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March 2014 Volume 1 Issue 2

bringing the LGBTA lifestyle of Portland to light.


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PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


A word from the Editors

Dear Beautiful People, Here we are again, one of my favorite parts of Premiere is writing this editors note. I want you as the viewer to know that what will make this magazine so successful in the future is Premiere being constantly in touch and bringing you topics that are discussed day to day or not as much. This months issue definitely has topics that I would say are “avoided” or just not brought up enough in normal conversation. Read on and remember that a community is a group of people who share common attitudes, interests and goals. Together this community can be educated, safe, and beware the myths and truths we have out there. We in Premiere are going to be having our ear very close to the ground and constantly be there for the commUNITY to do anything we can to make it a better one. Now that I got that out of my system I want to stress how wonderful this Premiere team has been, constantly running all over Portland for photoshoots, re-shoots, interviews, events etc. Constantly chatting with new artists and promoting the hell out of this publication all while balancing personal life. Premieres team has made this publication beautiful. Thank you Aldo, Avishai, and Joshua for joining me on this project, I wouldn’t be able to do it without you. :)

Love, Bruce Ross Editor-in-Chief 4

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 1

With this months issue, I was very careful not to have the direction of the magazine move too much into a depressing perception pertaining to the cover story. Mainly because life isn’t meant to be depressing, neither is ‘Premiere,’ and especially if there isn’t the need to be. I first wanted to give people who have never been affected by somebody with HIV, the realization that we aren’t people who are sad. We all plan to live to old age, we have no idea when or how we’re gonna die, and that we are not in some other county. We aren’t taboo, we’re everywhere. We are your best friends, your brothers, your lovers, we are you. Inside and out, and the one common denominator that we all share is the one and the same gay community. We need to educate ourselves so history doesn’t repeat itself. We need to be more informed and accepting of those who do have a HIV diagnoses so we don’t have to keep our status in the closest. We need to be at a place where the relationships of a positive person is no longer a death sentence. We all deserve love and happiness, especially if it’s possible. But most importantly, I really want to thank EVERYONE who has helped promote #PremierePDX to the fullest and to everyone who helped bring this issue to light. A very special thanks to the ‘Premiere’ team, Bruce, Shai, Aldo, and Steven. Thank you for being such fabulous, talented, creative team who work great under pressure. Joshua DePoorter Creative Director

Andrew Shayde

Confessions of a

Party Planner by Andrew Shayde

Pictured: Andrew Shayde gettin’ crunk on three dollar wine.

Photographer: Horace Long

PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


Andrew Shayde

I’m the Special Events Coordinator for Cascade AIDS Project (CAP), which means I’m a professional fundraiser. I’ve been in the field of HIV/AIDS for almost a decade and have loved (just about) every minute of it. I believe it’s my calling to help people, my parent’s raised me that way, but I also love to party. I want to be Mother Teresa, but I also want to do keg stands. Mother Teresa doesn’t do keg stands. So how could I marry the two? In my case, planning events at CAP was the answer.

mother teresa doesnt do keg stands -Andrew Shayde

Pictured: Umpire Bolivia Carmicheals consults with Gym Bunnies Captain Andrew Shayde amidst an on-field dogpile.


PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

Throughout the year I work with a small—but killer—team to put on these events. Our broad range of events caters to people from all walks of life. I consider our events like a restaurant menu. We hope for diversity so everyone can find something they like.

PREMIERE March 7th, 2014

Andrew Shayde

I moved to Portland almost four years ago. My husband’s job brought us here, but I was ecstatic for the new adventure and the weirdness Portland promised. I soon was hired on at CAP and now sit at my desk in the furthest back corner of the office planning fun ways for Portlandians to gather and raise funds to fight HIV/AIDS. Life is good.


Andrew Shayde

Pictured: Mr. Shayde lookin’ smart at the Portland AIDS walk.

For all those people that tell me, “There’s nothing to do in Portland” or “I want to give back and get involved in the community,” here’s the honest run down of events I have a hand in and some good ways to put your money where your mouth is:


March 2nd - Hotel Monaco

Oscar Party


This event is coming out of the CAP vault. The CAP Oscar Party used to be a staple in Portland but disappeared for 13 years. It’s back. Dress to impress, sip cocktails and feel A-list. There are raffles and travel packages auctioned off if you’re looking to get outta Dodge.

