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…reports from our First and Middle School Classes, as well as College news. From our youngest using their imaginations to explore the delights of our woodland, to our Year 10 students’ Duke of Edinburgh challenges.

Sports News

A roundup of our sports results, including winners and our special sports days. And don’t miss our Superstars on show!

Graduating, giving and leaving

Our Year 8 students graduate, whilst our Year 11 students prepare to leave. Along with some notable members of staff. And we raise money for charity.

It’s cold and it’s wet…

With a trip to Iceland, our pupils find out what it’s like in the frozen north, whilst closer to home, there are some waterways to navigate!

First & Middle School !

Education News

The next session of this Newsletter will be an insight into our First School classrooms, telling you what each class have focussed on over the past term.

A Message from Mr McCoy This year has been an outstanding year with the school achieving a number of accolades, in particular receiving the highest grades possible in all areas of our inspection – this can only be achieved with hard work, dedication and commitment from everyone involved. And what a great year to also celebrate the School’s 50th anniversary - building on the legacy and history of half a century.

As mentioned in my speech at our Awards Day, I am a great believer in ‘opportunities’ – taking every opportunity that presents itself to you and make the most of it. In school it could be in the form of an E3 activity – the opportunity to try something new and you never know you could excel at it. Take every opportunity in the classroom to make the most of your learning and take the opportunities that we offer you every day in school, they will prove invaluable to your future development.

I thoroughly enjoy watching every child take their steps through school, seeing them achieve something new every day, taking each step towards achievement. It is my privilege to be part of their journey from foundation to excellence.

I am proud of every child who is in our Early Years and First School and I know that they have all worked hard this year, and like me, I am sure they have enjoyed the daily experiences of coming to school. I hope that you all have a great summer break and come back in September ready for the new challenges and opportunities that a new school year brings you.

Year 3 have been writing poetry in the woodland this week. We read a poem by Kit Wright called The Magic Box and then wrote our own version called The Forest's Magic Box. Here is Harry Marsden’s poem:


I will put in the box An aroma that reminds me of the last green apple – pine cone sap, The sound of the Oak tree leaves brushing against each other, The silky white flowers of an Elder bush. I will put into the box The incredible pure purple of Rhododendron flowers, The sight of the fungi emerging from the grass, The unforgettable pictures, that the trees make, reminding me of my world. I will put in the box Some twizzling lime coloured helicopters from a Maple tree, The Buttercups that stand out from the patches of Daisies, The purest red berry from an ancient Yew tree My box is fashioned from Oak wood and every element and miracles With a gold inscription on the lid and delight in the corners. Its hinges are woven ivy vines. I shall protect the box Until the final universe dies.

This page is written by our Nursery Manager and staff from our day nursery Beautiful Beginnings.

Blooming Babies! The weather has been so beautiful over the last few weeks and we have made full use of it throughout the age ranges. ! Our babies are very vulnerable in the sunshine so we have to risk assess their access to the outdoors during the hot weather. Luckily we have over 50 acres of land to explore, most of which provides a natural canopy of trees and bushes. This natural shade is what enables us to provide our babies with the freedom of movement, exploration and much needed break from the heat. ! Our brilliant staff arm themselves with books, blankets, cold drinks and snacks and head out for most of the day, only returning when they smell lunch! ! As you can see from the photographs we have some very cool babies that are happy, content and eager to explore the wonderful world around them.

Making Marks! It is never too early to begin the development of writing skills. In our baby rooms we begin developing these skills by providing lots of activities that involve the use of the whole arm; shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, ďŹ ngers and thumb. ! If these bones, muscles and tendons are not developed from an early age, it may delay the tripod grip that children need to enable them to hold a pencil and write effectively.! Our babies relish these experiences, getting stuck into all that we provide (which most parents are aware of because of the tell-tale signs of paint between the toes or glitter in the hair). For us the experiences that we provide even our youngest children can help shape their education for life, we do not underestimate this and we plan for it meticulously. ! As you can see from the photographs our children enjoyed using under the sea animals, crayons and their bodies to make meaningful marks in a variety of ways.

A Fairy Surprise!! Our 2 year olds are learning a great deal from their time in Jungle Forest. We have seen a huge increase in conďŹ dence, ability to concentrate and physical development. Each day our children are free to explore, climb, collect, forage, build, make mud pies and have the freedom to run. In June we had a theme of Fairies and pirates. The children made: hats, developed a pirate role play area, made treasure maps and made fairy wands. ! During one of normal Forest School sessions the children had quite a surprise‌we had been visited by some very special guests. Attached to some of the trees were some very small wooden doors and windows and lots and lots of glitter! The magical fairies had moved in. ! The children searched with disbelief that this could be happening in their own back garden. We have still not seen the magical fairies (even though most of the children spend a great deal of time banging on the doors), but they regularly leave us presents and always lots and lots of glitter.

Pre School Pre School have been enjoying the warmer weather this term. We have been talking about how we can keep ourselves cool, following on from this interest we have made our very own ice cream parlour in our classroom. The children have loved role-playing in this area and encouraged their friends to eat lots of ice cream! This has been supporting the children's turn taking skills as well as supporting their mathematical development. They talked about big, little or tall ice creams, estimated how many ice creams or flakes they wanted and also how much they thought the ice cream will cost. We have also used this opportunity for Literacy development, including writing shopping lists and customer orders. Pre School have been getting excited talking about any holidays they have been on or where they are going. The children enjoyed talking about these experiences with their friends during circle time and we have now decided to base our summer graduation assembly on going on holiday to new and exciting places! Continuing with this topic the children have loved playing outside, pretending to go on holiday by different forms of transport. Making the sail of a ship billow in the wind is a particular favourite with the children and they have lots of fun running under it.

Reception Class Little to Large ! The main focus this term has been growing. To start the term off we looked at mini beasts. We enjoyed a range of fiction and non-fiction books daily. So many children brought their own resources in to share which supported and enhanced our learning. Tabitha brought us some bulbs to grow in our garden centre and Jazzmyn has even been growing her own plants at home from seeds. She brought them in and we have watched them grow and know that they need water, light from the sun and soil for their food. ! We read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ sequenced days of the week, made our own symmetrical butterflies using gummed shapes or paint and we made caterpillars from junk modelling… independently! We even wrote our own version of the story. It was a very busy couple of weeks but great fun all round.! Alongside this we have learnt in Understanding the World (Science) the life cycle of a butterfly! We used the small world lifecycle toys, sequencing them in the correct order and we made our own lifecycle pictures using dry pasta and seeds.! As we have moved on further into the topic we have looked at plants and are able to talk about what they need to grow and label parts of the plant. We have been out in the grounds taking photographs. Back indoors we have used programs on the computer to help us with our learning of plants and have been drawing and painting flowers from observation.! We have planted our own cress heads and are making daily observations and recording them. ! We have also had a new experience this term learning Mandarin. This has been great fun! We have especially enjoyed learning the song ‘1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive’, in Mandarin. We have also been learning to read numbers to 10.! Let's not forget our trip to Farmer Teds. That was great fun! We had such a fun packed day, playing on the go carts, milking Dillis the cow, grooming the ponies and so much more. It was good fun seeing the mini beasts and touching the snake. Mrs Procter was scared of the snake!! It’s been a great year and we have had so much fun and we can’t believe we have actually been learning! We are now ready for Year 1!

Year 1 The year has flown and the children have grown! This term we have been very busy looking at different types of transport. The children have enjoyed finding out about George Stephenson and his inventions. We have designed future cars, some of which looked like great fun to drive! We are now exploring space travel. Can you answer these questions? Who was the first man on the moon? What year did this happen?

Our topic on space has proved a great success and has captured the imagination of all the children. We have written some interesting stories. In Science this term the children have been finding out about forces and splitting this into pushes and pulls. The children have really enjoyed being able to take part in the E3 programme. There has been a fabulous range of activities for the children to choose from and these will be continuing until the end of term. As the term gets closer to summer we will be focusing on lots more activities linked with this, especially in Art and Craft.

Quotes from our class:! “I have enjoyed working hard in Year 1. ! I really like working with money.” ! Rose Davis! “I loved doing homework in Year 1.” ! Marcus Parkes! “I like working in Year 1. ! My favourite things are writing and learning ! new sounds in phonics.”! Ava Kehoe! “I have worked hard in Year 1. ! I really like working with numbers.”! Luke Woodcock!

Year 2 ! This term we have been looking at the topic of Healthy Me! We have had fun learning about our bodies and how they work and also how to keep ourselves fit and healthy! We learnt about our heart and blood circulation by running around to show how the red and white blood cells and platelets do their jobs! It’s a good way to learn and remember something! We also did a couple of experiments. The first to find our lung capacity involved a washing up bowl, 2 litre bottle of water, plastic tubing and some very red faces! The other used coloured glitter to show how fast germs spread! They were both great fun and the children did very well recording what they did in words and diagrams. We also had fun making posters for fighting germs and creating skeletons from pasta – some super art work there! We have also written some acrostic poems for Happy Hearts. We are looking forward to the healthy eating section too! Our Maths is making good progress and we really do find it fun! We have worked hard ready for out tests and so in the last half-term we have been able to look more at fractions, time and recording data, in a more relaxed and fun way! Our writing is improving too. Many of us are now managing to use more interesting vocabulary and linking words to make longer sentences. Some of us have even been using speech marks quite well and starting our sentences in different ways. We have had an interesting year and have many good memories of Year 2. Now we are looking forward to moving on to Year 3.

