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From our MD’s desk Hello folks! It is Connect time once again. We are happy to bring to you the 3rd edition of P dot G Connect. There has been a lot of talk in the market about Connect. We are hearing reviews from not only you, but also from our friends in the business. And they all have something good to say about it. P dot G Connect is our connection with you and our way of making you feel a part of our ever growing family. And we sure look forward to adding more of your numbers. When we had come up with the second issue, we were sure that you would be able to relate to most of the articles in that. We heard from a lot of you about how you were able to relate to the common mistakes that are made by investors. Some of the comments we received on our article on the Metro rail also gave us tremendous satisfaction. Mr.Parthasarathy summed it up saying “We have read a lot about the metro and progress. First time we read about the kind of projects and advantages in such a simple and understandable manner. Thank you sir.” Thank you Mr. Parthasarathy and all of you who take the pains to send us your valuable feedback. This time around, we plan to explore the secret in selecting a good builder. Being builders ourselves, we would like to present a non-biased evaluation of what the criteria in selecting a good builder are. We are in the business of relationships and we would love to see where we stand in your opinion. This whole concept of a Green Chennai stands demystified for you, so you understand what the idea actually means. We also have our regular articles on Vastu Sastra and this time we look at how Vasthu actually affects your health. Bathrooms are probably the most neglected rooms in our houses. Here we give you a few tips to make this room look and feel great. You would probably look forward to going there ;).

P.G.Prabhakar Reddy Managing Director P dot G Constructions (P) Ltd.

And our fun section is there for you to enjoy. So enjoy this month’s edition of P dot G Connect. Hope you have as much fun reading it as we have in presenting it to you. And send us your opinions to After all it is your magazine!

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The secret of

selecting a good builder

Multiple buildings, multiple contractors and multiple rates! This makes it compulsory for you to be well versed with the critical deciding factors for selecting your builder. Probably the most important decision for you would be to choose the right builder. This helps determine what shape your dream house will finally take. Today, the builder market is overcrowded with smaller companies who want to grab a share of this profitable business. So how does a prospective buyer choose the best person to do the job? A few tips for a painf r e e constructi on! Track Record: The first t h i n g when you go in for a builder - check out his track record. Look at his past projects and take opinions about his work, especially from current residents. Check if he has delivered his projects on time or as promised. And if it is his first; you will have to look at other information like company reputation, domain knowledge, company founding members etc to establish credibility. Legal Check: A very important thing to do while checking the reputation of builder. Check his licenses and cer tifications. Check for legal complications if any. ISO certifications and membership in builders association will help you filter the builders and you can choose from the good ones on the list.

to labour unrest or product availability, has he been able to handle the matter amicably and to the satisfaction of the stakeholders? You could speak to the former clients to get a take on this aspect. A good conflict management team makes for an efficient builder. Quality of Material: Building a house is not a cheap bargain. It is an expensive proposition and make sure your builder is trustworthy. Your money buys him the material. So ensure that he uses the quality that he has promised you. Trust should be augmented by his response to you. Constant Updates: Make sure that you get a progress report on a r e g u l a r b a s i s . A l w a y s check with the builder on who will be your touch point at the company, who would be providing you with the status report on the building. Contract: The contract should be fair and just. Read it carefully. Better to seek a lawyer’s assistance before you sign the contract. Remember, once you have signed the contract, you are legally responsible to follow the clauses in the contract. So better late than sorry! You will not be buying a new house too often, so be right from the word go. Be sure that he is the one you want to go ahead with. If you have any reservations, sort it out before you sign on the dotted line.

PdotG Building Solutions - the connect way!

Volume 1, Issue 3, October 2012

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Conflict management skills: How efficient has your builder been in handling issues? Whether it is delay due

Trust is what will help you get a great house!

be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or arising by reason of any person using or relying on the information from this magazine.