The Toga Bar Crawl


March 14th - Scandal’s, Hobo’s, CC’s, and Silverado.

Our dress code is Greek Chic. Think gladiators, Goddesses holding grapes and chalice and you’re in the right mind-set. This is a personal party I throw which still benefits CAP, but it’s technically not a CAP-thrown event. We call these 3rd Party Events. No one loves costumes and a theme more than me. (I may need a support group.)


PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

Andrew Shayde

Pictured: The CAP Art Auction in full swing.


May 3rd - Memorial Coliseum

Art Auction


They say Portland never dresses up. Oh, but they do! “Cocktail Festive” is our listed dress code, which spans from suits to gowns to one gentleman who generally shows up in a light-up rain coat. At this soiree you can sample bites from 25 local restaurants, pony up to the open bar, enjoy fantastic music, and bid on 200 pieces of art. The CAP Art Auction is celebrating its 25th year after having started in the early onslaught of the AIDS epidemic here in PDX.

Bat ‘n Rouge


August 3rd - Erv Lind Stadium/Normandale Park It’s a no-holds-barred Drag and Queer softball tournament. From a concept popular around the U.S., four themed teams duke it out for the title of Champions. The teams usually represent outlandish caricatures in our community. I tell everyone, “It’s not a sport, it’s a show!” This year it’s all about Portland stereotypes as our Drag Queens dress as the Pearl Girls, the hot body guys play as the Sauvie’s Studs, the co-ed team is the Hawthorne Hipsters, and the lesbian team goes to bat as the Gresham Gals. Offended? Please don’t be. It’s comedy for a cause.

Walk Portland

September 6th - The Fields /Pearl District

The Walk raises around half a million dollars for CAP. Nearly 10,000 people gather, and the energy is electric. AIDS Walk day is like my Super Bowl Sunday. This year we’ve made some huge changes, including the logo, location, route, date, time, a massive amount of new entertainment, and on and on. (Actually, I can’t think of anything else we could’ve changed and didn’t.) But new energy and concepts are exciting. No? These are but a quick selection of events that help us to afford a space for our clients to feel safe in, have free testing available almost seven days a week, and a long list of more cool things CAP provides. So, are you like me: part Mother Teresa and part keg-stander? The good news is you can do both by coming to one of our events! Stop by and say hi—I’ll be looking for you.

PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


Valerie Deville

Pictured: Dragathon 2014 Champion, Valerie Deville. Photo by Avishai Micaiah

Valerie Deville Behold your new supreme

PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


Valerie Deville

G reetings my little dahlings, Miss

Sweetheart 26 & Dragathon Champion Valerie DeVille here. I have to begin by saying thank you to all of those who supported and rooted for me during Dragathon! Now most people are probably wondering what it feels like to win, and to be honest it feels amazing. And even though it was the second title I won that week, it has a different feeling since I put months and months of time and effort into Dragathon. The moment Ecstasy said I was the winner, a feeling of accomplishment came over my whole entire body and all that hard work finally paid off, literally. eople may think that my effort was not P on the same level as others and Iam going to

stop them right there to explain why Ideserved this title over others. First I came every week with a fabulous fully realized look each time my gorgeous heels touched the stage. Sure I didn’t have creepy crawlers coming from my eye (AMAZING), body paint or a homemade wingspan, but that isn’t my style. One reason I won was based on my consistency and being a fully realized character that didn’t need to use shock value or tricks to win.

I was 100% Valerie and this competition

taught me to always be ME. Not to be something I think would gain me more points, I did what I wanted to do and it feels so good to be appreciated for that. People now can look at something and say “That’s so Valerie”, which says volumes right there.

ow that I have won I am going to use the N money like a nice fur pelt and make a money coat. I still need a few thousand dollars so any donations can be shoved in my dress next time anyone sees me out. Other than that I am going to use the money to work on some fabulous things I have planned in the future so people will have to keep their eyes peeled!

