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How can I protect my home from burglary during vacation? With these tips, leaving your home doesn’t have to be fraught with worry.

How to attract hummingbirds to your garden Hummingbirds prefer plants that are a good source of food, but some choices are better than others. Which ones are best in your garden?

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Peppers have it made in the shade



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If you look shade is proving effective forward to perfect in shielding plants from peppers but are high temperatures as disappointed when well – the transplants he they get sunburn, covered with shade in there aren’t as early June aren’t showing many as you the stress the exposed thought, or they peppers are. aren’t as big as Globally, researchers you’d like, chances CAROL O’MEARA concerned with the CSU Extension are that you effects climate change have sunlight to could have on crop blame. High solar intensity and production are exploring ways temperatures work against getting to buffer hotter temperatures. the most of our pepper crops. Growing under shade cloth has Research on shading peppers garnered interest, and researchers is casting light on the benefits are working to find the type of of cooling things off a bit on shade cloth that gives the most leaves and the root zone. Heat benefit. University of Georgia stress reduces plant’s ability to has shown that the color of the photosynthesize and cool itself shade netting doesn’t make much efficiently, which in turn limits difference; however, leaf surface root development. Increasingly temperature remained higher higher temperatures in summer under white shade cloth. limits root growth and damages In our gardens, peppers covered fruit. with shade cloth or floating Colorado’s research into row covers are also in much solving this problem is led better shape. Popping a tent of by Dr. Mike Bartolo, Senior 30-percent cloth over your crop Research Scientist and manager might help get things growing of the Arkansas Valley Research again, Bartolo said. “As long as Center in Rocky Ford. He’s been the stem is ok and not injured researching the development of by sunscald, things should get chili peppers since 1992. moving again once things cool Bartolo’s research into down or you shade the plant.” preventing sunscald on the fruit A bit of shade is helpful to of peppers led him to using other plants as well, such as 30-percent shade barrier over basil or tomatoes during fruit some plants to protect the fruit production. Mulching also from harmful rays. But now that helps keep the plant cool since Loveland Reporter-Herald –

it protects roots from water loss and soil cracking. Shade cloth is available at garden centers in various lengths. It’s a durable fabric that can be used for several years. When covering your plants, remember that this is to be suspended above them, unlike floating row covers that can sit right on the plants. Create a frame for holding the shade barrier two to four feet above the plants, taking care that it’s secure for wind. Floating row covers provide about 15 to 19-percent shade, which might not be enough at this time to break the grip of heat. Early in the season it would help for root development, so keep it handy for next year. Colorado State University Extension, together with Boulder County Parks and Open Space, provides unbiased, research-based information about consumer and family issues, horticulture, natural resources, agriculture and 4-H youth development. For more information contact Extension at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Rd., Box B, Longmont, 303.678.6238, or visit the web site at boulder. August 10-11, 2019


How to attract hummingbirds to your garden By Jessica Damiano Newsday (TNS)

Lupine (Lupinus) Most of these spring and summer bloomers are perennial, but there are annual varieties, so read plant tags carefully. Choose from white, cream, pink, purple, orange or red, and water regularly.

Dear Jessica: Will a single bee balm or salvia in a container attract hummingbirds? Which salvia is best to attract hummingbirds? — Seymour Spiegel Dear Seymour: Yes, technically a single plant could attract a hummingbird. But if you were a hummingbird, wouldn’t you be more likely to dine at a wellstocked buffet? Hummingbirds are nature’s jewels! The tiny, fluttering avian creatures are fascinating to watch. They seem suspended in air as they lap up nectar from brightly colored flowers, but actuality their wings are flapping 10 to 200 times per second. If you’re lucky, and patient, you may find yourself mesmerized as one performs acrobatic flips and nose-dives, then swoops back up like a stunt plane. What’s more, hummingbirds don’t walk, so to be mobile they must flap their little wings almost continually. As you might imagine, all that flapping and flipping and fluttering requires high-energy food, and that’s where you come in. Naturally drawn to bright colors, hummingbirds feed several times each hour. They have a preference for tubular red flowers, but have other requirements as well.

August 10-11, 2019

Petunia (Petunia) These darling trumpet-shaped flowers come in varieties that cascade over hanging baskets and others that mound in borders. And they’re available in nearly every color imaginable, including bicolor, veined, striped and even ruffled and double-bloomed. Annual.

A Green Crowned Brilliant is pictured at a Hummingbird feeding station in Alajuela, Costa Rica. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images/TNS)

Native hummingbirds, which range in size from 3 to 5 inches long and nest in trees, require nectar from specific native plants. Here are some of their favorites. (The more you plant, the higher your chances of scoring free entertainment in your backyard. Plants require sunlight to produce nectar, so situate them in the brightest areas possible.) Bee balm (Monarda) Available in pink, white or red, bee balm (Monarda) belongs to the mint family. Choose red and expect it to spread. Perennial.

Columbine (Aquilegia) There are some 70 species of this spring bloomer, all of which will feed hummingbird. But again, the redder, the better. Perennial. Larkspur (Delphinium) Tall and dwarf varieties both draw hummingbirds, so pick a color (blue, pink, white or purple) and pick a size. Or plant both so you can watch your visitors flutter high and low. Best not to plant if you have pets, however, as they are toxic if ingested. Perennial.

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

Salvia (Salvia) Any variety will do, but pineapple sage (Salvia elegans), hummingbird sage (Salvia guaranitica), Mexican bush sage (Salvia leucantha) and purple sage (Salvia leucophylla) are among those that will attract the most hummingbirds. All are annual. Zinnia (Zinnia) Tall, short, double, daisylike — you name it. Zinnias come in all shapes and sizes — and a smorgasbord of colors. Annual. And if you don’t have garden space, a hummingbird feeder stocked with sugar water will attract hummingbirds. Just don’t use red dye, as some do; it’s not necessary, and the coloring may be harmful to the birds.




Home improvement, construction issues top list of worst complaints in 2018 bad enough, but these problems can also make their homes unlivable and cause emotional distress,” according to the report. Top 10 US consumer complaints by topic 1. Auto: Misrepresentations in advertising or sales of new and used cars; lemons; faulty repairs; auto leasing; rentals; and towing disputes. 2. Home improvement/ construction: Shoddy work; and failure to start or complete the job. 3. Retail sales: False advertising and other deceptive practices; Shoddy work by home improvement defective merchandise; problems contractors and failure to complete projects was one of last year’s top consumer with rebates, coupons, gift cards and gift certificates; and failure to complaints. (Dreamstime/TNS) deliver. 4. Services: Misrepresentations; By Adrian D. Garcia shoddy work; failure to have required licenses; and failure to perform. Problems with home 5. (Tie) Landlord/tenant: improvement and new-home Unhealthy or unsafe conditions; construction topped the list of failure to make repairs or provide worst complaints received last promised amenities; deposit and year, according to a new report rent disputes; and illegal eviction from the Consumer Federation of tactics. America. Utilities: Complaints about gas, The 2018 Consumer Complaint electric, water and cable billing Survey Report looked at and service. information related to 1.1 million 6. Health products/services: complaints from agencies in 21 Misleading claims; unlicensed states. Home improvement and practitioners; failure to deliver; construction issues generated the and medical billing issues. second-most complaints in 2018, 7. (Tie) Credit/debt: Billing behind trouble related to vehicles. and fee disputes; mortgage The CFA asked the 35 state modifications and mortgageand local consumer agencies related fraud; credit repair; debt that participated in the report relief services; predatory lending; what they considered to be the and illegal or abusive debt worst complaints characterized collection tactics. by the volume of complaints, the Communications: Misleading financial cost to consumers, the offers; installation issues; service impact on vulnerable consumers problems; and billing disputes or the “sheer outrageousness” of with telephone and internet the reports. Home improvement services. and construction issues rose to the 8. Internet sales: top of the list. Misrepresentations or other Consumers can end up deceptive practices; and failure to spending tens of thousands of deliver online purchases. dollars to rectify issues they 9. Home solicitations: encounter during a new-home Misrepresentations; abusive sales build or remodeling project. And practices; failure to deliver in those expenses can lead to big door-to-door, telemarketing or headaches. mail solicitations; and do-not-call “The financial loss that violations consumers suffer when they 10. (Tie) Household goods: pay for work that is shoddy, Misrepresentations; failure to incomplete or never performed is deliver; and faulty repairs in 4


connection with furniture or appliances. Fraud: Bogus sweepstakes and lotteries; work-at-home schemes; grant offers; fake check scams; and imposter scams and other common frauds. Worst complaints in 2018 1. Home improvement/ construction: Shoddy work; and failure to start or complete the job. 2. Services: Misrepresentations; shoddy work; failure to have required licenses; and failure to perform. 3. Fraud: Bogus sweepstakes and lotteries; work-at-home schemes; grant offers; fake check scams; and imposter scams and other common frauds. Complaints related to home improvement and construction “Home improvement and construction have always been in the top three of our survey,” says Susan Grant, director of consumer protection and privacy at CFA, adding “that is because, along with auto sales, these are very expensive transactions, and if something goes wrong, consumers are more likely to complain than if their toaster breaks down or they have some other minor problem.” Home remodeling and improvement activity has increased in recent years, creating more potential for consumers to run into problems. Mortgage rates have also fallen in recent months, which means homebuyers and homeowners who want to refinance might save on monthly interest payments. “It’s hard to say what will affect the rate of home improvement,” Grant says. “Certainly, lowinterest rates puts more money in consumers’ pockets to do home improvements as well as programs like PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) which provide easily attainable loans for consumers to do certain kinds of energy-efficient home improvements.” Rising home equity can also spur homeowners into renovating their homes. Home prices have boosted American’s overall home

