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Construction Summit 2016 Sustaining the Momentum

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Sustaining the Momentum Connecting Key Stakeholders Responsible for Delivering a Sustainable Construction Industry in Ireland #Rebuild16 ‎@ConstructSummit

Summit 2016


Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

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Dear Delegate,

Key Event Topics

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending the National Construction Summit. The purpose of the National Constriction Summit is simple – to bring together over 2000 construction companies, developers, policy makers, project owners, building owners, government and municipal bodies, lenders & private investment firms, architectural and design firms, planners, facility managers, property managers, large industrial companies technology companies, legal & tax professionals, equipment and machinery providers, building material providers, professional advisors, energy and environment professionals – in order to stimulate debate, enrich knowledge and connect stakeholder’s involved in the finance , design, construction and management of Irelands buildings, infrastructure and industrial projects.

• Urban Planning • Energy Efficiency • Regulations & Policy • Sustainable Construction • Identifying Projects & How to Win Them • Where to Invest in Ireland • Sustainable Energy Projects • Municipal and Government Projects • Infrastructure Projects • Commercial Market Outlook • Meeting Irelands Housing Needs • Technology • Raising Capital • Tax and Legal Issues • And Much More...

The main stage features key note addresses from some of Ireland’s leading organisations who have first-hand experience in dealing with the restructuring of our sector. In addition, themed workshops offer delegates opportunities to network and discuss technical areas of interest. I hope you have an enjoyable and thought provoking experience at the RDS and that you leave with an increased knowledge of the key issues facing the sector and some new contacts to help you further your goals. I would like to thank all of the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and supporting associations. Without this support we would not have been able to stage such an event.

Regards Colin Murphy Managing Director National Construction Summit


Construction Summit 2016 Sustaining the Momentum

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Main Stage Main Stage Agenda Times



9.15 - 9.25

Chairman – Tom Parlon – Director General, CIF & Tom Moloney – Managing Director, CIS

Opening Remarks

9.25 - 9.45

Damien English – Minister of State for Housing and Urban Renewal

Opening Address

Mary Buckley – IDA Foreign Direct Investment

Inward Investment Opportunities

Phelim Devine – Design Director, National Paediatric Hospital

€750m New Childrens Hospital Project

9.45 - 10.05 10.05 - 10.25

Coffee Break & Networking

10.25 - 10.55 10.55 - 11.15

Tom Moloney – MD of Construction Information Services

Irish Construction Activity Trends

11.15 - 11.35

Brian Bolger MRIAI – Architect and Eva Bridgeman MIPI, Planner.

Inception to Completion: The Challenges of the Development Process

11.35 - 11.55

Michael Dall – Lead Economist - Construction at Barbour ABI, UBM

UK Construction Opportunities

11.55 - 12.15

Fiona Cormican – Business Director, Cluid Housing

Expediting Social Housing Delivery

Lunch & Networking

12.15 -1.15 Times



Chairman – Paul Cunningham,RTE 1.15 - 1.35

John O Hara – Dublin City Planning Officer, Dublin City Council

Planning Dublin City

1.35 - 1.55

Micheál Mahon – Chairman, Professional Group, Society of Quantity Surveyors

The Real Cost of New House Delivery

1.55 - 2.15

Pat Barry – Chief Executive, Irish Green Building Council

The Home Performance Index - Ireland’s First National Voluntary Certification System for Quality and Sustainable Residential Development.

2.15 - 2.35

Robin Mandal – Former President, RIAI

RIAI Housing Policy – Solutions to the Housing Crisis Coffee Break & Networking

2.35 - 3.05 3.05 - 3.25

Garry Connolly – CEO, Host in Ireland

Data Hosting in Ireland, 60 Years of Overnights, to Become an Overnight Success

3.25 - 3.45

John O Connor – Chief Executive, The Housing Agency

The Future of Housing

3.45 - 4.05

Tom Phillips – Managing Director of Tom Phillips & Associates and Chairman of Property Industry Ireland

Why Can’t Planning in Ireland be Like a Tin of Ronseal?

4.05 - 4.15

Chairman – Paul Cunningham, RTE

Closing Remarks

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Seminar 1

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Sustainability Times



Rosemarie MacSweeney – Researcher, University College Cork

Collaborative & Participatory Design for Sustainability

Jacqueline Gibson – Senior Sustainability Consultant, SDS Energy Group

Energy Efficient Building Solutions: 3 Simple Steps, Bottom line Savings

10.00 - 10.15

Professor Tom Woolley – Architect and environmental researcher living

Are energy efficient buildings healthy buildings?

10.15 - 10.30

John Walsh – Smart Energy Services, ESB

Unlocking the potential of renewable energy technologies in your commercial building project

9.30 - 9.45 9.45 - 10.00

Coffee Break & Networking

10.30 - 11.00 11.00 - 11.15

Mark Keyes – Industry Training Coordinator, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

Building Skills, Building Quality – The QualiBuild Challenge

11.15 - 11.30

Alan Lowe – Product Development Manager, Roadstone Ltd.

Roadstone Cost Effective Solution to Part L of the Building Regulations

11.30 - 11.45

Barry McDonald – Registered Building Surveyor & Assigned Certifier, ORS

The Assigned Certifiers role in closing the ‘Performance Gap’ in the NZEB era

11.45 - 12.00

Dr Vincent Carragher – Community Facilitation & Sustainable Energy Transition Expert

Driving Sustainable Energy Projects (at the community scale)

12.00 - 12.15

Rodger Greene – BSc (Hons) MSc CMVP MEI, Chartered Energy Manager

Mean, Lean and Green – The future of Construction

Lunch & Networking

12.15 -1.15 1.15 - 1.30

Patrick Larkin – Managing Director Ballinlaw Domestic Systems Limited

Renewable and Green Energy

1.30 - 1.45

Justin Brown – Director and Co-Founder, Power Capital Renewable Energy

The future of Solar in Ireland

1.45 - 2.00

Colm Murray – Estates & Support Services Manager, RCSI

Commissioning for LEED

2.00 - 2.15

Kevin Maughan – CEO, UrbanVolt

Making Sustainable Easy

2.15 - 2.30

Nicholas Bond – Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authority (WERLA) – Southern Region

C&D Waste – Your Obligations

Coffee Break & Networking

2.30 - 3.00 3.00 - 3.15

Teresa Bolger – Senior Archaeologist and Project Manager, Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd.

Archaeology & Construction: Avoiding the Pitfalls

3.15 - 3.30

Hugh Whiriskey – Director, Partel UK & IRL

Indoor air quality in Ireland and Ventilation Solutions from LUNOS

3.30 - 3.45

Chris Langley – Manager, Bioquell’s Room BioDecontamination Service

Decontamination and the Construction Industry

3.45 - 4.00

Emmet English – Director of Resonate Acoustics

Acoustics and Sustainable Design’ be of interest?

4.00 - 4.15

Andrea Carroll – South Dublin Chambers

Sustainable Business, and how Chambers can support that

4.15 - 4.30

Quentin Gargan – Owner, Construction PV

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar 2 Legal, Tax, Policy and Standards Times



David Nolan – Senior Councel, CEDR Accredited Mediator Robin Byrne – Certification & Inspection Officer, 9.30 - 9.45 NSAI Dominic O’Shaughnessy & Jessica Hayes – Tax 9.45 - 10.15 consultants, William Fry Tax / Taxand Ireland 9.15 - 9.30

10.15 - 10.30 Kate Egan – Law Library

Coffee Break & Networking

10.30 - 11.00 11.00 - 11.30 Clare Cashin – Partner, Philip Lee

11.30 - 11.45 Patrick Bamming – German-Irish Chamber Arran Dowling Hussey – Barrister & Editor 11.45 - 12.00 Construction, Engineering & Energy Law Journal, The Bar of Ireland Caroline Geoghegan – Managing Director, CG 12.00 - 12.15 Business Consulting

Adjudication pursuant to the Construction Contracts Act 2013 Tax compliance issue for non -resident subcontractors in Ireland Adjudication: only game in town ? ISO standards - State of the art for the construction industry

Lunch & Networking

12.15 -1.15 1.15 - 1.30

Mediation Of Construction Disputes - The Benefit Of Settling Quickly S.R. 54 and Retrofit Standards for External and Cavity Wall Insulation Your entitlement to claim capital allowances in reducing your tax bill Procurement Law: Challenges to Unsuccessful Tenders

Sherry Perreault – Head of Lobbying Regulation, Standards in Public Office Commission

1.30 - 1.45 Brendan Guildea – Law Library Barry O’Halloran – Registered Chartered 1.45 - 2.00 Building Surveyor, Managing Director, Logical Real Estate Consulting Enda Newton – Corporate Partner - Amoss 2.00 - 2.15 Solicitors James Bridgeman – FCIArb, Barrister at Law, 2.15 - 2.30 Chartered Arbitrator, Certified Mediator 2.35 - 3.05

Lobbying about Zoning and Development? What you need to know about Regulation of Lobbying Penalty clauses, warranties and the arbitration process Understanding your commercial lease agreement in Ireland - A Tenants perspective Directors’ Duties under the Companies Act 2014 Statutory Adjudication of Construction Payment Disputes

Coffee Break & Networking

3.05 - 3.20 Seanna Mulrean – LK Shields

New broadband rules for the Construction industry

3.20 - 3.35 Joe Behan – Behan Dispute Resolution

The Changing Face of Dispute Resolution in Construction’

3.35 - 3.50 Caroline Fanning – Fanning Solicitors


All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Seminar 3

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Planning, Surveying, Architecture and Design Times



9.10 - 9.25

Joe Deeks – Murphy Surveyors

UAV & BIM: Enhancing Effectiveness

9.25 - 9.40

Gary Nixon – IESVE

BIM4Analysis - Using BIM to Close the Performance Gap

9. 40 - 9.55

Brian Dempsey – MCIAT from Waterford


9.55 - 10.10

Stephen Chivers – Managing Director, Blue Clarity Design Services Ltd

BIM – Underground and Up!

10.10 - 10.25

Eoin O'Herlihy – Managing Director, O’Herlihy Access Consultancy

The implications of the Building Control Amendment Regulations 2014 on Accessibility and Universal Design

Coffee Break & Networking 10.55 - 11.15

Neil Murphy & Eibhlin O Connor – Senior Built Environment Advisor, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design & Senior Architect, Clúid Housing

Home Design in Ireland from a Universal Design Approach

Data/ IT/ Information modelling/ Smart Buildings & Cities Times


Topic ‘Construction Information management from Design & Construction to Handover & Operations Project Coordination and Clash Management for All Project teams

11.15 - 11.30

George Harold – CEO, Integrated Facilities Solutions

11.30 - 11.45

David Purdon – Senior Autodesk Applications Specialist, Diatec

11.45 - 12.00

Johanna Wallwork – Senior Project Manager, Turner & Townsend

BIM setup, key to successful delivery

12.00 - 12.15

Bobby Gallagher – MD, DFM Systems

Digital Document Delivery for Construction

12.15 - 12.30

Greg Starr – Technical Delivery Manager, 4site

Small Cells make Smart Cities! Lunch & Networking

12.30 - 1.15 1.15 - 1.30 1.30 - 1.45 1.45 - 2.00

Ken Stowe – Worldwide Construction Business Development, Autodesk Ronan Keane – Analyst, Programmer, Technical Lead, Founder, RK Software Andrew Jennings – BIM Project Manager & Training Coordinator, Arcdox

BIM for Contractors - This is what company leaders need to know! Requirements and designs in software projects - a minimal approach to getting it right. TBC

2.00 - 2.15

Edel Hartog – McCann FitzGerald

New broadband-related rules for the construction industry in 2016

2.15 - 2.30

Jim Sheehan – Director, Surecom Network Solutions

Mobile and Wifi In building coverage solutions

Coffee Break & Networking

2.35 - 3.05 3.05 - 3.20

Healy Hynes –

How new technology can improve the sales of new homes.

3.20 - 3.35

Rachel Murphy – Sales Manager, NP Liquid Glass Systems Ltd

Using Nanotechnology in the Construction Sector

3.35 - 3.50

Justin van der Spuy – Managing Director of Saros Consulting

The Importance of IT Planning

3.50 - 4.05

Colm Daly – CEO of Homesecure

The SMART and Protected Home

4.05 - 4.20

John Kerrigan – Leica-Geosystems

Leica Geosystems - Creating Digital Realities

4.20 - 4.35

Gerry Power – Sysco Software Solutions

Mobile computing and how it assists construction projects.

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar 4 Finance & Investment Times



9.10 - 9.25

John Hogan – Lemann Solicitors

Joint Ventures and Forward Funding – New ways to get out of the ground

9. 25 - 9.40

Aidan Brady BA, CIP – Senior Vice President, Head of Sales, Dublin

Construction Bonds- ‘Offering additional capacity in an recovering market’

9.40 - 9.55

William Hynes – Managing Director, Future Analytics Consulting Ltd

Enabling Effective Investment through Evidence-Based Decision Making”

Alagie Faye – Vice President-Private Equity & Real Estate Specialist Fund Service Manager

Private Equity & Real Estate Investment

Arthur Spring – Managing Director, Company Crossflow Payments {FinTech}

Main Contractors Improving Financial Relations & Returns with Sub-Contractors.

9.55 - 10.10 10.10 - 10.25

Coffee Break & Networking

10.25 - 10.55 10.55 - 11.10

Paula Thornton – Pension Consultant, CPAS

Are your Pension Savings Adequate?

11.10 - 11.25


Customer Loyalty within the Construction Industry

Skills, Careers, Training and Academic Collaboration Times



11.25 - 11.40

John O Boyle – Director, Belbin Ireland

Innovation and Adaptability through teams

11.40 - 11.55

Andrew Woods – Partner, Belbin Ireland

Belbin and its impact on Team Effectiveness

11.55 - 12.10

Padraig McKenna – Managing Director, VFECTO

How to sustain growth with a shortage of skills in the construction sector

Lunch & Networking

12.15 -1.15 1.15 - 1.30

Damien Treanor – Director, Errigal Contracts Ltd

The Future of Training in the Industry

1.30 - 1.45

Antoinette Rourke – Programme Director & Lecturer, Department of the Built Environment

Skills Shortage in the Construction Sector – Bridging the Gap

1.45 - 2.00

Dr. Niall Holmes – Assistant Head of School, Dublin Institute of Technology

Construction industry support within the Dublin Institute of Technology

2.00 - 2.15

Stuart Nelson – Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Business Process Analyst, Executive Coach

Say, Stay or Strive; the leaders role in team engagement, productivity and outcomes.

2.15 - 2.30

Mark Travers – Dundalk Institute of Technology

DKIT- Engineering Entrepreneurship Honours

2.30 - 2.45

John Kelly – Centre Manager, Mt. Lucas

Current & Future Construction Training Provision @ The National Construction Training Centre

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Seminar 5

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Facility, Property and Project Management / Maintenance Times



9.15 - 9.30

JP Hilliard – Associate Director, Lafferty

Successful Projects – A Project Managers perspective’

9.30 - 9.45

Neasa Kane-Fine – Director - RPS

Project Communications: Enhancing Construction Projects

Brian Cassidy – Senior Executive Engineer, Cork City Council

Opportunities in the housing maintenance and renovation sector.

10.00 - 10.15

Greg Power – Head of Capital Projects & Planning, Trinity College

Running Large Public Sector Projects and Programmes – Tool, Techniques, and Damage Limitation

10.15 - 10.30

Bobby Gallagher – MD, DFM Systems

Digital Project Handover from an FM perspective

9.45 - 10.00

Coffe Break & Networking

10.30 - 11.00

Building Materials, Tech and Innovation Times



11.00 - 11.15

James Corbett – Managing Director, Simvirtua

Virtual & Augmented Reality - see before you build

11.15 - 11.30

Dr. Amir Tabakovic – Marie Curie Research Fellow, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Self-Healing Asphalt for Road Pavements (SHARP).

11.30 - 11.45

Eimear O'Carroll – CTO, Restored Hearing

Smart Acoustic Materials in Tomorrow's Buildings

11.45 - 12.00

Paul Byrne – Sales Director, Tech Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning – Practical Design and Controls for the Modern Office

12.00 - 12.15

Michael Carroll – Technical Sales-Flooring & Refurb, Sika Ireland Limited

Decorative Resin Flooring

Lunch & Networking 1.15 - 1.30

Greg Jackson – Jackson Groarke

Cross Laminated Timber

1.30 - 1.45

Joe Kennedy – Smith and Kennedy Architects

Unsustainable Complexity in Building Regulations

1.45 - 2.00

Niall Looney – Client Director, 4site

BIM: Bringing Intelligence to Design

Health and Safety Times



2.00 - 2.15

Julie Currid – Co-founder and COO, Initiafy

Sub-Contractor Safety Inductions - Creating Engaging Content and Delivery Mechanisms

2.15 - 2.30

Brian Molloy – Inspector Health and Safety Authority for Construction

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Seminar 6 Market and Business Intelligence Times



9.40 - 9.55 Kieran Rose – Planner Solutions to the Housing Crisis Enda Mc Guane MBS, MSCSI, MRICS – Managing Student Accommodation - Design and Operating 9.55 - 10.10 Director, Winters Property for Maximum Return 10.10 - 10.25 Wayne Dignam – Tender Team Coffee Break & Networking 10.25 - 10.55 Shane McQuillan & Vincent Keenan – Partner, 10.55 - 11.20 Crowe Horwath & CEO, North and East Housing Association Roger Hobkinson – Director Destination 11.20 - 11.35 Consulting, Colliers International

Ireland’s housing crisis – some practical perspectives from the voluntary housing sector Supersizing Ireland

AECOM Annual Review of the Irish Construction Industry 2016 11.50 - 12.05 Claire Solon – Head of Property, Friends First Overview of Commercial Property Market 12.05 - 12.20 Janine Lewis – CEO/Founder, Investsure Property Development Funding - A Very Real Solution Lunch & Networking 12.20 - 1.15 The benefits of Interior Fit-Out Specialists and the 1.15 - 1.30 Stephen Blakely – Stephen Blakely Design effects on property Value 1.30 - 1.45 Kevin Rudden – CEO GARLAND BCAR – Success or Failure? How construction companies save time and money 1.45 - 2.00 Michael Steele – on business travel 2.00 - 2.15 Andrew Bradley – Bradley Brand Grow your margin by building your brand Rebuilding the Construction sector- The role of the 2.15 - 2.30 Brian Nolan – TEEU Trade Union Coffee Break & Networking 2.35 - 3.05 11.35 - 11.50 Tomás Kelly – Director, AECOM

3.05 - 3.20 Emily Reen – eTravel Mark Lindslay – Senior Business Development 3.20 - 3.35 Manager, Linked Finance Pat Nestor – Senior Building Surveyor (Acting), 3.35 - 3.50 Dublin City Council 3.50 - 4.05 Stephanie Keogh – iGeotec 4.05 -4.20 Tanya White – Local Enterprise Office - Mayo 4.20 - 4.35 Barry McAuley – Construction it Alliance

