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‌reports from our First and Middle School Classes, giving you an insight into their curriculum, along with some spotlight reports from subjects that are taught in our College.

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Our sports department has been busy - with successes and stories from every year

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Our Nursery & School had lots of fun and raised a fantastic amount of money for Children in Need.

First School

Education News The next session of this Newsletter will be an insight into our First School classrooms, telling you what each class have focussed on over the past few weeks.

A Message from Mr McCoy It is coming to the end of our Autumn term and we are in full Christmas mode in both our Early Years and in First School. It doesn’t seem long ago that we were planning the first term of the year, whilst enjoying warm weather! It has been a very busy time with lots of exciting things going on in and around school. The new woodland learning environment has been well used, and has been a wonderful place to visit, particularly over the last few months with the trees changing colours and losing their leaves. Seeing our younger children all wrapped up and wearing their wellington boots, heading off into the forest for another amazing learning experience is such a delight, you can’t help but smile at their excitement. In First School our Reception children have settled in well to the ‘routines’ of school life. In other classes I constantly hear them talking about what they are doing, and it’s said with such enthusiasm. In fact, when we had the power-cut some of the children said that they’d be disappointed if they had to go home early, because they loved being here! And now, at the end of November, we start to ‘gear-up’ for the magic of Christmas at Scarisbrick Hall. Rehearsals are underway for our production – ‘A Magical Christmas’ presented by First School, then we have our Pre School performing their version of the Nativity. We have Christmas lunches for all the children, and one for parents. The Christmas Ball takes place at Formby Hall. Middle School and College are performing a pantomime (Oh no they’re not! – sorry had to get that in). In Nursery the toddlers will be holding their own ‘Christmas Carols’ and baby room will be holding a ‘Jingle Jive’. Then we only have to fit in the Christmas parties, the Santa Dash and the Carol Service. I hope we have enough time to fit it all in! Thank you to the pupils for working so hard and thank you to all the parents for your continued support – it is very much appreciated. My thanks to all the staff for your hardwork and dedication. May I wish all of you a very enjoyable Christmas and a peaceful New Year – Merry Christmas!


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4






This page is written by our Nursery Manager and staff from our day nursery Beautiful Beginnings.

Baby Room Our babies have been busy in their Santa's workshop experiencing the joy of Christmas through their senses. Children have explored; Glittery playdough, Making chocolate Christmas cakes, Painting their hands and feet to make Mistletoes', Painting snowmen onto cards and Making glittery baubles As always our staff ensure that the experiences that our babies explore are appropriate and enhance each child's learning journey whilst at also means you get lots of lovely gifts for Christmas!


Class 2 Our toddlers are always out and about enjoying the lovely surroundings we have as well as having lots of fresh air in their lungs. Over the last term we have been really interested in stories. Not only looking at books but really concentrating and listening to a story being read by a key person. Here at Beautiful Beginnings we are so very lucky to have lots of additional areas within school that really enhance our learning daily. We have chosen to use the Storytelling Tower to really embrace this love of learning about books and stories. We are very lucky to have this room which is fully equipped with the following; Relevant and themed stories, a large selection of puppets and other story telling resources, a surround sound system for talking books and music and mood lighting to really help engage in the story As you can from the photos even our youngest children gain so much from a visit to our magical story room!

Class 3 With the Winter fast approaching our children have been showing a keen interest in the changing weather and its impact on our environment. Each morning the children seek out clues within our garden to help them decide what weather we are experiencing; Rhianna found ice in a bucket of water, Teddy found crunchy leaves under the tree, Sophia found tiny flakes of snow with Georgia. The staff have fully embraced this and planned extensive experiences around this interest. The most popular of these has been our Weather Station role play area with umbrellas, thermometers and interactive weather board. As you can see from the photographs we love Winter!

Pre School Forest School On Saturday 30th November we held our very first Forest School session for our Pre-School parents. The anticipation of this event was a nerve racking one as we really wanted to make sure the session was a true reflection of how wonderful the experience is. The sun was shining even though it was still a bit chilly! We had a brilliant turn out and the day was a huge success. As you can see from the photographs the most popular activity was making s’mores on the campfire. Our Dads really embraced the 'Bear Grills' activity of building dens and shelters which made us all chuckle. Thank you so much to all who attended! If you were unable to attend this time please watch this space. We had so much fun that we feel this may become a regular occurrence.

Pre-School Jungle Forest Fun! We have now had a full term of Forest School exploration and we are loving it. The opportunities it has provided both staff and children have been endless. We have seen such a dramatic change in the way our children learn and explore as well as how happy they are when being at one with nature. Will Williams our Forest School leader helps us to plan meaningful and exciting experiences for the children to enable them to develop their ability to be motivated and curious as well as questions regarding the environment around us. This term your children have; • • • • • • • •

Cooked a variety of food on the campfire from around the world including s’mores, stir fry, vegetable soup, bread and enchiladas. Planned and created dens and shelters for different purposes and weather conditions Developed their physical skills including climbing trees, assault courses and balancing on fallen trees Developed their imagination and creativity through Role play on the magical bridge, the Troll has not had much sleep this term!! Created the most spectacular mud creations in the Mud Kitchen Listened to and created their own stories and tales using the natural environment around for stimulation Had a sleep in the swinging hammocks Used tools such as saws and hammers to create badges made from fallen branches This does not include the well being that we all gain from access to such a relaxing and tranquil space. This really is Education in Harmony with Nature!

Reception Class Santa’s Workshop This term we have been looking at toys, as this lends itself well to this time of year and the Christmas celebration! We started off with a favourite, ‘Toy Story’ and enjoyed reading the book during whole class carpet time. We have written about our favourite character and acted out our own version using our ‘Toy Story’ figures in our small world area. In the class toy shop we have been learning about money using coin values of £1 and £2 to buy toys from the shop keeper. We have also been looking and making our own toy catalogues and writing our Christmas wish lists. Whilst preparing for the Christian celebration of Christmas we have also been looking at the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have made our own diva lamps out of salt dough after learning about the story of Rama and Sita. As Diwali is the festival of light we have explored mixing colours, light and dark with torches which also incorporated fireworks and bonfire night. During our weekly Spanish lessons we have learnt with the specialist teacher how to say hello, goodbye, thank you and ‘my name is…’ We have learnt to sing the ‘Buenos Dias’ song and a colours song. white ‘blanco’, red ‘rojo’, green ‘verde’, blue ‘azul’ and yellow ‘amarillo’. Whilst learning and developing our skills in the classroom we have also been doing this outdoors. During our Woodland learning Environment session on Tuesdays we have learnt about different trees and how we can use them to make our own Christmas decorations. We had to push out the pith from the centre of the elm tree branches so we could thread them together in order to make our trees. We have also been practising hard for the First School ‘Magical Christmas’ performance. We have enjoyed performing ‘The Toy Makers Workshop’ in front of all our mummies and daddies. All we are waiting for now is Father Christmas to come. We are all extremely excited!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Year 1 Year 1 have had a fantastic term and have been really enthusiastic about their Fire topic. They are now very excited about the build up to Christmas and all the activities and events that are planned. The children have settled into the more formal routine of working in Year 1 extremely well and they already seem more mature and sensible in both their work and play. Our topic on Fire has proved a great success and has captured the imagination of all the children. They have particularly enjoyed travelling back in time with our inter-active ‘Magic Grandad’ CD Rom and discovering lots of facts about the Great Fire of London, Samuel Pepys and his diaries and what life was like in London then. If you haven’t already seen our model of London then please pop into our classroom to take a look. The next strand of our topic took us into a world of fiery dragons. The children made masks and filmed their own productions of the Story of George and the Dragon. They also looked at Chinese dragons and some traditional Chinese myths about them. In Science this term the children have been finding out how heat can change some materials and why [this involved tasting lots of chocolate, purely for research purposes of course!] We are also planning a visit to Ormskirk Fire Station. This is a trip that is always hugely popular with the children, as it is very hands on. The children get to sit in a fire engine and try on the helmets. The children are really enjoying being able to take part in the E3 programmes for the first time. There has been a fabulous range of activities for the children to choose from and these will be continuing until the end of Term.

Our trip to the Fire Station Reported by: Bessie, Luke & Amy

We went to Ormskirk fire station. It had a big fire engine. We went in the fire engine. We saw a brand new orange fire engine. I liked the fire engine. We saw a very old fire engine made from wood. We saw a picture of someone being rescued from a fire. The firemen were called George, John and Dave. We saw the big axe that they use to cut down trees and doors. We saw the little axe that they use for getting into small spaces. We had lots of fun and we saw everything. Thank you firemen.

Year 2 What have Year 2 been up to this term? We have had a busy term, all working very hard! Our Topic for this first term has been the rainforest and we have enjoyed bringing in our various animals to add to the menagerie in the corner! However we have also added to this with some of our creative work – tissue and glittery parrots, folded snakes and lots of cheeky monkeys! We have been learning quite a bit about how the rainforest helps to keep the whole world in check and which creatures and plants grow there and how they have adapted to the difficult conditions there. We have completed one or two experiments too. We found out what plants need to grow and we looked at evaporation and condensation which are both involved in the water cycle. In our Numeracy lessons we have covered many topics, including place value, estimating numbers, adding and subtracting 10, number bonds to 20, working with money, simple time, odds and evens, counting in 2s and 10s, doubling and halving, simple problems, shape, measure and collecting data. Phew! What a lot! We have covered many different genre both in our comprehension and writing work. We have also been trying hard to remember our capital letters and full stops in our sentences. We have looked at expanding nouns into interesting sentences too. Another way of improving our sentences we have discovered is to use linking words to join two ideas into one sentence. Now we are busy learning how to play the handbells ready for the Christmas show near the end of term and looking forward to all the other Christmas activities.

