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the indian review of world furniture, interiors and design

volume 18 . issue 04 . july - august 2021

“Villas should be a serene and pure place of meditation, and architects must design solutions that solve practical challenges.”

AR. ARVIND JAIN Principal Architect, AJ Architects, Bengaluru

focus : villas

high flier : ar. amit khanna

tribute : giraben sarabhai

THE SHADED HOUSE,AHMEDABAD Prashant Parmar Architects (Shayona Consultants), Ahmedabad

brick-clad walls. With a simple white frame as the base element, a mild steel screen adds character to the design. It overlooks the green spaces, cuts out harsh sunlight and creates an interplay of light and shadow.

Design brief and aim To a design a 4BHK bungalow and garden space.


The open layout vestibule allows transition from one space to another, and the entry lends a volumetric difference from triple-height to doubleheight. The bright and spacious living room features nude-colored seating, stone-clad walls and sunlight coming in through tall windows that connect to the front garden. This is a source of light and ventilation for the ground floor, and an entertainment space for the family.

photography : : inclined studio


How this was accomplished The project comprises spacious, semi-covered green terraces at all levels, with natural light permeating through the mild steel trellis. The 45 ft. by 90-ft. plot was surrounded by buildings on three sides, which left only the frontage open for natural light, aeration and establishing a visual connection. A self-shading façade was created with elevated gardens on the southeast, which were created out of grey cubes clad with MCM and

The dining space is connected to the prayer room on the northeastern side, acting as a triple-height central core. Large windows throughout the house bring in natural light, while the staircase and elevator act as vertical transitions to the floors. The first floor holds three bedrooms that feature Italian marble flooring and décor. The second level has an entertainment room and a huge, shaded terrace garden on the southeast façade. The screening in the ceiling lends ornamentation to the house, provides shelter from the sun and creates different light patterns throughout the day.