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4 Reasons Why your business need Custom CRM System

Managing this relationship is crucial to build customer loyalty, which in turn affects revenue. In the past, this meant keeping bulky files on customers in heavy metal cabinets. However, today, successful companies rely on web Custom CRM systems and applications to automate processes and expedite customer travel through the sales funnel.

In summary, web-based CRM systems are critical for tracking your customers and automating workflows. The problem is that ready-to-use CRMs come with features that are expensive and overrated. While they can offer a solution for your business, sometimes what your company needs is an application adapted exclusively to your needs, and that is a custom web-based CRM application.

Top 4 Reasons to Create a Custom CRM system for your business

So, instead of investing tons of money in a complicated and cumbersome CRM software package, why not create an optimized and designed CRM application at a fraction of the cost? It may seem a daunting task, but building a web CRM from scratch with Archiz takes much less time than it would take to customize another vendor's CRM suite.

Do you need more convincing? Below are the four main reasons for creating your own custom CRM Software.

1. Custom CRM applications are customized according to your exact needs

Pre-constructed CRM solutions are created to attract most companies. They are packed with all kinds of functions and features that may not even be useful for your unique workflows. These additional features only add to the complexity of the suite, and complexity is expensive both in time and money. This means that your teams will take more time learning the system instead of nurturing contacts and customers. Worse, they might even have to adjust their current workflow to fit the tool!

However, with a custom web-based CRM, you get exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Because the CRM application is well designed based on the workflow that your teams are already familiar with, training your team members takes less time.

2. Better integration with your business operations

From lead generation to sales and from customer service to technical

support, your daily operations will be executed more efficiently when your CRM system is integrated into several departments. By using a low code platform like Archiz to create a custom CRM system, you have the opportunity to integrate your new CRM into the entire business without interrupting other existing workflows.

3. Escape from strong prices Most CRM "solutions" are priced per user, a concept of the business age that many software companies still hold on to today. This model does not match reality, where most organizations have different needs for use in different groups. For example, while vendors need daily access to a CRM, other departments may only need to log in occasionally.

With Archiz, you don't have to worry about this. Archiz gives you complete control over how many employees to include at no additional cost. In addition, the incremental cost of adding new solutions to existing applications is also very low.

4. Create CRM-centric applications for different departments A custom CRM application is an incredibly valuable asset that is at the center of many procedures throughout the organization. With Archiz, all departments are empowered to create applications based on the same CRM database with ease.

For example, the marketing team can create a survey application by accessing the central CRM database. The support department can create a ticket system while the sales team can create an interactive sales panel.

What does this mean for your organization? Not only does it allow several departments to create their own custom CRM system, but it also ensures that customer data remains accurate, consistent and available in these departments. All teams can interact with confidence with any customer knowing that they have updated data in their back pocket.

Create a Custom CRM Application with Archiz

Custom CRM applications have worked wonders for both large companies and small and medium businesses. In the case of Direct Line Cruises, a cruise booking agency based in New York, provided an effective way to manage customer data and track every interaction to provide excellent service. With the help of the Archiz low-code platform, they were able to implement more than 100 applications, including very necessary custom CRM applications for their agents.

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4 Reasons Why your business need Custom CRM System  

Best CRM SOFTWARE | Align With your Sales, Marketing and Support process strategies with customers intent |Enrich their overall experience w...

4 Reasons Why your business need Custom CRM System  

Best CRM SOFTWARE | Align With your Sales, Marketing and Support process strategies with customers intent |Enrich their overall experience w...