A Smarter Business Travel Partnership Alternative Finance for Businesses Building Control in Dublin City Council Smart Data Capture and Management for the Construction Sector  Local Authorities supporting the construction sector - a case study from Mayo County Council BIM Innovation Capability Programme

All presentations/timetables are subject to change. Please check with onsite event timetable on the day.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Speakers DAMIEN ENGLISH T.D. Minister for Housing and Urban Renewal

Damien English TD was appointed Minister of State for Housing and Urban Renewal in May 2016. He is a member of the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party representing the constituency of Meath West. Damien first stood for election in 1999 and was elected to Meath County Council for the Navan electoral area. In the 2002 general election, Damien was elected to the 29th Dáil as TD for the Meath constituency. At 24 years of age he was the youngest TD in the 29th Dáil. Damien was elected secretary to the Fine Gael parliamentary party in 2002 and became the party deputy spokesperson on Arts, Sports and Tourism. In October 2004 he was appointed deputy spokesperson on Justice and Community Affairs with special responsibility for Drugs, Alcohol and Crime Prevention. From 2002-2007, Damien was a member of the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly. Following the General Election in 2007, Damien served as Fine Gael’s deputy spokesperson on Enterprise with special responsibility for Small Business and Labour Affairs from 2007 to 2010. From 2010 to 2011 he was party deputy spokesperson on Finance with special responsibility for Banking and Credit. In the current Dáil term Damien most recently held the position of Chairman of the Oireachtas Joint Committee for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation. Previously he was Chairman of the Oireachtas Joint Committee for Jobs, Social Protection & Education. Damien has a Diploma in Management Accounting through the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) following his studies at Dublin Institute of Technology & Dublin Business School. Damien attended secondary school at St. Ciaran’s Community School, Kells and primary school at Bohermeen N.S. MARY BUCKLEY Executive Director IDA Ireland

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Development and Property strategies. In this role she was also Head of Human Resources and Organisation Development and oversaw the Finance and Corporate Governance functions of the organisation. From 2006 to 2010 Mary was Director of IDA Ireland’s North American operations, leading the team in winning investments across all business sectors. Prior to her relocation to New York, Mary was Director of the South Region based in Cork. Mary is based in IDA Ireland’s Head Office in Wilton Place, Dublin 2. Tom Moloney Managing Director Construction Information Services

Tom Moloney is the Managing Director of Construction Information Services. The company has been the lead provider of project information for Ireland for over 43 years. Since acquiring the company in 2002, Tom has taken the company from the traditional medium of the printed CIS Report to the provision of a real-time online information system, which is continuously enhanced using the latest available technology. Prior to acquiring CIS, Tom was the Group Financial Director of the Corporate Image Group, the parent company of CIS. He commenced his career with the Smurfit Group and gained valuable experience working for a number of companies within the organisation, including Smurfit Irish Papers Sacks and Smurfit Corrugated Cases. He was also involved in the establishment of the exclusive Smurfit Riverview Sports and Leisure Club. Sherry Perreault Head of Lobbying Regulation, Standards in Public Office Commission

Sherry Perreault was appointed Ireland’s first Head of Lobbying Regulation with the Standards in Public Office Commission, effective May 25, 2015.

Mary is a member of the Executive Leadership Team at IDA Ireland – the state agency with responsibility for attracting foreign investment into Ireland. Mary has held senior leadership positions in the organisation over the past 11 years, operating in Ireland and in North America.

Prior to taking up her post, Ms. Perreault was a senior director with Canada’s Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner. She joined the office in 2009, and served as Director of Policy, Research and Communications from 2011 until 2015. She has significant public sector experience, specialising in policy development and analysis, communications and Parliamentary relations.

In October 2015, Mary was appointed Executive Director with responsibility for the implementation of IDA Ireland’s Corporate Strategy, Winning FDI 2015 – 2019. Prior to that, she was Divisional Manager covering Regional Development, Property and Corporate Operations overseeing the implementation of IDA Ireland’s Regional

Highlights of her previous experience include serving as Executive Advisor to the Commissioner within the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, as well as posts at the Department of Canadian Heritage, Industry Canada, the Privy Council Office and Transport Canada.

She began her career in the private sector, working in client relations and marketing, prior to joining the Canadian federal public service in 1999. Ms. Perreault holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from the University of Manitoba, both in political science. Kieran Rose Planner

Kieran is a Member of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, co-chair of GLEN. Kieran initiated the vacant land levy, he suggested to Oisin Quinn as he was about to be elected Lord Mayor of Dublin in 2013 that he might include a vacant land levy as part of his work programme for his year in office. Kieran researched and drafted the detailed submission to Government proposing the vacant land levy. A levy is now enacted in the Urban Regeneration and Housing Act 2015. Researched and drafted the current Dublin City Council standards for apartments, a quantum leap in the quality of this type of housing (2007). He is Advisory Board Member of the Center for the Theory of Change in New York http://www. Researched, written and lectured widely on a range of issues including planning , social justice and the city, Regeneration, human rights and equality, and economic development issues. One of his current interests is how the new statutory duty on public bodies to have regard to human rights and equality in the carrying out of their functions, might be implemented in terms of planning and the city. James Corbett Co-founder & CEO Simvirtua Ltd.

James Corbett (B.Eng. Computer Engineering, University of Limerick) has 20 years experience in the IT industry having worked with Apple, Motorola and Analog Devices, in roles from Software Test to Network System Administration. In 2011 he started a not-for-profit – MissionV Education Ltd. that was funded by the Department of Education to run a Virtual Reality pilot programme in 20 primary schools. James’ new company – Simvirtua – has been supported by Enterprise Ireland, under the New Frontiers programme, and is building software for Virtual and Augmented Reality across Enterprise and Industry, as well as offering consulting services.

Speakers Tomás Kelly Director AECOM

Tomás is a chartered Quantity Surveyor and Director within the Cost Management service for AECOM in Ireland. Tomás leads the Galway office team and coordinates the service across our regional offices. Following completion of a research Masters in DIT Tomás worked with AECOM (previously Davis Langdon) in Dublin prior to moving to Galway in 2000. Tomás heads up AECOM’s Irish Research Department which conducts internal research and research commissioned by external bodies. Tomás’s experience ranges from the delivery of public sector health and education projects and private sector commercial and industrial projects. AECOM have over 600 people across the island of Ireland and provide the full range of multidisciplinary project services. Julie Currid Co-founder and COO Initiafy

Julie Currid is co-founder of Initiafy – a safety training and induction software company based in Dublin and with offices in New York and Toronto. She has been part of the safety world for eight years working closely with construction companies in UK, Ireland and North America such as Balfour Beatty, Bam, Gilbane and Bouygues. Victor Branagan Senior Sustainability Consultant / Managing Director / Founder – SustainED

Victor Branagan (M.Sc. M.B.S.) is the owner/ manager of SustainEd and has extensive experience in business with particular emphasis on social and environmental sectors. Victor is a Coach and Training Partner with the European ClimateKIC programme which is focused on preparing businesses for a low carbon future. He is also a Board member of Global Action Plan International. He has worked extensively across Europe with Green Building Councils and similar change agencies working towards sustainability. Previously, he worked as the Director of the Green Business School in Dublin, Ireland, a government funded programme that delivered courses on sustainability to those looking to upskill to meet the emerging green economy. He has years of experience in both education and training and combines this with his expertise in entrepreneurship and sustainability to develop new programmes for a sustainable future. Victor holds a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Tecniska Hogskola, Sweden and a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship

Management from the University of Limerick. His earlier career was as a craftsman specialising in roof thatching and stonework in Ireland, UK, Germany and France. Dr. William Hynes Managing Director Future Analytics Consulting Ltd

Dr. William Hynes (BSc MRUP MSc MSc (Econ) PhD MRICS MSCSI MRTPI MIPI MCILT) is a Chartered Town Planner and a Chartered Surveyor, and urban economist, and a founder and director of Future Analytics Consulting Ltd, a leading planning and research consultancy based at 23 Fitzwilliam Square (South), Dublin 2. William has extensive experience providing expert advice to public and private sector clients in the following areas: strategic spatial planning including at national, regional, county and local levels, demography, housing and economic analysis and forecasting that is fully integrated with spatial planning, health planning, retail impact assessment and infrastructure planning (roads, rail, services, etc.), and is currently providing social and socio-economic expertise across a range of economic development and regeneration projects. William, who is a member of the Central Statistics Office (CSO) Expert Group on national and regional population projections, is a former chairperson of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Irish Branch Southern Section. William is also a visiting lecturer at University College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology lecturing in the areas of land use and transportation planning, strategic spatial planning, infrastructure planning, demographic analysis, research methods and GIS. George Harold CEO Integrated Facilities Solutions

IFS are leading specialists in Digital Information for the whole Building & Asset lifecycle; we coordinate, secure, share and deliver quality approved information associated with projects to the construction team and building owner. We provide cloud-based building information management software & services for the Design & Construction, Digital Handover and Facilities Management & Operations stages of a buildings lifecycle. Construction Handover Documentation and Asset information is pivotal to the successful handover and future operation of buildings and infrastructural assets, our products and services have been implemented for over 100 different clients on 500+ capital projects. Organisations specify our product & services for their new and planned Capital Projects to guarantee a high standard, customisable solution in keeping with the key characteristics of projects, current regulatory

compliance and industry best practice for their building & asset information. Caroline Geoghegan Managing Director CG Business Consulting

CG Business Consulting was founded in 2009 by Caroline Geoghegan. Caroline is a Chartered Quality Professional with over 16 years of experience in advisory and management roles within the construction, banking, finance, insurance and consultancy sectors. Caroline holds a B.A. in Business Studies, a Safety, Health and Environmental Diploma, is a Certified Lead Auditor and holds a Master Trainer Certificate from the Irish Management Institute (IMI). Caroline has significant experience in developing and delivering ISO Management Systems, she has worked with hundreds of businesses in Ireland, UK and America where she assisted them in the development and implementation of their management systems across a variety of industry sectors including Professional Services, Finance, Local Authority, Government, Training & Education, Transport & Logistics, Waste Management, Utilities, Banking, Manufacturing, Motorway Maintenance, Engineering and Construction sectors. Caroline is regarded as a leader in her field and has developed a strong reputation for being passionate, professional, dedicated, results driven, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very much clientfocused. In 2015 she was also recognised by Business and Finance as one of the top movers and shakers in Ireland. Caroline has consistently been highly recommended by many other organisations and is described by her clients as an “outstanding professional with relentless energy”. Caroline has recently been appointed to the board of Quality Ireland. Since 2009 Caroline and her team have assisted over three hundred businesses in Ireland, UK and America to achieve certification to international standards such as: • ISO 9001 Quality Management System • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System • OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System • ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System • ISO 50001 Energy Management System • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Caroline has a strong reputation for her ability to work effectively with personnel from CEOs to front line operational staff. As an expert in her field, she provides high quality solutions that are simple to

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Speakers understand, delivered on time and within budget. Caroline keenly promotes knowledge transfer to those she works with thus empowering people and making them self-sufficient within their own organisations. Alagie Faye Vice President-AIS PE/RE Fund Service Manager – Bank of New York Mellon

Private Equity -Real Estate Specialist Provided financial analysis and technical support for Valuing Assets, Evaluating portfolio returns for securities, Distressed Assets; Performance loans; Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investments. Strong analytical skills, Advanced Excel (VBA/ Marcos) Financial Modelling Financial service experience including; • Accounts Payable • Group Corporate Treasury • Management Accounting • Corporate Finance • Trustee • Private Equity/Real Estate Funds John O’Boyle Director Belbin Ireland

John O’ Boyle is Managing Director of Belbin Ireland and will be talking about how teams from all industries can inculcate teamwork at all levels in their enterprise. Andrew Woods Partner Belbin Ireland

Andrew has over 20 years learning and development experience, has worked in Ireland, UK, Barbados, N. America, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand and has complete knowledge of the Belbin process. Andrew firmly believes, based on his wide ranging experience, that “ a company is only as good as its team and the better they perform, the more successful the business will be “ Andrew specializes in providing business support within the SME sector and developing teams in companies of all sizes. He engages and partners with key stakeholders to develop and deliver solutions which impact positively and immediately on their business. Andrew brings an accomplished leadership and business track record, with a professional career in Consultancy, Training, Coaching and Management and has completed projects for companies such as Diageo, Coca-Cola, Uniphar, Merck Sharpe & Dohme and a wide range of SME’s. – See more at: d2DB0151.dpuf

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Shane McQuillan Partner Crowe Horwath

Shane McQuillan is Partner in the Consulting Services Department at Crowe Horwath, and has 28 years’ not-for-profit and public sector consultancy experience. He has worked extensively in the housing sector throughout his career, and his clients have included North and East Housing Association, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Threshold, the Housing Association for Integrated Living, and a wide range of Government Departments and Agencies in Ireland and the UK. Shane’s principal area of expertise is the strategic review of not-for-profit and public sector services and activities, the preparation of strategic and business plans, and the development of recommendations leading to better use of resources to meet public need. John Walsh Smart Energy Services ESB

John has extensive Irish and international energy technology with business development experience. As the Smart Energy Services Manager with ESB Innovation he collaborates with a broad range of clients in the UK and Ireland to reduce their energy costs. As the Energy Manager for Tesco Ireland and UK he developed and delivered their energy technology strategy. In his previous role with Carbon Decisions (a NovaUCD company) he developed a series of technology partnerships to identify new emerging energy technology opportunities so as to develop innovative energy solutions for his clients. He has a proven history of managing emerging technologies from identification through each stage of their lifecycle and can assess and manage both their business and technical risk. His background in energy, engineering, and finance makes him an insightful and innovative individual who possesses drive, determination and excellent communication skills. Roger Hobkinson Director Destination Consulting

Roger is a development consultant providing leading edge strategic advice to property, places and destinations. He helps to do their early development and investment planning. In Colliers Roger helps lead the Development Advisory service internationally. He has worked on property projects; advised regions, cities and towns; and destinations such as resorts, sports, cultural and tourism attractions. With 20 years’ experience in research and property consulting he has a “product development” approach – visioning, market analysis, options appraisals, place branding and marketing, business planning, development and investment strategies. In Ireland he has led much

work in Cork, was part of the team who developed the already iconic Wild Atlantic Way, Waterford’s Viking Triangle, plus development and action plans for the North Docks in Dublin, Naas, Limerick and currently Ballincollig and Longford. Elsewhere in recent times Roger has worked on a UK City Deal for Renfrewshire Glasgow, a business growth and inward investment strategy for the London borough of Merton, a stadium project for AFC Wimbledon (his team!) and in China a 4 m sqm city extension near Beijing plus a fashion and clothing mixed use project in Shanghai. Currently he is leading a team preparing a master plan for Bunratty Castle & Folk Park and advising the City of St Petersburg, Florida on their new Pier District. Roger has a degree in Geography and Economics and a masters in European Property Development and Planning and in 2016 hopes to get his RICS management consulting accreditation. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute and is on their European Regeneration Council. Roger hails from Wimbledon in south west London, has lived in Ireland for 7 years, he enjoys all sports, current affairs, travelling and pints of Guinness in Toners…. Clare Cashin Partner Philip Lee

Clare Cashin is a partner in Philip Lee’s litigation group. Clare practices in both contentious and noncontentious construction law, advising employers, contractors, designers, public authorities and private entities. She specialises in dispute resolution with experience in all forms of ADR from mediation to conciliation and arbitration and onto litigation. As statutory adjudication enters the Irish scene, ADR is an important topic and this is what Clare will consider. Clare lectures in Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin and is a contributor to various periodicals in the area of construction law. She sits on the committee of the Health & Safety Lawyers Association of Ireland. Hugh Cummins Senior Associate Philip Lee

Hugh is a senior associate at Philip Lee and has considerable experience in a broad range of practice areas including projects and construction, PPP, energy & natural resources, procurement and alternative dispute resolution. In addition to being a qualified solicitor, Hugh holds an honours degree in Electronic Engineering and Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin.

