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Perfection Through

Sacred Geometry.

Pranav Sethi.

Index 1. Introduction


2. Overview of Case Studies


3. Two Dimensional Geometry

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4. Three Dimensional Geometry

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5. Omnipresence Of Geometry

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6. Geometry & Symbolism

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7. Sacred Geometry In Religion

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8. Freemasonry & Geometry

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9. Sacred Geometry of Human Body

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10. Gematria

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11. Geometry Of New Delhi & Washington, D.C.

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1. Introduction

1.1 Background The study is based on a holistic view of geometry in mystery schools (Freemasonry), religions (Hinduism & Sikhism) and other phenomena like sacred geometry as an inspiration for recent/ contemporary designs of logos, buildings, city planning etc. Two of prominent examples of cities based on occult geometrical forms includes Washington, D.C. & New Delhi. Some universal facts about geometry have been studied and compiled here, along some personal observations I've made.

1.2 Research Questions Some of the questions around which the research revolves areWhy does geometry exist everywhere? Is there a designer behind the universe? Are religions actually connected the way their use of geometry is? Can we study sacred geometry to produce perfect designs in contemporary times?

1.3 Methodology a. Topic Selection b. Data Collection (blogs, online articles, live studies, maps, books, documentaries etc.) c. Case Study d. Conclusion e. Compilation 1

2. Overview Of Case Studies

2.1 Relevance Of The Chosen Study Based on the documentary (Secrets In Plain Sights by Scott Onstott), which explains the encrypted symbols in the city of Washington, D.C., I decided to relate it with my own city (New Delhi), which is inspired from Washington (as mentioned in the book Monumental Washington by John Reps). I traced the symbols hidden in the plan of Lutyen's Zone of New Delhi & I found the similar symbols as in Washington.

2.2 Study & Observation Of The Case Both the cities have active headquarters of a mystery school (Freemasonry), which is in the focus of the plan of the cities. This mystery school claims to be the oldest one (five millennia) in human history, formed by the masons and builders of the pyramids of Egypt. I found this case study relevant as this is the oldest source of sacred geometry. Esoteric symbols have remained same since the establishment of the society in Egypt, which can be found throughout the world. Hence, if today's aspiring architects study these ancient works, they'll be able to create designs that are monumental in nature.


3. Two Dimensional Geometry 3.1 Introduction The smallest geometrical figure is a point. It is non dimensional. Then comes the first dimension that is used for lines (extending infinitely in opposite directions/ 180 degrees). When two perpendicular lines bisect each other perpendicularly, then two axes, namely 'X' & 'Y' are formed extending infinitely in all four directions from the intersection of two perpendicular lines.

Figure 3.1.1. A 2D Plane.

A two dimensional plane can be used to create countless flat figures, but some of the 2D figures are categorized as standard as they are used as a prototype universally. Three of the elementary forms that compose basic 2D geometry are squares, triangles & circles.

Figure 3.1.2. Triangle, Square & Circle.


Square: A square is considered as a unit in many geometrical systems (eg: Vastu Shastra's nine squared grid & Cartesian's Plane). It is so because a square is a nondirectional shape. It is considered to be sacred by most of the world religions & cultures, hence a square can be seen in the plans of buildings throughout the globe since time unknown. Triangle: A triangle is a closed figure with the least number of sides. This not only makes it functionally stable but also symbolically important, especially in religious arts. An equilateral triangle is the most widely used type of triangle because of its symmetry, balance & stability. Circle: Circle is the most mysterious shape in two dimensions. It is a circle that led to the discovery of mysterious numerical values like pi & the golden ratio. Because it has no corners or ends and the infinite number of sectors it can have, it cannot be completely understood in two dimensions, i.e. to learn more about a circle's properties, we must extrude it into a 3D form.

3.2 Polygons Polygons are the enclosed 2D figures that are composed of 3 or more intersecting lines or sides. Since 3 is the minimum number of sides that make up a polygon, triangle is the smallest polygon. But usually, the word polygon refers to the figures with five or more sides. So this makes a pentagon the smallest polygon. There is no limit to the number of sides a polygon may have. Regular polygons are the ones that can be circumscribed by a circle. These polygons are the ones in which all the angles and sides are equal, making them symmetrical/visually balanced, which is why regular polygons are regarded as sacred forms in many religions.


Figure 3.2.1. Regular Polygons

Regular polygonal shaped plans can be seen in historical structures & even in the modern ones. It is so because these shapes are a little more complex, and sometimes even more attractive than the elementary shapes, but apart from this, there is also a lot of symbolic importance that these shapes have, which is shared in the further chapters.

Figure 3.2.2. Dome Of The Rock, Jerusalem, Israel; The Pentagon, Washington, DC, United States.

Some of the widely used regular polygons in architecture include pentagon, hexagon, octagon, decagon & dodecagon. Polygons with even number of sides are seen more commonly in architecture, again because of symmetry and visual balance. 5

Also, from an architectural perspective, polygons have obtuse interior angles, which make their interiors spacious.

3.3 Polygrams (Stars) Polygrams are those geometrical figures that may either be derived by composing polygons or even by extending the sides of polygons beyond their points of intersections till their next intersection.

Figure 3.3.1. Polygons & Polygrams.


Regular polygrams are the ones with equal angles & sides. A star shape in geometry is nothing but a polygram. Some widely known examples include pentagram, hexagram, heptagram, octagram, enneagram, dodecagram etc. Polygrams may further be divided into two types, i.e. implicit polygrams and explicit polygrams. Implicit refers to the ones in which the sides of a polygon intersect again after extending them, while explicit are the ones in which the sides of an implicit polygram intersect again beyond their first intersection.

Figure 3.3.2. Implicit & Explicit Octagrams.

Unicursal hexagram is a unique explicit polygram. It is so because it is not derived directly from its polygonal prototype, i.e. hexagram, unlike the other polygrams. It is so because an implicit hexagram has parallel sides, which if extended beyond intersection, will never meet.

