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August 2012


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Mr. P.G Prabhakar Reddy, Managing Director, P dot G Constructions (P) Ltd.,

From Our MD’s To build the finest quality homes based on modern design concepts and using sophisticated building materials. To deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

We believe our drivers are Customer satisfaction new ideas and Desk focus on Quality

It was the year 2006. Being a qualified architect with close to 20 years of experience in planning, designing for building solutions, and execution of high quality apartment housing projects, I wanted to do something more. I had many ideas, novel methodologies and new scopes in front of me. But there were many compulsions to adhere to what the company I worked which demanded. I decided that the time had come for me to carve my own niche, create my own path and transcend boundaries. That was the beginning of P dot G. In the 6 years since then, we have built and given away more than 2 million square feet of area. Though this might be small compared to the many giants in the field, yet something that we are proud of.

A place where you are sure to connect with your inner self. We have selected locations that are fast-growing but at the same time away from the pollution and bustle that we have come to dread.

Why P dot G you wonder? Well it so happened that we wanted a name that would seem different from the many existing players in the market and at the same time have our names attached to the properties that we create. So we took my initials P.G and made it P dot G. Sounds different, doesn’t it? We are humbled by the love and affection that has been shown to us by all our customers and feel responsible for the trust that you have rested on us.

In order to provide you with some interesting facts, that is aligned to our aim of providing you with satisfaction, we thought of coming to your doorstep with our latest venture - a infozine. P dot G Connect, has been specially created keeping you in mind. We are looking at providing you information that you are looking for – investment options, our new construction, home decor information, the latest trends in construction etc. "Connect" intends to provide you with a ringside view of what is happening in the world of real estate. It would also endeavour to provide you with the latest updates in the world of P dot G. Connect has been designed to remove some misconceptions, clear some doubts and show you a clearer picture of what can be beneficial for you as an investor and as a home-buyer. We are sure that this will prove to be an effective guide to your efforts of making a wonderful home, a home which exudes your individuality.

We will ensure that the primary objective of ours – your satisfaction - is met. Everything else is secondary. We have tried to encourage new ideas and novel amenities. That is why every P dot G construction is your dream home.

So happy reading! And we would like to hear from you. So please do connect with us at I look forward to enfolding many more into our ever growing P dot G family.


Inside Conversations Real Estate as an Investment Those who already own their dream home can choose between various options in real estate asset, such as residential apartment/independent house, luxury villas/farm house as weekend home, residential plot, commercial space, serviced apartments or serviced offices. Since investing is for the purpose of wealth creation and as a hedge against inflation, the timing of investment is crucial. You need to study the economic situation, interest rate movements and fluctuations in real estate prices apart from location advantage, title to the property, valuation and regulatory approvals from local authorities.

SOUND INVESTMENT Subrahmanyam Ivatury’s Apartment's market price has doubled in eight years

Subrahmanyam Ivatury, 52, a senior IT executive has invested in a residential apartment for self use, the market price of which has almost doubled in last eight years . Although he wanted to invest more in real estate assets, he was not able to decide because of the problems of leasing and maintenance of the asset and low rentals of 3 percent a year on the capital to be invested. Recently, Ivatury came across a new concept and bought three studio apartments for Rs.7 lakhs each. These units are fully furnished and are in a large complex, which would be maintained by a professional property management company.

Feat Facts The complex is located close to some big IT firms and has world class facilities designed for young professionals. The rents collected from people staying in the flat would be shared between the investor and the property manager in a 3 : 1 ratio. Since rent distribution is on 'pooled and distributed' model, even if the units owned by Ivatury remain vacant, he would get rental returns proportionate to his ownership. Further he can stay in the complex for free up to 30 days in a year, depending on availability. Ivatury is happy that in this new concept of investment, his money is safe as it is secured by immovable property, an asset which would appreciate over years, while he receives regular returns by way of rent, which works out to 8-10 percent a year. There is no headache of finding a suitable tenant or maintain the apartment. Now P dot G plans for a similar support service of providing facility management services too.

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) was formed in the year 2001 by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The vision of the council is to usher in a green building movement in India and help India become one of the global leaders in green buildings. P dot G has the unique distinction of being one of the youngest members of the IGBC – Indian Green Building Council. It has only been six years since we came into the picture and so this is something we are really proud of. Congrats to our team who made this possible!