Our Trip to Sefton Park After the half-term holiday we went on our trip, to Sefton Park. We had a fantastic day! We went there particularly to see the plants in the Palm House – they were amazing! The flowers were lovely bright pink and purply colours and some of the leaves were huge and we mean huge! We also spent time looking at the statues around the outside of the Palm House. These are all of famous Botanists and explorers and we enjoyed answering questions about those. After lunch we went for a short walk and came across a playground area with lots of play equipment! What fun we had there!

Year 3

Invaders & Settlers The year got off to an exciting start as we used a massive collection of hundreds of coins to help us to travel back in time. There were all sorts of coins to look at and we were soon going backwards past Queen Victoria to the time of the Vikings and Celts. We decided to go right back to the first people who we discovered lived in caves. They needed to live near water so that they could drink, wash and catch fish. It was fabulous looking at the early cave paintings. We decided to pretend to be cave painters. It was fun going under our tables to draw pictures with charcoal onto pieces of paper stuck under the table! We thought of all kinds of questions and decided that the original cave painters were very clever to draw such superb pictures with so little paint and not much light! Our trip to the new museum in Liverpool helped us to understand about the work of the archaeologist. We were able to examine some of the actual artefacts that were discovered when the building work began on the museum. When we got back to our classroom we found out that we had our own ‘Dig Box’ full of exciting finds to investigate for ourselves. Harry thought that a horses ‘bit’ was a pair of Roman handcuffs and Ishita had a toasting fork that was big enough to be used by a giant! Next we learned about the arrival of the Celts. We were able to share a lot of what we had learned so far with the rest of First School and members of our families in our class assembly. We loved singing the Boudicca song that we had learned with Mrs. Mc Williams in our music lessons. We had a marvellous time at Martin Mere where we spent the day learning about the every day lives of the Celts. Their houses were amazing, made from woven sticks covered with mud mixed with animal poo! Foraging was great fun and we even got chance to make new wicks for the lamps. The vegetable stew that we made was delicious and so were the oatcakes. It was interesting to learn how they made felt for their clothes. This gave us a huge amount of information to use in our PowerPoint presentations when we got back to school. We also tried our hands at weaving and clay pot making. It wasn’t too long before the Romans arrived in Britain though we thought it was quite funny that the first time they arrived they left because of the bad weather. The arrival of the Romans must have been exciting since they brought elephants with them! We tried to work out how they got them into the boats but decided the only way to find out would be to travel back in time! We moved on to learning about a famous Celtic Queen called Boudicca who decided to take on the might of the Roman army when they invaded. It was interesting to look at the battles from different points of view. Great fun was had by all when we went outside to re-enact the battles. The Year 3 Celtic writers thought it was tragic that Boudicca poisoned herself. Meanwhile those on Suetonius Paulinius’ side were delighted to see her gone! The floor in the main building was a great way to start our investigations into mosaics. We were able to see lots of symmetry in the Victorian floor and wondered whether they had taken any designs from the time of the Romans. We made symmetrical patterns using coloured squares of paper but plan to make a real tile in time for Christmas. It was fascinating to spend some time in our Numeracy lessons learning about Tessellations and also Roman numerals too. We are hoping to make mosaic tiles to take home for Christmas – maybe even converting them into Calendars for a Christmas present! At the moment we are busy practising for our part in ‘A Magical Christmas’ where we plan to be Santa’s Elves – complete with North Pole!

Year 4 Year 4’s Creative topic throughout the Autumn Term has been the Victorians. We have discovered a great deal about the past, including a fantastic day visit to Tatton Park. During our visit the children all dressed as Victorian children, and spent the day training as servants in the magnificent Tatton Mansion. Our jobs included baking scones, making beds, preparing the clothes for the Lord and Lady of the house, polishing the silver, scrubbing the floors as well as enjoying a grand tour of the house. The children have also written in role as Estate Agents, writing persuasive descriptions of Victorian houses and have learnt about inventions such as the telephone, camera and toilet – each of which were invented in Victorian times. In Numeracy the children have been learning both written and mental strategies to help them solve mathematical problems with all four operations. The children have also enjoyed learning about the properties of 3D shapes, in particular making their own 3D model shape models and carrying out a shape hunt around school! The children have developed a range of writing skills this term; writing narrative, persuasive, news reports, diary entries and also poetry texts. This has been both as part of their Literacy and Creative lessons. There has also been a big focus on reading, with the children really enthused about reading a variety of dramatic and humorous texts.

Our Class Assembly Year 4 performed an outstanding class assembly this term, which displayed wonderful singing and acting as well as including a whole host of information that the children have learnt about the Victorians this term. The children performed brilliantly, portraying scenes about life in a wealthy Victorian household, including the jobs that people would have to do, and also a Victorian school room scene. Year 4 were delighted to receive many compliments on their performance from other First School children and parents.

Our visit to Tatton Park In October Year 4 visited Tatton Park in Cheshire. We dressed up for the day as Victorian children and servants – even Mr Meredith and Mrs Powell dressed in Victorian costumes. Throughout the day we were being trained to work in the Tatton Park Mansion as a servant. Some of the jobs were hard like scrubbing the floors, polishing the silver and making the beds. Our favourite job was baking scones because we also got to take them home at the end of the day. We were trained by Mrs Cooper the Housekeeper and Mrs Gabitas who was one of the maids in the house. They were very strict and we were told that children “should be seen and not heard” while we were in the house! At the end of the day the Mrs Cooper gave us a tour of the house which was amazing, the rooms were really spacious and very posh! We all had a brilliant day out. The activities were fun even though we had to work quite hard and we also learnt lots about what it was like living in Victorian times.

First School E3 Round Up

Our First School children have thoroughly enjoyed the e3 activities that have been on offer to them this term. The children will be offered a new timetable of activities ready to commence in January to help them to develop a wider skill set and interest in activities they may never have had the opportunity to take part in. The activities that have been on offer this term are as follows: Year 4 Cookery, Football, Basketball, Sailing, Team Games, Nature Creative, Kids In The Environment, Fencing, Dance, Taekwondo, Mini Musicians and many more...

Fencing Reported by: Emils Racenis Fencing is a really good sport, we get to fight each other with the swords and try to score points, we wear helmets to protect our faces. Reported by: Chloe Aylmer In our Fencing sessions we have sword fights against our opponents, I love to win, especially against Mr Stobbs, our instructor! I am Chloe, the indestructible!

Cookery Reported by: Year 4 The E3 Cookery is really fun because we all get to choose what we want to cook. Each week we have made a different recipes such as pizza, garlic bread, banana & strawberry smoothie, decorating biscuits, fruit kebabs, and chocolate log. My favourite two recipes were the fruit kebabs and the chocolate log. We were also able to design our own food which was fun. I also look forward to taking things home that I have cooked so my family can try it out too.

Anti Bullying Week

Reported by: Year 2 We looked at a poem called " Billy doesn't like school really." We found that the reason was because the other children were not very nice to him. We discussed what this would be like. It made us think quite a bit. We felt very sad that someone could feel like that - not wanting to go to school because of some of the other children.

Reported by: Year 3 During anti-bullying week we thought about the saying: 'Sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt me'. We talked, in our circle, about whether this saying was actually true. Most of us decided it wasn't true and that actually words really can hurt us. We cut small hearts out of paper and then thought of a time when someone hurt us with words. Then we screwed up the heart. Next each person in the class said something kind about everyone else in the class. As they said this we opened out the hearts again. Although the hearts were back to the normal shape they were still creased. That reminded us that when we said something unkind our heart can still be hurt. We decided to think more carefully about what we said to others in future. Later in the week we decided that at our school we are quite lucky because we do not seem to have a problem with bullying so we thought about how we could help a nervous new person settle into our school. Miss Sutcliffe had her puppet 'Boris the snail' and we all had puppets too. We had to think of what we would say to Boris to encourage him to come out of his shell and start making friends. We had a great time acting out our scenes with all the puppets.

PFA First School

Winter Disco Our First School pupils had lots of fun at the Winter Disco organised by the PFA on Friday 15th November.

Reported by: Year 2 We went to the Winter Disco in the Chapel, as we went in we were given a paper bag full of sweets! We loved the first dance because it was our favourite song. We were all really excited to go to the Disco and dance together with our friends. Most of us did some good moves on the dance floor. The best dancers and the winners of the games won Haribos. A few of us got some! The girls had fairy, flower and butterfly tattoos put on their arms. The boys had moustaches. Katie’s mum and sister helped with the face paints. Many people had spots because it was Children in Need Day. Mr McCoy had a Pudsey Bear on his face which made us laugh! There were jam sandwiches, chocolate sandwiches and drinks for us. We all say thank you to the Parents’ Association, Harry McNeill the DJ *(Year 9 student) and the teachers for giving us a lovely time.

PFA Christmas Calendars Don’t forget to purchase your PFA 2014 Calendar on sale now at £8. All money goes to PFA funds. Contact the Main Office for further details.

Reported by: Annabelle Montagu Recently we held our first ever First School PFA Disco, which was organised by lots of Mums which was brilliant. At the disco we played lots of games such as Musical Statues, Corners and also a dancing competition. These were organised by Harry McNeill in Year 9 who was our D.J for the night. After the games we carried on singing, dancing and having fun, as well as continuing to enjoy lots of lovely sweets and cakes!!! This was a fantastic disco, we all had great fun so a big ‘Thank You’ to all the parents who organised the event and Harry for being a fab DJ.

Middle School

Education News

The next session of this Newsletter will be an insight into our Middle School classrooms, telling you what each class have focussed on over the past few weeks.

