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A Superior Community Steps from Downtown

The Year Ahead in Luxury Real Estate Trendy Kitchen Upgrades Resort-Style Living in Your Own Backyard FEBRUARY 2021 | ATHOMECOLORADO.COM The Wall Street Journal news organization was not involved in the creation of this content.

Welcome to Anthem Reserve. Experience the last new neighborhood at Anthem. A more intimate feel. More expansive views. Larger homesites. And limitless possibilities. Plus everything that life at Anthem offers.

Anthem’s premium enclave is situated on Broomfield’s highest point. Choose from Epic Homes or our new custom homebuilder, Copper Homes. Offering a limited number of luxury, semi-custom and custom homes from the $800s. Find yours at Newland is the largest private developer of mixed-use communities in the United States. With our partner, North America Sekisui House, LLC, we believe it is our responsibility to create enduring, healthier communities for people to live life in ways that matter most to them. | EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY: NASH Anthem, LLC (“Owner”) is the owner and developer of the Anthem Community (“Community”). Certain homebuilders, unaffiliated with Owner or its related entities are building homes in the Community. Owner has retained Newland Real Estate Group, LLC (“Newland”) solely as the Community’s property manager. North America Sekisui House, LLC (“NASH”) has an interest in one of Owner’s members. Owner, Newland and NASH are not co-developing, co-building or otherwise responsible for any of the obligations or representations of any of the Builders, and shall have no obligations to any buyer regarding a home purchased from a Builder. Owner’s obligations with respect to the community is limited to the development of certain infrastructure improvements and such obligations run solely to persons buying real property directly from Owner. Buyers of homes from any of the Builders waive any claims against Owner, Newland and/or NASH arising out of their purchase transaction. Actual development may vary from Owner’s vision. No guarantee is made that development will proceed as described. Not an offering to residents where prior qualification of out-of-state real estate offerings is required unless the Community has been so qualified or exemptions are available. ©2021 Anthem. All Rights Reserved. Anthem is a trademark of Owner and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without prior written permission.




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View from a home at Discovery Ridge in Superior. (Photo: Timothy Seibert, Flatirons Pro Media).

February 2021

















CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Brittany Anas, Linda Thorsen Bond, Emma Castleberry, Kathleen Duff, Adam Goldstein, Sarah Huber, Luanne Kadlub, Julie Kailus, Emily Kemme, John Lehndorff, Wendy McMillan, Darren Thornberry MANAGING EDITOR / DESIGNER Greg Stone

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Buyers are leaning towards properties that have expansive views, great outdoor spaces and easy access to trails. LEFT: 275 Alpine Drive in Nederland, showcases it’s ultimate “wow” feature: A lake view. (Photo: Rob Larsen Photography/RE/MAX Alliance). RIGHT: 57 Acorn Lane in Boulder, which is currently under contract, has a unique feature: A bathtub with a wall that opens up to a sweeping view. (Photo: RE/MAX of Boulder).


By Brittany Anas


he coronavirus pandemic has been a mainstay for nearly a year now, and, with all the extra time spent hunkered down at home, many people are reimagining the very definitions of their living spaces. In fact, a home isn’t just a living space anymore. It’s a workspace, classroom, gym, meditation studio and so much more. No doubt, COVID-19 changed the priorities of buyers. Ample outdoor space, for instance, has always been on buyer’s wish lists. Now, in an era of COVID, it’s a coveted amenity. But, in addition to the pandemic, record-low interest rates, an inventory shortage and a potential urban exodus are influencing the 2021 real estate market. Specifically, in Boulder County, home prices are reaching record highs as buyers are looking to trade dense cities to live in places surrounded by nature. The average sales price of single-family homes in Boulder County in December 2020, the latest data available, was $855,461 — which is a 15.7 percent increase from the prior year, according to a report from the Colorado Association of Realtors. Meanwhile, the inventory of the single-family homes for sale in December 2020 was down 62 percent from the previous year. These homes are getting snapped up much quicker, too, spending an average of 48 days on the market compared to 6

February 2021

55 days a year ago. Statewide, the average sales price on single-family home sales increased nearly 21 percent in December 2020 compared to December 2019 and days on the market dropped from 56 to 39. “In regards to inventory, this is the tightest we have ever seen the market for properties above $2.5 million,” says Greg Smith, broker and owner with RE/MAX Alliance, which serves Boulder Valley. (Case-in-point: About four in 10 of these luxury properties that are listed within the city of Boulder are under contract). Also, homes are flying off the market at their list prices or above. To put it another way, there’s intense competition for singlefamily homes, especially luxury ones, that are in short-supply. We caught up with real estate experts from WK Real Estate, RE/MAX Alliance and RE/MAX of Boulder to get a pulse on the luxury housing market in the area and to hear what trends they expect to be at play for the rest of 2021. Here, five trends that will shape the luxury real estate market in Boulder County in this unprecedented year, according to experts. DEDICATED SPACES ARE A MUST In the luxury market, Realtors® tell the story of a home, explains Todd Gullette, managing broker of RE/MAX of Boulder. The narrative goes beyond the home’s finishes, with a focus on

Karen Bernardi


2700 Canyon Blvd. Suite 200, Boulder, CO | 303.402.6000 |

Lake and Mountain Views

6609 BASELINE ROAD | BOULDER With over 30 years of experience, we’re the premier choice for your Boulder area real estate needs. 2721 N LAKERIDGE TRAIL | BOULDER



Lake of the Pines

Sensational Views

Completely Renovated




SOLD - $2,887,500

SOLD - $2,073,500

SOLD - $1,917,500


the type of lifestyle that a luxury home can provide. In today’s market, when Realtors are telling the story of a listing, they’re talking about the yoga studios, the extra office space and how you can get outside and be in the sun and be close to walking trails, Gullette says. Now more than ever, homes are wellness spaces. They’re zen spaces. When at home, Gullette says, people need to feel physically, mentally and psychologically healthy in their living spaces. As part of this trend, buyers are expecting their homes to have multiple functional spaces. Home offices, art studios and in-law suites are all showing up on the must-have lists, Smith says. OUTDOOR SPACE TOPS BUYERS’ WISHLISTS The great outdoors got even greater in the past year. Today’s buyers are putting an even bigger emphasis on their desires for space and privacy, and access to outdoor amenities. Buyers, Smith says, are leaning towards properties that have expansive views, great outdoor spaces and easy access to trails. “This is different than we have seen in the past when proximity to downtown was far more important,” Smith says. One of RE/MAX Alliance’s listings — 275 Alpine Drive in Nederland — has the ultimate “wow” feature: A lake view. The urban chalet is perched on a hillside with mountain views, too, offering an ultimate two-for-one. The home is outfitted with plenty of windows to show off the stunning views. While buyers have always sought out Colorado for its mountains, trails and abundance of sunshine, Gullette says, these attributes are even more attractive as people look for an area where they can enjoy time outside As far as home features go, Gullette says, there’s also a new demand for pools. In the past, pools didn’t add much value to homes, and were often seen as a negative because the required maintenance. Now, buyers are interested in at-home pool days and pool builders are having a tough time keeping up with the surge in interests. One of RE/MAX of Boulder’s listings that is currently under contract — 57 Acorn Lane in Boulder — has a unique feature: A bathtub with a wall that opens up to a sweeping view. It’s like a bath on the side of a mountain, Gullette says. SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY IS EVOLVING “Smart home technology is really coming to the forefront,” Smith says. If you would have mentioned a “smart home” a few years ago, you’d probably think of things like Amazon’s Alexa, as well as voice-controlled thermostats and home security cameras. But smart features have made quantum leaps in the most recent year. Just about everything in a home — lights, appliances, speakers, garage doors, cooking utensils, window blinds — can connect to the Internet. 8

February 2021

Among some of the smart home features of the future are refrigerators that are equipped with UV sanitizers and that are capable of keeping inventory of its contents, helping generate shopping lists. Smart bathrooms can now involve touchless technology and LCD shower panels that give you control over optimal shower temperature, water pressure, steam and music. WITH THE OPTION TO WORK FROM ANYWHERE, PEOPLE HAVE AN EYE ON BOULDER As the pandemic swept the globe, the world went virtual almost overnight. Companies experimented with remote workplaces and now many are adopting more permanent work-from-home policies. Those who have been tethered to offices in major metros have the freedom to move about the country now. “I call it the ‘airplane effect’,” Smith says. “Pre-COVID when you’d meet someone on an airplane and tell them where you’re from, the first response is: ‘Oh my gosh, I love Boulder, Colorado. I’ve always wanted to live there or I have friends and family there.’ Now, the remote work trend has allowed this dream to become a reality for many and people are making the move.” Smith is seeing people migrate from downtown areas to the mountains or to larger parcels in eastern portions of the county. The modern farmhouse on 5 to 10 acres has become hot, Smith says. Inbound buyers are coming from areas like Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Chicago, New York and Texas, Smith says. “Many of them are looking for a better quality of life,” he says. ECONOMIC VIABILITY COVID-19 has brought about a lot of economic uncertainty, with entire industries being paused amid the pandemic. Buyers are looking to communities that not just offer great lifestyle amenities, but also have a strong economic backbone. Fortunately, as the team at WK Real Estate points out, Colorado’s Front Range is “an economic, professional and lifestyle powerhouse” thanks to recession-proof government and university jobs that contribute to a stable job market. The positive employment outlook and a strong local economy also set the local market apart. Plus, the views of the flatirons are an added perk. > RE/MAX Alliance Boulder, 1911 11th St., #200, Boulder; 4770 Baseline Road, #220, Boulder; 225 W. South Boulder Road, #100, Louisville; 109 N. Public Road, Lafayette; 512 4th Ave., #101, Longmont; 286 N. Bridge St., Nederland, 303.499.9880, > RE/MAX of Boulder, 2425 Canyon Blvd., #110, Boulder; 1320 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.449.7000, > WK Real Estate, 4875 Pearl E. Circle, #100, Boulder, 303.443.2240; 2101 Ken Pratt Blvd., #100, Longmont, 303.776.3344,


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Luxury Kitchen Upgrades

6 intriguing trends to consider

1. INTEGRATED DESIGN Kitchens continue to be the focal point of a home, as everyone tends to congregate where the action is happening. So why not make this central space more livable? Now cabinets look more like a hand-crafted piece of furniture. Archways are coming back, bringing a warm and inviting vibe. Islands are no longer rectangular, but fashioned in all shapes, bringing fluidity to the movement of kitchen traffic. This integrated space brings a feeling of “restaurant quality” and luxury while at home. 10

February 2021

By Julie Kailus Photos courtesy Hixon Interiors and Budget Home Supply


hether you’re looking for a complete chef’s kitchen or a modern touch with a splash of color, the experts at Hixon Interiors and Budget Home Supply have insights into the top trends and amenities to transform your kitchen into one of your dreams. Throw all your expectations out the door. The kitchens of the future are more function, informal, and, fun than ever before.