Green Revolution A green building is one which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.



to decorate your home Beautiful Homes

Tips for making your home more attractive Decorate with the LIGHTS Lights are an important aspect of your home. Any activity that you carry out, of reading, cooking, writing, etc require sufficient light which are not only comfortable, but also aesthetically appealing. Try a dim coloured green or purple light during the evenings when the guests are about and support it with a decorative piece like a lantern shaped like a tree or being held by a cherub. Try chandeliers that are easy on the eye. Note: Avoid chandeliers that are too big for your room. It makes the room look smaller and more cramped.


Display your spirit You love your family. And you have thousands of photographs to prove it! Then why don’t you bring this cheer onto your walls? Have not more than a couple of family pictures on your walls. Ensure that you have put them up in locations where they get the optimum attention – not much, not little! Or you can have a collage of your best pictures done professionally. (there are many free software available online...ask Google.) You can have it made it like a designer collection and displayed on your walls. It makes the home look more cheerful and lively. Add a few pictures that suit your sensibilities and effective lighting to show these pictures in good light. You already have a new house in your hands!


A residence becomes a home only when you add your personal touch to it. The curtains, the sofas, the lighting effects, the room interiors – all of them that you always wanted in your home. We always add the “MY” touch to it and LO! It turns into “your” home! After a few years of living in that “home” you start wishing for a change. You would like to do something different, which actually means that your house needs a makeover. Here are a few simple tips to make your house as good as new! Creative naming! Your nameplate is what identifies your home and differentiates it from the others. So go ahead and find an interesting nameplate for your home. You can have a house name which is cheerful and welcoming and add your name to it. Make it with wood with some cheerful drawing. Or make a brass/metal nameplate and etch your name creatively. You would love looking at it yourself. You can also look at adding a mural, a swastika or some picture to your main door that makes it look inviting to any of your guests.


Colours and curtains We never realize how just a change of curtain can make the home refreshingly new! Have you ever thought about it? If not, then it is time for you to do so. Try changing the colours of your curtains across rooms. The same kind of curtain in every room is a big no-no. You will feel like you are in the same room over and over again! So include your creativity. Brighten up your living room with curtains that are resplendent and colourful. Add mild shades to your bedroom curtains to mellow the effect. Try this and you would realize how wonders never cease.


Make your home a floral delight Flowers are probably the best decorations that your house needs. Adding flowers in your various rooms brings a new look to your house and at the same time adds fragrance and freshness. Try to suit the room colour with the flowers. So if your walls are off-white, ivory or any other lighter shade, the add colour to the room with colourful flowers. Change the flower arrangements once in 3 days. Make sure that you remove any flower in the decoration that has dried up. You can also add plastic flowers that look natural. However there is nothing to beat the real thing!


Plant some cheer If you are a lover of nature you can even place potted plants outside your doorstep. Whether it is an apartment or an individual house, if there is one thing that can never go out of fashion, they are plants. Try to keep a creeper or a flowering shrub near your doorstep. Inside if you have space in your living room, then add a small pot to the beauty of the room. Ensure that these plants are kept in clean pots and the water does not leak onto the floor. Also make sure that the plant suits the decor inside.


Change the way your room looks You have had your living room, or bedroom done when you first entered the house. If you have not made any changes to it since, then you are looking at boredom! So start trying to make your room look different. Rearrange your furniture. Add a bit of change by bringing in some flower vases or any other flower arrangement. It would not cost you much, but it sure would look as though you have entered a new home.



Touch up your house once a year The walls of your house tend to look old and dirty as time goes. This not only makes the house look dull, but also very old and untidy. All you need to do is apply a coat of paint once a year. If you are looking at a full-fledged painting, then you can go for it once in 4-5 years. However a touch-up will help the home retain the new look throughout. This will probably cost you Rs.1000/- to Rs.10,000/- depending on the size of your house if you ask your local painter, but the effect that it would have will definitely be invaluable.


CUSTOMER SPEAK Intelligence Check 1. No sooner spoken than broken. What is it? 2. I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I? 3. A man builds a house rectangular in shape. All the sides have southern exposure. A big bear walks by. What color is the bear? Why? 4. If there are 3 apples and you take away 2, how many do you have? 5. One big hockey fan claimed to be able to tell the score before any game. How did he do it? Answers: 1. Silence 2. A hole 3. It is white. It will be a polar bear. He is on the North Pole. 4. 2. You have taken away 2 right! 5. Because before a game starts, the score is 0:0

Ms. Brinda Aiyar & Family Spring Dale, Teachers Colony, Kolathur I don’t know how to thank P dot G for the wonderful experience that they have provided us. From looking for the ideal location, to help buy our home, they have been a great help to us. Thank you P dot G! To start from the beginning, I am a homemaker and my husband is a manager in a company. We have been looking to buy a house in Chennai for some time now. However, we never found a property that would suited us. If we liked the place, it was unaffordable. If the price was affordable, we had a problem with the location. And if both the location and the price were ok, we did not like the construction.

