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2017 Convention


Always A Story Teller + Learn From The Masters + Volume Photography

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Issue 15 // Winter 2017 // The Convention Issue

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Always A StoryTeller American Photo magazine described Joe McNally as “perhaps the most versatile photojournalist working today…”




How To Stand Out In A Crowd Of Wedding Photographers Wedding photographer extraordinaire Damon Tucci shares insights that propelled him to the top of the industry.


Beyond the Speakers There is so much more to attending The International Photography Conference & Expo than just the amazing speakers.


Conference Preview Everything you need to know about the International Photography Conference & Expo in Ottawa April 29 - May 2, 2017

Photo by Damon tucci



Photographic artist Joel Grimes shares his feeling on how to increase your skills as a photographer.

Lee Simmons talks about how adding volume photography to your business will increase your bottom line.

Learn From The Masters

Volume Photography

Sections 4 Letter From The Chair 32 My PPOC 33 Commercial Partners 34 Concept To Cover

Cover photo by john Wills, MPA. Read more about this photo on Page 34

Winter 2017



Message from the Chair The Professional Photographers of Canada is excited to be hosting the International Photography Conference & Expo in our nation’s capital this year! As 2017 marks our nation‘s 150th birthday, Ottawa will be celebrating all year which makes it the perfect place to celebrate the very best Canada has to offer in the photographic industry! The Expo has an excellent line-up of speakers that will help you take both your business and your photography to the next level. Of course, spending time with photographers from coast to coast as well as having fun with old friends (and making new ones!) is always a big part of the amazing experience of attending the Con-

Tina Weltz, MPA PPOC National Chair

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ference. The knowledge and skill you can gain while attending in-person programs presented by world-class speakers, all while surrounded by photographers who are as dedicated to the industry as you are, cannot be compared to any other educational experience. Besides the education and the camaraderie, you get to check out what’s new and exciting in our industry. Together we will celebrate the accomplishments and dedication of our members who have worked hard through image competition and service to the industry to earn new designations and bars to add to existing ones. And of course, don’t forget the exciting announcement of the 2017 Image Salon winners!  We hope to see all of you in Ottawa at the Expo. We know you will not be disappointed!

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International Photography Conference & Expo Congrès et Salon international de la photographie

Get INSPIRED at the International Photography Conference and Expo. April 28 to May 3, 2017, in Ottawa! For more information, please visit: Speaker Lineup: Joe McNally, Joel Grimes, Drake Busath and more..!

photography by: Joel Grimes

photography by: Joe McNally

Venez vous INSPIRER au Congrès et Salon International de la Photographie à Ottawa, du 29 avril au 2 mai 2017! Pour plus d’informations, visitez-le: Les conférenciers: Joe McNally, Joel Grimes, Drake Busath et bien plus...! Winter 2017



Always a StorYteller Images by Joe McNally By Chelsea Jones 6 GALLERIE

The remarkable photography career of Joe McNally spans over 35 years and 60 countries. After glancing at his incredible portfolio, one cannot help but be amazed at his creativity and proficiency in so many industries and areas of photography. Witness him in action at the 2017 International Photography Conference! Winter 2017



American Photo magazine described Joe McNally as “perhaps the most versatile photojournalist working today.” He is a self-professed photography “chameleon.” This may be the opposite of what many photographers practice or would recommend for a business model; however, with such immense talent and experience as well as an exuberance for light, story-telling, and personal growth, specificity would not have allowed Joe McNally to become the photographer he is today. As a photographer for multiple high profile newspapers and magazines, including Life, National Geographic, and TIME, Joe McNally had to be adaptive in various environments. These environments each come with unique challenges that require preparation, spontaneity, quick thinking, and patience. Through these experiences, he feels he has developed a broad skill set rather than a specific style. This diversity has not always presented purely as beneficial; some project stakeholders prefer a portfolio that entails a certain consistency in style and look. Although his diverse images may not have lead to landing every job, the versatility has contributed to the identity of McNally’s brand and conveys the passion and talent that has made his images a cut above the rest. Each of his exceptional images has the ability to amaze and draw the viewer into its subject


matter or story. Whether the image is created while hanging from a building, in a sterile operating room, at an international sporting event, at a ballet performance; or in a mundane office environment, the control, composition, and lighting create intrigue and interest. McNally’s images may involve large-scale productions with multiple crew members or simply working as a solo artist with available light. Regardless of his approach to the assignment, his knowledge and creativity surrounding the use of light are evident in his images. McNally states, “Lighting is always honest.”