Our Assembly ! This assembly was based on the work! we have completed in our Creative Curriculum ! Topic for this term – Healthy Me!! We really enjoyed showing everyone what we had been doing in our lessons, especially about the work that the blood does around our body! ! We explained how we had conducted 2 experiments too ! – that was fun!! There was quite a lot of movement around the stage and we loved doing the Skeleton Dance! !

Year 3 We are ‘The Detectives’! The Summer term began with the news that Aliens had been spotted at Scarisbrick Hall. Witnesses were interviewed; clues looked for and newspaper articles written. It was all great fun! We already had our Detective Finds bags and magnifying glasses and so our time as ‘Detectives’ had begun.! Soon we were found snooping around all the main rooms in Scarisbrick Hall as we learned lots about the history of the building and the people who lived here in the past. We were interested to learn that Charles Scarisbrick was rather crackers! He made massive rockets – not for firework displays – and when his sister took over Scarisbrick Hall she had them thrown into the Lake! There was a massive explosion which was reported in the Ormskirk Advertiser at the time. We were also interested to find out that the hall was used as a veterinary hospital for the war horses in World War I. We wrote children’s guide books to the building and were very proud of our finished booklets. Miss Sutcliffe gave each of us a copy to take home.! Then we became nature detectives. We loved looking for minibeasts in the woodland and pond. We learned all about food chains and have enjoyed recording about those in our Detective Notebooks. Even our English lessons have been outside as we wrote fables and playsusing Miss Sutcliffe’s massive collection of puppets.! Miss Sutcliffe is training to be a Forest School leader and so has needed our help with that too. We have made gnome homes in the woodland and studied the art of Andy Goldsworthy. Tying knots was harder than it looked but we were successful and managed to make picture frames for our art work and also used them when building shelters in the woodland using tarpaulins. ! The term is due to end with us investigating businesses in the local area where we have been told there will be ice creams!!

Year 4 Year 4 have had an action packed Summer Term, both in and out of the classroom. Our Creative theme in the first part of the term was Ancient Greece. We have learnt all about when and where the Greeks lived, what life was like for ancient Greek people, and also discovered what happened at the Olympic Games. In English we read a number of Greek myths and legends, and even wrote our own stories, which included heroes and monsters that we created ourselves. We brought this topic to a close by our wonderful class assembly. In this we took the audience on an entertaining journey through the topics we had covered, with a bit of fabulous singing and dancing as well. In the second half of this term our learning has focused on the World Cup. This has involved a great deal of Geography work – not just football!! We have written our own football chants, match reports and also have designed and advertised our own football kits. The children have also experienced a fantastic transition week in preparation for moving to Year 5. This included the them taking new subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business Studies and ICT for the first time. This week was thoroughly enjoyed by the children, and will be a real benefit to them in September. Well done Year 4, you have been brilliant this year, First School will miss you all next year.

PGL Trip ! 2014! Reported by: Miss Whitehouse! Yet again we had a super few days at Borreaton Park in Shropshire. The weather wasn’t too bad either! No rain which is always a good start, it can become a bit much being wet all the time!! We stayed in the wooden lodges, as we usually do, and we were lucky enough to be in the ones by the open grassed area where we could have a kick about or play rolling down the grassy slope, which is very popular especially after the evening meal!! We took part in the usual type of activities: kayacking, archery, quad bikes, trapeze and abseiling but this year for the first time we did Jacob’s Ladder. This, as the name suggests, is a ladder made of wooden sides and rungs held together with the use of ropes so that it does move as you climb it! It is wide enough to take 3 climbers at a time and is quite high at the top. The children work as a team to climb up in threes. It was quite a challenge as the rungs are very wide apart. Watching the children tackle this was interesting. Some were understandably very nervous and others took it as a real challenge to conquer! I have never actually seen anyone’s legs shake before, I did watching that! ! Of course it is always good to see some of the children really beat their fears and succeed in the task they thought they could never do! They surprise themselves sometimes with what they manage and it gives them a terrific boost too! ! I must thank Miss Sutcliffe, Mrs Graham and Mr Meredith for coming on the Trip and willingly giving up their week-end but also thank all the children who went for behaving so well – as we told them the best behaved group we have ever had!! Lastly here are some quotes from the children!! “At PGL you got to learn silly songs and do fun activities! “! “I’ve never experienced anything like this! “! “I thought it was an unforgettable time but also quite challenging! “!

First School Trip to Martin Mere Reported by: Miss Whitehouse Years 1, 2 and 3 went to Martin Mere on a lovely sunny day in June. Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the centre watching the ducks and geese, especially the ducklings!

The beavers provided us with some interesting entertainment too – both in real life and on the webcam they have set up.

Quite a few of us found the flamingos fascinating too!

We spent some time pond dipping, it was fun looking at all the tiny creatures we found.

The end of the day found us in the play park – great fun!

All in all, it was a lovely day!

Reported by: Year 1 The first thing we did was really fun and it was called pond dipping. We found lots of pond snails using nets; Ted found a Diving Beetle and Stevie caught a fish. After that we all bought some bird seed and we feed the flamingo’s and the ducks. Next we saw the man feeding the otters and we thought they were really cute. For our lunch we had a picnic and we all sat on rugs together then we played ‘Duck Duck Goose’ and ‘In and out the Dusty Blue Bells’, this was so much fun. When we had finished our lunch we went on the stepping stones and the water was really deep so it was very exciting and some people dipped their trainers in the water! At the end of the day we all went to the play area and the best part was the water area where some of us got soaking wet!! Before we left we all bought special souvenirs from the gift shop to remember our amazing trip to Martin Mere.

Grandparents Day 2014 Reported by: Mrs Walmsley We held our annual Grandparents Day on Thursday 8th May, tickets sold like hot cakes, so much so, we are considering holding 2 days next year! Our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils volunteered to be tour guides and our Year 10 catering students helped with the set up and serving of lunch in the Great Hall.

Our guests were invited to attend a celebration assembly, which took them back 50 years in time, to celebrate Scarisbrick Hall School opening the doors in 1964. They were entertained by students with 'That's Entertainment' 1964- 50 Years of Excellence followed by a tour of the school. Grandparents enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Great Hall and were then invited to join their grandchildren in their lessons. Following this it was back to the Great Hall for afternoon tea and a 1960's based quiz, which became very competitive towards the end! Yet again it was a fun filled day and pupils enjoyed the opportunity to show their Grandparents how creative and clever they all are.

Scarisbrick Hall Middle School & College ! The next section of our newsletter will give you an insight into our Middle School & College. This includes year group & Faculty reports.

A Message from Mr Shaw! A Year to Celebrate


This year has been a great success for Scarisbrick Hall School, with all of our students growing in confidence and knowledge. The hard work of the staff and students has also been recognised on a national level with achievements in:! ISI Inspection (100% Excellent)! ISA Mathematics Challenge winners 2014! National success at the ISA Athletics competition (8 students qualifying for the National Finals)! Winning the National School Award for ‘Excellence and Innovation’ from the Independent Schools Association ! Achieving the highest GCSE results in the area ! We are proud of all of our achievements this year and believe that it has provided a true foundation of excellence for the future. As we build on this foundation we will see some considerable developments at the school including the building of the new Science Faculty Area, Sixth Form Suite and further enhancements to our provision. ! We will be enhancing our curriculum by moving to a six period day, an extended E3 slot for sports on a Wednesday and redesigning all of the assessment criteria from Year 5 – 11 to be on a scale of A* - D. ! The Middle School has gone from strength to strength and to further enhance this provision the introduction of a ‘Middle Years Diploma’ will give students in Year 8 further goals to work for. ! Our successful three-year GSCE cohort will now extend to our new Sixth Form with our first cohort starting in September 2015. These are exciting times for Scarisbrick Hall School, we have a clear vision and drive to ensure every one of our students experiences the highest quality education possible. ! Thank you for your support over the last academic year. !

As we look to next academic we are pleased to announce a

new student leadership team, who will play a key role in the development of our school. Our Head and Deputy Boy and Girl will be involved in key decisions and events at our school;

they will deliver the Christmas Speech, meet parents on open events as well as being role models and representatives of

our student body.

We are pleased to announce for the academic year 2014/15:

Head Girl - Amy Walsh Head Boy - Ross Turpin Deputy Head Boy - Lewis Howard Deputy Head Girl - Valerie Tchikhiaeva

College Well Being

Middle School Well Being Reported by: ! Grace Worth & Faye Bayman ! In Well-being this term we have been learning about democracy with Mr Jennings. Democracy is when every person in a country has an equal say about how the country is run. The word democracy comes from the Greek word “demos” which is the word for people. Democracy is a kind of ‘people power’. Democracy didn’t just happen by accident it was developed over many years, starting in Ancient Greece.! We also looked at parliament where new laws are made. The word parliament comes from the French word “King Council”. Nowadays parliament is made up of The Queen, the House of Lords and the House of Commons.! We also learnt about voting. We vote every 4-5 years and is voluntary in this country but in some other countries it is compulsory.! We have really enjoyed well-being this year it is one of the best e3 activities ever.!

