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September 2012


Building Solutions - the connect way!

Building Solutions the connect way!




& Common mistakes of an investor

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From Our MD’s Desk Hello everyone! After that super - duper response to our first edition of P dot G Connect, we are happy to bring out our next issue. To be frank, there was some hesitation, some misgiving, some fear in all of us, about the success of Connect. But thanks to your thunderous response, we are proud to “Connect” with you once again. Last issue was an eye opener of sorts for us. We had well-wishers contacting us with their ideas on what they thought they would like in the next issue. And we are now trying to incorporate them one at a time. We are sure that you would be able to relate more to “Connect” as we move ahead. There are people there who are talking about “Connect”. About how P dot G has come up with an initiative to get closer to its customers. We hear both positive and negative comments. We take the positive and ignore the negative. That is all! We are glad that the people for whom “Connect” is meant – people like you, who have graciously acknowledged and accepted us are always there to support us. As for those who feel that this is going to be a few editions wonder, we can promise you that we will prove you wrong. As a person who believes in a long term association and long term promises, we can guarantee a “Connect” every month.

As a person who believes in a long term association and long term promises, we can guarantee a “Connect” every month. Mr. P.G Prabhakar Reddy Managing Director, P dot G Constructions (P) Ltd.,

In this issue we will be talking about various investments related judgements that we make and how we can set right if there is an aberration in our investments. Like in the first issue, we will also be discussing some beautification tips that we have seen and heard from our clients. “Beautiful Homes” this time deals with bedrooms and ideas to make it look attractive without incurring much cost. We will also delve a little deeper into “Vasthu Shastra” and see how your bedrooms should be according to Vasthu and why. We also have some tips on investments that our expert would be providing you with. Of course we have our regular fun sections too! And this time we have also added a short article on NRI investment with some tips on why an NRI should invest in Indian Real Estate. We hope that this edition of P dot G Connect also provides you with information and entertainment in a balanced dose. So happy reading....and don’t forget to connect with us at We love hearing from you. So please keep the mails coming!

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Right time for NRIs to invest in Indian realty market India is one of the most happening places in the world today. After being touted as the emerging economic success story of the 21st century, more and more investments are coming in. The real estate prices in places like Mumbai can be compared to any of the top ranking western cities of the world. And the yields here have been nothing less than phenomenal. And this has resulted in huge investments coming in.


Source : Times Property,

Depreciation of the Rupee: This means that what you buy in dollars is going to be very cheap and so you have an opportunity to mint money and become millionaires and billionaires in no time. Also if this slide continues, your investment in your country will be immensely valuable. Rental income: If as an NRI, you don’t plan to stay in the country, no problem. You can rent out your apartment after furnishing it and can earn a good monthly income from it. And rental prices are always looking upwards, so you can rest assured that your income will only increase Multiple Apartments: As an NRI with amounts to invest, you can look at buying multiple properties and leasing it out. This will ensure a spread in your investment and the returns are too good as the prices as of now will be 20 to 30% cheaper when they are converted into dollars.

Participation of foreign banks: Major Indian and foreign banks as well as financial institutions are funding real estate in India making it even more beneficial for NRI’s to invest in Indian real estate. Many of these banks are getting into the profitable real estate business yielding more profits. This can also be attributed to the upswing in the hospitality and hotel industry in India. Government measures: The Indian government is also putting in more money in real estate and many old regulations have been fine tuned to attract more money into the sector. The property tax act, the rent control system, land ceiling regulations have also been updated and made more investor friendly for people wanting to put their money into real estate. Along with domestic laws, the foreign exchange regulation act has also been made more liberal to get more people from aboard into Indian real estate buying, selling and investing.

PdotG Building Solutions - the connect way!

Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2012

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Tel.: 044 23746818 / 23746828 Disclaimer The contents of this magazine is provided for information purposes only and P dot G does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness or currency of the information or its usefulness in achieving any purpose. P dot G will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or arising by reason of any person using or relying on the information from this magazine.