2. ONE-LEVEL ISLANDS Today’s lifestyles are much less formal and much more hectic than in the past. So the kitchen island is becoming a place for not only cooking and seating, but also for the home office and school work. With a one-level spread-out space — the bigger, the better — you get function and flexibility with a streamlined look. This island style adds safety and comfort for whatever life stage you’re in.

3. INSIDE CABINET ORGANIZATION Modern-minded customers are requesting clean, simple lines with less countertop clutter. Luckily, manufacturers are meeting the demand. Now there’s a hidden cabinet for everything: waste- and recycling-specific spaces, pot-and-pan organizers, K-cup holders, utensil and spice storage, and so much more. And for those small kitchens, you can even make use of a toekick space for a vacuum or extra drawers.

5. COLOR IS KING Appliances are now a functional piece of art and can be customized to any color. A pop of color in the kitchen often evokes a positive memory or can serve as a source for inspiration in trying something new. Incorporating a blend of various metals, and the textures and colors that come with them, is also a trend in kitchens. No longer do homes need to stick with one finish like stainless steel or brushed brass. The hottest hardware trend is mixing metals. Even a beautiful heirloom, with different finish than the fixtures around it, works well and adds character. There are no rules when it comes to metals these days!

6. INTELLIGENT APPLIANCES Technology’s influence continues to grow in every area of our home. One example is “preference recognition.” In the kitchen, preference recognition means stoves and microwaves can store recipes and assist with perfecting a favorite recipe through stored cook times and temperature control. Better yet, these intelligent appliances don’t have to sacrifice style for AI. Never before has it been so easy to seamlessly integrate advanced functionality with beauty in an appliance.

4. BOLD TILE Tile backsplashes and floors with bold, bright colors and lots of patterns and textures have become more popular. Who couldn’t use a cheery, conversation starter in the social space we call the kitchen? Designers are getting creative with different shapes, including hexagon, arabesque and fan. Chevron and herringbone patterns are also trending and work well around windows and on walls behind open shelving. Classic subway tile is still popular, too, but in a larger format these days.

With all of these choices and new trends, Sarah Bashore, ASID, the owner of Hixon Interiors, says it’s no wonder homeowners are overwhelmed by the volume of decisions they have to make. “It’s important to have a clear vision,” she says. “A professional can help in executing that vision while narrowing down choices to reflect the end goal of a beautiful and functional kitchen.” > For more kitchen ideas and advice, start with Hixon Interiors in Fort Collins, 970.484.5192, and Budget Home Supply in Longmont, 303.678.8800, ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


T h e B r a n d T h aT S e l l S T h e T h e B r a n d T h aT S e l l S T h e




Get Out Of The City And Get Out Of The City And Bring Office Bring Your Your Office WithWith You! You!



JOHN HERRITY 970.685.0645

9 Acres • $2,750,000 • Larimer County, CO

1 Acre • $2,270,000 • Weld County, CO

SALLY BRUNK 303.883.3115

JENA MARTINDALE 970.691.0752

5 Acres • $ 3,325,000 • Boulder County, CO





JOHN HERRITY 970.685.0645

9 Acres • $2,750,000 • Larimer County, CO

1 Acre • $2,270,000 • Weld County, CO

SALLY BRUNK 303.883.3115

JENA MARTINDALE 970.691.0752

5 Acres • $ 3,325,000 • Boulder County, CO


39 Acres • $1,499,000 • Larimer County, CO

PATRICK FRANTZ 970.430.1232


PATRICK FRANTZ 970.430.1232

16872 CATTLEMAN’S WAY 1 Acre • $1,538,000 • Weld County, CO

JENA MARTINDALE 970.691.0752


40 Acres • $1,495,000 • Larimer County, CO

320 Acres • $14,875,000 • Larimer County, MT

JOHN HERRITY 970.685.0645

ZACK WIESE 970.889.3142



39 Acres • $1,499,000 • Larimer County, CO



40 Acres • $1,495,000 • Larimer County, CO

320 Acres • $14,875,000 • Larimer County, MT

JOHN HERRITY 970.685.0645

ZACK WIESE 970.889.3142



10 Acres • $949,000• Jefferson County, CO

38 Acres • $985,000 • Larimer County, CO

KARA HEDRICK 719.659.8435

CASEY STAYMAN 970.219.4647


Sally Brunk Sally Brunk is a broker associate in Colorado and has been on the Hayden Outdoors team since 2013. Sally specializes in assisting clients looking to buy or sell in Northern Colorado, with an emphasis on country estates ranging from 1-35 acres. Broker Associate | Licensed In Colorado | 303.883.3115 |


W W W. H A Y D E N O U T D O O R S . CO M


KAREN BERNARDI, THE BERNARDI GROUP Benefit from 30 years of experience in Colorado luxury real estate and a team of expert agents at The Bernardi Group. Give us a brief background on you. How long have you lived in Colorado? How did you get into real estate? I’ve been in real estate for about 35 years now, and I’ve lived in Colorado for over 45 years. I got into real estate because I was a poor single mother and didn’t have a formal education past high school, yet I needed to get into a career that could support us. I was a waitress and a bartender, and that was my extent of entrepreneurial experience. What makes the luxury real estate market in our region so unique? I’m not sure it is unique. I think that there are many wonderful areas to live throughout the country — La Jolla and Santa Barbara, California; Naples, Florida; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; the Hamptons. Lots of luxury, wonderful places to live in our beautiful country. What is unique now is that the cities are not as attractive for people to live in because of COVID-19. People are wanting more space around them, and we offer that here in Colorado. What do you love most about Colorado? The weather. I know that sounds crazy, but I love the weather. I love the open spaces and that the cities here are small. Even Denver feels like a small big city. But we have a lot of culture, from cowboys to opera. When you aren’t at work, what are your favorite activities? Enjoying spending time with my family, running and having s’mores outside on our barbecue.

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There’s No Place Like This Home Anthem’s newest neighborhood showcases the very best of Colorado.

Photography Matters: List Your Home With a Pro

Quick Guide and Featured Open Homes Looking for a home? View comprehensive listings of local open houses taking place this weekend from all across the area.

Making the investment in professional photography is a far wiser choice than throwing it together yourself. Photographer Tim Seibert of Flatirons Pro Media explains why.

Top Hiking Trails in Boulder County No matter if you’re hiking, biking, trail running or you prefer a certain level of difficulty, there is a trail for every preference. ATHOMECOLORADO.COM

Aug. 9-10, 2019


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Designed using Archbold shaker dresser 14

February 2021

There’s No Place Like Home HOW AN ARCHITECT-LED DESIGN/BUILD TEAM PUT THE JOY BACK IN STAYING HOME By Sarah Huber Photos: Dane Cronin Photography


hen the Cooper family asked Boulder County’s premier design/build team Rodwin Architecture and Skycastle Construction to fast-track their 2020 remodel, they couldn’t imagine the gift coming their way. Not only did Rodwin and Skycastle deliver a transformative home celebrating beauty, function and sustainability, but the Coopers were able to move in a week before Governor Jared Polis’ springtime stay-at-home orders. Amy Breeze Cooper said, “To say we are grateful to be here would be a massive understatement. We have four kids ranging from ages 4 to 10, so our home is busy. We are all about cultivating an environment in which we can all thrive. Living here made it possible.” Rodwin Architecture firm principal Scott Rodwin, AIA, LEED AP, said a commitment to thriving is the heart of Rodwin and

Skycastle. He explained, “Due to COVID, our homes have become more important to us than ever. They are a safe place to connect with nature. They have become our sanctuary. Our office. Our school. Our movie theater, gym and yoga studio. They have expanded to include our parents and grown children. All of that has made us consider more carefully than ever how to create a home that will optimally function to support our client’s life.” Brandon David, Skycastle’s head of construction, continued, “There is extremely little existing housing on the market that meets all of our clients’ needs, and because of that, we have seen an enormous increase in the last year in people looking to build their own dream home.” Pre-remodel, while the Coopers’ “Big House on the Prairie” possessed “good bones,” Rodwin said, the interior felt outdated, generic and dysfunctional. The remodel commenced with demolition even during the design phase, completed in partnership with Kate Van Sluyter of Kimball Modern Design ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


+ Interiors. The kitchen was opened to the great room, and a new large window was precisely positioned to enable Amy to keep an eye on her children playing outdoors. As the family wished to gather around the kitchen island “to eat, talk, play and do homework,” Rodwin said, “we created a space to fit all six members.” Cooper noted, “(Rodwin and Skycastle) started out by listening. They wanted to understand us, our family and how we use our home so they could help us envision a dream home that would perfectly support our lives. They’re all about possibilities and creative problem solving. So often in the design process, ‘no’ is the first answer. With Scott’s team, their first response was ‘let us figure it out.’” For the Coopers, Rodwin’s understanding of their lifestyle resulted in a light-filled home unexpectedly ideal for staying home in a year like no other. A minimalist design throughout the home enhances the family’s art collection, and the removed walls creates a vibrant kitchen/dining/great room social center and keeps the family connected – one of the Coopers’ top priorities. “Texture and light were given primary consideration,” said Cecelia Daniels, Rodwin’s senior designer on the project, and elegant finishes, a warm color palette and a show-shopping cascading chandelier by Stone Lighting in the entry reflect the family’s contemporary style. Cooper said, “We love the combination of comfort and flow with the beauty of the modern design.” Downstairs, the formerly cavernous beige basement became “an entertaining mecca,” Daniels said, “with a glowing modern wine room, full bar, media room, arcade, billiards room and professional gym.” Cooper added, “The design needed to deliver on both form and function. We feel like the team really understood how to deliver both.” Indeed, as an architect-led design/build firm, Rodwin and David’s teams “are trained to gather two pieces of information – the needs and preferences of the homeowners with the opportunities and constraints that are afforded by the site – and we try to wed them in the most intelligent way possible,” David said.


