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Vol. 4, No. 1, 2013 Edition


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Your Organization Can Plan An Event


Covering all the bases


10 Selecting Or Creating An Event Ideas for bringing a tournament to your community

12 Selecting A Competition Venue Choosing the right facility for your event

14 Event-Planning Timetable This calendar will keep your event on-track

16 Jobs To Be Done Detailed responsibilities covering Administrative, Venue and Competition

20 Budgeting For Events It’s all about the money

22 Event & Venue Checklist The devil is in the details

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24 Communication & Marketing Tips on how to drive attendance and get them back next year

26 Volunteers: A Key Ingredient To Success Organizing a volunteer program to support your event

28 Merchandise For Your Event Explore the revenue potential of T-shirts

30 Critical Incident Response Plan Preparing for emergencies

32 Event Forms: More Paperwork Lists and forms keep everyone organized

34 After-Action Summary Give your event a critical analysis Photo courtesy of © Schmid Article images courtesy of © 2012 JUPITERIMAGES Corporation

ABOUT OUR WRITER BILL HANSON Bill Hanson is a founder of San Antonio Sports, an organization established in 1984 as the San Antonio Amateur Sports Foundation. He has been involved in all aspects of sports commission administration, operations, fundraising, bidding and facility development. His event management experience includes the multi-sport competitions the AAU Junior Olympic Games, the U.S. Olympic Festival and the State Games of Texas. He has organized individual competitions for the 1984 and 1996 Olympic Games, the Pan American Games, the Goodwill Games and numerous NCAA, NGB, local youth competitions and events created by San Antonio Sports. Bill is a past chairman of the National Association of Sports Commissions.


Your Organization Can Plan an Event S

years of event management experience, trial

own event? You can, and you don’t

and error, success and failure. There is a

need one of those high-priced Yellow Pages

great deal of flexibility built into each tool

event planners. There are certainly items

so that it can be formatted to fit the specific

needed and decisions to be made, but it all

needs of your event and organization. Every

boils down to details and common sense.

event that San Antonio Sports has conducted

o your organization wants to run its

The purpose of this edition of Sports

Editorial & Advertising Office 621 Plainfield Road, Suite 406 Willowbrook, IL 60527 P 630.794.0696 • F 630.794.0652

Publisher – Jeffrey Gayduk

Managing Editor – Randy Mink

in the past 20 years has its organizational

Planning Guide & Directory is to assist you

beginning with the Event and Venue

with identifying those details in the various

Checklist. Non-applicable items are deleted

stages of planning. It should be noted, how-

and others are added until the checklist

ever, that there is a major difference between

properly fits the event and the venue.

the effective planning of an event and the effi-

Vol. 4, No. 1, 2013 Edition

Most rights holders also have developed

cient conduct of it. All of the pretty budgets,

such lists for Local Organizing Committees

org charts and detail lists won’t mean much

that conduct their events. This not only assists

if your staff fails to properly execute, and it is

the LOC with its preparations, but it assures

most certainly that game-day operation that

the rights holder that the event will be organ-

matters most to participants, spectators and

ized and conducted according to its stan-

There is a major difference between the effective planning of an event and the efficient conduct of it. rights holders. A well-conducted event that

dards. But, if you’re starting from scratch

has all of the pieces smoothly fall into place

and doing it yourself, this edition is for you.

Contributing Writer Bill Hanson

Director, Design & Production – Robert Wyszkowski

Sports Marketing & Sales Manager – Jim McCurdy

The publisher accepts unsolicited editorial matter, as well as advertising, but assumes no responsibility for statements made by advertisers or contributors. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information published, but the publisher makes no warranty that listings are free of error. The publisher is not responsible for the return of unsolicited photos or manuscripts.

will not only become a lasting memory for

It is also very appropriate that I credit

everyone involved but, more importantly,

some folks with whom I’ve had the pleasure

throws wide open the door to future events.

of associating over the years, and from

The reputation your organization earns

whom I learned a great deal about the details

reflects on your community and becomes the

of event management. There were many,

magnet needed to attract more and bigger

but Greg Harney, Jack Kelly, Connie Israel

events or to further the growth of your

and Joe Freddoso stand out as I worked

Send Address Change to:

ongoing event.

with them at Olympic and Pan American

Premier Tourism Marketing, Inc. P.O. Box 609, Palos Heights, IL 60463

Okay, now back to the basics. This edition is intended to provide the tools needed by

Games and U.S. Olympic Festivals. I certainly welcome feedback on this

a small sports organization that wants to

edition of Sports Planning Guide & Directory

conduct an event in a local venue, such as a

and will be happy to add items where

youth soccer, Little League baseball, softball

appropriate. You may contact me at

or basketball tournament, just to name a or 210-820-2100.

few. Veteran event planners likely will have a “been there, done that” response, and

Sports Planning Guide & Directory (ISSN 2153-4179) is published annually by Premier Tourism Marketing, Inc., 621 Plainfield Rd., Suite 406, Willowbrook, IL 60527. Postage paid at Willowbrook, IL and Lebanon Junction, KY. The magazine is distributed free to sports events organizers. Single copies for all others is $9.95




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understandably so. All of this material has been formatted and revised through 40-plus 8

Sports Planning Guide & Directory

Bill Hanson

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Selecting or Creating an Event


ith the continuous increase in sports participation there has been a parallel increase in the

number of rights holders that offer national tournaments. There is only one National Governing Body for each Olympic sport, but numerous organizations and individual promoters are looking for communities to host their annual tournaments. Youth soccer, baseball, softball, basketball and other organizations that have their own facilities will very likely stay within their own sanctioning organization when looking for a national tournament. Extensive research is necessary when considering a national tournament, especially if the rights holder or promoter


is unknown to your organization. Is the rights fee reasonable or exorbitant? Can they deliver the number of teams promised? What is their track record in other communities? There are instances where a community depended upon visiting teams to generate revenue to cover the rights fee, only to discover that the majority of teams were local and not producing hotel nights.

If your organization has its own facility or has a great relationship with a facility, think about these reasons to start your own event:

❑ You have total control of the event. ❑ It can fill a hole in your season schedule.

❑ There is no sanction fee paid to a rights holder.

❑ It can fill a hole in the local hotel

Extensive research is necessary when considering a national tournament, especially if the rights holder or promoter is unknown to your organization. The first option in contracting an out-

schedule and season, and provide some favorable rates.

❑ It provides an opportunity to attract out-of-town visitors and opens up sponsorship opportunities.

❑ Your local teams save travel expenses. ❑ It can provide off-season revenue for your facility or organization. A facility can also find a great deal of variety among potential created events:

❑ You might create an event that is

side event is to create your own. Sports

not specific to your sport but fits

commissions across the United States

into your facility.

❑ Off-season baseball and softball fields can conduct Frisbee and kick ball tournaments.

❑ A gymnasium with down time from basketball or volleyball can create badminton, table tennis or martial arts events.

❑ Soccer complexes can conduct any number of field events, such as lacrosse, flag football, ultimate Frisbee and rugby.

❑ Disabled and Paralympic sports are always looking for available facilities.

❑ Charity events such as 5k & 10k runs and festivals can fill a weekend schedule gap.

❑ There are any number of activities that can be staged in parking lots. “Imitation is the best form of flattery,” so don’t be afraid to look at other communities and see if a successful event there might just fit your community, and then create one.

are doing just that. 10

Sports Planning Guide & Directory

Selecting a Competition Venue


he selection of a competition venue is just as important as the event budget and event date. The

facility must not only meet the projected competition needs of the event, but it must be available on specific dates and it most certainly plays a major role in formatting the budget. Of lesser importance might be its location in relation to hotels, airports or downtown areas. The competition needs and the available dates can be answered before visiting the facility. If it is available when

Aside from in-house staffing, many facilities have specific requirements about security, medical, merchandise and concessions staffing.

desired, and has the needed number of playing areas and seating, then it’s time to tour it and talk details and money. The checklist for both of these items is found in the Event & Venue Checklist (page 22), and it should be reviewed thoroughly before making the visit. The event organizer who submits a detailed list of needs and requests to the facility will not be subject to last-minute surprises. It is important to identify what is needed in the facility, and the cost attached to each item. Identifying the areas for support functions such as ticketing, merchandise, concessions, medical, meeting areas and so on is just as important as the playing areas. The rental of the venue is most often a stand-alone cost, and

be included

only be familiar with the facility’s

in the daily

policies but should have its own plans.

rental rate. Some facilities may charge for parking and keep that revenue themselves. Aside from in-house

Most facilities have policies for bad weather as they do not want their fields torn up during a rain storm, and some may even stop play due to nearby lightning. A Critical Incident Response Plan

the additional needs are add-ons. Field

staffing, many facilities have specific

needs to consider individual medical

striping, field lighting, public address

requirements about security, medical,

emergencies and major incidents such

system, air conditioning and restroom

merchandise and concessions staffing.

as bleacher collapses and facility fires, and key organizing committee staff and

janitorial are just a few examples of

The most overlooked areas are those

some additional charges, so do not

of critical incident response and weather,

facility staff need to coordinate reactions

assume that everything in the facility will

and the event organizer should not

to them. â–


Sports Planning Guide & Directory

S p o r t s L a k e C o u n t y. c o m

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Event-Planning Timetable


he creation of a detailed timetable is very important to the efficient planning and organizing of the event,

but following that timetable and completing the tasks is absolutely crucial to the success of the event. It is a certainty that many unexpected tasks will pop up in the final days of preparation and on the first day of competition. If there remains a number of timetable items yet to be completed, that’s when the frantic activity begins and delays occur. But if all those tasks have been completed according to plan, then there is time to put out the fires and keep the event running smoothly. The most common bad memory of any competition is that it didn’t start on time. ■ TIMELINE OVER 1 YEAR

❑ Determine interest in doing the event ❑ Locate and confirm a venue ❑ Determine financial feasibility: Budget ❑ Set a date 6-12 MONTHS

❑ Identify jobs to be done ❑ Form an organizing committee ❑ Event schedule ❑ Devise a marketing plan ❑ Finalize venue contract ❑ Secure hotel(s) if needed ❑ Define details for each job ❑ Registration process defined ❑ Website opened ❑ Mailing lists collected 1-6 MONTHS

❑ Tickets printed ❑ Medical plan: ambulance, trainers, physician, hospital

❑ Venue equipment ordered: tents, toilets, ice, copier, phone/DSL lines, radios

❑ Logistics plan (where does the equipment go)

❑ Venue diagram ❑ Competition equipment 14 Sports Planning Guide & Directory

❑ Competition staffing ❑ Athlete beverages ❑ Insurance coverage ❑ Merchandise plan ❑ Sponsorships ❑ Volunteer recruiting ❑ Promotional posters ❑ Event signage ❑ Volunteer T-shirts, polos

❑ Ice order ❑ Logistics form ❑ Petty cash and change funds ❑ Staffing phone card ❑ Pickups and deliveries ❑ Public address script ❑ Sound system check ❑ Tools and supplies ❑ Volunteer list ❑ Directional signage ❑ Hospitality area ❑ Parking lot setup ❑ Radio distribution plan ❑ Reception ❑ Sponsor banners installed ❑ Venue signage ❑ Teardown plan



❑ Venue meeting & walk-through ❑ Ceremonies ❑ Coaches’ meeting: beverages & packets

❑ Credentials ❑ Directional map ❑ Fruit order

❑ Cash reconciliation ❑ Invoices paid ❑ Equipment return ❑ Financial summary ❑ Coaches thank you & survey ❑ Sponsor thank you ❑ Volunteer thank you ❑ Merchandise inventory

Jobs To be Done


he organization of an event is not a one-person task, but it does require a leader who takes the responsibility

of making the important and/or final decisions. Obviously, the best approach is an organizing committee consisting of a dozen persons, each an expert in a specific area. Realistically, that’s not likely to happen in many volunteer-driven organizations, but an efficient organizing committee will have hard-working volunteers who can take direction and get their tasks done well, regardless of their experience in that particular area. Hopefully, the


leader will have enough event experience to provide guidance in all areas. When divided into separate areas of Administrative, Venue and Competition, the numerous jobs associated with an event can be better defined, and there will certainly be overlap in some of these tasks. The areas of responsibility outlined here are actually derived from the organization of an Olympic Games event, so you get to eliminate many that do not apply to your specific needs. You should start with the jobs that are absolutely necessary to the conduct of your event,

Event jobs are better defined if divided into three separate areas: Administrative, Venue and Competition such as Finance, Marketing/Ticket Sales, Registration, Logistics, Medical, Concessions and Competition. While there are others that are very important, these really determine the overall success of your


❑ Accommodations ❑ Accreditation ❑ Exec-After-Action Summary ❑ Ceremonies ❑ Clinic ❑ Communications ❑ Entertainment ❑ Finance ❑ Food Services ❑ Human Resources ❑ Insurance ❑ Legal ❑ Marketing ❑ Media & Public Relations ❑ Participant Services ❑ Program, Souvenir ❑ Protocol ❑ Language Services ❑ Government ❑ Relations ❑ Host Family ❑ Social Events ❑ Special Events ❑ Ticket Sales, Advance ❑ Transportation ❑ Volunteer Services VENUE

❑ Access Control/Parking/Ushers/ Crowd Control

❑ Awards Ceremonies ❑ Concessions

❑ Construction ❑ Hospitality ❑ Logistics ❑ Look & Atmosphere ❑ Media Services ❑ Medical, Participant ❑ Medical, Spectator ❑ Merchandise ❑ Practice Site ❑ Public Information/Lost & Found ❑ Registration ❑ Security ❑ Signage ❑ Results & Technology ❑ Ticket Operations ❑ Venue Management ❑ Venue Operations ❑ Venue Set-up ❑ Venue Janitorial COMPETITION

❑ Competition Management ❑ Field of Play ❑ Game Promotions ❑ Jury Area ❑ Officials ❑ Public Address ❑ Ready Area ❑ Scoring ❑ Scoreboard ❑ Team Operations ❑ Timekeeping ❑ Warm-up Area

event, especially the financial success. ■ 16 Sports Planning Guide & Directory



Sports Conference Rides Wave of Success


US Sports Congress Heads to Sarasota December 10-12


tradeshow that are encompassed within

phenomenal success, the

the Congress.”

US Sports Congress moves to

The event’s attendance is growing and

Sarasota, Fla. this Dec. 10-12 at the

that’s a real challenge given the guiding

Ritz-Carlton. Whether it’s the cutting-

principle for the US Sports Congress as

edge educational sessions or the

it strives to keep a one-to-one ratio of

dynamic and unique atmosphere created

CVBs/Sports Commissions to Event

for networking, one thing is for certain—

Rights Holders. That means more time,

the US Sports Congress has become

more exposure and expanded opportu-

a show where business is done and

nities to move the needle on your busi-

relationships are made.

ness. Congress organizers say that the

“It’s really about being in tune with the

attendance will grow by approximately

market,” explained Lou Mengsol, who

40%. With all manner and sizes of Rights

owns and operates the US Sports Con-

Holders represented, there is something

gress. “We develop our own view of the

to fit every destination.

market, gather opinions from our atten-

One thing is for sure—the Congress

dees and other stakeholders and mold

will continue to ride this wave of success.

those ideas and concepts into the ses-

For more information, check out

sions, networking events and even the

Valuable networking opportunities await attendees at the annual US Sports Congress.

“It’s really about being in tune with the market. We develop our own view of the market, gather opinions from our attendees and other stakeholders and mold those ideas and concepts into the sessions, networking events and even the tradeshow that are encompassed within the Congress.”

— Lou Mengsol, President & Founder 18

Sports Planning Guide & Directory


A few sponsorships remain. If you are looking for exposure for your destination, product or service, allow us to customize a sponsorship to meet your budget. Contact 608-363-0873, or visit for more conference details

akron/summit county fields, courts & flexible venues both indoor & out await you! soccer-baseball-softball-bowling

tennis-football-track & field-gymnastics-basketball hockey-golf-swimming-volleyball-cheerleading lacrosse-racquetball-wrestling-boxing-martial arts

team-friendly accommodations




Budgeting For Events


he most important part of any event is the budget. Many people in an organization will show an in-

terest in conducting an event, but it’s the budget that shows whether it’s feasible. Unless there is a deep-pocketed benefactor or sponsor available to make up a shortfall, there must be considerable work done to compile a realistic budget before moving ahead. The budget format that follows is intended to be detailed because it is the unexpected, overlooked and lastminute expenses that result in financial disaster. Something else to remember —donated/value in kind items are very REVENUE

important, but unless committed to early on, they should not be accounted for

There needs to be considerable work done to compile a realistic budget before moving ahead. It’s the budget that shows whether the event is feasible.

