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Read about the lives and businesses of local and successful women in our community


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Thisedition of MyNOCO celebrates local women in business. Interviews, ideas, and advice from women in their industries are featured throughout this edition.

Our story begins with a look at NOCO Women in Business, a network built to uplift Coloradoans as they foster their own businesses.

Next, our Women of NOCO section highlights everything from a car-savvy local business owner to an artist who combines work and passion.

Uplifting community can be found in our interview with the House of Neighborly Service, an organization that supports Northern Coloradoans in need of hope through action.

Tapping into the ever-changing community of Fort Collins, we contacted FOCO DOCO’s new owners, sisters who run the business as a family and continue the legacy of the previous owners.

Along with these items, we have ideas for local women’s groups and senior activities in NOCO this summer, an interview with the Weld County Fair’s Coordinator and a breakdown of women’s health with help from the Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado.

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Check out the events happening at the Windsor Town Hall.

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JUNE 2024


An idea borne out of post-COVID isolation has brought Northern Colorado women a fresh perspective on networking for business.


An advertising section highlighting some women making their mark on NOCO and the world.


How two women’s lives and values shaped the future and the world for their daughters.


Some local senior centers are creating activities to forge social ties for healthier and longer-living senior citizens.


House of Neighborly Service has worked since 1961 to keep expanding to serve Loveland’s ever-growing community of nearly 80,000 people.


How Weld County Fair Coordinator Mikayla Gable has come full circle and reconnected to her roots.


When sisters Kara Donohoe and Noelle Lange found out a favorite donut shop was for sale, they had to jump at the chance


Looking for a new hobby? To meet new people? Northern Colorado has a community of women involved in a myriad of groups and causes. Check some of them out on our list.


Ten health issues every woman should be aware of and understand.


A four-page extravaganza of things coming up in northern Colorado, including the lineup for downtown Greeley’s Friday Fest, every Friday evening through the summer. 8 11 18 24 26 28 30 32


6 myNOCO JUNE 2024
Women in Business as a resource to help local businesses and to facilitate professional growth by emphasizing shared experiences. Courtesy NOCO Women in Business HOW A LOCAL FAMILY PICKED UP THE TORCH OF FOCO DOCO TALK WITH NOCO WOMEN IN BUSINESS ABOUT NETWORKING THE HOUSE OF NEIGHBORLY SERVICE PROVIDES HOPE TO OUR COMMUNITY Read about the lives and businesses of local and successful women in our community in 24 18 8
Jamie Madsen (left) and Sarah Dick created NOCO
JUNE 2024 myNOCO 7 June Newslett Meet the Team! Proud Cameron Ivy Jada Specht Nate Scofield Amy McCarty Austin Medina John Smith Isaac Blackwell Tim Byrd If you have received exceptional service from any of our staff members, the best “thank you” is a positive review on one of these sites! 3455 F Street UNIT 3, Greeley, CO 80631 • We OUR COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION COMMUNITY WELD NMLS 399914 G G O O W W R R with Us! with Us!


An idea borne out of post-COVID isolation has brought Northern Colorado women a fresh perspective on networking for business.
By Kathleen Duff

n February 2022, Sarah Dick and Jamie Madsen invited a group of women for brunch in Fort Collins to celebrate the end of the quarantine and look for ways to connect. The group was hand-selected for their energy, dreams, creative outlook and inspiring experiences.

“We ate, drank and embraced the joyful energy of everyone in that room, but one thing that stood out to us was the elevated conversations about the highs and the lows of being a career-driven wife, mom, sister or friend,” Madsen wrote, via email. “We shared ideas about things that could help the others in the room and walked away with a new perspective on networking for business.”

Soon thereafter, Dick and Mad-

sen decided to invite local speakers, leaders and career-focused women to address the group. By the end of 2022, the original group of 12 had grown to 150, and NOCO Women in

8 myNOCO JUNE 2024 CoverStory
NOCO Women in Business founders Jamie Madsen (left) and Sarah Dick address the group at this spring’s Rise and Bloom event. Courtesy NOCO Women in Business NOCO Women in Business events provide opportunities for networking, information and forging friendships. Courtesy NOCO Women in Business NOCO Women in Business events provide opportunities for networking, information and forging friendships. Courtesy NOCO Women in Business

Business was created as a resource that helps local businesses and facilitates professional growth by emphasizing shared experiences and public storytelling.

“Our community was born post-COVID because we had not engaged with other humans face-to-face in a long time. Many of us are moms whose babies were born during the COVID crisis,” Madsen said.

Today, NOCO Women in Business offers memberships that include opportunities such as networking events, a local business directory listing, access to annual Friendsgiving Content Day, event sponsorships and other online, marketing and in-person activities and support. The organization has become known for highlighting local leaders and speakers by giving them stages to spread more messages that women in business need to hear.

NOCO Women in Business has cultivated partnerships with some of the communities’ leading businesses and corporations in Northern Colorado and has assisted in fostering the growth of more than 200 entrepreneurs and career professionals in the area.

“We had grown our connections by a landslide compared to previous years and had begun to establish recognition as Northern Colorado’s fastest business growth community for women,” Madsen explained. Staying true to the mission of fostering growth and connection through public storytelling has helped impact the lives of thousands locally.

“What makes us different from most networking organizations is that we put the focus on growth, whether that be growing your business or growing as a person,

ever been.”

Supporting women in business is essential for communities, the founders said.

NOCO Women in Business also created a Six-Figure Blueprint as a free resource for any woman interested in building an awareness of their position, business or personal brand. The universal resource offers a roadmap to a woman’s first six figures in her career and includes thought-provoking questions to help outline and design a vision for how her businesses will look and feel at the six-figure mark.

Madsen and Dick have a history of successful business experience. Dick is a mortgage loan officer at CrossCountry Mortgage in Loveland. Madsen is an online business mentor for women wanting to expand their own careers virtually.

Madsen said. “We believe that by going deeper and offering spaces that can expand your mind, we can lead to the most fulfilling and joyful business relationships there have

“Entrepreneurship and career development can feel like a lonely path when you are still learning new skills, behaviors and beliefs that make someone successful. Although we believe in the power of both male and female voices on this topic, we’ve found significant growth in our businesses through connecting with women who can relate to many of the same experiences.”

More than 8 million women-owned businesses in the United States generate nearly $3 trillion a year, per Asked if the general public is aware of the economic status that women hold, Madsen replied, “No ... Rather than protesting awareness, our organization takes the approach of educating more women within our community on ways to contribute to the movement of successful women in the United States.

“We believe women hold a powerful, yet gentle, energy that can move mountains, and it is our mission to raise up the next generation of powerful female leaders in Northern Colorado.”

Some members seek to grow

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 9
NOCO Women in Business events provide opportunities for networking, information and forging friendships. Courtesy NOCO Women in Business Sarah Dick in conversation at an event this spring. Courtesy Noco Women in Business Jamie Madsen addresses the group at an event this spring. Courtesy NOCO Women in Business

Madsen added, “No matter your situation, whether you’re looking to grow virtually or locally, find a community that can help you reach the next milestone in your journey. It takes a village to raise a baby, and it takes a village to build a business. If we can encourage you with anything, it would be to find a room where the conversations are elevated and challenge you to think harder about yourself, your decisions and your goals.” CoverStory cont.

NOCO Women in Business offers memberships including opportunities such as networking events, a local business directory listing, access to annual Friendsgiving Content Day, event sponsorships and other online, marketing and in-person activities and support.

wealth, others may be interested in making personal connections. Regardless of the motivation, the founders of NOCO Women in Business say women who attend their events leave with a sense of community and fulfillment as well as new tools to use to grow in their career.

NOCO Women in Business pricing:

l Events are $47

l Membership Starts at $250/Year

l Our Event Sponsorships Start at $300

Contact Info:

l Website:

l Instagram:

l Facebook: /nocowomeninbusiness

l Youtube:

10 myNOCO JUNE 2024
Sarah Dick addresses the group at an event this spring. Courtesy NOCO Women in Business





Tisha Wernersbach, a dedicated realtor at C3 Real Estate Solutions, makes it her mission to help clients buy and sell homes seamlessly. For over seven years, she’s been using her deep-rooted connections to Windsor and her love for people to make dreams come true for her clients.

Inspired by her knack for building relationships, Tisha revels in the joy of helping someone find their perfect home. As a Windsor resident for 11 1/2 years, she’s familiar with the Northern Colorado area and has a special appreciation for the community’s small-town feel, friendly people, and engaging events.