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

equity to record-setting levels in recent years. Some buyers tap into that equity with a home equity loan or home equity line of credit to pay for major remodeling projects or home repairs. “One of the lessons in the report is if you are taking any kind of home improvement loan that involves a lien on your property, you need to understand what that means and the ramifications of it if you want to sell your home,” Grant says. Tips for home improvement and construction The Federal Trade Commission offers advice on how to avoid home improvement scams, including how to find a competent and reliable contractor for your project. Some states, such as Florida and California, require general contractors to be licensed. “For a big, expensive investment like home improvement or construction, it’s vital to find out what the applicable requirements are before you hire a contractor,” Grant says. “Make sure your contractor has complied with them that way you’ll be better protected if something goes wrong and, hopefully, it will be less likely that something goes wrong.” In addition to familiarizing yourself with the rules for your home project, CFA recommends you pay a smaller initial deposit when you hire a contractor for home improvement work. Plus, make sure you get a written contract that sets out the scope of work, the project timeline and payment schedule. “Never pay the full amount for home improvement work until the job is done. You have no leverage if the work is incomplete or unsatisfactory,” the report states. “If the contractor’s work doesn’t look right to you, hold off on making the final payment until you resolve the issue.” If a contractor fails to finish a job or does shoddy work, CFA suggests keeping notes of your communication and taking photos to document the situation. You can ask your state or local consumer protection agency for advice. August 10-11, 2019


How can I protect my home from burglary during vacation? By Paul F. P. Pogue, Angie’s List Angie’s List (TNS) Home burglaries usually peak in late summer, when people are often away from home enjoying the outdoors or off on an extended vacation. But you can take some steps to protect your home and peace of mind while you’re away. HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS If you don’t already have a home security system, you can install one to warn you of intruders. The days of hardwired landlines are long gone; many security systems work with cellphones or internet connections. You can also link an alarm system to an overall smart home, which allows you to remotely monitor activity from a computer or device. (This also helps you adjust your lighting remotely without using a timer!) Video surveillance and door cameras allow you to check in on what’s going on in real time.

Cameras bump up the cost of your system by about $150 to $200 per camera, but the peace of mind could be well worth it. For a small additional fee, you can add smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms to your system, which can alert you and the fire department of fires before they rage out of control. When you install a security system, contact your insurance provider. They’ll often provide a discount on your policy, and can steer you towards the upgrades that offer the best savings. When hiring a home security monitoring service, check as many references as possible and make sure they hold the appropriate license.

excellent deterrents for would-be thieves. Make sure they are placed to illuminate nooks and crannies where an intruder might hide, as well as at your door. Home maintenance makes a big difference. Check your doors to be sure they have secure hinges, strike plates, knobs or handles. And be sure that the door fits squarely into the jamb. If your door has glass near the latch, a dead bolt keyed on both sides may discourage a burglar from breaking the glass to get in. Replace or repair any damaged doors or hardware. Avoid making expensive items easy to find. Keep valuables like televisions, computers and lawn equipment out of sight.

— Wait until after the vacation to talk about it on social media. Don’t post your travel plans, check in to distant locations or post travel photos while you’re away. — Leave a car in the driveway or ask a friend or neighbor to park there occasionally. — Set the lights to turn on and off with an automatic timer. — Hire a lawn care service or ask a neighbor to attend to your lawn while you’re away. — Have someone pick up mail and newspapers, or place a hold on delivery. — Inform your security monitoring service that you’ll be on vacation.

GOOD SAFETY HABITS Home security systems play a vital role on the front line of defense, but your maintenance and household habits protect you in equal measure. Exterior lights with motion detectors are

HOW TO HANDLE VACATIONS When you’re on vacation, take these steps to deter burglars: — Let a trusted neighbor know how long you’ll be away, and ask them to keep an eye on your house.

Paul F. P. Pogue is a reporter for Angie’s List, a trusted provider of local consumer reviews and an online marketplace of services from top-rated providers. Visit


35 Acres of Vacant Land!

Carter Lake Live/Work Opportunity!

6564 W US HWY 34, Loveland $500,000 • MLS# 886753

4151 Wilderland Way, Loveland $950,000 • MLS# 877823

0 Simoncrest Drive, Livermore $150,000 • MLS# 880615

3505 S County Road 31, Loveland $1,200,000 • MLS# 871670

2 Beds • 1 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 1,340 Cute 1900 bungalow located on 3.6 acres zoned Tourist west of the City of Loveland! Includes a 2 stall barn for up to 90 bales of hay with fully fenced and level fields to let your animals roam!

138 Acres of Vacant Land bordering Devils Backbone Open Space! Only 15 minutes to Downtown Loveland but feels like a world away! Call for more details or to schedule a tour!

Take a look at the 180 degree views

3 Beds • 4 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 2,820 Opportunity abounds at the North Shore RV Park & Store with multiple streams of income with potential for more! Schedule your showing now to see this Live/Work property in the Carter Lake area!

Horse Property on 3.6 Acres! ! ICE PR EW


from this 35 Acres of Vacant Land in Livermore! Property has opportunity for building with views both West and South. Only 40 minutes from Fort Collins and No HOA!

Co-listed with Rico Devlin 970-413-1182 •


970-231-4172 • My marketing can get your property sold…Contact me now and receive a FREE market analysis! Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. © 2017 C3 Real Estate Solution, LLC.

August 10-11, 2019

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Buying rental property as a gateway to home ownership By Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin, Tribune Content Agency


: Having had the benefit of rent control in San Francisco (but still paying dearly nonetheless), and having had a social justice legal career rather than working in a more highlypaid position for a company or law firm, I am coming to the conclusion that buying a home in the Bay Area is not an option for me. So, I’m looking into buying rental property in the Raleigh/ Durham area where I’m from (and a place I’d consider retiring one day). Do you have any suggestions on books or resources about buying rental property? Figuring out the numbers on that feels a bit amorphous.


: We’re delighted that you’re thinking of buying a home in a much more affordable part of the country, and renting it out until you decide where to wind up. It’s a smart strategy that will hopefully payoff for you down the road. You’re not alone, by the way. Since the price of real estate has skyrocketed over the past halfdozen years, many first-time buyers in the most expensive communities have decided to purchase real estate in more affordable parts of the country. While this won’t be your primary residence now, it could be someday. If that’s important (and not too far off in the future), try to imagine how you might want to live then—for example, in a ranch home if stairs get to be troublesome—or where you’d want the house to be located. The problem with planning for the far future is that real estate markets can shift. Buying property in a suburb today might be a better investment than buying something in town, even if you don’t see yourself living there one day. So, try to separate out the investment from your “happily ever after.” If it works out, great. If not, and you’ve focused on finding a solid investment, you can always sell that property and use the proceeds to buy what you



Buying a property with the intent of renting it out can be a solid investment in the future. (Shutterstock)

want to live in down the line. You should also consider what type of real estate might interest you. In your case, it seems that you want to buy a property that might house one to several families. If you’re looking for a property with more than one unit, then you need to choose how many. If you have more than four units in a single property, it may impact the type of financing you get. In some situations, buying properties that are smaller may give you more options than if you decide to buy a building with 10 apartments. You’ll need to educate yourself in this area to understand how the type and size of the building can affect the type of financing available to you, and also to know the costs of those loans. Once you’ve chosen the type of property and the range of number of units that you’re willing to have in that property, you need to focus on the location and how you will manage that property. When you live across the country (or even out of town) from your rental property, understand that you’ll need some local help. Someone -- a family member or a professional management company -- will have to help you to manage the rental property. As a long-distance owner, you won’t have the ability to quickly get to the property to handle problems or rental issues.