February 2021

For example, since sustainability was paramount to the Coopers, the remodel included the installation of high-speed electric car chargers, high-efficiency mechanical systems, LED lighting and 17kWh of solar photovoltaics. The remodel also greatly enhanced the indoor/outdoor connection; with help from Environmental Designs Landscaping, generic lawns gave way to organic gardens, shaded pavilions, broad flagstone patios, and play structures, all surrounding the existing pool.” We wanted to create a safe, beautiful and fun place for the whole family to play and connect to nature”, said Rodwin. Rodwin Architecture and Skycastle Construction together are one of Colorado’s most experienced custom home design/ build firms, and have completed some of the greenest and most recognized houses in Colorado (their LEED Platinum Hoefling House was the Home Builders Association’s CARE Awards 2019 “Custom Home of the Year” and is a nod to the team’s mastery of green building). Brandon David said, “We make sure that the details of our houses are designed down to the inch to fit our clients and that they are built to the highest standard.” > Rodwin Architecture offers a free initial consultation to potential clients. To learn more, visit and


Mia Ness Broker Associate

720.273.7567 w w w. M i a N e s s. c o m mia@coloradolandmar

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Elevations Credit Union for earning the prestigious 2020 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence. The Baldrige Award is the highest level Presidential Award for excellence. Elevations Credit Union is the first two-time winner (2014 & 2020) in the nonprofit category, and one of a maximum of fifteen recipients across all categories to have earned this annual award. Elevations continues to innovate and pioneer change in the industry, empowering their employees to provide excellent service and products to their members. We’d also like to recognize Elevations Foundation for all of their contributions to the communities they serve. ATHOMECOLORADO.COM



February 2021

Your Best Life Starts at Home BROOKFIELD RESIDENTIAL OFFERS THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS IN PREMIER COLORADO COMMUNITIES Brookfield Residential is dedicated to putting core values into practice, says Community Sales Manager at The Village at Castle Pines Bill Gleeson. Focused on enriching quality of life for home buyers and whole communities, Brookfield Residential sets the highest standards in every area, including cutting-edge technology and sustainability. All Brookfield Residential homes meet Energy Star Standards. Brookfield’s new “Empower Program” provides a camera-linked doorbell, smart lock hardware, smart garage door openers, touchscreen smart switches and more. Perhaps what sets Brookfield Residential communities apart the most however, is the harmony of beautiful design in highly coveted locations. From the treed oasis of The Village Castle Pines to the Tuscan-style Solterra community overlooking Red Rocks Park, these neighborhoods are the place to be. “With Brookfield, you’re getting a stunning home of the highest quality, and a whole lot more,” Gleeson says. “Brookfield offers a lifestyle, with stellar surroundings, inviting communities, top-notch amenities…you just have to see it for yourself.” THE VILLAGE, CASTLE PINES, FROM THE LOW $600S Brookfield’s newly opened enclave of single-family and duplex homes, at The Village Caste Pines offers low-maintenance living at its best. Landscaping is installed and maintained, By Wendy McMillan Photos: Brookfield Residential


ome is where the heart is, and the heart loves Colorado. It’s no secret, we live in one desirable state. Not even the global pandemic could stall the momentum of home-buying here, with local areas maintaining some of the strongest housing markets in the country throughout 2020. If you’re ready for your perfect haven, however, good news: with leading North American new home builder and land developer Brookfield Residential, you can skip out on bidding wars in favor of a brand-new, perfect fit for you. ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


with 24-7 manned security services further reassuring and freeing up residents to enjoy the signature PGA country club, pools and more. As one of the Denver area’s most exclusive neighborhoods, The Village is conveniently located just 15 minutes south of the Denver Tech Center, as well as a short walking distance from a boutique-scaled shopping plaza including Tony’s Market, top-notch dining options and more. That said, with two stunning home series to choose from, The Village Castle Pines cultivates such neighborly, relaxed community, residents may never wish to leave. The aptly named Lumen Portfolio truly lets the sunshine, characterized by bright spaciousness as inviting as, well, sunshine. Priced from mid-$700s, ranch and two-story plans feature gorgeous walls of large windows guaranteed to delight and inspire. Floor plans are designed to equally dazzle, with volume living spaces and clear, uninterrupted views from front to back, all flooded with light. Lumen homes are made for living in bold beauty—but with a just-right amount of space. Villa Portfolio homes remind us just what a wonderful thing it is to share—while keeping your own personal space. With a marvelous main-floor suite of your very own, wide open living areas, a front porch and patio, these paired homes offer plenty of privacy and pizazz. Through careful design, the overarching with a sense of privacy and abundance of natural light in Villa homes will make you forget you share a wall with your neighbor. SOLTERRA, FROM THE MID-$700S Situated on the western edge of Lakewood just 15 minutes from downtown Denver, this master-planned community features a lavish pool and clubhouse as well as prime access to parks and trails. Stunning surroundings beckon from every doorstep, with Hayden Green Mountain Park bordering one side; North Dinosaur Park, Red Rocks, and Ampitheater to the west; Bear Creek Lake Park with its Soda Lake Beach and Marina to the south. Moreover, the Tuscan-style community offers two grand portfolios to choose from in keeping with the


February 2021

breathtaking environs. Combining time-honored character with a clean, modern style, Solterra’s Big Sky series is pure Colorado. These homes are sure to sweep you off your feet, with ample front porches and plenty of Western romance. Founded on red rock, these mountain-facing homes feature huge windows that welcome in sunlight—and maybe even sneak in a view of Red Rocks. From walk-out decks and garden level basements to roomy master showers, Big Sky homes are deliberately designed to bring an invigorating flow to modern life. Complementing Big Sky, Solterra’s Harvest Portfolio captures the 21st century at its most beautiful and brightest. Indeed, Harvest homes utilize the modern miracle of glass to its fullest potential. Glass doors spill out onto covered patios. Windows transform the kitchen into a sunroom, and the sunroom into an even sunnier one. Both Solterra home portfolios feature new homes currently under construction, with some even move-in ready. All you need to do is find the right fit, but hurry. These will go fast. “We’re surrounded on three sides by open space,” says Solterra Community Sales Manager Ed Lowell. “What other Colorado community offers anything like this?” > Ready for your personal haven? Learn more, visit or call 303.647.6061

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Start your remodeling project with trendy flooring underfoot By Luanne Kadlub Photo: Meyer Skidmore

Abbey Van Horn of Meyer Skidmore & Company said that rather than going all-in with the latest trends, most clients venture toward a long-


ometimes the best way to start anew is from the ground up, or in the case of a remodeling project, from the floor up. And until the world becomes a safer place in which to travel, many homeowners are now using their vacation funds for home remodeling projects that had once been left on the back burner until who knows when. Those projects — be they a whole-home redo, turning a bedroom into a home office (or yoga studio) or reimagining that ho-hum master bath into a luxurious spa — all need the perfect flooring. So to help make sense of flooring trends for 2021, we checked in with two local experts.

lasting, durable floor with finishes that will last for the long haul while still aligning with the trends. “Flooring is a wonderful upgrade to any home,” she said. “Wood flooring comes at a cost. That is why it is important to contact a reputable flooring company, with a team of knowledgable and client-focused people willing to take the time to be a part of and capture the client’s vision, provide samples, install with excellent craftsmanship and truly care about the end result.” Kelley McDonald of McDonald Carpet One in Boulder said, “We always tell people to have fun with their projects, to think





The 2021 Northern Colorado Home & Garden Show is the perfect place for inspiration and education for any and all of your home needs. Local experts in home renovation, landscaping and design have showcased their expertise at this event for the past 38 years. Come join us for our virtual show and get new ideas for your home!


