hughes & Paul Foster – Cost and Purchase Management Consultants

The Circular Economy – Using Data Analysis to Unlock Savings

9.55 - 10.10

Martin Gore – Global Sales Director, Sapphire Systems

Batch Traceability , Big Data and In-memory computing

10.10 - 10.25

Alan McMahon – Senior Analytics Consultant, Presidion

Applications in Predictive Analytics and the Key Ingredients for Successful Business Transformation

9.25 - 9.55

Coffee Break & Networking

10.25- 10.55 10.55 - 11.10

Theresa Haddon – Founder & CEO of West Midlands Food Links

Over-coming Open Food Data Obstacles

11.10 - 11.25

Karen Beggs – Service Delivery Executive, Agenor

Does IT change always have to be difficult?

11.25 - 11.40

Paul Maryan – Managing Consultant, Ricardo Energy & Environment

Signature Analysis – a New Approach to Data Analysis

11.40 - 11.55

Philipp Laqué – Director of Business Development Europe and Franchisee Services, Revenue Management Solutions

Turning Data into Profit: A Case Study on using Data to Prevent Employee Fraud in the Restaurant Industry.

11.55 - 12.10

Tim Kay –Commercial Director , Verco

Data Integration in Energy Management Systems

12.10 - 12.25

Clare Darlison – Director, Idhammar Systems Ltd

Paper OUT. Technology IN. A look into the powerful role IT plays in achieving World Class Manufacturing.

Lunch Break & Networking

12.15 - 1.15 1.15 - 1.30

Stuart Evans – CTO, INVU PLC

Nailing Jelly to a Tree. Do you have the right technology to handle unstructured data?

1.30 -1.45

Will Schreiber – Partner, 3Keel LLP

Food Futures: How the Data Revolution Can Drive a More Resilient and Sustainable Food System

Security and Data Protection 1.45 - 2.00

Tom Crosby – Director of Infrastructure Management and Security Solutions, Happiest Minds

‘#Cyberrisk’ Means Any Risk of Financial Loss, Damage to the Reputation of an Organisation. Agree?

2.00 - 2.15

Florian Pouchet – Head of Risk Management and Cybersecurity practice, Hudson & Yorke & Head of Digital Compliance & Data Privacy, Hudson & Yorke

Data Privacy: the major implications of the General Data Protection Regulation

Market and Business Intelligence 2.15 - 2.30

Darren Crawley – Partner Manager, Milner Browne

Run Simple with SAP Business One

Coffee Break & Networking

2.35 - 3.05 3.05 -3.20

David Ashmore – Director, NORRIQ

The 10 Key Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a New Business System for your Beverage Company

3.20 - 3.35

Gemma Feare – FMCG Consultant, CACI Ltd

How to Drive Consumer Engagement and Optimise Distribution

3.35 - 3.50

Mike Gallagher – Sales Director, Manufacturing Solutions, Sanderson

ROI (Return on Investment) from ERP Systems

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar 2 IOT, Industry 4.0 , Smart Factory and Automation Times



9.25 - 9.40

Alex Hill – Co-founder, Senseye

Real world Industry 4.0 - Prognostics

9.40 - 9.55

Stephen Marshall – Director of the Hyperspectral Imaging Centre, University of Strathclyde

Hyperspectral Imaging in Food and Drink Applications

9.55 - 10.10

Mark Higgins – Business Development Manager, Fast Technologies


Kieron O’Toole – Sales Director, Polestar

Industrial IoT in Food & Drink

10.10 - 10.25

Coffee Break & Networking

10.25- 10.55 10.55 - 11.10

Marcelle von Wendland – President, Managing Director, Big Data Division, Fincore Ltd

Better Decisions Based on Data: Self Service Intelligence and Governed Data Discovery.

Productivity and Efficiency 11.10 - 11.25

Alan Blyther – Managing Director, Altech Software Limited

A Case Study: Vision For Food Customer Freshcut Foods Limited Saves 1% of Turnover.

11.25 - 11.40

Arthur Stone – CEO, OEEsystems International

Tales from the Manufacturing Floor - Unlocking the Hidden Potential in our Customers’ Manufacturing Processes

11.40 - 11.55

Gary Montague – CPI Professor of Bioprocessing, Teesside University

Systems Approaches to Enhancing Food Process Control

11.55 - 12.10

Andrew Langford – Sales Manager, LineView Solutions

Reducing Downtime with XL800

Lunch Break & Networking

12.15 - 1.15 1.15 - 1.30

Jason Ankers – Head of Business Development, Codestone Solutions Ltd

Integrated Business Software for Organisations in the Food & Drinks Industry

1.30 -1.45

Sean Robinson – Manager, Software Solutions, Kerrco Automation

Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantages from IT

1.45 - 2.00

Padraig Regan – General Manager, Europe- StayLinked Corporation

The Future of Terminal Emulation

2.00 - 2.15

Kim Antoniou & Julie Pierce – Co-Founder, Kafoodle and Director of Openess, Data & Digital, FSA

The Importance of the Food Industry Providing Easy to Use and Accurate Food Information to the Hospitality Industry and the Challenges Around that Together with Our Crusade to Make all Food Information Transparent and Available to all

2.15 - 2.30

Hassan Mumtaz – Principal Consultant, PSE

Using Advanced Process Modelling to Reduce Batch Time by 44% Coffee Break & Networking

2.35 - 3.05

Product Development, Nutrition, Food Science,  R&I 3.05 -3.20

Dr. Maarten Hagen – Business Consultant, Infor

Bring High-Quality, Low Cost and Compliant Products to Market Faster with Infor PLM

3.20 - 3.35

Dr Steve Gardner – CEO, RowAnalytics Ltd

Digital Health tools for Personalizing Dietary Advice

3.35 - 3.50

Alex de la Mare – Client Services Director, Ashbury Labelling

Say it right- Nutrition, Health, “Free From” Claims

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar 3

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Supply Chain and Logistics Times



9.25 - 9.40

Erica Armstrong – Marketing Executive, Cert ID Europe & Foodchain ID Europe

Communicating Traceability Through Technology.

9.40 - 9.55

Jonathan Lodge – CEO, City Farm Systems

Using Data to Unlock and Quantify the Benefits of a Short Supply Chain?

9.55 - 10.10

Steve Loveridge – Co-Founder and Chairman, Applied Data Corporation

Fresh Food Safety via Traceability and Labelling: A Q2 2016 Update

10.10 - 10.25

Dave Hoohakker – Retail Account Director, K International

Three Language Technologies that will Speed up any Global Supply Chain

Coffee Break and Networking

10.25- 10.55 10.55 - 11.10

Jeff Johnson – Managing Director, Kudos Solutions UK

Planning and Scheduling in FMCG

11.10 - 11.25

Gwynne Richards – Supply Chain Consultant, Apprise Consulting Ltd

The Challenges to and Future of Warehousing!

11.25 - 11.40

Vincent Doumeizel – Vincent Doumeizel, Vice President Food & Beverage, Lloyd’s Register (LRQA)

The Future of Food Audits in a Digital World

11.40 - 11.55

Ammar F. Al Bazi, PhD – Senior lecturer of Business Information Systems, Coventry University

Improving Transportation Logistics of Sugar Rail Containers Using Simulation Based Heuristic Modelling

11.55 - 12.10

Michael Haverty – Senior Agricultural Economist, Andersons

Application of Big Data in Agricultural Supply Chains – Key Trends to Note

Lunch Break & Networking

12.15 - 1.15 1.15 - 1.30

Ashley Reddy – IT Director, Highfield ABC

Take Control of Your Compliance Training Data

1.30 -1.45

Fraser Durham – Co-founder & Commercial Director, Argand Solutions

Predictive Maintenance in the Food & Drinks Industry using Energy Meters

1.45 - 2.00

Ifeyinwa Rita Kanu – PhD study , Institute for Infrastructure and Environment

Waste to energy: Data influence


Coffee Break and Networking

2.35 - 3.05 3.05 -3.20

Joe Jones – Sustainability Expert, SustainIt

How software Drives Better Sustainability Reporting

3.20 - 3.35

Aicha Jellil – PhD student- Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies (SMART)

Minimising Consumer Food Waste – How Can Data Analysis and IT Help?