Tisha envisions growth for Windsor while maintaining its charm, suggesting another grocery store east of town and new dining options and family-friendly activities, such as a soup and salad

restaurant or a skating rink. She’s overcome challenges like the unprecedented real estate market frenzy in 2020 & 2021 by employing creative strategies to help her clients secure their dream homes.

Away from work, Tisha cherishes family time, continuing a tradition of cross-stitching Christmas stockings, and enjoying annual beach vacations. Her dedication has earned her a feature in the prestigious “Top Agent Magazine” in the Nationwide & International edition, slated for publication on May 15. Tisha is honored and humbled to be recognized with top realtors in the industry. For young women pursuing their dreams, Tisha offers sage advice: “Don’t ever give up! Do what your heart calls you to do and go for it. If you have to work, do something that you enjoy and that makes you happy.”


Serving Northern Colorado (970) 631-7508

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 11
this section, we will introduce you to some amazing Women of NOCO, and we get to tell you about the things they do every single day to make our community the wonderful place it is.

Advocacy is at the core of what Jess Hernandez does in her professional work. As a Wealth Advisor with IFDG, she advocates for her clients through comprehensive financial planning and investment advice. Additionally, supporting community organizations through collaboration, is an important part of her work. A few groups that benefit from Jess’ involvement are, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Rotary, Operation North Star, and the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra Guild.

Hernandez’s motivations for her career are drawn from her passion for people and building meaningful relationships. She’s found inspiration in this quote by Diane Ackerman, “I don’t want to get to the end of my life to find I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” When reflecting why she is passionate about financial planning, Hernandez sums it up by saying, “it’s all about helping people to live fully.”

Living in Northern Colorado for the past 8 years has been an unexpected joy for Hernandez. The small-town feel mixed with diversity and opportunity keeps her rooted in Colorado. “My husband, a native, introduced me to a community that now means so much to our family. I cherish the caring and connected atmosphere,” she states.

A major challenge she faced when breaking into her profession, was the historical importance placed on professional connections. To overcome this challenge, Hernandez relied on good work ethic, setting and meeting goals, and invaluable mentorship from a few truly special women in her life.

When asked about how other women might find professional success, she stated, “Ask questions, persevere, and approach each opportunity with confidence and gratitude. Showing up like you belong can make all the difference.”

Uniquely partnered with West Ridge Accounting, Intrinsic Financial Design Group seeks to bridge the gap between financial planning, investment advice and tax advisory services. “It’s refreshing to collaborate with this team to

offer more holistic support to clients leveraging diverse expertise while reviewing individual financial situations from multiple perspectives to craft personalized plans that pave the way to confident financial decisions,” she concludes.

Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network®, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fixed insurance products and services are separate from and not offered through Commonwealth. Commonwealth Financial Network, Intrinsic Financial Design Group and West Ridge Accounting are separate and unrelated entities.”


4645 18th Street, Suite 300


(970) 353-8800

12 myNOCO JUNE 2024
From left to right, Sharon Gabriel, Patti Dimmer, Jess Hernandez, Sam White, Sophia Lanting, Alexis White, Erik Olthof, and Aspen Davis.



Samantha White describes herself as a financial GPS, guiding individuals through the twists and turns of wealth management and tax planning. By day, she’s a savvy advisor, helping clients navigate the complexities of their finances with confidence. When the workday winds down, White transitions into a role as a supermom and supportive spouse, bringing balance and joy to her family life. Trust and knowledge are large driving factors for her, as she seeks to offer guidance, celebrating successes along the way. Whether she’s analyzing spreadsheets or orchestrating family adventures, White is dedicated to making finance accessible and empowering for all. White’s biggest inspiration to pursue a career in the financial industries was the ability to empower families through education. Growing up she witnessed firsthand the lack of financial education for families and wanted to be a part of the change.

In partnering with West Ridge Accounting and Intrinsic Financial Design Group, she has the opportunity to help clients navigate the complex, oftentimes challenging world of financial and tax planning. “Working in this industry offered me the ability to use my knowledge and skills while balancing out a work/life balance I wanted for my family,” she states.

4645 18th Street, Suite 300, Greeley (970) 353-8800

Since her move from Minnesota in 2016, White has loved the small-town feel of Northern Colorado, especially the community events and opportunities for the businesses in the area. Hanging out at Windsor Lake or going to dinner at the Hearth are some of her favorite things to do on date nights. Thinking on how NOCO could grow, she states, “I think that Windsor has a large number of opportunities for businesses; I do wish there were additional ways for those businesses to connect.”

“Showing up as an expert in my field while also being supermom for my family was a juggling act. At the end of the day, I have had to come to the realization that it will never be perfect, and that is ok,” She says.

Some of White’s hobbies are vacationing to the beach, hiking with family, getting lost in a great book and spending time wwith friends.

For White, hurdles have been found in the male dominated financial and tax industries. Pairing that with the challenge of attempting to keep a work/life balance is one of the biggest obstacles she has faced. For the last 18 years White has worked towards a perfect balance to make sure both her business and home life is taken care of.

Surrounding yourself with other strong people like yourself to help motivate and challenge you is how White perseveres and finds success. “The saying “You are who you surround yourself with” is what I remind myself of often and try to embrace when bringing on a new team member. Strengthen your friends and build your solid tribe,” She states. White also echoes that her favorite thing about her firm is that they have an incredible group of strong, smart and independent women (& Erik)

that everyone can learn from and lean on. Being awarded the 40 under 40 honor, Ambassador of the Year for the Greeley Chamber and Best of Greeley seven years in a row have been some of White and her firm’s accomplishments, though her biggest and best accolade is her children. She states “They are the motivation for everything I do and the people they are becoming make me out of this world proud.”

Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network®, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fixed insurance products and services are separate from and not offered through Commonwealth. Commonwealth Financial Network, Intrinsic Financial Design Group and West Ridge Accounting are separate and unrelated entities.”

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 13
Jess Hernandez, left, and Samantha White, right.


Anna VonDreele is a dedicated administrator at The Windsor Independent Living Apartments and Westwood Patio Homes in Windsor, part of Columbine Health Systems, with a passion for helping others.

With a starting focus in marine biology, VonDreele’s career path took a pivotal turn after encountering challenges with freshman chemistry in college. Inspired by her parents’ abilities to get involved in their community, she pursued social work. This deepened her commitment through a transformative internship at an adult daycare in Chicago during a gap year between undergraduate and graduate school.

With over 30 years of experience in fields including child protection, domestic violence, and youth mentoring, she finds the greatest joy in listening to the rich stories of older adults. “I’ve learned to cherish the historical perspectives and wisdom that our elders offer,” she explained.

Her career at Columbine began 16 years ago as a social worker at Lemay Avenue Health and Rehab, where she quickly advanced to social services director. Six and a half years later, she took on the role of care manager, aiding clients in managing life transitions and supporting their families. VonDreele then transitioned to become the Administrator two years ago, where she manages property, finances, staff, and ensures residents have a happy home and community.

Maintaining emotional boundaries is one of the significant challenges in her role, requiring continuous self-awareness and adaptation. “It’s crucial to remain conscious of your triggers and how they evolve over time,” VonDreele noted, recounting her experiences in child protection and as a care manager while taking care of her uncle in his last months.

VonDreele has lived in Northern Colorado since 1995 and her husband has since 1989, moving to Highland Meadows in Windsor in 2017. They appreciate the small-town

charm and community spirit of Windsor, enjoying local golf courses, biking trails, and culinary offerings. “I hope Windsor continues to nurture its downtown area, preserving the community’s charm amidst its growth,” she expressed.

In her personal life, VonDreele finds joy and solace at home, especially outdoors during the summer, and values spending time with her husband watching sports and movies in the colder months. She emphasizes the importance of embracing diverse experiences and maintaining a positive outlook, especially for young women pursuing their passions. “Don’t be afraid of different experiences; they can lead you to unexpected and fulfilling paths. Always try to find the positive in every situation,” she advises.

VonDreele is proud of her professional accomplishments in creating supportive environments for older adults and her personal achievements, such as enduring physical challenges and successfully blending a family with her husband. “Our blended family is a testament to the importance of family and the hard work it takes to maintain relationships. It’s complex but it works wonderfully,” she concluded.

802 W. Drake Road Fort Collins (970) 482-0198

14 myNOCO JUNE 2024



renda Tennal, Manager/Owner of K-9 Island, describes her business as an oasis for your pet(s). They offer doggie daycare and overnight boarding for dogs, cats and exotics.