Pictured: Ms. Deville, mere moments before her win. 12

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2


ly i a D e Th

dearest readers, As gay men in the twenty-first century, especially those of us in the more liberal parts of the country are aware of the numerous choices we have to meet other gay men. Choices ranging from gay bars, bath houses, queer groups and of course, with the advent of the smart phone — Grindr. Launched in March 2009 Grindr has revolutionized the way that gay men meet. Those of us who are linked into the app are more than familiar with the Friday night ritual/scramble to find someone to warm our bed for an hour or so, or if they’re lucky, until Saturday morning. Most of us are familiar with the conversations, their brevity or sometimes unfortunate length and resulting elation or disappointment. figure 1. a sample conversation hey hey

You’re well acquainted with the rest of the drill A few dick pics, a torso pic, you’re crank’s turned and you’re ready for action. That’s the ideal conversation, ideal hook up… But let’s be honest here. Seldom is the hook up ideal, the conversation bearable, you’re more interested in getting in, getting out of your clothes, getting off and going home. Not a damn thing wrong with that. Some of the guys you meet on there seem like they’re only worth the condom you put on as a precaution, so it’s usually best if you just love it and leave it. But sometimes you don’t even get the far. Be it because of unclear and ambiguous communication, an inability to commit to an hour of their time, or just not being able to keep someone’s interest (especially mine), there’s a multitude of reasons why I might just say “fuck it” (or not) and stay in cuddled up to my tablet looking at all of the Tumblr porn and XTube my little retinas can handle.

I’d like to list at least some of the reasons:

you’re hot thanks so r u got ne other pics?

Figures 2, 3, & 4: Actual Grindr mating attempts. 14

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

Mister Torso: we are all too familiar with Mister Torso, usually some designer undies, in the bathroom at the gym, or in his own bathroom

with a toothpaste spattered mirror reflecting those chiseled abs.

Sorry guys, at some point, the pressure’s gonna mount and you’ll have to come out, it’s better that way. I swear. Also, even Andy Wahol (Think Campbell’s soup cans and scuffed up Marilyn Monroe prints that every mod queen would just kill to have hanging over his sofa) said we’d all be famous for fifteen minutes. Unfortunately in the age of web pages like “selfie guys” on tumblr, you too will get your fifteen minutes of fame — if you’re lucky. It’s just a hazard of having your likeness in the great “Interwebulas”.

Certainly we’ve all felt the sting of rejection, face to face or otherwise — and like adults we pick up and we move on. But man Oh MAN — getting me primed to get down and then just dropping off like a boyfriend who’s too afraid to breakup with me for fear of the mighty tongue lashing and the puppy eyes that I’ve mastered over the years, is bullshit. Pony up man and lemme know that you found yourself a daddy who’ll throw you around or some twink who’ll submit to your will. But don’t leave me hanging…something as simple as “sorry, not tonight,” or “eat shit and die, we’ll run into each other awkwardly at Whole Foods and both avert our eyes” but in either case…throw a man a bone…or don’t as the case would be.

So Mr. Torso, if you’re terrified of being internet-porn famous, stay off these apps and go out to the bars or man up and post a pic of that handsome mug of yours. And remember to SMILE!!!

Mister I can’t tell you if I’ll bang or if I’ll go: This guy talks a mean game and has an arsenal of hot pics sure to tantalize and titillate. Your perfect finish to the weekend, he’s hung, with a hot bod and is into everything you’re into — and guess what he’s only a mile a way and game to host. You’re ready to get on your bike and pedal your horny ass over to his place for a moment or two of passion and then off to the bars or back home. WRONG!


While I’m certain that somewhere out there, there’s a reason for it, be it staying on the “DL” or not wanting your picture pasted all over the internet, I have to poke a hole in it…

This guy will lure you in, and say’s he’ll be ready in an hour — and when you try to get a hold of him, you get no response, you sit there staring at the screen like a 50’s love sick teen girl waiting by the phone for a call on Friday night. You look at the pics and wonder what went wrong, you message once, maybe twice just to make sure. And alas! You end up again, with the XTube and Tumblr with your hand and favorite lube.

Of course I can’t cover everything in less than a thousand words an hold your attention while thumbing through our issue of Premiere, but I can give you just enough to get you thinking, especially if you’re Mister Torso, Mister Drop off or even worse BOTH. Stay tuned… Steven A. L.