He is not afraid to experiment and embrace new equipment and technology to create images that speak to the viewer. Some images are choreographed so the viewer may not notice the hand of the photographer with its soft, natural lighting. On the contrast, McNally loves to take subjects that are more traditional or boring and make it interesting by communicating with the light; in this situation, the viewer can see the photographer had a heavy hand in crafting the image. Colour, intensity, direction, and style are just a few elements of lighting that can be creatively utilized within each unique environment to maximize intrigue. McNally’s ability to use lighting as an element of storytelling is so proficient that some of his photographs may appear as if they are composites. The drama and imagination in his images are created with varied light and within the camera; not the computer. McNally attributes this ability to creatively manipulate light to the days when he shot with Kodachrome. The post-processing and adjustments to his images today are mostly limited to what could be completed in a darkroom. The technology and equipment involved in lighting is constantly evolving and increasing the creative control the operator has. It involves a steep learning curve to keep up with the technological aspect of lighting, however McNally believes it is impor-

“I am always amazed by the power of a photo to affect life. Photography continues to be a universal language and a way of communicating. It creates understanding.” tant to do so and well worth it. Currently, McNally is impressed with the Nikon SB 5000 Speedlight. The radio capabilities provide a new degree of freedom and versatility, which make it the, “best flash I have ever used.” The variety of projects that Joe McNally is engaged in on a regular

basis also requires preparation for indoor and outdoor environments that may throw unique curve balls at him. Each project requires a great deal of research, planning, and troubleshooting. Knowing the subject and how much time is required and available is important. He stresses the importance

of maintaining good physical mobility, as a photographer is required to move constantly, often while carrying heavy equipment. When asked what enables the longevity and durability of his images, McNally believes it is his passion and curiosity. He is always experimenting, seeking different opportunities, and, reinventing himself. He believes it is important to stay humble and work to continually be better at your craft. He is always thinking, “What do I do next?” and strives on a daily basis to create better images. Joe McNally is also a sought after instructor and lecturer. He will be presenting at the International Photography Conference from April 28 to May 2, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He states the participants can look forward to discussion rather than a lecture. “As photographers, we are all in this together. We are all in the same boat. The sharing of information is critical to our success.” By sharing his experiences, fellow photographers will get insight into how to survive in the industry. As a Nikon representative, McNally will also be doing a course involving speedlights to help update and demystify this evolving tool of the trade. More information on the Joe McNally and the International Photography Conference can be found at http:// and Joe McNally’s photography is displayed in prominent galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery of the United States and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. As well, McNally has been the recipient of multiple prestigious photography awards and recognitions. Despite his many successes, Joe McNally remains an artist who is looking to create more amazing images that will communicate with the viewer. “I am always amazed by the power of a photo to affect life. Photography continues to be a universal language and a way of communicating. It creates understanding.” “What will never change is that as a photographer, we will always have to be a storyteller.”

Winter 2017



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How to stand out in the crowd of

Wedding Photographers words & Photos by Damon Tucci



t is no secret that the wedding photography marketplace is very saturated. I began my career and worked at Walt Disney World, first as a commercial photographer for 2 years, and then opened up WDW Fairy Tale Weddings in 1992. My focus then shifted from commercial to wedding photography. When I left Disney to go out on my own in 2000, there were 5 competitors to deal with. Can you imagine? Now in central Florida there are probably 700 people to compete with. Many offer video and photo booths services, all bundled together, some have full-time jobs and do this on the “weekend”. Another vendor once told me that if it were a planner, DJ, band or caterer, clients would know immediately if the service, music, or food was sub par. Word travels fast and their business is stifled even faster. In the photography world, you could be in business for 6-12 months before products are delivered and word gets out about shoddy work or horrible client experiences. Nonetheless, these vendors have taken another piece of the pie. Another flash-in-the-pan that maybe was very talented visually, but had atrocious business practices and horrible customer service skills, or vice versa. But alas, all is not gloomy. Our industry is awesome and I am in love with the work that I can produce as a visual artist with today’s technology. Don’t get me wrong, I love film and still shoot with it regularly, but mostly just for personal projects. Our industry is amazing and will continue to be more and more so. Yes, it annoys me that my mom can get an above average shot on her I Phone 7. Heck, I have even heard that some of IUSA print comp photo winners made their image with a smartphone. The bottom line is that we have more tools at our disposal that will just push the limits of our creativity. So how do you stand out in this sea of competition? Well, my mom always told me that the cream rises to the top. There is no shortcut and it is going to take hard work.

Winter 2017



Three things I recommend:

1 2 3

Embrace your craft/ Technical skills. Exceed expectations/ Over deliver.

Learn everything you can about business & Keep your overhead low!

1. Embrace your craft/ Technical Skills

The first 3 basics are ISO, F-stop and  Shutter Speed. The combination of these 3 things can do amazing things. The lower my ISO, the less noise. If I want to shoot in dim light, I need high ISO and large aperture. If I want flowing misty water, I need to use a tripod and shoot at 1/4 to 1 second exposure. If I want creamy bokeh, I need to shoot at 1.2 or 1.4  aperture. If I want depth-offield for days I want to shoot at F 22. Do I know the sunny 16 rule? Learn everything you can about that wonderful tool and learn how to execute in any condition. Learn how to use your flash. Learn available and studio lighting patterns. What I love about weddings is that you can employ techniques from food, concert, architectural, landscape, portrait, editorial, and fashion photography. All too often, I see young photographers with an awesome eye, getting aboveaverage results with no idea how they achieved them. That is great when it works out, but for consistent aboveaverage results learn everything you can about your equipment. Also study art history, fashion magazines, street photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson, conceptualists like David LaChappelle. There are many styles and techniques out there, all visually magnificent and diverse. Now all the rage is the unposed pose, shooting everything wide open - light and airy. While I like the popular style and incorporate when I see fit, I am not paralyzed because it is raining or the ceremony is at night, and that is the only thing I know how to do, and I only have 2 prime lenses. Styles like

music come and go, become a journeyman artist who can execute quickly in any environment. My personal style is editorial/fashion documentary. I am constantly watching for real moments, tension, nonverbal visual cues. Sometimes awesome moments are not happening, sometimes it may be, dare I say, a little dull. Then I make things happen. I have embraced the unposed pose, but I am also great at making others look their best. My method is called visual pimping. It is a way of seeing visual possibilities everywhere and we will learn it in my class. If you can work fast in any condition and consistently deliver above-average imagery, you will rise to the top.