February 2021

out of the box and to open their vision to try and do different things.” For instance, she suggested, “Try a bold, vibrant color or install the hardwood on diagonal, put vinyl plank on a wall as a backboard for a bed. The possibilities are endless with today’s advancements in technology.” Her best advice? “Don’t be afraid to jump in.” When looking at all of the flooring choices, LVT — luxury vinyl tile — jumps to the top as today’s preferred flooring choice not only because of how well it replicates hard-surface flooring materials, such as stone or wood, but because it holds up well to everyday family life. LVT has a solid rigid core, which is how it differs from regular vinyl flooring. “Luxury vinyl is one of the most well-known pet-friendly floors,” said McDonald. “It comes in waterproof, stain-resistant and scuff-proof styles, so there is no need to worry about a dog getting stuck in the seams or cat scratches on the boards.” When it comes to hardwood flooring, Van Horn noted that lighter colors are one of the biggest trends for 2021, with many homeowners choosing white oak with a natural finish. Those still gravitating toward darker shades lean toward gray-brown tones. OTHER 2021 FLOORING TRENDS Wide planks: The wider you go, the fewer the seams in your floor. Five inches is considered the standard “wide” plank, but other options range from 3 inches to 20 inches in a variety of species, with some floors mixing different widths for an even more upscale look. Want more drama? Longer boards 7- to 11-foot in length will get you there. Hardwoods: If you want a hardwood floor that’s on trend, you’ll want to look at hardwoods in lighter colors, such as white oak with a natural finish. If you prefer darker wood, gray/brown planks will be more to your liking. Cork: Not only is cork a show-stopping floor that’s a treat to walk on, but it’s sustainable, hypoallergenic and durable plus it retains heat and dampens sound. Tile: Tile remains a top choice for water-prone areas such as kitchens, mudrooms and bathrooms, and now includes tile that resembles hardwood, marble, stone, terrazzo and concrete along with decorative and encaustic styles. The latter are ceramic or concrete tiles in which the pattern or figure on the surface is a product of different colors of clay. Carpet: Say bye-bye to beige and boring. Instead, look for natural and eco-focused carpets, bright colors and jewel tones, and lots and lots of patterns, from geomatics to stripes. > McDonald Carpet One, 6367 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, 720.432.2916, mcdonaldcarpetoneboulder > Meyer Skidmore & Company, 7123 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, 303.444.1174,

TRENDS at HOME With more time spent at home, homeowners are turning to professional designers to bring creativity and professionalism to transform spaces they live, work and play in. To gain a fresh perspective we spoke with Sarah Bashore, owner of Hixon Interiors, to learn more about upcoming design trends. Homeowners are also investing in aesthetics. While some have made structural changes, others sought to update decor and accessories. “I have done a significant number of design consults and helped purchase furnishings for people who want to feel their best at home,” said Bashore. “People have embraced bolder designs with new, more visually stimulating colors and textures.” There has also been an increase in kitchen remodels. Clients who used to eat out or frequently travel, are now eating at home and seek to update visual appeal so that mealtimes feel special. After a full home office day they want to unwind in a space that feels beautiful and relaxing, recreating the special feeling of dining out. As our lives evolve and we adapt to a new reality, home continues to be a place of comfort with multidimensional uses. Now more than ever it is important to invest in your surroundings and seek the expertise of an experienced designer who will turn dreams into spaces that you can enjoy today and for years to come.




Homes connected to everything you love


February 2021

With a home that’s both city-and-mountain close, you’ll have it all at your fingertips … and ski tips. Brookfield Residential has been designing for the Colorado lifestyle for over 20 years, and right now they’re offering four new home portfolios in two ideally situated communities.

S O LT E R R A I N L A K E W O O D Solterra is an intimate village at the foot of the foothills. (Translation: rolling terrain, Rocky Mountain views and freshies less than an hour away.) Time-honored character meets modern sensibility in the Big Sky Portfolio’s four floorplans, priced from the mid $700s. The four floorplans of Harvest give you a little extra room to stretch out — or spill out onto covered patios and sunrooms. Priced from the mid $800s.

TH E VILL AG E CASTLE PIN E S Just south of Denver in Castle Rock, you may feel as if you’ve wandered into an enchanted forest with wildlife, trails, Pikes Peak views — and a community golf course, too. The Lumen Portfolio maximizes our 300+ days of sunshine a year with big windows and uninterrupted views from front to back. Four floorplans are priced from the mid $700s. Paired homes in the Villa Portfolio offer main floor owner’s suites, and porches and patios with a true sense of privacy. From the low $600s. Come tour your just-right home, and community, today. Model homes are ready now. | 303 647 6057




A Superior Community Steps From Downtown By Darren Thornberry Photos: Timothy Seibert, Flatirons Pro Media


uch ink has been spilled suggesting Denver and Boulder are the standard bearers for luxurious living on the Front Range. However, dismal traffic and not enough space to go around have caused families up and down the urban corridor to ask what else is out there. The trend to go north doesn’t appeal to the skiing crowd, which appreciates quick access to I-70, and the building boom east of I-25 unfortunately can’t move mountains. At Discovery Ridge, the mountains can stay put. Eight miles south of Boulder (still in the county) on a gorgeous ridge overlooking the town of Superior, Canary Lane boasts unobstructed views of the Flatirons and a serenity you’ve likely not felt at any other address. The HOA-free development began with 20 homes, but sizzling sales in the dead of winter have brought the number of available units down to 11, at the time of this writing. The pandemic shut down people’s moving and home-buying plans for a while, but life goes on, carefully,


February 2021

and this amenity-rich development is taking off. Newly-built single-family homes of this caliber are all but a dream in most crowded Front Range counties, which is why, if you long for understated extravagance in a quiet community, Discovery Ridge is a must-see. Superior has staked its claim as a business- and familyfriendly town, and the building boom on McCaslin Boulevard brings into fine definition that the town is serious about you calling it home. “As Superior begins to grow along with many other Front Range communities, our homes on Canary Lane will stand out amongst the rest,” says developer Dan Aweida. “From our amenities and views to living on a quaint lane where the only people who drive by are your neighbors, we hope that you feel at home from the first day you move in.” A Discovery Ridge home can be completed, from foundation to closing, in seven or eight months. Think twice, though, if you plan to wait until summer to have a closer look at Canary Lane. Summer break might be a more convenient time to deal with a new home, but it’s anyone’s guess how many units will remain available four or five months from now. So, it goes

without saying that no time should be wasted by anyone seriously interested in living there. A buyer’s first step is to select a Lot and desired home model. If a contract is signed soon, the homeowner may select a full finish palette and bring their home visions to life! With clear views of the mountains, overlooking downtown Superior, being within walking and biking distance to downtown and Superior Marketplace, dreaming big will be the easy part! “We chase a more traditional architectural style with a western aesthetic and overtones of the mining history of the Superior area,” says architect Christopher Flora of Bray Architecture. “Additionally, the rooms of the homes orient and focus on the unparalleled views of the northern Front Range mountains with large windows and sliding glass doors. The homes were also designed with the empty nester in mind, with open floor plans, accommodating bedrooms and minimal yard maintenance.” “Due to the scale, incredible views, low maintenance and accessibility to Denver and Boulder, we expect to attract a multitude of buyers,” says Aweida. “One of the signature features of our Gold Unit homes is a main level master suite. From empty nesters that want to ‘age in place’ to growing families wanting a mother-in-law suite, having the ability for dual masters is a great advantage. We’re maximizing the flexibility in multi-generational households and allowing the space to really work for the homeowner over time. Each unit has a basement patio and two upper-deck patios with stunning views.” Interior designer Sara Blette designed the homes’ interior finish palette to be as transitional as possible. “When you are designing for a broad audience, it’s important to select options that are durable, timeless, and comfortable while maintaining a way for the home buyer to still make it their own,” she explains. “Whether or not you prefer traditional or a modern farmhouse aesthetic, we’ll be able to curate a design vision to meet your unique needs.”

WORTH THE EFFORT, WORTH THE WAIT The site of Canary Lane was difficult to develop. After all, it is on a hillside ridge. But everyone involved in making Discovery Ridge a reality is confident homeowners will be smitten with the look and feel of the open face with the jaw-dropping mountain views. And with the town’s plans to develop the downtown area in the next few years, it’s an exciting time to live in Superior. Discovery Ridge is sure to become an anchor of the community, adding to the richness of the downtown district. “Boulder County is running out of dirt to build on,” Aweida says. “Demand is very high and supply is very low, and a lot more very tight urban apartments and condos are going up. Ours are paired homes with an open look and feel on a hill with nothing in front of them—truly a rarity in the typical residential home density we are used to.” There was some expectation that Discovery Ridge would primarily attract empty-nesters making an investment after dedicated careers, but young families have also jumped at the chance to grow up together on Canary Lane. Whatever your situation, this incredible new neighborhood will speak to you. > If you’re interested in calling Discovery Ridge home, visit, e-mail the sales team at or call 720.410.6100. ATHOMECOLORADO.COM



DAVID SCHLICHTER, COMPASS DENVER A member of the Board of Directors for the Denver Metro Association of Realtors, David Schlichter runs one of the most successful real estate teams in the region. Give us a brief background on you. How long have you lived in Colorado? How did you get into real estate? I moved to Colorado in 2008 after leading a group of high school kids on a bicycle trip across the country. We passed through Colorado along the way, and I fell in love with it and knew I was going to make it my home. When I first moved to Denver, I served as a third grade teacher in the Denver Public Schools with Teach For America. After that, I did an internship at the White House under President Obama working on business issues, and then returned to Denver and spent a year working for an education reform nonprofit. I earned my real estate license at the beginning of 2012, dove into it full time, and never looked back!


MIA NESS, COLORADO LANDMARK, REALTORS Known for discretion and privacy, Mia Ness will use her broad network and expertise to find you the perfect luxury home.

Mia Ness

Give us a brief background on you. How long have you lived in Colorado? How did you get into real estate? B r o k e r A s s o c i a t e Having moved a family twice myself, I understand that the packing 720.273.7567 and unpacking can be the most stressful part of a home move. My w w w. M i a N e s s. c o m passion to get into real estate came from my career background in the luxury hotel industry. I realized I am so client focused and hands-on with attention to detail that I would offer a more personalized, boutique, luxury, white-glove service than what we experienced when we moved.

What are some luxury home real estate trends that you expect to see? In the coming months, I’m predicting record-breaking movement across all price points in the market. The trend of downsizing is starting to reverse as people need more space to do their core activities, and the Colorado luxury market is poised to benefit in a big way from these shifts.