Figure 3.3.3. Unicursal Hexagram.


So far, we can see that humans are attracted towards orderly arrangements, which is why regular polygons and polygrams have been used more in general, over irregular forms.

3.4 Curves Circles have a simple appearance but are actually very complex, which is why, endless forms can be derived from circles, e.g. segments. Segments may be used to create further more complex forms like an arc, vesica piscis, ellipse etc. This forms are more than just important in terms of sacred geometry.

Figure 3.4.1. Arc, vesica piscis & an ellipse.

Organic architecture is a branch which is possible only after an in depth study of curves. Most of it is inspired from natural manifestations, whether the design is of an airplane or of a stadium, organic forms are inspired by natural things or living beings.

Figure 3.4.2. The Gherkin, Saint Mary Axe, London, England; A Pine Cone


Figure 3.4.3. A hawk & an American stealth bomber airplane.

Pi and the golden ratio are two of the examples of numbers that can only be understood through circles and curves. These two are not only known by different civilizations, but also considered to be sacred by most of them. The non repeating nature of pi was also compared to eternity by ancient Egyptians. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the golden ratio is not just a theoretical work, but can be seen in man made to natural objects and even in the bodies of living beings. Although curves can be twisted in endless directions, there are also some standard forms into which curves are molded (ellipse, vescica piscis, arches etc.). These forms can be easily spotted in most of the religious buildings in the world.

3.5 The Tetractys, The Unicursal Hexagram & The Explicit Octagram The tetractys is a triangle formed by 10 points.

Figure 3.5.1. Tetractys


Now if we add just 3 points to it, i.e. total 13 points, we get a hexagram.

Figure 3.5.2. 13 pointed hexagram

Both are symbolically important forms, especially the hexagram arrangement. It is found as logos/ seals/ brands. It is because of the occult associations of the geometry formed by the number 13. It is considered to be geometrically sacred.

Figure 3.5.3 The Seal Of Unite States with a 13 star hexagram; DLF Logo (Tetractys).


The regular hexagram is not the only form derived from 13 points, the unicursal hexagram is another important form having 13 points. It is unique because unlike other polygrams, its line segments pass from the centre also. This is another symbolically occult form.

Figure 3.5.4. Unicursal Hexagram

Now another transition that is possible is of a unicursal hexagram into an explicit octagram which is a universally symbolic figure.

Figure 3.5.5. Unicursal hexagram to explicit octagram.


4. Three Dimensional Geometry 4.1 Introduction As we have seen in the previous chapter, there are some elementary forms that are used as standard in geometry. The third dimension is the one in which one more axis (the Z axis) is perpendicular to both 'X' & 'Y' axes of the 2D plane, moving outwards, above or below a sheet. This is a relatively complex dimension. If one wants to extrude a square into a 3D model, one may add up layers of a square shaped 2D base piled up to the desired height, resulting in a cube or a cuboid.

Figure 4.1.1. Third dimension

Three of the elementary 3D forms may be derived from their respective 2D prototypes as they are just an extrusion of the elementary 2D shapes. Three of them are namely cube, tetrahedron & sphere. 12

Figure 4.1.2. Cube, Tetrahedron & Sphere

Cube: A cube is a figure with equal sides in all three dimensions. Just like its 2D prototype, square, it acts as a unit in 3D models. It is symbolically a very important form. It is synonymous to perfection in geometry because of its non directionality. Tetrahedron: A tetrahedron, as the name suggests is a figure with four faces. All the faces in this are equilateral triangles. It is a highly stable form. Although pyramids (four sided/ square based) are widely perceived to be the 3D extrusion of triangles, a tetrahedron is a perfect 3D extrusion of an equilateral triangle. Sphere: A sphere is a circle extruded around its own centre in 3D. Sphere is the mother of many 3D forms, five of which are known as platonic solids. Cube & sphere are also two of the five platonic solids. Namely, the five platonic solids are tetrahedron (4 faces), cube (6 faces), octahedron (8 faces), dodecahedron (12 faces) & icosahedron (20 faces).

4.2 Polyhedra A polyhedron is 3D solid with flat polygonal faces, straight edges and sharp corners. The faces of polyhedra are polygonal. Just like Polygons had two further 13

categories, i.e. polygons and polygrams, similarly, polyhedra are of two types, i.e. convex polyhedra & concave polyhedra. Convex polyhedra include the flat faced polyhedra like the platonic solids, while the concave polyhedra are to convex polygrhedra as polygrams are to polygons in 2D.

Figure 4.2.1. Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Hexahedron (Cube), Icosahedron & Dodecahedron.

Platonic solids too are a category of polyhedra.

4.3 Metatron's Cube The importance of 13 points is also significantly important in 3D. It is so because 13 circles/ spheres lead to a 3D hexagram formation which is known as the metatron's cube. It has an occult symbolic significance too.

Figure 4.3.1. Metatron's cube


It can also be derived from another 2D form known as the flower of life.

Figure 4.3.2. Flower of life to metatron's cube.

Just as in 2D, we can easily relate the tetractys to the 13 pointed hexagram, similarly in 3D, removing 3 points from the hexagram will give us a tetractys back, which is also the elevation of a pyramid with a capstone, which is another significantly symbolic form.

Figure 4.3.3. Pyramid & tetractys relation.

4.4 Pyramid The pyramid is one of the most popular polyhedral forms. Its use can be easily traced back to 5000 years old pyramids, still standing tall in the deserts of Egypt. This form is such a symbolic one, that it is used in almost all the religions and mystery schools across the globe.


Figure 4.4.1. Pyramid of Giza; American one dollar currency note.

An explicit octagram which we derived from the unicursal hexagram can also be further transformed into a 3D form, i.e. a square based, four faced pyramid.