Prize Catch

That was when we heard of P dot G’s construction at Kolathur. It is called Spring Dale and frankly, it is meant for royalty. Kolathur being a fast growing area and close to where we were looking for, held a lot of promise for us. The company executives were there at the location to handle any questions that we had. They were not only polite, but also were prompt in getting back to us with whatever details we wanted. They treated us like royalty, literally, even though we told them that we are only looking and we would take some time before deciding on the purchase. Inspite of that their courteous behaviour remained intact.

An answer to the easy question given below can win you a super-duper prize! SMS your answer along with your name to 97890 55593 before 15th August and win exciting prizes. For multiple correct entries, a draw will

After they showed us the Apartment design and asked us for our requirement, they were ready to accommodate any changes that we might have in our apartment. And not only this, their rates were highly competitive. We were so impressed with the P dot G and their team that we would have signed up immediately for the house. But we wanted to think it over, since it was a major decision for us. After a lot of thought, the P dot G team won us over with their trustworthiness and dependability.

the world and where is it located?

Today we can proudly say that we live in a house which we are happy to own. A place where we would love to spend the rest of our lives. The P dot G team is just a phone call away from us. Whatever doubts we had about our decision got expelled the day we got a call from the M.D. himself assuring us that they would be delivering the house on time and that we could contact him whenever we felt the need to contact the company. Such personalized service can only lead to loyal customers. No wonder then, that we introduced many of our friends to their projects. And like us, they are also happy to have taken this decision.

A three year old put his shoes on by himself. His mother noticed the left was on the right foot.

decide the 5 contest winners.

Question: Which is the tallest building in

Funny Corner She said, "Son, your shoes are on the wrong feet." He looked up at her with a raised brow and said, "Don't kid me, Mom, I KNOW they're my feet.”

Thank you once again P dot G!

Mother: "Why are you home from school so early?" Son: "I was the only one who could answer a question." Mother: "Oh, really? What was the question? Son: "Who threw the Chalk piece at the principal?"


A peek inside P dot G Ethics are ingrained in us, because without ethics there is no way that we can grow professionally. We do what is “right”, because we know we are answerable to our customers

Professional, Ethical, Superior Quality, Humane, and with Strong Values – if we were to describe our company within ten words, then it would have been like this. P dot G started as a qualitative answer to the crowded real estate market. Today we have escalated to a point where we have been setting benchmarks for the others. And to whom do we owe this makeover? Who is the driver of this change? Who makes P dot G what it is? Answer – our employees. Our extended family. Every member of our organization is a true professional. From our Customer Service team to the technical team, everyone takes their job seriously. They realize that what they do will affect, not an individual but thousands of families who place their trust in us. Gandhiji had once equated customers with Gods. And we believe that the Mahatma was right because they are the ones who stand by us.


Whenever a customer walks into our premises, we ensure that he is given due attention. We look at it as an opportunity not to sell a property to him, but to tell him more about the core values for which our company stands. We provide opportunity and encouragement to help our people reach their potential. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success. We do not fix problems. We find “solutions”. Solutions that will help our clients reach their goals. We believe that lasting relationships are what helps us in our business. We want the client to feel our staff’s commitment. We want them to know that we are there for them whenever they need us. And our staff have done a commendable job in this respect. That is why once a P dot G client is a client for a lifetime.

She has that one quality that makes her stand apart from many others – willingness to learn. She is confident and a quick learner.

