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VOLUME 7 Issue 2 SUMMER 2017


Preferred Magazine

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MARKETING & GRAPHIC DESIGN Marcello Calvi SALES & ADVERTISING Tyler Saik, V.P. of Sales 289-270-0906 SENIOR WRITERS Orion Armstrong, Monique Simpson, Alex Jackson, Gerald Glavota, Eric Marle, Taneil Currie James Chittenden, Natalie Servello, Jessica Ashley Merkley ISSUE CONTRIBUTORS Libby Austin , Stone Romera , Nicole Val , Brian J. D’Souza, Brandon Young , Colin Keddy PHOTOGRAPHERS Lindsay Anne Delaney, Franco Ciriot Ryan Buan SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER ANN M. CARROLL PUBLISHED BY Preferred Communications Inc.

Printed in Canada 4

ON THE COVER JASON PRIESTLEY Photo Credit: Lindsay Anne Delaney

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Summer 2017 Publisher Note It has been an incredible journey putting together this special edition of Preferred Magazine. With our great country celebrating 150 years, we wanted to highlight some of the people, places and things that make Canada a wonderful place to live. We had the honour of having Canadian actor, Jason Priestley join us for an intimate sit down and cover photo shoot. We were so humbled by his presence as he just finished wrapping up filming for season 2 of Private Eyes, and joined us shortly after working into the late hours of the night. We were impressed by his enthusiasm and attitude given his lack of sleep and appreciate that he was a great sport the entire day. In this issue, we feature some diverse profiles of great Canadian talent; Kumar Yogaretnam, from dishwasher to mega restauranteur. Celebrity stylist, and creative architect, Jay Wells to our very own fashion photographer, Lindsay Anne Delaney. We travel coast to coast, showcasing some breathtaking destinations our great country has to offer, where to eat, what to do and where to stay. Our staff writer Gerald Glavota, takes us on a country wide French spirit pairing and shares some great historic insights and delectable recipes. We rock out with Canadian Fashion Designer Jordan Erin McKay, creator of the brand HENDRIXROE, featuring her 2017 Men’s Collection. Lapping up luxury, we stay ‘ahead of the curve’ with the latest in luxury cars. Bring you the top choices for men’s fragrances, fashion, watches, travel and more. I want to extend a huge thanks to my amazing leadership team, writers, photographers, contributors and advertisers, they were committed to bringing you a small piece of Canada to be proud of! Best Regards Carlo


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Rock and Roll Couture – HendrixRoe


Exploring Canada Coast to Coast




p.20 Luxury in the fast lane: Genesis





Luxury Oasis in downtown Halifax



Kumar Yogaretnam: From dishwasher to mega restauranteur


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The thing with histor y is that it’s in the past. What comes nex t is much more interesting.

Out here, we forge our own st yle. We def y ex pectations.

VQA Wines of Ontario is more than just a mark of great wine – it’s a promise. We’ll stand out in the world. And stand up for who we are.

We all k now where wine comes from. Now let’s see where it’s going.




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Kumar Yogaretnam Photography by: Ryan Buan


Close your eyes and try to picture this. Do you become uncomfortable? Or do you become motivated to succeed? It’s a cold February winter night. Flight departs from Germany and a young 19 year old with no family, friends, and limited English arrives to the wonderful country we call, Canada. The choices are simple, you can either struggle or you can be determined to make your way during this difficult time. What is unique about this story that I am about to share with you is that this young gentlemen decided that he was going to be a high level CEO built on his hard work and dedication. The only thing he didn’t know was that it was going to happen in the restaurant business. From humble beginnings as a dishwasher to mega restauranteur, Kumar Yogaretnam knows no boundaries when it comes to building an empire. Kumar arrived in Canada at the tender age of 19 in pursuit of a better life for himself, and in hopes to bring his family to Canada and be able to support them. Two years later, Kumar overcame his first hurdle working three jobs and sponsored his family to come to Canada. With this obstacle complete, at this point, he saw himself in the restaurant business in a permanent career. A few years later Kumar got married to his beautiful wife Felisa, followed by having their daughter Ashley in 1993.

Through hard work and dedication, Kumar achieved a management position in 1992 at Kipling and Queensway. After several years in management positions, Kumar was ready for the next challenge in his career and decided that the next step would be franchising. In the year 2000, Kumar took over his first franchise at Don Mills and Eglinton. During this time, Kumar was involved with corporate training of VP’s and directors of Cara Foods. 5 years later, in 2005, Kumar franchised his second location in Oakville. In 2009, he had the privilege of franchising the Kipling and Queensway location that he had previously managed, where his journey began. After many years of determination, dedication, and a vision that would bring his company to the next level, Nanda Holdings was formed. A business that was built on the premise of hard work and perseverance with a reputable and talented team. His first hire was Tony DeCotiis, VP of operations, who brought a tremendous amount of knowledge to the company. Years later, Kumar hired his daughter Ashley Yogaretnam, as Operations Manager once she graduated with a degree in Business Administration with Honours.

Kumar has always been a strong advocator of finding value of beaten paths, and thinking contrarian when it came to his restaurants. Through prudent financial controls, while maximizing restaurant value through renovations, and tailored local marketing initiatives, Kumar has continued to drive enterprise value at Nanda Holdings. When asked about the source of success, he remarks, “In this business, passion and knowledge is key for continued success. Having the eye for details and strong intuition is almost critical to a high-volume, low-margin business such as the restaurants” Kumar is often painted as one who stands apart in the restaurant industry today within the Cara brands. During a time where the hospitality industry is extremely competitive, Kumar, in the last 2 years has grown his company from 8 restaurants to 26 locations across Ontario. With the passion for hospitality, and under the leadership of Kumar Yogaretnam, Nanda Holdings has grown from a single Swiss Chalet franchise to a conglomerate of multi-brand restaurants including, but not limited to, Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Montana’s, Kelsey’s, East Side Mario’s, Fionn MacCool’s, and Darcey McGee’s with

revenues of $70,000,000 and well on it’s way to growing to $100,000,000. Kumar aspires to continue building his restaurant portfolio, and enhance guest experience in each of his respective banners. Kumar however is not all work and no play. In his downtime, he is a cigar aficionado, enjoying an array of cigars with appropriate pairings of liquors for the occasion. He also enjoys travelling, and experiencing various cultures while scanning the world for new business opportunities. With Kumar being such a visionary leader, there is no doubt that he will lead his team to achieve all the goals set forth as he continues to create a culture of hospitality throughout all his restaurants. I would like to conclude with words that Kumar continually preaches to his upper management team that has proven and shown success over the years. Two simple words “Think different,” which are words that Steve Jobs used while re-building Apple many years ago. Now open your eyes, which would you choose? Status Quo, or challenge yourself to be better?



OH CANADA! By: Lizbeth Austin

By: Brandon Young

COAST TO COAST - A VIBRANT AND DIVERSE COUNTRY Oh Canada, we’ve come a long way to form the vibrant and diverse country we enjoy today.From coast to coast, our provinces and the varying types of natural (and humanmade) beauty are numerous. As our country celebrates its 150th anniversary, what better way to appreciate this great nation than by exploring our backyard and discovering what it has to offer? Unique food, breathtaking views, and unparalleled hospitality -- we have it all. It’s time to see it. BRITISH COLUMBIA “Splendour without diminishment,” is the motto for this mountainous province. If you’re a nature-lover with a wild side, it will envelop you and leave you clinging to its broad rivers and wide-reaching forests. There is much to do while in this naturally rich region — be sure to put it on your hit list. STAY HERE Opus Hotel As one of TripAdvisor’s “Top 5 Trendiest Hotels in the World,” the Opus Hotel takes style seriously. From contemporary furniture to unique artwork, to its spectacular

18 18

lobby, it has an aesthetic all its own. Rooms are complete with spacious spa bathrooms, iPads, and cozy workspaces to make your stay comfortable. Also, be sure to grab dinner at La Pentola, Opus Hotel’s award-winning Italian restaurant. DO THIS Sunshine Coast Air Take to the sky with this amazing ‘flightseeing’ adventure. By plane, fly over BC’s many coastlines, beaches, and islands and catch glimpses of the region’s wildlife. If you have the time, consider expanding your exploration to include glacier lakes, larger-than-life waterfalls, and snowy mountains. Don’t forget to take great photos from the classic de Havilland Beaver you’ll be flying in. EAT HERE Cardero’s Situated on Vancouver’s scenic Coal Harbour, Cardero’s is a feast for your eyes as well as your taste buds. As one of BC’s most renowned seafood restaurants, it’s sure to leave you wanting more. Cardero’s menu includes classics such as Atlantic Lobster, but also includes seafood dishes which are perfect for a culinary exploration; like Fresh Haida Gwaii Halibut. Not to be missed.


PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND If you’re searching for relaxed excitement, the island life might be just what you need. On Prince Edward Island, visitors can expect to feel a sense of “islandness” while there. This distinct sensation is not the easiest to articulate, but it can be felt in the salty air, sandy beaches, and warm and inviting smiles from Islanders. And while small, this province is big on adventure and activities; certainly no shortage of things to do. STAY HERE Seascape Chalet Located on the North Shore of PEI, this luxury vacation home is one of the best views on the island. As it sits on a private peninsula, conveniently within five minutes from Cavendish, Seaside Chalet is perfect for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or an adventure with friends.

EAT HERE The Pearl Eatery and Oyster Lounge Reaching destination restaurant status doesn’t simply happen, it requires excellence, and that’s exactly what The Pearl Eatery is serving up. With a philosophy that sharing a meal that is fresh and creative is simply the way it should be, the restaurant uses local ingredients like edible flowers and seafood which dictate its evolving menu. Don’t miss the delicious Blue Dot Ribeye Steak & Lobster Tail when visiting this island treasure.

DO THIS Andersons Creek Golf Club PEI is golf heaven, and Andersons Creek Golf Club sits in the centre of this idyllic golf universe. In fact, the club’s course has been featured in many top Canadian golf course lists. The club prides itself on being accessible to golfers of all levels; so whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer, there’s something for you. The course is laid out over rippling lands complete with big greens, nine water hazards, and yes, an actual creek. Win or lose, the course’s beautiful views have everyone leave feeling like a winner.



MONTREAL There’s no need to leave the country to get a taste of Europe, and Montreal is evidence of that. The Parisian-style infrastructure of Old Montreal will transport you into another world with its churches, sidewalk cafés, art galleries, and more. When you’re done with old-fashioned life, head back into the more contemporary areas of town for a dose of the vibrant and alwaysdeveloping scene that displays this unique province’s diverse and colourful culture. One thing is for sure; this isn’t your typical Canadian destination. STAY HERE The Ritz-Carlton Named the best hotel in Canada in 2017, The Ritz-Carlton is certainly deserving of such an accolade. Since opening in 1912, it has consistently earned the prestigious AAA Five Diamond award year-after-year, staying true to its historical roots while evolving and remaining contemporary. While there, enjoy amenities such as a stunning rooftop which includes a saltwater pool, sauna, and a terrace with beautiful views of the city. Don’t forget to unwind with the hotel’s spa and also enjoy Afternoon Tea, which originated at this one-of-a-kind hotel.


DO THIS The Orchestra Symphony of Montreal Perfect for an evening out, the Orchestra Symphony of Montreal showcases the high caliber of musical talent the province offers. Listen to a vast repertoire of symphonic music ranging from classical to jazz, played by an orchestra composed of more than 92 musicians, as well as a Chorus. As the orchestra plays nearly 100 concerts each year, it’s hard to miss this sonic treat for the ears. EAT HERE Chasse-Galerie The eclectic cuisine served at Chasse-Galerie is in step with Montreal’s affinity for incorporating international tastes with its own unique vibe. Here you’ll find flavours which reflect Quebec’s heritage, but also its spirit of openness to other cultures and newness. The restaurant’s strong ties with local producers make for unique, fresh, but accessible gastronomy in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Depending on your level of hunger and curiosity, Chasse-Galerie’s menu offers multi-course options ranging from 3 to 10 courses. Whatever your decision, this restaurant aims to deliver a legendary dining experience.


YUKON The Yukon is the smallest of the Northwest Territories, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as exciting. Exploring the fascinating history of this ecologically impressive landscape will leave you amazed with the wonders of nature; like the sun, which never sets during the summer months. The beauty of this region would be enough for anyone visiting, but it doesn’t stop there, Yukon has so much more to offer during your trip to this fantastic territory. STAY HERE Northern Lights Resort & Spa Located on a private 160 acres, but close to many of Yukon’s most acclaimed wilderness parks, Northern Lights Resort & Spa puts you in the middle of a seemingly infinite number of adventurous possibilities. A prime location to witness the Northern Lights, this resort is surrounded by pine forests, mountains, and near the Yukon River. After a day of enjoying the great outdoors, take advantage of its amenities which include a massage room, Finnish sauna, and a luxury outdoor Jacuzzi. DO THIS Ivvavik National Park The first national park in Canada to be created as a result of an aboriginal land claim agreement, Ivvavik National Park is not to be missed. Its amazing landscape is versatile and provides opportunities to explore in many ways; like hiking, river rafting, and camping. Accessible only by charter plane, it is located in the extreme

northwest corner of Yukon, above the Arctic Circle, on the Beaufort Sea. And if private exploration is what you’re looking for, then this 9,775 square km park, which only sees around 100 visitors per year, is perfect. EAT HERE The Wheelhouse Housed in a newly constructed building known as Waterfront Station, The Wheelhouse is located on the banks of the beautiful Yukon River. The dining style is “Yukon Casual” and reflects the heritage of the territory with decor reminiscent of the 1930s. The restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience featuring remarkable food and friendly service in an inviting setting. The menu features dishes that are new and unique, but have a familiarity to them; like must try’s Elk Bolognese, Bison Shepherd’s Pie, or Chèvre Stuffed Chicken Breast.options ranging from 3 to 10 courses. Whatever your decision, this restaurant aims to deliver a legendary dining experience.

