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November 2020



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Cold, Flu or COVID? Tips for Parents


COVID Update: Local Teachers and Schools Adapt to New Environment


For a Good Cause: Students at Watershed School Reach Out to Help the Community


Our Kids Need Help - Mind Your Words


Parents of First-Time Students: Managing Stress and Anxiety Now


Preschool and Coronavirus


Preschool Spotlight


Choosing a School? You’ve Got Options


Private, Charter and Montessori School Spotlight


Open Enrollment? School Choice? What Parents Need to Know


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Relocating: Finding the Right Area Requires the Right Search


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TO DIAGNOSING DISEASES. Preparing students to bring their best to the world.


Raised in the Rockies

Cold, Flu or COVID? Tips to keep yourself and your family healthy.



COVERING THE BASICS Dr. Jessica Cataldi of Children’s Hospital Colorado highlighted the similarities between each disease. “COVID can look like a lot of different things,” she explained. “And the symptoms themselves vary.” In fact, 40 percent of infections are believed to be asymptomatic. When the pandemic was in its infancy, the standout symptom was a dry cough. But as time passed, the CDC expanded their COVID-19 symptoms list. It now shares all the symptoms of the flu. COVID-19 also causes a significant loss of taste and smell. This symptom is different from the mild loss caused by nasal congestion. In corona patients, the virus blocks the nervous system itself. “People who really experience loss of

WHEN TO GET TESTED If you experience any symptoms or exposure to someone with coronavirus, get tested as soon as possible. If you can’t get tested, self-isolate until you can. It may seem like an extreme approach. But the trickiness of the symptoms combined with COVID’s high mortality rate means extreme caution is necessary. Dr. Cataldi advised the best way to keep yourself safe is to follow the CDC’s guidelines. Staying healthy means wearing a mask, socially distancing, and regular hand washing. And tests are more widely available than you might be aware. “Anyone with Medicaid or Medicare covers a medical test,” Dr. Cataldi said. “And there’s plenty of testing sites. The best place to start is on the social media page of your local public health department.”

OTHER SAFETY MEASURES Dr. Cataldi suggested other precautions in addition to wearing masks. First, get a flu vaccination. “Something that seems really mild, like a cold, can become a deadly complication if you contract COVID at the same time,” she explained. Having influenza and coronavirus at the same time is much worse than either alone. Second, be aware of the wildfires in your area. Smoke inhalation can damage your respiratory system, leaving you more vulnerable to COVID. Follow CDPHE guidelines on breathable air and evacuate if necessary. LET’S RECAP COVID-19 shares symptoms with colds and the flu. These include fever, chills, coughing and a sore throat. But there’s no way to tell the difference based on symptoms alone. Moreover, different patients experience different symptoms at different severities. Consequently, it’s important to get tested, even if you just suspect you’ve been exposed to the virus. This, combined with precautionary social distancing, is the only way to prevent the disease from spreading. To further protect yourself, stay up on your vaccines and follow CDPHE and CDC guidelines. You have the power to make decisions to keep yourself healthy. SCHOOL CHOICE


ith flu season upon us, it may be tough to tell the difference between a chest cold and something more serious – like the flu or COVID-19. Given the increased risk of anything that isn’t a cold, it’s important to know what to look out for. Here’s what you need to know to keep yourself and your family healthy.

taste describe things tasting very bad or strange.” Dr. Cataldi said. “It doesn’t seem to be a subtle symptom for people who have COVID.” The most recent symptom didn’t join the list until September. Reports of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are widely reported, as well. Without a nasal swab or antibody test, there is simply no way to know, it’s hard to know what a patient has.


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Spark a lifetime of achievement.

Did you know that Boulder Valley School District has an amazing preschool program? Children who are 3 or 4 years old by October 1st of the year of enrollment are eligible to attend any of our 20 preschool locations across the district.

A place where all children shine. Every day, we partner with families to develop each child’s unique strengths in a fun, nurturing learning environment. Our teachers are focused on getting to know your child and understanding their interests, strengths, and areas of growth. Our team of teachers and specialists works with each child and their family to set and reach learning and development goals.

Where fun meets learning. Just because our preschools are a ton of fun, doesn’t mean your child isn’t learning by leaps and bounds. Our teachers all hold Master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education, and our curriculum is carefully designed to prepare children for kindergarten through play.

Committed to all young learners. Boulder Valley School District preschools are committed to being here for our communities. Our preschool community liaisons organize family engagement events and connect families with community resources and support. Access for all, no matter what. As an integrated preschool program, we can work with you to make preschool learning a reality for your child, no matter what your

family’s circumstances or your child’s learning needs may be. We work with the state-funded Colorado Preschool Program to make our program affordable, so if paying for preschool is a concern, please let us know and we will explore options with you. Ready to learn more? For frequently asked questions, such as whether your child must be potty-trained to attend our preschools (the answer is no!), just reach out to us! If you are interested in enrolling for next year, apply during the preschool lottery period from November 1, 2020 to January 6th, 2021. We enroll all year round, so if you would like to start now, just give us a call: 720-561-5075. We would love to welcome you and your child to one of our preschools soon!


November 2020

Go to or call 720-561-5075 RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 7

Raised in the Rockies

8th grade students at Dawson School engage in a socially-distant history class. (Photo: Dawson School).


Local Teachers and Schools Adapt to New Environment

(Photo: Joshua Berman / Shining Mountain Waldorf School).




4th grade circles up; Shining Mountain Waldorf School’s ample 12-acre campus in Boulder allows for creative outdoor classroom spaces.


he pandemic has brought enormous challenges to school districts and administrators, teachers, families and students. How does a school function “normally” in a learning environment where the threat of COVID-19 looms large? We’ve reached out to three local schools to find out how they’re handling these challenges. George Moore, Head of School at Dawson School in Lafayette, says that Dawson put safety protocols in place–everything from improved ventilation to using additional campus spaces for learning to reduce density–to design their program for effective in-person, on-campus learning. “The key challenge for our teachers is to provide a meaningful experience for a remote learner who might be home for a few days with symptoms,” he says. “Last spring our teachers researched and implemented best practices in remote learning, including the combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, and have augmented those with current technology tools (OWL and Swivl) this fall. They are going above and beyond every single day.” Meg Hansen, Director of Marketing and Communications at Friends School in Boulder, says the logistical challenges of running a program as safely as possible were initially overwhelming. “From safely sharing bathrooms, to a new system


for drop-off and pick-up, temperature checks, mask wearing ... there were a lot of new routines for kids to learn. Being in person for over two months now has allowed us all to get into a smoother routine in this regard.” Could there be unexpected blessings for teachers as they navigate complicated scheduling with both in-person and remote learners? Mary Eaton Fairfield, School Director at Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, says yes. “Some teachers appreciate the new schedule that allows for double-periods, which opens up possibilities for activities and longer lessons

“Teachers, administration and parents all need to be more patient with each other as we navigate this new territory together.”

that they didn’t have before,” she explains. “The new schedule was adjusted to limit exposure between cohorts and between teachers interacting with different cohorts. Some teachers have expressed appreciating this extended time with the students, especially in the middle school and high school sections, where they can go deeper into each lesson. Other silver linings include teachers having to be more flexible, creative and resourceful, and discovering new lessons and methods to try out and use.” The challenges presented to schools during the pandemic are not only logistical. Holding safe space for everyone’s emotions is a job unto itself and of utmost importance. “One of our social/ emotional values at Friends (for kids, parents and teachers) is that all feelings are welcome,” says Hansen. “It’s a really challenging and stressful time to be a teacher literally across the globe. Friends is no different in that regard, but where we shine is in being an environment where teachers are allowed, and invited, to express how they are feeling.” It goes without saying that the loss of beloved school events has hit everyone hard. We all feel it, whether in theatre, sports, music, or other activities. “Not being able to hold our traditional assemblies, concerts, plays, and large festivals has been difficult and disheartening for our community, since they are an essential part of our curriculum,” says Fairfield. “Yet this change has brought out a creative response from our faculty and students. We are reimagining how to make these events happen in a meaningful way during this unusual time.” One thing’s for sure, wherever your kids are enrolled: Teachers need support. “If there’s a teacher in your life, a smile or a thank you note from you will be noticed and appreciated; acknowledgement of their exceptional investment in our children this year is so important,” says George Moore. Meg Hansen: “Letting teachers know that you see them and appreciate them goes a long way (in person, on your Facebook page, in the form of treats brought to the school - anything!). Also support teachers by being responsible community members and following recommended health protocols to help keep schools in person.” “It is more difficult for teachers to connect with all their students without seeing each other’s faces, which in turn, requires more effort and energy to deliver a lesson and check in with students, “says Mary Eaton Fairfield. “Teachers, administration and parents all need to be more patient with each other as we navigate this new territory together.”





• Gymnastics • Ninja Zone for all ages for ages 3-12 and all levels • Trampoline & • Dance Tumbling for ages 2-1/2 for first graders and older and older Ask about our new student introductory specials!

Voted BEST Gymnastics/ Tumbling, Dance, Day Camp, and Frederick Business! 1816 Boston Ave, Longmont, CO 80501

(303) 684-3716 3773 Monarch St, Frederick, CO 80516

(720) 708-6306

November 2020

Teachers are adapting to this new environment by being more flexible, creative and resourceful. (Photo: Meg Hansen, Friends School). RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 9

Raised in the Rockies

For a Good Cause.. .

Students at Watershed School shift gears and reach out to help the community.

Students at Watershed School in Boulder created sewed masks to donate to those in need. (Photo courtesy: Jen Curtis, Watershed School).

• Boulder Buddy Projects Students created free, live and filmed, classes for local elementary-aged students of working parents to give young students something fun to do from home. • Serving Ecological Communities Students completed field-testing (water sampling and bird species monitoring) for the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab.

• Boulder Food and Housing Security Students interviewed local farmers and worked to support organizations providing access to food.

HOW THE MASK MAKERS PROJECT SUCCEEDED With students and teachers working from different locations, it took considerable coordination to produce the masks. According to Curtis, “All students who signed on to this project had sewing SCHOOL CHOICE

• Tech Support and Web Design Students worked with Anschutz Medical Center to build a website to support healthcare professionals experiencing pandemic trauma and worked with a local consulting organization to build frameworks for virtual gatherings and celebrations when unable to gather in person.

• Watershed Community Connections: students interviewed businesses for the Chamber of Commerce and wrote some pieces for a local journal on pandemic experiences.

• Film Fest Experience Stories to a PostCOVID-19 Future: Students gathered films from teens around the country reflecting on how COVID has impacted their lives.



• Outreach to Elderly and Healthcare Professionals A group of middle school students wrote and mailed letters of appreciation to healthcare professionals and participated in Zoom hangouts with local residents of elderly care facilities.


his past spring, 18 students from grades 6 through 12 at Watershed School in Boulder sewed 590 masks, which they donated to Boulder Housing Partners (BHP), a non-profit organization that builds, owns and manages one-third of Boulder’s affordable housing for lowand moderate-income residents. BHP distributed the student-crafted masks, along with other supplies, to individuals in their program. Jen Curtis, educator and college counselor at Watershed School, managed this volunteer effort. She says, “Our May Term courses are month-long intensives where we typically travel all over the world with our students while diving into a topic of study. This year, with the lockdowns, we were all remote and our courses canceled as we worked from home. This provided us an opportunity to shift gears, reach out, and engage students in work that matters to improve the Boulder County community in response to local challenges brought on by COVID-19.” Hence, a number of projects – including the mask making – ran for four school weeks from April 22 to May 20:

• Boulder Community Mask Makers Students create sewed masks to donate to those in need.


machines at home, and we ran this project entirely on Zoom. I taught this course with two other educators, Chris Carithers and Casey Pyle. Over Zoom, we had group classes and each ran sewing tutorials for individuals who had never sewn before to teach them how to use their machine and worked with our more experienced students to improve their mask patterns and work on mask production. “We set a group goal in the beginning of our course to sew and donate 400 masks. As the month went on, some students really dove in and we ended up sewing and donating 590 masks. We partnered with E-Quilter in Gunbarrel, who donated their fabric remnants to us (and many other local mask makers) to use for the masks. Elastic was out of stock everywhere at that time, so we cut up spandex tablecloths into strips for the ear loops. We had a trunk system set up at our school where students could pick up materials and drop off completed masks outside our school building. “We sewed mostly adult masks, but as we all got comfortable with the patterns, we sewed some child-sized masks as well. We donated all of the masks with washing and wearing instructions. All masks should be washed at your own home before wearing, so you’re sure they are clean before using.”

Raised in the Rockies How was the Mask Makers’ Project important for the students who participated? Jen Curtis, who managed the Mask Makers project, shares some quotes from the students’ final reflections about the course: “Hearing where our masks were actually going and hearing about the organization itself made me feel like I was part of something bigger. This The Mask Makers’ Project was ran entirely via Zoom. community project was just (Photo courtesy: Jen Curtis, Watershed School). the challenge and excitement in Boulder who can’t easily access one.” I needed during this time, and I am so “The main thing I realized was that happy I got to participate.” I need to reach out to those in my “It reminded me about how much community who are in need more fun I have being by a sewing machine often… This project has helped me and it felt amazing knowing I was doing become more aware of ways that I can something I enjoy while giving something help.” back to the community.” “Overall, this course has taught me a “During this project, I’ve learned that lot about myself and how I can use my wearing a mask is much more important resources to give back to my community than what people think. It’s really in times like these.” about respecting people around you, “I think this course gave me a lot of because you don’t know who is more empathy from realizing who I was doing compromised during this pandemic or this for and seeing the bigger picture. The not. To me, working on this project has better my masks come out, the better we been really rewarding knowing that I’m participating in making masks for people will all be.”

FUN FOR THEM. PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU. Before & After Care • Remote Learning & Care • School Day Off Camps Held at select BVSD, Weld RE-5J and Thompson schools as well as at the Longmont Y for SVVSD. Before & After School Care Whether it’s getting homework help or enjoying outdoor time, the Y provides a supportive environment for K-5th graders before and after school. Parents enjoy the peace of mind of having a state-licensed program as well as affordable rates and qualified, trained staff. Remote Learning & Care The Y’s remote learning space offers students a place to safely participate in distance learning while parents are at work. YMCA Inspire Preschools The Y also offers full- and part-time preschool for ages 2-1/2 to 6 at the Longmont and Johnstown Ys.

YMCA OF NORTHERN COLORADO Serving the Northern Front Range Since 1874

November 2020

Flexible options are available as we develop programs to meet changing needs. Our staff work closely with public health experts to develop practices that minimize risk and maximize fun.


Raised in the Rockies



Mind Your Words

he morning after the debate, I woke up with the weight of the world, a headache before I even got out of bed. I couldn’t tell if I was angry, devastated, REBECCA STARK afraid, annoyed, THORNBERRY or apathetic. It RAISED IN was pretty much THE ROCKIES a combo of all of those feelings. I made coffee, sat with my journal and wrote down all the things in my head. My fears, frustrations, questions, all the stuff swirling around causing the sh*tstorm of emotion I was feeling. Then I just sat with the vibrations of those feelings. I felt a bit more clear headed after that. But only a bit. I got up to start my day and glanced over at my teenager sleeping on the couch (for some annoying reason he’s made the living room his bedroom for the past few weeks). I try to imagine all of this through his eyes. I try to remember my brain when I was 17 and how I pretty much didn’t think about the future of my country. I had the luxury of fantasizing about the names of my future children, or all the places I would travel, or how I was going to get around curfew so I could stay at the party all night. But he wakes up to seeing him mom scrolling on her phone and saying things like, ‘Our country is going to sh*t’. Our kids are watching us. They’re picking up cues all the time,

forming thoughts about how they should feel about their future. What I’m observing happening to my teens is that they’re not planning for a future. They’re looking down the barrel of climate change, a crumbling democracy, leaders who act like toddlers, insidious racism, an educational system that’s imploding, a global pandemic, and a country very likely headed towards civil war. I ask my kids what they want to do for their careers and they look at me blankly as if they haven’t given their future a single thought. What future? We’re in fight or flight. A people under threat. Hoarding supplies, stocking up on weapons, hunkering down, plotting how to protect our property and our rights. Every man for himself. Survival mode is a natural function of the brain that says, ‘‘what do I need to do immediately to make sure me and mine survive?’ and it’s kept us alive for millions of years. But it’s also a state of mind in which creativity, hope, higher thinking, strategic planning, and peacekeeping don’t exist. Our kids are in survival mode too, but it looks like virtual escapism, substance abuse, withdrawal, apathy, and sleeping on the couch all day. It might appear they are oblivious, but trust me, they most definitely aren’t. What message are we sending? ‘The world is doomed, but go do your homework and clean your room.’ Why should they? Are we consciously speaking words of HOPE about their futures? How do we, when we feel so hopeless? One place I find hope is when I’m in a

state of creativity. We are all creative. It’s our connection to life, our path to dignity. It’s our ability to solve problems, see possibility, find beauty in the ugliest of things, discover our power, connect to humanity, create something new, see beyond the current circumstances, express our higher selves, bring light to the world. Are we empowering our kids to tap into their own creativity to create a world they want to live in? Are we teaching them the power of their own minds to rise above seeming destruction and find solutions? Are we telling them, out loud, they are fully capable of painting a better picture? Are we equipping them to trust their intuition, express their individual gifts, and offer their unique voice? Are we enabling them to IMAGINE not just surviving, but of experiencing something even better? Are we believing that there IS hope for their future? Words are everything. And they are listening to all of them. So maybe when we hear ourselves say things like, ‘this world is f*cked’ we can remember to add, ‘but you have the power within you to make it more beautiful’. I’m going to have to be diligent to mind my words over the next couple of months. I’ll choose hope for the sake of our children. I’ll breathe my way out of survival mode long enough to remind them that they can always create a beautiful world. Rebecca Stark Thornberry is a Mastery Certified Life Coach and the owner of Rebecca Stark Coaching. You can visit her website rebeccastarkcoaching. com or contact her at rebecca@

"WE LOVE APPLE TREE! Our daughter has been there for 2 years and has THRIVED!" -parent Michaelle

We are a Christian organization providing: Early childhood programs for ages 2 ½ thru Jr Kindergarten and Parents Day Out We can't wait to meet you at Open House January 7, 2021, 5:30-7:30pm or call to schedule a tour!

303-466-8365 | | 545 W 10th Ave, Broomfield 12



Raised in the Rockies

Parents of First-Time Students: Managing Stress and Anxiety Now Broomfield offers both online and in-person tutoring for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. They can create a personalized schedule that fits your family. Visit us/broomfield-co/school-support.

• Be thoughtful about your media exposure. It’s important to stay informed, but it’s not helpful to get sucked into apocalyptic worst-case scenarios. Consider establishing a time when you can turn off your phone or go off social media.