P dot G Supernova our Star of the Month

FATHIMA Customer Care Executive

She is the perfect liaison between the various departments and the customers. There was an instance a client of ours faced some issue in their building not getting the promised water. Fathima was immediately on the job. She got in touch with the various technical departments to find out what was wrong and somehow managed to get to the necessary department. She made sure that a person was sent immediately to the spot and the problem, a minor plumbing line one was rectified immediately. She then spoke to the customer, ensured that he was satisfied and then only breathed a sigh of relief. The satisfied customer She is a born relationship builder. She is able to provide sent us this testimonial: excellent customer service. Our clients who are associated with her swear by her commitment and love of her job. She “My heartfelt thanks to Ms.Fathima of your organization. It always consults with the clients on what they want and was a small problem for her, but she recognized that it was what they are looking for in a house. We have never seen a big one for me. And within 4 hours of my complaining to her do any kind of hard sell to the client. She tries to tailor a her, she had sent her person and got it rectified. I really solution for their needs rather than offer them what we have appreciate this hard working lady and am sure that with in hand. Once a client is handed over to Fathima, we need such sincere people in your rolls, you don’t have to worry not ever bother about the response of the client. It is a given about losing customers. Thank you Fathima and God that he will come back to her satisfied. She receives all the Bless.” calls that she gets irrespective of whether she knows the number or not. There has never been an instance where With such testimonials in her hand, Fathima was a sure the calls for her have gone unanswered. She makes sure winner of the Supernova award. that she calls back anybody who has tried to reach her. She is strong, she is fun, she is respectful, she is full of ideas, she is intelligent, she is a hard worker, she is one of the most energetic go-getters at P dot G. And she is this month’s P dot G Supernova. We are really delighted to honour her. Fathima is one of the most unassuming people you could have met. But when it comes to work, her knowledge of the industry and her maintenance of client relationships is truly praiseworthy. She has been doing a great job of maintaining associations with clients long after they have become our customers.


ORR - the future beckons

“The ORR would most probably be the answer that we are looking for to make the city more liveable”

The history of all developed cities – be it Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and now Chennai has all revolved around the periphery of the city rather than the city itself. And when the then Deputy CM rolled out the first phase of the Outer Ring Road (ORR), he began a new chapter in the development of the city. Cities today are famed for their congestion, thanks to the rapid urbanization of the country. Wherever you go, from north to the south, the population per sq km is much higher than what our poor land can take. Areas within the city are so densely populated that it has become difficult for us to even breathe some fresh air. The traffic, the people, our roadside shops, all adds to the misery of our cities. To de-clutter the government had to take some drastic measures, so that the cities don’t choke anymore. That was how the outer areas of cities started becoming major hubs. Whether it is Navi Mumbai in Mumbai or National Capital Region in Delhi, the areas started booming and it was business as usual there. CMDA is planning the development of Outer Ring Road (ORR) along the fringe areas of Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) with the main aim of relieving the congestion within the city and also for catalysing the even distribution of urban growth. As of now this growth is more within the city. Dispersing it across the area would also mean proper use of scanty resources. ORR connects NH45 at Vandalur, NH4 at Nazarathpet, NH 205 at Nemilichery, NH5 at Nallur and TPP road at

Minjur and is 62.0 km in length. One of the Chief Planners at CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority) says, “We have set aside 400 ft for development and planned a six-lane highway with some land reserved in the middle for rail facilities. This will be one a first-of-its-kind corridor developed in the country. The main objective of this project is to decongest the city and throw open large urban areas of the metropolitan region to development. We have earmarked spaces for residential, commercial and non-polluting industries to come up along the ORR's extent, and it closely follows the boundaries of the Greater Chennai Metropolitan Area. This is one of the major projects to regulate development in the second master plan. Information about this growth is readily available in the website for easy access." The estimated project cost is about Rs.1081.40 crores. The locations along the Outer Ring Road, especially the intersections of the Outer Ring Road and national highways are expected to witness significant real estate growth. These peripheral markets provide the benefit of lower land rates as against the high land costs in the city. The provision for commercial development along the corridor is likely to draw investments; the earmarking of land for future Mass Rapid System or Light Rail Transit is expected to boost connectivity and thereby promote growth. This ORR is the future of Chennai Real Estate according to many Real Estate giants.


Another major factor that facilitated the spur in the development of the ORR was the traffic impediments caused by heavy vehicles as they moved across the state towards the ports and terminals in north Chennai. To smooth the progress of these vehicles, the ORR is a boon in disguise. The vehicles need not touch the arterial roads and ease the movement of vehicular traffic across the various belts. Another significant driver for the ORR was the rapid urbanization of Chennai. In the ten years from 2000, the city has increased 6 fold, which is a cause of concern. The ORR would most probably be the answer that we are looking for to make the city more liveable. Thanks to the various transport amenities being developed, the ORR is “THE” destination of the future Chennai. P dot G, recognized the importance of the ORR at the early stages itself and therefore in all wisdom launched the “Flora” near the Nemilichery bus stand. On the ORR, the Flora is at the centre of development. Well connected by both road and rail, the Flora promises to be a treat for a prudent investor. Close to many educational institutions and to the booming residential localities of Pattabiram and Avadi, the Flora promises to be a well connected residential township. With enough open space, it would definitely make one feel closer to nature than ever before.

