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Holiday Gift Guide VOLUME ONE

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Hurry! While supplies last.

1250 sOuTh hOVer • LONGMONT, CO Village at the Peaks Next to Whole Foods Market

(303) 485-9463

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Special Features Coordinator Misty Kaiser, 303-473-1425

Contributing Writers

Elise Oberlissen, Misty Kaiser, Matthew M.F. Miller, Renee Lee, Reedhima Madlik

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November 24, 2016


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 3

Tracking in Style Who says fashion and fitness don’t mix? The latest in wearable trackers prove the two are a match made in high-tech heaven. By Renee Lee, CTW Features There’s no reason why fitness trackers need to be clunky or unsightly. The newest generation of gadgets goes above and beyond, evolving to include stylish accessories from rings and bracelets to shorts and socks. Fitness trackers, also known as “wearables,” have increased in popularity ever since they hit the market; the International Data Corporation says sales of wearables increased triple digits during the last quarter of 2015. Here are seven stylish new wearable tech guaranteed to please the fashionistas

4 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

and techies on your holiday gift list:

Bellabeat LEAF

starting at $119 This small but mighty leaf-shaped tracker can do just about everything: it tracks all of your physical activity as well as inactivity, highlighting how much time your body is in a deep sleep; helps you stay mindful with guided meditation exercises; and even gets to know your body’s reproductive cycle. Wear the LEAF any way you want — clip it on clothing or wear it as a wrap bracelet or

pendant necklace.

Ringly Aries

$245 Ringly puts a new spin on wearables with beautiful, this-actually-looks-likejust-a-ring smart rings. These high tech rings connect to Bluetooth, showcasing notifications for anything from text messages to calendar appointments.


Ringly also recently released the Aries, a smart bracelet that doubles as an activity tracker. The slim, gold-plated bangle features your choice of a semi-precious stone, and tracks steps walked and calories burned. The bracelets are set to ship in the fall, making it a perfect hot item to snag for the holidays.

November 24, 2016

Sensaria Smart Socks

starting at $199 Not really into jewelry or accessories? With Sensaria’s Smart Socks, there’s no reason to don an extra item for fitness tracking — simply switch out your old socks for a smarter model! The smart socks track all the normal stuff, like steps taken and calories burnt, but also acts as a trainer, pointing out things pointing out things like foot landing technique to help you run more effectively.

Griffin Ribbon Wristband

$14.99 Have a tracker that doesn’t quite fit your style? Spiff it up with this ribbon reminiscent of those trendy, no damage ribbon hair ties. The colorful, stretchy nylon bands come in two sizes and is compatible with five different trackers.

Electric Skateboards and Hoverboards Making your Christmas Electrifying!

6.5 Transformer Series

Drifta Seat

Hoverboard Accessory

Bolt Electric Skateboard:

Average speed up to 10mph and LED lights which make you visible at night.

Race inspired seat for a new fun way to ride a Hoverboard!

Starter board for ages under 10 offering low speeds 3mph to 10mph.


1935 Main St. Longmont, CO (303) 744-1557

9120 Wadsworth Pkwy, Westminster, CO (303) 431-0482

5220 Rue Terre, Cheyenne, WY (307) 635-1507

6810 S. University Blvd. Centennial, CO (303) 996-7560

3500 S. College Ave. Fort Collins, CO (970) 226-3900 h bb l d November 24, 2016


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 5

Lumo Men’s Shorts & Sensor

June by Netamo

$199.99 Also from Lumo comes Lumo Run, a sensor that acts like a running coach, tracking cadence, speed, calories burnt and more – all wrapped up into a pair of shorts. Get up to 20 hours of run time with a single charge and even get on-demand feedback for better form and posture during runs.

$49 June by Netamo is a different kind of tracker. It’s actually a beauty coach that measures your sun exposure, alerting you when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. Get it in three striking color options.

Lumo Lift + Swarovski Jewelry Clasp

$79.99 & $29.99 The Lumo Lift calls itself the world’s best selling digital posture coach. This small, quarter-sized sensor magnetically attaches to your shirt and tracks all of the traditional fitness stats. The coolest feature: it helps you achieve better posture with vibrations that notify you when you’re slouching or off kilter. Pair the sensor with a Swarovski Jewel Clasp (in options like a red dot or white flower) to show your Lift off as a classy pin.

Craft Sale and Corner Cafe Luncheon

Saturday, december 3, 2016 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


a noKids br anta ing n-p San food ite erisha ta w m b hat and tele you ll 11:0 Christm w 0 am as! ant for to 1 :0 0 pm

Luncheon includes variety of homemade soups, rolls, and Christmas cookies for dessert. Serving from 11:30 to 2:00 pm. Adults - $7:00, Children under 10 - $4.00

December 1-3


a fundraiser for Longmont Meals on Wheels, is fast approaching. This year the tour features 4 houses and will once again have a VIP preview night with dinner at 1 of 5 restaurants. VIP, General and Volunteer admission tickets also include a soup luncheon at the Gift of Home cafe on Friday and Saturday. We hope you will be able to join us in this kickoff to the holiday season.