Tennal has always loved animals, starting her first Pet Store in 1988 when she graduated high school. Through hard work and dedication, she gradually worked her way up to owning three Pet City’s. She sold her last one in 2006 and started at Boyd Lake Vet Center, where she worked until 2019. Another exciting shift led to the revamping of K-9 Island, where she works to this day. “My love for animals and their well being grows stronger every day,” She stated.

In her free time, Tennal loves working on and being a part of car culture. Being the President of the Rocky Mountain Nova Club and a part of two other clubs has allowed her to continue her dad’s passion that had her putting her first engine in when she was 16 and drag racing by 17.

Tennal has combined her personal passions, hobbies and much more in her personal and professional lives. She states “You can do anything you put your mind to. Don’t give up on your dreams. They can and do come true with a lot of hard work. It is worth it in the end.”


211 Barberry Place, Loveland (970) 663-0977



ince October 2006, Billie Colson has been an artist and the owner at Independence Gallery. Owning a gallery has affirmed Colson’s passion for art. “I love to do paintings that make people smile. I do funny animals, but also do some serious work as the mood strikes.” From hand-made jewelry created in Texas to more showcased art displayed after moving to Colorado in 1998, Colson has evolved with her art. She even started offering custom framing 4 years ago.

Since she moved to Loveland, she has fallen in love with the small town feel. She says, “I wish people knew about the wealth of artists and the charm in downtown Loveland. They’re surprised at what we have to offer.” Some challenges Colson faces include people being intimidated, thinking everything in the gallery is expensive. She answers that there is a large variety of items at many different price points for anyone looking to support local artists. She shares how it’s important to know business and figure how to make your passion your living.

Following her passions has led her to start the 2nd Friday Art Walk “A Night on the Town” in 2004, The Loveland Art Studio Tour in 2008 and the gallery’s annual fundraiser Sixtyfive Roses for Cystic Fibrosis.


233 E. 4th Street, Loveland (970) 231-5748



aureen Walker, owner of Assisted Living Locators, offers a no-cost service to help individuals and families navigate options for indepenent and assisted living, as well as memory care.

Assisted Living Locators provide tailored options that meet clients specific needs and preferences by understanding the differences in senior communties, services and lifestyle choices.

Walker’s career in senior living spans more than 25 years, inspiring her to assist people on a more personal level. “I was inspired to help people to fit their needs personally, get to know them and their stories,” she said. With over 30 years experience in Windsor, Walker has enjoyed everything from volunteer work for local non-profits, being a member of the Greeley Satellite Rotary, 3-Chambers in NoCo and attending NoCo events in each town. When asked about advice she would give women looking to pursue their passions, Walker said to look for helpers and seek advice from others that have walked the path. Never be afraid to ask a question. Walker’s business has achieved a top 20 ranking for Assisted Living Locators, volunteer work with a variety of events and continues to help others across Northern Colorado.

ASSISTED LIVING LOCATORS Greeley (970) 310-4307

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 15
16 myNOCO JUNE 2024
JUNE 2024 myNOCO 17

Two Women’s

&Lives Values

They were young career women in the 1940s. Adele, a farmer’s daughter, was working in cosmetology, and Irene, a Navy Wave and Yeoman, was assigned to the executive office of the Secretary of the Navy. Adele was born in Chappell, New Mexico, in 1922 and Irene was born in Farlington, Kansas, in 1928. They never met but shared more in common than they could know and it is probable that they would have shared a close friendship.

These women, children of the 30s, experienced the Great Depression. Jobs were hard to get and lines for bread and coffee were long. Adele would tell me stories of waiting with her father to get coffee. Irene would say that the Depression had no effect on her family as they had an acre of land with a vegetable garden and a fruit orchard. The 1930s were difficult and many homes did not have running water.

During World War II, Adele married an Army soldier with a Pharmacy degree from Capital Pharmacy College in Denver. Adele graduated from Gladys Carol College of Beau-

ty, Colorado Springs, in 1942. She opened The Plaza Beauty Shop in Colorado Springs in 1970 and owned and managed it until her death in 2005, at the age of 83, with 63 years in beauty industry. Her business was featured in the Gazette Telegraph twice. One article, “Shampoo and Sympathy at Old-Style Salon,” from 1982, states “Beauty shop owner makes friendships that outlast style.” They compared her customers to characters in the movie Steel Magnolias as they had forged friendships since the shop opened.

Three of her children and her granddaughter were employed and mentored by her as they started their careers in the beauty industry.

To the very end of her life she was loved and admired by all who knew her. The church funeral service was remarkably full for a woman of 83.

In January, 2006, she and her beloved beauty shop were featured and honored by The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in its spectacular production of Steel Magnolias Plaza Beauty Shop came alive with the tiny and gracious woman who owned it. Her

18 myNOCO JUNE 2024 Crystal
Supplies Pavers Flagstone Arena Mix Decorative Rock Driveway Materials Cr ystal Landscape Supplies (970) 669-3565 6616 N. G ar field Ave. Loveland, 80538 Locally Owned and Operated • We Deliver! From Flagstone to Firewood, Grass/Sod, Edging, Contractor Grade Landscaping Fabric and so much more, we’ve got you covered. See our website for complete list of products/ prices and useful tips. Black Monzonite................¾’’ or 1½” $79.00 Tiger Butter.........................1½” ............................ $119.00 Limestone...................¾” or 1½” $69.00 Indian Summer....................1½” ............................ $135.00 Lava Rock - Black...................1½” $160.00 Mountain Granite............¾” or 1½” ...................... $77.00 DECORATIVE ROCK PRICE/TON Colorado Buff Boulders $235.00 Granite Boulders $245.00 Onyx Boulders $350.00 BOULDERS PRICE/TON Bark - Medium $97.00 Playground Mulch $49.00 Shredded Redwood ................................................... $82.00 Chocolate Mulch ....................................................... $39.00 Shredded Cedar $81.00 Coffee Mulch $39.00 MULCHES AND BARK PRICE/YARD Peat Moss $159.00 Garden Mix (50/30/20) $52.00 Plant Mix (60/40) $42.00 Screened Compost $45.00 Screened Fill Dirt $19.00 Screened Top Soil $34.00 SOIL/SOIL MIXES PRICE/YARD 10% OFF Materials Not valid with any other offer Expires: Monday July 8, 2024 Flagstone Colorado Red $275 /ton Colorado Buff $395 /ton Expires: Monday July 8, 2024 10% OFF Delivery Fee Expires: Monday July 8, 2024 $75 Minimum Purchase required to use coupons, One coupon per transaction please. Must present coupon prior to pickup. Discounts will not be applied to previous invoices.

family was honored.

Irene trained as a secretary and was hired by the Los Angeles Chief of Police to work as a transcriber until December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked. She had four brothers who served in the Army and she felt the need to support her country. She went to Florida for training and was stationed in Washington, D.C., where she received and typed letters for Admiral Byrd. She was in a quartet and sang “Happy Birthday” to President Franklin D. Roosevelt over the radio. She often said that after World War II everyone returned home so thankful to have their freedom and to live their lives, that there should be no reason to complain.

Following the war Irene married an Army soldier on New Year’s Eve, 1947. His father gave him 200 acres of farmland and told him and

his bride “go out and make a living.” They lived their lives, raising cattle, farming and raising three children. Their youngest child was born with Cerebral Palsy. Between doctor appointments and volunteering in special education classes, she began teaching art lessons. Her art was displayed in banks and offices. She sold some work but her primary enjoyment was sharing her work with her family and friends. She was a problem-solver who was creative and used those skills to establish a loving atmosphere at home.

This is the world that formed the women that were the backbone of the families that Dotti and I grew up in. I met Irene’s daughter Dorothy (Dotti) in 1996 and we became fast friends. We would often share stories about our moms. Many of these stories followed a common theme

as our mothers baked, kept a clean home and taught us about faith and values. Dotti says she is thankful every day for the lessons she has learned from her mother’s life. She lists them as follows:

l Keep your faith in God

l Accept problems as only challenges to manage

l Encourage learning and curiosity

l Enjoy creative outlets

l Share love and friendship beyond your family

Irene became “my other mother” and I became “her other daughter.” She filled a space in my heart. Conversing with her on the phone was one of my greatest joys. She would tell me stories of growing up in Kansas, raising children and teaching art. I would share stories of my mother, rely on her for advice and share recipes. Irene passed away at 92 in June,

2013. Shortly after her death I wrote the first edition of this article.

The lessons I learned from my mother continue to influence my life today.

l Honor God in your life

l Be loving and giving to your family and others

l Have a cheerful heart be thankful for what you have

l Be respectful of yourself and others

l Know the value of work, be proud of accomplishments

l Love your country

l Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Disciplined families focused the lives of these women and gave them joy. They were teachers of morals and values that cannot be duplicated, and perhaps the standards and principles they lived by can be shared with future generations, to the benefit of us all.