CONCLUSION There’s so much to discover in this vast and diverse country. Coast to coast, it’s evident that Canada’s provinces are worlds within themselves. From comfortable coastal island life to fastpaced cities with European flare, we have it all right here. With world class dining, beautiful accommodations, and adventures unique to the nation, why look abroad? If you ever feel like you’ve seen it all, take some time to explore Canada’s backyard and the treasures hiding in it.




Standing outside Rippon’s tasting room is a backdrop so breathtakingly it’s feels like I am about to embark on an exuberant retreat designed to nurture the mind, body and soul. Before venturing inside, like most I can’t resist first capturing the perfect shot sure to wow your Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Standing upon the hill crest gazing down the north facing escapement, Lake Wanaka’s crystal blue water is vividly framed with the rouged Southern Alps in the background and vines in the fore. This iconic landscape undoubtedly sets the tone for visitors arriving on the property. Rippon has a unique history dating back to 1912. What is now a much smaller parcel of land, was once upon a time part of a much larger selfcatering high country located a short five minute commute from the former self service town of Wanaka a stark contrast to the tourism mecca it is today. When it comes to story of wine, it all begins with the lands third generation custodian, Rolfe Mills. During World War II, Rolfe served on submarines in


the Atlantic. On his way back home to New Zealand, he visited Portugal. Here he saw first-hand the Douro’s famed south facing, schist vineyard cliff faces, and began drawing parallels to his own land’s schist bedrock soils half way around the world. In 1975, Rolfe Mills planted the first experimental rows of vines in “Tinkers Field”. The name seemingly makes complete sense given the ‘tinkering’ over the years but it is indeed a mistaken assumption as Tinkers was actually Rolfe’s nickname. In 1982, after years of experimentation and time working in vineyards in the Dordogne, South East France, Rolfe and his wife Lois planted their first commercial block of vines. As Jo Mills explains “it was a hunch being in the Douro but he knew what he was doing” and “thank goddess they planted Riesling and Pinot Noir but really it was nothing more than good fortune as it is all they could get their hands on at the time from the North Island nurseries”. With Rolfe’s passing a new chapter in Rippon’s history was born. In 2003, Rolfe’s son Nick Mills, took the helm and under his leadership Rippon has undoubtedly developed a reputation as one of the region’s finest wineries.




Rippon is fortuitously blessed with a gentler microclimate in a part of the world

to leech into an underground tank where it is then dispersed around the property.

historically regarded as too cold to grow grapes. The property’s proximity to the

Jo explains that within the next five years they plan to build a new winery perched

Southern Alps main divide and Ruby Island buffers terse “roaring 40’s” weather,

above the Pantry and Liver. This new site will maximize the forces of gravity and

while Lake Wanaka hot water blanket effect provides the vines with crucial night

as the beating heart at the centre of the property the winery will naturally be more

frost protection and warmth. Rippon has been organic since inception, but in

energy efficient.

2002 post Nick’s time studying and working in Burgundy, Rippon took a new turn farming their vineyards biodynamically.

Completing the biodynamic loop, the vines share the land with native tree species and bees, cows, goats and chickens, and from a cultural perspective, the Rippon

Biodynamic farming, a concept developed by Austrian philosopher-scientist

Hall numerous events including tastings, weddings and book launches. In Jo’s

Rudolph Steiner in the 1920’s long before the organics movement, is in essence

words, this is what a true “self-sustaining farm is like; it’s like the hand of a clock

a super charged form of organics. Like conventional organics, biodynamics

bringing everything back to 12 o’clock”.

forbids the use of synthetic fertilizers but it goes further adopting a more holistic and spiritual approach viewing the farm as an intertwined living system. While

Walking back to the tasting room, glancing further up the hillside is the winery

it’s true that Steiner’s methodology includes ‘witch craft’ preparations such as

which presently is “nothing more than an old goat shed” in Jo’s words. The fruit is

packing dung into cow horn and burying it underground in the autumn to later

all handpicked and once it reaches the winery it goes onto a sorting table albeit Jo

be transformed into a root-stimulating sprays and carrying out vineyard work in

describes it more as an “assessment table” where the team gets the opportunity

accordance to astrological and lunar movements, it’s a combination that predicates

to see the fruit they are handling and dictates what happens thereafter in terms

that a biodynamic farm represents a closed, sustainable, self-nourishing system

of the winemaking process. Each parcel is treated separately: picked separately,

of the highest quality providing everything from the land. Speaking with Jo as

fermented separately and barrelled separately. Stylistically, Jo describes Rippon’s

we stride across the property, there is no doubting their genuine passion and

wines as “speaking to where they are from in its native context” and although

contagious belief in the biodynamics concept which is woven into every thread of

they don’t produce any natural wines such as those entirely free from sulphur

the property’s tapestry.

they do believe that you can make a “fine wine naturally” whilst maintaining the

The vineyard team, akin to a ‘hamlet’ of 10 people rather than a group bound

wines integrity.

together by contracts, meet each morning outside the tractor shed also known as ’The Huddle’ before dispersing across the property. There are no pre-emptive

With a mere 15 hectares under vine, Jo explains they have reached capacity and

treatments. Instead they watch the land and adjust their practices accordingly

there will be no more planting. And whilst other properties in Central Otago are

which is central to biodynamic philosophy where application and treatment

experimenting with other varieties such as Gruner Veltliner, Alberino and other

timings are key. The morning huddle therefore represents an important part of

Spanish Varietals, here at Rippon they are going the other way. Fifteen to twenty

the daily routine not only for the team to catch up and gage one another’s mood,

years ago, Rippon was home to fifteen rows comprised of thirty different varieties

but also to set the stage for the day’s work ahead.

to see what worked well and what did not, pulling out the last vines (Chardonnay) in 2005. Today, Rippon solely focuses on proven varietals which include Riesling,

One of the crucial aspects of biodynamics is soil health and sustaining the microbe

Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer and a tiny bit of Gamay, Sauvignon and Osteiner.

populations. Walking down the hillside behind the Rippon Hall your eyes are


drawn to the plentiful amounts of Yarrow and Camomile - both of which represent

As we continue to stride across the property it’s self-evident that Jo is under no

key biodynamic preparations. As Jo describes central to biodynamics is “growing

dissolution that the family can only “do what they do as the land was inherited”

your ingredients” and “using from the land”. Veering off the driveway on the crest

and how fortunate the family is to be blessed with a unique property with such

of the hill above the wines we take a pause at the “Pantry and Liver” - a fitting

“distinctive vine blocks” singing with their special voices which in the future they

term for Rippon’s composting site. Here the 80 tonne of compost composed of

may look to bottle separately like they currently do with Tinkers Block and Emma’s

waste material from the winery (skins, seeds, stems) and biodynamic preparations

Block. Jo recognizes that key to Rippon’s future and safekeeping the land for a

is the sole source of fertilizer used at Rippon. As Jo states “anything from the

fourth and now a fifth generation is keeping everyone involved and developing an

land, goes back onto the land and informs the land”. The composting site

innate attachment to the land. With the property’s enchanting magic, undoubtedly

selection is unsurprising of course no accident. The location allows the compost

one expects there will be many more great chapters to come in the Rippon story.


Recommended Wines:

RIPPON “RIPPON” MATURE VINE PINOT NOIR 2013 Central Otago, New Zealand: Rippon’s flagship wine. Jo describes this Pinot Noir as the “voice of the farm” blending together all the mature vine parcels (including Emma’s and Tinker’s block) of Pinot Noir to form all the pieces of “the orchestra”. The 2013 vintage compared to 2012 is a more taught and lean. Wine bustling with vibrant red fruit overlain with wonderful overtones of dark fruit and a hints of herbaciousness delivers a rich long length and spiced savoury finish from French Oak influences. Structure and fine delicacy makes it a great cellar candidate for another 5-10 years.

RIPPON “RIPPON” MATURE VINE RIESLING 2014 Central Otago, New Zealand: This classy wine shows pleasant aromas of citrus, orange peel and hints of tropical fruit. On the palate, the wine is off dry, clean and bright demonstrating fruit forwardness with notes of lemon and peach with mineral notes feathering across the palate. Lovely, spiced finish. Perfect food friendly wine and the perfect accompaniment with our Brown and Rainbow trout caught earlier that day thanks to Davy from Adventure Wanaka.


King of the «under» world..! Written by: Chef Eric Marle

If you ask most Canadians what they think some of our biggest exports are, most would probably reply: timber, crude petroleum, wheat and natural gas but few would actually say Lo bster. A true nautical ambassador of our cold Canadian waters this king of our depths is very much in demand in many parts of the world. Over half the world’s supply of Canadian lobster, Homarus americanus comes from the clear, cold waters of Atlantic Canada. Prized for its hard-shelled and full meat qualities, Atlantic Canada lobster is in high demand by food service professionals and enthusiasts Atlantic lobster, the king of seafood Canada’s Atlantic lobster comes from the salt waters around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Québec, and is our most valuable and best-known seafood export. People in more than 50 countries enjoy this very Canadian delicacy. Because the lobster catch is so valuable, advanced techniques have been developed to monitor the seabed and the lobster population so that the fishery will continue to be sustainable and environmentally sound. Methods of lobster storage and processing are equally advanced; while lobsters are still caught in traps hauled one at a time from the ocean, just as they were a century ago, modern lobster boats are equipped with on-board refrigeration that greatly improves the freshness of the catch. Landed at the dock within hours of being caught, the lobsters go directly to holding tanks for live sale, or to sophisticated packing plants where innovative quick-freezing methods guarantee their freshness and flavour. Canadian lobster is available live, frozen whole, as lobster tails, or as lobster meat. Lobster Seasons Lobster fishing seasons are highly regulated and intelligently structured to promote sustainability, while obtaining the hardest shelled, full-meat lobster. Lobster seasons vary in Atlantic Canada, but there is always at least one district open. Such a valued natural resource must be protected. Atlantic Canada’s inshore lobster industry sources product from a strictly limited number of independent fishers who tend their own traps and adhere to sustainable harvesting practices. There are also offshore fishermen participating in trapped lobster fishing. Each lobster is individually handled, inspected and measured, with the undersized and females with eggs released to protect the future of the industry. After harvesting, lobsters are carefully maintained in tidal pounds and inland seawater holding tanks that mimic their natural environment. Careful monitoring ensures water purity and optimal temperature as the lobsters are conditioned for travel. This minimizes stress, resulting in a quality product at its prime. Lobster Facts Canadian Atlantic Lobster are truly fascinating creatures. Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about our one of a kind crustacean.


Big Louie The largest lobster ever caught was approximately 44 pounds and up to 65 years old (wow!). Studies suggest that lobsters don’t age and could live indefinitely, as their organs do not degenerate. No pain! The Atlantic Lobster does not feel pain when he immersed into hot water due to its decentralized nervous system (it has no brain, just a series of ganglia). The scream! The Atlantic Lobster does not have any vocal cords and contrary to rumor it does not scream. The sound we hear when boiling lobster is only the steam / gas escaping from the shell when immersed in hot water. Claw this! Who knew lobsters had two different types of claws, the crusher claw and the pincer claw. If you examine a lobster, you will find that some have their crusher claw on the right side while the left is designed to cut. Gifted with autonomy, lobsters can regenerate ``limbs`` lost to predators. This includes their claws, legs, and antennae. A hard case…. Because the Atlantic Lobster must moult (shed its shell) in order to grow, it will display a thinner shell after it has molted. During its first year a lobster will molt as many as 10 times. Lobsters will continue to molt approximately once a year until maturity. Older lobsters may molt only once every two to three years. It takes a lobster six to eight years to reach a market weight of approximately 1 pound. Canadian Lobster is harvested hard-shelled. The natural color of a Canadian Atlantic Lobster will vary from blue-green to a rusty brown but will turn red when cooked. Regardless of the shell color lobster meat is generally a delicate white color and always the same great taste. Diet: lobsters have teeth in their stomach so they can scavenge; they hunt fresh food, which includes fish, crab, muscles and sea urchins. Lobsters have taste organs located in their feet. Not a rumor… To put a lobster to sleep, simply invert it on to its back for a few minutes. Some prefer to do this before placing lobster in the boiling water before cooking. Wine Pairings. Lobster’s top culinary companions tend to be melted butter and fresh lemon. So whether it’s steamed or grilled lobster tail drenched in butter or a creamy lobster bisque, there is one white wine variety that can handle the tastes and textures of lobster in a variety of recipes and that is Chardonnay. Often, these wines spend time in oak and also go through fermentation, both of which will bring rich buttery tones to the wine. This butter-themed aromatic component offers up a way to complement the pairing of butter and cream-based sauces that often accompany lobster recipes. Gewurztraminer, Pinot Grigio and Viognier are also beautiful pairings pending on the recipe.