Figures 4, 5, & 6: Thwarted mating attempts made bearable by humor. PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


2014 POZ Man

The 2014 Poz Man

By Joshua DePoorter Photography by Avishai Micaiah


PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 1

Years after waiting and fighting, on September 14, 1989, seven members of international direct advocacy group ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) were able to take over the New York Stock Exchange by chaining themselves to the VIP balcony as a way to protest the high prices of the only FDA approved AIDS drug, AZT, while holding up a banner reading “SELL WELLCOME,” in reference to the pharmaceutical sponsor Burrough Wellcome. At the time, Burrough Wellcome put a price of about $10,000 a year per HIV positive individual. In an era when the majority of people infected were from either middle to poor class, if not homeless, this made the cost of living almost impractical for most HIV positive (+) people to fathom. The pharmaceutical sponsor eventually lowered the price of the drug, but only by $3,600 per year. Due to the still considerably high drug costs, lack of knowledge with both the public and with medical experts, this caused a new course of action amongst the American gay community, and how we view each other even to this day. As gay men, we naturally crave sexual relationships with one another. There’s the physiological effect of having access to partners that can make one feel the sense of belonging. But at a time lacking in treatment, HIV positive men would find other positive partners to bed down together with. This was not the result of a lack of HIV education but instead a result of it. Men testing positive were looking for other HIV positive men to date, eliminating the need for the conversation and battery of stigmatizing questions one may be asked at that time. So even if you weren’t going to live, you could still potentially find somebody to love and to love you back. Although research continued throughout the early 1990s, even coming out with a few breakthroughs, it wasn’t until 1995 when one of the biggest medical marvels regarding the treatment of HIV was finally announced. Medical science handed us new drugs called protease inhibitors, which when combined with two other drugs, were able to control the life cycle and movement of the virus. The drugs worked by first, making it impossible for HIV to replicate itself inside a human t cell, and secondly, by preventing copies of the virus in the bloodstream

2014 POZ Man

“IGNORANCE equals FEAR, SILENCE equals DEATH” “IGNORANCE equals FEAR, SILENCE equals DEATH” were the words chanted by protesters until they became embedded into an era and the minds of people today. to even enter a living human helper cell. After just a few days this caused large portions of the virus to die off resulting in an “undetectable viral load.”

Viral load is the number of copies of the virus in the bloodstream of an infected person, measured in parts per million or the estimated number of copies per milliliter (mL) of blood.

When a person’s viral load is measured below 40-50 copies, with some medical equipment being able to detect as low as 20 or less copies, the person now has an undetectable viral load. If an infected person consistently takes his or her medication their HIV is controlled. This means it’s no longer harming the immune system, which not only reduces the risk of transmission, but also helps to make the person generally just as healthy as somebody who is HIV negative. As the news spread that great new medications and treatments were becoming readily available, research began to demonstrate that HIV was now a manageable chronic disease. The face of HIV/ AIDS was no longer that wasted away, hollow look. It became a face that looks just like you and me.

PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


2014 POZ Man

Meanwhile, as the years have changed, the gay community has become more and more socially acceptable, allowing room for a new generation of gays. “The Gays of Today,” where both Poz (HIV positive) and Neg (HIV negative) guys can all coexist together—at least if you don’t ask and you do not tell. It seems that the HIV discrimination that is prominent in the Portland negative man’s life is sometimes a result of miseducation, or a lack of education entirely. It’s time to get up-to-date with the 2014 HIV Positive male. The present Poz man is not much different from the present Neg man, in the sense that the only difference is that the man with HIV has to take ONE pill, ONCE a day, EVERYDAY, and everything is perfect, right? Wrong! We both may be healthy, have a job, and have friends, but one of the things that does differentiate us is how we view and approach subjects such has love and relationships. Be it physically intimate relationships, emotional ones, or both, there are certain steps us Poz men must take that Neg guys are completely unaware of. For example, one of the more popular methods gay men use for dating and connections are definitely social networks like Grindr and Scruff, and that’s exactly where differences can start to begin. The 2014 Poz man has to make a conscious determination if he wants to select and reveal to anyone and everyone who looks at his profile that he is HIV+.