2. Exceed Expectations/OverDeliver

This one is easy. Disney was a great place to learn how to treat clients which they call “guests”. If you employ the Golden Rule “ treat others like you would like to be treated yourself” you can’t go wrong. All too often new photographers take on too much, over promise and under-deliver, and it makes us all look bad. Then, when they are totally overwhelmed, they leave the industry with an onslaught of unfulfilled clientele in their wake. Only promise what you CAN deliver and then try to exceed that with the baker’s dozen (13) mentality. Your reputation is a valuable commodity and it only takes 1 bad review to ruin a business. Don’t only exceed

your clients’ expectations, but other vendors as well. You want the gatekeepers, (directors of catering, wedding coordinators, hoteliers, venues) enamoured with you and happy to be working with you.

3. Learn Everything About Business/Keep your Overhead low!

I am a big fan about keeping your overhead low. I have had many friends/colleagues bite off more than they could chew with disastrous results. Going to classes at PPOC is a huge step in gaining valuable insight into photo business acumen. Our industry is tricky, because it is always changing. What worked 3 years ago does not work today. Millennials are a fickle bunch. Getting inside their head and getting them to book, takes commitment to social media and everchanging technology. 5 years from now it will be a different approach. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice. I have been doing this for a long time and I still practice and get jazzed every day. It is like golf or playing the violin, if you take a break you will get rusty.  Never rest on your laurels, whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out. Keep your chops up. Step out of your comfort zone, keep learning something new and keep striving to exceed your clients’ expectations!

Winter 2017



Beyond Speakers the

By Kimberly Ross Morritt MPA

In this day and age of cheap or free internet education, why would you want to consider attending a conference in person? What if the speakers don’t match the niche market you are in? PPOC’s Facebook page members were asked why they enjoyed attending the national conference. The replies focused on the networking opportunities at the conference more so than listening to the speakers programs! Here are the top ten reasons to attend IPCE-CSIP that go beyond the workshops:


Trade Show: IPCE-CSIP has a trade show that features vendors in the photographic industry covering everything from cameras, to lighting, printing and printed products.  At our conference, the trade show has it’s own dedicated times so you are not missing speakers to attend it!  “The trade show is an opportunity to see the latest gear and continue to build your ancillary service connection (relationship) with vendors which is very important when running a business!  It’s also a chance to see new products offered by your vendors and learn about new gear that can help you do your job.” -Ian Grant, MPA SPA - Edmonton, Alberta


Portfolio Reviews: One of

the more unknown benefits of the conference are the portfolio reviews that take place during the trade show. Some of the speakers and master photographers from across Canada sit down and review a portfolio with you.  Do you want specific help on lighting, post production or posing?  This is hands-down the best way to get personalized help by some of the best photographers in the business! “I have had the privilege to mentor many people with their port-

folio reviews over the years. It’s a magical experience to see people bloom right before my eyes, and to see their “aha” moments when the lightbulb has been engaged! Seeing the exponential growth from these sessions alone is worth its weight in gold! Priceless!” -Tracey Harper, MPA, SPA, F/PPOCBC - Victoria, BC


Hospitality Suite: The

hospitality suite runs every evening and gives you a chance to unwind each day with other photographers. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to photographers from other parts of Canada and to find mentors or photographers who want to have sounding-boards throughout the year to toss ideas back and forth with!    “It’s a great time and place to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere. Oftentimes the speakers attend and you get to spend a few minutes getting to know them and sometimes you’ll pick up a little nugget of info you might miss during their presentation.”   -Kirk Saint, MPA - Truro, Nova Scotia


Banquet: The awards night is a formal evening celebrating the greatest imagery our photographers create! Be inspired, meet the makers behind the incredible im-

ages you will see and get a chance to speak with the newest master photographers in Canada! “One of the highlights of the national convention for me is the Awards Banquet, particularly the pre-banquet rehearsal. Gathered together with peers, each being honoured for a hard-won achievement, really drives home the importance of the service each of us has given back to the industry.  As each member takes their walk to the stage, you can feel a palpable excitement in the room. So many dedicated photographers working together towards a common purpose. It’s incredibly motivating!” -Jay Terry, MPA - London, Ontario


Image Critique: The image critique is an all-day free event that you can sit in on and listen to, or request critiques of your images that appeared in print competition. It is a great learning tool as you will have the chance to ask questions of the national judges that judged the image salon. “Ever wonder, “Why did my image not get accepted to the image Salon?” “ Is it possible to rework my Accepted image so that it has the potential to score Merit or Excellence?” The Image Critique Session at the Winter 2017



2017 PPOC Image Conference in Ottawa is a chance for you to have a number of the judges who judged your images at the 2017 national image competition to comment on your images. Image Critique is an amazing learning experience for anyone working towards their Craftsman or Masters designation.”   -Charles van den Ouden MPA - Toronto, Ontario