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 19

Alex Dickhans, Anya Wieder,

Finalist: Reaching New Heights: Elevate Your Green Game with Vertical Hydroponics!

Isabella Prohs, Olivia Klein

Finalist: Caring For Our Cougars: A Workbook Resurrection Christian High School

20 myNOCO JUNE 2024
Ethan Grusy, Cade Meeker, Matise Lujan, Emma Grusy Finalist: Convenient Compost Dayspring Christian Academy Madelyn Salazar, Lisa Loeser Finalist: Bee Patches Berthoud High School Avan Richmond Innovation Center of St. Vrain Harley Templeton, Kenia Hansen Guzman, Presley Siebrands Finalist: SPROUT the Hope & BEE the Change Fort Morgan High School Emmaline Morris, Joy Koole Finalist: Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose Clothing Resurrection Christian High School Sawyer Green, Willow Daylin Finalist: Agua, Ash, and Academics Rocky Mountain High School Olivia Emerson, Stella Carder, Alena Shores Finalist: Replant Society Rocky Mountain High School Sienna Siskowski
Finalist: The Compost Cycle Roosevelt High School

Congratulations to this year’s winners for the Caring for Our Watersheds contest, proudly sponsored by Nutrien and hosted by the Poudre Learning Center!

With over 450 students from Weld and Larimer counties participating, it’s been an incredible journey of environmental stewardship. Twelve outstanding teams have been awarded implementation funds to turn their innovative ideas into reality. To learn more, visit

Will Baxley, Pier Medrano

Honorable Mention: Pedaling from Pollution Greeley Central High School

Claire Dalrymple, Emily Mobley

Honorable Mention: From Scraps to Scrumptious Fort Morgan High School

Winning Teachers

Renee Curry

Berthoud High School

Alex Goffeney

Dayspring Christian Academy

Mary Annabe Yangzon

Fort Morgan High School

Jayme Sneider

Innovation Center of St. Vrain

Brenda Otteman

Resurrection Christian High School

Yajaira Fuentes-Tauber

Rocky Mountain High School

Kellie Huggins

Roosevelt High School

Eileen Duncan

Union Colony Preparatory School

Corrine Calhoon

Greeley West High School

Michael Steinle

Fort Collins High School

Shelley Welch

Greeley Central High School

Mary Annabe Yangzon

Fort Morgan High School

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 21
Arely Mendiola Morales Runner-up: Say no to aquatic trash! Greeley West High School Maple J Taylor Finalist: Moths Matter Union Colony Preparatory School Gretchen Vaillancourt Runner-up: Short Comic Posters To Spread The Word Fort Collins High School Mrs. Flores’s Class Splash of Inspiration Challenge: Keep Water Clean, Keep Us Safe Winograd K-8
22 myNOCO JUNE 2024
JUNE 2024 myNOCO 23


For many seniors, the local senior center is a place to keep mentally and physically sharp, catch a show and an opportunity to connect with others. With research showing that women in particular who have more social ties are healthier and live longer, senior centers throughout the Front Range are offering more activities, from ladies’ teas to 50-plus sports and hobby groups.

Sarah Olear, senior supervisor with the Fort Collins

Fort Collins Senior Center /senior-center

Stop by the Fort Collins Senior Center for Bingo or

Recreation Center, noted, “Through our senior programming, we have been able to create social connections and combat isolation. Our recreational opportunities impact and improve the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our community.”

Some recreation and senior centers require membership, while others host a mix of membership options, fee-based classes and free meals. Check with your nearby centers for details.

build fitness though personal training. Interest classes and groups include bridge, an acting troupe, the Senior Serenaders and acoustic-in-

strument jam sessions. The center is home to the Older LGBTQ social networking group and the Senior Advisory Board to the City Council, as well as And Then It Is Winter, which aims to brings joy and understanding to discussions about aging.

Greeley Active Adult Center

“Being active is a way of life.” Drop-in programs include Bunco, Shuffleboard, Mahjong, crafting, car lovers’ club and computer lab. Seniors can sign up for classes, enroll in recreational sports or plan a group trip. The center partners with the Silver Sneakers fitness program.

Windsor Active Adult Program recreationliveshere .com/163/Active-Adults

Offers activities, excursions, day trips and special events. Aiming to provide “something for everyone,” the program features pickleball, basketball and Silver Sneakers alongside Bingo and Mahjong. Weekly day trips have included museum excursions, hiking and theater.

Chilson Senior Center chilson-senior-center

The Chilson Senior Center blends fitness offerings

24 myNOCO JUNE 2024
Big S pring Sale! Premium Covered & Uncovered RV Storage Wash Bays and Dump Stations / 1-888-495-5008 At your local senior center
Seniors enjoy some food at a Senior Center Valentine’s Dance. Courtesy Chilson Senior Center

such as Silver Sneakers and Renew Active with spa care to serve senior needs. Spa appointments include medically-based foot care and therapeutic massage. Table tennis, pickleball, fitness classes and rounds of billiards build stamina.

Milliken Senior Center community/milliken_ senior_center/navindex.php

On a mission to “offer a friendly atmosphere for recreational, cultural, health and support services while providing fellowship, activities, learning, teaching, volunteer opportunities and recreation,” the Milliken Senior Center is bustling with arts and crafts, pool tournaments, guest speakers, musical programs, a lunch program and exercise classes.

Johnstown Senior Center

Wellington Senior Resource Center Senior-Resource-Center

Enjoy company and conversation three mornings a week. Blood pressure checks are once a month, and seniors gather each Monday for an exercise class. Crafting, games, live music and potlucks fill the calendar. Transportation to and from the center is free within a 15mile radius.

Nunn Senior Center /community-resources /senior-center /seniorcenter

The Johnstown Senior Center Advisory Board prides itself on offering information and assistance to seniors on housing, social activities, nutrition, recreation, transportation and referral services. Monthly programs feature chair yoga, blood pressure checks and a ladies’ tea social, plus day trips such as a recent outing to a Rockies game.

Bellvue Senior Center

The Bellvue Senior Center excels in old-fashioned fun, including picnics, bingo, birthday celebrations and covered dish suppers. Seniors meet twice a week to play games and enjoy lunch sponsored by Volunteers of America for the Larimer County Nutrition Program.

Nunn Senior Center provides lunch and the opportunity to socialize every Thursday. The Senior Nutrition Program is sponsored by Area Agency on Aging of the Weld County Department of Human Services.

LaSalle Community Senior Center


The Friendly Fork Senior Nutrition program offers weekly lunches at the LaSalle Community Senior Center through the Weld County Health Department, and on Fridays, seniors play games over coffee and doughnuts.

Jesse Cleven, recreation director with LaSalle Community Senior Center, said that wherever seniors gather, “It’s important to have that camaraderie.” He added, “We have a tightknit community, and a lot of our seniors are looking for the chance to socialize and reconnect with friends they might not have seen in a while.”

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 25
819 E Mulberry St Fort Collins, CO 80524 A day trip to the Garden of the Gods outside Colorado Springs. Courtesy Chilson Senior Center

House of Neighborly Service (HNS) has been working to serve the community since 1961 when local churches of Loveland formed the organization. Back then, there were only about 9,000 residents in Loveland. Today that number has grown to nearly 80,000 people.

And HNS has expanded to meet that need. Berthoud Council of Churches opened a House of Neighborly Service chapter in 1989 to help serve the Berthoud community. HNS assists and advocates for people challenged by the effects of poverty or situational crisis.

Executive Director Cherri Houle says HNS meets tangible needs in the community through several different programs, including food, clothing and crisis prevention; family support; Family Homeless program; Parents as Teachers and the Adult Homeless program. HNS screens for all the City of Loveland’s programs for low-income families and seniors.

Located in the Life Center, Loveland HNS is open Monday through Thursday, while the Berthoud HNS is open Tuesday and Thursday. Clients can come and receive basics like a food basket with a week’s supply of groceries based on family size, utility assistance, prescription assistance, gas vouchers and bus tokens for medical or job related appointments and clothing and household needs.

The Parents as Teachers (PAT) program is a free parent education and home visiting program that serves families with children birth to age five or families expecting a child. Parents learn about each stage of a child’s development, activities to do with their child and receive support.