Top Left: "Curious" Watercolour on Paper. 11” x 14”. Right: “Protection” Watercolor on Paper. 12” x 12”. 18

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

“Am I required to put my HIV status on my pro?” “What if someone I work with sees it?” “What if I’m just looking for friends?”

These are all realities and confrontations the Poz man faces. Of course, there are your Poz men who never hesitate and will proudly wave their HIV+ flags, while others may want you to meet them in person first so you are able to get to know “Him” and not “His screenname with HIV.” This can all relate back to the fear the Poz community has of being rejected. Once a conversation has started on Grindr and everything is going well, you two say all the right things, or send all the right pics, they want to meet you and you want to meet them. That’s when it comes down to that pitiful moment when the Poz man has to snap back into reality and inform his potential Romeo by responding with something like: “Real quick, before we make this happen, I’m HIV+, healthy and undetectable, but safe only, cool?”

2014 POZ Man PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


2014 POZ Man

Typically, we’re honest and upfront, only to be slapped with a rejection based strictly off of our HIV status. And while everyone’s body is their own temple, and ultimately who you do or not let into that temple is your own decision and should be respected, it’s important to acknowledge what this is. This is serosorting. And failed attempts at serosorting are a leading cause of the contraction of HIV among partners.

Serosorting is the practice of using HIV status as a decision-making point in choosing sexual behavior, such as when a negative person hooks up with another person based on a false sense of security—an alluded to previous HIV negative test result.

The problem with this is, every time you have a new partner, your status is in question—safe or not. All gay men, online or in person, need to start being realistic and assume that everyone is Poz. Always protect yourself, regardless of someone’s actual status. Some Poz men already think this way. They will not disclose their HIV status either online or in person because they are tired or scared of being discriminated against, or they think since they plan on being safe and wearing a condom anyway, it won’t matter.

Unfortunately, this is the real world and there are also guys who have no idea that they have HIV/AIDS but still cling onto their passed, outdated HIV negative test results. The fact of the matter is, when you meet up with a stranger to have sex, don’t rely on the kindness of strangers. When the 2014 Neg man does end up meeting or chatting with a man that does reveal that he is Poz, Mr. Neg should consider himself lucky, as the Poz man who discloses his status knows of and will take the necessary precautions. When the Neg man does decide to let go of any fears he may have and actually attempt to have a relationship, either just sexual or long term, it’s natural to have questions and most Poz men love to educate. You just have to ask the right questions. Some HIV- men sometimes feel uncomfortable asking questions about their potential partner’s viral load, But this, in fact, is just as important of a question as asking about his actual HIV status. Let me explain. An HIV+ man who is NOT on treatment can have a viral load ranging from as low as 1,000 or less all the way into the millions per Milliliter (mL) of blood. Of course, the higher the viral load, the easier it can be transmitted during any type of exposure. But for the HIV+ man on treatment, he will most likely have a relatively low, if not an undetectable viral load. This can even greatly reduce transmission during unprotected sex. It reduces your chance of infection so much so that the FDA has made it available for doctors to now prescribe one of the 3 HIV medications to high risk, HIV negative people as a preventative measure infection. There are a lot of factors that determine if someone is considered “high risk.” People who want to have unprotected sex with their undetectable partner, sex workers, and even IV drug users can all benefit from this preventative medication.

2014 POZ Man


March 7th, 2014


2014 POZ Man

In spite of HIV being incurable, the other big breakthrough in medical science is PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), a pill marketed as Truvada. PrEP is another preventative method where negative men can take a pill once a day to reduce their risk of becoming infected. Granted, it’s been shown not to be 100% effective. However, the odds are more likely to be in your favor. Insured or not, negative men are able to get access to Truvada if ever exposed. For instance, if Mr. Neg was having unprotected sex with Mr. Poz, or if they were using protection and the condom breaks, Mr. Neg should see a doctor as soon as possible before 72 hours after possible infection. A medical professional will then be able to prescribe him with about a month’s worth of Truvada that can, and has shown, to prevent the HIV from infecting any cells and replicating. This allows your body to rid itself and declare it free of any HIV virus. It’s almost like the Plan B of HIV. Like Plan B, it’s not 100% effective. But some people believe Truvada should also be able to be purchased behind the counter at all pharmacies, too. The purpose of this article is not to give you the impression that you have to sleep with somebody who is HIV positive. It’s merely meant to show you the dangers and debunk the myths 22