Reported by: Mrs Taylor ! The Summer term Well-being programme started with our Inter Faith Day called ‘Beyond Belief’. This was an opportunity for all pupils in Years 8-10 to take part in a variety of debates and games which were aimed at thinking deeply and challenging pupil’s personal positions on a variety of issues, moral dilemmas and ethics.! Included in this was an awareness assessment of their knowledge of world religions, a debate about the wearing of the Burka – ‘Liberated or Oppressed?’, a discussion about genetic engineering and euthanasia and finally a whole College debate on Science versus Religion.! All entered into the spirit of the day and the feedback from both pupils and staff was very positive. The whole day approach has been successful at giving the opportunity for in-depth study on a range of topics included in the Well-being programme and we hope to continue with this format with a Citizenship day in the Autumn term.!

Middle School Interfaith Day Middle School visited the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, the Buddhist Temple and The Mosque as part of our Interfaith Day. The children were amazed at the new learning experience and the day was a resounding success. The highlight was the meditation within the Buddhist temple. The children recognised the spirituality of this religion and enjoyed the calming and inspiring environment. It was good for the children to see alternative faiths from a neutral and balanced perspective, giving them the chance to form their own opinions and ask questions about other peoples’ faiths.


Kensuke’s Kingdom Reported by: Finlay McCormack In Year 5 we have been reading Kensukes Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Michael lives with his parents who, on becoming redundant, buy a boat called the PEGGY SUE. They train themselves up so that they can set sail on the adventure of a lifetime around the world. However it is not long before things don’t quite go to plan: mother falls ill; they begin to run out of food; then Michael and Stella the dog fall overboard. Washed up on an island in the Pacific, Michael struggles to survive on his own. With no food and water, he curls up to die. When he wakes, there is a plate beside him of fish, fruit, and a bowl of fresh water. He realises he is not alone…This book is exciting and has kept us gripped. So far we have designed a missing poster for Michael and tried to think about how Michael’s parents feel not knowing what has happened to their son. I would recommend this book to anyone if they like excitement and adventure.

Physical Education ! Reported by: Rahul Uppal & Awais Akhtar! This term in P.E. year 5 have been practicing tennis and athletics. In tennis we have been learning how to do the forehand and the backhand. We have also been doing some extra skills to improve our tennis knowledge and game. We have been learning some mini games such as champions and dungeons. Dungeons is where someone has to throw a tennis ball and you have to hit it, if you don’t, or it is caught, you become a catcher down in the deep dungeons. If someone catches it they become a hitter. Champions involve four pitches and its 2 players against 2 players. At the end of the game the two people that have won the most matches are the champions. In athletics we have been practicing for the I.S.A. and Sports Day. We have also been practicing both long jump and high jump, Joe Finnegan and Faye Bayman were really good at these events. They made it through to ISA Nationals which is a huge achievement for them and we are really proud of their success.

Native America! Reported by: Grace Worth ! This term we have been learning about Native America. In art Year 5 have made our own tepees using tea bags and pastels. In History we have learnt about life in an Indian camp. We discovered that they lived in tepees. The tepee floor was covered with buffalo robes, hair side up. The beds, also made from buffalo robes, were placed around the edge of the tepee. Storage bags were kept between the beds or hung on the poles along with a water bag and the weapon and costumes of the warrior. They didn’t have much furniture. In summer the bottom edge of the tepee would be lifted up to make it cooler. In winter, a tepee lining kept it warm.

YEAR 6 Reported by: Grace McCormack! The last term of Year 6 has been very eventful. In the term we have encountered upon and become acquainted with lots of new people coming to join our school for the new year. ! Middle school have gone on a trip to the Lake District, a place called Newlands. It is an adventure course where we did lots of enjoyable activities such as: ghyll scrambling, sliding, jumping and diving down a ghyll high up in the mountains. The hike to get there in our wetsuits and several layers of clothing up a mountain in boiling hot weather was dreadful, but when we slid down into a cool pool of water it was worth it. We also did rock climbing up a cliff face, in this we helped to tie our friends in and guide them up the cliff face. The woods activity involved walking through a wood ďŹ lled with about twenty activities and doing several of them, my favourite here was the Tarzan swing, which involved getting harnessed onto a rope and stepping off a platform, my stomach nearly turned upside down. Finally canoeing, we were all tired after canoeing. It was just before we went home and near the end of the activity we were allowed to jump into the lake and cool off. ! More recently, Middle School and College had our sports day at Robin Park Sports Arena in Wigan. ! The atmosphere was great. All the houses competed against one another. I loved cheering loudly for everybody in my house, Poulton, to help them along. In the end Raynor won with Poulton second. ! We were hugely disappointed! ! Raynor had better watch their back next year because Poulton are coming to get you!!

Reported by: Hannah Corder This year has been very successful for our Year 6 pupils but in this article I focus my attention on the year ahead. ! As a member of school council I can say the new Physical Education kit for next year looks great, and it is better value. ! Also a new science block is due to be ready in January. As a school, Scarisbrick Hall Is progressing the already outstanding quality of education they deliver.!

With all the fabulous plans they have as a student I am thrilled. In the main corridor a birds eye plan is on show. It features a swimming pool, boarding school and a new sports hall.! Taking the subject away from the school, there are lots of trips planned next year too! The one I am most looking forward to is the ski trip.! Moving into Year 7 is a big step and thanks to Scarisbrick Hall I can look forward to it.

YEAR 7 New student perspective Reported by: Amelia Collict Moving schools in Year 7 spring term was one of the most difficult and important decisions I have ever made! For me, it was the right one. Four weeks into the summer term I feel happy, settled and enjoy all aspects of my school life. Everyday is different, with new challenges and opportunities. I am now looking forward to starting Year 8 in September.

Our time in Year 7 Reported by: Tasha Johnson On the first day of term we were all excited and a bit scared. Our form teacher is Ms Hodge and the whole class love doing art. She makes us think, concentrate and produce great art work. We have enjoyed our lessons this year and all the teachers have made us really interested in learning. Mrs Seddon and Mrs Burton organised a great Newlands trip and then some of the teachers kindly took us there. We had a great time. The climbing and ghyll scrambling was fabulous. Mr Ingram and Miss Rostron helped us on all of the activities.

Geography Reported by: Emily Maddox This term we have been learning about weather and climate, we are also having our end of year exams. We have been revising hard for them in Geography. Geography is my favourite lesson it is really interesting and we learn something different every lesson. Our exam is on flashpoints, changing faces, weather and climate and paradise lost.

YEAR 8 Reported by: Harry Trigg and Reece Parkinson At the start of the year, students began their experience of being at the top of Middle school, with the privileges that the roles entailed. ! We also got a new music teacher called Mr. Jennings, he was voted in during Year 7 in a test session where students were able to review 4 teachers who had 15 minutes to prove their skill. The new music teacher was one of the two teachers that had a form in Year 8, along with Mr Linge.! During June many events took place including Newlands, Sports day and the Year 8 ball, as well as the end of year assessments. At Newlands there was much that we could do including scrambling down a river ghyll and much more. At sports day in the Year 8 races, Tom Coen from Wyburn proved his stamina in the long distance races taking top spot in 3 events whereas James Bullock took the spot in short distance. At the Year 8 ball most of the year went to dance, eat a 3 course meal and have fun. People also improved relationships with other people (and forged new ones).! Soon in the future there are other exciting events taking place such as Awards Day and the Alton Towers trip. Some students have also auditioned to take part in Scarisbrick’s Got Talent which will take place on the ďŹ nal afternoon on school. ! In conclusion the year has been a large learning curve and also a wealth of experience has been gained for many students, due to how many events have taken place and how hard students have strived to improve their skill in all aspects of school life and as such achieve their goals.

YEAR 9 Reported by: Evie Corless, Jessie Simpson-Williams, Emma Pitman, Paige Scott & Becky Collingham Year 9 have had a great term and it started with many of the pupils going to Iceland. This was a fantastic trip and one which we will never forget! Lots of us had our practice Duke of Edinburgh weekend at school. The weather was awful and it rained a lot in the night. However it was really fun – during the walk we had to jump over a small ditch and most of us fell backwards because our backpacks were so heavy. One of us managed to get stuck in the ditch which was very funny! Our favourite part was roasting marshmallows over a fire. ! It has been a busy term preparing for the end of year exams. We have really enjoyed English as we read ‘Of Mice and Men’ which was really good and we didn’t want to stop reading it. We also read ‘An Inspector Calls’ which had a really interesting twist at the end. Also in English, Mrs Shaw arranged for a theatre company to come in and perform ‘Macbeth’ for Year 9 and Year 10. ! 9H were the stars of the show as many got picked to perform. Evie, Paige, Emma, Lydia and Sam Rigby were picked and Connor Birch had a very memorable performance as he stabbed the ceiling with his sword!! ! We are all looking forward to the end of year trip to Alton Towers and Awards Day. We think we have worked really hard this year and would like to thank all of our teachers for helping us. Especially Miss Halsall for being a brilliant form tutor.

Say Two Theatre Company Macbeth Visit For one whole afternoon lessons were abandoned as Year 9 and 10 students enjoyed watching a one hour production of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ followed by an interactive workshop. ! Three actors took on the challenging role of performing the highlights of this tragic play, focusing in on the importance of the role of the three witches. Afterwards the students were engaged in creating a dramatic montage of key scenes and characters, using: lines from the play, props, costume, still images, stage positioning and body language to develop a deeper understanding of this important GCSE text.

YEAR 10 Reported by: Amy Walsh & Valerie Tchikhiaeva

Work Experience Every pupil in Year 10 spent a week at a work placement to experience work life in a chosen business. The Business varied from the medical profession, engineering, through law to large office firms. This was a way for the students to see the routine of working and understanding a business. Some people really enjoyed their placements, others got a shock: Either way, this made it easier for each pupil to decide if that was the type of work they would like to do when they are older. A big thank you to Miss Halsall for organising the project and ensuring that we were all placed safely. Thank you to all teachers who came to visit us and recorded our feedback. This was an enjoyable week away from school and will always be remembered.