3.35 - 3.50

Jaro Tomik – Senior Sales, Traceall Global

IoT and Food Industry Sustainability

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Speakers Chairperson- Sarah Knight Global Education Program Manager MOM - Institute Global Education Program Manager, MOM- Institute

Professor Stephen Marshall Director of the Hyperspectral Imaging Centre University of Strathclyde Prof Stephen Marshall was born in Sunderland, England in 1958. He received a first class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Nottingham in 1979 and a PhD in Image Processing from University of Strathclyde in 1989. From 1979-81 he worked at Plessey Office Systems, Nottingham as an Electronics Engineer. From 1981-1986 he worked as a lecturer at Paisley College of Technology and he had an exchange visit to University of Rhode Island in 1984. He has been employed at University of Strathclyde since 1986. His research activities have been focussed in the area of Non Linear Image Processing. In this time, he has pioneered new design techniques for morphological filters based on a class of iterative search techniques known as genetic algorithms. The resulting filters have been applied as four-dimensional operators to successfully restore old film archive material. In recent years he has established the Hyperspectral Imaging Centre at the University of Strathclyde. The aims to provide solutions to industrial problems through applied research and Knowledge Exchange. He has published over 200 conference and journal papers on these topics including IET, IEEE, SPIE, SIAM, ICASSP, VIE and EUSIPCO. He has also been a reviewer for these and other journals and conferences.

Daniel Baird Group Head of IT Grahams the Family Dairy Ltd Group Head of IT for Graham’s Family Dairy and lover of F1 & Rugby, I have been IT support and sales for over 10 years. Although I studied Astronomy and Astrophysics at St. Andrews University, I found it was technology that really interested me. Prior to running the IT at Grahams Family Dairy, I was a founding director of pioneering Cloud Microsoft Partner IA Cubed. Not only do I come from a technical background, but I have the rare skill of being able to communicate complex technical solutions to anybody, from IT managers to CEOs. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, where both of my parents were business owners, I am taking great joy and pride in my work, providing the best technologies for business. Usually, you will find me up and down Scotland in one of the Graham’s depots, if not watching the rugby, F1, or trying the latest new restaurant! Having spent 5 years growing IA Cubed into one of the best Microsoft Cloud Practices in Scotland, I am

currently enjoying the new challenges of working inhouse where I can really take ownership of projects and held drive the business through technology. I am a huge Cloud and Microsoft evangelist, having been one of the very first people to implement Office 365 in the UK, I am constantly investigating and implementing the latest technologies especially in the cloud space where they are most appropriate to the business.

John Graydon Business Development Manager for Industry Software – Siemens John Graydon is a business development manager for industry software operating within the PLM group of Siemens. Having worked 10 years in food manufacturing in R&D, quality control and production he now specialises in the field of software solutions to support the food industry. These solutions typically bridge the gap between departmental structures to facilitate greater collaboration, increase efficiency and to improve the competitive position of the business. At Siemens for over 16 years working both as business consultant and in pre-sales he has met many challenges coming from countless different industry environments. This work, in particular, is about challenging the status quo to break down the barriers between traditional organisational structures and generate sustainable business improvement.

Padraig Regan General Manager, Europe StayLinked Corporation An experienced technologist, collaborator, visionary and leader, Padraig has been a software innovator for the past 26 years. His mission is to help business leaders use technology to drive their strategies, innovate, differentiate and transform their businesses.

Jonathan Lodge CEO City Farm Systems Ltd Originally qualifying to teach Design Technology Jonathan preferred to do rather than teach. Working through various roles in construction Jonathan ended up running a joinery shop and needing to teach accountants how to use Sage. After a recession proved the business too small to be big yet too big to be small Jonathan moved into interim finance roles where his small business knowledge proved very useful in many large organisations. After creating the process to move Avery Dennison’s Inter-company Accountant roles to a new Europe wide shared service Jonathan moved into the public sector and showed how some significant savings could be made. Driving home one night Jonathan needed to buy food and ended up stuck behind a supermarket lorry only yards from the store. Once inside the shelves were bare and a light bulb was lit. Thus started the process of bringing together many life experiences to create a new business model.

Along the way Jonathan has won a Special Merit Award for Food & Drink at the 2015 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, created a winning concept in the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Innovation Gateway and was a finalist in the 2degrees Champion Awards 2015.

Alan McMahon Senior Analytics Consultant Presidion As a Senior Analytics Consultant working with Presidion for the last 11 years, Alan has extensive experience of the design and implementation of applied predictive analytics. He has particular expertise as a solutions architect, helping customers to identify their main business objectives and designing appropriate and efficient analytics solutions to achieve these, mapping client’s needs and goals to drive a successful project outcome.

Joanne Hedger Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Consultant – Lighthouse Systems With a background in automation systems, Joanne has been working with manufacturers in consultative sales roles for over 20 years. Past companies include Atkins, Mitsubishi and Rockwell Automation and in 2006, Joanne joined Lighthouse Systems. Passionate about manufacturing excellence and helping customers get the best out of their plants through IT applications, she is responsible for business generation across Europe, where she has worked closely with many multi-national organisations, partnering them on their journey to world class manufacturing. Aicha Jellil- PhD student Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies (SMART) Aicha Jellil is a PhD student at the Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies (SMART) at Loughborough University. Her research aims to develop strategic solutions for manufacturers and retailers to support the minimisation of consumer food waste. Previously, she completed her MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Lancaster University and a BSc in Engineering and Management Sciences at Al Akhawayn University. She has also lead several consultancy projects for different companies including Jaguar Land Rover.

Jeff Johnson Managing Director Kudos Solutions UK I am Jeff Johnson, the Managing Director of Kudos Solutions UK. In 1994 Kudos Solutions UK were approached to become a reseller of Preactor and have been selling and implementing Preactor ever since. We were one of the first companies to hold this position and as a business Preactor remains our sole focus to this day. Our experience and user base is made

Speakers up of large FMCG companies both here in the UK and around the globe. I personally have been have been implementing planning and scheduling solutions with Preactor for over 18 years, starting in support and working my way up through development to implementations and then on to project management.

Jaro Tomik Senior Sales Traceall Global Jaro is one the senior sales people at Traceall Global focussing on IoT technologies and monitoring. With over 3 years of experience working in the technology sector, Jaro is a keen advocate of innovation and passionate about the impact of IoT in the food and beverage sector. Working with global clients spanning 5 continents, Traceall Global are at the forefront of IoT and sustainability solutions. They are passionate about making the world a more sustainable place to live in. A keen blogger, Jaro publishes regular articles on the application of technology to aid the monitoring of the food supply chain as he sees the inevitable future of the food and beverage industry running in parallel to the developments within IoT.”

Paul Maryan Managing Consultant Ricard Energy & Environment Paul Maryan is Managing Consultant with Ricard Energy & Environment, an international multidisciplinary consultancy. Paul has over 30 years’ experience of driving innovation. He has held a number of high profile roles and has worked in a wide range of industry sectors. Currently his focus is on unlocking the true value of data analysis in a way which is both simple and cost effective.

Hassan Mumtaz Principal Consultant PSE Hassan is a Principal Consultant with PSE, specialising in the application of Advanced Process Modelling to formulated products industries such as food and life sciences with clients including Nestle, Danone, Friesland Campina, Mars and Ajinomoto. Having obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, Hassan has over 15 years of industrial experience focussed on process modelling and simulation across diverse sectors.

Nigel Hughes Cost and Purchase Management Consultant A consultant with over 25 years experience of working with major organisations like Hilton, Punch Taverns, and SABMiller to improve procurement and business processes. The optimisation of workflows, and internal processes leading to a reduction in requirements and by implication waste, while maintaining service levels and therefore increasing productivity. It is a

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

strong belief that the principles of analysis leading to efficiency can be applied to all sectors and all industries regardless of size and scale.

Paul Foster Cost and Purchase Management Consultant Cost and Purchase Management Consultant with 32 years experience reviewing business processes, improving productivity and reducing costs. Over the past five years, I’ve been working with the food services sector to unlock savings across almost all areas of business expenditure. Advising clients on new ways of doing things better, faster and cheaper than their competitors.

Dr. Maarten Hagen Business Consultant Infor Dr. Maarten Hagen is a Business Consultant with 10 years of experience in Infor. During that time he has helped numerous companies in the Food & Beverage, Chemicals and Personal Care industries to define and deliver their Product Lifecycle Management strategy. Prior to Infor, Maarten worked for Dassault Systèmes and Unilever plc.

Tim Kay Commercial Director Verco “Tim is Verco’s Commercial Director and plays a leading role in developing and delivering Verco’s energy and resource management service, in particular in the manufacturing industry. Tim works closely with Verco’s software development team with data collection, systems integration and solution development. His primary focus for the past 10 years has been supporting multi-site corporate clients implementing the principles of monitoring and targeting to deliver a reduction in the overall cost of manufacture. Tim has worked globally including the project management of bespoke energy monitoring solutions in Africa, Asia and mainland Europe, as well as in carrying out a range of energy audits in the UK and the US. Tim has a track record in delivering solutions that keep financial payback as the primary focus, delivering a material impact to an organisation’s overall cost of manufacture. Tim has a first class MEng Engineering degree from Durham University and is a Chartered Energy Manager with the Energy Institute.”