For more information or to volunteer please call 303-772-0540 or visit thegi o

Rinn United Methodist Church 3783 Bella Rosa Parkway, Frederick, CO 80504 (303) 776-1578

6 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1


November 24, 2016

Small Business Saturday

The American dream is written in every small shop, café, boutique, and neighborhood store. On Saturday, November 26, two days after Thanksgiving, make it your business to help local businesses do more business by doing your Christmas holiday shopping on Small Business Saturday. Enjoy the variety and quality of neighborhood and downtown stores. Celebrate the independent businesses that help boost Longmont’s economy. In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday to help businesses meet their most pressing need — getting more customers. The day encourages people to shop at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The day has grown into a powerful movement, and more people are taking part than ever before.

Longmont is planning on plenty of action

Kimberlee McKee, executive director of the Longmont Downtown Development Authority, notes how important Small Business Saturday is for businesses in Downtown Longmont. “It celebrates the amazing owners – our neighbors and friends – for the work they do year round. Shoppers are invited to OWN it, anything from a local coffee to a new guitar, showing a sense of local pride with their purchases. As a reward, they get

November 24, 2016

lots of opportunities to win downtown gift cards.” That’s right, strolling holiday characters will be giving random shoppers Thank You gift cards for shopping on Small Business Saturday. Businesses will also have plenty of “swag” to give away – bags, pet bandanas, balloons, and more.

Expect to be entertained Don’t miss the entertainment and photo opportunities: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Ice Carving demonstrations at St. Stephen’s Plaza 12 – 6 p.m. Street Busker Entertainers 4 – 7 p.m. Strolling carolers downtown Get caught shopping local by one of the strolling holiday characters and you may win a gift card as a thank you.

But wait... there’s more!

But the shop local message won’t end on Small Business Saturday. After Saturday, Downtown is working with the City on a reusable bag promotion. Shop Downtown, spend $15 in participating businesses and get a free reusable bag!


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 7

The Nice List: Top 50 Toys of 2016

Every kid has a wish list, but how do you decide what should actually be under the tree this year?

By Matthew M. F. Miller, CTW Features

While it might ring true that everyone feels like a kid at Christmastime, nothing beats the excitement of actually being one. Few annual traditions are more anticipated and toiled over than the creation of a holiday wish list. For parents, however, few things are more stressful than trying to balance buying a kid what he or she really, really wants with buying the best, longest-lasting toys.

ppy a H

This holida ay say everyThing g

lidays o H

WiThouT saying a Word rd

CORPORATE OFFICES: AgFInITy ACE HARdwARE: 260 Factory Road Eaton, CO 80615

55 W. Bromley Lane Brighton, CO 80501

(720) 685-1980 (800) 433-4688 AgFInITy 201 3rd Street Mead, CO 80542

(970) 535-4450

111 years of Integrity and Success Visit us on our website

8 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

Ron R. Hogsett, Owner

452 Main St., Longmont 303-651-1125

Tue-Fri. 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Sat. 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


November 24, 2016

Today, with more toys than ever from which to choose, how should one go about selecting the right gift for the kids on your list? “The number one most important thing to consider before buying a toy is age appropriateness,” says Marissa DiBartolo, Senior Editor, The Toy Insider. “Always check the packaging and see what the suggested age range is for a toy. The manufacturers’ suggested age ranges exist for lots of good reasons, including safety.” Experts agree that toy quality and durability also are important considerations when determining what to buy. “There are landfill toys and there are legacy toys,” says Rich-

November 24, 2016

ard Gottlieb, Global Toy Experts, a world-renowned consultancy and resource for toy industry insight and information. “Landfill toys tend to be relatively inexpensive, based upon some character or brand a child currently loves, and end up thrown away within a couple of months.” Gottlieb describes legacy toys as those that are durable, typically made from wood, metal or heavy plastic, that can grow with the child, involve some mastery and can withstand being passed down. “Because legacy toys are more expensive they need to be seen as an investment,” he says. Premier legacy toys, according to Gottleib, are Lego sets, Tonka trucks,

Meccano robots, American Girl dolls and even bears from Build-A-Bear. DiBartolo also believes it’s important to consider play value before buying. “Ask yourself: Does the toy allow for lots of imaginative play? Can kids play together with this toy? Will kids use it more than once? Will it last for a few years, or will they outgrow it quickly?” And while learning toys aren’t always the most popular until they get their hands on them and realize how fun they can be, DiBartolo says parents should consider how a toy helps a child develop. “Will it help develop their fine motor skills? Will it aid in enhancing socialemotional growth? All kids


learn through play, but make sure you are choosing toys that will help kids grow in ways that are right for them,” DiBartolo says. Above all, parents should purchase toys that match their child’s interests. Although he stresses the importance of durable toys, Gottleib agrees that there’s no harm in getting your child a quality branded toy if it’s what he or she wants. “Buying a toy featuring a beloved character is fine, but make sure that there is play value,” he says. DiBartalo agrees. “Think about what the child you are buying for likes. Kids have big personalities, and you should always consider what their interests are before purchasing a toy. Not all

Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 9

parents’ passion. For an example, if a grandfather was an Air Force pilot, he may want to buy a model plane or a book on planes. The best that will happen is that the grandparent will create an enthusiasm in the grandchild that they can share. The worst is that the child will get a sense of who their grandparent is, which will pay dividends in later years.” Popular trends for 2016

girls like princesses and not all boys like superheroes. If you’re unsure, go with classic, gender-neutral options, like board games, arts and crafts or cool tech toys,” she says. Gottleib encourages grandparents to forgo the wish list, at least for one gift, to teach the child about something that’s important to them. “Grandparents should buy a child a gift that reflects the grand-

are toys that teach kids to code, small collectibles, small technology toys and nostalgia toys remain trendy. “Nostalgic toys are very popular because they allow for a truly unique parent-child interaction unlike any other,” DiBartolo says. “In a world where technology is constantly evolving, parents have a strong desire to return to simpler times, and share their childhood experiences

with their children. Nostalgic toys and brands encourage families to unplug from their devices and spend some quality time together.” According to DiBartolo, some of the most popular nostalgic toys this year include Spirograph Shapes, Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary Tin, Strawberry Shortcake Rag Dolls (from The Bridge Direct) and Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Mini.

The Top 50 Toys for 2016 2. Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship

Ages 3+, $49.99

1. VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace Ages 18 months+, $59.99

4. Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar Ages 3+, $49.99

3. Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway

Ages 18 months+, $39.99

5. Code & Go Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set Ages 5+, $59.99

6. Bright Beats Dance & Move Beatbo Ages 9 months +, $39.99

10 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

7. Spirograph Shapes Set Ages 8+, $29.99


November 24, 2016

9. Melissa & Doug Home Sweet Home 3-D Puzzle & Dollhouse In One

8. Melissa & Doug Wooden Wash, Dry & Iron Play Set

Ages 6+, $9.99

Ages 3+, $39.99

10. Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Magical Rising Castle Play Set

11. American Girl, Girl of the Year, Lea Clark Doll & Book Ages 8+, $120

Ages 4+, $79.99


Holiday Bliss

Come visit us and we’ll help you select gifts for everyone on your list. It’s a quick and easy way to wrap up your Holiday shopping!

Pre-MadeHolidayGiftSets MakeYourOwnGiftSets Customized from our gift bar SpaPackages


GiftCard Foronly$125

619 E Hwy 56, Berthoud, CO 970-532-3663

*May not be combined with any other offer. Limit 5 per customer. Expires 12/31/16

Upscalee Spa & Salo on · 7 Luxurious Massagee Rooms · Cedar Sauna 5 Privaate Steam Sho oweers · 8 Custom Pedicure/M Manicure Stations November 24, 2016


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 11

13. Melissa and Doug Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter

12. Star Wars Bladebuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber Ages 3+, $39.99

Ages 3+, $49.99

14. Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary Tin

Ages 3+, $44.99

15. Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station

Ages 5+, $29.99

18. BOSEbuild Speaker Cube Ages 8+, $149

17. Meccano Meccasaur

16. Tonka Classic Steel Front Loader Vehicle

Ages 10+, $99.99

Ages 3+, $39.99

20 Shopkins Shoppies Dolls Ages 4+, $19.99

19. CHiP

Ages 8+, $199.99

12 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1


November 24, 2016

22. LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster

21. Disney My Time Singing Elena of Avalor Ages 3+, $29.99

Ages 8+, $99.99

25. My Friend Pikachu

Ages 4+, $29.99

24. Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart

23. Hot Wheels A.I. Intelligent Race System Starter Kit

Ages 3+, $54.99

Ages 8+, $99.99

26. Lion Guard Training Lair Play Set

Ages 3+, $59.99

CreateYour Own Designs!

25 Melissa & Doug Lifelike Plush Owl

All Ages, $34.99

With Our New

CUSTOM CREATIONS CENTER! In-Store Monitor instantly displays your finished jewelry piece! 1000’S of Choices: stones, metal, settings and designs!

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Jewelry, watch & clock repair. We buy gold & silver.

Continued on page 16 November 24, 2016

Shop on line at or visit us at 300 2nd Ave., Niwot • 303-652-1433


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 13

Snowfest Parade of Lights Sat., Dec. 17th 5pm · Al ng M untain n Ave. ree Li hti

t r

e Pa ade · Fi



Holiday Bliss

Come visit us and we’ll help you select gifts for everyone on your list. It’s a quick and easy way to wrap up your Holiday shopping!

Pre-MadeHolidayGiftSets MakeYourOwnGiftSets Customized from our gift bar SpaPackages


GiftCard Foronly$125

619 E Hwy 56, Berthoud, CO 970-532-3663

*May not be combined with any other offer. Limit 5 per customer. Expires 12/31/16

Upscalee Spa & Salo on · 7 Luxurious Massagee Rooms · Cedar Sauna 5 Privaate Steam Sho oweers · 8 Custom Pedicure/M Manicure Stations

14 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1


November 24, 2016

In Berthoud 2016 Berthoud Snow Fest .



o te Sn w o p ti n Ficke a · N. .1 w w.b be

Gift Cards Available Women’s Clothes and Accessories

o ds


. m

MEADOWS HOME & GARDEN 520 Mountain Ave • Berthoud, CO

A Unique Blend of New and Rediscovered Finds!

(303) 808-0401

Thurs – Fri 10 – 4pm · Fri – Sat 9:30 – 3:30pm

November 24, 2016

509 7th Street Berthoud

trading co. co. trading “Something for Everyone!”