$ $ $ $ $ $

_____ Concessions _____ Corporate sponsorships _____ Entry fees _____ Merchandise sales _____ Parking passes or fees _____ Program advertising



$ _____ Athlete/coaches $ _____ Officials

$ $ $ $ $


$ $ $ $ $ $ $

_____ Bank charges _____ Credentials _____ Office equipment _____ Office supplies _____ Postage & delivery _____ Telephone/fax/DSL service _____ Miscellaneous


don’t materialize.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

the event have been identified, it then becomes important to be realistic for both revenue and expense items. Research similar events if possible, but try to avoid total guesswork on important items. Above all, do not arbitrarily raise revenue

_____ Program sales _____ Signage _____ Ticket sales _____ Miscellaneous _____ Hotel rebates/housing commissions _____ TOTAL INCOME


in the original budget, just in case they Once the line items applicable to

$ $ $ $ $ $

_____ Awards _____ Flowers/gifts _____ Opening ceremony _____ Closing ceremony _____ Equipment _____ Production fees _____ Talent fees _____ Venue costs

_____ Athlete/coaches _____ Banquet _____ Officials _____ Reception _____ Volunteers


$ $ $ $ $ $

_____ Athlete/venue _____ Athlete/hotel _____ VIP, media, officials _____ Volunteer _____ Special events _____ Gifts/mementos


$ $ $ $

_____ Automobile _____ General & excess liability _____ Event (loss of income) _____ Participant medical


$ _____ Merchandise $ _____ Direct mail $ _____ Ticketing

numbers to match expenses. ■ 20

Sports Planning Guide & Directory





$ _____ Advertising

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $

_____ _____ _____ _____

____ Print ____ Television ____ Radio ____ Billboards Logo design Media operations Photography Press conferences


$ $ $ $

_____ Ambulance _____ Physicians _____ Trainers _____ Supplies

_____ Communications _____ Equipment purchases _____ Equipment rentals _____ Ice & water _____ Lighting _____ Rental _____ Setup/construction _____ Security _____ Signage _____ Sound system

$ _____ Staffing (ushers, ticket sellers/takers, parking attendants, supervisor, janitorial) VOLUNTEERS

$ _____ Apparel $ _____ Appreciation $ _____ CONTINGENCY $ _____ TOTAL EXPENSES


$ _____ Product $ _____ Display OFFICIALS

$ _____ Fees $ _____ Per diem $ _____ Air travel PARTICIPANT SERVICES

$ _____ T-shirts $ _____ Event memento $ _____ Entertainment PRINTING

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

_____ Competition announcement _____ Competition forms _____ Entry form _____ Flyers _____ Media packet _____ Participant's handbook _____ Souvenir program _____ Sponsorship packages _____ Stationery _____ Volunteer handbook _____ Passes _____ Signage



$ _____ Contract labor/game day staffing $ _____ Event staff $ _____ MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT: STAFF, VOLUNTEERS


$ _____National Governing Body TRANSPORTATION

$ $ $ $

_____ Airline: Athlete/coaches, officials _____ Airport shuttle _____ Fuel _____ Ground transportation: Autos, buses

Sports Planning Guide & Directory


Event and Venue Checklist


vent planners who live by the three A’s will produce successful events.

Attention to detail. The smallest item overlooked (water key, electrical adapter, batteries) can cause a major delay of an activity, especially if the venue is not located near a store. List every possible item needed at every area of the venue. Never assume anything. This is a four-letter word to event planners and should never be spoken at planning meetings. Any staff or volunteer who has a job responsibility should never assume that someone else is “taking care of that” if it affects their particular area. Checking and double-checking will ensure that all details are covered.


Anticipate problems. Every area of responsibility should have a Plan B. Medical personnel are on-site because those problems are anticipated and a rain date is set for the same reason, so planners should look at every area and anticipate potential problems. The adjacent alphabetical list spells out the broad categories that will be found on a sports event planner’s checklist. For a sample of a detailed Event & Venue Checklist, with check boxes for three to 18 items under each category, visit and enter this numerical ID: 4070. ■ 22 Sports Planning Guide & Directory




Communication and Marketing


he success of a first-time event is contingent upon attracting participants, and the success of future

events is getting them to come back and to bring others with them. An event that must be sanctioned by a national governing body, or NGB, will have the benefit of that NGB’s reputation, along with its sectional, regional or national database for communicating registration and other information. Conversely, a newly-created event that has no connection with an NGB faces the tasks of identifying target markets of potential participants, A follow-up communication after an

establishing the means to communicate

ticipation forms, online sign-ups (with or

with them, and then persuading them

without payment options), great photos

event can be very effective. In addition

to register. This is where key contacts

and comments from past participants

to thanking those that attended and

within your sport can help spread the

help convince prospective teams that

asking for their feedback, it can serve as

word by helping identify prospective

your event is in their future. For those ac-

a save-the-date announcement for next

teams/athletes, providing access to their

tive on Facebook, a new Events module

year’s event.

contact list, a link on their website or

allows you to create an event in Face-

exposure on their Facebook page.

book and invite your Friends/Fans to at-

Once you have your contact list and

tend – all for free.

marketing plan in place, it’s time to begin reaching out. When developing your flyers and website, it’s important

The spectator target marketing of youth events is pretty much confined to

GETTING THEM BACK It happens on too many occasions that

the immediate family, and the younger the participants, the greater the number

a very successful event will discover that it

of accompanying family. Herein lies the

is unable to contact their participants due

importance of marketing your community

to the lack of contact information from

and its attractions, as most families com-

still a small percentage of

last year’s participants – physical address,

ing to the event will make it a vacation

the target market that will

email and phone numbers. One example

and visit theme parks and historical sites

is the use of proprietary mailing and

at some point during their stay. It is still a

email lists, where the owner will send out

common misconception that a high-level

onto the phone with ques-

the information for an event organizer, but

youth event will attract local spectators,

tions, but it can be kept at a

will not make the list available. Unless an

and organizers are cautioned about

small percentage if the infor-

organizer wants to continually pay for this

over-estimating ticket revenue for such

mation is inclusive and clear.

type of distribution, the collection of proper

events. Efforts can be made to drive

Website technology today

that the event information is concise and correct. Deadlines must be specific and prominent. It is

not read the information thoroughly before jumping



information during the registration process

local spectator traffic, but monetary

is cheap and easy-to-use,

is very important. Once you have this in-

consideration should be nil, and strategic

even for non-techies.

formation, strongly consider creating a

trade partners sought on a local basis to

If you’re serious about your

computer database (there are inexpensive

get your event’s message out, often in

event you need a dedicated

programs available for download, or

exchange for their participation at your

website. Downloadable par-

Excel works for starters).

event. ■

Sports Planning Guide & Directory

After you Play...

Play! in

Holland, MI… Just 3 hours from Chicago & Detroit • 1550 hotel rooms Facilities to host sporting events year ‘round 877.493.4949 |

Volunteers: A Key Ingredient for a Successful Event


olunteers are the foundation of nearly every successful nonprofit organization and competition

PUT TOGETHER A VOLUNTEER SERVICES PLAN Once the Volunteer Coordinator has

EVENT CONDUCT, that much easier and most certainly more efficient. We discuss event logistics separately, but

organizing committee. This section not

been identified, work can begin to create

be assured that many last-minute

only defines the volunteer needs for a

the Volunteer Services Plan. There are a

challenges (we never say “problems”)

large-sized activity or competition, but

number of items that must be included in

are avoided by having such a plan.

also for maintaining it as a fulltime

the plan:

program to support future events and activities. If your organization relies heavily on parents as volunteers, this part is for you. But be forewarned—building and maintaining an effective and successful volunteer program is hard work and, like fundraising and public relations, requires

What committees need volunteers

and how many are needed? ■

What will they be doing and are writ-

ten job descriptions available? ■

Where will they need to be and how

do they get there? ■

When do you need them and for

how long?

Your organizing committee must have a clearly defined staff structure and lines of communication. Volunteers must know to whom they report, especially in an emergency situation. If you’re organizing a large event that requires many volunteers over a period of days, then a volunteer handbook becomes almost a necessity. It would include information

a talented and committed person to accomplish it. A volunteer program can be defined in three operational time periods: pre-event planning, event conduct and post-event communications, with its lead-in to the

An effective volunteer program requires a solid plan and a special person to coordinate it

next event or to an ongoing program The PRE-EVENT PLANNING phase starts with the hiring or recruitment of a Volunteer Coordinator. This person needs to possess a variety of skills and

What services/benefits/parking/

uniforms are available? ■

Fully define the recruiting process,

to include:

personality traits, and to settle for less

will eventually result in an ineffective

program or a coordinator who quits. Your selected person should have excellent

organizational skills and be attentive to detail. Past experience tells me that your

coordinator should be all of the following: self-motivated, even-tempered, a good mediator/have good people skills, patient,

about the event itself, venue information with a diagram showing key locations, a

A volunteer registration form

venue evacuation plan, event schedules,

An established information bank/

transportation schedules and key contact


phone numbers. One very useful list

Target markets for recruiting, i.e.,

would be Important Names to Know, so

people, groups, businesses, etc.

that a volunteer who came into contact

Processing and screening of

with a VIP could be extra friendly. A list


of Volunteer Policies and Procedures is

Contacting and verifying the

essential and should emphasize dress

selected volunteers

code, conduct and shift information.

This plan should be in place before

Local information should also be a section

handle multiple projects simultaneously,

any public announcement is made of an

in the handbook, to include restaurants,

able to function with little sleep, and able

event or activity because, as with ticket

entertainment and shopping areas, and

to prioritize, maintain focus and delegate.

sales, interested volunteers will assuredly

local modes of transportation and espe-

Is it impossible to find someone fitting

start inquiring immediately.

cially a taxi phone number.

able to see the big picture, able to

all these? Perhaps, but don’t venture far

The organization that takes the time

Participants with questions will ap-

from the total list or you’ll be back to

to format a detailed Volunteer Services

proach the first recognizable volunteer.

square one.

Plan will find the second phase,

The golden rule for a volunteer is this:


Sports Planning Guide & Directory

the support items needed to do their

list now becomes very important. If your

jobs. While realizing that large events

organization maintains the ability to do

are often challenged to fill all volunteer

some quick-recruiting of volunteers, then

positions, creating a contingency pool is

you have an efficient volunteer program.

recommended. Our organization has

A word of warning about recruiting

called these reserves the Fifth Wheel or

volunteers for outside events or organi-

the Rapid Response Team, and they can

zations: Not everyone treats volunteers

be sent quickly to a trouble spot. A final

the same, and your volunteers will notice

helpful item is a critique by the volunteers,

the difference, especially if they don’t re-

using a form at their check-out table. Get-

ceive proper treatment from others.

ting input from them has been extremely

When sending recruitment notices for

valuable to conducting future events.

outside events, make it very clear that you are not involved in that event.


As for ongoing projects, some organi-

It’s important to remember that what-

zations utilize volunteer receptionists

send them to someone who has it.”

ever you provide in the way of volunteer

with each one working a specific half-

This leads to the primary source of infor-

services, it will always be far less than

day each week, and they naturally have

mation, your own staff. There is nothing

what you’d pay for comparable labor.

worse than an organizing committee

Items such as t-shirts, caps, vests, pins,

staff member who is unable to answer

parking, a lounge area, meals, snacks

simple questions about the event. With

and beverages, and event tickets will all

months of preparation and committee

appeal to volunteers and make them feel

meetings, all staff members should have


“If you don’t know the answer, find it or

a basic knowledge of every other area

Finally—it’s over! The participants have

of operation. Just as important, your

departed, the venue has been vacated,

staff needs to be instructed to constantly

the event has been declared a success,

acknowledge and show appreciation to

and you’ve got hundreds, maybe

volunteers, both individually and as a

thousands, of volunteers totally excited

group. Public mention of volunteer sup-

about staying involved. Whatever POST-

a group of key volunteers who do vari-

port will show them that they are appre-


ous office projects. A Volunteer of the

ciated and it results in good work

you do or don’t do will affect both your

Year program is a great way to show ap-


organization’s future and theirs.

preciation and generate interest in the

Volunteer Training is most helpful

Before thinking about the future, how-

organization. Lastly, the best method of maintaining

when provided in advance of the event,

ever, finish up this event. Your volunteers

especially a few days prior. An orientation

need closure in the way of an apprecia-

an efficient volunteer program is to in-

not only provides important information to

tion letter, certificate or gift, and possibly

clude volunteers in an assessment

them but gives the organizing committee

a party. A party or pep rally immediately

process and provide them with a chan-

leadership the opportunity to motivate

upon completion of an event is nice, but

nel for their suggestions. We have found

them and to explain the importance of

often not feasible due to event tear-down,

a Volunteer Action Council to be very ef-

their support. All of the basic information,

but staging something soon after is a

fective and most helpful for developing

uniforms, parking passes and job descrip-

way to express your appreciation as well

policies and procedures.

tions can be distributed this orientation.

as announce future events.

With all of the aforementioned

Establishing an effective communica-

If this whole process sounds complicated to you, it should. There is nothing

accomplished, the event itself is a snap.

tions system should be a priority if you

easy about managing an effective volun-

Volunteers show up, report to their work

plan to utilize this group of volunteers

teer program and it requires a special

stations, do their jobs properly and

again. Using emails is certainly the most

person as you can see. ■

leave. Staff members must do their jobs

economical means nowadays, but a

by providing excellent supervision and,

direct mailed newsletter is just as effec-


most important, by giving the volunteers

tive. Maintaining the email or direct-mail

To download a sample Volunteers Form, go to and enter the ID: 4070

Sports Planning Guide & Directory


Merchandise for Your Event


group organizing its first youth tournament probably doesn't see merchandise as a priority, and

rightly so. It's certainly hectic enough putting together the basics of the event, but the revenue potential of merchandise could be considered in some situations. The T-shirt is the No.1 item for any event, activity, place, celebrity, and on and on. If you find that your event registration is heavy with out-of-town participants, then an event T-shirt just might be attractive. A recurring event demand for next year, but it also leaves

that consists predominantly of local area teams might also benefit by offering a unique T-shirt each year. Keep in mind that 99 out of 100 road races 5k in length and longer give away T-shirts with the registration, and dedicated runners collect them by the dozen. The revenue potential cannot be ignored. An attractive three- or four-color

Sweatshirts can be good with cool-weather events, and caps might be in demand for warm-weather outdoor tournaments.

some empty-handed customers unhappy. You should be somewhat concerned about the quality of the shirt. A less-expensive, low-quality white T-shirt might get by the first year, but people remember and you'll have to do better next time. Beyond T-shirts, one has to exercise caution as to items offered. Sweat-

T-shirt is generally available in the $5

shirts can be good with cool-weather

range, depending upon the number

events, and caps might be in

ordered, and is customarily sold for

answer. The bulk of the

$12-$15. Many tournaments, like the

order should be based upon

road races, include the price in the

your participants. A few years ago,

individual or team registration, or at

kids wanted their shirts to be oversized,

in mind the financial investment involved

least allow persons or teams to order,

and that cut into the adult sizes. Run-

and the fact that any item with a date

and pay, for them in advance. The down

ning out of shirts will definitely create a

on it loses its value after the event. â–

demand for warm-weather outdoor tournaments. Just keep

side is, of course, the number ordered. Having too many leftovers could mean a financial loss as well as stored boxes of out-of-date shirts. Another important consideration is product control. Do you give them to volunteers and officials? If you have a list of sponsors on the back of the shirt, do they all expect to get some? What is certain is your need to have a quality volunteer in charge, not only to keep track of the items, but because of the money involved. There is also the question of what sizes to order, and there is no easy 28 Sports Planning Guide & Directory

Critical Incident Response Plan


he emergency preparedness planning for the average youth sports event most likely ends when,

or if, a local policeman is contracted or when/if an ambulance team is arranged for on-site duty. After that, it’s a matter of “We’ll deal with it when it happens.” But think about the last soccer tournament, swim meet or basketball game that you attended. How would the event organizer have handled an athlete’s sudden death, an approaching tornado, a bleacher collapse or some violent behavior? A Critical Incident Response (CIR) Plan is a communication plan, pure and simple. Medical personnel will handle injuries and police officers will handle violence and other incidents, but the LOC and facility management need know what’s happening, keep participants and spectators calm, and communicate

The public address announcer should have a prepared script and

gency medical personnel and on-site physician or athletic trainer. In many cases, all of these persons may have event radios. Large or national-level events should

immediately calm the

have a designated Incident Command

crowd by taking control

Center where the primary contacts know

quickly and assisting law

to meet. This is especially important

calm the crowd by taking control

if an immediate facility evacuation is

quickly and assisting law enforcement

needed, such as with a gas leak or fire.

and facility officials with crowd move-

enforcement and facility officials with crowd movement.