Sports This year’s ISA went well for Year 10’s as Valerie got through to the Nationals as part of the Northern relay team. She was selected to represent the ISA Northern team, after running one of the fastest 100m in the Northern competition. She was put in a team with people from other schools in the North and competed against schools all over the country. Her team managed to come 3rd and get a bronze medal at National level. Also Richard Mitchell who started fencing in a school E3, in Year 7, is now Number One in the country for Epee U15, so far winning the Leon Paul Junior series U15s epee and also achieving 1 Bronze, 1 Silver and 2 Gold medals at recent competitions. Year 10 have also just had their last sports day at Scarisbrick Hall and really enjoyed it. The tug of war against the staff pushed us to out limits and unfortunately we lost 2:1. “We demand a rematch as it has been reported the staff cheated!”

Science ISAs Years 10 have been studying for their controlled assessments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They are very important as they count for 25% of everyone’s final GCSE score. These were divided into section 1 and 2, which incorporated our planning of an experiment; research its context and analysis of data. This was very hard and took a lot of effort from the pupils as well as teachers as it took many weeks to fully study for and many students have done extremely well, congratulations Year 10.

Trips Some of Year 10 went to Iceland at Easter and had an amazing time, we are now looking forward to New York next year. We have also been on the sand dunes in Formby to collect data for the Geography field work. We watched a fantastic performance of Macbeth for our English GCSE and some of Year 10 were able to take part in this Shakespearian Epic, a great experience!

D of E On Saturday 14th June Year 10 pupils who are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award set off on their practice expedition, this consisted of 2 days and 1 night experiencing both hiking and camping in the school grounds. After a 12 mile walk, which took over 5 hours, everyone had lots of fun whilst walking and camping! Whilst in school many pupils decided to jump in the lake, then roasted marshmallows on the camp fire. The next day everyone was required to walk another 10 miles to get to Rufford, to reach the final mark. This left everyone exhausted along with many sore muscles and acing feet. The real expedition will be held in September when the Duke of Edinburgh group will be awarded their first Bronze Award.

Overall it has been a really great year!

Goodbye & Good Luck Year 11!

Reported by: Miss Power What a busy term it has been for Year 11! Revision sessions were happening everywhere and anywhere at any time, exams were then completed after a long four weeks and finally we all got to where we were aiming for- the Year 11 prom night!! Everyone showed up all suited and booted and looking their best. Each student looked fabulous showing their own characteristics and personality through their clothing. Students were greeted at the entrance by teachers and we all gathered for pictures. After dinner was when the emotions ran havoc! The year 11 video showed all students from when they joined the school at a young age to the young adults they have now become and also some very funny messages from the staff!There was plenty of dancing to the "Macarena" and "Saturday Night" to finish the night of with a bang! ! On Friday 13th July, the final exam for the whole year group, parents, teachers and students all gathered together for a buffet lunch in the Blue Room, this was a great opportunity to sign shirts and say goodbye to all of the students and parents. ! Myself and all of the staff would like to wish the Year 11 students all the luck for the future.!

Work Experience Reported by: Miss Halsall A good 21st century education must meet demanding society requirements that include academic and vocational qualifications, the ability to work with others and evidence of labour market skills. Work experience is an integral part of our Year 10 curriculum and provides the opportunity to gain new skills and an invaluable reference from a reputable employer. Just before half term students enjoyed a week of work related learning and I am very pleased and proud to say that they were great ambassadors for our school and really embraced the opportunity. In partnership with local businesses we work hard to find placements that will be of real value to each individual and feedback from students and employers this year has been very positive. If you own a company and would like to provide an opportunity for a young person to gain an insight into the ‘World of Work’ by offering a placement next year you can contact me on the email address below. Students entering Year 10 in September should now start to consider their work placements for next May. An enormous thank you to the following employers who provided placements for our students:

Karl Vella Group Sefton Bleasdale Ltd Beautiful Beginnings Mill On The Brue Winters Heating Cleveland Kitchens CoCo Boutique Newlands Adventure Centre GB Fleet Leasing Ltd Moving Works Mojoes Rufford Veterinary Group Sorensen Financial Services Formby Cycles Four Acre Health Centre Beauty One to One Ultracell The Ultimate Dental Lab San Marco

Hudson Children’s Centre The Environment Partnership Farmer Teds Crowne Plaza @ Liverpool Airport Redbridge High School Barristers Chambers Glow Media Matalan Vitaflo International Towerhill Dental Surgery Toni & Guy Town Vets BBR Roofing Royal Marines Reserves The Potting Shed Vincent Garden Centre Chloe Greenwood Equine Physiotherapy

Our Careers centre can be contacted via email at

Faculty Report Science News Reported by: Mrs Winstanley Year 4 have had a great time visiting the Science Department. They were amazed when Mrs Howarth turned milk into wine and then watched with excitement as metals fizzed and banged. They were very surprised to find out how much a carrier bag can hold and now know how to use a thermometer. Some were a little scared of the woodlice, but soon found they were quite friendly! The bean growing project will help to keep them occupied over the summer break. !


It has been busy in the Science department this term. The Year 5 students have been helping James Bond escape some tricky situations with the help of magnetism in Physics. They have learned lots about magnets and even made some compasses on Grandparents day with the help of some of the Grandparents! In Chemistry Year 5 have been doing lots of experiments to help James Bond figure out problem such as, which plastic to make a bag for carrying heavy equipment and which is the stickiest liquid to trap the villains.

Year 6 students have been discovering how electrical circuits work in Physics and how Particles are the building blocks of all substances in Chemistry. Mrs Winstanley has been extremely impressed with their PowerPoint presentations, that use the particle model to demonstrate how ice-cream freezes. In Physics they have tested out many different electrical components; we even had an unofficial fire alarm designed and tested (which evacuated the science block and first school!) In Biology they have been finding out about habitats and food chains which meant taking a walk in the grounds to view different woodlands, on a sunny afternoon ! of course! Year 7 have been studying the light topic in Physics and have been especially amazed at how light gives all the things we see their colour. In Chemistry they have learnt about chemical reactions, how compounds form and writing chemical formulae. Miss Brown has been thrilled with the posters and revision techniques some of the pupils have used to show their understanding. Photosynthesis has been the topic in Biology with plenty of experiments on the resident geranium plants, which now look distinctively leafless. Year 8 have been going over many topics studied in Key Stage 3 in preparation for starting the GCSE syllabus next year. Biology has seen them studying the effects of drug abuse (but no practical work!) They have also studied pressure in Physics this term, they have enjoyed seeing marshmallows expand in a vacuum jar and seeing how pressure on a bed of nails affects how quickly a balloon will burst. Now the pressure is on for the end of year exams! Year 9 have continued with their Core science course and have been learning all about waves in Physics. The pupils have really enjoyed learning about how light and sound waves are affected in different ways. In Chemistry they have been learning about the Earth and the Atmosphere. Many of the pupils have found it really interesting to see how the Earth has changed over time and we have been discussing many different theories about how life first evolved. Finally in Biology they have been astounded that a simple molecule like DNA creates ! all the variety of life on Earth. Year 10 have been busy working on the ISA Controlled Assessment. We have been really impressed with most of the pupils as it counts for 25% of their exam and they have been working extremely hard. Pupils have performed really well and we are glad to see the rewards for all their efforts. Finally we received Bronze certificates for Ross Turpin, Greg Halliwell, Charlotte Wright, Lewis Howard, Tyla Bean and Valerie Tchikhiaeva and Silver certificates for Tosin Oyebola, James Scully and Jake Dunn from the Society of Biology after completing the Biology Challenge during Science week. This is a fantastic result as it was an international competition with many thousands of schools competing, well done to all those involved.

Faculty Report ICT News

Reported by: Ben Eggington

Reported by: Ryan Halliwell

Over the course of the summer term students in middle school and college have been introduced to a new piece of software called Scratch.

In ICT this term we started a new programming topic called Scratch.

Scratch is a fantastic program that gives students the opportunity to create their very own computer games and fun animations, whilst teaching them the basics of computer programming. Students have also participated in a worldwide computing initiative called ‘The Hour of Code’. So far, 38,483,464 students across the world have written more than 1,861,517,000 lines of code and the students at Scarisbrick Hall School have all contributed to this amazing result. Here are some comments from our students about how they have found the programming work that we have been looking at: In my opinion I think scratch is a great application as it is educational where kids can be free to make their very own games. It is complicated at first but very quickly you can make the game or animation you want. There is a website where you can view other people’s games and rate them. If you get your own account then you can make your own games and share them, people can then message you about how good your game really is and suggests improvements. So get on the website and try it out.

We created a variety of games and animations. We had real fun looking at some of the games and animations that have been created. Some of us uploaded our amazing work to the Scratch website so that other students could see what we have been doing at Scarisbrick Hall School. I have had some great comments about my work on the ! Scratch website and really hope to use it again next year. I have downloaded it at home so that I can continue making my games to share on the Internet.

Reported by: Ryan Halliwell “Scratch was by far my FAVOURITE topic in ICT this year - It was very fun!” Basically, Scratch is a program that you can make your own game or animation in. In our first couple of weeks, I had absolutely no idea what Scratch was, but Mr. Clark introduced it to everyone and I was amazed by some of the things you could do on it! Everybody was very excited to make their own games in Scratch and it was good because we could all help each other and learn new things in Scratch.