Speakers Hugh has experience of advising a broad range of clients across both public and private sectors in industries such as construction, healthcare, facilities management, hospitality and project management to name but a few. Hugh regularly contributes articles on construction and energy related issues to publications such as the Engineers Journal, Modern Builder Magazine and other industry publications as well as Philip Lee newsletters and bulletins. He speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and workshops hosted by organisations such as Engineers Ireland, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and the Construction Industry Federation. David Nolan Senior Counsel & Mediator The Law Library

David is a former Chairman of the Bar Council of Ireland. He was called to the Bar in 1985 and to the Bar of England and Wales. He took Silk in 2003. He specialises in personal injury, non jury and commercial litigation acting for both Plaintiffs and Defendants. He is a Bencher of the King’s Inns and has been appointed to a number of State and Semi State Boards including the Court Service, the Judicial Advisory Board and the Dublin Theatre Festival. He is internationally acknowledged as one of Ireland’s leading Mediators. Justin Brown Director and Co-Founder Power Capital Renewable Energy

Justin Brown is a Director and Co-Founder of Power Capital Renewable Energy established in 2011. Power Capital Renewable Energy is a specialist Photovoltaic development and investment company with pan european experience in developing both Commercial Rooftop and Large Scale Ground Mounted photovoltaic systems. The company currently has a pipeline of over 150 MW of assets in Ireland and Northern Ireland with operational photovoltaic assets across Germany. Justin is the CEO of 3 large photovoltaic plants in Germany and is responsible for all aspects of the business including, project development and financing, procurement and the implementation of business strategy. Paul Byrne Sales Director Tech Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Paul Byrne Sales Director for Tech Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the mechanical services and air conditioning business. An extensive knowledge of all the major

air conditioning brands currently on the market. Paul has assisted in the design and has overseen the installation of large air conditioning projects notably Air BnB Hanover Quay, CRH Head Office, Deutsche Bank Eastpoint HQ and Google Eastpoint HQ. Dr. Amir Tabakovic Marie Curie Research Fellow – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Dr. Tabakovic is a graduate from DIT Bolton St. He was awarded BEng in Mechanical Engineering in 2001 and a MPhil in 2003. He successfully completed his PhD in UCD in 2007. His PhD focussed on asphalt recycling. Between 2008 and 2015 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in UCD, where the focus of his work was evaluating recycling technologies for asphalt pavement rehabilitation. He was then awarded a Marie Curie Inter European Fellowship and began working as a Marie Curie Fellow in Delft University of Technology in January 2015. His research in Delft focusses on the development of self-healing technology for asphalt pavements. Garry Connolly President & Founder Host in Ireland

Garry Connolly has over 20 years of both entrepreneurial and executive experience in assisting foreign direct investment companies to achieve global success. Garry currently serves as President and Founder of Host in Ireland, where he oversees the direction and promotion of the industry-led and sponsored initiative to further promote Ireland as an optimum location to host digital assets. He is also responsible for the recruitment and support of the initiative’s sponsors and partners. Garry is also the Founding Partner of GconnTec, where he provides various companies seeking to get established and expand their footprint within the EMEA region with recruitment, voice/ data infrastructure sourcing, IT, hosting and other core business support. Prior to GconnTec, Garry served as Co-founder of 4front International Group, a company that supports customers looking to relocate, expand or invest in Ireland. He also cofounded Engage Technologies, Ltd., where, after a successful acquisition of Bellscan in 2000, he successfully redesigned and re-mastered the company’s portfolio of products for the Web and in 2004, changed the platform from a closed operating environment to an open standards-based platform. In 1994, Garry co-founded BridgeCom, the leading voice and data systems integration company in Ireland, prior to its acquisition by Esat Telecom (BT Ireland) in 1998. His professional tenure also includes various management, sales and sales engineering positions in the telecommunications

industry, including British Telecom Professional Services, ICL Fujitsu and BA Systems. Dr Niall Holmes Assistant Head – School of Civil & Structural Engineering, DIT Bolton Street

Dr Niall Holmes is the Assistant Head in the School of Civil & Structural Engineering, DIT Bolton Street. He has over 20 years’ experience as an educationalist, researcher and consulting structural engineer and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of Engineers Ireland. He is responsible for the delivery and quality of the School’s two honours degree programmes in Civil and Structural Engineering and the Masters degree in Sustainable Infrastructure. He has secured over €500,000 of research funding, is actively supervising undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, has published almost 70 peer reviewed journal, conference and technical papers and has two patent applications ongoing for novel research with strong links with industry and leading academics and researchers. Brian Cassidy Senior Executive Engineer Cork City Council

Brian is currently employed by Cork City Council in the housing maintenance department. The Council maintains 8,800 social houses of many different types and varying in age from 1886 to the present. Prior to that Brian worked for the Council as an advisor on mechanical engineering issues, fleet management and building services. Brian began his career in the Defence Forces as an apprentice radio technician before moving to the Naval Service to work as a marine engineer officer. Greg Power Head of Capital Projects & Planning Trinity College

Greg Power is the Head of Capital Projects & Planning at Trinity College Dublin, in the Estates & Facilities team. He is responsible for the delivery of a significant programme of small, medium and major capital building projects, and to drive a strategic approach to the implementation of Estates strategy and infrastructure development. Greg came to Trinity in Jan 2015 after 12 years as the Planning & Projects Officer in NUI Galway, responsible for the master planning of the campus and the delivery of approximately €500M of capital projects since 2003, including the multiaward winning Engineering Building, Biosciences Research and Hardiman Research Building, along with facilities and estates management projects and campus master planning. During this time, the NUI Galway team faced significant challenges with the new Government forms for contract, legislative changes and new directives/regulations

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Speakers and marketplace issues such as recovering from major contractor insolvencies on 3 building projects. His role in Trinity requires the development of major new developments such as the Trinity Business School, E3 (Engineering), Student Residences, a Trinity Visitor Experience project and much more. These projects are being created in a time of new challenging contexts of supply chain and skills shortages, along with new legislation, regulation and governance. Damien Treanor Co-owner and Director Errigal Contracts Limited

Damien Treanor established Errigal back in 1996 in London along with business partner Cormac McCloskey. He has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. He graduated from University of Ulster as a Quantity Surveyor and became a Chartered Surveyor in the late 80’s while working in London. Errigal Contracts has grown to be one of the premier interior fit out contractors across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Errigal Contracts now has a regional office in London and its headquarters, manufacturing facility and Training Academy in north Monaghan. Claire Solon Head of Property Friends First

Claire Solon is Head of Property at Friends First with responsibility for over €500m of property assets. Claire previously worked in ESB where she held position as Head of Estates Management with responsibility for the ESB property portfolio. One of the major projects in the portfolio included the 40,000 sqm redevelopment of the ESB head office on Fitzwilliam St Lower which recently received planning permission. Previously she was Development Director in Bennett Construction where she managed many largescale mixed use development proposals comprising retail, office, medical centre, hotel and residential uses. She is a Fellow of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI), and a Fellow with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Claire holds a first class honours degree in Property Economics and has extensively lectured on property valuation methodology in Degree and Masters courses in DIT. She currently holds the position of President in the Society of Chartered Surveyors, the body which represents approx 5,000 member surveyors in Ireland.

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Professor Tom Woolley Architect and Environmental Researcher

Tom Woolley B.Arch, PhD is an architect and environmental researcher living in Northern Ireland. He is internationally known for his work on sustainable architecture and construction. He was Professor of Architecture at Queens University Belfast from 1991 to 2007. Tom Woolley has published widely on community participation, housing, green architecture and healthy buildings, including the Green Building Handbook, Natural Building, Hemp and Lime Construction and Low Impact Building. His latest book to be published by Routledge later this year is Building Materials, Health and Indoor Air Quality. Tom has spoken at numerous conferences and workshops around the world including Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Holland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Poland. He is a member of the board of Bryson Energy, and CIH Northern Ireland. Tom is also a consultant to Dublin City Council working on the Wiser/Life/Rediscovery project in Ballymun. Rosemarie Mac Sweeney Researcher University College Cork

Rosemarie has a Masters Degree in Architecutre from CIT, and two Post Graduate Certificates, one in Sustainable Development from the University of Exeter, and one in Environmental Sustainability from UCD. After graduating as an Architectural Technician in the 1990’s and working in the construction industry in Dublin and Cork for over a decade, Rosemarie now works as an Academic Researcher in the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit in the Civil Engineering Building at University College Cork. The CPPU is currently engaged in several projects, including an EU Horizon2020 funded project entitled Newtrend. NewTREND seeks to improve the energy efficiency of the existing European building stock and to improve the current renovation rate by developing a new participatory integrated design methodology targeted to the energy retrofit of buildings and neighbourhoods, establishing energy performance as a key component of refurbishments Brian Molloy Inspector Health & Safety Authority

Brian Molloy joined the Health & Safety Authority in 2006 as a Construction Inspector for the South East region of Ireland. During his time in the Authority he has also worked in the Construction Policy Unit where he helped develop and roll out the Safety Management Pack for Small Contractors (SMP20)

along with Codes of Practice and guidance for the construction industry. In 2011 Brian joined the Taking Care of Business Unit which the Authority set up to help small business comply with health and safety regulation. In his time with the Taking Care of Business Unit Brian has overseen and managed the development of the website BeSMART. ie, the provision of hazard assessments for construction and the small business sectors used in Neil Murphy MRIAI Senior Built Environment Advisor Centre for Excellence in Universal Design

Neil Murphy MRIAI took up the post as Senior Built Environment Advisor at the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD) at the National Disability Authority in October of 2008. Part of Neil’s role at the Centre involves providing technical advice on Universal Design and the built environment, project managing Universal Design research and design guidance publications and the promotion of Universal Design for the built environment in Ireland. Neil was the Project Manager for the revised CEUD publication, ‘Building for Everyone: A Universal Design Approach’, ‘Universal Design Guidelines for Homes in Ireland’, Universal Design Guidelines-Dementia Friendly Dwellings for People Living with dementia, their Families & Carers and ‘Shared Space Design from a Universal Design Approach’. He is a graduate of Dublin Institute of Technology & Trinity College Dublin with an honours degree in Architecture. He is also a registered Architect with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. Neil has worked on a wide variety of projects in commercial Architecture in various Berlin & Dublin firms as both a Project & Site Architect for 12 years including winning an award for a boardwalk and river front amenity park in 2007. Vincent Keenan Chief Executive North and East Housing Association

Vincent is Chief Executive of North and East Housing Association. North and East Housing Association was established in 1993 and provides and manages social housing in the North and East Region of Ireland. Since the ending of 100% capital Funding from the state in 2009 for social housing, North and East Housing has entered a number of arrangements for the purchase and building of homes from developers, this has involved borrowing funds from banks and the Housing Finance Agency. North and East is also in advanced negotiations with private investment funds for the long term leasing of housing. Prior to his appointment in 2014 Vincent worked for Co-operative Housing Ireland (previously NABCO) for 12 years as Executive Director with responsibility for housing

Speakers and community services, Vincent lead on the provision of housing services to more than 1,800 homes nationally. Vincent has 25 years’ experience in housing, homelessness, housing development, management and social and community service development. Vincent has participated in negotiation of social partnership agreements and was appointed by the Minister of Housing to the National Homeless Consultative Committee on which he served 7 years. Vincent has also served as non- executive director on a number of not for profit organisations and was elected to the board of The Wheel in May 2014 and is a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing Supply and Development subcommittee. Vincent holds qualifications in Housing management, community development, counselling and has BSc (Hons) Degree in Business Studies from Ulster University. Dominic O’Shaughnessy Tax consultants William Fry Tax / Taxand Ireland

Dominic is a Chartered Tax Adviser at William Fry Tax and is a member of the Irish Tax Institute (CTA). He has gained considerable experience in advising developer and construction related clients on the correct and compliant operation of relevant contracts tax and property related capital allowances. He utilises his prior construction related experience as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and director of a multi-disciplinary engineering firm to provide practical and concise taxation advice to clients in the development and construction sectors. He has achieved post graduate qualifications in project management and town planning and has written a number of articles published in the Engineers Journal and the CIF Construction Magazine. Ken Stowe Worldwide Construction Business Development, Autodesk

Ken Stowe is Autodesk’s Construction domain expert and relationship builder with Contractors. He is currently focusing on increasing the opportunity presented with a BIM implementation in developed economies. He is concentrating his efforts on advising building construction technology Leaders and Executives to develop a deep understanding of the financial benefits of the comprehensive use of BIM in all phases, and for all stakeholders in their ecosystem. Ken has gathered financial performance metrics from research and case studies on projects around the world. Those metrics form the foundation of

his structured and proved BIM ROI workshop. Ken has also taken the ROI methods to Owners and Infrastructure Contractors. His success is measured by the number of Major Construction companies that increase their contract amount of the agreements with Autodesk and their satisfaction with consulting. Ken is based in Northern New England, USA. Jessica Hayes Tax consultants William Fry Tax / Taxand Ireland

Jessica is a Chartered Tax Adviser at William Fry Tax and is a member of the Irish Tax institute (CTA) and Chartered Accountants Ireland (ACA). She has 5 years experience in tax and has been a member of the William Fry Tax team since May 2015. Before this she worked in the corporate tax department of a Big 4 accounting firm where she gained extensive experience in providing Irish tax compliance and advisory services Enda Mc Guane MBS, MSCSI, MRICS Managing Director Winters Property

Enda Mc Guane is a highly experienced senior manager with over 20 years’ experience across a broad range of industries in both the Private and Public Sector. He is currently the MD of Winters Property the largest private operator of Student Accommodation in Ireland. Winters currently directly manage or oversee the operations on over 3,000 student beds in multiple sites in Athlone, Donegal and Galway. They are recognised for their expertise in capital asset management and customer care and over the last eighteen months have consulted on the operation of existing ting and proposed student developments in Galway, Dublin, Athlone, Sligo, Letterkenny, Cork, Tralee and Limerick totalling 4,000 bedspaces. Prior to joining Winters Enda held senior positions in the Sports, Hospitality and Education sectors. He is a Chartered Surveyor and RICS registered valuer and is also an external examiner in GMIT. David Purdon Senior Autodesk Applications Specialist Diatec

David Purdon, Autodesk Technical Specialist with 20 years’ experience of using Autodesk Software. Previously working in Architectural & Engineering practice, Autodesk Distribution and now a Senior Autodesk Applications specialist with Diatec. Specialising in BIM Enabling workflows using Autodesk products. Recent activity includes technical consultancy for companies looking to implement BIM, but are unsure of how best to rollout Hardware/ Software solutions to match their aspirations.

David has worked on small to large scale residential and commercial projects. Latest focus has been around “disruptive technology” like BIM, AR and Cloud Computing. As such David’s work encompasses not only the software implementation but also all the areas of process, platform and information needs, clients require to move in these changing industries. Eibhlin O’Connor Senior Architect Clúid Housing

Eibhlin O Connor is Senior Architect with Clúid Housing Association, the largest housing association, with the most ambitious programme for increasing affordable housing across Ireland. Eibhlin is a registered member of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, she holds a post graduate diploma in Construction Law and Contracts Administration. Eibhlin is responsible for setting design standards, procurement and the contract administration of Clúid’s construction program, which aims to deliver 1,500 more homes in the coming 3 years. Eibhlin has extensive project management experience within the construction industry. Ronan Keane Analyst, Programmer, Technical Lead, Founder, RK Software

Ronan Keane (B.Sc (eng) Mechanical Engineering) has been immersed in the work of specialist contractors since 1988 when he got his first job as a trades assistant and labourer on a project site. Following college graduation, he worked as project engineer for a variety of contractors at home and abroad, until he became fascinated by the potential of IT to streamline business activities in the sector. In 2001 he began making early presentations to Irish contractors about new IT technology becoming available for estimating, document control, building information modeling, and other construction management and collaboration software solutions. Later the same year he worked in a lead role on a CIF programme to increase the general adoption of IT among small to medium sized Irish contractors, incorporating a research initiative to ascertain use of IT throughout the sector, and aspirations for use of IT in the sector. Also some early work on the adoption of industry standards was carried out, especially looking towards existing initiatives in the UK. Since then he has worked analysing, designing and developing IT software solutions for this sector. His knowledge of the business activities and needs of this sector feed back into intuitively understanding real customer requirements and driving the design and implementation of powerful database-centric business applications for specialist contractors, delivered over the web.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Speakers Bobby Gallagher MD DFM Systems

Bobby Gallagher, founder of InControl Ltd – t/a DFM Systems, has worked in the construction industry for over 35 years and has developed considerable experienced in Estimating, Sales, Design and Project Management in large multi national organisations before setting up InControl Ltd in 2004. Bobby recognised the benefits that computer applications bring to the Constructions Industry and was the first Chairman of the Autocad Association of Ireland. He has built DFM Systems into one of the most widely recognised and respected Digital Documentation Delivery companies, providing services in Ireland, UK, Middle East and Australasia. He contributes to many BIM / Digital Project Delivery Forums and has been instrumental in the companies development of software designed specifically for the Construction Industry and for the companies unique integration of Digital Safety Files with BIM. He has assembled a team of highly motivated and qualified technical engineers within DFM Systems, working with all of the major players in the Construction Industry, providing services and solutions on most of the high profile construction projects completed in Ireland in the last 5 to 10 years. Paula Thornton Business Development Manager CPAS

Paula Thornton has over 25 years’ experience workings in pensions both in Ireland and the UK and is currently Pension Consultant/Business Manager for CIF Pension Administration Services (CPAS), a company she joined in 2000. Her initial role with CPAS was as a senior pension consultant for CERS, a master trust arrangement for executives and staff in the construction sector. Paula managed a large portfolio of corporate and individual CERS clients with both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution members. Paula’s current role with CPAS is to promote and develop CPAS as a one stop shop providing professional pension administration service and financial advice to the construction sector. Paula provides pension consultancy service to one of Ireland’s largest pension schemes, the Construction Workers Pension Scheme, which has almost 19,000 active members, 8,000 pensioners and over 250,000 deferred members. Eimear O’ Carroll CTO Restored Hearing

Eimear O’ Carroll is the co-founder and CTO of Restored Hearing which has two main products –

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Sound Bounce, the tunable acoustic material, and Sound Relief, online tinnitus sound therapy. Eimear works on product creation, IP building, and focuses on the commercialisation of these technologies. She builds strategic global partnerships with market leaders and innovators which is a key driver of adoption for Restored Hearing’s technologies. Antoinette Rourke Programme Director & Lecturer Department of the Built Environment

Antoinette Rourke, M.Sc., P.Grad. Dip. L&T, B.Sc. Hons, ICIOB. I am a lecturer in the Department of the Built Environment within the School of Engineering at Dundalk Institute of Technology, since September 2000. I am a qualified Building Surveyor and I hold a Masters in Planning & Development as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Learning & Teaching. My first employment was with a small company in Dundalk that delivered an IT/CAD service to the many AEC & Construction businesses in the town. I currently deliver modules in a number of areas including Planning & Development – Built Environment & Tourism, Strategic & Environmental Services, Drawing & Design Practice, Construction Specification, as well as acting as a supervisor in final stage Construction Technology Projects as well as Building Surveying projects and dissertations. I have been the First Year Convenor for the B.Sc. in Construction Technology since September 2011 and I am currently the Programme Director for the Certificate in Building Information Modelling at DkIT, a Level 6 Special Purpose Award designed to upskill those wishing to work in this area of the Construction Sector. I have a passion for education at all levels but have a keen interest in encouraging more people into the many careers available in the Construction Sector. Eoin O’Herlihy Managing Director O’Herlihy Access Consultancy

Eoin O’Herlihy is an independent accessibility and Universal Design consultant. He provides expertise, training, research and facilitation on accessibility and Universal Design policy, strategy and practice to Architects, design teams and contractors, Government Departments and agencies, local authorities, third-level institutions, professional bodies, Disability Organisations and other national and international groups in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Eoin is currently the Principal Access Consultant and Trainer with O’Herlihy Access Consultancy (www.accessconsultancy. ie) and the chairperson of the National Standards Authority of Ireland, Access for All Consultative Committee Working Group 1 (Access to the Built Environment).

Jacqueline Gibson Senior Sustainability Consultant SDS Energy Group

With over 10 years sustainability consultancy experience, predominantly in the built environment sector, Jacqueline has a unique ability and award winning success in achieving sustainable buildings across the UK and Ireland. With a passion for all things sustainability, her knowledge and expertise range from energy efficient buildings, BREEAM Exemplar projects, to African wildlife conservation and Ethical trading standards. Rodger Greene BSc (Hons) MSc CMVP MEI, Chartered Energy Manager

Rodger is a Chartered Energy Manager, Certified Measurement and Verification Practitioner and Lecturer in Energy Management within the Department of the Built Environment at Waterford Institute of Technology. Rodger has lectured in Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy and Legislation and Renewable Energy systems. He is currently Joint Programme Director of the MSc in Construction Project Management. Through Academia and private consultancy, he has been involved in an array of energy efficiency projects including works to comply with ISO 50001 and the Energy Audit Scheme under S.I. 426 of 2014. His main areas of Research involve the use of advanced analytics to provide greater metrics for tracking energy efficiency in large manufacturing industries. Phelim Devine, Design Director & Deputy Project Director, National Paediatric Hospital Development Board

Phelim Devine is Design Director/Deputy Project Director of the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB) since January 2014. The NPHDB is responsible for the Design, Planning, Building and Equipping of the new Children’s Hospital on the St James’s Hospital campus which includes two Satellite Centres on the Tallaght and Connolly Hospital campuses. The new children’s hospital represents the largest single investment in any healthcare capital project in Ireland. Before working with the NPHDB Phelim was a Director of global consultancy firm Arup where led the design of medium to large multi-disciplinary building projects across multiple sectors but in particular healthcare projects such as Mater Adult Hospital redevelopment, the redevelopment of St Vincent’s Public Hospital, the new St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Galway Clinic, Hermitage Clinic, and projects in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, St James’s Hospital, Holles Street Hospital and Beaumont Hospital, IFSC Offices, and Brown Thomas and M&S redevelopments on Grafton Street.