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Printer for home necessity or a luxury..? You had a hectic day in the office and were caught in a messy traffic, and simply want to relax watching TV after a bath. Your school going Son pleads with you to get a print out of his assignment which he downloaded, and the dead line is 7.30 in the morning!!!!! It was a great weekend spent with your family. Long and relaxed drive in the ECR was enjoyable. Your Boss who usually does not bother you on holidays is calling and you know something is cooking up. Yes. The big evading customer you were working for a long time wants you by 8 in the morning with your presentations. Thank God you have all the files in your PC. But then how to get 4 copies of the 10 page colour presentation? How often do you come across a situation like this and cursed yourself for postponing the purchase of a Printer? We have always perceived that a Printer at home is a luxury and is a drain in the already tight budget of the family. Let us consider the following points since we are revisiting on the purchase of a printer. 1. Volume 2. Frequency 3. Cost already incurred in a month/year 4. Elimination of time limitations 5. the no of people in the family who use or will use the printer 6. The other uses that can be generated with the printer(like printing on other media, making customized greeting cards, exclusive presentations, printing of confidential material, etc)


And finally‌‌‌availability of budget for the purchase. Now that we have multifunction printers available with the features like scanning, copying and fax, the following will be added considerations before the decision is made. 1. No of photo copies taken by all the members of the family together 2. The average expense on photo copying per month? 3. Is scanning done for any purpose? If so how often? 4. Is business fax being sent from home, and how frequently? Now having understood the various yardsticks, we can sit back and work on the cost benefit ratio before deciding to buy a printer. Interestingly, since we are already expending on few of the requirements discussed above, and in reality the average differential cost to own a printer may not even be a hundred or two per month in most of the cases, which will open up a lot more uses once bought and available. What printer to buy, Laser or Inkjet is another matter of detailed discussion.

Muralidharan Margabandhu CEO, Acme Infotech

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The New Gen Bathroom

5 ways to freshen up your bathrooms

All of us would love to liven up our bathrooms in order to avoid it from looking and feeling damp and dingy. You might be cleaning it every day and it might not have the musty odour that one associates with the bathroom, however with water as full of TDS as it is, it tends to have stained tiles and a grimy look. It’s time you make it appealing! No re-modelling, no overspending. Just paying attention to the small things, and your bathroom will definitely get that fresh look. Change towels: Never dry your towel in the bathroom. It emits a damp smell. Always change the used towels and replace them with new ones. You can colour coordinate the towels with your wall or tile colours to make it look more pleasing to the eye. Never use the same towel more than twice. Our body odour sticks to the towel and makes it smell like a rag! Bathroom setting: Most of the time guests rarely use the bathrooms. So we do not pay too much attention to bathroom detail. However, you can try

and make the most of your bathroom settings. Use basins, closets and surfaces in accordance with the rest of your house. Also ensure that you clean your taps and other accessories on a regular basis. You can have bathroom fresheners that make the bathroom smell good for the people who go inside after you.

Mirrors: Bathroom mirrors are a necessity, therefore it is important that you keep them clean. Water splashes on the mirror and soils it. Just take a damp cloth and clean it up. If you so like, you can change the shape of your mirrors. Oval mirrors look more elegant and chic. Installing more than one mirror on the opposite walls

makes the bathroom look much bigger than what it really is. Storage: Storage space in your bathroom is necessary to keep your important items. Keeping them in the open subjects them to a lot of water treatment! Keeping a cupboard space with enough shelves to keep all your bath equipments like body scrub, cosmetics, brushes etc provides a lot more space. You can make the storage a multipurpose one by having a mirror, towel rack, brush stand etc added to it. Design, colour and variety can be chosen according to your taste. Liquid soap: Many people are not very comfortable using cakes that are used by the home members. An easy alternative to this is the liquid soaps that can be kept in pretty looking dispensers, and that can be used more comfortable. This maintains cleanliness as well as is healthier for guests. And hygienically, it keeps the room also tidier than bits of cake floating here and there.

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Being Healthy

– the Vastu Way

When we talk of Vastu and health, we need to relate Vastu with Ayurveda. Blending the two subjects will give us a better understanding of different diseases and health problems and how certain Vastu corrections can help treat them. The "Pancha Mahabhootas" are primary to both these sciences. These five primary elements of nature are allotted distinctive placements by the classical Vastu texts. Udaka or water is given the northeast - Cosmic Energy. Agni or fire is given the southeast. Vayu or air is given the northwest. Akasha or ether is given the southwest - Telluric Energy. Prithvi or earth is given the Brahmasthana or the central place Global Energy. A few basic rules in the ancient books of Vastu for ensuring good health: For peaceful and restful sleep, keep head facing south or east. Avoid north Study facing north or east for Sharp memory and ability to take proper and faster decisions at right time

For better taste, digestion & healthy body avoid facing South or South-West while cooking, eating or drinking. East and west are best directions.