Catering News Reported by: Mrs Robinson Since Easter, Years 6 & 7 have investigated savoury snacks; this has included looking at ingredients used by commercial manufacturers. They have learnt about the importance of not cooking with too much fat and salt; and they have made their own versions of Pizza Baguettes, Savoury Bacon Noodles and an Oven-Baked Risotto. They have ended the year by making sweet treats, including Cookies & Brownies. Form 7H took this further by making Brownies as part of their charity fund-raising day in June. They calculated the cost of making the Brownies to ensure that they could sell them for a profit. Year 8 have investigated cereal grains since Easter, and made a number of bread and pastry products in their practical lessons. Their three bread products were: Bread Rolls, Chelsea Buns and Pizzas – the smells from the Food Room were delicious! More recently, they have made Jam Tarts with short crust pastry, and Twisted Tartlets with puff pastry. For some Year 8 pupils, this term is the last time they will have Catering lessons in school, but I am confident that they will be able to cook fabulous meals for themselves in the future!

Catering News continued… Year 9 Catering GCSE pupils have been investigating special diets since Easter. This has involved them looking at reasons why people eat certain foods and the nutritional consequences of specific diets. Pupils have cooked dishes for: diabetics, coeliacs, vegetarians, old people, young children, and people following various religions. They have chosen their own dishes to make, based on the requirements of each diet. This independence will stand them in good stead for Year 10, when they will be starting their two pieces of assessed coursework. Year 10 pupils completed the Catering part of their GCSE course in May and have now started the Hospitality element of the course. This will give them a greater insight into the hospitality industry, beyond the food & beverage area. The topics covered this term are preparing them for their “event” which they will plan and execute in the autumn term. As part of their preparations, they visited three venues in Southport to experience different sectors of the industry first hand; namely: Southport Theatre & Convention Centre, The Ramada Plaza Hotel and the Premier Inn, including the Brewer’s Fayre restaurant.

Language & Humanities Faculty Report Modern Foreign Languages Reported by: Miss Flemming It has been lovely getting to know all the pupils studying French this year and seeing their progression. Middle School in particular have shown fantastic effort as for many of them this is their first year studying both French and Spanish and despite the occasional mix up of words between the two languages they have enthusiastically covered topics such as holidays, describing their home, school and their hobbies. The GCSE groups have also worked fantastically this year covering topics such as health, family life and leisure with the added pressure of completing controlled assessments in these topics. Since February we have also been exchanging letters with a school near Lyon in France allowing the groups to learn a bit more about French culture. We are hoping to organise a trip there in the not too distant future so they can experience this first-hand and develop their French accents too. Bonne vacances to all!

Reported by: Mr Lee It has been a year of big changes in Spanish as for the first time, Spanish was taught right down into our Early Years! This was a bit of a culture shock for myself and Miss Fleming but the little ones did very well and sing a lovely version of the Buenos Dias song. I also returned to teaching the first school after a year’s hiatus and it was great to re-acquaint myself with some of the personalities in first school and see how much progress they have made. The highlight of the year for me was seeing Y4 sing ‘Away in a Manger’ in Spanish at our carol service. A big thanks to Mr. Meredith for his support with that. In Middle school, we have worked hard on grammar this year and the pupils have tried extremely hard with some concepts that are not always that easy to understand. There has been some great spoken and written Spanish. In the College, it has been another tough year of controlled assessments but we have also managed to keep the atmosphere quite light. Year 9 have really stepped up to the GCSE challenge with some pupils performing at a level almost unheard of in Y9 It has been a tough but rewarding year and I look forward to the coming year.

Language & Humanities Faculty Geography Reported by: Mrs Taylor

Another academic year over! This has been another whirlwind term where the focus has clearly been on helping the Year 11 pupils with their final GCSE preparation. As soon as their Controlled Assessment, based on tourism in Blackpool, was in the post it was time to turn our attention to the Year 10 pupils and a field trip to the Sefton coast, to look at coastal management techniques. A talk from one of the Sefton Rangers was both interesting and enlightening and helped our students to understand why the methods in each of the areas we had visited had been appropriate. Fortunately the weather was much kinder to us than on recent field trips and we all returned to school with a healthy glow. Middle School have been studying: Letter to America, Wish you were Here, Action in the Atmosphere and Investigating China.

History Reported by: Miss Rawstron History at Scarisbrick has been full of lots of exciting topics this year, ranging from Year 5 learning about life in Roman times to Year 10 & 11 studying the challenges of living in Nazi Germany. Students have had the opportunity to look at artefacts from different time periods, including postcards and letters from the First World War, which has enabled them to develop a greater understanding and empathy with people from this period. With it being the centenary of the start of World War One, students in Year 7 are going to be looking into the effects that this war had on those who fought and will be using primary sources to help them create historically accurate pieces of work. During the two Saturday Open Day events, the history classroom went back in time to the Second World War, and students dressed up as evacuees (and I dressed up as a WREN!) Students sampled ration cooking, listened to popular music from the time and even experienced air rad drills with a make shift shelter. This was a big success and the students involved can’t wait to turn the classroom into another period of history next year. The students have really enjoyed the hands on learning that we have been doing this year, and Year 5 have created multiple pieces of native American art and Year 6 are currently competing in a Medieval castle building competition. This has enabled them to work independently and co-operatively through a variety of different tasks and they have all shone in the different aspects of the study of history. There have been many memorable moments during this academic year, in particular with the year 9 class, who seem to be able to link all the events that they have studied to either football or the word ‘annihilation’ (thank you Connor Birch!)This group have a flair for History and have made this year utterly memorable and enjoyable. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year teaching history at Scarisbrick and I’m eager to see what next year brings.

Mathematics & Statistics Faculty Report

Reported by: Mr Norbury What an eventful year in Mathematics and Statistics! From hosting the very first ISA Mathematics challenge to gaining gold awards in the nationally renowned UKMT Mathematics Challenge. This year has been a tremendous success and we hope that the GCSE results will compliment that fact. Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Linge and Miss. Howard for organising and running the very first ISA Mathematics Challenge. This was a whole day of mathematical puzzles and challenges, where teams of 4 pupils from different schools were pitted against each other. With our team comprising of Bradley Rimmer, Harry Trigg, Reece Parkinson and Jack Wright, the other schools didn’t have a chance! After our resounding success at the ISA Mathematics Challenge our pupils were entered for the UKMT Mathematics Challenge where Jack Wright won gold. An award that places him within the top 5% nationally for his age group. But the Mathematics Faculty isn’t all about the winning of prizes, but focused on helping the individual to achieve and this year has definitely proven this. In Year 6, we have a number of pupils gaining level 7, well above the national average 4b. In Year 7, we had Natasha Johnson achieve a massive 97% in a Foundation GCSE paper (the national average for a Year 11 pupil). In Year 8, the entire top set sat and gained grades on a Higher tier GCSE paper. In Year 9, a number of pupils are already achieving grades B and A’s. Whilst in Year 10, all pupils sat the Higher tier GCSE paper and every pupil achieved a grade D or above, with a number of pupils achieving an A*. This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the dedication of all the pupils to achieve, but I feel I must thank all my faculty for their tireless support and perseverance throughout the year. Well done to all and let’s make next year just as fruitful!

ISA Mathematics Competition Reported by: Mr Linge The inaugural ISA (North) Mathematics competition took place at Scarisbrick Hall on Friday 2nd May. Six schools took part in a whole day’s worth of activities which was open for teams of 4 students from Year 8 and below. The first activity consisted of an independent round whereby the teams had to split into 2 groups and work out 30 different brain-teasing problems in the allotted time. Some of the problems were quite easy, some very challenging and a couple had a “red herring” thrown in! The second activity was a Japanese puzzle round: students worked collaboratively in order to solve some familiar Sudoku puzzles. However, there were some other types of Japanese puzzles they had never seen before such as Sumdoku (also known as “Killer” Sudoku), Futoshiki and Kakuro. The afternoon session was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activity. Each group was given a limited amount of ice-lolly sticks and cellotape and had to build the strongest bridge possible such that it could suspend between two desks, 50cm apart, and hold as much weight as possible. Scarisbrick Hall’s team consisted of Jack Wright (Year 6), Bradley Rimmer, Harry Trigg and Reece Parkinson (Year 8). It was a closely contested competition throughout the day for 1st place between Scarisbrick Hall and Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate, York, and we were pleased to announce that the winners were in fact Scarisbrick Hall!! Massive congratulations go to our budding Mathematicians and to all the teams who took part in the events and made it a really fun, exciting and successful day.

Reported by: Sam Harris Spring half term 2014 students from Year 9, 10, 11 went to Iceland on a school trip for 6 days. In this time they went to loads of different amazing locations such as Reykjavík, Hellisheidi Geothermal Power plant and much more…..


After getting off the aeroplane and going through customs we got onto the Tour bus that would be taking us around Iceland, the bus was driven by Magnus.

After a short drive we got to the Blue Lagoon a great way to relax after the plane journey. The water was warm, blue and inviting. In the Blue Lagoon we realised that the floor was rocky and sandy, and there were small wooden boxes at the edge which we found out contained a clay like substance that was good for your skin. Most of the boys decided it was more useful as commando face paint making stripes across their cheeks with it! Later we found a cave to sit in and a steam room that was heated by the flowing boiling water from below the ground (it was very hot!).