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Investment - the REAL smart way Robert T Kiyosaki, the author of one of the best seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” says – “To become rich you should choose to invest in any one of the following asset classes. A) Business b) Real Estate & c) Paper assets”. Of the three, the easiest option available for a common man is ‘real estate’. Let me explain why.

GANESH R Chamomile Investment Consultants a first generation entrepreneur reach at

So, earn passive income by investing in real estate and retire rich and wealthy!

To invest in a successful business, you need huge sums of money. This is not possible for everyone. To become a businessman, you need to have a shift in your mental context. You should be ready to sacrifice short term pleasures for long term benefits. You should absorb the concept of delayed gratification. This again is not easy for everyone. Investing in a paper asset like bonds, stocks & mutual funds is worthy. This requires guidance and help of a financial person. But I am yet to see a banker willing to provide a loan for 15 or 20 years at a fixed percentage based on proposed purchase of a set of stocks. Investing in real estate makes sense with this kind of a background. First and foremost, you need to pay only 15% of the property value upfront. Balance can be gathered in the form of a housing loan from a lender. If you are buying a second property (be it a flat / villa / independent house), you have more advantages. You can claim tax benefits against housing loan interest payments at actuals. There is no ceiling for this. You get rental income out of the property. On top of all these, property prices too appreciate over time. I am not saying that Real Estate is the

only asset class that will deliver. I am from the school of thought that preaches proper asset allocation across all classes. Real Estate investing certainly has its unique benefits. Why Kiyosaki is recommending real estate to become wealthy? Passive Income: Let us first understand the concept of passive income. Let us assume you require Rs. 70,000/- every month to run your family. If someone promises to provide this on a monthly basis for life, will you continue to work or carry on with your profession? I can hear your answer. Passive income is income earned without having to work for it. But what are the possibilities of looking out for an individual who will pay you the required sum on a monthly basis? Nil isn’t it? It is here that real estate investing comes handy. I know an individual in Chennai who owns 6 apartments in a project. His monthly rental income is around Rs. 90000/- The feather on cap is that he has no liability towards this ownership. What does this mean? He can retire from his profession / employment any time. The rental incomes can be adjusted for inflation year after year and who knows may be for the next 20 years or so he can keep getting this without having to sweat! That is the power of passive income. Owning real estate provides you this opportunity without having to depend on external factors like other asset classes. So, earn passive income by investing in real estate and retire rich and wealthy!

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B e a u t i f u lH o m e s The bedroom is probably the most personal room in your house. Here we give you 8 Cool ways to make your bedroom come alive, to represent the lively and vibrant you! Get yourself a good wardrobe and do away with your bulky cupboards! Bulky cupboards add clutter to your bedroom, and are also old fashioned. So get yourself a nice trendy portable wardrobe that is not only light and easy to handle, but also has as many partitions and drawers as you require. Make sure that it is slim and looks chic too. Comfortable beds – the secret to great sleep. The beds that you have should be user-friendly. If your room is small, you can go in for a sofa cum bed that has storage area too. This will not only make your room look big, but will also make it look less cluttered. Always see to it that your bedroom does not become a general purpose room, with whatever is not required in other rooms finding a place here! Paintings to enhance the flavour of the room. Bare walls in a bedroom

– Sleeping Beautiful

make the room look bigger and spacious, but the room seems to lack personality. A couple of paintings or art work will add to the flavour of the room and make the room come alive. If you prefer photographs, then you can take snaps that you love and have them framed and walled to enliven your bedroom. Light it up the simple way: Proper lighting adds beauty to a room. If you are able to give the right light to a room, you can actually make the room look larger. Try soothing lights. Use table lamps and a lower wattage bulb in your bedroom. Always have a zero watt bulb for the night. It is comfortable and a soft glow actually helps in good sleep. Let’s move it! Any room will look different if you rearrange the decor itself. So move furniture pieces around! You can even rearrange the room furniture in such a way that it gives you more space. Remove whatever piece of furniture or any other item that you have, which you are not using. It will add to the roominess of the house itself.