Dr Steve Gardner CEO RowAnalytics Ltd Dr Steve Gardner (CEO of RowAnalytics Ltd) has raised over £50M funding for various informatics businesses in the UK and USA and has designed, built and brought to market a number of innovative and commercially successful products in life sciences

and healthcare. Steve is a former Global Director of Research Informatics for Astra AB, with responsibility for integrating, managing and analysing all of Astra’s R&D information. He consults widely on large scale informatics and analytics projects, digital health, personalised medicine & nutrition and biobanking of human tissues for a variety of organisations including the NHS, Breast Cancer Now, UKCRC and Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst.

Dr Rachel Cooke Manufacturing Development Manager SABMiller Rachel leads manufacturing performance measurement and operational excellence across SABMiller, who are the world’s second largest brewer by volume with over 100 operations worldwide. Prior to working for SABMiller, she spent nearly ten years working for Cadbury in a range of roles including engineering, manufacturing, project management and purchasing. She has spent three years living in Poland, where she worked on the construction and commissioning of two green field confectionery factories. Rachel was included in the Manufacturer’s Top 100 Report of the most influential individuals in UK manufacturing in 2014. She is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, has been chairman of their Food and Drink Special Interest Group for the past five years, and is a member of the UK Board.

Florian Pouchet Head of Risk Management and Cybersecurity practice – Hudson & Yorke Florian is Head of the Risk Management and Cybersecurity Practice at Hudson and Yorke. He supports organisations in defining their cybersecurity strategy and successfully delivering protection, detection and reaction measures. He has 10 years of experience in cybersecurity consulting, with a specialty in Identity and Access Management and Business Roles and Profiles management. He holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Karen Beggs Service Delivery Executive Agenor Karen manages Service Delivery for Agenor Technology’s Scotland region where she works with teams of project managers, technicians, testers and deployment experts working on multiple complex programmes delivering IT change. Prior to joining Agenor in 2015, Karen spent a number of years developing and managing what became the world’s largest ePortfolio system for healthcare, then as Lead Programme Manager on the Scottish Parliament’s Digital Parliament Programme. With a background in learning assessment using technology, she has published widely in the academic literature and was a module author on FAIMER’s Masters’ in Health Professions Education at Keele University. Karen’s 11 year old Labrador still runs in the forest with her at weekends.

Providers of global supply chain solutions

Tel +44 (0) 1394 458977


Felixstowe 9 Summit Business Park, Langer Rd, Felixstowe Suffolk IP11 2JB

Speakers Gwynne Richards Supply Chain Consultant Apprise Consulting Ltd Gwynne Richards has over thirty-five years’ experience in warehouse management and logistics. He began his career with British Road Services a forerunner of Exel Logistics which later became part of DHL. He also worked for Dawsonrentals, Lane Group plc and Nedlloyd Districenters. He founded his own logistics consultancy and training company in 2003. His consultancy clients have included Bridgestone and Pirelli Tyres, Mizuno, the NHS, Home Decor and various other public and private companies. Gwynne has worked with these companies on improving their warehouse operations through improved layouts, optimum storage methods and better pick strategies. He has assisted companies to benchmark their warehouse operations both internally and externally and has advised on the most appropriate performance measures. He has introduced new procedures and set up communication cells within the warehouse operations to improve productivity and increase throughput. Gwynne also produces and runs Warehouse Management and Transport courses on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Singapore Institute of Management, The University of Westminster and The University of Warwick where he is a module tutor for the Masters course in Supply Chain. He has taught in the UK, Russia, Hong Kong, Kenya, The Philippines, Malaysia and China. Clients include TNK BP, Sinotrans and China Post, One Stop, a subsidiary of Tesco, Unipart, B & Q, Kuehne and Nagel, BAe Systems, the Saudi Arabian Air Force and many others. He is a member of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association, a Practicing Associate of the Academy of Experts and past Chairman of the CILT Outsourcing and Procurement Forum. The second edition of his book on Warehouse Management was published in 2014 by Kogan Page and has sold over 9,000 copies worldwide. A book on Logistics and supply chain tools was published in October 2013 and a second edition will be released in July 2016.

Erica Armstrong Cert ID EU & Foodchain ID EU

Erica is responsible for managing the marketing and continuous development strategy for inSYTE, an online system promoting supply chain transparency of IP protected products and ingredients. Erica will discuss how food businesses can use new technologies to communicate their supply chain traceability to customers in a B2B market.

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Gemma Feare FMCG Consultant CACI Ltd Supporting the growth of FMCG brands and businesses in market and consumer analysis at CACI, Gemma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Gemma has a comprehensive understanding of the demands of food and beverage companies, which is reinforced by her experience working with clients of varying ages and sizes from Propercorn to Weetabix, to develop their understanding of people and places.

David Ashmore Director RowAnalytics Ltd NORRIQ David is a Director of NORRIQ , an international IT consultancy house advising on business IT and industry-specific solutions. David specialises in the business development and implementation of the Drink-IT business system solution for the beverage industry. David has worked extensively with large and medium enterprise clients in the UK and internationally across the beverage industry.

Sean Robinson Manager, Software Solutions Kerrco Automation Sean works with brand owners, ingredient suppliers and contract producers in defining automation and information systems programs that support critical strategies such as right-first-time programs, sustainable operations and brand protection. Sean brings over 25 years’ experience in a variety of client management, technology consulting, and technology implementation roles. He is past chair of ISA’s Food and Pharmaceutical Industry Division, and regularly contributes to the work of organisations such as MESA, and Campden BRI, with specific focus on application of analytics in support of improvement programs.

Tom Crosby Director of Infrastructure Management and Security Solutions – Happiest Minds Director of Infrastructure Management and Security Solutions at Happiest Minds, a Bangalore headquartered “digital transformation & disruption” company with responsibility from the UK to market and sell Cloud services, software defined data centres, big data analytics, security governance, risk and compliance solutions to many sectors. 29 years spent in UK and Europe information technology market with deep experience and knowledge of systems, infrastructure, security, application and integration solutions. Before joining Happiest Minds in 2016 he held roles at 3M, MDIS, Computer Associates, QSP, NIIT Technologies, Axway and recently, Primeur. Formerly, a qualified Master Mariner (Captain) in the UK Merchant Navy; married for 35 years with two sons, and a Jack Russell Terrier named Bravo.

Vincent Doumeizel Vice President Food & Beverage Lloyd’s Register (LRQA) With 15 years’ experience in Food Safety Certification, Vincent Doumeizel joined LR Management Systems (LRQA) in 2015 as Vice President Food & Beverage. Vincent has a degree in economics and gradually focused on agro-food with various experiences all around the word. With LRQA VIncent is focused on further strengthening the strategic direction and reach of LRQA’s global food business, through the delivery of existing services and a wider portfolio designed to meet the needs of the thousands of food sector organisations that we serve worldwide. Vincent also supports the charitable objectives of the LR Foundation by identifying and supporting innovative food projects through funding, with an objective to increasing Food Supply Chain resilience all around the world.

Theresa Haddon Founder and CEO West Midlands Food Links A food-orientated post-graduate environmental scientist/polymath with both practical and political experience in these fields. Founder and CEO of West Midlands Food Links, providing simple and cost-effective solutions to complex problems. PhD on ‘The Lack of Joined-up Policy in UK Food, Farming & Health

Alex Hill Co-founder Senseye Alex is a Co-founder of Senseye, having spent his career working on software in industries as diverse as aerospace, defence, energy and transportation. His background in Digital Systems Engineering and early work on one of the largest wireless sensor networks in the world has enabled Alex to bridge the gap between the real-world and the promises of the Internet of Things. In Senseye, he contributes his interests and experience to the development PROGNOSYS, the first prognostic product in the world. Alex loves cats, keeping things simple and helping businesses to grow. He also wonders if anybody reads these things.

Darren Crawley Sales and Marketing professional Milner Browne An experienced Sales and Marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience of B2B Sales, Account Management and Partner Management. In the last decade, I have worked with pioneering companies like Orange, EE, Synety, Wilmington Group, IIS Group and Milner Browne, to bring greater value to SMEs who seek to embrace the latest technologies – whether they be in mobile telephony or end to end ERP solutions.

Speakers I’m passionate about technology and how it enhances our personal and working lives. Please contact me if you would like to discuss how the latest innovations from Milner Browne can help you work smarter, faster and more profitably.”