Whether you’re choosing homeschooling, virtual learning from home or in-person schooling, the anxiety and stress can feel overwhelming. (Photo: Shutterstock).



tarting daycare, preschool or kindergarten is a milestone in your child’s life. It’s always been an occasion for a cute new backpack and a chance to snap a few adorable photos. But during the pandemic, many parents are struggling and feeling isolated. Whether you’re choosing homeschooling, virtual learning from home or in-person schooling, the anxiety and stress can feel overwhelming. Experts agree that it’s important for kids’ sense of security for parents to model healthy attitudes. Learning and teaching constructive ways to cope with stress and anxiety builds resilience that can last a lifetime. So what can you do now to manage your own stress and anxiety and build resilience in yourself and your children? • Acknowledge your own feelings about the situation. Feeling scared and anxious is normal. Writing your emotions down through journaling can help reduce stress. Talk with someone you trust about your feelings, but don’t let yourself get trapped in negativity: ask yourself if you can see the situation as an

November 2020

opportunity rather than a crisis. • Focus on staying in the present instead of dwelling on what-ifs. Regularly practicing mindfulness, alone or with your kids, will help. Mindfulness activities include breathing exercises, meditation (try an app!), or prayer. Other activities can engage all your senses too. Try preparing and enjoying a good meal (appreciate the different flavors and textures), taking a walk (feel the cool breeze and breathe in the scents of nature), coloring (notice colors and shapes), or listening to music (let yourself get swept up in the sounds). • Create a daily routine. The sense of order offered by a healthy routine is more important than ever for everyone. Set a daily agenda and goals for yourself. If your littles are learning at home, plan to alternate remote learning sessions with periods of fun and free time. Chores, online social time with friends, and outside time are important too. End the day with family time and reading before bed. • Consider getting help with athome learning. Sylvan Learning of

• Take the time to exercise, eat a healthy diet and get the right amount of rest: you’ll be better prepared to manage the stress of this time than a parent who doesn’t. Exercise gives you a boost of feelgood endorphins. Many gyms are offering classes you can take at home, or you can follow along with an exercise video on YouTube. If possible, consider investing in home personal training technology. Or just take the kids outside for a walk, bike ride, or a game of tag. • Find a way to regularly shift the focus off your situation and give back. You’ll strengthen your social connectedness as well as your sense of purpose, which will make you happier and more resilient. Call a friend and offer to listen. Volunteer from home for a cause that’s important to you. Take your child along to drop off groceries to a neighbor in need. • Finally, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. During the COVID-19 health crisis you can call Mental Health Partners in Broomfield for parenting support or coaching at 970.528.0513, Monday through Friday, 9 to 11 a.m. MHP’s KidConnects & Community Infant Program also provides additional parent support for parents of newborns and kids up to age 5 at 303.245.4418. This service is available all year during business hours. RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 13

Raised in the Rockies

We’ve Got

Perseverance Respect Integrity Dependability Empathy


2021-22 Online Enrollment Application go live TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2020 at 7:00AM (MST) Contact • 2019 Colorado Trailblazer and National School to Watch • Colorado Shines Quality Rating Level 5 Preschool • Small Class Size and Dedicated Staff • Greenhouse Classroom and Garden • Robotics, SmartLab, Elementary Science Lab



2040 Miller Drive Longmont, CO 80501 303-651-7900

PRESCHOOL & CORONAVIRUS What day care centers and preschool looks like during COVID-19 BY ADAM GOLDSTEIN RAISED IN THE ROCKIES


olorado’s youngest learners have proven among the most adaptable to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the county, school districts, private schools and charter schools have found safe and innovative ways to connect preschoolers with learning, and the students have responded with enthusiasm, flexibility and dynamism. They’ve enthusiastically donned masks, they’ve adapted to cohort learning on-site and they’ve taken to online curriculum with curiosity and smiles. In other words, preschoolers are meeting the challenges of learning in a new world, one turned upside down by an unprecedented health crisis. “Our preschoolers are doing a great job wearing their masks and taking the cues from our staff, who are using a multitude of creative strategies to keep learning

lively while socially distant,” said Diane Lauer, Assistant Superintendent of Priority Programs and Academic Support for the St. Vrain School District. Lauer oversees early childhood education, early literacy, Title I and professional development programs for the district. “It is so wonderful to have our children back in our preschool classrooms.” Lauer’s assessment echoes feedback from other districts and schools across Boulder County and across Colorado. School districts across the metro area welcomed back students for in-person learning in the fall, and continued to supplement in-class curriculum with a wide array of online instruction options. While every week brings new updates in terms of the number of reported COVID-19 cases and the status of school openings, officials say students have found different ways to learn, grow and achieve under the new restrictions. That goes for high school, middle and elementary SCHOOL CHOICE

Learn why we're a National "School to Watch"!

school students, as well as preschoolers. Officials say the youngest students have been just as apt to follow new models as their older peers. Similarly, preschool teachers are being just as stringent about following health guidelines as their colleagues in different levels. “We’re following careful and specific safety guidelines at all levels in the Boulder Valley School District,” said Patricia Ammann, Early Childhood Education Coordinator for BVSD. Ammann said that preschool class sizes have been cut by half, to 8 students in a single classroom, and that students revolve between a

maximum of two days of in-person learning per week and online learning the rest of the week. “When they’re in class, the children are wearing masks. We’ve been surprised to how ready the children are to put on their masks and keep their masks on. All the toys are cleaned between the groups; one cohort’s materials are cleaned before the next one shows up.” Of course, every young student has their own response to the new conditions, but school officials point out that for the most part, preschoolers have mirrored older students in their ability to adjust to new conditions. Whether it’s

shifting learning exercises to outdoor settings when possible or finding new ways to complete a lesson online, students are meeting the demands of the moment. Parents, too, are adjusting to a new reality that can feel unfamiliar and challenging. Ammann said that parents have the opportunity to drop in to online learning during synchronous sessions, and pointed out that those parents who are concerned about their students’ safety can opt for a fully remote learning structure. “They can decide when they’re going to join us and have a seat in the session,” she said. “In addition to the

synchronous activities, we have preschool community liaisons who are in touch individually. There’s a lot of individual communication going on with parents and students.” In other words, preschoolers have been able to succeed across Boulder County largely due to the investment and attention of educators at all levels, from individual teachers to administrators to private school staff. As a global pandemic forces us all to rethink how we approach everyday life, our young learners are proving to be flexible, intelligent and capable.

Preschool Spotlight

Apple Tree Christian Preschool and Kindergarten Our mission is to prepare God’s children for their lifelong journey of learning by instilling Christian values, developing positive social skills, and encouraging academic success. ATCPK is for children ranging from age 2 ½ through Junior Kindergarten. Grades Served: Toddlers through Junior Kindergarten Address: 545 W. 10th Ave., Broomfield Phone: 303.466.8365 Website: apple-tree Principal/Head of School: Sara Godwin Enrollment: 76 Capacity: 78 Annual Tuition: $245-$410/month Daily Schedule: 8:30-11:30 a.m. and includes 60 minutes of free choice, 25 minutes of recess, snack, and other activities Open House/Visitation: Jan. 7, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

November 2020

Boulder Country Day Preschool BCD’s Preschool is a unique learning environment where teachers build meaningful relationships with each student, nurture their strengths, and help them meet goals through focused, individualized attention. In addition to age-appropriate core academics, BCD incorporates a “Specials” into their Preschool curriculum including world language (French and Spanish), movement, art, and library. BCD is also committed to strong and lasting family/ school connections. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to actively participate in classroom activities, field trips and school events. Grades Served: Preschool (2.5 years old) through Pre-Kindergarten Address: 4820 Nautilus Court North, Boulder Phone: 303.527.4931 Website: Head of School: John Suitor Enrollment: 60 Capacity: 74 Annual Tuition: $15,500-$19,800 Daily Schedule: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. After Care available on site. Open House/Visitation: Nov. 17 and Jan 12

YMCA Inspire Preschool

At YMCA Inspire Preschool, children enjoy meaningful, hands-on experiences that help them learn, grow and thrive. Daily lessons and themed projects allow for exploration and individualized learning opportunities for every child. By supporting students’ academic, social and emotional well-being, Y teachers help children ages 2-1/2 to 6 begin a lifetime love of discovery. Students enjoy weekly swimming, playtime on the playground, gym and bike park, sports activities and hands-on education on the Y’s farm. The preschool utilizes Creative Curriculum, the same program used by local school districts. Inspire Preschool offers full-day/part-day and full-time/part-time options. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Preschool families receive a free YMCA family membership. Grades Served: Preschool Address: 950 Lashley St., Ste A., Longmont Phone: 303.664.5455 ext. 4700 Website: Enrollment: Call for details. Capacity: 107 Annual Tuition: Call for details. Daily Schedule: Call for details. Open House/Visitation: Call for tour. RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 15

Raised in the Rockies organizational freedom, generally without having to meet state standards. Many private schools are specialized for certain lifestyles, both secular and religious. For instance, Boulder Country Day School (BCD, for short) focuses on education and the student body community. They create an environment with social and emotional support. They encourage parents to get involved as well. There are also plenty of private schools associated with different forms of faith. BCD receives funding through tuition fees and donations to the BCD Fundraising Initiative. While private tuition is costly, their exclusivity stands out.



olorado is well known for it’s active lifestyle, pleasant homes and a bustling local scene. And one of the area’s best perks is just for growing families. To put it simply, there are a lot of schooling options. But which to choose? We’ve drawn up a list so you can pick which style is right for you. There’s a fit for every family.



PUBLIC SCHOOLS The first option we’ll explore is the obvious option – public school. First, the boring stuff. In Colorado, we use taxes to fund public schools. Tuition costs, if your district has any, are low. Funds are spread across education, arts, performance and athletics. Plus, public school students aren’t limited in their course choices. What does that mean for you when you’re deciding to go with public schools or another option. Basically, it means our public schools are a solid option. There’s no evidence private schools are better developmentally for kids. What’s more, Colorado’s public schools consistently rank above national performance levels.

Public school provides a well-rounded education for kids of all backgrounds. CHARTER SCHOOLS For another publicly funded option, consider a charter school. Like public schools, charter schools receive their funding from the state. But the state gives them more operational freedom, provided they meet higher-thanaverage qualifications. They’re essentially “independent public schools.” Each campus makes its own rules. For example, Flagstaff Academy in Longmont sets aside special funding for younger students. Kindergartners to middle-schoolers can practice coding basics in all-ages tech labs. A parentstudent group even received a grant for a greenhouse classroom. This is a level of flexibility unique to charter schools. Lisa Trank-Greene, Flagstaff’s communications coordinator, even sent her kids there. “They get this level of attention and community at a very young age,” she reflected. “It ignites a fire in these kids early on.” PRIVATE SCHOOLS True to their name, private schools don’t receive state funding. They enjoy total


ONLINE CLASSES Sending children to school during a pandemic can be, well, nerve-wracking. At the time of this writing, many schools are back to in-person learning. It will stay that way pending future local ordinances. If you’d prefer your child to learn from home, many schools offer onlineonly courses via webcam. Talk with your administrators to find a solution you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind that some online programs have additional tuition costs. No matter which school fits your child best, Boulder, Broomfield and Weld Counties are a great place to raise a family. Here, every child can find the education they need. SCHOOL CHOICE


MONTESSORI ACCREDITED SCHOOLS Every school curriculum takes different approaches to different age groups. But Montessori academies take this idea to a new level. They base their curriculum on proven child-development theories. The idea is to encourage children’s natural curiosity and willingness to learn. Gavin Green, Director of Admissions at Jarrow Montessori School, provided more insight. She says Montessori schools are bound together by philosophy, not administration. The common element is a commitment to child-development models. As a result, testing looks different than more traditional schooling. “In a public school model, the measure is testing,” Green said. She’s talking primarily about standardized testing, like the CSAP or the SAT. But contrast, Montessori schools focus on individual assessment. For example, a student might be graded on their ability to teach another child lesson they’ve previously learned. Like other private schools, Montessori schools have limited enrollment and tuition costs. But they offer a high level of personalization.

Private, Charter & Montessori School Spotlight Dawson School Boulder Country Day School BCD is a private preschool (starting at age 2.5) through 8th grade school located in the Gunbarrel neighborhood of Boulder. Grades Served: Preschool (2-1/2 years old) to 8th grade Address: 4820 Nautilus Court North, Boulder Phone: 303.527.4931 Website: Principal/Head of School: John Suitor Enrollment: 374 Capacity: 392 Annual Tuition: $15,500-$23,300 Daily Schedule: Preschool and Elementary 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Middle School 8 a.m. to 3:17 p.m. Open House/Visitation: Nov. 17, Jan. 12

Region’s top Kindergarten through 12th grade independent school, offering challenging, college-prep academics, robust arts and athletics programs, and renowned experiential education. With a student/teacher ratio of 7:1, and average class size of 15, each student is known and supported. Dawson’s mission: “Dawson School is dedicated to excellence of mind, body, and character. We prepare students, through challenging and relevant learning, to become creative, resilient problem-solvers who bring their best to the world.” Dawson’s 107acre campus is located in Lafayette, Colorado. Celebrating 50 years. Grades Served: Kindergarten through 12th grade Address: 10455 Dawson Drive, Lafayette Phone: 303.665.6679 Website: Principal/Head of School:

George P. Moore Enrollment: 525 Capacity: 540 Annual Tuition: Varies Daily Schedule: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Open House/Visitation: Virtual Open House, Sat., Dec. 5: 9 a.m. (Grades K-5); 11 a.m. (Grades 6-8); 1 p.m. (Grades 9-12). RSVP and details at

Flagstaff Academy Flagstaff Academy, an award-winning preschool through eighth grade public charter school, is an academically rigorous school with a Core Knowledge foundation and a strong focus on science and technology. Grades Served: Preschool through 8th Grade Address: 2040 Miller Drive, Longmont Phone: 303.651.7900 Website: Principal/Head of School: Wayne Granger (Executive Director),


PRESCHOOL · · · · · ·

Social-Emotional Focus Developmentally Appropriate Academics World Languages, Music, Science, Library Field Trips Dynamic Outdoor Space Cultivating Joy, Curiosity & Wonder

ELEMENTARY · · · · · ·


Early Education, Balanced-Literacy Program World Languages Innovation & Science Labs Performing & Visual Arts Character Education Engaging & Joyful Project-Based Learning

· · · · ·

International Baccalaureate Program Competitive Athletics Leadership & Character Education 50+ Electives Executive Functioning Skills & High School Prep · Engaged, Curious & Kind Students

Open Houses November 17, 2020 & January 12, 2021 In-Person Tours Daily • Financial Assistance Available Preschool (starting at 21/2 years) through 8th grade • 303.516.4148 November 2020


Private, Charter & Montessori School Spotlight Gael Lester (Principal K-2), Abby Bok (Principal 3-5), Katie Gustafson (Principal 6-8); Patty Quinn (Preschool Director) Enrollment: 912 Capacity: 932 Annual Tuition: Free Daily Schedule: 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Open House/Visitation: Virtual tour on website

Friends School Friends School values all learners. Our creative, collaborative, academicallychallenging, safe environment allows every student to be seen, known, and loved. Small class sizes allow us to meet each student where they are as learners, and help them to know themselves and set their own path. Our purpose and values influence everything we do, from how we teach to the way we plan our indoor and outdoor learning spaces on two spacious campuses. Friends students enter the world as prepared, thoughtful, kind, genuine, self-advocating, confident and empathetic citizens. Friends School since 1987: Challenging minds, nurturing spirits, and honoring individuality. Grades Served: Preschool through 8th Grade Address: 5465 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder Phone: 303.499.1999 Website: Principal/Head of School: Honor Taft Enrollment: 160 Capacity: 230 Annual Tuition: $7,286-23,776 with sliding scale and financial aid Daily Schedule: Preschool/Pre-K: 2, 3, and 5 half-day programs; Elementary: Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., Friday 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; Middle School: Monday through Friday, 8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Open House/Visitation: Preschool/Pre-K: Nov. 17, 4:45 p.m., Dec. 9, 4:45 p.m.; Elementary: Nov. 11, 5 p.m., Dec. 15, 5 p.m.; Middle School: Nov. 16, 5 p.m., Dec. 16, 5 p.m. 18


Jarrow Montessori School Jarrow Montessori School is fully accredited by the American Montessori Society educating students 18 months through 12 yearsold that has been serving the Boulder community since 1964. Jarrow inspires curious learners who trust in their ability to innovate and create in our evolving world. With a beautiful three-acre campus, dedicated and trained teachers, a warm and engaged parent community, Jarrow has continued to thrive during unprecedented times. Grades Served: Toddler through 6th grade Address: 3900 Orange Court, Boulder Phone: 303.443.0511 Website: Principal/Head of School: Debbie Senoff-Langford Enrollment: 135 Capacity: 175 Annual Tuition: $13,750.00$19,425.00 Daily Schedule: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Full or half day options Open House/Visitation: Visit

Prospect Ridge Academy Ranked No. 1 in Adams 12 Five Star School District and the top 3 percent in the nation for Best High Schools by US News and World Reports, Prospect Ridge Academy is a Kindergarten through 12th grade tuition-free public charter school in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools district with a vision to create academic, social, and ethical leaders. The school is committed to providing a comprehensive foundation that includes rigorous coursework, social and physical development through athletics, and community service leadership. Expectations are set high

for PRA students, as they aspire and achieve their full potential as lifelong learners. PRA graduates are prepared for success in a globally competitive society. Grades Served: Kindergarten through 12th grade Address: 2555 Preble Creek Parkway, Broomfield Phone: 720.399.0300 Website: Principal/Head of School: April Wilkin, Steve Thygesen, Adam DiGiacomo Enrollment: 1433 Capacity: 1530 Annual Tuition: Free Daily Schedule: 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Open House/Visitation: See website for details

Sacred Heart of Jesus School Celebrating 120 years of academic excellence from the heart of Boulder, Sacred Heart of Jesus School seeks to inspire our students, in partnership with their families, to be thoughtful, moral and compassionate leaders. We deliver a balanced, values-based educational program for the mind, body, heart, and soul. By incorporating the arts, athletics, faith and character development our students become empathetic, critical thinkers, engaged in the stewardship of our community and the world around us. Grades Served: Preschool through 8th grade Address: 1317 Mapleton Ave., Boulder Phone: 303.447.2362 Website: Principal/Head of School: Tom Mecsey Enrollment: 220 Capacity: 500 Annual Tuition: $7,670 per student / $5,765 for Affiliated Catholic Families Daily Schedule: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Open House/Visitation: Tours by appointment SCHOOL CHOICE

Private, Charter & Montessori School Spotlight Shining Mountain Waldorf School

Shining Mountain Waldorf school is a preschool through 12th grade independent Waldorf school located in North Boulder. It offers place-based learning and outdoor education with a strong academic foundation enhanced by the arts to develop human beings who are healthy, engaged, creative thinkers. Grades Served: Preschool through 12th grade Address: 999 Violet Ave., Boulder Phone: 303.951.8583 Website: Principal/Head of School: Mary Eaton Fairfield Enrollment: 225 Capacity: 250 Annual Tuition: $11,425-$22,800, Tuition assistance available Daily Schedule: 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Open House/Visitation: Contact admission director, Kim Rector, at or 303.951.8583.