Smell like heaven: A bedroom is one room where we tend to keep most of our junk. So the room itself develops an odour - something that is unavoidable. All you need is to light some incense candles and problem solved. They add colour and light to the room and at the same time makes your sanctuary smell heavenly. If you are not much of a candle essence person, then you can have incense sticks or room fresheners to add fragrance to the room. Bring down the shades: Curtains are a must in a bedroom. They not only keep your privacy intact, but also help in keeping the room looking nice and bright – that is if you have selected the right colours for your room. The ideal colour for a bedroom would be the subdued tone. These help in making the room look welcoming and soft. These colours helps you relax and feel more peaceful. Try these tips and see how you convert your once drab bedroom into a place where you love going to.

Make your

Bedroom come alive

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Don’t place the beds at corners.

VASTU L U C K Y B E D R O O M S Close your eyes. Think. You are in your house. You are relaxing. Peace and tranquillity are foremost in your mind. Now open your eyes. Which room did you think of ? A study says that 87.3% of you would have thought of your bedroom. A few Vasthu principles can help in filling your bedroom with positive vibrations and cosmic energy. The main bedroom should be on the southwest side of the house. However if it is not viable, then you can go in for the northwest side of the house. Children’s bedrooms should be in the northwest or western part of the house. If you are newly married, try not to use a bedroom on the east side. What are the colours that would suit a bedroom? According to Vasthu, bedroom walls should be painted a light pink, dark blue, dark green, gray, etc. It is believed that walls should not be painted white or a light yellow.

While sleeping, your head should face either the east or south. This is because of the magnetic effect of the earth. One should never sleep with the head facing north. As soon as you get down from the bed, keep your right foot on the floor first. It is ideal not to keep your safe in a bedroom, but if this is the only place that you feel comfortable with, then, keep your safe on the south wall, opening north. Your bedroom should either be square or rectangle in shape and your beds made of wood. Don’t place the beds at corners. The bed should never touch the walls or be placed under a beam. A Vasthu compliant room should never be pitch dark. A zero-watt light bulb is ideal for this. Some tips: • The master bedroom should always be located in the Southwest part of the

house as Southwest represents the element Earth and is the ideal place for the master of the house. • One should sleep with head towards South, East or West and never in north. • There should not be any beam crossing over the bed. • The construction material for the bed should be wood • All the electronic gadgets should be placed at a distance from the bed as the Electro- magnetic waves emitted by them interferes with the sleep. • There should not be any mirror in front of the bed. • The shape of the bed should be regular • The bed should never be placed in front of the bedroom door.

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When I passed out of college, my parents were very happy. I was a first generation graduate. I finished my mechanical engineering from a reputed college in Chennai and got an appointment with Excellent Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd.. I had plans. I knew that my parents had put in enormous efforts to get me here. And I wanted to invest and let my parents live happy. But then came the important question – where to invest? I decided a home would be a right choice. It was a tedious task to choose from what is available in the market. I finally zeroed in on 4 builders. I went with my parents on every available Saturday Sunday to scout for a house. After 3 months I decided on a house based on eligibility as well as the company’s attitude towards a new buyer. I went to that company which was able to answer my queries and satisfy my needs better than the others. I went with P dot G! And it was not 1 but 2 apartments that I invested in - one for my parents exclusively and one for me. And to think that within a short span of time,I was able to afford 2 houses and that too with the same builder is something that both me and P dot G are proud of. These apartments suit the needs of both my parents and myself.

Mr. Thilai Balaji 203 & 204 Bougainvilla, Flora Pattabhiram

My houses at Flora, in Pattabhiram will be delivered to me by end of 2014. We are all very happy. After all I have gotten myself a great buy at a prime locality!