External communication is especially important in the case of a serious incident

Event planners must be prepared for medical and other emergencies.

ment. With all of the details involved in the

and, in today’s world, word gets out

planning of a youth tournament, it’s

quickly. There should be one spokesper-

understandable that a CIR Plan is not

outside the event. Following initial

son for the media, and all other personnel

a priority of the LOC, but it should be

stabilization of the incident, all primary

need to defer to that person.

given some thought by LOC leadership.

contacts should be contacted and in-

Internal communication to spectators

At the very least, discuss it at a meeting

formed. The phone list of primary con-

and participants is equally important,

and do make a phone list. ■

tacts should include the tournament

especially if evacuation is necessary.

director, rights holder representative,

The public address announcer should


facility manager, on-site officers, emer-

have a prepared script and immediately

30 Sports Planning Guide & Directory

To download a sample Critical Response Form, go to and enter this numerical ID: 4070

Tri-It ! You’ll Love it... Discover an Accessible and Affordable Group Destination



Tri-Valley, California is the ideal Northern California sporting event destination. Located on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay hills, and boasting more than 4,600 hotel rooms with affordable rates and hundreds of specialty venues and facilities – you are sure WRÀQGWKHULJKWVSDFHIRU\RXUJURXS










Event Forms: More Paperwork


know what you’re thinking. “How does this guy get any event work done when he generates so much

paperwork?” You’re right, it is a lot, but it’s all functional and all of it really does help identify the large and small items that are so important in event organization and management. Keep in mind, also, that these are all templates that are easily updated the second time around. Most important, however, is their communication value to the Local Organizing Committee. If your LOC members keep this information current and available, it will save time, phone calls and even alleviate some stress. Listed here are forms that event planners find essential. To download a sample of certain forms, go to Insite.Sports and enter this numerical ID code: 4070. ■

Event Information Sheet: This is

the What, When, Where, Who internal fact sheet that should be written first

If your LOC members keep

thing. It should answer all of the very

this information current

basic questions about your event. ■

Schedule of Events: An internal

schedule of everything pertinent to the event, to include venue equipment and

Staffing List: All key members of

the LOC should be listed with their com-

credential lanyard. ■

Radio Distribution

and available, it will save

Form: Radios are expensive

time, phone calls and even

to rent, and even more

alleviate some stress.

expensive when you pay for lost ones. Keep track each day where they are.

set-up, gate openings, deliveries, meal times, etc.

it so it can be put onto the

the sign’s language, size, material, letter color and size, flute direction and location. ■

Volunteer Assignment Form: This

Officials & Cash Payment Form:

That last-minute scramble to pay gameday officials and staffing results in signed

mittee or responsibility, email address

version is very simple, but it illustrates

scraps of paper, or no receipt at all, so

and choice of phone number.

the need to fill your volunteer positions by

have some form ready for any kind of

time slots. It should be adapted to four-

cash payment.

Logistics Form: A summary of

equipment needs for every area of the

hour, at minimum, time slots so that each

facility. You’ll need to know how many

coordinator knows who is coming and


tents, tables, chairs, ice chests and trash


pieces of paper that will prevent insur-

bins to get, so spell it out for each event function. ■

Signage Form: Your sign vendor

Phone Card: Everyone has a cell

phone during an event BUT, do all LOC members have everyone’s number? If

Incident Form: Another of those

ance and legal problems resulting from on-site injuries, accidents or incidents. If you have a unique form for event

will be totally impressed when you order

your event uses credential badges,

management, email it to Bill Hanson at

using this form, and it fully identifies

laminate the phone card and hole-punch ■

32 Sports Planning Guide & Directory

Photograph © Sylvia Palmer





Great sports events demand great locations. No other destination in Florida boasts our central location, quality facilities and winning affordability for equestrian, golf, soccer, football and other tournament sports.

Contact us today for free planning assistance. 888-FL-OCALA Follow us on Facebook —

After-Action Summary is a Must


n event cannot be considered complete until some sort of AfterAction Summary has taken place.

Even if the event is considered a onetime occurrence, the leaders of the Local Organizing Committee should at least get together to discuss what took place. A recurring event can only improve if it is critically analyzed by the LOC. Timeliness is also important. Get the feedback as soon as possible, while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind. The Volunteer section emphasized getting feedback from them when they check out from a shift, so having a form available for them will greatly facilitate that process.


Make bullet point comments on your specific responsibility, and on any other item you wish to address. BE CRITICAL, it's the only way we can improve. Return this ASAP to _______________ by email or fax.

















every function of the event, plus an








identified the areas needed for the



After-Action Summary. The sample to



the right is from a local dodgeball tour-



Get the feedback as soon as possible, while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind. The Summary is simply a list of

BETTER area. If you’ve prepared the Event & Venue Checklist, then you’ve

nament: 34 Sports Planning Guide & Directory

SPORTS DIRECTORY elcome to the 2013 edition of Sports Directory, the most comprehensive print resource of Sports Commissions and Sports Facilities in America. The following 25 pages are designed to help you locate destinations and venues interested in and capable of hosting your next tournament or event. We have listed the guide alphabetically, with Destinations (also referred to as Sports Commissions if you’re just starting out) organized by state, then city. We couldn’t print all the facilities available to you. That’s where the online directory takes over. On we list over 5,000 fields, courts, arenas, stadiums, rinks and other venues. We also provide specs for each facility and the type of sports they are best suited for, along with a descriptive listing of their footprint. You will especially find advanced facility details for


Auburn/Opelika Tourism Bureau 714 East Glenn Ave Auburn AL 36830 (334) 887-8747 Decatur-Morgan County Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 2349 Decatur AL 35602 (800) 524-6181 Dothan Convention & Visitors Bureau 3311 Ross Clark Circle Dothan AL 36304 (334) 794-6622

Marshall County CVB 200 Gunter Avenue Guntersville AL 35976 (800) 582-6282 Mobile Area Sports Authority 1621 Virginia St. Mobile AL 36604 (251) 725-1794 Montgomery Chamber Convention & Visitor Bureau 300 Water St. Montgomery AL 36104 (800) 240-9452

Greater Birmingham CVB 2200 Ninth Avenue North Birmingham AL 35203-1100 (205) 458-8000

Sports Alabama 714 East Glenn Ave Auburn AL 36830 (866) 880-8747

Gulf Shores Visitors Bureau 3150 Gulf Shores Parkway Gulf Shores AL 36542 (251) 974-1510

Tuscaloosa Sports Foundation P.O. Box 3142 Tuscaloosa AL 35403 (205) 394-0700

The Sports Directory Team

ALASKA Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau 524 W. 4th Ave. Anchorage AK 99501 (907) 257-2375 Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau 550 1st Ave Fairbanks AK 99701 (907) 459-3775

ARIZONA Greater Phoenix CVB One Arizona Center 400 East Van Buren St. Phoenix AZ 85004 (602) 452-6230 Lake Havasu Convention & Visitors Bureau 314 London Bridge Road Lake Havasu AZ 86403 (928) 453-3444 Mesa Convention & Visitors Bureau 120 N. Center St. Mesa AZ 85201 (480) 827-4700 Mesa is home to some of the best sports facilities in the nation for all athletic events. Mesa has also been recognized as a prime location for tournaments of all levels

Phoenix Regional Sports Commission 400 East Van Buren Phoenix AZ 85004 (602) 258-6272 Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau 51 West 3rd Street Tempe AZ 85281 (480) 894-8157 Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau 100 South Church St. Tucson AZ 85701 (800) 638-8350

ARKANSAS Arkansas River Cities Sports Commission P.O. Box 3543 Little Rock AR 72203 (501) 517-1280 Bentonville Convention & Visitors Bureau 104 E. Central Bentonville AR 72712 (800) 410-2535 Fayetteville Convention & Visitors Bureau 21 S Block Ave Fayetteville AR 72701 (800) 766- 4626 Sports Planning Guide & Directory



Alabama Gulf Coast CVB 23685 Perdido Beach Blvd Orange Beach Gulf Shores AL 36561 (800) 982-8562

Huntsville Sports Commission P.O. Box 19064 Huntsville AL 35804 (256) 427-6749




advertisers in this directory online – please consider them your first choice when planning your next event. also lists event service providers to help you find all the critical elements of need after you secure the date and location. Plus, we have the most comprehensive group hotel booking engine in the market today. Here you are able to post your event’s needs – number of rooms, budget, special needs – and area hotels bid on hosting your group. It takes most of the haggling and hassles out of hotel bookings, while GUARANTEEING LOWEST RATES. We hope you keep the print directory as a handy resource throughout the year and reference the online directory next time you’re scouring the web for event-related needs. They are both designed to help make the process of destination & event planning easier.




ARKANSAS Fort Smith CVB 2 North BStreet Fort Smith AR 72901 (800) 637-1477 Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 3232 Little Rock AR 72203 (800) 844-4781 North Little Rock Visitors Bureau 1 Eldor Johnson Dr. Burns Park North Little Rock AR 72119 (501) 758-1424 Pine Bluff Convention & Visitors Bureau One Convention Center Plaza Pine Bluff AR 71601 (870) 536-7600

Anaheim/Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau 800 W. Katella Ave Anaheim CA 92803 (714) 765-8824 Bakersfield Convention & Visitors Bureau 515 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield CA 93301 (661) 852-7282 Fresno Sports Council 848 M Street 3rd Floor Fresno CA 93721 (559) 445-8164 Irvine Chamber of Commerce 2485 McCabe Way Irvine CA 92614 (877) 478-4637 Los Angeles Sports Council 350 South Bixel Street Suite 250 Los Angeles CA 90017 (213) 482-6333

Modesto Convention and Visitors Bureau 1150 9th Street Suite C Modesto CA 95354 (209) 526-5588 Monterey County CVB 401 Camino El Estero Monterey CA 93940 (831) 657-6400 Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau 300 East Green Street Pasadena CA 91101 (800) 307-7977 Placer Valley Tourism 2204 Plaza Drive Rocklin CA 95765 (916) 773-5443 Sacramento Sports Commission 1030 15th Street Sacramento CA 95814 (916) 808-6559

San Bernardino Area Convention and Visitors Bureau 201 N E St. Suite 103 San Bernardino CA 92401 (800) 867-8366 San Diego International Sports Commission 2131 Pan American Plaza San Diego CA 92101 (619) 234-2544 San Diego North 12750 High Bluff Drive Ste 190 San Diego CA 92130 (800) 848-3336 San Francisco Travel Association 201 Third Street Suite 900 San Francisco CA 94103 (415) 974-6900 San Jose Sports Authority 345 Park Avenue MS A9-432 San Jose CA 95110 (408) 288-2931

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA he Stockton Convention and Visitors Bureau strives to make California an affordable destination for any size or type of event. Our central location, great weather and affordable facilities and lodging await you – and we have an eager team here to assist you in all of your planning needs. The SCVB offers grants to room night-producing sporting events, giving your tournament or event the financial stability it needs to ensure success. In 2012, Stockton has been host to the United States Twirling Association, American Junior Golf, Wanderpokal Soccer, a USNKF National Karate Qualifier and dozens more great sporting events. Check us out!


COME TO PLAY • Stockton Arena 10,000-seat waterfront arena built in 2005 and home to baton twirling, wrestling, hockey, rodeo and more. • Stockton Ballpark Opened in 2004, features 5,200 fixed seats, luxury suites and picnic areas; high school, college and travel ball clubs have all recently played at the park. • Stockton Marina With access to the 1,000 miles of waterways in the California Delta, the marina has over 1,300 feet of guest dock/event space for fishing, rowing and other watersports. 36

Sports Planning Guide & Directory

SMG Stockton

ROAD TRIP A city of 300,000, Stockton is located in the heart of Northern California about 40 minutes south of Sacramento and about an hour and a half east of San Francisco. Both I-5 and Highway 99 run through Stockton, providing easy access to the rest of California.

CONTACT Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau Wes Rhea, Executive Director P.O. Box 2336 Stockton, CA 95201

Phone: 209-938-1555 or

877-778-6258 Email:

PENNSYLV A just N 15 IA esa, Arizona, has it all for sports events. With its very own airport and located



2012 El Tour de Mesa

minutes from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International airport, Mesa is the third largest city in the state and 38th largest in the country. Even better, Mesa is home to some of the best sports facilities in the nation for all athletic events. Mesa has also been recognized as a prime location for tournaments of all levels. It is home to Chicago Cubs spring training at Hohokam Stadium and the soon to be built Wrigleyville West, as well as a number of annual collegiate events. It has hosted NCAA and Western Athletic Conference tournaments, including the 2010-2012 Men’s Division I WAC Baseball tournament, WAC Women’s Golf Championships (Longbow Golf Club), AIA State Swimming and Track & Field Championships, US Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals (Kino Aquatic Center) and USA Synchronized Swimming National Championships. In recent news, it was just named as a host city for the 2013-2016 USA Swimming Grand Prix Series (Skyline Aquatic Center). The list goes on and on, but Mesa is always eager to bring even more sports teams to its borders.

COME TO PLAY • Skyline Aquatic Center The premier pool in the Southwest, this 120,000-square-foot facility features a 28-lane, Olympic-size competition pool; a diving area with one-meter and three-meter boards; and a fast-looping water slide. The lighted, state-of-the-art pool can be configured into two water polo courts and has shaded stadium seating for over 2,000 people. • Hohokam Stadium The winter home of the Chicago Cubs is one of the most popular baseball venues in the Southwest. It is also home to the Mesa Solar Sox of the Arizona Fall League and the WAC Men’s Division I Baseball Tournament from 2010-2012. The stadium accommodates 13,030 spectators. It has two fields, six batting cages, four bullpens, one practice field and one practice infield. The neighboring Fitch Park training facility has four fields, plus batting cages and bullpens.

• Gene Autry SportsComplex This Mesa sports facility is equipped to handle baseball tournaments (as it once served as the spring training home of the California Angels) as well as sand volleyball and tennis events. It features three baseball diamonds, each lighted with an electronic scoreboard. There are four event-only outdoor sand volleyball courts and 16 tennis courts. It has bleacher seating and parking for more than 380 vehicles. The complex also serves as the year-round home of the Arena Football League’s Arizona Rattlers.

CONTACT Visit Mesa Josh Todd Sports Development Manager 120 North Center Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone: 1-800-283-6372, 480-682-3650 Email:



CALIFORNIA San Mateo County Convention & Visitors Bureau 111 Anza Blvd. Burlingame CA 94010 (650) 348-7600 Santa Monica CVB 1920 Main St. Ste B Santa Monica CA 90405 (310) 319-6263 Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 2336 Stockton CA 95202 (209) 938-1551 The Stockton Convention and Visitors Bureau strives to make California an affordable destination for any size or type of event. Our central location, great weather and affordable facilities and lodging await you – and we have an eager team here to assist you in all of your planning needs.