212 Mountain Ave. • Berthoud, Colorado

classes offered in a variety of art media



Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 15

28. Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster Ages 8+, $49.99

31. Baby Alive Go Bye Bye Doll

29. Speak Out Game

Ages 3+, $49.99

Ages 16+, $19.99

30. Sky Viper Streaming Drone Ages 12+, $89.99

32. Love2Learn Elmo Plush Toy and App, 18 months+, $69.99

33. Mr. Potato Head Marvel Mixable, Mashable Heroes

Ages 2+, $21.99

Golf Makes A Great Gift!! “TRIAL” WINTER MEMBERSHIP • Unlimited Golf and Range - Just $900 • November 15 - May 15, 2017 • $900 Applied to Full Membership Next Spring

If you think you’d enjoy:

• Playing Fast Paced Golf (4 hours or less) • On a Great Conditioned Course • With Friendly Folks Who Share Your Passion

1201 S. Sunset St. Longmont, CO 80501 303.776.6605 Open M, W, F, Sa: 9am-6pm Tu & Th: 9am-7:30pm


Please contact Rob Mount at 303-444-2114, ext. 22, or

16 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1




Items & Gifts for Ages 0-99 FURNITURE • GIFTS NEW & USED HOME DECOR

November 24, 2016

35. 3Doodler Start

34. Shopkins Kinstructions Deluxe Shopville Town Center

Ages 8+, $49.99

Ages 8+, $59.99

37. FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon Pet

36. Shopkins Happy Places Happy Home

Ages 4+, $79.99

Ages 3+, $34.99

39. Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle Play Set Ages 3+, $19.99

38. Tyco Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle Ages 8+, $99.99

Unique Gifts for the Entire Family…pets too! trading co. co. trading “Something for Everyone!”

212 Mountain Ave. • Berthoud, Colorado


• • • • •

Men’s Shaving Kits Jewelry & Accessories doTerra Essential Oils Kids Toys Pet Gifts & more!

classes offered in a variety of art media

November 24, 2016


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Purchase of $50 or more

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Purchase of $150 or more

Exp: 12/23/16

Exp: 12/23/16

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603 Ken Pratt, Longmont **Locally Made Items!** 303-827-3480 •

Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 17

40. MC2 Project Ultimate Spy Kit Ages 6+, $44.99

41. CodeGamer

42. Razor PowerCore E100 Electric Scooter

Ages 10+, $149.95

Ages 8+, $159.99

43. LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter Ages 8+, $79.99

Gift Cards Available Women’s Clothes and Accessories


Create Holiday Memories for Your Family at the Longmont Ice Pavilion

There is Still Time to Update Your Flooring!

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Carpet | area rugs | tile & stone hardwood | laminate | resilient window Fashions

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18 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1


on.-Fri. 9-6, Sat. 9-5


• Public Skating • Learn-to-Skate Classes • Hockey • Skate Rental/Sharpening • Birthday Parties/ Group Outings

725 8th Ave, Longmont 303-774-4777 Recreation Services

November 24, 2016

44. Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Treasure Mountain Train Adventure Age 1+, $54.99

46. Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset

45. Air Hogs Thunder Trax RC Vehicle

Ages 3+, $99.99

Ages 8+, $74.99

48. Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit

47. Little Live Pets Turtle Tank

Ages 3+, $32.99

Ages 5+, $24.99

49. Bloxels 50. DC Super Hero Girls Dolls

Ages 8+, $49.99

Ages 6+, $19.99

November 24, 2016


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 19

Serving northwest Colorado for all of your residential and commercial interior design needs!

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Come visit our NEW Retail Store for holiday, hostess and housewarming gifts! 104 2nd Avenue in Old Town Niwot

Retail Store & Studio Hours: Mon-Sat 10am – 4m Evenings/Sunday by Appointment


20 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1


November 24, 2016

Shop, Golf, Enjoy CreateYour Own Designs!

Golf Makes A Great Gift!!

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November 24, 2016


Next Spring

If you think you’d enjoy:

• Playing Fast Paced Golf (4 hours or less) • On a Great Conditioned Course • With Friendly Folks Who Share Your Passion

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Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 21


By Misty Kaiser, Times-Call November 26 is Small Business Saturday, a day set aside for focusing your retail dollar on locally owned businesses. However, shopping local goes beyond just a single day. Longmont business carry unique and wonderful gift ideas for men, women and kids of all ages, every day of the year. Here are a few examples:

These Boots were Made for Walking.... For 70 years Brown’s Shoe Fit has been keeping Longmont well-heeled. Their selection of winter boots for him and her, are no exception!

Clarks Carleta Lyon

Durable leather ankle booties grip not slip, with rubber soles perfect for winter. $130

Oboz Bridger 8-inch

Lightweight Thinsulate and breathable BDry waterproof lining, keep feet warm and dry this winter. $185

GET IT HERE... Brown’s Shoe Fit, 373 Main St, Longmont, 303-776-2920,

Start a Celebration...

In one very short year, Wyatt’s Wet Goods has made a name for itself in the Longmont community. Shoppers know they can choose from the largest selection of wine, liquor and beer — and gift sets, at any time. Stop in and stock up on gifts or supplies for your holiday party—located in Village at the Peaks.