A Message from Mr Shaw At Scarisbrick Hall we are proud to be a learner centred school. Our key driver is to ensure that all of our learners are guided to reach or exceed their potential. For students to excel they must be able to take risks in their own learning, push on beyond the safe answers and look closer to evaluate answers. Creating this culture where teachers and students can take risks in learning is central to the aims and ethos of Scarisbrick Hall School . To achieve this we ensure that: Every learner is confident, Every attempt is applauded, Personal achievement targets are set and Effort as well as attainment is valued In many schools learning has become shallow and formulaic, with teachers ‘playing it safe’ to ensure their school targets are met. By doing this, students tend to fall into a habit of just asking safe questions, not pursuing a critical analysis of views or subjects. Our family approach and committed staff help us to develop a relationship of trust with all of the learners in the school. If learning involves risk-taking, teaching involves trust-building (Marilla Svinicki, University of Texas-Austin), as our students feel confident and safe this trust allows them to innovate and excel. This trust is shown practically through our feedback week. Following every assessment week all of the staff take time out to speak to the students and explain where they have done well and how to improve. They applaud students who have attempted challenging questions and initiated a dialogue of reflection to instigate improvement. Through this dialogue students are encouraged to look at different perspectives. Look at the picture on the right and answer the question “What do you see?” If you see an old lady, can you also see a young lady? If you see a young lady, can you also see an old lady? We need to try to keep our thinking as flexible as possible and not get stuck in one way of seeing something. By developing critical thinkers that take risks in learning, we believe that we are truly educating our students for achievement in life. I was intrigued to read a recent advert in the British Medical Journal that read as follows: The world is looking for people who do take risks, innovative, think creatively and potentially differently. At Scarisbrick Hall we believe that our curriculum and care of the students will see them succeed in this area. I would like to thank you for your support and belief in our school. I wish you every blessing this Christmas Time. Felix dies Nativitatis

A Message from our Year Leaders Reported by: Miss Mapstone & MrsTaylor Middle School have had a very busy autumn term. All the pupils are enjoying the independence that our Middle School structure allows them. Academically we have hit new highs with some very impressive assessment results for which the children should be commended. Aside from academic achievement the pupils have been involved with a large number of extracurricular activities. We have celebrated success in a wide range of sports notably football, netball and rugby. We are currently preparing for ISA cross country and gymnastic events to be held in the New Year. The thespians amongst you will be pleased to hear we have a number of budding actors throughout Middle School, many of whom are taking part in our forthcoming Christmas Pantomime Cinderella. We feel this term that Middle School has really grown to develop an identity of its own and we look forward to continued progress and development in spring 2014. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Year 5 Trip to Chester Zoo Reported by: Joe Baxter It was a long journey over to Chester but when we got there it was really worth the wait. Firstly we met our guide who was a Roman Soldier and he led us around, walking with our plastic shields. After walking for some time we stopped in a clearing and we tested out a Roman helmet by putting it on the pupils in my class and the soldier hit it with his sword, (his sword was real) We returned marching through the streets; we had to say ‘sin dex’ which is shortened for Sinister and Dexter, which means left and right in Latin. Next we had our lunch inside the place called the Dewa Roman Experience. We were taken around on a tour through the experience, it was really fun. We went through sliding doors and different sections pretending to be on a boat. All of it was amazing. During the tour we looked at parts that had been excavated in the building we were in. There were objects from different times including Medieval, Anglo Saxon and Roman. The last stop was the gift shop, and it was actually surprisingly good. It took me quite a long time to decide what to spend my money on because my mum had given me £5. My favourite part of the day was the tour inside the Dewa Roman Experience. I would recommend for other people to visit it.

YEAR 5 Year 5 have enjoyed a very busy and exciting autumn term. Having settled well into the life of Middle School we have soon got used to our new teachers, moving around to each classroom and remembering to pack up all our books and pens. We love our new lessons like Business Studies, ICT and Well-being alongside the many choices we now have for extracurricular activities. We are looking forward to our next challenges in the New Year.


Reported by: Finlay McCormack In English we have been working on all sorts of exciting things but one of my favourites was our limericks. We got to experiment with words and write a couple before choosing our favourites. We then put them up in the classroom on display. One of our other main topics has been writing to persuade. We had to try to persuade Miss Mapstone not to ban football on the playground and that we didn’t need any homework! It didn’t work though!


Reported by: Joe Baxter In Biology we have been looking at how we grow and change at different ages it has been really exciting!! We have studied the different parts of plants, we learnt how to label them which has been even more exciting.

Well- being

Reported by: Grace Worth This year we have a new lesson in e3 called Well-being. We have been looking at ‘Ourselves’ and what goals and targets we would like to set as we move through the school . We also carried out a great team building activity. The class was spilt into teams and each had to build a tower out of newspaper. We selected a judge and a leader who was Joe Baxter. I was the judge. We had to give points to each team. It was really fun. Well-being is one of the best e3s I love it.


Reported by: Kuhan Thayalan When we go to maths each day we start with a TIMES TABLES CHALLENGE !! Our topics so far have been addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also looked at square routes, factors and prime numbers. More topics will come through the year!! Mrs Seddon is the best maths teacher we ever had and I can’t wait for our new challenges after Christmas.

Year 6 Reported by: Grace McCormack This term has been busy with lots happening and everyone has been working very hard. There have been several inter house competitions, which include cross-country, netball and football. These have resulted in an exciting house points lead by Poulton, who are now destined to achieve the end of term surprise for the winning house, woo hoo! Throughout the past term year 5 and 6 have been going to Ormskirk Park Pool every Monday to have swimming lessons. We have been learning front crawl and survival skills with pyjama brick diving COMING UP! Next term, everybody in year 6 will sit an entrance exam to enter year seven, everybody is nervous and knows that they will have to really push ourselves and work hard to prepare for the exam. We had a Taster day with children from different schools coming in and spending a day with us to experience a day in the life at Scarisbrick Hall School. There were three girls and two boys who joined us for our timetabled day of Maths, English, ICT, PE, Science and Music. With the entrance exam creeping nearer, we need to revise everything we have learnt and prepare our presentations. Everyone will be glad when it’s over!! There is lots happening in school at this time of year as December arrives with Christmas coming there are lots of different shows and christmas activities going on!! Its a very exciting time of the year.

Science Department Reported by: Miss Brown We have had a very busy Autumn term in Science and the pupils have all been working hard. We have welcomed new teachers into the department this year and welcomed ICT and Catering and Hospitality into the faculty. Year 5 have enjoyed an exciting start to specialist science. Their theme this term has been Harry Potter. Mrs Howarth has been exploring the anatomy of magical creatures and you can see from the photo most of the pupils were extremely interested. However, we think some of the pupils were a little unsure about dissecting a fish! Year 6 have learnt about separating mixtures, cells and different types of energy. They also enjoyed identifying substances as acids and alkalis with red cabbage during the Year 6 Taster Day. Years 7 + 8 have been working hard completing topics within Key Stage 3 and we have been really impressed with their assessed homework’s and preparation for assessment week. Many pupils signed up to help the Science faculty on open day. It was fantastic to see so many pupils and we would like to thank them for burning crisps, making sweetie DNA and some even setting their hands on fire! In particular, Imogen Scully and Harry Simpson who were very enthusiastic and showed fantastic subject knowledge.


Year 7 Reported by: Mrs Hodge


Year 7 are a lovely year group, they look out for each other and are very supportive of their peers. her and are very supportive of their peers. They are a talented group, Molly and Francesca are very sporty and are involved with sports in and outside of school. good at gymnastics and dance. Tasha is an excellent runner and a y sporty and are involved withJasmine sports inisand member the netball team.and The dance. Tasha is anofexcellent runner a boys are a sporty bunch too. Joe, Daniel, Charlie and Henry are all involved with the football team. h too. Joe, Daniel, Charlie and Henry are allRyan is very interested in the Arts and has a part in the school Robert an important d in theproduction. Arts and has a parthas in the school role with the school council, Ben enjoys the sciences as does Harry Emily has made some lovely food in home economics that I have had the pleasure of tasting. uncil, Benand enjoys the sciences as does Harry cs that I have had the pleasure of tasting.

My first term at Scarisbrick English Hall School Reportedby: by: Ryan Ryan Halloway Reported Holloway

I have found thisfavourite school tolessons. be English is one of my different towe most other schools This term have learnt aboutin its ownand unique way, and it is superb. skimming scanning using texts education amazing, I learn toThe write our own is pieces, stories and something new every The biographies. We have alsoday. read some teachersGate are very helpful,Horowitz, when I of Ravens by Anthony do notwhich understand is very something good. they help me. The school building itself is Science remarkable. I am glad to be part of such an extraordinary school. Reported by: Harry Simpson I really enjoy biology, we are learning all about the digestive Maths system, we even got to make a digestive system, this was great! Reported by: Tasha Johnson

Sport First of all I love maths. We have been learning many things such Joe as levelReported 5,6,7 andby: even 8. Woods My maths teachers are stretching us Intofootball havelike been learning higherwe levels, level 7. I about passing and movement, have just done the level 5-7different skills theothers. ball. paper the same aswith many I hope it has gone well for me We and haveeveryone. been practising penalty taking and doing drills to improve passing We our have studiedand lotsmovement of over thewith the ball. last term and have been taught

methods that are very useful. We have been doing ‘numbers’ a game we use in football. We have been practising tackling and passing technique.


Reported by: Ryan Holloway English is one of my favourite lessons. This term we have learnt about skimming and scanning and using texts to write our own pieces, stories and biographies. We have also read some of Ravens Gate by Anthony Horowitz, which is very good.

Science Reported by: Harry Simpson I really enjoy biology, we are learning all about the digestive system, we even got to make a digestive system, this was great!

Sport Reported by: Joe Woods In football we have been learning about passing and movement, different skills with the ball. We have been practising penalty taking and doing drills to improve our passing and movement with the ball. We have been doing ‘numbers’ a game we use in football. We have been practising tackling and passing technique.

Year 8 Reported by: Mr Linge Year 8 have been working extremely hard since September and are going to be choosing their GCSE options not long after the Christmas holidays.