Tri-Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau 349 Main Street Suite 203 Pleasanton CA 94566 (925) 846-8910 Tri-Valley is the sports planner’s dream destination. It has an abundance of parks and dozens of sports facilities available for just about any kind of event. Vacaville Convention & Visitors Bureau 671 E. Monte Vista Avenue Vacaville CA 95687 (707) 450-0512 Vallejo Convention & Visitors Bureau 289 Mare Island Way Vallejo CA 94590 (707) 642-3653 Visit Oakland 463 11th Street Oakland CA 94607 (510) 208-0560

COLORADO Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau 515 South Cascade Ave. Colorado Springs CO 80903 (719) 635-7506 Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau 1555 California Street Suite 300 Denver CO 80202 (303) 892-1112 Greeley Chamber of Commerce Visitors Bureau 902 7th Ave. Greeley CO 80631 (970) 352-3567 Metro Denver Sports Commission 444 Sherman St. Denver CO 80203 (303) 534-5517 The Chamber & Tourism Bureau PO Box 1130 Vail CO 81658 (970) 476-1000

CONNECTICUT Fairfield County Sports Commission 1 University Place Stamford CT 06901 (203) 251-8481 Greater Hartford CVB 31 Pratt St. #4 Hartford CT 06103 (860) 882-1103 Greater New Haven Convention & Visitors Bureau 169 Orange Street New Haven CT 06510 (203) 777-8550

DELAWARE Delaware Sports Commission 99 Kings Highway Dover DE 19901 (302) 672-6832 Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau 100 West 10th Street Suite 20 Wilmington DE 19801 (302) 295-2216

PENNith nearly 300 days of sunshine a year and a Mediterranean climate, S YTri-Valley, LVA-



California, located in San Francisco’s East Bay, is the sports planner’s dream destination. The Tri-Valley has an abundance of parks and dozens of sports facilities available for just about any kind of event. Tri-Valley is also home to more than 50 wineries in the Livermore Valley Wine Region, and several award-winning golf courses and countless regional parks. Step back in time by strolling through historic museums and attractions. Experience real California cuisine at one of the unique restaurants and browse the shops of quaint downtowns. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy a beautiful expansive valley surrounded by scenic rolling hills. Visit Tri-Valley, California for your next sporting event. Learn more at

COME TO PLAY • Dolores Bengtson Aquatic Center in Pleasanton, CA Full-size Indoor heated pool with a recreational and lap pool. • Central Park Basketball Courts in San Ramon, CA The only fully lit outdoor basketball courts, open 24 hours a day. • Callippe Preserve Golf Course Situated on the picturesque hillside of the Pleasanton Ridgeland, this Brian Costello-designed course offers 18 holes of small ridge terrain and bountiful amounts of wildlife habitat areas. Recent Events • Mustang Soccer • Pleasanton RAGE Upcoming Event • Pacific Woman’s (PWGA) Team Play Championship


Sports Planning Guide & Directory

ROAD TRIP The Tri-Valley is composed of 5 cities (Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and San Ramon ) and is located 33 miles east of San Francisco, 27 miles north of San Jose and 18 miles southeast of Oakland. Closest Airports • Oakland (OAK) • San Francisco (SFO) • San Jose (SJC)

CONTACT Visit Tri-Valley Geoffrey Sarabia-Mason VP, Tourism Sales & Business Development 5075 Hopyard Road, Suite 240 Pleasanton, CA 94588

Phone: 925-846-8910 Email:

FLORIDA Bradenton Area Convention & Visitors Bureau 1 Haben Boulevard Palmetto FL 34221 (941) 729-9177 Central Florida Sports Commission 126 East Lucerne Circle Orlando FL 32801 (407) 648-4900 Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing 600 North Broadway Suite 300 Bartow FL 33830 (863) 551-4750

Columbia County Tourist Development 263 NW Lake City Avenue Lake City FL 32056 (877) 746-4778

Florida’s Space Coast Office of Tourism/Sports Commissions 430 Brevard Avenue Cocoa Village FL 32922 (321) 433-4470

Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau 126 E. Orange Ave. Daytona Beach FL 32114 (386) 441-8845

Gainesville Sports Commission 300 East University Ave.Suite 100 Gainesville FL 32601 (352) 338-9300

Discover Martin 101 SW Flagler Avenue Stuart FL 34994 (772) 288-5445

Greater Fort Lauderdale Sports Development 100 East Broward Boulevard Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 (954) 767-2469

Emerald Coast Convention Center 1250 Miracle Strip Parkway SE Fort Walton Beach FL 32548 (850) 609-3800

Kissimmee-St. Cloud Convention and Visitors Bureau 1925 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy Kissimmee FL 34744 (800) 831-1844

Florida Sports Foundation 2930 Kerry Forest Pkwy Tallahassee FL 32309 (850) 488-8347


Washington DC Convention & Tourism Corporation 901 7th Street, NW Washington DC 20001 (202) 789-7051

Charlotte Harbor & The Gulf Islands Visitor’s Bureau 18501 Murdock Circle Suite 502 Port Charlotte FL 33948 (941) 743-1900

Lake County Sports Commission 315 West Main St. Tavares FL 32778 (352) 343.9899 Lee County Sports Authority 2305 Broadway Fort Myers FL 33901 (239) 344-5201



Miami-Dade Sports Commission 15280 NW 79th Court Miami Lakes FL 33016 (305) 818-7188 Naples, Marco Island, Everglades 2800 N. Horseshoe Dr. Naples FL 34104 (239) 252-4267

JEDC Sports & Entertainment 1 West Adams St. Jacksonville FL 32202 (904) 630-3600

OCALA, FLORIDA very sports event planner knows that great events require equally great venues. Ocala/Marion County is exactly that for golf, equestrian competition and a variety of team sports. Large sports events are regularly— and successfully—held here. Examples include the National Golf Association’s Professional Tour, which has held a major tournament in Ocala for three years running, the 23rd US Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship and events for the NCAA, Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail, American Youth Football, Hero Rush and many other prominent sports organizations. Plus, Ocala/Marion County has become an international epicenter of equestrian competition. And here, when the game is done, the outdoor fun has only just begun. Hiking, biking and kayaking all await, along with affordable attractions like Silver Springs and Wild Waters. So contact us today for free planning assistance.


COME TO PLAY • Florida Horse Park The 500-acre Florida Horse Park is a celebrated venue for equestrian events of all kinds, including international-level competition and adventure racing. • Golden Hills Golf and Turf Club This club’s fine Rees Jones course has hosted an NGA Tour stop for the past three years, along with many other successful tournaments. • Wrigley Fields This new, 75-acre facility is well equipped for team sports events, including fields and competition surfaces for baseball, football, soccer, softball, lacrosse, beach volleyball and more.

ROAD TRIP Conveniently located an hour north of Orlando, Ocala/Marion County is an easy reach from anywhere along I-75. No other destination boasts our winning combination of quality, affordable venues and a central location within the Sunshine State.

CONTACT Ocala-Marion Sports Commission 112 N. Magnolia Ave. Ocala, FL 34475 Phone: 352-438-2800

Sports Planning Guide & Directory


FLORIDA Ocala/Marion County Visitors & Convention Bureau 112 N. Magnolia Ave Ocala FL 34475 (352) 438-2800 Ocala/Marion County is a great venue for golf, equestrian competition and a variety of team sports. Large sports events are regularly—and successfully— held here. Palm Beach County Sports Commission 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard West Palm Beach FL 33401 (561) 233-3188



Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau 17001 Panama City Pkwy 32413 Panama City Beach FL 32417 (800) 722-3224 Pensacola Sports Association P.O. Box 12463 Pensacola FL 32591 (850) 434-2800 Polk County Sports Marketing 600 N. Broadway Ste. 300 Bartow FL 33830 (863) 551-4750 Sarasota Sports Commission 766 Hudson Avenue Sarasota FL 34236 (941) 955-0991 Seminole County Convention and Visitors Bureau 1230 Douglas Ave Longwood FL 32779 (407) 665-2900 St. Petersburg/Clearwater Sports Commission 13805 58th Street North Suite 2-200 Clearwater FL 33760 (727) 464-7257 Tallahassee Sports Council 106 East Jefferson Street Tallahassee FL 32301 (850) 606-2305 Tampa Bay Sports Commission 401 E Jackson St Tampa FL 33602 (813) 342-4075


GEORGIA Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau 112 Front St. Albany GA 31701 (866) 750-0840 Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau 178 S Main St. Alpharetta GA 30009 (678) 297-2811 Atlanta Sports Council 235 Andrew Young International Blvd Atlanta GA 30303 (404) 586-8510 Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 1331 Augusta GA 30903 (706) 722-8326 Calhoun/Gordon County CVB 300 S Wall St. Calhoun GA 30707 (800) 887-3800 Cobb CVB/Sports Council One Galleria Parkway Atlanta GA 30339 (678) 303-2630 Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau 3300 Evans-to-Locks Road Martinez GA 30907 (706) 312-1361 Columbus GA Sports Council PO Box 1519 Columbus GA 31902 (706) 660-1996 Dalton Area CVB P.O. Box 6177 Dalton GA 30722 (800) 331-3258 Greater Savannah Sports Council 101 East Bay Street Savannah GA 31401 (912) 644-6414 The Greater Savannah Sports Council is committed to developing sports-related events with regional, national, and international organizations. We support a wide range of events that offer a diverse opportunity to athletes of all ages and all sports. Gwinnett CVB 6500 Sugarloaf Pkwy.Ste. 200 Duluth GA 30097 (888) 494-6638

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Macon - Bibb County CVB 450 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Macon GA 31201 (478) 743-1074 Rome CVB 402 Civic Center Dr. NE Rome GA 30161 (800) 444-1834 Thomson-McDuffie County CVB 111 Railroad Street Thomson GA 30824 (706) 597-1000 Tifton County Tourism P.O. Box 273 Tifton GA 31793 (229) 382-8700 Valdosta-Lowndes County Conference Center and Tourism Authority 1 Meeting Place Valdosta GA 31601 (229) 245-0513

IDAHO Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 2106 Boise ID 83701 (800) 635-5240 Pocatello Convention and Visitors Bureau 324 S. Main St. Pocatello ID 83204 (208) 235-7659

ILLINOIS Alton CVB 200 Piasa Street Alton IL 62002 (618) 465-6676 Aurora Area CVB 43 W. Galena Blvd. Aurora IL 60504 (630) 256-3194 Bloomington-Normal Area Convention & Visitors Bureau 3201 CIRA Drive Suite 201 Bloomington IL 61704 (309) 665-0033

Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau 2304 173rd St. Lansing IL 60438 (888) 895-8233 The Chicago Southland offers reasonable prices, convenient transportation, a close proximity to downtown Chicago, exciting activities, and a variety of services you’ll need to produce a memorable event. Chicago Sports Commission 301 E. Cermak Rd. Chicago IL 60616 (312) 567-8500 City of Mattoon CVB 208 North 19th St. Mattoon IL 61938 (800) 500-6286 Danville Area CVB 100 West Main St. Danville IL 61832 (800) 383-4386 Decatur Area CVB 202 East North Street Decatur IL 62523 (800) 331-4479 DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau 915 Harger Rd. Oak Brook IL 60523 (800) 232-0502 Effingham CVB 201 E. Jefferson Ave. Effingham IL 62401 (217) 342-5305 Elgin Area CVB 77 Riverside Dr. Elgin IL 60120 (800) 217-5362 Heritage Corridor CVB 339 W. Jefferson Street Joliet IL 60435 (815) 588-7940 Joliet Visitors Bureau 150 W Jefferson Street Joliet IL 60432 (815) 723-9045 Kankakee County CVB 1 Dearborn Sq.Ste 1 Kankakee IL 60901 (815) 935-7390 Kankakee County is the summer home of the Chicago Bears Training Camp, eight golf courses, 57 miles of the Kankakee River and numerous sports facilities.

GREATER SAVANNAH SPORTS COUNCIL ounded in 1996, the Greater Savannah Sports Council is committed to developing sports-related events with regional, national, and international organizations. We support a wide range of events that offer a diverse opportunity to athletes of all ages and all sports. Savannah’s warm climate encourages outdoor activities year round. Founded in 1733, Savannah is a beautiful, historic city with elegance, style and grace. The Historic District is the largest in the nation and is home to 22 scenic squares. The GSSC has hosted numerous events over the years and most recently in 2011 the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & ½ Marathon came to our city, setting the record for the largest inaugural half marathon ever recorded. In 2013 we will host the YMCA National Gymnastics Championships; we are also home to other great events like the Liberty Mutual Insurance Legends of Golf, USTA $50,000 Savannah Challenger, and the EVP Pro Beach Tour.


COME TO PLAY • Savannah International Trade & Convention Center The SITCC, like its namesake, blends the old and new to offer a unique venue for your next convention, meeting, or sporting event. The main exhibit hall is 97,750 sq. ft. and is complemented by the 25,000-sq.-ft. ballroom and 13 meeting rooms. • Savannah Civic Center The Savannah Civic Center is responsible for providing a wide spectrum of entertainment and cultural events; featuring the Martin Luther King Jr. Arena (7,832 total seats) and Johnny Mercer Theatre (2,482 seating capacity). • Grayson Stadium Historic Grayson Stadium serves as a time machine to Savannah’s baseball past, which saw legends like Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Jackie Robinson grace the field; today it is home to the Savannah Sand Gnats, Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets. • Allen E. Paulson Softball Complex This is Savannah’s main softball complex that features five lighted fields located in the midtown area just minutes from the mall, restaurants, and hotels.

• The Club at Savannah Harbor Savannah features several public and private golf courses, but the Club at Savannah Harbor plays host the PGA’s Champions Tour and is located on Hutchinson Island across the river from Savannah’s Historic District. • Franklin Creek Tennis Center The Franklin Creek Tennis Center is located at The Landings Club and features 20 Har-Tru courts and a lighted 500-seat center court stadium. Home to the USTA $50,000 Savannah Challenger.

ROAD TRIP Savannah, Georgia is located on the Atlantic Coast not far from several major cities and located off of I-95 that runs up and down the East Coast from Miami to New York. • 41 Miles to Hilton Head, SC • 252 Miles to Atlanta, GA • 105 Miles to Charleston, SC • 195 Miles to Charlotte, NC • 139 Miles to Jacksonville, FL • 282 Miles to Orlando, FL • Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

CONTACT • Chatham County Aquatics Complex The aquatics complex is centrally located and features two configurations of either eight lanes at fifty meters or sixteen lanes at twenty-five meters, and seating for 750. • Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex Savannah’s main soccer complex has eight lighted fields and is centrally located near our aquatics center and softball complex in the midtown area.

Greater Savannah Sports Council Benjamin Wilder, CSEE Director, Greater Savannah Sports Council 101 East Bat St. Savannah, GA 31401 Phone: 912-644-6414 Email:

• Memorial Stadium Memorial Stadium is the main football stadium for our local school system featuring 15,000 seats, lights, on-site parking, and locker rooms.

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ILLINOIS Lake County CVB 5465 W. Grand Avenue #100 Gurnee IL 60031 (847) 662-2700 Features a variety of venues from indoor and outdoor sports complexes to softball and baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis centers, public golf courses, and the new Waukegan Outdoor SportsPark. Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau 4746 Main Street Lisle IL 60532 (630) 769-1000 Macomb Sports Commission 201 S. Lafayette Street Macomb IL 61455 (309) 833-1315 McHenry County CVB 5435 Bull Valley Road Suite 324-B McHenry IL 60050 (888) 363-6177

Northern Fox River Valley CVB 77 Riverside Drive Elgin IL 60120 (847) 695-7540 Peoria Area Convention and Visitor Bureau 456 Fulton St. Peoria IL 61602 (309) 282-3284 Quad Cities Sports Commission 1601 River Drive Suite 110 Moline IL 61265 (800) 747-7800 Quincy Area CVB 532 Gardner Expressway Quincy IL 62301 (217) 214-3700 Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau 102 North Main Street Rockford IL 61101 (800) 587-1674

Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau 109 N. 7th Street Springfield IL 62701 (800) 545-7300

Columbus Area Visitors Center 506 Fifth Street Columbus IN 47201 (812) 378-2622

St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau 311 N. Second Street St. Charles IL 60174 (630) 377-6161

Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau 401 SE Riverside Drive Evansville IN 47713 (812) 421-2200

Woodfield Chicago Northwest Convention Bureau 1375 E. Woodfield Rd. Schaumburg IL 60173 (800) 847-4849

Fort Wayne CVB 1021 South Calhoun Street Fort Wayne IN 46802 (800) 767-7752

INDIANA Bloomington-Monroe County CVB 2855 N. Walnut St. Bloomington IN 47404 (800) 800-0037

Hamilton County Convention & Visitors Bureau 37 East Main Street Carmel IN 46032 (317) 660-4041 Hoosier Sports Corporation 2855 N. Walnut Street Bloomington IN 47404 (812) 355-7726

PENNf you are looking for a convenient, central location for your next sporting S event YL-



then check out the Chicago Southland. Located just beyond the city limits in Chicago’s 62 south and southwest suburbs, the Chicago Southland offers reasonable prices, convenient transportation, a close proximity to downtown Chicago, exciting activities, and a variety of services you’ll need to produce a memorable event. With a huge variety of available venues and facilities, the Chicago Southland has a great “track” record of hosting successful events including the 2012 USASA National Cup Finals, 2012 U.S. Open Pro Mini Golf Tournament, 2006 Major League Soccer All-Star Game, 103rd U.S. Open Golf Championship, and 1997 U.S. Senior Open. Plus the Chicago Southland has hosted the National Softball Association, Pan-American Baseball Championship, American Junior Golf Association, USSSA, Hoop It Up, and many others.