Recipe for lobster Carpaccio Ingredients - Atlantic Lobsters - Four, 1-pound live - Ripe Mango - 1/2, peeled, seeded, finely diced - Fresh Pineapple – 140g, diced - Red bell pepper-140g diced - Boston Bibb lettuce. - Citrus Vinaigrette - Lemon Juice – 60ml - Lime Juice - 60ml - Orange juice- 60ml - Pineapple Juice - 60ml - Honey - 15 ml - Port Wine - 30 ml - Aged Sherry vinegar - 30 ml - Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste - Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml Instructions: Cook lobsters by placing lobsters in salted boiling water and poaching for 7 mins. Remove from hot water and immerse in cold iced water to allow cooling. Remove the lobster tail meat in one piece. Trim off sides and discard. Cut tail meat into medallions that conform to the tail’s natural segments. Remove the meat from the claws in one piece. To serve: Place medallions on a bed of Boston Bibb lettuce. Place one claw on either side. Spoon a little dressing over entire salad. Garnish lobster with 1 to 2 tablespoons of diced fruit mixture on top of the lobster. Drizzle a little vinaigrette over lobster pieces. Citrus Vinaigrette. Combine lemon juice and lime juice in a small pan. Place orange juice and pineapple juice in separate small pans. Over medium heat, reduce the juices by half. Combine juices in a mixing bowl and whisk in honey to dissolve. Whisk in Port wine, and aged Sherry vinegar. Slowly whisk in olive oil until desired flavor is achieved.

F r o m t h e F a m i ly o f M a v e r i c k s w h o c r e at e d t h e S i n g l e M a lt C at e g o r y c o m e s t h e N e x t G e n e r at i o n o f G r o u n d - B r e a k i n g F l av o u r .

Think you know whisk y ? think again. T h e G l e n f i d d i c h ÂŽ I PA E x p e r i m e n t i s t h e F i r s t i n a S e r i e s o f I n n o v at i v e N e w W h i s k i e s t h at w i l l c h a l l e n g e e v e r y t h i n g y o u t h o u g h t y o u k n e w a b o u t S i n g l e M a lt S c o t c h . #UnLearnWhisky


S K I L F U L LY C R A F T E D . E N J O Y R E S P O N S I B LY. GlenďŹ ddichÂŽ Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a registered trademark of William Grant & Sons Ltd


Totalmente a Mano By: Orion Armstrong

This issue’s article was difficult for me to write due to their being so many great

humidor. This task, I was privileged to complete, was harder than one would

vintage experiences to potentially share with you. I found it especially difficult to

initially imagine.

focus in on only one cigar. That being stated, I was able to choose a cigar that was not ever intended for North America. It is an aged cigar, but also a regional

First of all, it was being established as a Flagship location- the first of five locations

exclusive release to the Asian Pacific market. Only 4,000 were made and this box

planned to open globally over the next five years- so the pressure, even if self-

was marked as number 0085 of this limited release.

inflicted, was on. Secondly, it is extremely difficult to procure special collections of cigars not found in traditional brick and mortar tobacconists. Last but not least,

I will step back from leading into the cigar itself and share the experience that

I had to stop myself from buying them up for my own enjoyment. If I am being

led up to this issue’s selection. For those of you who read my column regularly,

entirely honest with you, that was probably the most difficult part. However, I

you will know I recently had the honour of curating the cigar collection made

did overcome this hurdle as the project progressed with increased enthusiasm,

available at Canada’s Cigar Company + Gentlemen’s Barbershop in Markham,

because I have always wanted fellow lovers of the leaf to enjoy and embrace

Ontario (Toronto Area). As part of this process it was my responsibility to source

vintage cigars.

and select the cigars made available in the outstandingly-crafted walk-in Spanish


One of the things I like most about how this has come together is that the humidor

The #1 was the Habana of the year in 1998 in France and Spain. They are

and cigar experience speaks to all levels of smokers and all preferences in an

beautifully crafted cigars and have been a cigar I have reviewed in the past, but

exceptionally unique manner. Everyone who walks out of the humidor is in a state

not as a regional and not the #4’s. If this cigar and vitola were regularly available,

of awe over the selection, regardless of their personal preferences. In short,

I could easily form a lifetime relationship with the rich cream taste found in these.

the grand opening was a massive success but it did not come to life without a

The flavour I initially identified was light coffee bean complemented with vanilla

mountain load of hard work and dedication.

aromas. But as with many quality vintage cigars, the experience evolved as I progressed with it. At points, I would describe it as having hints of cedar without

The venue is a beautifully restored one hundred and thirty-year-old historical

earthy after notes. It was rich tasting, complex but smooth. I was not expecting

building in the heart of Markham Village heritage district on Main Street. It was

this to smoke like a medium to full body cigar, but it did and was completely

a long eighteen months of development leading up to this special day. This

satisfying leaving me in a state of enjoyed reflection upon completion. I was

destination business is a traditional barbershop, tobacconist and special event

fortunate to have smoked this shortly after it was released in 2010 after traveling

venue space hosting a 3000 square foot legal conforming outdoor cigar smoking

to Hong Kong. In comparing it now as an aged cigar I can assure you it is

lounge. Over 420 people came out to help celebrate the launch of this landmark

definitely better than how it smoked at that time.

cigar destination. This cigar has matured perfectly over the last seven years. My sentiments were May 27th was the official grand opening and Preferred Magazine hosted the VIP

echoed by our readers. One of them even left a note on our social media post

event that night which was filled with cigar aficionados from across the country.

about this cigar stating that ‘Amazing is an understatement’. At times, I felt like a

Leading up to the event I was asked countless times what celebratory cigar I was

proud father and this cigar was the tool I was able to use to share my passion for

going to smoke that night. My selection was contemplated as much as when I was

vintage cigars and motivate others to join me on this journey. Hopefully you can

choosing the cigars to smoke on my wedding or when my children were born.

get one of these sticks for yourself and experience this as it is a true delight. My

Initially I was going back and forth between various Grand and Royal Reservas

Preferred Vintage Cigar Rating for this gem is a solid 97.

I had in my private collection and was honestly leaning towards one of them. In fact, I brought a few out with the intent to smoke one during the opening. Instead, much like our guests, I enjoyed a few cigars from our collection. One of the cigars that caught my attention was the Juan Lopez #4 regional edition made exclusively for the Asia Pacific market. There were many great cigars, but this was special because it was both a limited exclusive regional vitola (size) and it was stamped 2010, so it was also aged for seven years. With these factors in mind, I decided to make this the cigar I would review this issue. It wasn’t the most expensive or the most exclusive, but it was an absolute delight and this time I was able to share it with many of our readers, some of which I only met for the first time. Sharing this experience and discussing with our readers as they enjoyed one first hand was something I enjoyed immensely. The Juan Lopez brand originated in 1876 by Juan Lopez Diaz and it is one of the very few Havana brands created and made only as a ‘Totalmente a mano’, which means totally by hand. The range of vitolas offered is also very limited with #1 & #2’s and now with this release #4’s. Because of this, it is not widely known and often flies well under the radar of many cigar enthusiasts.



Spirits By: Gerald Glavota

France, which is well known for its wine, is also home to many great spirits like Cognac, Calvados, and Vodka. During my spirit tasting journey from Toronto to Vancouver, I had the opportunity to taste some wonderful cocktails paired with delectable dishes. My first stop was Vancouver, for the Hennessy Prestige dinner. The evening began with a social cocktail hour in Fairmont Pacific Rim lobby, followed by more conservation and Hors Oeuvres paired with Hennessy XO on the rocks in the Presidential suite. If you’re new to cognac, you may be surprised to learn that it is made with grapes, of which the Ugni Blanc accounts for 98 per cent of the plantings. The “grape juice” does form a wine but this is only the beginning. the wine then goes through a double pot still distillation and then maturation and blending – this is a very simplified version of the process. Further complications arise in adhering to the laws and regulations that apply to the production of cognac perhaps we’ll discuss this some time in the future. Dinner was hosted outside on the terrace, followed with an exquisite four course meal and champagne and cognac pairing. We started with the first course of Foie Gras Bulee paired with Hennessey Paradis, the second course was poached Nova-Scotia Lobster paired with Dom Perignon Blanc, the third was seared Duck Breast paired with Dom Perignon Rose the fourth course was Artisanal Cheese paired with the Hennessey Paradis Imperial. The Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Chef did an outstanding job as did Hennessey. The food and the drink pairings ... well you know what I mean … can’t spend too much time, we should move on. During the dinner and subsequent special tasting of the Hennessy Richard, we were treated to information on the History of the House of Hennessy. It was founded by Richard Hennessy, an Irish Officer serving in the army of Louis XV, in 1765. In the present, it is the number one Cognac in Canada and the World with it’s nearest rivals being closer to each other than the House of Hennessy. Unfortunately, the article word count works against me in getting into much detail about all of the great history, including how hip-hop in the ‘80s is said to have brought Cognac back … today its Cranberry and … I’ll dare not say it. Hennessy XO Cognac (LCBO $299.40), described as a blend of 100 eauxde-vie, its deeper amber colour is sign of its intensity. At once rich and robust, it constantly reveals layers of flavors with distinctive persistence on the palate – candied fruit, wild cocoa, bold complex spices, and pepper.


Hennessy Paradis (LCBO, currently out of stock), described as Possessed of rich successive aromas that only a great Cognac can obtain, Paradis reveals its delicate and velvety character, hinting at the silky texture that will follow. Its subtle texture allows it to gracefully blossom with a deep and fragrant persistence – dried rose petals, honey, flowers, and delicate spices. It should be noted that Paradis is named after the special section in the Hennessy aging cellars where the finest, rarest, and oldest eaux-de-vie are carefully guarded. Hennessy Paradis Imperial (LCBO $3,664.00), described as the unprecedented alliance of age & finesse, this is a Cognac of magisterial complexity, balance, and the finest texture, continually revealing new tones of expression and delicate floral essences on the palate – jasmine, orange blossom, spring essences, subtle smokiness. Hennessy Richard XO Cognac (LCBO $6,585.00), described as Rare and precious, this Cognac is a product of man’s mastery over time. An unparalleled range of aromas gives Richard Hennessy its unique complexity. Powerful and unexpected, Richard Hennessy reaches heights that approach Cognac perfection – candied fruit, nutmeg, hints of pepper, delicate flowers, blanched fennel – this is truly history in a glass, a unique blend of exceptional and rare eaux-de-vie aged from 40 years to nearly 2000 years old. An exceptional treat to end the dinner.


Courvoisier is a brand that has been rebranding over the last year for the “entire Canadian range along with its national marketing campaign, inspired by the vibrant art and architecture of the Paris Golden Age… The new pack and bottle updates are supported by a marketing campaign titles The Toast of Paris.” I was invited to a couple of these rebranding tastings, of which the most interesting was the launch of the bartender competition Toronto edition where competitors would submit videos and recipes to compete in the Finals in Paris. I’m looking to feature some of the insights as to building cocktails in the future. Courvoisier VS (LCBO $32.10), described as a youthful and lively blend of cognac, delivering a spectrum of sensations. On the nose, Fruit and spice ranging from ripe fruit, new oak sawdust and spring flowers, with the vigour of a young cognac; with a palate that is powerful and fruity, but delicate. Courvoisier VSOP (LCBO $90.15) described as a blend of several crus with a perfect balance between Fins Bois, Grande and Petite Champagnes, at the peak of their aromatic potential. The result is an exquisitely balanced cognac. On the nose Caramel, pear, apple, peach, toasted almond, gentle hint of vanilla and jasmine; with a palate that is sweet, caramelized flavour resembling toasted almonds. . Courvoisier XO (LCBO $240.15) described as a selection by the Master Blender of beautifully matured eaux de vie, aged from 11 to 25 years, to highlight the complexity and richness of cognac aromas. On the nose Vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, Iris flower, honey, candied orange and crème brulee; with a palate that is Fine and velvety. Courvoisier Canada Cocktail Recipes Champagne Small brown sugar cube / Two dashes of Angostura bitters / 2.5 cl of Courvoisier VSOP / Champagne • Put the brown sugar cube in a chilled coupette glass, cover the sugar cube with two dashes of Angostura bitters, add the cognac, top-up with chilled champagne Sidecar 50 cl Courvoisier VSOP / 2 cl of Triple Sec / 2 cl of fresh lemon juice • Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake well and strain into a martini or coupette glass Midnight in Paris 2.5 cl Courvoisier VSOP / Ginger ale /Half an orange slice • Fill a highball glass with ice, pour the cognac, top-up with ginger ale, stir gently, garnish with orange slice.