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

that are associated with serosorting. Yes, I am aware that some negative gay men can only envision themselves, in the long run, with a man who has tested negative for HIV, not out of fear or a way to stay negative, but due to the fact that some people just don’t want to deal with the possible emotional baggage. Or simply, Mr. Neg just can’t imagine himself being in a long-term relationship where the entire sex life will always protected. Regardless of your decisions and reasoning to serosort, have it be based off actual facts, or your own personal feelings regarding the autonomy of your body. We, as the LGBT, positive or negative, we are ALL part of the HIV community. Once you realize the dangers that can result from serosorting, and see the benefits and the importance of condom use during anonymous sexual encounters, we may not be able to eradicate HIV completely, but we can at least try to eradicate both HIV discrimination and failed attempts at serosorting altogether. Let’s represent our community for what we, and all the gays before us, have fought for and what we actually stand for, and that’s


Sochi Sign Pictured: The Pioneer Courthouse Square “Mile Post Sign” pointing towards the city of Sochi in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. 24

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

Sochi Sign

Gay Pr opaga nda

Photobombing with Tolerance by Bruce Ross

PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


Sochi Sign Snow was quietly drifting down into Portland’s living room, covering the entire Pioneer Square in a calming blanket of white. There was no color in sight except for the small group of “colorful” individuals huddled underneath the Directional Marker. Smiling ear to ear, one wearing nothing but snow pants and a hat, another wearing a horse head and rainbow scarf, they huddled beneath five letters, letters which have exploded into a civil rights and a social issue this last past year. Those five letters being, of course, SOCHI.

Pictured: A Portland citizen smiles brightly while presenting a rainbow colored scarf beneath the sign post.


PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

PREMIERE March 7th, 2014

Sochi Sign

Pictured: Portland citizens gather jovially in solidarity beneath the sign post.

Russia has been under close scrutiny for its handling of tolerance, enacting strict laws forbidding the promotion of homosexuality to minors, as well as detaining tourists and foreigners suspected of being homosexual, lesbian or “pro-gay” for 14 days followed by expulsion out of Russia. With all the drama surrounding Sochi and the Winter Olympics this year, there have been quite a few solidarity statements popping up across the country and world. One right in our very own “living room,” in fact, was started by Portland’s Q Center and cocreated by QBlog Editor-in-Chief Logan Lynn and QBlog News Editor Cameron Kude.


Sochi Sign Titled “#SochiSign #GayPropaganda Photobomb Project,” Q Center started this campaign to bring attention to all the oppression that has been happening in Russia and to highlight gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and allied people in day-to-day coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Taking fun, light-hearted “outand-proud” photos under the Sochi street sign, they used hashtags like “#GayPropaganda,” “#SochiSign” and “#QueerPropaganda” to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, the KGW website and anywhere they were affiliated online.

Pictured: Two female citizens share an affectionate kiss in protest. 28

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

Sochi Sign

Pictured: Portland citizen displays his physique in the name of civil rights.

Pictured: Three Portlandians don a single rainbow scarf in the spirit of solidarity.

The outcome was beautiful; the message was picked up and was even highlighted in the Oregonian with Logan Lynn saying, “The response so far has been fantastic… This is truly a community-led, community-driven effort. Our hope is that LGBTQ Russian youth will happen upon one of our pictures and not feel so alone.”

Pictured: Portlandians amidst a snow flurry beneath the sign in Pioneer Square. PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


Sochi Sign 30

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

#GayPr opaga nda

Sochi Sign

Props to Q Center for their ongoing support of the LGBTA community here in a Portland, as well as worldwide; for standing up for the queer athletes and visitors visiting Russia, and for the communities in Russia that are still under the constant threat of harm.



Photography by

chase person Pictured: Portland icons Bolivia Carmichaels and Logan Lynn pose among friends with colorful camaraderie

Find out more about Chase Person and Portland Q Center!

PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


Wild Planet

Pictured: Ecstacy, Jayla, Isaiah (with producer Justin Buckles) from the Caravan of GLAM entertain radio gurus Bobby Harsell and Thomas Elizondo of Wild PlanetRadio

Catching Waves Surfing to the Sounds of Community Radio Wild Planet Radio is Portland’s NEW LGBTQ Radio Station. It is currently streaming online while preparing for an FM launch on 99.1 in JUNE 2014, the month of Portland Gay PRIDE!

Pictured: Thomas & Bobby; the heart of Wild Planet Radio. PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


Wild Planet

Reach out and get in volved, it’s YOUR station! Wild Planet Radio is a locally programmed LGBTQ radio station located at Q Center, Portland’s LGBTQ Community Center. We’re creating new content daily. Check out our podcasts online at We’re working on creating a news program, with an emphasis on issues affecting the LGBTQ community; locally, nationally and globally. Through the power of radio we will help continue to strengthen the fabric of Portland’s LGBTQ community & LGBTQ Communities world wide. Having an LGBTQ radio station for our community enables wider freedom of expression, the breaking down of isolation and, the celebration of our cultural achievements and pride! We are in the midst of our 10 stop Radio2UTour - check out ALL the sweet events happening in

Pictured: Jayla (left), Ecstacy (bottom), and Isaiah (right). 34

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

Portland over the next month. We’re doing a brunch at Starky’s, an Oscar Party with CAP at Hotel Monaco AND a BIG blowout at Portland’s TRIO Club -this event will feature a variety of performances, yummy adult beverages, trivia, dancing and more! FULL schedule of all our Radio2U Tour stops is at Our IndieGoGo campaign is live and we need your support. Consider a donation, which is tax deductible. Plus, we’ve got some really nice perks. You can donate at www.wildplanetradio. com -Bobby Harsell

Dear Bolivia: I like to go bar hopping with my friends, but I don’t like getting stupiddrunk. What are some ways to say no to alcohol at a club when your friends keep insisting we all take shots? Love, Sensibly Sober-ish

Dear Bolivia: I love seeing new baby drag queens running around town and killing it, but Boivia, how do you feel about the new surge of queens and where drag has evolved to today? Love, Draggle Rock

Ask Bolivia Dear Sensibly Sober... ish,

Dear Draggle Rock,

Everyone respects the designated driver. The easiest way is to say “Oh thank you, but I’m the designated driver tonight. You could buy me a Coke...”

I remember back in the 90s, having a conversation with Robert Thomas, and asking him “what’s happening to drag?” and “Is the art of drag dying?” I was worried for a while, but with this new surge of beauties bringing fantastic new talents, and teaching us new facets of drag, I’m not only excited, I’m encouraged and inspired. I can’t wait to see them only five years from now! Don’t you agree?

Be honest with your friends at the beginning of the night. Let them know you’re not drinking tonight, and if they push the situation go hang out with some other people for a while. Does that help? 36

PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 1


s l e a h c i m r a C Bolivia

J. Bernards

I did it for the nookie

An intimate sit-down with Jedadiah Bernards

Photography & Interview by Avishai Micaiah When he isn’t composing the music for an upcoming documentary on Jinkx Monsoon, or uploading free music to jedadiahbernards, Jedadiah Bernards is a Portland staple. You’re as likely to run into him in Silverado’s as you are the Pearl Room at Powell’s, or maybe just wandering around downtown. (“It’s my Zen time,” he says.) He’s recorded with the band Horse Feathers and musician Peter Broderick, he plays an average of 2-3 shows a month, and he’s about to release his second album, “Small Articles For Piano,” with independent Southampton label Awkard Formats. It’s gearing up to be a busy year for Jedadiah, so Premiere sat down with him to discuss the interesting trajectory his career is making, what inspires him, and any dirty little secrets we could uncover. Pictured: A portrait of the artist, Jedadiah Bernards. PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