Stuart Evans CTO INVU PLC Since joining Invu as Chief Technical Officer in 2007, Stuart has overseen the development of Invu Document Management, taking the Invu product portfolio from a simple eDM solution to a suite of products that can automate processes, provide real-time information and offer security and compliance of critical data. Prior to Invu, Stuart was a lead architect for Sage, overseeing products for the accountancy marketplace and also establishing the Sage SAAS provisioning team. This has brought to Invu technical knowledge of Sage products invaluable in the development of the company’s market leading Sage 200 integration offering. Stuart co-founded U.S. start-ups in both the business and mobile software sectors. Diffusion Inc. was acquired by Vignette, where Stuart worked on their wireless and digital TV opportunities in EMEA, including Egg TV banking. He went on to co-found Solomio Inc. where he created an innovative solution for mobile operators before the company was acquired by Openwave. Stuart has 20 years’ experience in the software industry, largely in development, but also in Sales and Professional Services.

Ammar F. Al Bazi, PhD Senior lecturer of Business Information Systems – Coventry University Ammar F. Al Bazi, PhD, is a senior lecturer of Business Information Systems at Coventry University. His field of interest is simulation and optimisation modelling of complex systems. He has been actively involved in national and international funded projects to improve productivity of a number of manufacturing systems. Logistics operations including warehousing management, container handling, inventory control and transportation management for logistics companies based Midlands were tackled in his research for optimal efficiency and best management of these operations individually and combined.

Dave Hoohakker Retail Account Director K International Dave is an Account Director at K International, a language provider working for major UK retailers and global brands. K International is very experienced with language applications on packaging, in e-commerce and for marketing purposes. We see language as a manageable cost and promote integrated technology solutions to reduce time and waste in retail operations.

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Kieron O’Toole Sales Director Polestar Kieron is Sales Director for Polestar Interactive who specialise in the design, implementation and support of industrial IT infrastructure. After graduating from Aston University with a Masters in Systems Engineering he worked for BT Global Services for 15 years developing and delivering international ICT platforms for multiple global brands before moving into programme leadership and improvements in their global operations. In addition, Kieron has held nonexecutive and executive positions in several companies specializing in technology innovation.

Philipp Laque – Director of Business Development Europe and Franchisee Services, Revenue Management Solutions Philipp Laque is director of business development Europe and franchisee services for Revenue Management Solutions, based in the London office. Laque earned his Master of Management degree in Hospitality, International Hospitality from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Joe Jones Sustainability Expert SustainIt Joe Jones is a sustainability expert at SustainIt, and has many years of experience talking about data driven systems and strategies to drive cultural change and engagement throughout the corporate world. SustainIt are a global sustainability, EHS and risk data consultancy based in Bristol and providers of the free and independent sustainability software comparison service, GoMarketWise. You can connect with SustainIt on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Jason Ankers Head- Business Development Codestone Solutions Ltd Jason has over 15 years’ experience providing software solutions to businesses of all sizes from single user start–ups to multinational corporates.

Will Schreiber Partner 3Keel Will is a Partner at 3Keel, an Oxford-based applied research consultancy. He has a successful 10year track record of merging core business and environmental science disciplines to deliver and communicate analyses, insights and evidence-based solutions to facilitate informed decision-making by business and government clients. He has worked as the key sustainability specialist for some of the world’s biggest food and beverage and electronic businesses to help them build better products and services and low impact, resilient supply

chains. Will has worked closely for clients including WRAP; Tesco; PepsiCo; Greenpeace; Marks & Spencer; and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

Steve Loveridge Co-Founder and Chairman Applied Data Corporation Applied Data Corporation provides Fresh Item Management software solutions to grocery/convenience chain retailers and food service chains worldwide. For more information see Steve founded ADC in Tampa, Florida in 1989 building the business without external investment and from its own innovation and successes by focusing on the niche of fresh foods management software. In 2013 Steve opened ADC’s Cambridge UK office to service ADC’s emerging customer base in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Kim Antoniou Founder Kafoodle KAFOODLE combines my twin passions of technology and food safety. After developing major online and mobile software solutions for the construction industry I am now building a new venture. In early 2014, I heard about new food-labelling laws and realised that my expertise could be used by the catering industry. I decided to channel all my energies into developing a very simple system designed to help food and drink businesses manage their menus and compliance. That information could further be used to provide `allergy-free’ menus to diners, via a mobile app. I have personal experience of the perils of having a food allergy. My husband of 30 years, Ron, is a severeallergy sufferer. In 2013 he nearly died from an attack in a restaurant after he was given incorrect information by waiting staff regarding a dish’s ingredients. This extremely worrying incident gave me an extra incentive to improve the situation for both caterers and diners. I teamed up with long-term friend and hospitality expert Tarryn Gorre and together we set about scoping and designing Kafoodle. By developing Kafoodle we have created the the perfect platform to allow us to journey on a crusade to make all food transparent and my personal mission is to particularly create awareness around food allergies and encourage the use of data and mobile technology in the hospitality industry so that ultimately, we can all eat with confidence.

Andrew Langford Sales Manager LineView Solutions Having spent 35 years working with High Reliability bespoke electronics, a new challenge was needed. The

Sapphire Systems, the number one Gold Partner for SAP Business One We are an established global provider of world-leading enterprise resource planning and Business Intelligence software. Sapphire Systems at


We have implemented solutions for a wide range of food companies, from fast growing domestic food manufacturers to global food brands. Our software solution offers:

Traceability Recipe Management Ingredient Specification Batch Control

Quality Control Customer Relationship Management Business Intelligence Finance

Visit us on Stand 12 to learn how we can help you simplify your key processes, whilst enabling you to comply with increasing regulations and ever-changing demands from customers and suppliers. Our clients include: No.1 Gold Partner

+44 (0) 207 648 2000

Don’t miss out and mark Stand 12 as one to visit!

Speakers opportunity to work with OEE monitoring equipment has proved to be just that. Having worked in engineering development, purchasing and sales allows Andrew to empathize with all aspects of the customer journey. Since joining LineView, Andrew has been helping many sites improve performance on their quest to World Class OEE.

Julie Pierce Director of Openess, data & digital FSA Julie joined the FSA in September 2015. She has previously been the Chief Information Officer for Defra and Director of Corporate Services for the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (the predecessor organisation to the Animal and Plant Health Agency). In these roles she has driven new digital solutions to business problems, restructured and developed the organisation, and launched a new open data initiative. Julie has spent a number of years consulting and leading IT enabled change programmes for both central government and the private sector. She spent over 10 years working for PricewaterhouseCoopers, culminating in her partnership in 2002. Her projects ranged from financial services to aircraft maintenance, and from Warsaw to Malta. However, she started her professional life as an oceanographer with Hunting Surveys working in oil exploration and then joined Logica to exploit satellite imagery in anti-submarine warfare for the UK Admiralty. She has remained interested in the application of science and new technology throughout her career.

Michael Haverty Senior Agricultural Economist Andersons Michael joined Andersons as a Senior Agricultural Economist in 2015 and has over 10 years’ experience in agribusiness and industrial technology. His specialisms include: market sizing and market entry strategy; competitiveness analysis; benchmarking and financial & economic modelling in agricultural supply chains. He has also written several white papers on the application of big data in agriculture and has delivered several presentations on the outlook for UK agriculture. Prior to joining Andersons, worked as a Senior Analyst with IHS and led several international consulting projects. He has previously worked for Syngenta, JFC Manufacturing & the European Commission. Michael has a BSc (Hons) Agricultural Economics & Management from Queen’s University Belfast and an MSc International Agricultural & Food Marketing from Newcastle University.

Clare Darlison Director Idhammar Systems Ltd Clare Darlison joined Idhammar Systems Ltd in 1990. Following a Management buyout in 2002 Clare has been both an owner and the Director responsible for product development and customer support.

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Clare and her team work continuously on the development of the Idhammar product range which includes Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Maintenance Management (MMS) and World Class Manufacturing (WCM). All of which are designed to help industries to achieve operational excellence through improved uptime, better productivity with fewer resources and less waste. Clare has managed many complex system implementation projects at H J Heinz, Elopak, Nestlé, Pernod Ricard, Findus and Unilever, to name a few. She is currently working on several projects within the Food and Beverage sector including, a WCM software system deployment at Unilever, a major transformation project at Hovis and a UK government research project aimed at reducing waste in the food processing supply chain.

Martin Gore Global Sales Director Sapphire Systems Background in ERP sales and marketing, especially for process manufacturers.

Marcelle von Wendland Founder & CEO Fincore Ltd Marcelle is a technology executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience including general management, service operations, corporate governance and business strategy as well as productmanagement, -innovation, -design and -architecture. Takes a hands-on results oriented approach. Good at and enjoying start-up, turnaround and M&A situations. . Experienced at successful venture capital, private equity and Angel funding/investor-relations. Experienced in establishing international and offshore operations. Has successful prior and ongoing Non-Executive Board & Government Advisory experience. Expert Business/Product Architect with experience from numerous commercial succesful Banking, Investment-, Risk-, Wealth- and Information-Management software products and service operations. Co-Author of book entitled “Valuation, Risk and Performance Measurement” published by Reed-Elsevier and avvailable from May 2009. Available as expert or motivational speaker and board level advisory assignments. Specialties: Business, Marketing and PR Strategy; Venture Captital, Equity and Angel Funding and Investor Relations. Product Management, Product & Service Development; Business/Product Architecture. Investment and Risk Analytics; Banking & Investment Management Operations; Operational Risk Analysis; Business Change Implementation; Business Process Re-engineering and Implementation; Investment &

Risk Systems Implementation; Project Management & Business Analysis; SWIFT, FIX, FPML Connectivity.