If you are going to rely on friends and family, you’ll need to have the property be close to them. If the property is too far, they’re less likely to help. The duties your property manager should undertake may include scheduling maintenance or repairs, helping find new tenants, collecting rent, or just driving by to make sure the home is cared for. If you hire a professional management company, remember to factor that cost into your budget and be sure to talk to former and existing customers (and do some hard due diligence online before signing any management company agreement). Keeping the property rented is particularly important. Sure, there will be times when the property is vacant -- and you’ll need to cover those times financially -- but vacant property carries its own risks (make sure your insurance covers those vacancies). Speaking of money, it will be hard for you to obtain financing, both because you live out of town and because investment properties typically command a higher interest rate for the loan, have higher loan fees, and require a higher down payment (it could be as much as 35 percent of the purchase price). You’ll also want your tax preparer to tell you what buying this property will do to your federal and state income tax returns. (You may also now have

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

to file in the state in which the property is located, which is another expense.) Hire a real estate attorney to guide you in your purchase (even if one isn’t typically used for a residential deal in that part of the country), and be sure to get input on the lease you’ll be using for your future tenants. There are loads of resources about how to be a successful real estate investor. One of Ilyce’s books, “Buy, Close, Move In,” talks about how to value rental property, how to think about being a landlord, and explains more of the mechanics of renting rather than buying a property you intend to live in today. Ilyce’s website,, has thousands of free articles and posts on questions relating to the purchase, sale, ownership and management of investment real estate. If you decide you like the landlording life, check out Bigger, which is a community for real estate investors. You might also want to start following the blogs of top real estate agents in the neighborhoods you’re eyeing for a future investment, as it will help you get a feel for the area and understand what pricing looks like. Who knows? You might even find a real estate agent you want to work with to help you make this investment. That’s a quick summary of some of the biggest issues you’ll face, but there are many others: insurance, repairs and 1031 taxdeferred exchanges. Good luck with your purchase. (Ilyce Glink is the author of “100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask” (4th Edition). She is also the CEO of Best Money Moves, an app that employers provide to employees to measure and dial down financial stress. Samuel J. Tamkin is a Chicago-based real estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and Sam through her website, ThinkGlink. com.) (c) 2019 ILYCE R. GLINK AND SAMUEL J. TAMKIN. DISTRIBUTED BY TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, LLC. August 10-11, 2019


10 hot decor trends for fall as arms or legs, wood and natural elements remain on trend. 3. Hygge elements. Hygge elements help make a space feel ultra warm and cozy. From throws to sumptuous pillows and candles, we spotted a lot of hygge-focused accessories. 4. Brass. Brass came in with a bang roughly a decade ago and remains one of the hottest finishes in home decor. 5. Pastels. Whether as colors that are soft and muted in a piece of art or as an accent piece, pastels such as pink, lavender, green and even soft yellow remain on trend.

Bold brass statement pieces. (Design Recipes/TNS)

By Cathy Hobbs Tribune News Service (TNS) Every so often the furniture industry rolls out the red carpet and rolls in their new lines for a new season. The Las Vegas Market, dedicated to the home furnishings industry, held one of its twice-a-year market shows in July. Unveiled were some of the hot new trends you will likely see translated and interpreted in home

decor this fall. Looking for some ideas? Here are 10 hot trends that caught our eye! 1. Inlay. We spotted a number of pieces that were adorned with more than one material or finish. 2. Wood and organic furniture. From wood accessories to furniture with wood elements such

9. Concrete. From coffee tables to accent tables and tabletops, we spotted a number of pieces with an industrial edge. 10. Throwback pieces. From art deco to vintage, we loved seeing a number of throwback pieces that are still relevant and timeless. Cathy Hobbs, based in New York City, is an Emmy Awardwinning television host and a nationally known interior design and home staging expert with offices in New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C. Contact her at or visit her website at .

6. Midcentury modern furniture. These pieces never grow tired and continue to grace the new collections of home furnishing companies. 7. Accent walls. We spotted this painting technique used to accent many of the showrooms. In your home, adding an accent wall can help ensure your artwork and furniture pops. 8. Interesting shaped mirrors. Whether round, square or rectangle, and made from brass or chrome, mirrors that make a statement remain a relevant design trend.

A console with two-tone inlay. (Design Recipes/TNS)

Visit these 3 Livermore Open Houses Saturday 11AM-2PM Open House Saturday 11-2pm

61 Le Conte Dr, Livermore $545,000 3 Beds • 2 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 2567 Dreams do come true! Mountain retreat, your own personal get away with 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, large master, kitchen/living area, massive patio overlooking 5.33 acres of private paradise with grass, trails and rock formations to climb. Stephen Foster 970-219-9458

Open House Saturday 11-2pm

120 Sunlight Cir, Livermore $875,000 • MLS# 883611 5 Beds • 6 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 5922 Amazing views! Handcrafted Custom Home. Wrap around decks, Walkout basement, large shop! Must see to believe!

Scott Phebus 970-215-1316 August 10-11, 2019

Open House Saturday 11-2pm

222 Boxer Ranch Rd, Livermore $1,799,000 • MLS# 865618 6 Beds • 3 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 3038 Immaculate historic Sloan Ranch for Sale! 191 acres, 4 parcels, indoor arena, multiple barns, corrals, pastures, natural spring, creek and pond. Adjacent to State Wildlife Area for hiking, mtn biking, hunting or trail riding. Peter Clay 970-460-4006

970.225.5152 • C3 Real Estate Solution, LLC.

Loveland Reporter-Herald –




Heather Berry, Your Berry Own Home. (Photo courtesy: Your Berry Own Home).

YOUR BERRY OWN HOME Advocating fiercely for clients and making home ownership attainable for Community MVPs By Sarah Huber for At Home


or nearly a decade, Heather Berry of Your Berry Own Home, powered by LoKation Real Estate, has been helping teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, veterans and other community standouts move into their “Berry Own Home,” as she likes to say. Berry explained, “My Community MVP program serves those who are the lifeblood of our community, people who don’t feel like heroes but are out there every day doing great things.” She donates at least 30 percent of her commission to qualifying MVPs, enabling some of her clients to settle into a stable home with little to no closing costs. She has given back over $40,000 to the community over the past two years.

Essential support for Community MVPs “My eye opener was a teacher who taught for about 26 years and had gone through a bad time personally, 8


but she couldn’t move because she couldn’t afford it,” Berry said. “Our Community MVP program allowed her to get in her first home with $1,000 of her own money. Here she was, teaching our children (our future) and was struggling to buy her own home. I was going to do whatever necessary to get this woman a house.” That teacher, Nicole Bredl, recalled, “It was a pleasure working with Heather! It was a very positive experience from start to finish. The Community MVP Program and Heather’s donation through that program made it possible for my daughter and I to get out of the expensive rent ‘trap’ that we’ve been in for too long. I will forever be grateful to her for that!” Berry said, “It means the world to me that I can help these outstanding community leaders. Seeing how happy I made Nicole made me want to do it again and again. She cried, I cried, it was a beautiful thing.” Another teacher Berry helped through her MVP program, Tasia

Vander Vegt, a college instructor in Denver, added, “Working with Heather is great because she is trustworthy and always demonstrates that she has her client’s best interest in mind.”