Temple Grandin School

TGS isn’t just a’s a community. At TGS neurodiverse students encounter quiet, safe learning environments where their questions are welcomed. They’re greeted by friends with shared interests, and by teachers who understand, respect, and gently challenge them to be their best selves. Currently open for in-person learning, we invite you to experience the TGS difference! Grades Served: 5th to 12th grades Address: 3131 Indian Road, Boulder Phone: 303.554.7363 Website: Principal/Head of School: Jen Wilger November 2020

Enrollment: 18 Capacity: 32 Annual Tuition: $38,000 Daily Schedule: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30, Monday through Thursday; 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Friday Open House/Visitation: Nov. 9, 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Dec. 2, 3 to 5 p.m.

Watershed School Watershed School is an innovative, independent school serving grades 6 through 12 in Boulder. It is our mission to spark adventure and wonder, foster inquiry and community, and build the character and ability of students to take on the world’s greatest challenges. Grades Served: 6th to 12th grade Address: 1661 Alpine Ave., Boulder Phone: 303.440.7520 Website: Principal/Head of School: Tim Breen Enrollment: 98 Capacity: 98 Annual Tuition: $25,200 Daily Schedule: 8:10 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Open House/Visitation: Monthly: October through February

Off Camps. Grades Served: Kindergarten through 5th grade Address: Various locations Phone: 303.664.5455 Website: Principal/Head of School: Chris Coker Enrollment: 250 Capacity: 2000 Annual Tuition: Rates vary by program Daily Schedule: N/A Open House/Visitation: N/A



YMCA After-school Care and Remote Learning Programs The YMCA of Northern Colorado is responding to the ever-changing needs of students and families this year. In BVSD, the Y runs After-school Programs in seven BVSD schools, School Day Off Camps and drop-in care on Mondays. For SVVSD, the Y is offering Remote Learning & Care at the Longmont YMCA as well as School Day Off Camps. For Thompson families, the Y is offering Before- and After-school Programs at nine schools, School Day Off Camps and late start day programs. For students in Weld RE-5J, the Johnstown Community YMCA provides Remote Learning & Care programs as well as School Day RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 19

Raised in the Rockies

Area school districts offer multiple pathways to success through programs such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). (Photo courtesy: Adams 12 Five Star Schools).

Open Enrollment? School Choice?

What Parents Need to Know Dec. 1 to Jan. 31: First-round applications should be submitted online.

Feb. 1 to March 30: The second round features schools with remaining space.

April 1 to mid-September: Thirdround applications will be processed weekly beginning in May.

Mark Poshak, of Culture and Engagement at Adams 12, said, “In Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we believe in the more than 50 school options we have to offer. Whether you choose your boundary school or a magnet school, a SCHOOL CHOICE



ADAMS 12 FIVE STAR SCHOOLS School choice at Adams 12 also begins Dec. 1 and includes three windows:


chool choice season is a season of hope, a time to ask where your child will thrive next year. Via school choice, or open enrollment, Colorado law gives parents “an opportunity to request that your student attends a school of choice outside of their attendance area,” explained Anna Gerber, communications manager for St. Vrain Valley Schools. “In-district students applying to a school outside their attendance area, as well as students who do not live within district boundaries but want to attend a school in (the district), need to complete the online open enrollment application.” Most district schools are available for open enrollment, excepting some charter schools and specific programs. The first round of school choice

begins this month. Keep in mind that transportation for students attending a school outside their attendance area must be arranged by a guardian “unless space is available in district buses without disruption of regular routes and loading areas,” Gerber said, excepting “homeless students, students in foster care and students with disabilities” in accordance with state and federal law. To apply for school choice, parents need proof of residency. Importantly, students desiring to attend their assigned neighborhood school do not need to apply for school choice, and in most cases, students attending through open enrollment do not need to reapply. Here’s the breakdown of how open enrollment works at St. Vrain Valley School District, Adams 12 Five Star Schools and Boulder Valley School District (BVSD).


charter school or a specific programming, our promise is to provide an educational experience where students innovate, achieve and succeed by ensuring highquality instruction in every classroom every day.” Poshak urged families to contact school leaders to ask questions and “determine what school is the best fit for you.” He said, “We offer multiple pathways to success through programs such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), gifted and talented and fine and performing arts, International Baccalaureate, career and technical education (CTE) and more.” To apply, visit choice-schools. BOULDER VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT At BVSD, open enrollment launches in November:

After Jan. 6: Students submitting late open enrollment applications may be added to school waitlists.

Randy Barber, chief communications officer at BVSD, noted, “In Boulder Valley School District, we have long been a leader in choice, building outstanding partnerships with our charter schools and an open enrollment policy that truly allows students to choose the school that best fits them, assuming, of course, that space is available.” He encouraged families to “make your first-choice school your first choice in open enrollment.” Echoing Gerber and Poshak, Barber continued, “We believe that it is very important for students and families to choose a school that best meets their needs and their child’s interests. All 56 of our schools are outstanding options, but we know that by finding a great fit, they are more likely to be happy and successful.” As parents navigate the challenges of 2020, Gerber, Poschak and Barber

With so many choices, students and parents are able to determine what school fits best for them. (Photos courtesy: St. Vrain Valley School District).

ST. VRAIN VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT All St. Vrain Valley schools offer open enrollment on a space-available basis. This year’s open enrollment dates are: •

Dec. 1 to 15: Open Enrollment Window. Submit an application online.

January 18: Deadline to receive application status from school.

emphasized that their districts are laboring to help students learn and grow wherever they fit best, this year and beyond. Barber acknowledged, “This year is extremely difficult for everyone involved. We recognize that many families are making decisions for the moment and the current needs of their students and their families.” That said, “The current situation and the movement of students does open outstanding opportunities for those that have always wanted to attend BVSD schools.” To apply, visit enrollment.

Nov. 2 to Jan. 6: Open Enrollment Window. Submit an application online.

February 1: Deadline to confirm open enrollment.

After the open enrollment timeline, St. Vrain will accept open enrollment applications on a rolling basis. St. Vrain Valley superintendent Don Haddad said, “Every school in St. Vrain has outstanding teachers and staff, rigorous curriculum options, robust technology resources and high-quality instructional and co-curricular programs to support the well-being and academic growth of our students. In addition to that strong foundation of academic excellence across all of our schools, we have implemented over 70 focus program options so that students and families can choose a specific program that best aligns with their interests and educational goals.” High school options include focus academies in aerospace and engineering, biomedical sciences, leadership, visual and performing arts and CU Succeed Gold and Silver Dual Enrolment Programs. To apply, visit

November 2020

As parents navigate the challenges of 2020, area school districts are laboring to help students learn and grow wherever they fit best, this year and beyond. (Photos courtesy: St. Vrain Valley School District and Adams 12 Five Star Schools). RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 21

Adams 12 Five Star Schools FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT | ADAMS 12 FIVE STAR SCHOOLS Elevating student success: Moving onward as a community

Collaboration, Empower, Engage and Focus on Students.


hen difficult times arise we pull together as a community. Adams 12 Five Star Schools is a caring, inclusive, and engaging district which exists so the students it serves can attain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue the future of their choosing and are equipped to navigate and thrive in our rapidly changing world. Planning future decisions can be difficult in the midst of a pandemic, but your family is invited into ours as we navigate this new reality together. Never more than during COVID-19 do we strive to engage and inspire all students to innovate, achieve and succeed in a safe environment by ensuring high-quality instruction no matter the learning environment they choose. We have a history of coming together as a community. Our strategic plan, ELEVATE, was created by our community, for our community, when more than 7,000 parents, community members, students and staff came together to develop a strategic plan to

Chris Gdowski, Superintendent elevate student success in the Five Star District for years to come. The new strategic plan was approved in Fall 2019 and guides the work we do every day. Our strategic plan guides are work year in and year out: •

The strengths of our district and community as determined by hearing stories from parents, students, staff and community members about who we are and who we want to be: Care,

Our six major focus areas including 21st century learners, diverse learning, outside-the-classroom learning, safe schools, socialemotional learning and world-class staff.

Our three major goals for the district around student academic performance, positive culture and social-emotional well-being.

Read our complete strategic plan online to see how it impacts your child and community: Despite the unknowns surrounding the ever-changing dynamics of the Coronavirus, we look ahead to years of elevating student success by living out our strategic plan every day. That is our goal with your child now and in the future. Join us! Sincerely, Chris Gdowski, Superintendent Adams 12 Five Star Schools

FALL OPEN HOUSES Small classes, spacious campuses, engaged in-person learning. Enrolling now for Fall 2021.

PRESCHOOL/PRE-K NOV 17, 4:45PM DEC 9, 4:45PM ELEMENTARY K-5th NOV 11, 5:00PM DEC 15, 5:00PM MIDDLE SCHOOL 6th-8th NOV 16, 5:00PM DEC 16, 5:00PM

RSVP Today to:

Best Private School-Silver BEST of Boulder 2020 22


303-499-1999 x227


Adams 12 Five Star Schools ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Centennial Centennial Elementary is a community of learners dedicated to educating the whole child: physically, emotionally and intellectually. Centennial provides active and innovative instruction, 21st century skills and critical thinking. Students demonstrate their new learning in all areas of their lives and become well-rounded, productive citizens. Address: 13200 Westlake Drive, Broomfield Phone: (720) 972-5280 Website: Principal: Carrie Romero-Brugger Enrollment: K-5=374, PS=44 K-5 Capacity: 432, PS Capacity: 96 Daily Schedule: 8:05 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: White: 34%, Hispanic: 60%, African American: <1%, Asian: 1%, Native American: <1%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0%, Two or More Ethnicities: 2% Free and reduced lunch: 75% Open house/visitation: Please call the school for more information on enrollment, programs and student opportunities.

Coyote Ridge At Coyote Ridge, we provide a welcoming atmosphere which supports and encourages family and community partnerships. We are a collaborative staff using innovative and creative teaching practices to meet the needs and enhance the strengths of all students. Students develop their individual talents, critical thinking, and technology skills by actively engaging in the learning process. Staff, parents, and students share the responsibility for ensuring that our students achieve high standards, that they are globally minded, and are prepared to positively impact an everchanging world. As a community, we are dedicated to preparing our students to be lifelong learners who strive to achieve their full potential. November 2020

Address: 13770 Broadlands Drive, Broomfield Phone: (720) 972-5780 Website: Principal: Dr. Michael Keppler Enrollment: 421 Capacity: 456 (without mobile classrooms), 576 (with mobile classrooms) Daily Schedule: 8:05 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. Student profile in percentages: White: 73%, Hispanic: 13%, African American: <1%, Asian: 6%, Native American: 0%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: <1%, Two or More Ethnicities 5% Free and reduced lunch: 6.5% Open house/visitation: Please call the school for more information on enrollment, programs and student opportunities.


Meridian opened its doors in 2004 with a focus on excellence. Working with the community, the name Meridian was selected with an emphasis on the meaning “pertaining to the highest point.” Since that time, the staff, students, parents and community have continued to work together to make this vision come true. Meridian has received multiple recognitions over the years for its outstanding growth and high achievement results, and the Meridian community remains focused and committed to providing its students with learning opportunities that they will take with them into middle school, high school, college and life. Address: 14256 McKay Park Circle, Broomfield Phone: (720) 972-7880 Website: Principal: Marie McKenzie Enrollment: 539 Capacity: 576 (without mobile classrooms), 768 (with mobile classrooms) Daily Schedule: 8:05 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: White: 68%, Hispanic: 18%, African American: <1%, Asian: 6%, Native American: 0%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: <1%, Two or More Ethnicities: 8% Free and reduced lunch: 7.8% Open house/visitation: Please call the school for more information on enrollment, programs and student opportunities.

Mountain View

Mountain View is a special place where students and staff laugh, grow and learn together. Staff members know students as individuals and intentionally design learning environments so every child feels confident to take risks, be challenged and grow to their potential. The school’s center-based Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is a strong, school-wide community of students, families and staff that partner together to provide opportunities for every child to thrive and achieve their fullest potential. Address: 12401 Perry St., Broomfield Phone: (720) 972-5520 Website: Principal: Peggy Heath Enrollment: K-5=525, PS=41 Capacity: 630 Daily Schedule: 8:05 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: White: 61%, Hispanic: 25%, African American: <1%, Asian: 5%, Native American: <1%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0%, Two or More Ethnicities: 7% Free and reduced lunch: 23.5% Open house/visitation: Please call the school for more information on enrollment, programs and student opportunities.

P-8 SCHOOLS Thunder Vista Thunder Vista opened our doors for the 2018-2019 school year. Thunder Vista empowers future ready, compassionate learners who live with intention. Thunder Vista believes in the importance of motivating and inspiring, nurturing a growth mindset, showing that everyone has value, and fostering a learning community. Address: 3461 Preble Creek Pkwy., Broomfield Phone: (720) 972-7300 Website: Principal:Teresa Benallo Enrollment: K-8 698; PS 72 Capacity: 900 Daily schedule: 8:00 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 23

Adams 12 Five Star Schools Student profile in percentages: White: 77%, Hispanic: 11%, African American: <1%, Asian: 5%, Native American: 0.0%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: <1%, Two or More Ethnicities: 4%, Free and reduced lunch: 1.6% Open house/visitation: Please call the school for more information on enrollment, programs and student opportunities.

K-12 SCHOOL Prospect Ridge Academy Prospect Ridge Academy provides a rigorous, quality K-12 education with an intensified math and science focus using core knowledge sequence and researchbased college preparatory programming to provide a comprehensive foundation for lifelong learning creating academic, social, and ethical leaders. Address: 2555 Preble Creek Pkwy., Broomfield Phone: (720) 399-0300 Website: Principal: Elementary, April Wilkin; Middle, Steve Thygesen; High, Adam DiGiacomo Enrollment: 1,433 Capacity: 1,600 Daily schedule: Elementary, Middle and High 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Student profile in percentages: White: 72%, Hispanic: 11%, African American: <1%, Asian: 8%, Native American: <1%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: <1%, Two or More Ethnicities: 6% Free and reduced lunch: 2% Open house/visitation: Please call the school for more information on enrollment, programs and student opportunities.

MIDDLE SCHOOL Westlake Westlake is an exemplary middle school at which academic excellence is expected and cultivated through a collaborative partnership among students, staff and parents. The Westlake community fosters a caring, respectful environment that is focused on learning. Westlake empowers all members of its team to become leaders, innovators and learners in continual pursuit of ongoing improvements and achievement every day. Our hopes for our school community is best defined by our vision: Igniting a passion for learning and service: Dream, Risk, Achieve! Address: 2800 W. 135th Ave., Broomfield Phone: (720) 972-5200 Website: Principal: Jami Miller Enrollment: 1,035 Capacity: 1,175 Daily Schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Student profile in percentages: White: 61%, Hispanic: 26%, African American: <1%, Asian: 5%, Native American: <1%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0%, Two or More Ethnicities: 5%. Free and reduced lunch: 22.4% Open house/visitation: Please call the school for more information on enrollment, programs and student opportunities.

HIGH SCHOOL Legacy Legacy High School provides opportunities, expectations and support for each student to achieve academic excellence. The partnership of staff, students, families and the community encourages individual integrity, personal growth and enthusiasm for the future. Legacy continues to be recognized as a high-achieving, high-growth high school by the Colorado Department of Education. Legacy offers Legacy 2000, a four-year program that is designed for students who have an interest and ability in math, science, engineering and technology. Address: 2701 W. 136th Ave., Broomfield Phone: (720) 972-6700 Website: Principal: Sara Marx Enrollment: 2,456 Capacity: 2,000 (without mobile classrooms), 2,400 (includes mobile classrooms) Daily Schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: White: 63%, Hispanic: 23%, African American: <1%, Asian: 7%, Native American: <1%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: <1%, Two or More Ethnicities: 4% Free and reduced lunch: 16.3% Open house/visitation: Please call the school for more information on enrollment, programs and student opportunities.

POST ONCE, WORRY LESS. Let us show you how. Call 303.473.1402 24





e know that navigating this pandemic has been incredibly difficult for families. We recognize that parents and guardians across our state and nation have been presented with heart-wrenching decisions, not only having to consider the best ways to protect them from the unseen threat of COVID-19, but also supporting and nurturing their mental wellness and academic growth during this difficult time. The Boulder Valley School District has put our students and families at the center of our efforts. Since the beginning of the crisis, we’ve served more than 800,000 meals, thousands of backpacks full of supplies, students who needed it got computers so they can learn from home and have worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone has internet connectivity. Even during this difficult time, our focus has been on equity, to ensure that our students in need receive the support they need. You can learn more about our response at This school year, we have taken a slow and careful approach to returning students, basing our Back Together BVSD reintroduction plans on the best advice of our partners in public health. We have a

Rob Anderson, Superintendent layered approach to health precautions, which are outlined at Our priority has been protecting our students and staff, while also opening opportunities for in-person learning – knowing how important that in-person instruction, support and interactions are for our students. BVSD’s outstanding and innovative educators are doing an excellent job of meeting the challenge during this crisis, whether they are teaching students in-person, remotely or, in some cases, both. And even during this crisis, they

Discover PRA High School Ranks #1 in Adams 12 Five Star Schools &

Prospect Ridge Academy

have continued the work outlined in our All Together for All Students strategic plan (, which aims to Ignite our students’ passion for learning through challenging and relevant educational opportunities, Equip students who may not have the skills or access to opportunities needed to succeed, so that they can Soar regardless of what pathway they take after school. This Open Enrollment period will be unlike any other. Due to the pandemic, our schools will not be hosting their typical in-person tours. Instead, they are ready and excited to meet prospective students and families and will be offering virtual opportunities to get to know the school and their teams. We encourage you to check out their websites and contact them for more information. The contact information for every Boulder Valley school is at: Our team is here to support you throughout our open enrollment period which goes from Monday, November 2nd through Wednesday, January 6th. Sincerely, Rob Anderson, Superintendent Boulder Valley School District

2021 Enrolling K–12


Top 3% in the Nation! Attend an Open Enrollment Presentation to learn more about PRA for Elementary, Middle and High School. Tuesday, November 17, 2020 Saturday, December 5, 2020 Tuesday, January 12, 2021

PRA is a rigorous college preparatory tuition-free public school with a strong math and science focus, a competitive athletics program and service leadership.