Students from Mr Jenning;s and Mr Linge's form groups have been busy collecting House Points in the hope their House will win the term reward. They have also maintained a really good standard of effort, homework and behaviour, setting an excellent example to the younger pupils in Middle School. Here is a brief summary of what they have been studying in their subjects:

Maths: Area and circumference of circles, fractions, angles and various aspects of algebra. English: Detectives, writing and reading plays and using language devices. Biology: The digestive system Chemistry: Rock cycles Physics: Heat transfer Geography: Antartica, impossible places and crime History: World War I Business Enterprise: Designing a Theme Park Art: Collages, landscapes and Faubism Games: Boys - Rugby, Basketball, Football and Handball; Girls - Tag Rugby, Netball and Hockey MFL: Spanish - Houses, French - Describing your town Music: Symphonic Jazz and singing practice Catering and Hospitality: Healthy eating and making fast food healthy by making healthy burgers, wedges and coleslaw Drama: Empathy and learning the basics of acting Wellbeing: Diversity

Congratulations must go to Jason Callan and Lottie Robinson who were elected as Year 8 School Council representatives after both giving a fine speech to their peers. Many of the Year 8 students have represented the school Sports teams and have produced some fantastic performances in recent weeks, especially in Netball and Football. Well done!!

Food Technology & Hospitality in Middle School Reported by: Mrs Roberts Year 6 & 7 As both year six and seven are new to Food Technology they have been finding out about how to work safely in the food room, with practical tasks to reinforce this. They have included; Working safely using equipment – practical task ‘making coleslaw’. Working safely using the cooker – practical task ‘roquet monsieur’ (using the grill) and flapjack (using both the oven and hob). Importance of accurately weighing and measuring ingredients– practical task ‘small fairy cakes’. Following on from that, both year groups have started working on a Festive Food project. Pupils have done some sensory analysis looking at a variety of festive foods from around the world. They have made mince pies, stained glass window biscuits and designed a chocolate box that will be suitable to hold twelve chocolates, to test the boxes they will be making twelve chocolate truffles. Year 8 This year group have been focusing on healthy eating and how to make healthy choices. They have been working on a fast food project analysing the contents of fast food products and looking at how we can make them healthier. Their design task was to create a logo for their own fast food outlet, based on healthy eating and compile a menu using their logo.

The Geography Department Reported by: Mrs Taylor The geography Department has had a very busy term and many pupils(and staff!) are very excited at the prospect of putting much of the theory learned in the classroom into practice in the wonderful environment of Iceland in March. Trips to the Blue Lagoon, geysers and hot springs, dramatic waterfalls, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as well as whale watching are all on the itinerary. This term, Year 5 have been busy making volcanoes which they erupted at Open Day in October as part of their Roman theme. They have made excellent progress and have been very enthusiastic learners. Year 6 have studied a topic on population and migration entitled ‘Wish you were Here’. At present Year 7 are studying maps of all kinds and honing their skills while Year 8 are studying ‘Risky World’ – and investigating the role of crime in geography.

Scarisbrick Hall College

The next section of our newsletter will give you an insight into our College. This includes Years 9, 10 and 11.

A Message from the

E3 Art Exhibition

Year Leaders

Reported by: Mr Groves

Reported by: Mrs Taylor

This year the new E3 programme incorporated many new and exciting projects for pupils to achieve in. On a Wednesday during E3 time pupils have the chance to express themselves in many different artistic ways including music, drama, gymnastics, dance and art. Pupils had an been set a task and show an outcome from the e3 on offer during this time, a date was set to showcase their many different artistic talents and display them to parents and friends of Scarisbrick Hall School in a performance night.

This has been a very busy term for students in the College and September seems an absolute age ago. Year 10 have been working hard in what is now their second year of GCSE. Nearly all were successful in the Core Science GCSE exam taken in the summer, a year early, and we congratulate them and the sterling work of the Science Department. Many subjects have already started Controlled Assessment assignments, so life in year 10 has taken on a more determined and serious air. Year 11 meanwhile took their GCSE English at the start of November and are now preparing for mock examinations in January (starting 7th). These are a real opportunity to experience the feel of the GCSE examinations which are now only months away. They will need to spend time over the Christmas break doing serious preparation and revision. However life is not all about study and this term has seen some very successful and very serious House Competitions – netball, football and cross country. In addition there are several further planned opportunities to add to House point totals in our end of term festivities. The House spirit has really developed this year and the House winning the highest total at the end of term will look forward to a special surprise treat. Many are looking forward to the Science / Geography Iceland trip in March with great enthusiasm and it promises to be a very exciting opportunity. The trip will be accompanied by Miss Brown, Mr Norbury, Mr Groves and Mrs Taylor. I would like to take this opportunity of wishing all members of College and their families a very happy Christmas and a refreshing and well-earned break.

The performance night had an array of different talents giving the parents a chance to view the College Art Exhibition and a Middle & College Pantomime, “Cinderella Rockafella.” The work that was displayed was outstanding and the pantomime was a great display for all involved (see separate article). Well Done to all pupils!

Year Group Reports Year 9 Reported by: Miss Brown Year 9 have had a fantastic start to College life. Many pupils have shown an encouraging desire to achieve and are laying firm foundations to ensure success at the end of their GCSE course. They have welcomed new pupils, formed new friendships and been inspired by fantastic new teachers. I have been impressed with the variety of talents shown both in and outside of school. For example, Connor Birch and Kiera Morley performed to an exceptional standard during the College Cross Country and came first place. Tosin Oyebola is pursuing an exciting football career both with the school teams and outside of school with Wigan Athletic. Megan Turner is representing the school netball team for both Year 9+10. Pupils studying GCSE Art and Drama have shown an impressive work ethic and creativity this term. The have produced exceptional work for the Christmas Performance Faculty Showcase and I am proud of their achievements. Many pupils have secured a place on the College trip to Iceland in the Spring term and are looking forward to sharing this experience with their friends. I would like to thank the pupils on working hard this term. I am looking forward to starting the next term and hope the pupils all have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break.

Pupils Reports Reported by: Jessie Simpson-Williams

I have really enjoyed my choice of Art for GCSE.

Reported by: Emma Pitman

The GCSE course has been really good so far. I am enjoying every subject I chose.

I have completed a project on Andy Warhol and also on Disney, lips and Dr Seuss. This is my final piece and I have used different materials and textures. Another one of my options was Spanish.

French has been one of the best because I have learnt a lot in this term. I have learnt about all of the tenses; past, future, present and conditional.

I am finding the course really interesting and enjoyable so far. Hopefully I can go to Spain and try out what I have learnt soon!

I have also really enjoyed Catering and Hospitality course. We have been looking at and making lots of different cakes. Recently we made and decorated Christmas cakes. Reported by: Evie Corless

The GCSE course has been really good and I have enjoyed this term. I am really enjoying Business Studies and recently we have been learning about Functional Areas. I found one of the lessons really interesting as Mr Garlick came in to our lesson and talked about his job in school. I have also chosen History as an option and I am finding this really interesting. We have been learning about the First World War and the League of Nations.

Year 10 Reported by: Mrs Winstanley Year 10 pupils have made a fantastic start to the year and have approached their GCSE studies with great maturity. It is really encouraging to see them throwing themselves into their courses with genuine enthusiasm and positivity.

GCSE Exams

Year 10 completed their Science Core GCSE this summer; this was the first taste of real GCSE examinations. Although it was a daunting prospect, everyone gave it their best and achieved some very pleasing results. Well done Year 10!

Success Outside Scarisbrick In Year 10 there are many achievements that go unnoticed because the activities are done outside of school. We would very much like to highlight the following pupils for their continued achievements: J. Whiley – Representing the North ISA U16 Football Team R. Michell – N.W. Junior Series Trophy Winner (Fencing) - see separate article. K. Bayman – Number of successful Swimming club competitions.

Competing for the College Throughout this term many of the year 10 pupils have been keen participants in representing the College in different sports. The boys rugby team have put in some sterling performances with some great results and bruises to show for their efforts. The girls netball team have had mixed success and with the independent schools competitions quickly approaching both teams will be practicing hard to ensure they can maximise their potential.

Developing Leadership

Many students in Year 10 have been working towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award throughout this term, encompassing physical, volunteer and skill-based sections as well as a final expedition. They have had several sessions in the autumn term to prepare and complete the tasks involved. Students are thoroughly enjoying the challenge of this new activity and it is proving to be a valuable experience.

Many students have also enjoyed taking part in training to become a Sports Leaders. This course equips students with the skills and motivation to create and run sporting activities. It has been a challenging start but students are now enjoying leading sporting activities throughout the school.

Year 11

Reported by: Mr Roberts It has been a very busy Term for 11R & P. On the Sports Front the girls have been really enjoying ZUMBA classes. The boys have had a busy schedule of Football fixtures including: a Tournament at Abbey Gate, friendly matches against Christ The King, Meols Cop and Manchester’s Hulme Hall School. The students have been busy preparing for the future by attending the Personal Statement Workshops and practising mock interviews. Students have also been attending Open Days in Colleges across the region. Finally, all the students have worked very hard to complete all their English/English Language Controlled Assessments for the early November Entry. They have also sat the two and a quarter hour Unit 1 Examination. We hope that Year 11 students will pass English/English Language in January which would be a great achievement. Whatever happens the students deserve high praise for their effort and hard work.

Well Done & Good Luck

Food Technology & Hospitality


Reported by: Mrs Roberts

Richard Michell in Year 10 fenced for the last time at the U14 level at Bury Grammar School on Saturday 30th November. This was the last of this years’ North West Junior Series and Richard was competing in both the foil and epee competitions. He did fantastically well, winning the Silver medal in foil and the Gold Medal in epee! Richard also finished 1st over the whole series for epee, having won 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals throughout the past year! Next year Richard will graduate into the U17 National Seeding Competitions, which will be an even greater challenge for him! We congratulate Richard for his achievements to date and wish him great success in future competitions!