VASTU - an Introduction Vastu Sastra is a 5,000-year-old Indian science of dwelling found in the Vedas- the ancient Indian scriptures. How did Vastru Sastra originate? There is a very interesting story behind it. Legend has it that the Vindhya mountains that separate the north and South of India had the tendency to keep growing so as to obstruct the Sun. Sage Agastya the renowned sage journeyed from the Northern part of India to the south. On the way he met the mountain and requested him to give way since it had now become impassable. The mountain in reverence to the Sage bowed low. Now Sage Agastya and his disciples and family passed from the North to the South. The Sage told the mountain to remain so until his return. Agastya settled permanently in the South. It is believed that from this incident the Vaasthu Sastra was born. That is why people ask you to follow the North to South pattern in many things you do at home.

Vastu Sastra is comprised of two words - Vastu, which means the dwelling place of humans, and Sastra, which means 'science'. In other words, Vastu Sastra is the science that deals with human dwellings. It is believed that anyone observing the principles of Vastu Sastra in any enclosed space will be blessed with health, prosperity, happiness, joy, peace of mind and love. A dweller in harmony with the environment will enjoy a less stressful life. Vastu is based on the arrangements and balancing of the five elements - ether, air, fire, water and earth in their proper order and proportions. It focuses on the law of nature and flow of energy and anyone living in tune with the cosmic forces will enjoy beneficial energy flowing into their property. Vastu Sastra is an ancient Hindu architectural practice, which involves the construction of buildings in harmony with the natural forces, for the welfare of mankind as a whole. It is a rich Indian philosophy, which has got its roots in a number of ancient works, including the Vedas. Vastu Sastra is an age-old traditional practice, which is followed to bring health, wealth and prosperity in the life of a person. It is a science of directions that has man as its central part. He is considered as the subject, object and cause of architecture. Vastu acts as the balancing force between man and nature. It gives advice for almost everything right related to a building. The study of Vaasthu owes its origin to India and follows Indian culture, traditions and climatic conditions.


Some tips that you can follow for your home to be Vastu Compliant:• Naked walls should be replaced with pictures of Lord Ganesha. Leaving the wall naked is a sign of loneliness. • Toilets should be built towards the west or south. If built in the eastern corner, it will cause a lot of ailments. • Don’t place pictures of owl, vulture, war, eagle, crying girl, nudes, some kind of erotica, angry people etc. These pictures are considered as inauspicious. • If you have doors that open outwards, replace them with doors that open inwards. • Don’t use those beds whose bottom surface touches the ground wholly. • Cooking should be done facing east. Never cook facing south. West can be an option if no other alternative is available. • While sleeping, keep your head towards the south or west. Try not to sleep in a northerly direction. • No room should be constructed under the stairs. • Water body in front of the entrance door is considered inauspicious in Vastu Sastra. • While reading, face north or east. • Closet or cupboards in the wall should be in the western or southern part.

OngoingPROJECTS o r a Fl Pattabiram

P dot G Flora spread over 4 acres, rises 7 blocks, with 4 storey’s of a wide range of choices among lavish 1,1.5,2,2.5,3 BHK apartments. With accent on both style and comfort, the P dot G Flora provides homes for all tastes and budgets. P dot G Flora is built on the strong foundation of safety, security, eco friendly living and value for investment. Blending with the rich heritage of Chennai, P dot G Flora is aesthetically designed to impress everyone. With 50% open area and carefully planned living spaces, it conveys a larger than life feeling to the occupants. All these great features are blended effectively with Vasthu Shasthra and Feng -Shui. AMENITIES Swimming Pool | Ac Gym | Library | Club House Automatic Lifts | Kids Play Area Power Backup | Covered Car Park | Departmental Store

KUNDRATHUR The P dot G express is built a 2 .71 acres area, and comprises 264 premium apartments, containing 9 Blocks, Stilt + 4 floors and ranging from 18 lakhs onwards . With 1.5, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments. P dot G Express is located at Anakaputur in Pallavaram- Kundrathur Road .The project close to GST Road on one side and Kundrathur on the other is well connected to Porur , Poonamallee and Guindy. An easy drive and convenient public transport can take any one to the city’s busy commercial area from their homes. This project is also surrounded by reputed hospitals , educational institutions and temples (Mangadu ) . AMENITIES A/c Gym | Covered Carpark | Automatic Lift | Landscaped Garden Children Play area | Library | Power Backup | Departmental Store