Accreditation Judging: In Accreditation,

a photographer submits ten images on a specific subject that is judged by a panel of certified judges. At our conference, you can sit in on the actual judging and listen to judges discuss hundreds of images and what makes them great, or what causes them to be rejected.  You will see all different genres of photography and you will start to learn what makes one image stand out from another!  “A huge benefit of attending the conference is the ability to watch the Accreditation judging!   Being able to listen to the comments and critiques of the images makes me a better photographer. As I have grown in my own skill level, I also silently judge the images in my mind to see where I agreed and disagreed with the panel (and there is some of both). Particularly for those new photographers, viewing an Accreditation judging gives a better understanding of not only the process but also of the expected calibre and standard of work. There is also to be gained, an appreciation for the work of others and the ability to learn from other’s strengths and weaknesses.” -Cheryl Struss, CPA - Winnipeg, Manitoba


Photo Walk: This is a chance to tour our national capital during Canada’s huge 150th birthday celebrations!  The conference centre is situated within ten minutes of the parliament buildings and many of our nation’s national museums.  You will have the chance to visit these places alongside photographers from across our country!  You will be inspired to “see” in entirely

different ways! “The best part is the varied level of professional photographers that attend. New photographers can see how a seasoned pro would approach creating an image, and the seasoned pro can watch new approaches to creativity that they may not have experienced before!”   -Jean Chartrand MPA - Ottawa, Ontario


Networking: Maybe you are

a landscape photographer from the Rocky Mountains, or maybe you are a portrait photography in a rural area, each of you face unique challenges in your businesses. At the conference, you have a chance to sit down with other photographers that face exactly the same challenges you do or maybe you will meet your polar opposite in the photography industry that will push you to think in a new way to open new revenue streams in your business! “The more National conventions I go to, the more friends I make, and the more fun it is to go back each year.  After 25 years in this business, it’s the people, sense of community, and connecting in real life that truly bring me inspiration and happiness.  Something I need as an ‘older’ photographer. I was welcomed with open arms at my first convention where I did not know one person as a young photographer 16 years ago.  I have learned and grown so much creatively, and as a business person since then. I’ve received priceless help and encouragement from my many friends in the PPOC. Sometimes it’s the sitting around the table at a pub after a seminar that is the most enlightening!”   -Louise Vessey, MPA, SPA - Charlottetown, PEI


In Person Learning: Watching

seminars online seldom allow you to ask and have answered individual questions that have an impact in your business. At the conference, you will be able to ask questions of the speakers and be answered directly!  You will be able

to interact with other photographers that may have run into exactly the same situation and will sit down with you and walk through how they solved the problem. You can’t get individualized help in online learning and this can be one of the biggest assets in attending a conference in person!  “You want more than to survive in photography!  How different is your business model from others?  How do you know you are different?  By mingling and connecting with colleagues in a life-sharing environment, you are in a position to get answers to your specific questions and that will open the door to your own business signature!  You will not get this by only reading Facebook posts!  Photography is a part of the connecting economy!  Get connected!”   -André Amyot, HLM, MPA - Roxton Falls, Quebec


Inspiration: In our day-

to-day running of our business, we get bogged down in returning phone calls, editing images and running our businesses. The conference is a chance for you to let that go, to be inspired by amazing imagery, to walk around a new city and photograph a model in a new landscape than what you are used to, and to listen to other photographers and hear how they would approach the same image you are creating.  You will find new inspiration to go back to your own area and look around and see it through fresh eyes!   “The real power of a convention is not in the speakers it is in the intangibles, the stuff that is hard to market for. You are immersed in a community, the support, the solutions to your issues, the connections with photographers you can reach out to; it has immeasurable value. There is more learning in the hallways and dinner tables than in the presentations. Given the power of the speakers, appreciate that is saying a lot.”   -Mark Laurie F/PPOC, MPA, SPA, Calgary, Alberta

Winter 2017



Get INSPIRED at the International Photography Conference and Expo! International Photography Conference & Expo Congrès et Salon international de la photographie


Ottawa, ON April 28 to May 3, 2017 Ottawa Conference and Event Centre



Friday, April 28, 2017 Ottawa Photo Walk

Drake Busath

Guided by Jean Chartand

(Sponsored by WHCC)

10 PM - 1 AM

Jean Chartrand, an Ottawa based commercial photographer, will host the Ottawa Photo Safari. Join Jean, as you explore some of the most iconic locations like the Parliamentary Precinct, Byward Market, Rideau Canal, National War Memorial, and Rideau Hall just to name a few. You will also have the opportunity to try Panasonic’s mirror-less cameras as a Panasonic rep will be there to answer questions! HOSPITALITY SUITE


10 AM - 5 PM


(Sponsored by Panasonic)

This is your nightly networking time! Debrief from the day’s events while enjoying a beverage and the company of other photographers and speakers. Open to all conference attendees. Cash bar. (sponsored by Technicare)

Drake will demonstrate how to create beautiful natural light in the studio, and how to change outdoor light into glowing sweet light at any time of the day. He will teach you how to pose families and children while pulling out great expressions. In the afternoon, Drake will share how to build a seven figure family portrait studio with low key sales that create repeat clients!