26 myNOCO JUNE 2024
NonprofitSpotlight the
6 2 2 N . C o l l e g e A v e . ( 9 7 0 ) 4 8 2 - 2 7 4 1 2 6 0 1 S L e m a y A v e # 1 8 ( 9 7 0 ) 2 2 6 - 0 2 7 7 2 1 0 0 W . D r a k e R d . # 6 ( 9 7 0 ) 6 8 2 - 2 5 8 5 2 4 0 0 N . L i n c o l n A v e . ( 9 7 0 ) 8 0 0 - 3 9 6 7 4 0 3 P o i n t e P l a z a D r i v e U n i t A ( 9 7 0 ) 6 8 6 - 5 5 4 7 LOVELAND WINDSOR LOCALL Y - OWNED LOCALL - OWNED SIN C E 1 988 S t o r e s w i t h a d o g w a s h m a r k e d w i t h a FORT COLLINS 6 2 0 4 S . C o l l e g e A v e . ( 9 7 0 ) 2 2 5 - 1 2 5 5 FREE 2-DAY FREE 2-DAY E LOCAL LOCAL AL DELIVERY, DELIVERY, IVERY, ON ORDERS ON ORDERS OVER OVER R $50 $50 STORE HOURS MON - FRI | 7:30 AM - 7 PM SAT | 7:30 AM - 5 PM SUN | 10 AM - 5 PM SCAN ME bark-in m o v i e n i gh t 0 8 . 0 4 . 2 0 2 4 f e a t u r i n g b e n e f i t i n g a n i m a l f r i e n d s a l l i a n c e HNS offers many programs to help assist, advocate and stabilize individuals and families.
Courtesy House of Neighborly Service

The Life Center is home to more than 20 nonprofit organizations and two mobile units. Last year, HNS served 6,605 residents in need, distributed 8,998 food baskets, prevented 753 utility shut-offs and gave away 121,010 items of clothing. Those are just a few of the numbers

One of the organization’s biggest programs is their Treasure Exchange Thrift Store and a separate clothing boutique/program exclusively for clients offering free clothing items. Houle says the clothing program allows clients to come in and choose certain types and numbers of clothing. The Treasure Exchange Thrift Store is open to the public. Shoppers can find new or gently-used clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and more at a low cost. Income from the store goes back in to support HNS programs and services. Both thrift shops operate on donations from the community.

The HNS Day Center Program provides a respite for children and parents with showers, washer and dryer, computer and printer access, resources and budgeting support.

For families needing a little more support, a Shelter Program hosts qualifying families for 60 days at a partner hotel. Families have weekly case management meetings where goals are set, and progress is gauged to determine a family’s eligibility to remain in housing. Since accountability is essential for families getting back on their feet, the program requires limited spending, budgeting, debt reduction, repairing credit issues and establishing savings.

To help HNS with its mission to create a kinder, more neighborly community, you can give a financial contribution, volunteer or donate food or clothing. For other ways to get involved, visit

“We serve people with respect to afford them dignity at a time when they’re experiencing difficult situations,” Houle says. “We provide basic needs assistance and resources while also offering long-term support and hope to move a person toward stability and self-sufficiency.”

For more information about HNS, visit

The Impact of HNS on the Loveland & Berthoud Community


Loveland and Berthoud

l 8,998 food baskets

l Groceries for up to 324,050 meals

l Valued at $668,849.52


Loveland and Berthoud

l Prevention of 753 utility shut-offs

l $266,014 total assistance



l 121,010 items were distributed

l 4,010 individuals received clothing


Loveland and Berthoud

l 495 Households, total of $17,840 in fuel assistance

l 1,064 COLT bus tokens distributed


Loveland and Berthoud

l 56 people received prescription assistance

l $3,040 total assistance Family Support

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 27 • 970.493.7442 1107 South Lemay Ave., Suite 300 Fort Collins, CO 80524 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., Suite 150 Loveland, CO 80538 You ha v e ch oi c es . Since the inception of the Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado in 1965 our mission has been to Care for All Women. Always. We stay true to that mission by providing comprehensive care at all life stages, whether a person needs our care for their contraception choices, menopause care, high risk pregnancy or reproductive health options, we strive to provide compassionate and empowering care.

Weld County Fair Coordinator

Reconnects to Her Roots Mikayla Gabel

Mikayla Gabel achieved her dream job in November when she was hired as the Weld County Fair Coordinator. Not only will she get to recreate the honored annual tradition, but she will be able to pursue a deep-rooted passion of hers: agriculture education.

A fourth-generation farmer and Briggsdale, Colorado, native, Gabel

was steeped in the values of hard work and agriculture at a young age. She had chores on her family farm daily before and after school and sports. Gabel said, “We had strong values and a strong work ethic from the beginning.”

Her first foray into her community was with the Weld County Fair when she was six. She was in the Head, Heart,

Hands and Health program, Cloverbuds, and exhibited a ceramics piece. 4H is the national organization that provides youths education and mentorships to build the necessary skills to positively affect their communities.

After ceramics, Gabel exhibited in numerous categories including goats, shooting sports and home environment.

28 myNOCO JUNE 2024
pants tops F E A T U R I N G purses jackets home décor and more! A t h r i f t s t o r e o p e n t o t h e c o m m u n i t y , b e n e f i t i n g t h e c o m m u n i t y
1511 E. 11th Street, Loveland (at the Life Center) 970-342-2275 HOUSE OF NEIGHBORLY SERVICE
Monday - Wednesday 9am - 4pm
E a uc io FRIDAY, JUNE 14 • 9:00 A M TOYS, LITE R AT U RE , PE TROLIANA & SE LEC T SIG NS SATURDAY, JUNE 15 • 9:00 AM TRACTORS, AUTOMOBILES, GAS PUMPS, PEDAL TRACTORS, IMPLEMENTS, SEVERAL COLLECTIBLE GUNS & SELECT SIGNS T hu r s d ay, J u n e 1 3 9 : 0 0 a m - 6 : 0 0 p m Preview COLLECTOR LIVE & ONLINE ELECT www.polkauct 72435 State Road 15 New Paris, IN 46553 #AC30900108 #AU19400160 e Hem berger Est ctio F r id ay & Sat u rd ay, J u n e 14 -1 5 , 202 4 2490 N COUNT Y ROAD 3 • LOVE L AND, CO 80538 2 Days!! COLLECTOR TRACTORS LAWN & GARDEN COLLECTOR VEHICLES & OTHER COLLECTIBLES
Left: A girl leads her sheep at the Weld County Fair. Right: Mikayla Gabel, Weld County Fair Coordinator. Courtesy Weld County Fair

In 2012 she won the Cattle for Kids raffle and received $2,500 towards the family farm operation and a heifer to start her own herd. She won the catch-it lamb in 2013, the carcass contest in 2014, and the home environment exhibit in 2015. Every year her animal made the fair sale. Out of nearly 1,000 entries, only 245 are selected. She also met her future husband at the fair when she was eight.

When Gabel went to Colorado State University in Fort Collins for agriculture education she realized not everyone was waking up at 5 a.m. to tend to the cows or ending the day buttoning up the ranch. Her way of life wasn’t everyone else’s. Gabel quickly turned her discouragement into an opportunity: “College was a turning point where I could get excited to educate on agriculture and what it means to the world.”

welcome door open for conversation are just a few of the tools Gabel uses to educate people about agriculture. She plans on bringing that same enthusiasm for education to the Weld County Fair.

Gabel and a team of  three women organize the fair.

“Being able to work with and empower each other is incredible,” continued Gabel who is a recent mother to a daughter. Gabel is proud to be a woman in a leadership position in the agriculture industry, especially at the helm of the Weld County Fair. She said women add unique skills to the industry like multitasking, a different perspective

With an agriculture education degree, a graduate can go into teaching or into agriculture literacy, Gabel explained. Agriculture literacy is about how agriculture fits into society and tackles topics like food awareness, economics and environmental stewardship. Gabel wanted to have these discussions.

Every January for three years during college, Gabel interned at the National Western Stock Show livestock office where she helped coordinate the event. She also learned how to engage with the public and tell the agriculture story to people who weren’t raised on a farm.

“That’s what I enjoyed a lot, that advocacy for agriculture,” said Gabel.

Stories that span back fourth and fifth generation farmers and ranchers, family farm visits, field trips, networking and leaving a

and a mother’s instinct. Her position allows her a flexible work schedule and enables her to succeed at both her career and being a mother.

Gabel continued, “It is a privilege to be in agriculture itself and a working mom.”

The Weld County Fair runs from July 7 to July 29 and between 2,000 and 5,000 attendees are expected. They are currently looking for fundraising opportunities as well as high school groups they can pay to help set up and break down the fair. There will be plenty of activities and attractions like the livestock show, break-away roping, ranch rodeo, barrel racing, team roping and food and retail vendors. Of course, there will be Future Farmers of America and 4H exhibits showcasing projects by local youths.

