Bleach Green survey results November 2020

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Bleach Green survey results November 2020 Completed by 15 residents. Q1. Does your heating and hot water system meet your needs? all 15 said NO A few representative comments: "my heating comes on when I have it switched off" "there are times when I turn it on it does not come on when I need it at night" "my heating is not adequate for my needs. I am in ill health and need to control my heating myself so I would like a boiler in my flat so that I can control the heating myself" Q2. Have you had any heating problems in the past year? all 15 said YES A few representative comments: "I don't control when I can heat my apartment or have hot water, this has been going on a lot longer than a year. Plus I can't understand my heating bills" "the heating does not go on when I need it, at night time when I can't sleep the flat is freezing" "I need constant heating as I'm immobile and have to wait for my carers to turn it on at 7 o'clock. I need it on 24 hours" "the boiler which is a community heating system constantly breaks down and once that happens the whole building goes off" Q3. How much on average do you pay for heating costs? [range] Q4. If you could make any changes to the heating system what would they be? A few representative comments: "I would like my own boiler to have control of my own bills", "get my own boiler", "an independent boiler would solve the problem, putting me in control not Choice" "I would like my own boiler and payment card and a switch fitted in my bedroom" Q5. Any other issues or suggestions to improve living conditions at Bleach Green Court? Issues raised included management of the bin room, hedge trimming for light, access to quiet room and library, windows and doors needing resealing

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