Mike Gallagher Sales Director, Manufacturing Solutions Sanderson Mike has a BSc(Hons) in Biological Sciences (Manchester) and a Masters in IT for Manufacturing (Warwick). Specialising in his earlier career as a Business Analyst, Mike was closely involved in client project evaluations, from which developing a method and content for ROI analysis was a significant element. Mike is the Manufacturing Systems Sales Director at Sanderson which supplies UnityF8 – the Sanderson Food and Drink Specific ERP solution. Mike will be reviewing ROI from ERP projects – how to identify, apply metrics, and set up implementations for the achievement of ROI targets. This will share best practice from Mike’s 20 year specialism in Food & Drink IT projects. As part of Sanderson Group plc’s dedicated Food & Drink ERP Systems team located in Bristol, Mike’s insights on ROI will prove useful to any food and drink manufacturing business considering an ERP project. With over 140 food and drink manufacturing sites running their business with Sanderson software there is a large knowledge and experience base to draw from.

Tim Wynn Jones Distributed Energy Sales Manager British Gas Business Tim has worked within the energy industry for over five years and has a wealth of experience across commercial energy supply contracts, renewable energy project development and financing and in the development of commercial and domestic energy efficiency projects. British Gas Business is the UK sales arm of parent company Centrica’s international Distributed Energy and Power business. We work with UK businesses and other large energy users to help them take control of their energy by giving them the power to i) operate, monitor and optimise their energy assets, ii) design, build and commission new onsite generation, and iii) identify and integrate the best technologies to deliver reduced costs, new revenue streams, improved site resilience and lower carbon emissions.

Arthur Stone CEO OEEsystems OEEsystems International are OEE Experts and Innovators and specialise in the delivery of our OEE Software & Expertise to progressive, high volume, global manufacturing companies such as Allergan, GE Healthcare, CooperVision, Muller Wiseman Dairies, Finsbury Foods, Aurivo, C & C and Keelings. Arthur Stone, CEO, OEEsystems International has over 25 years’ experience in Senior Engineering, Operations and Technology Management Roles with international

Speakers manufacturing companies world-wide and has an Engineering Degree from University College Cork. Cost reduction, improved productivity, competitiveness and sustainability are key, current challenges for the manufacturing community and Arthur welcomes this opportunity to share his knowledge, experience and passion for how our OEE Software and Expertise is helping to deliver real, positive business impacts for our customers.

Alex de la Mare Client Services Director Ashbury Labelling Ashbury Labelling is a leading provider of regulatory advice, artwork approval and specification services. We provide an integrated end-to-end process which delivers excellence at every stage, ensuring specifications, pack copy and labelling which are right first time. We deliver thousands of multi-lingual approvals each year for clients across the food, drink and non-food industries. Our regulatory experts provide our services to retail, foodservice and manufacturing customers in over 80 countries and regions, including the EU, the Middle East and the Americas. We give you the clear, practical advice you need to ensure your products are correctly labelled in all of your prospective markets.

Alan Blyther Managing Director Altech Software Limited Following a successful career in retail management, Alan has spent more than 25 years introducing IT solutions to the food manufacturing and retail supply chain sectors. With a goal for Vision For Food to be adopted as the industry standard for paperless control of the food factory (production & material yield, traceability, QC, compliance etc) as well as the back office (alerts, reports, analysis, NPD and specification management), Alan’s priority is to ensure that all solutions and services add value and maintain the highest possible standards.

Ashley Reddy IT Director Highfield ABC Ashley has been with Highfield e-learning since 2000 and is the technical expert behind all our courses. He is responsible for ensuring they not only meet, but also where possible exceed our clients’ expectations. Ashley works closely with such clients as PepsiCo, Elior and the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) on bespoke e-learning courses that are customised to their exact training needs. He also personally manages the entire e-learning development team and oversees the construction of all e-learning courses the company produces. In his spare time Ashley is currently working on a

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

project to restore a classic Mini. He has also been known to compete in charity runs, recently completing the Great North Run.

Gary Montague CPI Professor of Bioprocessing Teesside University Professor Gary Montague holds the Centre for Process Innovation Chair in Bioprocessing at Teesside University. Until recently he led the Biopharmaceutical and Bioprocessing Technology Centre at Newcastle University where he was Professor of Bioprocess Control. He is a chemical engineer with specialist knowledge is biosystems engineering and has considerable experience in working at the academic / industry interface both from a research and training perspective. He has been involved in research supervision and delivering training for the EPSRC Engineering Doctoral Centre in Biopharmaceutical Process Development at Newcastle University for the last five years. His research activities align well with the ethos of Quality by Design and these are being taken forward in collaboration with the CPI National Biologics Manufacturing Centre in Darlington. The Centre in Darlington, due to open in mid 2015, will house state of the art facilities in Bioprocess Development and offer collaborative R&D opportunities for the biopharmaceutical sector.

Fraser Durham Co-founder & Commercial Director Argand Solutions Fraser left his “bubble” in the City in 2004 and discovered climate change and sustainability whilst studying for his MSc. Since then he has found his passion in using objective data to help drive decisions in managing energy. When not suited and booted you will find him happily bombing around the countryside with his family – plus a little DJ’ing on the side!

Ifeyinwa Rita Kanu PhD study, Institute for Infrastructure and Environment BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering and an on-going PhD study with keen interest on efficient generation of renewable energy from waste.

Cronan McNamara Founder & CEO Crème Global Founder & CEO, Creme Global Founder & Director, Predict Conference Chair, Irish Software Association Cronan’s passion is in applying data and predictive models to solve problems and to help people to make better decisions. His vision is a world where everyone makes better decisions, based on real data and expert models.

Prior to founding Creme Global in 2005, Cronan worked in financial risk analysis and derivative option price modelling with Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Bank. Cronan then moved to Trinity College Dublin where he adapted the same mathematical methods to the food safety sector while developing the science and technology that underpins Creme Global. In 2015, Cronan founded the Predict Conference in Dublin, became Chair of the Irish Software Association and joined the Government’s Open Data Governance Board. Cronan has received the Trinity College Innovation Award (2010) in recognition for the success of Creme Global. Creme Global has been awarded the Deloitte Irish Technology Fast 50 award in every of the last six years (2010-2015) and the Deloitte Technology EMEA Fast 500 award twice (2011, 2012).

Mark Higgins Business Development Manager Fast Technologies Mark is a graduate Electrical and Electronic Engineer from the University of Manchester. and holds an MSc in Electronics and Software Systems. With over 20 years’ engineering experience in high volume manufacturing for several global companies across chemical, textile and semiconductor industries, Mark now leads the Manufacturing Software Solutions business unit at FAST Technologies, bringing Manufacturing Intelligence to client companies. A SixSigma practitioner, Lean Manufacturing Master and Kepner-Tregoe facilitator he understands the acute issues companies face on their journey to Business Excellence and how leveraging IT solutions will elevate the business to a new point on that journey.

Service Excellence in SAP® since 1991.

SAP® Implementations & Upgrades Process Automation & Control Inventory Management Warehouse Operations Streamline Procurement Technical Services SAP® Support Training

Aberdeen | Stavanger E T +44 (0)1224 707 088


MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Stand 21

Absoft is an SAP® specialist with over 25 years’ of combining business process expertise and SAP technical knowledge to deliver best practice solutions globally. We pride ourselves on the unrivalled knowledge of our consultants, bespoke product offering and process optimisation services to guarantee that we deliver the highest standards of quality, on time and within budget. We provide SAP ERP solutions for all stages of organisational development: implementations for organisations planning to invest in SAP and process optimisation solutions for existing users in the areas of: HR and payroll, finance, procurement, supply chain, logistics and maintenance. To support organisational growth, we offer M&A system migration strategies to ensure critical business data is integrated into newly acquired companies, with no operational downtime or delay to the business transaction. If you have mobilised your workforce, our premium apps and front-end intuitive user-interface enhances the users’ experience of SAP, supporting teams on the go. In addition to these services, our remote support, training and holistic Managed Service offering ensures your SAP system remains fully operational 24/7. Whether you are considering purchasing SAP, or would like to maximise the investment you’ve already made, talk to the SAP specialists via: or visit Stand ALTECH SOFTWARE LIMITED 35 WWW.VISIONFORFOOD.COM

Think you’ve seen paperless data capture before? Not like this you haven’t. With Vision For Food you really can remove paper from the entire food production environment. Using Tablets and Touchscreen technology in-process, Vision For Food is flexible, faster and more accurate than paper records. The data being collected is valuable, so the best bit is that you can use it to improve material yield, improve production accuracy and to significantly reduce waste.

business. It also includes rapid NPD formulations from integrated material and product specifications as well as collaborative supplier specs and finished product specification management.