“It’s a celebration, if you will, of the county’s agriculture heritage and community spirit,” said Gabel.

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 29
Buy tic kets b efore July 1 , 202 4 and s ave ! $5 OFF Concer t | $3 OFF Rodeo T he CFD™ T icket O ffice is the only author ize d source of t ickets for our event T ickets m ay b e purch a se d online or by phone Concer t: $72-$107 PRCA Rodeo: $24-$51 PBR Bull Riding: $25-$105 Carnival Armbands: $40/se s sion $1 50/10 d ay s JULY 19 -28, 2024 CFDRODEO.COM 307-7 78-7222 JUL 19 TUR N PIK E TRO UBAD O URS JUL 24 M AC H IN E GUN K E LLY JUL 26 L AIN E Y W IL S ON JUL 20 JA S O N ALD E AN JUL 21 J E LLY R O LL JUL 27 T HO M A S R HE T T JUL 20 -28 PR C A R O D E O JUL 22-23 PB R Last Cowboy Standing JUL 25 T- PAI N & LU DAC R I S
Left: A Fair contestant is advised at the Weld County Fair. Courtesy Weld County Fair
FOCO DOCO’s new owners keep donut-making

WAll in the Family

hen Kara Donahoe learned that her favorite donut shop in Fort Collins, FOCO DOCO, was for sale, she couldn’t stop thinking about its sweet potential. Her career as a partner at Sage Benefit Advisors, a local health insurance agency, was fulfilling, but entering the donut world was a chance to get some creativity back in her life.

Donahoe had cottage industry experience baking cupcakes, wedding cakes and desserts. She also spent years pulling shots as a barista in Colorado and Florida.

The stars were aligned: Donahoe’s sister, Noelle Lange, wanted to move back to Fort Collins. After Donahoe and her husband, Ricky, took over ownership from Megan Barghols in September 2023, Lange worked closely with Barghols to learn the ropes. Today, Lange manages the kitchen and is head donut-maker.

Donahoe’s duties cover administrative tasks, social media, menu planning and events, time which she admits runs into the wee hours of the night, given her fulltime insurance business. She also arranges collaborations,

like one with Bean Cycle Roasters.

“Their business model is about fair trade and sustainable coffee bean growing and harvesting. Where they source their beans is at the forefront of their mission,” Donahoe said.

Bean Cycle created a special blend for FOCO DOCO; the combo of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans lends it blueberry, chocolate, caramel and coconut notes.

Other local partnerships are with Nuance Chocolate to make mocha and chocolate sauces; Just Plain Ola’s grain-free granola; Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary lavender to scent a rosemary lavender donut and house-made lavender syrup; Old Town Spice Shop’s spices and extracts; matcha tea from Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and milk from Morning Fresh Dairy. They also serve Sherpa Chai, which is made in Boulder.

“We use mixes and spice blends developed by Barghols that have unique flavor profiles,” Donahoe said. “The donuts have an airy texture and crisp exterior that set us apart from other cake donuts.”

FOCO DOCO owners Noelle Lange (left) and Kara Donahoe. Courtesy FOCO DOCO.

On Thursdays, Ricky cranks out gluten-free goodies so there are no vegan or regular donuts.

That switch requires replacing the oil in the Belshaw donut machine — lovingly known as the Donut Robot — with fresh oil so there is no residual gluten. All of FOCO DOCO’s donuts are produced with sunflower oil from Healthy Harvest in Berthoud.

While Donahoe draws on Barghols’ mainstays, like a lemon curd donut with shortcake cookie crumbles or key lime pie, she likes experimenting with flavor profiles, too.

Savory with sweet pairings are favorites, with flavors you won’t normally find on a donut, like maple bacon with barbecue sauce or brie butter drizzled with balsamic vinegar. These seductively labeled “secret donuts” can be discovered on FOCO DOCO’s Instagram account. Flavors change seasonally, as well. This summer, look for a cocktail flight (margarita with lime, paloma with grapefruit notes, mimosa donuts and a cranberry-spiked Cosmo one). New dessert flavors include a pineapple upside down donut.

“The shop is a satisfying, creative outlet. I love making people happy,” Donahoe said.

The business shares the kitchen and customer space with Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar. But if you’re thinking you would like to pop in to say “hello” to the donut robot, be prepared for disappointment.

Although Belshaw has called its frying machine a “Donut Robot” since the late 1950s, according to the company’s website, the donuts aren’t produced by FOCO DOCO’s robot mascot—one that looks like it stepped out of a Jetsons cartoon.

Belshaw has been inte-

gral in growing the donut industry since 1923 and sells its equipment in over 120 countries. The actual donut mechanism is a stainless steel cone that drops batter onto a conveyor belt which transports the donut into the oil and ushers it out after flipping the ring so both sides are fried, Donahoe explained.

So no, the perky green robot mascot is simply a memorable personification of a machine. But science fiction and cute memes aside, FOCO DOCO’s cake donuts are out-of-thisworld good.

To Go:

215 N College Ave., Fort Collins | Open at 7 a.m. Thurs-Fri, 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday | 970.689.8978 |

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 31

Get Involved!

Looking for a new hobby? To meet new people? Get involved in the community? Northern Colorado has a vibrant community of women, involved

in a myriad of groups and causes. No matter what you’re looking for, or where you are, there are groups to join. Here we’ve rounded up a bunch of groups to consid-

er (or perhaps inspire you to search further!)

Books, Arts and Music

Maybe you’re an avid reader, a crafter, a photographer or a musician. You’ll find a group right up your alley with other interested women in the NOCO area.

l NOCO Midlife Mavens Book Club, Greeley, on meetup .com. This book club is for all women who have a passion for reading and desire to talk books with others, and meets monthly.

l Virtual Women’s Book Club, Windsor, on meetup .com. In this club, you can connect with like-minded women, read a variety of

books and discuss them, all without having to leave the house.

l NOCO Gals Book Club, Loveland, on In addition to reading a book a month, members of this group love to meet at breweries, wineries, coffee shops and more, exploring the Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor and surrounding areas.

l NOCO Pro Photo, Fort Collins, on This club is for people with a serious love for the art of photography, with all levels of skill and equipment.

l Crochet Guild of Northern Colorado, Loveland, on Lovers of all

32 myNOCO JUNE 2024 305 Carpenter Road, Fort Collins • 970-663-3500 • Pathways-Care org Pathways has been the leading provider of palliative care services in home for over 12 years Palliative services are now also being provided onsite at the Pathways Palliative Care Clinic. For more information visit pathways-care org/palliative-care/

things yarn unite in this group. They get together to work on crafts, participate in philanthropy projects and spend time with friends.

Outdoors and Sports

Colorado has a plethora of things to do outside. From hiking and biking to fishing and more, there are all kinds of spots to go and assorted groups to find kindred spirits.

l Wellington Pickleball Group, Wellington, on Anyone interested in playing this fast-growing sport is welcome to come, play, meet people and learn the game.

l Peak to Peak Cycling, Berthoud, on Group organizer Sunny Waas has been leading group rides on the Front Range since 2015. All cyclists looking to increase their fitness and explore the Front Range are encouraged to join.

l Nature Lovers Hiking Group for Active Seniors, Fort Collins, on meetup .com. Seniors (60 years or older) who enjoy hiking in nature and spending time with others are encouraged to join. There are easy and moderate hikes, as well as weekly social walks.

l Fishing clubs — visit and choose the “clubs” tab. Depending on your location and type of fishing enjoyed, you’ll find a variety of options to consider.


For new moms and experienced ones alike, mom and parenting groups offer a great way to meet friends and give kids new experiences.

l Eaton CO Mom’s Group, Eaton, on This private group is for local-to-Eaton moms looking for play dates and socialization opportunities.

l Fort Collins Meetup for

Amazing Moms and Friends, Fort Collins, on Moms of all kinds (and dads too) are welcomed into this group where parents make new friends while encouraging each other to reach their personal goals.


Food, dance, business, games — this collection offers up a wide variety of things to explore.

l Northern Colorado Sustainable Living, Farming and Ranching, Berthoud, on The group is for anyone interested in learning about small acreage sustainable farming, ranching, home-scale aquaponics, market gardening and other sustainable or green practices. All skill levels are welcome.

l Northern Colorado Women in Business, on Women and women-owned businesses in the NOCO area are encouraged to join to expand their networks and encourage each other.

l Greeley Area Foodies, Greeley, on Folks in this group enjoy exploring restaurants and talking about food in Greeley and the surrounding area.

l NOCO Country Dance Community, on facebook. com. Country dancers in the area can get together with this group to learn and enjoy dancing.

l Wellington Brewery Runners, Wellington, on This weekly group runs a 5K, then enjoys beverages after at Old Colorado for some social time.

l Greeley Game Night, Greeley, on Weekly board gaming is a great way to play casually with friends new and old, plus a chance to learn new games.