Avoid having door at the back while cooking to prevent back-ache and pain in the legs, shoulders. Face east or west to have better concentration & devotion while worshipping. Keep basil (Tulsi) in house to purify the air. Cactus, Rubber plants, Milky plants and Bonsai lead to stress, so avoid them. Stairs, toilet or kitchen in North-East corner may lead to cancer and brain related disorders. Sleeping or working under a beam, may cause depression, headache or memory loss Wooden beds without storage space help avoid health problems related to Heart & Brain. Avoid usage of space below the staircase to minimize disorders related to heart and nervous system. Scientific studies have revealed the relationship between good health and Vastu. Earth has a magnetic field and some of the radiation is beneficial while some are hazardous. Vastu is based on realistic energy effects, be it solar, magnetic, radiation or sound energy in the cosmos.

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When you have a dream house, you need to have a builder who will fulfil that dream. And we found that builder in P dot G. We are from a middle class family and like every middle class household, our aim was to retire into our own house. Being a business man, I did not want to stay anywhere in this crowded city. I wanted to go to the suburbs. Two reasons mainly – affordability and peace. I was looking for a Real Estate Company that would understand my needs and budget. And my wife would keep telling me often, that with the kind of budget I had in mind, I would probably get a chicken coop only in Chennai. So it came as a real surprise to me when I went and saw P dot G’s Springdale. It was a 2-bed apartment and within my budget. And another big advantage - it was a peaceful locality as I expected. When I showed my wife the place, she loved it, but then she had her own suspicions. Are these builders good? Do they have experience? Will they deliver on time? So we went to a couple of their other projects and clients. And all of them were highly satisfied. When we visited the site, a Customer Support person met us and asked us what we were looking for before he told us about the options they had. That was a relief. He was not trying to sell us the house. He was making us buy it! This gentleman has been in touch with us since then. And he answers all our queries without a qualm. These guys seemed like they have a real eye for client satisfaction. They looked after my needs sincerely and genuinely involved themselves in the process of making our selection better!"

K. M. Thilagan Business man, Springdale, Kolathur


1. A father's child, a mother's child, yet no one's son. Who am I..?

2. There is an ancient invention still used in some parts of the world today that allows people to see through walls. What is it? 3. There is a frog, dead in the middle of an island. If he swims north, the distance to the mainland is 2 meters. If he swims south, the distance to the mainland is 3 meters. If he swims east or west, the distance is 4 meters. Which way does he swim?

I want to thank P dot G for providing me such a beautiful home at an affordable price. It is large, quiet and perfectly finished. Thanks again for helping us out to fulfil our real estate dreams.

Funny Corner

Prize Catch An answer to the easy question given below can win you a super-duper prize! SMS your answer along with your name to 97890 55593 before 15th October and win exciting prizes. For multiple correct entries, a draw will decide the 5 contest winners.


In which country can you find many pyramids?

An employee approached his boss regarding a dispute on his pay-check… Employee – Sir, this is Rs.1000 less than my salary. Boss – I know. But last month, when you were overpaid Rs.1000, by mistake, you didn’t complain! Employee – Well, I don’t mind an occasional mistake, sir, but it seems to be becoming a habit, now!

ANSWERS : 1.Daughter 2. Window 3. Nowhere . It is a dead frog J

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Building a Green

We have been hearing a lot about this concept of “green buildings”. What are they? Buildings that are painted green? Or buildings that have greenery all around them? The second sentence is partly true. According to definition, a green building is one that uses less water, is high on energy efficiency and sustainability, generates lesser waste, conserves more natural resources and has a better indoor environmental quality than a conventional building. Simply put, green buildings are those which like trees help purify air, increase solar income, produce more energy than it consumes, create shade & shelter, enrich soil & change with seasons.


United States and various European countries are in the process of building “green cities”. Our builders, not to be left behind are getting into the act too, constructing ecologically sustainable, self-power generating buildings, covered with local plants that require little water and save electricity by using sensors and such devices.