What is your favorite part of your job? My favorite part of being a Real Estate Advisor is walking into a home with a buyer and seeing their face and reaction that “This is the one.” The greatest compliment and most rewarding part of my career is repeat clients and my clients’ network referrals. I am so thankful and grateful that they put their trust in me and lean on my market knowledge and strategies to achieve their real estate goals.

What is your favorite spring activity in Colorado? My favorite springtime activity is rock climbing. There are thousands of world-class, established rock climbing routes within an hour of Denver and Boulder, and I love the thrill of taking on challenges and pushing myself to the edge of my physical ability. The mental toughness and problem solving skills of rock climbing translate well into working my way through difficult real estate transactions.

What is your favorite luxury activity in our region? One of my favorite places to visit and where we visited over the holidays was the Westin Avon in Beaver Creek, Colorado. What better place to enjoy the sunshine after a day of skiing than by enjoying their salt water pool and salt water spas? It was great to relax by their cozy fireplace, meeting others that traveled here from around the world while enjoying conversations over spirits and charcuterie while listening to live music.


Furniture + Decor Garden Pots Statuary Architectural Finds Gifts + Jewelry


HOME + GARDEN 7123 Arapahoe, Boulder | Open 10–5, Sundays 12–5 | 303.444.7734 |


February 2021

Disc Resi Prof Com Glob acut For

27 5 ALPINE DRIVE NEDERL AND 4 Bed | 5 Bath | 5142SQFT

Custom contemporary chalet style ‘Smart’ home recently renovated with an ‘urban rustic’ style. Every detail has been thoughtfully implemented. Situated on a hillside overlooking the snowcapped peaks and reservoir this private retreat is tastefully fenced, professionally landscaped, including multiple decks, and a patio for entertaining or quieter moments to enjoy the solitude of the vast and welcoming mountain/lakefront views. Meandering pathways around the property lead to an inviting custom-built treehouse and beachfront setting. Open floor plan offers an outdoor/indoor living experience, featuring soaring wood ceilings with steel wrapped beams and floor to ceiling stone fireplace. Chef-inspired kitchen is ideal for large or intimate gatherings and includes dual fuel Thermador gas range and electric oven. The main floor includes a primary suite with private deck and views. This uniquely inviting home is not only an experience but offers a truly special and much sought-after lifestyle.


Candace Newlove-Marrs 303.717.0664 |

The Mountains are calling, Colorado

MOUNTAIN VIEW HOMESITES JUST RELEASED AT ANTHEM RESERVE By Wendy McMillan Photos: Anthem Colorado, Epic Homes, Copper Homes


he mountains are calling, Colorado. Now, more than ever, we appreciate the stunning vistas of our scenic state. Good news, a rare and limited opportunity invites you to bask in that splendor, from your own personal haven. With mountain view home sites just made available for purchase in the coveted Anthem community’s final neighborhood, Anthem Reserve, you can truly have it all. Perched on Broomfield’s highest point, Anthem Reserve is the epitome of saving the best for last. Surrounded on all sides by 735 acres of protected open space, this intimate enclave of spacious home sites truly celebrates the pure timelessness of Colorado. The newly available home sites offer unobstructed views of the spectacular surrounds: shimmering Siena Reservoir and verdant Anthem Community Park make up the foreground, melting into the striking backdrop of the mountainous Front Range. A premier new home community with an upscale feel, Anthem has been highly desirable since day one. Located in the popular suburb of Broomfield, the community is ideally situated for both commerce and nature. Nestled in true Colorado beauty, residents enjoy the serenity of sweeping panoramic views, while conveniently just 15 miles north of downtown Denver and east of Boulder. 30

February 2021

Of course, Anthem’s allure isn’t all about the abundant surroundings. Local, acclaimed builders not only offer the utmost in personalized quality, they know just how to take full advantage of the breathtaking environs. With Anthem Reserve, you can truly embrace the peace and exhilaration of Colorado at its best, from the elegant, dreamy comfort of your own home base. LUXURY RESIDENCES FROM EPIC HOMES STARTING IN THE $800S Epic’s luxury homes in Anthem Reserve feature breathtaking floor plans, including its stunning new Invite floor plan, only recently introduced for purchase. Step into an Invite foyer, and be spellbound by the dramatic high-volume ceiling, wraparound staircase, and open view to a grand room swept in natural light. And at the center, a fireplace which can be dual-sided to the outdoors. “The Invite is the result of countless rounds of designing, redesigning and meticulous fine tuning,” says Epic Homes founder and president, Chris Presley. “It’s truly exceptional, and the perfect addition to our lineup of beautiful home plans.” All of Epic’s home plans, including ranch and two-story layouts, are thoughtfully inspired by family living. Impressive features such as second-story decks, jaw-dropping owners’ suites, and up to eight bedrooms, buyers are amply invited to greatly personalize their homes, from adding in a wine room, to providing extra space for the in-laws. “The Epic Homes experience is just that—epic,” says Presley. “We focus on what matters most to our customers, allowing

them to have an exceptionally positive experience.” At Epic, Presley says, “floor plans” are less about measurements and more about the dimensions of how you want to live. The possibilities are limitless. CUSTOM AND SEMI-CUSTOM HOME DESIGNS FROM COPPER HOMES STARTING IN THE $1MS For those eager to put an even finer personal touch on their home, Copper Homes Limited offers beautiful custom and semi-custom homes that are nothing short of inspired. Clients work directly with Copper’s architects and design team to craft their dream home to the highest of standards, with special finishes including hand-troweled drywall, Black Marvin windows, solid 8-foot doors, creative conveniences to the tune of built-in dog washes, and more. Dedicated to working alongside buyers, Copper Homes offers an experience unlike that of any other builder. At your first meeting, buyers will sit across from a talented architect and interior designer who can literally make your dream home come alive on paper—from moving walls and adding bedrooms to incorporating the pizza oven you never imagined could become reality. Copper Homes goes the extra mile in offering responsive, creative solutions and opportunities. “If you see a house you like or have another style or set of plans you love, come talk to our team,” says Andrew Batson, founder of Copper Homes. “We can adjust it to your specific need or budget. You can even walk through your dream home digitally before it’s built.” THRIVING COMMUNITY Anthem Colorado was intentionally designed to nurture a sense of community, creating a myriad of opportunities for residents to connect and be active together. And, oh how it has succeeded! Community Lifestyle teams plan a wide variety of events and activities that fit the times and seasons

– wine and charcuterie pairing class, roaming concerts and Zoom meetups inviting socially distant means of keeping connected…an infinite array of enriching and engaging opportunities. Anthem Reserve residents have access to all the greater Anthem Highlands amenities, including an incredible 48 miles of trails that further connect to the full Broomfield trail system and beyond, a private resort-style pool and clubhouse, community clubs and events, boundless opportunity for exploration across those 735 acres of preserved open space. At Anthem Reserve, everything is elevated a cut above the competition—no tradeoffs. This is truly a unique opportunity. It’s also a limited one, with families already moving in. Discover Anthem Reserve today, and build your dream of tomorrow. > The best of Colorado awaits. Learn more at ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


Escape to the Country with Colorado’s many farm, ranch and recreational properties By Darren Thornberry Photos: Hayden Outdoors, KL Realty


“Moving just out of the city has been wonderful for our family. We spend more time outside enjoying our property and the amazing views. We have the best company for our morning coffee, our horses! We were boarding them before we had land, and now they’re here with us. It was a journey for sure and Sally helped us get here!”

Bear Gulch Ranch in Estes Park is a custom luxury home with full home office capabilities, fishing pond, stream, two guest homes and 320 acres for recreation. This Hayden Outdoors listing is just a few miles from Rocky Mountain National Park.

year ago, working from home was, for the most part, a privilege enjoyed by few. Now it’s ubiquitous in businesses large and small. The pandemic forced (Photo courtesy: Haden Outdoors). employers to get creative if they were to keep great employees. As a result, convenience to take a quick hike or working remotely, whether a mile go fishing, steps away from their front from the office or four states away, is door. Clients want to care for their one of our new normals. And families horses on their own land rather than love it. Suddenly, where to live is a boarding or the ability to build a huge proposition that sparks imagination - Adam and Meg Roberts, Hayden Outdoors clients barn for all their toys!” and rekindles old geographical Brunk is seeing an influx of flames. The surge in interest in rural interested buyers from the city and mountainous properties in Colorado has Realtors fielding because, with the flexibility of working remotely, settling down more calls than ever for recreational land with a view. somewhere with a bit more privacy is, as she says, “very “Many of my clients have been given the opportunity to enticing to consumers.” Hayden Outdoors is seeing more work from home,” says Sally Brunk, broker associate with demand for recreational property as well. In a recent survey of Hayden Outdoors. “The freedom to work from anywhere their buyers, 52% said they wanted to build a cabin or home in has been a huge benefit and is allowing people to invest in the first 12 months of buying land, and 55% said they needed property where they truly want to live. Because of this, they a home office. If you’re considering a move to the country, understand are able to expand their search for property where they can that if your best friend is a Realtor, but not well-versed in rural work AND recreate. My clients are choosing a quality of life or mountain properties and sales, they need to step aside that speaks to their interests of being outdoors. They want the ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