Clarks Carleta Lyon

Durable leather ankle booties grip not slip, with rubber soles perfect for winter. $130

Timberland Heston

This classic full leather hiker for men looks great on the town too. $170

GET IT HERE... Wyatt’s Wet Goods, 1250 S. Hover Road, Unit C, Longmont, 22 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1


November 24, 2016

Everything is Shiny...

If it shines and if it sparkles, Niwot Jewelry & Gifts has it. They have a saying about their inventory that applies to all, “From affordable to extravagant.” So whether you’re looking for a fancy stocking stuffer or THE gift, you know the one that makes their face light up, you’ll find it here.

DaVinci Beads

Use these high quality, affordable, European charm beads to create your own unique necklace or bracelet. With over 200 beads and counting, you’ll never see the same combination twice.

Rembrandt Charms

Tell your own unique life story, commemorate an event or just collect them for fun. Rembrandt offers charms in sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow gold, and 14k yellow and white gold.

Citizen EcoDrive Watches

This holiday get him a watch that never needs a battery. Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light-from any natural or artificial light source and stores it in a permanently rechargable lithium-ion cell.

Diamonds and Gemstones

Sparkling gems will never go out of style and with so many varieties you’ll be sure to find something in your style and budget.

GET IT HERE... Niwot Jewelry & Gifts, 300 2nd Ave., # 102, Niwot, Find Something For everyone!

Shop p Local This Year!

Warehouse sale every Friday!

7504 Hygiene Road (corner of N. 75th & Hygiene Rd.) Hygiene, CO 80503 303.651.1106 Mon.-Fri.10-5, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-3

November 24, 2016

dealS on diScontinued & overStock Product! Outdoor Gear • Apparel • Accessories • Backpacks • Tactical • Gear • Boots & More! *Warehouse Sale at Old Location, Right Next Door!*

1456 Skyway Dr., Longmont


303-772-7720 •

Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 23

An evening in...

Winter means more time spent indoors. Next time it snows snuggle up with your sweetie and these gifts from Ace Hardware that make for the perfect night in.

Dimplex Compact Electric Stove

1500 Watts, $159.99 Just because your home didn’t come with a fireplace, doesn’t mean you can’t relax in front of a fire. Give your sweetie the warmth she deserves with a heat producing electric stove. With no ashes to dispose of, you won’t even miss the real thing.

Living Accents Patio Heater

88-inches, $149.99 Does the grill master in your family keep the burgers coming well into winter? This propane powered heater will heat the guy who heats the grill and look good doing it.

Metrokane Wine Preserver Vac

Rabbit Chilling Stones

2 pack, $19.99 When you have the perfect scotch, you want to enjoy the taste from first sip to last. Give your favorite whiskey drinker the gift of his perfect undiluted glass with stainless steel chilling stones.

$14.99 Partial bottles of wine spoiling in the fridge are a thing of the past. The Wine Preserver removes the air from an opened bottle of wine, keeping it fresh for days.

GET IT HERE...Ace Hardware, 1727 Main St, Longmont,


TRY ARCHERY FOR ONLY 50! • 4 CLASSES @ 1 HOUR • ALL AL L AGES, 7+ • *No Equipment Required, All All fees included!* 455 Weaver Park Rd., #500, Longmont • 720-491-3309

24 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1


November 24, 2016

Right on target...

Whether you’re a hunter, a novice, a Katniss or a Hawkeye, High Altitude Archery can help you improve your shot with their professionally led classes or private lessons. They also offer memberships for frequent visitors.

Archery Classes

$55-$100 (does not include equipment rental or range fee) No experience is necessary, but seasoned archers are also welcome to come learn and practice with the pros. Classes are divided by levels 1-3. Give someone a great introduction to the sport or a chance to work toward their best form, there’s room for everyone.

Private Lessons

$30-$70/session (does not include equipment rental or range fee) Private archery lessons are given in half-hour to 1-hour increments and are available for beginner or advanced students. The price varies depending on time allotted and level of instruction.

GET IT HERE...High Altitude Archery, 455 Weaver Park Rd. #500, Longmont,

Bag it up...

Tactical and practical bags by 5.11 at Kinsco allow for protected concealed carry as well as organizing your daily life.

5.11® Lucy Tote

$99.99 Fashionable and inconspicuous, the Lucy Tote hides a wealth of tactical features: A strategically positioned pistol compartment provides accelerated access, an integrated concealed pocket sized for a badge wallet or passport, and an interior panel features built-in flex cuff slots. Roomy and water resistant, it keeps your gear dry and ready, authentic YKK® self-healing zippers ensure quick and reliable action, and a keychain with a blank key provides spare access to home or office.

5.11® COVRT Boxpack

$99.99 The first ever 5.11® roll top backpack engineered for speed, and dependability in any environment. A slideadjusting sternum strap and reinforced padded shoulder straps ensure a comfortable carry and the main compartment is designed to remain covert but allow fast access to your sidearm. A water resistant finish keeps gear dry, dual side pockets allow accessories or water bottle, and internal elastic straps store additional magazines. The zippered bottom compartment can also be used to store a ballistic panel.