Intelligence Check 1. How many months have 28 days? 2. You're 3rd place right now in a race. What place are you in when you pass the person in 2nd place? 3. Divide 30 by half and add ten. What is the answer? 4. What is always broken when talked about

Prize Catch An answer to the easy question given below can win you a super-duper prize! SMS your answer along with your name to 97890 55593 before 15th September and win exciting prizes. For multiple correct entries, a draw will decide the 5 contest winners.



Which “wonder of the world” can be seen from space?


In bio practical: Examiner: Tell me the name of this bird by seeing its legs only? Sardar: I don't know. Examiner: You are failed, what's your name? Sardar: See my legs & tell my name Hitler : "There is no word like IMPOSSIBLE in my dictionary” Sardar: What’s the use of saying it now? "You should have checked the dictionary before buying it." Hitler fainted!


2.Second 3.70 4.Silence

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Mr & Mrs P G Prabhakar Reddy along with Cine Actress Andrea unveiling the magazine

Magazine Launch

- At a Glance

A dream that changed to reality. A new idea that moved from conception to delivery. A drive to prove that anything can be done. An initiative that had to be implemented. Once all this is done, then it definitely calls for a party! And what a party that was! “Connect was launched amidst much fanfare at GRT Grand Days in T.Nagar. It was a night to remember, with the who’s who from various fields vying with each other for attention from a screaming audience.

Ms.Andrea, of “Ayirathil Oruvan” fame did the honour of releasing the magazine. And it definitely was a night to remember! We also had guests who spoke on the occasion. Our customers who had made it for the occasion had some real nice things to say about us. Our heartful thanks to them for being so gracious in their praise! A night to remember all the hard work that had gone into the making of

“Connect”! It all started as a germ of an idea – to launch a magazine for the common man, where he could understand the basics of real estate and make a learned opinion instead of going with the flow. Our M.D, Mr. Prabhakar Reddy’s vision has today fructified. From selecting the name to the kind of articles that have to go into this, it was a long mind-numbing process. But with perseverance and diligence, we are here today with a

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Mr & Mrs Senthilazhagan, P dot G flora Customers receiving first copy of the Magazine

Mr & Mrs Biju - P dot G Panchavarna Customers receiving second copy of the Magazine

Mr Swaminathan - Regional Director KONE Lifts receiving third copy of the Magazine

product meant for a common man – no jargons, no hi-fi language that goes beyond comprehension.

about real estate and so can relate to “Connect”. Her words reinforced our faith in what we have done.

GRT Grand Days held a festive look as the various dignitaries arrived on the scene. We had guests from the media – both press and television to cover the event in detail. Everyone from the office staff to the guests looked dapper as they looked forward to an evening full of fun and games. And our DJ Ms. Vani did not disappoint. Merriment shone throughout the hall as she held fort. Our Chief Guest was an epitome of poise and grace, as she released the book amongst thunderous applause.

So how did the party go? It was an event full of gaiety and laughter. The adjacent rooms would have been wanting to join in our fun! The entire P dot G gang was there to make it a unforgettable occasion. There were games and the DJ gave away prizes for some real zany things. Imagine giving away a prize for a person who had his mom-inlaw’s picture in his wallet! Our P dot Gians rocked the dance floor as they let their hair down and enjoyed their time in the spotlight.

She echoed the sentiments of most of the real estate investors when she said “I am sure that people are ignorant about the jargons, but interested in knowing

Overall, it was an event to cherish, a moment to enjoy and a time to welcome the arrival of a new magazine meant just for a real estate customer.