Figure 4.4.2. Explicit octagram to pyramid.

4.5 Miscellaneous Apart from cubes, tetrahedra & spheres, the three elementary figures i.e. square, triangle & circle can also be extruded into some more solids, namely cuboids, prisms, cylinders, cones etc.

Figure 4.5.1.


Actually, unlike combinations of alphabets limits in combination and strict standards, possibilities. Which is why in architecture, though the elementary forms may be the

& numbers, which may have certain geometry, especially in 3D has infinite every structure can be unique, even same.

A theory known as "Less is a bore" by Robert Venturi breaks the bars created by "Less is more" by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. The theory has brought experimental architecture into light. This has made today's cities a little less boring. It is so because this doesn't stick to the regular forms used in modern architecture. Post modern architecture is the order out of the chaos created by modern architecture. The most prominent example of this transformation is the difference between the Seagram's building, (Manhattan, New York City, United States) which is modern & the AT & T building (Manhattan, New York City, United States) which is postmodern.

Figure 4.5.2. Seagram's tower; AT & T tower.

Apart from just buildings, there is more that makes the cities vibrant. In today's world, all the cities have numerous brands. All these brands advertise using different methods, one of which is the big banners and logos floating above the outlets, say there's a huge donut above the donut outlets in American cities, which is an example of how 3D forms are being used to advertise. These 17

methods are effective and the logos have gained more power after popping out of the boards, because they are brighter, clearer & most importantly 3D, which is why they are visible from different angles to a significant radius.

Figure 4.5.3.

Figure 4.5.4. (Clockwise from Left) German car maker Porsche's logo; Porsche Centre, a showroom in Leipzig , Saxony, Germany; Porsche Zentrum test track, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany. The form & the function are at equilibrium here. The overall logo is similar to a rectangle placed on an inverted triangle, which is the exact elevation of the two important buildings of the car maker i.e. a cylinder (above) & an inverted cone (below), another example of advertising in 3D.


5. Omnipresence Of Geometry 5.1 Introduction For a designer, geometry is like light. When a designer looks at or imagines an object, he/she does not just perceive it like a layman. A designer might already be imagining it in a grid, a frame or some way beyond a non-designer's thought. It is because geometry is everywhere, not just on paper. The geometrical figures themselves may be made up of their fractals.

Figure 5.1.1. Pentagram fractals making a pentagram; hexagram fractals making a hexagram in a hexagon.

It is not just objects that are geometrically defined, but if you take a look around, you might not be left with even a single physical thing that isn't defined by geometry. Geometry is everywhere, literally everywhere. Human bodies are a state of the art example of geometrical marvels.

Figure 5.1.2. How a human body fits inside a pentagram and a goat-head in an inverted pentagram; Donald Trump's head in golden ratio.


This tells us that mother nature herself has manifested down to earth through geometry. If an atheist wants a physical proof to become a believer in the supreme spirit, he/she must start with relating geometry of everything visible with questions like 'is this just a coincidence?' The answer is no. There is so much order in everything all around us, which is what this chapter is all about.

5.2 Geometry & The Universe. When someone says the 'universe', the person means to say everything that exists. Although geometry and the universe, both are infinite, there may be repetitions of some geometrical forms. The simplest example is that as a nucleus is to nucleons, so is the Sun to the planets. The analogy here is not just limited to the function, but also is valid in terms of appearance, i.e. form as well as function.

Figure 5.2.1 The solar system and an atom.


The universe is filled with sacred geometry. One cannot be an atheist and call geometry sacred. It is made sacred because it is created. Since we cannot individually prove the geometry of the universe, we may rely on different sources for so. Once you start spotting the intersections of two or more beliefs, ideologies or religions, you will find facts at these intersections. For example, it is a fact that we can see the moon in the sky, so do all the religions say, but it was proved that it is actually a spherical satellite revolving around the earth only when Apollo 11 landed on it.

Figure 5.2.2. Apollo 11 Command/ Service Module Columbia in lunar orbit, photographed from the Lunar Module Eagle.


5.3 Sacred Geometry Of The Solar System. We are all very fortunate to be living. It is so because there are unfathomable facts that make earth a habitable place. The planet we live in has the perfect climate, the perfect gravity, the perfect resources and what not. Although the outer space is abysmally wide, all the planets and the stars follow the same fixed path. Not only this, but it all even has the perfect geometry. There are several beliefs and religions that intersect at one point which is the geometry of the solar system. For instance, hexagram is widely used in different religions, from Hinduism to Judaism. The symbol was used by ancient astrologers as a model for six planets around the sun, while today, but there are several different meanings that a hexagram has for different people.

Figure 5.3.1. Symbol for heart chakra in yoga; National flag of Israel.

Although the ancient beliefs may have been focused on six planets, today we consider 8 planets excluding Pluto. It is not just about the number of planets, the numbers are even more precise in the distances & sizes of earth, sun and moon. The number 108 is considered to be sacred in different beliefs, but the interesting fact is that it is also scientifically proved. The diameter of sun is exactly 108th part of its distance from the earth. Same is the relation between the diameter of moon and its distance from earth. 22

Figure 5.3.2.

The sum of the interior angles of an octagon (1080 degrees), the angles of all the faces of the pyramid of Giza (1080 degrees) and the diameter of the moon is 1080 miles i.e. the same magnitude. This is obviously not a coincidence. Another interesting fact about the number 108 is that although the above mentioned scientific facts have been proved recently (past few decades), Hinduism and Sikhism have been preserving this secret for centuries. The number of beads in a Sikh mala is equal to the number of beads in a Hindu mala (a neckpiece used by priests etc.) i.e. 108.

Figure 5.3.3.