recreational real estate is our business; it’s our daily focus and our passion. Many of us have lived and currently live the life we sell and all of us follow a strict policy of honesty, integrity and trust. Our clients expect a professional and nothing less than excellence.” Contrary to what one might think, 2020 was a massive year in Colorado real estate and this year is starting off with a boom. Herrity recalls that the end of the year was “crazy” with phenomenal business being done in Thirty-seven acres of pristine riverine property in the heart of Boulder County await at all sectors of the real estate market. 8249 N. 39th St., Longmont. This KL Realty listing boasts two homes with Left Hand “It’s definitely a Seller’s market for a Creek coursing through the grounds. The privacy is unsurpassed. (Photo courtesy: KL Realty). small acreage with a home, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon,” in favor of an expert. John Herrity, Hayden Outdoors broker Brunk adds. Hayden Outdoors put more than $110 million in and sales manager, was raised on a Midwest family farm and real estate under contract in January alone. has a strong background in residential construction and rural Karen Libin, owner/broker at KL Realty is also seeing a big land valuation. His clients have confidence in knowing that uptick in the number of buyers wanting to live in rural areas. he possesses the skill set necessary to properly facilitate an “The ability to work from home has something to do with oftentimes complicated and complex rural transaction. “We it,” she says, “but I think it has more to do with the desire to specialize in finding intrinsic value hidden on the recreational live with a yard and maintain a safer distance from people, side of real estate, an area many others miss,” Herrity says. coupled with not being so restricted under a lockdown. We “We combine that with consistent client communication are seeing three broad sectors buying these properties: local and cutting-edge systems and processes. Farm, ranch and urbanites from Boulder and Denver, and buyers from both the East and West coasts.” Further illustrating the crucial need for Realtors operating within their areas of expertise, Libin and her team are currently selling a property from which the County Planners have driven off multiple buyers who dared to call them directly with what seemed like reasonable questions but were fed negativelyimpacting misinformation by the staff. “It was only through our knowledge of the code and our solicitation of the Sellers’ input that we had the rulings reversed and now the property can proceed to sale without the Sellers having to come off their price,” she says. “The County Land Use employees are trained to put up roadblocks and will offer no advice as to how an applicant may achieve their goals within the code. Therefore, a Realtor with an in-depth knowledge of the code is important on any complex deal. Further, the ability to accurately price • Established in 1973 an unconventional property is a skill only a Realtor with the • Serving Colorado for over 40 years relevant experience can achieve.” • High-quality custom landscaping, So what kind of home and property have got you looking masonry, concrete work, remodeling, longingly toward the hills? If you are ready to move to a outdoor kitchens & more . . . Enhance recreational property, farm, ranch or mountain home, the the natural beauty of your property! Colorado market is poised to deliver on your dreams. Reach out to the experts featured here to get started. Don King Landscaping, Erie, CO Phone: (303) 828-3641 Email: 34

February 2021

> For information on available properties, contact Hayden Outdoors at 970.674.1990,; or KL Realty at 303.444.3177,


6 Bed + Office 7 Bath 6,622 Sq Ft Exceptionally private. Gorgeously updated. Unbeatable views. The perfect place to live, work, and play. Contact David Schlichter for more information.

David Schlichter Broker Associate | Compass Denver The Schlichter Team 720.440.2340 Compass is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdrawal without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal, accounting or other professional advice outside the realm of real estate brokerage.

The Two Sides of Window Coverings By Linda Thorsen Bond Photos: Innovative Openings


inding the right window coverings is not a toss-up between function and style at Innovative Openings, according to Sales Manager Kevin Anderson. Success means considering both sides. “We never approach the needs of a customer as just style or just functionality,” Anderson said. “We have a very consultative approach. We want to figure out what is the most important – is it the need for privacy? To manage heat or cold? Do you need to eliminate light so your baby can sleep? It’s functionality first, then we find a product that suits that functionality with style.” Innovative Openings is a Colorado success story. It started in 1980 and turned 40 years old in 2020. “We take great pride in the relationships we’ve created with our customers and industry partners. On any given project, multiple employees are involved with making your ideas a reality. We’ve developed a team of professionals to help you through each step of the process.” The newest innovations are hybrid products that would make space travelers feel at home. “Motorization plays a big part in window coverings,” Anderson said. “Ten or fifteen years ago, motorization would have only been available in the highest luxury builds. Now there are home automation platforms already in homes and digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home that make it easy for us to incorporate technology at a more affordable price.” “We carry Hunter Douglas and Insolroll products so we are in a position for unique innovation,” Anderson said. “We’ve grown our campus to three buildings in Louisville, and in two of them we manufacture Insolroll interior and exterior roller shades.” The most advanced motorization technology is available for roller shades, including ultra-quiet motors, hardwired, battery motors and complete UL-Listed systems. Roller shades by design are clean-lined and sleek and can be recessed into the ceiling to stay completely hidden from view when retracted. Innovative Openings has its finger on the pulse of style, too. “Texture and color preferences change a little each year,”


February 2021

he said. “Grays have been popular for quite a while, but we’re seeing a melding of gray with brighter colors including blues and greens. There’s also a trend toward the clean, fresh aspect of white to give things a pop of newness.” During 2020, the way a home is used has changed. “Home used to be a place you cook and sleep, and the same home may now be a home office and daycare,” Anderson said. “Priorities have changed as people want to make every room more comfortable. They want to moderate temperature and light. We’re working on window coverings that are insulating to keep heat out of the home in summer and keep the heat in the winter.” There is an increased focus on adding awnings and patio shades to expand living space to the outdoors. Innovative Openings has been offering patio shades and awnings in the Boulder and Denver area for over three decades. With many Front Range decks and patios oriented toward western mountain views, providing a shade with excellent view-through characteristics is important. Shades are designed with several sidetrack, cable and bungee hold-down options. Oasis® Patio Shades and Retractable Insect Screens and KE Durasol Patio Awnings by KE Outdoor Living are increasingly popular. Solar screen fabric used in patios is available in an array of openness factors to provide the right glare control and privacy required for every application. Oasis Patio Shade models provide protection from glare, heat, golf balls and insects and offer enhanced privacy. Awnings are innovative too. The Lateral Arm awnings don’t require an added structure; Pinnacle One structure awnings create their own structure and Pinnacle Two structure awnings are designed for pergolas, gazebos and other structures. When function is as important as style, Innovative Openings provides design consultation, expert measurement, professional and conscientious installation, repairs and warranty service. > Innovative Openings serves Denver, Boulder and surrounding areas. 667 S. Pierce Ave., Louisville, 303.665.1305,

RURAL COMPOUND MINUTES TO DOWNTOWN BOULDER 3 0 0 2 7 5 T H S T, B O U L D E R $2,590,000 | 4 beds | 5 baths | 6,296 sqft

Situated on 1.68 breathtaking acres, this extensive compound offers light, bright and efficient rural living in a main home and additional cottage, all within minutes of Boulder. The warm and open 5000+ sf main house features an open floor plan, soaring ceilings, a spacious chef’s kitchen with center island, and bonus spaces. The first floor features a master suite, large office, and flex spaces throughout. The second floor boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open lofts and access to the detached recreation room over the 3 car garage. The original farmhouse is used as a separate cottage on the Property and offers flexible living or work opportunities [think multi-generational living, AG housing or separate office]. A perfect venue for entertainment, with a Rocky Mountain backdrop, apple orchard and pond in your backyard. This sustainable Boulder compound is expertly powered by active and passive systems providing off the grid living options. This is a truly special property to make your own.

Monica M. Van Matre Broker Associate Re/Max Alliance on Walnut 303.358.0336 [call/text] ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


Resort-Style Living In Your Own Backyard

Outdoor kitchens offer convenience when entertaining and are a way to simplify everyday living. (Photo courtesy of Don King Landscaping).

By Emily Kemme


eautifying your backyard can expand living spaces into Colorado’s great outdoors and create a private get-away, just steps from home. With well-planned designs and the involvement of experts, turning your backyard into a resortworthy oasis is a project that adds value to your home while offering a space to play and regenerate. Modern day landscaping projects are most successful when they balance components, incorporating not only plants, but hardscapes, water features, lighting and enough electrical outlets to provide juice to whatever high tech cooking and entertainment gadgetry you can dream up. Don King has been in the Colorado landscaping business for 46 years. When pulling a landscape design project together, King tries to impart a natural, organic Colorado look as the end result. “We try to make it look like a glacier left the plantscape there, including artistic placement of focal boulders.” Before digging into a project, Don King Landscaping


February 2021

uses CAD designed layouts to conceptualize ideas for their customers. Taking client lifestyle preferences into account helps guide the planning stage. King believes the plant palate is what’s most important. “The design takes into account bloom factors of all the different plants, moisture levels, type of irrigation and best growing location. Through a modern site survey, we incorporate the hardscape, patios outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, shade covering, or whatever the customer needs in their outdoor living space.” Hardscapes are design elements that don’t change over the years as your garden develops. They can include rocks, pathways, retaining walls, patios, and the driveway. While trendy outdoor kitchens might seem to up the luxury factor, the ability to cook and entertain outdoors offers convenience and a way to simplify everyday living. One standard King Landscaping feature is a sitting wall — a spot constructed of stone or concrete where people can gather for conversation around a fire pit or fireplace. King also believes a water feature is a nice accent element. “It gives a backyard

character and a quiet ambiance that creates a romantic, tranquil area in the garden.” And while what’s growing in the ground provides a lush backdrop for outdoor activities, he recognizes that a landscape is never finished until you can enjoy it in the evening. “A lot of our clients are working from daybreak until dusk. They want to come home and enjoy their fire pit, grill a steak, have a margarita and watch their kids play in the grass.” Lighting plays a key role for enhancing a landscape. From highlighting pathways and patios, to uplighting trees, King utilizes high tech lighting systems constructed to withstand heat and the sun’s rays. He also recommends installing a second system for holiday lighting. The icing on the cake means including shady spots for sitting, socializing, and enjoying time outdoors. Staying comfortable, while taking Colorado’s all-weather seasons into account, is essential when creating a luxury home oasis. With over 300 days of Colorado sunshine, people want to optimize their outdoor living spaces, Julie Heyer, co-owner of Greeley Tent & Awning, said. Advances in technology offer automated products which homeowners can use to have both control over and protection from Colorado’s diverse weather patterns. And while the goal at the outset is blocking the sun’s