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P dot G Supernova of the month P dot G is full of surprises. And what would your response be if we tell you that the Supernova of this month is a bike racer? Someone who has participated in bike races? Well we have not shifted the award out of P dot G. The bike racer whom we are talking about is actually a skilled architect with us. This month we are proud to introduce our Supernova of the month Mr S.Ruban. Ruban has been with us for the past 6 years. He is one of the brightest minds in the business and we are proud to have him as a part of our team. His is highly approachable and likeable. No wonder anyone who approaches him always has a good word to tell about him. He is an extremely committed person and taking responsibility is second nature to him. Successful people are those who have ambitions. And Ruban also has his sights set on developing and heading a team of dedicated architects. He has lofty ideals and he would like to create exceptional designs that would be the standard for others. With compliments pouring in from clients and colleagues, this month’s Supernova is Mr. S.Ruban. Congrats Ruban! And keep up the good work.

S Ruban Architect

We are growing and soon will be moving to a better and bigger place at Valasaravakkam. Sprawling over 10,000 sq.ft and with state of art amenities PdotG 8 Square will be an architectural excellence.

just a sneak preview of our new office

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Common mistakes investors make In India, owning a home is more a prestige issue than a basic need. Today, India is one of the most attractive destinations for real estate investments. Developers are vying to attract you with offers and incentives for buying from them. Following are some common mistakes in real estate investment that investors should avoid. Not making a planned Investment: Real estate is not only about buying a house or land, it is about planning the right piece to suit your need. Most of us lack a plan while investing in real estate. Plan a timeline, what you intend to do with the property and how you expect it to grow. Then decide on the location and price. Real estate is a means of earning fast money: Many people get into the real estate market with the idea of becoming rich, fast, thanks to the various ads and information thrown by the builders. You need to do a lot of hard work from your side in finding and buying the right property before you can grow rich. Not taking professional assistance: Investors feel that professionals charge a higher fee. However, for this fee you can rest assured about the legal and other components of the

deed and sale. They would have done their research before giving you ideas. So take professional help here. Urgency in closing a deal: Investors usually want to close the deal in a hurry if they feel that they are getting a good price. This is not advisable since you might not have gone through the property information in detail. Go through it and then decide. There is no harm in waiting for some time for the right property. Location: Try to ensure that your property is accessible to public transportation, shopping malls or other amenities as it will attract renters, as well as potential buyers. Homes in high-rent or highly populated areas are ideal for real estate investment. Money matters: Talk to your financial advisor and also work with your bank on the loan amount before you finalize your purchase. Also ensure that you are not putting all your money into this alone. A thorough study of market trends will also help you forecast the growth rate of your property. Real estate sector is not for gamblers. It is for planners who make a judicious decision.

Inside Conversations

Real estate sector is not for gamblers. It is for planners who make a judicious decision.

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Public Speak what a customer really want from a builder.? We decided to have a chat with the general public to find out their views and opinions and how they would select a home. This customer had just come to see our property Panchavarna at Urappakkam, when we decided to find out what he thought about real estate investment.

Which area would you be looking at for buying a house? I would like to buy a house in an area that is developing real fast , but I also know that I cannot afford something that is very expensive. So I need a house in areas that may be a little on the outer rim of Chennai. Places like Pattabhiram, Urapakkam, Nolambur, Mogappair..according to what I have seen these areas are developing fast and so I would prefer a builder who has projects in these areas. What are the main things that you look for while buying a house? There are 3 main things that I am looking for. One accessibility to the location. The roads to these areas must be good and there should be good bus or train connectivity. Second there should be good educational institutions in this area. Finally convenience in buying the daily necessities. My wife would be getting these things, so she should be able to get things whenever she wants. How has your experience been so far? I have seen a few builders and a few projects so far. Not many of them seem affordable to me. If they are affordable, the land area is very less. Especially the carpet area compared to the built up is very small. I am not satisfied with that. I want a good spacious house, but at a

competitive rate. Also people are hell bent on selling their houses without understanding my requirement. That is one more area of concern.