Imagine a place too cold to grow grapes in France, we’re off to the Normandy the home of Calvados where it is noted for its apple and pear orchards. Calvados can be made from either apples or pears but apples are far more abundant. I received a few samples of this spirit that is great “after dinner” from Calvados Boulard and have been waiting for the right time to spread the word about this Calvados which I was first introduced to about two years ago. If you’re travelling, it’s worth it to look for the VSOP and the XO. The Calvados Boulard was founded in 1825 by Pierre-Auguste Boulard and past down from generation to generation. The samples tasted ranged from a minimum 2-6 years of age. Calvados Boulard Pays d’auge Grand Solage (LCBO $50.20) is described as a product from a blend of Calvados varieties from the Pays d’Auge aged minimum 2 years, the Boulard Grand Solage is characterised by its apple fragrance and its amber colour. A nose that is mainly apple (so characteristic of the Pays d’Auge) with vanilla also discernible. A taste that is smooth and fruity with an incomparable elegance and aromatic richness. Calvados Boulard Pays d’auge VSOP (LCBO, currently not available)is described as blendings of different Calvados Pays d’Auge that are a minimum of 4 years old. They will stay in the casks for the necessary time to obtain a perfect dissolve. A nose that is rich and fruity with a light woody touch, toasted nut notes and hint of brioche. Well balanced harmony between vanilla, wood and ripe apple compote purée and a finish that is velvet, elegant and delicate lingering, balancing fruit and vanilla. Calvados Boulard Pays d’auge XO (LCBO, currently not available) is described as Obtained from blending several Calvados varieties from the Pays d’Auge aged for a minimum of 6 years, with a nose of Harmonious apple and vanilla, with elegant hints of oak; palate of ripe apple, spices, nuts. Very smooth and then an aftertaste of Spicy with an exceptional persistence.



Let’s start off our two French Vodka’s with Ciroc Ultra Premium which is distilled from fine French grapes and distilled four times in column stills and the in the fifth it is “created in a traditional, tailor-made copper pot still at the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux in the South of France, giving it a distinctive flavour with an exceptionally fresh, citrus taste.” We finished talking about Hennessy with a mention of Hip hop but when it comes to Ciroc, I cannot think of it without the associated mogul Diddy and his former names… so let’s start off with a Diddy, and Cheers!


Grey Goose Crafting the Extraordinary The creation of Grey Goose Vodka begins with the finest soft winter wheat grown by three local farming cooperatives in the Picardy region of France. Only the highest grade of wheat, ‘Ble Panifiable Superiour’ – is selected – the same grade used in the finest French breads and pastries.

The Diddy (a twist on vodka lemonade) 1.5 oz. CÎROC™ Vodka / 1.5 oz. Lemonade • Combine ingredients in a Highball glass filled with ice. • 2. Stir. • 3. Garnish with lemon wheel.

The wheat is sent to a dedicated mill and distillery, where it is transformed in to a high-proof spirit by being distilled once using a continuous-column distillation process. This wheat spirit is then perfectly blended with spring water from an exclusive well in Gensac-la-pallue, in the Cognac Arrondissement (Region), where the water is naturally filtered through limestone. Once approved, Grey Goose Vodka is bottled and receives the signature cork that serves as its seal of quality.

Ciroc Appletini 1.5 oz. CÎROC™ Apple • 0.75 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice • 0.75 oz. Simple Syrup • Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. • 2. Shake well and strain into a chilled coupe glass. • 3. Garnish with apple slices.

Let’s finish with another dinner, this one was the Grey Goose Sunset Soiree in Toronto’s Bridal Path. A unique idea, being that they partnered with Chef Justin Kent, founder of The Elevated French Picnic to Canada. The dinner experience consisted of individual baguette and charcuterie; farm fresh salad;


Poulet Au Moutard; and baby summer vegetables. Various cocktails through the evening complimented the event very well. Two of the cocktails, particularly the Grey Goose Espresso martini, that you’ll enjoy are included below together with Chef Kent’s Poulet au Moutard recipe. Enjoy, I did! Poulet au Moutard Recipe: By: Chef Kent’s Poulet An easy yet decadent chicken recipe, Poulet au Moutard is a perfect main course to bring on your next summer picnic. Picnic packing tip: the sauce on the chicken acts as an insulator to keep the meat warm for a longer period of time, so you can enjoy a warm meal wherever you place your picnic basket. Ingredients: (makes 5 servings) • 1 0 chicken thighs (skin on, deboned) • 1 cup white wine • 1 cup cream • 150g grain mustard • 150g lardons • ½ banana shallot (diced) • ½ teaspoon smoked paprika • 1 ½ teaspoons fresh thyme • Fresh parsley (chopped for garnish) • Salt & pepper (to season) Steps: 1. Season chicken thighs with salt and pepper. 2. In a pan on medium-high heat, sear the chicken thighs, skin side down in oil until crisp and golden brown. Flip and sear on the other side until lightly caramelized. 3. Remove the chicken thighs from the pan and set aside on a plate. 4. Add lardons to the pan and cook until crisp.

5. Add shallots to the pan and cook until translucent. 6. Add the grain mustard and stir for 30 seconds being careful not to let it burn. 7. Deglaze the pan with white wine, bring to a simmer and reduce by half. 8. Add cream and bring to a simmer. 9. Add the smoked paprika. 10. Place the chicken thighs back in the sauce and cook on medium to medium-low heat, covered, until fork tender. 11. Remove from the sauce and place onto the plate to serve. 12. Spoon sauce over the top of the chicken and garnish with chopped parsley.

Grey Goose Cocktails Recipes: Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz 1 ½ Parts GREY GOOSE vodka 1 Part ST-GERMAIN elderflower liqueur 2 Parts chilled soda water ½ Part freshly squeezed lime (Approximately 2 wedges to taste) Build ice into an oversized cabernet wine glass with lots of ice. Add GREY GOOSE vodka, then squeeze fresh lime and discard. Top with ST-GERMAIN and chilled soda water. Garnish with fresh lime wedges and a GREY GOOSE stirrer. Grey Goose Espresso Martini 1 1/2 parts Grey Goose Vodka 1 part Single Origin Espresso 3/4 parts Premium Coffee Liqueur Shake hard and long, then double strain. Garnish with grated single origin chocolate and a vanilla bean rim.



Experience Riviera Maya Luxury at Royal Hideaway Playacar & Barcelรณ Maya Palace



The Riviera Maya, a stretch of immaculate beaches south of the Yucatan Peninsula, is a destination that has attracted travelers for decades. Crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, unforgettable eco-adventures – what’s not to love? The region’s blend of natural beauty and upscale ambiance is, in a word, irresistible. But how can you best experience the luxury of the Riviera Maya? Plan to stay at the Royal Hideaway Playacar or Barceló Maya Grand Resort’s Barceló Maya Palace. Royal Hideaway Playacar: An Upscale Enclave Set on a quiet stretch of white sand beach along the idyllic shores of Playa del Carmen, the adults-only all-inclusive Royal Hideaway Playacar gives its guests first-class treatment from check-in to check-out. For the ultimate in luxury, book the exquisite Presidential Suite, which has been designed to resemble your own private villa, featuring stylish mahogany furniture, a full kitchen, dining room and living room. The 1,614-square-foot suite is located just a few steps from both the beach and the hotel’s main swimming pool. Relax on the expansive terrace, margarita in hand, swinging in a hammock or enjoying the ocean views from the hot tub. Whichever room you end up in, the assistance of a private concierge and endless amenities are never far away. Need to refresh and rejuvenate? The intimate Retreat Spa at Royal Hideaway offers personalized therapeutic treatments that will improve your quality of life, health and wellness – body, mind and soul. Choose from aromatherapy, facials and body wraps or take things to the next level with a massage by candlelight or on the seashore. For a dose of charming old world ambiance, enjoy traditional teatime, daily from 4-6pm on a magnificent terrace, accompanied by a spectacular selection of canapés, sandwiches and cakes. Royal Hideaway Playacar’s six restaurants serve international cuisine with à la carte options. For a unique culinary experience, the Chef’s Table at Las Ventanas offers a six-to-12 course gourmet tasting menu designed and presented by the hotel’s executive chef – the only restaurant on the Yucatán Peninsula with such an offer. You’ll interact with the chef and his expert kitchen team, getting an insider’s view to the culinary creation you’re about to enjoy. Barceló Maya Palace: Luxury Fit for Royalty With the sparkling Caribbean Sea providing a picture perfect

backdrop, the 24-hour all-inclusive Barceló Maya Palace is one of the Riviera Maya’s most spectacular escapes. It’s part of the Barceló Maya Grand Resort (which includes the Barceló Maya Beach, Barceló Maya Caribe, Barceló Maya Colonial and Barceló Maya Tropical hotels), but – as its name suggests – Barceló Maya Palace delivers luxury fit for royalty. Guests of this AAA Four-Diamond resort can enjoy unparalleled service and luxury experiences, along with access to all facilities across the Barceló Maya Grand Resort complex. Barceló Maya Palace boasts six spectacular swimming pools — but for the ultimate in sun-soaked relaxation, head to the adultsonly pool, where you can take a dip, enjoy a tropical cocktail and swing lazily in a hammock. With more than 32,000 square feet, the Barceló Maya Grand Resort’s new U-Spa Wellness & Fitness Center offers everything you need to disconnect – high performance massages, body wraps, hydrotherapy, facials and more. With saunas, steam baths, tropical and bi-thermal showers, a dynamic pool and immersion pools, you’re guaranteed to emerge from the U-Spa feeling renewed. Feel like going on a shopping spree? The Maya Mall offers an array of retail pleasures. Shop the top brands at B-Fashion, a luxury boutique featuring apparel from Boss Green, Lacoste, EA7 Bugatchi, Armani, Desigual, Original Penguin and more. And the Gift Shop has local, handcrafted items that make for perfect souvenirs of your time on the Riviera Maya. Variety is the name of the game when it comes to cuisine at Barceló Maya Palace. While guests have access to all the Barceló Maya Grand Resort’s restaurants, they also have exclusive access to the dining options that Barceló Maya Palace offers. At the internationally inspired Mirador Buffet Restaurant, enjoy an elegant atmosphere accompanied by exquisite dishes. For a taste of the bold flavors of Caribbean culinary traditions, find a table at the lively Caribe Restaurant. At Rodizio Restaurant, sip a classic caipirinha cocktail and dig in to the finest Brazilian-style cuts of meat. Soak in ocean views at the Coral Grill Restaurant, offering tasty sandwiches and a light buffet. And indulge in fine French cuisine and an extensive wine list at the Brasserie Restaurant, which provides a romantic setting to set the mood. And every great meal deserves a great dessert: the Brasserie’s “Chocolate Surprise” is a handcrafted box of delicious chocolates all made in-house – a perfect grand finale!


Genesis: The Ultimate Luxury Experience Written By: Natalie Rose Servello



When we consider the future of the automotive industry there is no doubt Genesis Motors Canada will surpass consumer expectations. The brand has modernized the entire automotive consumer and purchasing process, reaching new heights in this competitive industry. From elevating consumer experience to refined automotive technology the brand has achieved luxury in new heights.





In a highly concentrated market, Genesis has established cohesive competitive advantages that will aid them to the top of the industry ladder. Essentially, the brand is focused on consumer contentment and has developed a human-centered purchase and ownership model. In modern society, at home convenience has become crucial in corporation survival. For this reason, Genesis created “Genesis at home” allowing potential owners to schedule demonstrations and vehicle test-drives at a location of their choice. Brand Offerings In accordance, the ownership process has become equally efficient. Future Genesis owners can now complete paperwork pertaining to leasing or financing, make a deposit or simply place an order on a new vehicle in the comfort of their home or office. Genesis has conducted excessive research in order to develop their online platform. Fundamentally, this platform is central to the brands inception. The reality of this convenience seems implausible however; Genesis has indeed developed an unparalleled customer service experience. Genesis has referred to their strategic industry inception as The Genesis Experience. The corporation’s authentic approach to brand awareness has also affected the pricing process. For instance, all quotes are blatant, with set and all inclusive-pricing. In short, every set price for a Genesis vehicle includes delivery and destination chargers, which are not typically included during the purchasing process. Furthermore, services including scheduled maintenance and navigation software updates are complimentary for 5 years or 100,000 km. The Genesis Experience continues to astonish consumers, further expanding the brand’s market reach. The “Genesis at Home” platform is a continued feature even after consumers have purchased the vehicle. The concierge service extends into the ownership periods of the consumer and allows the owner to have their vehicle picked up for scheduled maintenance and returned once complete all while having the convenience of a courtesy car. Genesis has evidently reached customer service perfection. As a car owner these are the features that will attract the utmost elite cliental. Design and Innovation As competition will slim due to their unyielding consumer experience process it

is important driving dynamics and design are correspondingly at par. The Genesis product line will primarily include two models. The first is called the G80, a mid-size luxury sedan and the second is called the G90 a full-size luxury sedan. The brand has decided to combine innovative consumer needs and personalized interactions with the vehicle as a key element of design. Essentially, the brand has removed the focus of technology that which has taken over a large portion of the automotive industry in general. What is key in developing the Genesis product line is rather what consumers prefer. The simplest of packaging will include, advanced safety systems, ultra-soft Nappa leather and HTRAC all wheel drive. The Genesis vehicles will not only exhibit advanced performance but also an exclusive elegance in design. Future Expansion 2017 was groundbreaking for Genesis Motors Canada, as the corporation launched its first Canadian retail boutique. Located in heart of Toronto, the brand is destined for unexplainable market concentration. The boutique has become an addition to the brands services; consumers can also be aided first hand with real Genesis representatives. The brand is said to continue the expansion into North America between 2017 and 2021. Approximately 30 alternate boutique retail locations are in the works and will be spread across Canada. These locations will offer potential Genesis owners the same exception consumer experience however, with the perk of a luxurious store setting. In correspondence to this future shift in the automotive industry, Genesis Motors Canada will force industry giants to re-evaluate their current market outreach. Genesis has established a brand that is not only exclusive and pristine however, it is most importantly, efficient and simple. The goal as a corporation revolves around the contentment of consumers and this is a competitive advantage refreshing to the industry. The unmistakably combination of luxury with regards to vehicles, environment and consumer experiences is advantage enough to inevitably make a mark in this aggressive industry. As consumers we look forward to the future of Genesis Motors Canada.