We ordered drinks in the blue lagoon by scanning our entry bands (which was cool) and then we were on our way to the hotel to change quickly before going for food. It was a very fancy restaurant where everybody loved their food before hitting the hay for a busy Day 2!


After getting up reasonably early we packed our stuff and went downstairs for some breakfast and then got onto the bus once again, this time we met our guide Wvilborg who talked and pointed out prime locations and the history and background information.

To start off the day we had a quick tour around Reykjavik that included: the old port, central lake (Tjornin) and Hallgrimskirkja Church. After the small tour we went to Hellisheidi Geothermal Power plant where we had a small snow ball fight and also watched a quick PowerPoint and video on geothermal power. We then went to see the generators and also found an earthquake simulator of different earthquakes to play around with.

After having a quick drink and a snack at the PowerStation we set off to go through a small greenhouse village called Hveragerdi, and then onto Hveragerði the geothermal centre where we got a tour of a host spring and a chance to boil some eggs in the boiling water. Later into the day we went through the flood plains caused by the glacier Jokulhlaup which melted up to the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano in 2010.

This was followed by a quick walk by Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The waterfall runs over basalt cliffs. We walked behind it and went further up to find a secret after hidden waterfall behind the cliff.

Later that night/very early in the morning some of the student managed to see the Northern Lightsunfortunately the rest of us were asleep!




After getting up about 7:00 we went to have breakfast and make our sandwiches for lunch. We started off the day with a walk down to the pebble beaches to see the basalt rock formations which we were allowed to stand on to have pictures taken.

The seas of Iceland are some of the most dangerous shores so we could not go for a swim which really nobody wanted to do due to the cold anyway.

We then travelled down to a small sea side town called Vik to see amazing basalt caves after which we went to see the Dyrholaey; large costal arch thought to have been created by a underwater eruption. This area is full of wild life such as puffins but unfortunately nobody saw any.

Later we went to another of Iceland’s great waterfalls, Skogafuss where we climbed up 60m high stairs to the top and stood on an iron mess platform suspended from the side closest to the waterfall. After doing the walk up the mountains and adding stones to stone piles that symbolise how many people have gone up that mountain, we went down to the folk museum where we learned about Icelandic history and culture.

We saw tools made hundreds of years ago, they were made out of bones because Iceland has a very Supernova – Elizabeth Bradshaw short supply of wood and next to no large forests. At end the day we went to Solheimajokull - this glacier is one of several outlets from Myrdalsjokull icecap. Located in an 8km long valley, this glacier has been retreating since the end of the 19th century at a rate of approximately 100m/yr. At the source of the glacier lies one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes Katla.

Next we got on the bus and continued our journey to Gullfoss which is a double waterfall and also the most photographic water fall to see. This waterfall falls into mile long gorge, and finally to end the day with a bang we went to see visit the spectacular Geysers and hot springs; it is here where “Strokkur” erupts every 5-7 minutes reaching a height of up to 30 metres. We then went to see the Mid – Atlantic Ridge which was amazing! After this busy day we were back in the same hotel from night 1 but on the top floor that had very stylish modern bedrooms. Finally we went to the hamburger factory which is an amazing burger house with amazing burgers, and then went bowling!!


Day five was the last day of going out and there was no better way of ending it than whale watching where we all saw dolphins, minky whale, Humpback whale and many other once in a life time animals, this was great fun and everybody enjoyed it. After returning to port we went on a final look around shops and then we went ice skating which was very good but a bit embarrassing when you fell over and winded yourself but was a great way to end the trip!

We then went to the final hotel by the airport where we had tea and had fun, we also said good bye to our bus driver and tour guide who were great!


We Left Iceland with Great memories to treasure! Goodbye Iceland.


before After an early wake up about 6:30 we packed up and had breakfast and made our sandwiches for lunch. We then set off on the coach. Today we were going to Sagnagardur soil Conservation, The Visitor centre at Gunnarsholt - The effects of volcanic eruptions, huge floods and strong winds, along

with public scepticism about trying to reduce the effects of the forces of nature.

Later in the day we went to Kerid - A dramatic volcanic crater lake, originally believed to be formed by a huge volcanic explosion. Yet more thorough studies show that Kerid was a cone volcano which erupted and emptied its magma reserve, this was an amazing sight to see.

Special thanks to Miss Brown, Mrs Taylor, Mr. Groves and Mr. Norbury who organised and took us to Iceland!

Middle School Newlands Trip Reported by: Bradley Rimmer My time at Newlands was memorable in many ways. One of my favourite moments was when we went canoeing. It was the Year 8’s first activity, getting off the bus literally an hour before. We had to bring a spare pair of clothes in case we capsized, which we all did! After getting ready and canoeing out to sea, we got into a circle and discussed games that we would be playing. We did loads! My personal favourite was World Domination. You would start off with a country of your choice, and had to touch the back of each person’s canoe to make them become part of your country. If you manage to get everyone to be the same country, then the person who started with it won the game. We carried on canoeing till we reached a tiny island, were we jumped into the shallow part of the river and got completely drenched. The whole time we were followed a different group, in which they were on kayaks. We swapped over and headed back. It was a great weekend!

Kayaking and canoeing Canoeing was fantastic! Reported by: Chelsea Lodge When we went it was raining. We got wet before we even go in the boat. We paddled to the middle of the lake and we had to make a raft out of the boats. We did that by bringing the boats together and then we had to hold on to each other’s boat. Then we had to walk across the boats and we had to dip our heads in the water. It was scary because we thought we were going to fall into the water. Then paddle to a little island. And we all got in the water and had a swim. It was freezing cold. Then we played a game of stuck in the mud but on boats. We only got stuck once. After that we played another game. It is called evolution. We start off as a fish and find another boat who is also a fish and one of us plays rock paper scissors against the other boat. If you win you get to evolve. This carries on, the first person to reach human and then go against the instructor at rock paper scissors and win is the winner. However if you lose the rock paper scissors you have to start again. Then we headed back to the dock and put the boats away and got dried.

Middle School Newlands Trip Ghyll scrambling Reported by: Chelsea Lodge On Friday the 6th June the school participated on a trip to Newlands Adventure Centre and the children who went to the Lake District did many activities, one of them being ghyll scrambling.

Reported by: Bradley Hickman & Michael Goodyear

All of the groups from A-I climbed the mountain to take part in some gill scrambling and there were many slides, jumps and climbs. One jump that stood out from the rest that scared and frightened the children the most was called the washing machine. This jump consisted of standing on the edge of a small but big cliff and jumping off into a pool surrounded by big rocks but the children were not forced to do anything they didn’t want to do which made the children feel like they should try and do every jump and slide that stood before them.

The woods was very fun because of all the good activities! I really enjoyed the tarzan swing.

If you didn’t know what ghyll scrambling is when you climb a mountain and clamber down a stream which is known as a ghyll in the Lake District and the scrambling simply means that you have to climb through the river which is known as scrambling. It wasn’t just the children who enjoyed doing the ghyll scrambling our own Mrs Seddon participated which was fun for the children.

Climbing Reported by: Grace McCormack & Grace Walsh We went climbing. We had to drive to a little church where we then had to walk up to a massive rock. It was a very long walk but it was worth it. When we got there it was freezing cold. We split up into three groups and started climbing. It was all about teamwork because the person climbing had to have a person pulling them. And the person pulling the climber had to have 3 or 4 people pulling the rope so that the climber didn’t fall. Most of the group got to the top of the rock. The scariest part about it though was coming down. We had to lean back and put our feet on the wall, and slowly walk/jump down. At this point the pullers are getting pulled above the ground and hovering. We had to tie a special knot so that we could hoist the climber up. The knot was called a monkey knot and we got taught how to tie one. We went outside and climbed on a real rock were as some of the other groups had to climb indoors as it was raining and it were too dangerous to climb out side. Some people were really good at climbing; they were like monkeys IN THE JUNGLE SWINGING FROM TREE TO tree in search of bananas. It was really hard but we managed it.

I really liked the zip wire it was really exciting. All the activities were fun and mostly everyone liked them! The trip was an amazing idea and we really enjoyed it.

Year 8 Graduation Ball Reported by: Mrs Seddon The end of Year 8 is always an exciting time as the children from Middle School progress into the College. To mark this event we held an end of Year 8 ball, which was held in the Great Hall. Based on a chosen theme of “Masked Red Carpet” the Hall was decorated beautifully with a red, black and gold colour theme. Masked mannequins were dressed to enhance the fabulous fireplace, while two masked Oscar type models at the entrance to the hall to greet the guests. Thanks must go to all the staff involved in making the venue look so delightful. The staff were excited as they waited for the first guests to arrive and were very impressed by the mature and tasteful way in which the pupils attired themselves for the occasion. Arriving in a mixture of vehicles from modest cars to luxurious limousines, every one of the Year 8 students had clearly made an effort and looked fabulous. From James Bond look a likes, to super cool “Sloanes” glamorous glitz to understated elegance, we felt very proud of them all as I am sure all their parents did. After a succession of photographs, the pupils sat down to a delicious 3 course meal, provided in house by our caterers. The meal was lovely and well enjoyed by all. Once coffee had been served, the awards presentation took place. Every student won an award, for a wide variety of reasons, some of which were serious but most humorous. Even Mr Shaw received an award. The dancing commenced and it was lovely to see every pupil up on the dance floor enjoying themselves, along with some of the staff. It was a lovely end to an excellent year for the students and we wish them well for the next stage of their education within the College. Photos from this event can still be purchased online at

Year 11 Leavers Prom 2014

Reported by: Mrs Taylor This year the annual Year 11 Leavers Prom took place at The Metro in Southport on Friday 6th June. This new venue proved to be a great location and the evening was a huge success and enjoyed by all. This event is always a great occasion where pupils and staff enjoy each other’s company and reminisce – and we were helped to do so by a fantastic photo and video show (huge thanks to Jade!) which was a real trip down Memory Lane. Special thanks to the ladies from The Hub which has been now renamed Scarisbrick Spa!! Dresses and outfits had been the buzz of the classrooms in the previous few weeks and all looked outstanding. Pupil’s departed at midnight for an after-party – and from all accounts this was a perfect end to a great night.