The main hurdles have been cost and location. Honestly the costs in some areas are so high, I don’t know whether Middle Class people like me can even afford a house. And the location where Has real estate investment been a the costs are low are not so great. good one for you? People do tell us that the costs will go up Like I said, after doing some basic etc, but it is scary when you are not sure. investment exercise, I realize that it would make more sense if i buy a Does your developer tell you all the house. The rentals are quite high now costs? Are you aware of all of them when you invest? Not all of them do. They tell me only the cost per Square foot and then the overall costs. So I even though I know that there are added costs, I don’t know I don’t know where exactly the money would be whether going. Vaguely they tell me all the costs Middle Class but I really don’t know. However, here they did tell me and asked me to call people like me them if i have other doubts, so my can even experience with this builder seems afford a house. better than the others.

and I would rather pay an EMI and stay in my own house. That is why this search. Also I feel that Chennai is developing real fast, and if not today, tomorrow I would be able to get a good price for my house. What have been the main hurdles so far when you think of buying a house?

How has the customer service been? Have they answered your queries satisfactorily? Here the customer service staff has really been helpful. Even though they were busy attending other customers, they made sure that I was comfortable and seated. Then they themselves came and gave me full attention and answered my questions. I don’t know whether they will take my call after this, but today they made me feel good. So I guess they score a little over some of the others i have met.

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Metro Magic

Chennai Metro is an ambitious project spanning across governments. The Chennai Metro Rail has become a buzzword amongst the travellers for comfort and convenience and the real estate sector, for the enormous growth opportunity that it would provide for an industry that is still facing the aftermath of recession and a new wave of recession to boot. All hopes are pinned on this multi -crore project for a revival of interest in buying among serious investors. Real estate developers today, confirm that the Metro Rail project has become a determining factor in the escalation of real estate prices in the city. Many of the developers who found a new avenue to increase their profits have begun to buzz around the locations where the metro project would leave its print. Land prices around the Chennai Metro Rail project have skyrocketed and developers are having a field day in these prime locations. Buyers are also not keeping far behind. They are looking at this as a rewarding option owing to easy accessibility and development that is expected to take place once the project is up and running, full

steam. “The Metro rail project has given a new lease of life to the real estate sector, which has been experiencing a lull due to the recession. It has generated lot of interest among the developers and buyers.” said S Vasudevan, Chairman, Ozonegroup. The Metro project connecting places like Chennai Central, EVR Periyar Salai, Vepery, Aminjikarai, Shenoy Nagar, Anna Nagar, Tirumangalam, Koyambedu, Vadapalani, Ashok Nagar Alandur, St. Thomas Mount has enabled the land prices in these areas to go up. These areas are already one of the most sought after areas for both commercial and residential purposes, however a lack of MRTS connectivity or suburban train services has always had an impact in pulling down the prices. However, the metro has now changed all that. And these areas are selling like hot cakes thanks to their proximity to other conveniences too. A member of the Chennai Rail Estate Agents Association (CREAA) said: “Connectivity is a main factor in real estate. The projects on OMR or the six lane IT Corridor failed to be a hit with people, as there were no train services and proper public transportation.” There is a big demand for flats and refurbished flats in the city, thanks to the

How metro rail is changing the Chennai Real Estate scenario influx of people from various regions and the growth of industrial and education sectors. The developers are now focusing on areas where Metro stations are coming up. The project is now in full swing. And once the f i r s t phase is open, there is going to be a lot of scrambling for areas that will be covered in the next few phases. And those who have already booked their houses in “Metro-proximus” areas are already dreaming of the big bucks!