Year 9 Year nine have made an excellent start to their GCSE Hospitality & Catering course; looking at the Hospitality industry, job roles, different types of establishments and service styles. Alongside this they have investigated pastry making methods, cake making methods and function of ingredients. All students have made a Christmas cake which they will cover and decorate as part of their assessment this term. Year 10 & 11 Having completed their assessment task 1, years ten and eleven have been working towards completing assessment task 2. In this assessment they can choose three tasks; International cuisine week, Healthy school meals or Special dietary needs They then have to plan and make a two course meal for two people using one of the above. This includes trialling dishes for their suitability, nutritionally analysing the dishes and working out the selling price.

Science Department Reported by: Miss Brown College pupils have been very focused this term in Science and working through the GCSE exam specifications. Year 9 started their Core Science course in September. They have studied diet and exercise in Biology and have been really interested in the effects on the body. In Chemistry they have been learning about atomic structure and building materials from limestone. In Physics they have been learning about energy transfer and energy efficiency. Years 10 and 11 are currently studying the Additional Science course. In Biology the pupils have been treated to lots of practical. Pupils were fascinated to see how enzymes speed up reactions. During one lesson pupils used hydrogen peroxide and catalyse to make oxygen and water. Pupils did not think it would be possible to make oxygen in a school lab. In another lesson pupils simulated the small intestine using visking tubing to model the digestive system. Again pupils were really interested in seeing how nutrients are absorbed into the body. Stephen Barker said this was his favourite experiment and the best science lesson ever!


In Chemistry pupils have been learning about the structures and properties of different materials and in Physics they have been learning about forces and kinetic energy. In e3 some pupils in Year 10 have been involved in dissection club with Mrs Winstanley and Rocket design with Mr Ingram. Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed cutting up eyes, hearts and kidneys as well as launching their rocket 75 metres down the field! Well done on all your hard work this term and on behalf of all of the Science Department staff, we hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Well Being Programme Reported by: Sarah Chandler Every Thursday E3 each form take part in well-being. Well-being is a programme in which we discuss, learn and understand skills needed to manage our lives and understand issues around us. Well Being helps prepare students for responsibilities that will be faced in the future. It also helps apply the knowledge from other subjects and apply it to real-life situations. In our well-being lessons we have already covered the importance of ethics in businesses and how to manage personal finances. We also looked at banking statements and how to write cheques along with budgeting our weekly shop. We had workers from Barclays bank come in and present to us about the importance of banking and credit to give us more of an understanding. I really enjoyed the budgeting lesson as it got me to think about the value of money and how to prepare for the future. I was able to see the importance of prioritising goods and how to save money by selecting certain brands over others.

Careers Information Careers Education Information and Guidance Reported by: Miss Halsall This year CEIAG is based in the ‘Hub’ which means it’s now much more accessible for students to get the advice and support that they require. Careers education and advice is an essential part of education and this is available to our students, all day, every day. Representatives from a range of Colleges continue to join us for lunchtime drop in sessions, these have allowed Year 11 students and their parents opportunities for an informal chat at school during lunch breaks. The students in Year 11 have also been attending College open evenings and making their applications, each of them has also had a mock interview, with written feedback to help them prepare for the ‘real thing’. Year 10 are starting to make plans for their work experience which next year will take place between 12th-16th May. A lot of planning and organising goes in to this week and last year it proved to be very beneficial to all of our students. In the next few weeks Year 8 will be spending time considering their option choices for 3 year GCSEs and gathering details on the subjects available so that they can make informed choices. It’s great to to be part of the future planning of our young people at Scarisbrick Hall, hearing about their plans and dreams and providing support in realising them.

Breaking News… Reported by: Miss Halsall

For many years we have struggled with obtaining places at Runshaw College as they have an unusual admissions policy, only accepting students from their partner schools. To be made a partner 20 or more students need to apply every year for 3 years. With such small numbers this has been impossible for us to achieve and I have been working tirelessly on ways round this for months. We have recently received an email from the senior admissions tutor stating that following our most recent meeting, she met with her senior management team and governors and they have agreed to make our school a partner. So hoorah ...our students can now apply to Runshaw College safe in the knowledge that they are guaranteed a place if they get the grades to do the course they want to do!

GCSE Presentation Evening 2013

Reported by: Mr Shaw On the 28th November the class of 2013 returned to Scarisbrick Hall School to celebrate their achievement. The students achieved a 95% pass rate and 95% 5 A* - C (including English and Mathematics). As well as one of the highest pass rates in the country, the school is also celebrating 75% of students achieving A*/A grades. Emotions were high as the students reminisced past days at Scarisbrick Hall. We looked back at the challenges and achievements they experienced and celebrated the adults they have become. As the class of 2013 became our new alumni their passion and appreciation of the school will never fade.

Reported by: Miss Halsall On Thursday night we gathered in the Great Hall around a glowing fire, with mulled wine and mince pies to welcome back our class of 2013 for their GCSE presentation evening. It was lovely to catch up with them and hear how they have settled into their new colleges and courses. Everyone was presented with their GCSE certificates and received a personal accolade from Mr Shaw. We hope they will always remember they are part of the Scarisbrick Hall family and look forward to welcoming them back soon through our Alumni events.

Scarisbrick Sports Scarisbrick Hall School Cross Country Challenge Reported by: Miss Walmsley September saw the launch of the Cross Country Challenge at Scarisbrick Hall School. First School have a 200m route planned out in front of the first school building whilst Middle and College have a 1000m route which takes them up the school drive, through the woodland path and back round to the gym. To achieve the Bronze award First School children have to run 10,000m, to achieve Silver 25,000m and 50,000m for Gold. For Middle & College to achieve Bronze the pupils have to run 25,000m, 50,000 for Silver and 100,000m for Gold. The challenge has really taken off with pupils and is motivating more pupils to get involved in cross country with them earning laps during lunchtime and e3. This has given the pupils something to aim for and achieve individually whilst also helping to improve their stamina and fitness. A special mention must go to Connor Birch who is currently on 72,000m and is aiming to achieve his Gold award by the Christmas break, this is a massive achievement and means we will have to extend the awards!!

Cross Country Challenge Leaders Board College

Middle School

First School

Girls 1. Kiera Morley

Girls 1. Lily Millar

Girls 1. Scarlet McDonnell

2. Lois Watkinson

2. Alice Kay

3. Valerie Tchikhiaeva

3. Holly Egglesden

2. Savanah Taylor & Maddison Jones

4. Amy Walsh

4. Grace Simpson

2. Sam Bleasdale

Boys 1. Joe Woods, Oliver Bradshaw & Kuhan Thayalan

3. Raj Uppal

2.Harry Trigg

4. Connor Perrin

3. Josh Morton

Boys 1. Connor Birch

4. Joe Finnegan

3. Lucy Grey 4. Alice Corder Boys 1. Will McVeigh & Freddie Boardman 2. James Hughes 3. Marcus Wallis 4. Cody Whiley

Middle School & College Inter House Cross Country Competition

Reported by: Miss Walmsley Tuesday 26th November saw the annual Inter House Cross Country events for Middle School and College. The weather had been kind to us and it was a dry and mild day at Scarisbrick Hall. The first event to start was the year 5 & 6 boys who set off closely followed by the year 5 & 6 Girls. The winner of the boys race was Joe Finnegan and the girls Faye Bayman. Next to start was the year 7 & 8 boys closely followed by year 7 & 8 girls. The boys race had an exciting finish with James Bullock winning closely followed by Oliver Smith and Bradley Rimmer. The girls race was well ran with everyone putting in 100% effort and Francesca Medlicott coming in as the winner. Middle School were a massive credit to the school and the atmosphere was fantastic with all pupils cheering each other on and everybody running to the best of their ability. Well Done Middle School! The next race to take off was College Girls who all seemed really up beat about the race. The overall winner was Kiera Morley who had also been training running at lunchtimes which showed in the race. Finally, the College boys race started, there was a really good atmosphere and friendly competition going on. From the off all of the boys were giving 100% and wanted to complete the race the best they could. In an incredible time Connor Birch won the race overall, showing how his training on the Cross Country Challenge during lunchtimes had paid off. There was a really good vibe with everyone in College during this event and I would like to thank everyone who took part. Well Done College! Lastly, I would like to say a massive thank you to all staff who help out in both events, without their help and support the inter house events wouldn't be possible, thank you.

Netball at Scarisbrick Hall School Year 5 & 6 Netball Scarisbrick Hall vs Farnborough Road Primary School Scarisbrick Hall's year 5 & 6 netball team played against Farnborough Road School on Wednesday 13th November. The match was played at Farnborough in quite blustery conditions. Once again new players were introduced and it was great to see the girls perform so well against a team from one of the largest primary schools in Southport. Although it was not a high scoring game, the girls played really well to secure their 2-1 victory. A great performance from everyone, well done.

Scarisbrick Hall vs Shoreside Primary School The final netball match for this half of the season was played at Shoreside School this week. The team comprised of just year 6 pupils, giving all the girls who have come to practices, the chance to play in at least one match. A great first half saw the Scarisbrick team losing by the narrowest of margins and we were very hopeful for the second half of the game. Sadly the cold weather and a little inexperience on our side, resulted in Shoreside scoring some very good goals in the latter part of the match and beating us quite convincingly. I have been delighted with all the girls who have taken part in the netball matches this term and feel very positive that with continued enthusiasm and drive we will see our girls winning even more games when we play our return fixtures after Christmas.

Scarisbrick Hall vs Ashbridge Independent School Scarisbrick Hall U11 Netball team visited Ashbridge School in Preston with the U11 Football team. The girls were all set for their match and all seemed up beat. The girls played so well as a team with some outstanding shooting from Jess Fisher along with some very good interceptive play from Eleanor Creamer. Scarisbrick Hall won the match 17-7 which is an amazing result and just shows how much the girls have improved from attending their lunchtime practices. We look forward to the return leg when Ashbridge will be coming to Scarisbrick Hall in 2014.