rays without obscuring the view, savings on energy costs are what awnings and patio systems are all about, Heyer said. “By reducing the amount of solar gain A good landscape design integrates a variety of hardscapes with plants coming in through your selected to complement growing windows or on your patio, conditions in your yard. (Photo courtesy of Don King Landscaping). you can reduce the impact of sunlight on the interior temperature of your home, decreasing air conditioning use and incurring savings — you’ll replace furniture and carpet less often if you can prevent sun damage,” she said. Among a wide variety of shade resources, the 118-year-old Greeley company offers Corradi wood pergolas with automated retractable awnings, awning systems from NuImage Awnings, and Sol-Lux, solar window awnings powered by the sun that have wind and rain sensors. Both companies meet one-on-one with clients to create an individualized plan, recognizing that landscaping is an investment in your home. King recommends planning to spend between 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value when budgeting landscaping for new construction. Existing homes can take advantage of what’s already in place, but lifestyles are personal and tastes can develop and change. He believes Thomas Jefferson said it best: “I am an old man but a young gardener.” For King, that translates to meaning that your garden is never finished. “There’s always something you can do to make it beautiful and different. When traveling, snap photos of landscape ideas and let your garden grow and evolve.” > Don King Landscaping, P.O. Box 372, Erie, 303.828.3641,

Shady spots for sitting, socializing, and enjoying time outdoors incorporate designer stamped concrete, automated retractable awnings, and furniture that brings the interior of your home outside. (Photo: Emily Kemme).

> Greeley Tent & Awning, 2209 9th St., Greeley, 970.352.0253,

SAW IT, WANTED IT Add character and style to your outdoor oasis with designer pottery from Indochine Home + Garden in Boulder. Indochine’s vast selection of outdoor pottery is high temperature fired and is guaranteed to be frostproof – a sure way to add style for years to come in your outdoor living space. > Indochine Home + Garden, 7123 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, 303.444.7734,

(Photo courtesy: Indochine Home + Garden).



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February 2021

High-End Design, Lower-Maintenance Living The Villas at Calmante by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, showcases some of the most popular home design trends, from wall tiles to fireplace stone and beyond. Such is the case at the popular Superior neighborhood, The Villas at Calmante. This exclusive neighborhood of just low maintenance ranch-style homes showcases some of the most popular home design trends, from wall tiles to fireplace stone and beyond.

By Sarah Huber Photos by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods


hat happens when a leading Colorado builder partners with a top interior design firm? While some in home construction value function

above form, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods celebrates both, weaving lower-maintenance convenience with winsome style, main-floor living with clean lines and a commitment to easy living with thoughtfully designed floor plans. Known for its award-winning homes and communities throughout Colorado, Boulder Creek partners with well-known local interior design specialist Saddleback Design to put the finishing touches on their homes – important touches like flooring, counters and tile work.

EXQUISITE DESIGN AT THE VILLAS AT CALMANTE Saddleback Design Manager Lesley Hodges said Saddleback designers transform well-designed, well-built “Boulder Creek houses into well-loved, peaceful homes.” She explained, “Calmante home buyers work with a Saddleback Design expertly to create a functional space that reflects the buyers’ lifestyle and can become their sanctuary.” This empowers home buyers to create a haven they love with support from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods and Saddleback Design. Saddleback Design, based in a 38,000-square-foot showroom housing thousands of design options, experts guide home buyers through the design experience – what Boulder Creek calls ‘the fun part’. “Calmante homes tap into current and traditional design trends with simple, streamlined accents and smart, elegant surfaces,” says Hodges. “In the kitchen and bath, Calmante home owners play with hued glass and tiles in vivid colors,” she says. “Buyers have moved away from more ornate designs,” such as the dotted backsplashes laid diagonally in the 1980s. Popular countertops are granite, quartz and natural stone. Nowhere is this more evident than at the model home in the neighborhood. Located at 2741 Calmante Ave. in Superior, the model is full of interior design eye-candy… including travertine ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


floors, stacked stone wall details, granite waterfall countertops and luxe wall tiles in metallics, glass, marble, mirror and mosaic. “When you walk into a house we helped design, we can immediately tell whose home it is. We love bringing that level of personalization to the home – making it so you can feel the personality of the owners shine through with the finishes they’ve selected,” Hodges said. LOWER-MAINTENANCE AND LOCATION EQUALS EASE OF LIVING Chris Mason, community manager at the Villas at Calmante, noted that many buyers are drawn to Calmante’s main floor, accessible living and perhaps most crucially, low-maintenance lifestyle. Main-floor living means the master suite with walk-in closets and a spacious bath is near the laundry room, and the openconcept kitchen, dining and living area are all on the same level. A finished basement features a spacious rec room for a home theater, extra bedrooms for guests, and ample storage space. Calmante “backs up to thousands of acres of Boulder County open space, and the topography of the site is such that neither side of the street looks directly at the front of another house,” explained Mason. “Each home has some nice elevation of its own.” Ease of living is the goal at The Villas at Calmante, where the “intelligently designed neighborhood is created with a neighborhood lifestyle association, or HOA,” he said. Calmante

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February 2021

home owners are liberated from snow shoveling, raking, weeding and exterior painting, among other household chores. CALMANTE’S VIBE “There are broad variety of people who live here, of course,” Mason said, “but we definitely have an interesting community of professionals, artists and athletes. One neighbor is up early each day walking the trails in the open space across the street. Others are out cycling, hiking and skiing. People are walking with their pets and chatting.” Many home owners volunteer in the community and are involved in book and social clubs, lecture circuits and crafting bees. Mason continued, “from the home design to the layout of the neighborhood, Calmante gives buyers something unusual in the market” – a lower-maintenance home offering main-floor living at 3,000 to 3,700 square feet in a tight-knit community. Calmante home owners also adore Calmante’s brilliant location and Superior’s downtown revitalization, Mason said. Denver and the Denver International Airport are about 30 minutes away, and while there’s no shortage of things to do, there is a shortage of available homes at The Villas. At press time, only two homes at this limited-edition neighborhood remain, starting at $1.3 million-plus. > For more information, visit or call 720.459.6262 to speak with the Boulder Creek sales concierge team.

Meyer Skidmore & Co.

We offer the finest custom hardwood floors using only top quality wood flooring materials from manufactures known for precision milling and low moisture content kiln drying. We work not only with Bona and Pallmann floor finishes but also many other recognized finishes on the market today. Our production is focused in and around Boulder County. Our staff is the most experienced hardwood flooring talent in the Boulder-Longmont and surrounding area.Whether working with individual homeowners or general contractors we constantly strive to provide quality products, workmanship, and prompt professional service.

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READY-TO-FINISH FURNITURE LET YOU PUT YOUR MARK ON INTERIORS By John Lehndorff Photos: Unfinished Furniture Colorado


olorado’s home furniture artists have literally come out of the woodwork in the past year. “People have had time at home to look at their old tables and dressers and decide to upgrade the furnishings in rooms all over their houses,” says Richard Lambert who co-owns Unfinished Furniture Colorado with his wife, Yvonne. Forget your “unfinished’ preconceptions of inexpensive plain pine furniture for college students and newlyweds. What an unfinished bookcase, nightstand or cabinet really offers is the opportunity to personalize and customize it so it doesn’t look like everybody else’s furniture. “We have been very busy with customers buying new furniture to finish themselves or having us finish it for them,” Lambert says. Unfinished Furniture Colorado stocks its Broomfield showroom with complete lines of furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bedrooms plus the area’s most extensive selection of premium wood finishes, stains and paints. Factory and custom painting and staining are also available. According to Lambert, solid wood home office equipment is in the highest demand including credenzas, storage cubes, desks, filing cabinets and writing tables. RIGHT-HEIGHT CHAIRS AND SCHOOL AT HOME While there are standard models and sizes, many pieces can be customized. “For example, we can build bookcases and cabinets in sizes that fit your available space. There’s a lot of demand for that

especially for older homes,” he says. In addition, Lambert has local wood artisans available who can build furniture to order using stellar hardwoods and adding first class details like dovetail drawers and euro drawer glides for easy opening. The company recently completed a set of stand-up desk stations for a local business. “There has been a lot of need for kidsized tables and chairs,” Lambert says. Parents have set up “school” at home, often in spaces that were previously extra bedrooms or storage. The store also stocks a full range of chests, and dressers, and they have a local builder who makes bunk and loft beds for kids, as well as whimsical wood furniture for children including toddler rocking chairs. FROM ADIRONDACK CHAIRS TO A CHERRY LAZY SUSAN Since the COVID-19 pandemic Unfinished Furniture Colorado has observed strict safety rules in the store with assistance available online and on the phone. The lines of furniture in the showroom cover a wide range of styles and prices. Options include leisurely Adirondack chairs for chilling on the patio and American-made hardwood furniture: beds, bookcases and even a 96- by 48inch table with an 18-inch removable leaf. Unfinished Furniture Colorado is also stocking new lines to make the most of odd-shaped home spaces. Consider a corner cabinet with bottom doors, a 30-inch-tall tea table/plant stand, a gorgeous cherry wood Lazy Susan and Colorado-made cutting boards

who help customers put a personal stamp on their furnishings. Among the possibilities are custom finishes, such as antiquing, distressing, glazing and faux marble. “If you are doing it yourself, we’re here to help you through the process,” Lambert says. Ongoing advice about sanding, staining and painting is always available. Customers proudly share images of their finished projects and detail their techniques on Lambert’s Facebook page with some bright, creative results. “We had one customer who painted the base of dining table a navy blue with a lightly stained top. It looked great,” Lambert says. The store doesn’t sell bathroom furniture and fixtures, but that didn’t stop one couple. “They pulled an old bathtub out of their master bathroom and replaced it with a refinished bedroom dresser, the result was amazing” he says. Naturally, Unfinished Furniture Colorado also stocks an array of waxes and polishes to help maintain that shining wood-grained finish throughout the year.