November 2020

Go online to reserve your spot. | 2555 Preble Creek Pkwy, Broomfield, CO 80023 RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 25

Boulder Valley School District

Address: 655 Sir Galahad Drive, Lafayette Phone: 720-561-7300 Website: Principal: Joel Rivera Enrollment: 356

Bear Creek



Bear Creek is a neighborhood school focused on providing the best possible

Address: 2500 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-3500 Website: Principal: Tanner Dayhoff Enrollment: 375


Birch Elementary is a welcoming school located in Broomfield serving 400 students in PK-5th grade. Birch is honored to have received the Governor’s Improvement Award in 2017 and 2018 due to our exceptionally high academic growth rates. Students actively participate in music, studio art, physical education, and library as well as a large number of communitybuilding events. Learning at Birch gets students engaged with hands-on projects, inquiry-based learning, and real-life math applications. Birch offers special services for students with disabilities, as well as for those who are talented and gifted, and strives to meet the needs of all students. The essence of Birch lies in the true sense of community, which is embedded in every aspect of the school. You will find the Birch community to be warm, welcoming, and a great place to call home. Birch also offers free and tuition-based preschool classes. Address: 1035 Birch St., Broomfield Phone: 720-561-8800 Website: Principal: Tanya Santee Enrollment: 415

Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies at Aurora 7

Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS) is a focus school that opened in the fall of 1996. Our school features an Arts Integrated curriculum in which creative expression acts as a vehicle for academic engagement and learning. Our teachers and students honor many modes of expression and celebrate cultural diversity. The BCSIS focus program integrates the arts into a rich, meaningful academic curriculum. Our staff also implements Waldorf-inspired practices to further enhance our classroom environments. Teachers use stories, songs, movement, art, and music from around the world as tools for teaching math, language arts, science, and social studies. We emphasize the development of children’s sensitivity to the natural world and aesthetic beauty. Our science curriculum supports an understanding of sustainable practices, incorporating our school’s Garden to Table and Green Team programs. Seasonal festivals create a framework for celebrating the growth and development of each child. Address: 3995 E. Aurora Ave., Boulder Phone: 720-561-6500 Website: Principal: Phil Katsampes Enrollment: 306

Boulder Universal Boulder Universal is an online public school serving BVSD and other Colorado students in grades K-12. Courses are taught by BVSD teachers using curriculum aligned to state and district standards Elementary courses implement content from Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and are taught by BVSD Teachers. Students engage and interact with their actual teacher and classmates from across the country in an asynchronous online setting, allowing students to learn at any time and any place. Since all teachers are BVSD teachers, class size ratio is equivalent to all BVSD schools. Boulder Universal SCHOOL CHOICE

Alicia Sanchez is a neighborhood school committed to the vision of Alicia Sanchez, as a family and community-centered learning environment. Our students receive the benefits of a wide range of programming resources, including low student/staff ratios, personalized instruction, interventions based on student needs, computers for all students, 21stcentury technology integration, and environmental education through a partnership with Thorne Environmental Education. Sanchez is also a Playworks school, where students learn valuable lessons on fitness and develop socioemotional skills through play every day during recess. Our outstanding afterschool Dragon program offers free extended learning experiences for all students, with classes like African dance and soccer. Alicia Sanchez also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Our school prides itself on providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment for all students.

learning experience and community for each of our students. Our highly-qualified staff aims to create student-centered classrooms where all children belong and are challenged to meet their individual potential. Parent and community partnerships, including a highly supportive PTO, create opportunities for before and after school activities (Intramurals, Spotlights Choir, enrichment classes) and fun whole school events (Carnival, Lip Sync, International Culture Festival). Bear Creek is highly recognized for academics, yet our greatest celebration is our community.

Elementary Schools Alicia Sanchez

Boulder Valley School District also has a learning lab staffed with your teachers for students to get one-on-one support. Tuition is free for students enrolled in BVSD.


Address: 6600 E. Arapahoe Road, Boulder Phone: 720-561-5500 Website: Principal: Eric Moroye Elementary Enrollment: 314

Coal Creek Elementary maintains a proud tradition in Louisville as a neighborhood school, serving around 400 students in grades K-5. Consistently highly rated by the Colorado Department of Education, Coal Creek teachers present the BVSD curriculum based on a child-centered, holistic approach to education. Students receive rich experiences in general and instrumental music, physical education, library/ technology, and studio-based art. The school is dedicated to strengthening students’ problem-solving skills by integrating the “Habits of Mind” model, based on the work of Dr. Arthur Costa. We received the honor of being named a Habits of Mind International School of Excellence in 2017. Extracurricular activities through Lifelong Learning include Spanish, fitness/running, art extensions, and more. After-school care is offered through SAC (School Age Care). Hallmarks of the school include a low transfer rate and high parental involvement. Address: 801 W. Tamarisk St., Louisville Phone: 720-561-4500 Website: Principal: Brian Munoz Enrollment: 388

November 2020

Address: 805 Gillaspie Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-3700 Website: Principal: Shannon Minch Enrollment: 240 Columbine is a neighborhood school with a vision of providing a bilingual learning community that nurtures academic excellence for all students. Here, each student is encouraged to become a responsible citizen with the strength of character to take on the challenges of the 21st century. The school community thrives on its diversity, inclusionary practices, and family partnerships. All students are held to high expectations and are supported in reaching their maximum academic potential. Prospective parents are encouraged to inquire about Columbine’s research-based instructional practices and its highly-qualified staff. Columbine also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Address: 3130 Repplier Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-2500 Website: Principal: Bianca Gallegos Enrollment: 489

Community Montessori

Community Montessori is a focus school and the only public Montessori school in the Boulder Valley School District where we guide and support the whole child: mind, body and spirit. Community Montessori serves children from preschool through fifth grade. Classrooms are multi-age: Children’s House includes children ages 3 through kindergarten; Lower Elementary is first through third grades, and Upper Elementary is fourth and fifth grades. The Montessori method challenges each student through a child

Coal Creek

centered, individualized approach. The classroom environment allows children to move freely and make challenging choices within safe limits and clear academic expectations. Transportation is offered for those who qualify.


Creekside Elementary School at Martin Park, located in south Boulder, is a dynamic neighborhood school hosting an international student population. Creekside is proud and grateful to be in a new school building designed to foster the 4Cs of 21st-century learning: collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. Our bright, beautiful building allows student choice in types of workspaces and furniture in order to individualize learning and build a community of original thinkers. Creekside offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. We are also proud to have been the first school in BVSD to have a Garden to Table program (more than 10 years ago!). This program is a collaborative project that provides fresh, healthy, delicious meals in the lunchroom and uses the organic school garden as a means of teaching. Address: 3740 Martin Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-3800 Website: Principal: Francine Eufemia Enrollment: 388


Boulder Valley School District

Address: 1897 Sumac Ave., Boulder Phone: 720-561-5461 Website: Principal: Hollene Davis Enrollment: 538




Douglass Elementary serves students in East Boulder County. Our school’s many years of high academic achievement and student growth have been acknowledged at state and national levels with honors such as the John Irwin and Governor's Distinguished Improvement Awards from the Colorado Department of Education, and the National Blue Ribbon School Award. While those honors for academics are significant, we know that teaching to the whole child and the development of

Eisenhower, we SOAR (Safety, Ownership, Achievement, Respect). Address: 1220 Eisenhower Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-6700 Website: Principal: Brady Stroup Enrollment: 403


Address: 840 75th St., Boulder Phone: 720-561-5541 Website: Principal: Jonathan Wolfer Enrollment: 400


Eisenhower is a vibrant neighborhood school serving a dynamic, involved community. We are proud of our students’ high achievement and high-performance record. Eisenhower has been the recipient of the John Irwin School of Excellence award for the past two years. The school urges students to reach their fullest potential through authentic work, fun, and real accomplishment. Social Emotional Learning is a priority where we use the Zones of Regulation, monthly themed lessons, and the Peace Path to teach our students how to thrive as a community. Eisenhower is a No Place for Hate school sponsored by the ADL, and we participate in the Reading to End Racism program. We strive for all those associated with Eisenhower to understand the wonder of learning and importance of community. Gifted programs, ELD programs, special education programs, before- and afterschool care and a variety of student activities are available. We offer a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Our diverse student population is truly a community of learners. Parent participation and involvement is encouraged. At

Emerald is a neighborhood school with diversity that mirrors the real world. In 2016-17, the school was rebuilt and Emerald 2.0 opened in August of 2017. The building features an innovative learning environment, access to the outdoors and natural light, and flexible spaces. We believe in building positive relationships with our four magical words (Focus, Integrity, Respect, and Empathy) to every student for success for everyone. Contributing to our continued success are strong balanced literacy and math programs and an incredibly dedicated staff. We pride ourselves on the fact that every student is supported, challenged, and successful at our school. Address: 275 Emerald Street, Broomfield Phone: 720-561-8500 Website: Principal: Samara Williams Enrollment: 429


Fireside is a neighborhood school serving Louisville. As a “Fireside Family,” we believe strong relationships are fundamental to supporting the growth and development of every child. This includes partnering with teachers, administration, parents and our SCHOOL CHOICE

Crest View is a neighborhood school that serves a large area of north Boulder represented by over 35 countries in our community. The school uses personalized education programs to encourage the highest academic achievement and student growth. Crest View students are afforded multiple learning opportunities in the maker space, creation station and through mindfulness lessons. It offers a wide variety of programs for specialneeds students, Gifted and Talented, and English language learners. A long-standing peer mediation program, as well as Garden to Table, has received state recognition. Crest View also received national awards for the creation of “Habitat,” a natural learning environment attached to the school playground. Students are given an opportunity to share their skills through a Science & Innovation fair yearly and pursue their passions in the newly renovated library.

character is equally important. At Douglass, we CARE: Community, Achievement, Relationships, and Environment. Douglass Elementary School is a nurturing environment where students achieve academic excellence, build strong character, engage in arts and athletics, and succeed as thoughtful leaders. Our mission is to provide learning opportunities that foster caring, creativity, academic excellence, and leadership. Douglass also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment, as well as preschool-aged childcare through Color Me Smart.

Crest View

Boulder Valley School District Flatirons

Address: 1150 7th St., Boulder Phone: 720-561-4600 Website: Principal: Scott Boesel Enrollment: 172


community to provide the very best educational experience for all students. Rigorous academic programming, handson learning experiences, innovative and adaptive instructional approaches, and attention to students’ social, emotional and physical well-being are some of the principles inherent in our school. Our aim is to equip every child with lifelong skills, habits for learning, and a solid character foundation in order to become contributing citizens and inspired learners. Fireside also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Address: 845 W. Dahlia St., Louisville Phone: 720-561-7900 Website: Principal: Christa Keppler Enrollment: 481

Flatirons Elementary is a warm and welcoming neighborhood school within walking distance of Chautauqua Park, CU, and downtown Boulder. Our long tradition of providing outstanding educational experiences is accomplished through the efforts of an excellent and collaborative faculty and staff, as well as supportive and energetic parent volunteers. Creative thinking is encouraged via Project-Based Learning. As a No Place for Hate school, Flatirons strives to be a bias-free environment. We value diverse family systems, races, cultures, religions, genders, and abilities, fostering an inclusive environment where a true sense of belonging to the classroom, school, and community is nurtured in each student.

Foothill Elementary is committed to creating an engaging environment that nurtures the whole child. Our interdisciplinary approaches to learning are inquiry-based, student-centered, and collaborative. We challenge all learners through differentiation and measure their success in multiple ways to truly reflect their individual growth and progress. Foothill Elementary provides a strong foundation in early literacy and science education.

Mental Health Partners Provides portt For F Every E Ch t In Life Chapter Supp Incorporating expert and compassionate mental health care can lead to happier and healthier days for both children, and their parents

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Our Expert Team of Therapists Are Here For Your Family Trauma support and therapy Grief counseling Suicide prevention Addiction counseling COVID-19 pandemic support Family therapy

Begin your family’s journey with Mental Health Partners by calling (303) 443-8500 or visiting

November 2020

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Boulder Valley School District We utilize small, focused reading groups during Grow Time to ensure each child receives reading instruction at their level. We have a comprehensive Garden to Table program, promote environmental responsibility, and are leading the way in BVSD to teach the Next Generation science curricula at the elementary level. United by our shared purpose, our highly committed parents and staff support learning and community-building experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Together we Grow - with curiosity, creativity, and compassion. Address: 1001 Hawthorn Ave., Boulder Phone: 720-561-2600 Website: Principal: Nick Vanderpol Enrollment: 457

Gold Hill


Address: 3995 E. Aurora Ave., Boulder Phone: 720-561-6500 Website: Principal: Jeannie Tynecki Enrollment: 296 Heatherwood Elementary School’s academic strength lies in a balanced and integrated curricular program. Children master and apply literacy and math skills through learning that emphasizes research, problem-solving, simulations, and technology. The instructional program goes on to teach the use of those skills in higher-level problemsolving. Staff and parents foster mutual cooperation, emotional support, and personal and academic growth for all students. Children benefit from flexible classroom settings, team teaching, and communications. Heatherwood also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Address: 7750 Concord Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-6900 Website: Principal: Genna Jaramillo Enrollment: 295

Gold Hill is a historic mining town nestled in the mountains above Boulder. Founded in 1873, Gold Hill School is the oldest continuously run elementary school in Colorado. The school is small, experiential, and a vital part of this vibrant mountain community. Children in these multi-age classrooms experience a great variety of material. Having two teachers over a six-year period has the benefit of helping ease transitions between grades. The students are able to form strong, lasting relationships. Address: 890 Main St., Gold Hill Phone: 720-561-5940 Website: Principal: Scott Boesel Enrollment: 21

atmosphere of respect and collaboration among all members of the High Peaks Community, students will build self-esteem and a lasting love of learning.

High Peaks


Jamestown is a small mountain school with a dedicated team of two teachers and extensive support staff, serving grades K-5. Jamestown’s unheard of student-to-teacher ratio allows individualized learning and creative and flexible educational approaches. Students work in small, multi-age groups. A developmental approach, rather than grade level approach is emphasized. Jamestown’s greatest strength is its welcoming and loving environment where students learn the lifelong lessons of patience, respect, integrity, determination, and empathy. Community and parent involvement are extremely valued. Address: 111 Mesa St., Jamestown Phone: 720-561-6020 Website: Principal: Scott Boesel Enrollment: 20

High Peaks is a multiple-award-winning Core Knowledge focus school that opened in 1995. Teachers use creative methods such as art projects, dramatizations, reading and writing workshops, and collaborative learning to bring the Core Knowledge Sequence to life. Core Knowledge uses a planned progression of specific content in world history, geography, science, language arts, and the fine arts. High Peaks also offers differentiated math opportunities based on specific student needs. Mission Statement: High Peaks integrates essential skills and authentic content within the framework of the Core Knowledge Sequence to foster academic excellence and continued growth. In an


Kohl Elementary is one of few remaining neighborhood schools. It is situated in a park-like tract of land that anchors our portion of the Broomfield community. Our families and staff know that It’s Cool

Boulder Valley School District

Address: 1000 W. 10th Ave., Broomfield Phone: 720-561-8600 Website: Principal: Geoff Sandfort Enrollment: 320


Lafayette Elementary School provides a rich academic program in a culturally diverse environment. Students benefit from individualized opportunities made possible by a comprehensive Gifted and Talented focus program. A Gifted and Talented Teacher Leader works directly with students, teachers, and parents to design educational experiences based upon identified strengths and talents. Our staff is committed to providing differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students, including second language learners and children with special needs. A character education program, class meetings, Peace Process, and leadership

November 2020

groups for students foster a positive climate. Lafayette also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Our school motto is: We are learners, we are leaders, we are Lafayette Cougars! Address: 101 N. Bermont Ave., Lafayette Phone: 720-561-8900 Website: Principal: Stephanie Jackman Enrollment: 502


Louisville Elementary is a neighborhood school in the heart of Old Town Louisville. Our staff sets students on a course of lifelong learning through an academic program that is grounded in developmentally appropriate academic standards. We also seek to live out our core values of inclusion, community involvement, and student success for all. Our high-quality instructional program has resulted in increased student achievement in all content areas. Louisville encourages school pride, positive behaviors and attitudes through our counseling program and social-emotional learning in all classrooms. Parents support our school in a multitude of ways, from volunteering at school to organizing fun and well-attended school social events. Louisville Elementary has close affiliations with EcoCycle (school recycling), the GROWE Foundation (community gardens), the YMCA, and Louisville Recreation. Moreover, BVSDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lifelong Learning Programs are abundant and offer many after school learning opportunities to LES students. LES is a true community school! Address: 400 Hutchinson St., Louisville Phone: 720-561-7200 Website: Principal: Jeffrey Miller Enrollment: 520

To Be A Colt, which explains the number of multi-generational Kohl families in our school community, as well as the number of staff members whose own children are/were Colts. We are proud of our history, excited by our present, and eagerly anticipate a future filled with innovative learning opportunities for students. Kohl is known as a high-achieving school; one that honors the individuality of children, values connections with parents, and intentionally cultivates partnerships in our community. Through quality classroom instruction and a robust PBIS system that is deeply embedded in Kohl's culture, we strive to meet the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual needs of our students, such that they love learning and are prepared for positions as tomorrow's leaders. Our talented and dedicated staff are themselves learners, utilizing contemporary technologies to provide STEAM focused learning opportunities that are differentiated and of sufficient depth and breadth to engage all learners. Beyond a high-quality K-5 education, Kohl offers a play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness.

Mapleton Early Childhood Center

Mapleton Early Childhood Center welcomes learners ages 3-5 to our beautiful historic building on Mapleton Hill in Boulder. Here, we offer half-day and fullday preschool programs. Children come to us from a diverse array of neighborhoods, and we meet each child at their unique place in the learning journey. Our creative curriculum promotes progress in all developmental areas and helps every child become a creative, confident thinker and ready learner. We focus on social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development, as well as early learning standards in literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies and the arts. Address: 840 Mapleton Ave., Boulder Phone: 720-561-6200 Website: Principal: Theresa Clements Enrollment: 107


From the moment you walk into Mesa, you notice genuine warmth among teachers, students, and families. It is the strong sense of community that drives to student success. Mesa is in the top five percent of achievement among all Colorado elementary schools. The academic program is enhanced by a value for the arts. There is something for every student, and the teachers at Mesa strive tirelessly to foster the growth of each and every student. Address: 1575 Lehigh St., Boulder Phone: 720-561-3000 RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 31

Boulder Valley School District


Nederland Elementary School is dedicated to providing students with an innovative elementary school experience that will ignite lifelong curiosity and provide students with a strong academic foundation for future learning. Our highly-qualified staff integrates science and social studies with our mountain surroundings. Students are able to ski and snowboard as part of our Ned Shred Days Program, and staff frequently integrates technology into learning outcomes. In addition, we emphasize character growth and social emotional development through Second Step and Restorative Practices. Our parent and community support and involvement is high and contributes to our success. Address: 1 Sundown Trail, Nederland Phone: 720-561-4800 Website: Principal: Caleb Melamed Enrollment: 250

Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer



Located in Old Town Lafayette, Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer is a 90/10 dual immersion bilingual focus school where all students enroll through the district’s openenrollment process. An effort is made to balance students based upon their home language and language of dominance. There is a bi-literacy instructional

Address: 101 E. Baseline Road, Lafayette Phone: 720-561-7800 Website: Principal: Guillermo Medina Enrollment: 482


Ryan Elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) School is a dynamic learning community with a focus on partnering with families and the community to prepare students for the 21st century. Along with delivering common core standards, Ryan develops the whole child with experiential project-based learning activities in the STEAM areas. Ryan embraces technology like interactive whiteboards, iPads, Chromebooks, document cameras and 3-D projectors as a tool for engaging students and supporting learning. With a strong belief that partnerships nurture excellence, Ryan partners with the University of Colorado, Thorne Nature Experience, Growe Foundation, and Impact on Education (to name a few). A wide variety of after-school programming is offered to extend the learning day and support the focus. Ryan also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Address: 1405 Centaur Village Drive, Lafayette Phone: 720-561-7000 Website: Principal: Cameo DeDominces

Enrollment: 556


Superior Elementary sets high academic standards and creates dynamic learning environments where students explore and investigate using critical thinking skills. Highlights include a spiraling social studies curriculum with engaging topics through which children learn American and world history, geography, and the study of many cultures. Science topics are reinforced through hands-on activities, experiments, and observations. A comprehensive language arts curriculum enhances and extends across all subject areas. The school also has exceptional programs in physical education, music, and art. Choirs, clubs, intramural sports, and enrichment classes extend the school day. The Positive Behavior Intervention Support program unites the school around the words of respect, acceptance, and responsibility. The latest in media and technology are available throughout the school -- televised morning announcements, iPads, Chromebooks, Internet research and a wireless building add to rich integration of technology into the curriculum. Address: 1800 S. Indiana St., Superior Phone: 720-561-4100 Website: Principal: Kent Cruger Enrollment: 434

University Hill

Founded in 1906, University Hill is one of Boulder’s oldest elementary schools. Its bilingual learning environment focuses SCHOOL CHOICE

focus across the school as students work toward building bridges between Spanish and English. A multilingual perspective is infused throughout the curriculum. Pioneer students benefit from 80 minutes of instruction in physical education, music, art, library and technology each week. Additionally, Pioneer values community partnerships to offer a variety of after-school enrichment. Pioneer also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment.