5.4 The Golden Ratio. The golden ratio or the number phi (Ό) is referred to a value that has infinite patterns formed by unique combinations of digits after the decimal point (1.618033988749895‌). It is not just a value with unique mathematical features but when used to create what is called the Fibonacci spiral, it is also very appealing to the human eye. It is a scientific fact that most of the objects that humans find attractive are some way or the other in the golden ratio. This ratio can be seen literally everywhere around us, from flowers to human bodies.

Figure 5.4.1. The Fibonacci Spiral; The golden ratio in nature.


Figure 5.4.2. Le Corbusier's work showing phi in human body.

As mentioned before, geometry is everywhere, even in geometry itself. As a fractal of a geometrical figure makes it up, there are also some different concepts that intersect.

Figure 5.4.3. The pentagram is a very sacred form, which has the golden ratio as well as the sacred number 108 (geometry in geometry). This is why pentagram is used as a symbol by numerous groups & cults.


Since all these geometrical marvels are felt deeply by us, we have also learned to use sacred geometrical figures in our designs as well, spreading the roots of geometry even further. We can easily spot the attempt to apply golden ratio in the man-made designs as well, because it is extremely powerful in terms of attracting humans.

Figure 5.4.4. Use of the golden ratio in the exterior frame of an Aston Martin DB9.

Figure 5.4.5. Golden ratio and 108 degrees in Mercedes Benz's logo.


6. Geometry & Symbolism 6.1 Introduction A symbol is a visual identity of someone, something or a group. Actually something more than just an identity, it is a visual representation of the quality of a character. Logos, emblems & seals are some examples of symbols. Once you become familiar with symbols, you'll find it eas y to know the purpose/ objective of the concerned bodies (to whom the symbols belong).

Figure 6.1.1. Symbols- Nazi Party, United Nations, Indian National Emblem.

Figure 6.1.2. Currency Symbols- Dollar, Euro, Pound & Rupee.

Some symbols are also cryptic in nature, which when decrypted may reveal a secret identity. Symbolism has become a universal method of communication, especially after globalization, which is why the contemporary copyright laws have 27

become very strict along the simultaneous increase of the sensitivity of their use, probably because of the lack of awareness of the subject.

Figure 6.1.3. Symbols that are marked on logos for declaring their authenticity- Trademark, Registered, Copyright & Service Mark.

6.2 Symbolic Geometry Geometry is obviously used in symbols, apart from alphabets and numbers, but the alphabets and numbers themselves are images/ symbols. Consider hieroglyphs, the scripts of ancient Egypt, they are all images. So there is a reason why alphabets and digits look the way they are. Some symbolic geometrical forms, namely pyramid, tetractys, hexagrams etc. have been mentioned in the preceding chapters.

Figure 6.2.1. The unicursal hexagram, pyramid, inverted pentagram & vesica piscis used as symbols for/by, thelema, illuminati, satanism & Ordo Templi Orientis.


In architecture, usually the symbols are hidden in plan. Since esoteric symbols may not be accepted by all directly, a direct view would make it too evident. This method of encrypting the plan with symbols is not only limited to buildings, but sometimes even entire cities.

Figure 6.2.2. A swastika shaped at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, CA, United States; Hexagram blocks & a pentagonal parking at International Airport, Cologne, Germany.

The Swastika is a symbol that is found throughout the world. It has multiple interpretations in different religions. It is also seen in the German Nazi Party's Flag as mentioned before. Indians call it swastika while Germans call it a 'Hakenkreuz' meaning hooked cross. Geometry can help us connect some symbols. 29

6.3 Encrypted Designing Geometry is also a subtle tool to encrypt messages, agendas, propagandas and what not. Symbols have the same meaning in every part of the world, even though diverse groups may use the same symbol for different purposes. A lightning bolt always causes only one thing, and that is destruction. So, remember that a lightning bolt may be a symbol of destruction.

Figure 6.3.1. Unicursal hexagram can be easily created using two 'S' or 'Z' alphabets, which appear like lightning bolts.

Figure 6.3.2. How swastika\ hakenkreuz can be created using two 'S's; Hitler's Nazi Party's Symbols, where SS stands for Schutzstaffel.

Destruction and Hitler may have become synonymous. It also reflects in the design. Actually there's even more.

Figure 6.3.3.


Both the forms are considered to be important in sacred geometry as they have symbolic significance.

Figure 6.3.4. The hakenkreuz can further be transformed into a figure identical to the Volkswagen's current logo, which is a brand established by Adolf Hitler himself. This is subtle designing.

Figure 6.3.5. Another form we can derive from the Swastika is a square with diagonals, which is the plan of a pyramid.

So although the form means a lot in Indian religions and culture, there is also an extensive use of it throughout the world, especially in Germany. These were some direct ways of encrypting symbols.

6.4 Subliminal Symbols Subliminal symbols are those that are conveyed to the human mind without the brain being aware of receiving the messages. Some patterns are so common to human mind that even a hint of them makes us conscious. For example, there are colors that actually work with emotions in humans, i.e. when we see a red 31

signage by the road while driving, we subconsciously know that there is a need to be cautious, whether we have actually read the message on the board or not. In case of geometry, everything can be connected, alphabets, numbers and images, all can work simultaneously.

Figure 6.4.1.

So now you we know that some events are just ordered chaos, geometry helps us find them. This method is also used by designers to create logos. There is a controversial term called 'Zionism' referring to an infamous movement of Jews for 32

protecting the nation of Israel. The agenda has been so sensitive that it has resulted in numerous controversies ever since the holocaust. But the swastika (German) and the hexagram (Israeli) interlock perfectly. Another ordered chaos? Geometry helped again.

Olympic Logos

Subliminal Symbols


1. _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________

2. _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________


Figure 6.4.2. Olympic logos, namely Beijing 2008, London 2012 & Rio 2016 and the word Zion subliminally hidden in them.


Figure 6.4.3. The unicursal hexagram has 3 'X's encrypted into it. 'X' is a symbol of destruction as recently mentioned.