International Photography Conference




Saturday April 29, 2017


Join Drake in Italy with an open discussion on fine art and travel photography. Drake will share his personal images from the workshops he has taught in Italy over the past 18 years. Drake will also cover principles of composition and light.

David Anthony Williams - Introduction to Making Great Prints (sponsored by Epson)

Come and listen to the judges critique images that were a part of the 2017 PPOC national Image Salon. Get a feel for what the judges are looking for in an image that scores well, and learn why images did not score so well. If you had images in the image competition, you may have a chance to have the judges discuss your image with you!


Earning an Accreditation is one of the requirements for becoming an Accredited PPOC member and a requirement for earning a Craftsman or Masters of Photographic Arts. Watch the judges as they comment on and rate Accreditation submissions. Each submission is comprised of 10 images and you will see a wide variety of genres of photography covered, so this is great opportunity to learn!


Spend the day learning what it takes to be a print competition judge. This clinic will cover what to look for when assessing an image, the PPOC scoring system, and how to critique effectively. Open only to qualified registrants!

5 - 6 PM

10 AM - 5 PM


9 AM - 4 PM

David will walk you through taking an Epson professional series printer from the box to creating quality prints on various beautiful papers! He will create both colour and black and white prints while demonstrating how to make the highest quality images in your own studio!

9 AM - 5 PM

9 AM - 4 PM

7:00 - 8:30 AM

Drake Busath - 30 Years Photographing Italy (sponsored by WHCC)

Joe McNally - Big Light from Speedlights (sponsored by Nikon and Profoto) Joe will explore and explain radio controlled TTL flashes and how to use them effectively to create an environment where the photographer takes charge. He will use professional models while showing examples of light and light theory while ensuring attendees understand the “big three of light”: quality, colour and direction! Joe is completely candid and open with his information on the life, times and techniques of being a professional photographer.


Join us in a welcome reception as you greet old friends and meet new photographers from across the nation! Appetizers and cash bar.

10 PM - 1 AM

7 - 10 PM

Drake Busath - Fresh Classic Families (sponsored by WHCC) Drake will help you add refinement and perceived value to your family and children’s portraiture. He will present his favourite “un-posing” and lighting techniques and share the sales and marketing methods that help him exceed $1 million in annual sales.

Scott Forsyth - The Path (Sea) Less Travelled (sponsored by Adventure Canada) Scott will share his images and stories from remote Canadian wilderness destinations along all three of Canada’s coastlines while giving a glimpse into the world of expedition travel photography. He will highlight the requirements for becoming an expedition photographer and the typical responsibilities that go along with it, as well as gear limitations and in-camera creative photographic techniques for photography on the fly!


This is your nightly networking time! Debrief from the day’s events while enjoying a beverage and the company of other photographers and speakers. Open to all conference attendees. Cash bar. (sponsored by Nikon)

Winter 2017



International Photography Conference




Sunday April 30, 2017


Joe McNally - Eye Opener - Reinvention and Survival for a Photographer (sponsored by Nikon and Profoto) 7:00 - 8:30 AM

Joe’s career has spanned 35 years and came with a lot of twists, and turns! Joe will show the highs, the lows and the considerable amount of re-direction required of a photographer to remain viable! Social media, branding and marketing are now all in the realm of a photographer’s daily responsibilities and Joe will share a lively, irreverent account of the ups and downs of life with a camera in hand!

Lee Simmons - Powerful Lighting and Workflow Techniques for High Quality Volume Photography (sponsored by Technicare) If you want to learn how to use quality lighting and shoot in volume for school, youth sport and grad photography, Lee will show you the way with live step by step demonstrations! Join Lee and see why some of Canada’s sharpest business photographers have expanded or redirected their studios and skills towards delivering high quality volume photography.

Joe McNally - Radio TTL! Mixing Big and Small Flash (sponsored by Nikon and Profoto) 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

For three hours, Joe will show you how large flashes are now sharing the same technologies as small flashes. He will show you how to use both large and small flashes in conjunction with each other and on their own. He will demonstrate an array of light shapers showing the differences in the quality of light from each style of shaper. Joe will walk through the thought process of selecting a style and placement of light while physically demonstrating it!

12:30 - 1 PM


1 - 5 PM


5 - 7:30 PM


The national Board of the Professional Photographers of Canada will conduct their annual general meeting and all PPOC members are encouraged to attend.

7:30 PM - 1 AM

Miguel Quiles - To be announced on the website


Unwind and enjoy a fun evening with your fellow photographers from across the nation! Dinner + Cash bar.


Join us in our group portrait of all attendees at the conference.

Join us for lunch in the trade show and cement the relationships with the very people who help you run your business!

International Photography Conference




Monday May 1, 2017


Dani Miller - Creating Timeless Maternity Portraits (sponsored by ACI) 7:00 - 8:30 AM

Dani shares her innovative creative ideas for setups that will make memories, not just photos. She will explore both natural and studio lighting in action as well as teach posing techniques that will inspire awesome images! Dani will also share how to build the bond between you and your client so you cultivate that relationship for future sessions.

Miguel Quiles - To be announced on the website

David Anthony Williams - Efficient Lovely Groups and Simple, Classy Reception Lighting (sponsored by Fujifilm) 9 - 11 AM

David will help you create elegant group portraits efficiently and quickly at your next wedding. Rather than a boring lineup, you can create a portrait that onlookers want to be in and set yourself above the competition. David will also touch on using speed lights to create wonderful reception lighting without lugging all your studio gear to the venue.