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Photographer: Lindsay Anne Delaney Instagram: @citylightlinds Art Director: Tanya Watt Stylist: Sara Roberts PM1 Grooming: Brittany Sinclair PM1

Up Close and Personal with Jason Priestley Interview: Taneil Currie Written By: James Chittenden

It is now Season 2 of Private Eyes, and Jason Priestley is in front of the camera in a starring role, and behind the camera as a director. He is an experienced artist now, acting since 1984 and directing since 1993. The former teen idol started in commercials as a teen himself, later becoming a household name by appearing in staples of late 1980s and early 1990s television. We all know 21 Jump Street and of course, Beverly Hills 90210. A Vancouver native, Priestley is a graduate of North Vancouver’s Argyle Secondary School. Acting is in his blood; his mother Sharon is an actress, and his sister Justine Priestley appeared in Melrose Place. He has been married to Naomi Priestley since 2005. Naomi, a makeup artist and Priestley have two children. When not with his young family or in front of or behind a camera, Priestley might be found outdoors. As he explains in his website, it is

hard not to grow up in British Columbia without developing a lifelong fondness for mountains and the ocean. He enjoys skiing and fishing for salmon. Of course, it is also hard not to grow up in Canada and not develop a lifelong fondness for hockey. Priestley is a Canucks fan. In Private Eyes, Priestley plays an ex-pro hockey player named Matt Shade who is now a private investigator. Shade’s partner is Angie Everett, played by Cindy Sampson. Each episode of Private Eyes features a new interesting person with an interesting case. They include but are not limited to land developers, teacher scandals, and naturally, a race car driver. The relationship between Shade and Everett is always in the background. While it has an undercurrent of romantic tension, the two partners have complementary strengths and drive each other both personally and professionally. Priestley plays the lead role in a delightful series that combines mystery and romance.


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“I’m always looking for new challenges. The one genre I feel like I haven’t tackled yet is sci-fi. I think I’ll be looking for opportunities in that genre next.”

Priestley has delivered television entertainment for more than three decades and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. New episodes of Private Eyes continue to be filmed in Toronto. Preferred was able to spend some time with this remarkable and accomplished Canadian actor, and asked some questions that you may have yourself. Preferred: When you are not on set, what are the things you enjoy while filming in Toronto? Jason: Our filming schedule has been very hectic this season and hasn’t allowed for much free time unfortunately. But I have had the opportunity to escape the city, for the beauty and quiet of my friends’ cottages on a couple of occasions. The lakes in Southern Ontario are spectacular, and the cottage culture is unique to the region. Preferred: In Season 2 of Private Eyes, you had the chance to direct the episode, “the extra mile” that featured racecar driver James Hinchcliffe, do you see yourself doing more work behind the scenes in the future? Jason: I’ve been directing films and television for almost 25 years now. I directed my first episode of television in 1993. I’ve always believed there would come a day I would spend most, if not all of my time, behind the camera. Preferred: Since you’ve had a very versatile and successful career, is there anything specific on your radar that you would like to pursue in film? Jason: I’m always looking for new challenges. The one genre I feel like I haven’t tackled yet is sci-fi. I think I’ll be looking for opportunities in that genre next.


Preferred: Reflecting back on your career, what would be the most memorable moment while filming? Jason: Wow. That’s a tough one. My time with John Hurt making Love and Death on Long Island was very memorable. Making Tombstone was memorable. Preferred: Walsh, Fitz, Shade are some of the roles you have played, which character would you say is the most relatable to you? Jason: Ha! Well there are aspects of them all that are relatable to me. The thing about playing characters is, you have to like them. Even if they are bad, you have to find a way to like them. Because everyone is just doing the best they can. Preferred: You have been recognized as one of Canada’s greatest icons and have recently been inducted into the Canada’s Walk of Fame. Since you’ve helped pave the way for future Canadian actors, what would you say best describes your legacy as an actor? Jason: My legacy... wow that sounds so permanent... but I guess that’s where we’re at... OK... An actor’s job is to entertain. To make the audience laugh, or cry, or, in a perfect world, both. Hopefully, I’ve been able to do that, for that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Tell stories. Make people believe in my make believe.

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The Star-Power behind the launch announcement of Nobu Residences Toronto! Renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Academy Award winner Robert De Niro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper, principals of Nobu Hospitality, along with principal developer Madison Group announced the upcoming opening of the Nobu Residences Toronto at a press conference inside the soon to be open Nobu Residences Toronto Sales Gallery.

Conceived by award-winning architect Stephen Teeple, Nobu Residences Toronto will embody the Nobu spirit in both design and attitude. Dramatically accented with a perforated black aluminum frame and tinted bronze windows, the silhouette of Nobu Residences will create an inspiring addition to Toronto’s skyline. Step into Nobu Residences Toronto and be welcomed by a sense of calm and understated luxury. Envisioned by one of Canada’s most sought-after interior designers, Alessandro Munge at Studio Munge, Nobu Residences Toronto will celebrate thoughtful living, superior craftsmanship, and the essence of the Nobu brand. The residents will enjoy tailored Nobu Amenities that span two floors and are inspired by a holistic sensibility.

Miguel Singer and Nelly Zagdanski of Madison Group, Robert De Niro, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Meir Teper of Nobu Hospitality, Josh Zagdanski of Madison Group during the Nobu Residences launch press conference. Photographer: George Pimentel

Nobu Residences, a dynamic project featuring the world’s first ever Nobu branded high-rise residences as well as Canada’s first Nobu Hotel and Nobu Restaurant. Located in the heart of the entertainment district on Mercer Street, between John Street and Blue Jays Way just one block south of King Street. Nobu Residences Toronto will be dedicated to distinguished luxury. Designated as a heritage site, the base of Nobu Residences Toronto will retain the classic brick façade of the original Pilkington Glass Factory and Art Deco elements from the early 1900’s. Rising above it will be two dramatic 45-storey towers featuring 660 condominium suites: distinctive, modern, unforgettable. “I am very proud to have my name on this building,” said Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. “It will be very special, and we are happy to be in Toronto. We want people to be happy.”


Nobu is one of the world`s most celebrated luxury hospitality brands renowned for its award-winning “new style” Japanese fusion cuisine and exceptional hotel offerings in the world’s most desirable locales. Founded by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper, the growing Nobu Hospitality portfolio caters to vibrant international customers, celebrities, tastemakers and powerbrokers.

The exclusive Nobu Hotel Toronto will offer a collection of exceptionally appointed guest suites located atop the west tower, with stunning panoramic views and featuring the best of everything. A cornerstone of the Nobu Hotel and Nobu Residences Toronto is Nobu Restaurant with its approximately 15,000 square foot, two-level restaurant, signature bar lounge, outdoor seating and chic private dining rooms. “For many years we have searched for the perfect opportunity within Toronto to create a true luxury lifestyle destination befitting the acclaimed global city of Toronto and our international brand. We are truly excited to announce Nobu Residences, Hotel and Restaurant Toronto which we

are crafting to be a game changer in residential living in Toronto and beyond,” said Trevor Horwell, CEO Nobu Hospitality. “Our partners at Madison Group have an extraordinary vision for the first Nobu Residences, and share our passion to build a truly special integrated residences, hotel and restaurant destination.” “Chef Nobu, Robert De Niro, Meir Teper and everyone at Nobu Hospitality have shown an unwavering commitment and passion for this project,” said Josh Zagdanski, Vice President - High-Rise, Madison Group. “We are so thrilled to bring the Nobu lifestyle to Toronto.” Here is what the owners of Nobu Residences can expect upon arrival at Nobu Toronto; The amenity spaces are inspired by a holistic sensibility. They will be a harmonious space that nourishes the mind, body and soul. The amenity areas span two floors connected by a unique outdoor space. The outdoor Nobu Terrace and Nobu Fitness Centre are connected by a two-storey glass atrium that is anchored by a reflective water feature which is at the core of the Nobu Fitness Centre and surrounded by state of the art fitness equipment. Other amenities include a yoga studio, spin studio, wet steam, dry sauna, hot tub and cold plunge and a private massage room. In keeping with the Nobu Lifestyle, the private Nobu villas are an extension of ones living spaces and are designed to entertain your guests and

Rendering is artist concept only E.& E.O.E

feature lounge areas as well as fireplaces, large screen tv’s, billiards tables and are connected to the chic outdoor terrace featuring barbeque prep decks. Nobu Residences will also feature a private screening room, conference room and a private dining area with chef’s table. Other conveniences include a bicycle elevator with direct access to bicycle storage and a dog spa located in both the east and west residential lobbies. The Entertainment District is Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhood. From the city’s trendiest restaurants and professional sports venues within walking distance, to the world-renowned theatres that give the district its name, Nobu Residences Toronto is in the midst of it all. The Entertainment District also plays host to boutique stores, international retailers, charming cafes, and even a dangerously tempting chocolatier. Nobu Residences Toronto is uniquely situated to offer cinematic views of the city’s skyline, a captivating view of the CN Tower, as well as a broad sweep of Lake Ontario, Toronto Island, and the Financial District. Sit back and take in all the city has to offer. Pre-construction sales of the residential units will begin this summer. Those interested in learning more about Nobu Residences Toronto are encouraged to register at ““You can tell how much fun a city is going to be if Nobu is in it” – Madonna, and we couldn’t agree more!

Robert De Niro and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, photographed at Nobu Residences Sales Gallery

Photographer: George Pimentel


Artistic Expression Tuned to Perfection Gustav Mahler once said, “Tradition is not worshipping the ashes burnt but passing on the flame.” By passing on the fire to burn for piano music, dedicated craftsmanship and attentive customer assistance, Bösendorfer represents the oldest brand of piano crafting within the premium segment. The ethos of Bösendorfer goes right back to 1828 and the very beginnings of the company. The founders Ignaz and Ludwig Bösendorfer were convinced that a piano should not only satisfy on a mechanical level but inspire artists as well as the audience, being simply stunning to listen to. All Bösendorfer instruments are manufactured exclusively in Austria, Wiener Neustadt, and combine three important elements: careful traditional handcrafting, beauty and the Viennese soul. Famous composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Schubert, Brahms, Johann Strauss, Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss and many more – leading authorities of their times – have substantially contributed to shaping Vienna’s history and musical culture. A musical culture Bösendorfer was born in, raised and has witnessed. A musical culture imprinted in the Bösendorfer DNA. Following the Viennese tradition of piano crafting, Bösendorfer is characterized by an incredibly sonorous, warm, present bass and a brilliant middle and treble register unsurpassed in richness of dynamics and colours. Remaining true to the precious Bösendorfer heritage, they are setting new standards in sound and artistic expression. Calling Vienna their home, they have set out to develop the new generation of the concert grand removing any obstacle between the artist, their imagination and the audience. What shall remain is pure, unleashed emotion. Perseverant in pursuit, they have recently elaborated on the Viennese tradition of piano building and designed the Concert Grand 280VC and the Grand Piano 214VC. This new Vienna Concert Grand Piano series allows Bösendorfer to unveil a marvelous spectrum of colours for any desired genre and interpretation, for grand concert stages, professional studios or sophisticated private listeners and enthusiasts. In the recent years, Bösendorfer has also specialized in making limited edition models as well as artist and designer models. 50

The Jazz Icon: Oscar Peterson Signature Edition In commemoration of the 90th birthday of Oscar Peterson, one of the greatest jazz pianists ever, Bösendorfer presents the “Oscar Peterson Signature Edition Piano”. This remarkable instrument offers a captivating opportunity to “sit beside Oscar Peterson” on the piano bench and experience music the way he originally heard it. In the late 1970s during a concert in Vienna, Oscar Peterson turned to his impresario, Norman Granz, with the words: “Dammit, Norman, where does this box (music) go? I also gotta have such a thing!” This was the beginning of great friendship between Bösendorfer and Peterson. He not only treasured his own personally selected Bösendorfer Concert Grand 290 Imperial, he also performed at Bösendorfer’s 175th Anniversary Concert “A night in Vienna” at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna. In 2002 he was honoured to receive the Bösendorfer Lifetime Achievement Award. Each of the Oscar Peterson Signature Edition Grand has a Collector’s Edition plate bearing Peterson’s lion logo and signature. This model is limited to only 12 in the world and included with each instrument is a book “Oscar, With Love” with never before released compositions, all recorded in his home studio on his treasured Bösendorfer Imperial Piano.

Perfectly shaped design matching the grand piano: The exterior of the Bösendorfer Grand designed by F.A. Porsche honours both companies obsessed with the ultimate design. The high-tech material of the piano’s lid is lightweight honeycomb allowing it to be neatly integrated in the outer silhouette of the piano. A slight push will open the lid with a gas pressured spring. The music desk – smoothly integrated in the grand body as well – is surrounded by the sound release elements out of aluminium. Finished in metallic diamond-black this piano will consume the attention of any spectator. Perfected aesthetics by F.A. Porsche, perfected sound by Bösendorfer.