According to the Indian green building council (IGBC), Chennai has been a frontrunner in Green certification awarded over the past three years. Chennai has 42 green buildings with leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) rating. Between 2009 and 2011, 37 buildings have been Chennai is now looking to replace the awarded this certification. monuments of concrete, glass and steel by green, self-sufficient buildings and "Consumers are ready to pay more for a towns. Builders and the common man green building," says Sathiaram Ram, alike are looking at eco-friendly options managing director of En3 Sustainability to make the buildings sustainable on Solutions Pvt Ltd, a green building their own. Countries like China, the consultancy in the city. "Many IT

companies have adopted the concept as an initiative for sustainability," Ram says. Builders need to ensure that the structure meets certain parameters in terms of sustainability; waste generation and conservation of natural resources to gain this certification and this year, over 50 buildings were registered with IGBC for green certification. The rating is divided into four categories – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Certified, based on how eco-friendly the structures are. The Rane Institute for Employee Development (RIED), Perungudi, conducts workshops and conferences for participants to know the benefits of energy efficient buildings. The RIED building is itself a silver-rated green building, equipped with low-flow showers and sinks and solar PV cells to reduce water and energy consumption. They use natural lights and CFLs to save electricity up to 20%.

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Supernova of the month JEYAKUMAR.R Sr.Executive -Business Development

Just achieving targets is not enough, there is always more to be done. This in a nutshell is Mr.Jeyakumar for you. A never-say-die attitude, a penchant for overachieving, a love for challenges, a mindset that goads him into performance, all this makes him a great sales person and a performing powerhouse. And this month’s Supernova is this fantastic marketing whiz from our Business Development team. Jeyakumar is currently a Sr. Business Development Executive with us. And it took him just 2 years to reach this position. He is a fresher to our industry, yet the kind of thoroughness and maturity that he brings to the job, is something that should definitely be emulated by the other team members. He joined us in 2010. A fresh guy with dreams of making it big! But then we wondered, does he have it in him to push? It did not take us long to find out. His mannerisms, his attitude, his whole demeanour during the interview were one of an achiever. We did not think twice before giving him the offer

When you have a world-class project, what is the use of hiding it in your backyard? And if the project is something like the P dot G Epitome, with its luxurious villas and plots that announce greenery, then it surely deserves to reach places. With this thought in mind, P dot G took the Epitome to the Land of Tamils outside India – Singapore, where we were a part of the Indian Property Show 2012.

And what a reception we got! People were ecstatic and the response stupendous. We were stupefied at the kind of euphoria that our project generated. Frankly this was unexpected and it felt Wow! People were there bombarding us with queries and trying to understand the USP of the project. We thought that it would only be Indians who would show interest, but to our surprise even the locals were there to get an idea about the land development in Chennai. And we did get a great number of enquiries. This in itself is a big feat for us. We have not left our shores thus far. But this event has given us hope and a thrust. We are now of the opinion that if people can’t come to Chennai to decide on investment projects, we will go to them, wherever they are. And thank you Singapore, for showing us the way.

letter. And that is one more of our judicious decisions. He was a topper in his class during his MBA days and he has not stopped there. He still continues to be our topper in the marketing arena. Jeyakumar has been a valuable asset to P dot G and a person with the sunny temperament that he is, there is no dearth of friends. He is a highly aggressive person and committed to the job. His customers are aplenty, thanks to his pleasant style of selling. The client actually looks forward to buying from us! His customers look up to him for any suggestions on the house. And he manages to satisfy them too. Jeyakumar is honest and is always ready to prove himself. His commitment, his desire to excel and his willingness to learn and keep moving ahead are skills that set him apart from the others. And these skills win him the “Supernova of the month” award. Congrats Jeyakumar. We are proud of you and know that you have it in you to take us to great heights!

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Projects launched this month


2 & 3 BHK PREMIUM APARTMENTS @ Jaswant Nagar, Mogappair West North west Chennai has now become synonymous with Mogappair - the fastest developing residential neighbourhood. Located close to the Inner Ring Road, Mogappair west is well connected to the industrial estates in the north and west, namely Ambattur, Padi and Mannurpet. It is surrounded by highly ranked schools, specialized hospitals, IT offices and Industrial Estates which have increased the demand for residential apartments in this area. More and more builders are coming out with projects to match the style and budget of the buyers. Our projects are just behind Wavin Bus stop and close to the inner ring road & service road. Definitely a worthwhile investment, if you are looking at good returns!