Website: Principal: Josh Baldner Enrollment: 275

Boulder Valley School District on the diverse needs of all children and prepares them to be responsible world citizens who are biliterate in Spanish and English, and who excel in academics and thrive in a global community. The vision of University Hill is to provide a caring environment where children are empowered to be critical thinkers, mindful community members, and culturally competent, bilingual individuals. Our staff is highly diverse -- many have come to us from countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. Our school community thrives on its diversity, inclusionary practices, and social-emotional skill development. University Hill also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Address: 956 16th St., Boulder Phone: 720-561-5416 Website: Principal: Ina Rodriguez-Myer Enrollment: 461

Whittier International

K-8 SCHOOLS Aspen Creek PK-8

Aspen Creek PK-8 students receive engaging academic programming. Art, music, and physical education at the elementary level and the exploratory/elective programs at the middle level are offered. In grades sixth through eighth, we offer teaming and exploratory programming to students. Our quality teachers are provided with job-embedded professional development opportunities that support quality instruction within the classroom. We have a strong parent community supporting the school. Aspen Creek also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Address: 5500 Aspen Creek Drive, Broomfield Phone: 720-561-8000 Website: Principal: Jennifer Bedford Enrollment: 860

Address: 2008 Pine St., Boulder Phone: 720-561-5431 Website: Principal: Sarah Oswick Enrollment: 380

November 2020

Eldorado PK-8 A neighborhood school serving the Town of Superior, CO. Eldorado PK-8 sets high academic standards for all students and provides a rigorous learning experience that celebrates students’ strengths as well as taking a whole-child approach to education. Eldorado PK-8 offers accelerated sixth grade through eighth grade classes in mathematics and language arts, Gifted and Talented programming, an inclusive special education learning environment, Spanish as a World Language elective, and a dynamic English Language Devel

The second school built in Boulder, Whittier International was founded in 1882 and is situated in the heart of the city. Whittier is a neighborhood school with an international focus, serving students from close to 50 countries. As an authorized International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program school, Whittier combines the BVSD curriculum with an internationally recognized academic framework that focuses on civic engagement to improve our world. “Inquiry” is a primary strategy used to integrate higher-order thinking, questioning and application of content knowledge through transdisciplinary units of study. In addition, students in K-5 are introduced to Spanish as a world language.

opment program for our English language learners. Eldorado PK-8 also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. At Eldorado PK-8, faculty/staff, students, and families work collaboratively so that all students are challenged to their potential in a culture that fosters curiosity and risktaking. Address: 3351 Indiana St., Superior Phone: 720-561-4400 Website: Principal: Barb Aswege Enrollment: 839

Horizons K-8

Since 1991, Horizons K-8 has offered a relationship-based and engaging program where students consistently meet or exceed rigorous academic and behavioral expectations. With a balanced focus on high academic expectations and individual attention to the whole child, our committed teachers guide students to become self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful and caring environment. Student-led family conferences, portfolios, and performancebased assessments keep learning relevant and authentic. Our high-interest curriculum offers a variety of developmentally appropriate academic experiences both inside and outside the classroom, including outdoor education, service learning, performances, STEAM, art, music, physical education, and Spanish instruction school-wide. In recognition of high academic achievement by students and the consistent hard work of an innovative and dynamic staff, Horizons has repeatedly been awarded the Colorado Department of Education John J. Irwin School of Excellence Award. Small, multi-age classes and instruction that balances academic and social-emotional learning continue to be a hallmark of the Horizons program. Address: 4545 Sioux Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-3600 Website: RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 33

Boulder Valley School District

Serving Students in Grades PK-8 Meadowlark School is Boulder Valley School District’s first school in Erie and serves students in PK through eighth grade. The school is a dynamic learning environment organized into five multi-age learning communities: PK-K, 1st-2nd, 3rd4th, 5th-6th and 7th-8th. Flexible grouping arrangements and project-based learning (PBL) are two of our core tenets in creating challenging, meaningful, and engaging learning opportunities for all students. The innovative educational spaces promote collaboration and partnerships for all stakeholders. Personalized learning is a cornerstone of the learning community model. Meadowlark School also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment. Our staff work in collaboration with students, families, and the community to support social-emotional, physical, and academic growth. Address: 2300 Meadow Sweet Lane, Erie Phone: 720-561-5403 Website: Principal: Brent Caldwell Enrollment: 680

PK-8 SCHOOLS Monarch PK-8

Monarch PK-8 is a welcoming community school serving students in preschool through eighth grade. Our school community thrives on its diversity, inclusionary andROCKIES social emotional skill 34 practices, RAISED IN THE

to Peak’s middle school offers a smallschool environment with a challenging sequence of standard and honors courses in core academic areas along with a rich variety of electives to prepare students for Peak to Peak’s challenging high school program. The middle school also offers students an opportunity to participate in an array of extracurricular activities and athletics. College counseling engages students early on, and continues throughout their K-12 experience. Peak to Peak’s high school program includes a wide variety of standard, honors, and advanced placement classes. College counseling is integrated into lessons in the classroom in grades 9-12 and is based on a personalized approach to helping students access the colleges and universities of their choice and best fit after high school.

Address: 263 Campus Drive, Louisville Phone: 720-561-4000 Website: Principal: Robin Techmanski Enrollment: 766

Address: 800 Merlin Drive, Lafayette Phone: 303-453-4600 Website: Principal: Elementary school- Melissa Christensen; Middle school- Dr. Gretchen Mosca; High school- Kyle Mathews Enrollment: 1445

K-12 SCHOOLS Peak to Peak Charter


Peak to Peak is a liberal arts, college preparatory school designed for graduates to exceed entrance requirements of top colleges and universities. High expectations are an important part of the school culture, and each student is seen as an individual of great potential and promise. Students are challenged through appropriate placement in each subject. Character development is an integral part of all aspects of the school. Peak to Peak’s elementary school uses ability grouping and differentiation to meet student needs. Accelerated classes are offered beginning in first grade to students showing prior mastery of grade level content. Teachers intentionally design learning experiences to address the whole child, including daily discussion of socialemotional learning, alternative seating options, and movement integration within each classroom throughout the day. Peak

Angevine Middle School is a student-centered middle school with an emphasis on academic achievement and social learning. Our greatest joy is working together to foster an inclusive learning environment that promotes the success of all students. Learning at Angevine goes beyond specific content to include communication, human relations, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our focus on Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships includes creative and enriching experiences that are essential to a comprehensive curriculum. Angevine is unique in that we offer a pre-engineering program, which feeds into the Centaurus High School engineering track, an awardwinning visual and musical arts program, and new technology built into every classroom to foster the success of the 21st-century learner. SCHOOL CHOICE

Meadowlark School

development. Our mission is to empower all learners to reach their unique potential and become compassionate, engaged global citizens. Monarch PK-8 is studentfocused and dedicated to meeting the needs of all students through a rigorous academic program including strong arts, electives and physical education programs as well as supporting students' social-emotional development. Monarch PK-8 offers accelerated sixth-grade through eighth-grade classes in mathematics and language arts, Talented and Gifted programming, an inclusive special education learning environment, Spanish as a World Language elective, and a dynamic English Language Development program for our English language learners. Monarch PK-8 also offers a high quality, play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness in a fun and interactive environment.

Principal: Lucas Ketzer Enrollment: 348

Boulder Valley School District Address: 1150 S. Boulder Road, Lafayette Phone: 720-561-7100 Website: Principal: Mike Medina Enrollment: 693

Broomfield Heights

Boulder Universal Boulder Universal is an online public school serving BVSD and other Colorado students in grades K-12. Courses are taught by BVSD teachers using curriculum aligned to state and district standards. Students engage and interact with their actual teacher and classmates from across the country in an asynchronous online setting, allowing students to learn at any time and any place. Since all teachers are BVSD teachers, class size ratio is equivalent to all BVSD schools. Boulder Universal also has a learning lab staffed with your teachers for students to get one-on-one support. Tuition is free for students enrolled in BVSD. Address: 6600 E. Arapahoe Road, Boulder Phone: 720-561-5500 Website: Principal: Eric Moroye Middle School Enrollment: 334

child are points of pride at BHMS. With the integration of technology and 21stcentury skills into our programming, we are preparing students for their bright and dynamic futures. Address: 1555 Daphne St., Broomfield Phone: 720-561-8400 Website: Principal: Erin Hinkle Enrollment: 563

At Broomfield Heights, a proud neighborhood middle school, we embrace and support our richly diverse community by providing a safe, welcoming, and highlevel learning environment for all of our students. Our programming is designed to meet the academic, creative, and emotional needs of each student. At BHMS, we are part of the greater community of Broomfield, and we continue to build on our tradition of excellence. Our students engage in a wide range of exploratory choices and extracurricular activities to supplement high-quality instruction and an overarching focus on the whole child. School-wide positive behavior support, empowering students to be leaders, and providing a supportive network for each


Casey Middle School is a dynamic learning community of students, parents, and faculty from an array of cultures. Casey promises both challenging academics and a socially and emotionally nurturing environment that values the unique-


AMS Accreditated Montessori serving ages 18 months to 12 years on 3 beautiful acres in Boulder

November 2020 RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 35

Boulder Valley School District

Address: 1301 High St., Boulder Phone: 720-561-2700 Website: Principal: Gabriela Renteria Enrollment: 640


Home of the Cyclones, Centennial Middle School is a place where “everyone belongs.” The school community provides a rigorous academic program grounded in a caring and nurturing environment in your neighborhood school! A high degree of personalized attention is given through an engaging curriculum, a wide variety of course offerings, and an interesting array of after school and during school clubs and activities. At Centennial, students have a wide range of learning opportunities that support and nurture our diverse community. We utilize a variety of instructional practices within all of our courses. Our students grow and value our R2ISE expectations which create an atmosphere of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Safety, and Empathy. Our welcoming school is thoughtful about ensuring that our diverse parent community feels welcome at our many school-wide events and as a part of our PTO and other committee structures.


Louisville Middle School sets high academic standards for every student, following the core belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be challenged and grow with the support they need to thrive. We are the school on Main St, and we thrive as members of the greater community. A priority is placed on a balance of exceptional academic courses with robust electives and an exemplary fine arts program. We have a focus on social-emotional learning that prepares students to be stewards of the community. Students’ families partner with staff to ensure a caring, engaging, and inclusive school culture where everyone is welcome. Students revel in this strong sense of community as they strive to achieve ambitious learning goals, explore their creative and artistic potential, and challenge themselves to develop positive habits for life. PRIDE (positivity, respect, integrity, determination, empathy) are our values, and these are infused into everything we do to create “The LMS Way;” a lens on life that stays with our students as they move to their next great adventure. Address: 1341 Main St., Louisville Phone: 720-561-7400 Website: Principal: Chris Meyer Enrollment: 653

Manhattan School of Arts and Academics

Address: 2205 Norwood Ave., Boulder Phone: 720-561-5441 Website: Principal: John McCluskey Enrollment: 630



Manhattan Middle School has an academically rigorous and caring, studentcentered learning environment. While

Manhattan is a neighborhood school, it is also an arts focus school that offers in-depth study of various art forms for students who wish to focus on a specific arts discipline and a Spanish Dual Language Program designed for students continuing elementary bilingual education. Manhattan also offers a traditional middle school program with a variety of electives in the arts, world languages, and technology, as well as accelerated math classes and Gifted and Talented programming. In addition, Manhattan offers the same extracurricular sports as all BVSD middle schools, as well as many beforeand after-school clubs. Clubs change each year. Here are a few active Manhattan clubs: Zoo Club, Jazz Band, Art Club, theater productions and Junior Thespians, Math Counts, multicultural groups, and Allies, an anti-bullying group that celebrates differences. Address: 290 Manhattan Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-6300 Website: Principal: John Riggs Enrollment: 540

Nevin Platt

Nevin Platt Middle School is a community school serving students in grades 6-8 in Boulder, Colorado. Students thrive in a safe, academic and social environment, where teachers and staff are committed to each student’s intellectual, physical and emotional needs. Our programming focuses on academic rigor, encourages exploration and experiential learning opportunities, encourages students to demonstrate mastery through project based learning, promotes technological expertise, and supports community building in a safe environment. Platt is also home to the CHOICE Program. CHOICE is an acronym that stands for "Cooperative Hands-On Integrated Community Education." Students in the CHOICE Program attend mixed-grade-level classes and stay with the same team of teachers for all three years of middle school. CHOICE students are out of the building apSCHOOL CHOICE

ness of each student. Key features of our program include: Our highly ranked math program that provides students with appropriate levels of challenge to ensure high levels of growth; A continuum of English classes, ensuring all students are supported and challenged; Our bilingual program that offers classes in Spanish language arts, reading and social studies; and An award-winning arts program.

Boulder Valley School District proximately 25 days a year experiencing community based learning opportunities. Students may apply for this three-year program only through the open-enrollment process. Address: 6096 Baseline Road, Boulder Phone: 720-561-5536 Website: Principal: Brooke Daerr Enrollment: 533

Southern Hills

rigorous academic curriculum within a caring community that supports student development and instills a lifelong love of learning. Summit is selected by families seeking challenging academics and thorough high school preparation. Summit requires English, science, math, social studies, and world language daily, along with a variety of elective classes. Summit's culture encourages character, creativity, and scholarship. Summit is a diverse and safe community where students are nurtured and challenged. Address: 4655 Hanover Ave., Boulder Phone: 720-561-3900 Website: Principal: Adam Galvin Enrollment: 359

Address: 1500 Knox Drive, Boulder Phone: 720-561-3400 Website: Principal: John White Enrollment: 530


Summit Middle School, a four-time Blue Ribbon Award winner, was founded in 1996 as the first charter school in BVSD. Summit values scholarship, providing a

November 2020

Nederland Middle/Senior High School is a small neighborhood secondary 6th-12th grade school tucked into the mountains of Boulder County just steps away from Eldora Ski Area and endless open spaces. With a small student-to-teacher ratio, personalized education is our foundation. High school students can choose between Advanced/Honors and AP level work in math, science, language arts, and social studies. They can also take concurrent courses in Business, English, and Math. Middle-Level students are exposed to advanced courses in English and Math. Spanish is also required in middle school for all students. Nederland offers many co-curricular activities for students: student government, National Honor Society, Sources of Strength, MS leadership, music/theater program, mountain bike team, ski team, soccer, cross country, volleyball, track, basketball and intramural sports for middle level students. Our students are PROUD TO BE NED - â&#x20AC;&#x153;proud of who they are and what they do always.â&#x20AC;? Address: 597 County Road 130, Nederland Phone: 720-561-4900

Southern Hills is a John J. Irwin School of Excellence Award-winning neighborhood middle school in south Boulder. Southern Hills offers personal attention and a closely knit community based on the school values of Participation, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination, and Empathy. Southern Hills offers accelerated classes in mathematics, language arts, and foreign language along with a wide array of electives. With strong programs for talented/gifted and special education, Southern Hills prides itself on meeting the varying needs of students. There are also many opportunities for students to connect on multiple levels through a variety of student activities, clubs, and athletics.


Website: Principal: Rick Elertson Enrollment: 247

HIGH SCHOOLS Arapahoe Ridge

Arapahoe Ridge High School is an alternative education campus (AEC) that helps students build resiliency by offering a safe environment and opportunities for positive connections and success. ARHS is a small setting with standards based grading. As an alternative high school, we provide students and families with flexible schedules that accommodate different styles of learning. Transportation to our campus is offered via buses that are available from all the sending home high schools within our district. Our students have the opportunity and advantage to access the Boulder TEC programs that are located on our campus In addition, there are opportunities for concurrent enrollment with Front Range Community College while still in high school, and the cost is covered by BVSD. Address: 6600 E. Arapahoe Rd. Boulder Phone:720-561-5220 Principal: Dr. Joan Bludorn


Founded in 1875 as part of the University of Colorado, Boulder High is the oldest established high school in Colorado. Students regularly access University of Colorado classes and libraries, the Conference on World Affairs, and cultural community activities from our urban setting. Boulder High is an Advanced Placement focus school, with one of the most comprehensive programs in the state, offering 30 Advanced Placement


Boulder Valley School District courses. Its AVID program creates an environment where all students are afforded the opportunity to succeed. The visual and performing arts departments have an excellent reputation and produce cutting edge performances and work. The pottery, photography, and video production studios and Millennium lab are state of the art. Boulder High has one of the districtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest English Language Development programs, serving students from 30 countries. It also offers five world languages: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Latin. Address: 1604 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder Phone: 720-561-2200 Website: Principal: Dr. James Hill Enrollment: 2153

Boulder Preparatory High School

technical skills as preparation for any postgraduate pathway they choose to pursue. All of the programs are focused on providing students with a wide range of highly relevant experiences through the use of industry standard equipment and an extensive network of business partnerships. Programs offer community college concurrent enrollment credit, the opportunity to earn professional licenses or certificates, as well as integrated core academic credit that counts toward high school graduation. Specific programs include Automotive Collision Repair, Automotive Service Technology, Biomedical Science, Construction Trades, Cosmetology, Early Childhood Education, Emergency Medical Response, Forensics Investigation & Criminology, Sports Medicine, and Welding. Students from all BVSD high schools are eligible to attend as part of their 11th and 12th-grade years. Address: 6600 E. Arapahoe Rd, Boulder Phone: 720-561-5220 Website: Boulder TEC Director: Dr. Arlie Huffman Enrollment: 325

Broomfield High School is the center of our community. We offer a comprehensive program of study designed to meet the various academic needs and interests of our students. Courses offered include AP courses in many disciplines, fine arts, and vocational courses. We have fully implemented the BVSD 1:Web Initiative for all students, supporting them in a variety of ways with technology. Students receive a Chromebook to be used throughout their high school career. Our Eagles are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities including athletics, theater, music, and clubs. We work together to make our school one in which all students can succeed and accept new challenges. Address: 1 Eagle Way, Broomfield Phone: 720-561-8100 Website: Principal: Ginger Ramsey Enrollment: 1562


Boulder Universal

Address: 5075 Chaparral Court, Boulder Phone: 303-545-6186 Website: Principal: Lili Adeli Enrollment: 117

Address: 6600 E. Arapahoe Road, Boulder Phone: 720-561-5500 Website: Principal: Eric Moroye Enrollment: 292


Address: 10300 S. Boulder Road, Lafayette Phone: 720-561-7500 Website: Principal: Daniel Ryan Enrollment: 1490

Boulder Technical Education Center


Boulder TEC empowers students through rigorous academic, professional, and 38

Centaurus High School is a college-preparatory high school with an award-winning Engineering Academy and International Baccalaureate Diploma program. Our Advanced Placement courses, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), fine arts, International Baccalaureate, Engineering Academy and exceptional extra-curricular programs ensure that each of our students is prepared for the most rigorous academic majors at the university level. Graduates from these programs have been accepted to nationally ranked schools to further their studies in a variety of fields, including engineering, pre-law, pre-medical, international policy studies, journalism, and art. Centaurusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s size allows students to participate more fully in their high school experience, garner more personal assistance, and build lasting relationships with both peers and faculty.