The Designer Item: Porsche Model

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), one of the most famous Austrian painters and artists of the Viennese Art Nouveau, and Bösendorfer, both greatly represent Austrian culture, dedicated craftsmanship, as well as artistic expression. In 1903, Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer, wealthy entrepreneur and connoisseur of great art, asks Gustav Klimt to portrait his wife and the famous painting was born. With sophisticated reprographic techniques the high resolution image of the original painting was reproduced on the inside of the Bösendorfer Grand Piano lid. Furthermore, the Klimt painting has been refined by the skilled application of gold leaf. Our Bösendorfer Artisans lavishly gilded the music desk and the leg tops to reflect the golden expression of Art Nouveau. The moment you meet your Bösendorfer, you will recognize that your’s is, and will always be one thing: unique. The Collector’s Item: Woman in Gold


Written By: James Chittenden



Photographer: Lindsay Anne Delaney Instagram: @citylightlinds



Some people have transformative powers. After you have been in the presence of such a person, you leave changed, even if the visit was brief. More often than not, it is a change for the better.

As our accompanying photos show, Jay is also an eager gardener, landscape artist, and has superior interior design skills. When you arrive for your appointment, he will happily show you around.

A life well lived is a life where you have as many such encounters as possible.

RELAXED LUXURY At one time, the North End of Halifax was a highly desirable place to live, and Brunswick Street was an enclave of homes built by wealthy people from the 1860s through the 1880s. Urban renewal efforts in the 1960s resulted in housing project development nearby, which made the street a less desirable destination for wealthier citizens. It is arguably in better condition now, led in large part by Wells’ efforts. Jay took possession of a home there and transformed it.

That is why you should visit Jay Wells in Halifax. The Jay Wells Salon isn’t your average corner barber shop. Jay is an accomplished and gifted stylist. At a minimum, you will leave with a great haircut. Or, say that you want an entire new look, and leave it in Jay’s hands. You will get a different look, but it doesn’t end there.



When you arrive on the street at his studio at 2120 Brunswick Street, you will not immediately notice the transformation. The frontage is unpretentious, but the property has been transformed. The property is filled with luxurious details from oversized chandeliers, modern day furnishings, multiple wood burning fireplaces, a roaring wood stove, breathtaking views of Halifax Harbour and Jay’s botanical garden filled with luscious flowers and rich greens in the heart of the city. Everything in the old house has been repurposed. Windows became mirrors. Floorboards were cleaned up and became countertops. As you walk inside, you will notice that it is all wood. The main level is the salon and the waiting area features a roaring wood stove, comfortable

leather couches and atmosphere that is dimly lit to fit the mood. The salon has a view of the botanical gardens with oversized windows. The house is an elegant experience and a one-of-a-kind setting. The White Room features views of Halifax Harbour and ultra-luxurious dĂŠcor. It is lit by an oversized chandelier and has pearl-white, modern leather sofas. The Gold Room features a more rustic-chic atmosphere, with a wood burning fireplace and breathtaking views of the botanical garden. Outside, you can get your hair cut while taking in the garden. The sounds of song birds, trees blowing in the wind, the water running through the stream, oversized greenery, and luscious flowers create an enchanting environment.





Every time you enter someone’s home, it has a silent conversation with you. You notice decor, pictures on the wall, mementoes, colors, cleanliness, and lighting. You experience sights, sounds, fragrances, and the unspoken but unmistakeable energy of the space. It is the same when you enter the office or workspace of another. Their space tells you a great deal about the occupants, and the impressions are instant and lasting. It is the same with us as people. How you take care of your appearance and health tells a silent story that you cannot tell in words. Your clothes, your hair, your cleanliness, your skin, your body shape and body language offer clues about you. Jay Wells is a transformation artist. Accordingly, Preferred spent some time with Jay. We believe you will enjoy his insights, paraphrased in the below questions.



Please describe your journey; your evolution as a stylist. No matter what you are going through, it will change. If you just wait, it will change. Change is the only constant. It is a sequence of change. But I made everything happen that I wanted to. Throughout my career, I have been a bit of a rebel. I left home at 16. At Dalhousie (University), I studied architecture and business. My mother sent my grandmother’s sewing machine, and I used that to design costumes. I got into the costume design program at Dalhousie. All of those things come together in the situation where I am now. There were a lot of times where life seemed chaotic and all over the place. I spent a great deal of time in Hollywood, which provided the means to go from being on the outside looking in to being on the inside. That was preparation for the present too. Now, I get visions. I see something, I close my eyes and see what it could be, and then I can’t rest until I get it there. Could you offer tips for someone who wants to cultivate a similar sense of style? Keep everything neutral and natural. Put together things that don’t make sense. When it comes to hair, there is something called deconstruction, which I favor. Style is a reflection of many things, but it is never perfect and you don’t want it that way. I try to repurpose things, turn them inside out. Wardrobe is personal, but keep it simple. Shake it up and mix it up.

What do you do for maximum personal productivity? I wake up every day at 5 am. I always take that morning time for myself and get myself in the best state that I can. I work out of go for a run. Wake up, get your body moving before you do anything for anyone else. That is how my clients get the best of me. I work 10 to 10 four days a week. SERVICES

For a gentleman who is challenged in this area, is it ever too late to cultivate a sense of style? No! Style is constantly evolving. I don’t play by the rules. Style is confidence. It is whatever makes you feel like you. In design school, I was taught that there is a fashion pendulum that swings back and forth. What was out of style becomes retro and then stylish again. If you want to be in style, collect what you see in magazines and always have a little bit of everything around. My house is full of things that speak to me. You should always go with your instincts and what you like.

Jay specializes in short, textured cuts and the “deconstructed” look. He has won 6 Coast “Best of” Hairstylist awards. Jay makes over men and women and also offers manicures and pedicures. He also offers coloring and uses many other techniques to transform the look of your hair, or that of your spouse or significant other. For an appointment or tour, you can learn more and contact him via



By: Brian J. D’Souza

James Hinchcliffe Soars: Veteran Driver Excels On and Off the Track From dominating performances on the race track to electrifying moments on the dance floor, Oakville’s James Hinchcliffe has been busier than ever as his career powers forward. The Canadian fan-favorite and 2016 Preferred summer cover subject had an epic run on the 23rd season of the ABC-CTV hit show Dancing With the Stars. Even though he’d never done anything quite like DWTS before, his professionalism and desire for victory allowed him to earn the runner-up spot with Australian dance partner Sharna Burgess.

The Toronto Indy is a legendary race itself that has existed since 1986 when it was known as the Molson Indy. The 11 turn, 2.874-kilometre track at Exhibition place is a street circuit where drivers run on the same portion of Lakeshore Boulevard that many workplace commuters hit five days a week. “It’s always tricky qualifying here,” Hinchcliffe, the sole Canadian currently competing in Indycar, explained on the Saturday before the race, “This track is one of the those with all the surface changes.”

Hinchcliffe’s time in his Schmidt-Peterson Motorsports (SPM) racecar has also been exceptional. Just one year removed from a horrific accident during practice for the 2015 Indy 500, he scored the pole position for the 2016 Indy 500, earning a seventh place finish in the race itself. He has also taken three podium finishes during the current Indycar season, including a victory in Long Beach, a third place finish in Detroit, and another third place finish at the Honda Indy held on July 16 in Toronto.

Competing for a good starting position is part and parcel of every race, including the Toronto Indy. Wringing every ounce of talent within his grasp, the Oakville native managed to push his Honda-powered SPM car to advance in qualifying to the final round.

Traditionally, the Toronto race has been a source of frustration for Hinchcliffe. Until his third place finish at the track last year, the best he’d finished was 8th. Other years included technical difficulties and other mishaps that derailed his hopes for an impressive hometown appearance.

Ultimately qualifying sixth, Hinchcliffe had trepidation before the race due to the prospect of rain. Giving an interview on pit lane after Sunday’s afternoon practice, he told Preferred that his car was setup for dry conditions and explained how a street circuit in wet conditions was “just

“I just committed everything I had into that last lap and I snuck into the Firestone Fast Six.”


conditions and explained how a street circuit in wet conditions was “just about the most harrowing thing” that drivers had to do in Indycar racing due to the further-compromised grip.

“That was probably the loosest racecar I’ve ever had on a street circuit,” he explained of the car’s handling, “It took every trick of driving racecars that I’ve ever learned to keep those guys behind me.”

Expectations for the race were high: The grandstands were filled with thousands of fans, with a significant number them sporting SPM gear in support of Hinchcliffe. As storm clouds beckoned, the threat of disaster loomed on the horizon. Would he be able to come through in his 101th career start?

With the podium finish, Hinchcliffe moves up two spots to 10th in the 2017 Indycar series standings with 297 points. With five races left on the calendar, he has a chance to continue to climb the rankings.

As the race started, Hinchcliffe kept his composure on the track, while his team’s strategy yielded results. He slid into third place on the 38th lap, with only Alexander Rossi and Josef Newgarden leading him. As Newgarden took the win, with Rossi second, Hinchcliffe snagged third place. Later he would reveal that what he made look easy was actually a harrowing experience.


Four-time Indycar series champion Scott Dixon of Chip-Ganassi racing currently leads the standings, but what makes the Indycar series so special is the excellent competition. No matter what the outfit, drivers race against each other in cars that can end up winning races by the tiniest of margins. Winners can also come from any team, as 40 year-old Japanese driver Takuma Sato demonstrated with his shocking victory at this year’s Indy 500 in Indianapolis.


As much as he’s given to Indycar, he has put out feelers regarding the prospect of competing elsewhere, such as NASCAR’s Xfinity series. “I have always wanted to try it and a road course is the best way to ease into it,” said Hinchcliffe, speaking to The Toronto Star’s Jeff Pappone, “We want to do it right but it’s not something I am looking at in anticipation of a career switch.” The transition from open-wheel racecars to stock cars is something that many Indycar drivers have undertaken, including Dario Franchitti, Danica Patrick and Tony Stewart. Success in a different racing format is hard to attain, but for a driver who is always willing to challenge themselves, the risk is worth the effort. James Hinchcliffe himself does make clear that he’s still completely committed to his dream in Indycar. It’s incredible that James Hinchcliffe has gone from being an autograph-seeking fan chasing heroes like Greg Moore, Paul Tracy and Alex Tagliani to becoming the sought-after one. Despite his huge following, he always tries to give his fans the best possible experience because he knows how much of an impact his own heroes had on him when he was a youngster. The defining truth about James Hinchcliffe is that he’s always evolving in his quest to win the recognition that comes from hard-fought races. He’s now approaching a peak in terms of his experience, recognition and acumen. And we keep turning the page to see what he will do next. His best may be yet to come.


YACHT –MASTER 40 OYSTER PERPETUAL Rolex is introducing a gem-set version of the Oyster Perpetual YachtMaster 40, its emblematic nautical watch. In 18 ct Everose gold with a black gloss finish dial, it features a bidirectional rotatable bezel adorned with multicolour sapphires, green tsavorites, and a triangular diamond at 12 o’clock. Waterproof, precise and reliable, the Yacht-Master 40 embodies the privileged ties between Rolex and the world of sailing that stretch back to the 1950s. This version is equipped with the innovative, elastomer Oysterflex bracelet developed and patented by Rolex. Like all Rolex watches, the new Yacht-Master 40 carries the Superlative Chronometer certification redefined by Rolex in 2015, which ensures singular performance on the wrist. THE OYSTER CASE, SYMBOL OF WATERPROOFNESS The Yacht-Master 40’s Oyster case, guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet), is a paragon of robustness. Its characteristically shaped middle case is crafted from a solid block of 18 ct Everose gold. Its fluted case back is hermetically screwed down with a special tool that allows only Rolex watchmakers to access the movement. The winding crown is protected by a crown guard that is an integral part of the middle case. Fitted with the Triplock triple waterproofness system, the crown screws down securely against the case, providing watertight security akin to a submarine’s hatch. The crystal, with a Cyclops lens at 3 o’clock for easy reading of the date, is made of virtually scratchproof sapphire. The waterproof Oyster case provides optimum protection for the Yacht-Master 40’s high-precision movement.


PERPETUAL CALIBRE 3135 The Yacht-Master 40 is equipped with calibre 3135, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. Its architecture, manufacturing quality and innovative features make it singularly precise and reliable. The oscillator, the true heart of the watch, has a blue Parachrom hairspring patented and manufactured by Rolex in an exclusive alloy. Insensitive to magnetic fields, the Parachrom hairspring offers great stability in the face of temperature variations and remains up to 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks. A Rolex overcoil ensures its regularity in any position. Calibre 3135 is equipped with a self-winding module via a Perpetual rotor and offers a power reserve of approximately 48 hours. OYSTERFLEX BRACELET AND SAFETY CLASP The Yacht-Master 40 is fitted on an Oysterflex bracelet, developed and patented by Rolex. This technical bracelet combines in a singular way the robustness and reliability of a metal bracelet with the flexibility, comfort and aesthetics of an elastomer strap. At its core lies a superelastic metal blade overmoulded with high-performance black elastomer, a material that is particularly resistant to environmental effects and very durable. The Oysterflex bracelet is also fitted with an 18 ct Everose gold Oysterlock safety clasp that prevents accidental opening.