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 33 P R O V I D I N G S T A B I L I Z A T I O N A N D P R E V E N T I N G F U R T H E R C R I S I S T H R O U G H T H E A S S I S T A N C E O F : Food and Clothing Utilities and Transportation Family Support and more� LOCATIONS 1511 E 11th St , Loveland 970.667.4939 375 Meadowlark Dr , Berthoud 970.532.0161 SCAN OR GO TO GET HELP or GET INVOLVED



Obstetrics practices are a vital source of support for Women around the world. The Women’s clinic of Northern Colorado opened its doors in 1965 and is one of the longest continuous operating practices in the area. The clinic has always been a pioneer in providing the best care for women with accomplishments like being the first clinic to integrate Certified Midwifery into a physician’s office. Their specializations in routine annual


The National Osteoporosis Foundation reports that of all post-menopausal women and about 1/4 of men will break a bone due to osteoporosis in their lifetime.

exams, family planning, the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and helping women navigate everything from childbirth to menopause makes them an important source of information for Northern Colorado.

With help from their team from Fort Collins and Loveland, here is a list of 10 things that places like the Women’s Clinic can walk people through in order to live healthier and more comfortable lives.

THE WOMENS CLINIC 1107 South Lemay Avenue Suite 300, Fort Collins (970) 493-7442

2500 Rocky Mountain Avenue North Medical Office Building, Suite 150, Loveland (970) 493-7442


Menopause can be distressing and challenging. Yale Medicine gauges that the age of 51 is generally when menopause begins. The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado will help walk you through this journey.

Innovations in the industry like the daVinci Surgical System have made surgeries a lot less invasive. Over 3 million patients worldwide have benefited from this surgical experience with less scarring and faster recovery times.

You’ll Ever Need M ai nten an ce- Free an d Bu ilt to L as t Forever 0% INTEREST FINANCING available until 2025 PAYMENTS AS LOW AS $99/MONTH with approved credit FR EE ES TI M ATE & 8 0 % OFF ALL L ABOR COSTS C oupo ns canno t be c ombi ned. No t v alid on e xis ting w ork. Expir es 7.3 1.2 4 C all f or detai ls SCAN QR TO RE QUES T FREE ES TIMATE Cal l Tod ay 970. 4 69.99 9 4 KGu ardRoc k yM ou nt ai Health
Gutter System



of women in the U.S. develop invasive breast cancer in the course of their life. The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado is specializes in breast cancer screening for breast cancer screenings in Fort Collins and Loveland.


If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for

or longer without birth control to no avail, it may be time to consult experienced infertility doctors.

Hormone replacement therapy helps replenish and replace depleted hormones. The dosage and duration of therapy will vary according to each woman’s specific needs. Healthcare specialists may recommend systemic hormone therapy in the form of a pill, gel, cream, patch or spray.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the set of physical and mental symptoms you may have around the time of your menstrual period. Providers at the Women’s Clinic may help you by prescribing vitamins and


Patients between the ages of 25-40

may be affected by Endometriosis. This condition is usually marked by severe menstrual cramps, abdominal or back pain, fatigue and other symptoms. If you feel you may be at risk for endometriosis, give your doctor a call today to schedule a consultation.

When you are expecting a child, there are a myriad of things that may be running though your head. Prenatal breastfeeding education, private lactation consultation and weekly breastfeeding and postpartum support group are all things to look into.


Contraception and birth control have changed in recent years, and it’s important for you to know your options. From temporary to permanent, the Women’s Clinic is a great guide. Check out for an overview of all the current options.

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2024 Greeley Friday Fest Lineup Announced

ummertime fun is just around the corner for the Greeley area, and the city will soon celebrate summer with its popular Friday Fest concert series.

Friday Fest will begin with the Blues Jam Kickoff featuring Alastair Greene

and the Delta Sonics from 6:30-9:30 p.m. May 31.

The Downtown Development Authority announced the 2024 Friday Fest lineup on May 1 at the Kress Cinema and Lounge, 817 8th Ave. The rest of the Friday Fest lineup is as follows:

May 31: Blues Jam Kickoff featuring Alastair Greene and the Delta Sonics

June 7: Local talent night featuring Juicebox and Gii Astorga.

June 14: Greeley Stampede kickoff featuring Woodland Park.

June 21: Pride Fest featuring Hand Turkey Band.

June 28: Military appreciation night featuring 101st Army Band.

July 5: Brass and Horns night featuring Guerrilla Fanfare Brass Band.

July 12: Americana and country night featuring Bo DePeña.

July 19: Reggae night featuring Judge Roughneck.

July 26: Arts Picnic kickoff featuring Jakarta Band.

Aug. 2: Afro-Latin rock night featuring Supernatural Santana Tribute Band.

Aug. 9: Success Foundation and District 6 night featuring School of Rock Loveland.

Aug. 16: Monster Day kickoff. The musical act is to be announced.

Aug. 23: Rockin’ Blues Night featuring Danny Derail Band.

Aug. 30: Colorado Grit Night featuring Little Moses Jones.

Sept. 6: Block Party. The musical act is to be announced.

Sept. 13: Mexican Independence and UNC night featuring Mariachi Águila.

36 myNOCO JUNE 2024
Daniela Hernandez talks about the Friday Fest Summer Concert lineup during a release party at the Kress in Greeley. Jim Rydbom/ Tribune Staff Photographer Alastair Greene. Courtesy Alastair Greene Judge Roughneck plays the 2023 Reggae on the Rocks at Red Rocks, Morrison, CO. Courtesy Judge Roughneck

This year marks the 11th Friday Fest in the city’s history and brings back its famous Go-Cup service, allowing attendees 21 and older to enjoy a beer or mixed drink as they walk throughout the designated Go-Cup area within the 9th Street Plaza. Each Friday Fest is from 6:30-9:30 p.m., and Go-Cup service is available from 6-10 p.m.

Along with its traditional live music, fire spinners, face painters and balloon artists, some new themed celebrations are coming to this year’s fest on select nights. Themed celebrations this year include local talent night on June 7, Pride Fest on June 21, military appreciation night on June 28, Reggae Fest on July 19 and a Colorado Grit welcome-back night on Aug. 30.

Tilray is this year’s title

sponsor for the season, which has brands such as Shock Top, Avalanche Amber Ale and Pub Beer. Other sponsors and partners this season include The Weld Trust, iHeartRadio, Town Square Media and La Jota Mexicana.

For updates and news about Friday Fest, find Greeley Friday Fest on Facebook, find Downtown Greeley on Facebook or go to

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 37
Woodland Park. Courtesy Woodland Park Visitors at the Kress in Greeley watch the unveiling of the Friday Fest summer concert lineup on May 1. Jim Rydbom/Tribune Staff PhotographerPark Juicebox takes a bow. Courtesy Juicebox


upcoming noco events


Windsor Farmers Market

Stop by the Farmers Market and enjoy a wide variety of locally-sourced consumable goods, crafts and live music. windsor .aspx?EID=6512 | 8 a.m.-12 noon | Boardwalk Park, 100 N. 5th Street, Windsor


Open Jam at the Lyric Cinema!

The 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month in our Big Theater, 6-10 p.m.