Figure 6.4.4. It is a symbol for neutrality & so does it prove geometrically, we can derive the alphabets 'M' & 'W' easily from a unicursal hexagram, which may stand for Man & Woman, perfect example of symbolism in sacred geometry.


7. Sacred Geometry In Religion 7.1 Introduction Sacred is a word mostly used for religious purposes only but sacred geometry isn't always religious. But there are designs in religious architecture that are based on sacred geometry. So let's consider Sikhism & Hinduism for so. You may have noticed a lot of curves in Hindu & Sikh architecture, most of it is a combination of curves and lines, especially the cusped arches. Sikhism is a religion formed for the protection of Hinduism. Protection may not be just physical but also spiritual, which is reflected through design. Both the religions are based in India, which is also reflected in the major design features throughout country.

Figure 7.1.1. Dome, Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar, Punjab; Landscape, Akshardham temple, Delhi; Arches, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, New Delhi.

Geometry used in architecture represents the nature of the beliefs in the religion. Curves represent a soft nature, while straight lines represent a rudimentary nature. Cusps are a unique combination of curves and sharp points, which represent a combination of rudimentary and soft nature. These are found largely in northern parts of India.

7.2 Four Sides & The Swastika Swastika is literally a sacred form. It can be transformed into endless geometries. There is an extensive use of this form in Hinduism. It is perceived differently by


everyone throughout the world. Four sides are also synonymous to 'God' in many religions. A square for example is a perfect form, as it is a balanced, symmetrical, non directional & a stable form. Its 3D prototype which is the cube is another universally sacred form. A cube is also seen as the symbol of a womb/matrix in general, as it is the simplest of all the platonic solids. The Garba Griha or the inner sanctum of a Hindu temple is always square planned. The cardinal directions are also four, so are the sides of a Gurudwara. It is all symbolic. As for Hinduism, cube/square is considered to be sacred because of its perfect qualities and it being the symbol of a matrix, as a womb/matrix nourishes everyone perfectly, while in Sikhism, there are four entrances and walls that represent equality & acceptance of all classes and creeds. The lotus bud shaped dome is symbolic of peace, and also order out of chaos as it is a sacred flower that grows in dirty water, which when added atop the four sided temple structure may represent the being a universal fact & not just symbolism. The Swastika as we've seen before can transform into several forms, especially four sided.

Figure 7.2.1. Swastika (Left) in the plan of a Mandir/Gurudwara (Right).

Figure 7.2.2. Swastika to a solar cross, another sacred symbol evolving from the swastika


Not only Hinduism/Sikhism, but some other religions also have the cross shaped symbols considered to be sacred, for example, the solar cross can also be derived from a crucifix. A circle is a symbol for the spirit, but why? Because as mentioned in the first chapter as well, circle is a mysterious shape, so is the spirit, the material world has limits and end, while the spirit has no limits, which is also a feature of some numbers like pi and the golden ratio derived from a circle. Also crucifix is a four pointed symbol of a body crucified, which is symbolic of shedding the material world which can also be seen as the four physical elements that are air, earth, fire & water, leading to the attainment of the metaphysical realm (the spirit), but not really a non- physical realm because the spirit is omniscient in nature, so the sacred geometry of a crucifix teaches us that the enlightenment may be possible by moving beyond the grip & senses of the material world.

Figure 7.2.3. Swastika to crucifix; Five elements.

Figure 7.2.4. Swastika in the plan of Sanchi Stupa; A Roman ornament.


All the religions, if not all, most of them have a common deity, neither the creator, nor the sustainer but the destroyer. Nature is referred to as mother nature, because it is a feminine who is divine, especially in the Hindu/Sikh culture. The destroyer is the most fierce spirit. So is proved by sacred geometry again. As mentioned in the previous chapter, the unicursal hexagram can be decrypted into the alphabets 'M' & 'W', i.e. man & woman, creating balance, which is not only pleasing physically, but even spiritually. But don't forget that 'X' is another encrypted alphabet in the unicursal hexagram, which stands for destruction.

Figure 7.2.5. Swastika in a regular hexagram; Cosmic dance of the Hindu deity of destruction Shiv. Shiv's body (androgyny at equilibrium) in a hexagram (the symbol of balance).

7.3 Pointing Towards Heaven All the religions have architectural features pointing upwards. In unison, whether the religions are based on ideologies/beliefs that aren't same, they still have a dome/crown-like part pointing upwards. This represents the spiritual realm.


Figure 7.3.1.

The fastest known matter is light, which is why light is an important feature in most of the religions, i.e. gold is a representation of light, because of its lustre. A pyramid is also a symbol of invocation. Hence, an inverted pyramid is a symbol of the spirit descending/responding.

Figure 7.3.2. The true meaning of a hexagram; The pyramids at Le Louvre, Paris, France.


Figure 7.3.3. The Golden Temple, Amritsar. The temple is covered with gold, a symbol of the Sun/light,

Figure 7.3.4. The Kailasanath Temple, Ellora caves Maharashtra. True symbol of reverence for the higher spirit as it inside a rock yet pointing upwards.


So the conclusion is that no matter what religion a person believes in, the spirit is his attribute. A person is not just defined by one's physical body, there is much beyond it. Some religions say that there's an afterlife, while some say that the physical realm is the ultimate truth. This is where the polytheistic and monotheistic religions intersect, i.e. there is surely a spiritual realm.

Figure 7.3.5. (Clockwise from top) La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain; Sanchi Stupa, Sanchi, India; Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey.


8. Freemasonry & Geometry 8.1 Introduction Freemasonry is a fraternal society, a mystery school, with roots tracing back to Egypt. Some refer to it as having biblical roots while some as a society formed by the masons of the pyramids of Egypt. It is indeed one of the oldest organizations on the planet. As the name suggests, it is a society of masons, builders, designers & others, majorly those indulged in the construction work. Apart from the society's transparent functions, there also seems to be an underground network of secrets within the society. There are occult symbols preserved by this society. Interestingly, some of the symbols of the society have been revealed after immense expansion of knowledge, majorly after the discovery of the internet. It is also believed that most of the Zionist propaganda is also run by the freemasons. It may be true because the association can be seen in symbols as well as in the architecture.