A rare knowledge of northern Colorado, devotion to clients Berry’s heart is in Boulder County, as she relocated to a farm in Longmont from Kansas as a girl in 1978 and attended schools in Longmont and Lyons. “Longmont is where I grew up. It’s where I raised my family. I love the culture and love having my office downtown.” Today Berry and her family are “Longmont car people,” she said, and frequently drive their “baby blue” 1951 Ford Coupe Deluxe in cruises benefiting the community. They are also members of the Dodge Challenger Club where they participate in many charitable events. “I remember when Main Street was a mecca for cruising,” she said with a laugh. Her love of place pours into her real estate practice, through which

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

she empowers families throughout northeastern Colorado “to buy and sell in a way that suits them,” she said. “I am very transparent. I let people know what works, what doesn’t, how long or short the process might take. Most of my clients come to me through referrals, and I am thankful people know I’ll talk straight with them.” Berry’s straight talk and refreshing honesty were cultivated on the other side of the housing market. After working as a paralegal for years, she represented two iconic brands, Maytag and Electrolux, in the appliance industry, during which time she absorbed almost everything there is to know about appliances, kitchen and bath design and even which home styles best suit specific cooking preferences. “It was a joy to work with builders, designers and architects, and I wanted to help others find a home they love with the look and features they’re passionate about,” she said. “My experience means I can help advise clients on which appliances they can purchase to increase their home value and enhance their own culinary style.” Berry’s commitment to her clients is fierce. “My clients are like my babies,” she said. “I’ll drive them to multiple houses and think about what they need nonstop.” She thrives on analysis and number crunching. “I love doing research, investigating an area and becoming a resource for my clients,” she said. “Heather Berry drove me from Bailey to Estes Park to Wiggins and Fort Morgan...Aurora and up towards Greeley searching for a home for me without even flinching at the drive times. Not to mention the computer time she spent. Heather Berry even pointed out that my lenders figures were wrong. When bringing this to his attention his reply was, wow your Realtor really has her head on straight. In which I replied… I know!,” says Tracey Carter. Jeana Jones, who bought and sold a home with her husband through Berry’s MVP program, said, “Heather understands that looking for a home isn’t a splitsecond decision. She’s patient, knowledgeable and walks you through each and every step of the process.” Angela Lawrence, a nurse who purchased her first home with the assistance of the Community MVP program, agreed: August 10-11, 2019

My Community MVP “program serves those

from out of state and had never met her. As a prior Realtor, she exceeded my expectations,” Kenya McCormack, the veteran’s wife, states.

who are the lifeblood of our community, people who don’t feel like heroes but are out there every day doing great things.

“Heather was patient with the many questions we had and confirmed we understood what would happen next. We spent a lot of time with Heather viewing houses, and she grew to know what we liked even before we saw it.”

An advocate for community MVPs Berry’s Community MVP program is supported entirely by her business and fueled by her “love of getting people into homes where they are happy.” She said, “The program is not an assistance program but my way of saying “Thank You” for someone devoting their life to being a servant to their

Open House Saturday & Sunday 12-3pm

Berry donates at least 30 percent of her commission to qualifying Community MVPs, enabling some of her clients to settle into a stable home with little to no closing costs. (Photo courtesy: Your Berry Own Home).

veterans. She remembered, “We had a veteran Marine living in a townhome in Greeley with his wife, and they were slowly getting priced out of the market. They wanted to buy before the market shifted further, but they’d have to break their lease. The Community MVP program got them under contract, and we used the 30 percent from the program to break the lease. It was a wonderful story.” “We were V.A. customers and actually paid $0.00 for closing. We got paid to close. Heather was very personable and responsive. I am

community. I do this program because I really care about the individuals who qualify.” At Your Berry Own Home, care for community stretches from big things, such as Berry donating a significant portion of her commission to Community MVPs to so-called little things, including regular gifts of chocolate to local emergency respondents and decking her neighborhood with American flags each Independence Day. “I can’t imagine doing less,” she said. Berry is especially eager to serve active duty military members and

Open House Sat: 12-3pm Sun: 1-4pm

257 Alden Dr, Loveland $350,000 3 Beds • 3 Baths • 2 Car Garage

Open House Saturday & Sunday 12-2pm

Jonni Mildenberger 303-921-7105

Lucas Ray 970-815-6618

4486 Chaplin Creek Ct, Loveland $715,000 • MLS# 889080 3 Beds • 5 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 4693

Featured Property

Luxury low maintenance Patio Home! All Bosch appliances, granite counters, walkout basement. All bedrooms have full en suite baths and walk-in closets. Backs to walking trail. Lake is only steps away! Close to I-25 and shopping. Brian Trainor 970-219-0281

Christie Juhl 970- 430-9501 August 10-11, 2019

6297 Crooked Stick Dr, Windsor $879,000 5 Beds • 4 Baths • 3 Car Garage Kit w/gas range & dbl ovens, butlers pantry w/ beverage cooler & walk-in pantry. Mstr ste w/retreat, 5pc ba & walk-in closet. Front executive office/formal dining. Great rm w/surround sound. Bsmt w/9 ft ceilings, kitchenette, 2 bds, gym, media & steam rm.

Maintenance Free Living with Luxury finishes in a highly desired subdivision. Hardwood floors, AC, Fireplace and upgraded throughout. Home will not last. Steve Baumgaertner 970-988-8725

Flexible real estate agents sought as LoKation partners Berry continued, “Part of the reason I can do this is the freedom I have through LoKation Real Estate, a realty company expanding nationwide with more than 120 realtors in Colorado. Selling from Fort Collins to Denver, I work with awesome clients and appreciate that LoKation encourages me to sell my way, supporting my clients.” As a Talent Acquisition Specialist for LoKation Real Estate, Berry is seeking new and seasoned real estate agents “who want a great brokerage with great tech and great tools and very low fees” and “who are willing to persevere for their clients and to do so passionately.” To buy or sell a home or for information on becoming an agent with LoKation Real Estate, contact Heather Berry at 720.340.2019, visit 659 Fourth Ave. in Longmont or go online to yourberryownhome. com.

3026 Zephyr Rd, Fort Collins $530,000 • MLS# 888484 3 Beds • 2 Baths • 2 Car Garage Spectacular low maintenance and highly efficient ranch style home in desirable Kechter Farm. Thousands in upgrades and shows like a model home. Fully landscaped & all appliances included. John Simmons 970-481-1250

Jesse Laner 970-672-7212

970.225.5152 • C3 Real Estate Solution, LLC.

Loveland Reporter-Herald –




LIST YOUR OPEN HOUSE Erie 1722 Southard Street $459,000 Saturday 12:00 PM-2:00 PM Roger Walker RE/MAX Alliance On Walnut (303) 818-5920 210 Pear Lake Way $465,000 Sunday 1:30 PM-3:00 PM Andrew Muller RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 434-6633

Firestone 6513 Silverleaf Court $432,000 Sunday 12:00 PM-3:00 PM Amy Darcy RE/MAX Alliance (303) 725-3756

Livermore 61 Le Conte Dr $545,000 Saturday 11:00 AM-2:00 PM Stephen Foster C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 219-9458 222 Boxer Ranch Rd $1,799,000 Saturday 11:00 AM-2:00 PM Peter Clay C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 460-4006

Longmont 930 Button Rock Drive #106 $298,000 Saturday 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Pat Kahler RE/MAX Alliance (303) 589-5752 1534 Elmhurst Drive $387,970 Saturday 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Chris Martinez RE/MAX Alliance (720) 232-8947




VISIT OPENHOMES.ATHOMECOLORADO.COM OR CALL 303.473.1456, 303.684.5329 1542 Chapman Lane $425,000 Saturday 12:00 AM-2:00 PM Laura Chittick WK Real Estate (303) 332-4118


5801 Grandville Avenue (Sales Center) Starting at $599,900 Saturday 11:00 AM-5:00 PM Roz Pinon Markel Homes (720) 583-2170

Resident Realty

4509 Lucerne Ave $295,000 Saturday 1:00 PM-4:00 PM Robin Serafini (970) 586-0421

92 Coral Burst Dr $640,000 Saturday & Sunday 12:00 PM-3:00 PM Dennis Schick RE/MAX Alliance - Fort Collins (970) 567-3942 2898 Pawnee Creek Dr $645,000

4509 Lucerne Ave

Saturday 1:00 PM-3:00 PM


Dennis Schick

Sunday 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

5801 Grandville Avenue (Sales Center) Robin Serafini Starting at $599,900 Sunday 11:00 AM-5:00 PM Resident Realty Roz Pinon (970) 586-0421 Markel Homes (720) 583-2170 106 N Pamela St 4072 Spy Glass Ln New Homes from the $300’s to $400’s $928,000 Friday - Sunday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Saturday 10:30 AM-1:30 PM Bill Orton Peter Klein RealStars Real Estate LC Home (720) 771-5757 (303) 587-4085

RE/MAX Alliance - Fort Collins

2117 Emerald Drive $950,000 Sunday 12:00 PM-2:00 PM Mike Bader RE/MAX of Boulder (303) 441-5635

120 Sunlight Cir

927 Tempted Ways Drive $1,199,000 Saturday 11:45 AM-3:00 PM ROBERT SAMPSON PRO ALLIANCE ELITE (720) 299-8865

(970) 567-3942 4486 Chaplin Creek Ct $715,000 Saturday 12:00 PM-2:00 PM Brian Trainor C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 219-0281

Red Feather Lakes

257 Alden Dr



Saturday 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday 12:00 PM-3:00 PM