• Increased profitability: through energy efficiency and access to new sources of income •  More secure energy supply: with improved site resilience and reduced dependency on the grid

•  Improved carbon footprint: through lower energy use and lower carbon generation


Astec Solutions has been delivering automation and production management software solutions into the Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods and Life Sciences sectors for over 15 years. As well as solving the immediate operational challenges which often drive project engagement, Astec strives to ensure installed solutions turn system data into valuable insight. This makes it possible for our clients to achieve real improvements in the effectiveness and profitability of their business. The Astec team is passionate about exceeding expectations, combining deep technical knowledge with extensive market experience to work with customers throughout their improvement journey. Stand BROUGHTON SOFTWARE 11 WWW.BROUGHTONSOFTWARE.COM

At Broughton Software we develop Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software enabling our clients to meet quality control regulatory (data integrity) compliance requirements and increase business efficiency. LabHQ LIMS helps manage, store and analyse quality control data easily and efficiently. But it does not stop there. By listening to our clients’ needs we continuously improve our products. By applying agile software development principles we are able to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and deliver solutions fast – something that is changing the LIMS industry. We are also committed to making deployment and use of LIMS straightforward and simple. Our team is a collection of scientific, programming and validated project management expertise with the ability to provide our clients with a complete software service. Come along to stand 11 to learn how we can help you.

Vision For Food links with and simply plugs the gaps in your existing ERP and decision support systems, illuminating the information “black hole” of production for all processes as they happen. With the recipe at the core and driven automatically by the plan, the competitive advantages and opportunities for bottom line improvement are tangible.

Centrica is an energy and services company. Everything we do is focussed on satisfying the changing needs of our customers. Under our British Gas brand, we supply more than 750,000 UK business sites with gas and electricity, ranging from the smallest SME businesses right up to large corporates. Working with our Distributed Energy team, we want to help you take control and turn your energy into an opportunity. CODESTONE GROUP WWW.CODESTONE.NET

Stand 27

Whether you are a food & beverage manufacturer, a wholesale and distributor, or a retailer, you face a set of challenges that are unique to your sector. Not only do you have tough regulatory requirements, but you also operate in an industry where time is often of the essence. You have a thin line between profit and loss if you fail to tightly control import costs, manufacturing and staff efficiency, pricing and wastage. In our experience SAP Business One is invaluable in your sector; it delivers visibility and control where you need it and drives process, stock, compliance and sales efficiency.

With Vision For Food, traceability becomes instantly available whilst QC, adherence to spec, compliance, labour efficiency and OEE can all be improved. Management gains the visibility it needs across operations so it can make a strong, positive difference to both customer service and costs.

Vision For Food is a unique, modular software for operational and technical control of any food production

To find out more about how we’re investing and how we can help you take control of your energy, visit: www.


You will benefit from:


A PARTNER THAT FOCUSES ON YOU A SAP VAR Gold Partner with SAP recognised expertise in SAP Business One, EdenOne is a trusted partner to organisations from a wide range of industries. Our implementations of SAP Business One span a variety of industries from food manufacturing and distribution to aerospace and defence. Service Service is important when choosing an SAP Business One partner. As the product is only part of the story. We are renowned for delivering services that match your requirements and beyond. Industry Focus We are focused on delivering and tailoring solutions to industries like yours. We know that you have challenges that sometimes a standard product cannot match. We deliver the solution that you need. Innovation To unlock SAP Business One’s true potential requires innovation. EdenOne prides itself on being innovative and agile, helping you to achieve your business goals. Custom Solutions You may be facing some unique challenges that aren’t industry related. We understand that sometimes you just need extra functionality to match staff or a set situation. We will work with you to deliver custom solutions, uniquely for you.

Documents make business processes flow

Recipes, Specifications, Certificates, Quality Management, Food Safety, Health & Safety, HACCP, Compliance, Packaging, Labels, Art work, Logistics, Invoices, Orders, Adverts……

 all require documents  all need effective

Document Management

Ether Solutions provide Document Management using Oracle software for implementation and integration with existing IT systems including the effective use of Oracle Cloud technologies. With 

Document Management

you can achieve:

Right Version  Right Document  Right Person  Right Time  Right Format Tel: 0845 643 4410 Email:


MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

Stand 20

Esker has helped organisations within the food and drink industry to eliminate paper and improve business processes to shorten order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles. Whether you are interested in gaining higher efficiency in sales order processing, invoicing, accounts payable or purchasing then take a look at how automating your document processes can help achieve this. Discover how Esker’s customers such as Enotria&Coe, a full-service wine and spirits company, managed to minimise data input errors, increase productivity and gain visibility of the entire order process. Before document automation it took 45 minutes to input a single multiple line customer order but this has now been reduced to under 1 minute allowing the whole process to be managed more efficiently.

This work led to the establishment of the ‘everysite’ brand in 2001. The everysite team provides internetbased I.T. services for farming, food and drinks businesses. The company’s employees are predominantly science and engineering graduates and researchers, complemented by experienced administrative and commercial staff. Our management team has decades of experience designing, developing and supporting our clients and improving the underlying technology that makes this possible. everysite’s market leading expertise is in systems innovation for certification and assurance services. Our CASI™ technology is a proven, robust and scalable solution that is used by major assurance schemes such as Red Tractor and LEAF Marque. Our latest software development is xure™ supply chain, a chain of custody platform that responds to industry needs to provide verification of assurance and mass balance throughout supply chains.


Ether Solutions are leading specialists for implementing document management solutions using Oracle technology. Every organisation handles documents, Ether Solutions assists the processing by providing document scanning, information recognition and extraction, management of documents, workflow for documents, access to documents through intranets, self Service portals and using cloud implementations. Recipes, Specifications, Certificates, Quality Management, Food Safety, Health & Safety, HACCP, Compliance, Packaging, Labels, Art work, Logistics, Invoices, Orders, Adverts... all require documents. So whether it is paper or electronic documents, they all need effect management to deliver business efficiency. With over 15 years in the document management business, Ether Solutions has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon to offer best practice approaches to both low-cost solutions and complex global implementations. By using Oracle software the security is the best in the industry, the solutions can be started small and grown to enterprise deployments. The quality of the Oracle products ensures that they can be interfaced with third party applications to meet the requirements of each specific customer. Ether Solutions appreciates that it is documents which enable companies to work with their customers, their suppliers, their partners and report to any regulator. EVERYSITE WWW.EVERYSITE.CO.UK

Stand 1

Founded in 1991, TLR has provided business and management consultancy services to government, academic and commercial organisations in the UK and internationally across a range of industrial sectors but highly focused on farming, food and drink and the environment.


Stand 4

FAST Technologies is a leading factory automation provider and manufacturing systems solutions integrator. We create, design and deliver custom hardware and software projects to a number of diverse global manufacturing companies including: Automated line design and build, integration of collaborative robotics, deployment of Business Intelligence strategies to deliver OEE improvements, control batch processing, electronic SOP, ERP integration, CAPA and many others. Our flexible software platform offers unparalleled connectivity to data sources and machines. Historian allows contextually rich data to be stored facilitating quick root cause analysis and fault detection. Workflow allows for processes to be automated and enables full traceability and compliance. FAST Technologies solutions are fully ISA-95 compliant and are focussed on Industy 4.0 – connecting manufacturers to their devices and business systems in a smart and actionable way. We have the engineering know-how, the design expertise and the partner platforms to deliver individual, highly customised, automated solutions for business across the Industrial, Life Sciences, Technology, Food & Beverage, and Chemical sectors.

which provide an unparalleled wealth of accurate service and secure data. These systems improve communication, visibility, response times and provide additional controls to manage, analyse and provide dedicated focused solutions, all linked to vigorous KPI matching. Alongside this our technology also provides efficiencies in carbon footprint management, empty running capacity along with reducing time wasted on the daily manual intervention of supply chain tasks. We lead by example and ensure all systems procedures are strongly monitored and we set ourselves high standards on the management of any key performance indicators. Our experience within the food and beverage supply chain & Logistics market provides our clients with tangible cost reduction benefits matched to identification and service improvement. Stand IDHAMMAR SYSTEMS LTD 6 WWW.IDHAMMARSYSTEMS.COM

Idhammar’s CMMS and OEE Systems are used in blue-chip companies, large and small, in a broad range of industrial sectors such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, packaging and utilities. Leading companies around the world are benefitting from our best-of-breed systems and know-how to achieve operational excellence through improved uptime, better productivity and reduced waste. Supporting quality compliance goals, through comprehensive reporting and analysis, to maximise plant efficiency. Idhammar’s CMMS and OEE Systems achieve full ROI within 6-12 months of implementation and identify year-on-year savings opportunities. At the Food & Drink IT Summit, the Idhammar Systems team will be showcasing the latest advances in our portfolio, which includes our recently launched World Class Manufacturing (WCM) software that provides manufacturing sites with a fast and efficient means of handling maintenance and engineering workloads. Idhammar WCM can be used as a standalone app or linked to Idhammar MMS, ERP, or other CMMS applications. It is designed for ease of use on tablets in WiFi enabled environments. Find Idhammar Systems at stand number 6 to discuss Lean Manufacturing or call +44 (0) 117 920 9400, email, or visit www. INVU WWW.INVU.NE

Stand 14



The Harrison C White Group has become the recognised name in the provision of Supply Chain Solutions, Control Tower Logistics, Consultancy and sustainable Value Added Services to the food and beverage market.