Figure 8.1.1. A hexagram and a compass on a square scale, a symbol used in freemasonry; How the hexagram in the national flag of Israel is identical to the compass and the square symbol of freemasonry.

The compass & the scale are obviously a symbol of geometry. The alphabet 'G' has some occult meanings which are not clearly revealed but are interpreted by different people differently, e.g. geometry, geometer, gnosis, god etc. Another meaning it could have is that G being the 7 th alphabet might be representing 7 days of a week, or even seven biblical days of creation. This is how symbolism is 42

different from language and numbers alone, i.e. a single symbol can have numerous meanings.

8.2 Freemasonry & The World In the chapter, Geometry & Symbolism we saw how the Olympic logos were encrypted with Zionist subliminal messaging. Also how the cube and the hexagram were also subliminally carrying messages of a catastrophe that took place in New York City on September 11, 2001. But right now we also saw a relation between the symbol of freemasonry and a hexagram, which makes another disclosure about the connection between such universal symbols and freemasonry, revealing the radius of the global web of the society.

Figure 8.2.1. Another clear relation between the two symbols & the infamous date.

The members of the society may keep secrets, but one fact is clear, the it the society is surely related to the geometry of the world. There is a belief that freemasonry is a society but promotes a fact that there is a designer of the universe. We can use the same tool of geometry to prove it. The society has levels that are assigned to its members. The number of levels is exactly 33. 33 is of a very high significance to the society. These levels are according to the levels of enlightenment that the members of the respective degrees have achieved, the 33rd being the highest one, starting from 1 st. 43

Figure 8.2.2. A spinal cord with exactly 33 vertibrae.

Not only this but even the symbol of freemasonry has the number 33 encrypted into it. The compass, that is on the top is identical to the Greek alphabet Lambda, which is the 11th alphabet, while the square scale on the bottom is identical to the 3rd alphabet, i.e. Gamma. 3rd & 11th alphabets hence lead us to a number, i.e. 3x11= 33.

Figure 8.2.3. The symbol of freemasonry; Greek alphabets Lambda & Gamma.


8.3 Freemasonry & The United States Of America The United States is a country that has its very foundation in freemasonry. Christianity is the dominant religion of the country. A lot of common symbolism can be found in freemasonry & Christianity. The Bible states that Jesus lived for 33 years. The alphabet G is the seventh, number 7 representing spiritual perfection, and the compass and square are identical to Greek alphabets Gamma & Lambda, which are 3rd & 11th alphabets respectively, from which 33 may be derived by simple multiplication. This gives us 33 & 7. 33+7= 40. This number is also mentioned in the Bible where Jesus lived in the forest for 40 days. This numbers hence are very symbolic. The headquarters of the highest rank in freemasonry are located right in the centre of the capital city, Washington, DC. It is known as the supreme council building or the mother council. The geometrical use of the number 33 is also found here. There are 33 columns in the temple, each being 33 feet tall.

Figure 8.3.1. The Supreme Council, Washington, DC, United States; The Supreme Council building in Ad Quadratum (by the square).


Seven is the number of spiritual perfection universally, and 6 is the number of man. This gives us different outcomes, like a man achieving perfection can be represented by 6+7= 13, and also, 6 & 7 also make 67, 100-67= 33, gives us 33 again. Therefore 13 & 33 have similar meanings. Also to note, ancient freemasonry had 13 ranks, while modern has 33, both symbolic of man achieving perfection. Extensive use of these two numbers is seen in the American designs, first example being the above mentioned building itself. Like the seal of the pyramid with eye, representing the all seeing spiritual eye of the highest has 13 steps before the capstone, similarly the supreme council's dome is also an incomplete pyramid with exactly 13 steps. This may mean that a man must achieve perfection to become enlightened. Freemasons claim to be the enlightened ones, some also claim to be the Illuminati (literary meaning: enlightened by God), which is conveyed through symbols hidden in American designs, confirming a strong link between freemasonry & the United States. Also to note, the pyramid seal carries Roman numerals on the first step of the pyramid saying MDCCLXXVI, which stands for 1776, the year in which the foundation of United States was laid, the same year in which on May 1st, the Illuminati was formed in Bavaria, Germany.

Figure 8.3.2. Notice how the word 'MASON' has been encrypted into the seal on the one dollar bill.


Figure 8.3.3.

Also notice the 13 stars, 13 fruits, 13 arrows & 13 striped flag in the seal in the one dollar currency of the United States. The transformation of the tetractys shaped all seeing eye into hexagram arrangement of stars is also seen. The number of feathers on the outer edge of the eagle's wings are exactly 33, 16 & a half on each. Following is another symbol hidden in the seal. 47

9. Sacred Geometry Of Human Body 9.1 Introduction The omnipresence of geometry prevails, but sacred geometry's most refined form is found in the human bodies. From the tip to toe, there are several sacred patterns, based on which the human body is composed. Starting from the head, the brain has the best example of sacred geometry in the body. We all physically have two eyes but it is well known fact that we all also have a third eye. In scientific terms, this third eye is actually an organ that is also known as the pineal gland. It is an organ that develops at the earliest stage of the growth of a human body. An embryo's growth begins with the pineal gland, or the third eye. The function of the third eye is not just physical, it is beyond physical, i.e. intuition or the sixth sense. As mentioned before, all the humans live in a virtual matrix or the womb. This virtual matrix provides a platform for intuitive senses in humans. Surprisingly, the geometrical form of third eye, or the pineal gland is exactly like an eye, and that too centered in the golden ratio in the brain.