11 AM - 2 PM

Miguel will host a live fashion photo shoot while exploring the creative possibilities of capturing movement in fashion! Miguel will share his knowledge of lighting and share his techniques used to create arresting images. Join us for lunch in the trade show and cement the relationships with the very people who help you run your business!


2 - 5 PM

Dani Miller - Creating Magic with Newborns (sponsored by ACI) Dani will share her advice on how to create magical and inspiring newborn portraits while using proper and safe handling techniques. From natural lighting to studio strobes, she will show you creative ways to produce stunning images that parents will adore for years to come.

David Anthony Williams - Channelling Influences and Creative Work in Small Spaces (sponsored by Fujifilm)

6 - 10 PM


10 PM - 1 AM

David will discuss how he takes the grain of an idea and develops it into the final result. He will draw on many of the greats across time and across all artistic spheres, all the while keeping in mind the client and what they desire. David will also create three homage images from a current magazine so, bring your notepad and enthusiasm!


The awards banquet is a night of celebrating incredible imagery and the makers behind the images. Join the PPOC as they crown the four photographers of the year, award best in class awards and congratulate Canada’s newest Craftsman and Master of Photographic Arts recipients. Formal or business attire is suggested. This is your nightly networking time! Debrief from the day’s events while enjoying a beverage and the company of other photographers and speakers. Open to all conference attendees. Cash bar. (sponsored by Nikon + Technicare)

Winter 2017



International Photography Conference




Tuesday May 2, 2017


Joel Grimes - I Am an Artist (sponsored by Canon and Westcott) 7:00 - 8:30 AM

How do we compete in today’s marketplace? How we perceive ourselves can drastically influence the final outcome of your work. Joel takes you on a ride that can literally transform the way you not only think about yourself, but how you see the world around you. Get ready for what could be the pep talk of a lifetime!

Damon Tucci - Hands-On Location Bridal Shoot (sponsored by Miller’s Color Lab) Join Damon for an early morning hands-on bridal shoot! Bring your camera and listen as Damon discusses lighting, posing and people management as you work alongside him to create bridal portraits around the grounds of the conference centre.

Joel Grimes - Take the Mystery Out of Lighting & Thriving in the Marketplace (sponsored by Canon and Westcott) 9 AM - 12 PM

Joel breaks down lighting and teaches it without the use of mathematical formulas, lighting ratios or histograms! After this session, you will have the lighting tools and confidence to move on and build images that fit your vision as an artist. Joel will then move on to marketing and will teach you how to increase your market share and outperform your competition.

Luc Charpentier - Digital Creativity **Presentation in French**

12 - 1 PM

During the first part Luc will explain how he creates women’s portraits with water dresses and how he uses an aquarium for different subjects. For the second part, Luc will speak about how you can produce a thesis. A thesis must be formative and it must transmit a legacy of research and knowledge. Join us for a buffet lunch and enjoy some free time to network with other like-minded professionals. With full registration only.


Damon Tucci - Visual Pimping (sponsored by Miller’s Color Lab)

1 - 5 PM

Damon will discuss his methods for lighting, posing and execution while showing examples from getting ready to the reception. He will share how he pre-visualizes his images to help him with time management. And finally, he will discuss what to do with your images after the wedding to solidify the relationship with other vendors.

Tracie Maglosky - Running a successful maternity/newborn portrait studio (sponsored by Olympus)

10 PM - 1 AM

Tracie Maglosky will be presenting a program on running a successful maternity/newborn portrait studio. Walk away feeling confident about how to attract new clients, get the session, shoot with creativity, sell your work and get the referral!



This is your nightly networking time! Debrief from the day’s events while enjoying a beverage and the company of other photographers and speakers. Open to all conference attendees. Cash bar. (sponsored by PPOC)

International Photography Conference




Wednesday May 3, 2017


10 AM - 5 PM

Joel Grimes - The Dramatic Portrait (Sponsored by Canon and Westcott)

Joel will take a look at the basic guidelines to building a dramatic portrait. He reviews how to build depth, evoke emotion and reveal character. Joel wants you to look at the photographic process as more than just a technical process and emphasizes the value of winning over your audience by tapping into their emotions.

HOTEL & TRAVEL The IPCE-CSIP will be held at the Ottawa Conference Centre. For more information on this facility, please visit: The preferred hotel for the conference will be the Hampton Inn which is attached directly to the Ottawa Conference Centre. See below for more informations on rates and booking. Room Rate: $140 (Simple or double occupancy plus taxes of 1.1639%) Group Name: Professional Photographers of Canada Group Code: PPC Group Number: 2821

In search of activities to do in Ottawa before or after the convention? Visit Ottawa Tourism website.