Speakers Phelim is a Chartered Engineer and member of Engineers Ireland. He graduated with an honours degree in Structural Engineering from Trinity College in 1992 and obtained Higher Diplomas from Trinity College in Project Management (1995) and Construction Law and Contract Administration (2001). Phelim held the title of Honorary Secretary of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland from 2011 to 2014, sat on the Executive Committee from 2008 till 2014, and represented the Association on a number of the construction industry committees. Colm Murray Estates & Support Services Manager RCSI

Colm Murray BSc (Eng) has enjoyed various engineering and management roles in the industrial, chemical, agri-food and education sectors over the past 25 years. He specialises in building system integration to enable improved owner operator experience. He has an ASHRAE qualification in Building Commissioning and has significant experience in building management. Micheál Mahon, Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Chair, Quantity Surveying Professional Group Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

Micheál Mahon, MSCSI, MRICS, is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Chair of the Quantity Surveying Professional Group of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, with many years of industry experience and expertise. Micheál is also founder and managing director of MGM Partnership, a leading Chartered Quantity Surveying and Chartered Project Management practice with offices in Dublin and Wexford. Padraig McKenna Managing Director VFECTO

Padraig McKenna: Performance improvement with 20 years’ experience across construction, Utilities and manufacturing sectors. Dr Vincent Carragher Community Facilitation & Sustainable Energy Transition Expert

Community facilitator, education practitioner, applied researcher and lecturer fostering sustainability, resilience and behaviour change with and for communities. Significant training and experience in Resource Management, Energy Management and Carbon Management for and with communities, schools and SMEs. A specialist in facilitating relevant actors to measure their resource consumption and then to reinterpret it and develop solutions to lower it. Solutions include input of technical knowledge where needed but

are generated by the actors and communities and include motivating sustainable-behaviour change in relation to water, waste, transport, energy and food consumption practices and use significant cases studies and experience in areas such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. Methods include Social Learning, Effective Communication, Discursive Based Approaches, Analytic Deliberation, Reinterpretation, Inquiry Based Education, Community Based Participatory Approaches, actor upskilling/training, Sustainability Indicator Assessment, Ecological Footprinting, and all Participatory and Discursive Processes. The overall ambition is to foster engagement, empowerment and green transition in communities and their schools and also in SMEs. Material Flow Analysis for over 95 Irish communities spanning the rural-urban divide working with schools, Community Based Organisations and residents across the country. Fostered the deeper energy and resource use reduction in 21 communities and most recently working on the resource use measurement and green transition of Cloughjordan Ecovillage. Interventions usually achieve reductions in energy or resource use between 10 and 40%. Empowered communities listed in document below. Writing related funding proposals for Universities in Ireland and Europe which aim to bring the relevant actors together across Europe. Mark Keyes Industry Training Coordinator Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

Mark Keyes has been employed at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB) since 2009, initially as a lecturer and currently as Industry Training Coordinator. With a background of over 20 years’ in the construction sector, he has been active in the development and delivery of up-skilling programmes in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy and building retrofit. Since 2011, he has managed work packages on a number of EU funded projects at ITB, including Build UP Skills Ireland (BUSI). Mark recently coordinated the nationwide piloting of programmes for the upskilling of trainers and construction workers under the QualiBuild project, the follow-on from BUSI. Hugh Whiriskey Director Partel UK & IRL

Hugh Whiriskey BEng MIEI MCIOB CEPH, Director at Partel and Corbwell Design with 15+ years experience in construction with a particular focus on building physics (WUFI) , Airtightness Ventilation, Thermal Bridging and airtightness. At Partel we supply sustainable building products to Ireland and the UK. We represent companies such as AMPACK – Air and Windtight Systems, LUNOS -decentralised ventilation systems, Schneider –

woodfibre insulation, EPATHERM – calcium silicate Insulation and COMPACFOAM. Barry McDonald Registered Building Surveyor & Assigned Certifier – ORS

Barry is a Chartered and Registered Building Surveyor with over 12 years’ experience. Barry has particular involvement with building regulation issues, including the Assigned Certifier role under BCAR 2014. In addition Barry can offer range of services including, building surveys, landlord and tenant law, and the repair and maintenance of modern and heritage type structures. Nicholas Bond Head of Waste Enforcement Cork County Council

Nicholas Bond began his Local Authority career in 2003 and moved to the Environment Directorate, Cork County Council in 2006 where he set up and led the Waste Enforcement Team. Nicholas has recently been appointed as Coordinator for the Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authority (WERLA), Southern Region. The Southern Region extends from Counties Kerry and Clare on the west coast to County Wexford on the east coast, and includes the Counties of Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford, Carlow and Kilkenny and also includes Cork City. The Waste Enforcement Regional lead Authority (WERLA), Southern Region has taken on the responsibility of co-ordinating and overseeing the enforcement of waste regulation on behalf of all 10 local authorities in this large region thereby ensuring a consistent and equitable approach to enforcement of the regulatory framework. Pat Barry Executive DirectorCertifier Irish Green Building Council

Pat Barry is Executive director of the Irish Green Building Council which he co-founded in 2010. He is an Architect with over 20 years of experience in Ireland, Europe and South America, a Masters in Environmental design of buildings from University of Cardiff and is a qualified Passive House and DGNB consultant. Alan Lowe Product Development Manager Roadstone Ltd.

Alan Lowe is the Product Development Manager with Roadstone Ltd where he has worked in a number of roles since 1995. Alan has academic qualifications in Civil Engineering and professional qualifications in Asphalt technology, Concrete

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Speakers technology and Quarry management. Alan leads a Research and Development team within Roadstone with responsibility for the design and development of new and existing construction products including concrete, mortars, masonry, asphalt and paving. Recent product developments within Roadstone include the Thermal Liteblock system, a new Architectural brick range, and a new range of ready mixed concretes, Duraflow Porous Asphalt, Warm Mix Asphalt and further development in our ranges of sustainable construction products. The Roadstone Thermal Liteblock System was launched in May 2015 with a number of supporting CPD events held around the country to date. Alan works on a number of technical and industry committees including the European Asphalt Producers Association (EAPA), the Irish Concrete Society (ICS), the Irish Concrete Federation (ICF) and the NSAI Road Standards Committee. He is also the current chairman of the Irish Branch of the Institute of Asphalt Technology. Arthur J. Spring Managing Director Crossflow Payments {FinTech}

Experience – Bank of Ireland, Merrill Lynch, Anglo Irish Bank, Goverment TD 2011-2016. Arran Dowling-Hussey Editor Construction, Engineering & Energy Law Journal of Ireland

Arran Dowling Hussey is a practising Barrister, Arbitrator and Mediator. He edits the Construction, Engineering and Energy Law Journal of Ireland. Arran is a former full time member of the School of Law of Dublin City University. Kevin Maughan CEO UrbanVolt

Kevin is CEO of UrbanVolt. With a background in corporate finance, Kevin and two his co-founders Declan Barrett and Graham Deane created UrbanVolt in order to make sustainability easy for all businesses. Removing all financial barriers, the company carries out energy efficiency projects for zero capital cost while also reducing energy usage and energy cost. As a result of its innovative offering, UrbanVolt was recently recognised as the Service Startup of the Year by Bank of Ireland. Previous to UrbanVolt, Kevin founded Novaerus in 2010 which became one of the fastest growing medical device companies in Ireland. Kevin took Novaerus from startup to $40M+ valuation in 36

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

months and was responsible for establishing both the American market and building a successful 28+ distributor sales channel across Europe. His previous positions include CEO of Caterpillar Ireland and Director of Merrill Lynch’s Financial Advisory Centres in EMEA. Stephen Chivers Managing Director Blue Clarity Design Services Ltd

Stephen Chivers is Managing Director of Blue Clarity Design Services, having held Directors positions with Cable and Wireless, Thames/ Lattice JV and Fujitsu Telecommunications. Being at the forefront of technical innovation, change and driving exceptional performance, efficiency and client delivery for a number of years, he has been instrumental in developing a strategic technical design and planning service for the Telecommunications, Utilities, Energy and Architectural sectors. From master planning, feasibility, design and planning, Blue Clarity navigate clients from green field or regeneration sites through utility positions, diversions, availability and delivery of services to legal acquisition and full residential and commercial building designs. The company won the 2015 Northern Ireland Enterprise Award for Growth Business of the Year and has excelled clients expectations with the exploitation of BIM to provide critical efficiencies in the successful delivery of end to end projects and asset life cycle management. Barry O’Halloran- MSCSI MRICS - Registered Chartered Building Surveyor & Managing Director, Logical Real Estate Consulting

Barry is a Chartered Building Surveyor and Qualified Quantity Surveyor. A Commercial Property Specialist with over twenty five years experience Barry has worked on a variety of portfolios across Ireland, UK and mainland Europe. He is known for his expertise in all aspects of strategy, feasibility, acquisition, asset transformation and disposal. As MD of Logical Real Estate Consulting he has been involved with a number of high profile portfolios and Clients. Stuart Nelson Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Business Process Analyst, Executive Coach

Have you ever thought there has to be a better way to do something? Specializing in Lean and Six Sigma, Stuart provides consultancy services to businesses and individuals undertaking transformational journeys and assisting them through the change cycle. Stuart spent 11 years in management at the demand end of the supply chain, gaining vast experiences with end users. For 8 years Stuart has capitalized on this experience through consulting, coaching and training. Stuart

holds Black Belts in Lean & Six Sigma, a BA (Hons) in Psychology, is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, an accredited Executive Coach with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, a trainer and qualified Psychometric tester. Stuart’s distinct skillset and vast experience places him in the unique position to guide the person and the process through the change cycle. Neasa Kane-Fine Director RPS Project Communications

Neasa Kane-Fine, Director of RPS Project Communications since 2008, has over 20 years’ experience in managing public relations and communications for construction and major infrastructure projects. She devises and manages implementation of communications strategies for projects in the areas of wastewater, public housing and transport at all stages of development. Her vast experience in the construction sector includes managing client reputations and community relations for site fatalities and protests, as well as proactive stakeholder and community engagement, public affairs and media relations. She also has a strong appreciation of the planning process, delivers non-statutory public consultations to inform major infrastructure developments in the areas of water, wastewater, transport and energy and is an Expert Witness at planning oral hearings. RPS is Ireland’s leading integrated consultancy firm of Engineering, Environment, Planning, Project Management and Project Communications experts in Ireland with offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway. This integrated approach to project development provides Neasa and her Project Communications team with strong technical insight and appreciation of project management. Neasa Kane-Fine is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland (FPRII), a Member of the PRII National Council and a Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MMII). Robin Byrne Certification & Inspection Officer NSAI

Robin Byrne has worked with NSAI since March 2004 as part of a specialist team certifying new and innovative building products, and also managing various insulation installer schemes. More recently, he has been involved in the certification of products and manufacturers under the Construction Products Regulation. Robin has also worked as a management systems consultant, as well as quality and environmental management roles in industry. During his workshop at the National Construction Summit, Robin will describe how practitioners, such as architects, engineers and insulation installers can use

Speakers S.R.54 Code of Practice to help ensure there are applying best practice, in compliance with the building regulations. Robin will also show pictures of examples of substandard retrofit insulation work and emphasise the importance of using only certified retrofit insulation installers and products. Mark Regan Partner Regan Solicitors

Mark is the managing partner at Regan Solicitors. He has practised as a commercial lawyer for the past 21 years and was the senior partner in the Commercial and Litigation Department of another commercial law firm for 15 of those years. He has since established his own firm and brand as Regan Solicitors with a view to providing and expanding his existing client base with a more bespoke and efficient service. He is highly regarded in the area of Company and Corporate Law and has a particular niche in advising Manufacturing Companies on Compliance, EU directives, Product Liability and Health and Safety . He has advised a number of large and small Manufacturing entities, many whom have grown exponentially during his time with them. He serves both the large and small with consummate ease and the strong ethos is to add value to clients business and not cost. Regan are a firm without conflicts and strictly implement policies to avoid any conflicts arising. Contact Mark at www. Andrew Jennings BIM & Training Coordinator Arcdox

Andrew has over twenty years’ experience in the building industry, initially working as an architect before taking over the running of J.J. Jennings Ltd, Building Contractors, and then setting up Turnkey Design & Building Contractors Ltd in 2008 responsible for the design and build of small scale building projects including fit outs of commercial units. Since joining ArcDox in 2013 Andrew has developed his skill as a trainer and completed an Accredited Train-The-Trainer, FETAC Level 6 course. Andrew is an Autodesk Certified Revit Professional. Andrew rolls & responsible include coordinate training programmes including staff training, office management and delivering some key BIM modules.

Janine Lewis CEO Investsure

Janine is an entrepreneur and an instinctive business optimisation specialist. With a

background of business start-up, change management and management consultancy, Janine supported CEOs and private equity investors, such as Jon Moulton (Alchemy Partners, Better Capital) and James Caan CBE, whilst now also lecturing at Cass Business School. For three years Janine was a board member and a shareholder of the Estates Investment Exchange, which was designed to become a virtual stock exchange for property opportunities. Whilst working in this environment Janine could see a more urgent need to address in the primary funding market, which was the impetus to create InvestSure. Chris Langley Manager – Bioquell’s Room Bio Decontamination Service

Chris Langley MPhys w/Astro (Hons) is the manager of Bioquell’s Room Bio-Decontamination Service. Chris >12 years’ experience running large biodecontamination projects around the world across a range of industrial sectors including major commissioning and decommissioning projects. Bioquell are the world leader in the field of gaseous bio-decontamination providing a range of services and capital equipment around the world. John O Hara Dublin City Planning Officer Dublin City Council

John O’Hara is the City Planner and Head of Land Use Policy with Dublin City Council. He works closely with the Chief Executive, the Elected Members and external agencies in the management and delivery of strategic planning for the City, through the City Development Plan, Local Area Plans and Strategic Development Zones (SDZ) schemes. Recently John was responsible for the preparation of the Docklands SDZ Scheme. John has over 30 years planning and local government experience in both the UK and Ireland. He is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute. Currently John is a member of the Dublin Housing Task Force established by Government to improve housing supply in the region. He also sits on the Grangegorman Development Authority Board and has responsibility for co-ordinating Dublin City Councils input to the National Childrens Hospital project. Previously John was a member of the Technical Working Group for the Regional Authority, and managed the planning process for major projects such as the Lansdowne Road / Aviva Stadium redevelopment and the Liverpool Airport expansion.

Kate Egan Barrister Law Library

Kate is a practising barrister, specialising in public procurement, judicial review and data protection law. She has advised both public and private parties to procurement disputes and regularly represents litigants challenging irregular tender processes before the High Court. Michael Dall Lead Economist ABI

Lead Economist at construction market analysts Barbour ABI, with responsibility for providing detailed coverage of the UK economy with specific focus on the construction sector. Since joining Barbour ABI in 2013, Michael is responsible for providing monthly updates to clients and subscribers to Building magazine on the key economic, political and financial changes that impact the UK economy and construction. He also works with several major construction companies to help them understand the implications of market trends and macroeconomic changes for their business. Frequently quoted in the national media on the construction sector’s performance, Michael has also appeared on various media outlets including Sky News and the BBC. With ten years experience in the built environment and property sectors, Michael formerly worked at GVA as an economist covering the residential and commercial property markets. Robin Mandal Former President RIAI

Robin Mandal established his practice in 1979 with the intention of providing high quality architectural services from a small organisation. Since its formation, it has been recognised as being a design led pragmatic practice, with particular conservation skills, combining an understanding of the built heritage with contemporary architecture. It presently has four architects on its staff, with a small back-up administration. Much of its workload involves protected structures and historic settings, approached with an informed conservation ethic, and a commitment to excellence in contemporary design. Michael Carroll Technical Sales-Flooring & Refurb Sika Ireland Limited

I am a trustworthy, hardworking and committed individual with strong interpersonal and leadership skills, a passion for business and a professional

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Speakers approach to sales, operations and customer experience. Having spent many years as a professional sportsperson I fully recognise the responsibilities involved when working as a team member and also more recently the self-motivation and drive that is required when working alone. Wayne Dignam Managing Director Tender Team

Wayne Dignam BA BAI MEngSc MBS MIEI AM.APMP, is the founder and Managing Director of Tender Team and has many years experience as a bid consultant in a diverse range of organisations. Wayne’s skills in bid consultancy have been developed by the focused approach he takes with every client and his honest assessment of what needs to be done to win. He works on individual bids and also implements processes for bid management within companies. In the last year alone Wayne has worked with many companies on winning tender submissions throughout the world and has implemented improvements in tender management, bringing significant business to his clients. Examples include ESB International, Grant Thornton, Aon, Eversheds, Serco, PEI, Bryan S Ryan, AA Ireland, G4S, Sercom Solutions, and many more. Wayne has a degree in Engineering and Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin, a masters degree in Engineering from NUI Galway and a masters degree in Business Studies from DCU. He is a member of the Irish Exporters Association and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). Edel Hartog Senior Associate McCann FitzGerald

Edel is a Senior Associate in McCann FitzGerald’s Corporate Group. She specialises in telecoms, energy, water, public procurement and commercial law. She has over 11 years’ experience advising both public and private sector organisations on their regulatory compliance obligations and commercial contracting arrangements (including PPP, joint venture, procurement, co-development and infrastructure contracts). Edel has also worked as telecoms legal counsel with the New Zealand Commerce Commission (NZ telecommunications regulator). Edel has advised on a number of significant Irish and international broadband projects and has lectured and written on the subject of the new broadband rules and their effect for the construction industry and others.

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Teresa Bolger Senior Archaeologist and Project Manager Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd.