URAPAKKAM P dot G Panchavarna is a collection of 144 premium apartments, with 5 Blocks, Stilt + 4 floors, and comprises of 1.5, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments. P dot G Panchavarna is located in Urapakkam. Urapakkam enjoys proximity to the National High way on GST Road. Close to Tambaram, it is a small city by itself with all the facilities that you would need. All the localities around Urapakkam are witnessing a continuous increase in demand for residential projects. More developers are coming out with many new projects as this area has colleges, schools, IT zones and hospitals. Just 1.5 Kms to GST road, 2 Kms to Urapakkam Railway Station , 3 Kms to Crescent University, 5 Kms to Shriram SEZ/Accenture, 6.5 Kms to Tambaram Railway Station and 18 Kms to Chennai Airport. AMENITIES AC Gym | Kids play area | Landscaped garden | Covered car park lobby | Power backup | Premium Fittings | Departmental store | Lift

To get yourself a fabulous offer, Call 95001 23397 / 97890 44448 *

* Conditions Apply


Happiness – For all! As you are aware, P dot G is a leading provider of building solutions and specializes in developing premium residential flats at reasonable costs across the city. Our endeavor is to ring in a change in the way you look at a home and give you more than what you look for in a home. "Happy Village” - a project off the ChennaiBangalore Highway is conceptualized in the Wallajah (Near Toll Gate) and yet another one is planned at Thirumalpur (Near Kancheepuram-Arakonnam). When people migrate from villages to the city for their livelihood, they find it difficult to live with the traffic congestion, environment pollution and all the other hassles associated with city life. We, on the other hand, move towards the greenery that welcomes us to rural areas where a farm house provides us with pleasant stay, away from the dust and grime of the city. Today, our infrastructure development has ensured that living away from the city is no more a concern, but probably a blessing. The concept of “Happy Village” is to provide an eco-friendly environment with all the basic amenities at a reasonable cost. Villas that are made especially for you. Come savour the freshness at Happy Village. “Happy Village” – happiness for life.

UpcomingPROJECTS P dot G Innova - Kattupakkam P dot G Innova is close to Mount-Poonamallee Road. The nearest bus DEPOT is at Iyyappanthangal which is 1.5 Km.from the project. The nearest railway station is Guindy, The famous temple near the project is Mangadu Amman temple. The famous Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute is about two kilometers away. Other places near by this project are : Porur Junction, Miot Hospital, DLF IT Park, Airport, Muthu kumaran Group colleges, Avadi Railway station, Sriperumpudur Inds Zone. The highest number of multi storey projects are coming up in this area. 236 Premium Apartments | 6 Blocks 2.4 Acres 834 - 2455 Sq.ft Amenities Swimming Pool | A/C Gym Departmental Store | Generator back Up Library | Covered Car parking Children play area | Landscaped garden

P dot G Enclave & P dot G Habitat Jaswant Nagar Mogappair West 2 & 3 BHK PREMIUM APARTMENTS Mogappair west is a fast-developing residential neighborhood in north-western Chennai. located close to (Inner Ring Road). Mogappair west is well connected to the industrial estates to the north and west namely Ambattur, Padi and Mannurpet. Surrounded by highly ranked schools, specialized hospitals and IT offices. Industrial Estates have increased the demand for residential apartments in this area. More and more builders are coming out projects to match the style and budget of the buyers. Just behind Wavin Bus stop and close to inner ring road & service road. Amenities Lift | Power Backup | Covered Car Park

P dot G Enclave - 1135 - 2135 Sq. Ft. 11 Apartments | Stilt + 4 Floors


P dot G Habitat - 947 - 1043 Sq. Ft. 16 Apartments | Stilt + 4 Floors

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Corporate Office : Pearl Nisa, 2/30, Railway Colony, 2nd Street Nelson Manickam Road, Chennai - 600029


Praanha's work - Real Estate Magazine issue 1  

P dot G Connect August 2012 Client - P dot G Constructions, Chennai

Praanha's work - Real Estate Magazine issue 1  

P dot G Connect August 2012 Client - P dot G Constructions, Chennai