Scott Phebus

John Simmons

C3 Real Estate Solutions

C3 Real Estate Solutions

(970) 215-1316

(970) 481-1250

Windsor 4025 Don Fox Circle $440,000 Saturday & Sunday 12:00 PM-3:00 PM

6297 Crooked Stick Dr $879,000 Saturday 12:00 PM-3:00 PM

4612 Palmer Court $1,200,000 Sunday 1:00 PM-4:00 PM Jamie Zimmerman RE/MAX Alliance (303) 807-1302

Sharon Cook

4805 Mariana Hills Circle

6297 Crooked Stick Dr

8020 N. 81st Street $1,295,000 Saturday 1:00 PM-3:00 PM Rob Justis WK Real Estate (303) 817-0906

New Homes From The $600’s to $700’s


Friday - Sunday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Sunday 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Rollin Goering

John Simmons`

LC Home

C3 Real Estate Solutions

(970) 402-6432

(970) 481-1250

NoCo Realty, Inc. (970) 679-9900

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

John Simmons` C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 481-1250

August 10-11, 2019




1111 103rd Avenue Court, Greeley

1202 Paloverde Drive



Updated 4 bed 2 bath, roomy 2 car garage plus a separate finished studio/workshop building! No HOA, covered back patio, fenced yard plus fenced garden, mature trees, nice landscaping w/ perennials. Cozy wood burning fireplace and soaring ceilings MLS# 890165

w/3bd, 3ba & 2,360sf built by Baessler Homes. London has an open main floor design. Kitchen w/stainless appliances, gas range, granite counters & pantry. O Oversized garage & unfinished bsmnt. Front landscaping & A/C included. Visit model @ 10409 W 12th St. MLS# 889809 Sara Horner 970-443-8556





Tracie Milton 970-227-8097

OPEN SATURDAY 2:30PM - 4PM 846 Charter Oak Ct, Loveland $349,500


What a wonderful home tucked away in a cozy Cul-de-sac w/ a covered front porch. This 4 bed, 2 bath tri level is very cute & offers some nice updates highlighted by granite kitchen counters, SS appliances, wood & wood laminate floors, & a corner gas fireplace w/ a custom wood mantle. Outside there is a nice covered patio/hot tub area & a pool. Need extra storage? Check out the clean crawl space, outside shed, & extra parking on the side. Maintenance free steel siding & 2-year-old roof. Ryan Andre Broker Associate/Partner Cell: 970-381-1081 Office: 970-330-7700

OPEN SATURDAY 10-12 8260 White Owl Court, Windsor

August 10-11, 2019

• Spacious 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome. • Soaring ceilings • Open floor plan • 2 car attached garage • Fenced yard area • Sought after NW Loveland location • Office/loft area Robin Serafini 970-586-0421 Direct

OPEN SATURDAY 11-3, SUNDAY 1-3PM O 3420 Widefield Ct, Loveland



2 story w/4bd, 4ba & 3,920sft. Granite counters in kitchen & all 4 baths. Wood floors. 9’ ceilings. Bright & sunny floorplan. Great Room w/fireplace. Master w/luxury bath. All 4 beds + laundry upstairs. Trex deck & backs to open space. Blocks from the pool & ALL the neighborhood amenities.

4bed/4bath, 2693 sf –In desirable Hunter’s Run. Vaulted Great Room, tons of natural light. New roof, appliances, interior paint, carpet, and windows. Views of Longs Peak, located at the end of a cul-de-sac and backs to green belt. Full finished basement. Yards from community pool and park. Loveland Bike Trail goes through the neighborhood. Pre-inspected and 1 year home warranty.

Jake Tillitt 970-999-4888


4509 Lucerne Ave. Loveland $295,000

Sarah Baldwin 970-232-5283

Jason Filler 970-222-7031

VISIT ATHOMECOLORADO.COM/SUBMIT-OPEN-HOUSE OR CALL 303.473.1456, 303.684.5329 Loveland Reporter-Herald –





To Our Loveland Office





T& SA -3 EN 12 OP SUN


1090 Hiawatha Hwy, Red Feather Lakes

Lando Whitley REALTOR®

(970) 408-0520

In Heart of Red Feather Lakes: Darling Bungalow/Cabin. Views from wrap around decks. Peaceful area w/wildlife. No HOA. New metal roof on house & garage, new water heater & propane heater. Near fishing, restaurants, the Village & more.





2898 Pawnee Creek Dr, Loveland Beautiful Ranch w/walkout bsmt w/10’ ceilings & kitchen! Perfect for mother-in-law suite! Has it all: NEW designer paint, wood flrs, new carpet, quartz & chefs kitchen. Hiking trls, pool, park, High Plains Enviro Center & EC-8 STEM school! $645,000 | MLS #883900




$640,000 | MLS #888918



Call Dennis Schick


623 Callisto Dr 202, Loveland

1149 Coral Burst Dr, Loveland

Custom Hawkstone Builders plan. Full UF walk-out bsmt. Hardwd, granite in kitchen & baths, fireplace, alder Tharp cabinetry, SS app pkg, gas cooktop, double ovens, fridge, tankless H20 heater, A/C, deck, lower patio, 3 car garage, covered porch.

$340,000 | MLS #888723

$590,000 | MLS #836303



Call Dennis Schick


231 Glacier View Pl, Loveland

$223,000 | MLS #890442

Stunningly upgraded Tulip Creek condo! Open plan w/2 car att. Upgraded kitchen: new gas stove, granite, custom cabinetry, lighting. Hickory flring in kitchen & dining & upgraded carpet. Custom window coverings! Storage & built-ins in master & lndry.

Listed by Dennis Schick

Gorgeous Mariana Butte 2-story. Meticulously maintained. Grand 2-story entry & living rm, formal dining, hardwd, eat-in kitchen open to family rm w/FP. Spacious master w/vaulted ceiling, WIC, 5pc. Bsmt w/rec space & wet bar.Mature landscape, 2 patios, fire pit.

1092 Coral Burst Dr, Loveland NEW PRICE! Gorgeous Alford Lake ranch w/covered porch. Meticulously maintained. Spacious great rm w/FP, open to kitchen & dining for entertaining. Gorgeous kitchen. Bsmt w/rec rm, wet bar, full theater set up - screen & projector inc! Wonderful outdoor space w/2 covered patios.

Call Louise Creager



2930 Culebra Peak Dr, Loveland

Wonderful 7 Lakes ranch w/open layout & vaulted ceilings! Bsmt w/rec rm, wet bar. Upgrades: new slate kitchen apps, refin hardwd, walk-in tub, new furnace & AC, upgraded windows, new bsmt carpet w/25yr wrty & fresh paint. Lg patio! Miles of trls & access to 2 private non-motorized lakes!

$450,000 | MLS #889304

Call Dennis Schick

970-567-3942 Co-Listed by Ryan Livingston 970-556-8833

The Following Loveland-Area Home Sales Were Supplied By Colorado Weekly Homebuyers List Inc., 303-744-2020. Listed Are The Buyer, The Property Address, The Seller And The Amount.

$585,000 | MLS #884463

Call Dennis Schick

10325 W 11th St, Greeley

Aspen Homes 2-story w/UF daylight bsmt. Lg master w/WIC & 5pc. Eat-in kitchen w/island, granite, 30”upper cabinets, pantry, SS or slate apps. Std: A/C, Smart thermostat, tankless HO heater & 9’walls on mn. Highly efficient. Oversize Garage! Front Landscape. $3k Closing Cost Credit w/Pref Lender. $355,100 | MLS #875506

Call Dennis Schick


Thinking of buying? Tammy Kauffman Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #664512 750 W. Eisenhower Blvd. Loveland, CO 80537 970.613.4850 office 970.237.9215 mobile 844.714.4800 fax | Home Mortgage Alliance, LLC is a registered as a Colorado Mortgage Company and a sponsored originator authorized to broker FHA and VA loans. NMLS# 1137507. Home Mortgage Alliance, LLC is regulated by the Colorado Department of Real Estate, and offers many loan products. Contact a Home Mortgage Alliance, LLC Representative to learn more. This is not a commitment to lend. Stearns Lending, Inc. is regulated by the Colorado Division of Real Estate. NMLS# 1854.