Teresa is a consultant archaeologist, who joined by Rubicon Heritage Services in 2009; she coordinates their Dublin-based projects. She has over 15 years’ experience of directing and managing a range of both urban and rural archaeological projects in the consultancy sector, dealing with high profile clients such as the Railway Procurement Agency, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Grangegorman Development Agency and Eirgrid. Teresa has amassed an impressive archaeological publication record and is closely involved in all current publication projects within the company. She has served on the board of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland (IAI) and the council of the Discovery Programme. Aidan Brady BA CIP – Senior Vice President, Head of Sales, Dublin – Lockton

Aidan Brady is the National Head of Sales of Lockton Companies based in Dublin. Lockton are the world’s largest privately owned insurance broker with over 6000 staff in our 64 global offices. Lockton are a leading insurance broker in Ireland, specialising in Construction, Real Estate and Professional Indemnity. After 10 years of consecutive growth, Aidan is fuelled by the challenge to further develop the Lockton team, and design bespoke products for targeted markets. Aidan’s has developed insurance programs for major Building Contractors, as well as representing 4 of the top 5 accountancy firms with the leading restructuring product in Ireland. Lockton have recently introduced a New ‘A Rated’ Surety, Amtrust to write Performance bonds in Ireland. Aidan has a business degree and is Certified Insurance Practitioner (CIP) from the Insurance Institute of Insurance. Particular areas of expertise • Construction • General commercial insurance • Insolvency • SME commercial business • Professional indemnity • Professional services

James Lenehan Executive Chairman WIN | WIN Loyalty Builder

James Lenehan is the executive Chairman of technology business WIN | WIN, a leading supplier of sales incentive and loyalty solutions. Previously, James was the CEO of data insights business Reep Rewards. WIN | WIN recently launched it’s new suite of services for the Construction Sector called Loyalty Builder – please visit our stand to find out more. Tom Parlon Director General Construction Industry Federation (CIF)

Tom Parlon is the Director General of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). Before joining the CIF, Tom served as a TD for Laois – Offaly and as Minister for State at the Department of Finance from 2002 until 2007. As Minister he was responsible for the Office for Public Works (OPW). From 1997 to 2001, Tom was President of the Irish Farmers Association (IFA), having previously held several other positions with the association. Tom Phillips – Managing Director of Tom Phillips & Associates and Chairman of Property Industry Ireland

Tom is a Chartered Town Planner and an Urban Designer (with a primary qualification in the History of Art, specialising in Architectural History). He was a former Managing Partner of Frank L. Benson and Partners Planning Consultants, and formerly worked for the international firm of architects, Terry Farrell and Company in London and for the Irish Architectural Archive. Tom has over 26 years’ extensive experience of all planning sectors gained throughout Ireland and overseas, and frequently operates as the “hands on” lead consultant for the planning phase of projects for key public and private sector clients. TPA works across all development sectors from alternative energy to tourism, sport and leisure. The Practice is best known for delivering major projects such as Grangegorman SDZ Planning Scheme, Aviva Stadium, IKEA and the Corrib Gas Terminal in Mayo. Tom also has a strong record in leading Oral Hearings to successful outcomes. He is a part-time lecturer in the School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy in UCD since 1993. He is the Chairman of Property Industry Ireland, a Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and a Fellow of the Irish Planning Institute.

Speakers Eva Bridgeman, MIPI Planner Downey Planning

Eva Bridgeman is currently a Director at Downey Planning and Architecture, a multi-disciplinary practice of Chartered Town Planners, Architects and Project Managers. Eva is a qualified Town Planner and Project Manager having obtained an undergraduate planning degree from UCD, a Masters of Regional and Urban Planning (MRUP) from UCD, and a diploma in project management from DBS. She has considerable experience of the planning industry throughout Ireland, providing evidence based planning solutions and expert advice to clients within both the private and public sector. Eva is a Corporate Member of the Irish Planning Institute and is an external consultant to the Public Appointments Service (PAS) in selecting candidates for planning positions within Ireland. Dr Emmet English Director Resonate Acoustics

Dr Emmet English is Director of Resonate Acoustics, a consultancy that provides clear, straight forward and practical solutions to potentially complex noise and vibration problems. Resonate Acoustics actively support the development of Acoustics and Sustainability, recently coordinating the AIRAH Workshop “Acoustics and sustainability: Conflict or harmony” in Sydney and publishing numerous papers on Building and Environmental Acoustics. Emmet has worked as a professional acoustic consultant on over 200 projects in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australasia, the Middle East and the USA. Emmet specialises in acoustics and vibration, with expertise in a variety of areas such as environmental noise, vibration isolation and design, building acoustics design, and transportation noise. James Bridgeman FCIArb Barrister at Law, Chartered Arbitrator, Certified Mediator

James Bridgeman is a practicing Barrister, Chartered Arbitrator, certified mediator and academic. He holds practicing certificates as Barrister both in Ireland and in England and Wales. His practice, with a focus on civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and ADR is based at the Law Library Dublin and Lamb Chambers London. He is a member of the Construction Contracts Adjudication Panel, established under Section 8 of the Construction Contracts Act, 2013. He is a Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a member of the ICSID panel of arbitrators and conciliators nominated by the Irish government. He has received appointments from WIPO, ICC, CIArb, NAF, CAC and Nominet. In 2010 he was appointed

by DG Justice of the EU Commission to the expert group advising on the revision of the Brussels 1 Regulation and arbitration. In August 2014 he was appointed by the Central Bank of Ireland as a member of the quasi-judicial panel to carry out investigations of regulated entities under the Administrative Sanctions Procedure. In November 2014 he was appointed by the Council of the EU as a member of the panel of 15 arbitrators for the Protocol on Cultural Cooperation to the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and the Republic of Korea (Council Decision 2014/794/EU). He is named as a leading mediator by Who’s Who Legal. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Kings Inns Dublin, he holds a diploma in Arbitration Law (DIT 1990), diploma in International Arbitration Law (DIT, 1991), diploma in European Law (UCD 1994) and diploma in Construction Law and Contract Administration (TCD 2004). He is a faculty member of the TCD Diploma in Construction Law, the Law Society He initiated the project in 2007 and hosts the annual Dublin Forum on International Dispute Resolution. Full profile at www.adreurope. com Patrick Bamming German-Irish Chamber

Patrick Bamming has been part of the DEinternational team of the German-Irish Chamber since 2006 and is the Head of the Tax & Legal Department. Patrick successfully advises more than 100 construction companies in being tax compliant in Ireland and Germany… He has considerable experience in advising non-resident contractors working in Ireland on the operation of Relevant Contracts Tax, VAT and the Double Tax Agreements. In addition, he has helped to ensure Irish companies in Germany apply for an exemption from the German construction withholding tax and to be tax compliant while working in Germany. Patrick has a German university business degree (Diplom Kaufmann) and is an AITI Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) with the Irish Tax Institute. Stephen Blakely Interior Fit Out Specialists at Stephen Blakely Design

Stephen Blakely has over 25 years of experience in offering Interior Design services to Northern Ireland and England. He has recently completed a major job for a client in Dubai which has enabled the company to expand its manufacturing facilities. This has opened up avenues for the Stephen Blakely Design team and enabled them to export greater volumes throughout Europe. Stephen considers the clients taste, lifestyle along with their practical and physical needs when completing every interior fit-out job. He hosts an extensive library

of knowledge to every client and ensures every option is considered before the design of a project is finalised. Stephen thrives on the completion of successful builds, at all scales, and believes his relationship with clients and contractors are the key to a happy, successful career and business in the construction industry. Fiona Cormican Business Director Cluid Housing

Fiona is Clúid’s New Business Director. Fiona has over 17 years’ experience in social housing development. Previously, she was New Business and Regeneration Project Manager for Clúid, and Director of Operations for Tógáil Developments Ltd. Fiona holds a Masters in Project Management, a BA in Education, a PMP certificate and a diploma in Site Management. James Riordan General Manager Credit Risk Brokers

General Manager of Credit Risk Brokers, Ireland’s leading independent broker specialising in Credit Insurance Title: To give credit or not, that is the question! When you give credit your Debtors can often become one of the largest figures on a company’s balance sheet. You insure your premises & vehicles, why not consider insuring your outstanding invoices with credit insurance? James will be running through briefly how a policy works and how it can increase your profits and mitigate your losses in the event of non-payment. Credit Insurance can be of significant support for a good credit management structure and provides guidance, information and early warning of potential bad debts. Brian Bolger MRIAI Architect Downey Planning

Brian Bolger is a qualified Architect and member of the RIAI and a Director with Downey Planning & Architecture since 2014 responsible for leading projects, client liaison, technical development and daily functioning of the architectural department. With over 20 years of wide ranging experience, from London, Brisbane and Dublin, Brian leads the architecture department of Downey Planning and Architecture through a wide range of both large and small scale Commercial and Residential projects.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland

Speakers Jim Sheehan Director Surecom Network Solutions

In business for over 10 years, Jim Sheehan heads up one of Ireland’s leading Telecom and IT services companies. Surecom Network Solutions is a multiaward-winning engineering firm based in Ireland and the UK. Surecom Network Solutions offer professional, technical and project management services in the telecommunications and IT fields. Surecom provide world-class services with engineers who are leading the way within the industry through pioneering, practical solutions and service delivery. An area that Jim has specialised in is resolving In-building Wireless coverage issues using Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and small cell technology, which is now key to the construction industry Colm Daly CEO Homesecure

Colm Daly is CEO of Homesecure. Homesecure is Ireland’s fastest growing Home Alarm & Home Monitoring company. Homesecure currently protects over 6000 Irish households. Homesecure offers protection through SIM Card and also Broadband and is first to the market to use Z Wave technology through its alarm system to create home automation. Homesecure has over 800 connected homes through this means and will be rolling out Home Automation products such as Heating control, Lighting control, energy monitoring. All of this can be controlled directly through an App or automatically through geolocation. Homesecure will be looking for partners in the construction industry to create a value add for new homes or retrofitting current homes. John Kerrigan Leica-Geosystems

I am a graduate of Geomatics from DIT and a member of RICS, SCSI and ICES. I worked for Jacobs engineering for 4 years as a Land Surveyor before joining Topcon in a Technical Sales role. I joined Leica Geosystems 5 years ago and I now look after all their Irish business interest, working closely with our Distribution partners and customers. I have recently taken on a role as the UAV Business manager for the UK and Ireland. JP Hilliard Associate Director Lafferty

JP Hilliard is an Associate Director with Lafferty Project Management. JP is currently the Lead Project Manager for both the ESB Project Fitzwilliam

RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

redevelopment project and the redevelopment of Cumberland House for Hibernia REIT. JP also heads up the Training and People Development in Lafferty and is a very active member of the Lafferty Management Team with specific focus on business development in existing and new sectors as part of our overall business strategy. Prior to working in Lafferty, JP was a Project Director with KSN Project Management, leading many challenging and fast track public and private sector projects across different industry sectors to successful handover. JP has worked for an extensive client base in Ireland and the Middle East across a wide variety of industry sectors including Commercial, Mixed Use, Fit-out, Retail, Education, Telecommunications, Data Centres, Distressed Assets and Residential. JP is a Chartered Member of the CIOB, a member of Engineers Ireland and an IPMA Level B Certified Senior Project Manager with the Institute of Project Management of Ireland. JP holds both an MBA from Oxford Brookes University and an MSc in Construction Project Management from Heriot Watt University. JP is also a tutor on the Project Management Postgraduate Diploma course in TCD and has previously tutored with CMI on their Business Management courses. Justin van der Spuy Managing Director Saros

Justin van der Spuy is the Managing Director of Saros Consulting. He is an experienced ICT professional with over 15 years’ experience in Enterprise/Solutions Architecture, Project/ Program Management, Business Analysis and Technical Design. Saros works with Architects, M&E Consultants and Construction project managers to plan and deliver IT for new office builds, office upgrades and office migrations. Presentation Title: The Importance of IT Planning Presentation Synopsis: IT are often the last to be consulted on new office builds. As IT has expanded it’s remit over the years, there are overlaps between M&E and facilities now more than ever. Correct planning for client requirements needs to be done at the design stage and a failure to do so can result in IT solutions being shoe-horned into new builds. We will run through the importance of planning for IT at the early stages of a new office build. Kevin Rudden Garland Consultancy

Kevin Rudden has over twenty years experience as a civil and structural engineer. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Registered Consulting Chartered Engineer and a registered Fellow of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (FConsEI). He

is President Elect of the European Federation of Consulting Engineering Associations (EFCA), who represent over 1 million engineers in 25 Countries across Europe. He is the immediate past president of The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland. Both Kevin and GARLAND have extensive experience working as Assigned Certifier under the Building Control Amendment Regulations 2013, having successfully completed numerous projects all around the Country. ENDA NEWTON CORPORATE PARTNER AMOSS SOLICITORS

Enda is a corporate lawyer with extensive experience in advising on mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets, corporate re-organisations, shareholder arrangements, corporate fundraising, joint ventures, venture capital and private equity. Enda joined AMOSS in 2015 from the Department of Finance where he was the Senior Corporate Lawyer during one of the most challenging periods in the economic history of the State. During his time in the Department of Finance, Enda was intimately involved in advising on a diverse range of issues relating to the banking crisis, including shareholder litigation, liability management exercises, State aid, public procurement, bank capital requirements, the approval of bank restructuring plans by the European Commission and other bank stabilisation measures. Enda advised on some of the largest and most important corporate and capital markets transactions of recent years including the liquidation of IBRC, the sale of Irish Life to Great West Lifeco, the flotation of Permanent TSB Group Holdings plc and the disposal of a portion of the State’s shareholding in Bank of Ireland. In late 2015 Enda was appointed by the Minister for Finance as a Non-Executive Director of the Investor Compensation Company Limited (an independent body established under statute with responsibility of devising and maintaining a scheme for the compensation of customers of authorised investment firms). He is also a member of the Audit Committee. Brian Dempsey MCIAT Waterford

MCIAT from Waterford

Speakers Joe Kennedy – Managing Director, Smith and Kennedy Architects & Joint Managing Director, Kompas International Architects

Joe is Managing Director of Smith and Kennedy Architects and joint Managing Director of Kompas International Architects. In addition he is Honorary Secretary of the R.I.A.I for 2015 and 2016 having served as a Council Member in 2014. He chairs the Building Control Steering Group in the R.I.A.I and is heavily involved in Building Regulatory matters. Joe retains a direct involvement in design and delivery of projects and has extensive experience in Educational, Residential and Commercial sectors. Architectural Education: Bolton Street, (q. 1979)

College of Technology,

Qualifications: Dip. Arch., B.Sc.Arch., F.R.I.A.I., R.I.B.A. Michael Steele Sales Director

Holder of a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management, Michael has almost 20 years’ experience working in the online travel industry. Michael is currently Sales Director at, the Global Hotel Booking Platform for business travel. With offices in Dublin and London, Roomex helps 400 corporate clients save time and money on their work-related hotel spend. Clients include Sisk Group, Mercury Engineering, Kirby Engineering, Dornan Engineering, KN Networks and Actavo. Roomex measures savings at our 550,000 hotels worldwide and averages savings of 21% for our business clients. Key features of Roomex include, one itemised bill for all hotel spend worldwide, live reporting, rate negotiation on long-term projects, live-benchmarking, policy and control. Best of all, Roomex is a completely free service with no set-up costs and no ongoing fees, talk to us about how we can help you reduce costs on your hotel requirements. More information is available on John Kelly Centre Manager The National Construction Training Centre

John Kelly is the Centre Manager for The National Construction Training Centre based in Mount Lucas, Daingean Co. Offaly. He has been working with Laois/Offaly Education and Training Board since 2006. John has been involved in the set up and delivery of new and innovative training programmes to address the high unemployment rates in the Midlands since 2010. Previous to his work in the ETB John has had some years experience in the Retail sector as a Garden Centre Manager in Homebase and in private Landscape organisations.

John is a graduate of the Botanic Gardens in Dublin where he studied Horticulture and Sports Turf Management Rachel Murphy Sales Manager NP Liquid Glass Systems Ltd

NP Liquid Glass Systems Ltd provides surface protection using the latest advancements in Nanotechnology. Rachel has headed up sales since she joined her father in running the company in 2014. With a keen interest in both construction and science this role was the perfect fit for Rachel. NP Liquid Glass provides high quality and affordable surface protection which is sustainable, environmentally friendly and toxin free. With a large range of applications, from preventing damp penetration to anti-graffiti protection and restoration work, the role is varied and sees Rachel working all around the country on commercial projects, historic sites and new builds. JOHN O’CONNOR CHIEF EXECUTIVE HOUSING AGENCY

John is the Chief Executive of the Housing Agency, which is a statutory body set up under the aegis of the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG).

him present to client tender teams and industry conferences on 4site’s behalf. Greg has 24 years of experience in a number of engineering roles with the Irish Air Corps, O2 and 4site. He is a solutions engineer with expertise in radio, transmission and power and with a vast knowledge of SDH, PDH, Fibre and Radio. Greg is leading 4site’s small cells design and implementation service. Niall Looney Client Director 4site

Niall is a Chartered Engineer and PMP practitioner and works as Client Director at 4site. Before joining 4site, Niall worked with John Sisk and Son and Threefold P.M. He has worked on a number of multimillion-euro projects in the commercial, industrial, telecoms and power generation sectors. Niall has excellent engineering and project management skills and has successfully delivered demanding projects for single company and joint venture company project teams, often located across multiple sites. As well as defining client requirements and developing scopes of work, Niall has developed and implemented various processes, project tools and training workshops to facilitate successful project delivery.

The Agency was established to provide local authorities and approved housing bodies with high quality advice and support on the delivery of housing and housing services. The Agency focuses on housing management issues, delivery of technical and regeneration services (incl. management of the pyrite remediation scheme) and research and policy advice. It also acts as interim Regulator for the approved housing body sector. The Agency is working closely with the DECLG to oversee the delivery of the Social Housing Strategy 2020. John is a structural engineer and has a wide range of experience in housing across both the public and private sectors. He has extensive experience in the development, provision and direct delivery of housing, particularly in the areas of social housing, affordable housing and regeneration projects. Greg Starr Technical Delivery Manager 4site

Greg’s role as Technical Delivery Manager at 4site involves driving the technical direction of 4site and providing technical guidance and training to all departments and project teams. He is responsible for all technical solutions aspects on client projects including liaison with external parties. Greg is also the technical lead on the business development and pre-sales team within 4site which sees

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland


RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Stand 105

4site is a design-led engineering company with a nationwide presence for design and build infrastructure projects. We provide a range of standalone & turnkey services for multi-site infrastructure projects; site acquisition and planning; design and build of next generation fibre and wireless networks; structural survey and design services in a number of industry sectors; management services including outsourcing of technical expertise, and a range of auditing services. 4site has a strong in-house structural team of chartered, & degree qualified engineers with decades of experience. We offer unrivalled technical support across a range of structural and civil engineering disciplines providing bespoke solutions to fit your exact requirements. Across diverse geophrapical sites in Ireland and the UK, our multi- disciplined expertise ensures full control of infrastructure projects from critical site selection, negotiation and relationship building with external stakeholders , through to design, deployment and certification of the resulting works. At 4site, we are engaged in a number of innovative projects such as small cell deployment for ‘smart cities’ programs in the UK; Auditing and asset tagging of multiple data centres incorporating BIM. Nationwide fibre design incorporating BIM; PRAI mapping for hundreds of sites amongst others. Our focus is on the quality of what we deliver and providing value to our clients in each project we undertake. We see the possibility in networks, infrastructure, and land and have the know how to build solutions with the future in mind. Visit us at Stand 105!