Boulder Preparatory High School is a college-preparatory program serving students who are looking for a smallschool setting that provides individualized attention. The charter school offers rigorous academics through a unique and diverse curriculum. The academic program is complemented with a weekly Life Skills program to prepare students for adulthood and their social responsibilities in the world community. We will not give up on students even when they give up on themselves. All graduates must be accepted to college before they can receive their diplomas. Over the years, Boulder Prep has provided the academic and social opportunities needed to transform youth-at-risk into college bound youth-of-promise.

Boulder Universal is an online public school serving BVSD and other Colorado students in grades K-12. Courses are taught by BVSD teachers using curriculum aligned to state and district standards. Students engage and interact with their actual teacher and classmates from across the country in an asynchronous online setting, allowing students to learn at any time and any place. Since all teachers are BVSD teachers, class size ratio is equivalent to all BVSD schools. Boulder Universal also has a learning lab staffed with your teachers for students to get one-on-one support. Tuition is free for students enrolled in BVSD.

Boulder Valley School District Fairview

Fairview is an award-winning comprehensive high school with a tradition of rich and rigorous academics, including a strong college prep program, International Baccalaureate Diploma program, and vast array of Advanced Placement classes â&#x20AC;&#x201D; all designed to meet the diverse needs of individual learners. In addition to being one of the elite academic schools in Colorado, Fairview has a highly competitive sports program and nationally recognized fine arts program. It is the goal of Fairview to encourage each and every student to challenge themselves academically, athletically, and artistically to develop new skills, stretch their abilities and pursue new levels of personal excellence. Address: 1515 Greenbriar Blvd., Boulder Phone: 720-561-3100 Website: Principal: Don Stensrud Enrollment: 2126


Justice High is a charter school for at-risk youth in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain

Valley communities. It is a pre-collegiate academic program, requiring all graduates to have taken and passed two college-level courses and be accepted into a minimum of three colleges. All students are required to participate in extracurricular activities and work in their community. Justice High School also offers students some vocational courses and opportunities to complete their GED or HiSET. Address: 805 Excalibur St., Lafayette Phone: 720-277-6480 Website: Principal: T.J. Cole Enrollment: 100

ics program, pre-engineering, 3D Design, and Industrial Design) -- are all designed to meet the diverse needs of individual learners, while ensure all student interests are fostered and celebrated. Address: 329 Campus Drive Phone: 720-561-4200 Website: Principal: Neil Anderson Enrollment: 1688

New Vista


"Creating Bright Futures, One Student at a Time!" Monarch is an award winning comprehensive college and career preparatory high school with a four-year graduation rate of over 96 percent. It offers a vast array of Advanced Placement courses. Many Monarch courses are tied to concurrent enrollment opportunities through CU Succeed, Metro State University, and Front Range Community College. Monarch also encourages students to become involved in our highly competitive athletic programs, robust and successful music programs (band, choir, orchestra), broad fine arts course offerings, dynamic drama/theatre program, and over 60 clubs. Monarch's Career and Technical Education programs -- which include Culinary Arts, Computer Science, Business, and STEM (award-winning Robot-

New Vista actively engages every student in rigorous learning. Our program includes: high academic and behavioral expectations for all students; personal relationships built on mutual respect with all adults in the building; an adviser who supports each student from enrollment through graduation; choices that allow students to shape the educational program to meet their needs and interests; active learning within all classrooms as well as varied and engaging course offerings; and significant opportunities to learn in the community. Finally, New Vista has a school culture that values individuals, community, and learning with an explicit emphasis on understanding and valuing diversity. Address: 700 20th St., Boulder Phone: 720-561-8700 Website: Principal: Kirk Quitter Enrollment: 328

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Sylvan of Broomfield, 3800 W. 144th Ave. Ste B1300, Broomfield, CO 80023


November 2020




ear St. Vrain Valley Community, as we navigate this challenging time for our community, we remain focused on advancing student well-being, learning, and success across all of our high-quality schools. While the future will undoubtedly present many challenges, it remains full of opportunities for our students to engage deeply in their learning and to build a rigorous academic foundation that will empower them with a strong competitive advantage. Choosing a school for your student is an important personal step in charting their future path. Toward this end, St. Vrain offers a diverse and extensive selection of rigorous academic and cocurricular programs that provide you and your student choice in selecting a school that best aligns with their interests and educational goals. Among our many high-quality programs, we are especially proud of the outstanding portfolio of options available across our schools. In addition to our high-quality, rigorous preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and fully online LaunchED program, our many high school options include instructional focus academies in aerospace and engineering, energy, biomedical sciences, business, medical and biosciences, leadership, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and visual and performing arts. Other excellent programs across St. Vrain include

Don Haddad, Superintendent honors courses, Advanced Placement and AP Capstone courses, International Baccalaureate, CU Succeed Gold and Silver Dual Enrollment Programs, P-TECH (Pathways in Technology Early College High School), P-TEACH (Pathways to Teaching), Seal of Biliteracy, our virtual Online Global Academy, the Innovation Center, and the Career Development Center. Successful completion of many of these programs can result in a full year or more of transferable college credit prior to graduation from high school. Numerous graduates from the Class of 2020 had an opportunity to start their postsecondary education with approximately 12,000 college credits, potentially saving families millions of dollars in tuition costs at

four-year universities across the United States. Student engagement is an important part of any comprehensive educational experience. Accordingly, St. Vrain offers a robust selection of co-curricular activities and enrichment options in every school throughout our district. Students are encouraged to participate in the arts, music programs, athletics, and many other high-quality activities that further support the development of wellrounded citizens who embody teamwork, leadership, and strong character. St. Vrain Valley Schools’ college preparatory and high-quality instructional focus programs – delivered in partnership with rigorous courses and engaging activities – ensure that our students experience a worldclass education. Thank you for your outstanding support in championing the growth and development of St. Vrain Valley Schools into a nationally recognized center of excellence for student engagement and 21st-century learning. Your unwavering dedication to the well-being and success of our students, teachers, staff, and schools is a testament to our outstanding community. Sincerely, Don Haddad, Ed.D. Superintendent St. Vrain Valley School District

Support Local. There are many ways to strengthen our community, and one easy way is by supporting local. Whether it’s a restaurant, boutique, home and garden store, apparel or shoes, auto dealer or other service provider, supporting local has many benefits, and building a stronger community is only one of them. Our local businesses give our community character, create vibrancy and bring us unique experiences.






St. Vrain Valley School District PRESCHOOLS Spark! Discovery Preschool

Spark! Discovery Preschool offers preschool for children ages 3-5 and full-day childcare options for families in Firestone, Frederick, and Dacono. Spark! engages students in early learning experiences, in partnership with families and the community, that develop a strong foundation, enrich the whole child, and inspire lifelong learning. Staff develop positive and caring relationships with each family, and are committed to inspiring creativity, innovation, problem solving, and discovery. As a STEM preschool, instruction focuses on integrated units of inquiry, the design-thinking process, and an emphasis on 21st-century learning, as well as the integration of language, literacy, and mathematics.

Address: 555 8th St., Frederick Phone: 720-652-7906 Website: Principal: Paige Gordon Enrollment: 304 Daily Schedule: AM Session: 8:30 to 11:10 a.m., PM Session: 12:25 to 3:05 p.m., Full Day Session: 8:30 a.m. to 3:05 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 39.47; Free/reduced, 24.16 Average student-adult ratio: 8/1

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Alpine Alpine Elementary is proud to be an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School integrating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) practices. The IB Programme engages students in rigorous inquiry to study topics that are of importance to the world in which we live,

and expands students’ global understanding through Spanish language instruction. STEM incorporates the use of a design-thinking process and technology to foster innovation and problem solving. Alpine provides childcare and enrichment opportunities such as a world-class robotics program, 100 Mile Club, and Allegria choir. Address: 2005 Alpine St., Longmont Phone: 720-652-8140 Website: Principal: Amber Marsolek Enrollment: 475 Daily schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 47.16; Free/reduced, 40.77 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Black Rock Black Rock Elementary focuses on individual student needs while implementing all school cluster grouping and flexible grouping to ensure academic excellence. Black Rock features gifted and

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November 2020

Our students develop as curious learners, adventurous spirits, and caring, committed global citizens as they engage in work that matters—work that has a positive impact beyond the walls of the school. We believe schools should not just help students develop the skills and habits for future success, but should awaken their curiosity, expand their view of the world, and empower them to make a difference in their local, regional, and global communities.


St. Vrain Valley School District

Blue Mountain Blue Mountain is committed to working in partnership with the community and parents to create an exemplary school – one that is the center of our neighborhood and a shining star in our district. Blue Mountain provides a rigorous educational experience, enhanced by the instructional focus of science, technology, and inquiry; a program founded on current research and best practices of teaching. This focus allows students to have extended learning in math, engineering, and science, while utilizing extensive instructional technology on a daily basis. Address: 1260 Mountain Dr., Longmont Phone: 720-652-8220 Website: Principal: Stephen Hoel Enrollment: 629 Daily schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 24.32; Free/reduced lunch, 5.30 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Burlington Burlington Elementary students are strong community members and high achievers. Teachers and staff work to recognize students’ individual needs, yet help them connect with RAISED IN THE ROCKIES


Address: 1051 S. Pratt Parkway, Longmont Phone: 303-776-8861 Website: Principal: Jennifer Webster Enrollment: 427 Daily schedule: 8:25 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 49.41; Free/reduced, 50.95 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Centennial Centennial Elementary’s vision is to provide a safe, consistent, and engaging environment so students transition from elementary school as confident, compassionate, and capable lifelong learners. Centennial is committed to creating clear and focused academic goals that set high expectations for all students. With the school’s focus on innovation, students learn to empathize, define, and ideate new ways to solve problems as they work collaboratively to prototype and test solutions. Address: 10290 Neighbors Pkwy., Firestone Phone: 720-652-8240 Website: Principal: Shirley Jirik Enrollment: 529 Daily schedule: 9:05 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 32.33; Free/reduced, 24.95 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Central Constructed in 1878, Central Elementary was the first school in Longmont, and in 1976 was designated a Longmont historic landmark. Central is

an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB) World School with a rigorous inquiry-based curriculum. The school’s mission is to develop knowledgeable, caring, and open-minded individuals who will become contributing citizens in a global society. Central has a dedicated and caring staff, an active PTO that supports and enhances students’ learning experiences, and an involved community that takes pride in the school’s 142-year legacy of educational excellence. Address: 1020 4th Ave. Phone: 303-776-3236 Website: Principal: Jim Hecocks Enrollment: 402 Daily schedule: 8:25 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 25.12; Free/reduced, 24.57 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Columbine Columbine Elementary School is a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focus, preschool through fifth grade neighborhood school. Columbine incorporates technology and inquiry-based design thinking into daily lessons. Rigorous instruction supports student achievement in all subjects and prepares students for 21st-century learning. The Columbine staff fosters positive relationships with students and parents, which has developed a strong sense of community throughout the school. Columbine offers a variety of extracurricular activities that foster meaningful relationships, academic achievement, and individual pride for students. Address: 111 Longs Peak Ave., Longmont Phone: 303-776-2840 Web site: Principal: Audrey Seybold Enrollment: 288 Daily schedule: 8:30 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 87.85; Free/reduced, 81.85 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1 SCHOOL CHOICE

Address: 2000 Mountain View Blvd., Erie Phone: 720-890-3995 Website: Principal: Cathy O’Donnell Enrollment: 579 Daily schedule: 9:05 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 19.00; Free/reduced lunch, 4.08 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

their world outside of school. In September 2014 and again in June 2017, Burlington was recognized by the Colorado Department of Education as one of five “high achieving” elementary schools. Burlington provides many opportunities to enhance the interests and talents of students. From robotics to musical theater to 100 Mile Club, students participate and excel in before- and after-school activities. The Burlington community takes pride in living our motto: “Blazing Trails and Inspiring Excellence.”

talented programming as well as foreign language studies in Spanish. Black Rock’s highly-qualified staff models strong collaboration, which promotes a safe and encouraging learning environment and instills higher standards of academic rigor. The school boasts one of the most involved parent communities across St. Vrain Valley Schools, supporting the school through volunteering and relationship building.

St. Vrain Valley School District Eagle Crest Eagle Crest Elementary is located in southwest Longmont in close proximity to Altona Middle School and Silver Creek High School. The school’s mission is “to develop leaders one child at a time.” The three pillars of leadership embedded throughout the curriculum at every grade level are “Communicate, Create, and Inspire”. Students participate in servicelearning to empower them to use their leadership skills to help build a better world. The school offers “looping”, which allows students to stay with the same set of teachers in first and second grade, and another set of teachers in grades three and four.

Free/reduced, N/A Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1


Elementary 28

Fall River

Under the voter-approved St. Vrain Valley Schools’ $260.3 million bond issue, funds were reserved to build an additional elementary school (Elementary 28) with its location to be determined by future growth. This new 69,000 square-foot elementary school will be located in the Erie Highlands neighborhood, featuring an architectural character honoring the history of the area to include mining, agriculture, and prairie landscape. Classroom pods will include large garage doors and operable partitions for flexibility. The site will include an outdoor classroom, an outdoor science hub, and a nature trail. Construction began in June 2020 and the school will open in August 2021. Address: 475 Highlands Circle Erie Phone: 303-682-7328 Website: Principal: N/A Enrollment: N/A Daily schedule: N/A Student profile in percentages: N/A;

Fall River’s motto is “The Courage to Be Outstanding!” This drives the school’s mission to develop students’ curiosity, empathy, and leadership skills as independent critical thinkers. Fall River has an experienced and innovative staff that expertly integrates 21st-century skills and STEM into daily learning, while also ensuring students’ academic, emotional, social, artistic, and physical success. Every day, students look forward to rigorous and engaging instruction, hands-on integration of technology, artistic expression, movement breaks, and positive behavior support. Strong parent and community involvement is a huge component of

November 2020

Address: 4444 Clover Basin DrIVE, Longmont Phone: 303-485-6073 Website: Principal: Ryan Ball Enrollment: 503 Daily schedule: 8:40 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 39.19; Free/reduced, 34.64 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Erie Elementary is a community that nurtures academic excellence and promotes lifelong learning through engaging STEMfocused instruction. Erie Elementary has been proudly serving the Erie community for over 50 years and as a STEM-focus school, encourages creative thinking, inquiry, and problem solving throughout the day. Teachers integrate the STEM concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math to ensure a rigorous experience for all students. Students can participate in a wide variety of before- and after-school activities including band, choir, running club, and drama club, as well as many PTCO sponsored events. Address: 4137 E. County Line Rd., Erie Phone: 303-828-3395 Website: Principal: Lauren Eker Enrollment: 355 Daily schedule: 8:55 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 27.04; Free/reduced, 19.21 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

yearly high performance. Address: 1400 Deerwood Dr., Longmont Phone: 720-652-7920 Website: Principal: Quinn O’Keefe Enrollment: 526 Daily schedule: 8:55 a.m. to 3:25 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 27.19; Free/reduced, 22.15 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Grand View “Together As One,” Grand View Elementary empowers all learners to grow as scholars, innovators, and leaders. Grand View integrates innovation and design thinking into daily learning, while also ensuring students’ academic, emotional, social, artistic, and physical progress. Every day, students look forward to becoming problem finders and problem solvers who participate in engaging instruction, hands-on technology, creativity, and positive behavior support. Grand View offers robotics, choir, gaming club, 100 Mile running club, and activities before-and after-school. Grand View is building community in the school “As One.” Address: 6601 Aggregate Blvd. Frederick Phone: 303-702-8000 Website: Principal: Kirsten McNeill Enrollment: 387 Daily schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 31.27; Free/reduced, 22.46 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Hygiene Hygiene Elementary offers a science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) focus that provides high levels of engagement and inquirybased learning for students. Students are exposed to movement opportunities throughout the school day. The mission of Hygiene is to create strong partnerships RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 43

St. Vrain Valley School District

Indian Peaks Indian Peaks offers a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focus that provides rigorous, engaging, and inquiry-based learning. Every student has access to an iPad. The school offers biliteracy support for K-3 students, full-day kindergarten classes, and half-day preschool programs for three- and four-year olds. Indian Peaks boasts many before-school and afterschool programs, including robotics. Staff has high expectations of every child in order to increase student achievement. Indian Peaks is an amazing place to learn. Address: 1335 S. Judson St., Longmont Phone: 303-772-7240 Website: Principal: Kathi Jo Walder Enrollment: 311 Daily schedule: 9:10 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 90.35; Free/reduced, 85.82 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1




Legacy Elementary develops students’ academic and social-emotional skills. The school partners with parents and the surrounding community to build strong relationships and civic-minded students. Strong community engagement creates extensive volunteer

Address: 7701 Eagle Blvd., Frederick Phone: 720-652-8160 Website: Principal: Sean Corey Enrollment: 528 Daily schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 22.82; Free/reduced, 21.97 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Longmont Estates Longmont Estates Elementary creates an exemplary learning environment that fosters high academic achievement and student well-being. With the vision to provide a challenging learning environment in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Longmont Estates helps every student maximize their potential through relevant and rigorous instruction. The school offers a vibrant core curriculum which is enhanced by design challenges, coding, Gifted and Talented enrichment, Movement Lab, physical activity in the classroom, and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. Strong community partnerships include CU Discovery, Junior Great Books, Avid4Adventure, and GreenStar. Address: 1601 Northwestern Rd., Longmont Phone: 720-652-8101 Website: Principal: Traci Haley Enrollment: 358 Daily schedule: 8:25 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 28.77 Free/reduced, 35.02 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1


Lyons Elementary offers preschool through fifth grade in a small-school atmosphere that enthusiastically supports its mission: “To educate all students to their highest potential by fostering a cooperative, creative, and community-based environment.” Strong community partnerships and support enhance student learning inside and outside the classroom. Through citizen science initiatives, students work side-by-side with scientists to solve authentic problems. Through the development of leadership skills, students develop intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, problem-solving, and healthy risk-taking. Address: 338 High St., Lyons Phone: 303-823-6915 Website: Principal: Andrew Moore Enrollment: 312 Daily schedule: 8:05 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 10.90; Free/reduced, 12.85 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Mead Mead Elementary is a community of students, teachers, and parents committed to the development of the whole child through a belief in every child’s unlimited potential by focusing on high expectations, rigor, raising achievement, and developing character. Students have access to technology including iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops, which enhance classroom-learning objectives. As a movement school, students participate in twice-daily movement breaks to activate both sides of the brain, which help children re-energize and focus on learning. Address: 520 Welker Ave., Mead Phone: 970-535-4488 Website: Principal: Betsy Ball Enrollment: 644 Daily schedule: 9:05 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 21.09; Free/reduced, 15.75 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1 SCHOOL CHOICE

Address: 11968 N. 75th St., Longmont Phone: 720-652-8021 Website: Principal: Renee Collier Enrollment: 351 Daily schedule: 9:10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 21.37; Free/reduced lunch, 20.45 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

opportunities, encourages local involvement by students, and provides a system that supports all children. Legacy focuses academic work around higher order thinking skills, employing questioning strategies, and using thinking tools like Thinking Maps and Icons of Depth and Complexity to encourage student learning. Legacy Elementary’s work supports its mission to “ensure that all students achieve high standards of learning, academic excellence, and reach their full potential.”

with families and the community. Hygiene Elementary believes all children can learn with confidence and passion. Spanish, choir, robotics, coding, and 100 Mile Club are some of the before-school and after-school activities available at the school.