RE/MAX Alliance · Each office independently owned & operated · Five Northern Colorado locations to serve you. 4703-A Boardwalk Dr, Fort Collins | (970) 226-3990 125 S. Howes St, Ste 120, Fort Collins | (970) 482-1781 750W Eisenhower, Loveland | (970) 669-1234 1275 58th Ave, Ste A, Greeley | (970) 330-5000 2006 Cleveland Ave,Wellington | (970) 206-8343


Estes Park UÊ Kimberly Miller -- 2760 Fall River Road # C-15, Lamson California LLC, $225,000. UÊ Craig and Jacqueline Beskid -- 3803 Dollar Lake Drive, 3803 Dollar Lake Drive LLC, $529,000. UÊ James and Theresa Armentrout -- 1165 Fish Creek Road, Gordon and Michelle Walker, $605,000.

Call Dennis Schick

970-567-3942 Co-Listed by Jesse Kershner 970-567-0279

Talk to our loan officer with Home Mortgage Alliance to apply today!


Berthoud UÊ Nicolas and Lee Hansen -- 516 Grand Market Ave., Richfield Homes LLC, $329,400. UÊ Natalie Mcqueen -- 143 S 8Th St., Creekside Devl LLC, $338,000. UÊ Keith Campbell -- 526 Grand Market Ave., Richfield Homes LLC, $351,200. UÊ Anne Kelly -- 825 10Th St., Blake and Laurie Evans, $352,000. UÊ Blas and Delfina Hernandez -- 536 Grand Market Ave., Richfield Homes LLC, $361,200. UÊ Kathryn Renick -- 345 Canyonlands St., Saint Aubyn Homes LLC, $388,400. UÊ David and Sheila Biekert -- 1507 Glacier Ave., Michael and Suzanne Wroblewski, $425,000. UÊ Shane Markham -- 527 Mount Rainier St., Craig and Genni Burkhart, $525,000. UÊ Michael and Kristi Trott -- 2813 Martingale Drive, Morgan and Nina Pears, $594,500. UÊ Courtney Zenner -- 3313 Tranquility Way, Jacob J Cellmer, $684,900.

Fort Collins UÊ Hugh and Margie Perkins -- 1305 Kirkwood Drive Apt 202, Robert L Klein, $162,000. UÊ Klaudia and Adam Polak -- 925 Columbia Road Apt 611, Shelly Renee Staley, $172,700. UÊ Rebecca Hawthorne -- 620 Mathews St. Apt 212, Lauer Family Trust, $186,000. UÊ Matthew Brofft -- 925 Columbia Road Apt 322, Pierce and Jessica Powers, $204,000. UÊ Lawrence Mccready -- 2601 Parklake Court Apt 1, Christopher B Griffith, $217,700. UÊ Jeffrey and Mary Sellman -1832 Indian Meadows Lane, Ann Janitell Daniel Ervin LLC, $225,000.

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

UÊ Randall Peters -- 3029 Ross Drive Apt Y6, Wvw Rental LLC, $235,000. UÊ Elizabeth and Matthew Collar -3500 Carlton Ave. Unit D21, Nina L Subry, $262,000. UÊ Eleanor Maynerick -- 721 Waterglen Drive # 114, Jeremy Tand, $270,000. UÊ Saffron Henke -- 5421 Fossil Court N, Michael K Thomas, $276,800. UÊ Jackie Ricketts -- 2133 Krisron Road Unit A-108, James and Susan Orth, $290,000. UÊ Michael Caywood -- 6808 Antigua Drive Unit 32, William and Dana Mckinney, $300,000. UÊ Megan and Anita Kelly -- 204 Rick Drive, Samuel Ramos, $300,000. UÊ Amy Marso -- 357 Albion Way Unit B2, Adrienne Sharpe, $303,000. UÊ Nathan Hinrichs -- 1524 Hastings Drive, Kurt and Jennifer Kellogg, $310,000. UÊ Jordan Graf -- 1220 Maple St., Jared M Scott, $315,000. UÊ Jennifer Rieskamp -- 1005 Glenmoor Drive, Heather and Robert Novak, $335,000. UÊ Rajiv Poudel -- 1925 W County Road 56, Doniphan Holdings LLC, $335,000. UÊ Nick and Kelsey Bukowski -- 1408 Shamrock St., Teresa and Wendell Thomas, $345,000. UÊ Rod and Elaine Barnhart -- 1212 Solstice Lane, David and Evelyn Swiss, $355,000. UÊ Ravindra and Smarana Sajjan -5232 Cornerstone Drive, Jeffrey R French, $355,000. UÊ Edward and Shyla Glavin -- 2727 Port Place Drive, Fatima and Lenin Mantilla, $355,000. UÊ Andrew and Samantha Hagon -- 3101 Crockett St., Kristi R Fanning, $365,000. UÊ Kirk Petty -- 2202 Maple Hill Drive, Juan Carlos Villa, $367,000. UÊ Alyssa Young -- 2713 Killdeer Drive, Richard and Patricia Walsh, $370,000. UÊ Lynn Magenheimer -- 2507 Charolais Drive, Distant Shores LLC, $370,000. UÊ Ruth Morris -- 2519 Banbury Lane, John and Be Morris, $375,000. UÊ Alexander Lincoln -- 1919 Derby Court, Donald and Kimberly Robuck, $385,000. UÊ Michael and Michelle Monge -1924 Derby Court, Richard and Lois Lawson, $387,000. UÊ Joseph Engels -- 2402 Sunray Court, Kathleen M Fagan, $387,000. UÊ Andrew Bushey -- 3005 Ringneck Drive, Eileen A Orme, $398,200. UÊ Kevin Driscoll -- 1012 WagonAugust 10-11, 2019



wheel Drive, Jennifer K Bozeman Trust, $401,800. Jesse Moon -- 3407 Lancaster Drive, Henry Koszarek, $415,000. Lance Smith -- 2909 Spring Harvest Lane, Melanie A Smith, $420,000. Dustin and Katherine Williams -2508 Mathews St., Adam and Erica Zipperer, $421,000. Beth Castillo -- 6002 Medlar Place, Toll Co I LLC, $423,800. Suzanne and Christopher White -- 910 E Stuart St., Diane and Scott Easton, $425,000. Michael and Debra Houx -- 756 Harts Gardens Lane, Kimberly and Jonathan Oneil, $425,000. Zachary and Caitlyn Vestal -- 1245 Banyan Drive, Erik and Emily Wilmsen, $432,000. Susan Potilechio -- 1501 Fuqua Drive, Patricia C Dixon, $435,000. Jessica and Will Moore -- 4125 Dillon Way, Brendan D Flynn, $438,000. David and Karen Dickason -- 506 Flagler Road, C Anne Pielstick, $440,000. Nikos Jaeger -- 1126 Sawtooth Oak Court, Raymond and Kimberl Daniel, $460,500. Adithya Nanduri -- 1300 Fairway 5 Drive, J Sims, $482,000. Lucindy Romines -- 3901 Moss Creek Drive, Kirk and Martha Petty, $494,500. Jenna and Mark Mark -- 1139 W Mulberry St., Sarah Louise Cline, $495,000. Bonnie Montierth -- 3437 Greystone Court, Patricia and David Shawaker, $550,000. Diane and Tom Freeman -- 5914 Espalier Lane, Toll Co I LLC, $552,800. Matthew and Cherie Braaten -- 2430 Spruce Creek Drive, Richmond Am Homes Colo Inc, $559,300. Douglas Lloyd -- 2009 Blue Yonder Drive, Erin and Darin Glenn, $565,000. Kenneth and Michele Christensen -321 Dassault St., Calatlantic Group Inc, $600,000. Craig and Jennifer Smith -- 1702 Beamreach Place, Bluestone Homes Colo LLC, $624,100. James Tacy -- 1209 Lindenwood Drive, Margaret E Pineda Tr, $643,200. Patricia Jaramillobrown -- 3750 S Bar G Lane, Margaret and Scott Glick, $695,900. Kristi Brown -- 116 3Rd St., Cody Kent Van, $745,000. Cobey Wess -- 2421 Treestead Road, Denise and Patrick Juliana, $750,000. Richard and Dawn Lutz -- 5926 Espalier Lane, Toll Co I LLC, $783,800.