Figure 9.1.1. The eye shaped pineal gland in the golden ratio centre of the brain.


The form of the third eye is also known as the eye of Horus by the Egyptians, where Horus is a deity. This shows another example of ancient secrets about the sacred geometry of human body that have been preserved till date.

Figure 9.1.2. Another image of the pineal gland in the brain and the Egyptian Eye Of Horus (Right); A walnut in a shell looks exactly like the human brain, another example of how geometry repeats itself.

9.2 Sacred Geometry & Seven Levels Of Perfection

Figure 9.2.1. The flower of life, a geometrical pattern found throughout the world; The Tree of life in a human body (A Jewish System).


If you notice, the tree of life marks seven points along the centre of the human body. These seven points are almost coinciding the endocrine glands. Not only this, but in Hinduism, the science of Yoga also divides the human body into seven levels, at the same points as in the tree of life, i.e. the end of spine, the pelvic area, the navel, the chest, the throat , the third eye, and the brain. These seven points are known as chakras in yoga.

Figure 9.2.2. The Seven Chakras of Yoga; Corresponding platonic solids.

This is the most refined form of geometry in human body, which is why the number 7, as mentioned in the previous chapter is the number symbolizing perfection, as the 7th chakra on the head, also known as the crown chakra is the final one, in the brain, the command centre of the body. Hence, the number of man, is the number 6, as sixth chakra is one less than the perfect one, 7.

A man uniting with Godly perfection may hence be expressed as 6+7= 13, a number we saw being emphasized in the seal of the United States. 50

9.3 Bones & the number 11 Surprisingly, the number of bones in our ribs, our skulls & our spine are all in the multiples of the number 11. There are 11 pairs of ribs in a rib cage, 22 bones in a skull (14 facial & 8 cranial) & 33 columns in a spine.

Figure 9.3.1. Skull (11 bones on one side); Rib cage (11 pairs of ribs); Spine (33 columns).

There can't be any more proof of the fact that the human bodies & in fact everything in the universe is purposely designed. 11 is the sum of two numbers 7 & 4, while the number 74 is of importance, which you will further see. Also, now we see why the number 33 is considered to be special in Freemasonry.

9.4 Divine Proportions, Symmetry & The Body The human body is the ultimate sacred design, the most sacred design of all, through which life manifests. The body is the most valuable possession one can have in the physical realm. Once you start realizing the perfection that takes to complete the growth of a human body, you come close to enlightenment.


Figure 9.4.1. The golden ratio in human body


Figure 9.4.2. The number phi (1.618...) in the ratio of human body, the red triangle represents the proportions of the Great Pyramid Of Giza.

The number phi is a substantial number almost everywhere in geometry. It's infinite nature makes it useful in the human bodies.

Figure 9.4.3. The Vitruvian Man, a popular sketch of the human body by Leonardo Da Vinci.


Figure 9.4.4. Cesare Cesariano's work showing proportions in a human body.


10. Gematria

10.1 Introduction There is a purpose for everyone and everything and geometry has been proving it so far. Gematria is a method of calculating the numerical value of alphabets. It is predominantly a Jewish system, but we'll be focusing on Gematria in English. It is actually the geometry of alphabets and numbers. It is a system in which each alphabet has a numerical value according to the alphabet's position in the order. For example, in English, 'A' being the first alphabet has the Gematria value of 1. Once you start calculating the Gematria behind words, you may find much deeper meanings of it. Following is a chart showing the value of English alphabets in Gematria.

Figure 10.1.1. Simple Gematria


Figure 10.1.2. Pythagorean Gematria

The system is less known and is mostly used subliminally. Apart from just basic English, there are many variations in Gematria, e.g. Hebrew, Sumerian, Pythagorean etc.

10.2 The Hidden Gematria X is the 24th alphabet. X can also be broken into two L s, which is the 12th alphabet, i.e. 12+12= 24.

Figure 10.2.1.


We have seen so far that the number 33 is of occult importance, especially to Freemasonry. A fact about Freemasonry was that they have a belief that Lucifer (Christianity) is the ultimate designer of the universe. This may be contrary to some Christian beliefs, as Lucifer in Christianity is not a very positive character. Gematria can help us here. The unicursal hexagram is a form which can be broken into three X s, as you already saw. The Unicursal hexagram is a satanic symbol, contrary to the Christian beliefs.

Figure 10.2.2.

X being the 24th alphabet , in Pythagorean Gematria is 6 (2+4). Therefore, three X s can also be a symbol of 3 sixes, i.e. XXX~ 666. Mentioning anything thrice is a also symbolic of confirmation. In the previous chapter we also saw how 6 is the number symbolizing a man, but in other beliefs, 6 is also a number representing evil. The infamous mark of the beast according to Revelations in the bible is also prophesied to be 666. A mark may be anything, a symbol, a number, a code, but the unicursal hexagram fits here perfectly as it is a geometrical figure, encrypted with alphabets that can be decrypted into 666. This is how powerful Gematria can be. Another occult number, 33 can also be found in IX XI, where I= 9 & X= 24 (in Gematria), i.e. in IX, I+X= 9+24= 33. Also, Gematria itself is actually an endless pit, where there are infinite words to be decrypted into infinite relations, this itself can be proven through Gematria. The September 11 attacks are infamous