COME TO PLAY • Toyota Park A 469,000-square-foot venue offers 20,000 dedicated seats for soccer and other events utilizing the regulation-sized soccer field that plays host to the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. • Chicago Gaelic Park Set on 65 acres, Chicago Gaelic Park offers up to six fields of play with a Championship Stadium that can seat 2,000 for a variety of sports like rugby, Gaelic sports, soccer, lacrosse, and other events. • Matteson Community Center The Matteson Community Center is a new 73,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility that features six indoor basketball courts, two baseball diamonds, two soccer fields, and a football field with seating.


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ROAD TRIP The Chicago Southland is an ideal sporting event and tournament location. Interstates 55, I-57, I-80, I-90, I-94, I-294 and I-355 crisscross the Chicago Southland, so athletes and their families from across the country will experience true Midwestern hospitality in an easily accessible and centralized location. This Chicago Southland is also just minutes from downtown Chicago and Midway and O’Hare International Airports.

CONTACT Chicago Southland CVB Joel Koester, Sales Executive Sports, Hobby & Consumer 2304 173rd Street Lansing, IL 60438

Phone: 888-895-3211 Email:

LAKE COUNTY, ILLINOIS ake County, Illinois, located 30 miles north of Chicago, features a variety of venues from indoor and outdoor sports complexes to softball and baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis centers, public golf courses, and the new Waukegan Outdoor SportsPark. Lake County also offers many sports venues throughout our forest preserves, park districts, and 75 inland lakes. Lake County welcomed over 18,000 participants at recent events including the ECNL National Championships, National Premier League Championship, US Club Soccer National Championship, and the FITASC Championship. In 2013, Lake County will host the BMW Golf Championship. Your participants will enjoy Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor and many other nearby attractions. More than 60 group-friendly hotels and hundreds of affordable dining options make Lake County the ideal sports event location. The friendly visitors bureau staff will help gather proposals, arrange site inspections and provide free information to your participants, including maps and visitor guides. Call Visit Lake County at 1-800-Lake-Now or visit


COME TO PLAY • Waukegan Outdoor Sports Complex • 14 full-size soccer/football fields (smaller sized fields available) • 4 softball/baseball fields with lights • Championship synthetic turf soccer/football field with lights • Rentals for games & tournaments available • Plenty of parking • Concessions • Playground area • Restroom facilities • Libertyville Sports Complex • 168,000-sq.-ft. indoor floor space • 8 full-size courts • 2 full-size soccer fields • 28-ft. 360° climbing mountain • Heated driving range

• Pro shop • Meetings • Parking for 500 • Seating for 300 • Concessions

• The Field House Sports & Fitness Center at Hinkston Park • 80,000-sq.-ft. facility with 40,000 sq ft. athletic/expo area • 6 full-size courts • Fitness center • Warming kitchen • Climbing wall • Concession stands • Greater Libertyville Soccer Association • 16 state-of-the-art outdoor fields • Concessions • Lights • Parking for 1,200 • Rentals for games & • Seating for 100 tournaments available • Vernon Hills Sports Complex • 17-20 outdoor fields • 1 stadium field • Full-size gym • Indoor pool • Trinity International University • 3 synthetic courts • 6 outdoor fields • 1 Stadium • Meetings

• Parking for 400 • Seating for 1,500 • Concessions

• College of Lake County • 3 full-size indoor courts • Parking for 800 • 1 game field • Seating for 2,500 • Meetings • Lake Barrington Fieldhouse • 175,000 indoor multi-sport facility • 1 football, soccer, lacrosse field or 2 baseball/softball diamonds under a 38’ clear ceiling • 4 full-size basketball or 8 volleyball courts • Meetings • Fitness & training center • Concessions • Glacier Ice Arena • 2 sheets of ice (200 x 85) • Meetings

• Parking for 300 • Hockey training • Seating for 500/500

• Round Lake Beach Sports Complex • 40,000-sq.-ft. floor space • Multiple indoor courts

• 1 indoor soccer field • Meetings • Parking for 485

ROAD TRIP Halfway between Chicago & Milwaukee and just 30 minutes north of O’Hare International Airport, Lake County is conveniently located on I-94. • Chicago is less than an hour drive or train ride. • Milwaukee is less than an hour drive or train ride. • Indianapolis is a 4-hour drive or one-hour plane ride. • St. Louis is a 5½ -hour drive or one-hour plane ride. Lake County, Illinois is home to more than 60 group-friendly lodging properties, ranging from economy hotels to full-service resorts, including KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort and Lincolnshire Marriott Resort.

CONTACT • Nearby parking for 100+ • Seating for 2,000 • Concessions • Restroom facilities

Lake County, Illinois CVB Teresa Lewis, Sales Manager 5465 West Grand Ave., Suite 100 Gurnee, IL 60031

Phone: 847-662-2700 Email:


DES MOINES IS YOUR CONNECTION TO premier sporting facilities

unmatched hospitality accessible central location


Indiana Sports Corporation 201 S. Capitol Ave Suite 1200 Indianapolis IN 46225 (317) 237-5000 Kokomo/Howard County Convention & Visitors Bureau 1504 North Reed Road Kokomo IN 46901 (765) 457-6802 Kosciusko County Convention & Visitors Bureau 111 Capital Dr Warsaw IN 46582 (800) 800-6090 LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau Marquette Mall 4073 S Franklin St Michigan City IN 46360 (800) 634-2650 Muncie Sports Commission 425 North High Street Muncie IN 47305 (765) 284-2700

South Bend Regional Sports Commission 401 East Colfax Avenue South Bend IN 46617 (574) 234-0051 South Shore Convention/Visitors Authority 7770 Corinne Dr. Hammond IN 46323 (866) 930-5253

IOWA Ames Area Sports Commission 1601 Golden Aspen Dr Ames IA 50010 (515) 232-4032 Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau 4444 1st Ave. NE Cedar Rapids IA 52402 (319) 398-5009 Cedar Valley Sports & Entertainment Commission 313 E 5th Street Cedar Falls IA 50703 (319) 233-8350



ankakee County is the summer home of the Chicago Bears Training Camp, eight golf courses, 57 miles of the Kankakee River and numerous

sports facilities. Indoor sports facilities range from college and university facilities, to bowling alleys, sports complexes and ice arenas. Outdoor sports facilities include baseball/softball diamonds, soccer fields, football fields, bike trails, race tracks and several multi-purpose areas. Look forward to convenience and affordability minus the big-city congestion, with more than 900 guest rooms, two full-service hotels, unique dining, shopping, and family friendly attractions. Recent events include the OPC Powerboat Nationals, Illinois National Softball Association Championships and Illinois Baseball Players Association.

COME TO PLAY • Hidden Cove Sportsplex, Bourbonnais, IL Hidden Cove Sportsplex is a hub for athletes, fans and families with four multi-sport courts, indoor soccer turf, rock climbing wall, fitness center, arcade, mini bowling lanes, meeting space and concession stands. • Ice Valley Centre, Kankakee, IL Ice Valley Centre houses an NHL ice rink with seating for 300 spectators, concession stand, plus four private event rooms has hosted skating events, curling and collegiate hockey. • Diamond Point Park Diamond Point Park, a 60.5-acre park just north of Bourbonnais, was recently renovated and has recently hosted Illinois Baseball and Softball Championships.

ROAD TRIP Just 50 miles south of Chicago, Kankakee County is centrally located and directly accessible by U.S. Interstate 57. O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport are located only an hour away. Kankakee County is also a stop on Amtrak’s City of New Orleans route.

CONTACT Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau Vicki Layhew Sales & Marketing Manager Phone: 800-747-4837 1 Dearborn Sq., Ste. 1 Email: Kankakee, IL 60901

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS ccessibility and affordability is the name of our game. Located in the Kansas City area, Overland Park, Kansas provides visitors the perfect blend of metropolitan amenities and suburban hospitality along with the nation’s finest amateur athletic facilities. With easy access to interstate highways I-70 and I-35, Overland Park is within a day’s drive for more than 60 million people. In addition, Overland Park is located just 35 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport, which consistently ranks below the national average for airfare. With several premier facilities and 36 hotels (5200+ rooms), Overland Park has played host to hundreds of national and regional events for over 20 different sports. Recently ranked as the #1 soccer city by, Overland Park is thrilled to welcome back the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship in 2013. A wide range of other notable events have been hosted in Overland Park including the USSSA Fast-Pitch World Series, National Masters Racquetball International Championship, Midwest Classic Golf Tournament (PGA Tour) and U.S. Youth Futsal National Championship. Our fourseason, multi-sport destination awaits you!


COME TO PLAY • The Athletic Club Host to several international tournaments with its 15 racquetball/handball courts. • Overland Park Soccer Complex Twelve state-of-the-art, world-class synthetic turf soccer fields with tournament quality lighting, in-ground cooling system, complimentary parking, WiFi and meeting space. • Blue Valley Recreational Complex Features 24 irrigated baseball/softball fields, along with playgrounds, climbing rocks and a multi-purpose field. • Deer Creek Golf Club This 18-hole course was the winner of Kansas City’s 2011 Visitor’s Choice Award for favorite golf course! • The Fieldhouse of Kansas City Brand new facility featuring 6 basketball courts that can be converted into 8 volleyball courts • Overland Park Convention Center Perfect for dance, gymnastics, futsal, team banquets and much more, the center’s 237,000 square feet of space includes an exhibition hall, ballroom, seven meeting rooms and an outdoor courtyard.

• Johnson County Community College School facilities may be used for amateur athletic competitions including softball/baseball, track & field, volleyball and basketball.

ROAD TRIP Located in the center of the country with easy access to interstate highways I-70 and I-35, Overland Park is within a day’s drive for more than 60 million people. In addition, Overland Park is located just 35 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport, which consistently ranks below the national average for airfare. Staff, coaches, players and families will arrive with ease regardless of where they are traveling from!

CONTACT Overland Park Convention & Visitors Bureau Justin Stine, Director of Sports Alliance 9001 W. 110th Street, Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66210 Phone: 913-491-0123 x324 Cell: 913-433-3691 Fax: 913-491-0015 Email:

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IOWA Des Moines Area Sports Commission 400 Locust St. Des Moines IA 50309 (515) 699-3460 Des Moines is your connection to premier sporting facilities, unmatched hospitality, accessible central location, successful sporting events. Dubuque Regional Sports Commission 300 Main St Dubuque IA 52001 (563) 557-9200



Greater Iowa City/Coralville Area Sports Authority 900 First Ave Coralville IA 52241 (800) 283-6592 Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce 709 S. Center Marshalltown IA 50158 (800) 697-3155 Sioux City Sports Authority P.O. Box 3183 Sioux City IA 51101 (800) 593-2228

KANSAS Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau 117 West Fourth Street Pittsburgh KS 66762 (800) 879-1112 Greater Wichita Area Sports Commission 515 S. Main Ste 115 Wichita KS 67202 (800) 526-9424 Hays Visitors Bureau 2700 Vine St Hays KS 67601 (800) 569-4505 Manhattan Convention & Visitors Bureau 501 Poyntz Avenue Manhattan KS 66502 (785) 776-8829 Olathe Sports Commission 18001 W. 106th St. Suite 160 Olathe KS 66051 (913) 764-1050

Overland Park Sports Alliance 9001 West 110th Street Suite 100 Overland Park KS 66210 (800) 262-7275 Overland Park, Kansas provides visitors the perfect blend of metropolitan amenities and suburban hospitality along with the nation’s finest amateur athletic facilities. Visit Salina-Salina Area Chamber of Commerce 120 W. Ash Salina KS 67401 (785) 827-9301 Visit Topeka 1275 SW Topeka Blvd. Topeka KS 66612 (785) 234-1030

KENTUCKY Visit Ashland Kentucky 1509 Winchester Ave. Ashland KY 41101 (800) 377-6249 Bowling Green Area CVB 352 Three Springs Road Bowling Green KY 42104 (800) 326-7465 Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Bureau 1030 North Mulberry Street Elizabethtown KY 42701 (270) 765.2175 Kentucky Sports Authority 500 Mero Street Frankfort KY 40601 (502) 564-4270 Laurel County Tourist Commission 140 Faith Assembly Church Rd. London KY 40741 (800) 348-0095t Lexington Area Sports Authority 301 E. Vine Street Lexington KY 40507 (859) 244-7710 Louisville Sports Comission 401 West Main Street Suite 2300 Louisville KY 40202 (502) 587-7767 Northern Kentucky CVB 50 E. RiverCenter Blvd Covington KY 41011 (859) 655-4171


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LOUISIANA Alexandria/Pineville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 1070 Alexandria LA 71309 (318) 442-9546 Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau P.O. Box 2332 Morgan City LA 70381 (985) 395-4905 Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation 2020 St Charles Ave New Orleans LA 70130 (504) 525-5678 Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd New Orleans LA 70123 (504) 731-7083 Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission P.O. Box 52066 Lafayette LA 70505 (337) 232-3737 Louisiana Northshore CVB 68099 Highway 59 Mandeville LA 70471 (800) 634-9443 Monroe-West Monroe Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 1436 West Monroe LA 71294 (318) 387-5691 Ruston-Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 1383 Ruston LA 71270 (318) 255-2031 Shreveport Regional Sports Authority 839 Kings Highway Suite 200 Shreveport LA 71104 (318) 429-0660 Southwest Louisiana/Lake Charles CVB 1205 N Lake Shore Dr Lake Charles LA 70601 (800) 456-7952 Tangipahoa Parish CVB 13143 Wardline Road Hammond LA 70401 (800) 542-7520 Visit Baton Rouge 359 Third Street Baton Rouge LA 70801 (225) 382-3582

MARYLAND Annapolis & Anne Arundel County CVB 26 West St. Annapolis MD 21401 (888) 302-2852 Charles County Tourism/TEAM Maryland P.O. Box 2150 La Plata MD 20646 (301) 396-5819 Harford County Tourism 220 S Main St. Bel Air MD 21014 (888) 544-4695 Maryland Office of Sports Marketing 401 E. Pratt St. Suite 1412 Baltimore MD 21202 (410) 767-3373 Our mission is to enhance Maryland's economy, image and quality of life through the attraction, promotion, retention and development of regional, national and international sporting events. Montgomery County CVB 111 Rockville Pike Suite 800 Rockville MD 20850 (877) 789-6904 Prince George’s County Maryland Convention & Visitors Bureau 9200 Basil Court Suite 101 Largo MD 20774 (301) 925-8300 Wicomico County Convention and Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 2333 Salisbury MD 21802 (800) 332-8687

MASSACHUSETTS Destination Worcester 446 Main St. Ste. 200 Worcester MA 1608 (508) 753-1550 Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau Two Copley Plaza Boston MA 2116 (617) 867-8222 Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau Nine Central Street Suite 201 Lowell MA 1852 (978) 459-6150

MARYLAND OFFICE OF SPORTS MARKETING ur mission is to enhance Maryland's economy, image and quality of life through the attraction, promotion, retention and development of regional, national and international sporting events. To help achieve this mission we created TEAM Maryland—a statewide initiative designed to collectively market Maryland to the entire sports industry by creating a synergistic approach to the way we market ALL of Maryland as a sports destination. OSM has experienced great success in the first four years of evolution, as the Office has engaged in $1,000,000,000+ worth of economic impact opportunities; helped secure $400,000,000+ in economic impact; hosted the highest attended Dew Tour stop at the 2011 Pantech Open in Ocean City; held a sold-out soccer match at 2010 World Football Challenge at M&T Bank Stadium between Chelsea and AC Milan; and launched a statewide sports marketing initiative—TEAM Maryland. Four years have also brought great success, as OSM has helped bring in an IRL racing series, Army-Navy games, multiple international soccer matches and neutral site collegiate football games, USA Track & Field Championships and NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships.