Learning from

The Masters Words and Photos

By Joe Grimes

As a Photographer/Artist, I don’t know what your goals are. You may look at yourself, and never think it possible to be revered as one of the great masters. Your goals may be much simpler.  You may just love the process of creating images and the joy you receive from that is all you need.  Nothing is wrong with that, and in some ways, that is what motivated us to pick up a camera in the first place. As I am lecturing across the globe, I often project a Keynote slide with the names of some of the greatest masters of photography that have ever lived.  I ask the question, “What made them so special?” “What do they possess that you don’t have?”   Do you know that none of the great Masters I list, attended prestigious photography colleges, and none interned or assisted a great masters of photography before them.  None of them owned even a fraction of gear that most of us own today.   So what was their secret?  Were they brilliant, creative geniuses?  Do


you know that most of us know more about the technical process of photography than they did? We have an endless resource of knowledge at our fingertips.  Have a question? Just Google it and you will have the answer.  Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and is the starting point.  Wisdom comes from applying that knowledge through trial and error over a period of time. This process takes a lifetime.   Knowledge can be learned, but wisdom has to be earned.   As an educator, the challenge is guiding, or in most cases, motivating people past the gathering of knowl-

edge, and to look at the trial and error aspect. It is impossible to have any form of success without beating the process into the ground, repeating it over and over.   You can graduate with the most prestigious photography college on the planet; you can assist the greatest photographers that have ever lived; you can own the best photographic equipment money can buy; but if you don’t get off the couch and repeat the process over and over,….you will never become one of the masters.  It’s that simple. Find a photographer who is on top, follow them around for a week and they will wear you out.  Why, because they have discovered the secret to success.  It is out-working your competition.  I wish it were easier, but it’s not.  The master photographers that have come before us were not brilliant creative geniuses, they had a passion for the photographic process and spent a lifetime perfecting their craft.  Learn from the masters.

“Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and is the starting point. Wisdom comes from applying that knowledge through trial and error over a period of time.” Winter 2017




FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM (SEL2470GM),

7R II, 1.6 sec., F8, ISO 200

Š 2016 Sony Electronics Inc. Sony and the Sony logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.


Realize the potential of every shot. SONY


Put the revolution in resolution, sensitivity and refinement in the palm of your hand with the world’s first 42.4MP full-frame, back-illuminated 7R II. Bring groundbreaking resolution and stunning bokeh together like never before with our new G Master series lenses. The result is a new level of truth and artistry in every image. It’s reality realized.

A photographer’s thoughts Words and Photos

By Lee Simmons Over the past 5 years, a growing number of experienced Canadian studios have diversified their business to include volume photography.  As professional photographers, being already familiar with advanced portrait lighting and visual design, they often lead markets with superior volume photography offerings.  Working to meet client needs under tight deadlines is a natural fit for experienced professional photographers. There is tremendous creative satisfaction gained from utilizing your photographic skill to offer cutting-edge products seamlessly to hundreds or thousands of excited customers.  What child doesn’t want to be a hero and emulate the look of their favourite sports stars?  Successful studios offer graphic-based products emulating entertainment media at price points parents are happy to pay. Bringing professional level lighting and photography to this market earns thousands of loyal clients that you connect with multiple times a year. For many, the showstopper is the perceived volume of post-production drudgery, sends most running for the hills.  If volume photography required individual photo attention and manual graphic editing, you couldn’t charge enough, stay sane and meet deadlines.  This perception keeps many potential competitors away, and unable-to-compete studios, working smarter. In reality, this aspect of the business is where the biggest advances have been made.  The volume photographer can now focus


on image and product creation by utilizing software that automates the population, creation and delivery of product. These systems empowers the photographer to compete with any volume provider.  It is very satisfying for independent studios to outbid and out-deliver corporate competition in the school photography marketplace.   The independent studios can now utilize the power of volume-specific software to generate personalized graphic-rich products that autopopulates custom text fields with the click of a button. These systems allow photographers to process huge orders which arrive back at your studio packaged and ready for delivery. Often associated with volume photography, is the potential for profit.  Every photographer that I’ve known who has made a serious effort in volume photography, has made it a cornerstone of their business due to positive business growth.  I look forward to providing live demonstrations of workflow practice for photographers considering volume photography at the upcoming PPOC convention.

Lee Simmons has been a professional photographer since his early 20’s and has enjoyed a varied and successful career. Beginning in the late nineties as a commercial tourism photographer, Lee’s client list was the who’s-who of the tourism industry. His landscape and stock images continue to sell in galleries, postcards and books. He formed a partnership that would become the largest photography provider in the Canadian Rockies with 25 staff, 5 retail stores and professional photography services. Working closely within the Fairmont properties, Lee and his team offered world-class corporate event photography for businesses and celebrities. In 2009, Vancouver Island called and Lee relocated to Campbell River, BC. A firm desire to create a profitable and secure business led to the high-volume photography business model offered exclusively by Technicare Imaging Ltd. Today, Lee dominates the youth sports market in his area with a full range of custom products delivered with seamless flow integration. His steadily growing business has just moved to a new studio and he continues to expand the school and grad offerings using the Flow platform.