throughout the world. Is Gematria really an abyss? Yes, IX XI= 33 33, 33+33= 66. If you calculate the word abyss itself using simple Gematria, you get A= 1, B= 2, Y= 25, S= 19, S= 19; Hence, ABYSS= 1 + 2 + 25 + 19 + 19= 66. In Jewish religions, G- D, probably meaning Great Designer is a name for the supreme spirit. In Christianity, Jesus is one of the three supreme deities, while Lucifer is a fallen angel. But Gematria connects all the three, J= 10, E= 5, S= 19, U= 21, S= 19; Therefore, JESUS= 10 + 5 + 19 + 21 + 19= 74. G- D= 7- 4, is it 74? LUCIFER in Gematria is 12+ 21+ 3+ 9+ 6+ 5+ 18= 74. So in according to Gematria Jesus= G- D= Lucifer! That is a surprising revelation. Gematria may be an occult subject, but it is simple once you start relating words yourself, because infinite words need infinite minds to be decrypted. In the Chapter Geometry & Symbolism, we saw how the swastika is made up of two S alphabets. The Nazi Party of Germany used it as their symbol. S= 19, therefore S+S= 38, similarly GOLD= 7+ 15+ 12+ 4= 38. How are gold & the swastika relevant? In the Chapter Sacred Geometry In Religion, we also learnt that gold is a symbol of light. Similarly, the statue of liberty in the United States is also a symbol of light. Apart from philosophical meanings, light/gold is also a symbol used by white supremacists. Nazi party of Germany was also a white supremacist.

Figure 10.2.3.

Ancient Freemasonry had 13 degrees/ranks, while the modern has 33. The prime symbol of Sikhism i.e. Ik Onkar (ੴ) has it encrypted.




Figure 10.2.4. Ik Onkar (Left), a Sikh symbol can be decrypted to 13 & 33.

On the parallel, in Hinduism, Kali yug (final age) is said to be the final age, which is believed to be now. Kali Goddess is the Mother Goddess of destruction. Here, destruction is referred to that of evil. This belief is supported beyond Hinduism. In Gematria KALI= 11+ 1+ 12+ 9= 33! What more proof does one need? The Seal on the One Dollar bill has the Latin words 'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM' written on the bottom of the pyramid. This has the literary meaning i.e. New World Order, which is the same as the work of Goddess Kali, to destroy the old for the creation of the new. The image of Goddess Kali was also projected on the faรงade of the Empire State Building, New York City, in August, 2015, as a symbol of destruction of evil.

Figure 10.2.5. The Seal on the One Dollar currency note carrying the words, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM Latin translation for New World Order; Image of the Goddess Kali projected on Empire State Building, August 2015.


In the previous chapter we studied that the human body has 7 chakras, just like seven realms of perfection. This is not just restricted to Hinduism or Yoga. The symbol of freemasonry carries the alphabet G along with the compass & square, which we saw are also 33 in Greek Gematria in the Chapter Freemasonry & Geometry. The alphabet G is the seventh alphabet, which may have the same meaning as the number of chakras of yoga, which makes the complete symbol relevant as the fact that it represents the creation of the human body using geometry, which has precisely 33 columns in the spine and 7 endocrine glands.

Figure 10.2.6. Symbol of Freemasonry


11. Geometry Of New Delhi & Washington, D.C..

11.1 Introduction For centuries, mystery schools have used symbols within their societies, but there are also some symbols hidden in the plans of an entire portion of cities. The best examples of these are Washington, D.C., United States & New Delhi, India. We have seen some symbols of occult importance & their meanings before. Some common symbols used here are the triangle, pentagram, hexagram/hexagon, cube etc. The mystery school behind these symbols in Delhi as well as Washington is Freemasonry again. Following are some symbols used.

Figure 11.1.1.


11.2 Geometry Of Washington, D.C.. Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, is not just a home to the political buildings/offices of the country, but the headquarters of Scottish Freemasonry, also known as the Supreme Council is also located. Its location itself is symbolic. Some other important political buildings like the White House, The Capitol, Lincoln Memorial etc. create a symbol, i.e. a pyramid with a capstone and also an inverted pentagram, pointed at the location of the White House. While since Freemasonry traces its roots back to the pyramids of Giza, Egypt, the headquarters of Freemasonry, i.e. the Supreme Council is located in the centre of the capstone of the pyramid shape formed in the map of Washington.

Figure 11.2.1.


Figure 11.2.2. The figure formed in the map of Washington, D.C.; The seal on the American Dollar.


11.3 Geometry of New Delhi Just like Washington, New Delhi's plan is also surprisingly filled with symbols & again, the focus is on the Masonic Centre of India/ Freemasons' Hall on The Janpath road. In the book Monumental Washington by John Reps, it is mentioned that the contemporary plan of New Delhi (Lutyen's Delhi) is inspired from Washington. Again, showing the global network of the society. The repeating mystical symbols suggest something of spiritual importance. The Freemasons' Hall in the map can clearly be seen in the capstone of a pyramid, and this time, a proper tetractys divides the equilateral triangle into a pyramid with capstone, while the pentagram here is inverted, unlike the upward pointing pyramid in Washington's plan. Just like Washington, the important buildings all at the junctions creating the corners of the geometry formed.

Figure 11.3.1. The map of Central Delhi.


Figure 11.3.2. The tetractys in Central Delhi's map with the Freemasons' Hall in the cap of the pyramid; Pentagram in the map joining important locations at the corners of the star.


So the map of Central Delhi is surely designed keeping in mind the location of the headquarters of the ancient mystery school. This is further confirmed when you notice that the architect of the Freemason's Hall at Janpath, i.e. F.B. Blomfield, designed another building nearby, i.e. Modern School, Barakhamba road, right next to the Mandi House round about, has a logo which is similar to the geometry found in the map. There are three platonic solids hidden in the map, that if converted into 2D, result in a form called triquetra.

Figure 11.3.3. 3D forms hidden in the map of Central Delhi.


Figure 11.3.4. The encrypted symbol within the map & the logo of a school located within the map.



Books1. Patterns Of Eternity by Malcolm Stewart. 2. Monumental Washington by John Reps.

DocumentarySecrets In Plain Sight by Scott Onstott.


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Hidden In Plain Sight by Scott Onstott

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11.2.1. Washington Map

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11.2.2. Subliminals in Map

Secrets In Plain SIte by Scott Onstott


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