GET IT HERE...Kinsco Public Safety Equipment, 1530 Skyway Dr., Longmont, November 24, 2016


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 25

7Hot AccessoriesYour Smartphone Needs

Whether you’re shopping for a music lover or a budding photographer, these stocking stuffers are sure to please Take your phone game to the next level this holiday season with these headphones, camera lens and other smartphone accessories. BY REEDHIMA MADLIK, CTW FEATURES

LuMee Light Up Phone Case

$38.95+ Wonder how celebs like Kim Kardashian

Prynt Instant Photo Case

$149.99 Love the ease of a Polaroid? This innovative

inkless printer case lets you print photos directly from your smartphone. Simply plug in your phone, take a photo, choose a filter and hit print! The app also records a video linked to the physical photo, which plays if viewed through the app. Currently available in your choice of three colors (white, blue and black) for iPhone 5 and up.

26 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

always have the perfect lighting in their Instagram posts? The secret is a light-up case. With the LumMee front-lit iPhone case, you’ll get the perfect selfie, every time. LuMee comes in multiple colors for iPhone 5S and up, and Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7.


November 24, 2016

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones $349.95 Make surviving your flight infinitely easier with these wireless

noise-canceling headphones. Whether you’re trying to study in a crowded dorm lounge, working on a spreadsheet 50,000 feet in the air, or just need some peace, these headphones have got your back. They’ve got up to 20 hours of charge, and connect to all your devices via Bluetooth. Plus the lightweight, durable material makes these headphones comfortable enough for long-term wear.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones $149.95

For the athletes on your list, Bose also offers the new SoundSport wireless headphones. Nothing throws off your groove when you’re exercising like a lost earbud; SoundSport headphones’ extended, flexible wings keep the buds in place whether you’re running, jumping or climbing. Plus, the Bluetooth capability means you don’t have to struggle with tangled cords ever again.

IBlazr 2 Wireless LED Flash $59.99 This little flash packs a

big punch. Advertised as the “most advanced light source for smartphones and tablets,” this flash can also be used for taking photos with a DSLR cameras, brightening video calls or as a handy flashlight. The iblazr 2 works with your phone’s native camera app – simply pair it via Bluetooth, open the app and double tap to activate the flash. You can even adjust the color temperature to create more natural and professional looking photos.


Holidays from our family to yours.

303.776.5000 Inpatient 303.513.7013 Outpatient Joint Commission accredited

November 24, 2016


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 27

Moment Phone Lenses $99.99 each

Moment Phone Case $49.99

This iPhone case allows you to take your photography to the next level with a DSLR-like shutter button and built-in lens interface. You can even purchase a strap attachment (sold separately) for an extra dose of nostalgia. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for any shutterbug. Currently available in four colors: black, white, cork or walnut for iPhone 6 and up.

Moment also has a line of four different attachable lenses to take stunning, professional-looking images without having to lug around a bunch of bulky equipment. Compatible with iPhone 4 and up. • 60mm Tele Lens gets you twice as close without any distortion, making it perfect for street photography and travel. • Macro Lens allows you to get even closer – 10x closer – allowing you to capture even the tiniest details • 18mm Wide Lens gets more in the picture with no distortion • 15mm Superfish lens creates crisp edge to edge images © CTW Features

Mention this ad and receive 10% off your favorite item.

Come visit our NEW Retail Store for holiday, hostess and housewarming gifts! 104 2nd Avenue in Old Town Niwot

Retail Store & Studio Hours: Mon-Sat 10am – 4m Evenings/Sunday by Appointment


28 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1


November 24, 2016

Players Gonna Play

20 Best Video Games to Gift This Holiday From VR experiences to rebooted classics, there’s something for every type of gamer Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

(Infinity Ward/Activision) PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $99.99


(id Software/Bethesda Softworks) PC/PlayStation 4/ Xbox One, $59.99

Dine in • We Cater WeDDings & Parties 10-1500 guests

Christmas Catering available Mon-Thurs: 11am - 9pm Fri & Sat: 11am - 10pm Sun: 12pm - 9pm



(Comcept/Armature Studio/ Microsoft Studios) PC/Xbox One, $39.99

November 24, 2016 1920 South Coffman Street / Longmont, CO


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 29

Firewatch (Campo Santo/Panic) PC/Mac /PlayStation 4/

Inside (Playdead) PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $19.99

Xbox One, $19.99

Titanfall 2


(Respawn Entertainment/EA) PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $59.99

Quantum Break

(Remedy Entertainment/Microsoft Studios) PC/Xbox One, $59.99

(EA Sports) PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $59.99

The Witness Oxenfree

(Night School Studio) PC/Mac/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $19.99

Ratchet & Clank

(Insomniac Games/Sony Computer Entertainment) PlayStation 4, $39.99

Stardew Valley

(ConcernedApe/Chucklefish Games) Wii U/PC/Mac/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $14.99

(Thekla) PC/Mac/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $39.99

Dark Souls III

(FromSoftware/Bandai Namco Entertainment) PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $39.99

Tom Clancy: The Division

(Ubisoft) PC/PlayStation 4Xbox One, $59.99

Street Fighter V

(Capcom/Dimps) PC/PlayStation 4, $59.99

Superhot Pokémon Sun and Moon

(Game Freak/Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS, $39.99 each

Mafia III

(Hangar 13/2K Games) PC/Mac/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $59.99

30 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

(Superhot Team) PC/Mac /Xbox One, $25.00


(Blizzard Entertainment) PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One, $59.99

Eagle Flight VR

(Ubisoft) Oculus Rift/HTC Vive/PlayStation VR, $39.99


November 24, 2016

Santa’s special mailboxes return to Longmont directly from Santa Claus! Mom and Dad, be sure to include a return address with your child’s letter so that Santa knows where to send his reply. Santa wants to say a special thank you to his friends at Scrumptious, Ace Hardware, both Ziggi’s Coffee Longmont locations, Lucky’s Market and Brown’s Shoe Fit Co., for watching over his mailboxes. And, a hearty “Ho, Ho, Ho” to his helpers at Hover Senior Community — they are most certainly on the “Nice” list!