August 10-11, 2019

UÊ Jason and Landry Griffin -- 2016 Linden Lake Road, Patti and Bryan Redlin, $800,000. UÊ Lucy Meyring -- 1925 W County Road 56, Ted and Karen Lewandowski, $835,000. UÊ John and Sara Schmidt -- 7811 S County Road 13, Keri and Chelsea King, $1,080,000. UÊ Keri and Chelsea King -- 1331 W Mountain Ave., and Michele Kenneth, $1,195,000. Greeley UÊ Daniel Manweiler -- 2923 W 12Th St. Road, Robbin Jo Myers, $190,000. UÊ Fabiola Tinajero -- 1710 8Th St., Apc Storage LLC, $234,000. UÊ Kimberly Durocher -- 5775 29Th St. Unit 207, Jesse D Moore, $239,000. UÊ Edgar Rivasgarcia -- 1111 E 25Th St. Lane, Jose M Rizo, $242,000. UÊ Cynthia Coonts -- 1825 7Th St., Brian Iannacchione, $245,000. UÊ Brennan and Robert Baglio -- 1014 19Th Ave., Monica Vandertuin, $245,000. UÊ Mayolo Sanchez -- 1815 30Th St. Road, Laura Sigala, $246,500. UÊ Luis Vazquez -- 3660 W 25Th St. Unit 302, Tru Grit Noco LLC, $247,000. UÊ Ma Ruiz -- 3231 5Th St. Road, Kella J Kline, $259,000. UÊ David Dixon -- 2425 14Th Ave., R D Homes LLC, $259,500. UÊ Sabrina Rowe -- 2410 25Th Ave., Monica Romo, $263,000. UÊ Mohammed Kamal -- 2527 14Th Ave., Dave and Keeley Arredondo, $265,000. UÊ Denese Watts -- 5601 18Th St. Unit 7, Twyla J Glasscox Trust, $268,300. UÊ Colleen Mcintosh -- 4654 Mesa Verde Drive, Andersen Corp, $270,000. UÊ Tammy Rowan -- 2220 2Nd St., Douglas and Lila Austin, $272,700. UÊ Abriana Fernandez -- 1320 27Th St., Joshua and Rebecca Fulenwider, $275,000. UÊ Isaac Kouma -- 2518 12Th Ave. Court, Delbert and Linda Cannon, $280,000. UÊ Sean and Erin Stengl -- 4917 W 10Th St. Road, Anthony J Sisneros, $285,000. UÊ Ian Mcdaniel -- 2211 11Th St., Jeremy E Moore, $285,000. UÊ Tadd and Laura Schmidt -- 1501 31St Ave., James J Maloney, $292,700. UÊ Dennis Belanger -- 1735 6Th Ave., David L Alvarado, $295,000. UÊ Jonathan and Mary Breuer -- 5121 W 17Th St., Matthew and Angelyn Makomenaw, $295,000. UÊ Ray Amaya -- 4538 Lake Mead Drive, Kirby Lee Sunde, $295,000.

UÊ Benjamin Farney -- 2102 Reservoir Road, Mikeque Read, $295,000. UÊ Jesse Engelman -- 2539 21St Ave., Taylor C Clark, $295,200. UÊ Carolyn Tarman -- 4902 29Th St. Unit 1D, Crystal L Schwartz, $299,500. UÊ Lisa Calvert -- 3819 W 7Th St. Road, Dennis and Jolene Johnson, $300,000. UÊ Frank Tenorio -- 1911 20Th St. Road, Kent A Ferguson, $307,000. UÊ Christopher Quammen -- 701 43Rd Ave., Carolyn Kilgore Tarman, $308,100. UÊ Sara Griess -- 280 50Th Ave., Thomas Linnea Tanner Living , $310,000. UÊ Michael Martines -- 4000 W 15Th St., Brandon Sullivan, $315,000. UÊ Tara Sleeman -- 4404 W 6Th St., Austin and Perrla Barker, $341,000. UÊ Naomi Perez -- 180 50Th Ave. Place, Chad and Monica Beckner, $344,900. UÊ Scott Mccallie -- 4515 W 30Th St. Road, Michael and Daniel Anderson, $345,000. UÊ Omar Villalba -- 3304 Syrah St., Tiel Tree LLC, $348,000. UÊ Lance Thompson -- 1013 78Th Ave., Terry Williams, $350,000. UÊ David Munozhidalgo -- 1531 3Rd Ave., Erika Chavez Olivas, $355,000. UÊ Bryan and Becky Kerns -- 109 N 43Rd Ave., Clinton and Hilary May, $359,000. UÊ Candelario Nevarezlucero -- 2001 Talon Parkway, Michael and Jamie Goodrich, $392,500. UÊ Colleen and Ronell Heitman -- 2706 18Th St. Road, L and Cynthia Duncan, $398,000. UÊ Justin and James Maloney -- 8656 16Th St. Road, Aspen View Homes LLC, $413,200. UÊ Michael and Sharon Saelens -- 8201 River Run Drive, Baessler Residential Colo , $428,800. UÊ Jeff and Bethany Wiley -- 114 Canberra Ave., Jonathan L Shiver, $430,000. UÊ Isidro and Bailey Cortez -- 5427 W 6Th St., Jason and Lindsay Yeater, $479,000. UÊ Joseph and Kelli Milke -- 3951 18Th St. Lane, Tyler A Richardson T, $775,000. Johnstown UÊ Josie Pirtle -- 14 S Greeley Ave., Katie and Scott Inskeep, $272,000. UÊ Barbara Ullmann -- 205 Darlington Lane, Benchmark Custom Homes LLC, $369,000. UÊ John Goddard -- 4313 Limestone Lane, Robert and Betty Crouch, $390,000. UÊ Donna Mongold -- 201 Darlington Lane, Benchmark Custom Homes LLC, $391,000.

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

UÊ Leen Leenaerts -- 2905 Blue Acona Way, Chad and Emilee Braunsroth, $415,000. UÊ Kyle and Isabelle Johnson -- 3624 Pinewood Court, Gretchen Tiede, $417,500. UÊ George and Joanne Nuffer -- 4356 Shepardscress Drive, Maurice Pike Sherri Hamlin , $545,000. Loveland UÊ Jeremy and Haley Dreweck -- 2980 Kincaid Drive Apt 106, Enchantment Constr LLC, $242,000. UÊ Jeffrey and Jaclyn Deaner -- 4384 Grant Ave., Mark and Greta Mcclendon, $265,000. UÊ John and Elizabeth King -- 2123 Grays Peak Drive Unit 101, Richard A Marshall, $274,000. UÊ Andy Dobler -- 510 Sundisk Drive, Margaret Ann Spears, $300,000. UÊ Christine Wood -- 394 W 13Th St., Maurice and Patty Pike, $310,000. UÊ Kristin and David Cain -- 2525 Cedar Drive, Phillp and Jennif Stangelo, $315,000. UÊ Tim Yaussi -- 1748 Moonstone Circle, Noah and Brittany Adams, $320,000. UÊ Clinton Lough -- 229 Ranae Drive, R S Shovea Real Estate LLC, $325,000. UÊ Eugene and Laura Hiltner -- 2376 Sopris Circle, Linda Darlene Nygaard, $335,000. UÊ Anthony Patinella -- 1232 Juliana Drive, Andrew and Sarah Hirshfield, $340,000. UÊ Mark and Sarah Mckeen -- 2211 W 44Th St., James R Mines, $343,000. UÊ Sarah Knapp -- 4956 Filbert Drive, Celine Knoll Family Trust, $347,500. UÊ Lew Parsons -- 684 Callisto Drive, David A Farnsworth, $350,000. UÊ Carl Hillmer -- 4153 Coaldale Drive, Holly Faith Fajardo, $360,000. UÊ David Demchok -- 574 W 48Th St., Michael and Kimberly Mills, $365,000. UÊ Andrew and Sarah Hirshfield -1542 W 31St St., Kevin and Kristen Hunter, $375,000. UÊ Nelson and Darby Yarlott -- 2429 Mary Beth Court, Mary Jane Locke Living Trust, $388,000. UÊ Raymond and Marsha Scheese -940 Sitka Court, Ryan and Sunny Grandpre, $388,000. UÊ Richard and Virginia Rutz -- 1726 Silver Leaf Drive, Bgrs Relocation Inc, $390,000. UÊ Steven and Debra Webb -- 1229 E 3Rd St., David L Ramirez, $390,000. UÊ Jay and Patricia Gluck -- 1106 Yew Place, Donald and Marilyn Burns, $398,000. UÊ Steven Ungphakorn -- 6272 Sea Gull Circle, Cameron and Candyce AT HOME


Mcnairy, $398,300. UÊ Katherine Mcdermott -- 807 Waxberry Court, Brian D Farmer, $409,000. UÊ Curtis and Danielle Campbell -- 1135 Cygnus Drive, Eric and Cynthia Benfield, $410,000. UÊ George and Patricia Hess -- 3083 Ivy Drive, Kara C Lemay, $418,000. UÊ Robert Belleau -- 2737 Glendale Drive, Dennis and Angelia Kelly, $420,000. UÊ Steven Saner -- 4879 N Franklin Ave., Robert R Addie Leah T, $420,000. UÊ John and Lynn Suess -- 4029 Don Fox Circle, Weberg Family Trust, $430,000. UÊ Benjamin and Maria Milleville -- 4200 Lookout Drive, Brent and Janice Herren, $432,500. UÊ George and Joy Sandford -- 3363 Cuchara Court, Ronald M Lynn R Livi, $435,000. UÊ Thomas Cox -- 6370 Ozark Ave., Peter and Rebecca Champion, $470,000. UÊ Jonathan and Elizabeth Pass -- 227 Riker Court, Lew and Kimberley Parsons, $470,000. UÊ Linnea Nelson -- 2407 James Drive, Steven and Shelly Falk, $475,000. UÊ Theodore and Martha Schmidt -485 Mariana Pointe Drive, Larson Family Trust, $480,000.