J. Bernards

First off, let’s get the usual stuff out of the way. Briefly describe your musical career, from the first instrument you bonded with to where you are today. My music career started when I was in the 4th grade, with the trombone… oddly enough. I was the last student to arrive to the band room, to pick an instrument. It’s JUST brass instruments left, and I picked the same instrument as this boy I had a crush on, just so I could sit next to him. Somehow, my trombone ended up getting left out in the track field, which inspired this intense reaction from Liz Crockett, my band teacher. Since it had rusted over, she made me play piano in our band classes. I was able to ear my way through all of my trombone music, and even build over it… occasionally making band class a personal diva piano concerto. Liz took a huge interest in my abilities, and remained a light in the dark for me, through my high school years and even college. My ruined trombone hangs up on her wall, to this very day. That’s… very moving. Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you? Two: Chet Baker’s rendition of “Like Someone In Love” and “Bird as Prophet” by Robert Schumann. In a way, they are my own personal theme songs. Wandering, a little clumsy, love-drunk and almost too serious. You released your first album, “Two Poems/ Piano,” in Norway. How did that come about? Christian Elderfors, who funded the imprint, contacted me after Peter Broderick posted a song we collaborated on to the Web. He wanted nothing over 5 minutes of music, and two songs. I was reading a lot of poetry by Mary Jo Salter at that time, and took some inspiration from the pieces as small musical poems. Only 100 physical copies were made. Some artists embrace the identity of a “queer artist.” While totally recognizing that “sexual orientation” itself is a loaded — and in some ways limiting — term, is there a label you like to use? Do you prefer to tie this label to your music? I feel lucky as a queer artist, to be able to explore and glean experiences from an alternative lifestyle. While I don’t think I write “gay music,” I know that my personal struggles as a gay man and the joy of being in the community of queerness in my themes and emotional Pictured: The show Pioneerup Courthouse Square “Mile Post Sign” pointing towards the city of Sochi in two Krasnodar Krai,songs,” Russia. landscapes. Going back to my “theme


PREMIERE Volume 1 Issue 2

I think my musical process can at times come from infatuated or sensually charged times; boys I used to know, or currently crush on from the sidelines. Other times, it’s from an isolated and stoic headspace. Your music could be described as very cinematic in scope and feel. What film score would you say has influenced you the most? Hands down, the Miles Davis score to “Elevator to The Gallows.” But which Disney movie has the best music? Sleeping Beauty. Every damn lil’ nugget in that movie is fun to cover or sing in the shower. You must be excited to see Malificent. I can’t wait to see Malificent! I think it’s beautiful that we might get to see another side to a villain, maybe what pushed her to become so hurt and so cold. I don’t see why she can’t just be a bitch because, you know, it’s more fun. If you hadn’t been born in this century, where and when would you have liked to live? I would have been Cole Porter’s houseboy in the late 1920s. Would have done the damn dishes and put out, just to pal around on some crazy “Anything Goes” adventures. His parties were extravagant and scandalous. I can imagine being gay pre-AIDS while having a ton of money and talent was a lot of fun. But he died an amputee, of liver failure. So I guess the lifestyle catches up to you, one way or another. It’s tragic to me that he never wrote another song, in the six years he had left after his amputation. Maybe all of his talent was in that leg. Like a piece of Lord Voldemort’s soul hidden in a horcrux. Ha! I hope all of mine isn’t trapped in an appendage! Who were you, or would you be nervous to meet? Whoever had to clean my room at Steam last weekend... and Martha Argerich. She is my spirit animal.

J. Bernards

What if Martha Argerich had to clean your room at Steam last weekend? I would give her a HUGE tip.

Pictured: Jedadiah playing music in his private getaway. PREMIERE March 7th, 2014


J. Bernards While we’re on the topic of Steam, I try to make it a priority when interviewing someone to uncover as many dirty little secrets as possible. It’s the Scorpio in me. So let’s hear it. Most private thing you’re willing to admit? I watched “Dear John,” and it made me cry like a baby. Is that the one where Karen from “Mean Girls” falls in love? Yep. That sounds hilarious. Where would you like to find yourself in ten years? Actively engaged with youth music programs, bringing light to other strange and lovely souls in the world, the same way Liz did for me.

Thanks for sitting down with us Jed. Best of luck on all your endeavors this year. Any last words? What do you want your tombstone to say? “I did it for the nookie.”

Pictured: A pensive Jedadiah leaning against the wall. 40

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