By MISTY KAISER for HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Santa is already on the lookout for letters from all the best boys and girls and the best way to make sure he gets them is to drop them off in any of his specially decorated white mailboxes springing up in several of Longmont’s favorite retailers on November 18. Letters left in the festive mailboxes require no postage or exact address thanks to the honorary elves at Hover Senior

Community. They have promised Santa and Mrs. Claus that they will personally deliver all letters from his special mailboxes straight to the North Pole. And since they don’t want anyone to miss

their chance, there will be stationery and envelopes available at each of the boxes. Children who write their holiday wishes in a letter and drop it off by December 5 will receive a reply

Own the Moment!


Create personalized canvas prints, metal signs, photo panels, postcards, ceramic tile mosaics, mouse pads, coasters, magnets, mugs, aprons, key chains, playing cards and more! Choose from hundreds of photos from our professional photographers covering area high school sports. Give a personalized keepsake this season, visit



FRIDAY, DEC 2 – SATURDAY, DEC 10 Monday-Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm


November 24, 2016


ASK y for one for the Holidays...





Up to 80% OFF retail! ret etail! WWW. I C E L A N D I C D E S I G N .CO M




one to your BFF!

Y Shop. Consign. Repeat.



Sherman Village Shops at 1225 Ken Pratt Blvd | | 303-485-2617


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 31

Interactive Holidays

Hobbytown is your local source for a totally different kind of “mobile device”— hoverboards and electric skateboards by Electric Academy! Your child (or child-like adult) will love scooting around on these rechargeable motorized boards. They do offer shipping from their website ( for $4.99 or free in-store pickup, but looking through the inventory is half the fun, so stop by their location at The Square, 3500 S. College Ave. in Fort Collins or 1935 Main St. in Longmont.

6.5 Transformer Series in green

6.5 Matrix Series in pink chrome

6.5 Transformer Series and 6.5 Matrix Series - $399 The Matrix 6.5 and Transformer 6.5 hoverboard series offers 6.5 inch wheels that use innovative gyroscopic technology. Two footpads with intuitive sensors and smart balance wheels allow it to detect every movement and long lasting, approved Lithium batteries that last up to 12 miles with an average speed up to 10 MPH. They come in a variety of colors with a hard storage case and LED lights for visibility.

The Ares Shadow 240 - $79.99

The Bolt is designed to be a beginner electric skateboard for ages under 10. This starter board offers very low speeds—3 to 10 MPH. 3 speed controls allow the rider to graduate from beginner to intermediate over time.

(reg. $149.99)

A mini quadcopter for both the beginner and the experienced pilot. The 6-axis stabilization system allows agile flight and stability out of the box, plus, the two different control rates with the Shadow 240 help ease the learning curve. Powerful LEDs and color-coded lighting make the Shadow 240 visible in the dark. When you’re ready for a whole new perspective, just clip on the modular WiFi FPV camera (sold separately). Plus, the same accessories that fit previous generations of similar class Ares quadcopters will also fit the Shadow 240. So, you can easily add a rocket launcher, a squirt gun, a bubble machine, or a working winch. Everything needed is in the box, including AA batteries for the 4-channel transmitter, a 780mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo battery and an AC charger for convenient charging from almost any outlet.

32 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

Bolt Electric Skateboard $299

STEM projects, games and more!

Hobbytown is a haven of STEM toys for the curious kid (or adult!), as well as games, RC vehicles and models. Interactive is the name of... well, the game. Engage your child’s mind and sense of adventure this holiday season with any number of games and toys that allow you to be an active participant as well. Stop by Hobbytown and check out the stock, you’ll have a hard time leaving without something in hand!


November 24, 2016

What’s yourVintage?

Igloo Retro Compact Refrigerator with Side Bottle Opener 1.6 cu. ft., $129.99 ( By Misty Kaiser, Reporter-Herald Vintage is hot, whether real or not. Take a stroll through any mall and you’ll likely encounter record players, remakes of toys from your youth, and colorful appliances that look like something your grandmother might have owned. Surf around sites like Etsy and even eBay and you may be surprised by the prices your old handbags, jewelry and clothing may fetch. Odds are you know either someone who actively pursues vintage items, or someone who loves the cute and kitchy look. The question then becomes are you looking for the thing truly from yesteryear or the thing that just looks like it is.

