Machinery Update | Issue 3 | May / June 2022

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Installation News

Tray sealer meets fresh and also environmental needs of petfoods P

roseal tray sealing technology has enabled natural dog food specialist Naturaw to automate its packing process so it can meet strong demand for its products while maintaining the company’s commitment to eco-friendly options. With fast growing sales, the company needed to replace the hand packing operation that placed rigid lids onto the trays with a much faster automated solution. In particular, the use of the rigid lids could not consistently achieve the necessary hermetic seal to afford its fresh products maximum protection and extended shelf life.

Sustainability is a vital part of brand

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The Proseal GT0s MAX inline tray seal machine is now able to seal trays at up to 60 packs per minute. In particular, the special E-seal technology provides an energy-efficient seal system that delivers a massive increase in seal force to ensure excellent seal reliability for the petfood. Equally important, Naturaw was able to use Proseal’s Test Kitchen facilities to confirm full compatibility of its trays with the new sealing process. “Sustainability is a vital part of our offering, so it was especially vital that our new automated system could still handle our carefully-chosen eco-friendly packaging,” says Tom Johnson of Naturaw. T 01625 856600 W