P dot G Habitat : 947 - 1043 Sq. Ft. 16 Apartments | Stilt + 4 Floors P dot G Enclave : 1135 - 2135 Sq. Ft. 11 Apartments | Stilt + 4 Floors

Amenities Lift | Power Backup

per sq.ft. onwards

Covered Car Park Modular Switches

Independent Villas & Plots @ Wallajah on Chennai - Bangalore Highway AMENITIES International standard township Club house Swimming pool Landscaped gardens l A/c Gym Street lighting l Schools Fountains l Gated community 3 yrs maintenance | Coffee shop Departmental store | Place of worship Meditation Hall l Kids play area Pantry service l Avenue Plantations Joggers Track l 24 x 7 Hrs Security Maintenance team and many more….

P dot G “Epitome” signifies class all the way. And Epitome is a part of the growth story of a new Chennai. Epitome, an exemplary new project is being constructed in this growing extended metro – to be specific in Wallajah. Situated on the Chennai Bangalore highway, Epitome symbolizes excellence. Constituting open and vast spacious plots and opulent villas in a vast area of 40 acres, P dot G Epitome stands for luxury and class. Aptly named, these villas are the closest you can come to perfection and elegance. Epitome has all the features that you are looking for in a “model” villa. The location – neither too far, nor too near to a chaotic city is best suited for a person who loves peace and harmony. Enough open spaces for you to enjoy nature’s bounty. And most of the amenities that you would look for while looking for a home all are available within a close radius. P dot G Epitome welcomes you with open arms into a world that signifies comfort!



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Launch of this month

We invite you all for the project launch at site on 20.10.2012 SPECIAL OFFER PRICE

FOR MORE DETAILS CALL Fathima - 9789044448 Suruthi - 9500123397

Rs.3789/Rs.3456/per sq.ft. onwards per sq.ft. onwards

236 Premium Apartments | 5 Blocks 561 - 2539 Sq.ft | 2.4 Acres Close to Mount-Poonamallee Road in the growing locality of Kattupakkam is the best address that you can have in this part of the town - P dot G Innova. Just 1.5 Km from Iyyappanthangal bus depot, and a straight road leading to Guindy - the nearest railway station, here is one location that is well-connected by multiple means of transport. The famous Mangadu Amman with her divine blessings is very near the project. The renowned Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute is just two kilometers away. This area is close to a lot of industrial hubs and is developing real fast. The highest number of multi storey projects are coming up here.

Amenities Swimming Pool | A/C Gym | Library Departmental Store | Generator back Up Covered Car parking | Children play area Landscaped garden

Member of

P dot G Building Solutions...

we have one for everyone Size, Budget, Location... we have all the combinations

CHOOSE YOUR DREAM HOME Flora @ Pattabiram Rs. 3,095/- Sq. Ft. Onwards Enclave & Habitat @ Mogappair Rs. 6,095/- Sq. Ft. Onwards Panchavarna @ Urapakkam Rs. 3,299/- Sq. Ft. Onwards Express @ Kundrathur Rs. 2,995/- Sq. Ft. Onwards

Offer Price

Innova @ Kattupakkam Rs. 3,456/- Sq. Ft. Onwards

Valid for this month only

Gateway @ Porur Rs. 4,500/- Sq. Ft. Onwards Wallajah @ Villas Rs. 30 Lacs Onwards Wallajah @ Plots Rs. 600/- Sq. Ft. Onwards

CALL, FOR MORE DETAILS - 9789044448 / 9500123397

P dot G CONSTRUCTIONS (P) LTD An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Pearl Nisa, 2/30, Railway Colony, 2nd Street, Nelson Manickam Road, Chennai - 600029, TN, India +91 44 2374 6828 | |

Praanha's work - Real Estate Magazine issue 3  
Praanha's work - Real Estate Magazine issue 3  

P dot G Connect October 2012 Client - P dot G Constructions, Chennai