Stand 29

Acorn Insurance (a subsidiary of Acorn Life Group Ltd) is an Irish owned company with a registered office at St Augustine Street, Galway. We are dedicated to achieving excellence through our advanced administration systems and we are 100% committed to providing all our clients with

a consistently high level of client service.

the range delivers exceptional levels of performance, finish and durability.


Stand 44

Actavo ( is a leading international engineering solutions company operating in 100+ locations. Actavo’s global workforce of 5,000 delivers building, hire & sales, network, in-home, industrial and event solutions to the world’s leading companies. Sectors in which Actavo specialises include construction, civil engineering, home energy, satellite and telecommunications, education, healthcare, events services, power generation, marine, nuclear, petrochemical and water. Actavo | Building Solutions is a leader in the design, manufacture and construction of permanent and temporary modular building solutions. Over the past 35 years, the company has developed an extensive portfolio in education, healthcare, construction, corporate, residential, rail and other sectors, using innovative materials designed for optimum energy efficiency, flexible interconnectivity and structural integrity. Actavo | Hire & Sales provides a wide range of specialised building equipment, including scaffolding, light access, shoring, temporary roofing and fencing, as well as crowd control barriers and traffic management products, for hire and sale online and through a branch network of 33 depots across the UK and Ireland (our newest depot opened in Santry, Dublin, in June 2016). We also have a strategic partnership with major national construction service providers, are agents for Peri Formwork and the Layher Scaffolding system, and offer a professional Formwork and Falsework design service. Stand ACO BUILDING DRAINAGE 60 WWW.ACOBUILDINGDRAINAGE.CO.UK

ACO Building Drainage specialises in the development of corrosion resistant drainage systems and building products for applications across the internal and external built environments. Conceived to eliminate design risk, to optimise installation and to minimise lifetime ownership cost, every product in

The technical expertise, global resources and fabrication capacity within the ACO Building Drainage division make it possible for architects, engineers and contractors to realise the highest quality and value when selecting from our standard products, or, when using our bespoke design service. ACO Building Drainage products fully exploit both the aesthetic qualities and resilience of a number of high performance materials including stainless steel, polypropylene, galvanised steel, aluminium alloy, nickel bronze and gun metal. Specialist drainage, grease management and fire-proofing systems provide safe and hygienic solutions for hospitals, chemical production, food processing, leisure centres, laboratories and catering facilities. Stainless steel decorative tree grills, laser cut curved gratings and wet room drainage systems complement settings that demand the highest aesthetic finish. Stand ADVANCED PARKING 88 SOLUTIONS LTD WWW.APSPARKING.COM

Since 1999 Advanced Parking Solutions Ltd has provided high quality automatic car park management solutions for town and city centres in a wide variety of market sectors throughout Ireland. Mixed use developments, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Universities and Urban contract parking. The Skidata® car park management system allows multi-site car park operation, monitoring and reporting to enable Facility management, retail managers and site operators to maximise their parking assets using the latest network and payment technologies. Skidata® is the parking system of choice for Smart cities and Smart Buildings.


Stand 106

ArcDox are Ireland’s leading specialist BIM consultancy practice, providing professionally

Exhibitors Stand 78

managed services to building clients and project teams, to support and enable the use of BIM processes and technologies. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the digital revolution of Design & Construction of Buildings. Over the past 7 years ArcDox have provided technical advice, production, support and training, to over 70 projects and trained wall over 700 people in the use of various BIM tools. Our role on projects is to ensure an intelligent digital information management strategy and procedure is put in place, at the right time, so that the cost and time benefits of using a digital design and construction process, through BIM, can be materialized, and that this will ultimately support a long-term information asset management strategy for the operations of buildings. ArcDox recommend and will help implement PAS1192-2 & PAS1192-3 information management standards for BIM, which comply with ISO55000 best practice in Asset Management.

Established in 2005, Building Staff Solutions (BSS) is one of Ireland’s leading outsourced solutions provider and recruitment specialists. We provide managed solutions within the construction and industrial sectors as well as temporary and permanent recruitment solutions for a variety of industries, providing qualified staff for short-term & permanent placements. BSS has a proven expertise in Construction, Industrial, Financial Services, Accountancy & Finance, Administrative Support and Sales & Marketing working with some of the largest companies and organisations in Ireland and the UK.


Stand 01

Aughey Screens is an Irish company specialising in the manufacture and supply of screening media to many industries which include Quarrying & Mining, Recycling, Water Treatment, Construction, Architecture and Gas/Oil filtration. With over 40 years experience, Aughey Screens have built a solid reputation for total customer satisfaction and unsurpassed quality products & service to constantly exceed our customers expectations. Our screening range is extensive and includes Woven wire mesh, Perforated plate, Wedge Wire, Wire Cloth and Polyurethane modules. Our range of stainless steel mesh designs aimed towards the construction industry is vast with an array of tensioning and fixing systems included in our portfolio. In addition to our skilled manufacturing workforce, our in-house team of experienced engineers allow us to offer complete turnkey solutions from concept to completion. We work closely with many architectural firms and constructions companies, not only in Ireland but also in the UK, Mainland Europe, Qatar and Dubai, assisting them in creating and delivering new and unique designs and applications.


BSS can provide a range of staff from Graduates to Senior Managers to suit a client’s specific requirements.


Stand 56

Blue Clarity Design Services Ltd. is at the forefront of Design, Surveying and Acquisition Services, offering significant digital innovation and service solutions to an array of industries and applications ranging from Architectural Design and CAD Support, Telecommunications – Mobile, Fixed and Wireless, Utilities and Infrastructure and Energy and Renewables. Our mission is to identify opportunities, solve problems and provide technical expertise and practical cost effective solutions to tier one organisations and leading sub-contractors. We provide architectural and telecommunications design, surveying, acquisition, planning and energy assessment services throughout the UK, Ireland, the United States and Canada. Blue Clarity is ISO 9001 Quality, OSHSAS 18001 Health and Safety and ISO 14001 Environmental accredited, CHAS registered and a recognised Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors company.”


We are Ireland’s only brand and design consultancy that has dedicated itself to

Stand 95

building successful indigenous brands, many of which are family businesses. We assist owner-managers, most of whom are entrepreneurs in a hurry, to understand what their brand stands for and how best to communicate this point-of-difference to their target audience. We harness the power of branding to build an emotional connection with customers which, in turn, delivers significant engagement and business loyalty for our clients. Furthermore, we have consistently demonstrated that strong brands have strong price margins, and that brands that communicate effectively make selection easier for customers. Stand BLACKTHORN 83 FURNITURE LTD WWW.BLACKTHORNKITCHENS.COM

Blackthorn Furniture Ltd., established in 1995, is an independent family run business based outside Newry. Blackthorn make and install bespoke furniture and kitchens to order throughout Ireland using responsibly sourced timber and eco-friendly paints from Farrow+Ball, Little Greene Paint Co and Colour Trend. From their inception Blackthorn’s aim has been to exceed customers’ expectations in design, build quality and cost. The results can be seen at and customers’ testimonials. A recent commission in Dublin wrote; ‘‘Just a note to say thank you so very much for our wonderful kitchen. It has turned out exactly as envisaged and we are so impressed by your craftsmanship and quality as well as the smooth installation in less than a day. Thank you also for your patience and attention to detail. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you would like a reference site for clients living near Dublin.’’


Stand 2

Bioquell specialise in the design, manufacture and application of complete bio-decontamination solutions for Life Science and Healthcare sectors. Our hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology is effective on airborne and surface contamination. The process is fast, repeatable, validatable and residue-free.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland


RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Bioquell HPV systems can be integrated with facilities’ Building Management Systems for the decontamination of rooms/areas or with equipment such as pass-through chambers and processing lines. Whether retrofitted or integrated into the design of a new facility, Bioquell HPV bio-decontamination systems are fully flexible and particularly suited to GMP environments.

• Public capital spending programmes • P ublic sector procurement contracts, policies and procedures • E nsuring regulation is smart, targeted and effective • Improving access to finance for SMEs • E nsuring there are adequate skills to support growth • Enhancing the reputation of sector

professionally qualified Architectural Technicians, TCIAT.

Bioquell also provide bio-decontamination services for the commissioning of new buildings or after refurbishment works within an existing facility. Deployments are also available for facilities and equipment which require decommissioning.

CIF is member-led organisation through its 34 member Executive Committee. All members of this committee and other policy-groups are appointed from and by the CIF’s branches and associations. The executive committee directs a team of executives, subject matter experts and support staff in pursuing the objectives of the CIF’s committees, associations and branches.

The Clean Technology Centre at Cork Institute of Technology has been providing innovative and effective resource efficiency solutions since 1992. CTC is widely accepted as the leading waste prevention focused organisation in Ireland as well as being the oldest.

As well as decontamination systems, Bioquell have developed an isolation solution mainly targeted at hospitals with a lack of single occupancy rooms. The Bioquell Pod is a unique product designed to limit the spread of pathogens in open ward environments whilst offering visibility. It is individually tailored to any bed space and can be easily decontaminated. Equipped with an HEPA filter and specialist lighting, the Bioquell Pod can also be used for other applications where a quick-to-install enclosure is required. Stand CLOUDSTRONG 13 WWW.CLOUDSTRONG.IE

As Ireland’s leading cloud computing provider, CloudStrong works in partnership with your business to identify, design, implement and support the right cloud solutions to enable you to achieve your business goals. Our award winning team are always available to support you on your journey to the cloud.


Stand 42

CIF is the Irish construction industry’s representative body. All stakeholders recognise the CIF as the voice for construction because each sector and region are represented. The CIF successfully shapes policy for its members and focuses on:


Stand 37

Ciall is an Irish software consulting company, specialising in the implementation of Business Management (ERP) & Reporting Software for the Construction industry. Our solution, called 4PS Construct, allows Construction and Project Engineering companies to manage all aspects of their business incorporating Estimating, Project Management, Field Service, Financials and Budgeting. 4PS Construct is built on and integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a flagship Microsoft product with a large global customer base, significant R&D budget and impressive roadmap. Established in 1997, Ciall has built an excellent reputation for quality and professionalism amongst both our customers and partners. Our consultants are vastly experienced and have worked on implementations with many of Ireland’s largest Construction and Property Development companies. Stand THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGISTS (CIAT) 67 WWW.CIAT.ORG.UK

The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) is the lead qualifying body for Architectural Technology and represents those practising and studying within the discipline. CIAT qualifies Chartered Architectural Technologists, MCIAT, and


Stand 86

We provide cutting edge solutions to our clients, whether in business or government. We have a proven track record in environmental protection and resource efficiency in materials, energy and water. We have delivered highquality research outputs, original training programmes, as well as proven project management solutions for over 20 years to many different clients. Stand CLIMATE CONTROL 63 RENEWABLES WWW.CLIMATECONTROL.IE

Climate Control Renewables specialise in Renewable Energies with a focus on Heat Pumps, Heat recovery ventilation and heat recovery from various sources such as waste water, refrigeration systems, server rooms etc. We have been in business since 2004 and have a reputation for installing high quality, high performance heating and ventilation systems. We are main agents in Ireland for Heliotherm heat pumps and Salda ventilation systems. Heliotherm are an Austrian company producing heat pumps with the highest certified performance figures in Europe. They produce heat pumps in all sizes to suit from domestic houses all the way up to large commercial systems (5-550kw). They manufacture the most comprehensive range of heat pumps on the market including Brine to Water, Water to Water, Air to Water and DX heat pumps. Salda are a Lithuanian company that produces a large range of heat recovery and ventilation systems for everything from apartments to industrial buildings and with air movements from 200m3/hr to 100,000m3/hr. Climate Control can provide solutions for domestic

Exhibitors installations, developments, Commercial and industrial projects in both the new and retrofit market and in areas such installing Heat pumps for heating and/or cooling, using ground coupled boreholes to passively cool a building, Recovering energy from the waste water, recovering energy from the extract air and recovering energy from the refrigeration plant.

producing clean green energy to reduce your carbon emissions; Solar photovoltaic panels can also produce hot water, using surplus electricity, at lower cost and with no need for maintenance. Solar PV is now economically viable many industries with high daytime use. CIS WWW.CISIRELAND.COM

Stand 35

CIS is the leading source of business intelligence on all significant building projects in Ireland, North and South. We cater to all businesses that can lend their services to the construction industry including interior design and carpentry through to furniture and office supplies. Our highly qualified research team research valuable projects in great detail to ensure your business can make important decisions quickly and generate the right leads for your pipeline. 3,509 projects have been added to our dataset in last 100 days totaling €3.5 billion. Choose between our constantly updated CIS Online system or the printed CIS Report which is sent out on a weekly basis to our customers across all 32 counties. CIS Online is designed to let you dictate the criteria for your desired project leads based on what construction sectors you’re focused on as well as location, project stage and value range. Visit our Website for more information on our three great value subscription packages and why not avail of our online 7 day Free Trial to experience the time saving and lead generating power of CIS Online. Feel free to contact our sales team to discover what our elite project intelligence software can do for you. No other company can provide you with this level of business intelligence in Ireland. Can you afford not to try it? Phone: 01-2999200 E-mail: Stand CONSTRUCTION PV 30 WWW. CONSTRUCTIONPV.IE

Produce clean energy and improve BER ratings Our solar PVs are an affordable way of



Stand 46&57

Copius Group is made up of three distinct companies providing integrated services including recruitment, talent management, technical consulting services and training to companies within the Engineering, Construction, Energy, Manufacturing & Supply Chain industries. With offices in Ireland, the UK, Holland & the USA we supply services to clients on a global scale. Our values of Integrity, Empathy, Progressive Thinking & Passion For What We Do are at the heart of our business and our strength lies in the breadth and depth of our industry expertise, our use of digital technologies and our network of skilled and experienced professionals. Our mission is simple: we want to deliver the best client experience, adding value to your business and helping you create an engaged and exceptional workforce through the talent and skills we supply.


(CERS), and Construction Industry Retirement Trust Scheme (CIRT). CPAS has extended the range of services offered through its affiliated firm, Milestone Advisory Limited, who provide impartial and comprehensive personal financial advice to individuals in the construction industry both before and after retirement.

Stand 65

CPAS provides specialist professional pension administration services to the construction sector. With a dedicated, experienced and highly professional team, CPAS ensures best practice in key areas of pension scheme management and provides a comprehensive service to Trustees, Employers and Members within the construction sector. Clients include the Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme (CWPS), Construction Workers’ Sick Pay Trust, Construction Executive Retirement Savings

Stand 41

DAIKIN are the worlds largest manufacturer of Heat Pump technology. We have renewable solutions for all applications from Heating & Cooling, Residential, Commercial & Industrial. With manufacturing and product development centres based locally in Europe, and a number of Irish based component suppliers, we supply products designed and manufactured in Europe, for the European market. Our Irish representation office, based in Citywest D24, has provided pre sales and after sales support to the local market for the past 10 years.


Stand 17

A solutions provider of software, hardware, support, training, consultancy & consumables to the Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Facilities Management sector. As Ireland’s largest Autodesk Partner we deliver Autodesk software, accredited training & consultancy through our applications specialists in the areas of BIM for Building and BIM for Infrastructure. Diatec are Autodesk’s only Irish partner for BIM 360 platforms including Glue, Field, OPS, Plan & Layout & provide consultancy, implementation & training. Diatec are also Ireland’s largest HP Partner with certified support engineers for large format printing, plotting & multi-function systems including the latest high speed PageWide technology.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland


RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

As a total ICT solutions provider & being HP, Microsoft & VMware partners we can provide end to end IT solutions to our customers. We offer consultancy, procurement, installation & support on the full scope of ICT requirements including relevant workstations, servers & storage, cloud provisioned solutions, mobility & remote working, security, backup & infrastructure all relevant to the AEC sector we specialise in supporting. We can also provide specialist support for the deployment of Autodesk applications in a WAN environment. Visit – Call – 01-8530661 Email – Head Office – Unit 17 Seapoint Building, 44/45 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3. (Also offices in Galway & Cork) Stand DOWNEY PLANNING 45 WWW.DOWNEYPLANNING.IE

Downey Planning is one of the largest independent planning consultancies in Ireland. Our practice offers a unique and unparalleled range of planning, design and project management services throughout Ireland and the UK. The practice boasts an extensive skill set with decades of experience perfectly suited to delivering a professional service on every occasion. Such a service ensures that our clients, both within the public and private sector, are expertly guided through the ever evolving planning system. Downey Planning would be delighted to liaise with you to discuss proposals, and to demonstrate how our practice would bring addedvalue to any project. For further information on our extensive service offering, please contact us.


Stand 33

We are a supplier of Street Furniture and Traffic Industry related products, aimed at helping to deliver sustainable streetscapes and public

spaces which full fill our needs of today with an eye on the future Through quality of design and choice of premium materials, our collection of bollards, seats, litter bins, planters, bike stands, information signage and railings provides you with a choice of either traditional or contemporary design. Our aim is to develop and introduce the highest quality products by listening to the needs of our customers and actively seeking practical and cost effective solutions. We are committed to delivering great value and customer service. Stand DFM SYSTEMS 49 WWW.DFMSYSTEMS.COM

DFM Systems, a wholly owned Irish company based in Rathfarnham in Dublin, has been providing Digital Construction Documentation in many parts of the World including Ireland, UK, GCC Countries, New Zealand and Australia, providing a comprehensive suite of products for over 15 years. Our products and service include integrated software capable of managing CDE (Common Data Environment), Project Collaboration Platform, Safety Files (Project Handover Documents and O&M Manuals), BC(A)R documentation and PPM management and we have also created an integration with 3D BIM Modelling which facilitates a direct bridge between the 3D BIM model and the O&M manuals without overloading the 3D BIM model.


Stand 20

Founded in Veneto in 1975, DAB PUMPS has been operating in the motor-driven water pumps industry for over 40 years and is recognised in Italy and globally as one of the leading companies in this sector. With eight production plants and numerous local branches in Europe and around the world, DAB PUMPS has a multinational outlook whilst maintaining strong ties to the values of a local market.