Netball at Scarisbrick Hall School Year 5 & 6 Netball continued... Reported by: Mrs Seddon

Scarisbrick Hall v Birkdale Primary School Year 5 and 6 have had a fantastic start to their netball season. They played their first match in the league on Tuesday 5th November, against Birkdale primary school. The match was played at Scarisbrick where despite the horrendous weather, we were able to play the fixture indoors in our gym. The team comprised of a mixture of year 5 and year 6 girls and it was a delight to see how well they knitted as a team. What was very clear was the benefit our current year 6 girls had from having being involved in last year team and as a result they played with great understanding and awareness. Excellent shooting from our GA, Grace Walsh and GS Jessica Fisher plus superb defending from GD Holly Egglesden and GK Eleanor Creamer resulted in us scoring 5 goals and only conceding 2. Our centre court players, Marla Pearson, Grace McCormack, Niamh Jefferson and Faye Bayman all worked really well to ensure the ball was kept away from Birkdale's attacking area and then passed accurately to our shooters. A great team performance girls, well done.

Scarisbrick Hall v Ainsldale Year 5/6 played their recent netball league fixture against Ainsdale C of E school. Once again conditions were very poor and the chilling wind made catching the ball very difficult. However all our girls battled well and despite being 2-0 down at half time, they came back fighting. A much improved second half, saw the Scarisbrick team score 2 goals but unfortunately Ainsdale also scored and the final result was a 6 - 2 defeat. Well done to all the team for playing so well in such bad weather.

Scarisbrick Hall v Our Lady of Lourdes Year 5/6 girls played the second of their netball league matches against Our Lady of Lourdes at Scarisbrick. Our girls played really well and it was great to see some more new Year 5 players involved. The girls held their own well and had we had a little more luck on our shooting, the match could well have gone our way. Lady Luck was not on our side on this occasion and the girls lost their match 5 - 2. Well done for a great effort.

Middle School & College Netball Scarisbrick Hall V Hulme Hall Reported by: Miss Walmsley & Miss Markey Our first Home fixture of the season saw Hulme Hall bring their under 13 and under 16 Netball teams. This proved to be a very successful start to the season, both teams playing extremely well, showing excellent skills in both attack and defence. The under 13s team started off, the girls played well and ended up level at half time, the second opened with a Scarisbrick Hall Centre and from here the girls dominated the half and resulted in them winning the match. The U16 team were up next and after them beating Hulme Hall at the recent ISA Netball tournament expectations were high. The girls did not disappoint, all players work extremely well together and produced some excellent netball, the U16s went on the win their game. Well done to all girls.

U 16 ISA Competition

Scarisbrick Hall V Christ The King

Reported by: Miss Walmsley

Reported by: Miss Walmsley & Miss Markey

Wednesday 25th September saw the return of the annual U16 Netball Tournament at Grange High School in Cheshire. The girls were very committed to the practices and training leading up to the event and this was reflected in the tournament. There we 8 teams which had entered and I am very pleased to say Scarisbrick Hall School came an amazing 3rd. This is a massive achievement as majority of the girls we played were in year 11 and Scarisbrick Hall took 7 year 10 pupils and 2 year 9 pupils. As a department we were extremely proud of how the girls performed and cannot wait for the tournament next year.

Tuesday 19th November saw Scarisbrick Hall Netball teams visit Christ the King School in Southport. We took 4 teams which included year 7, 8, 9 and 10. It was a really cold night but the girls all seemed really up beat and motivated to play. To start the year 7s and year 9s went on to play. After half time both teams were losing but after a couple of position swaps and team talk both teams performed much better in the second half. Next saw the year 8s and 10s. Year 8s played really well and won their second match of the season. With the year 10s position swaps were made at half time which made a massive difference in the second half but unfortunately lost overall. We would like to take this opportunity to say how fantastic the girls play and how well they represent the school whenever we play at an away venue. Having recently swapped the extra curricular timetable has allowed for individual team practices as well as shooting practice which can only help enhance the teams even more.

Reported by: Amy Walsh On Wednesday 25th September we attended the ISA Netball Tournament. We were a little apprehensive as a team as we knew we would be playing girls that were a year older than us. The first match we lost, and then after switching the team we went on to win the next 4 and then lose one. Overall we only lost against the 2 teams which were in the final. We were all really made up with how we played and how we did overall. I would like to say a massive thank you Megan Turner and Annabel Donovan for stepping in and playing really well for us. Would also like to say a thank you to Miss Walmsley for taking us and Mr Walmsley for driving us.

Scarsbrick Hall v Range High School Reported by: Miss Markey On Tuesday 12th November we took 4 netball teams to Range High School in Formby. It was a bitterly cold evening, but this did not phase any of our teams. First to play was Year 7 and Year 9. Year 7 played extremely hard, they were 1-0 down at half time, but with 2 goals in the second half the game finished level at 2-2. Our year 9 teams put up a good fight but unfortunately were defeated the final score 7-2. Our year 8 and 10 teams followed year 8 put on an excellent performance winning the game 4-2, year 10 fought hard and played some excellent netball against a very difficult side the game finished 9-3 to Range. Well done to all the girls who played.

Middle School & College Inter House Netball Reported by: Miss Markey The girls started their Inter House Sporting Competitions this year with Netball. The College Inter House netball took place on Wednesday 9th October and the Middle School competition on Wednesday 16th October. It was fantastic to see so many pupils taking part, with players in year 5 working and playing together with players in year 8. It was great to see the younger players really putting the effort in to keep up with the older players. We even saw some coaching tips being passed from the older students down to the younger, The Houses; Oxley, Poulton, Raynor and Wyburn entered one team each, with all teams playing each other twice. The games were highly competitive and it was nice to see the pupils encouraging each other and working so well as a team. In both Middle School and College the winning house was Raynor, congratulations to both teams, and Well done to all pupils who took part.

First & Middle School Football Year 3 & 4 Everton FC Football Competition Reported by: Jade Headley

Our Year 3 & 4 team travelled to Stanley High School to compete in a football competition, organised by Everton FC, against other primary schools in Southport. There were 9 other teams in the competition and we had been put in a group with Farnborough Road, Our Lady of Lourdes, Linaker School and Kew Woods Primary School. Our first match was against Kew Woods, both teams started the game really well and were both eager to score the first goal, unfortunately Kew Woods managed to sneak the goal, followed by a close 2nd goal. Our players were disappointed but didn’t let it dampen their spirits, Captain Cody Whiley lifted the team and we went into our next game against Farnborough Road Primary School. A tough game for both teams, some fantastic defensive work from Maksim Ferguson and Freddie Boardman along with great attacking play from Cody Whiley, Tia Berry and Will McVeigh held the game to a goalless draw. This is a very pleasing result against a large school. Our team continued to work hard through their final matches, getting to the end of the group stage with 2 loss and 2 draw, our final match was against Our Lady of Lourdes, this was a tough match and all of our players played their heart out, resulting in us holding them to a goalless draw, this was an impressive result considering Our Lady of Lourdes went on to win the competition. Well done to all players who took part, it was an impressive display considering it was the first time all the players had played as a team competitively. A special mention to Freddie Boardman who won ‘Man of the Tournament’ for his fantastic defensive work along with making some crucial tackles!

ODPSSA Football League Reported by: Jade Headley Our U11 Football team have been entered in the ODPSSA Football League involving local schools in our area such as St. John’s, Ormskirk C of E, Town Green, St. Anne’s and Banks St. Stephen’s. The format of the league is to play a number of matches on one night, similar to a mini tournament, these match nights will take place next two terms. The first league meeting was back in September when we travelled to St. Bedes High School and played every 4 teams from our league. This was the first time our u11 team had played together and we had only managed to fit in one training session due to the early start in the year. This didn't effect the determination and belief within our team and they produced some fantastic football. The results so far stand at 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss. This was not a bad start for the team, there are things we have been working on in training that will hopefully push us on to collect more points on the next league match night in February. Well done boys, a good start to the season.

First & Middle School Football Scarisbrick Hall vs Ashbridge Primary School Reported by: Jade Headley On the 17th October our U11 football team travelled to Preston to play a friendly fixture against Ashbridge Independent School. We started the game at great pace and our boys passed the ball around the pitch easily, it really was pleasing to see the team working so hard, it wasn't long before the hard work and effort paid off with some fantastic goals being scored by Rahul Uppal, Sam Dainty Unfortunately the team switched off in the last 10 minutes of the game with most of our players pushing in attack, trying to score goals this left us short of players in defence and we let Ashbridge sneak a goal, luckily we had put enough goals in at the other end of the pitch to not cause too much pressure! The match finished with a fantastic 7 goals to 1, a great footballing display boys, well done!

Umbro ISA Cup Match Scarisbrick Hall v Prenton Prep Reported by: Jade Headley Thursday 28th November saw Prenton Prep travel to Scarisbrick Hall to compete in the First Round of the ISA Umbro Cup. This was a big game for the team and the nerves were building during the warm up while we were waiting for the opposition to arrive. The match began and it was clear that Prenton Prep were eager to score the first goal, this happened shortly into the first half due to Scarisbrick Hall’s slow start. The boys picked it up a gear and started to put more effort into the game, this paid off when Mike Goodyear found the back of the net, a great response to their early goal. Unfortunately we fell back to sleep and let Prenton straight back into the game with a second goal, shortly followed by a third! 1-3 was the half time score. A strong but encouraging team talk at half time saw a much better performance from Scarisbrick Hall throughout the second half. Some outstanding defending by Harry Boardman along with a phenomenal performance from ‘super sub’ Joe Finnegan saw us get more in control of the game, Joe Finnegan along with Bradley Hickman worked hard to constantly track the ball down and their enthusiasm and effort. A fantastic run down the pitch by Joe Finnegan, taking on 2 of their defenders, followed by a 1-on-1 with their goal keeper saw Joe slide the ball into the back of their net! This gave the team belief that they could find the equaliser with the ball hardly entering our half in the last 10 minutes of the game, Unfortunately the clock ticked away before we could find that 3rd goal, final score 3-2 to Prenton Prep. A great second half performance boys, Well Done.

