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The More Things Change, The More Others Stay…Better

Vol. 22, No. 1 February 2012 Editorial & Advertising Office

621 Plainfield Road, Suite 406 Willowbrook, IL 60527 P 630.794.0696 • F 630.794.0652

Publisher – Jeffrey Gayduk

Managing Editor – Randy Mink Senior Editor – Dave Bodle

I’M prOud Of whaT we do here at

sites, which means you’ll find a great

Leisure Group Travel, but it doesn’t

cross-section of group tour, religious,

mean we can’t improve. It’s an issue we

student, girlfriend, niche and special-in-

tackle daily as we compile your maga-

terest itineraries.

zine and companion website. So as we

Director, Design & Production – Robert Wyszkowski

InSite, our brand of e-newsletters for

usher in our first edition of the year, you

group travel, student & youth travel, reli-

will notice some subtle design enhance-

gious, cruise and sports event planning,

ments and a sharper focus to our edito-

has a new look for 2012. We’ve made

rial coverage. For example, fonts have

the design more user-friendly, removing

been updated throughout the magazine

some ads to focus on content and adding

– creating a fresher, more inviting look.

interactive elements like surveys and

Northeast & Eastern Midwest/Canada – Harry Peck

Links to online articles that support the

web polls. Subscribe to any of our InSite

print content are more prevalent, and

e-newsletters free of charge by visiting

P 440.334.7928 • F 630.794.0652

our special-interest editorial coverage and clicking

has taken on a fresh new look. (See

on the Subscribe tab.

“10 Top Factory Tours,” page 16.)

Our niche market directories are

The true test of a magazine’s quality

an easy way to find new destinations

is not a pretty cover, but what’s inside.

and group-friendly hotels, attractions

That’s where Leisure Group Travel

and service providers. This spring

shines. While the competition chooses

we’re unveiling the second update to

glossy covers and advertiser-sponsored

our directory platform in less than a

content disguised as editorial coverage,

year. We’re incorporating features like

we’ve doubled down on our commitment

Click to Call and making them mobile

to create useful content that helps you


build better groups. There’s a time and

As much as I’m still a print guy, I

place for advertorial, and Leisure Group

have seen the future and the age of

Travel’s editorial isn’t the place. We

digital transformation is upon us. Our

continue to invest our resources into

purpose is to marry this great content

creating unique content based on our

with technology, making it easy for you

experience in planning group trips. This

to conceive, design and execute great

you can rely on.

group travel programs.

2012 – The Year of Online

ship – best to you in 2012.

I thank you for your continued readerOn Jan. 3 we debuted our latest planning website, We

Happy Traveling,

know how important sample itineraries

P 630.794.0696 • F 630.794.0652

Mid Atlantic – Ellen Klesta

P 630.794.0696 • F 630.794.0652

Southeast/West Coast – Cheryl Rash

P 563.613.3068 • F 815.225.5274

Southern – Dolores Ridout P/F 281.762.9546 Florida & Caribbean – Prof Inc. P 813.286.8299 • F 813.287.0651 The publisher accepts unsolicited editorial matter, as well as advertising, but assumes no responsibility for statements made by advertisers or contributors. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information published, but the publisher makes no warranty that listings are free of error. The publisher is not responsible for the return of unsolicited photos, slides or manuscripts.

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are to your planning, so we’ve created a


All rights reserved. Materials may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher.

one-stop-shop for researching worldwide trip ideas. is in-

Jeff Gayduk, Publisher

tegrated throughout our network of

4 February 2012

Regional Sales Managers Illinois – Jim McCurdy

On My Mind  

Send Address Change to: Leisure Group Travel(ISSN-1531-1406) is published Southeast/West Coast– Cheryl Rash P 630.794.0696• F 630.794.0652 j...

On My Mind  

Send Address Change to: Leisure Group Travel(ISSN-1531-1406) is published Southeast/West Coast– Cheryl Rash P 630.794.0696• F 630.794.0652 j...