WELCOME TO THE FINISH LINE The company is known for customer service and a staff of creative consultants

> Unfinished Furniture Colorado, 5095 W. 120th Ave., Broomfield, 303.529.4155, ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


Retirement Living with Style Balfour Senior Living Communities meet all your needs and more

By Kathleen Duff Photos courtesy Balfour Senior Living


tyle, beauty and elegance aren’t usually the first words that come to mind when discussing retirement communities. But a visitor would be hard-pressed to discern the difference between a Balfour Senior Living community and a luxury resort. Executive chefs have been lured from some of the nation’s top hotels to create meals that are not only delicious but also pleasing to the eye. Brightly decorated walls and window treatments complement hundreds of pieces of artwork curated for each location to reflect a sense of geographical place and local history. Top-of-the-line amenities, happy hours with live music, personalized transportation and concierge service are the norm, not the exception. With communities in downtown Denver, Louisville,


February 2021

Longmont, Littleton and Central Park Denver as well as Ann Arbor, Mich., Brookline, Mass. and metro Washington D.C., Balfour is developing atmospheres where bland and boring have been removed from the aging experience. “This is where you come to live. You can treat yourself,” said Richard Conklin, executive director of the Louisville Balfour community Lavender Farms. “It’s about making the next chapter of their lives some of the most memorable, not just for residents but for their loved ones.” Balfour emphasizes a continuum of care where residents can transition gracefully from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing care and memory care, as needed. The concept allows residents to age in place while maintaining the relationships they’ve established in the different levels of care. Founder Michael Schonbrun was inspired to create Balfour when researching retirement communities for his mother Madeline. On the website, he said his mother

was a “fashionable, well-traveled and fun-loving native New Yorker who loved a ‘Four Seasons’ experience.” Schonbrun, the former CEO of National Jewish Hospital, developed the company that focuses on living life to its fullest as an homage to what his mother would want in a senior living facility. Unlike many senior communities, Balfour is rental-based. Residents pay only for services and levels of care they use. Prices start at $4,000 per month and are private pay only. Every detail has been considered to make sure residents are not only comfortable but inspired and connected. “Design is more than just being pretty. It’s about beauty. Human nature is drawn to beauty. Having a community where you can walk in - we’ve had residents walk in and stare in awe - it serves the purpose of lifestyle and enrichment for our residents,” Conklin said. Conklin continues, “Science is applied here. Our design team has a passionate commitment to color and how it can impact your mental health,” she said. “You will always see bright colors. You won’t find vinyl-covered furniture..... We have comfortable materials; we have real drapes. The bookshelves are curated to hold not just books but items that spark memories and engage with people.” Activities are far from stereotypical, with offerings such as yoga, wine tasting and a diverse array of art, music and educational events that communicate a sense of relaxed sophistication. As much as Balfour has created a reputation for its awardwinning design and vibrant visuals, perhaps the elements that can’t be seen tell an even greater story. For example, there are no visible handrails in the corridors, often a staple in retirement homes. Instead, comfortable seating areas or pause points are strategically placed throughout the facilities to allow residents to rest and converse. Nursing stations – with staffing ratios higher than most facilities – are located behind trendy sliding barn doors. Families find a warm welcome, where they are encouraged to enjoy the amenities, such as salt-water pools or legendary meals, with their loved ones. A proactive health care monitoring system called Foresite is installed above doors in apartments and in beds to detect patterns in body function and movement. The system uses sensors, not cameras, to determine if residents have fallen or altered their daily routines. “We can see troubling patterns long before residents need to be admitted to the hospital,” Conklin said. Nor can residents see the consideration that goes into Balfour’s hiring practices, but the impact is obvious. Conklin explained, “We are hiring the people and training the skills. Yes, having skills is important. But we look at the type of people we are hiring. We empower our employees to make

good decisions on behalf of the residents. And employees see the impact they are having. Obviously, people who are invested in the process are more likely to stay.” Each community has its own culture, reflected through the residents and staff, said Conklin. “Everyone knows the residents in their community. They are a family.” And pets are a significant part of that family atmosphere. Balfour allows pets without size restrictions as long as residents can care for them. With Chaos the dog as its chief barketing officer, the message is clear that pets are welcome, if not encouraged. “Pets are a non-negotiable relationship for our residents,” Conklin said. “Pets improve their quantity of life and their quality of life. Waking up to a friend is so important. We’ve seen it through COVID-19

“This is where you come to live. You can treat yourself.”

more than anything else. When people have purpose, they don’t perish. These friends offer something to get out of bed for, especially when times are tough.” Not surprisingly, COVID-19 has prompted limits on socialization and activities due to strict safety standards. But there has been a bright spot in the pandemic darkness. Staff have pivoted in using technology to bring residents together,

if only virtually. Conklin said he will continue using online Town Halls that have emerged in the pandemic to keep residents informed. In turn, residents are embracing technology like never before. Conklin adds, “Some doubted their ability to adapt to technology (but) I can’t tell you how many 80- or 90-yearolds can work a mobile device better than we can. They have learned FaceTime with their families and to check for activities.” Purpose is a word Conklin likes to use when describing Balfour. Purpose as far as how the facilities operate and ensuring that residents continue to live their lives with purpose. “If I had to sum it up, what differentiates us from other communities, especially in luxury categories, is that we have a focus on purpose and enrichment,” he said. “We are talking the enrichment in our daily lives. We do all this in a setting that is second to none. And so much of what Balfour does is resident-driven. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t improve the wellness, lifestyle and well-being of the person that lives there, then it doesn’t matter. This is their house.” > Balfour Senior Living, visit, call 844.354.8877, or send e-mail to ATHOMECOLORADO.COM


The Role of the Title Company By Adam Goldstein


ue diligence is critical, especially when it comes to buying a new property in Colorado. Buying a new home is a complex process, one that carries a whole host of potential traps and snares. This is just as true for homebuyers purchasing their first property as it is for those looking to purchase a second home, a mountain getaway or a luxury domicile. No matter the size or scope of the new property, there are necessary measures to ensure that a property legitimately and legally is transferred to the ownership of a new buyer. This means making sure that a seller has a legal right to move the property; this means ensuring that the property doesn’t carry any outstanding mortgages, pre-existing liens, unpaid homeowners association dues, unresolved judgements or other roadblocks to a legitimate sale. It necessitates careful research by professionals who can ensure that all the I’s are dotted and that all the T’s are crossed. That’s where a title company comes in. For those looking to purchase a new property in the current housing market, the role of a title company is even more critical. Even in this hot market, Colorado offers buyers some of the most impressive luxury properties in the world, and a title company is a key part of securing that the perfect home in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Indeed, with the current demand, it’s even more critical that buyers ensure that the sale is legitimate and ensured. For example, a company like Lakewood-based Ascendant National Title prides itself on handling every facet of the operation, from title searches to title insurance and extended coverage. “It doesn’t matter whether you buy a $50,000 shack or a $5 million castle. What title insurance does, is it insures you that you have marketable title,” said Leo Hebert, Ascendant National Title Chief Operating Officer. “It insures against forgery, that you’ve got access to your property, that you can sell it. “At Ascendant, it’s all about service and it’s all about quality people. I’m a firm believer in creating a great culture and making sure that employees offer the best service possible,” he added. Ascendant approaches the title process with efficiency and effectiveness as core values. The company works with buyers during every part of the process, from working with customers 46

February 2021

during the closing to the initial title search, which seeks to identify any potential hurdles to a sale. This includes searching for outstanding mortgages, liens, easements, leases and other factors. This approach is all the more essential for luxury properties, where questions of easements and access can be critical. “You could have a beautiful piece of property on a mountain and the only way to get to it is that road is 50 feet down from your property,” Hebert said. “With usable access, you have to have an easement over your neighbors’ property to get to your property.” What’s more, title insurance and extended title insurance can offer security for new property owners, especially for homes that have had a long list of prior owners. For the relatively minimal cost of title insurance, a new owner can claim a sense of security and know that in the event of a claim from a previous owner, they won’t be on the hook for astronomical legal fees. With an owner’s title insurance policy, for example, the title company is responsible for the cost of any legal action. A title company can also steer a buyer on securing the correct type of deed, a legal document that conveys ownership. Depending on different factors, like whether the new property will be mortgaged or if spouses, relatives or others will have an interest in the property, buyers in Colorado can use a general warranty deed, a special warranty deed, a quitclaim deed or a bargain and sale deed. For straightforward residential real estate, a general warranty is standard, but the special warranty deeds are also applicable in large residential sales. “You can split hairs, but the key is if you’ve got your title policy, you don’t worry about what kind of deed you had, unless you knew something going in,” Hebert said. All of these services are critical, especially for those buyers looking to buy large, luxury properties that require property surveys. A title company will conduct a comprehensive assessment of a property, and seek any encroachments or additions onto the property. “There are two things I’d never buy a piece of property without. One is a title policy, two is a survey. If you have a survey and there’s a problem, you have information going in,” Hebert said. “If you go in without a survey and the neighbor starts tearing down your fence, it doesn’t matter if they file a claim – that client has gone through some misery, and it’s not pleasant.” > Ascendant National Title, 215 Union Blvd., #215, Lakewood; 6025 S. Quebec St., #140, Centennial; 11859 N. Pecos St., #330, Westminster, 303.801.0530,



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