Middle School Football Scarisbrick Hall vs Auckland College Reported by: Mr Groves Our under 14 team took on an unknown entity in Auckland College from Liverpool for their second game of the season. With the schools never competing against each other in any sports it was always going to be a tense affair for the students. Scarisbrick lead a strong side out with captain Ross Turpin being the experienced footballer who would look to take them forward for the fixture. Scarisbrick didn’t hold back and came out the blocks straight away with Raj Uppal showing his talent and scoring in the first few minutes giving Scarisbrick the all deserved lead early on. Scarisbrick didn’t stop there and managed to bag another 3 goals before half time making the score 4-0. Into the second half Scarisbrick didn’t take their foot off the gas and developed a hunger for more goals scoring 5 more unanswered and showing their defensive traits not letting goal keeper Harry Baldwin have a save, goal kick or corner to deal with. Overall an outstanding performance from Scarisbrick and this will hopefully be reflected in future fixtures to come, well done.

Inter House Football Competition Reported by: Mr Groves The annual inter house football took place on a wind-swept day on Wednesday 16th October at Scarisbrick Hall School but that didn’t blow away the spirits of the students, looking to give their house the extra points in the all-important inter house competition. The games started well with all teams putting in the extra miles to get their house a good start in the competition. Upsets were on the cards with some unlikely houses taking some defeats early on in the competition to mix up the proceedings of the morning. Overall the competition showed the great spirit and talent our students have and this also was reflected in the attitude and behaviour of all students. Teams worked hard to fight for the top spot but one house managed to take the lead and never lose a game throughout the competition, this being Oxley. Most notably, some great performances from James Bullock and Bradley RImmer with the tactical guidance on the side-line from Jason Callan. Well done to everyone who took part.

College Football Scarisbrick Hall vs Hulme Hall

Scarisbrick Hall

The u16s football squad hosted their first test of the season against a strong Hulme Hall Grammar School. With Scarisbrick Hall School also showing a strong squad this was always going to be a good match.


The game started well with both sides having a fair share of possession and chances and it took a great break orchestrated by Joe Webster releasing Ross Aylmer who showed his composure to finish well in front of goal. After this Hulme Hall settled well into the game taking control in midfield and eventually hitting back to make the score 1-1. The half was evenly balanced and this showed with a great battle in midfield which was eventually won when Sam Pearson found an opening to score with his left foot to finish the half 2-1 to Scarisbrick Hall School. The second half started positively Scarisbrick looking to extend their lead and Hulme Hall pushing for that all important equaliser. With some great defensive work from both teams and most notably some great saves from goalkeeper Edward Chambers it was always going to be a tight game and with Hulme Hall pressing they eventually pulled one back with a calm finish from their forward. This seemed to reignite the team into action and give them a push they needed to hit back at the opposition with Joe Webster receiving a accurate long range pass from Ross Aylmer and hitting the back of the net! Scarisbrick Hall School won the match 3-2.

College Inter House Football Reported by: Mr Groves A surprise was in store for the annual inter house football competition in College this year, with some notable changes in each house with previous players leaving in year 11 but also new players entering from the middle school. This was evident with the early exchanges in games with no house taking a real control of the competition. Upsets were happening on every occasion with most notably Raynor not living up to their footballing potential and losing some extremely important games. Teams worked hard to achieve those important placing but there was no real winner until the last two games where Oxley pulled though in the end and took the title for 2013 for the first time in 3 years. Overall the competition was played to the highest of standards and showed how competitive the inter house competition around school is becoming. Well done to all involved.

Christ the King Our U16 team travelled to Christ The King on Tuesday evening for a friendly fixture. The lads knew this wasn't going to be an easy fixture for them as they came up against a team of physical Year 11 players. The game began at a fast pace with Christ the King moving the ball around easily, the opening goal went to them. This was the wake up call our lads needed, they began to dig in deep, put in some crunching tackles and be first to the ball. Some great defensive work from Jake Whiley and Joe Harrison followed on by some fantastic attacking play by Ross Aylmer and Joe Webster putting Christ the King under some good pressure. An outstanding free kick from over 30 yards out was put into the top left hand corner of their goal by our Captain Ross Aylmer, a fantastic response to their goal! Unfortunately the physical strength and fitness of the older lads took the strain on our team and Christ the King managed to score another 3 goals, a mention has to go to our goal Keeper, Harry Baldwin for some outstanding saves keeping the scoreline at a respectable 4-1 defeat. Well done boys, a defeat we can learn from.

ISA North Football Team ISA vs KGV College Reported by: Mr Groves 3 Scarisbrick Hall School pupils represented ISA North under 16s football team in their first game of the season. With a number of pupils from all over the north vying for a place in the squad the school are honoured to see 3 of their own represent the North of England. The first game was against a strong KGV Pace football team whose track record was undoubtedly proven. After a good preparation meal and presentation of shirts the boys were ready to go and started like they’d played years together. With the ball moving well the ISA North team showed their quality creating numerous chances in the first twenty minutes. Scarisbrick’s Ross Aylmer started strong linking up well with Hulme Hall’s Matthew Hanson to pull the strings for both forwards James Cropper (Bridgewater school) and Patrick Henderson (Abbeygate College) to test the KGV goalkeeper on a number of occasions. The North team looked in control throughout the first half and should of took the lead when Matthew Hanson’s effort was tipped onto the post by the opposition goalkeeper but it was KGV who opened up the scoring with a mistake at the back which led to the first goal, right on the stroke of half time making the score ISA North 0- 1 KGV college. The 2nd half started brightly for the ISA North team. The addition of Tosin Oyebola (Scarisbrick Hall School) on the right gave the team a real attacking option with some probing balls from himself and Zac Edwards (Abbeygate College) the team showed the quality they had. This was proven when a free kick was won outside the box and converted when Connor Leyland (Beech House) latched onto a loose ball in the box to make the score 1-1. The game was looking poised at 1-1 when some smart passing caught the ISA North team out at the back to make the score 2-1 KGV. Things then got worse when an outstanding goal was converted from 30 yards out by KGV to make the score 3-1. This seemed to kick ISA North into gear with strong defensive duties by Chris Chapman (Hull Collegiate) Connor Leyland (Beech House) and Jake Whilley (Scarisbrick Hall School) gave the midfielders a chance to play some smart football. Midfielder Ross Aylmer released a great ball into Zac Edwards (Abbeygate College) to give a pinpoint pass into the box for newly inserted forward Harry Inman (Hull Collegiate) to finish with an outstanding diving header that the KGV goalkeeper had no chance of saving. ISA North kept probing away with numerous clearances off the KGV goal line to bring the score level but they just couldn’t find the final product, the score finishing 2-3 KGV. It was an outstanding effort by the ISA North team who deserved to win the match and most notably a great performance by all 3 Scarisbrick Hall School students; Ross Aylmer, Tosin Oyebola and Jake Whiley.

Scarisbrick Hall Rugby


vs Ormskirk High School Reported by: Mr Groves The under 15s took part in their first rugby 10s game of the season away at a strong Ormskirk School. Being a big school and local to Scarisbrick, the team knew this would be a tough affair and they didn’t hold back in the performance. With some great tackling from Jack Egglesden and Samuel Bleasdale the team worked hard to achieve that all important first try which came when Conor Scarisbrick broke from a penalty to score in the corner. This didn’t make the game easier for Scarisbrick as some tough running and rucking from Ormskirk helped them reply to make the score 5-5. The game was at deadlock for most of the game with both teams showing strong defence and rucks until a penalty and quick thinking with a smart pass to the wing saw Richard Michell go in the corner for a well deserved try finishing the game on 10-5. With a local victory under the belt this has surely given the under 15s the drive to succeed more in our ever booming development of rugby at Scarisbrick Hall School.

Reported by: Mr Groves In September Scarisbrick Hall School introduced a new sport to our ever flourishing sporting programme with triathlon being introduced to the after school curricular. This has been running on a Friday afternoon by an expert coaches Mr Lisle who coach’s the 3 disciplines of running, cycling and swimming. This involves the likes of techniques, timing and tactics. We feel that this sport offers another concept to our department which is giving the pupils the opportunity to take part in a different sport. There is an ISA Triathlon event which is taking place in June 2014 and this is something we are hoping many of our pupils will be able to enter.

Table Tennis Reported by: Mr Groves With a wide range of opportunities to take part in sport, pupils at Scarisbrick are always given the chance to take part in new and exciting sports throughout the school year. With the inclusion and success of handball last year the PE department decided this year to add Table Tennis to the extra-curricular timetable. Pupils are given the opportunity to come in over their dinner time break to compete in competitive and recreational games of table tennis, the response has been outstanding! Pupils from Years 5 to 11 have been honing their skills and furthering themselves with the ladder competition and this has given them the hunger to achieve and get better every time they take part. With another success of another sport in our ever booming extra curricular programme, Scarisbrick Hall School pupils are showing how talented they really are.

Extra Curriculum Activities Reported by: Miss Walmsley Recently the PE Department have re vamped the extra curricular timetable ensuring we offer many different opportunities for pupils to participate in sport during break time, lunch time and after school. As a department we felt that by splitting the lunch break in half has allowed us to run 2 different sessions each lunchtime. On Tuesday and Friday break time Mr Gouldbourne will now be running a Middle School rugby session in the gym alongside Sam Rigby who is gaining volunteer hours towards his Sports Leader Award. Friday lunchtime now has Girls Football available for College due to demand which has been popular. The second half of Friday lunchtime table tennis is on offer for College as well as netball shooting practice. Wednesday there is a new edition to Middle School with basketball being offered in the gym as well as table tennis on a Monday. With all this the cross country challenge running every lunchtime for Middle School and College and on Thursday for First School with sports leaders Connor Birch, Sam Harris and James Roberts. Furthermore netball is being offered to every year as well as football and rugby. This demonstrates the commitment of the pupils towards sport and constructive use of their free time.