DAB PUMPS offer customers a complete line of products that meet even the most specific and demanding requirements, whilst ensuring the highest degree of reliability. We operate and distribute into six key market segments: Residential building services, commercial building services, water supply services, swimming pool, OEM and industrial & waste water utilities. We are located in Bishop’s Stortford, UK where we manage all business activities for the UK and Irish markets. Across Ireland our representative, Neil Haigh, supports the growing commercial building services sector through consultants, contractors & distribution and can provide comprehensive technical information along with CPD’s for engineers. BIM REVIT Level 2 families are now also available for our very wide range of circulators, booster sets and pressurisation units. Contact Neil on +353 (0)85 7764836 for information. DUBLIN AND DÚN LAOGHAIRE Stand EDUCATION & TRAINING BOARD 10 WWW.DDLETB.IE

Dublin and Dún Laoghaire ETB was established on 1st July 2013 under the Education and Training Boards Bill 2012, as an amalgamation of County Dublin VEC and Dún Laoghaire VEC. It has a corporate structure which is made up of a democratically appointed committee and a management (executive) team. The administrative area covered by DDLETB reaches from Balbriggan in North County Dublin, to Dún Laoghaire in South County Dublin and Lucan in West County Dublin. The services we provide include Primary level education, Second level education, Further Education and Training and Youthreach in addition to other community based education programmes and services. All services are delivered at local level. Dublin and Dún Laoghaire ETBs target clients are: • • • • •

Students and/or their parents/guardians Adult learners Communities throughout the County Young people and volunteers A pplicants and grant recipients under the various student support schemes

Exhibitors administered directly by the ETB • Voluntary and Sporting Organisations

Empire Recruitment provides an intelligent recruitment service, delivering excellence and customer satisfaction. The team behind Empire Recruitment have a proven track record in providing excellent recruitment services to our clients.

Our Head Office is based at 1 Tuansgate, Belgard Square East, Tallaght, Dublin 24


Stand 53

The team offers a comprehensive portfolio of services tailored for every stage of a power system’s life cycle-whether it’s design, build, or support. Our services integrate and optimize the elements of a power system to make sure it’s aligned with business goals. We can help keep your power system safe, efficient, reliable, and up-to-date. EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND WWW.DUBLIN.TRADE.GOV.PL/EN

Stand 16

We are the first point of contact for companies looking for business partners in Poland and best value for money. If you are looking to buy Polish goods/services or move to Poland we will help you succeed. Visit our stand to get free and comprehensive information on business opportunities in Poland. We will help you find a supplier of competitive products to thus increase your profit. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

RECRUITMENT The experience and knowledge of our recruiters and consultants is proven, from the repeat business we receive from our loyal clients. Our recruiters do not run out the door at 5.30pm; we are available in order to be 100% sure that everything in our power is done to meet the clients’ requirements. We are also dedicated to remaining in constant contact with our workers on-site, this could either be a standard courtesy call, to make sure they are happy with their role, or even a face-to-face meeting on site. Our workers are very loyal and hard working, because the relationship between them and Empire is very strong.

Contact person: Przemek Buczkowski Address: 4 the Vicarage, St. John’s Road, Dublin tel.: +353 01 269 13 70 e-mail:

Empire can provide our clients with a wide range of professionals for your organisation, from administration to Director Level.

With over 23,000 members from every discipline of engineering, Engineers Ireland is the voice of the engineering profession in Ireland. Stand 74

TRADES AND LABOUR We provide the best available personnel for all trades, matched to our clients’ needs and criteria, at a competitive and reasonable rate.

Grasstec Geomatics offers a vast range of surveying services for multiple sectors, from the design and planning stages up to project completion and operation and maintenance. Using the state of the art equipment, Leica P40 and DJI Inspire 1 Pro, along with an experienced team, the information you require can be obtained with the highest quality and accuracy. What We Do: • Topographic Surveys • Drone Surveys • Measured building surveys • Point Cloud to BIM and 3D modelling • Point Cloud processing and registration • Point Cloud data extraction for plans, sections, and details • Surface models and meshes • Clash detection and coordination • Point Cloud fly-throughs and animations • Visualization and Marketing



Embassy of Poland


We are not just an average recruitment company, filling vacancies; our passion, in the successful delivery of a project from inception through to completion, puts us in a different category to our competitors.


We have been representing the engineering profession since 1835, making us one of the oldest and largest professional bodies in Ireland. Members come from every discipline of engineering, and range from engineering students to fellows of the profession.


Stand 92

G4S has the experience, reach and resources to meet the needs of organisations of any size, across all sectors. Founded in 1968, we are one of Ireland’s longest established security solutions companies. Over the decades we have continuously evolved and invested in advanced technology and we now offer an extensive range of products and services, from security and fire systems, to monitoring, cleaning services and patrol & response. With over 2,000 employees nationwide, our services are available throughout Ireland. Whether you have a single site or are based at multiple locations around the country, our experienced team can work with you to create a plan to meet your needs. At G4S we invest heavily in creating a bespoke security solution through to the creation of new product ranges that offer a more cost effective solution to our clients within the construction sector.

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland


RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Our bespoke security systems, complimented by our manned guarding, monitoring and support services teams, ensure we offer an all-encompassing service unparalleled by any other security provider. GCP APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES GCPAPPLIEDTECH.COM

Stand 94

GCP Applied Technologies, formerly known as Grace Construction Products, is a specialty building materials company providing waterproofing solutions for some of the most important and complex construction projects around the world including transit systems, hospitals, shopping malls, museums, stadiums, hotels, residential buildings, industrial parks and government buildings. For more than 50 years, customers have relied on GCP’s expansive product portfolio, innovation and technical expertise, customer service from needs assessment, design specification and all the way to project completion, value-added solutions and vast global network. As an industry leader, GCP has challenged industry standards with waterproofing solutions that protect the entire building envelope with products such as Preprufe®, Preprufe® Plus, Silcor®, Bituthene®, Adprufe®, Adcor®, Bentorub® and Hydroduct®. Its patented Advanced Bond Technology™ allows products to aggressively bond directly to concrete creating an impermeable seal that out performs conventional bonding methods that require a mesh-like interface to attach to concrete structures. High performance, durability and flexibility on site and easy application are key characteristics of GCP’s products that add value with cost and time savings. GCP is committed to developing market driven innovation technologies, optimizing knowledge, product performance and partnerships that build trust.

been designing, manufacturing and supplying efficient reliable heating products. The company is one of Ireland’s most progressive manufacturers in heating technology and has always been at the forefront of modern technology in their product design. Grant products include the award winning Vortex oil-fired condensing boiler, the Spira wood pellet condensing boiler, solar thermal panels, stainless steel and copper cylinders. And will be introducing the Aerona heat pump and Vortex Air later this year. Grant Engineering’s core focus as a company is to provide eco-friendly solutions to the problem of rising energy costs and CO2 emissions, in the hope that we can provide a greener future for generations to come. Demand for energy efficient boilers in Ireland has grown and Grant Engineering has been able to deliver sustainable, efficient and costeffective boilers that address the specific needs of their customer base. By developing products with a unique selling point and understanding that their customers across Ireland are very discerning – buying for efficiency and quality but also for aesthetics – Grant Engineering looks set for a dynamic future – delivering for customers and the environment. Stand GREEN CODE CONSTRUCTION 03 GREENCODECONSTRUCTION.COM

Stephen Grant founded Grant Ireland in 1978 by developing the solid fuel back boiler to address the needs of customers facing rising oil prices. For over 35 years now, Grant Engineering has


Grow offers a family of sales-specific assessment tools and consultancy services to grow your business. We evaluate your sales team, strategy and processes to pinpoint your challenges – and to identify your opportunities. With these insights, we can develop your existing sales team to make them measurably more effective and successful. We can also help you identify provably effective salespeople when recruiting. Working together, this trio of services can deliver sales results that are both extraordinary and sustainable. EVALUATE We deliver Sales Team Evaluations that are more accurate, more predictive and more scientifically valid than any other RECRUIT 92% of Sales People we recommend are in the top half of their sales team within 6 months DEVELOP We deliver actionable changes for your sales team based on our scientific evaluation of the skills, capabilities and behaviours of your sales force. H S &A

Green Code Construction was established in 2006 to provide high quality, efficient and reliable Home Improvement service to our clients in Dublin and Wicklow area. We are a dedicated team with a reputation for building strong relationships with our clients. From leaking pipe repairs, one room paintings, through bathroom renovations, house insulations to complete refurbishment and house extensions. The Home Improvement is a co-operative relationship between the client and builder. We endeavor to treat every client’s renovation as if it were our own. In fact, most of our business comes from referrals – our emphasis on quality workmanship speaks for itself. We have many highly satisfied clients who are recommend our services to their friends and families. Read our client testimonials and contact us to find out how we can improve Your Home.




Stand 15

Health and Safety Authority / The Health and Safety Authority is responsible for ensuring that approximately 1.8 million workers (employed and self-employed) and those affected by work activity are protected from work injury and ill-health. The Authority works with and helps businesses to ensure that they meet their legal obligations in relation to workplace health and safety. To help small business the Authority has developed a free, easy to use online resource called Use of will enable contractors to complete risk assessments and download a site specific safety statement for their business. Please visit our stand for more information.

Exhibitors regulatory and rating agencies, building owners, facilities managers, sustainability and energy managers, architects and engineers in their objectives.

University of Strathclyde, Hines International, Kennedy Wilson, Lend Lease, John Sisk & Son, Collen Construction, Balfour Beatty, MACE, BAM.

HGB DISTRIBUTORS was formed in 2013 as a sales agent, supplying Mira Showers, Rada Controls, and spares, to the heating and plumbing industry in Ireland.

We invest over ¼ of our turnover in R&D to ensure our analytical tools and industry knowledge stays the most pioneering and innovative.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we can now offer a wide range of products for domestic, commercial and industrial use in healthcare, education, sports/leisure, secure, washrooms, multi residential and commercial specifications.

We are dedicated to finding the best and most economical solution for all your showering and washing facilities, in whatever type of building you are designing, and offer technical support, on site guidance, and after sales service. We would be delighted to hear from you whether your enquiry is big or small.

IFS are leading specialists in Digital Information for the whole building & asset lifecycle, our software and value-added services provide a secure structure from Design & Construction Collaboration (IFS Projects Live™) right through to coordination & delivery of the projects close out & handover documentation (IFS Digital Project Manual™ – PRO) to the owner/operator. For each project/ client we provide and operate a quality assured process, a focused approach that achieves real results which provides a structure for your design & construction information to your project close-out & handover and compliance documentation.



Stand 26

Hilti provides worldwide leading-edge technology to the international construction professionals. Hilti products, systems and services offer innovative solutions with outstanding added value to customers in the construction and building maintenance industries. The headquarters of the Hilti Group are in Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Stand 70

A leading global innovator of integrated 3D sustainable analysis technology for the measurable creation and management of efficient, healthy and affordable builtenvironments. Our technology and consulting services uncover hidden cost, energy and carbon savings that support smarter energy-efficient choices across new building investments, building operation and refurbishment of existing buildings. We deliver unique tools and technology to assist


Stand 68

IFS is 16 years in business and has built up significant experience and knowledge in the delivery of innovative software and valueadded technical support services, our company has offices in Ireland, UK & US. Organisations specify our product & services for their new and planned Capital Projects to guarantee a high standard, customisable solution in keeping with the key characteristics of projects, current regulatory compliance and industry best practice for their building & asset information. Sector(s) Served: Transport, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Education, Sports Stadia, Health, Data Centres and Government. Geographical Market(s) Served: Ireland / UK / Holland / Germany / US Number of Employees: 15 Standards & Certificates: ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, Regional and National Enterprise Award Winners, ICT Product of the Year Key Clients: Bank of Ireland, FDI EMEA Data Centres, Microsoft, UCD, Manchester Metropolitan University, Mater Hospital,


Machines. Ideas. Solutions. About us Jungheinrich is one of the world’s three leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors, as well as the European leader in warehousing technology. Established in Hamburg, Germany, in 1953, our company offers the full range of products and services “all around the stacker”. Rather than taking the “one size fits all” approach, we focus on providing the best solution for the long-term profitability of your enterprise. Our approach to intralogistics is cross-industry and, as an active player in developing its future, we are committed to blazing new trails on behalf of our customers. Quality and commitment We are committed to responsible conduct at the commercial, environmental and social level. Our aim is to ensure lasting success and innovativeness on a foundation of sound profitability. Sustainability is a key component of our business strategy, tailored to the respective sector of industry and market. Sustainability We take on social and environmental responsibility. Sustainability concepts form an integral part of our corporate strategy — from conserving resources and developing energysaving products to long-term cooperation with a charitable, non governmental organisation.


Stand 11

Jurys Inn offer great value, stylish and comfortable 3-star accommodation in the very best city centre locations throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Great product

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland


RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Jurys Inn offers a great product that is tailored for corporate customers. Bedrooms are comfortable, well lit and spacious with crisp white linens, free WiFi and flat screen TV’s. All rooms offer spacious bathrooms with spa toiletries. Corporate customers can upgrade to executive or superior rooms which include early check in and a number of other extras. A wide choice of food and drink is served throughout the day in our stylish bar, restaurant and Costa coffee bar.

can help your business meet your bonding requirements. Peerless in approach, advice, innovation and impact, we’re confident our service will resonate with your goals.

City Centre Locations Located in major cities in UK, Ireland and Czech Republic, Jurys Inn hotels are easily accessible by major transport hubs and conveniently located minutes away from international conference centres such as Manchester Conference Centre, Dublin Convention Centre, Birmingham National Indoor Arena and Newcastle Gateshead’s SAGE.

Legal-Island is a multi-award winning employment law training and information company working in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Legal-Island is an Investors in People (Gold) accredited organisation, ISO 9001 accredited and has been recognised by EFQM with a Gold Star Service Excellence Award.


Stand 23

Excellent customer service We pride ourselves on our committed, well trained teams. All employees including the CEO have been through our customer training programme to be exceptional. Each hotel has a dedicated Sales team that is happy to discuss your business requirements and outline our extensive offering for the business guest.

We specialise in HR, employment law and compliance training and have recently introduced an online equality & diversity eLearning module within the construction industry, which has already been implemented by market leaders. Please contact debbie@ to receive complimentary access to our new leading edge eLearning software.


Stand 85

Lockton are the largest privately owned global insurance broker, with 64 offices and over 6000 associates. We place over €20 billion of premiums annually. Lockton Insurance Ireland was established in 1982 and we have offices in Dublin and Belfast, with over 100 associates servicing the Irish market. We are a leading insurance broker managing a middle market book of Irish clients. Lockton Ireland have a number of specialisms – Construction, Technology, Professional Indemnity for lawyers, Professional Indemnity for Insurance Brokers and an Insolvency division. We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new exclusive Surety (Performance) Bond facility to the Irish Construction Industry. We have partnered with CHJ Management and Amtrust, an A+ rated insurer, to provide this product. Please visit our stand to find out more and see how we


Stand 43


Stand 55


Midland Steel is the fastest growing reinforcing steel fabricator in the UK and Ireland. They offer an extensive range of reinforcing steel products and services to the UK construction sector in a diverse range of sectors. From CARES Approved cut and bent reinforcement and standard and special mesh products through to advanced 3D detailing and prefabrication services, Midland steel have the technical capability and capacity to supply any reinforced concrete project, regardless of complexity or size.


Stand 71

At Regan’s we understand the fast paced nature of commerce. We know that what you want from your legal provider is a fast and effective service, which will always deliver practical realistic legal solutions. We will ensure that all clients receive this service. As we fully understand the environment you operate in, including the restraints and obstacles you face, we always strive to add extra value to your business activity. We do this by using our experience to provide you with commercially sound results which look to the long-term success and security of your business. We will work hard to develop a relationship with you and represent your interests at every stage. Our experts are active participants in discussing issues affecting different business sectors, through the various memberships we hold to business and commerce organizations. It is the foresight and expertise which we gain through our involvement which we pass on to you, thereby adding real value to your business. Our Business Client Service has at its foundation the range of services that you would expect from a commercial legal practice. Our team has a wide range of experience on all aspects of residential and commercial development starting from site assembly and site acquisition.



Stand 36

Stand 5

Netcomm is one of Irelands leading providers of Communications and Network Solutions. We have specialised in the installation of Copper and Fibre Optic network infrastructure for over 25 years and have built up lasting relationships with our clients, allowing us to better understand their needs and expectations, and allowing us to provide the highest level of service and support. Our

Exhibitors experience enables us to provide complete Network and Cabling Solutions that fit your current needs, while also accommodating any future growth requirements.

We are Ireland’s certification authority for CE Marking and provide a certification service to enable business demonstrate that Irish goods and services conform to applicable standards.

Services: • Fibre Optic • Cat 6/6A • Testing & Fault Finding • Routers/Switches • Wireless Networks/Links • Phone Systems • Access Control • CCTV • Audio Visual • Smart Systems • Electrical Services

NSAI currently has over 10,000 certificates issued to companies based in Ireland including 500 to global medical device companies. NSAI’s divisions include Certification, Metrology and Standards.



Theft and vandalism are a constant threat to construction sites. Our Netwatch Managed Service is our unique end to end security solution. We eliminate all security worries from your mind, taking care of everything. We design, install, monitor, maintain and manage your security, creating a fearless environment for you and your staff. Utilising the latest technologies, proven across thousands of Netwatch customer sites worldwide, we have prevented over 40,000 crimes. Intervention Specialists direct operations remotely from the two Netwatch Communication Hubs, visually verifying the intruders and intervening with a live, verbal warnings – preventing the unwanted activity from ever taking place. We don’t just record crime, we prevent it.


Stand 110

NSAI is Ireland’s official standards and measurement body. Its aim is to inspire consumer confidence and create the infrastructure for products and services to be recognized and relied on, all over the world. NSAI improves the performance of Irish business and protects consumers through the setting of standards and issuing of certification in the quality and safety of goods and services.

Stand 72

available to inform our preferred approach, our choice of appropriate standards, and achieving the high quality of services we provide. As Chartered Surveyors, we are encouraged to deliver the highest level of professional service, and OBPA will take pride in meeting this requirement. We strive to differentiate OBPA services from the full range of surveying and mapping services other companies provide who attempt to be experts at everything. OBPA focus solely on a niche market supplying Property Boundary Surveying and Legal Mapping only. At OBPA we focus solely on our client’s needs, we do not take short cuts, and our approach is to be the experts for Boundary Surveying & Legal Mapping in Ireland.

ORS is a full service firm of engineers and construction specialists. We offer design, planning and management advice that is supported by expert guidance in energy efficiency. Our people are highly skilled designers, consulting engineers, planners, scientists and surveyors.

With offices in the East and West of Ireland, ORS has nationwide reach. This allows our people to quickly respond to on-site requirements and be available for project meetings wherever the location. The firm also has an office in London to serve our international project funding agencies.

