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ag Obair le cheile What do you do together?

Ag Obair Le ChÊile. A Kids’ Own book by young children and their parents in County Donegal.


This book was created by young children and their parents as part of the “paper stories” programme with the Donegal Library Service. The workshops took place in two Taobh Tire sites, Naíonra, Baile na Finne and Comharchumann Forbartha & Fostaíochta Arainn Mhór (Arranmore Development and Employment Co-op), Mevagh Family Resource Centre, Downings and The Forge Family Resource Centre, Pettigo, County Donegal. The project brought young children and their parents together to support family play and literacy.


Thanks to all the children, parents and staff that took part in the workshops. Thanks to Donegal County Librarian Eileen Burgess, and Donegal Senior Executive Librarian, Donna Quinn. Without their support this programme would not have happened. Designed by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership• Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership, Carrigeens, Ballinful, Sligo• T - 00353 (0)71 91 24945•W -•E - ISBN: 9781902432526 •© Kids’Own Publishing Partnership 2011


What do you ad. d y m h t i w ctor a r t e h t e v i do I dr together?



This is my tractor with turf. We got the turf at the bog.

I help Daddy turn the turf and throw up the turf into the trailer. It is very hard work. Daddy goes up the bog with me to bring home turf.

Daddy gives me a big drink.

Sometimes he goes on Gaga’s tractor and sometimes he goes in the quad. Daddy lets me drive. I would drive the tractor into the drain and then it would be stuck. Oh no. Gaga would pull us out.


We Sing together



play guitar 7

Four at one go. When we were out fishing I said to my Dad, Can I fish? Then Dad gave me a rod and was helping me. I caught four at one go. But dad only caught three.


. . . 5 4 123 i ce on a ht g u ca fish Alive

Daddy Brings me Fishing I was standing in the water in my wellies. You get your rod and you throw it away over. Then it got stuck in the reeds, but I pulled it away up. A fish came and bit my leg. Then I caught him. I brought him home for dinner. Mammy fried the fish on the pan, but I don’t like fish.


de i ns i y la er p eth We g to de i s ut o and man.

ow We made a big sn

We love being outside as much as playing with computers.


On the farm


What do you like? colouring


Emma is good at colouring, butterflies and running around.

Ring a ring a rosie , A pocket full of po sies Atichoo aticHo, We all fall down. 12

BOATS & Helicopters I work on the fast ferry, the car ferry, the picnic ferry, the punt. I go with my Dad practising on the car ferry with the helicopter. The helicopter comes at night. It’s always late to practise the air sea rescue.


Eibhlín We are jumping on a bouncy castle Tá muid ag léim ar an bouncy caislean.

AG LéIM Jumping Fionnuala We were baking in the kitchen when the reindeer went past the window.


Bhí muid ag cocaireacht sa chistin, agus shúil an carria trasna an fuinneog.

Washing dishes Daracha I love helping Mammy. I love my cupan buĂ­.


This is me washing the dishes. My favourite thing is Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


Swimming drawing together

Seo e an aitpheil. Bimse ar an lúscán agus an sleamhnain. Is maith liom bheith ag snámh.

ag snámh Sean loves his occupational therapy playing with Marla


Dogs Seo Keano. Tá Keano ag súil ar on lead. Tá sé maith. Ní maith leis cait. Tá éin sa spéir. Thit na duilleoga ón crann. Tá blathnanna ag fás i mo ghairdín.

Ross likes playing with trains, playing with mum’s hair. Ross likes Fish, going on the tractor with Daddy, playing ball with Grandad.

Trains 17

Dad, Mum, Aoibheann, Darragh and baby Seamus are going for a walk to Granny’s or the shop. Granny has a slide and she puts spray on it to make it really slidier.


Swings Eoin likes going to the swing. Mammy pushes him. I want to go higher says Eoin. Eoin goes upside down on the slide.



Ryan likes dinosaurs. The scary ones are good. They like biting each other. I drew lots of dinosaurs.





Where do you hide?


This is my house. Seo é mo theach. This is Daddy. Seo é Daidí Playing with Max. Ag imirt le Max. Max is hiding. Tá Max ina bhfolach. Where is Max. Cá bhfuil Max

HIdE and Seek In Fairyland There’s lots of flowers, sun, sharks and raining lollipops and rainbows.


How we MAde this book

How To make A print...

The stories and pictures in this book were made using storytelling and a variety of drawing and printing techniques. We all made our own laminated books. Selected stories and pictures taken from our laminated books made this one book. We started thinking about what we liked to do together. We began drawing big pictures and telling stories. We typed out our stories and selected our images from our drawings and prints, some of us used photographs from home as well and put them together to make our own laminated books.

To make our prints we used old lino tiles, inks and rollers. We made monoprints and card prints. To make a mono print • roll ink out on a tile, • rub off the top layer with newspaper, • place paper on the inked surface, • draw picture on top, • peel off your page, and leave to dry.


To make a card print • draw out your picture onto a piece of card, • press down heavy on the pen, adding details, • cut out your shape, • roll ink onto the card, • press down a piece of paper on top, • press down on the paper or use a clearroller to apply pressure, • peel the paper off the tile and ‘hey presto!’you have made a print.

How you can use this book • You can sit together and look through the book listening to what your child is saying. • You can point and pick out pictures and words that are new and familiar. • You can use this book to inspire you to make your own similar pictures and pages. • You can use this book to inspire your own family stories. • You can use this book to get ideas about what you can do together. • You can make your own books together!

How you can make your own 8 page book... • You will need one sheet of paper A4 size or bigger, • Fold the paper on all lines, • Fold in half & cut along dotted line, between pages 5,8,1,4. • Open page & fold in length. • Push 8centre together. The  page  fold   • Fold pages to form a booklet.

One book can have lots of interest. Look at the pictures, read the words, Look at the photographs.

All you need is one page and a pair of scissors... 23

Draw here

o d u yo at Wh . R e togeth 24

Ag Obair le Chéile  
Ag Obair le Chéile  

This book was created by young children and their parents as part of the “paper stories” programme with the Donegal Library Service. The wor...