Founded in 1997, Invu develops Electronic Document Management (eDM), Accounts Payable (AP) and Purchasing solutions for a range of sectors, particularly those which are highly document dependent or where compliance is important. Invu’s comprehensive product suite encompasses document and content management, purchasing, workflow, document automation and collaboration solutions.

The groups in-house designed LINKS system provides - Tender Tool Portals, No Touch booking platform and our Book to pay automation modules

Invu is a Microsoft Gold Partner as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The company and products, therefore, meet the stringent requirements of the

Exhibitors Microsoft Partner Program introduced in 2010. Invu partners with a range of software vendors, such as, ABBYY, a data capture, recognition and extraction tool provider whose Flexicapture technology sits at the heart of many Invu solutions.

enjoyed by hundreds of manufacturing organisations who are using Lighthouse Systems MES software solutions. Shopfloor- OnlineTM is a web-based, modular software platform, enabling you to deploy a world-class MES solution at a pace that suits your organisation. LINEVIEW SOLUTIONS WWW.LINEVIEW.COM

Stand 34

We specialise in providing cutting edge systems and support to improve manufacturing efficiency, from single machine to full enterprise-wide performance data capture and visualisation. See us at the show to discuss how we can help you improve your plant efficiency. Do you accurately know how long each of your machines has stopped in fault today? • Do you want to know all your OEE losses in real time? •  Do you want to make downtime and speed loss instantly visible? •  Do you want to see the real reasons for machines not running? •  Do you want to get automated reports identifying your losses so that you can tackle them? When you install a system by LineView on your line you will: •  Always know your real losses on this shift •  Get the ultimate Andon System directing your teams to fix real machine issues •  Have a fully automated data collection tool – teams no longer waste time with manual collection •  Be able to access our reporting from anywhere in your factory Visit or call 01564793039 for more.


Nespresso Business Solutions is designed to meet the needs of businesses in more than 62 countries worldwide. From offices to food service providers, its dedicated professional machine range, premium coffee selection and unrivalled customer service, enables business owners and managers to make the perfect full-bodied espresso every time. In a business environment, Nespresso helps companies by offering the best quality coffee to employees, in a simple and easy to use way. The professional machines are specifically designed for high volume use and are adaptable to all space and venue configurations. The Nespresso Grand Cru range has been created for use with the professional machines and consists of 11 coffees categorised by cup size, level of intensity and distinct aromas. Each coffee has been sourced using a rigorous selection process and careful blending, roasting, and grinding methods to create exceptional Grand Cru coffees. Nespresso Business Solutions works in partnership with its customers to tailor its systems to suit customers’ coffee requirements, be it in the reception or waiting rooms or employee office spaces. Nespresso helps its partners demonstrate their commitment to quality at every level of their business as well as their consideration for employees, customers and business partners. NETEDI WWW.NETEDI.CO.UK


Lighthouse Systems is global provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES/MOM) software solutions to the Food and Beverage industry. In an ever more integrated supply-chain, manufacturers need to see in realtime what is happening on the shop floor. However more often than not, information on the shop floor is sparse, inaccurate, and available with much delay. With Shopfloor-OnlineTM, the MES software platform developed by Lighthouse Systems, all manufacturing data from production, quality, logistics and maintenance, is available in one place. We provide the missing link between sales orders and production to empower decision makers. The MES software gives you real-time visibility of the current state of the factory: which orders are nearing completion, quality, waste, trends and breakdowns… and are able to benchmark your production runs, shifts, lines and factories, worldwide. Efficiency, compliance, traceability, agility and continuous improvements are some of the benefits

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NetEDI provides a cloud-based fully integrated managed EDI service for clients in the UK, Europe and around the world. The award-winning company provides a best of breed solution, backed by an experienced service layer to ensure that you can meet your customer and supplier requirements for trading electronically. NetEDI works with traditional technologies and is a PEPPOL Access Point, providing full end-to-end translation and integration in one package for suppliers to the NHS. For all your electronic messaging requirements NetEDI has a solution for you. NICELABEL WWW.NICELABEL.COM

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NiceLabel is a leading developer of label and marking productivity software solutions for SME and large enterprises. Its solutions help companies

reduce complexity and mitigate risk while meeting compliance requirements and increasing productivity, quality and agility. NiceLabel’s design, print and management solutions are modular, easily configurable and scalable so they enable best practice labeling processes to be implemented quickly. This provides significant ROI over the lifetime of their use. NiceLabel is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Gold Partner and SAP partner. As the world’s leading developer of Microsoft Windows drivers for thermal and direct marking printer technologies, NiceLabel software is shipped by the world’s largest printer manufacturers and used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies. Through its headquarters in the EU (Slovenia) and global offices in Germany, USA, Singapore and China, NiceLabel serves and supports its clients around the world with technology at the forefront of market demand. Visit enterprise to learn more. Stand OEE SYSTEMS 5 WWW.OEESYSTEMS.COM

OEEsystems International provide powerful, intuitive manufacturing performance management software solutions to the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies. We help them to increase output, reduce costs, improve competitiveness, make informed decisions and deliver business performance excellence. PerformOEE™ is our advanced, automated, realtime manufacturing data collection software solution providing superior insight and visibility into your processes on any device. It has the ability to accurately identify, and quantify performance losses and provides a continuous stream of improvement opportunities for you to focus on and fix. It can be used in Discrete, Continuous and Batch/API environments. OEEsystems International are OEE & OEE Software experts and have an impressive global customer portfolio including Allergan, GE Healthcare, CooperVision, Solvay, Muller Dairies, Finsbury Foods, C & C, Keelings, Emerson, Schneider Electric & Henkel. We are Manufacturing Experts who take an Operational Excellence (OPEX) approach to OEE rather than a Top Line or Technical approach. Our customers are achieving impressive results including, 30% increase in output, 25% reduction in unplanned downtime, 20% increase in line speeds and15% reduction in scrap and waste. Our Return on Investment is proven and quick which means your investment will pay for itself within 6 months or less. Contact Details: Contact Angela Drum, Business Development Manager for your first, exploratory, OEE Software conversation and to organise a PerformOEE ™ Software Demonstration. A: OEEsystems International, Head Office, Gurtnafleur Business Park, Clonmel Co Tipperary, Ireland E: T: +353 52 6170386.


MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM Birmingham July 5th 2016

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As the UK’s largest dedicated Qlik Consultancy, Ometis provide intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to help all companies make better sense of their data. As expert Qlik consultants, we deliver easy-to-use, visual BI and analytic dashboards that enable valuable insights into your data in seconds. Founded in 2011 by Ross Greig following a successful career in Technology and BI, Ometis derives its name from the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Craft and Skill. Our expert team encompass these values, with extensive experience in all aspects of the Qlik Platform. At Ometis, we offer full end-to-end BI solutions, providing all the support and expertise you need for a successful implementation. We ensure that you receive the service you require to get the most out of your Qlik solution, from consultancy and development to training and support. Don’t just take our word for it; our testimonials and customer stories speak volumes for our ability to deliver first-class BI solutions and services, enterprise-wide. If you would like to find out more about Ometis, please visit our website www.ometis. Alternatively, please get in touch via email at or call us on +44 (0)330 363 9900.