Truly Vintage

One of the primary appeals of buying “real” vintage items is that you are getting something that is a little more unique. Even if it was mass produced to begin with, many may no

November 24, 2016

Crosley Executive Portable USB Turntable $109.95 (

longer exist. They often carry a true sense of nostalgia as well. Unfortunately, depending on what you’re looking for, it may also come with a price tag to match. Pieces by designers and makers that are out of production can be in high demand. However, if you’re open to doing a little digging locally, the finds can be more than worth it. Fort Collins Flea Market, Foothills Flea Market in Fort Collins and Front Range Mercantile in Longmont are great places to start. You can shop multiple vendors, with vintage goods of all types at one time. And, of course there are websites, and, for example, that will allow you to search more specifically. Sometimes natural wear is part of the charm of vintage items. But you don’t want something that’s on the verge of falling apart, so remember to carefully inspect items of any age for damage, missing components or signs of damage to


Vintage Inspired

Since vintage is so hot, finding reproduction items or just brand new product lines with the vintage look is pretty easy right now. The benefits are obvious: warranties, return policies

Battleship Game Retro Series 1967 Edition $13 (

and little concern about damage. You won’t have to look far either. Barnes and Noble carries Crosley turntables with an old-fashioned flair and the vinyl albums to go with them. An Igloo mini fridge— turquoise for the she-shed or red for the man-cave— looks like it popped out of grandma’s kitchen and right into Walmart. Even Target carries a wide selection of “Retro Series” games that come in their original editions with the packaging and pieces you remember. The trade-offs to “new” vintage, are its lack of history and that it is one of many. To true collectors, that may matter more than you think. But, then they can always return it, so there’s that advantage. Whichever you choose for the retro-fan in your life, you’re sure to score a holiday home run with a thoughtful vintage gift.

MEADOWS HOME & GARDEN 520 Mountain Ave • Berthoud, CO

A Unique Blend of New and Rediscovered Finds!

(303) 808-0401

Thurs – Fri 10 – 4pm · Fri – Sat 9:30 – 3:30pm


Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1 33

Where’s Santa? One of the best events of the holidays is taking the kids to see Santa, but sometimes he can be a little hard to find and even harder to see. Here’s a quick list of some of the places you can find Santa around town this season. For more information, and other locations, check

November 25

Longmont Tree Lighting 6th & Main Streets, Longmont

Santa and other holiday figures will be present to help light up the Longmont Holiday Lights. This is always a fun event for the entire family. Bring your camera for “selfies” of yourself with Santa and the others.

November 26, December 4 and 18 3-6 p.m. Samples World Bistro 370 Main St., Longmont

Holiday treats for kids and parents at Samples Bistro. Enjoy dinner and drinks while your children take pictures with Santa. Use your own camera, make reservations to avoid the line.

November 26 and 27 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The Flower Bin 1805 Nelson Rd., Longmont

Santa will be talking with the children. Bring your camera for lots of fun photos.

34 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

December 2, 3-7 p.m.

December 19, 3-6 p.m.

Santa will be talking with children at the Holiday Open House hosted by the historic Callahan House. Be sure to bring your camera.

Santa will be reading, telling stories and talking to children. Bring your camera for photo opps.

Callahan House 312 Terry Street, Longmont

December 3 and 10 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Ace Hardware 1727 Main St., Longmont

Bring the children and your camera for some fun photos. Elf Mather Hot Wheels will be with Santa.

December 6, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Longmont United Hospital 1950 Mountain View Ave., Longmont

Bring the kids for a fun evening with Santa, the Longmont Chorale, clowns, face painting, cookies, eggnog and service dogs and light the trees at LUH Lights of Love.

December 9 4:30-8:30 p.m.

St Vrain Memorial Building, 700 Longs Peak Ave., Longmont

Make a craft with Santa at Longmont Lights in his special workshop.

December 10 4:30-7 p.m.

Parade of Lights Downtown Longmont

See Santa and the Mrs. in the Longmont Parade of Lights.

December 16, 5:30 p.m. Left Hand Brewing Company 1265 Boston Ave, Longmont

Santa will be at the Tasting Room at 5:30 p.m. to help collect toys for the children at the OUR Center to open on Christmas Day. Bring your children and your camera and some new toys in original packaging for a fun time.


Used Book Emporium 346 Main St., Longmont

December 21, 1-3 p.m. Jesters Dinner Theatre 224 Main St., Longmont

Santa will be telling stories, including the true story of Rudolph and how he met and married Mrs. Claus. Elf Mather Hot Wheels will be with Santa and Mrs. Claus may put in an appearance. Families will be invited to come on stage with Santa and pose for pictures. This is a ticketed event. -Adults $15, Children and Seniors - $10, No more than 5 children for each adult or senior reservations recommended. All ticket sales will be donated to support street orphans in Kenya.

December 22, 9-11 a.m. Longmont Museum, 400 Quail Rd., Longmont,

Come have pancakes with Santa while he entertains your whole family with holiday stories and photos with the children afterwards. Make sure to bring your holiday wish lists and camera for this special event! Advance registration is required for this ticketed even - $10 for children, $15 for adults. Register online at using the activity code 194447 or call / visit the museum. Event sponsored by The Roost.

December 22 and 23 12-5 p.m. Village at the Peaks, 1250 S. Hover Rd., Longmont

Come visit with Santa and take photos of him and your family and friends.

November 24, 2016

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