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Netball$Shooting$ Practice$


Fundraising at Scarisbrick Hall

MacMillan Coffee Morning Reported by: Mrs Roberts & Mrs Walmsley This year the running of the MacMillan coffee morning cake sale was organised by the year 10 Hospitality and Catering group. The group of ten pupils decorated the table for the stall, plated the cakes up to present and display them in preparation for the break time for the pupils to purchase. A smaller group organised a lunch time cake sale in the College common room and they raised over £115. The event was enjoyed by all and gave the young caterers an opportunity to show their organisational skills. Meanwhile in the dining hall parents joined us for coffee and cakes and we received some fantastic homemade cakes as well as kind donations. Overall we raised £360.25 to go to Macmillan Cancer Support - well done and thank you to all parents, grandparents and friends who came along to support the event!

Philippine Disaster

Sally, Judith’s sister in Law

On Friday 15th November we held a fundraising day in school for two very worthy causes, Children in Need and the Philippine Disaster. Children brought in their own donations to go the Philippines to help towards the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, which has killed at least 5,000 people . Some of our First School pupils even brought money in out of their own money boxes! Judith from Halsall Primary School came into school on Friday 22nd November to collect £356.00 raised by our pupils and staff! Judith will now send the money to her sister in law who lives in Tabogan, a part of the Philippines who were badly hit but luckily they had no casualties, Judith explained that this area had received no funds yet from the worldwide donations. This money will help to rebuild families lives and homes, well done to everybody who donated.

Total amount Raised


Thank you and Well Done! Reported by: Mrs Fortune Children in Need was such a huge success this year. Once again we had so much fun raising money for such a worthy cause that is close to all of our hearts. Activities included; Dressing up in our comfy cosy pyjamas (including our staff), Searching for hidden Pudsey bears in the Jungle Forest, Decorating neckerchiefs, Having a teddy bears picnic in the woods and making spotty, dotty masks. The children made their very own biscuits too. This year we raised over £170 across the Early Years Department which we are very proud about so well done to all! Reported by: Alice Corder & Ruby Phillips For Children In Need this year First School became a very colourful place indeed! The children and teachers dressed in a range of spotty clothes; some little ones even wore ‘Pudsey Onesies!!’ (Even Mrs Graham wore her Onesie!!) Everybody paid £1 to wear their own clothes which helped to raise a lot of money. At break time there was a brilliant cake sale. The cakes were different prices; we could buy cookies, fairy cakes, and there were even some special cakes decorated with Pudsey on them. They were delicious! Altogether we helped to raise an amazing amount of money for Children in Need.

Bag2School Appeal

Thank you to everyone who brought in blue bags full of unwanted clothes, shoes & textiles over the past term. The bags were collect and weighed out, a fantastic weight of 440 kg means we received a cheque for ÂŁ220.00 to go directly back into school resources. The next Blue Bag Collection will be towards the end of next term, however we are happy to accept the bag of unwanted textiles at anytime during the year, please just drop them into the Main Office. Thank you for your support.

Fundraising Reported by: Year 3 We have had a busy time this term raising money for all sorts of charities. We started with the MacMillan Coffee Morning when our parents were invited to come to school for coffee and cake and we were able to buy some very tasty cakes! Yum! We had another cake sale as part of Children in Need too. Pastor Pete came in to collect all the things we had brought in for the Harvest. he told us how some people in Southport would be so pleased to get a tin of baked beans. It made us realise how lucky we are. We loved loading the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes into the collection van and were happy to wave it off up the drive. Lots of us have bought the cuddly toys that were being sold for Queenscourt Hospice. In the last 2 weeks before the holidays we are sending lots of Christmas cards in the Christmas Post and the money for that is going to the people in the Philippines who had a typhoon that destroyed their homes and belongings.

Operation Christmas Child Reported by: Grace Simpson Each year we like to take part in Operation Christmas Child which helps us to think about those children who are less fortunate than us. We fill shoes boxes full of presents for children who have not many clothes and don’t have the things we have and then decorate them with brightly coloured Christmas paper. In the box you can put toys, books, sweets, pens. We hope that our boxes will make a real difference to someone this Christmas.

General Notices Important message from the

Parents Car Park

IT Department!

As some of you may have noticed a new fence has been erected at the top of the woodland path leading onto the Parents’ car park.

As of January 13th ALL students at Scarisbrick Hall School will be able to download a fully licensed copy of “Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for Students” via their Office 365 Portal.

This has been put in place for the safety of children using the Jungle Forest and to prevent children from running onto the parent car park at the busy pick up and drop off times.

This will be licensed to them for the whole time they attend the school. Further details to follow.

Extra Curriculum Activities - January All lunchtime and after school sporting activities will not take place the first week back in January but will commence on Monday 13th January 2014.

E3 Art In January we will be starting a new art programme within the e3. The art sessions will begin by focusing on sculptures using recycled materials such as plastic bottles and metal cans. In order for us to get creative with these materials we need to start to collect them. I would like to ask parents if they could start sending 2 litre plastic bottles of any colour, also any round metal tins large or small into school. We appreciated it is a busy time for everybody but by collecting the materials now it will give us enough time to sort through, clean and pre pare the materials for the children to use.

Lost Property

Term Dates Term 2 Monday 6th January 2014 - Friday 14th February 2014

Please could you check at home to make sure that your son/daughter has not got someone else’s uniform items by mistake, asa number of parents are commenting on missing uniform and coats. Thank you.

Break (Half Term) Monday 17th February - Friday 21st February Term 2 Monday 24th February 2014 - Friday 28th March 2014

Christmas at Scarisbrick Hall School

First School

First School Magical Christmas Reported by: Mr McCoy

If you were lucky enough to come to the First School production of ‘A Magical Christmas’ I am sure you would agree that the performance of our youngest children in School was spectacular. Their ability and confidence shone through during each of the three shows. Our Year 4s sang beautifully in Spanish and the Year 3 elves thoroughly enjoyed their performances of ‘We are Santa’s Elves’. Year 2, dressed as reindeer, played the hand-bells, whilst Year 1 were Father and Mrs Christmas rappers! The Reception children performed their version of the Nativity and their singing was beautiful. It made me very proud to work with such wonderful children and I’d like to thank them for all their hard work. My thanks also to all the staff – a splendid team effort to put on such a wonderful show.

Middle School & College Present

Scarisbrick Hall Family Christmas Ball

Middle School & College Christmas Lunch Reported by: Mr Shaw After a busy assessment week and a fantastic pantomime, all of the students and staff settled down to celebrate Christmas as a school family. The Catering Team provided excellent food with all the trimmings (and crackers) that we needed. After the food we had our annual Public Speaking Contest that looked at key topics such as “Are video games harmful?�. The results of the contest will be added to the House points total for the term. Once the speeches had finished we started House Christmas Quiz. Students (and teachers) were highly competitive with some brilliant Christmas humor as well as some very difficult questions. Thank you to Mr Norbury the quizmaster!

Scarisbrick Hall Parents Christmas Lunch Everyone was in the festive spirit at our Parent Christmas lunch on Friday 6th December. Parents, family and friends enjoyed mulled wine along with the christmas shopping experience where we had exhibitors from Lavender Spa, Michells @ Vincents Garden Centre and The Gift Box at Scarisbrick Hall. Our guests were then treated to a luxury 4 course christmas lunch provided by our fantastic new school caterers, Holroyd Howe. The meal and drinks were served by our catering and hospitality students who did a very professional job, Well done!

education plus

education plus at Scarisbrick Hall



education plus

education plus

The Launch of TCM (Tutor, Coaching & Mentoring) was a huge success with both our parents and pupils. Our October Holiday club offered something completely different to a normal ‘baby sitting service’ type of club where children had the opportunity to take part in 4 different activities throughout the day, all run by professional coaches and staff. Every day has a theme and learning intention that runs through every activity, some of the activities being Arts & Craft Workshop, Mini Olympics, Puppet and Drama Workshop, Cookery Club, Forest School, Treasure Hunt and many more! The holiday club runs from 08:00 - 17:00, we provide our children with 4 food services per day, with our breakfast club offering cereal, toast, hot chocolate, chopped fruit and yoghurt. At lunchtime the children will be served with a '()#*"+,-./0)1 C fruit T fresh T Cjuices. We also serve healthy snacks to children hot soup, hot main meal and a dessert along with throughout the day, including freshly baked pastries, and dips etc. ! fruit, breadsticks M


We are looking forward to welcoming all of the children who have booked their places at our TCM Christmas Holiday Club, where all of our activities will be based on the Christmas theme and will include activities such as... "#! Christmas cookery, Christmas Arts$%& & Craft, Sports, Cinema experience and Christmas Forest School. Our next holiday club will run in February half term, all information will be provided on our Main School Website.

Quotes from Parents: “thank you for providing such an excellent, fun and value for money holiday club, my son really loved his days with you.”

“Well done on a well organised, well needed Holiday Club.You need to get the message out that it is NOT baby-sitting but a day the children will want to be involved in!”

“TCM has been a very enjoyable experience for both of my children, they have fully enjoyed all activities and come home tired every day! It is a well run, structured day where children can learn and play. They come home so enthusiastic to tell me all they have done. I like the fact they are doing things I do not necessarily have the time or energy to do with them, so thank you..”

Merry Christ mas & A Happy New Year! On behalf of the directors and staff we wish you all

here? wish you were

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