The PPMA is the UK’s trade association for suppliers of processingand packaging machinery to the UK market and represents over 400 member and associate companies. Its principle objective is to promote sales of machinery, both at home and abroad, through various projects and services of mutual benefit to both members and their customers by providing free technical and machinery information and advice. The choice of packaging machinery for primary & secondary packaging can depend on various situations.These can include available budget, payback period, integration, associated running costs, machine technology and available floor space. Processing and packaging machinery can be bespoke to the industry sector it services. Further information regarding these sectors can be found in our machinery articles. PRODUCTVISION LTD WWW.ASDSOFTWARE.COM


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Perceptive Engineering was formed in 2003 and comprises a team of specialist software application engineers. Our focus is on improving the efficiency of industrial manufacturing processes and wastewater treatment plants. Our goal is to help our clients enhance quality, reduce energy consumption, and lower their carbon emissions. We do this by implementing some of the most advanced, predictive control methodologies available today. Our key markets are either highly energy intensive or involved in high-value manufacturing: pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, nutritional ingredient production. We engage with global and blue-chip organisations such as Pfizer, Abbott, SCA, Kimberly Clarke, Thames Water. Our scope of operations extends across Europe to North America, Canada and Australasia. We maintain very close contacts with academia; one of our roles is to transform cutting-edge theory into robust industrial practice. Our most recent projects involve close collaboration between leading companies like Glaxo Smith Kline and key research institutions like the universities of Manchester, Strathclyde and Newcastle. Across all sectors, people turn to Perceptive’s solutions for the same reasons: to improve final quality, reduce waste, reduce cost of production or treatment, and get more from existing assets without the need for capital expenditure.

ProductVision software is the global choice to solve the problems of managing formulation, recipes and new product development, allowing you to keep ahead of the game. ProductVision is a modular and fully integrated system that automates and streamlines your product development process, ensuring that your products meet both the technical and regulatory demands in a competitive, global marketplace.

Sapphire Systems is an established global provider of enterprise software solutions for the food and beverage industry. As the number one Gold Partner for SAP Business One, we provide world-leading ERP and Business Intelligence solutions across a wide range of food companies, from fast growing domestic food manufacturers to global food brands. SELERANT WWW.SELERANT.COM

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Founded in 1990, Selerant Corporation is a leading global provider of processed-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software and consulting services within three core manufacturing segments: Food & Beverages, Personal Care/Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemicals. Our DevEX enterprise PLM software solution addresses new product development and compliance needs of leading manufacturers. With primary operating regions in New York, NY, Milan, Italy, and Shanghai, China, and offices around the world, Selerant has a large global presence to meet the needs of our customers. The DevEX PLM solution optimizes business processes and leverages an organization’s knowledge—leading to a significant competitive advantage for new product development and product management. Selerant Corporation also provides business process analysis, system design, technical expertise, implementation, training and support services through our world-class professional services organization.

ProductVision is extremely flexible with an array of modules and configuration options, allowing you to tailor the system specifically to your company’s requirements, this is a key factor in the success of ProductVision as the preferred product development system in Food & Drink Sector.

For more information, or to book a demonstration call: +44 (0)208 1233 054 or email:

Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 170 years. The company is active in more than 200 countries, focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is No. 1 in offshore wind turbine construction, a leading supplier of gas and steam turbines for power generation, a major provider of power transmission solutions and a pioneer in infrastructure solutions as well as automation, drive and software solutions for industry. Stand 29 REFLEX PLANNING FORECASTINGSOFTWARE.CO.UK

Reflex develops supply chain planning software that addresses the real challenges of running a business in today’s markets. Within the food sector we support brands as familiar as Krispy Kreme, Bakkavor, Tangerine, Charlie Bighams, All About Food and Burts Crisps. We’re integral to the success of manufacturers, distributors and retailers in other sectors too, covering companies ranging from Toyota to Carnival cruises.


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In the UK, Siemens provides innovative solutions to help tackle the UK’s major challenges and has a significant presence, with 13 manufacturing sites and more than 25 major offices. Today the company employs over 13,760 people in the UK, including about 5,000 in the manufacturing sector. Siemens businesses are bundled into nine divisions, with healthcare as a separately managed business.

Exhibitors Siemens PLM Software

foodservice and manufacturing markets.

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) software, systems and services with over 15 million licensed seats and more than 140,000 customers worldwide.

Siemens MOM Portfolio The Siemens Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software portfolio enables you to implement your strategy for the complete digitalization of manufacturing operations. Working together to optimize production processes within the Digital Enterprise, Manufacturing Operations Management software products focus on steadily improving production efficiency, flexibility and time to market, including solutions that address: Manufacturing Execution Systems, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Quality Execution, Manufacturing Intelligence and SCADA, as well as R&D management for Process industries. SIMATIC IT Preactor APS SIMATIC IT Preactor is a family of production planning and scheduling software products that improve the synchronization of your manufacturing processes, giving you greater visibility and control to increase utilisation and on-time delivery, while reducing inventory levels and waste. Key benefits achieved with SIMATIC IT Preactor: • • • • •

Better forward visibility of production Improved utilization and efficiency Reduction of inventory and WIP Easier impact analysis and change management Better customer service Stand SIGNUM SOLUTIONS 24 WWW.SIGNUM-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK

Here at Signum we like to think we’re just that little bit different from other SAP partners, mainly for a couple of reasons; Firstly, we specialise exclusively in SAP Business One for SMEs. We do this because we believe it is the best business solution for small and midsize companies like yours, and it’s the only solution we have ever offered. So, consequently, all our resources are dedicated to this one solution, with the goal of ensuring you get maximum benefit from your investment in our partnership. Secondly, we believe that being focused just on one solution, SAP Business One, still isn’t enough – we need to make the most of our years of experience in implementing and supporting customers and have identified key industry sectors where we offer a unique and proven, successful solution, alongside our extensive experience in those sectors. So, as a result, we have established our credibility and position as a leading SAP partner and focus 100% of our resources on supplying, implementing and supporting SAP Business One solutions for businesses in the food & beverage, chemicals & coatings, wholesale,

Qlik®: A leader in the market of Data Discovery and the perfect products for managing the performance of your business using business intelligence.


Novacura Flow®: Flow® connects your people to your business systems. It is an innovative platform that acts as a layer on top of your existing business systems or as a tool where you create your own applications.

•  We are an independent, enterprise mobility management company •  We have in-depth knowledge of wireless and mobile computing technologies •  Our client base includes many leading organisations in a wide array of industry, commerce and government sectors

NiceLabel: NiceLabel is the world’s leading developer of barcode and RFID labelling solutions for SME and Enterprise.

Pop by stand 26 to realise the possible… e: t: +44 845 388 3936


Established in 1844, Stevens Group Ltd is one of the oldest and most experienced weighing machine manufacturers and is still pioneering the industry today. Specialists in IT based weighing systems, we provide shop floor traceability and process control to over 2,500 companies globally. In addition to providing our standard software and hardware packages, Stevens also provide in-house custom software and hardware development services. Stevens software allows setup and control of key daily production and stock control requirements. Core modules include Sales Order & Purchase Order Picking, Recipe Formulation, Production Planning & Scheduling, Finished Product Creation & Label Setup, SPC (Checkweighing & Metal Detection), Quality Assurance & Operator Privileges.


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WinMan was the first genuine native Windows ERP product and is a comprehensive solution designed and engineered to be intrinsically adaptable and flexible. It strongly complements modern best business practices and is the class leader in support of Lean techniques. Developed and supported in the UK, WinMan is a new generation fully integrated ERP system for the management of manufacturing processes requiring the support of good manufacturing and distribution processes.

Terminals are supplied with software applications which run on Windows or Linux as a background operating system.

A growing number of Food and Drink companies are turning to WinMan ERP solutions to support their GMP and GDP processes. WinMan will manage inventory, production, quality and all commercial aspects of a Food and Drink company and deliver both efficiency and financial savings whilst at the same time improving quality management. Offering both paper based and Electronic Batch Records, and with powerful recipe management, WinMan ensures that production is carried in a controlled and consistent manner.


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Join us at stand 26


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Vanilla Solutions go the extra mile for all of our customers. We offer exceptional value, turning expenditure on ERP and business applications into an investment with a measurable return. As well as our consultancy offering, we have selected what we believe to be the best ancillary products for our customers

Xetec is a software technology company offering FlexMaint™ Preventive Maintenance CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Software), and CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software, with associated training, implementation and support services. We also offer FlexDayta™ (Industrial Internet of Things capability (IIOT)) which further compliments the existing FlexMaint™ CMMS Maintenance Management Software. The combination provides control, monitoring and evaluation capability of data from all types of equipment and sensors. The solutions is highly versatile due to flexible I/O’s and multiprotocol capability, therefore dramatically reducing engineering and infrastructure costs. There are offices in Birmingham, United Kingdom, in New York, U.S.A. and in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland, with training facilities available in all locations.

Our Products

Vanilla Solutions are an ISO9001-certified ERP software specialist with a passion for simplicity. Spanning across the entire ERP marketplace our products and services have relevance across most ERP systems, we are the leading independent provider of IFS Applications-related services in Europe. Simplicity, Quality and Customer Focus

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