COME TO PLAY • Chesapeake BMX (Anne Arundel County) Ideally located in Central Maryland, this highly accredited BMX race track is perfect for any BMX competition. Past national events include the 2010 ABA Star Spangled National. • Towson University-Johnny Unitas Stadium (Baltimore County) Named after the legendary NFL Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas, the 11,000+ seat Johnny Unitas Stadium is located on the beautiful Towson University and has a FieldTurf playing surface. It hosted the 2010 NCAA Women’s Division I Lacrosse National Championship. • Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore City) The “Ballpark that forever changed baseball” was once a railroad center but was transformed into the official home of the Baltimore Orioles on April 6, 1992 and has seating capacity for 48,876 (including standing room). Oriole Park at Camden Yards is only 2 blocks from the birthplace of baseball's most legendary hero, George Herman "Babe" Ruth. • Regency Furniture Stadium (Charles County) The 4,200+ seat ballpark offers a full range of family friendly features and attractions, including a large catered picnic area overlooking the field and kids play area. With its natural grass surface, the ballpark accommodates football, soccer, and lacrosse competitions. • Adventure Sports Center International (Garrett County) Home of the 2014 ICF Canoe Slalom Kayak World Championships, ASCI was built in 1998 and is situated at the top of Wisp Resort. Its man-made river channel is the world’s only mountaintop whitewater course. • Musket Ridge Golf Club (Frederick County) Home of the inaugural Challenge at Musket Ridge, an official event on the Symetra Tour—the Road to the LPGA, this course was designed to host golf tournaments of every level and inspire the best competition around. • Ripken Baseball Academy (Harford County) The ultimate baseball destination- 3 replica fields of Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Memorial Stadium, 4 skinned baseball/softball diamonds, a scale model of Oriole Park at Camden Yard with “Warehouse” named for Cal Sr. and patented synthetic training circle, bullpens and custom-designed batting cages.

• Lucido Fields at Covenant Park (Howard County) Considered one of the gems of the county, the 7+ field complex is prime real estate for any soccer tournament. The complex was the host of the first ever Tottenham Hotspur American Cup in August 2012. • Ocean City Inlet (Ocean City) The Atlantic Ocean will serve as the backdrop for the first stop of the 2012 Pantech Beach Championships, as the Dew Tour comes to Ocean City. Ocean City is the only beach venue in the tour's history and broke an attendance record in 2011, as 73,000+ fans packed OC! • University of Maryland- ERC Natatorium (Prince George’s County) With seating for more than 1,000 spectators, the ERC Natatorium at the University of Maryland is one of the premier swimming and diving venues in the country. It features one 50x25-yard pool with two movable bulkheads, two one-meter diving boards and two three-meter diving platforms.

ROAD TRIP Maryland is a four-season state, with numerous sporting events happening year-round and within a day’s drive of over 60% of the U.S. population. Maryland is accessible by plane, train, automobile, boat, bicycle or foot. Maryland, the ultimate tank of gas destination – you can travel from the mountains of Garrett County to the turf in Baltimore to the ocean in Worcester County and only fill up the tank once.

CONTACT Maryland Office of Sports Marketing Terry Hasseltine 401 E. Pratt Street Baltimore, MD 21202 Phone: 410-767-3373 Email:

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MASSACHUSETTS Massachusetts Sports Partnership Inc. PO Box 170427 Boston MA 2117 (617) 572-7115

MICHIGAN Ann Arbor Area CVB 120 West Huron Street Ann Arbor MI 48104 (800) 888-9487 Battle Creek Sports Commission 77 East Michigan Avenue Battle Creek MI 49017 (269) 963-4800 Detroit Metro Sports Commission 211 West Fort Street Suite 1000 Detroit MI 48226 (800) 225-5389 Discover Kalamazoo 141 East Michigan Ave. Kalamazoo MI 49007 (269) 488-9000

Flint Area Convention & Visitors Bureau 502 Church Street Flint MI 48502 (810) 232-8900

Kalamazoo County Convention & Visitors Bureau 141 East Michigan Avenue Kalamazoo MI 49007 (269) 488-9000

Great Lakes Bay Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau 300 Rodd St. Midland MI 48640 (989) 752-7164

Marquette County CVB 337 West Washington St. Marquette MI 49855 (906) 228-7749

Greater Lansing Sports Authority 1223 Turner Street Lansing MI 48906 (517) 377-1406

Michigan International Speedway 12626 U.S.12 Brooklyn MI 49230 (517) 592-1450

Holland Area CVB 76 E Eighth St. Holland MI 49423 (800) 506-1299 Holland is a favorite Michigan vacation destination. In this city famous for its warm sandy beaches, historic downtown & unique Dutch attractions, many families make tournament play in Holland into a mini-vacation.

Mount Pleasant Area Convention and Visitors Bureau 200 E. Broadway Mount Pleasant MI 48858 (888) 772.2009 Saginaw Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau 515 N. Washington Ave Saginaw MI 48607 (800) 444-9979

West Michigan Sports Commission 635 S Main St. Frankenmuth MI 48734 (888) 386-8687

MINNESOTA Bloomington MN Convention & Visitors Bureau 7900 International Drive Bloomington MN 55425 (800) 346-4289 Greater Mankato Convention and Visitors Bureau 1 Civic Center Plaza Mankato MN 56001 (507) 385-6664 Meet Minneapolis 250 Marquette Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55401 (800) 445-7412 Minneapolis Northwest CVB 7100 Northland Circle Minneapolis MN 55430 (763) 252-1412

PENNfter decades of popularity as a top, family-friendly, leisure destination, S Y LBranson VA-



is now rolling out the red carpet for sports. Branson is the “Live Music Show Capital of the World.” During peak season, guests can choose from over 100 live shows daily in 50 theatres - there’s a performance to please everyone. Plus, you will find three mountain lakes with 1,250 miles of shoreline, theme parks, 12 museums/exhibits, 300+ retail stores, 260+ restaurants, and more than 200 holes of championship golf. The Branson area is also quickly becoming recognized as a destination for outdoor events (triathlons, fishing tournaments, golf tournaments and more). As Branson evolves to welcome more sporting events, visitors are wowed by the world-class live entertainment, award-winning theme park, abundant shopping and traditional charm. Visit to find out why the participants and families that were here for Ironman 70.3, USSSA baseball, Bassmaster Open and many others have enjoyed having their event in Branson!

COME TO PLAY • The Branson Convention Center Managed by Hilton Hotels, this is the crown jewel of Branson Landing. Located within view of beautiful Lake Taneycomo, the convention center’s unique design makes it an ideal location for a diverse range of sporting events. This modern, state-of-the-art venue offers 220,000 square feet of flexible space. • The Branson RecPlex 2 full-size basketball courts, 2 full-size volleyball courts, 4 baseball/ softball fields and several multi-use soccer fields.

ROAD TRIP Getting your group to Branson is easy! Branson is located within less than a day’s drive of one-third of the United States, and there 48

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are two airports within 45 miles that offer affordable fares─the new Branson Airport (BKG) and the Springfield-Branson National Airport. You’ll find more than 200 lodging properties with over 19,000 guest rooms (accommodations range from rustic to luxurious; trusted national brands or independent properties; in town, on the golf course and lakefront settings).

CONTACT Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB Terra Alphonso, CMP Meeting, Convention & Sports Sales Manager Phone: 417-334-4084 x 324, 800-203-0113 x 324 Fax: 417-348-0649 Email:

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN ocated in Southwest Michigan, just 3 hours from Chicago & Detroit, Holland is a favorite Michigan vacation destination. In this city famous for its warm sandy beaches, historic downtown & unique Dutch attractions, many families make tournament play in Holland into a mini-vacation. There’s plenty for everyone in the family to do and everything’s nearby, including tournament venues, lodging, shopping, beaches and attractions. Our friendly Dutch hospitality and beautiful landscapes provide the perfect setting to boost participation in your tournament. Plus, Holland is experienced in welcoming teams to town and ensuring a successful tournament. We’ve hosted sporting events from regional baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, swimming & volleyball tournaments to NCAA DIII swimming & basketball nationals. See for yourself why Holland was named the 2nd Happiest, Healthiest Place in the US.


COME TO PLAY • Helder Park This 159-acre park features two softball fields, three full-size soccer fields, two small soccer fields and two medium soccer fields, plus three sanctioned Little League fields and a picnic shelter and playground. • Quincy Park Little League/Soccer Complex This site features five Little League sanctioned baseball diamonds, three small-sized and two medium-sized soccer fields and two softball diamonds.

• DeVos Fieldhouse A $22-million, 102,000-square-foot facility with seating for 3,400+. DeVos features a ticket office and two concessions stands. Owned and operated by Hope College. The DeVos has played host to the NCAA DIII Women’s Basketball and Volleyball Championships as well as a variety of MHSAA and NCAA tournaments. • Hope College Football Stadium Owned by Hope College, this stadium is close to historic downtown Holland and has seating for over 5,000 people. New artificial turf, a spacious press box, two concession stands and restrooms.

• Matt Urban Sports Complex A 23-acre park with four softball fields, soccer/flag football field, two basketball courts and two sand volleyball courts, all lighted. Shelters, restroom/concession building and automatic scoreboard.

• Edge Ice Arena One 85 x 200 NHL size sheet of ice and one 100 X 200 Olympic size sheet. Indirect refrigeration systems. Seating for 250 and 1800. 12 team locker rooms, 1 figure skating room and 1 referee room. Full-service pro shop, 2 concession stands, 3 meeting rooms and 350 parking spaces.

• Holland Aquatic Center 50 x 25 meter pool is designed to provide a variety of options for pool set up. Stadium seating and concessions. Host to annual Michigan State High School Boys & Girls Swimming and Diving Finals as well as many other large events including long course finals and the NCAA DIII Collegiate Swimming & Diving nationals.

• Century Lanes A smoke-free facility with a full-service restaurant and bar, 29 lanes and a new six-lane private suite. Has hosted a variety of state bowling tournaments.

ROAD TRIP • Soccer Stop 49,000 square feet of indoor space, featuring 2 indoor arenas, 1 training and small sided field, 2 outdoor fields, baseball and softball batting cages, concession and arcade areas and a meeting room. • Joseph Moran Park 4.2 acre park with 10 tennis courts, picnic shelter, play structure, and restrooms. • Etheridge Tennis Complex A six-court, 40,000-square-foot indoor tennis center (named the “Public Facility of the Year” in 2010 by the Professional Tennis Registry). And the adjacent, newly opened Stadium Courts which include 12 outdoor courts with elevated seating for spectators and an officials’ shelter. Located on the campus of Hope College.

Conveniently located 35 minutes west of Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Holland is just three hours from both Chicago and Detroit. Just off of US 31 and I-196, Holland is easily accessible and with over 1,500 hotel rooms to meet every budget, staying in Holland is as easy as getting here.

CONTACT Holland Area Visitors Bureau Wendy Link 78 East 8th Street Holland, MI 49423 Phone: 800-506-1299 Email: Sports Planning Guide & Directory


MINNESOTA Rochester Sports Commission 30 Civic Center Drive SE Rochester MN 55904 (507) 280-4701 Saint Paul Sports Council 175 West Kellogg Blvd. Suite 502 Saint Paul MN 55102 (651) 265-4904 St. Cloud Area CVB 525 Highway 10 South Suite One St.Cloud MN 56304 (800) 264-2940

Visit Minneapolis North 6200 Shingle Creek Parkway Suite 248 Minneapolis MN 55430 (800) 541-4364

MISSISSIPPI Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 789 Columbus MS 39701 (662) 329-1191

DeSoto County Tourism Association 4716 Pepper Chase Drive Southaven MS 38671 (662) 393-8770

Oxford CVB 102 Ed Perry Blvd Oxford MS 38655 (662) 232-2367

Mississippi Division of Tourism P.O. Box 849 Jackson MS 39205 (601) 359-3297

Ridgeland Tourism Commission 1000 Highland Colony Parkway Ridgeland MS 39157 (601) 605-5253

Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 6128 Gulfport MS 39506 (228) 896-6699

Tupelo CVB P.O. Box 47 Tupelo MS 38802 (800) 533-0611

MISSOURI Blue Springs Parks and Recreation 903 W. Main Street Blue Springs MO 64015 (816) 228-0137


Branson-Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB P.O. Box 1897 Branson MO 65615 (417) 243-2124 Branson is the “Live Music Show Capital of the World.” During peak season, guests can choose from over 100 live shows daily in 50 theatres - there’s a performance to please everyone.


Cape Girardeau Convention & Visitors Bureau 400 Broadway,Cape Girardeau MO 63701 (573) 335-1631 Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau 300 South Providence Road Columbia MO 65203 (800) 652-0987 Greater Springfield Sports Commission 815 E Saint Louis Street #100 Springfield MO 65806 (417) 869-7529 Historic St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau 230 South Main St. St. Charles MO 63301 (888) 947-9137 You’ll find sporting venues, big-city amenities and small-town charm in Saint Charles. Whether your event features 10 or 1,000 participants, you’ll find our setting and price just right. Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 2227 Jefferson City MO 65102 (573) 632-2820


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ST. CHARLES, MISSOURI ook no further for a top-notch spot to host your next sporting event. As an athletic director or coach, you want the best venue to accommodate your games, right? You’ll find sporting venues, big-city amenities and smalltown charm in Saint Charles, MO. Whether your sporting event features 10 or 1,000 participants, you’ll find our setting and price just right for your group. Saint Charles has a venue to host all sporting events from the Family Arena with 31,232 square feet of floor space to the Ozzie Smith Sports Complex for your next baseball tournament. The National Equestrian Center is a 24-acre center that meets the standards for all competitions. St. Peter’s Rec-Plex provides a venue for hockey, speed skating and figure skating events. The competition pool is perfect for swimming, diving or water polo. For a smaller venue, Saint Charles offers city and county parks for baseball and softball. High schools, colleges and universities offer fields, courts, tracks and indoor gymnasiums. Our accommodations and casual-style restaurants are affordable and geared toward families. Saint Charles offers more than your group will have time for. Tour Missouri’s First Capitol, stroll the historic district featuring 125 shops, or try your luck at a casino. Saint Charles offers family amusement, museums and galleries. Our staff is eager to assist you with your sporting event.


COME TO PLAY • Family Arena A l0,000-plus-seat, multi-purpose facility which can host a variety of sporting events. • St. Peters Rec-Plex A 230,000-square-foot complex with 3 regulation ice rinks and a natatorium with an Olympic pool and diving tower. • St. Charles Convention Center The area’s newest full-service convention facility with 154,000 total square feet of space. • The National Equestrian Center The best equestrian showplace in the Midwest with 2 indoor and 1 outdoor arena and over 650 stalls. • T.R. Hughes Ballpark Minor league baseball stadium which seats over 5,500 and is home to the River City Rascals of the Frontier League. • Ozzie Smith Sports Complex 76-acre baseball and softball facility with seven full-size diamonds.

• West James Courts Indoor tennis and racquetball facility with 6 tennis courts and 6 racquetball courts. • National Horseshoe Pitchers Association Hall of Fame Opened in 2007, the facility has 16 indoor and 16 outdoor courts for year-round tournaments for players of all skill levels.

ROAD TRIP Located 10 minutes west of Lambert St. Louis International Airport and 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis, St. Charles is conveniently located on Interstate 70 and a short drive from Interstates 64, 55 and 44.

CONTACT Greater St. Charles, Missouri CVB Greg Maxon Group Travel & Sports Sales Manager 230 S. Main St. St. Charles, MO 63301 Phone: 1-888-205-7264 Email:

• St. Charles Soccer Complex Park 60-acre soccer complex with 16 fields (2 lighted) available for all age levels. • Tony Glavin Soccer Complex Home of the St. Louis Lions Soccer Club of the United Soccer League with 1 indoor and 5 outdoor fields.

