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One Of The Biggest Trends In Women’s Eyewear In The Last Few Years Was The Cat-Eye Design. What We Will See In The Coming Years Is An Adaptation Of This Look That Mamdani Refers To As A Modified Upsweep.

These designs are what mass eyewear manufacturers emulate their designs after in following years. The team at Squint Eyewear is seeing a major shift in eyewear trends for 2015. For the past few years, thicker, heavier and bolder frames have been very prominent in the world of eyewear. This year, Mamdani and Giansante believe that this trend will fade into memory. Plastic designs today are becoming much lighter weight, and the eyewear industry is seeing a great deal more simplistic metal designs. This deviation away from thick frames has opened doors to new innovations in the materials used to craft frames. Mykita, a German designer eyewear

Deviation Away From Thick Frames Has Opened Doors To New Innovations In The Materials Used To Craft Frames.


brand, has introduced a new collection called Mylon that falls very much in line with the new slim frame trend. The Mylon frames are crafted using polyamide crystal in a 3D printer allowing for an extremely lightweight yet durable finish. Squint Eyewear also offers frames from Mykita that are manufactured out of surgical steel. These pieces from the Mylon collection are made without the use of screws or solder points allowing for the utmost flexibility in eyewear, while maintaining the same simplicity in design. One of the biggest trends in women’s eyewear in the last few years was the cat-eye design. What we will see in the coming years is an adaptation of this look that Mamdani refers to as a modified upsweep. This new trend is not as extreme as the cat-eye shapes that have been seen in the past few years, but a much softer lift in the outer corners of the frame that is very complimentary to a woman’s features. Squint Eyewear delivers this trend through a Parisian eyewear designer called Face à Face.

A number of the high-end eyewear designers are experimenting with twotone eyewear this season. “We are seeing a great deal more split colours in glasses today. For example, the acetate of the frame on the top could be a much darker shade, and as you get to the bottom it gradually fades into a lighter shade,” explains Mamdani. Volte Face from France released a piece called Calista that beautifully illustrates this two-tone trend. The majority of the frame is a handcrafted acetate in a pastel blue colour, with a pop of bright, contrasting orange infused with glitter around the very top of the lens. The combination of tones is not limited to just colours in eyewear; this year will introduce a great deal of frames that are made with an amalgamation of both plastic and metal. Most commonly, the face of the frame will be made of an acetate composition while the arms will be made of metal. This trend will “re-introduce us to frames that are enameled and detailed much like we saw in the ‘80s,” Mamdani explains. This throwback to the Madonna era


Invidiata Collection Spring 2015  
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