St. Vrain Valley School District Mountain View Mountain View Elementary offers an integrated academic focus which provides opportunities to challenge students and build competencies to be successful in the 21st-century. Mountain View is a standards-based, balanced learning community in which each child will reach their academic, social, and emotional potential. Students in grades PK-4 benefit from rich opportunities to engage in the design-thinking process. Mountain View offers a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) based early childhood center where students are encouraged to accelerate their learning through both discovery and the design-thinking process. Wraparound childcare programming complements the school’s STEM preschool program. Address: 1415 14th Ave., Longmont Phone: 720-652-8261 Website: Principal: Jennifer Piccone Enrollment: 322 Daily schedule: 8:25 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 61.49; Free/reduced lunch, 62.75 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Niwot Niwot Elementary, located approximately one mile east of the historic town of Niwot, offers preschool through fifth grade with a focus on differentiated instruction to

meet the needs of all students, no matter their interests or abilities. Niwot is proud of their academic excellence, innovative instruction, and strong parent and community involvement. The school’s mission is “to provide each student with a well-balanced and successful learning experience that promotes a lifelong enjoyment of learning, positive self-esteem, and an appreciation of respect and acceptance for all individuals.” Address: 8778 Morton Rd., Niwot Phone: 303-652-2828 Website: Principal: Nancy Pitz Enrollment: 483 Daily schedule: 9:10 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 11.18; Free/reduced lunch, 9.07 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Northridge Northridge Elementary is a STEM-focused neighborhood school, offering biliteracy instruction, and serving students grades PK-5. The Northridge staff fosters positive relationships with students and parents, which has developed a strong sense of community throughout the school. At Northridge we strive “to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of all students using rigorous and high-quality instruction while embracing diversity and partnering with parents and the community.” Students and teachers engage in design thinking, Genius Hour, social-emotional learning, healthy living activities, and direct instruction to ensure growth and academic achievement.

Students have 1:1 access to iPads, laptops, and/or Chromebooks to enhance learning. Address: 1200 19th Ave., Longmont Phone: 303-772-3040 Website: Principal: DeAnn Dykes Enrollment: 328 Daily schedule: 8:25 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 85.98; Free/reduced lunch, 78.20 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Prairie Ridge Prairie Ridge Elementary offers highly rigorous instruction, aligned with state standards and curriculum, and has a focus on the 4 Cs of 21st-century learning: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Instruction is supported by large uninterrupted blocks of class time, whole group, small group, and individualized instruction. Prairie Ridge plans learning to include reading and writing in every content, and believes this solidifies understanding and builds literate citizens. Prairie Ridge ensures all needs are met through differentiated learning. Teachers work collaboratively to focus their instruction based on the strengths and next steps of their learners. Address: 6632 St. Vrain Ranch Blvd., Firestone Phone: 720-494-3641 Website: Principal: Jill Lliteras Enrollment: 454



November 2020

373 Main St., Longmont, CO • 303-776-2920 Monday - Saturday 10-5, Closed Sun •

High Peaks Elementary school is consistently one of the highest academic performing elementary schools in both the Boulder Valley School district and the state. For more information or for a list of our virtual talks, check out the QR code or visit our website:


3995 Aurora Ave. Boulder CO 80303


710-561-6500 RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 45

St. Vrain Valley School District






Aspen Ridge Preparatory School is a small, bold, caring charter school within St. Vrain Valley Schools, serving preschool through eighth grade. As a tuition-free school of choice, Aspen Ridge

Address: 2040 Miller Dr., Longmont Phone: 303-651-7900 Website: Principals: Wayne Granger (Executive Director), Gael Lester (Principal K-2), Abby Bok (Principal 3-5), Katie Gustafson (Principal 6-8) Enrollment: 912 Daily schedule: 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 21.21; Free/reduced lunch, 12.01 Average student-teacher ratio: 25/1 ​

PK-8 SCHOOLS Aspen Ridge Preparatory School

Flagstaff Academy, an awardwinning preschool through eighth grade public charter school, is an academically rigorous school with a Core Knowledge foundation and a strong focus on science and technology. The school focuses on the individual learner, subject mastery grouping, progressive levels of difficulty, and ongoing assessment for advancement. The school offers inquiry-based science, robotics, computer programming, integrated technology, a greenhouse classroom, and the leading Restorative Practices program in the region providing a strong focus on character development and ethical leadership. Spanish is offered as a foreign language starting in third grade and a robust arts program includes music, band, and art-integrating technology.



Rocky Mountain Elementary, a STEM-focused school, prepares students to be successful in the 21st century. Rocky Mountain offers biliteracy programming, provides rigorous and engaging instruction, and delivers a wide range of learning opportunities. The staff at Rocky Mountain believes in fostering positive relationships with students and parents. Rocky Mountain offers a learning environment that continuously recognizes students for demonstrating positive behavior and

Address: 2235 Vivian St., Longmont Phone: 303-772-3838 Website: Principal: Lori Peeples Enrollment: 327 Daily schedule: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 41.13; Free/reduced, 54.95 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

Flagstaff Academy

Rocky Mountain

Sanborn Elementary focuses on individual student growth. The staff is dedicated to delivering high-quality educational opportunities for all students in a positive and equitable learning environment. Sanborn works to instill a passion for lifelong learning, while also developing perseverance, empathy, and respect for all. Many Sanborn families live outside the school’s attendance area, yet choose to enroll into Sanborn because of the school’s approach to learning and student growth. Sanborn also offers additional opportunities for students including Robotics, Student Council, 100 Mile Club, Drama Club, Community School Programs, Art Club, and an Academic All-Star program.

Address: 705 Austin Ave., Erie Phone: 720-242-6225 Website: Principal, Charla Salmeron Enrollment: 439 Daily schedule: 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 21.18; Free/reduced, 6.61 Average student to teacher ratio: 25/1

Address: 1500 Telleen Ave., Erie Phone: 303-774-2700 Website: Principal: Tim Garcia Enrollment: 629 Daily schedule: 9:05 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 17.49; Free/reduced lunch, 7.54 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1


Red Hawk is built on the foundation of strong relationships and a focus on serving and supporting our team, students, and families. As a Professional Learning Community school with a movement focus, Red Hawk is dedicated to equipping all students to succeed through purposeful identification of academic standards, engaging lessons, and supporting the whole student with a personal health emphasis. The school’s highly effective teaching teams and student support staff pair research-based instructional practices with a “whatever it takes” mentality in leading all students to learning. Students participate in Full STEAMM Ahead Fridays and engage in specialized learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and movement.

Address: 800 E. Fifth Ave., Longmont Phone: 303-772-6750 Website: Principal: James Garcia Enrollment: 400 Daily schedule: 8:55 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 94.0; Free/reduced lunch, 89.85 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

focuses its core values on growing exceptional children that are able to problem solve, grow socially, emotionally, and academically, and most importantly of all, to be kind. Students are empowered to be a partner in their goal setting and are persistently encouraged to do their personal best. Intervention and time for extension is built into the school day for all K-5 students, and students in middle school have over 20 electives to choose from throughout the year.

Red Hawk

encourages students to ‘Be Brave, Work Hard, and Have Fun!’

Daily schedule: 9:05 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 29.30; Free/reduced lunch, 23.57 Average student-teacher ratio: 24.5/1

St. Vrain Valley School District Firestone Charter Academy Firestone Charter Academy is a PK-8, academically rigorous, tuition-free school in St. Vrain Valley Schools. As a liberal arts school, Firestone Charter believes in teaching students to become true 21st-century thinkers and innovators through communication, collaboration, global competency, and problem solving. Students experience a well-rounded Classical Core Knowledge curriculum that starts with mastering the building blocks of knowledge in the Grammar years (PreK-4) through discovery and handson learning. They progress to analytical thinking in the Logic years (5-8) through scientific inquiry, Socratic Seminars, and debate. Students are offered elective choices such as Band, Core Strength and Stretch, and Programming. Address: 5753 Twilight Ave., Firestone Phone: 303-772-3711 Website: Principal: Jessica Cervantes Enrollment: 601 Daily schedule: 8:10 a.m. to 3:25 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 24.96; Free/reduced lunch, 13.47 Average student-teacher ratio: 25/1

Soaring Heights Soaring Heights PK-8 provides strong learning opportunities through an engaging academic environment designed to focus on the whole child. The STEM focus, with an emphasis on neuroscience, prepares students to succeed in a rapidly-

changing world. Students acquire the ability to think logically and critically, communicate effectively, give and receive feedback, and show empathy towards others. Soaring Heights PK-8 has naturally-lit classrooms, two makerspaces, a large media center, science labs, four music rooms, two gyms, a track, and a baseball field. Soaring Heights has developed extensive partnerships with Anschutz Medical Center, CU Denver’s STEM Outreach Program, and Sphero to connect students with experts in the field. Address: 3280 County Rd. 5, Erie Phone: 303-702-8020 Website: Principal: Cyrus Weinberger Enrollment: 1,187 Daily schedule: 8:25 a.m. to 3:25 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 20.30; Free/reduced lunch, 7.90 Average student-teacher ratio: 25/1

St. Vrain Community Montessori School Established in 2009, St. Vrain Community Montessori School offers an authentic Montessori program in a tuition-free charter school for preschool through eighth grade. Students experience a child-centered, hands-on environment that educates the Whole Child in partnership with families. The school features Montessori-credentialed teachers, a meticulously prepared environment, three-year, mixed-age classrooms, daily uninterrupted work-cycles, and an atmosphere that encourages social interaction, peer teaching, and a deliberate, embedded peace curriculum

to support emotional growth. Address: 1055 Delaware Ave., Longmont Phone: 303-682-4339 Website: Principal: Katie Torres Enrollment: 258 Daily schedule: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 15.56; Free/reduced lunch, 4.57 Average student-teacher ratio: 25/1

PK-8 SCHOOLS Timberline As an integrated STEM-focus school, Timberline PK-8 is proud to offer students an innovative and rigorous educational experience enhanced by opportunities to participate in a variety of STEM, music, visual arts, and physical education courses. The PK-8 environment allows staff to build and maintain strong relationships with students and families in addition to providing smooth transitions from elementary to middle school. The structure of a PK-8 school enhances collaboration within and across grade levels as teachers are able to integrate curriculum, connecting learning across a wider range of disciplines and ages. Address: 233 E. Mountain View Ave., Longmont Phone: 303-772-7900 Website: Principal: Kerin McClure Enrollment: 898 Daily schedule: 8:20 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 89.09; Free/reduced, 83.88 Average student-teacher ratio: 25/1


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St. Vrain Valley School District



Thunder Valley students are exposed to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a variety of ways throughout their day. The Thunder Valley Community fosters respectful relationships built on trust, advances equity through systems and programs, cares for each other to promote belonging, and challenges each other to live up to high expectations set for school, classrooms, and individual achievements. Students and staff help each other persevere and act with integrity so that everyone can reach their full potential. Thunder Valley believes in equity so that every person in the school

Altona Middle School provides an innovative and rigorous standards-based education for students while developing characteristics in each student to become future leaders. Based on the school structure, students are allowed to excel at their own pace and explore a variety of interests in the comprehensive elective program. Altona has received numerous honors as a high achieving school, including six Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Awards, eleven John Irwin Awards of Excellence, the Colorado Middle School to Watch Award, and Best in the Nation for the Verizon App Challenge.

K-12 SCHOOLS Twin Peaks Charter Academy Twin Peaks Charter Academy is a public school of choice in St. Vrain Valley Schools. Governed by engaged and passionate parents, Twin Peaks is the longest operating charter school and only Classical school in the district. A Classical education is based on the timeless values of acquiring foundational skills and knowledge in a teacher-led classroom that systematically lay the foundation for advanced study. The heart of a Classical school is a comprehensive Latin mastery program. A Classical school explicitly teaches character and values through the study of great works of literature. Core Knowledge provides the elementary and middle school’s foundational curriculum that supports our ideals. Address: 340 S. Sunset St., Longmont Phone: 303-772-7286 Website: Principals: Joseph Mehsling (Director), Amber Coniff (Principal, K-5), and David Yu (Principal, 6-12) Enrollment: 729 Daily schedule: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 46.50; Free/reduced, 38.68 Average student-teacher ratio: Elementary School: 24.5/1 Middle School 25.5/1 High School 28/1

Address: 4600 Clover Basin Dr., Longmont Phone: 720-494-3980 Website: Principal: Jeremy LaCrosse Enrollment: 830 Daily schedule: 8:25 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 29.88; Free/reduced, 17.11 Average student-teacher ratio: 25.5/1

Coal Ridge Coal Ridge Middle School offers rigorous curriculum in all subjects including advanced-level classes in math and language arts. Coal Ridge’s goal is to provide all students the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of curriculum while stretching their learning to include real-world problem solving, and creative and entrepreneurial thinking. In addition to core area content, students choose from a wide variety of electives including art, physical education, technology, band, choir, orchestra, Spanish, and guitar. Coal Ridge strives to involve 100 percent of students in one or more after-school programs which include sports, music programming, and academic clubs. ID GE M DLE SC RID


Thunder Valley

Address: 600 Fifth St., Frederick Phone: 303-833-2456 Website: Principal: Catrina Estrada Enrollment: 851 Daily schedule: 8:20 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 57.96; Free/reduced, 52.58 Average student-teacher ratio: 25/1

Address: 6201 Booth Dr., Firestone SCHOOL CHOICE

Address: 4040 Coriolis Way, Frederick Phone: 303-774-9555 Website: Administration: Janet Wyatt (Executive Director), Catherine Linhardt (Principal), Sara Asher (Dean of Community Relations) Enrollment: 231 Daily schedule: 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 44.16; Free/reduced lunch, 25.25 Average student-teacher ratio: 25/1

Middle Schools Altona


Carbon Valley Academy (CVA) provides a Core Knowledge based curriculum, layered with STEAM elements, in a tuition-free charter school for students in grades K-8. Highly qualified, innovative teachers ensure that students’ personal academic achievement is a priority. A variety of specialized classes, such as Modern Band, Music and Art Studies, Technology, Physical Education, Mixed Media Art, and Spanish enrich the educational experience at every grade level. CVA focuses on the whole child through a well-rounded character development program. The administrative team supports the school through its focus on community, communication, culture, and consistency.

community is respected, valued, and supported.

K-8 SCHOOLS Carbon Valley Academy

St. Vrain Valley School District Phone: 303-833-4176 Website: Principal: Liza Nybo Enrollment: 823 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 29.53; Free/reduced lunch,27.10 Average student-teacher ratio: 25.5/1

Erie Middle

Erie Middle is a Pre-Advanced Placement focus school implementing rigorous instruction to prepare all students for the demands of Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college-level coursework. Rigorous instruction includes the integration of innovation and design thinking to push the limits of our students’ imaginations. Classrooms include solid instructional strategies such as project-based and blended learning to engage all students. Teachers provide leadership opportunities and connections within the community that are essential to foster citizenship. Students’ individual needs are met through additional extensions and interventions, including a focus for gifted and talented students. Students are encouraged to participate in 30 plus co-curricular activities, athletics, and student-led clubs.

Longs Peak Longs Peak Middle School is a fifth through eighth grade, Pre-Advanced Placement school that engages students in College Board’s rigorous SpringBoard curriculum and focuses on the development of the whole child. Longs Peak is recognized as a College Board National Demonstration School, a Colorado Department of Education Center of Excellence Award Winner, and 2017-2020 National School to Watch. Longs Peak offers 16 elective choices and over 22 co-curricular activities and clubs in music, art, STEM, robotics, and computer science. Students are engaged in innovation and design thinking that prepare them for 21st-century careers. Students are “College Ready, Career Ready, and RAM READY.” Address: 1500 14th Ave., Longmont Phone: 303-776-5611 Website: Principal: Sandy Heiser Enrollment: 458 Daily schedule: 7:55 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 72.27; Free/reduced lunch, 70.96 Average student-teacher ratio: 25.5/1

Mead Mead Middle School has been recognized as a Colorado Middle School to Watch, a Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award winner, and a John Irwin School of Excellence award winner. Mead Middle is

Address: 650 Main St., Erie Phone: 303-828-3391 Website: Principal: Kim Watry Enrollment: 826 Daily schedule: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 16.71; Free/reduced lunch, 8.23 Average student-teacher ratio: 25.5/1

an academically rigorous, standardsbased school with an EXCEL (Extra-Curricular Engagement and Learning) focus. The EXCEL program extends student learning and their sense of belonging which improves academic focus. Mead Middle’s goal is to have all students involved in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. Mead Middle offers a variety of electives and co-curriculars such as STEM, CSI, robotics, NJHS, and art. Students engage in the school’s music program with classes in choir, band, and orchestra. Address: 620 Welker Ave., Mead Phone: 970-535-4446 Website: Principal: Joshua Barnett Enrollment: 478 Daily schedule: 7:50 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 23.43; Free/reduced lunch, 16.95 Average student-teacher ratio: 25.5/1

Sunset Sunset Middle is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World Middle School and is committed to high-quality, challenging, international education using global contexts. Sunset meets students’ needs through a differentiated approach to identify learning opportunities and individual pathways. All students are enrolled in the rigorous IB Middle Years Programme classes: Individuals and Society, Language and Literature, Science, Math, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical and Health Education, World Languages, and Design. Students join together as a community through the 10 common Learning Profile








A safe, supportive learning environment where neurodiverse students thrive. For students grades 5–12.