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MISSOURI Joplin Sports Authority 3301 West First St. Joplin MO 64801 (417) 625-1006 Kansas City Sports Commission Kansas City MO 64105 (816) 474-4652 Maryland Heights Convention and Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 2125 Maryland Heights MO 63043 (314) 738-2496

Platte County CVB 11724 NW Plaza Cir. #200 Kansas City MO 64153 (888) 875-2883 Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau 815 E. St. Louis St. Springfield MO 65807 (417) 881-5300 St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau 109 S. Fourth Street St. Joseph MO 64501 (800) 785-0360

St. Louis Sports Commission 308 N. 21st St Suite 500 St. Louis MO 63103 (314) 345-5100

MONTANA Billings Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 31177 Billings MT 59107 (406) 245-4111

NEBRASKA Grand Island Sports Council 2424 South Locust Suite C Grand Island NE 68801 (800) 658-3178 Kearney Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 607 Kearney NE 68848 (308) 237-3494 Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 83737 Lincoln NE 68501 (402) 436-2354 Omaha Sports Commission 11235 Davenport Street Suite 106 Omaha NE 68154 (402) 502-2216


South Sioux City Convention & Visitors Bureau 3900 Dakota Avenue South Sioux City NE 68776 (402) 494-1307



City of Henderson Department of Cultural Arts & Tourism 200 S Water St. Henderson NV 89015 (702) 267-2144 Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority 3150 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas NV 89109 (702) 892-0711 Reno Sparks Convention & Visitors Association 4001 S. Virginia Reno NV 89501 (775) 827-7790 Reno-Tahoe America’s Adventure Place P.O. Box 837 Reno NV 89504 (775) 827-7790

NEW JERSEY Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority 2314 Pacific Ave. Atlantic City NJ 8401 (609) 449-7151 Mercer County Sports and Entertainment Commission 1638 Old Trenton Rd. West Windsor NJ 8550 (609) 737-0927


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SP4RTS OHIO trategically located in the heart of northeast Ohio, the contiguous communities of Akron, Canton, Kent and Medina offer planners accessibility, affordability and flexibility, making the four-county region the perfect destination for your next sporting event. Our area plays host to a myriad of teams and individual athletes striving for peak performance. The diversity of our venues will offer the options you need to maximize attendance. Key venues include: Firestone Stadium, Canton Memorial Civic Center, Fawcett Stadium, Kent State University and the University of Akron. The region’s accommodations are equally diverse with a range of full-service and limited-service hotels and motels to meet every budget. Our major highway, interstate and turnpike systems make arriving by car or motorcoach easy and efficient. Additionally, the Akron-Canton Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are 10 miles and 30 miles from downtown Akron, respectively. Signature area spectator sporting events include: All American Soap Box Derby, Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend & Inductions, Road Runner Akron Marathon & World Golf Championships Bridgestone Invitational. Call for our “new” Sports Venue Directory.


COME TO PLAY The four-county area features more than 70 diverse sporting venues, 11 bowling centers and 70+ golf courses. • Canton Memorial Civic Center 24,000 sq. ft. with seating for 4,200 spectators – basketball, indoor football and wrestling. • Firestone Stadium 2 full-size softball fields – home to the Akron Racers – 2005 National Champs! • Hoover Little League Complex 8 regulation fields welcome players of America’s favorite pasttime. • Kent State University Venues include: Dix Stadium, Schoonover Stadium, Convocation Center & soccer/softball fields. • University of Akron Venues include: New! Infocision Stadium/Summa Field, Stile Athletics Field House, Rhodes Arena and baseball/soccer/softball fields. • North Coast Soccer Fields 27 large fields, 6 U8-U10 fields and 2 indoor fields

ROAD TRIP The communities of Akron, Canton, Kent and Medina are located within less than a one-hour radius of each other, providing an accessible destination for your next sporting event. The AkronCanton Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are each within a 30-minute drive. Major interstates include: Rt. 77, Rt. 76, Rt. 8 and Rt. 271; the Ohio Turnpike also passes through the area (Rt. 80). Mileage • Buffalo: 216 • Indianapolis: 259 • Pittsburgh: 110 • Detroit: 192 • Louisville: 320 The Sp4rts Ohio area boasts more than 8,000 guest rooms – with accommodations and amenities to match any budget.

CONTACT Akron/Summit CVB Mary Tricaso, Director of Sales 77 E. Mill St. Akron, OH 44308

Phone: 800-245-4254 Email:

• Paul Brown Tiger Stadium Football at its finest in Canton – 17,000-seat stadium • Pinnacle Sports Complex Soccer-Lacrosse-Volleyball-Basketball-Roller Hockey – 120,000 sq. ft. plus 2 regulation soccer fields

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NEW JERSEY New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority 50 State Rte. 120 East Rutherford NJ 7073 (201) 935-8500

NEW MEXICO Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau 20 First Plaza NW Suite 601 Albuquerque NM 87102 (800) 733-9918 Las Cruces Convention & Visitors Bureau 211 North Water Street Las Cruces NM 88001 (575) 541-2216



New Mexico Sports Authority 800 Bradbury NE Suite 216 Albuquerque NM 87106 (505) 239-6629 Rio Rancho Convention and Visitors Bureau 3200 Civic Center Circle NE Rio Rancho NM 87144 (505) 891-7255

NEW YORK Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau 25 Quackenbush Square Albany NY 12207 (518) 434-1217 Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission 617 Main St. Suite 200 Buffalo NY 14203 (716) 218-2929 Greater Binghamton Convention and Visitors Bureau 49 Court Street 2nd Floor Binghamton NY 13902 (800) 836-6740 From one-of-a-kind antique shops, fascinating museum tours and mouth-watering cider mill visits, to out-of-this-world trips to the planetarium and scenic walks through the botanical garden, Greater Binghamton’s attractions will keep you coming back again and again. Lake Placid Visitors Bureau 49 Parkside Drive Lake Placid NY 12946 (800)861-4620 Long Island CVB and Sports Commission 330 Motor Parkway Hauppauge NY 11788 (877) 386-6654 Monroe County Sports Commission 333 N Plymouth Ave. Rochester NY 14608 (585) 262-3832 54

Nassau County IDA (Tourism) 1550 Franklin Avenue Mineola NY 11501 (516) 571-1937

Greensboro Sports Commission 2200 Pinecroft Road Suite 200 Greensboro NC 27407 (336) 378-4499

New York City Sports Commission 2 Washington Street 15th Floor New York NY 10004 (212) 484-1282

High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau 300 S. Main St. High Point NC 27261 (800) 720-5255

NYC & Company 810 Seventh Ave.3 fl NY NY 10019 (212) 484-5498

Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission P.O. Box 207 Jacksonville NC 28541 (910) 347-3141 www.jacksonvilleonslowsports.og

Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau 60 Railroad Place Suite 100 Saratoga Springs NY 12866 (518) 226-0064 Syracuse CVB 572 South Salina Syracuse NY 13202 (315) 470-1826 Warren County Tourism Dept. 1340 State Route 9 Lake George NY 12845 (800) 365-1050

NORTH CAROLINA Burlington/Alamance County Convention & Visitors Bureau 610 S Lexington Ave. Burlington NC 27215 (800) 637-3804 Cabarrus County Convention & Visitors Bureau 3003 Dale Earnhardt Boulevard Kannapolis NC 28083 (800) 848-3740 Charlotte Regional Sports Commission 333 East Trade Street Charlotte NC 28202 (704) 688-8536 CVB Pinehurst Southern Pines Aberdeen Area 10677 Hwy 15-501 Southern Pines NC 28388 (800) 346-5362 Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau 245 Person Street Fayetteville NC 28301 (910) 483-5311 Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau 421 Fayetteville Street Suite 1505 Raleigh NC 27601 1755 (919) 645-2657

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North Carolina Sports Association 406 Blackwell St. Durham NC 27701 (919) 361-1133 Triangle Sports Commission 401 Harrison Oaks Blvd. Cary NC 27513 (919) 678-1651 Visit Charlotte 500 S College Suite 300 Charlotte NC 28202 (800) 722-1994 Visit Lake Norman 19900 West Catawba Avenue Cornelius NC 28031 (800) 305-2508 Visit Winston-Salem 200 Brookstown Avenue Winston-Salem NC 27101 (336) 728-4215 Wilmington CVB 505 Nutt Street Unit A Wilmington NC 28401 (877) 406-2356

NORTH DAKOTA Bismarck-Mandan Convention and Visitors Bureau 1600 Burnt Boat Drive Bismarck ND 58501 (800) 767-3555 Fargo Moorhead Athletic Commission 2001 44th Street South Fargo ND 58103 (701) 365-4563 Forks Area Sports Association 4251 Gateway Dr. Grand Forks ND 58203 (701) 746-0444

OHIO Akron/Summit CVB 77 E. Mill St. Akron OH 44308 (800) 245-4254 Teamed up to assist you in discovering our array of sporting venues. Our four-county team is here to support you in every way possible! Butler County Visitors Bureau 8750 Union Centre Blvd. West Chester OH 45069 (513) 860-4194 Canton/Stark County Convention & Visitors Bureau 222 Market Ave N Canton OH 44702 (330) 458-2084 Clermont County Ohio Convention and Visitors Bureau 410 E. Main Street Batavia OH 45103 (513) 732-3600 Clinton County CVB 13 N. South St Wilmington OH 45177 (877) 428-4748 Located in the “golden triangle” of Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton, we’re a convenient, affordable destination featuring venues for softball, baseball, equine sports, football, basketball and more. Dayton/Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau 1 Chamber Plaza Suite A Dayton OH 45402 (800) 221-8235 Dublin CVB Sports 9 S. High Street Dublin OH 43017 (800) 245-8387 Findlay Hancock County CVB 123 E Main Cross Findlay OH 45840 (800)424-3315 Greater Cincinnati Sports Corporation 9514 Kenwood Road Cincinnati OH 45242 (513)345-3054 Greater Cleveland Sports Commission 50 Public Square Cleveland OH 44113 (216) 621-0600

Greater Columbus Sports Commission 45 Vine Street Columbus OH 43215 (614) 221-6060 Greater Licking County CVB 455 Hebron Rd. (State Route 79) Heath OH 43056 (740) 345-8224 Greater Toledo Convention & Visitors Bureau 401 Jefferson Avenue Toledo OH 43604 (800) 243-4667 Greene County Convention & Visitors Bureau 1221 Meadowbridge Drive Suite A Beavercreek OH 45434 (800) 733-9109 Lake Erie Shores and Islands 4424 Milan Road Sandusky OH 44870 (800) 255.3743

Mansfield & Richland County Convention & Visitors Bureau 124 N Main St Mansfield OH 44902 (419) 525-1300 Sports Ohio 77 E. Mill St. Akron OH 44308 (800) 245-4254 Our area plays host to a myriad of teams and individual athletes striving for peak performance. The diversity of our venues will offer the options you need to maximize attendance. Visit Lorain County 8025 Leavitt Road Amherst OH 44001 (800) 344-1673 Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau 5412 Courseview Dr Mason OH 45040 (513) 204-7050


Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau 123 Park Avenue Oklahoma City OK 73102 (800) 225-5652 Oklahoma City is quickly becoming a sporting event destination with numerous venues for various tournaments and meetings within the sports industry. Tulsa Sports Commission Williams Center Tower II Two W. Second St. Tulsa OK 74103 (918) 560-0227

OREGON Eugene Cascades & Coast – Travel Lane County 754 Olive Street Eugene OR 97401 (800) 547-5445 Oregon Sports Authority 1888 SW Madison 2nd Floor Portland OR 97205 (503) 234-4500

Washington County Visitors Association West Portland Metro 11000 SW Stratus St. Suite 170 Beaverton OR 97008 (503) 644-5555

PENNSYLVANIA Berks County Sports Commission 2525 N. 12th Street Reading PA 19605 (800) 443-6610 Bucks County Conference & Visitors Bureau 3207 Street Road Bensalem PA 19020 (215) 639-0300 Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau 310 E Grandview Ave Zelienople PA 16063 (866) 856-8444

PENNStourism YLV Ahe Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is the infor-



mation source for visitors to and the citizens of Oklahoma City. As the City’s official destination marketing organization, the mission of the CVB is to contribute to the economic well-being of Oklahoma City and its citizens through the solicitation and servicing of conventions and other related group business, to promote the city as a first-class visitor destination, and to enhance Oklahoma City's name and image. With staff members devoted to the sports business development market, Oklahoma City is quickly becoming a sporting event destination with numerous venues for various tournaments and meetings within the sports industry.

COME TO PLAY • ASA National Softball Hall of Fame Stadium ASA Hall of Fame Stadium is the nation’s number one softball venue and hosts world-class competitions, including the NCAA Women’s College World Series and several ASA National Junior Olympic Tournaments. • Boathouse District and the Oklahoma River The Oklahoma River’s Boathouse District includes the Chesapeake Boathouse, the Devon Boathouse – home of the OKC National High Performance for rowing and canoe/kayak – and the Chesapeake Finish Line Tower. Each year the river is the site of numerous regattas and is now a U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Site. • Oklahoma City Community College Aquatics Center Originally built as the outdoor venue for all aquatic competitions during the 1989 US Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma City Community College Aquatics Center features an eight-lane, 50-meter swimming pool as well as a separate diving well equipped with two one-meter springboards, two three-meter springboards and platforms at five, seven and ten meters.

ROAD TRIP Oklahoma City is located near the geographic center of the United States. Located at the crossroads of I-35, I-40 and I-44, Oklahoma City is easy to reach and navigate. Oklahoma City is approximately: 205 miles north of Dallas, Texas; 353 miles southwest of Kansas City, Mo.; 501 miles southwest of St. Louis, Mo.; and 680 miles southeast of Denver, Colo. Will Rogers World Airport offers nonstop air services to 20 airports in 18 cities in the U.S., including West and East Coast cities.

CONTACT Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau Sue Hollenbeck, Assistant Director of Sports Business Development 123 Park Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Phone: 405-297-8909 Email:

Photo courtesy of Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau

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PENNSYLVANIA Central Pennsylvania Convention & Visitors Bureau 800 East Park Avenue State College PA 16803 (800) 358-5466 Erie Sports Commission 208 East Bayfront Parkway Erie PA 16507 (800) 524-3743 Greater Reading CVB 2525 N. 12th St. Reading PA 19605 (610) 375-4085



Hershey Harrisburg Regional VB 17 South Second Street Harrisburg PA 17101 (877) 727-8573 Lehigh Valley Sports Commission 840 Hamilton Street Allentown PA 18101 (610) 882-9200 Lycoming County Visitor Information 210 William Street Williamsport PA 17701 (800) 358-9900 Philadelphia Sports Congress 1700 Market Street Suite 3000 Philadelphia PA 19103 (215) 636-3300 Pocono Mountains Convention and Visitors Bureau 1004 Main St Stroudsburg PA 18360 (570) 421-5791 Ready Set Go PA Sports 126 Walnut St. Harrisburg PA 17101 (717) 901-0220 Sport York 155 W. Market Street York PA 17401 (717) 852-9675

Visit Pittsburgh Regional Enterprise Tower Pittsburgh PA 15219 (412) 281-7711

RHODE ISLAND Providence Warwick CVB 144 Westminster Street Providence RI 2903 (401) 456-0240 Rhode Island Sports Commission 144 Westminster St Providence RI 2903 (401) 456-0240

SOUTH CAROLINA Charleston Area Sports Commission 423 King St Charleston SC 29403 (843) 805-3030 Columbia Regional Sports Council 1101 Lincoln Street Columbia SC 29202 (800) 264-4884 Greenville Convention & Visitors Bureau 148 River Street Greenville SC 29601 (800) 351-7180 Hilton Head Island Sports & Activities Council P.O. Box 5647 Hilton Head Island SC 29938 (843) 341-8361 Myrtle Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau 200 North Oak Street Myrtle Beach SC 29577 (843) 916-7264

Greater Chattanooga Sports & Events Committee P.O. Box 11508 Chattanooga TN 37401 (423) 756-8689 Greene County Partnership/ Chamber of Commerce 115 Academy Street Greeneville TN 37743 (423) 638-4111 Johnson City Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 180 Johnson City TN 37605 (423) 461-8012 Kingsport Convention & Visitors Bureau 151 East Main Street Kingsport TN 37662 (800) 743-5282 Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation 301 S. Gay Street Knoxville TN 37902 (865) 523-7263 Memphis & Shelby County CVB 47 Union Ave Memphis TN 38103 (901) 543-5300 Nashville Sports Council 414 Union Street Nashville TN 37219 (615) 743-3122

Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce PO Box 328 Orangeburg SC 29116 (803) 534-6821

Play Tennessee 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue Nashville TN 37243 (800) 462-8366

Rock Hill/York County CVB P.O. Box 11377 Rock Hill SC 29731 (888) 702-1320

Sumner County CVB 220 E Main St Gallatin TN 37066 (615) 230-8474


Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau 1000 First Avenue Suite 101 King of Prussia PA 19406 (800) 441-3549

Rapid City Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 747 Rapid City SD 57709 (605) 718-8491

Visit Erie 208 E Bayfront Parkway Erie PA 16507 (814) 454-1000

Sioux Falls Sports Authority/CVB 200 N. Phillips Sioux Falls SD 57104 (800) 333-2072


TENNESSEE Clarksville-Montgomery County Tourist Commission P.O. Box 883 Clarksville TN 37041 (931) 648-0001x223