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the site

Site at Kundrathur, Pallavaram- Kundrathur Road

Express Block - CIRCAR

Express Block - DECCAN

Express Block - ROCK FORT

Express Block - NAVAJEEVAN

Express Block - RAJDHANI

Express Block - SAPTHAGIRI

Express Block - SHATAPDI

Your dream of living life on the fast lane now comes true. Thanks to P dot G Express. With 264 apartments in a 2.71 acre area, this project is situated close to various reputed educational institutions and health service providers. Proximate to GST Road, this project has been promised to customers by December 2013. We have a reputation of having delivered all our projects on time, every time. And this project being no exception, work is on in full swing (as the pictures here will tell you). Over 200 workers are on the site 24x7 to ensure timely delivery. A unique aspect of this project is the names that we have assigned to the blocks - Rockfort, Vaigai, Rajdhani, Shatapdi, Deccan, Circar, Sapthagiri, Brindavan & Navajeevan . They are a tribute to our illustrious Railway System that has the unique distinction of being the largest network in the world. We welcome you on an enchanting journey with us at P dot G Express.

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Upcoming Projects 236 Premium Apartments 5 Blocks | 2.4 Acres 580 - 2550 Sq.ft

Amenities Swimming Pool A/C Gym Departmental Store Generator back Up Library Covered Car parking Children play area Landscaped garden

P dot G Innova is close to MountPoonamallee Road. The nearest bus DEPOT is at Iyyappanthangal which is 1.5 Km.from the project. The nearest railway station is Guindy, The famous temple near the project is Mangadu Amman temple. The famous Sri Ramachandra Medical

College and Research Institute is about two kilometers away. Other places near by this project are : Porur Junction, Miot Hospital, DLF IT Park, Airport, Muthu kumaran Group colleges, Avadi Railway station, Sriperumpudur Inds Zone. The highest number of multi storey projects are coming up in this area.

Enclave Jaswant Nagar, Mogappair West 2 & 3 BHK PREMIUM APARTMENTS P dot G Enclave 1135 - 2135 Sq. Ft. 11 Apartments | Stilt + 4 Floors P dot G Habitat 947 - 1043 Sq. Ft. 16 Apartments | Stilt + 4 Floors Amenities Lift | Power Backup Covered Car Park Modular kitchen

Mogappair west is a fast-developing residential neighborhood in north-western Chennai. Located close to the Inner Ring Road, Mogappair west is well connected to the industrial estates in the north and west, namely Ambattur, Padi and Mannurpet. it is surrounded by highly ranked schools, specialized hospitals, IT offices and Industrial Estates which has increased the demand for residential apartments in this area. More and more builders are coming out with projects to match the style and budget of the buyers. Our projects are Just behind Wavin Bus stop and close to the inner ring road & service road.

P dot G Building Solutions...

Ongoing Projects o r a Fl

Offer Price

Rs. 3,095/-

Sq. Ft. Onwards


1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 BHK Apartments 390 Deluxe Apartments 581 - 1568 Sq. Ft. | 4 Acres | 7 Blocks AMENITIES Swimming Pool | Ac Gym | Library | Club House Automatic Lifts | Kids Play Area Power Backup | Covered Car Park | Departmental Store

Offer Price

Rs. 2,995/-

Sq. Ft. Onwards

1.5, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments at Kundrathur 500 - 1658 Sq. Ft. 2 .71 acres 264 premium apartments 9 Blocks, Stilt + 4 floors AMENITIES A/c Gym | Covered Carpark | Automatic Lift Landscaped Garden | Children Play area Library | Power Backup | Departmental Store

Offer Price

Rs. 2,995/-

Sq. Ft. Onwards

1.5, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments @ URAPAKKAM 625 - 1227 Sq. Ft. 144 premium apartments | 5 Blocks | Stilt + 4 floors AMENITIES AC Gym | Kids play area | Landscaped garden Covered car park | lobby | Power backup Premium Fittings | Departmental store | Lift

To avail this exclusive special offer price, Call 95001 23397 / 97890 44448 Member of

Pearl Nisa, 2/30, Railway Colony, 2nd Street Nelson Manickam Road, Chennai - 600029, TN, India


An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company |

Praanha's work - Real Estate Magazine issue 2  
Praanha's work - Real Estate Magazine issue 2  

P dot G Connect September 2012 Client - P dot G Constructions, Chennai