November 2020


Genuine Heart Counseling offers: Parenting support and classes from a Hand in Hand Perspective, as well as Listening Groups for parents, adult services for stress, anxiety, and depression and Synergetic Play TherapyTM to help children reduce aggressive behaviors, anxiety and withdrawal/isolation For further information visit:

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FREE 15 Minute Consultation (970) 815-1366 16 Mountain View Ave. #112 Longmont, CO RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 49

St. Vrain Valley School District Traits shared by IB Middle Schools around the world: Balanced, Reflective, Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Open-minded, Caring, Communicators, Risk Takers, Thinkers, and Principled. Address: 1300 S. Sunset St., Longmont Phone: 303-776-3963 Website: Principal: Anthony Barela Enrollment: 453 Daily schedule: 7:35 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 53.42; Free/reduced lunch, 48.12 Average student-teacher ratio: 25.5/1

Trail Ridge Middle STEM integration into public education is rooted in the demands of the future workforce and the increasing importance of creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills. At Trail Ridge Middle School, our teachers gain the freedom and professional development necessary to integrate the STEM disciplines and the design-thinking model in a way that affords students access to real-world, authentic learning. This approach prepares students to solve social issues and become global citizens, preparing them to tackle the jobs and issues that await them upon college graduation. Address: 1000 Button Rock Dr., Longmont Phone: 720-494-3820 Website: Principal: Eddie Cloke Enrollment: 680 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 64.26; Free/reduced lunch, 52.65 Average student-teacher ratio: 25.5/1

Westview Westview is a STEM focus school dedicated to teaching the whole child. Known for high achievement, Westview has been recognized as a “School to Watch” in 2015 and as an 50


Apple Distinguished School in 2016. Westview is consistently designated as Performance by the Colorado Department of Education and has been awarded the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award. Students have the same core teachers throughout all three years. The Robotics program is top in the state, with students consistently winning tournaments. In addition to rigorous core instruction, students take a wide range of elective classes and participate in a selection of intramural sports, music, art, and gifted and talented programs. Address: 1651 Airport Rd., Longmont Phone: 303-772-3134 Website: Principal: Mark Spencer Enrollment: 713 Daily schedule: 8:20 a.m. to 3:25 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 25.95; Free/reduced lunch, 25.95 Average student-teacher ratio: 25.5/1

MIDDLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS Lyons Lyons Middle Senior High School is part of a strong PK-12 feeder system focused on community connections, a tradition of academic excellence, and student engagement. Students engage in innovative, inquiry-based learning and leadership activities as well as academically rigorous coursework to prepare them for both college and career. Science and Leadership, a partnership program with Lyons Elementary, fosters leadership skills in high school students who facilitate science and leadership activities with younger students. The CSU Online program offers 15 guaranteed transfer courses through concurrent enrollment. Over 88 percent of students participate in co-curricular activities or athletics. Lyons boasts several state and individual athletic championships over the past several years. Address: 100 McConnell Dr., Lyons Phone: 303-823-6631 Website: Principal: Andrea Smith Enrollment: 397 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 14.61; Free/reduced lunch, 13.10

Average student-teacher ratio: Middle School 25.5/1 High School 28/1

High Schools Erie Erie High is recognized by U.S. News & World Report in its Best Schools in America profile. Erie High provides a comprehensive selection of rigorous and enriching core subjects, electives, athletics, journalism, visual and performing arts, and leadership programs. Students regularly receive state and national recognition, including Boettcher Scholarships and National Merit Scholarship finalists. Erie High offers three focus programs: College Board’s AP Capstone program, the Academy of Engineering and Aerospace, and an award-winning student broadcasting program – The Erie Tiger Network. Students may also pursue college credit courses through individual AP classes, CU Succeed, and Front Range Community College. Erie’s accomplished athletic programs compete yearly for regional and state championships. Address: 3180 County Rd. 5, Erie Phone: 303-828-4213 Website: Principal: Matt Buchler Enrollment: 1,467 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 19.43; Free/reduced lunch, 8.45 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1


Frederick advances 21st-century learning through technology and student focused instruction with the support of dedicated teachers and staff. Students can earn 58 college credits through CU Succeed, concurrent enrollment, and Advanced Placement classes. Home to the Biomedical Sciences Academy, which partners with Colorado State University, FHS also houses the district’s second P-TECH (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) program in which students SCHOOL CHOICE

St. Vrain Valley School District

Address: 5690 Tipple Pkwy., Frederick Phone: 303-833-3533 Website: Principal: Brian Young Enrollment: 1,181 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 37.76; Free/reduced lunch, 25.83 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1

Longmont Longmont High School, an AP/ Honors comprehensive high school, offers 26 AP courses, including an AP Capstone Diploma. LHS has one of Coloradoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest CU Succeed Gold programs providing an official CU transcript. Unique to Longmont High School is the innovative Medical and BioScience Academy (MBSA) preparing students for highly competitive post-secondary education programs in medicine, research, and allied health sciences. The High School of Business program through MBA Research partners with universities to prepare students for post-secondary business degrees. Both of these pathways culminate in a senior-year capstone/internship alongside our outstanding community partners. Additionally, Longmont High School has a rich tradition of excellence in athletics and visual/performing arts, consistently competing for league and state championships. Address: 1040 Sunset St., Longmont Phone: 303-776-6014 Website: Principal: Jeff McMurry Enrollment: 1,261 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 41.95; Free/reduced lunch, 37.27 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1

November 2020


Mead High, a rigorous high school, offers 21 AP courses and students can earn the prestigious Capstone Diploma while earning college credit through a strong partnership with Front Range Community College and CU Denver. Home to the Mead Energy Academy, students explore individual interests related to science, innovation, technology, and career opportunities in the energy industry. Mead was recognized as a 2019 Unified Champion National Banner School for being a beacon of change for inclusion. Mead has a strong presence across the state of Colorado in varsity athletics, visual/performing arts, and a student-led newspaper. The faculty at Mead is highly engaged to ensure the success of all students. Address: 12750 County Road 7, Longmont Phone: 720-494-3940 Website: Principal: Rachael Ayers Enrollment: 1,147 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 27.72; Free/reduced lunch, 17.79 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1


Niwot High School offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme for juniors and seniors. Students also have access to a variety of Advanced Placement, world languages, computer science, and performing and visual arts courses to complement core offerings. U.S. News & World Report and the Washington Post have consistently ranked NHS as one of the top high schools in Colorado. In the last six years, Niwot athletics have won seven team state championships and 47 individual state championships. NHS also offers nearly 40 co-curricular activities and clubs in which students can be involved. Address: 8989 E. Niwot Rd., Niwot Phone: 303-652-2550

earn an associate degree through AIMS Community College at no cost to the student. FHS offers 18 competitive varsity sports programs and 27 after-school activities. Students also participate in state and nationally recognized art, music, and performing arts programs.

Website: Principal: Eric Rauschkolb Enrollment: 1,177 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 39.85; Free/reduced lunch, 25.32 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1

Olde Columbine Olde Columbine High School, St. Vrainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s alternative high school, offers a high school diploma aligned with district graduation requirements in a small, community-oriented environment. Olde Columbine students can access rigorous coursework such as Advanced Placement Psychology and numerous career and technical education programs through the Career Development Center, Front Range Community College, and the Innovation Center. Olde Columbine High School places a strong emphasis on collaboration and enhancing student leadership skills, in a nurturing and empowering environment. Through intentional scheduling and e-credit offerings, students can earn credits at an accelerated pace. Address: 1200 S. Sunset St., Longmont Phone: 720-494-3961 Website: Principal: Deniece Cook Enrollment: 114 Daily schedule: 7:55 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 61.40; Free/reduced lunch, 50.88 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1

Silver Creek Silver Creek High School has been recognized as a top public school by U.S. News & World Report, Boulder Weekly, and Newsweek. SCHS is home to the Silver Creek Leadership Academy, a four-year program emphasizing leadership through service and real-world learning opportunities. New in 2021-2022, Silver Creek will RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 51

St. Vrain Valley School District launch a P-TECH Program, in partnership with Front Range Community College, focusing on Cybersecurity, allowing students to earn an associate degree at no cost to the student. With the AP Capstone Program, students are eligible to earn AP Diplomas. SCHS athletic teams are routinely ranked within the state’s top ten, have won state championships, and have consistently garnered academic all-state team awards. Address: 4901 Nelson Rd., Longmont Phone: 720-494-3721 Website: Principal: Erick Finnestead Enrollment: 1,349 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 24.31; Free/reduced lunch, 13.19 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1

Skyline High Skyline High School is the flagship IBM P-TECH school in the western United States. In collaboration with IBM and Front Range Community College, students in P-TECH graduate with a St. Vrain diploma, and an Associate of Applied Science Degree from Front Range Community College at no cost to the student. In addition, Skyline’s STEM Academy offers a wide-variety of topics including robotics, biomechanics, renewable energy, engineering, and computer science. Students can earn acceptance to CU’s College of Engineering in addition to a STEM Certificate. The Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VPA) offers classes in visual arts, music, drama, dance, and students receive a VPA Certificate upon completion of a Capstone project. Address: 600 E. Mountain View Ave., Longmont Phone: 720-494-3741 Website: Principal: Heidi Ringer Enrollment: 1,482 Daily schedule: 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Student profile in percentages: Minority, 63.77; Free/reduced lunch, 42.38 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1 52


St. Vrain Online Global Academy

St. Vrain Online Global Academy offers a traditional St. Vrain high school diploma in a unique setting. The school offers a rigorous, complete high school curriculum, in a small, personalized environment. All core classes are available at the honors level and 15 Advanced Placement classes are offered. All curriculum is approved by the NCAA and all Advanced Placement courses are approved by the College Board. Students achieve academic success using high-quality instruction onsite, and curriculum provided by FLVS Global powered by Florida Virtual School, along with on-site staff who provide blended learning opportunities and one-on-one support.

Address: 1200 S. Sunset St., Longmont Phone: 720-494-3975 Website: Principal: Stacey Struessel Enrollment: 128 Daily schedule: N/A Student profile in percentages: Minority, 20.31; Free and reduced lunch, 17.19 Average student-teacher ratio: 28/1

APEX Homeschool Program APEX is a K-12 program that exists to supplement and complement the efforts of parents who have chosen to be their child’s primary educator. Our mission is to come alongside homeschooling parents and provide for homeschooled students the best of both worlds, bringing together the dynamic experience of a public school classroom and the freedom of a homeschool education. Parents remain the primary instructional provider, with the school supplementing and complementing their efforts. Families participating in APEX receive instruction and most educational materials at no cost. Students who enroll in APEX attend six hours of classes one day per week and are considered part-time public school students. Address: 1351 S. Sunset St., Unit B, Longmont Phone: 303-702-8600 Website:

Principal: Kim Lancaster Enrollment: 804 Daily schedule: 8:30 am to 3:15 pm Student profile in percentages: Minority, 17.91; Free and reduced lunch, 6.59 Average student-teacher ratio: 12:1

St. Vrain LaunchED Virtual Academy LaunchED Virtual Academy offers a fullyaccredited 100% online alternative for students in alignment with the mission of St. Vrain Valley Schools. Curriculum is taught by licensed St. Vrain educators and delivered via Schoology in an online environment that advances academic excellence through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. All curriculum is approved by the NCAA and all Advanced Placement courses are approved by the College Board. The program offers flexibility for families as they partner with educators to support and foster student development and social-emotional well-being in a rigorous academic platform. Address: 395 South Pratt Pkwy., Longmont Phone: 303-702-8800 Website: Program Director: Connie Syferd Enrollment: N/A Daily schedule: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Student profile in percentages: N/A Average student-teacher ratio: N/A

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Finding the right area requires the right search BY LINDA THORSEN BOND RAISED IN THE ROCKIES


isa Wade, a broker associate with RE/MAX of Boulder, grew up in the Boulder and has been a licensed Realtor since 1993. She specializes Lisa Wade, in residential RE/MAX of Boulder real estate and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Association of Realtors. She also is currently on the management team at RE/MAX of Boulder. Lisa was named the Boulder Area Realtors Association Realtor of the Year in 2013 and again in 2016. She served as present of BARA in 2014 through 2015. We sat down with Lisa to get her advice and insight. She said: “Families come in all shapes, sizes,

abilities and lifestyles. To find an area that is right for you, you must be willing to do some research on your own, depending on your priorities. And much of this can be done online. As they always say in real estate, location, location, location! Technology is your friend here and has made the search much easier...Study maps and city or county demographics to see about commute times, public transportation, connectivity, shops, services, recreation, trails and anything else that is important to you. Go to to see what is nearby. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce regarding demographics, businesses or opportunities to join. To check on schools, you can visit and once you›ve narrowed your search, we highly suggest planning a school visit to meet the Principal, get a tour and find out how to get involved. Worried about crime? Check with the local Police or Sheriff’s departments. Houses of worship? Google whatever your affiliation is and search for one


It takes the courage and conviction of an entire community to change the trajectory of a child’s life. Support kids in our community with academic and enrichment activities at school or become a mentor and spend a year building a fun, meaningful relationship with a kid who needs you.

Apply to be a volunteer WWW.IHAVEADREAMBOULDER.ORG November 2020

that works for you. Again, plan a visit to see it in person. You can find out about hospitals in the area by It may seem like a lot of research but remember, buying a home is one of the largest financial and emotional decisions you will ever make, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. Once you have defined your area parameters, contact a local Realtor® to help you find the right one and see you through from showings, to contract negotiations to closing. Once you’ve picked a home and come to agreed-upon terms with the Seller, having the home inspected by a professional home inspector is imperative. There’s a bit of money invested here but so important to know about things that may need repair or replacement. Your Realtor will help guide you through this process, so listen to their advice. We are all so lucky to live in Colorado and there are wonderful options for you to choose from. Good luck on your house hunt!”

Here in Colorado, we like our trails long our mountains high and our news from a Colorado journalist. Thank you for reading and supporting your local newspaper! RAISED IN THE ROCKIES 53

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Extracurricular & Educational Activities Virtual and in-person options for school-aged kids and families

SPORTS STILL IN SESSION The YMCA will continue to stage COVID-careful cohort team sports all over northern Colorado throughout the winter, including Learn to Play Basketball and 3-on-3 Leagues focusing on skill development, team camaraderie and coaching for kids ages 5 to 14; social distanced, small-group youth triathlon training for grades Kindergarten through 12th; and Kindergarten through 5th before- and after-school care at seven schools, as well as School Day Off Camps and Drop-In Mondays at nearby Y locations. BOUNCE OR CLIMB With locations in Longmont and Fredrick, Airborne Gymnastics, recently deemed a low-risk environment by Weld and Boulder counties, has numerous schoolyear programs and camps for energetic RAISED IN THE ROCKIES


READ AWAY THE DAY There’s nothing dreamier than a crisp Colorado day spent immersed in between the pages. High Plains Library in Weld County is open for in-person book browsing, holds and pickups, computers and WiFi. Longmont Public Library has limited in-person hours and temporary guidelines such as only 10 youngsters in the Children’s & Teens section. Boulder Library has more on-site restrictions but extensive virtual programming, including digital story times; “Dial A Story” over the phone; online clubs for Go and anime; STEAM-related videos; a queer book club; Spanish classes; teen chat rooms; and more. SPACE OUT Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium is closed at least through the fall semester, but there’s a whole online world that’s yours to

explore. Watch live episodes like “Dome to Home: Perseverance to Mars” every Wednesday at 1 p.m. through December 19 on the Fiske YouTube channel. The Fiske podcast – “A View From Earth” – is also streaming fresh content right now or you can catch up on Season 1 anywhere you get your podcasts. Virtual talks on a variety of topics, including climate change, are also held monthly. Check for the latest. FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE Colorado Festival Productions stages the last of five independent film series: Front Range Film Fest, Feb. 20. As of now FRFF 2021, which celebrates filmmakers from Colorado and abroad, is slated as both a live event at La Vita Bella on Main Street in Longmont and a virtual screening. Check out the best film topics for kids and updates at WALK IT OFF All family members can participate in a pandemic-friendly virtual 5K. It’s a great way to get moving and connect with community. Watch for your favorite local 5Ks switching to virtual models. One creative physical challenge that’s virtually safe is Badass Boulder. Pick a single-day challenge — run, bike or multisport — and record your stats on Strava any time during the month of December. More at SCHOOL CHOICE


olorado is taking COVID very seriously, but school-age kids might not appreciate the protocol. They just want to have fun. And as cooler weather sets in children and families need some solid options for spending more time indoors. Rest assured, there are still plenty of creative ways to play away the days. Here are a few that might inspire you:

tykes. More at Likewise, ABC Kids Climbing has figured out how to do indoor climbing safely through drop-off mandates, class size restrictions, reservations, and health screenings. Its offering holiday camps every Monday (since kids are off school), as well as over Thanksgiving and winter break. Regular winter recreation classes start November 2 for kids as young as two and a half up to 16, and there new open-gym times too.


Home, Sweet Home.

At Home Colorado presents engaging content about homes, from buying and selling to improvement, landscaping and design. It also features homes for sale, open house listings and local real estate news.



and More! Real Estate News, Open Home Listings, Homes for Sale, Rentals

Colorado Home & Real Estate |

There’s No Place Like This Home Anthem’s newest neighborhood showcases the very best of Colorado.

Quick Guide and Featured Open Homes

Looking for a home? View comprehensive listings of local open houses taking place this weekend from all across the area.

Photography Matters: List Your Home With a Pro

Making the investment in professional photography is a far wiser choice than throwing it together yourself. Photographer Tim Seibert of Flatirons Pro Media explains why.

Look for it Fridays in the Boulder Daily Camera and Saturdays in the Longmont Times-Call or online at

Top Hiking Trails in Boulder County

No matter if you’re hiking, biking, trail running or you prefer a certain level of difficulty, there is a trail for every preference. ATHOMECOLORADO.COM

Aug. 9-10, 2019


November 2020

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Remote work and online school can be a challenge for the whole family. RE/MAX of Boulder and RE/MAX Elevate can help you find a home that fits your changing needs. Our Realtors are trusted local experts who live, work, and raise their families in our communities. For over 40 years, we’ve helped more than 50,000 families with one of the most important investments of their lives. Call us today!







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