All Photographs taken by Ollie Gyte

Photos from this event can still be purchased online at

College Reward trip to Alton Towers

Fundraising at Scarisbrick Hall

The Big Toddle Reported by: Liz Fortune On Wednesday 25th June Nursery and Pre-School completed a ‘Big Toddle’ around the grounds of school to raise money for Barnardos. All children took part regardless of their age. Our babies and toddlers walked through the woods to the lake, fed the ducks and then returned for a sing along with Mrs McWilliams on the lawn. We were accompanied by some very eager mummies, aunties and nanna’s which is always lovely to see. Pre School completed a ‘Bush Tucker’ assault course in Jungle Forest. This was led by Will our Forest School teacher and the other very eager Pre School staff! The children loved the challenge of climbing, scrambling, rolling and balancing. The session was topped off with a wonderful tray of ‘smores’ and hot chocolate. A big well done to all of the children and families for raising over £550 so far and also to our very dedicated Early Years team for making the morning such a success.

Year 7 Charity Day Reported by: Mrs Seddon As part of our form time studies in Year 7 this year, we have been looking at different charities and how we support them. During our discussions, it came to light that Mrs Whitfield in our first school, has for a number of years been, part of a group of volunteers who go out to Bukoyani in Kenya on an annual basis. Bukoyani is a small village in East Kenya with very poor resources and historically little educational provision. For a number of years, Mrs Whitfield and the volunteers have been taking out books and equipment for the local school and they have provided some of the funding for the development of new school buildings. We have seen photographs and pictures of Bukoyani and the children who live there and were so impressed by the charitable work being done that we decided we wanted to help. We decided to hold a charity event which we would organise ourselves. We arranged a series of activities for First School, including a teddy bear treasure hunt, a disco session and a party games session all of which we would run under the supervision of the teachers. We also offered a car washing service to parents as well as afternoon tea, served by Year 7 pupils using cookies made by Year 7 pupils! We then arranged for an after school disco for Years 4-7, which we held in the Chapel. Simple pizza and chips was provided and drinks and sweets were also available. Despite some people getting very wet doing the car wash and the pizza being so good that we ran out, it was an excellent day and we were delighted to say we raised very nearly ÂŁ600 for Mrs Whitfield to use towards resources for the school. We are also hoping she will be able to get one girl and one boy from the school to maintain contact with us and let us know how our money is being used and how else we could help them in the future. Many thanks to all those parents who either supported the event by coming to school and having their car washed or enjoying afternoon tea. Equally many thanks to those of you who kindly sent in donations, your generosity is much appreciated.

Scarisbrick Hall School PFA News Reported by: Jacqui Padden As the term comes to a close, the PFA would like to thank everyone who has been involved with our fundraising events so far, be it helping out, sponsoring events, or simply coming along and showing your support. It has been greatly appreciated. Our 50th celebration at Southport Pleasureland was a great success. We were lucky with the fabulous weather which added nicely to the traditional summer fayre. With donkey rides, old-style activities, stalls, live music and food, it was great to see so many families turn out to support the event and celebrate 50 years of Scarisbrick School. However, no traditional fayre would be complete without a set of stocks and a headmaster to welcome a few (and a few more) ice cold wet sponges being thrown his way. Oh how they queued for this activity! Thank you to everyone who supported this event, by being there, helping on the day, or providing sponsorship. A special thank you to Pleasureland and for their generosity in allowing us to use the arena space, not to mention giving free ride tokens to all the children – many thanks indeed. Please do come along and join the PFA when we meet again in the new school year, the more the merrier! Have a wonderful summer.

Scarisbrick Sports

Sports Leaders Super Star Event Reported by: Miss Walmsley Wednesday 4th June saw the first event that the Sports Leaders from College organise an event for First School. They decided to organise a Super Star Event for the pupils which saw them participate in jumping, hula hooping, obstacle course and penalty shoot out. Each pupil from First School got to have a go at each different station throughout the afternoon. On each station pupils received points on how well they completed the task. The points were then all added together. The Sports Leaders held a cake sale on Friday before half term which saw them raise ÂŁ75. This money went towards organising medals, certificates and sweets for all the children. They decided they would give medals to 3 pupils for each year group. These were decided by the overall winner for having the most amount of points, one for sportsmanship and one for effort. It was a brilliant afternoon and seeing the older pupils work with the younger pupils was a joy and shows how the Sports Leaders course has been a great success for the pupils.

Sefton Cross Country Competition Reported by: Miss Walmsley Thursday 15th May saw the arrival of the annual Sefton Cross Country which takes place at Stanley High School in Southport. This year we had a number of pupils who took part from Year 3,4,5 & 6. All the pupils put in 100% effort and we had some fantastic results showing that their training in the Cross Country Challenge has really paid off. Faye Bayman deserves a special mention for finishing in 1st place in the Year 5 girls race, an amazing achievement! Well done to all pupils who took part look forward to starting training again in September.

U11 Netball Tournament Reported by: Miss Walmsley On Monday 19th May saw the U11 Netball team attend their last netball tournament on the netball fixtures. The tournament took place at Stanley High School and we played numerous schools in the Sefton area. The team played really well and with 2 wins and 3 draws we were feeling pretty nervous when the results were being read out. Scarisbrick Hall came second in the tournament which is an amazing achievement and shows all their hard work training and practising had paid off. Well done girls! We would like to give Marla Pearson a special mention as she won the shoot out game that was running throughout the event - Well done Marla!

Scarisbrick Hall U9 Football Tournament 2014 Reported by: Miss Headley Scarisbrick Hall School U9 Football Competition 2014 was held on Monday 16th June this year and was a huge success. We had 8 local primary schools all battling to get through to the final and win the medals and trophy! The 8 teams were split into 2 groups, with Scarisbrick Hall entering a team into each group, both teams got off to a flying start with a win over Pinfold Primary School and Asmall Primary School. Unfortunately we didn't manage to qualify through to the semi finals but a huge well done to all players, some of whom are only just discovering their love and talent in the game! A big congratulations to Burscough St Johns who managed to beat Parbold Douglas in a nail biting final that was decided on penalties! We look forward to hosting the event again next year! Well done to all players involved and thank you to all the Sports Leaders from the College for your help on the day!

Sporting Fixture vs Castle Rushden High School Reported by: Miss Walmsley Saturday 21st June saw Scarisbrick Hall host a Saturday fixture of rounders and netball to Castle Rushden High School who were touring from the Isle of Man. The sun was shining and the U13 teams were filled with enthusiasm to play the touring school. We started off with rounders which saw Scarisbrick Hall draw 1 match and unfortunately lose the other by only 1 rounder. We then moved on to the junior playground to play the netball fixtures and saw the girls play some amazing netball and show their potential for up and coming fixtures for 2014/15 season. The girls thoroughly enjoyed playing the Isle of Man team and we hope to visit them to return the fixture in the near future. Well done girls.

Middle School & College Rounders Reported by: Miss Markey Our first rounders game of the season was played on home soil against Range High School. We had 4 teams from Years 7-10, for our Year 7 team it was their first game as a team and they showed some excellent fielding only allowing the Range to score 1 rounder, claiming a win for their first game. Year 8s went on to win their game 5-3. Year 9 and 10 games were both very close with both teams missing out on a win by ½ a rounder. These girls played some excellent rounders and showed a promising start to the season. Thursday 12th June saw our next games of the season, our teams travelled to Greenbank High School to play against Christ the King and Greenbank. The Year 7 team played some very good rounders and again managed to secure a win against two very good teams. Our Year 8,9 and 10 teams showed some great fielding but unfortunately could not show the same form when they came into bat. All teams narrowly missing out on the wins.

Senior ISA Athletics Reported by: Miss Markey Tuesday 10th July saw the annual senior ISA athletics competition held

at Robin Park, Wigan. We took 44 students from across Years 7,8,9 and 10.

The weather was on our side and the students were in high spirits as we entered Robin Park Arena Stadium. First races of the day for Scarisbrick Hall were the Relay heats, some excellent performances resulted in Year 7 girls, Year 9 boys, Year 10 girls and Year 10 boys all progressing through to the finals.

As the day went on our students continued to excel themselves, on the track in the 100m metres James Bullock, Tosin Oyebola, Valerie Tchikhiaeva and Richard Michell all making it through their heats to secure themselves a place in the final. In the 200m event Francesca Medlicott, Will Bell, Tosin Oyebola and Richard Michell showed excellent technique and speed to also take a place in the final.

Throughout the day pupils attended their field events, with the results continuing to show the hard work and dedication of the pupils was paying off.

The following pupils won their events and earned themselves a place in the North team for the National Athletic Championships; Molly O’Donoghue -1st Javelin; Francesca Medlicott -Long jump, Ross Krige - Discus and Connor Birch -Shot Putt.