UÊ James and Stacy Mcreynolds -- 3775 Whitebark Place, Mirza and Anna Peljto, $484,500. UÊ Lynne Mcrae -- 1605 Sunnyside Drive, Kyle E Say, $484,900. UÊ Philip Ingersoll -- 6572 Sea Gull Circle, Ron P Fields, $490,000. UÊ Robert and Catherine Hansen -- 4567 Foothills Drive, Evan and Jennifer Wilson, $515,000. UÊ Rebecca and Matthew Elliott -1285 Crabapple Drive, Fernandez Revocable Trust, $524,000. UÊ Michael and Shannon Harris -- 5095 Georgetown Drive, James L Stroh Martha L Stroh , $545,000. UÊ Stephen and Andrea Dratch -- 645 W 6Th St., Barbara Anne Wible, $550,000. UÊ Joshua and Allison Sapp -- 3160 Challenger Pt. Drive, Allen and Ashley Beall, $600,000. UÊ Alan and Susan Noraker -- 732 Deer Meadows Drive, H Valerie Bruce Living Trust, $685,000. UÊ Josh Whitney -- 4832 Mariana Hills Circle, Lc Home Mariana Butte LLC, $737,800. UÊ Blaine and Mary Pritchett -- 931 Owl Grove Place, Steven and Geertje Fereday, $750,000. Windsor UÊ Francis and Jan Upczak -- 502 5Th St., Home Partners Ga 2015 LLC,


$275,000. UÊ Earl Murphy -- 704 Elm St., Lynn Sanders, $275,000. UÊ Cara Slaughter -- 2154 Montauk Lane Unit 4, Virginia Slaughter, $300,000. UÊ Amber Miller -- 2140 Peach Blossom Drive, Journey Homes LLC, $313,300. UÊ Todd Burt -- 724 Lilac Drive, Joseph Rhoads, $320,000. UÊ Brec Burnett -- 2128 Peach Blossom Drive, Journey Homes LLC, $342,500. UÊ Michael and Keely Westfall -- 1663 Whitely Drive, Melody Homes Inc, $361,400. UÊ John Wightman -- 1224 Westwood Drive, Ellisa E Baker, $370,000. UÊ Steven and Marilyn Groeteke -2057 Day Spring Drive, J J Constr Northern Colo LLC, $371,400. UÊ Christopher Berg -- 1427 Silverwood Court, Melissa and Ben Stockberger, $375,000. UÊ Robert and Denise Franklin -- 2100 Reliance Drive, J J Constr Northern Colo LLC, $388,500. UÊ Dustin and Nicole Mullen -- 1659 Highfield Drive, Melody Homes Inc, $398,000. UÊ Greg and Heather Hageman -- 1667 Whitely Drive, Melody Homes Inc, $403,800. UÊ Heather Hill -- 2058 Reliance Drive, is UNDER CONTRACT! Find your dream home at: • Fort Collins $420,000

Lovely 2-Story Home in Ridgewood Hills Updated Kitchen with Eat-In Area Finished Basement with Media Space Fenced Backyard with Patio to enjoy

4025 DON FOX CIRCLE, LOVELAND $440,000 3 BD • 3 BA • 2,950 SF Maintenance-free patio home lifestyle! Outstanding water views overlooking river, natural area, pond and mountains. Hickory floors and cherry cabinets. Master walk-in shower. Guest bedroom, bath w/ steam shower, fireplace and kitchenette in garden level basement. No shortage of Colorado beauty and wildlife at your doorstep! Sharon Cook 970.679.9900 14


Journey Homes LLC, $434,100. UÊ Allison and Aaron Ellingson -- 2118 Reliance Drive, Journey Homes LLC, $436,300. UÊ Luke and Lily Harris -- 5147 Osbourne Drive, Richmond Am Homes Colo Inc, $439,000. UÊ Cameron and Candyce Mcnairy -- 1800 Nightfall Drive, Melody Homes Inc, $440,000. UÊ Julia Udick -- 946 Tail Water Drive, Tyler and Kelli Walter, $470,000. UÊ Kathleen Lafond -- 5513 Flamboro Drive, Pamela M Bercher, $476,000. UÊ Dorothea Boettcher -- 798 Pioneer Place, Barry and Deborah Denison, $500,000. UÊ John and Vorawannee Booth -- 6013 Carmon Drive, Bridgewater Homes LLC, $516,200. UÊ Walter and Donna Johnson -- 8214 Spinnaker Bay Drive, Andrew and Jeanette Dejong, $535,000. UÊ Michael and Jamie Goodrich -- 1514 Heirloom Drive, Aspen View Homes LLC, $558,300. UÊ Jacob and Kylee Strauss -- 1887 Cloud Court, Bridgewater Homes LLC, $582,300. UÊ Ryan and Michelle Perzee -- 7308 Willow Ridge, Warren and Paula Emly, $625,000.

#HappyPetHappyHome In memory of sweet, Snowflake $375,000

4 Bedroom - 3 on one level Fenced Backyard plus Storage Shed Gas Log Fireplace in Family Room Built-In Desk & Cabinet in Kitchen $355,000


Candyce Edelen & Phil Donaldson

Brick, Ranch Home built in 1918 Close to Downtown Loveland Original Wood Floors Large Backyard with Garden Area

Stef Erion 970.415.7598 Loveland Reporter-Herald –

August 10-11, 2019

Real Estate place yoUr ad:

Real Estate

FAIR HOUSING NOTICE All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Law which makes it illegal to advertise a preference limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion , sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or an intention to make any such preferences, limitation or discrimination. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination, call The Colorado Civil Rights Office at 1-800-262-4845/ HUD at 1-800-669-9777.

303.466.3636 BoUlder/Broomfield/longmont or 970.635.3650 loveland or


1558 Deanna, 2BR 4-Plex Apt: No Pets. Refs, $800/month, heat & water paid. 1 Year Lease. 970-222-1566.

Foothills Apartments 2BR 1BA Units in Loveland: Summer Special 1/2 Off 1st Month Rent Washer/Dryer in Unit. $1195/month + $1195 deposit, water, sewer, trash included. Garages Available for Rent. No Pets. 1 Year Lease. 970-669-7850

Downtown 10’x30’ Unit No Electricity. Close to all Apts. $200/mo + $100/dep. 970-669-1212 Leave message.

DRIVE YOUR WHEELS 2BR+ Mobile Home at Homestead Park in Campion CO: Newly Remodeled, 12’x55’ + 2 Rooms Added, Deck Off Front, Fenced Back Yard 8’x20’ Shed. $32,000 FSBO. Cash Sale. 507-473-3735

Water Mineral Want to purchase minerals and other oil/gas interests. Send details to: P.O. Box 13557, Denver, CO 80201

August 10, 2019

List your car, RV, boat or motorcycle and get ready to roll. Call Now! 303-466-3636 970-635-3650 719-275-5300 or 888-355-0935

Here in Colorado, we like our trails long our mountains high and our news from a Colorado journalist. Thank you for reading and supporting your local newspaper! Reporter-Herald




Rossum Drr..



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Sales Office | Tue, Fri - Sat 10am - 6pm Rollin Goering | (970) 402-6432

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 18 Hole Golf Course Community


 Nature Trails  Big Thompson River & Hogback Views

Mariana Butte Golf Course


ua Ave.

Big Thom

o ps

Mariana Butte Golf Course

W Eisenhower Blvd.


R iver

S Wilson Ave.


Ros sum Dr.

 Walk to Mariana Butte Golf Course & Nature Trails, & Boedecker Lake  Minutes from Downtown  Next to Namaqua Elementary

N. Namaq


Sales Office | Tue, Fri - Sat 10am - 6pm Bill Orton | (303) 587-4085

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Loveland Reporter-Herald –

August 10-11, 2019

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