CASE Type Oyster (monobloc middle case, screw-down case back
and winding crown) Diameter 40 mm Material 18 ct Everose gold, polished finish Bezel Set with 32 sapphires,
8 tsavorites and 1 diamond Case back Screw-down with Rolex fluting Winding crown Screw-down, Triplock triple waterproofness system Crown guard Integral part of the middle case Crystal Scratch-resistant sapphire Cyclops lens over the date with double anti-reflective coating Waterproofness 100 metres (330 feet) MOVEMENT Calibre 3135, Manufacture Rolex Mechanical movement with bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor Precision −2/+2 sec/day, after casing Functions Centre hour, minute and seconds hands Instantaneous date at 3 o’clock
with rapid-setting
Stop-seconds for precise time setting Oscillator Frequency: 28,800 beats/hour (4 Hz) Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring Rolex overcoil
Large balance wheel with variable inertia High-precision regulating via four gold Microstella nuts Traversing balance bridge Jewelling 31 rubies Power reserve Approximately 48 hours DIAL Colour Black, gloss finish Hour markers Highly legible Chromalight appliques (long-lasting luminescence)
in 18 ct pink gold Hands 18 ct pink gold, Chromalight bracelet Type Oysterflex Material Flexible metal blades overmoulded with high-performance elastomer Clasp Oysterlock folding safety clasp in 18 ct Everose gold



A Gentleman’s Guide to The Season’s Best Fragrances Written by Jessica Ashley Dafoe

The scent of a man immediately communicates multitudes about him and leaves a lasting impression, so be sure that yours is up to “sniff” this season with Preferred’s selection of best fragrances. From woodsy and strong to fresh and hypnotic, you’ll be set for a multitude of occasions. Tom Ford Champaca Absolute A blend of intoxicating notes produce this intense and spicy scent, which is complemented by a lingering fresh aroma. Tom Ford Champaca Absolute is comprised of ingredients including exotic Tokajii wine and cognac and is blended with a hint of sweetness brought forth by bergarmot, davana and Mediterranean broom flower in addition to phantomia orchid, white violet and night blooming jasmine. This insatiable aroma is finished with the final note of vanilla bean amber, marron glace and sandalwood. Stand out with this unconventional and unique fragrance which comes handsomely packaged in apothecary bottles used by perfumers themselves, and easily add to the appeal of any space. Hermes Terre d’Hermes A fragrance that has stood the test of time, and remains a top runner in the world of men’s fragrance, Terre d’Hermes for men should be an addition to any gentleman’s daily preparation routine. This masculine and woodsy aroma, with notes of grapefruit and lush greens, produced initially in 2006, and reinvented in 2009, has additional masculine notes that include gunflint, flint, vetiver and benzoin, with a hint of citrus to finish. Hermes’ signature men’s fragrance is perfect for a day at the office or an evening out on the town. The story behind Terre d’Hermes is as fascinating as the aroma itself, as communicated by the Hermes brand which notes that the fragrance “ is a symbolic story about the elements of earth and their transformation, from the water in the earth until it reaches high into the sky, a powerful journey so poetic and melodious so woody, herbal and mineral.” The limited edition 2017 bottle includes a graphic representation of this very story. Mr. Burberry A sensual, comforting yet smoky scent, Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum captures and melds aromas of cinnamon layered with tarragon and has the underlying notes of patchouli and a base of amber along with vetiver. The fragrance stays true to the Burberry man’s appeal- a gentleman who dons timeless pieces, such as the London-inspired trench and impeccablystyled suit. Mr. Burberry is, quite simply, dapper and stylish, and a man who seeks to make a statement in every way. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme As described by the designer brand, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense for men is the alter ego to the original feminine scent. Fresh, yet powerfully assertive and masculine, the top notes of this specific fragrance are like a chilled cocktail with a zest of citrus aroma brought forth by mandarin and grapefruit. Juniper is at the heart of the fragrance, and at its base are the masculine aromas of amber wood complemented by musks. Released in 2017 and developed to reflect a truly Mediterranean experience for the senses, elegance melds with sensuality in this aquatic-inspired fragrance. Although unseen, the fragrance that accompanies an individual into a room sets the tone for any encounter or situation. There is only a confident and alluring story to be told by spritzing any of these selected colognes, prior to heading out to take on the day that lies ahead.



ThE Perfect Style & Shave Bring the Barber Experience Home Achieving the perfect shave does not have to involve a trip to the local men’s grooming parlour or barber. Although being pampered is often appreciated, time does not always permit, meaning that seeking these services and venturing out beyond home boundaries is not always a possibility. For most, all must be achieved before that early morning meeting in one’s own abode. However, this fact does not mean that the pampered experience can’t be brought home. Finding the perfect products is the key step to starting out your morning as if that trip to the grooming parlour was achieved. Preferred scoped out a few premium products that can assist in bringing the barber experience home. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream The Art of Shaving is a brand that has quickly been gaining praise for its quality products that blend old school appeal with new technology and ingredients while offering the best results. Although each shaving cream produced by The Art of Shaving include countless benefits, such as plentiful lather with the use of only a small amount ,in addition to moisturizing as well as healing ingredients, the Sandalwood Shaving Cream has received rave reviews due to the rugged scent which lingers throughout the day. Sandalwood, itself, is also known for numerous skincare benefits, including being a natural antiseptic agent, helping to heal scars and skin spots, while also holding natural anti-aging properties to help tighten and smooth skin, Sandalwood also provides relief from inflammation. AS-D2 Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor by Feather For the closest shave using a sleek razor that requires very little pressure against the skin, the AS-D2 Double Edge Stainless Steel Razor by Feather is the perfect choice. Only a light touch is needed to allow this razor to work its magic on your morning stubble. The instrument, though smooth and sleek, has a grooved grip to allow for a secure hold, even with wet hands, and the razor is designed for disposable blades. Each razor comes equipped with five disposable blades, offering a sharpness to achieve the perfect shave. Add this tool to your morning routine for precision performance and premium results. Mr. Burberry Beard Oil For all the men who are partial to sporting the bearded look, whether manicured to a trimmed length or a touch more woolly and wild in appearance, keeping the texture smooth and facial hair conditioned, has never been easier with the assistance of Mr. Burberry Beard Oil. This blend of a light and non-greasy formula which contains natural sesame, jojoba and argan oils, nourishes and softens the beard while also allowing for styling to be much easier . If that’s not enough, Mr. Burberry Beard Oil additionally hydrates the skin and leaves behind a signature and pleasing fragrance. This formula is created with the gentleman in mind who seeks luxury in every aspect of his life, including daily routines involved in grooming and personal care.

Try any or all of these luxury brands and products to ensure that each morning grooming session brings the best start to your day.


FASHION Photographer; Lindsay Anne Delaney Instagram: @citylightlinds Hair and Make- UP: Dyane Campbell Wearing: HENDRIXROE F/W 2017 COLLECTION




Best known for her rock and roll inspired couture, Toronto-based fashion designer, Jordan Erin McKay, has proven that there are no limitations if you aspire to dream big and pursue your passion. Creator of the luxury brand HENDRIXROE, influenced by one of the most iconic women in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe and Rock and Roll legends Jimi Hendrix. McKay had a vision to bring together trend setting threads with an edge, that combine both innovation and a unique perspective to the Canadian Fashion scene. But fashion design wasn’t originally in the cards for Jordan McKay. Originating from Regina, Saskatchewan, raised by parents Ian and Shirley McKay, Jordan grew up in a close-knit family. Her father, a successful lawyer who owns an established law practice had strong values and beliefs that education was the pathway to success. One weekend Jordan decided to venture off to Vancouver to celebrate her birthday amongst friends, while on the plane she sat next to a passenger and engaged in small talk that would quickly turn into a life changing conversation, and her first angel investor in pursuit of her lifelong dream to become a fashion designer. Within a few months of meeting her angel investor and developing a business plan, Jordan was on route to Shanghai, where she now has her own factory for HENDRIXROE. There was no turning back, Jordan’s vision was to create a fashion movement in Canada that embraced indifference, celebrated individuality while giving her fans fashion freedom to express their uniqueness. After a successful first season, HENDRIXROE debuted the inaugural menswear collection in the spring of 2016 at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, TOM*. The astounding response rocked the world of fans and sparked the beginning of her journey in the fashion industry and the creation of one of Canada’s soon to be most talked about brands. Jordan is an extraordinary creative and self-taught fashion designer, with an eye for details, strong work ethic and a presence that is angelic. She is a visionary who is redefining the rules of fashion whose passion does not go unnoticed, her experiences and collaborations have fostered a wide variety of styles for men, women and children. In addition to her fashion designs, Jordan travels the world seeking the finest materials to bring her ideas to fruition. With intense dedication to every aspect of her brand HENDRIXROE, Jordan is involved with every detail from design concept to production, managing the day-to-day business and even the music that plays at her shows. Always with a warm smile, grace and devotion to the task, Jordan describes herself as crazy, passionate and creative. It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Jordan Erin McKay (JEM), the fashion icon behind HENDRIXROE. Preferred: First off, congratulations on your recent CANIFF (Canadian International Fashion Film Festival) award for Best Canadian Fashion Film for HENDRIXROE. How does it feel be recognized for your fashion innovation on Canadian soil? JEM: It truly is an honour, being recognized for my hard work and commitment to bringing fashion forward trends to the fans of HENDRIXROE, my family, friends and team who support me. It is a blessing to be acknowledged on an international level in a country that I love.

Preferred: You took a major leap of faith in switching gears from following in your father’s footsteps to Canadian Fashion Designer. Where did you find the courage and strength to be able to pursue your lifelong dream? JEM: I grew up with a passion for fashion and music, I felt confident knowing what my creative capabilities were, however I was fearful of being rejected as I didn’t have a formal education in fashion design. Fortunately, I was surround by so much love and support from my friends and family. My parents were so kind and loving even after I told them I wasn’t going to pursue a career in law. My dear friend David Jacks, who is a fellow fashion designer currently residing in London, England, took me under his wing after we had an instant connection and became best friends. David believed in me and inspired me to pursue my dream in fashion, he accompanied me to Shanghai when the label HENDRIXROE was first born. Today, he still calls me after every show in tears about how proud he is and it’s truly humbling as he’s wildly talented and someone I truly admire in this industry. He recently launched his own brand JACK and I am beyond excited to see him build a fashion empire and share in the success alongside me. Preferred: You recently had the opportunity to style Canadian Heartthrob Jason Priestley for the Cover of Preferred Magazine, tell us what it was like to see Priestley rocking the red metallic jacket from your men’s collection? JEM: Wow! Jason wearing a HENDRIXROE jacket on the cover of a magazine is surreal to me. Growing up watching Beverly Hills 90210 and being a huge fan of Brandon Walsh truly was a highlight. Jason was incredible to work with and he certainly rocked our men’s collection. Preferred: What would be your message to young Canadians who are unsure if pursuing their dream is a possibility given their current circumstances? JEM: Create your own path, don’t be afraid of being you! When I was a young girl, I was bullied and often felt like I didn’t fit it. While others were listening to New Kids On The Block, I was listening to Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. A large part of the inspiration behind HENDRIXROE is I wanted to create a brand that allowed someone to feel special and embrace being different. There are no rules, I view fashion as art and a way for us to express ourselves and let our inner confidence shine. Brains, beauty and passion are only a few words I would use to best describe Jordan Erin McKay, her kindness towards others and love for those that support her brand is beyond the runway. Her commitment and loyalty to HENDRIXROE fans is without a doubt, true to her heart. Fashion is a social documentary of ever changing times, a snapshot into the culture we surround ourselves with and truly one of the most valuable ways one can transform their confidence, express their own creativity and stand for what they believe in.


Photographer; Lindsay Anne Delaney Instagram: @citylightlinds Grooming: Dyane Campbell Model: Sasha Designer: Jordan Erin McKay HENDRIXROE F/W 2017 COLLECTION




HENDRIXROE F/W 2017 COLLECTION Jewellery: Vitaly




HENDRIXROE F/W 2017 COLLECTION Jewellery: Vitaly


HENDRIXROE F/W 2017 COLLECTION Jewellery: Vitaly


Written by: Colin Keddy

The Biggest Problem… You Don’t Even Know You Have the good news is, you can still fix it! With tax season finally over, and now halfway into the year; Taxes and tax planning for many may seem far off in the horizon. My objective in this article is to challenge that conventional thinking. Like an athlete preparing for a race, he or she would never wait until summer to train, as he or she knows to get the greatest results it is a year-round commitment. Achieving financial success is no different. For many people the focus is on the asset management and a hopeful rate of return. And that is the one thing they do look at year round. One major difference between tax planning an asset management, is that asset management returns are, in many cases hypothetical, as where tax planning his mathematical. Let me explain. When someone is able to organize themselves in a tax effective manner the outcome is very real and measurable. That tax is saved and that’s that! If you are able to structure yourself to pay less tax the result is a predetermined one. Tax planning is not affected by market conditions for the most part and for many of our readers they are subject to an unprecedented level of taxation in recent years. Common mistakes that I often see with wealthy clients, especially those who are not self-employed, typically believe that little planning can be done and are willing to except status quo. I also see it with those self-employed, they tend think because they can do some creative accounting they have done it all. I can assure you in most cases, it is not necessarily the case. On average, I find that clients are paying anywhere from $5 to $10 million in taxes unnecessarily. And less than 5% of people are utilizing the readily available solutions that are out there. And I’m not talking about RSP contributions and TFSA’s.

available. The reality is, most of these tax returns are simply filed ‘as is’, without any real consideration for what can be done now and ongoing; True structured tax planning. One comparison could be the way many North American’s approach their health. The most common approach is, instead of taking care of themselves in a preventative manor, they wait until problems arise and then seek medical treatment. Given today’s uncertain market of interest rates, politics and not to mention one of the longest standing bull markets, there is so much to be concerned about. And I challenge you to control the controllable, and taxes are one of them. For most high net worth clients the threat of taxes outweighs the concerns of rate of return. The question is whether they see it or not. Many are so focussed on chasing returns where too much risk is taken, and many Canadians knowingly exceed their comfort levels of investing. If your financial advisor isn’t making the tax conversation as equally important as the investment conversation, they should be! Something to consider… If you could reduce your income tax by an average of 10% (recapture what you would have paid in tax) and manage assets with the return of 5% to 7%, (and hopefully much less risk) potentially, your effective net rate of return would exceed 10% over all. Wouldn’t this be worth taking another look at how you manage the tax problem? Or better yet discovering a tax management solution you didn’t even know existed? It just might be worth looking into.