Winter 2017



My ppoc

Members share their stories

Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) is a diversified group of creative artists dedicated to the highest standards in professional imaging. We welcome photographers of all genres to join our community of dedicated professionals. PPOC offers photographers a way to rise to professional status. Educational opportunities, networking, direct member benefits and the ability to earn awards and designations will assist in your potential for growth and economic improvement. Meet new friends and mentors and take advantage of the wealth of experience and knowledge. Once an Accredited member, your personal area of specialty and images are promoted on our website so clients and other photographers making referrals know who to contact. Contact 1-888-643-PPOC (7762) Phone: 519-537-2555 Mailing address: 209 Light St. Woodstock, ON N4S 6H6 Canada


As a member since 2008, I have been questioned over the years about the value I get and why I continue my membership. Although PPOC has many trade partners offering member discounts, an accreditation program, a designation program, a national image salon and if you are the social type there is always the camaraderie, one intangible benefit is that PPOC is known within the industry as Canada’s Association for Professional Photographers and I would like to share a couple of personal examples. It was the summer of 2013 and I was driving to a client’s residence when my cell rang, no caller ID but a message was left. I thought that it could be my client calling to let me know of some possible issue so I pulled over to review the message. It was not from my client but from a project manager who wanted to speak to me about some architectural photography that had to be done ASAP. I returned the call to discuss the project which was to photograph the new Ismaili Jamat Khana Centre in Ottawa but it needed to be shot in the next couple of days, prints were needed and in some sort of presentation album. This album was then going to be presented to the Aga Khan for his review and approval of the building – okay, no pressure, right? At some point I asked how he came to find me and he told me that he was referred to the PPOC website where he ‘searched a photographer’ using key words ‘Ottawa’ and ‘Architectural photographer’ and my name came up. He went to my website, liked what he saw and called me. Needless to say, this contract was lucrative and paid for my dues many times over. The second instance was an email I received about photographing a manufactured product. In the email they mentioned they had seen my website and wanted to discuss an assignment with me, which is

Jean Chartrand MPA not something new, the only thing was that it was a US based company. Instead of replying to the email, I called. The company produced many different products using recycled rubber, one of which was rubberized flooring that is used in gym facilities. It was their first installation in Canada and they wanted some photos of their flooring in the location. Details were discussed and the job is mine. Again, I asked how they found me and my client said a PPA member she had dealings with referred to the PPOC website and boom, it’s me again. My last example is one where I received an email on a Tuesday morning asking if I was available for a press type assignment later that day. The assignment was to photograph the CSN union delegation’s presentation to the senate finance committee on Parliament Hill. Here is how they found me: their usual photographer was not available, but he referred Sébastien Lavallée, a PPOC member who also wasn’t free so he referred me. The one common thread here is the PPOC. Its 54 years of history and its connections with other associations and fellow members looking to help other members. How can you put a price tag on that? Asking what PPOC can do for you is not the only question but you also need to ask yourself what you are willing to do to promote PPOC and fellow members.

PPOC COmmercial Partners These photographic commercial partners support the Professional Photographers of Canada and its members. Look to them for quality products and professional service.

Winter 2017



Concept to Cover

Words and Photos By john wills, cpa


he image “Blue Ice” was one that snuck up on me, as it was opposite of what I had planned that day with the model. When the original shoot began, it was to be much more elaborate, with colourful costumes and deliberately chosen props. During a set change, the model put on one of my white dress shirts to cover up while she waited. When I came back in the room and saw the white hair and white shirt combined, I knew that I had to use it, and abandoned my previous plans. Even though the original concept was one that I had been excited about shooting, and it would have been eye-catching, the change of plans felt right in the moment.


What struck me the most about the white-on-white combination was how the model’s blue eyes became the focus of the shot when we kept it simple with the wardrobe and props. Afterwards, I began to think about how I often over-think my shoots, thinking that they need to be elaborate. In truth, it was the simplicity of breaking it down to the basics of a man’s dress shirt and the white hair that made the most impact here. The image was a basic high key portrait shot on pure white. Basic adjustments were made in Lightroom; more advanced finishing, such as changing the tones and working the skin, were done in Photoshop.

The full-frame, FX-format Nikon D810 is the ideal match for the professional photographer. Count on impeccable image quality, meticulous detail and rich tonality in virtually any light, rendered awlessly in 36.3 megapixels. If you’re seeking the ultimate in DSLR performance, this is the one for you. For more information, visit or your Authorized Nikon Canada Dealer. Made for Generation Image.

Winter 2017



Magic in a kit The magic behind classic portraits? Lighting. Every photographer knows it, which is why a lighting kit that offers versatility is a photographer’s best friend.

Make some magic. Put Elinchrom’s BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Set to work for you. Elinchrom’s BRX 500/500 Softbox set gives you all the tools you need, along with the flexibility to light your subjects in new and exciting ways. It’s a versatile two-light kit that delivers wireless control. It’s ideal for fashion, portraiture, and event photography. At the heart of the kit, 2 BRX 500 multi-voltage 500Ws monolights. Variable power down to 31Ws • Recycling time at 115V (1.45 sec at full power/ 0.34 sec at lowest power) • Flash duration of 1/1158 sec at full power for freezing fast-moving subjects • Recognizes AC power source from 90-260VAC, allowing its use anywhere in the world •

EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus for wireless remote triggering and power control. • Works up to 656 feet (200m) • 16 frequency options, each having four groups • Uses AA batteries The BRX kit also includes two Elinchrom softboxes, one rectangular, one octagonal, a translucent deflector, a pair of light stands, a light stand case, and a durable storage bag for the lights and light modifiers. Available at Vistek.



2017 Gallerie Magazine Winter Edition English Version  
2017 Gallerie Magazine Winter Edition English Version  

The Magazine of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).