Sign up by your instrument (vocals are instruments, too!) and we’ll pair you up with some fellow jammers. All styles welcome! Bring your guitar/bass, we’ve got you on amps, keyboard and a drum kit. Let’s boogie. | 6 p.m. | The Lyric Cinema, 1209 N College Avenue, Fort Collins


Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

Vladimir and Estragon wait on a deserted country road to meet a person named Godot. Killing time with hat tricks and half-remembered stories, they dawdle through one of the greatest dramas of the 20th century. Directed by Laura Jones June 1-2, 7-9, 14-16, 2024 | 7:30 p.m.| Bas Bleu Theatre Company, 401 Pine Street, Fort Collins


Crazy Days

Windsor’s town-wide yard sale & sidewalk sale Crazy Days is back! Don’t have enough stuff to hold a sale, ask your neighbors and hold a neighborhood sale together! Let us know if you want to be added to our map to help those ready to find a good bargain find your sale. Sign up your yard sale at jotform .com/240015569775159 | Windsor


Greeley Blues Jam After kicking things off Friday night in historic downtown Greeley with live music on the 9th Street Plaza, the Greeley Blues Jam moves to Island Grove Regional Park for several headlining acts. | Gates open at 11:30 a.m., bands start at noon. See for info | Island Grove Regional Park, 501 N. 14th Avenue, Greeley


2024 Colorado Governor’s Art Show

Recognized as one of the largest juried fine art shows to exclusively feature Colorado artists, this year 61 of the state’s most talented artists will be showcased, including 2024 Legacy Artist Clyde Aspevig. Presented by Loveland and Thompson Valley Rotary Clubs in conjunction with the Loveland Museum and endorsed by the Governor of Colorado. $7, Free for visitors 12 and under and museum members. | Loveland Museum/ Gallery, 503 N. Lincoln Avenue, Loveland


Loveland Luvs Food Trucks Food Truck Rally

Loveland is going to have a new Food Truck Rally on select Tuesday evenings at North Lake Park all summer long! It will be a fun event for the whole family and will be at the same night that the Kiwana club runs the train rides in the same park. There will be 4-5 food trucks, local businesses and local musical acts. | 5-8 p.m. | North Lake Park Lake Loveland, 2750 N. Taft Avenue, Loveland


2nd Annual BBQ Boogie

Presented By: Pinnacle Youth Summit. Youth and Community Outreach focusing in on the Arts and Physical Stimulation while providing FREE FOOD to all those that stop by to see us. | 11:07 a.m.-7:11 p.m. | City

Park near the Pool, 1599 City Park Drive, Fort Collins


Summer Concert Series: The Powell Brothers

Bring your lawn chair and blankets and lounge at our Thursday night Summer Concert Series. Enjoy live music, food trucks and fun for the entire family! .aspx?EID=6501 | 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Boardwalk Park, 100 N. 5th Street, Windsor


Johnstown Country Dance

Come out for a fun night of country music and line dancing! Thomas Jones,, (970) 215-6855 | 6:30 p.m. | Johnstown Community Center, 101 Charlotte Street, Johnstown


4th Annual Bluegrass & Brews Festival

The Loveland Downtown District is hosting a unique, two-day festival, featuring live music from a variety of bluegrass acts, a youth fiddle contest, session beers from local craft breweries, and more! Full details: /bluegrass-brews-festival | 6:30 p.m. | Foundry Plaza, downtown Loveland

38 myNOCO JUNE 2024


NOCO Connections for Young Professionals

We would love to see everybody 45 and younger at NOCO Connections for young professionals! This month it will be hosted at The Rush Event Center, which has go karts, putt-putt, and so much more! We hope to see you there! | 5-9 p.m. | The Rush Event Center, 1112 40th Street, Evans

JUNE 12 & 15

55 & Better

An abundance of tips, advice and the latest trends in health and nutrition, financial and retirement planning, real estate — from active adult communities to assisted living facilities — home care, lifestyle, leisure, fitness, and more. /4dCUnBU | 9 a.m.-2 p.m. | Wed., June 12: Chilson Senior Center, 700 E 4th Street, Loveland; Sat., June 15: Greeley Recreation Center, 651 10th Avenue, Greeley


Art for the Heart

Every Wednesday, NOLA Creative Company will be in Old Town Square with packaged, ready-to-go art projects. Each project comes complete with instructions and all materials needed. Return your masterpiece the following week and have it displayed in our kiosk for the entire community to see. Every project returned earns a punch on your “Frequent Creator” card. Prizes will be awarded for consistent participation. Sponsored by the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority. Free. | 11 a.m.-1 p.m. | Old Town Square, 19 Old Town Square, Fort Collins


The Right To Herself Exhibition

This exhibition and related programs will provide a lens to view works by women artists who self-identify as indigenous, women of color and/or embody diverse racial, ethnic and economic identities to share their various perspectives on the intersections of gender equity and the influence of women of color on the suffrage and equal rights movement. | 10 a.m.-5 p.m. | The Center for Fine Art Photography, 321 Maple Street, Ft. Collins


Movies in the Park: The Mighty Ducks

Bring your lawn chair and lounge in one of Windsor’s great parks while enjoying a movie with family and friends. Please note movie ratings. Movies are FREE and start at dusk (Approximately 8:30 p.m.). | 8:30 p.m. | Main Park, 300 Locust Street, Windsor


Father’s Day at Treasure Island

Volunteers will be leading tours of the garden. Bring Dad to see many colors of flowers in bloom, plants of all shapes and sizes, and many types of yummy vegetables. Drop in anytime during the event! | 1:30-3:30 p.m. | Treasure Island Demonstration Garden, 31500 Laku Lake Road, Windsor


PLC Foundation

Solstice Breakfast

Join us for a special event in support of the Poudre Learning Center. Enjoy a morning filled with community spirit and engaging activities. Indulge in a delicious breakfast, connect with others, and enjoy a memorable start to the day. RSVP accepted through June 13, 2024. Reserve your spot at Free, donations accepted. | 7 a.m. | Poudre Learning Center, 8313 West F Street, Greeley


Issues on Tap, Civic Conversations

Each month the Loveland Chamber hosts community conversations around current topics in the community. Often subject matter experts join us but the purpose is to have civil dialogue around a variety of topics. | 4:30 p.m. | Verboten Brewery, 127 E. 5th Street, Loveland


Kids on the Plaza

Come join the fun in the Foundry Plaza every Wednesday from June 12-August 7! FREE Kids’ activities from 12 noon to 2 p.m. City of Loveland Parks & Rec lawn games, Foundry Splash Pad, local artists arts & crafts activities, and various activities or giveaways from local businesses. Movies start at 2 p.m. at the MetroLux Dine-In Theatres at the Full details at | 12 noon to 2 p.m. | Foundry Plaza, Loveland


Greeley Garden Tour Plan to attend the 31st

Annual Greeley Garden Tour sponsored by the Greeley Morning Garden Club on June 22. Gardens can be viewed from 8 a.m.-12 noon and from 4-6 p.m. The five beautiful garden locations are located at 1301 15th St., 1811 Montview Blvd., 8106 Skyview St., 2215 Panorama Dr. 2 and 114 42nd Ave. | $15, tickets at | 8 a.m.-12 noon, 4-6 p.m. | Assorted addresses in Greeley


Ginger and Baker June Market

Join us for our June Maker’s Market! Eat brunch and take a stroll in our Teaching Kitchen where local artists will be selling their merchandise. Come on out and support local makers, and enjoy good eats too! Vendors Include: Around FoCo, Åberg Leather, Red Moon Jewelry, Mountain Cat Candle Co., Kelly Bennett Pottery, Redwood Crystals, Viola and Beatrice Stationers. | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. | Ginger and Baker, 359 Linden Street, Fort Collins


Greeley Stampede at Centennial Village Museum

Are you headed for the Greeley Stampede? Your Stampede ticket includes free admission to Centennial Village Museum. It’s a great opportunity to visit the Village, learn about life on the high plains and tour the historical buildings. Enter through the Greeley Stampede entrance as you won’t be able to directly access the museum through the south parking lot. | Free—Admission is free with your ticket to Greeley Stampede | 12 noon-6 p.m. | Centennial Village Museum, 1475 A Street, Greeley

JUNE 2024 myNOCO 39
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World-Class Cataract Care with an Outstanding Patient Experience

by Dr. John D. Kirk,

If cataracts are keeping you

42 myNOCO JUNE 2024 A C C E P T IN G N E W P A T IE N T S! 36 50 Ea st 15 th St ree t | Lovela nd | 97 0- 66 9- 11 07 | K i r k EyeC en m
state-of the-ar t, on-site
in our
surger y
caring, compassionate patient experience provided by ever y one of our team members.
And with that comes a
from the
you enjoy most in
call and make your appointment today.
PARK WIDE CLEAR BAG POLICY Newly Updated Scan QR code for more details Scan for Tix For a complete list of events, tickets, and more, visit fri, june 28 T.I. w/ waka flocka flame sat, june 29 CHRIS YOUNG w/ hailey whitters sun, june 30 WE THE KINGDOM w/ colton dixon thu july 4 CHEAP TRICK w/ romero fri, july 5 SHANE SMITH & THE SAINTS w/ zach top sat, july 6 OLD DOMINION w/ greylan james featuring
Dr. John D. Kirk
44 myNOCO JUNE 2024 PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID LONGMONT CO PERMIT #16 PO Box 337228 Greeley, CO 80633-7228 learn more at it ’s only human to suppor t women in business

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