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Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau 1905 East Randol Mill Road Arlington TX 76011 (800) 433-5374 Austin Sports Commission 301 Congress Ave Suite 200 Austin TX 78701 (512) 583-7270 Beaumont Convention & Visitors Bureau 505 Willow Street Beaumont TX 77701 (409) 880-3749 Brownsville CVB 650 FM 802 Brownsville TX 78520 (956) 546-3971 Bryan-College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau 715 University Dr E College Station TX 77840-1804 (800) 777-8292 Bryan-College Station captures the sports event industry’s imagination with a variety of state-of-the-art facilities, new attractions, hotels/motels, and numerous restaurants. City of DeSoto 211 East Pleasant Run Rd DeSoto TX 75115 (972) 230-9668 City of Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau 501 San Agustine Laredo TX 78040 (956) 795-2350 Corpus Christi Area CVB 101 N. Shoreline Corpus Christi TX 78401 (361)881-1812 Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau 325 North St. Paul St Suite 700 Dallas TX 75201 (214) 571-1056 Discover Temple 1909 Curtis B. Elliott Dr Temple TX 76501 (254) 298-5379

Abilene CVB 1101 North 1st St Abilene TX 79601 (325) 676-2556

El Paso Sports Commission 3411 N. Stanton El Paso TX 79902 (915) 534-4229

Amarillo Convention & Visitors Council P.O. Box 9480 Amarillo TX 79105 (800) 692-1338

Farmers Branch Convention and Visitors Bureau 13000 William Dodson Parkway Farmers Branch TX 75234 (972) 247-3131

Frisco Convention & Visitors Bureau 7601 Gaylord Parkway Suite 100 Frisco TX 75034 (972) 292-5250

Midland CVB 109 North Main Midland TX 79701 (800) 624-6435

Greater Denton Sports Commission 2436 S. I-35E Suite 376-256 Denton TX 76205 (888) 598-1508

Odessa CVB 700 N. Grant Ste. 200 Odessa TX 79761 (800) 780-4678

Greater Houston CVB 901 Bagby Suite 100 Houston TX 77002 (713) 437-5259 Harris County - Houston Sports Authority 909 Fannin St Suite 3175 Houston TX 77010 (713) 308-5900 Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau 222 West Las Colinas Blvd Irving TX 75039 (972) 252-7476

Plano Convention and Visitors Bureau 2000 E. Spring Creek Parkway Plano TX 75086 (972) 941-5840 Life saving sports venues live in Plano. In Plano our team is yours when it comes to service. We have the fields and facilities you’re looking for. Call today and we’ll treat you like a champion. Richardson CVB 411 West Arapaho Road Suite 105 Richardson TX 75080 (888) 690-7287

Round Rock CVB 231 E Main St Round Rock TX 78664 (512) 218-7094 Here in Round Rock, we host virtually every sporting event you can imagine, from football and baseball to inline skating marathons and ultimate frisbee championships.

Visit Lubbock 1500 Broadway St 6th Floor Lubbock TX 79401 (800) 692-4035

San Angelo Convention & Visitors Bureau 418 W. Avenue B San Angelo TX 76903-6027 (800) 375-1206

Waco Convention and Visitors Bureau PO Box 2570 Waco TX 76702-2570 (254) 750-5810

San Antonio Sports Foundation PO Box 830386 San Antonio TX 78283 (210) 820-2111 South Padre Island CVB 7355 Padre Blvd South Padre Island TX 78597 (956) 761-3000 Visit Laredo 501 San Agustin Avenue Laredo TX 78040

Visit Pearland 6117 Broadway Pearland TX 77581 (281) 485-3634

UTAH Salt Lake City CVB 90 South West Temple Salt Lake City UT 84101 (801) 534-4946 Utah Sports Commission 201 South Main Salt Lake City UT 84111 (801) 323-4254


Lewisville CVB 606 West Main Street Lewisville TX 75057 (972) 219-3713


Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau 111 W. 4th Street Fort Worth TX 76102-3951 (817) 698-7827

Visit Park City 1910 Prospector Ave Park City UT 84060 (435) 649-6100

PENNSYLAN IA owdy! As home to Texas A&M University, Bryan-College Station captures theV sports event



industry’s imagination with a variety of state-of-the-art facilities, new attractions, hotels/motels, and numerous restaurants. We are a community that can offer more than 34 hotels and motels offering 3500+ rooms within a 10-minute drive of any facility. As a community that is known for its hospitality, we welcome you to Bryan-College Station, where your next event is guaranteed to be affordable, attractive, and easily accessible for all. Recent events include 2012 NCAA Women’s Division 1 Basketball first and second rounds, ASA National Championships, 7 on 7 Texas State Football Championships, NCAA Women’s Soccer National Championship, Great American Shootout Boys Basketball Tournament, and NIRSA Flag Football National Championship.

COME TO PLAY • Texas A&M Student Recreation Center & Natatorium This facility, which is located on the Texas A&M University campus, is home to 8 Indoor Basketball Courts, 3 Outdoor Basketball Courts, 4 Outdoor Swimming Pools, multipurpose gyms for badminton, volleyball, or indoor soccer, 14 racquetball/handball courts, 2 indoor Pools, 50-meter 8-lane competition pool, 17-foot dive well with 1, 3, 5, 7 ½, 10 meter diving platforms, and 30 acres of fields used for football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, softball, along with an area reserved for archery outdoor practice. • Brazos County Expo This state-of-the-art facility boasts a gorgeous complex that includes 2 arenas with seating capacity, warm-up pavilions, available cattle/horse stalls, meeting and banquet rooms, concessions areas, exhibit space, and plenty of parking to host your next great event. • Veterans Park & Athletic Complex This incredible complex includes 9 softball fields, 13 soccer fields, bike trails, concession stands, parking for approximately

750 vehicles, a 500-person capacity pavilion, a playground, and an American History Mile Trail.

ROAD TRIP Bryan-College Station is located within 180 miles of 80 percent of the State of Texas. With Bryan-College Station being within a 3-hour drive of Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio, and only 90 minutes away from Houston and Austin, it makes it easy to get to this great destination. The easy access via major highways or daily flights into the local Easterwood Airport on American Eagle or United Express makes Bryan-College Station the perfect place for sports events and other gatherings!

CONTACT Bryan-College Station CVB Dominique Powell, Sports Sales Executive

Phone: 979-260-9898/800-777-8292 Email:

VERMONT Vermont Sports & Events Council 60 Main Street Suite 100 Burlington VT 5401 (877) 264-3503

VIRGINIA Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce 110 Mall Road Covington VA 24426 (540) 962-2178



Botetourt County Office of Tourism 13 West Main St Box 10 Fincastle VA 24090 (540) 473-1167

Fairfax CVB 7927 Jones Branch Drive McLean VA 22102 (703) 752-9510

Prince William County/Manassas Convention & Visitors Bureau 8609 Sudley Road Suite 105 Manassas VA 20110 (703) 396-7130

Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance 421 North Boundary Street Williamsburg VA 23187-3495 (800) 368-6511 Hampton Roads Sports Commission 500 E. Main Street Norfolk VA 23510 (757) 664-2576

Chesapeake Conventions & Tourism 860 Greenbrier Circle Suite 101 Chesapeake VA 23320-2640 (757) 502-4898

Loudoun Convention Visitors Assn 112-G South St SE Leesburg VA 20175 (703) 771-2617

City of Salem P.O. Box 886 Salem VA 24153 (540) 375-3004 We have first class facilities and an endless supply of our famous southern hospitality. Come see for yourself why Salem is Virginia’s Championship City.

Lynchburg Regional CVB 2015 Memorial Ave Lynchburg VA 24501 (434) 845-5966

Discover Lynchburg/Lynchburg CVB 2015 Memorial Avenue Lynchburg VA 24501 (434) 845-5966

Norfolk CVB 232 East Main Street Norfolk VA 23510 (800)368-3097

Richmond Sports Backers 100 Avenue of Champions Richmond VA 23230 (804) 285-9495 Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau 101 Shenandoah Ave NE Roanoke VA 24016 (800) 635-5535 Sports Hampton 1919 Commerce Dr Suite 290 Hampton VA 23666 (800) 487-8778 Sports Virginia 901 E Byrd St Richmond VA 23219 (804) 545-5544 Virginia Beach CVB 2101 Parks Ave Virginia Beach VA 23451 (757) 895-8200

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Visit Fairfax 7927 Jones Branch Drive McLean VA 22102 (703) 752-9510

WASHINGTON Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater VCB PO Box 7338 Olympia WA 98507 (877) 704-7500 Seattle Sports Commission 701 Pike Street Suite 800 Seattle WA 98101 (206) 461-5800 Snohomish County Sports Commission 1133 164th Street SW Lynnwood WA 98036 (425) 348-5802x12 Snohomish County offers the perfect backdrop for any sporting event. Snohomish County Sports Commission provides a variety of opportunities for sports event planners to bring their event here. Southridge Sports and Event Complex 2901 Southridge Blvd Kennewick WA 993381 (509) 585-4279 Spokane Regional Sports Commission 801 West Riverside Suite 510 Spokane WA 99201 (509) 869-0299 Tacoma Pierce County Sports Commission 1119 Pacific Avenue Tacoma WA 98466 (253) 284-3260 Tri-Cities Sports Council P.O. Box 2241 Tri-Cities WA 99302 (800) 254-5824 Wenatchee Valley Sports Council 5 S. Wenatchee Avenue Suite 100 Wenatchee WA 98801 (509) 663-3723 Yakima Valley Sports Commission 10 North 8th Street Yakima WA 98901 (800) 221-0751

WEST VIRGINIA Life saving sports venues live in Plano. In Plano our team is yours when it comes WRVHUYLFH:HKDYHWKHÀHOGVDQGIDFLOLWLHV         \RX¡UHORRNLQJIRU&DOOWRGD\DQGZH¡OOWUHDW         you like a champion.


Cabell-Huntington Convention & Visitors Bureau P.O. Box 347 Huntington WV 25708 (800) 635-6329

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS elcome to The Sports Capital of Texas! Here in Round Rock, we host virtually every sporting event you can imagine, from football and baseball to inline skating marathons and ultimate frisbee championships. Our facilities are capable of handling events of all sizes, and our beautiful Texas weather means that we can play outside all year long. We’re also expanding our world-class facilities with the addition of a new $12-million dollar indoor sports center, which is expected to be opening in 2013. Even though we’re known as The Sports Capital of Texas, there’s still plenty of entertainment, fine dining, and shopping all within a close proximity. With so many activities and year-round sunny weather, there isn’t a bad time to visit Round Rock. For more information, contact the Round Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau at 512-218-7023 or visit us at


COME TO PLAY • Old Settlers Park This facility consists of 570 acres and features an 18-hole golf course, 7 playgrounds, 40 picnic areas with barbeque pits, a regulation remote control airplane take-off and landing strip, 7 soccer fields, a tennis complex with 12 courts, 3.3 miles of paved trails, 2 sand volleyball courts, cross country courses, a 3-acre area designated for special events, and a lake which is frequently stocked by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Fish Hatchery. • Champion Fields at Old Settlers Park This facility consists of more than 120 acres, and features 20 baseball fields, 5 softball fields, 18 lighted batting cages, 5 covered playgrounds, 39,000 square feet of shaded spectator areas, and ample warm-up areas outside of the fields. • The Dell Diamond This facility is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art baseball stadium, which is home to minor league baseball sensations the Round Rock Express. • Clay Madsen Recreation Center This facility features a 25-yard lap pool, 4 racquetball courts, a cardio and weight room, and 2 full-sized gymnasiums for basketball, volleyball, and other indoor sports.

• Dr. R.R. Peters Jr. Field at Dragon Stadium This facility features a regulation-sized football field with track seating capacity for 8,800 attendees.

ROAD TRIP Located right in the heart of Texas, Round Rock really is at the center of it all. Only 30 minutes from Austin, Round Rock is easily accessible from Austin’s Bergstrom International Airport and Amtrak stations. We are also approximately a 3-hour drive from Dallas and Houston respectively. With numerous public transportation options from both cities and direct highway routes on both I-35 and 290 it’s easy to get your team to Round Rock.

CONTACT Round Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau Nancy Yawn, Director 231 E. Main St. Suite 150 Round Rock, TX 78664 Phone: 512-218-7094 Email:

• Round Rock Skate Park A 14,000 square foot skate park featuring a bowl section with full capsule and pool coping, ledges, handrails, stairs, pyramids, and banks. • Kelly Reeves ISD Athletic Complex This stadium consists of 46 acres and features a JumboTron, seating capacity for 11,000, and a shock-reducing layer of AstroPlay synthetic turf beneath the field.

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WEST VIRGINIA Charleston CVB 200 Civic Center Drive Charleston WV 25301 (800) 733-5469 Greater Morgantown CVB 68 Donley Street Morgantown WV 26501 (800) 458-7373 Huntington CVB P.O. Box 347 Huntington WV 25708 (304) 525-7333 Jefferson County CVB 37 Washington Court Harpers Ferry WV 25425-6630 (866) 435-5698 Marion County CVB 1000 Cole Street Suite A Pleasant Valley WV 26554 (304) 368-1123 West Virginia Division of Tourism 90 MacCorkie Ave SW South Charleston WV 25303 (800) 225-5982

WISCONSIN Brookfield CVB 17100 W Bluemound Rd Ste 203 Brookfield WI 53005 (800) 388-1835 Explore La Crosse 410 Veterans Memorial Drive La Crosse WI 54601 (608) 782-2366 Fond du Lac Area Convention and Visitors Bureau 171 S Pioneer Rd Fond du Lac WI 54935 (920) 923-3010 Fox Cities CVB 3433 West College Avenue Appleton WI 54914 (800) 236-6673 Greater Green Bay CVB 1901 South Oneida Street Green Bay WI 54304 (888) 867-3342

Greater Madison CVB 615 E Washington Ave Madison WI 53715 (608) 255-2537

Visit Milwaukee 648 North Plankinton Avenue Milwaukee WI 53203-2926 (414) 287-6232

Kenosha Area CVB 812 56th Street Kenosha WI 53140 (262) 654-7307

Waukesha & Pewaukee CVB N14 W23755 Stone Ridge Dr Waukesha WI 53188 (262) 542-0330

Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau 2401 W Waukau Avenue Oshkosh WI 54904 (877) 303-9200

Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 10204 Park Plaza Suite B Rothschild WI 54474 (715) 355-8788

Racine CVB 14015 Washington Ave Sturtevant WI 53177 (262) 898-3323 Sports Wisconsin CVB 219 Jefferson Street Wausau WI 54403 (715) 355-8788 Visit Eau Claire 3625 Gateway Drive Suite F Eau Claire WI 54701-8187 (888) 523-3866

Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau P.O. Box 390 Wisconsin Dells WI 53965 (608) 254-7180 Wisconsin Sports Development Corporation P.O. Box 7788 Madison WI 53707 (608) 226-4780

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASHINGTON ocated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Snohomish County, Washington, is 17 miles north of Seattle. Bordered on the west by Puget Sound and on the east by the Cascade Mountains, Snohomish County offers the perfect backdrop for any sporting event. Snohomish County Sports Commission provides a variety of opportunities for sports event planners to bring their event here. We will provide connections for funding opportunities, event organization, hotel accommodations, and venues to make the event successful. Snohomish County has event venues for a variety of individual and team sports from basketball to softball, soccer to ice hockey, golf to volleyball, equestrian events to triathlons. Snohomish County is rich in sports tradition for year-round athletic events. We have 25 softball fields, 15 baseball fields, and 20 soccer fields located throughout the


COME TO PLAY • Comcast Arena at Everett A 10,000-seat venue with two sheets of NHL-sized ice and hosts a variety of events including basketball, figure skating, gymnastics, rodeos, and volleyball. • Skykomish River Park A multi-purpose sports complex for baseball, softball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, concerts, and dog shows. • Lake Stevens Community Park The community park has 4 grass soccer fields and 3 baseball/ softball fields with plenty of parking.

county as well as several multi-use sports complexes. Snohomish County is rich in sports tradition for year-round athletic events. We have hosted Skate America, Kellogg’s Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, and NSA Girls Fastpitch Western World Series. Close to everything. Far from ordinary®

ROAD TRIP Located 17 miles north of downtown Seattle and 40 miles north of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Located 113 miles south of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Amtrak Stations are located in Edmonds and Everett. Two Washington State ferry terminals are located in Edmonds and Mukilteo. Conveniently located, Interstate 5 and Interstate 405 provide easy access to any of the Snohomish County sports facilities.

CONTACT Snohomish County Sports Commission Rich Huebner Phone: 888-338-0976 ext. 21 Sports Sales Manager Email: 1133 164th Street SW, Suite 204 Lynnwood, WA 98087

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