Most, assume that they’re overwhelmed accountant who is up to his eyes balls with returns in the month of April, will somehow provide them with all the options

CMK is a registered financial consultant. For direct answers on various tax planning solutions email him at



Cigar Company + Gentleman’s Barbershop Curating the Experience Craved The men’s grooming industry has been undoubtedly revitalized over the past few years, causing barbershops and grooming locales to spring up as reinvigorated replications of those frequented in years gone by. A visit to the local barber was once a regular part of a gentleman’s lifestyle and offered visitors not only an array of services, but a pampered and social experience. At Cigar Company + Gentleman’s Barbershop, the experience does not stop at a quick cut and a shave, but instead offers patrons an unforgettable and bespoke experience, catered to each individual’s needs by expert staff. This newly-opened destination, which is located in Markham Village within a 130-year-old heritage landmark, offers men’s products and grooming services as well as the most premium cigars, pipes and tobacco accessories. Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a modern aesthetic that is fused with an original Edwardian style. The space includes an opulent barbershop accented with Belmont barber chairs where gentleman can receive a hot towel, straight razor shave and/or cut. The locale also houses a custom walk-in Spanish cedar humidor and vintage cigar room in addition to a 3,000-square foot outdoor cigar lounge. Preferred had the opportunity to chat with co-owners Orion Armstrong and Adrian James, two of the four who are behind the founding of the company. The subject of choice? Why this particular men’s grooming destination is so unique among the multitudes that are cropping up across North America.


Armstrong, Canada’s vintage cigar expert and tobacconist, selectively curates the cigar and tobacco products at Cigar Company + Gentleman’s Barbershop, and reminds as to what patrons experience when they visit this classy locale, and why it is an experience above and beyond what can be found elsewhere. “Whether you’re coming in for a relaxing straight razor shave, are picking up a gift for a loved one, or looking to enjoy a cigar after your workday on our beautiful patio, you’re always welcome and can expect the ultimate gentlemen’s experience,” he said. Orion also emphasizes that an experience can be catered to each and every individual regardless as to whether you are new to the culture of cigars or an expert as he is, stating “whether you’re an entry level cigar smoker or a connoisseur, you will be blown away by the variety and how well organized the experience is.” In addition to Cigar Company + Gentleman’s Barbershop filling a niche which has been lacking in Canadian men’s grooming services, the destination is the first in the world to ensure that each staff member is an expert on cigar culture, as Armstrong states. “Not only is there selection, but all of our staff are highly trained [and] certified as Habanos specialists. We were the only shop in the world to open up day 1 as a certified Habanos specialist.” As the expert of men’s grooming and barbering, co-founder Adrian James relays that the “devil is in the details” and insists that the staff’s role is “not just about doing the service and moving on, but more about building a relationship [ with patrons.]”

James also made note of the fact that he and his partners are truly all about the details, adding that the biggest challenge they came up against while their business plan was in the execution stage, involved their similar aspirations for perfection across the company. “The four of us are all very particular about every little thing. We want things to be just right to make sure that we’re really going to take care of our clients. We always ask the question ‘What would we like as a customer? ‘and ‘How can we make things better?’ “ This particular challenge common among the Cigar Company + Gentleman’s Barbershop partners has resulted in perfection that the four business-savvy gents aspired to achieve and the company can now be described as a leading North American purveyor of premium cigars and barbering services, in addition to being a trusted cigar event company. Also a member of International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (PCPR), the company ensures to dazzle clients with, not only upscale services, but first- class products. Patrons can find world-renown brands including Peter James, Dupont, Davidoff, Cohiba and Colibri as well as grooming accessories and products by Prospector Co., Dapper Dan, Kent Brushes and British Barbers Association. Armstrong reiterates that from the services and products offered to the rapport built and educational tactics relayed by the expert staff, his comrades and himself have succeeded in, and will continue to succeed in “curating the experience craved,” by each and all clients who venture into the impressive and welcoming space. Go to to book your own bespoke experience or to reach the retail store. Additionally consider calling on Cigar Company + Gentleman’s Barbershop to add a truly unique allure to your next event, including fascinating and educational master cigar rolling demonstrations and the ultimate in custom and corporate giftgiving services .

Chef Walter Ginevri with SubChef Sofia Ginevri


A Stitch in Time

Walter Beauchamp:

A Tailored History of Toronto Written by: Libby Austin

Established in 1908 in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, Walter Beauchamp Tailors has served for over a century as Canada’s finest civil and military tailors. Originally named Beauchamp and How, after Walter Beauchamp and his partner and master tailor, Alfred How, it offered custom tailoring and personalized service to the business class of Toronto. The company has since been owned and run by three successive generations of Beauchamps (the pronunciation of which is the anglicized BEE-chum, according to the family themselves). With a foreword by Canadian icon and longtime Beauchamp customer, Gordon Lightfoot, Walter Beauchamp: A Tailored History of Toronto is a tale about Canada’s largest city, told in the most Canadian way – from the humble perspective of a tailor. But from humble beginnings, Walter Beauchamp rose to become the owner of Canada’s oldest and most prominent tailor. His business acumen, keen entrepreneurial spirit and connections to the “Canadian aristocracy” all contributed to company’s early success. The original Walter Beauchamp’s wife, Viola, was the niece of Sir William Mackenzie, pioneer of the Canadian National Railway (a connection which later lead to Beauchamp Tailors becoming the suppliers of all uniforms for the Toronto Railway Company). 80

Walter Sr. adopted a conservative approach to fashion, displaying a definite knack for adapting to the style of the time, all while catering to the specific needs of his clients. With the beginning of the First World War, Beauchamp made it his duty “to look after those who serve our country,” by providing exquisitely detailed military dress to those fighting in the war, and later, providing work attire for those soldiers returning to their business or professional lives – a history that current owner, Terry Beauchamp remains proud of to this day. Beauchamp is one of the few tailors across the country with the necessary knowledge of the intricacies of military attire to produce such garments. Walter Sr.’s son, the next Walter Beauchamp, would continue to expand the brand through the mid-1900’s using a combination of superb marketing and advertising to outlast their competitors. One particularly memorable ad campaign, run in 1963, featured Walter Jr. and Playboy Playmate Judy Gammon, and invited customers to vote on the proper pronunciation of “Beauchamp.” Such tonguein-cheek humour and marketing savvy made Walter Jr. the face of Walter Beauchamp Tailors. Upon his death in 2001, his son Terry took over the business. Together, the family forged a place in

the Canadian tailoring industry and cultivated a brand of timeless fashion and elegance which has transcended “trendiness,” and the relentless march of mechanization to endure for well over a century. The company was finally bought out by Holt Renfrew in 2014, presently occupying a spot in the company’s Bloor St. West store. Beauchamp’s friend and loyal patron Martin Guest remarked of the family, “There simply aren’t many people who have that kind of viewpoint into another person’s life: in [their] role, [they] have had an extraordinary proximity and a unique lens on what’s going on with me and so many others. It must be fascinating!” The book makes use of this unique lens to tell the story of the birth of a city, and of the people who shaped it. Punctuated by scenes as intimate as the relationship between a tailor and their client, the book stitches together the oft-forgotten stories that create the fabric of our history as a city and as a nation. It features personal accounts of such illustrious patrons as Colonel Charles Osborne Dalton, who lead Canadian operations during the storming of the beaches of Normandy; music icon Gordon Lightfoot; former mine magnate and conservationist Courtland Parfet and many more – each connected to a garment made by Beauchamp’s. These are only a few amongst the list of distinguished names that have frequented Beauchamp’s including prime ministers (Joe Clark and John Turner), MPPs, mayors, authors, and activists. The book is charged with touching and poignant moments that reveal the deep respect and personal connection the Beauchamps have with their clients, military and civilian alike. These stories are told with warmth, genuine emotion and, at times, a wry wit which betrays a deep affection for the city in which Beauchamp’s got its start. Above all, Walter Beauchamp: A Tailored History of Toronto is an exploration of the Toronto’s history through the eyes of a family which has become a fixture in the city’s rapidly changing landscape. The photographs of Beauchamp’s original King St. premises and the surrounding downtown area from the early 20th century evoke a thrill of familiarity coloured with a twinge of nostalgia for a younger Toronto that has yet to grow into the thriving city it is today. Beauchamp’s Tailors is a connection to old Toronto, and to a tradition of quiet persistence and humility which is a hallmark of the Canadian spirit.


Lindsay Anne Delaney Written By: Natalie Rose Servello

The term “artist” is increasingly ambiguous these days; however, when it comes to describing young photographer, Lindsay Anne Delaney, the term artist fits perfectly. Social media outlets have permitted all individuals to title themselves as artists, allowing the term to be used unconventionally. In a society where everyone can become accustomed to instant camera accessibility, Delaney has found a way to make her mark as a true imagemaker in this technological frenzy. Born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland, Delaney has made her way to one the world’s growing fashion cities, Toronto. She began her studies at the New England School of Photography in Boston and then entered the Visual Arts Program at the College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville, Newfoundland. After graduating as valedictorian in 2008, she continued her studies at NSCAD University in Halifax, graduating with a major in photography in 2011. Her education inevitably set the tone for her future. A year after graduation, while working in a chiropractic clinic and deciding her next move as a professional, Delaney came across Lorca Moore. As our mentors promote the importance of a cohesive network, it has never been more true for Delaney, “Lorca Moore changed my life that day she walked into the clinic in Halifax, and I will never forget her kindness.” Lorca Moore, a Canadian iconic model herself, happened to be married to award-winning fashion photographer Chris Nicholls and was essentially Delaney’s first contact in the fashion industry. Persistence requires a ferocious optimism, and it was Delaney’s tenacity which nailed her internship of a lifetime. Although brief, she interned for Nicholls in Halifax and from then on she has been destined for greatness. In August of 2012, Delaney packed up her belongings and moved her life to Toronto, “My dream was always to go to Toronto or New York to be a fashion photographer.” In under a month she signed a one-year contract with St. Joseph Communications as a fashion photographer assistant, “This just never happens. A one year contract as a photo assistant never happens right out of school.” From here, Delaney climbed the industry ladder; she has since worked closely with fashion industry giants such as Joe Fresh, Walmart and Sears Canada. Emerging further into the fashion industry was Delaney’s ultimate goal and so she did. She had a certain inclination to express herself and her artwork, and turning to freelance photography was the way to prove to the industry


Photographer - Self Portrait Designer - Jordan Mckay H&M - Dyane Campbell Mens Jacket - HENDRIXROE F/W 2017 Rocker T - Forever 21 Plus

her unquestionable talent. Along her journey, Delaney met Tanya Watt, awardwinning art director and photographic visionary. Watt has since guided Delaney, as both a mentor and a friend. After discovering new realms and refining her photographic techniques, Lindsay began working regularly with Preferred Magazine. Since working with the magazine, Delaney has grown as an artist and focuses her attention to the fashion aspect of the publication. Delaney’s photographic skills have become key to the magazine and the elegance it projects. In establishing herself as a photographer, it is clear that Lindsay’s work and personal photographic style is influenced by many great photographers including Helmut Newton, Mario Testino and Camilla Akrans. Delaney’s accomplishments to date are only the beginning of her career as a professional fashion photographer. She has surpassed industry standards having already photographed TFC Player Sebastian Giovinco, celebrities Blake Lively and Coco Rocha on the red carpet and most recently wrapping an editorial cover shoot with Jason Priestley. Delaney has reached goals young artists only dream of, “I am just going to keep pushing and take every day as it comes. I have reached so many goals in the last year it’s been overwhelming.” With her current trajectory, it is clear Delaney is destined for the unimaginable.


Better your skills.

BETTER YOUR BOARD. “The ICD-Rotman DEP is the gold standard of training for Directors in Canada. Despite the fact that I had served on several corporate and a number of not for profit boards, I learned a great deal from both the professional faculty and the interaction with other class members. Whether you are a new or seasoned board member, you will become a better director by taking this valuable program.” THE HONOURABLE GARY FILMON, PC, OC, OM, LLD, ICD.D CHAIRMAN, EXCHANGE INCOME CORPORATION DIRECTOR, CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LTD.

ATTAIN YOUR ICD.D AND BE MORE EFFECTIVE AS A DIRECTOR. The Directors Education Program (DEP), jointly developed by the Institute of Corporate Directors and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, is offered nationally at Canada’s top business schools. Since the launch of the DEP, over 4,500 directors have completed the program, taking the first step towards acquiring their ICD.D designation.






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