Outlook Gardens create and build wonderful outdoor spaces

For 25 years, ORS has worked in partnership with property developers, estate managers, architects, solicitors, accountants and planners from both the private and public sectors. The evidence of our proven track record is in the quality of our award winning work. ORS is at the forefront of developments through ongoing up-skilling training for our people and tailoring our services to meet the demands of clients. Our service offering falls under five key areas: 1. Consulting Engineering Services 2. Building Surveying 3. Assigned Certifier 4. Fire Safety 5. Energy Services O’BRIEN PRENDERGAST & ASSOCIATES – CHARTERED SURVEYORS WWW.OBPA.IE

Stand 76

At OBPA, we strive for perfection. To enable us deliver this, we have the highest qualifications


that enhance people’s living environment. We take pride in making and nurturing only the best gardens, that will bring years of enjoyment and satisfaction for generations to come. Stand PROSYSTEMS 40 WWW.DAMP-PROTECTION.COM

KAZ d.o.o. is a Croatian company with offices in Zagreb and London, which is well-known in many European countries for solving rising (capillary) damp issues as well as afterflood building sanation. We are present on the market for more than eighteen years and our dedicated work has resulted with great experience that we share with our clients, and many references which are our greatest assets. PROsystem capillary rising damp elimination system using electro-osmosis has been successfully used for many years. This elimination system is extremely fast and efficient for damp walls affected by capillary damp. Especially in the case of floods, when capillary damp remains in the walls due to

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland


RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

waterproofing crack bridging. PROsystem is ecological, economical and does not require any construction work. PROsystem is suitable primarily for older buildings without adequate waterproofing, especially for facilities of great cultural and historical value, such as castles, manor houses, religious facilities, museums, and all other buildings regardless of their purpose. A large number of reference objects of invaluable cultural and historical value (including those under UNESCO protection) and satisfied customers confirm the commercial success.


Stand 39

PORTWEST (Charles Hughes LTD) are of Europe’s leading manufacturers of workwear, personal protective equipment and outdoor leisurewear. A family owned and run business, with over 100 years experience, Portwest are a tried and trusted brand, with products specifically developed with the hands-on daily experience of their customers in mind. From their Westport, County Mayo base, a team of product specialists and designers use traditional and cutting-edge techniques to ensure quality; investing continuously in the research and developments of new and innovative technologies. The ideals of functionality, durability, style and value are at the heart of the company.

Pa s s i v e B u i l d i n g S u p p l i e s


Stand 12

Partel have launched a range of natural and ecological insulation, ventilation, and airtightness systems to the Irish market, aimed specifically at the low energy building sector. Partel is the exclusive Irish and UK agent for the Ampack range of airtightness, windtightness, and building protection products. Ampack was founded in 1946 and is one of Europe’s most established specialist membrane and tape manufacturers. This range includes the award winning

LUNOS e2, one of the smallest heat recovery ventilation units in the world. The Lunos e2 system is not only duct free but can be used in both new and retrofit construction. PROPERTY EXPO 2016 – GUERIN MEDIA LTD WWW.GUERINMEDIA.IE

Stand 82

The Expo will attract a strong cross-section of visitors, from the seasoned investor with a large portfolio to the first-time buyer taking their first tentative steps on the property ladder. This event enables you to compare the products & services from over 100 leading providers of property and related services. The show will be packed with information, advice, offers & probably more importantly of all, exciting investment opportunities. A visit to the Expo is a must for those looking to make the most out of their property investments or those buying their first property. WHO SHOULD EXHIBIT • Architects • Auctioneers • Construction Companies • Developers • Development Agencies • Engineers • Estate Agents • Furnishing Companies • House Builders • Industry Associations • Interior Designers • Letting & Management Agents • Mortgage Lenders & Brokers • Overseas Developers & Agents • People in Property • Planners & Valuation Companies • Removers • Residential Investment Specialists • Solicitors • Surveyors This is a business proposition you cannot afford to ignore. Expert Advice An exhibition stand at this event potentially brings you face-to-face with 1000's of serious property buyers


Stand 32

QBS Software is a renowned software reseller, providing a comprehensive range of products produced by a wide spectrum of software publishers. Our core philosophy is to provide world-class customer service experience which stems from every aspect of our organisation from its leadership, vision, strategies, systems, customer relationships, processes and its people with particular focus on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism, staff commitment and technical support. QBS members initiate positive and long lasting customer and vendor relationships. Trust is earned through the consistent display of attentive consideration and delivery. By listening to customers, we show we care. By responding effectively to what we hear, we are dependable. We provide independent impartial advice and leverage over 25 years of data-gathering, knowledge, insight and expertise.


Stand 90

Revenue’s Mission Statement is: ‘To serve the community by fairly and efficiently collecting taxes and duties and implementing Customs controls.’ Our goals are to provide service for compliance, and to confront non-compliance. Our focus in attending this conference is increase awareness of tax obligations and responsibilities in the construction sector and to provide you with clear information. We will help you to make sure you are paying the right amount of tax and claiming your entitlements. Call to our stand no. 90, for information and advice on RCT, VAT, PREM, and our range of online services to help you manage your tax affairs quickly, easily and conveniently.


Stand 73

At RE:SURE we are specialists in remote CCTV monitoring using Advanced Video Analytics in order to protect your site and ensure for continuity of operations – both during and out of hours. Our core offering is that of out of hours Exterior Intruder Detection with Audio Intervention – where we visually identify people on your site when they shouldn’t be there, and intervene with real time audio challenges to make sure they vacate your premises before any damage is done. We offer a number of different solutions, based on the requirements of the customer – from straight up CCTV rental solutions to longer term leased solutions and access control solutions that help automate access on and off site. We also have two apps which can be used in a management and health & safety function. A current landmark project is Adare Manor for John Paul Construction. Here we are supplying a complete security solution which involves a rental solution with CCTV monitoring over a sprawling site of 5 different locations (with and without power) which is wirelessly linked, biometric access control for all contractors and sub-contractors and cloud recording off site. Other end users of note in the industry and beyond include Andrews Construction, Balfour Beatty, Kingspan, Kirby Group, McGarrell Reilly, Sherry Fitzgerald and Aramark. www. Stand RK SOFTWARE 66 WWW.RKSOFTWARE.SOLUTIONS

RK Software are a small dedicated software development house that build solutions for construction industry clients. Through requirements analysis, user interface design, software implementation, and business implementation, our knowledge of construction industry processes translates to unparalleled synergy between the construction client and the software engineer. We will be exhibiting our new widely available online SaaS solution, especially designed for specialist contractors (for managing their customers, installed plant, & projects) at the National Construction Summit.

Please visit our micro-site for this upcoming event and contractor’s SaaS solution at http://


Stand 96

Roomex is an innovative hotel booking system designed specifically for corporate travel. Roomex is an Irish owned company with over 400 global clients including many of the leading names in the construction and engineering industries across the UK and Ireland. These companies use Roomex to book their global hotel reservations saving time and money in the process. Roomex offers corporate rates at over 550,000 hotels worldwide. Each booking placed through the system is pricechecked against the best available rate at the hotel and we have measured savings of 21% over the past 12 months. Roomex also saves huge amounts of time by adding cost codes to the booking flow, issuing one monthly itemised bill for all hotel spend, providing access to live reports for complete visibility on spend and creating or implementing policy restrictions for your team. I cannot recommend Roomex highly enough – Musgrave Group Roomex completely transformed our hotel booking process – Sisk Group Roomex has improved our hotel booking process tenfold – Kirby Group Our savings are 23% which I am more than delighted with – Keystone Group Best of all Roomex comes with absolutely no cost, no contract and absolutely no catch. For more information visit Stand RUBICON HERITAGE 18 SERVICES LTD WWW.RUBICONHERITAGE.COM

Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd. was founded in 2000, originally under the name of Headland Archaeology (Ireland) Ltd before rebranding as Rubicon in 2011. Rubicon is a commercially aware heritage consultancy committed to serving the development industry. Over the last 16 years we have successfully completed some of the largest development led archaeological

projects in Europe, always on time and in budget. We work primarily in Ireland and the UK but have also worked in continental Europe. Currently we have offices in Edinburgh, Tewkesbury, Cardiff, London, Dublin and Cork. The company offers a wide range of archaeological services including consultancy, desk-based assessment, field survey, geophysics, building recording, architectural surveying, topographical surveying, watching briefs, site evaluations, excavation, outreach, publication and a variety of specialist postexcavation analyses. All of our services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We combine our considerable commercial experience and understanding of development, planning and legal issues with highly qualified and highly respected archaeological staff, enabling Rubicon to offer a unique service combining high archaeological quality with a product tailored to the requirements of the client.


Stand 61

Roadstone is the leading manufacturer and supplier of building materials in Ireland. Since our foundation in 1949, Roadstone has been at the cutting edge of the construction industry in Ireland and our commitment to our core values remains steadfast. Today we are as dedicated as ever to providing unrivalled product quality, reliability, innovation, choice, sustainability and customer service. Roadstone’s nationwide business includes the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of construction products including ready-mix concrete, aggregates, asphalt and macadam, mortar and plaster, concrete blocks and masonry, paving products, roof tiles and agricultural lime. The origins of Roadstone go back to the early 1930’s when two young Dublin brothers Tom and Donal Roche started a sand and gravel haulage business operating from Inchicore in the suburbs of West Dublin. Initially called Roche Brothers it later became the Castle Sand Company and developed steadily during the 30’s and 40’s. The brothers launched a new company, Roadstone, on the Irish Stock Exchange in 1949. They were supported in this venture by John A. Wood in Cork. In 1970 Roadstone merged with Irish Cement to become Cement-Roadstone Holdings now known as CRH plc. CRH now operates in 31 countries and are the largest building materials company

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland


RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

in North America, a regional leader in Europe, and have strategic positions in Asia.


Stand 31

Sika provides a full range of single-ply and liquid applied roofing systems through its market leading brands: Sika-Trocal® Sika® Sarnafil Sikalastic® MTC Systems Sika Ireland Limited Tel: 01 8620709 SIKA IRELAND LTD WWW.IRL.SIKA.COM

Stand 64

SIKA PROJECT SOLUTIONS Sika, the worlds largest producer of specialist building chemicals, has a very strong track record in Ireland, dating back to the 1920’s. Sika Ireland supplies a complete range of innovative products for problem solving in all aspects of building construction and refurbishment. FLOORING Sika Flooring Systems have been developed for a wide range of markets, including the following:


Stand 91

Sky is Europe’s leading entertainment company. The Sky group serves 24 million customers across five countries: Ireland, Germany, Austria, the UK and Italy. Sky offers the best and broadest range of content, delivers market-leading customer service and uses innovative new technology to give customers a better TV experience, whenever and wherever they choose. In Ireland over 2 million people tune into Sky channels each week.


When moving into their new home buyers want the best in-home entertainment, set up and working from the moment they turn the key. That’s why Sky is working closely with developers to get new home developments Sky TV ready from the start. Sky is offering a simple solution which means no individual dishes are needed on residents’ new homes.


Sika’s wide-ranging portfolio includes top-class elastic sealing and bonding solutions to meet all job site needs: SikaTack®-Panel System SikaHyflex®-250 Facade Sikabond®-T54 Wood Floor CONCRETE Sika develops and markets numerous admixtures and additives for use in concrete, cement and mortar production: WATERTIGHT CONCRETE SPECIALISED CONCRETE PRECAST CONCRETE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ROOFING


Stand 9

Our mission is supporting the growth and development of our member companies through relevant representation, networking and service provision. We will continue to be the voice of business in South Dublin County, creating an environment that is conducive to the creation of wealth and employment. Stand SOFTWARE SUPPORT 38 SYSTEMS LTD WWW.SOFTWARE-SUPPORT.IE

Are the costs of all your projects under control…?

A large proportion of Irish Construction companies are facing the following challenges: Are projects not generating the profits that the company owner desires? Do company owners worry about their level of liability for sub-contractors, who don’t pay their RCT? Does it take too long for company owners to get their hands on critical information, about the finances of their projects? Has your profitability ever been reduced because you didn’t attribute all employees’ costs correctly? Have you agreed special rates with a supplier and later discovered you’ve been overcharged? Are you over-paying your sub-contractors as you have no way of tracking the work completed? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we are be able to help you. Come & speak with Ronnie or Declan at Stand 38.


Stand 77

Surety Bonds is Ireland's only specialist surety & bonds intermediary. We set up the company as many of the banks and insurers moved to reduce their exposure, and we realized that in order to do bonds successfully as a broker, we had to specialise. As surety specialists we represent a large selection of sureties (insurance companies who provide bonds) and the real benefit to the client is that they have access to them all, we help to fit our client and the needs of their principal with the right surety provider. We are a sister company of Brady Insurance, a general insurance brokerage established in 1959, see for more information. Colm McGrath is the Managing Director of Surety Bonds, and we are based in the thriving town of Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim. Surety Bonds is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The experience and expertise within the company helps reduce much of the hassle out of obtaining bonds, as we deal with all regulated providers of bonds and financial guarantees. Given that not all providers will be interested in every enquiry, our knowledge

Exhibitors allows us to target those companies and underwriters who we know will be interested in offering terms. This saves the client or broker valuable time and usually enables us to obtain terms quite speedily. Stand TALENT PARTNERS 25 WWW.TALENTPARTNERS.IE

When companies are looking to identify and attract talented business professionals, Talent Partners tends to be their Recruiter of choice. The Talent Partners team is comprised of individuals who have consistently delivered outstanding results in their careers to date and are industry experts in the sectors in which they specialise. As part of MRINetwork, our company has a global reach with access to over 3000 recruiters worldwide and our recruiter team receives best in class training to maintain their status as recruitment experts. Our client list varies from global Technology companies to successful Irish firms who are looking to expand their global footprint. Talent Partners believes that a company’s greatest asset is top performing employees. Our highly skilled team is consistently utilising their market knowledge, skills and expertise on a daily basis to ensure that our clients continue to successfully grow and develop their businesses. If you want to attract top talent to your team, contact Talent Partners today; we will be delighted to share our success stories with you. Our key areas of expertise are ICT, Financial Services, Facilities Management and Contract Staffing. Call us today for more information. Stand VIVID RETAIL DESIGN 52 WWW.VIVIDRETAILDESIGN.COM

Here at Vivid Retail Design, retail environments are our natural habitat. From concept to creation, and beyond…. we are the one point of reference for all your store design, installation and fit out requirements. So all you need do is turn the key and begin trading… With our cutting edge designers and

capabilities, we can provide retailers with an unrivaled level of detailed concepts and visual representations, to show what your store will look like upon completion. Our business experts look after centre management meetings, health and safety files, certification and all the work behind the scenes that can be time consuming and costly for businesses. Our skilled construction and installation teams are leaders in their fields, and we only employ the very best, highly skilled craftsmen ,to deliver seamless fit outs with high quality finishes. Our mission is simple…. ‘From concept to creation, Ideas that spring to life’...


Stand 84

VFECTO Improvement Professionals will work hands on with your organisation to improve results. VFECTO work hands on with forward thinking organisations to deliver sustainable and lasting performance improvement and cost reduction projects, utilizing Lean tools from our Lean roadmap. We will save a minimum of 3 to 4 times more money than the cost of our services. We do this by using a strict project management methodology, primarily Lean tools and techniques, and experienced professionals who have moved from business into business performance Improvement. Our people have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in hands on business roles. Have a look at website to see more about what we do and a selection of case studies, and link though to our Linkedin Company page button to see members of the team. If you would like a no obligation conversation about any particular challenge you may have, then please call or email us on 047 37111 or 02890995966 or email us on


Stand 75

We design & build workspaces that help businesses work smarter Woodhouse is a family business that combines a reputation for innovation with a long history of excellence in construction. For more than 40 years Woodhouse has been helping organisations achieve high-quality workspaces that are crafted to their needs. Designing and building workspaces is about more than aesthetics; it’s about helping you achieve more with less. Woodhouse can help you identify your needs and build a space that is fine-tuned to support your organisation. We believe that your workspace should enable performance today while also giving you the room to grow. Your workspace should reflect your identity and your values. We design workspaces around the needs of the end user – so you’ll notice that every office, warehouse and medical facility we design is as unique as our clients. We’re here to meet clients’ needs, but it’s equally important to us that we do what we think is right, and to make a stand for what we believe in. Our freedom means we can hand-pick perfect furnishings for every client, without being limited to suppliers or manufacturers.


Stand 4

WIN|WIN are a leading operator within the specialist area of both Consumer & Employee Acquisition and Retention. WIN/WIN has evolved since its inception in 1998 from providing Discount Reward schemes in hard copy, voucher format to now pioneering multiple layered solutions on digital platforms. Typically large organisations with substantial target or existing customer bases work with WIN|WIN to develop bespoke promotions that either Acquire new customers (incentives to join/ interact with client schemes)

Summit 2016

Sustainably Rebuilding Ireland


RDS, DUBLIN - 15th June 2016

Retain existing customer (rewarding existing loyalty, spend etc.) Reward/Acknowledge employees (acknowledging team contributions to company performance) WIN|WIN in the majority of instances design a branded, digital interface (Mobile App and/ or Web based) for our client to showcase their promotion and drive high levels of consumer engagement. WIN|WIN reports in detail on all project activity at all times striving to achieve maximum ROI on behalf of our clients. WIN|WIN work with leading Irish organisations such as Bank of Ireland, Aviva, Nissan, Vodafone, SuperValu, Maxol, Heaton’s and Energia to name only a few. WIN|WIN are true extensions of the Marketing function of all our clients and proactively grow sustainable partnerships based on the success of our business model. WATERFORD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY WWW.WIT.IE

Stand 21


Stand 69

Xetec is a software technology company offering FlexMaint™ CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Software), and CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software, with associated training, implementation and support services. We also offer FlexDayta™ (Industrial Internet of Things capability (IIOT)) which further compliments the existing FlexMaint™ CMMS Software. FlexMaint™ CMMS is suitable for all enterprises and offers functionality far beyond the scope of existing CMMS software. It facilitates Maintenance Managers with all their maintenance requirements with our ‘easy to use’ software. The remarkable advantage to FlexMaint™ is the extreme flexibility built into the software, where you customize and control what you see on the screen. This flexibility allows you to take a step-by-step implementation path to design your ultimate system. It is cloud and network enabled, and offers both

online and offline capability. It is available on PC’s and all tablets and works with the browser on your iOS iPad, Android or Windows Tablet. FlexDayta™ (IIOT) capability provides control, monitoring and evaluation capability of data from all types of equipment and sensors. The solutions are highly versatile due to flexible I/O’s and multiprotocol capability, therefore dramatically reducing engineering and infrastructure costs. There are offices in Birmingham, United Kingdom, in New York, U.S.A. and in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland, with training facilities available in all locations. Stand MUTEC TRUCK & VAN CENTRE 108 WWW.MUTECMERCEDES-BENZ.IE

MUTEC, the Municipal and Utilities Truck Equipment Company, is an authorised Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealership. We are a division of Motor Distributors Limited, Ireland's largest vehicle importer for over 50 years. We have been operating from our premises on the Naas Road, close to the intersection with the M50, since 1995. We offer vehicles sales, contract hire and fleet management facilities. Our after sales service includes state of the art workshops, DOE test station, tachograph station and vehicle plating station. We offer Service24h, The Mercedes-Benz Europe wide 24 hour breakdown assist service. Our parts department stocks the largest selection of spare parts in Ireland for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. Our philosophy in MUTEC is one of total care. Our goal is to provide you with a professional commercial vehicle "whole life package" that meets your every need. We are accredited with the ISO9002 quality mark.

Visit the Actavo team at Stand 44

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