In the track finals James Bullock 5th, Tosin Oyebola (100m) 5th, Valerie Tchikhiaeva 2nd, Richard Michell 5th, Francesca Medlicott 1st, Will Bell 4th, Tosin Oyebola 2nd and Richard Michell 4th.

The pupils’ hard work and dedication towards the athletic season has shown its worth in the results, 5 pupils achieved a place on the North team for the National finals in 6 events.

Well done to all pupils involved and thank you for your hard work and dedication over the past months.

Junior ISA Athletics Competition Reported by: Mr Groves Another year brought the annual Junior ISA Athletics Sports Day which was held at Robin Park in Wigan. Scarisbrick Hall pupils had worked hard on their individual events in the weeks leading up to the competition and this reflected in their performances on the day. Excellent performances were coming thick and fast from Scarisbrick Hall with 3 pupils making the National Athletic finals in 4 events with Francesca Medlicott winning the 150m and long jump in her fields and Holly Egglesden and Faye Bayman achieving highly in their 600m race to qualify them all for the National Championships. Everybody who took part and competed at such a high level, had a great day and we are proud of their achievements. We now have the inspiration to achieve even higher next year!

ISA Athletics National Competition After many students took part in ISA against schools within their county, some fortunate winners got through to National level to compete once again against people from different Counties this time; including South London, North London and the Midlands. The Nationals was held in Birmingham, which took 2 hours to get to on one of the school minibuses. Everyone was complimented for their good behaviour and easily made friends with people from the North, who was now our school’s new group. Any time the North achieved in their event, it was an accomplishment not just for the North, but also for the individual. It was the best performance Scarisbrick Hall School has accomplished and nearly everyone won a medal in their event - well done.

• Joe Finnegan came 1st in the Relay and 5th in 600m event.

• Molly O’Donoghue came 1st in the Javelin event.

• Francesca Medlicott came 1st in her Long Jump and 1st in her 200m running event

• Valerie Tchikhiaeva came 3rd in her 4x100m Relay

• Bradley Hickman came 3rd in the relay

• Ross Krige came 2nd in the Discus

• Faye Bayman came 1st in the Relay, 3rd in 75m and 5th in the 600m

Fantastic effort by all pupils, well done!

First School Sports Day 2014 Reported by: Mr McCoy First School Sports Day was another wonderful event held during the last week of term. All children from Pre School through to Y4 participated in a variety of events. The events were designed to incorporate many of the skills that we teach them during the weekly PE and games lessons, and more importantly every child participated in every event. The sprint races were very competitive, as was the traditional three-legged race. One of the new 'interesting' races was an obstacle relay race with a full cup of water - the winners were the team with the most water left in the cup once every runners had completed the course. Needless to say we did have some wet children at the end ... and an empty cup! The Y4 children participated in a tug-ofwar, for the final event and it became hugely competitive between the two halves of the class - even when Mr Meredith joined in with one of the teams. After the children had worked so hard and participated so well during the morning we felt that it was their turn to sit down and watch an event the parents tug-of-war. Parents didn't need to be asked twice to participate, they came up in droves to take part ... the mums even took part in their high-heels. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching their parents take part in an event and I think that the parents got the loudest cheer of the day. Holroyd Howe also provided an amazing array of snacks and refreshments for the parents on what turned out to be a brilliant morning of fun, competition and teamwork. Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope that you had as much fun and enjoyment as we did.

First School Sports Day 2014 Continued ...

Reported by: Year 2 Year 2 really enjoyed Sports Day! It was great fun taking part in the races and we had fun watching all the other classes! We were shouting loudly for all our brothers and sisters and loved watching the parents doing the Tug of War!

Reported by: Year 3 We loved Sports Day. It started with singing Every Journey! Then we raced in our classes. We liked that we got stickers even when we didn't finish first! Our favourite was the Water Relay. It was hard not to get soaked when we had to carry the cups full of water as fast as we could around the cones and back to our team mates! The funniest part of the morning was the Parents Tugof-War. Some parents were wearing high heeled shoes and it was a surprise that they did not fall over!! Then we finished with a sing and dance to 'Happy!'

Middle School & College Sports Day 2014 Reported by: Mr Groves & Miss Walmsley Sports Day was a huge success, helped massively by the fine weather holding for the day. There were a number of outstanding achievements throughout the day and huge enthusiasm shown by pupils and staff. All pupils were involved in the day and all competed in many events for their houses; Oxley, Wyburn, Raynor and Poulton. There were some outstanding individual achievements throughout the day and many school records were broken. Kiera-Ellie Morley took 1 minute off the previous record held by her sister in the 1500m, Francesca Medlicott taking a massive 4 seconds off the previous 200m time and achieving a personal best of 27.61, Harry Boardman added 8ms to the cricket ball recording with an amazing throw of 29.10m. The end of the morning sessions saw the tug of war, with the staff team going against the winning house and then against the Year 10 team, plus a few added extras. Going into the afternoon session Raynor were out in front, but it was a close race between Oxley, Poulton and Wyburn. Valerie Tchikhiaeva said “Everyone really tried in their events and encouraged each other when others were doing their sport, which created a nice atmosphere”. “The houses at Sports Day were very competitive and there was a great outcome to all the events.” Lucy Hussey and Sukhbir Singh. Overall a very successful day with many parents attending and the hospitality suite open. Every year Sports Day gets bigger and better and we look forward to new ideas, new events and a bigger day every year. Well done to all competitors and to Raynor house winning on the day and the runners up Poulton. Well done to everyone involved!!

Uniform for September 2014 As you may know, the John Cheatle Group who owned the Rawcliffes branches of schoolwear stores, went into administration in April this year, this helps explains the issues with uniform delivery that some parents have experienced over the last 12 months. We are however, now pleased to confirm that the Southport store has been acquired by Whittakers Schoolwear. Whittakers have a Head Office and warehouse facility based in Blackburn, with branches in Bolton, Burnley, Swinton and Accrington – and now Southport. The store remains on the corner of London Street and Hoghton Street; and your contacts at the store remain the same: • •

Lorna Brown Andy Dickenson

Branch Manager Assistant Manager

The telephone number also remains the same; 01704 533394. Whittakers have confirmed the following opening hours and additional opening for Scarisbrick Hall School parents only:

Opening hours are:! • •

Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm! Sunday from 3rd August 10am to 4pm!

Additional opening hours for Scarisbrick Hall School Parents:! • • • • • •

Thursday 31 July             5.30pm – 8pm! Thursday 7 August          5.30pm – 8pm! Thursday 14 August        5.30pm – 8pm! Thursday 21 August        5.30pm – 8pm! Thursday 28 August        5.30pm – 8pm! Thursday 4 September    5.30pm – 8pm  !

! and also on!  ! • Sunday 7 September         10am – 4pm

As before, there will be an online shopping facility that can be accessed on: From the Home Page, click on the Online Shop button and scroll down to Southport Private Schools where you will see a button for Scarisbrick Hall School & College. From here, select the appropriate section of the school uniform you would like to purchase.

Awards Day 2014 Reported by: The Directors This year we are celebrating 50 years of Scarisbrick Hall School, and we believe there could be no better time to have received independent recognition by the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) of our status as an outstanding academic and pastoral care provider. Our theme for Awards Day 2014 was ‘Building a Foundation of Excellence’ and we believe that this independent recognition demonstrates that we have laid the foundation upon which to develop and build for the next fifty years. We do not see the excellent achievements this year as the end but instead, as the beginning of a renewed commitment to excel and exceed for the benefit of all those parents and guardians who trust us with their children to build a foundation of excellence in their lives. The awards give recognition not only of the pupils achievements, but also of the outstanding School Leadership Teams, the quality of teaching and the commitment of all our staff that make up the family of Scarisbrick Hall School, and in particular the pupils whose achievements we celebrate on Awards Day.

Mr Chapman did a fantastic finale performance singing ‘My Way’. Scott is an ex pupil here at Scarisbrick Hall School and is now working here on our peripatetic team helping our pupils reach their potential in singing.

A Wordle of Mr Shaw’s Award’s Day Speech.

Day Awards 2014

F R I D AY 4 T H J U LY • F LO R A L H A LL , S O U T H P O RT

Awards Day 2014

Reported by: Mr McCoy After many years of service two of our members of staff are taking retirement this summer. Mrs Jenny Whitfield has been with us at school since January 1992, more than 22 years! She has worked with our youngest children in what was originally our 'Kindergarden' class. She has also worked extensively across the Early Years and has been in the Reception class over the last few years. Her lovely, warm, caring nature will be missed around school but we wish her all the very best for her retirement and hope that she find the time to come back and visit us all. Mrs Kate McWilliams joined the school in September of 1998 and has 'clocked up' 16 excellent years at school. She has been involved in every production and performance and has helped shape the high standards of performance and presentation that we have become so well known for. Whilst taking retirement from teaching, Mrs McWilliams will still be coming into school next year as a peripatetic music teacher - she just can't stay away! I would like to thank them both for their commitment and passion when teaching our children and wish them both a very happy and relaxing retirement.

Reported by: Mr Shaw This year sees the retirement of Mr Gouldbourne. Mr Gouldbourne has been a true legend in the English Department, inspiring a passion for the subject in the students he has taught. We will fondly miss his assemblies, witty plays and wise voice in the staff room. One of the more memorable moments of the year was his version of the 'Zulu' which will surely stay in or memories for a long time to come.

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